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  1. Jaws movie review & film summary (1975)

    Three or four men gather on a wooden pier, hoping to catch the shark. One has stolen his wife's beef roast to use as bait. They put a fearsome hook through the roast, fasten the chain to the pier, and toss in the bait. The shark simply pulls the end of the pier loose from its moorings and drags it out to sea.

  2. A Review Of The Horror Movie Jaws: [Essay Example], 621 words

    Released forty-four years ago in the year 1975, Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novel by Peter Benchley. The film stars various classic film stars such as Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw. The story within the film focuses on a summer tourist town called Amity being terrorized by a Great White Shark leading ...

  3. Jaws movie review & film summary (1975)

    Jaws. Steven Spielberg's "Jaws" is a sensationally effective action picture, a scary thriller that works all the better because it's populated with characters that have been developed into human beings we get to know and care about. It's a film that's as frightening as " The Exorcist ," and yet it's a nicer kind of fright, somehow more fun ...

  4. Jaws

    124 min. Release Date. 06/20/1975. Steven Spielberg's Jaws is a singular demonstration of cinematic suspense, and through its almost elemental construction, the picture is ideal blockbuster filmmaking. By mainlining directly into our most primal fears and needs as moviegoers, Spielberg communicates in broad storytelling tropes and vastly ...

  5. L.A. Times' original 1975 review of 'Jaws' unearthed: We hated it

    Here's the full review from then-Times entertainment editor Champlin, published on June 20, 1975, with the headline, "Don't Go Near the Water": The first and crucial thing to say about the ...

  6. Jaws: A Visual Essay on Why Continuity Doesn't Matter

    Jaws was shot by Bill Butler, whose additional credits include The Conversation, Demon Seed and Grease, as well as second unit work on The Godfather, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and Deliverance.For this opening sequence in Jaws, Butler said that because the clouds were so heavy on this particular day, all he had to do was underexpose the camera (which makes everything naturally darker).

  7. EMPIRE ESSAY: Jaws Review

    After many attempts the great white shark won't go away and sheriff Brody, with friends Hooper and Quint decide to go after the shark and kill it. by Mark Dinning |. Published on 01 01 2000 ...

  8. Analysis of the Movie Jaws for College Essay

    Analysis of the Movie Jaws for College Essay. "Jaws", a 1975 film by Steven Spielberg, is more than just a film. It's a cultural milestone that changed how we see the ocean and movies. Our article unpacks the magic of "Jaws", from its storytelling and characters to its lasting impact. We'll explore how the film scared and thrilled ...

  9. 'Jaws' Is the Perfect Blockbuster

    In an essay published in March in The New Republic, Alex Shephard analyzed how Jaws' barely submerged political allegory—a bumbling cover-up designed to save Amity's economy in the face of a ...

  10. Jaws: A Study in Altruism

    By Robert Seebach. Jaws was released by Universal Studios in 1975. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. The screenplay was written by Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb and Howard Sackler, based upon Peter Benchley's novel of the same title. Jaws is a classic story of good versus evil.

  11. Jaws Study Guide

    Summary And Analysis. Section 1: Opening Scene - The Mayor Confronts Brody on the Ferry. Section 2: Beach Scene With Alex Kintner - Quint's Offer to the Mayor. Section 3: Brody Reading Up on the Sharks - Hooper Having Dinner with the Brodys. Section 4: Eviscerating the Tiger Shark - Martin and Ellen Saying Goodbye.

  12. Jaws Summary

    Jaws Summary. Nighttime on Amity Island. A bonfire rages as a group of teens gather around for an evening of fun, drinking, and the pursuit of each other. One of those pursuits involves a blond girl named Chrissie being chased by a guy who has caught her eye across the rising flames from the fire. His chase becomes even more intent when ...

  13. Jaws Essays: Samples & Topics

    Analysis of the Movie Jaws: Narrative Elements Utilized in the Movie. The film "JAWS" was a 1975 summer blockbuster that terrified a large percentage of people from entering the depths of the water. "JAWS" is about one shark that finds a great feeding place on the beaches of Amity Island where there is a great supply...

  14. Jaws Summary and Analysis of Section 1: Opening Scene

    Section 1 Summary. The opening scene of Jaws takes us through underwater vegetation with John Williams' iconic, suspenseful music playing underneath. We cut to a bonfire surrounded by a group of teenagers drinking, playing music, and locking lips. We hear a harmonica and see one boy playing a guitar while his companions chatter excitedly.

  15. Jaws Essay Topics

    Essay Topics. 1. The great white shark terrorizes the people of Amity. In what ways does the shark function as a symbol? 2. As the chief of police in Amity, Martin Brody is the embodiment of law and order. How does his relationship to the law change over the course of the novel? 3.

  16. EMPIRE ESSAY: Jaws Review

    05 Jan 1975. Running Time: 124 minutes. Certificate: PG. Original Title: EMPIRE ESSAY: Jaws. In 1973, had history taken one of those odd, chaotic turns caused by butterflies breaking wind over the ...

  17. A Review of Jaws, a 1975 Film by Steven Spielberg

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  18. A Jaws Movie Review

    A review of Jaw's Dominic A. Umphenour Grand Canyon University ENG-105-TR100D Patrick McHugh 10/24/ A review of Jaw's Jaws, the movie released in 1975 and directed by one of the best directors in cinematic history Steven Spielberg was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of its generation.

  19. Jaws Review: A Thriller That Left Me Rooting For the Shark

    A man-eating great white shark is terrorizing a small beach town on the East Coast of America at the height of summer and the people must band together to hunt the beast down. Released in 1975 ...

  20. Jaws Movie Review Essay

    Jaws Movie Review Essay; Jaws Movie Review Essay. Decent Essays. 952 Words; 4 Pages; Open Document. I was 13 years old. I was glued to my seat from start to finish. I screamed, I jumped, I held my breath, and much more. In my 13 years old body, there were so many experiences emotions. Jaws was probably the first film where I completely forgot ...

  21. Jaws Movie Review Essay

    Originally, Jaws was a novel written by Peter Benchley in 1974. (Francis. 44) The novel was about a rogue shark that victimized a small beach community. Peter Benchley knew very little about sharks when he wrote this novel. The story was an adaption of a true series of shark attacks that occurred along the Jersey shore in 1916.

  22. Jaws

    Jaws - Media Studies. Analyse the ways the director builds suspense and scares the audience in the film "Jaws". Steven Spielberg directs the movie "Jaws" in 1975. It is about a great white shark terrorising a small city in the USA called Amity. The movie is set on the big American holiday: July the 4th.At that day everybody goes to the ...

  23. Jaws Film Essay

    GCSE English. Jaws - English Coursework. By Leena Patel 10BW. The film is called 'Jaws'; this is significant as it represents what the plot of the movie is, as the theme of the movie is about a shark killing people using his jaws (teeth). As well as this, the title shows the genre of the film is horror. Steven Spielberg directed this film ...

  24. Call For Datasets & Benchmarks 2024

    The Datasets and Benchmarks track is proud to support the open source movement by encouraging submissions of open-source libraries and tools that enable or accelerate ML research. The previous editions of the Datasets and Benchmarks track were highly successful; you can view the accepted papers from 2021, 2002, and 2023, and the winners of the ...

  25. cfp

    Volume 11 (2025) Call for Papers: "European Baldwins" James Baldwin Review (JBR), an annual peer-reviewed journal, is seeking submissions for its eleventh volume (2025).James Baldwin Review brings together a wide array of peer-reviewed critical essays and creative non-fiction on the life, writings, and legacies of James Baldwin.JBR

  26. Review

    Elisa Gabbert's essays in "Any Person Is the Only Self" are brimming with pleasure and curiosity about a life with books. Review by Becca Rothfeld. May 30, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. (FSG ...