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Dissertation Transcription

Unlock the full potential of your research with accurate and reliable transcription services. Transform your audio or video recordings into written text and elevate the clarity of your dissertation.

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Elevate clarity of your research material

Scribie provides students who are currently working on their dissertation transcriptions with high-quality transcripts completed in a timely fashion at an affordable price.

Scribie's dissertation transcription service offers a range of benefits to researchers and academics. With accurate and reliable transcription of audio/video recordings into written text, the clarity and readability of research material are improved. This increased efficiency can save time and provide a professional presentation of research material.

Scribie's transcription service also enhances the organization and structure of research content, making it more accessible to a wider audience. In addition, by reducing the risk of errors in human transcription, research analysis and data organization are improved.

How Transcriptions can help

Improved clarity.

Convert your research material into a clear and easily readable format. This improved clarity and readability of research content allows for more efficient analysis and a better understanding of the findings.

More Accessible Content

By transcribing your recordings, you can make your research content more accessible to a wider audience who may have difficulty comprehending spoken language, as well as those who prefer written materials.


Automate the tedious and time-consuming task of human transcription. You can focus on analyzing and presenting the findings, rather than spending hours transcribing audio and video recordings.

Get your interviews transcribed. Order Now

99.9% Accuracy is guaranteed by our 4-step process.

We split the files into small parts which are consequently typed by our certified transcribers.

A stringent review process where we check the parts, add speaker tracking and time codes.


We collate the parts and proofread the combined transcript to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Quality Check

We check the file and proofread it again until there is 99.9% accuracy.

Hassle free, no frills service

Upload your Dissertations, Interviews, Lectures, Seminars, Webinars

Pay with Credit card or PayPal

Use our online editor to quickly check and download transcripts

Why Choose Scribie?

Same-day turnaround.

An easy-to-use video transcription service.

99.9% accuracy

Paragraph breaks, punctuations, timestamps, etc.

Highly Affordable

Pay-as-you-go, lowest rate for high-quality files.

"The transcripts are very accurate. I like the pricing options based on turnaround time and the ability to track progress prior to completion. They have always met their deadlines."

Charles Senteio

Charles Senteio

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Cheap Transcription Services for Students

Affordable for graduate students and phd students.

dissertation transcription services

Transcribing interviews are tedious and time-consuming.

Our trained experts make it easy and assure 98% accuracy., best transcription services for students., we meet customers’ expectations to assure their continuous future collaborations., dissertation transcription services.

Maximize the effectiveness of your research by utilizing precise and dependable transcription services. Convert your audio or video recordings into written text, enhancing the clarity and impact of your dissertation.

"Shalom Transcription" offers valuable support to students when it comes to preparing dissertation transcriptions. Our top-notch services deliver high-quality transcripts with impressive turnaround times. What's more, our prices are a remarkable 30%-40% lower than those charged by local transcription companies, making us an affordable and reliable choice for students in need.

A Dissertation or Thesis is an essential requirement for obtaining a degree such as M.Phil, MBA, PhD, or other professional courses. It serves as a comprehensive document that showcases the student's research and findings in support of their candidature.

The process of preparing a dissertation or thesis can cause students to lose countless hours of sleep. This is because these academic papers serve as their ticket to obtaining the degree and dream job they have always longed for. "Shalom Transcription" is dedicated to delivering high-quality transcription services for dissertations and theses. Our goal is to support struggling students in reaching their academic objectives and accomplish their dreams. "Shalom Transcription" has established itself as the go-to service for students from top universities in the United States and United Kingdom who are in need of dissertation and thesis transcription. We have a track record of delivering accurate and high-quality transcriptions to meet the rigorous standards of academic research.

Enhance the clarity of your research material for a more impactful and engaging presentation.

At Shalom Transcription, we understand the importance of timely and accurate dissertation transcriptions for students. That's why we offer high-quality transcripts that are completed in a timely fashion, all at an affordable price. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results while staying within your budget.

Discover the advantages of using Shalom Transcription's dissertation transcription service for your research and academic needs. Our team ensures accurate and reliable transcriptions of audio/video recordings, resulting in enhanced clarity and readability of your research material. By leveraging this increased efficiency, you can effectively save valuable time and present your research material in a highly professional manner. This not only enhances the overall credibility of your work but also enables you to focus on other critical tasks.

Shalom Transcription service goes beyond just converting audio into text. It also plays a crucial role in improving the organization and structure of research content, making it easily accessible to a wider audience. By eliminating the risk of errors that often occur with automated transcription, our human transcription service enhances research analysis and streamlines data organization, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Enhanced Readability

Transform your research material into a concise and reader-friendly format. This enhanced clarity and readability of your research content enables more streamlined analysis and facilitates a deeper comprehension of the findings.

Accessible to a Wider Audience

Dissertation transcription helps make your research content accessible to a wider audience - not just those who struggle with understanding spoken language, but also individuals who prefer written materials. By providing transcripts, you are catering to the diverse needs of your audience and ensuring that everyone can engage with your content effectively.

Streamline your dissertation transcription process by automating the tedious and time-consuming task of transcribing audio and video recordings. With this automation, you can now spend your valuable time on analyzing and presenting the findings, rather than getting bogged down in hours of transcription work.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

What is the best transcription service for dissertations.

Shalom Transcription takes pride in being the premier choice for researchers across the globe when it comes to dissertation transcription services. Our extensive range of offerings includes highly accurate phonetic transcription for dissertations and proficient transcribing of dissertation interviews. With our expertise, you can trust that your research work will be impeccably transcribed and ready for analysis.

What is dissertation transcription?

Dissertation transcription plays a crucial role in academic research, enabling scholars to transform their recorded interviews, focus groups, or other audio content into written form.

How much do dissertation transcription services cost?

The standard transcription cost per hour of audio is around $90, or $1.5 per audio minute. However, our transcription cost starts from $0.80/min.

Foreign Language Transcription Services

Fast & Professional transcription from native speaking lingual specialists. We are a leading provider of high quality foreign language transcription services.

A continuously expanding society on all areas, the Arabic transcription world is making itself acknowledged every day. The main area where its presence is deeply felt is the industry. More and more business owners are striving and constantly looking for associates originating from this environment. This is the reason for which the need of uninterrupted and unobstructed communication has become so compelling within the last few decades. One simple misunderstanding could lead to multiple unpleasant events.

  •

When it comes to online transcription services, you need to make sure you’re working with the best. And you can do that by assuring that your French transcriptions are handled by certified native-speaker professionals who are experienced in a wide array of industries. we are proud to state that we provide services at the best rates. We wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the specialists and the cutting-edge technology put at their disposal in order to ease the work and fasten the process.

Germany, one of the world’s most powerful nations, has an amazing industry developed on so many levels and in so many different areas. That’s why German has become a language that’s more and more learned and sought after. Here, at Shalom Transcription , we provide solutions for different fields of interest such as advertising, retail, manufacturing or any other technological areas. Also, we have a rich background in providing German transcriptions for many companies, our services always stand out in the crowd.


Yes it was really good. also i tried another site but their transcription was not at all accurate. many sentences said were written wrong or not there at all., -tazeen rizvi / itasca, il, this was fine. overall i think this was a good service, reasonably priced. i will most likely be doing some more., -nick s / louisville, kentucky, dear shalomtranscription: thank you very much for your kind assistance. i am happy to have discovered your services., -hugh graham / st catherine,jamaica, thank you. as always, you provided an excellent service., -penny m / machesney park, il, thanks john, all looks good. i've also informed hannah about your service., -andre van den / paraparaumu, new zealand, i like the accuracy and the quick delivery. i have a large amount i’m getting ready to send you., -stacy sirkel / afca, waco, tx, unique features of our transcription services.

Our journey started in 2013. Within a short span of time we became a trusted partner to thousands of clients in the United States. We take all efforts to deliver best quality transcription and translation services to our clients.


Precise transcription by US based transcriptionists.

Human Transcription

100% human transcriptionists. No machine involved.


We assure 98% accuracy in all our transactions.


Our service is backed with 100% money back guarantee.

Free Quote

Upload files and get free no obligation quote to your email.


We are available round the clock to process your request.

Simple Steps to Get Transcription and Translation Services

Upload Files


Upload audio or video files to receive a "no-obligation quote" via e-mail..

Pay Online

We accept payment through credit, debit card and PayPal.

Transcript Delivery


We deliver the proof-read transcription to your e-mail., have a question or need a custom quote.

You may need an estimate to get approval from your manager or to forecast your budget. Call us at (217) 280 4520 or shoot an email to support [at] shalomtranscription [dot] com or contact our chat team.

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Transcription Services

dissertation transcription services

Higher education deserves high-end professionalism — and Ditto Transcripts delivers. Ditto provides academic transcription services that can meet and exceed all academic standards.  Our experienced team transcribes lectures, focus groups, interviews, seminars, research projects, and so much more. You have enough on your plate already. It’s our goal to get you your quality academic transcripts completed on time and without any hassles.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best when we test and hire our transcribers for transcription needs. Most of our academic transcriptionists are college-educated right here in the United States and know the terminology and lingo associated with higher education settings. We won’t split up your files between multiple people, and we guarantee 99% accuracy all the time.

Enhance your learning environment with our transcription process

Educational transcription requires a delicate touch, as even the smallest mistake can seriously affect any study, lecture, or research. Speech recognition, dictation programs, and other automated transcription software can have issues with background noises, multiple speakers, and poor audio quality. 

That’s why here at Ditto, we only provide 100% human academic transcription. Our team of professional transcriptionists can transcribe everything. Whether it be audio or video recordings of lectures, interviews, or meetings —  you name it, we’ll have it done with our guaranteed high accuracy rates. Not only that, every transcriptionist we work with is under strict confidentiality agreements, so you can trust that any verbatim transcriptions are secure. 

Let us know if you require any specialized formatting, and we’ll customize your documents to fit any project specifications. Every transcription project is subjected to rigorous quality checks and proofreading to meet our quality transcription standards. Projects are delivered in digital file formats, all searchable for ease of use. 

So don’t leave your lectures and research interviews to speech-recognition programs or shoddy mobile apps. Get your academic transcription from the best.

Many respected universities turn to us:

  • New York University (NYU)
  • University of Colorado, Boulder and Denver
  • Columbia University
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Middle Tennessee State
  • City University New York (CUNY)
  • University of Virginia (UVA)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Transcription Projects for University Students

Missing key points is a common occurrence when note-taking during a lecture. Think. Your professor is rattling through things while you’re furiously typing away on your computer. It can be tough to keep up. With Ditto Transcripts’ services, we give you the most accurate class notes possible. Reviewing lectures has never been easier. With a well-transcribed document, you can now forget trying to remember what you scribbled in your notebook.

Turnaround is crucial when it comes to accurate transcripts. As a busy academic, we understand that you must study for that next big exam that makes or breaks your GPA. Don’t worry. Ditto Transcripts’ experienced transcriptionists can transcribe your audio and video files promptly, so you have plenty of time to review them for your next big exam. 24-hour turnaround time is guaranteed for files of moderate length. Bulk or long audio files may take longer.  Our normal turnaround times are 1-2 business days,  3-5 business days, and 6-10 business days, depending on the length.

Transcription for Dissertations 

If you are a doctoral candidate, it may have taken you nearly a decade to get your dissertation on track. You want the finished product to be a thorough, professional presentation with compelling content of your knowledge, theories, and research. So, you’ll do what it takes to get it right. You’ll lay out all of your information and research, so it all makes sense. You’ll spend a lot of time organizing your final thoughts.

Then you’ll have to type or transcribe all of your interviews yourself. Eventually, your years of hard work will have to be transformed into a manuscript of book-length chapters. Even if you have flawless keyboard skills, the typing process can be tedious. It can also add a lot of time to your already busy graduate student schedule. 

Academic Research Transcription Services

Many different professions can benefit from using outsourced transcription. Anyone conducting interviews or focus groups and gathering all kinds of information for research purposes will greatly benefit from partnering with Ditto Transcripts.

Market researcher: When you’re asking the opinions of different people from varying demographics, it would be easier, quicker, and more organized to record your interviews, phone calls, or focus groups and have them transcribed afterward. It’ll allow you to be a better participant in your research if you’re recording them and not scrambling and worrying about taking notes.

Qualitative researcher: When you’re studying the human side of the equation and need to make sure you don’t miss anything, that one little thing could be the reason the subject answered the questions the way they did. Recording those interactions and interviews will be a very important step in your process.

Psychology professionals: When you’re conducting studies on different disorders and ways that behavior modification or certain medications can help or hinder patients, free up time to do more interviews or studies by using transcription services.

Transcription for Lecturers

dissertation transcription services

Our service supports those giving the lecture in many ways. As a lecturer, it pays to have your lectures recorded in either video or audio. It gives you something to review at the end of the term. Yet, going through hours of video or audio is tedious and time-consuming—a less-than-ideal scenario for a professor. When you use transcription services from Ditto Transcripts, we give you a written record of an entire semester’s worth of your work. All transcripts of lectures can be made available in a variety of formats, from docx, txt, or pdf. 

Academic Transcription For Enterprise At Your Fingertips

Unlock the vast trove of benefits of academic transcription—without worrying about deadlines. 

Ditto offers scalable solutions for all academic institutions and organizations. Whether you need high-volume transcription for hundreds, or even thousands of hours of audio/video, or the occasional guest lecture transcribed, we can meet your needs. 

Provide unparalleled accessibility and inclusivity without having to bankrupt your school. Ditto’s standard pricing starts at $1.75 per audio minute, with faster turnaround times for time-critical transcripts or more economical rates to fit tighter budgets. 

Benefits of Enterprise Academic Transcription Solutions

Along with our broad range of perks, we also offer these to enterprise clients: 

  • Transcription for all educational levels: We provide enterprise solutions for all educational institutions, from primary to doctoral level. 
  • Lecture and seminar transcription: Transform your lectures and seminars throughout the semester into written records for faster distribution and wider accessibility options. 
  • Multimedia course enhancements: With transcripts, you can offer alternative formats for educational materials, giving your students more options and accommodations. 
  • Research support: Support your researchers and enhance your school’s academic prestige by acquiring research transcription at scale. You can also improve publication timelines by removing significant bottlenecks like manual qualitative data study. 
  • Language support: Get all the support and services you need in one place. Ditto’s extensive services include translating Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and other languages. 
  • Accommodations for foreign students: In 2023, more than one million foreign students were studying in the US. Make your learning experience accessible to foreign and exchange students by enlisting our transcription and translation services. 
  • Legal compliance: Protect your institution today as you safeguard tomorrow’s knowledge. With transcription and captioning, your academic institution is assured of meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, helping you avoid hefty fees and expensive legal settlements. 

We also offer faster delivery times or more economical rates for different budgets.

Please call (720) 287-3710 for enterprise pricing.

Academic Transcription Services for all your educational needs

Ditto Transcripts offers services for academics of all types. We’ll handle everything to ensure accurate, timely, and affordable documents for your projects. Send us your file and take us for a test drive, or check our FAQS. For any other questions, you can connect with us at (720) 287-3710.

Our transcription services come with deep experience in all kinds of academic work.

We’re happy to school the competition, but we’re far too busy with our actual academic transcription services clients.

Dissertation Transcription Services

Thesis Transcription Services

Summarized Transcription Services

Lecture Transcription Services

Speech Transcription Services

Qualitative Research Transcription Services

University Transcription Services

And many more

We take all your good words seriously. Even the ones describing us .

dissertation transcription services

Christine Denicola

Academic Research

Great service, company, and work! We have been using this company for years to get transcriptions done for research projects. They always provide competitive rates, super quick responses, and amazing turnaround times. They are a pleasure to work with, and I refer everyone to them when they are looking for transcription services.

dissertation transcription services

Jerry Yudelson

Great job: fast turnaround, incredibly accurate, reasonably priced!

dissertation transcription services

Henry La Mar

Retired Major, Arkansas State Police

Ditto Transcripts is transparent about how they operate and can show proof about every claim they make like insurance, security, and compliance. And my investigators were able to be out in the field instead of typing interview transcripts all day.

Steven T. Mandelaris Esq.

Great work! The best transcription!!! Prompt and accurate transcription.

dissertation transcription services

Dr. Buchanan

Colorado Springs, CO

The setup process and working with Ditto is easy. They truly feel like an extension of our team.

Ready for easier, more accurate transcription?

Ask us anything about transcriptions. Accuracy. Turnaround times. Delivery. Anything.

Additional Information

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Types of Transcription

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More Types  of Transcription

Court Transcription Services Financial Transcription Services Radiology Transcription Services

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 Voice. Data. Insight

Dissertation Transcription Services

Individuals, educational & research institutions.

For qualitative researchers, maintaining the integrity and accuracy of insight discovery in interviews and focus groups is crucial. With our precise transcription service, we can assist you in achieving this goal. By having every word documented, you can avoid bias or misinterpretation and ensure that the original content remains intact.

When it comes to assessments such as dissertations or final-year projects, the expectations differ from other module assessments. As a learner, you are responsible for undertaking a literature review, selecting a suitable research method, presenting your findings, and engaging in a comprehensive discussion of the outcomes. The initial preparation for a dissertation typically involves research and analysis. Students gather qualitative data from sources like peer-reviewed papers, academic literature, audio recordings, interviews, and oral histories. Once the research phase is complete, it becomes essential to transcribe all recorded materials into an accurate textual form, known as dissertation transcription.

Despite the effort required to create transcripts, many researchers still find it advantageous to work with them for analytical purposes. Transcribed interviews aid in better coding of data and facilitate the identification and organization of illustrative examples for coding purposes. With Qualtranscribe, you can confidently handle large volumes of voice data samples, making your research process more manageable and efficient.

At Qualtranscribe, we understand the significance of accurate transcription in qualitative research. Our service is designed to support your analysis and ensure that your research remains meticulous and well-documented.

Transcription Pricing

Turnaround time                                        Rate

5 Business Days                     $0.85/min

3 Business Days                     $1.00/min

Next Day                                 $1.20/min

Full Verbatim   Free

We have the capacity to transcribe in full verbatim. This is typically used for insurance and legal transcription needs but can be requested for any recording.

Timestamp   Free

We offer 2, 5 and 10 min timestamp indication as an option when you place your order. Timestamps are placed directly after the text at the moment they occur

Audio & Video Translation 

Are you seeking to translate an audio file from one language to another? At Qualtranscribe, we prioritize in delivering human-generated translations that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality, along with our team of skilled transcribers and talented audio/video translators, allows us to provide you with outstanding audio/video translation services.

The audio or video translation process commences with a simultaneous transcription and translation of your recorded material, where our team of skilled transcribers and professionally trained native linguists with a genuine passion for their crafts translate your content into the le language of your preference and diligently create a high-quality transcript. We take pride in maintaining our quality standards by ensuring that the entire process is conducted solely by humans. We never employ machine transcription methods as we believe in delivering exceptional results.

We are dedicated to ensuring only the best in the field to ensure the utmost accuracy and linguistic finesse.



Our bulk transcription services are tailored to meet the specific needs of high-volume and recurring projects. With our HIPAA and GDPR compliance, and a secure, encrypted micro-tasked workflow, we ensure complete confidentiality and security for every enterprise-level project.

Our team of transcriptionists is carefully selected based on their expertise and professionalism. Each transcriptionist is required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, further safeguarding the confidentiality of your sensitive information.  For enterprise businesses that require an additional layer of security, we offer the option to provide teams of geofenced workers. This means that the transcriptionists working on your project are physically located within specific geographic boundaries, enhancing data protection measures.

Male Student

Why Use Our Transcription Service?


Files are transcribed by professional subject-matter expert transcribers ensuring 99%+ accuracy. We do not use machine transcription tools.


You don't have to spend a fortune to get an awesome transcription service. Our affordable service won't break the bank any time, any day.



We maintain strict confidentiality of all data recordings and fulfill all ethics requirements. Your files and information are secured.


High-volume & Enterprise 

We handle large/bulk transcription orders on an  ongoing or on-off basis to meet any volume project specifications.


On-time Delivery

Reliable delivery schedules ensure that your transcriptions are turned around on or before the deadline. If we don't deliver on time, it's a shame on us.


Multiple Accents

We transcribe native and highly accented non-native English interview recordings, ESL speaker interview recordings without breaking a sweat.

Qualtranscribe staff quickly and professionally transcribed 25 interviews for my dissertation research in under a month, far faster than any other transcriber I have worked with. Overall, the quality was very high. I will certainly use them again and recommend them to others.

bernadette ludwig natale jeremikenko feedback for qualtranscribe trascription service

- Mira Debs, Yale University


Need an Interview Transcribed?

We'd love to hear from you!  Talk to us about your project needs, request a quote, or just say hi — it's free. We will reply in 1 hour or less.

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Dissertation Transcription Services for Efficient Study Aid

Rated 4.87 / 5 from 1,280 verified reviews

Our dissertation transcription services designed to support your academic journey for students.

Enhance Your Research with Professional Dissertation Transcription

Elevate your academic research with our professional dissertation transcription services. We understand the importance of high-quality transcripts that accurately capture every detail of your thesis transcription needs. Our team boasts extensive experience in delivering precise and reliable transcription services that adhere to the highest standards. 

With us, you benefit from low transcription rates without compromising on quality, making our services accessible and dependable. Our general transcription services start at just $1 per minute, while legal transcription services begin at $2 per minute. To get a free quote, dial 1-800-230-7918 . We are committed to supporting your scholarly endeavors and ensuring you receive the transcripts you need to succeed in your academic pursuits. Choose us for transcription that truly enhances your research outcomes.

Some dissertations can reach extraordinary lengths, with the longest recorded being over 2,000 pages. These documents reflect intense, deep dives into very specific subjects. Our team helps manage and document even the most voluminous and detailed research with ease and accuracy.

Our professional working on dissertation transcription services in enhancing academic research by reliable transcripts. ​

Ensuring Accuracy in Your Academic Transcripts

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to your academic transcripts. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality dissertation transcripts that meet rigorous academic standards. Our dedicated team uses advanced technology and a meticulous verification process to ensure that every detail of your dissertation is captured accurately. This commitment to precision helps you present your research clearly and professionally, boosting your credibility and academic success. Trust us to handle your work with the utmost care, ensuring a seamless and error-free transcription process.

With the rise of digital technology, many dissertations now include multimedia elements such as videos , interactive maps, and datasets, expanding beyond the traditional text-only format. This expansion into multimedia enriches the content and context of scholarly work, underscoring the need for versatile dissertation transcriptions that can accurately capture and convert every element of your research into accessible formats.

Our Court Reporting And Transcription Services Include

service list

Why Choose Quick Transcription Service to Transcribe Dissertations?

Our transcription services encompass a wide array of academic needs. Whether you're working on an interview dissertation, managing your academic recordings, or need to capture the nuances of lecture discussions, we've got you covered. We understand the importance of accurate and clear transcriptions for your research, especially regarding Research Interviews. 

When it comes to transcribing dissertations, Quick Transcription Service stands out with its commitment to delivering top-notch accuracy and exceptional service. Our ATA-certified transcribers achieve99% accuracy, ensuring your academic work is handled with precision. We offer affordable prices and certified transcription services that adhere to ISO standards, including meticulous quality checks and proofreading. Whether you need rush delivery within 2 to 24 hours or require assistance with multiple accentsand background noise, our native transcribers are equipped to handle it. With the ability to transcribe in over 100 languages and features like speaker identification and time stamps, we guarantee confidentiality through NDAs and provide continuous24/7 customer support. Choose us for a seamless, customer-centric experience that supports your academic success.

Our transcriber achieve 99% accuracy for dissertation transcription services, ensuring quality dissertation transcription.

Who Requires Dissertation Transcription Services?

Dissertation transcriptions are crucial for:

how it works list

How Our Transcription Services Boost Your Academic Work?

Our transcription services are designed to elevate your academic performance by ensuring that every lecture, interview, and research session is meticulously transcribed. By converting spoken content into accurate text, you can review and reference key information faster and more efficiently than ever before. This not only saves you valuable time during your studies but also enhances your ability to analyze and incorporate complex data into your dissertation. Trust our skilled transcribers to support your academic journey, making your research work more productive and less stressful. Let us help you focus on what truly matters—your academic success.

Increasingly, dissertations are being made publicly accessible online, contributing to a broader dissemination of knowledge and allowing for greater impact beyond academia. Our team enhances this accessibility, ensuring that your valuable research reaches and resonates with a global audience effectively.

Seamless Integration of Transcripts into Your Dissertation

A man demonstrating the benefits of Quick Transcription Service for Dissertations Transcription , enhancing accessibility.

Seamless integration of your transcripts into your dissertation ensures a smooth academic journey. Our services are designed to meticulously align the transcribed material with your research requirements, making it easier for you to analyze and reference your data. By eliminating the hassle of manual transcription, we help you focus more on your analysis and less on the logistics of data management. Trust Quick Transcription Service to provide you with accurate and timely transcripts that enhance your academic work and streamline your dissertation process.

The tradition of defending a dissertation orally in front of a committee remains an integral part of obtaining a doctoral degree. This practice, which originated in medieval universities, serves as a critical final step where candidates must demonstrate their knowledge and defend their research conclusions. This vital tradition of oral defense emphasizes the importance of clear communication and detailed documentation.

Professionals reviewing document, ensure the Dissertations Transcription for Industries in maintaining precise communication.

How Do We Transcribe Dissertations?- The Process

Our process for transcribing dissertations is designed with your needs in mind. We start by carefully reviewing your audio or video recordings to ensure accuracy from the get-go. Our team of skilled transcriptionists then works diligently to convert your spoken words into written form, using the latest technology to capture every detail. Throughout, we maintain constant communication with you to ensure the transcript meets your specific requirements. This meticulous approach guarantees that you receive a high-quality, reliable transcription to aid your academic success.

The structure and complexity of dissertations can vary greatly around the world. In some countries, what qualifies as a dissertation in one country might be considered a thesis in another, with different expectations regarding the depth of research and the nature of the contribution to the field. We have great expertise & experience that helps us understand different types of dissertations & provide accurate transcripts.




Interview | research | doctoral thesis phd | seminars.

Special Educational Discount

LetsTranscript devotes all of its efforts to make the transcription process as easy as possible for students, professors, and education professionals. We take care of everything for you, from making it simple for you to submit your files and providing an error-free transcript.

We are the experts in dissertation transcription services. Students, research scientists, and academic institutions benefit from our quick and accurate transcription services. LetsTranscript offers a specialized team of dissertation transcriptionists who have received extensive training to transcribe and format in accordance with the submitting criteria established by your institution.

We recognize the value of accurate interview transcription and have worked with customers in a number of sectors including education, research, HR, healthcare, legal, religion, and entertainment making us a secure option if you're looking for a transcription service that understands your requirements, is inside your budget, and responds quickly.

We also proofread the document after transcribing it to maintain the highest quality standard. Our high-quality dissertation transcription service is available with a range of turnaround time choices as per your requirement at a cost that is very reasonable.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term "dissertation transcription", what is it?

A dissertation is a substantial written work on a specific subject within a certain field that is submitted to a committee for approval. Dissertations are often needed among university students who want to pursue degree studies such as an M.Phil., Ph.D., or MBA, among other things. Standard digital audio/video recorders or tape recorders are often used by students to capture their data, ideas, and study as well as to conduct and evaluate their research. Following the completion of research, the process of converting notes, interviews, or seminars from speech to text is known as dissertation transcription.

  • For dissertation transcription, we have the fastest turnaround time as compared to our competitors (12-24 hours)
  • In order to meet the requirements of your university, we will provide you with a dissertation that is produced in the format prescribed required by your institution.
  • It is easy to work with our transcribers because they are accessible, cooperative and professional.
  • We have a staff of highly competent and skilled dissertation transcriptionists.

Is there a specific transcription format you require?

Transcription services come in many different types. It all depends on what are your dissertation requirements. It's better to have more than one choice.

Full Verbatim

Each and every detail is captured in these transcripts, which are available here. Their recordings catch not only the main body of what is said, but also the breaks and slightest utters like ‘ummms’ ‘ooohs’ ‘ahs’ ‘y'knows’ and many other grammatical quirks that are characteristic of human speech. There is a possibility that they are necessary for qualitative context.... Alternatively, they might be seen as unneeded diversions. According to your requirements, you may have them included as well.

The term "intelligent verbatim" refers to verbatim that has been stripped of any extraneous information. All of the speech involuntary movements have been eliminated, and you are left with merely what has been stated. As far as interview questions go, it's the simplest to read and the best option.

Quick and accurate transcriptions. You have our word on it. 100% Trust Guaranteed.

Once again, the whole campus is buzzing with academic activity, there is just enough going and on that finding a transcription service provider will be close to impossible. However, even if you have a packed calendar, you may not have to look for a transcription service to transcribe your interviews.

There's nothing worse than paying a transcription company for a transcript that doesn't satisfy your standards. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LetsTranscript employs expert transcriptionists who have undergone extensive training. You won't have to change the transcript of your interview. To start it all off, we provide a wide range of turnaround times so that you can stay on track with your requirements.

LetsTranscript provides high-quality, dependable, accurate, and quick academic research transcription services that are affordable. We are the only company that offers personalized service and has expertise in processing dissertation transcription.

If you're having trouble choosing a decision, take a quick look at these four points. We may make your decision a whole lot simpler!

  • We can work at your speed and in the manner that is most convenient for you. We provide turnaround time options that are tailored to your requirements.
  • When it comes to interview transcribing, we provide prices that will make you grin, even if you are working with a strict or limited financial plan.
  • All major institutions throughout the length and width of the United States have had their academic interviews transcribed by our transcribers, and we can offer customized transcripts that meet the standards of your university.
  • Basically, we provide services for students and job applicants, as well as for any documented activity that takes place at your institution.
  • We provide services to the students, job applicants, and, in general, any documented activity that occurs at your institution.

We don't compromise on quality, and our pricing is clear and cheap, so our customers know exactly how much their job will cost before they begin. In order to meet your interview transcription requirements, our team of professional transcribers and customer care experts are always ready to assist you at any time.

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In the transcription industry, we recognize the need of maintaining HIPAA compliance. At LetsTranscript, we understand the need of protected health information (PHI) very strictly.

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One of our primary objectives is to maintain the maximum security. By working with us, clients can be certain that the information included in your files are secure and protected.


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We are leading transcription service provider based in the US, with experience of more than 15 years in this field, sophisticated technology to deliver accurate services at low cost, Transcriptionlive is providing high-quality audio and video transcription services to various clients in the US, Europe, and Worldwide.

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Dissertation Transcription Services

Want comprehensive and rewarding dissertation transcription services? Choose us and our unsurpassable dissertation transcription services. At Transcriptionlive, our dissertation transcription experts precisely know how to transcribe a dissertation that includes author’s scholastic inputs apart from the notes and research findings. The dissertation theses rewarded by the universities are not merely a compilation of collated and copied findings but a product created after profound study and analyzing the subject meticulously. A dissertation is more like a treatise that brings together information from distinct reliable sources but irony is people consider them as an original piece of work. But unquestionably, the thesis and dissertations are indispensable for the students pursuing PhDs and doctoral programs.

Transcribing the webcast downloads, seminars, recordings and interview is undeniably a time consuming and an expensive process for the students who generally have tight budgets. So outsourcing dissertation transcription work to us will not only be a wise but also a lucrative decision. Passing the dissertation transcription work to Transcriptionlive will definitely save you money and above that, your invaluable time. Till today, we’ve assisted myriad students with our dissertation transcription services and have worked for numerous renowned domestic and international universities.

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  • Audio & Video Formats: Ensure that your recordings should be in the following formats only:-

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dissertation transcription services

Weloty provides academic transcription services to Graduate and PhD students, professors and researchers in the global academic community. We transcribe a broad range of interesting and compelling content for dissertation and thesis research fulfillment. Our qualitative research transcription services include high-quality transcription of academic interviews , focus group discussions , lectures and seminars. Our staff, comprised entirely of university graduates, are uniquely trained to handle diverse academic and qualitative research transcription projects.

At weloty, we provide transcription services for files in any digital audio format. We sign confidentiality agreements and take steps to ensure your data is secured. We will be guided by your instructions regarding specialist styles that adhere to your individual institution’s guidelines and we will return the audio content to you as well-written, accurate and high-quality MS Word, or PDF documents with attention given to any formatting and style specifications.

Are you planning to use Nvivo or Atlas ti software for analysis?  Upon request, we’ll format your research transcripts into a NVivo or Atlas.ti import format so that you can take full advantage of these software’s analysis capabilities. Send us the files to be transcribed in any digital audio format and we will return the transcribed documents to you within your nominated turnaround time and to your exact specifications.

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes, here’s our Triple Guarantee: If you don’t get your transcript before the agreed deadline … OR: If you don’t think this is the BEST research transcription service … OR: Even if you don’t like the FONT I use in the transcripts … You name it, we’ve got your back. We’ll GIVE BACK your total transcription cost without question, and (obviously) you get to keep the transcripts. Fair? You bet…

Do you guarantee confidentiality/do you sign NDAs?

Yes. We sign a confidentiality agreement with all of our clients.  Please get in touch and we’ll share a standard NDA template…in which we agree:

  • To hold in strictest confidence the identification of any individual that may be inadvertently revealed during the transcription of audio-taped or in any associated documents;
  • To not disclose any information received for profit, gain, or otherwise;
  • To not make copies of any audiotapes or computerized files of the transcribed interview texts…

How do you categorize the audio quality?

We categorize audio quality into 2 buckets, good or bad. Good quality audio has little or no background noise, is clearly audible (not too low or too high), and has no static (very common with over the phone interviews). Here’s a  great post on how to record good quality audio.

Do you have discount or bulk order offer?

Sometimes yes, we offer student/bulk discounts. It doesn’t hurt to ask…

Do you offer Free Trial?

Yes, happy to transcribe a 10 minute sample for you on a trial basis.

I’m writing a grant proposal, can you email me a formal quote?

Happy to email you a formal quote. The quote is only valid for 3 months.

Do you work with universities?

Yes, we’re a registered vendor with Rutgers, University of Texas, Boston College… and many other universities. And we’re always happy to register as a vendor with your university and get a purchase order (PO) approved.

How do I share the audio/video recording(s) with you?

The easiest way is to upload them into our secure dropbox folder. Please get in touch and we’ll email you an upload link.

What audio/video format types do you accept?

Here’s a list of all the audio/video format we don’t accept:

Can you add timestamps to the transcripts?

Yes, on request we can add timestamps to the transcript every 2 minutes at no extra charge. For shorter durations, there’s an additional charge of $0.25 per audio minute.

In what format will I receive the transcript?

You’ll get the transcripts in a Microsoft Word document, either as an attachment to an email or link to the transcripts.

What is verbatim transcription?

When we transcribe everything that a person says and include the pauses, fillers, repeats, stutters, stammers, throat clearing, coughing, laughter, and details of interruptions, that’s called verbatim transcription. Due to its detailed nature, the transcript is great for research projects that aim to investigate HOW something is said as well as WHAT’s being said. There is an additional $0.25 per minute charge for verbatim transcription.

What is intelligent verbatim transcription?

When we transcribe recorded speech into text while leaving out any phrases or words considered redundant, such as repeated words, filler expressions (er, um) or thought pauses (yeah, you know) and editing slang words (gonna to going to), this is intelligent verbatim transcription style of transcription. The main purpose of an intelligent verbatim transcription is to provide a more readable transcript while staying true to the voice and intended meaning of the participants. The resultant transcript is great for research projects that aim to investigate WHAT’s being said and not particularly interested in how it was said. Our blog has more information…

Do you offer transcription services in other languages?

No. We only offer English-English transcription services.

What payment methods do you accept?

From individual researchers, we accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. From universities and corporates, we also accept ACH or Wire transfers and checks.


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The Best Transcription Services

Signe Brewster

By Signe Brewster

Signe Brewster is an editor focused on technology. She also writes about virtual reality and has tested everything from robots to 3D printers.

Whether you need to share the content of a meeting or quickly parse an interview recording, using a transcription service is a good way to outsource the otherwise labor-intensive task of turning audio recordings into readable text. After spending 30 hours researching nine transcription services and testing seven on their ability to transcribe recorded phone calls, we found that Temi is the best option for people who need to know the gist of an audio file and want it transcribed quickly and inexpensively. If you’re willing to pay more (and wait longer), though, GoTranscript will deliver a nearly flawless transcript.

Everything we recommend

dissertation transcription services

The best transcription service

Within minutes, Temi returned transcripts that were easier to read than what other AI services produced, even when the audio file wasn’t perfect or when the words were hard to follow.

Buying Options

dissertation transcription services


For nearly perfect transcripts done by real people.

The human transcribers at GoTranscript returned nearly 100% accurate transcriptions in a couple of days and didn’t balk at recordings featuring heavy accents.

AI-based transcription services are useful for finding a specific place in or quickly skimming the contents of an audio recording. They do not return results that are perfect enough that you can expect to copy a quote without going back and checking the actual content of the audio. In our tests, Temi transcripts were the easiest to read among the AI-based options, with acceptable grammar and word accuracy even when our audio contained jargon or background noise. (We recommend using a company that employs human transcriptionists if your recordings have noise, feature a non-American accent, include speech impediments, or otherwise pose a challenge.) Transcripts arrive in minutes, and the built-in text editor lets you easily clean up the completed transcript—a necessity since even the top AI-based services, like Temi, get only about 75% of words right at best. Because Temi is quick and relatively inexpensive (at 25¢ per minute of audio), it’s a great choice for anyone who is paying for their own transcriptions, doesn’t expect them to be error-free, and doesn’t mind doing some cleanup work themselves.

If you want the most accurate transcriptions possible and you (or your company) are willing to pay a premium for it, GoTranscript is the best service to use. It’s also a great option if you have audio that includes difficult accents, or if you need a transcription of something in a language other than English. For about four times the cost of Temi, a real person will transcribe your audio and return a nearly perfect transcription within a few days. Other companies we tested that use human transcriptionists were nearly as accurate, but GoTranscript returned jobs faster and was willing to tackle even the most challenging audio files, with support for many accents and 48 languages.

The research

Why you should trust us, who should get this, how we picked, how we tested, our pick: temi, flaws but not dealbreakers, highly accurate transcripts from real people: gotranscript, the competition.

I’m a professional journalist who has conducted more than a thousand interviews over the years. Although I usually transcribe my own interview audio files the free and old-fashioned way (typing quickly as I play and rewind each sentence 100 times while cringing at the sound of my voice), I have tried numerous other options. Transcription services have always stood out as the most effective. For this guide, in addition to in-depth testing, I read existing reviews of transcription services and consulted forums to find commonly recommended options.

Professionals and hobbyists who need a text version of audio files—journalists, students, broadcasters, and beyond—can benefit from using a transcription service. Such services can cut out hours of time spent manually typing up a transcript, and they make it easy to search through the contents of an interview, to find an audio sample in a large library of recordings, or to take care of most of the work of transcribing quotes. Keep in mind that we tested the picks in this guide almost entirely with phone calls recorded with the TapeACall app. It’s possible that they perform differently with other types of audio, such as in-person recordings.

AI-based transcription services are a more informal, much faster, and significantly cheaper option than services that use actual humans for transcribing. Even the best AI services aren’t perfect, but they are accurate enough to remind you of the gist of a recording and help you find a specific part. That makes them useful for people who need a visual way to parse interviews, such as journalists who record a lot of interviews, students who make casual recordings of their classes, or professionals who need to remember the contents of a meeting. Journalists also need to double-check quotes no matter what, so it can make sense to pay less and go with an AI-based service. But if you take the AI route, you’ll need to spend time cleaning up the text. Skip the AI-based services in favor of a service employing real people if you plan to publish an entire transcript or need a completely accurate text file for use in a professional setting.

The best human-powered transcription services are nearly 100% accurate and struggle only with highly specialized language such as street names, which makes them more appropriate for someone who wants an exact record of what is said in an audio file. Podcasters who want a full transcription of an episode, professionals who need a thorough record of a meeting to distribute across a company, or journalists preparing a long Q&A article might find that they can save a tremendous amount of time using a human transcriptionist. Just be prepared to pay a lot more for the extra accuracy compared with AI services, and expect a few days of turnaround time unless you’re willing to pay even more to get results quicker.

A person recording their voice with an iphone.

We scoured forums frequented by journalists, writers, and podcasters to find a range of commonly used transcription services. We also read reviews by Poynter , TechRadar , and PCMag . To decide which services to test, we considered the following criteria:

  • Readability: The single most important factor in choosing a transcription service is the readability of the resulting transcript, so we checked samples for grammar and spelling. We also researched services’ self-reported accuracy and other people’s experience with them. Among human-backed transcription services, we favored those that claimed to be at least 99% accurate. Many AI-based services don’t report accuracy, but one option we tested claimed to be at least 90% accurate for clear audio.
  • Cost: Whether your employer or client pays for your transcriptions or it comes out of your pocket, it’s important that they be cost-effective. We found that the most commonly recommended AI services cost around 25¢ per minute of audio, and services employing human transcriptionists cost up to $2 for a minute of clear audio.
  • Turnaround time: AI-based services take a maximum of one to two minutes per minute of submitted audio to return a transcription, but human transcriptionists can take days to deliver a transcript. If a long delay will interrupt your workflow or cause you to miss an important deadline, an AI service is far more affordable than a rushed transcription from a person. Because we saw such a wide range of turnaround times, we considered the advertised deadlines for AI services and real-people transcriptions separately. For the latter, we considered only those transcription services that could return a transcript within a week, and we took special notice if they promised a turnaround time of hours or even minutes.
  • Support for complicated audio: Not all audio files are recorded in a professional studio, so the best transcription services should be willing or able to handle background noise, jargon, and accents. Although we tested only with recordings of English speakers with American and French accents, we also noted what languages and accents each service claimed to support. Some services, such as Temi, state explicitly that they do not support languages or accents other than American English, while others, like Trint, offer transcriptions for multiple languages and accents. We prioritized American English for this guide.
  • Transcription editors: The best services keep an online database of your transcriptions indefinitely. They also give you an in-browser space or mobile app where you can work easily in a clean design, editing text, listening to audio playback when you click anywhere within the text, and changing the speed of the audio. AI-based services are so error-prone that it’s nice to have the ability to jump in and edit a transcript on the service’s website. Because human transcriptionists are so accurate, we didn’t consider it as important for those services to include as many online editing features.
  • User interface: Websites that allow you to upload audio files intuitively and quickly make the overall transcription process more pleasant. We preferred services that laid out extras, such as adding time stamps or selecting a faster turnaround time, on one page and also showed the cost of those add-ons. We dismissed services that obscured the cost until after we placed an order, made us pass through many pages to place an order, or had a messy appearance.
  • Security and privacy: Although we don’t recommend uploading sensitive audio files to a transcription service, we still looked into the policies each company had for protecting customers’ data. We examined what type of encryption the companies used and whether they offered NDAs, and we looked for other security measures they took.

Because we found that readability was the most important factor, we tested each service with a variety of conversations and levels of audio quality. We wrote two scripts based on real interviews that reflected the different types of content a good transcription service should be able to handle:

  • Our 237-word “control script” discussed drones, included common vocabulary and numbers, and concluded with a series of pangrams—phrases that use all the letters and sounds of the English language. It also featured an interruption where one speaker talked over the other.
  • Our 172-word “jargon script” included jargon about batteries, particle physics, and place names.

Two professional actors recorded themselves reading both scripts over TapeACall , an iPhone recording app that journalists commonly use. I also recorded a woman with a French accent reading the entirety of the control script over TapeACall. Overall, we made four recordings:

  • Control script (clear): The actors read the control script clearly and without background noise to test the best possible outcome from each of the transcription services.
  • Control script (with background noise): The two actors read the control script while music played and dogs barked in the background to test the services’ ability to pick up on the audio that mattered.
  • Control script (with accent): The woman with a French accent read the control script to measure which services did better with non-American accents.
  • Jargon script (clear): The actors read the jargon script clearly and without background noise to test how the services handled unusual words.

During a second round of testing in 2020, we added another audio sample: We recorded a meeting with the iPhone’s Voice Memos app, a sample intended to test whether the services’ performance would change dramatically when an audio file was made with an app other than TapeACall.

We submitted all of the audio samples to each transcription service and recorded how long it took to upload the samples, plus our experience navigating the user interface. We timed how long each service took to return the completed transcript and compared the transcript against the original script to gauge accuracy.

We measured the quality of the transcripts in two ways. First, we read each transcript and ranked how easy it was to understand compared with the other services’ transcripts, a factor that we labeled “readability.” Then we counted the number of words that were correct and divided that amount by the total number of words to generate a percentage that reflected accuracy. Although it’s easy to draw a conclusion from that percentage, there’s a significant difference between a service that transcribes “batteries” as “battery” and one that transcribes “batteries” as “basketball.” So although raw accuracy is important, we ranked readability as even more important.

We also recorded the total cost for each transcription and tested each service’s editor to determine how easy (or difficult) it was to use. Finally, we checked to see whether each service offered helpful options such as time stamps, the ability to add names, and a place to submit vocabulary words.

A person looking at a macbook screen displaying the Temi home page.

Temi is the best choice for fast, inexpensive transcripts. In our tests, it beat other AI-based services in readability and accuracy, and it returns transcriptions within minutes or hours instead of the days that a human transcription service typically requires. When the accuracy isn’t perfect, its web-based editor lets you easily jump into a transcription and adjust the text or listen to the synced audio. It’s also the second-least-expensive AI option we tested, so it’s an affordable choice for freelancers or anyone paying out of pocket.

AI-based transcription results of English pangrams in 2018

Temi transcription “the face you on the waters of the lock and press all including the French queen before she heard that symphony again, just as young Arthur wanting”
Otter transcription “the face you on the waters of the lock and press all inclusive French queens before she heard that Symphony against just a young Arthur want”
Trint transcription “the space shoe on the waters of the lock and perhaps all a French queen before she heard the symphony again. Just did Arthur want”

In our 2018 testing, Temi returned a more readable transcription than Otter and Trint —the two other AI-based services we tested—for all four test recordings, and it also had the highest accuracy percentage across the board. The first part of Temi’s control transcript, which discussed drone regulations, had accurate grammar and was highly readable. The second part, which was made up of pangrams, had more inaccuracies. In total, it was 73% accurate.

AI-based transcription results of jargon-filled speech in 2018

Temi transcription “researchers make new train of these by accelerating positively charged protons and smashing them into beryllium or carbon that’s produced is pions and cans”
Otter transcription “researchers make neutrino these by accelerating positively charged protons and smashing into beryllium or carbon this produces pions encounter”
Trint transcription “researchers make neutrino beams by accelerating positively charged protons and smashing them into a volume of carbon. This produces Tientsin can”

Temi still performed better than the competition when we added background noise to our test recordings. In this case Temi’s AI made only a few more errors than it did on the control, which means it’s still worthwhile to use Temi even when your audio isn’t completely clear. Temi’s jargon transcript was even more accurate than its work on the control; the first part of the jargon transcript discusses batteries, and we thought Temi’s result on that was the most readable of the AI services’ transcripts. The final section includes difficult place names such as La Cienega, Wayzata Boulevard, and the Schuylkill. That part stumped Temi—as it did even the human transcriptionists. Finally, Temi’s transcription of the meeting recording we made in 2020 had only a single error.

Price comparison (AI services vs. human-transcription pick)

Temi $0.25
Otter Free (for first 600 minutes each month with limits)
Trint Subscriptions start at $48/month
GoTranscript (our human-transcription pick) $0.90

Temi charges 25¢ per minute of uploaded audio, tying for the cheapest option we tested (aside from Otter and YouTube, which are free but wildly inaccurate). Trint’s unlimited subscription-based model is cheaper only if you upload at least 240 minutes of audio a month. The algorithm behind Temi doesn’t care how complicated your audio is, so the price is always the same regardless of what you submit. Human transcription services, meanwhile, start at 80¢ a minute and go up based on audio complexity and added features. Temi took between two and five minutes to return each transcript, which means it took one to two minutes to transcribe each minute of audio. There are expensive human options that can return a file within hours, but most non-AI services—including our pick, GoTranscript—take at least a few days to deliver results.

Temi had the second-best editor we tried in terms of our ability to check for and correct errors. Trint and Rev share the same editor, which we ranked as our favorite because it looked nicer, though it didn’t have any extra features. Temi’s website stores all of your transcripts indefinitely and allows you to edit them within a web browser, letting you work with the text and the audio at the same time. We prefer that to the arrangement for some other services, which requires you to edit text in an office-software document and separately control an audio player. With Temi, you can click anywhere in the transcript to hear the audio for that segment and type in your corrections. You can slow down the audio playback or hit a button to rewind five seconds. The interface also offers tools for highlighting and striking text. When you’re done, you can download the transcript as a PDF, Word document, or text file, or share it via email or a link.

Temi had the second-fastest average upload time of any of the services we tested. You have just two pages to navigate: an upload page and a payment page, neither of which requires you to submit any additional information about the file. The user interface is modern and clean, so uploading files and editing transcripts is intuitive.

Temi says it stores and transmits data using TLS 1.2 encryption, which we think is plenty secure, and you can request a non-disclosure agreement . Temi says no humans view your data unless you share a link to your transcriptions. You can also choose to delete text and audio files from the site once you’ve downloaded them; we recommend doing so if you consider a recording sensitive.

Temi doesn’t allow you to submit speaker names or jargon in advance (though you can edit them after the fact with the company’s editing tool), a feature that other services offer to improve their transcriptions. It also does not save payment information; in our tests, it required us to resubmit those details each time we uploaded an audio file. One workaround is to use PayPal or preload your account with funds, which will allow you to check out faster. However, even when we had to reenter credit card information, going through the upload and payment process took us less than a minute—similar to our experience with the other services we tested. You can also upload multiple files at once to cut down on the number of times you need to check out.

Readability rankings (AI-backed services vs. our human pick)

Temi (AI) 4 4 4 3
Otter (AI) 6 6 6 5
Trint (AI) 5 5 5 4
GoTranscript (human) 1 2 2 1

Temi’s other flaws are common to every AI-based service—the only way to avoid these problems is to pay substantially more for a person to do your transcription. First of all, even though Temi beat other AI-based services in readability and accuracy, it still returned transcriptions filled with errors. You should treat Temi as a way to help you find a specific place in an audio recording or recall the overall content, not as a service that perfectly prepares quotes for publication.

Like the other AI services we tried, Temi especially struggles with audio containing accents. Since it doesn’t promise support for languages or accents other than American English, we weren’t surprised to see it struggle with our speaker’s French accent. If you need a nearly perfect transcription of a file with accented speakers, we recommend paying more for transcription services done by a real person.

Temi’s speaker detection and time stamping are poor, which is a trend we saw across all the AI services. It returned our transcripts as one long paragraph attributed to “Speaker 1,” even though three of our submitted recordings featured two speakers. Its transcripts have an initial “00:00” time stamp but no further notation. Clicking anywhere in the text gives you a time stamp for that section; for a visual representation, however, be prepared to do your own formatting.

A macbook screen displaying the gotranscript home page.

If you need transcripts that come ready for publication, or a transcript of an audio file featuring speakers with accents, GoTranscript is the best choice. It’s one of the most readable and accurate transcription services we tested, as it consistently returned transcriptions that were nearly 100% accurate. Services that employ human transcriptionists take days to return transcripts, in contrast to minutes for AI-based services like Temi, and they are significantly more expensive. But the price is worth paying if you don’t want to spend time cleaning up transcripts yourself.

Accuracy tests for different scripts and audio-quality levels in 2018

GoTranscript (human) 97% 85% 97% 99%
Scribie (human) 89% 90% 98% n/a
Rev (human) 87% 90% 96% 78%
Temi (AI) 73% 71% 73% 42%

When transcribing our control script, GoTranscript produced the fewest errors of any service we tried. The few errors included typing “part of” instead of “in part,” and writing “$1,440” instead of “$1,414.” On the pangram section, which featured phrases that contained all of the letters in the English language, GoTranscript was perfect. When we submitted the same script with intentional background noise, the transcription had only similarly minor errors. Two words were replaced with “unintelligible,” a common tactic we saw from human transcriptionists to avoid inserting incorrect words; this approach makes the problem areas especially easy to spot so that you can jump in and edit the transcript yourself.

The first two parts of the transcript from the jargon-filled recording, which was slightly less accurate overall than the human-performed work from competing services, had just a few inaccurate words. But we found two spots where words had been replaced with “inaudible” or “unintelligible.” GoTranscript did get proper nouns like Mulholland Drive and Bala Cynwyd correct, but the service inserted “unintelligible” labels four times for other place names in the last section, which affected its accuracy score considerably.

GoTranscript is the only service we tried that was able to accurately transcribe a recording of someone with a non-American accent. At 99% accuracy, the GoTranscript transcription of our French-accented audio sample was the most accurate transcription we received overall and easily beat Rev’s 78%-accurate transcript. Scribie didn’t return a transcript to us at all, stating that the file was too difficult.

Price comparison (human transcription vs. our AI pick)

GoTranscript (human) $0.90
Scribie (human) $0.80
Rev (human) $1.25
Temi (AI) $0.25

GoTranscript is the second-least-expensive real-people service we tested: 90¢ per minute for the first 180 minutes of recordings you upload, with lifetime discounts if you upload more. It charges extra for files featuring background noise or accents, which meant we paid nearly four times the cost of Temi, overall, to use GoTranscript to transcribe our five test recordings. However, there’s no way around paying more if you want the accuracy of human transcription. Multiple services offer trial credits or coupon codes, and GoTranscript gives you $10 of free credit to start.

Transcription turnaround time in 2018

GoTranscript (human) 1 day 22 hours 1 day 22 hours 1 day 22 hours 1 day 17 hours
Scribie (human) 3 days 8 hours 2 days 9 hours 3 days 8 hours n/a
Rev (human) 8 minutes 2 hours 35 minutes 2 hours
Temi (AI) 4 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 5 minutes
Otter (AI) Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute
Trint (AI) Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute

If you’re on deadline and you need highly accurate transcripts quickly, you need to either pay GoTranscript the premium for rush processing or go with one of its competitors. To get the cheapest price, we selected the slowest possible turnaround time: five days. You can choose turnaround times as fast as six to 12 hours for a fee. GoTranscript took between 1 day 17 hours and 1 day 22 hours to return our transcriptions, but longer audio files could require the full five days. Scribie took two to three days to return our transcriptions, but Rev easily beat GoTranscript on turnaround time by giving us our files within hours. All of the AI-based services were even faster. But we think it’s worthwhile to wait the several days and get a more accurate transcript if you have the time.

A screenshot of the add files page of the gotranscript order process.

GoTranscript’s editor isn’t the best of the services we tested, but because its transcripts have so few errors, you can expect to spend less time using it than you would with other services. Although it lacks features that competitor Rev includes, such as highlighting and read-along options (similar to how a karaoke machine highlights the words as you go), it makes up for that with its simplicity and ease of use. You can click anywhere in the text to play back that part of the audio and make changes. In our tests, the transcriber accurately identified different speakers, and each time the speaker changed, a new paragraph began and the text was clearly marked with a time stamp (an option we paid for). The other human-transcription services also did this accurately, while none of the AI-based services were able to.

The upload process is simple: After you send an audio file, GoTranscript asks you to select details about the recording, including the number of speakers and whether the audio is low-quality or features accents. You can also select options such as time stamping or captions. It’s clear when extra charges are involved, and the form includes a spot to submit speaker names or special terms so that you can help the transcriber improve their work.

GoTranscript makes a few promises related to security. The company says it uses 2,048-bit SSL encryption to transfer and store data, which we consider secure enough. GoTranscript requires transcriptionists to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but you can also submit your own agreement for them to sign. Audio files are also chopped into pieces five to 10 minutes long and spread among different transcriptionists so that no one person hears the entirety of a recording. After the transcription is complete, GoTranscript deletes the recording from its system, though you can still access the transcription on its server. (You can delete it after downloading, which we recommend for sensitive files.) GoTranscript also offers specialists for transcription projects in sensitive industries, such as medical and legal.

If you’re thinking about using a human-based service like GoTranscript, it’s worth considering the low pay that transcriptionists generally receive. GoTranscript’s competitor Rev has been in the news recently for its low wages, but GoTranscript’s Glassdoor page is also full of complaints about low pay . You should also consider whether the recordings you are submitting could be disturbing , and whether you’d be subjecting a person to an unexpectedly traumatic experience at work.

AI-based services

Trint is a well-known AI-based transcription service, and it had the best editor and the fastest turnaround time of any service we tested. It also advertises its ability to transcribe in multiple English accents and 12 European languages. However, in our tests it was less accurate than Temi, producing poorer readability on all four audio samples while also being more expensive. Trint operates under a subscription model that starts at $48 per month for one user and 84 files per year, with an unlimited option at $60 per month. If you’re uploading at least 240 minutes of audio a month or working on a team, this unlimited tier might be a better option for you based on cost.

Otter offers 600 minutes of free transcription per month (as long as you record directly from the app or Zoom), which makes it an attractive option for anyone who wants to transcribe and sort lots of interviews on a nonexistent budget. Although our 2020 testing showed Temi to be much more accurate, Otter beat Trint in some cases. However, when it came to readability Otter consistently scored last, with transcriptions that sometimes read as gibberish. It’s easy to use, and it has the fastest upload times and a decent editor.

If you’re looking for a free transcription option, you can also try YouTube : Turn your audio recording into a video, upload it to YouTube, and then use the website’s captioning service to generate a transcript at no cost (be sure to set the upload to private for security reasons). The YouTube upload process took so much work and time, however, that we quickly disqualified this option. If you want a free transcript, you’re better off using Otter.

Human transcription

If you need the accuracy of a real person doing your transcribing but have only hours of turnaround time to spare, Rev could be a good option. Rev has the best editor tool (in fact, it’s the same editor that the AI-based Trint uses) and the easiest upload process of any of the human services we tested. But although it was more accurate than any of the AI-based services we tried, it consistently returned the hardest-to-read and most error-filled transcriptions (aside from the jargon transcription, on which it tied for the most accurate) while also being the costliest of the services we tested. The Rev transcripts were still readable, but we think it’s worthwhile to wait a bit longer for transcripts from the cheaper and more accurate GoTranscript service, if you have the time to spare.

Scribie took the longest of any tested service to return our transcripts and had the worst editor, the slowest upload process, and the poorest user interface. When we submitted our audio sample of a speaker with a foreign accent, Scribie rejected it; a customer service representative stated that the file was too short and too complicated for the service to find someone willing to transcribe it. Scribie rejected a longer accented file, too. If you need to submit an audio file only on occasion or have lots of clear audio files, Scribie could still be a good option—it’s the least expensive real-people service we tried, and it produced easy-to-read and accurate transcripts. But steer clear if you want to be sure that your uploads will be accepted every time.

Meet your guide

dissertation transcription services

Signe Brewster

Signe Brewster is an editor on Wirecutter's PC team. She also writes about virtual reality. She previously reported on emerging technology and science for publications like Wirecutter, MIT Technology Review, Wired, Science, and Symmetry Magazine. She spends her free time quilting and pursuing an MFA in creative writing.

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What is GoTranscript's approach to thesis transcription?

GoTranscript's approach to thesis transcription is tailored to support academic research, offering dissertation transcription services that cater to the specific needs of PhD candidates. Our transcriptionists are experienced in academic content, ensuring thesis transcriptions are precise and valuable for research.

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When it comes to thesis and dissertation transcription , academic circles have more than one reason to rejoice in their association with Transcriptionwave.

Firstly, in fields of higher learning, thesis preparation need not be looked at as a chore any more. Rather it is a pleasure watching our transcriptionists, each with a good academic background of their own, handle the dissertation contents with ease, however specialized the subject matter may be.

At the second tier, we have regular editorial panelists to supervise and iron out any of the glitches that may have inadvertently crept in. We also have the facility of referrals to academic experts for whetting the thesis output before it is presented to examiners of degrees and doctorial programs to make the presentation fully synchronize with the styles of various universities and degree awarding bodies in USA or elsewhere.

thesis transcription

Why Choose our Thesis Transcription Services

During the past few years, we have established many a fruitful relationship with aspiring students at reputed learning centers the world over. We fully understand the fact that they come mostly from the developing world to higher seats of learning in advanced countries and their preparation and progress should not get hampered by new accents and diction of lectures that may appear totally alien to them at first.

We are also, by now, known for our accommodative stand on pricing, besides providing the most attractive turnaround time in the industry. We offer accurate transcription from any audio format and first time customers can avail of a free trial facility for transcribing five minutes of audio before entrusting the assignment to us. We have a 24 x 7 helpline to offer a bit of hand holding that may be needed at times. And with the accumulated experience in dissertation and thesis transcription, our editorial team can even provide a tip or two to the candidates in fields of higher learning where we are capable of providing a virtuoso performance when it comes to transcription services of any kind.

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The Best Transcription Services for 2024

Whether you have audio files to transcribe daily or only occasionally, our list of the top transcription services will help you pick the right one..

Jill Duffy





Legal professionals, journalists, health care workers, and plenty of others record audio of people speaking and need to have it typed up and put into a document. Doing that work yourself is tedious, especially since transcription services can do it for you. Transcription services come in two varieties: automated and human-made.

Automated transcriptions, also sometimes called machine-generated or AI transcriptions, are cheap and fast to make. They're usually also riddled with mistaken words, a lack of punctuation, and other errors that you need to correct. Human-generated transcriptions are typically extremely accurate but cost more and take longer to produce. Both types of transcription have pros and cons, and some companies offer both, letting you choose what you need based on the audio file you have.

Here, we list the best transcription services based on our hands-on testing. We evaluate services based on accuracy, ease of use, and price. Read on after the product summaries to find more information on what to look for in a transcription service and some details on how they work.

Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks

Why we picked it.

Otter has long been popular for its generous free plan. It's less enticing than it once was, but you still get a good amount of free: 300 live transcription minutes per month and three prerecorded audio or video files for transcription per lifetime , and each transcription session can only be 30 minutes. If you like Otter and want more bandwidth, you can subscribe to a paid plan, starting at $16.99 per month or $120 per year. Pro includes 1,200 minutes per month for live transcriptions. All transcriptions can be for audio files up to 90 minutes. And you get to upload and transcribe 10 prerecorded files per month.

Who It's For 

Otter is for people who need automated, rather than human, transcription. Otter makes the most sense for anyone who regularly transcribes a few files but typically does not have a large volume of work for transcription.

  • Best live editing of any transcription service tested
  • Integrates easily with video conferencing apps
  • Generous free plan for live audio transcription
  • Well-designed mobile apps
  • AI-generated transcripts have more errors than human-made ones
  • No option for human transcription
  • Only works for English and struggles with accents

GoTranscript is among the best online transcription services for accurate, affordable, human-made transcriptions. It also markets to specific sectors, such as the legal, education, and medical fields, making it excellent for specialty transcription work. Recently, the company also started offering machine-automated transcriptions, but these aren't as impressive as the work its human staff produces.

Who It's For

GoTranscript is best for users who need highly accurate human transcriptions at the lowest possible price.

  • Incredibly accurate human transcriptions
  • Great website
  • Many languages supported
  • Industry-specific transcriptionists available
  • Low-quality automated transcription service
  • Mobile app has limited functionality
  • No ability to integrate with video conferencing software

Why We Picked It 

Rev is our top choice transcription service for when you want to be able to choose whether a particular file needs a human transcriptionist or a machine to do the work. Turnaround is fast, and rates are competitive. Rev also has a great collaborative web space for teams to work together on projects. Rev also now offers captioning for videos.

Rev is best for professionals who use a transcription service regularly. A subscription costs $29.99 per month and includes 1,200 minutes of auto-transcription per month and unlimited transcriptions from Zoom calls. Note that you do not get any human-generated transcription for this price; you only get automated transcription. For à la carte services, prices start at 25 cents per audio minute for automated transcriptions and $1.50 per minute for human-generated transcriptions and captions. For customers who need a lot of audio transcribed, Rev has large-volume packages with custom pricing.

  • Options for human-made or AI-generated transcriptions, subtitles, and captions
  • Fast turnaround
  • Good collaboration tools for teams
  • Well-designed web interface
  • Clunky mobile apps
  • High monthly fee
  • Can't edit or add comments to live transcription

While Scribie doesn't have as many features as Rev, it does have low prices for accurate and reliable transcriptions. Scribie doesn't have a mobile app, and its website is a bit clunky, but its prices are tough to beat. It also has a subscription plan that knocks off a few more pennies per audio minute, which makes sense for high-volume users.

Scribie is a decent and affordable transcription option for people who need quality transcriptions with a short turnaround time. Scribie is best for users who do not need a large volume of transcription and don’t require mobile apps or an advanced web-based editor.

  • Nearly flawless transcriptions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy-to-use online editing software
  • No mobile app
  • Confusing web interface
  • No longer offers AI transcription

TranscribeMe offers affordable, automated transcriptions with the option to pay more for human transcriptions. It also provides harder-to-find services, such as data annotation for transcripts.

TranscribeMe is best for customers who need low-cost automated transcription or some of its specialized services, such as data annotation or transcription and translation in languages other than English.

  • Inexpensive
  • Can upgrade from machine to human transcription
  • Works with several languages
  • Specializes in multiple industries like legal and medical fields
  • Human transcriptions can take up to five days to complete
  • Lacks a team workspace
  • Pricing isn't transparent, and order form needs improvement

Trint is an online transcription service designed with the media in mind. You upload audio or video files to this web-based service, and Trint sends you back either machine-generated text transcripts or captions. It also has a unique ability: Team members can clip and merge various audio files, as well as collaborative editing them. Trint is a good, if pricey, choice for people who work in media, be it podcasting, scripting, or print.

Trint isn't for most people, but it is the clear choice for those who are building a platform or business using mostly video or audio content.

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Supports collaboration
  • Can translate to multiple languages
  • Can't record live audio from a laptop or desktop
  • Expensive and requires a subscription
  • No option for human transcriptions
  • Doesn't support multi-factor authentication

Buying Guide: The Best Transcription Services for 2024

Automated vs. human transcriptions: what's the difference.

Automated transcription services use automatic speech recognition to transcribe an audio file into text. Two primary benefits of using automation are that it's fast and it's cheap.

Services that offer automated transcription sometimes include extra features that may not be free in a human-generated transcript, such as time stamps and basic speaker identification (for example, Speaker 1, Speaker 2). The downside of automated transcription is that it's far less accurate than when a human does the job.

Automated transcription services often include access to document-editing software that lets you clean up the text. If you see an error in the document, click on the time-stamped section to listen to the words and transcribe that portion on your own.

Rev, Otter, GoTranscript, Scribie, TranscribeMe, Trint, and Temi (which didn't score high enough to be included in this list of the best transcription services) all offer automated transcription services. Rev, GoTranscript, Scribie, and TranscribeMe also offer human-powered services.

Transcriptions made by humans are highly accurate, but they're also pricier and typically require a longer turnaround time, though you can pay extra if you need a rush order.

Human-generated transcription services use trained transcriptionists—often more than one—to complete the work. When a transcription job is given to more than one transcriptionist, it means no one person has access to your entire audio recording, which is usually seen as being good for privacy. Employees and contractors sometimes sign non-disclosure agreements to become transcriptionists as well. When you choose human-generated transcripts, you can sometimes pay to get transcriptionists who are educated in a particular industry's jargon, such as legal or medical terms. 

Using human-powered transcription may introduce privacy concerns. In testing and reviewing transcription services, we look at the conditions under which a company says it will comply with law enforcement and hand over any user data. You can read the details in the review of each service. All services that made this list of the best transcription services operate under strict nondisclosure policies and let you remove your files from their servers at any time.

How Much Do Transcription Services Cost?

Many transcription services charge on a per-minute basis. For example, a 30-minute transcription at $1 per minute would cost $30. Costs can add up quickly, and some services bill extra for a faster turnaround time, verbatim files (meaning they include all the "ums" and "ahs"), or if the audio is of poor quality. If you find yourself transcribing audio and video files often, a subscription-based service, such as those offered by Otter and Trint, might be the best value for you. Increasingly, video editing software now has automated captioning, too, so if you use one you might want to first check if it's included.

As you might guess, the amount of time it takes to turn around a file usually depends on its length. Automated services can typically process a file in a matter of minutes. Human-powered services take quite a bit longer, and you may have to pay for faster delivery speeds. Rev is simple in that it promises to return your file (in most cases) in a 12-hour timeframe. GoTranscript's slowest option (five days) is also its cheapest.

How to Get the Most Accurate Transcription

One of the most important things you can do to ensure an accurate transcription is to capture a high-quality recording of a conversation or interview in the first place. It is vital that your subjects are close to the recording device and speak in loud, clear voices. When you have multiple speakers, participants should speak one at a time to avoid interference. Most services have a note in their documentation saying that speakers with heavy accents can pose some issues, though there's not much you can do to avoid it. Audio editing software such as the free Audacity can clear up some issues, but it can't perform miracles. In-person recordings also produce better results than recordings of phone calls.

In general, automated services are useful only if the audio recording is on the simple side and you don't need perfectly accurate results. They're fine for personal voice memos and similar applications but not for a professional setting.

How to Edit a Transcription

Most people need to correct some parts of their transcript once they receive it. When you log into your transcription service, you get an editing program where you can listen to the audio recording again while looking at the typed transcript so that you can make changes easily. The setup of having audio playback right in the editing program is convenient.

Some editing interfaces include tools for highlighting selected parts of a transcript or editing the start time of the recording. Playback speeds and quick rewind buttons (all controllable via keyboard shortcuts) are also fairly standard. GoTranscript is notably the only service that does not offer an online editor. Your only option is to edit the exported transcript after GoTranscript completes a job.

The Best Transcription Apps

Many of the transcription services we reviewed, including GoTranscript, Otter, and Rev, also offer mobile apps in addition to their web dashboards. Most offer both Android apps and iPhone apps . For the most part, these apps function as digital voice recorders, though you can also order transcripts of your recordings directly from your mobile device. The drawback is that you can't import audio files or links the way that you can via their websites. Many let you view the completed transcript directly on your device. Otter goes one step further than the others by giving you excellent organizational features and the ability to edit transcripts on the go.

Human vs. Automated Transcription

There are alternatives if you want to avoid transcription services entirely—for privacy reasons or to save on costs. For doing your own manual transcription, Transcribe is a great option at only $20 per year. It lets you listen to an audio recording while you type, with built-in keyboard shortcuts and useful playback modes that reduce the number of times you need to pause and rewind. Another option is oTranscribe . It works similarly to Transcribe, but it's free.

If you're a paying Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can use Word's Transcribe feature from the Home > Dictate dropdown menu. You can record in real-time inside Word or upload audio files to its online automated transcription service. Transcribe for Word doesn't cost any extra.

Google Docs may be the best solution for those who don't want to spend any money. With Google Docs, you can use the voice typing feature, which is nothing more than a speech-to-text tool, to put words down on the page. It's often quicker than typing everything out. Some people listen to a prerecorded audio file on headphones and then speak the same lines aloud to a speech-to-text tool, which works better than playing the audio directly into a microphone, but it's still cumbersome and takes time.

Ultimately, any transcription method or service you choose is better than simply letting your recordings go to waste. Yes, transcribing can be a hassle, and some services are costly, but the value of accurate and usable transcripts far outweighs these annoyances. At least one of the services named above should suit your needs. Make sure to read our full reviews for help picking the right one.

$099 Cents per Minute25 Cents per Minute7 Cents per Minute$60 per month
AutomatedHuman, AutomatedAutomated, HumanHumanAutomated, HumanAutomated

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dissertation transcription services

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7+ Best Transcription Software of 2024 (Speech to Text Tools)

dissertation transcription services

Choosing the right transcription software is vitally important to your business. From basic transcription services to more advanced services, the best transcription software can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7+ best transcription software , so that you can pick the best one for you.

dissertation transcription services

If you have audio or video recordings that you need turned into written text, can help.

dissertation transcription services

If you’re looking for a transcription tool that prioritizes privacy, look no further than Transcribe.

dissertation transcription services

Trint is the perfect transcription tool to use on both Mac and Windows.

We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Love talking and hate typing?

Transcription software helps you automatically convert audio and video files into electronic text, allowing you to create transcripts for online content.

You can create podcasts , videos, online courses , and other audio recordings with this technology.

Coupled with machine translation software, these tools can help businesses market their products to an international audience in multiple formats.

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best transcription software based on accuracy, quality, pricing, features, and more. 

Let’s get to the list. 

What is the Best Transcription Software?

Here are my top picks for the best transcription software on the market.


Best overall transcription software ($1.25 per minute). .

rev homepage is an audio or video-to-text service with a pool of vetted professional transcriptionists, captioners, and translators. 

They help you turn your recordings into written text that you can edit, save and export into many different formats.

This system works in tandem with built-in AI tools to ensure error detection for accuracy. 

Here’s how it works: 

  • You’ll upload your audio or video file from your system, or you can even copy-paste the web URL. 
  • One of their professionals (from a total pool of over 60,000) will transcribe your file. They provide a 100% guarantee of over 99% accuracy. 
  • Finally, you’ll receive your transcripts as an editable document. You can also view and edit the document using Rev’s built-in editing tools. 

Their standard delivery time is 12 hours, less than 30 minutes for most files.

They also provide rush delivery in about four hours (for files < 30 minutes). 

They can even handle audio with background noise, multiple speakers, and diverse accents. However, note that they only work with English audio. also lets you automate uploads with their API or integration with Zapier and other video platforms. 

You can also apply for automated transcriptions if you’re in a hurry and want to receive files within five minutes.

It works using the concept of speech recognition, and there’s no human intervention.

Rev also falls into the closed captioning software category, but it does much more than that, which is why it is my top recommendation for transcription software.

Other features include: 

  • English captions and subtitles. 
  • The ability to subtitle your video files in over eight languages.
  • Adds real-time captions to Zoom webinars and meetings. 
  • A built-in voice recorder. 
  • Free audio trimmer and cutter. 
  • Transparent pricing structure.
  • 24/7 customer support. 
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. 
  • Free iPhone call recorder. 
  • A pool of native English-speaking experts to transcribe your files. 


dissertation transcription services

Rev provides tons of services with a transparent pricing structure. 

Here are the services (along with their cost): 

  • Automated Transcription – $0.25 cents per minute 
  • Human Transcription – $1.25 per minute 
  • English captions – $1.50 per minute 
  • Global subtitles – $5-12 per minute 

Rev also enables verbatim transcription for an additional $0.25 per audio minute. It even captures syllables like “Um” from the audio file. 

2. Transcribe .

Best for professional transcriptionists.

transcribe homepage

Transcribe is a privacy-focused transcription tool suitable for automatically converting audio files to text.

Whether you’re listening to podcasts, music, or even an official meeting, it can save time and money and increase productivity.

Transcribe comes complete with a specialized audio player that helps to decode audio.

It provides foot pedal support along with excellent slow-motion performance.

The software comes with a dedicated help file that explains all its features.

This service is suitable for professionals who want a clean and private way of transcribing audio.

I like the handy keyboard shortcuts that help to perform tasks such as inserting timestamps.

Coming to the features, Transcribe allows you to create subtitles for videos and export transcripts as WebVTT or SRT files.

One can use these captioning videos on social media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

The following is a list of some essential features of Transcribe:

  • Automatic text expander for acronyms
  • Easy conversion from speech to text
  • Manual transcription facilities such as foot pedal integration
  • Automatic audio pause and resume
  • Easy-to-use browser-based interface
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Completely secure and private

Transcribe Pricing Page

Transcript’s pricing plans are dead simple. It has only two tiers: one for self-transcription and the other for automatic transcription. The following is a brief overview of each plan and the yearly pricing.

1. Self-Transcription at $20/year

  • Media player with integrated editor
  • Unlimited dictation
  • Automatic text expansion
  • Manual transcription aids such as foot pedal integration and playback loops

2. Automatic Transcription at $20/year + $6/hour of audio

  • All facilities of the self-transcription plan
  • Machine learning-based automatic transcription
  • Video subtitle creation features
  • Speaker identification with automatic timecodes

All plans are renewable yearly.

However, the service doesn’t provide auto-renewal, so you’ll have to give explicit consent for license renewal each year.

Best for Mac Users

trint homepage

Trint is suitable for Mac users or Windows users who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing transcription services software.

It lets you transcribe video and audio files from the comfort of your web browser.

It’s an all-in-one audio editing and transcription platform that lets you collaborate with team members using multiple tools.

The service has a fast turnaround time, full security terms, and low error rates.

Trint uses advanced machine-learning-based algorithms for transcribing audio and video.

It supports multiple languages and includes provisions for almost all dialects in the English language.

Besides turning audio into text within a few minutes, Trint provides options for editing the text and adding captions to video files.

It also allows you to embed these searchable transcripts on your website.

Here’s a List of the Top Features that Trint Offers:

  • Fast audio-to-text transcription within minutes.
  • AI-based transcription leads to reduced error rates.
  • Simple tools for distributing transcripts and contents.
  • A dedicated app for iPhone allows on-the-go accessibility.
  • Supports multiple file formats for the transcripts

dissertation transcription services

Trint’s pricing covers three tiers, and the features depend on your chosen plan.

Billing is monthly, though I recommend you go with the yearly billing cycle and save 20%.

1. Starter Plan at $48/month

  • Transcribe 84 files per year
  • Access to the Trint editor
  • Single user access

2. Advanced Plan at $60/month

  • Unlimited day-to-day transcriptions

3. Enterprise Plan at Custom Rates

  • Everything in Pro Team Plan
  • Dedicated security and reporting features
  • Supports more than 11 users

Every plan has a fair usage policy with no hidden costs or extra charges.

You can even choose to pause your plan should the need arise.

However, for large-volume transcription, you’ll need to contact the company for custom quotes.

4. Descript .

Best for collaborative audio/video editing.

dissertation transcription services

Descript brings a simple document editor feeling to creating audio/video transcriptions.

The tool combines a transcriber, screen recorder, and editor in the same package.

It also includes AI-powered publishing tools that make audio/video editing easy and fun.

Using Descript is simple: you drag and drop your media file onto the editor, and the software transcribes the audio into text.

The software displays the textual transcript in a simple document editor, where you can change it in any way you please.

Correct mistakes using Overdub, snip-out fillers, and add subtitles to your videos.

Descript lets you do all that and more. It even has remote recording features and provides dedicated collaborative tools for team players.

Descript is ideal for collaborating on projects that require multiple team members.

Apart from screen capture, remote recording, and speech-to-text conversion, the tool provides live collaboration and cloud-based syncing.

The following is a list of the essential features of Descript:

  • Automatic transcription with almost instant turnaround times
  • White-Glove service provides professional human transcriptionists.
  • Web-link-based project sharing, editing, and commenting features
  • World-class data security
  • Supports multiple file formats (SRT/VTT/DOC/RTF)
  • Live, automatic multitrack transcription
  • Create audiograms from podcast highlights

Descript Pricing Page

Descript provides users with four pricing plans that give correspondingly greater features. All plans are monthly, but you can save up to 20% by paying yearly. Here’s a quick look at each of the plans and the associated benefits.

1. Free Plan at $0/month

  • Record and edit one project
  • 20 screen recordings at a maximum resolution of 720p
  • Up to three hours of transcription

2. Creator Plan at $12/editor/month

  • Unlimited number of projects and screen recordings
  • Up to ten hours of transcription per month
  • Timeline exporting ability

3. Pro Plan at $24/editor/month

  • Overdub, filler word elimination, and Audiograms
  • Batch file exporting ability
  • Up to 30 hours of transcription per month

4. Enterprise Plan at Custom Pricing

  • SSO features
  • Dedicated accounts rep
  • Custom onboarding and training

5. Express Scribe .

Best for fast transcription jobs.

Express Scribe Homepage

If you need an audio transcription done extremely fast, I recommend you go with Express Scribe .

It’s an entirely free tool compatible with audio players and can integrate with phones and computers via USB.

Apart from fast transcription, it provides a searchable text editor that you can use to edit the transcripted text.

The software works seamlessly with Microsoft Word and also supports USB foot pedals.

Express Scribe works in both Windows and Mac systems and supports most audio and video file formats.

Whether you use the keyboard hotkeys or a dedicated foot pedal, this software promises and delivers speedy transcripts.

The following is a list of the essential features that Express Scribe offers:

  • Variable playback speeds
  • Automatic file management
  • Multi-channel control
  • Supports encrypted dictation files
  • Integrates with both analog and digital voice recorders
  • Automatic file reception and loading via FTP or email

Express Scribe Pricing Page

Express Scribe has a free version you can download from the official site.

It offers most of the required features but with limited file format support.

For working with proprietary file formats, you can purchase the Pro versions of the tool.

The Pro version of Express Scribe is available in the following two variants:

  • Express Scribe Professional at $70 ($49.99 after discount)
  • Express Scribe Basic at $60 ($39.95 after discount)

You can also bundle other software with the primary tool, such as Express Dictate and Express Invoice. You can pay using most cards or via PayPal.

6. Inqscribe .

Best for ease of use.

Inqscribe Homepage

Inqscribe is one of the newer entrants into the transcription software market and is extremely easy to use.

The software’s unique selling point is its straightforward interface which makes the tool easy to operate even for first-timers.

Inqscribe provides you with a detailed guide that explains how to use it.

The software gives you simple on-screen instructions that are easy to follow.

Apart from the above, it includes a glossary of standard transcription terms so that novices can get acquainted quickly.

The software is cross-platform, although the Mac version is still in the stages of Beta testing.

It works with the most popular audio and video formats.

You can add customized timecodes, type simple notes, and export subtitles.

Despite being simple to use, Inqscribe doesn’t skimp on its features.

The intuitive interface lets you play audio/video and type out transcripts in the same window.

The editor works like a word processor and lets you insert custom snippets with a single stroke.

Here’s a list of the most significant features of the tool:

  • Compatible with QuickTime and Windows Media Player
  • Can play audio/video from tertiary storage
  • Pitch lock feature to prevent voice distortion
  • Mouse-free, keyboard-based controls
  • Compatible with USB foot pedals
  • Easy transcript sharing
  • Works with multiple export formats
  • Fully Unicode compliant
  • Supports multiple languages

Inqscribe Pricing Page

Downloading Inqscribe is free, and you can use the software without purchasing any license.

However, here you’d be limited in the number of features available.

For the complete Inqscribe experience, opt for an individual license at $99.

You get attractive discounts if you buy in bulk (5 or more licenses).

Academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and students can also get special rates.

Best for Real-time Transcription

dissertation transcription services

Otter is an online tool that lets you record audio in real-time and transcribe it on the go.

It’s compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems, which means you can use this speech recognition software to transcribe on mobile devices.

The tool provides users with multiple options for editing transcripts and sharing them.

It even has speaker identification features.

However, a significant drawback is that you can transcribe only up to 600 minutes of audio per month with the free version.

If you opt for the tool’s premium version, you can work with prerecorded audio and video files.

The software uses Ambient Voice Intelligence technology, which improves it with repeated use.

One of the significant features of Otter is its ease of collaboration.

Apart from AI-based voice recognition, the software can interface with remote working tools such as Zoom for collaborative transcription.

Here’s a list of the other notable features that Otter offers:

  • Real-time audio recording and transcription
  • Searchable transcripts
  • AI-based adaptability
  • Suitable for businesses as well as individuals
  • Dictation features for academic use

dissertation transcription services

Otter’s pricing offers three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Business.

The Basic plan is suitable for official meetings with limitations.

The Pro and Business plans give access to premium features and basic capabilities.

1. Free Plan at $0

  • Variable speed recording and playback
  • Collaboration features
  • Up to 600 minutes per month

2. Basic Plan at $8.33/month

  • Advanced import and export features
  • Custom Vocabulary
  • Up to 6000 minutes per month

3. Business Plan at $20/user/month

  • Otter Live notes and captions for Zoom
  • Centralized billing
  • Up to 6000 minutes per user

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Contact Otter’s sales team for more information

Plans can be billed yearly or monthly, with up to 36% savings on yearly billing.

Best for Podcasters

Sonix Homepage

Sonix is a highly accurate automatic transcription service suitable for podcasters and anyone looking to transcribe audio effectively.

The service is used by over a million users worldwide and delivers accurate transcriptions in more than 40 languages.

The tool works entirely online: upload an audio/video file to the service, and it’ll return the transcription within five minutes or less.

Its in-browser editor allows you to edit transcripts precisely like a word document.

When using Sonix, you don’t have to worry about punctuation and speaker separation, as it takes care of everything automatically.

You can even perform a qualitative analysis of transcripts, which few transcription tools provide.

Although Sonix is best suited for podcasters looking to create highly accurate transcripts, it can transcribe any audio or video file.

Through the Sonix media player, you can share videos and transcripts with automated subtitles to drive more significant social traffic.

Apart from the above, the following features of Sonix are also of note:

  • Extremely fast and accurate
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Browser-based transcript editor
  • Word-wise timestamps
  • Supports various text formats (DOC/TXT/PDF)
  • Allows multitrack uploads
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Automated translation

Sonix Pricing Page

Sonix’s pricing plans are simple: it offers three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Each plan comes with advanced features and is suitable for different users.

Here’s a breakup of the different pricing options for Sonix:

  • Standard (pay-as-you-go) plan at $10/hour
  • Premium plan at $5/hour + $22/user/month
  • Enterprise plan with custom pricing for high-volume transcription

What is Transcription Software?

Transcription software refers to tools that allow users to convert audio tracks into digital text.

There are a large number of automatic transcription tools on the market, with varying levels of accuracy.

Some transcription services include human transcriptionists in the process to increase the accuracy of the transcripted text.

However, selecting the best transcription service is not a function of accuracy alone, as I explain in the next section.

Top Users Of Transcription Software

The following are the top five users of transcription software.

Journalists And Reporters

Journalists And Reporters

Being able to input a quote or record notes from an interview quickly is essential for journalists and reporters.

Transcription software can help save valuable time by automatically transcribing recorded audio into text so it can be easily edited and published.

Academic Researchers

Academic Researchers

Researching requires the safekeeping of information in written form, which can be difficult when dealing with large amounts of interviews.

By using transcription software, academic researchers have access to accurate transcripts quickly, allowing them to analyze and draw conclusions from their research more efficiently.

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Accurate records are essential for medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

Transcription software simplifies recording patient visits and treatments by automating the creation of transcripts from audio recordings.


Lawyers often take extensive notes during court proceedings and must be able to recall what was said to build their case accurately.

Transcription software can help lawyers by automatically transcribing audio recordings of court proceedings so that they can focus on the details rather than writing everything down by hand.

Business Professionals

Business Professionals

Business professionals are always looking for ways to work faster and wiser.

Transcription software makes it easy to quickly capture meeting notes, brainstorming sessions, or customer feedback without manually writing everything down.

Such software allows business professionals to collaborate more effectively and make decisions based on accurate information.

How Do You Select the Best Speech-to-Text Software ?

As I’ve already mentioned, selecting the best transcription software depends on various factors.

In the following section, I’ll briefly touch upon each of these.

1. Accuracy

This is the first and foremost aspect to consider when choosing transcription software.

Usually, most AI-based automatic transcription tools can reach accuracy levels of up to 90% accuracy, while human transcribers have almost 99% accuracy rates .

I recommend using the free trial to test the tool’s accuracy when selecting transcription software.

Are the transcriptions it produces free of grammatical errors?

Are there any lapses in the punctuation?

These are some of the aspects you need to take into consideration.

2. Features

After accuracy, the features available play the most decisive role.

Features such as subtitling, in-browser editing, and custom timestamp insertions are some of the important ones.

If you’re a business looking for a transcription tool that helps create marketing videos with subtitles, make sure your tool has collaboration features.

Such features can help streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

3. Turnaround Times

Turnaround time refers to the time it takes for a transcription service to return the completed transcripts.

Automatic transcription software is speedy, with turnaround times of a few minutes.

However, you might have to sacrifice accuracy.

If near 100% accuracy is what you need, opt for human-in-the-loop (HITL) transcription services.

These can often have turnaround times of a week or more, so you’ll have to consider a tradeoff between accuracy and time delivered.

4. Pricing Plans

Budget is always a consideration when opting for any service, and transcription software is no different.

As you’ve already seen, most services come with a multi-tiered pricing structure that’s differentiated based on the features you need.

While large businesses can opt for custom plans, small players and individual content creators can opt for pay-as-you-go payments.

Most transcription software comes with free versions or trials that you can use to test the waters.

5. Background Noise Cleanup

Not every audio or video file you need to transcribe will have clear audio.

There may be background noise, static or other disturbances, such as fillers and accents.

Your transcription software should be able to clean all this up and deliver clear transcripts.

Some software provides multilingual support and works with all available file formats.

6. Ease of Use

Ease of use is one factor you can’t compromise when selecting a transcription service.

A simple and intuitive user interface means you’ll be able to focus on your content without worrying about navigating the software.

7. Privacy Policies

Always check out the service’s privacy policies if you use an online transcription service for sensitive audio, such as meetings/discussions.

For sensitive data, you can also ask for a non-disclosure agreement.

The advancement of AI and machine learning has boosted the transcription software industry.

Experts expect the sector to expand at a 6.1% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

If you’re on the search for the best transcription software, then here are the top picks to choose from:

  • Transcribe : Best for Professional Transcriptionists
  • Trint : Best for Mac Users
  • Descript : Best for collaborative audio/video editing
  • Express Scribe : Best for Fast Transcription Jobs
  • Inqscribe : Best for Ease of Use
  • Otter : Best for real-time Transcription
  • Sonix : Best for podcasters

Whatever your transcription needs, I’m sure you’ll find a good option from the list above.

Further reading on AI is not just limited to transcriptions.

Voice generation software can help you create a realistic voice using artificial intelligence, which can be used for gaming purposes, creating presentations, or even for customer-support-related tasks.

With advancements in AI, many businesses are also using tools such as chatbots to help with customer support.

Check out this post about the best AI chatbots in the market if you want to learn more about this topic.

Editorial Process:

Our reviews are made by a team of experts before being written and come from real-world experience. Read our editorial process here .

Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. These are products we’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy .

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy

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dissertation transcription services

20+ Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners (Best of 2024)

by Erich Hontchar-Plank

on Jun 10, 2024

Transcription jobs offer the opportunity for anyone to work from home.

Do you have a laptop with a high-speed internet connection?

Can you type?

Are you already a writer? 

Then, becoming a work -at-home transcriptionist can be relatively easy. 

Plus, many transcription jobs require no experience.

As long as you understand and can write English — and have a respectable typing speed — you’re free to apply for work !

So, if you’re self-disciplined and enjoy working on your own, why not give transcription a try?

Let’s get started.

dissertation transcription services

What are Transcription Jobs ? 

Transcriptionist jobs are typically part-time, don’t require years of experience, and are a starting point for many work -at-home professionals . 

And it’s common to work as an independent contractor doing captioning or taking dictation. 

Most transcription work for freelancers falls into one of three categories: 

  • General transcription
  • Medical transcription
  • Legal transcription

You don’t need any special equipment for this work , but you might want to invest in a foot pedal when things get rocking. You can also use software like Express Scribe to take your transcription services to an even higher level and pump out work faster.

And while you can have some luck using a great job board that tackles a variety of careers, with transcription jobs from home, you’ll typically find that it’s best to focus on sites that specialize in the niche.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best places to find an online  transcription job . 

21 Places to Find The Best Transcription Jobs Online

Screenshot from rev

With more than 170,000 clients worldwide, including CBS and Viacom, Rev is one of the best sources of online transcription jobs . 

Rev is always looking for skilled transcriptionists with superb English proficiency and attention to detail — a solid opportunity for any budding freelance writer.

Now, you don’t need any experience with transcription work to get started; just pass a grammar quiz and provide a quick transcription sample, and you’re free to start.

2. TranscribeMe

screenshot from transcribeme

TranscribeMe offers training and starting pay of $15 to $22 per audio hour . 

Typically, you’ll be transcribing short clips of two to four minutes, and you can take on as much work as you want.

Basically, when one clip finishes, the next one loads automatically until you feel like stopping — it’s a fairly simple process.

TranscribeMe also offers advancement opportunities to work on “Special Teams” for medical transcription jobs and “Special Styles” for VIP clients. 

3. Crowdsurf

screenshot from crowndsurf

Crowdsurf pays by the minute.

And as a freelance transcriptionist for Crowdsurf, you’ll be creating video captions for deaf, hard of hearing, and second language viewers. 

So, if you’re detail-oriented and have great listening skills , they’d like to hear from you. 

You’ll also need top-notch proofreading skills and English fluency (but you probably already knew that).

So, first, you’ll need to sign up on Work Market .

After that, you’ll be able to connect with Crowdsurf for freelance work as a transcriber .

Crowdsurf promises that “by day’s end, you can have cash to spend.”

4. Quicktate

screenshot from quicktate

Quicktate offers a wide range of transcription services . 

And like most transcribing jobs, a certain level of English fluency is required. But, if English isn’t your forte, Quicktate also has foreign language transcribing opportunities.

Now, Quicktate does require experience in transcription . So, this may not be a great option if you’re just starting. 

(You’ll also need to be free of any felonies or misdemeanors).

As far as the work goes:

On one job , you might be transcribing 2-3 minute voicemail messages. And on the next, you could be working through conference calls that last several hours.

5. SpeakWrite

screenshot from speakwrite

You must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada to apply to SpeakWrite . 

Note to our friends in Cali: Applications from California residents are not accepted. 

SpeakWrite requires one year of transcription experience in an office environment. You’ll also need to pass a typing test with 60 words per minute (wpm). 

SpeakWrite makes it clear that this is a remote job and not another freelance transcription gig. 

So, if you find transcription work fulfilling and enjoyable, SpeakWrite might have a place in your future. 

6. Tigerfish

screenshot from tigerfish

While not currently hiring, Tigerfish should be on the radar of all up-and-coming transcribers. 

One of the juiciest bits about Tigerfish is that they have an impressive list of clients , like Gap and Newsweek — just to name a few. 

Starting out as a one-person operation picking up cassettes and delivering typed transcripts, Tigerfish has evolved into a transcription juggernaut.   

But Tigerfish isn’t for the undisciplined, newbie freelance transcriber .

For example, take their premium product, Tigerfish Air, which guarantees clients a finished transcript of any live or prerecorded event in two hours. 

Still, if you’ve got transcribing clout and you’re eager to take on new challenges, keep an eye out for Tigerfish openings.

7. Casting Words

Screenshot CastingWords homepage

Casting Words claims they’re always hiring. 

So if you’re a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed transcriber eager for work , take their transcription test . 

Heads up: They only hire freelance transcribers on their website, so any other sites claiming to offer jobs at Casting Words aren’t legit.

Casting Words promotes itself to clients as a crowdsourced transcription service. This just means that projects are distributed to independent freelance transcribers. 

In addition to English, Casting Words offers general transcription services in French and Spanish. 

Casting Words offers next-day service guaranteed within twenty-four hours. So if you’re a lightning-fast transcriber , drop them a line.

Heads up #2: Freelance transcribers are paid by the minute and must be over the age of eighteen. 

Screenshot Scribie homepage

Think you’re better than a robot?

(I know you’re better than a robot).

Scribie offers two options for clients:

  • A.I. generated transcription services (with 80% to 95% accuracy)
  • Human-generated transcription services (with 99% accuracy)

Naturally, the A.I. is cheaper and faster than the human-generated transcription option. 

That said, the varying accuracy of A.I. is a turn-off for some clients.

What’s more, experienced transcribers are still needed for quality control because A.I. — like humans — is far from perfect.

The transcription process at Scribie is quite thorough, and multiple people work on each audio file . 

There’s a contact page on their site for you to introduce yourself, so give them a shout and let them know who you are!

9. GMR Transcription  

Screenshot GMR Transcription homepage

GMR Transcription is looking for career-minded transcriptionists. 

While no experience is necessary to apply, a general transcriptionist can increase their pay rates by taking on more complex assignments. 

The ideal candidate will learn and grow with the company to become a skilled transcriptionist . 

You’ll have to take a transcription test as part of your application. In addition, GMR specifies that you’ll need over-the-ear headphones and a foot pedal along with high-speed internet and Microsoft Office. 

A GMR transcriptionist can expect to make $1000-$3000 monthly. 

You’ll need to reside somewhere in the US (except California) to apply. 

10. Ditto Transcripts

Screenshot Transcription Outsourcing homepage

Ditto Transcripts (Formerly Transcription Outsourcing LLC) is looking for transcriptionists based in the United States. 

The company also has a blog dedicated to the transcription industry. So, if you’re a fresh-faced transcriber and would like to know more, be sure to check it out.

Transcription Outsourcing accepts inexperienced transcriptionists, but your pay rate will go up as you gain more experience. You’ll also receive more money depending on the shift, turnaround time , and audio quality. 

They offer specialty services for law enforcement, academic, financial, and medical transcription ist jobs. 

Transcription Outsourcing has paid as much as $5 per minute for court hearings needed overnight. The typical rate is $.80 to $1.10 per minute. A m edical transcriptionist is paid $.07 to $.10 per line.

11. eScribers

Screenshot eScribers homepage

eScribers is one of the larger legal transcription companies in the United States. 

You need to be legally “eligible” to work in the US, so even if you’re living abroad, you can still freelance . 

Normally, eScribers is looking for experienced legal transcribers. However, experienced transcribers looking to shift into legal transcription are also welcome to apply.

Transcribers are paid weekly, but the exact amount is unavailable to the public. eScribers provides a glimpse into a possible future for those just starting in transcription .  

12. 3Play Media 

Screenshot 3play Media homepage

3Play Media offers the opportunity to become a skilled transcriptionist in either English or Spanish. 

They’re also looking for editors to edit imperfect transcriptions. 

3Play Media uses proprietary transcription software that you’ll have to familiarize yourself with.  

You’re paid weekly, and 3Play Media points out that you’re still paid even if you only transcribe for a couple of hours. 3Play Media invites you to “be your own boss” by not only choosing your hours but also the types of projects you’d like to work on. 

13. Babbletype

Screenshot Babbletype homepage

A highly selective and exclusive transcription company , Babbletype is always on the lookout for new talent.

Babbletype specializes in market research reports, and this requires a high level of accuracy. And although you’ll be an independent contractor, you’ll be an integral part of the team. 

You must watch a 30-minute video, complete an interview, and go through an extended period of paid testing before you’re hired. Typing speed is less important than the ability to summarize the content correctly. 

14. Pioneer Transcription Services

Screenshot Pioneer Transcription Services

After filling out the online application, Pioneer Transcription Services will give you a transcription test . 

Pass the test, and then you’ll begin your journey as a subcontractor for an online transcriptionist job . 

With Pioneer, most of the work involves transcribing one-on-one interviews. 

And the good news:

There’s no shortage of work .

In fact, they’re always hiring general and legal transcriptionists to deal with the overflow.

So if you have some transcription experience and are detail-oriented with an advanced understanding of English, check Pioneer out!

15. Way With Words

Screenshot Way With Words homepage

If you’re highly proficient in English , you might just have a future at Way With Words .

They’re especially interested in transcriptionists who can understand different accents. 

You don’t need any work experience with transcription , and training is provided. 

Depending on the deadline, pay rates fall anywhere from $.45 to $1.73 per audio minute . 

And Way With Words states that you’ll earn more as you gain more transcription experience and learn to write faster. A specific typing speed isn’t mentioned, but accuracy is expected.

16. GoTranscript

Screenshot GoTranscript homepage

GoTranscript offers the flexibility of choosing when you want to work and which projects you want to tackle. 

The company has been in business for over a decade and claims to have lots of work for eager transcriptionists. 

If you’re looking for variety, Go Transcript is the perfect fit for you.

For example, one day, you might be working on thrilling police investigations, and the next, you might be transcribing thought-provoking research projects.  

Transcriptionists are assigned a rating based on the quality of their work and can earn up to $.60 per audio minute . 

And to sweeten the deal:

You’re paid weekly. 

17. Transcript Divas

Screenshot Transcript Divas homepage

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a diva, you should know that Transcript Divas has high standards. 

They’re getting flooded with applications, so you’ll need to stand out from the other aspiring diva transcriptionists. If you manage to get selected, you’ll have to take a special diva test and do a phone interview. 

Sadly, California residents are excluded from this opportunity. Everyone else is free to apply.

The average rate of pay for a diva is $1.15 per minute and transcriptionists  tend to stay for years.

So, are you destined to be a diva? 

18. Daily Transcription

Screenshot Transcription Jobs homepage

Daily Transcription specializes in entertainment, corporate, legal, and academic transcription . 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced transcriptionist , you’ll receive training and feedback from the team. 

The ideal candidate has an eye for detail and can meet strict deadlines. 

Daily Transcription claims to pay higher rates than its competitors. 

The “starting rate” is around $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute and top transcriptionists make between $250 and $950 per week. 

You’ll have to pass a “skills assessment test” as well as a transcription test before getting started. 

19. Cambridge Transcriptions

screenshot from cambridge transcriptions

Cambridge Transcriptions differs from many other transcription companies in that it has “e-recorders” that record on-site to ensure flawless transcription . 

Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1989, Cambridge Transcriptions seeks transcriptionists who can work at their location or remotely.

Many former employees have come from the local university student population, and a certain level of intelligence is expected. 

Cambridge Transcriptions is always on the hunt for corporate and legal transcriptionists. If you’re interested, you’ll need to email your cover letter , resume, and sample transcripts . 

20. Averbach Transcription

Screenshot Averbach homepage

Averbach Transcription is hiring transcriptionists who understand heavy accents. 

There’s no transcription experience required. 

All communication is through email , and you’ll need to be able to work on your own. 

Averbach Transcription expects you to be able to be your own editor. 

You should also be savvy with Express Scribe or equivalent transcription software .

And like most other transcription companies, you’ll need to pass the skill test. 

You’ll receive $1.00 per audio transcription hour for a regular online transcription job and $1.50 for jobs that need to be expedited. Averbach Transcription claims this translates into $20 to $30 per work hour. 

21. Speechpad

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The Unique Burial of a Child of Early Scythian Time at the Cemetery of Saryg-Bulun (Tuva)

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Pages:  379-406

In 1988, the Tuvan Archaeological Expedition (led by M. E. Kilunovskaya and V. A. Semenov) discovered a unique burial of the early Iron Age at Saryg-Bulun in Central Tuva. There are two burial mounds of the Aldy-Bel culture dated by 7th century BC. Within the barrows, which adjoined one another, forming a figure-of-eight, there were discovered 7 burials, from which a representative collection of artifacts was recovered. Burial 5 was the most unique, it was found in a coffin made of a larch trunk, with a tightly closed lid. Due to the preservative properties of larch and lack of air access, the coffin contained a well-preserved mummy of a child with an accompanying set of grave goods. The interred individual retained the skin on his face and had a leather headdress painted with red pigment and a coat, sewn from jerboa fur. The coat was belted with a leather belt with bronze ornaments and buckles. Besides that, a leather quiver with arrows with the shafts decorated with painted ornaments, fully preserved battle pick and a bow were buried in the coffin. Unexpectedly, the full-genomic analysis, showed that the individual was female. This fact opens a new aspect in the study of the social history of the Scythian society and perhaps brings us back to the myth of the Amazons, discussed by Herodotus. Of course, this discovery is unique in its preservation for the Scythian culture of Tuva and requires careful study and conservation.

Keywords: Tuva, Early Iron Age, early Scythian period, Aldy-Bel culture, barrow, burial in the coffin, mummy, full genome sequencing, aDNA

Information about authors: Marina Kilunovskaya (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected] Vladimir Semenov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected] Varvara Busova  (Moscow, Russian Federation).  (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Kharis Mustafin  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Technical Sciences. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Irina Alborova  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Biological Sciences. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Alina Matzvai  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected]

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Intensification of evaporation of uranium hexafluoride

  • Chemical Engineering Science and Chemical Cybernetics
  • Published: 14 August 2013
  • Volume 47 , pages 499–504, ( 2013 )

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  • A. M. Belyntsev 1 ,
  • G. S. Sergeev 2 ,
  • O. B. Gromov 2 ,
  • A. A. Bychkov 1 ,
  • A. V. Ivanov 2 ,
  • S. I. Kamordin 3 ,
  • P. I. Mikheev 4 ,
  • V. I. Nikonov 2 ,
  • I. V. Petrov 1 ,
  • V. A. Seredenko 2 ,
  • S. P. Starovoitov 1 ,
  • S. A. Fomin 1 ,
  • V. G. Frolov 1 &
  • V. F. Kholin 2  

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The theoretical mechanism of the sublimation of uranium hexafluoride are considered. The most contribution to the rate of evaporation of UF 6 is introduced by the conductive mode of heat exchange. Various modes of the intensification of the evaporation of uranium hexafluoride during the nitrogen supply in pulse mode to the product mass are investigated. The nitrogen supply results in the turbulization of gas flow within a vessel (Re = 2500–4000) and significantly increases the rate of evaporation of uranium hexafluoride with the substantial decrease in a weight of the nonevaporable residue of 5.6–1.0 kg. The complex application of the pulse nitrogen supply in combination with heating the bottom of the vessel is the most effective method for evaporating uranium hexafluoride. The rate of evaporation of UF6 increases by a factor of almost four in comparison with the design mode. The developed methods are applied in industry and provide the stable operation of Saturn reactors during the conversion of uranium hexafluoride into its dioxide.

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Production of Uranium Hexafluoride with Low 234U Content in a Cascade with Intermediate Product

Plasma-chemical treatment of process gases with low-concentration fluorine-containing components, obtaining hydrogen fluoride during the interaction of uranium hexafluioride with hydrogen and oxygen in a combustion regime. experiment.

Gromov, B.V., Vvedenie v khimicheskuyu tekhnologiyu urana (Introduction to Uranium Chemical Technology), Moscow: Atomizdat, 1978.

Google Scholar  

Sergeev G.S. Study of the evaporation of uranuym hexafluoride from solid and liquid phases and ways of intensifying this process, Cand. Sci. (Eng.) Dissertation , Moscow: All-Union Research Inst. of Chemical Technology, 1970.

Lykov, A.V., Teoriya sushki kapillyarno-poristykh kolloidnykh materialov pishchevoi promyshlennosti (Theory of Drying of Capillary-Porous Colloid Materials of the Food Industry), Moscow: Gostekhizdat, 1948.

Sushkin, I.N., TeplotekhnikaF (Heat Engineering), Moscow: Metallurgiya, 1973.

Morachevskii, A.G. and Sladkoe, I.B., Fizikokhimicheskie svoistva molekulyarnykh neorganicheskikh soedinenii. Spravochnik (Physical and Chemical Properties of Molecular Inorganic Compounds: A Handbook), Leningrad: Khimiya, 1987.

Katz, J. and Rabinovich, E., The Chemistry of Uranium , New Yorl: McGraw-Hill, 1951.

Kasatkin, A.G., Osnovnye protsessy i apparaty khimicheskoi tekhnologii , (Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Science), Noscow: Khimiya, 1971.

Bychkov, A.A., Nikonov, V.I., Seredenko, V.A., et al., Industrial tests and commercialization of fluorohydrocarbon evaporation from 1 m3 cylinders using nitrogen pulsing into the cylinder, in Sb. rabot MSZ i OAO VNIIKhT , (Collected Papers of MSZ and VNIIKhT), Moscow, 2005.

Petrov, N.V., Bychkov, A.A., Sergeev, G.S., et al., RF Patent 2264987, 2005.

Petrov, N.V., Bychkov, A.A., Seredenko, V.A., et al., RF Patent 2326053, 2008.

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Author information

Authors and affiliations.

Engineering Works, Elektrostal’, Moscow oblast, Russia

A. M. Belyntsev, A. A. Bychkov, I. V. Petrov, S. P. Starovoitov, S. A. Fomin & V. G. Frolov

Leading Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia

G. S. Sergeev, O. B. Gromov, A. V. Ivanov, V. I. Nikonov, V. A. Seredenko & V. F. Kholin

Bochvar All-Russia Research Institute of Inorganic Materials, Moscow, Russia

S. I. Kamordin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

P. I. Mikheev

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to A. M. Belyntsev .

Additional information

Original Russian Text © A.M. Belyntsev, G.S. Sergeev, O.B. Gromov, A.A. Bychkov, A.V. Ivanov, S.I. Kamordin, P.I. Mikheev, V.I. Nikonov, I.V. Petrov, V.A. Seredenko, S.P. Starovoitov, S.A. Fomin, V.G. Frolov, V.F. Kholin, 2011, published in Khimicheskaya Tekhnologiya, 2011, Vol. 12, No. 11, pp. 675–681.

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Belyntsev, A.M., Sergeev, G.S., Gromov, O.B. et al. Intensification of evaporation of uranium hexafluoride. Theor Found Chem Eng 47 , 499–504 (2013).

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Received : 25 January 2011

Published : 14 August 2013

Issue Date : July 2013


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    A pool of native English-speaking experts to transcribe your files. Pricing: Rev provides tons of services with a transparent pricing structure. Here are the services (along with their cost): Automated Transcription - $0.25 cents per minute. Human Transcription - $1.25 per minute. English captions - $1.50 per minute.

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  23. Properties of Urban Soils after Decontamination Measures on the

    Abstract We studied the morphological properties, pH, organic carbon content, and specific activity of 137Cs and natural radionuclides (40K, 226Ra, 232Th) in the upper horizons of soils in deactivated and slightly damaged areas of the city. The studies were carried out in the urban ecosystems of the city of Elektrostal (Moscow oblast) in 2019, i.e., 6 years after local precipitation of 137Cs ...

  24. The Unique Burial of a Child of Early Scythian Time at the Cemetery of

    Burial 5 was the most unique, it was found in a coffin made of a larch trunk, with a tightly closed lid. Due to the preservative properties of larch and lack of air access, the coffin contained a well-preserved mummy of a child with an accompanying set of grave goods. The interred individual retained the skin on his face and had a leather ...

  25. Intensification of evaporation of uranium hexafluoride

    Gromov, B.V., Vvedenie v khimicheskuyu tekhnologiyu urana (Introduction to Uranium Chemical Technology), Moscow: Atomizdat, 1978. Google Scholar . Sergeev G.S. Study of the evaporation of uranuym hexafluoride from solid and liquid phases and ways of intensifying this process, Cand. Sci. (Eng.) Dissertation, Moscow: All-Union Research Inst. of Chemical Technology, 1970.

  26. PDF z Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Institutskii per. 9

    The energy density of the rst generation of particles in the magnetosphere of a magnetar cannot exceed the energy density of the primary particles accelerated in the inner gap. The energy density normalized to the magnetic eld strength is. 323=6 2 N0 ". 32 = 1 (s) E0 3.