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  2. Action 11 case study: build government as a platform case study

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  4. Putting growth at the heart of GOV.UK’s strategy case study

  5. GOV.UK User Case Study case study

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  1. Case studies: Real-life examples of government activity

    2,103 case studies Space sustainability Find answers to questions about space junk, the risk to satellites in orbit, and how space sustainability can help, as well as the UK Space Agency's work to ...

  2. Case studies

    Nick Breeze - Lead User Researcher for Goverment as a Platform, Government Digital Service and Jeremy Wyatt, 7 June 2018 - Case studies, Empathy, Uncategorised. We've worked with colleagues across government to create a set civil servant profiles. In this post we explain how we created the profiles and how they can help you provide better ...

  3. PDF Guide to developing the Project Business Case

    The Full Business Case 99 Annex A: Case Study showing the relationship between strategy, programme and project 103 Annex B: Overview of how to develop the Project Business Case 105 ... Links to access training can be found on the same GOV.UK web page as this guide and on the Welsh government web pages. We are therefore very pleased

  4. Case study

    Case study Understanding people in places. Posted by: Rebecca Towers, Posted on: 15 March 2024 - Categories: Case study, PublicPolicyDesign. Rebecca Towers from We Walworth writes about their successful collaboration with the UK's central government. Read more of Understanding people in places Designing the world's most effective border.

  5. Case studies

    These case studies show how organisations have successfully involved their workforce in managing health and safety. They demonstrate that businesses with good worker involvement achieve better performance in health and safety, which in turn increases productivity and reduces costs. Bardsley Construction Limited (PDF)

  6. Public governance, agility and pandemics: a case study of the UK

    The UK government's leaders initially believed that it was among the best-prepared governments for a pandemic. By June 2020, the outcome of the collision between the government's initial confidence, on the one hand, and the aggressiveness and virulence of COVID-19, on the other, was evident.

  7. The Case of the UK's Government Digital Service: The

    Skip 1INTRODUCTION Section 1 INTRODUCTION. Since it was founded in 2011, the United Kingdom's Government Digital Service (GDS) has in many ways become the gold standard public digital agency.It has won awards and praise among its peers and heads of governments, and its blueprint has been copied in numerous countries [Clarke 2019].The story of its foundation and success has been told in op-eds ...

  8. Health and Safety Case Studies Index

    Here is a selection of the most popular case studies from the HSE. Air transport case studies. Road safety case studies. Slips and trips case studies. Worker involvement case studies. Asthma case studies. Noise case studies. Comah case studies. First aid at work (PDF)

  9. Case studies

    Charlie was a year 12 student at college. He made racial comments while in college and openly talked about people of other religions and ethnicities, particularly Muslims, being a risk to white ...

  10. Case studies

    Case studies. Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in. If you have a case study you'd like to share here, please get in touch. Please use our case study template when submitting a case study.

  11. Client stories

    UK Government. Becoming the world's leading digital government View client story. The public digital logo. Head Office Clerks Court 18-20 Farringdon Lane London, UK EC1R 3AU. Email [email protected] Our positions. Our values expressed in action and outcomes. Read them here.

  12. Nature Recovery and Biodiversity Case Studies

    4. The value of co-ordination and partnerships. Buckinghamshire Council's case study illustrates how cross-departmental working with ecology teams, legal departments and planning teams is useful when preparing for mandatory BNG. Hampshire Council's case studies demonstrates the benefits of external partnerships for county-wide nature recovery.

  13. GOV.UK— a UX/UI Case Study

    A recent report from the House of Commons shows that the importance of political participation is valued highest in groups aged 18-24 and 25-34, however, the 18-24-year-olds were least ...

  14. PDF Troubled Families: Case studies

    Debbie is a single mum aged 42 with three children, one of whom is a dependant, Simon (13). Both families live in private rented accommodation in deprived areas. Both mothers claim benefits and were not looking for work. Daniel had an ASBO for his anti-social behaviour, which was an ongoing problem in the local area.

  15. The Politics Shed

    Cases studies of Pressure Groups. Case study Revolving door UK Greensill and David Cameron 2021. Can't pay, won't pay Soaring costs have given rise to a civil disobedience movement 2022. The BMA. The BMA is a sectional group whose main purpose is to protect the interests of doctors. It can also function as a cause group, on issues that ...

  16. AP Comparative Government Case 1: United Kingdom

    Q-Chat. Study guide for Advanced Placement Comparative Government course's case study of the United Kingdom. Definitions and answers taken out of Barron's AP Review Books and Essentials of Comparative Politics with Cases textbook, as well as class notes.

  17. When is results day 2024? GCSEs, A levels, T Levels and VTQs

    When is GCSE and Level 1/2 VTQ results day 2024? GCSE results day is on Thursday 22 August. Results for Level 1, Level 1/2 and Level 2 VTQs will also be available on or before this date. Normally, pupils will be able to go to their school or college and collect their results in person where they can get advice from their teachers.

  18. Lung Disease Case Study

    Video case study Terry the former stoneworker suffering with silicosis . Dr David Fishwick interviews Terry who suffers from silicosis after being exposed to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) at work. Terry worked for over 30 years with different types of stone. He has worked with marble and in recent years with sandstone containing 90% ...

  19. Case studies for Making Tax Digital

    Published a new case study from TaxAssist Accountants. 21 September 2020. Published a new case study from a mobile farm administrator. 11 August 2020. Published a new case study from North Farm. 4 ...

  20. Money blog: Major free childcare change kicks in today as parents of

    The UK has seen its fastest growth since the tailend of the pandemic - and Conway picked out three other reasons for optimism. 1/ An economic growth rate of 0.6% is near enough to what economists ...

  21. The UK's New Study on Gender Affirming Care Misses the Mark in So Many

    Last month, the UK's four-year-long review of medical interventions for transgender youth was published. The Cass Review, named after Hilary Cass, a retired pediatrician appointed by the ...

  22. Summary: Sector-based Work Academy Programme: qualitative case ...

    Published 3 May 2024. This summary outlines key findings from in-house qualitative case study research on the Sector-based Work Academy Programme ( SWAP ). The research took place in four ...