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How to Write a Movie Review

Last Updated: October 13, 2023 Fact Checked

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 177 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 5,472,629 times. Learn more...

Whether a movie is a rotten tomato or a brilliant work of art, if people are watching it, it's worth critiquing. A decent movie review should entertain, persuade and inform, providing an original opinion without giving away too much of the plot. A great movie review can be a work of art in its own right. Read on to learn how to analyze a movie like a professional film critic, come up with an interesting thesis, and write a review as entertaining as your source material.

Sample Movie Reviews

movie review essay 100 words

Writing an Intro for a Movie Review

Step 1 Start with a compelling fact, quote, or opinion on the movie.

  • Comparison to Relevant Event or Movie: "Every day, our leaders, politicians, and pundits call for "revenge"– against terrorist groups, against international rivals, against other political parties. But few of them understand the cold, destructive, and ultimately hollow thrill of revenge as well as the characters of Blue Ruin. "
  • Review in a nutshell: "Despite a compelling lead performance by Tom Hanks and a great soundtrack, Forrest Gump never gets out of the shadow of its weak plot and questionable premise."
  • Context or Background Information: " Boyhood might be the first movie made where knowing how it was produced–slowly, over 12 years, with the same actors–is just as crucial as the movie itself."

Step 2 Give a clear, well-established opinion early on.

  • Using stars, a score out of 10 or 100, or the simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down is a quick way to give your thoughts. You then write about why you chose that rating.
  • Great Movie: ABC is the rare movie that succeeds on almost every level, where each character, scene, costume, and joke firing on all cylinders to make a film worth repeated viewings."
  • Bad Movie: "It doesn't matter how much you enjoy kung-fu and karate films: with 47 Ronin, you're better off saving your money, your popcorn, and time."
  • Okay Movie: "I loved the wildly uneven Interstellar far more than I should have, but that doesn't mean it is perfect. Ultimately, the utter awe and spectacle of space swept me through the admittedly heavy-handed plotting and dialogue."

Step 3 Support your opinions with evidence from specific scenes.

  • Great: "Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer's chemistry would carry Fruitvale Station even if the script wasn't as good. The mid-movie prison scene in particular, where the camera never leaves their faces, shows how much they can convey with nothing but their eyelids, the flashing tension of neck muscles, and a barely cracking voice."
  • Bad: " Jurassic World's biggest flaw, a complete lack of relatable female characters, is only further underscored by a laughably unrealistic shot of our heroine running away from a dinosaur – in heels."
  • Okay: "At the end of the day, Snowpiercer can't decide what kind of movie it wants to be. The attention to detail in fight scenes, where every weapon, lightbulb, and slick patch of ground is accounted for, doesn't translate to an ending that seems powerful but ultimately says little of substance."

Step 4 Create an original...

  • Does the film reflect on a current event or contemporary issue? It could be the director's way of engaging in a bigger conversation. Look for ways to relate the content of the film to the "real" world.
  • Does the film seem to have a message, or does it attempt to elicit a specific response or emotion from the audience? You could discuss whether or not it achieves its own goals.
  • Does the film connect with you on a personal level? You could write a review stemming from your own feelings and weave in some personal stories to make it interesting for your readers.

Composing Your Review

Step 1 Follow your thesis paragraph with a short plot summary.

  • When you name characters in your plot summary, list the actors' names directly afterward in parenthesis.
  • Find a place to mention the director's name and the full movie title.
  • If you feel you must discuss information that might "spoil" things for readers, warn them first.

Step 2 Start to talk about the film’s technical and artistic choices.

  • Cinematography: " Her is a world drenched in color, using bright, soft reds and oranges alongside calming whites and grays that both build, and slowly strip away, the feelings of love between the protagonists. Every frame feels like a painting worth sitting in."
  • Tone: "Despite the insane loneliness and high stakes of being stuck alone on Mars, The Martian's witty script keeps humor and excitement alive in every scene. Space may be dangerous and scary, but the joy of scientific discovery is intoxicating."
  • Music and Sound: " No Country For Old Men's bold decision to skip music entirely pays off in spades. The eerie silence of the desert, punctuated by the brief spells of violent, up-close-and-personal sound effects of hunter and hunted, keeps you constantly on the edge of your seat."
  • Acting: "While he's fantastic whenever he's on the move, using his cool stoicism to counteract the rampaging bus, Keanu Reeves can't quite match his costar in the quiet moments of Speed, which falter under his expressionless gaze."

Step 3 Move into your...

  • Keep your writing clear and easy to understand. Don't use too much technical filmmaking jargon, and make your language crisp and accessible.
  • Present both the facts and your opinion. For example, you might state something such as, "The Baroque background music was a jarring contrast to the 20th century setting." This is a lot more informative then simply saying, "The music was a strange choice for the movie."

Step 4 Use plenty of examples to back up your points.

  • Great: "In the end, even the characters of Blue Ruin know how pointless their feud is. But revenge, much like every taut minute of this thriller, is far too addictive to give up until the bitter end.""
  • Bad: "Much like the oft-mentioned "box of chocolates", Forest Gump has a couple of good little morsels. But most of the scenes, too sweet by half, should have been in the trash long before this movie was put out."
  • Okay: "Without the novel, even revolutionary concept, Boyhood may not be a great movie. It might not even be "good.” But the power the film finds in the beauty of passing time and little, inconsequential moments – moments that could only be captured over 12 years of shooting – make Linklater's latest an essential film for anyone interested in the art of film."

Polishing Your Piece

Step 1 Edit your review.

  • Ask yourself whether your review stayed true to your thesis. Did your conclusion tie back in with the initial ideas you proposed?
  • Decide whether your review contains enough details about the movie. You may need to go back and add more description here and there to give readers a better sense of what the movie's about.
  • Decide whether your review is interesting enough as a stand-alone piece of writing. Did you contribute something original to this discussion? What will readers gain from reading your review that they couldn't from simply watching the movie?

Step 2 Proofread your review.

Studying Your Source Material

Step 1 Gather basic facts about the movie.

  • The title of the film, and the year it came out.
  • The director's name.
  • The names of the lead actors.

Step 2 Take notes on the movie as you watch it.

  • Make a note every time something sticks out to you, whether it's good or bad. This could be costuming, makeup, set design, music, etc. Think about how this detail relates to the rest of the movie and what it means in the context of your review.
  • Take note of patterns you begin to notice as the movie unfolds.
  • Use the pause button frequently so you make sure not to miss anything, and rewind as necessary.

Step 3 Analyze the mechanics of the movie.

  • Direction: Consider the director and how he or she choose to portray/explain the events in the story. If the movie was slow, or didn't include things you thought were necessary, you can attribute this to the director. If you've seen other movies directed by the same person, compare them and determine which you like the most.
  • Cinematography: What techniques were used to film the movie? What setting and background elements helped to create a certain tone?
  • Writing: Evaluate the script, including dialogue and characterization. Did you feel like the plot was inventive and unpredictable or boring and weak? Did the characters' words seem credible to you?
  • Editing: Was the movie choppy or did it flow smoothly from scene to scene? Did they incorporate a montage to help build the story? And was this obstructive to the narrative or did it help it? Did they use long cuts to help accentuate an actor's acting ability or many reaction shots to show a group's reaction to an event or dialogue? If visual effects were used were the plates well-chosen and were the composited effects part of a seamless experience? (Whether the effects looked realistic or not is not the jurisdiction of an editor, however, they do choose the footage to be sent off to the compositors, so this could still affect the film.)
  • Costume design: Did the clothing choices fit the style of the movie? Did they contribute to the overall tone, rather than digressing from it?
  • Set design: Consider how the setting of the film influenced its other elements. Did it add or subtract from the experience for you? If the movie was filmed in a real place, was this location well-chosen?
  • Score or soundtrack: Did it work with the scenes? Was it over/under-used? Was it suspenseful? Amusing? Irritating? A soundtrack can make or break a movie, especially if the songs have a particular message or meaning to them.

Step 4 Watch it one more time.

Community Q&A

wikiHow Staff Editor

  • If you don't like the movie, don't be abusive and mean. If possible, avoid watching the movies that you would surely hate. Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0
  • Understand that just because the movie isn't to your taste, that doesn't mean you should give it a bad review. A good reviewer helps people find movie's they will like. Since you don't have the same taste in movies as everyone else, you need to be able to tell people if they will enjoy the movie, even if you didn't. Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0
  • Structure is very important; try categorizing the different parts of the film and commenting on each of those individually. Deciding how good each thing is will help you come to a more accurate conclusion. For example, things like acting, special effects, cinematography, think about how good each of those are. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

movie review essay 100 words

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About This Article

To write a movie review, start with a compelling fact or opinion to hook your readers, like "Despite a great performance by Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump never overcomes its weak plot." Then, elaborate on your opinion of the movie right off the bat so readers know where you stand. Once your opinion is clear, provide examples from the movie that prove your point, like specific scenes, dialogue, songs, or camera shots. To learn how to study a film closely before you write a review, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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movie review essay 100 words

Quick Guide on How to Write a Movie Review Essay

movie review essay 100 words

What Is a Movie Review

The internet has revolutionized the realm of film criticism. No matter a movie's level of quality, it is always worth analyzing. Despite the growing number of individuals attempting to write about movies, few are successful. Most people do not provide insightful analysis, instead simply state how much they liked or disliked the film.

A movie criticism, usually composed by a professional in film studies, takes a comprehensive look at the film from a historical, social, political, or theoretical standpoint. This is unlike the opinion or suggestion given in a movie review, which is shorter and more concise.

A remarkable aspect of a good film review is that it doesn't just rate the movie but provides explicit views that form the critique's basis. This form of writing, like crafting essays, research papers, and term papers, should be insightful and draw the reader in quickly. It's important to discuss the reputation of the lead actors and directors and to write about what you expected and if they were met. The reviewer must explain a story's development without recalling major plot points and endings. The review must be concise, engaging, and should involve metaphors, specific words, analogies, etc.

Movie Review Purpose

Most film reviews are intended to guide readers in deciding whether to view, rent, or purchase the film. They should provide the necessary information to aid readers in deciding without divulging any fundamental details, such as the storyline or any surprises. This paper is common in schools because the lecturer wants to evaluate the student's ability to think critically and report the event easily for others to understand.

Movie reviews typically present a brief summary of the film's storyline. They provide readers with an overview of the characters, relationships, and scenarios but do not convey the complete narrative. Perusing the review should be different from seeing the movie. Nonetheless, feel free to highlight the essential moments or pivotal points that make the film worthwhile viewing.

Our college essay writing service has put together some advice on composing a movie review essay like a real critic, so let's explore the article further!

How to Write a Movie Review: Movie Review Outline

The structure is key when it comes to the quality of your paper. Don't neglect the power of a good outline, no matter what paper you're writing. Outlines help you stay on track and make sure your paper flows well.

Taking the time to arrange your ideas before starting to write is an effective way to save time further down the line. With a well-structured plan already in place, you won't have to worry about other elements. This will also make the writing process less stressful. Here is a guide on how to organize your movie review outline:

Writing a Movie Review_ Step-by-Step Guide

How Do You Start a Movie Review Essay: Introduction

The introductory paragraph is the first obvious step in crafting a movie review essay outline. Here, you want to quickly captivate the reader. Deliver your viewpoint instantly and make it unambiguous. Don't leave the audience wondering whether you enjoyed the film. Tell them right off the bat so you have time to justify your assessment throughout the remainder of the process.

In the introduction movie review should also describe your thesis. Develop the main concept for your essay that you can support using your perceptions of the movie's various aspects. The reader should be able to tell from this statement if you thought the film was fantastic, awful, or simply alright. By including a thesis statement, you may move your analysis beyond the plot synopsis phase into the movie critique category, which is considered a separate creative process.

Crafting Your Essay Movie Review Analysis

According to our research paper service , film analysis is similar to building a case. You're attempting to influence the reader to follow your recommendation to watch or disregard the film. So, you must ensure your essay movie review will be convincing. Giving instances that demonstrate the validity of your personal opinion is the only method to do this. If you find any dialogue in the movie that you think best exemplifies whether the work is strong or not, utilize quotes. This also applies to all of the movie's artistic decisions. But, just because a movie's narrative isn't strong or engaging doesn't indicate the rest of the film is worthless. Carefully highlight how some factors might undermine the movie in your explanation.

The movie's plot is only one component and shouldn't dominate the overall piece. The following are the important aspects to include in your movie review structure:

Cinematography - Cinematography covers much more than simply camera angles. It includes how the picture is lit, how it moves, appears, and what lenses are used. Here you can try the following analysis: 'Warm, gentle colors are used throughout the film, combined with soothing whites and grays, to simultaneously create and gradually tear away the characters' romantic sentiments for one another. There is a painting-like quality to each image.'

Editing - The editing is arguably the absolute star of what creates a good movie review example. It affects both the duration and the flow of a movie. Without effective editing, there would be uncomfortable gaps between pictures and many errors.

Costuming - The clothing the characters wear is called a costume, but there are a number of things to consider while evaluating movie costumes. You should be able to decide if the outfits suit the characters and the movie's atmosphere.

Casting and Acting - Finding the ideal performers to bring characters to life is the goal of casting. This sometimes entails seeing performers portray both familiar personas and figures who are entirely at odds with who they are. Casting, therefore, involves more than just finding talented performers. You can assess the acting in the following way: 'Even though he excels while on the go, his stoic behaviorism causes him to fall short of his co-star during calm scenes where he keeps a blank look on his face.'

Once you have finished analyzing the acting, directing, cinematography, setting, etc., wrap up with concise, stimulating wording to sustain readers' attention. Don't forget to provide a few examples to support your statements about the film.

Concluding Your Essay Movie Review

Finalize your review by coming full circle. Close the review by returning to your introductory fact or thesis. Give your readers a refresher on the movie's most intriguing aspects. It's important to remember that before choosing a movie, viewers check reviews. Finish with a statement indicating whether it is worthwhile for them to view. Be specific about who this movie will be more fascinating to and why in your suggestions. Remember that your ending is your last shot at influencing your audience, so use it wisely.

No matter the kind of movie review you have to complete, our professional specialists are willing to help you. Directly forward your needs to our research paper service and get it done quickly.


No matter what type of movie review you want, our qualified specialists are ready to assist you.

Short Movie Review Form

If you are currently working on a new or old movie review, reading our suggestions should be sufficient to help you earn an A. So what if you'll be writing many reviews in the future? In this situation, we advise you to develop a uniform movie review template, which will enable you to save time and complete your upcoming projects successfully.

So, how to write a movie review template, you may ask? Well, our essay helper prepared a simple yet great movie review template you may use as a foundation for your own writing if you need some help getting started:

movie review form

Example Papers

Once you know how to review a movie and learn the most valuable tips to handle this assignment, it is time to look at some movie review examples to get you on the right track.

Check out the following pieces to see which of these movie review essay examples you might want to keep at hand when working on your own assignment:

FAQs on Writing an Essay Movie Review

Here are the most frequently asked questions on how to write a movie review. We provided extra details on movie analysis to simplify writing film reviews.

What are the 6 Important Things to Include in a Film Review?

The following six elements should be present in any film review:

  • A plot summary - Here, you should provide the movie title, its release date, the key members of the cast, the filmmaker or producer, and its subject matter.
  • Your original impression - Here, you should discuss your initial impressions before seeing the movie and contrast them with how you felt afterward.
  • Commentary on the acting - As was previously said, you can evaluate the actors' onscreen performance in the specific movie here. You can also talk about how it stacks up against the movies the actors have appeared in.
  • Analysis of technical elements - You can describe camera methods, lighting, color, editing, sound, and audio, among other things.
  • An evaluation of the film's overall success -Here, you should evaluate if the movie accomplished its goals, whether the messages it was intended to convey were clearly understood, or whether they were lost in translation.
  • Your final recommendation - This summarizes both the critic's last observation and the film's overall message or what we may learn from it. Finally, you should inform the reader if they should watch the movie and what aspects they may or may not enjoy.

How Long Should a Movie Review Be?

Generally, film reviews range from 600 to 1200 words, though there is no particular format that must be followed. Yet, usually, a movie review format includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Plot Summary
  • Description
  • Conclusion/Evaluation

Before starting your movie review writing, do a lot of research. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the director's, writer's, or actor's body of work before watching the movie, which will take you longer than creating the narrative.

What are the 5 C's in Film?

One may argue that the five C's of cinematography, as described by Joseph V. Mascelli, are fundamental ideas necessary to create a movie. To guarantee the finest possible quality, every idea must be carefully taken into account when creating, filming, and editing a movie.

  • Camera Angles - A scene may be set up for viewers to follow by strategically placing the camera and using visual clues to show how actors relate to one another, their surroundings, and the actions on the screen.
  • Continuity - A realistic visual experience is made possible by fluid internal logic. On the other hand, viewers will struggle to follow the plot if scenes are inconsistent graphically. Moreover, continuity errors can destroy a scene's emotional resonance.
  • Cutting - Sensible trimming may advance the story when it is meticulously planned, with insight and forethought. It is important to connect each shot in a scene and the scenes themselves so that their overall impact, rather than just their separate elements, elicits the intended emotions from the spectator.
  • Close-ups - The addition of close-ups may significantly alter a scenario. Viewers can be encouraged to feel intense feelings together with the characters on screen, even without language.
  • Composition - Lighting, color, space, mood, and tone are some of the components that make up a cinematic scene. This is particularly intriguing because the composition may draw attention to a movie's topic and represent the cinematography style of both the filmmaker and the cinematographer.

Helpful Tips on Writing Movie Reviews

Here are some extra helpful tips to keep in mind when unsure how to write a movie review essay:

Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Movie Review

  • Add Your Own Personal Feel to Your Movie Critique - You might not have much spare time for your pastime of reviewing. You won't be able to write a movie review, though, if you just wing it without reading what others have said. Make a note of the things that intrigued you, alarmed you, made you uncomfortable, or caused you to pause and consider something, and then use that list as the basis for your research.
  • Develop a Distinctive Writing Style - Have an idol—it's good for you. You must be careful not to just paraphrase and duplicate what they say without adding your own original viewpoint. Instead, in order to stand out from the throng, you must discover your own voice. When writing movie reviews, you should also have a distinct writing style.
  • Include Extensive Information -Mention the film's photographer, special effects designer, and director. Your review might be significantly impacted by this. Then you may list all the memorable movie moments that also stuck with you.
  • Voice Your Views and Back Up Your Criticism - Give your own assessment of the film. Make sure you have evidence to support your criticisms. Use the movie's details that most shocked or humiliated you. Review genuine information rather than merely expressing your opinions without supporting details.

Final Thoughts

Composing a good movie review essay sample is easy if you follow this article's main steps and techniques. Furthermore, we strongly believe that this guide will assist you in achieving remarkable outcomes and ease your writing process. The staff at EssayPro is always available to provide a helping hand if you need a little additional push with movie review examples or even if it's simply coming up with a catchy essay title .

Order an essay and await excellent results! Contact our expert writers and ask them to ' write my essay for me ' – and they will ensure your academic success!

Do You Require a Skilled Professional Writer?

Our writers take extra measures to make sure that your essay is created precisely in accordance with your specifications.

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What is a Movie Review?

A movie review is an analysis of a film or a documentary. Writing a great movie review involves detailed research, analysis, and reporting the writer’s view in a logical and structured way.

It is a well-balanced synthesis of personal opinion and a critical analysis of themes and plots. Writing film reviews is considered creative writing. It involves both analytical and innovative approaches to come up with the best movie review.

The combination of an analytical approach and creative skills will help you craft an exhaustive and convincing piece of writing.

Purpose of Writing a Movie Review 

The reason for writing a movie review is to tell others what you think about a movie. 

When you write one, you share your opinions on whether you liked it or not and why. It helps people decide if they want to watch the movie or not. 

So, the purpose is to share your thoughts and help others make a choice about the movie.

The combination of an analytical approach and creative skills will help you craft an exhaustive and convincing piece of writing. 

Important Elements of a Movie Review

All movie reviews have in common the elements that they contain regardless of the genre. The elements of a movie review provide an overall structure on which the whole analysis is based. A good review must comprise the following components:

It is not just enough to include the title in the headlines. Make sure to include it in the text as well as in the introductory paragraph.

Another important element that you need to pay attention to is the storyline, also known as the plot. Mention it clearly and concisely for the readers who have not watched the movie yet.

Don’t forget to dedicate a paragraph to the filmmaker and discuss their personality. Provide some background information and the controversial and political side (if relevant).

The cast is one of the important factors that a movie has. Your review should properly indicate if they have acted well or not. Do not forget to mention if they have the required skills to portray the character they played.

Creative elements play an important role in the overall success or failure of the film. Your movie review must state these elements and how they contributed to the storyline. These elements include costumes, lighting, sound, camera work, etc.

movie review essay 100 words

How to Write a Movie Review?

Writing a movie review may seem like an impossible task, but it can be learned easily. You should know the movie review format. 

Therefore, you can present both interesting opinions and amazing writing skills clearly without any confusion.

Below are the steps on how to write a movie review that any student can follow. 

1. Watch the Movie

Watch the movie and take notes of the important points. Be focused and conscious throughout the film to record characters, events, minor and major details.

2. Research the Movie

To watch the film only once is not enough; you might have to watch the movie at least 3 times. It is important to give quality time to research as well. Reviews require great research to find some important information. Such as who the filmmaker is, characters, and events that lead to the movie, plot summary, location, symbolism, etc.

3. Create the Movie Review Outline

The best way to organize your review logically is to make an outline first. The outline is a framework on which your whole review is going to stand. It is important to have an outline before you start writing your review. 

Confused how to write a movie review template? Here is an outline for you:

4. Analyze the Movie

Once you understand the movie, start the analysis. Critically evaluate the movie from the start to the end and note each and every detail. Once you analyze and understand each point, you are all set to write a good movie review.

5. Include Examples

A great movie review needs to include relevant examples to support your claims and observations. Mention everything that you have observed while watching the movie. It is not enough to make general statements; you must support your arguments and claims with strong evidence.

6. Write Your Review

After gathering all the required information and examples, you can start the writing process by following the above outline. Make the introduction paragraph exciting and engaging. Reveal as much information as possible in the body paragraphs. To conclude, connect the information back to the introduction in a creative way.

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

7. Edit Your Final Draft

Once you are done writing the first draft, make changes and re-write the final version. In the editing phase, be sure to check for important information that might have been left out. Also, check grammar or spelling mistakes before submitting it.

The steps explained above could be used for writing a movie review for middle school, high school, and college. Moreover, you can get help from the following guide.

Check out our how to write a movie review for school example for better understanding:

Writing a Movie Review

Movie Review Example

Want to learn how to write a movie review without spoilers? 

To gain a better understanding of how to write a movie review essay and how film review examples for students look, check out this sample.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green - Movie Review

How To Write A Film Review Pdf

Short Movie Review Examples

Movie Review Topics

Here are some movie review topics that can help put your work in the right direction from the very start.

  • Write a review on Titanic Movie
  • A critical review of Jurassic Park Movie
  • Write A Review on 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • One Cut of the Dead - Review
  • A review of Burning Cane Movie
  • An honest review of The Ron Clark Story Movie
  • The Miracle Worker Movie Review
  • A Comparison between The Boy In the Striped Pajamas Book and Movie
  • Discuss symbolism in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Movie
  • Write a Review about the Film Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

Movie Review Writing Tips 

Writing a compelling movie review requires a balance of insightful analysis and engaging expression. Here are some tips to enhance your movie review writing:

  • Be Concise: Keep your review focused and concise. Aim for clarity and avoid unnecessary details.
  • Structure Matters: Organize your review with a clear structure, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Follow a logical flow to guide your readers through your analysis.
  • Balance Opinion and Analysis: Blend personal opinions with objective analysis. Support your views with specific examples from the film.
  • Avoid Spoilers: Be mindful of spoilers. Provide enough information to convey your points without giving away major plot twists.
  • Consider the Audience: Keep your target audience in mind. Tailor your review to the interests and preferences of potential viewers.

All in all, it is not difficult to write a movie review if you know the basics. Just follow this guide and craft an amazing review.

Still if you are facing any issue in writing a movie review, consider taking help from the best writing services at MyPerfectWords.com !

We guarantee a high-quality review written by professional writers. With us, you will submit a movie review worthy of an A grade. 

So, don’t waste time and hire us today!

Frequently Asked Question

How long should a movie review be.

A movie review is typically around 300 to 500 words, providing enough space to cover key aspects without becoming overly lengthy.

Barbara P (Literature, Marketing)

Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

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How to Write a Movie Review

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Film review

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What's your favourite film? Why do you like it?

movie review essay 100 words

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Harry Potter film review

girl dressed as a witch making a spell

Have you seen any of the Harry Potter films? Practise your reading in English with this film review.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then read the text and do the other exercises.


Film review: the harry potter film series.

The Harry Potter film series is famous all over the world and is loved by children, teenagers and adults. It's based on the books by JK Rowling. The first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone , was released in 2001. The whole series consists of eight fantasy films. In each film the main character, Harry, is played by Daniel Radcliffe.

movie review essay 100 words

The story begins when 11-year-old orphan Harry discovers that his parents were wizards and he starts his education in magic at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he makes two close friends, Ron and Hermione, who share his adventures.

Each film ends dramatically, often with a battle between Harry and his worst enemy, the evil wizard Lord Voldemort.

The characters

movie review essay 100 words

As well as Harry, Ron and Hermione, there's a huge variety of characters, including students, professors, dark wizards, ghosts and fantasy creatures. Non-magic people are called Muggles. The cast is excellent. The acting's outstanding, and even the strangest of characters are totally believable.

The setting

movie review essay 100 words

The films are mainly set in Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is in an ancient castle. There are moving staircases, portraits which can talk and move, and a dark forest where strange and dangerous creatures live.

The special effects

The special effects are amazing and make magic seem completely possible! The wizards' favourite sport, Quidditch, is played on broomsticks. Different techniques were used to create the effects that make the actors look as if they're flying.

Critic's opinion

The films are imaginative, funny, frightening and, of course, magical! What makes them so successful is that they combine action, fantasy and friendship.

If you like adventure and magic, you'll love the Harry Potter films!

Do you like the Harry Potter films? What other films do you like? Tell us about them!

Harry Potter is a great movie

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Movie Review Writing in 200 words IGCSE CAMBRIDGE

Ielts essay movie review writing in 200 words igcse cambridge.

  • You want to sell some of your furniture. You think a friend of yours might like to buy it from you. Write a letter to your friend in your letter. . Explain why you are selling. Describe the furniture. Suggest a date when your friend can come and see the furniture Dear Mr. Asif Ali, I am very pleased to writing this letter that I hope you are fit and healthy. The purpose of this letter is that we are going to change our home furniture with new once. Last summer you have visited our home and you acclaimed the beauty of furniture. You committed me that will co ...
  • Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the advantage and disadvantage of tourist who visits such places? the first problem that needs to be considered is the purpose of travelling. It is such an incredible moment when people decided to choose a complex destination to have a vacation. Many other tourism boards offer a beautiful track, scenery, for, instance to be visited by all family members. The trans ...
  • Some people think it is alright to spend money for their wants, such as a new car or the latest gadget. Others think it is better to save their money and only buy what they really need. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Give specific details and examples in your answer. For few people, spending money bring a sense of satisfaction. The happiness these people get from such shopping is short-lived and will certainly have repercussions in the future. I argue that this kind of spending is not a sustainable way of spending and will present my argument on why saving the m ...
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  • Internet crime is increasing rapidly as more and more people around the world are accessing the internet. What are the worst internet crimes? How can they be preventend? It is irrefutable that use of internet has been increasing day by day for personal as well as professional work and with high use of the internet crime rate has also increased. Due to this, it causes many problems in society. There are several crimes involved, which cause cybercrime. Whereas, there ...
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  • To solve the ever-increasing environmental hazards throughout the world, the best way is to increase the price of fuel. What is your opinion on the above assumption? Over the last two or three decades, the world had changed with globalization, urbanization, and industrialization. Due to that, the public is being faced with environmental dangers like pollution, global warming, and deforestation, to reduce these the good part is to raise the fuel. I believe that i ...
  • Some people think that children should obey rules or do what their parents and teachers want them to do. Other people think that children controlled too much cannot deal with problems themselves in adulthood. Parenting is differ from individuals. Some argue that to incorporate discipline in young adults people should raise them by following stricts rules and regulations so that they become discipline in their later life. Whereas, others opine that controllled chindren can not handle challanges which will ...
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  • people find it very difficult to speak in public or to give a presentation before an audience. do you think public speaking skill is really important? should students be taught public speaking at school? Public speaking is the one of the important skill that every individual should learn. Many people face problems to speak in front of audience because they don't have the proper skill. In my opinion learners should learn public speaking. To begin with, most of the individuals face problems to speak ...
  • What book or film do you think portrays a country's culture the best? Would you recommend it to a foreign friend who wishes to learn and understand that country? Describe the book or film and explain why you would recommend it. The culture of my country India is rich and diverse. There are a lot of ancient stories and things that are of a great value and can amaze the world. Culture is formed of various practices, both- the good ones and the bad ones. And there are a whole lot of movies and books written on such practices. ...

Movie Reviews

Tv/streaming, collections, great movies, chaz's journal, contributors, this headline could be enough to kill him.

movie review essay 100 words

Now streaming on:

The poster art for "A Thousand Words" shows Eddie Murphy with duct tape over his mouth, which as a promotional idea ranks right up there with Fred Astaire in leg irons. The idea is that every time he says a word a leaf falls off the magical bodhi tree in his back yard, and when the last leaf falls, he dies.

Let's stop right there. Why did the bodhi tree magically spring out of the earth fully grown? I don't know. It must have something to do with a guru whose book he is trying to sell. Murphy plays Jack McCall, a literary agent who never reads books, and maybe this is karmic revenge. How is it determined that the tree began with 1,000 leaves? I dunno. It looks healthy to begin with, and the average bodhi tree has about 100,000 leaves. How do I know that? I don't, but it seems likely.

Jack is a motor mouth showboat who lives with his wife Caroline ( Kerry Washington ) and their son in a vast glass-walled bachelor's pad. I guess she's his wife. They have the same last name in the movie's credits, although at one point she indicates they aren't married. It doesn't make the slightest difference to the movie.

Jack's most meaningful relationship is with Aaron Wiseberger ( Clark Duke ), his nerdish assistant. It's Aaron who tapes his mouth shut to save his life when he's down to a few hundred words. Some words he squanders on his cell phone, and even more get used up during visits with his mother Annie ( Ruby Dee ), who has Alzheimer's and thinks he's his own father. You know with a dreadful certainty that sooner or later she will recognize him, and this will be intended as an uplifting turning point.

What "A Thousand Words" needs is some sort of a mystical score card to keep track of Jack's status in the universe. The guru who wrote the book, Dr. Sinja ( Cliff Curtis ), apparently knows something about this bodhi tree, but never explains the rules. When Jack finally apparently redeems himself, it seems to be by instinct or good luck. I say "apparently" because, as heaven's my witness, I'm not completely sure if Jack is alive, dead or reincarnated at the end of the movie. You could build a case for all three.

The running gag is that Jack has to communicate without speaking, or talk himself to death. At one point this struggle is conducted by using several dozen talking dolls and action figures which are conveniently scattered around the literary agency. Jack also does desperate pantomimes and gets so frustrated he seems ready to explode. I'm thinking, what I'd try is writing notes. But no, when he tries that the leaves drop off anyway.

I learn from Wikipedia that "A Thousand Words" was originally filmed in 2008. It was scheduled at one point to open in 2011, but was rescheduled until after the Oscars to take advantage of Murphy being named named to host the ceremony. That didn't work out, either.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Now playing

movie review essay 100 words

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire

Simon abrams.

movie review essay 100 words

Leave the World Behind

Robert daniels.

movie review essay 100 words

Matt Zoller Seitz

movie review essay 100 words

The Crime Is Mine

Monica castillo.

movie review essay 100 words

Immediate Family

Peter sobczynski.

movie review essay 100 words

Fast Charlie

Glenn kenny, film credits.

A Thousand Words movie poster

A Thousand Words (2012)

Rated PG-13 sexual situations including dialogue, language and some drug-related humor

Kerry Washington as Caroline McCall

Clark Duke as Aaron Wiseberger

Lou Saliba as Shrink

Alison Janney as Samantha Davis

Cliff Curtis as Dr. Sinja

Ruby Dee as Annie McCall

Eddie Murphy as Jack McCall

Directed by

  • Brian Robbins

Screenplay by

  • Steve Koren

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movie review essay 100 words

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How We Got Here: Ava DuVernay on Origin

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Movie Review (150 Words): Batman V Superman

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Agard, C. (2016). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Entertainment Weekly, (1405/1406), 118-119.Bordwell, D. (2008). Poetics of Cinema. Routledge.Corrigan, T. (2011). A Short Guide to Writing about Film. Longman.Ebert, R. [...]

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