1. ECommerce App Case Study

    ecommerce app case study

  2. ECommerce App Case Study on Behance

    ecommerce app case study

  3. eCommerce Mobile App Case Study

    ecommerce app case study

  4. ECommerce App Case Study on Behance

    ecommerce app case study

  5. eCommerce Mobile App Case Study

    ecommerce app case study

  6. Case study: eCommerce mobile app :: Behance

    ecommerce app case study


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  2. How We Made $250K For This Client: 6 REAL Ecommerce Case Studies #ecommercemarketing #lyfemarketing

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  5. The Impact of COVID-19 on Ecommerce Industry

  6. eCommerce success: Quick case study


  1. 15 Best Ecommerce Case Studies to Learn From (2024)

    Read more: This is only a short description of what Ad Hoc Atelier achieved thanks to Tidio tools.Be sure to check out the full case study to get details of how the company increased the conversion rate with live chat and chatbot solutions.. 2. Dollar Shave Club—the secret behind their marketing success. Dollar Shave Club is a subscription-based ecommerce company that primarily focuses on ...

  2. Case study: e-commerce app

    Case study: e-commerce app. I was wondering for a long time how my first case study was going to be like. Viola, I got inspiration from my dad. He also has a low-key idea to take his business online, so I thought "design an app". I would try not to bore you with the design process, Enjoy.

  3. Top 10 Inspiring E-Commerce Case Studies To Learn From

    Burrow- an e-commerce case study. ... Rakuten 24 built a Progressive Web App (PWA) to increase market share and improve user retention to deliver a seamless web experience across all browsers. Their PWA successfully combined the best features of native apps with the extensive reach of the mobile web. Rakuten 24 also provided a detailed guide ...

  4. Ecommerce Case Study Projects :: Photos, videos, logos ...

    Aura Pharmacy Ecommerce App Case Study. Rafiq Sultan. 13 78. Get advanced analytics, a custom portfolio website, and more features to grow your creative career. Start your 7 day free trial. Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work.

  5. Amazon Shopping App UX Case Study

    The next part in this UX case study identifies pain points faced by the proto personas when using the Amazon shopping app. To do so, we use a methodology named Heuristic evaluation. Heuristic Evaluation is a usability testing evaluation system introduced by Jakob Nielsen in 1990. It enables evaluators to determine a product's usability based ...

  6. Enhancing User Experience: A Case Study on an Ecommerce App ...

    As a user how do you rate your checkout process experience of the e-commerce app you have used? How would you prefer to pay for an e-commerce platform? User Persona. User personas are archetypical users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group of users. Usually, a persona is presented in a one or two-page document.

  7. Ultimate Guide to Build an eCommerce App (nopCommerce case study

    In this article, the nopCommerce core team will reproduce the process of creating their mobile app that enables a sleek and user-friendly mobile eCommerce experience. The text explores the key features, tech stack, design and architecture aspects involved in building an eCommerce app, using the nopCommerce mobile app case study as a reference.

  8. Modern E-commerce App

    Modern E-commerce App — a UX Case Study. The INT2.IO team approached me and told me to design a modern looking e-commerce app from an idea to a full-fledged design after they saw one of my ...

  9. Case study: An e-commerce app for bakers

    Case study: An e-commerce app for bakers. This case study was a conceptual assignment I did as a part of 10kdesigners with a timeline of 2 weeks (with endless iterations) The goal was to create a mobile e-commerce experience for bakers to browse the catalog, find items they're looking for, initiate checkout, and complete the purchase.

  10. Redesigning an e-commerce app for Shopee

    Redesigning an e-commerce app for Shopee — UX case study. Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support.

  11. UI/UX Case Study: E-commerce App

    UI/UX Case Study: E-commerce App. ... Landmark has decided to build a new and independent fashion e-commerce app. This app shows a limited customer set of products (approx. 500), but the key ...

  12. 17 Ecommerce Case Studies to Inspire You

    17 Ecommerce Case Studies to Inspire You. We've spent hundreds of hours analyzing the world's most successful DTC companies and ecommerce brands, including Sephora, Dollar Shave Club, Casper, Warby Parker, and Allbirds, to create ecommerce case studies you can use as inspiration for your own online store. Today, we'll share with you the ...

  13. An E-Commerce UX/UI Case Study

    E-commerce (otherwise known as electronic commerce) is the process of buying and selling goods and services over the internet. These transactions can be either directly from the business to the consumer (B2C), or business to business (B2B). From buying new outfits, to browsing for trainers — there is no denying that the industry has ...

  14. 7 Best eCommerce Case Studies to Learn From in 2023

    4. elph ceramics. 5. Burrow. 6. Rakuten 24. 7. Mainline Menswear. Whether you are new to the online shopping market or your shop is already selling thousands of products globally, it's always essential to constantly learn from other successful eCommerce brands. These inspiring eCommerce case studies below help you gain valuable insights into ...

  15. E-commerce App UX/UI Case Study :: Behance

    1.3k. 27. Published: October 27th 2023. Welcome to the future of online shopping! Explore our UI/UX design journey in this immersive project that showcases our efforts to redefine the way users shop online. Through innovative UI Design and UX Design, user-centered principles, and a focus on enh….

  16. Case study: eCommerce mobile app :: Behance

    Zinat Farahani. Case study: eCommerce mobile app. a full case study of the UX design process of an eCommerce mobile application. 791. 22.8k. 37. Published: July 19th 2022.

  17. Case study: UI design for an e-commerce clothing app

    The goal of the product is to deliver a quality experience with a simple and attractive interface. The best choice is to build a mobile application to increase reach and impact. A well-designed e-commerce app can be more effective than a website as it is quicker and easy to use. My goal was to build a UI design that customers find easy to use.

  18. Ecommerce App Case Study

    Suffescom delivered successfully Fingo eCommerce app. It is Online shopping mall with cashback features. People buy and share products & getting rewarded. ... CASE STUDY Ecommerce App. F-i-n-g-o is more than just a sophisticated online shopping platform and expands to a point where buyers can attain financial gains by sharing products & getting ...

  19. Redesigning Dunzo: Grocery Shopping App

    In 2022, the Indian e-commerce market is predicted to increase by 21.5%, reaching US$ 74.8 billion. Especially, the Qcommerce market in India has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years.

  20. Case Study Ecommerce Mobile App UI kit

    Water Tracker App | Water Drink Reminder App | UI Design. Food Market- Food Delivery Mobile App UI Kit - Case Study. The eCommerce Website UI Kit design template is easy to customise, making it even easier for you to design your next Website or project, and speed up your design workflow. Hope you guys enjoy and press 👍 if you like it.

  21. Case study: Creating an organic product e-commerce app

    The Problem. Govt during green revolution created APMC to ensure the MSP for farmers but still, over 68% of farmers were paid below MSP in the year 2020. In the market year (MY) 2019, organic food and beverage retail sales reached $69 million and are estimated to further rise by 12 percent to $77 million in MY 2020.

  22. UX Case study

    Nishana Pradeep. Bangalore, India. Hire. UX Case study - Eco Buddy (Sustainable ecommerce) E-commerce app focused on sustainable fashion and recycling can offer a wide range of benefits. App is designed with a option of recycle and dona Read More. 38. 341.

  23. Best Cash Advance Apps in 2024

    PayActiv. By capitalizing on the untapped market with an employer-sponsored cash advance program (PSE), PayActiv is giving its employees immediate access to their earned wages even before the payday. Features of PayActiv, such as bill payment aid and financial wellness tools, are the tools utilized by companies in this regard to promote ...

  24. Case Study: Tamara. E-commerce mobile app

    The task was to "Introduce a new feature in Tamara that engages Tamara's users in a loyalty program. The program was to allow users get rewarded for referrals, cashback, and writing reviews taking into account how the gamification aspect would work, as well as how the user might apply their rewards". The design deliverables was to provide ...

  25. Handmade Hive App

    747. 14.4k. 52. Published: July 19th 2023. The Handmade Hive app is designed to help users to find handmade crafts and skilled local craftsmen easily to buy, connect, collaborate, and co-create products to match their unique requirements. Users also get to discover exclusive artisan designer produ….