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Paraphrasing Worksheets

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People love to discuss something new every day. They gossip television shows, heard stories, news with the other persons. This talk further proceeds in the curiosity of what, how, and why the incident occurred? It happened between friends, family, and colleagues to refresh their minds. Whatever theme the discussion has included storyline, events, main characters, crucial points, considerations, etc. The author uses his or her own words or informal writing (under rules and regulations). All of such a structure of writing something or explaining something will be in your own words. During all of this process, you convey someone's message or express someone's ideas. Don't forget to maintain your ideas and source meaning while paraphrasing. You will use the main idea at the time of specific needs in your own words. How can you paraphrase a source? Give two or three times to read the original paragraph until and unless you understand it. After a thorough understanding, start writing the main idea by using your own words. Avoid generating the order of emphasis and ideas. Go through all unknown words. Observe each word that makes a clear sense of your writing. Check the tone of each paragraph, and it must be intuitive with a correct flow of understanding. Change as per the requirement, such as appropriate tone, meaning variation, and words or phrases related to the original words.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

When you paraphrase, you restate an author’s words in your own words without changing the meaning of the passage or including any of your own thoughts or ideas about it. When you paraphrase something, you only relay the main idea, not the entire passage.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Paraphrasing from Sources

Read each passage. On a separate page, paraphrase each passage. Try not to look back at the original while you are paraphrasing.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

: The passage below is from The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed. Read the passage. Then paraphrase what you have read.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Where Is It?

Highlight the portion of the text that you would like to focus on. Then paraphrase the ideas on the notecard below.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

In Your Own Words

Paraphrase each passage.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Paraphrasing Practice

Read the passage. Highlight what you think is most important. Then paraphrase the highlighted information below.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Paraphrasing and Synonyms

One strategy for paraphrasing is to use synonyms. Rewrite each sentence below, replacing each underlined word or phrase with a synonymous word or phrase.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

What are the author’s main supporting points?

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Use Synonyms

Rewrite each sentence below, replacing each underlined word with a synonym.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

The Manifesto

The passage below is taken from The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Paraphrase the passage.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

50 million people in the U.S. eat fast food daily, which equates to about one in every seven people. It’s not surprising, then, the fast food restaurants have a combined revenue in the U.S. of $110 billion dollars every year.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

What does the main character(s) decide to do about their problem?

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

Paraphrasing for Research

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

When You Do It!

When you paraphrase, you convey the main ideas of a passage in your own words. A paraphrase should contain all the most important information in a brief format. Use the organizer below to identify what you want to make sure that you include when you paraphrase the passage. Write your paraphrase below.


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Grammar and Writing Workbook for Grade 3

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Comprehend then write

Students read a text and then re-write the text in their own words . These worksheets combine comprehension and writing.

paraphrasing worksheets pdf

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  1. Paraphrasing Worksheets

    Make sure what you write keeps the nature and tone the author was originally trying to create. When you complete your paraphrase make sure to include a citation of where the original source is given credit. These worksheets will help you learn how to use paraphrasing in your work.

  2. PDF Paraphrasing

    Paraphrasing Created by: Heran Zhang 3 Paraphrasing Exercise (The answers are on the next page.) Directions: Write a paraphrase of each of the following sentences or passages. 1. The student requested that the professor excuses her absence, but the professor refused. 2. International Center is hosting English Conversation classes.

  3. Paraphrasing Worksheets

    When you paraphrase, you convey the main ideas of a passage in your own words. A paraphrase should contain all the most important information in a brief format. Use the organizer below to identify what you want to make sure that you include when you paraphrase the passage. Write your paraphrase below. View Worksheet.

  4. 32 Paraphrasing English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

    32 Paraphrasing English ESL worksheets pdf & doc. SORT BY. Most popular. TIME PERIOD. All-time. ag23. PARAPHRASING. There are 9 exercise. 14505 uses. helenadimi. Paraphrasing . This worksheet is ab. ... Paraphrasing for PET. This activity contai. 4006 uses. beagmeur. modals paraphrases K. Key to modals paraph. 712 uses. AimeeB. Hot Tips For ...

  5. PDF Test Your Paraphrasing Skills Worksheet

    Before beginning this worksheet you should have completed the Principles of Paraphrasing online tutorial. The five quoted passages included in this worksheet are taken from the writings of HGSE faculty. Now that you have reviewed the rules for paraphrasing, you may want to test how well you are able to apply what you've learned to sentences ...

  6. Paraphrasing worksheets

    Students paraphrase short texts in their own words. Free | Writing | Worksheets | Grade 4 | Printable ... Open PDF. Ostriches: Worksheet #1. Cheetahs: Worksheet #2. Brazil: Worksheet #3. Jellyfish: Worksheet #4. Bumblebees: ... Our members helped us give away millions of worksheets last year. We provide free educational materials to parents and ...


    PARAPHRASING WITH SYNONYMS - WORKSHEET 1 Part A: Add Synonyms . Find a synonym for the underlined words/phrases. Re-write each sentence using these new words and phrases . 1. Around 30,000 children may be helped by the proposed "free lunch" program. 2. All of the people in class studied hard. The effect was a big increase in test scores. 3.

  8. PDF Paraphrasing and Citation Activities, APA Style 7th Edition

    Activity 1: Paraphrasing One Sentence. This activity consists of three steps: Read the following published sentence and then paraphrase it—that is, rewrite it in your own words. You do not need to repeat every element. Instead, try changing the focus of the sentence while preserving the meaning of the original.


    Find the words in Paraphrase 2 that replace the key words in the original text highlighted in blue below. Paraphrase 2 . The United States, Germany, Japan and . other industrial powers. are being . transformed. from industrial economies to knowledge and information based service economies, whilst. manufacturing . has been moving. to . low wage ...

  10. PDF Principles of Paraphrasing

    2 Tutorial Outline • Module 1: Defining Correct Paraphrasing • Module 2:Module 2: Rules for Quoting Summarizing andRules for Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing • Module 3: Tips and Strategies for Successful Paraphrasing • Self Check:Self Check: Paraphrasing Skills Worksheet (with TextsParaphrasing Skills Worksheet (with Texts by HGSE Faculty) and Answer Key

  11. PDF Paraphrasing MLA Worksheet-Updated

    2. Write your paraphrase without looking at the source This is a very impor tant step that will ensure your paraphrase is not using any of the same words or sentence structure as the original source. 3. Review your paraphrase for accuracy 4. Clearly introduce paraphrase and include an in-text citation Example: Direct Quote from a Source:

  12. PDF Effective Paraphrasing

    Paraphrase #1: As put forth by Verbosity (2021), freedom of choice extends to the acceptance or rejection of God's own existence and to whether humans accept the Bible as true or devise

  13. PDF Test Your Paraphrasing Skills Worksheet

    Begin each of the five sections by carefully reading the quoted passage. Using your own words, create a bulleted list of the ideas in the sentence(s). Looking only at the bulleted list you created, write a paraphrase of the sentence(s) synthesizing the ideas you think are important. Accurately reflects the meaning of the original passage.

  14. Paraphrasing worksheets

    Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions. Paraphrasing worksheets

  15. PDF Paraphrasing: Using Your Own Words

    Paraphrasing. paraphrase (n.), from Greek, Latin, and French roots, meaning to "to tell" and "beside". translates in older uses as "to tell in other words" or a "free rendering". meant to be a retelling of information in unique words, not word for word. commonly used and/or required in academic writing.

  16. PDF Quoting, Summarizing & Paraphrasing

    Paraphrase Practice Now paraphrase the quote. Remember that when you paraphrase, you convey more detailed ideas than in a summary using different words and different sentence structures. Try this strategy: read the first 3 sentences from the quote multiple times for comprehension. Then, look away or cover the quote and

  17. PDF W R I T I N G 1

    Paraphrase 1 Advertising is an important feature of daily life. Paraphrase 2 The influence of adverts can be felt in all aspects of our lives. 2. Adverts for the soft drink, Tango, have recently been banned for possibly encouraging playground bullying. Paraphrase 1 Advertising for the fizzy drink, Tango, have been disallowed recently for ...


    Paraphrasing and Summarizing: Express ideas in a quicker, more straightforward way. Avoid unnecessary details. Condense large ideas into compact, easily understood chunks that can add to your writing. Quotations: Restate someone else's ideas in a respectable, cited manner. Clarify that a passage or phrase is not your own.

  19. Paraphrasing : English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

    Paraphrasing. helenadimi. 3452. 44. 13. 0. 1/1. This worksheet is about enhancing the paraphrasing skills of your students. It also includes a fill in the gap exercise.

  20. 260 Rephrasing English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

    The ws consists of 27 sentences to practise rephrasing involving relative clauses, linking works, conditional clauses or passive voice. Thanks Phillip Martin for clipart. Hope it'... 6714 uses. A selection of English ESL rephrasing printables.

  21. Paraphrasing Exercises with Answers PDF

    Simply download and print this resource, and you'll have a ready-made paraphrasing task to do with your class. More resources like this Paraphrasing Exercises with Answers PDF. If you enjoyed these paraphrasing exercises, you're in luck! This topic is well covered on the Twinkl website, and you can find lots of engaging ways to tackle it.

  22. Paraphrasing worksheets

    Paraphrasing Buy Workbook. Download & Print Only $6.49. Paraphrasing. Comprehend then write. Students read a text and then re-write the text in their own words. These worksheets combine comprehension and writing. Open PDF. Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2 Worksheet #3. Worksheet #4. ... Our members helped us give away millions of worksheets last year.

  23. PARAPHRASING: English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

    PARAPHRASING. There are 9 exercises.SS have to rephrase sentences ( simple past-present perfect, passive voice,reported speech,too-enough,conditionals, so-such,rather-prefer,….