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The new Microsoft Edge

The new browser is ready for your (virtual) classroom. It has the world-class performance and compatibility needed to reduce friction during online instruction and the most comprehensive set of built-in accessibility and learning tools to enable learning online—all while protecting students, teachers, and staff with our latest Microsoft security features.

Software solutions and tools

Discover tools from Microsoft that accommodate different learning styles, facilitate independent and collaborative work, and encourage student achievements—all while saving teachers time and getting students future-ready.

education software

Microsoft 365

A new Microsoft 365 Education device license includes Windows, Intune for Education, and Office 365 Education.

Free professional development

Get free teacher training when you buy Microsoft 365 A1 device licenses—including Windows, Intune for Education, and Office 365 Education—for your school.

Get Microsoft 365 for your institution

Talk to an Microsoft education expert to learn more about how you can bring Microsoft 365 into your schools.

education software

Windows 11 for Education

Unlock the power of creativity and collaboration with Windows 11.

Explore affordable Windows 11 devices

Built for education and starting at $249, Windows 11 devices deliver a wide range of features and functionality.

Shape the Future Program

Qualifying schools can purchase Windows devices with discounts from brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and more.

education software

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education engages students across subjects through immersive, 21st century learning.

Get Started with Minecraft

Learn how Minecraft Education is being used by educators around the world. Access free tutorials, hundreds of lessons and a global community.

Learn about licensing

Licenses can be purchased through partner resellers, via volume licensing agreements, or directly through the Microsoft Store for Education.

education software

Get Office 365 for free

Students and teachers are eligible for Office 365 Education, including OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint for free.

Support for Office 365 for Education

Our help center can help you find answers to questions about Office 365 for Education, including OneNote, Excel, Learning Tools and more.

Buy licenses for your institution

For information on all Office 365 Education offerings, contact our sales team.

education software

Intune for Education

A simpler way to deploy and manage classroom devices for students and teachers.

Start your free Intune trial

Start a free 90 day trial of Intune for Education.

Intune for Education is available through several licensing programs.

Get the facts

Find out if Intune for Education is right for your institution with this datasheet.

education software

Azure gives students and educators the cloud development resources they need to build, deploy, and manage applications.

Free Azure credits for students

Get a $100 credit when you create your Azure free account.

Get a free Azure trial for educators

Faculty, professors, and teaching assistants get access to open source content for classes and $200 in Azure credits plus free services.

Solutions for your institution

Talk to an Microsoft education expert to learn more about how you can bring Azure into your schools.

education software

Dynamics 365

Integrated solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics can help schools gain insights into student data and analytics so educators can help students improve learning.

Get Dynamics for your institution

Talk to an Microsoft education expert to learn more about how you can bring Dynamics into your schools.

education software

Your digital notebook to organize class notes, create lesson plans, ideate with others, and encourage teamwork.

Get OneNote free on all your devices

OneNote is free as part of Office 365. For information on all Office 365 Education offerings, contact our sales team.

education software

Microsoft Teams for Education

The digital hub for collaboration that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place.

Sign into Teams

Get started now to create collaborative classrooms, promote student voice, and communicate with staff.

Teams software is free to all and sold as part of an existing Microsoft 365 license or subscription.

education software

Explore Microsoft Education apps

Get the latest Microsoft Education apps for your school.

education software

Learning Tools

Improve comprehension, reading speed, and writing with Microsoft Learning Tools.

Try the Immersive Reader

Increase reading speed and comprehension for learners regardless of their age or ability.

education software

Microsoft Edge for Education

Personalize educational web experiences, save time, and browse safely with Edge.

Download Edge for free

Edge is available for Windows 10/8/7, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Download for school IT departments

Get the latest Edge update for your school with multi-platform support in over 90 languages.


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Canvas LMS, The World's #1 Teaching and Learning Software

Canvas Is For Every Learner

Canvas LMS solutions for school and beyond.

Canvas LMS is built to make teaching and learning easier for everyone, from the littlest learners to college faculty to business leaders. Learn more about how Canvas works with your institution.

Two students using a laptop and a phone

For Students

If you're an existing student trying to log into your school's Canvas account, this is the way.

A teacher and students forming a circle and sitting on the grass

With its integrations for all your favorite K-12 apps, our Canvas products help you create a custom learning environment.

A student using a cellphone

For Higher Ed

Our solutions make educators more effective and students more successful both in school and beyond.

A professor using Canvas on laptop

For Professionals

Whether your user base is small or several thousand, Canvas can deliver impactful learning experiences.

Yes, you can with Canvas.

  • Canvas Catalog
  • Canvas Credentials
  • Canvas Studio

Canvas LMS Instructure

*/ */ */ You can make education more engaging. You can have all of your essential teaching tools in one place

Canvas Catalog Instructure

*/ */ Class up your course catalog and make registration a snap

Canvas, Canvas LMS, Canvas by Instructure, Canvas edtech software, Canvas learning management system, canvas lms system

*/ */ Recognize student achievements (and your own) with digital badging

Canvas Credentials Instructure

*/ */ Attention, please: Captivate and collaborate with video content

Canvas Studio Instructure

Choosy Schools Choose Canvas

Arizona State University logo

  • Arizona State University logo
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Penn State University Logo
  • Southern University Logo
  • Kenmore Town of Tonawanda Schools
  • California Community Colleges

We Choose Great Partners

education software

“A common LMS allowed our students to focus less on learning the tool and more on their education from elementary to high school to college and beyond.”


Laurel Ballard

State Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, Wyoming Dept of Education

Wyoming-Dept-Education Opportunity through education

*/ Creating Consistency with Canvas


Start Using Canvas Free-for-Teacher

Canvas Free-for-Teacher has the essential features and functionality of Canvas LMS, even if your institution is not a Canvas customer. Whether you're delivering courses or want to get to know basic Canvas features, you can leverage the power of Canvas at no cost for your teachers and students.

Create content such as assignments, quizzes, discussions, and video conferences

Leverage the Canvas mobile app suite 

Integrate with third-party applications

K12 Instructure


Digital tools that play nicely with others.

Canvas products are outfitted with smart, intuitive features that will help take learning to the next level. And then there's the integrations! The Canvas API links right up with all your favorite apps and tools: G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, and hundreds more, in one centralized learning hub.

Heaps of helpful features

Hundreds of integrations

All inside Canvas products

Canvas, Canvas LMS, Canvas by Instructure, Canvas edtech software, Canvas learning management system, canvas lms system

Ready to see Canvas in action?

Request a demo, frequently asked questions about canvas, is there a free version of canvas lms to try out.

Yes, Canvas LMS offers Free-for-Teacher , providing basic functionality to students and teachers to explore courses and learn basic Canvas LMS features. Educators can deliver courses, create content, and personalize learning with Mastery Paths, Outcomes, and standards-based gradebooks. Users can also utilize Canvas mobile app suite and integrate external applications to its free Canvas LMS version.

Can students use Canvas LMS for free?

Yes. Canvas LMS is 100% free for students. You can access your free Canvas LMS student account if your school uses Canvas or through a free (non-school-associated) Canvas LMS account. Students can log in to their learning management system account by clicking here .

How long has Canvas LMS been around?

Canvas LMS was launched in 2011 by Instructure. In 2012, Instructure began offering open, online courses for everyone, everywhere. It soon became the leading learning management system, unseating the most popular LMSs in the educational industry.

for Education

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Workspace Admin
  • Google Cloud

Gemini for Google Workspace is here. Transform education with the help of Google’s most advanced AI widely available today.

Gemini for google workspace is here., products that power education.

Google for Education tools work together to transform teaching and learning so every student and educator can pursue their personal potential.

  • Get started with Google Workspace for Education
  • Get started

Use Google tools together to drive educational impact

Support learning with google workspace for education’s simple, secure, and flexible tools.

Help your institution collaborate easily, streamline instruction, and keep the learning environment safer with tools designed for students and teachers.

Manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences with Google Classroom

Provide an easy way for educators to connect with their students and manage their classes with an all-in-one place for teaching and learning.

Manage your education ecosystem with Chromebook

Equip your school with versatile, intuitive, and secure devices designed for next-generation teaching and learning.

Google Workspace for Education

Unlock the full potential of Google Workspace by using tools together.


Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

Create, collaborate, and edit with others in Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and more.

google meet

Google Meet

Enable teachers, students, and admins to work together from anywhere.

Admin Console

Set policies, control access, monitor data, and quickly respond to threats.


Create new assignments

Create assignments, quizzes, and lesson content for your students.

Track student grades

Monitor progress and gain visibility with a holistic view of student achievement.

Simplify classroom management

Easily switch between Stream, Classwork, People, and Grades—even when you are offline.

Devices for everyone

Choose powerfully simple devices for everyone in your school.

Automatic updates

Keep your devices secure with updates that happen in the background.

Accessibility built-in

Customize learning experiences with select-to-speak, Chromevox, magnifiers and more.

Centralized Admin Console

Monitor your institution's domain with full visibility and control.

Equip your school with tools for success

Education leaders.


Bring flexible innovation to your school at scale

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time making an impact on student education. Equip your teachers with tools, resources, and professional development so they can focus on their students.

  • Discover K-12 solutions
  • Connect with a partner
  • Read customer stories


Easily deploy educational tools across your institution

Get diverse tools in the hands of students and educators with minimal effort. Maintain all of your institution’s tech from one place. Monitor info-sec, control access, and quickly make changes across your network using the centralized admin console.

  • Learn about privacy & security
  • Search through setup guides
  • Get help with products
  • Set up and use premium features


Save time and enrich student learning with easy-to-use tools

Streamline class management while providing every student with individualized learning experiences. Create, customize, and collaborate on lessons to help learners grow their skills. Use virtual classrooms to promote learning any time, anywhere. Keep meetings, documents, and reports all within reach.

  • Learn how to use products
  • Get professionally certified
  • Connect with other teachers

Getting started is simple

Choose a product to learn more

  • Try out Workspace at no cost
  • Learn about all editions
  • Try out Google Classroom at no cost
  • Learn about Classroom upgrades
  • Explore App Hub
  • Learn about Chromebooks
  • Find a Chromebook

Have specific requirements or interested in upgrading?

  • Contact sales
  • Find a partner

What’s happening in education

Building on our commitment to delivering responsible ai, how generative ai expands curiosity and understanding with learnlm, new initiatives to support equitable tech education in atlanta, more ways to connect:.

default text

We’re here to help

Learn more about our products, find a purchase partner, and get specific answers from our support team any time.

  • Get support

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