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  1. Sample Personal Statement for Political Science

    The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to several top graduate schools in political science. Variations of this PS got accepted at Duke, UCLA, and NYU. Read this essay to understand what a top personal statement in political science should look like. Sample Personal Statement for Graduate School in PoliSci

  2. Politics Personal Statement Examples

    Political Science Personal Statement Example 3. The study of Political Science highlights the humanistic and intellectual thirst of human beings. It is ever changing. International Relations is necessary as it ensures the safety of the world. While it is the core aspect of a government, Politics and International Relations are not confined to ...

  3. PDF WritingStatementofPurposeforGraduateSchool Application

    Statement of Purpose, Political Science As statist institutions and state-created group identities unravel, the hukou system has been un-dergoing reforms with considerable local discretion from the late 1990s to present. This allows me to adopt a subnational research design and use mixed methods for empirical analysis. To ex-

  4. Effective Political Science Masters Personal Statement for School

    Understanding the Role of a Political Science Masters Personal Statement. When applying for a master's degree program in political science, you will likely be asked to submit a personal statement. This statement is an opportunity for you to share your academic and professional achievements, demonstrate why you are passionate about the field.

  5. Political Science Personal Statement Example 3

    This personal statement is unrated. The study of Political Science highlights the humanistic and intellectual thirst of human beings. It is ever changing. International Relations is necessary as it ensures the safety of the world. While it is the core aspect of a government, Politics and International Relations are not confined to it and affect ...

  6. Politics Personal Statement Examples

    Degree Course Quiz. Find the ideal university course for you in minutes by taking our degree matchmaker quiz today. Browse our range of Politics personal statement examples. Gain inspiration & make sure you're on the right track when writing your own personal statement.

  7. Politics personal statements

    Personal Statement:Intenational politics statement. Personal Statement:International Politics 1. Personal Statement:MA History and Politics. Personal Statement:History and Politics 6. Personal Statement:Political Science. Personal Statement:Political Science and Philosophy 1. Personal Statement:Politics 1.

  8. Personal statement advice: politics

    Politics: less can be more. Demonstrating your understanding of and interest in studying politics is a key way of impressing tutors: 'The most persuasive statements are those that are clearly written and which get straight to the point. Less is often more. I simply want it made clear to me that an applicant is academically interested in ...

  9. Personal statement

    Personal statements are looked at on a comparative basis and there is a great deal of competition for places at LSE. ... London School of Economics and Political Science. Houghton Street. London. WC2A 2AE UK . LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 70527. +44 (0)20 7405 7686. Campus map.

  10. Writing a Personal Statement

    Be Brief. Your statement should ideally be short: one-page single-spaced or two pages double-spaced. Two pages double-spaced is the absolute maximum and even this amount is generally discouraged because the admission committee members have thousands of applications to review and will look negatively on you making them take extra time to read ...

  11. Political Science Personal Statement Example 2

    Political Science Personal Statement Example 2. From Darwin's Theory of Evolution to the French ideologies during the revolution of 1789 to Karl Marx's theory on communism to Hitler's Nazi ideology, all are famous historical ideologies that have contributed to today's world. These theories fascinate me by the influence that they have left behind.

  12. Political Science Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

    Sample Statement of Purpose for the MA in Political Science, Colombian, US Military Experience. My first choice for graduate school is your especially distinguished Master's Program in Political Science at the University of XXXX. I have recently returned home to Florida after 10 years in the US Navy, seen much of the world, and feel that I ...

  13. BA Politics and Sociology Personal Statement

    BA Politics and Sociology Personal Statement. Submitted by Emma. The world of politics is always evolving - there are always new policies or new concepts to consider, explore and analyse. Just as the progression politics and the dynamics of society have informed the modern political world, the shaping of policy and the progression of our ...

  14. Excellent politics personal statement example (downloadable)

    Additionally, as a political science student, I have studied the general security concerns of the nation-state and how the domestic context of each state relates to its international relations. ... Criminology and Forensic Science BSc Personal Statement; Law degree personal statement example (9) Criminology BSc (Hons) Personal Statement Example ...

  15. Politics & International Relations Statement

    Politics and International Relations Personal Statement. Growing up in Colombia, I have experienced first-hand the consequences of living in a country where corruption and widespread ignorance of the true power of democracy have affected generations of citizens. When I came to England, I was exposed to a completely different political ...

  16. Personal statements

    Example of application guidance from LSE: You must submit a personal statement with your application form. This should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words. It should describe your academic interests and your purpose and objectives in undertaking graduate study. Suggestions of what to include for this phrasing: Your academic interests - This part ...

  17. Graduate Admissions

    We also require a personal statement of 250-500 words. You should use the personal statement to address how your background and life experiences (including cultural, geographical, financial, and educational opportunities and challenges) have shaped your academic career and your decision to pursue a graduate degree in political science.

  18. Political Science Personal Statement Example 1

    Political Science Personal Statement Example 1. I have begun my personal statement a number of times, wondering where to start, what to include and what themes will interest whomever reads this, yet one thing that constantly arises - is a genuine interest in culture and ideologies. The distribution of power, be it due to gender, class ...

  19. Admissions

    Each fall, the Department of Political Science accepts applications for admission to our doctoral program. Applications become available in September and are accepted until December 15 for admission the following fall. ... The personal statement is not the same as the academic statement of purpose. Please do not repeat your academic statement ...

  20. Personal Statement About Political Science Personal Statement

    Political Science Personal Statement for U.W. My academic and professional experiences validate my claim of competence in combining public policy analysis, economic skills and an advocacy towards the betterment of the society through the said areas of expertise. I believe that I have displayed these virtuous based on my accomplishments on ...

  21. Politics and International Relations Personal Statement Example 1

    Statement rating: Politics can be seen as essentially a convention inextricably linked to the birth of diversityand conflict,but it can also be seen as a willingness to co-operate and act collectively.Mypassion to study politics further is unrelenting.The current lack of political participationin modern society intrigues me.I am certain that ...

  22. What Can You Do with a Political Science Degree?

    A degree in political science can open up many career paths. It can help you start a career in politics, policy-making, nonprofit organizations, business, media or education. Political science is also a popular choice for undergraduate students who plan to go to law school. Keep reading to learn more about the degree and potential career paths.

  23. Human, Social, and Political Sciences Personal Statement Example

    Although this personal statement was mainly written with an Oxbridge application in mind, it also granted me offers to my 4 other UCAS choices, namely Durham (Combined Honours in SocSci), UCL (Social Sciences), KCL (Liberal Arts) and York (Soc and Pol Sci with Philosophy). The most important advice I would give to someone writing their personal ...

  24. Human, Social & Political Sciences Personal Statement Example 2

    A personal statement aimed particularly towards Cambridge - Human, Social, and Political Sciences. Feedback is appreciated. :) This personal statement is unrated. During my trip to China in 2006, I discovered a society vastly different from the one I was growing up in. While exploring the outskirts of Shanghai, my family and I were astonished ...