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Dictate Notes

Start taking notes, on our online voice-enabled notepad right away, for free.

Transcribe Recordings

Automatically transcribe (as well as summarize & translate) audios & videos. Upload files from your device or link to an online resource (Drive, YouTube, TikTok or other). Export to text, docx, video subtitles & more.

Speechnotes is a reliable and secure web-based speech-to-text tool that enables you to quickly and accurately transcribe your audio and video recordings, as well as dictate your notes instead of typing, saving you time and effort. With features like voice commands for punctuation and formatting, automatic capitalization, and easy import/export options, Speechnotes provides an efficient and user-friendly dictation and transcription experience. Proudly serving millions of users since 2015, Speechnotes is the go-to tool for anyone who needs fast, accurate & private transcription. Our Portfolio of Complementary Speech-To-Text Tools Includes:

Voice typing - Chrome extension

Dictate instead of typing on any form & text-box across the web. Including on Gmail, and more.

Transcription API & webhooks

Speechnotes' API enables you to send us files via standard POST requests, and get the transcription results sent directly to your server.

Zapier integration

Combine the power of automatic transcriptions with Zapier's automatic processes. Serverless & codeless automation! Connect with your CRM, phone calls, Docs, email & more.

Android Speechnotes app

Speechnotes' notepad for Android, for notes taking on your mobile, battle tested with more than 5Million downloads. Rated 4.3+ ⭐

iOS TextHear app

TextHear for iOS, works great on iPhones, iPads & Macs. Designed specifically to help people with hearing impairment participate in conversations. Please note, this is a sister app - so it has its own pricing plan.

Audio & video converting tools

Tools developed for fast - batch conversions of audio files from one type to another and extracting audio only from videos for minimizing uploads.

Our Sister Apps for Text-To-Speech & Live Captioning

Complementary to Speechnotes

Reads out loud texts, files & web pages

Reads out loud texts, PDFs, e-books & websites for free


Live Captioning & Translation

Live captions & translations for online meetings, webinars, and conferences.

Need Human Transcription? We Can Offer a 10% Discount Coupon

We do not provide human transcription services ourselves, but, we partnered with a UK company that does. Learn more on human transcription and the 10% discount .

Dictation Notepad

Start taking notes with your voice for free

Speech to Text online notepad. Professional, accurate & free speech recognizing text editor. Distraction-free, fast, easy to use web app for dictation & typing.

Speechnotes is a powerful speech-enabled online notepad, designed to empower your ideas by implementing a clean & efficient design, so you can focus on your thoughts. We strive to provide the best online dictation tool by engaging cutting-edge speech-recognition technology for the most accurate results technology can achieve today, together with incorporating built-in tools (automatic or manual) to increase users' efficiency, productivity and comfort. Works entirely online in your Chrome browser. No download, no install and even no registration needed, so you can start working right away.

Speechnotes is especially designed to provide you a distraction-free environment. Every note, starts with a new clear white paper, so to stimulate your mind with a clean fresh start. All other elements but the text itself are out of sight by fading out, so you can concentrate on the most important part - your own creativity. In addition to that, speaking instead of typing, enables you to think and speak it out fluently, uninterrupted, which again encourages creative, clear thinking. Fonts and colors all over the app were designed to be sharp and have excellent legibility characteristics.

Example use cases

  • Voice typing
  • Writing notes, thoughts
  • Medical forms - dictate
  • Transcribers (listen and dictate)

Transcription Service

Start transcribing

Fast turnaround - results within minutes. Includes timestamps, auto punctuation and subtitles at unbeatable price. Protects your privacy: no human in the loop, and (unlike many other vendors) we do NOT keep your audio. Pay per use, no recurring payments. Upload your files or transcribe directly from Google Drive, YouTube or any other online source. Simple. No download or install. Just send us the file and get the results in minutes.

  • Transcribe interviews
  • Captions for Youtubes & movies
  • Auto-transcribe phone calls or voice messages
  • Students - transcribe lectures
  • Podcasters - enlarge your audience by turning your podcasts into textual content
  • Text-index entire audio archives

Key Advantages

Speechnotes is powered by the leading most accurate speech recognition AI engines by Google & Microsoft. We always check - and make sure we still use the best. Accuracy in English is very good and can easily reach 95% accuracy for good quality dictation or recording.

Lightweight & fast

Both Speechnotes dictation & transcription are lightweight-online no install, work out of the box anywhere you are. Dictation works in real time. Transcription will get you results in a matter of minutes.

Super Private & Secure!

Super private - no human handles, sees or listens to your recordings! In addition, we take great measures to protect your privacy. For example, for transcribing your recordings - we pay Google's speech to text engines extra - just so they do not keep your audio for their own research purposes.

Health advantages

Typing may result in different types of Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Voice typing is one of the main recommended ways to minimize these risks, as it enables you to sit back comfortably, freeing your arms, hands, shoulders and back altogether.

Saves you time

Need to transcribe a recording? If it's an hour long, transcribing it yourself will take you about 6! hours of work. If you send it to a transcriber - you will get it back in days! Upload it to Speechnotes - it will take you less than a minute, and you will get the results in about 20 minutes to your email.

Saves you money

Speechnotes dictation notepad is completely free - with ads - or a small fee to get it ad-free. Speechnotes transcription is only $0.1/minute, which is X10 times cheaper than a human transcriber! We offer the best deal on the market - whether it's the free dictation notepad ot the pay-as-you-go transcription service.

Dictation - Free

  • Online dictation notepad
  • Voice typing Chrome extension

Dictation - Premium

  • Premium online dictation notepad
  • Premium voice typing Chrome extension
  • Support from the development team


$0.1 /minute.

  • Pay as you go - no subscription
  • Audio & video recordings
  • Speaker diarization in English
  • Generate captions .srt files
  • REST API, webhooks & Zapier integration

Compare plans

Privacy policy.

We at Speechnotes, Speechlogger, TextHear, Speechkeys value your privacy, and that's why we do not store anything you say or type or in fact any other data about you - unless it is solely needed for the purpose of your operation. We don't share it with 3rd parties, other than Google / Microsoft for the speech-to-text engine.

Privacy - how are the recordings and results handled?

- transcription service.

Our transcription service is probably the most private and secure transcription service available.

  • HIPAA compliant.
  • No human in the loop. No passing your recording between PCs, emails, employees, etc.
  • Secure encrypted communications (https) with and between our servers.
  • Recordings are automatically deleted from our servers as soon as the transcription is done.
  • Our contract with Google / Microsoft (our speech engines providers) prohibits them from keeping any audio or results.
  • Transcription results are securely kept on our secure database. Only you have access to them - only if you sign in (or provide your secret credentials through the API)
  • You may choose to delete the transcription results - once you do - no copy remains on our servers.

- Dictation notepad & extension

For dictation, the recording & recognition - is delegated to and done by the browser (Chrome / Edge) or operating system (Android). So, we never even have access to the recorded audio, and Edge's / Chrome's / Android's (depending the one you use) privacy policy apply here.

The results of the dictation are saved locally on your machine - via the browser's / app's local storage. It never gets to our servers. So, as long as your device is private - your notes are private.

Payments method privacy

The whole payments process is delegated to PayPal / Stripe / Google Pay / Play Store / App Store and secured by these providers. We never receive any of your credit card information.

More generic notes regarding our site, cookies, analytics, ads, etc.

  • We may use Google Analytics on our site - which is a generic tool to track usage statistics.
  • We use cookies - which means we save data on your browser to send to our servers when needed. This is used for instance to sign you in, and then keep you signed in.
  • For the dictation tool - we use your browser's local storage to store your notes, so you can access them later.
  • Non premium dictation tool serves ads by Google. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings . Alternatively, users can opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting https://youradchoices.com/
  • In case you would like to upload files to Google Drive directly from Speechnotes - we'll ask for your permission to do so. We will use that permission for that purpose only - syncing your speech-notes to your Google Drive, per your request.

Speech to Text Converter

Descript instantly turns speech into text in real time. Just start recording and watch our AI speech recognition transcribe your voice—with 95% accuracy—into text that’s ready to edit or export.

speech to text voices

How to automatically convert speech to text with Descript

Create a project in Descript, select record, and choose your microphone input to start a recording session. Or upload a voice file to convert the audio to text.

As you speak into your mic, Descript’s speech-to-text software turns what you say into text in real time. Don’t worry about filler words or mistakes; Descript makes it easy to find and remove those from both the generated text and recorded audio.

Enter Correct mode (press the C key) to edit, apply formatting, highlight sections, and leave comments on your speech-to-text transcript. Filler words will be highlighted, which you can remove by right clicking to remove some or all instances. When ready, export your text as HTML, Markdown, Plain text, Word file, or Rich Text format.

Download the app for free

More articles and resources.

New: Free Overdub on all Descript accounts, with easier voice cloning

New: Free Overdub on all Descript accounts, with easier voice cloning

speech to text voices

What is a video crossfade effect?

speech to text voices

New one-click integrations with Riverside, SquadCast, Restream, Captivate

Other tools from descript, advertising video maker, facebook video maker, youtube video summarizer, rotate video, marketing video maker, promo video maker, collaborative video editing.

speech to text voices

Speech to Text

speech to text voices

  • 3 Create a new project Drag your file into the box above, or click Select file and import it from your computer or wherever it lives.

speech to text voices

Expand Descript’s online voice recognition powers with an expandable transcription glossary to recognize hard-to-translate words like names and jargon.

speech to text voices

Record yourself talking and turn it into text, audio, and video that’s ready to edit in Descript’s timeline. You can format, search, highlight, and other actions you’d perform in a Google Doc, while taking advantage of features like  text-to-speec h, captions, and more.

speech to text voices

Go from speech to text in over 22 different languages, plus English. Transcribe audio in  French ,  Spanish , Italian, German and other languages from around the world. Finnish? Oh we’re just getting started.

speech to text voices

Yes, basic real-time speech to text conversion is included for free with most modern devices (Android, Mac, etc.) Descript also offers a 95% accurate text-to-speech converter for up to 1 hour per month for free.

Speech-to-text conversion works by using AI and large quantities of diverse training data to recognize the acoustic qualities of specific words, despite the different speech patterns and accents people have, to generate it as text.

Yes! Descript‘s AI-powered Overdub feature lets you not only turn speech to text but also generate human-sounding speech from a script in your choice of AI stock voices.

Descript supports speech-to-text conversion in Catalan, Finnish, Lithuanian, Slovak, Croatian, French (FR), Malay, Slovenian, Czech, German, Norwegian, Spanish (US), Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (BR), Turkish.

Descript’s included AI transcription offers up to 95% accurate speech to text generation. We also offer a white glove pay-per-word transcription service and 99% accuracy. Expanding your transcription glossary makes the automatic transcription more accurate over time.

speech to text voices

Free Text to Speech (TTS) Online

Try text to speech online and enjoy the best AI voices that sound human. TTS is great for Google Docs, emails, PDFs, any website, and more.

Snoop Dogg

Mr. President

Gwyneth Paltrow

Select Voice

  • Recommended

Select Speed

⚡️ 110 % productivity boost.

  • Speed Reader
  • 4.5x (900 WPM)
  • 3.0x (600 WPM)
  • 1.5x (300 WPM)
  • 1.0x (200 WPM)

Type or paste anything and press play to convert text to speech. Unlock your reading super powers. Speechify can cut your reading time in half!

Choose from 40+ languages

speech to text voices

Create a free account to continue

  • Convert any text into audio
  • 50+ premium voices
  • Create your own custom voices
  • Added layer of security for your documents
  • Save your files
  • Faster listening speeds (1.1x & above)
  • Automatically skip content (headers, footers, citations etc)
  • No limits or ads

Paste Web Link

Paste a web address link to get the contents of a webpage

  • Text to Speech

Text to Speech Features

Ditch robotic voices for Speechify’s text to speech that sound very real.

speech to text voices

The Best Text to Speech Converter

Listen up to 9x faster with Speechify’s ultra realistic text to speech software that lets you read faster than the average reading speed, without skipping out on the best AI voices.

speech to text voices

Listen & Read at the Same Time

With Speechify text highlighting you can choose to just listen, or listen and read at the same time. Easily follow along as words are highlighted – like Karaoke. Listening and reading at the same time increases comprehension.

speech to text voices

Convert Text to Studio-Quality Voices

With Speechify’s easy-to-use AI text to speech voices, you can forget about warbly robotic text to speech AI voices. Our accurate human-like AI voices are HD quality and available in 30+ languages and 100+ accents.

Image to Speech

Scan or take a picture of any image and Speechify will read it aloud to you with its cutting-edge OCR technology. Save your images to your library in the cloud and access it anywhere. You can now listen to that note you got from a friend, relative, or other loved one.

Try Text to Speech in these Popular Voices

The most realistic TTS voices only on the best text to speech app.

Gwyneth Paltrow


What is text to speech

Text to speech, also known as TTS, read aloud, or even speech synthesis . It simply means using artificial intelligence to read words aloud be; it from a PDF , email, docs, or any website. There isn’t a voice artist recording phrases or words, or even the entire article. Speech generation is done on-the-fly, in real time, with natural sounding AI voices.

And that’s the beauty of it all. You don’t have to wait. You simply press play and artificial intelligence makes the words come alive instantly, in a very natural sounding voice. You can change voices and accents across multiple languages.

Listen to any article. Easily scan any printed material and convert the image to audio.

Get Text to Speech Today

And begin removing barriers to reading online

I used to hate school because I’d spend hours just trying to read the assignments. Listening has been totally life changing. This app saved my education.

speech to text voices

Ana Student with Dyslexia

Speechify has made my editing so much faster and easier when I’m writing. I can hear an error and fix it right away. Now I can’t write without it.

speech to text voices

Daniel Writer

Speechify makes reading so much easier. English is my second language and listening while I follow along in a book has seriously improved my skills.

speech to text voices

Lou Avid Reader

More text to speech features you’ll love, speechify text to speech online reviews, kate marfori.

Product Manager at The Star Tribune

With Speechify’s API, we can offer our users a new and accessible way to consume our content. We’ve seen that readers who choose to listen to articles with Speechify are on average 20% more engaged than users who choose not to listen.

Susy Botello

Thanks for sharing this.I love this feature. I just tweeted at you on how much I like it. The voice is great and not at all like the text-to-speech I am used to listening to. I am a podcaster and I think this will help a lot of people multitask a bit, especially if they are interrupted with incoming emails or whatever. You can read-along but continue reading if your eyes need to go elsewhere. Hope you keep this. It’s already in other web publications. I also see it in some news sites. So I think it could become a standard that readers expect when they read online. Can I vote twice?

Renato Vargas

I just started using Medium more and I absolutely love this feature. I’ve listened to my own stories and the Al does the inflections just as I would. Many complain that they can’t read their own stories, but let’s be honest. How many stories would go without an audio version if you had to do all of them yourself? I certainly appreciate it. Thanks for this!!

Oh! How cool – I love it 🙂 The voice is surprisingly natural sounding! My eyes took a much appreciated rest for a bit. I’ve been a long time subscriber to Audible on Amazon. I think this is Great 🙂 Thank you!

Paola Rios Schaaf

Super excited about this! We are all spending too much time staring at our screens. Using another sense to take in the great content at Medium is awesome.

Hi Warren, I am one of those small, randomly selected people, and I ABSOLUTELY love this feature. I have consumed more ideas than I ever have on Medium. And also as a non-native English speaker, this is really helping me to improve my pronunciation. Keep this forevermore! Love, Ananya:)

This is the single most important feature you can role out for me. I simply don’t have the time to read all the articles I would like to on Medium. If I could listen to the articles I could consume at least 3X the amount of Medium content I do now.

Andrew Picken

Love this feature Warren. I use it when I’m reading, helps me churn through reading and also stay focused on the article (at a good speed) when my willpower is low! Keeping me more engaged..

I was THRILLED the other day when I saw the audio option. I didn’t know how it got there, but I pressed play, and then I was blown away hearing the words that I wrote being narrated

Neeramitra Reddy

LOVE THISSS. As someone who loves audio almost as much as reading, this is absolute gold

What is text to speech (TTS)?

Text-to-speech goes by a few names. Some refer to it as TTS,  read aloud , or even speech synthesis ; for the more engineered name. Today, it simply means using  artificial intelligence  to read words aloud be; it from a PDF, email, docs, or any website. Instantly turn text into audio. Listen in English, Italian, Portuguese,  Spanish , or more and choose your accent and character to personalize your experience.

How does AI text to speech work?

Beautifully. Speech synthesis works by installing an app like Speechify either on your device or as a browser extension. AI scans the words on the page and  reads it out loud , without any lag. You can change the default voice to a custom voice, change accents, languages, and even increase or decrease the speaking rate.

AI has made significant progress in synthesizing voices. It can pick up on formatted text and change tone accordingly. Gone are the days where the voices sounded  robotic . Speechify is revolutionizing that.

Once you install the TTS mobile app, you can easily convert text to speech from any website within your browser, read aloud your email, and more. If you install it as a  browser extension , you can do just the same on your laptop. The web version is OS agnostic. Mac or Windows, no problem.

What is the text-to-speech service?

A text-to-speech service is a tool, like Speechify text to speech, that transforms your written words into spoken words. Imagine typing out a message and having it read out loud by a digital voice – that’s what TTS services, like Speechify TTS do.

What are the benefits of text to speech?

TTS technology offers many benefits, like helping those with reading difficulties, providing rest for your eyes, multitasking by listening to content, improving pronunciation and language learning, and making content accessible to a wider audience.

How is Speechify TTS better than Murf AI text to speech, Google Voice, or TTSReader?

Speechify TTS stands out by offering a more natural and human-like voice quality, a wider range of customization options, and user-friendly integration across devices. Plus, our dedication to accessibility means that we ensure a seamless and inclusive experience for all users.

Only available on iPhone and iPad

To access our catalog of 100,000+ audiobooks, you need to use an iOS device.

Coming to Android soon...

Join the waitlist

Enter your email and we will notify you as soon as Speechify Audiobooks is available for you.

You’ve been added to the waitlist. We will notify you as soon as Speechify Audiobooks is available for you.

speech to text voices

Text to speech

An AI Speech feature that converts text to lifelike speech.

Bring your apps to life with natural-sounding voices

Build apps and services that speak naturally. Differentiate your brand with a customized, realistic voice generator, and access voices with different speaking styles and emotional tones to fit your use case—from text readers and talkers to customer support chatbots.

speech to text voices

Lifelike synthesized speech

Enable fluid, natural-sounding text to speech that matches the intonation and emotion of human voices.

speech to text voices

Customizable text-talker voices

Create a unique AI voice generator that reflects your brand's identity.

speech to text voices

Fine-grained text-to-talk audio controls

Tune voice output for your scenarios by easily adjusting rate, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more.

speech to text voices

Flexible deployment

Run Text to Speech anywhere—in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge in containers.

speech to text voices

Tailor your speech output

Fine-tune synthesized speech audio to fit your scenario.  Define lexicons  and control speech parameters such as pronunciation, pitch, rate, pauses, and intonation with  Speech Synthesis Markup Language  (SSML) or with the  audio content creation tool .

speech to text voices

Deploy Text to Speech anywhere, from the cloud to the edge

Run Text to Speech wherever your data resides. Build lifelike speech synthesis into applications optimized for both robust cloud capabilities and edge locality using  containers .

Build a custom voice for your brand

Differentiate your brand with a unique  custom voice . Develop a highly realistic voice for more natural conversational interfaces using the Custom Neural Voice capability, starting with 30 minutes of audio.

Fuel App Innovation with Cloud AI Services

Learn five key ways your organization can get started with AI to realize value quickly.

Comprehensive privacy and security


AI Speech, part of Azure AI Services, is  certified  by SOC, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and ISO.

View and delete your custom voice data and synthesized speech models at any time. Your data is encrypted while it’s in storage.

Your data remains yours. Your text data isn't stored during data processing or audio voice generation.

Backed by Azure infrastructure, AI Speech offers enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

speech to text voices

We employ more than 3,500 security experts who are dedicated to data security and privacy.

The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list .

speech to text voices

Flexible pricing gives you the power and control you need

Pay only for what you use, with no upfront costs. With Text to Speech, you pay as you go based on the number of characters you convert to audio.

Get started with an Azure free account

speech to text voices

After your credit, move to  pay as you go  to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.

speech to text voices

Guidelines for building responsible synthetic voices

speech to text voices

Learn about responsible deployment

Synthetic voices must be designed to earn the trust of others. Learn the principles of building synthesized voices that create confidence in your company and services.

speech to text voices

Obtain consent from voice talent

Help voice talent understand how neural text-to-speech (TTS) works and get information on recommended use cases.

speech to text voices

Be transparent

Transparency is foundational to responsible use of computer voice generators and synthetic voices. Help ensure that users understand when they’re hearing a synthetic voice and that voice talent is aware of how their voice will be used. Learn more with our disclosure design guidelines.

Documentation and resources

Get started.

Read the  documentation

Take the  Microsoft Learn course

Get started with a 30-day learning journey

Explore code samples

Check out the  sample code

See customization resources

Customize your speech solution with  Speech studio . No code required.

Start building with AI Services

speech to text voices

Text to Speech Voice Over with Realistic AI Voices

Murf offers a selection of 100% natural sounding AI voices in 20+ languages to make professional voice over for your videos and presentations. Start your free trial.

speech to text voices

Quality Guaranteed, No Robotic Voices

Our voices are all human sounding and quality checked across dozens of parameters. Gone are the days of robotic text to speech, most people can’t even tell between our advanced AI voices and recorded human voices.

Text to Speech Voices in 20+ Languages

Murf offers a selection of voices across 20+ languages. Most languages have voices available for testing quality in the free plan. Some languages also support multiple accents like English, Spanish and Portuguese.

speech to text voices

A Simple Text to Voice Converter

speech to text voices

High-Quality Voices for Every Use Case


Not Just a Text to Speech Tool

speech to text voices

Emphasize specific words

Want to make your voiceover sound interesting? Use Murf’s ‘Emphasis’ feature to put that extra force on syllables, words, or phrases that add life to your voiceover.

speech to text voices

Take control of your narration with pitch

Use Murf’s ‘Pitch’ functionality to draw the listeners' attention to words or phrases expressing emotions. Customize the voice as you like to make it work for yourself.

speech to text voices

Elevate your story with pauses

Add pauses of varying lengths to your narration using Murf’s ‘Pause’ feature to give the listener's attention powers a rest and prepare them to receive your message.

speech to text voices

Perfect Word Pronunciation

Articulate words accurately and enhance clarity in speech by customizing pronunciation. Use alternative spellings or IPAs to achieve the right pronunciation.

speech to text voices

Fine Tune Narration Speed

Effortlessly increase or decrease the pace of the voiceover to ensure it aligns with the rhythm and flow of the message.

speech to text voices

Expressive Voice Style Palette

Infuse your narration with the exact emotion your content needs using Murf’s dynamic voice styles. Choose from versatile options like excited, sad, angry, calm, terrified, friendly, and more.

Text to Voice Generator Made Easy

Reliable and secure. your data, our promise..

speech to text voices

Why Use Murf AI Text to Speech?

Murf's text to audio software changes the way you create and edit voiceovers with lifelike, flawless AI voices. What used to take hours, weeks, or even months now only takes minutes. You can also include images, videos, and presentations to your voiceover and sync them together without the need for a third-party tool. Here are a few reasons why you should use Murf's text to speech.

speech to text voices

Save time and hundreds of dollars in recording expensive voice overs.

speech to text voices

Editing voice over is as simple as editing text. Just cut, copy paste and render.

speech to text voices

Create a consistent brand voice across all your customer touchpoints.

speech to text voices

Connect with global customers effectively with our multiple language AI voices.

speech to text voices

Build scalable voice applications with Murf’s Text to Speech API.

Tts voice over in 20+ languages.

speech to text voices


speech to text voices

Hear from Our Customers

speech to text voices

Murf allows me to create TTS voiceovers in a matter of minutes. Previously, I had a tedious process of sending scripts out to agencies and waited days to get voiceovers back. With Murf, I can make changes whenever I like, diversify my speaker portfolio by picking new voices instantly, and even ramp up my course localization.

speech to text voices

Murf it's an amazing text-to-speech AI voice generator, easy to work with, flexible and reliable. Its voices, non-pro and pro (either English, Spanish, and French), are both so real that many clients of mine have been surprised to know that they were not from professional voice-over actors.

speech to text voices

I recently tried murf.ai and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The quality of the generated voice is exceptional and very realistic, which is important for my business needs. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the range of voices available is impressive.

speech to text voices

This website is so easy and clear that you will find yourself mastering all the tools in no time. The fact that regenerating the voice with different voices, punctuations, and tones does not deduct from your allowed minutes is so fair and reasonable. And the price is affordable too. Highly recommended

speech to text voices

This is the most human-like voice I was able to find. It's very lively,and I found it suitable for many types of videos including marketing and e-learning, it kept my audience engaged!

speech to text voices

I just started to create a video channel about historical figures, and Murf.ai really brings them to life. I found my top voice for my scripts, and the easy integration of video elements makes it a breeze to create informative videos. I also like the easy changes one can make to the tone of voice from within the editor.

speech to text voices

Frequently Asked Questions

What is text to speech.

Text to speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text using AI. It was primarily designed as an assistive technology to help individuals with hearing impairments, visual and learning disabilities, and aged citizens to understand and consume content in a better manner. Today, the applications of text to voice have grown manifold, and range from content creation to voiceover generation to customer service, and more. With a touch of a button, text to speech converter can take words on a computer or other digital device and convert them into audio files. Today, the technology is used to create narratives for explainer videos or product demos , turn a book into an audio book, generate voiceovers for elearning materials, training videos, ads and commercials, YouTube videos, or podcasts, among other things.

How does text to speech converter work?

Text to speech online software leverages AI and deep learning algorithms to process the written input and sythesize a spoken output. The written text is first broken down into individual words and phrases by the text to speech AI software’s text analysis component and then various rules and algorithms are applied to determine the appropriate pronunciation, inflection, and emphasis for each word. The speech synthesis component of the software then takes this information along with pre-recorded sound samples of individual phonemes and uses it to generate the spoken words and sentences, which is then spoken out loud using a synthesized voice generated by a computer or other device. 

Top Five Use Cases of Text to Speech Online Software

From increasing brand visibility and customer traction to improving customer service and boosting customer engagement to helping people with visual impairments, reading difficulties, and learning disabilities, text to voice generator is proving to be a game-changing technology across industries. 

Considering the myriad of benefits offered by TTS technology and how simple they make information retention, businesses are integrating AI text to speech into their workflow in one form or another. Here is a glimpse of all the ways text to speech tool is currently being utilized:

TTS in Assistive Technology 

For quite some time now, text to speech apps and software has been used as an accessibility tool for individuals with a variety of special needs linked to Dyslexia, visual impairments, or other disabilities that make it difficult to read traditional text. Using TTS readers, people facing such problems can convert text to speech and learn by listening on the go. Text to speech converters also improve literacy and comprehension skills. When used in language education, they can make learning more engaging. For example, it's much easier and faster to apprehend a foreign language when listening to the live translation of written words with correct intonation and pronunciation than when reading. 

TTS in Translations

Given the fact that modern text to speech solutions come with multilingual support, brands can reach local customers by converting their content from text to audio in the local language. This will help target and connect with native-speaking customers or audiences in remote areas. 

Furthermore, text to speech online solutions can also be used to translate content from one language to another. This is especially beneficial for users who come across a piece of content in a language they don't understand and can have it read aloud in their native language or a language they are adept at for better understanding.

TTS in Customer Service

With advancements in speech synthesis, it has become easier to create text and convert it to pre-recorded voices for interactive voice response calls. Today's voice text to speech technology comes with human-like AI voices that can make natural human conversations on IVR calls. This helps contact centers provide personalized customer interactions without requiring assistance from live agents. 

TTS serves as both an inbound and outbound customer service tool. For example, when used in tandem with an IVR system, text to voice generators can provide personalized information to callers, such as greeting a customer by name, providing account information, confirming details about the order, payment, or appointment, and more. Furthermore, by tapping into the extensive range of languages, accents, and a wide variety female and male voices offered by TTS online software, companies can provide an experience that matches their customer's profiles or help promote an image for their brand. 

TTS in Automotive Industry

Text to audio solutions help make connected and autonomous cars safer and sound truly unique, begetting an on-road revolution. They can be used in in-car conversational systems for navigational prompts and map data, infotainment systems to read aloud information about the car, such as fuel level or tire pressure, and swap music and voice assistants to place phone calls, read messages, and more.

TTS in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, text to speech voices can be used to read aloud patient information, instructions for taking medication, and provide information to doctors and other medical professionals about upcoming appointments, scheduling calls, and more. 

Why text to speech matters for businesses?

It's an exciting time to stake your claim in the realm of speech synthesis. There are a number of key industries where the text to speech technology has already succeeded in making a dent. Here are a few different ways in which businesses can harness the power of text-to- speech and save money and time:

Enhances customer experience

Any business can leverage text to voice generators to alleviate human agent workload and offer customized conversational customer support. By integrating these solutions with IVR systems, companies can automate customer interactions, facilitate smart and personalized self-service by providing voice responses in the customer's language and remove communication barriers. Furthermore, organizations can also use text to audio converters to make AI-enabled routine calls to inform customers about promotional offers, payment reminders, and much more. That said, by using text-to-speech in voice-activated chatbots, businesses can provide customers, especially the visually impaired, with a more immersive experience, thereby enriching the customer experience.

Global market penetration

Text to speech online solutions offer synthetic voices in multiple languages enabling businesses to create content in several different languages and reach customers across different countries worldwide. Organizations can build trust with customers by creating voiceovers for ads, commercials, product demos, explainer videos, and PowerPoint presentations, among other content pieces in regional dialects and native languages. 

Increases Web Presence

That said, with the help of text to audio generators, businesses can provide an audio version of their content in addition to a written version, enabling more accessibility to a broader audience, who can choose whether to read or listen to it based on their preferences. This increases the brand's web presence. Moreover, using text-to-speech, brands can create a familiar, recognizable and unique voice across all their voice channels, making it easy for customers to identify the brand the second they hear it. This way, the brand shows up everywhere and improves its web presence.

Who else can benefit from text to speech tools?

Today’s online text to speech systems can generate speech that is almost indistinguishable from a human voice, making them a valuable tool for a wide range of applications, from improving accessibility for people with disabilities to providing convenient and efficient ways to communicate information.

Here is a list of everybody that can benefit immensely from using best text to speech softwares for their content and voiceover needs:

Many educators struggle to enhance the value of their curriculum while simplifying their workloads. This is where realistic text to speech technology plays a key role. Firstly, it improves accessibility for students with disabilities. Screen readers and other tools which are speech enabled can make learning an equal opportunity and enjoyable experience for those with learning and physical disabilities. Secondly, it helps teach comprehension in an effective manner. Text to speech software offers an easy way for students to listen to how words are spoken in their natural structure and following the same is easier through audio playback.

TTS software also enhances engagement and makes learning interesting for students. For example, using natural sounding text to speech voices, teachers can create engaging presentations and elearning modules that capture student’s attention. 

In marketing specifically, text to speech technology can help improve data collection, facilitate comprehensive customer profiling, and better data analysis. Online text to speech tools offer an easy way for businesses to reach a broader audience and create customized user experiences.

For instance, marketing teams can create and deliver videos to prospective clients to establish a connection and brief them on queries and complicated products or services in the language and accent the customer is comfortable with. Furthermore, AI voices enable marketing teams to create crisp, high quality professional-sounding voiceovers in a few simple steps without hiring voice actors or requiring any professional recording studios.

Text to speech generators offer authors numerous advantages. One, it serves as an editing aid and helps storytellers proof read their novels and manuscripts to identify grammatical errors and other mistakes in their drafts before publishing. Listening to their stories being read aloud also allows authors to gauge the response to their work on other people. Authors can also use realistic voice generators to convert their books into audiobooks and podcasts and broaden the reach of their work. 

From interviews about true crime to politics and science, there are all sorts of popular podcast formats today. And, regardless of how good your podcast topic is, it won’t matter if the host doesn’t have a good voice. That said, not everyone can have that best podcast voice like an old-school radio anchor or a news presenter. This is where text to speech platforms come in. You don’t have to record scripted intros, prologues, or epilogues, an AI narrator can do it for you. Through text to speech software, you can automatically create the narrative and voiceover for your podcast in the language and tone you want in a matter of minutes by simply uploading the script to the platform. 

Creating good voice overs for your animated explainer videos or product demos or games typically meant investing a lot of money on recording equipment and hiring professional voice actors. Not anymore. With AI text to speech platforms, you can add natural sounding voices to your animated video to make them more engaging and captivating. In fact, with text to speech software, you can give each character in your animated video or game, a unique voice. 

Customer Support Executives

Integrating realistic text to voice software with an IVR system enables customer service agents to concentrate more on complex customers rather than common queries. TTS-enabled IVR systems are capable of gathering information and providing responses to customers as necessary in a way that sounds just like an actual customer service agent.

Furthermore, text to voice systems also eliminate the need for IVR businesses to schedule voiceover retakes months in advance. With TTS systems, businesses can render a new voiceover in minutes creating thousands of iterations within a few clicks.

Text to speech reader is a game-changer for students of all ages and educational levels. By converting written text into spoken words, students can enhance their learning experience and comprehension. Text to speech technology can read content out aloud, making it easier for students to absorb information while multitasking. It is particularly useful for students with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disabilities as it provides them with an alternative way to consume educational content. Furthermore, the TTS tool can also be used to add narrations to presentations, explainer videos, how-to videos, and more.

Be it corporate trainers, fitness trainers, or lifestyle instructors, text to speech can be used to create engaging and accessible learning materials. For example, fitness trainers can convert written content into audio-based workout routines and personalized exercise plans. This helps to increase engagement levels and knowledge retention among the audience.

Similarly, corporate trainers can also use text to speech converters to create presentations on employee policies and other organizational practices. It makes the coursework highly engaging and improves employee performance at many levels. Additionally, using audio course materials is a great way to respect the staff with disabilities and give everyone equal access to training.  

Content Creators 

Content creators, including social media users, bloggers, writers, influencers, and authors, can leverage text to speech to enhance their productivity and reach a broader audience.

This technology enables content creators to convert their written articles, scripts, blog posts, or eBooks into high-quality audio files quickly in multiple languages instead of manually recording the voiceover.

Consequently, it opens up new avenues for content consumption. This allows readers to listen to the content while performing other tasks or when reading isn’t feasible, such as during commutes or workouts. 

Video Producers 

Video creators can easily add voiceovers or narration to their videos, eliminating the need for hiring voice actors or spending hours recording audio. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures consistent and professional-sounding voiceovers.

Murf: The Ultimate AI Text to Speech Software

If you are looking for a text to speech generator that can create stunning voiceovers for your tutorials, presentations, or videos, Murf is the one to go for. 

Murf can generate human-like, realistic, and natural-sounding voices. Its pièce de résistance is that Murf can do it in over 120+ unique voices in 20+ languages. 

This TTS reader also allows you to tweak the pitch of the voice, add pauses or emphasis, and alter the speed of the output to get the output just the way you want it. 

And the best part? Murf is extremely easy to use. Just type or paste in your script, choose your preferred voice in the language you want, and hit play. Murf will do the rest. 

Create Engaging Content with Murf's AI Voices

Murf text to audio converter can be used in a number of scenarios to elevate the quality of your overall content. Let's look at a few use cases where Murf can help and why it’s the best text to speech reader out there:

E-learning Videos

Murf’s free text to speech reader can help you create e-learning videos in multiple languages that will make your content accessible to a global audience. You can also increase the engagement of your e-learning video by adding emotions and expressions to your content. 


Murf’s AI voices can add a touch of professionalism to your presentations to help drive home those key points. You can use Murf to narrate your slides, explain your concepts, or tell the story of your brand in the exact tone and style you envisioned. 

You can also use this free text to speech reader to make your audiobooks sound as if they its been narrated by an actual person.

With Murf, you can also mix and match different voices for the various characters in the audiobook to take your storytelling up a few notches. 

Sales and Marketing Videos

Murf can also enhance your sales and marketing videos with persuasive and professional voiceovers. You can use these videos to showcase your products, services, or offers and tailor them in multiple languages to advertise to a potentially global audience. 

Product Demos

Finally, Murf can help you create informative and engaging product demo videos that showcase your product’s features and benefits in the best possible light.

Key Features of Murf AI Text to Speech

Apart from enabling users to enhance the quality of their voiceover content with compelling, nuanced, and natural sounding text to speech voices,  Murf offers an intuitive voice user interface and the ability to customize and control the voiceover output with features like pitch, speed, emphasis, pause, pronunciation and more.

More than Just a Text to Speech Software

Tired of hearing monotonous, robotic-sounding voiceovers? Not anymore. With Murf, enhance the quality of your content with compelling, nuanced, and natural sounding text to speech that replicate the subtleties of human voice. Fine-tune your voiceover narration and add more character to an AI voice with features such as Emphasis, Pronunciation, Speed, and more! From inviting and conversational to excited and loud to empathetic and authoritative, we have AI voices that span different intonations and emotions. Murf AI text to speech (TTS) supports Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Turkish. Some of these languages also support multiple accents. For example, our English language AI voices support British, Australian, American, and Indian accents. Our Spanish AI voices support Mexican and Spain accents. The TTS online software also offers users the ability to add background audio or music to their content. Murf studio, in fact, comes with a curated selection of royalty-free music in their gallery that the user can choose from to add some music to their video. You can also upload your own audio files or even import from external sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites. Murf's text to sound has a voice changer feature that lets you upload your existing recording and revamp it with professional AI voice in a single click. You can change your voice to an AI voice in three simple steps: transcribe the audio, choose an AI voice, and regenerate the audio in a new voice. It's as easy as pie.

Additionally, the tool also supports an AI translation feature that enables you to convert your scripts and voiceovers into multiple languages in minutes. With Murf AI Translate, you can convert your projects into 20 different global and regional languages, making them accessible to a broader audience and expanding your reach.

Summing It Up

Murf is a powerful text to speech reader that can help you create engaging and professional voiceovers for your videos, presentations , and so much more. 

To put it in short, with Murf, you can:

  • Save a ton of money that would have otherwise been spent on voice actors and renting out studio spaces.
  • Widen your reach to a global audience with its support for over 120+ unique voices in over 20+ languages.
  • Make your content accessible to anyone with visual or specific cognitive disabilities. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial of Murf today!

Murf supports Text to speech in

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Text to Speech is a game-changer for video creators, significantly reducing production time and costs by eliminating the need for voice actors and recording sessions. With its diverse range of customizable voices and accents, Text to Speech enables creators to deliver high-quality, engaging content that captivates their audience and elevates their videos to the next level.

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Expand and reach audiences worldwide with our high-quality human-like voices, created especially for global content. With 100+ languages and accents available, localizing your audio and video content has never been easier.

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On-demand voices ready to go whenever you need.

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Discover all kinds of content LOVO can help you create instantly with tailored voices.

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Radek Kaczynski

Radek Kaczynski

CEO of ‘Bouncer’

The moment we heard this voice we knew this is it! Winston for past three years was developing his personality, but finally is complete with his own voice!!! And not an ordinary voice, one that when you listen to it, you feel like at the campfire listening to the wisdom coming from far journeys, an yet he’s talking about email deliverability ;)

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin

Director of ‘Griffin Productions Ltd.’

LOVO has been really useful in our social media production. It has allowed us to generate voice-overs and character dialogue for some of our output. We use LOVO as part of our script writing process to preview copy and depending on the project, deliver the recording. Being able to audition from a great range of voices and delivery styles, with a script in realtime, is very advantageous and helps us achieve client approval so much quicker.

John Laing

Managing Partner & Supervising Sound Editor ‘Urban Post’

For Spiral we had the challenge of having voice tapes that were somewhat gender neutral and to sound nothing like any other of the Saw franchise films. I came up with the idea of an A.I. style of voice. Going through LOVO’s library of voices we came across a female voice that spoke the words very well for clarity. When we pitched and slowed down the wav files, we got exactly what we needed. Clear, neutral, and weird! Thanks LOVO!

Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster

Host of the ‘Window on Technology podcast’

I used LOVO to create the spoken intro and the outro. I was really amazed at how easy it was to use it. You just basically enter the sentences you want to speak, you select the speaker that you want to use, and you can already download the audio file. Thanks a lot for the service!

Oren Aharon

Oren Aharon

CEO of ‘Hour One AI’

LOVO is a leading provider of high quality voices in a large verity of languages with an excellent support! LOVO custom voices replicate the original voice in a high accuracy and authenticity.

Jong Yoon Kim

Jong Yoon Kim

Manager at Toothlife

We used LOVO's Speech Synthesis and TTS technologies to create a special product feature for our Toonation creators. Each creator recorded a short script to clone their voice, which they could use to create content on their own, and also allow their fans to use when the fans made donations to them in their channels. Both the creators and the fans loved the freshness of this new feature and of its quality. The key factor was that LOVO was able to capture each creator's tone, pronunciation, character, and the general speaking habits to really encapsulate their persona.

Adam Fine

Head of Music & Audio ‘Fiverr’

Partnering with LOVO has helped us smoothly integrate synthetic voices to our platform and level up our offering to our freelancer community. The team at LOVO has been instrumental in bringing our vision with AI voiceovers and text-to-speech to life, and has been a great long term collaborator - bringing their experience in the field to our use case.

Alex Karpyza

Alex Karpyza

Sr. Director, Product Management ‘LotLinx’

LotLinx has utilized LOVO AI technology for their excellent text-to-speech and AI voiceover capabilities for over 2 years now! We utilize LOVO to power the audio voiceover behind a variety of our video ads as the integration is seamless and the quality of the output is first class. The LOVO team was happy to retrain their AI models to better support automotive terminology to suit our use case and are always super responsive. LOVO is a 5 star service!

Tamara Tirjak

Tamara Tirjak

Head of Localisation ‘Frontier Developments’

We use LOVO neural voices in Jurassic World Evolution 2, our ground-breaking immersive management game, as an AI tour guide in 9 languages. We love the quality and tone of the voice samples in their library. The API is easy to use and quick to generate all the spoken lines we need. In order to receive a 10/10 we’d be looking for an interface with powerful tools to edit and fine-tune the synthesized speech output. Aside from than that, it has been a pleasure to work with this innovative solution and the highly knowledgeable staff of LOVO.

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Create Humanlike Voiceovers

The simplest most robust & affordable AI voice-over generating tool online. Mix voices, languages & speeds. Listen before recording. Unlimited!

Additional Text-To-Speech Solutions

Turns your articles, PDFs, emails, etc. into podcasts, so you can listen to it on your own podcast player when convenient, with all the advantages that come with your podcast app.

SpeechNinja says what you type in real time. It enables people with speech difficulties to speak out loud using synthesized voice (AAC) and more.

Battle tested for years, serving millions of users, especially good for very long texts.

Need to read a webpage? Simply paste its URL here & click play. Leave empty to read about the Beatles 🎸

Books & Stories

Listen to some of the best stories ever written. We have them right here. Want to upload your own? Use the main player to upload epub files.

Simply paste any URL (link to a page) and it will import & read it out loud.

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TTSReader reads out loud texts, webpages, pdfs & ebooks with natural sounding voices. Works out of the box. No need to download or install. No sign in required. Simply click 'play' and enjoy listening right in your browser. TTSReader remembers your text and position between sessions, so you can continue listening right where you left. Recording the generated speech is supported as well. Works offline, so you can use it at home, in the office, on the go, driving or taking a walk. Listening to textual content using TTSReader enables multitasking, reading on the go, improved comprehension and more. With support for multiple languages, it can be used for unlimited use cases .

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Main Use Cases

Listen to great content.

Most of the world's content is in textual form. Being able to listen to it - is huge! In that sense, TTSReader has a huge advantage over podcasts. You choose your content - out of an infinite variety - that includes humanity's entire knowledge and art richness. Listen to lectures, to PDF files. Paste or upload any text from anywhere, edit it if needed, and listen to it anywhere and anytime.


One of the best ways to catch errors in your writing is to listen to it being read aloud. By using TTSReader for proofreading, you can catch errors that you might have missed while reading silently, allowing you to improve the quality and accuracy of your written content. Errors can be in sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar, but also in your essay's structure, order and content.

Listen to web pages

TTSReader can be used to read out loud webpages in two different ways. 1. Using the regular player - paste the URL and click play. The website's content will be imported into the player. (2) Using our Chrome extension to listen to pages without leaving the page . Listening to web pages with TTSReader can provide a more accessible, convenient, and efficient way of consuming online content.

Turn ebooks into audiobooks

Upload any ebook file of epub format - and TTSReader will read it out loud for you, effectively turning it into an audiobook alternative. You can find thousands of epub books for free, available for download on Project Gutenberg's site, which is an open library for free ebooks.

Read along for speed & comprehension

TTSReader enables read along by highlighting the sentence being read and automatically scrolling to keep it in view. This way you can follow with your own eyes - in parallel to listening to it. This can boost reading speed and improve comprehension.

Generate audio files from text

TTSReader enables exporting the synthesized speech with a single click. This is available currently only on Windows and requires TTSReader’s premium . Adhering to the commercial terms some of the voices may be used commercially for publishing, such as narrating videos.

Accessibility, dyslexia, etc.

For individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, listening to textual content, lectures, articles & web pages can be an essential tool for accessing & comprehending information.

Language learning

TTSReader can read out text in multiple languages, providing learners with listening as well as speaking practice. By listening to the text being read aloud, learners can improve their comprehension skills and pronunciation.

Kids - stories & learning

Kids love stories! And if you can read them stories - it's definitely the best! But, if you can't, let TTSReader read them stories for you. Set the right voice and speed, that is appropriate for their comprehension level. For kids who are at the age of learning to read - this can also be an effective tool to strengthen that skill, as it highlights every sentence being read.

Main Features

Ttsreader is a free text to speech reader that supports all modern browsers, including chrome, firefox and safari..

Includes multiple languages and accents. If on Chrome - you will get access to Google's voices as well. Super easy to use - no download, no login required. Here are some more features

Fun, Online, Free. Listen to great content

Drag, drop & play (or directly copy text & play). That’s it. No downloads. No logins. No passwords. No fuss. Simply fun to use and listen to great content. Great for listening in the background. Great for proof-reading. Great for kids and more. Learn more, including a YouTube we made, here .

Multilingual, Natural Voices

We facilitate high-quality natural-sounding voices from different sources. There are male & female voices, in different accents and different languages. Choose the voice you like, insert text, click play to generate the synthesized speech and enjoy listening.

Exit, Come Back & Play from Where You Stopped

TTSReader remembers the article and last position when paused, even if you close the browser. This way, you can come back to listening right where you previously left. Works on Chrome & Safari on mobile too. Ideal for listening to articles.

Vs. Recorded Podcasts

In many aspects, synthesized speech has advantages over recorded podcasts. Here are some: First of all - you have unlimited - free - content. That includes high-quality articles and books, that are not available on podcasts. Second - it’s free. Third - it uses almost no data - so it’s available offline too, and you save money. If you like listening on the go, as while driving or walking - get our free Android Text Reader App .

Read PDF Files, Texts & Websites

TTSReader extracts the text from pdf files, and reads it out loud. Also useful for simply copying text from pdf to anywhere. In addition, it highlights the text currently being read - so you can follow with your eyes. If you specifically want to listen to websites - such as blogs, news, wiki - you should get our free extension for Chrome

Export Speech to Audio Files

TTSReader enables exporting the synthesized speech to mp3 audio files. This is available currently only on Windows, and requires ttsreader’s premium .

Pricing & Plans

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  • Premium TTSReader.com
  • Premium Chrome extension
  • Better support from the development team

Compare plans

Sister Apps Developed by Our Team


Dictation & Transcription

Type with your voice for free, or automatically transcribe audio & video recordings

Buttons - Kids Dictionary

Turns your device into multiple push-buttons interactive games

Animals, numbers, colors, counting, letters, objects and more. Different levels. Multilingual. No ads. Made by parents, for our own kids.

Ways to Get In Touch, Feedback & Community

Visit our contact page , for various ways to get in touch with us, send us feedback and interact with our community of users & developers.

Free AI Text to Speech Online


Click to generate speech in:

Intelligent ai speech synthesis, diverse and dynamic voices, emotional range..

Diverse emotional inflections tailored for every narrative need.

Multilingual Capability.

All our voices fluently span 29 languages, retaining unique characteristics across each.

Voice Variety.

Design with Voice Design, explore with Voice Library, or select top-tier voice actors for unmatched natural voice quality.

Multilingual V2

Text to Speech in 29 Languages

Precision voice tuning.

Choose between expressive variability or consistent stability to fit your content's tone.

Clarity + Similarity Enhancement

Optimize for clear, artifact-free voices or enhance for speaker resemblance.

Style Exaggeration

Accentuate voice styles or prioritize speed and stability.

Text to speech for teams of all sizes

5 stars

The voices are really amazing and very natural sounding. Even the voices for other languages are impressive. This allows us to do things with our educational content that would not have been possible in the past.

speech to text voices

It's amazing to see that text to speech became that good. Write your text, select a voice and receive stunning and near-perfect results! Regenerating results will also give you different results (depending on the settings). The service supports 30+ languages, including Dutch (which is very rare). ElevenLabs has proved that it isn't impossible to have near-perfect text-to-speech 'Dutch'...

speech to text voices

We use the tool daily for our content creation. Cloning our voices was incredibly simple. It's an easy-to-navigate platform that delivers exceptionally high quality. Voice cloning is just a matter of uploading an audio file, and you're ready to use the voice. We also build apps where we utilize the API from ElevenLabs; the API is very simple for developers to use. So, if you need a...

speech to text voices

As an author I have written numerous books but have been limited by my inability to write them in other languages period now that I have found 11 labs, it has allowed me to create my own voice so that when writing them in different languages it's not someone else's voice but my own. That's certainly lends a level of authenticity that no other narrator can provide me.

speech to text voices

ElevenLabs came to my notice from some Youtube videos that complained how this app was used to clone the US presidents voice. Apparently the app did its job very well. And that is the best thing about ElevenLabs. It does its job well. Converting text to speech is done very accurately. If you choose one of the 100s of voices available in the app, the quality of the output is superior to all...

speech to text voices

Absolutely loving ElevenLabs for their spot-on voice generations! 🎉 Their pronunciation of Bahasa Indonesia is just fantastic - so natural and precise. It's been a game-changer for making tech and communication feel more authentic and easy. Big thumbs up! 👍

speech to text voices

I have found ElevenLabs extremely useful in helping me create an audio book utilizing a clone of my own voice. The clone was super easy to create using audio clips from a previous audio book I recorded. And, I feel as though my cloned voice is pretty similar to my own. Using ElevenLabs has been a lot easier than sitting in front of a boom mic for hours on end. Bravo for a great AI product!

speech to text voices

The variety of voices and the realness that expresses everything that is asked of it

speech to text voices

I like that ElevenLabs uses cutting-edge AI and deep learning to create incredibly natural-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech. The voices generated are lifelike and emotive.

speech to text voices

A fast and easy-to-use text to speech API

We obsess over building the fastest and simplest text to speech API so you can focus on building incredible applications.

API screenshot

Ultra-low latency.

We deliver streamed audio in under a second.

Ease of use.

ElevenLabs brings the most compelling, rich and lifelike voices to developers in just a few lines of code.

Developer Community.

Get all the help you need through our expert community.


Global AI Speech Generator


Language selection

Accent selection, audio generation, wall of text to speech voices, how to use text to speech, choose your preferred voice, settings, and model..

For a pre-made voice, you can use our extensive library of voices. Or, you can clone, customize and fine-tune voices.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 1: Choose your preferred voice, settings, and model.

Enter the text you want to convert to speech.

Write naturally in any of our supported languages. Our AI will understand the language and context.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 2: Enter the text you want to convert to speech.

Generate spoken audio and instantly listen to the results.

Convert written text to high-quality files that can be downloaded in a variety of audio formats.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 3: Generate spoken audio and instantly listen to the results.

Perfect Your Sound


The placement of commas, periods, and other punctuation significantly influences the delivery and pauses in the output.

Longer text provides added context, ensuring a smoother and more natural audio flow.

Speaker Profile

Match your content to the ideal speaker. Different profiles have distinct delivery styles, catering to various tones and emotions.

Voice Settings

Refine your output by adjusting voice settings. Find the perfect balance to enhance clarity and authenticity.

Text to Speech Use Cases

Our AI text to speech software is designed to be flexible and easy to use, with a variety of voice options to suit your needs.

Take content creation to the next level

Create immersive gaming experiences, publish your written works, build engaging ai chatbots.


Why ElevenLabs Text to Speech?

Efficient content production..

Transform long written content to audio, fast. Maximize reach without traditional recording constraints.

Advanced API.

Seamlessly integrate and experience dynamic TTS capabilities.

Contextual TTS.

Our AI reads between the lines, capturing the heart of the content.

Language Authenticity.

Experience genuine speech in 29 languages, from nuances to native idioms.

Comprehensive Support.

Never feel lost. Our dedicated support and rich resource library mean you're always equipped to make the most of our cutting-edge technology.

Ethical AI Principles.

We prioritize user privacy, data protection, and uphold the highest ethical standards in AI development and deployment.

Frequently asked questions

How does the elevenlabs ai text to speech differ from other tts technologies.

ElevenLabs TTS leverages advanced deep learning models which are regularly updated and refined, ensuring high-quality audio output, emotion mapping, and a vast range of vocal choices for your ideal custom voice.

Can I customize the voice settings to match specific content needs?

Absolutely. Users can adjust Stability, Clarity, and Enhancement settings, allowing for voice outputs that range from entertainingly expressive to professionally sincere. Our platform provides the flexibility to match your content's unique requirements.

What is AI text to speech used for?

Text to speech has a vast array of applications, some are well established but more are emerging all the time. TTS is ideal for creating explainer videos, converting books into audio and producing creative video content without hiring voice actors. Our speech technology is ideal for any situation where accessibility and engagement can be improved through communicated written content in a high-quality voice.

What does "text to speech with emotion" mean?

It means our artificial intelligence model understands the context and can deliver the natural sounding speech with appropriate emotional intonations – be it excitement, sorrow, or neutrality. It adds a layer of realism, making the speech output more relatable and engaging.

How many languages does ElevenLabs support?

ElevenLabs proudly supports text to speech synthesis in 29 languages, ensuring that your content can resonate with a global audience.

How varied are the voice options available on ElevenLabs?

We offer a diverse range of voice profiles, catering to different tones, accents, and emotions. Whether you're seeking a particular regional accent or a specific emotional delivery, ElevenLabs ensures you find the perfect match for your content.

How secure is my data with ElevenLabs?

User data privacy and security are our top priorities. All user data and text inputs are handled with the utmost care, ensuring they are not used beyond the specified service purpose.

Does ElevenLabs offer an API for developers?

Yes, we provide a robust API that allows developers to integrate our advanced text-to-speech capabilities into their own applications, platforms, or tools.

How can I turn text into mp3 speech?

ElevenLabs makes it easy to turn text into mp3. Simply enter your text, choose a voice, generate the audio, and download.

Free AI Voice Generator

Use Deepgram's AI voice generator to produce human speech from text. AI matches text with correct pronunciation for natural, high-quality audio.

AI Voice Generation

Discover the Unparalleled Clarity and Versatility of Deepgram's AI Voice Generator

We harness the power of advanced artificial intelligence to bring you a state-of-the-art AI voice generator designed to meet all your audio creation needs. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, educator, or developer, our platform offers an incredibly realistic and customizable voice generation solution.

Human Voice Generation

Our AI voice generator is engineered to produce voices that are indistinguishable from real human speech. With a vast library of voices across different genders, ages, and accents, Deepgram empowers you to find the perfect voice for your project.

Low-latency Text to Speech

Deepgram's voice generator is one of the fastest on the market. We design our AI models to produce high-quality voices

How It Works

Choose Your Voice : Select from our diverse library of high-quality, natural-sounding AI voices.

Generate: Enter your text, generate your voiceover in seconds.

Download: Once you have you AI generated speech, easily download your audio file.

AI Realistic Voice Generator and Text-to-Speech

speech to text voices

speech to text voices

Vocalware's TTS supports SSML tags, which allow you to control the manner in which the text in your app is spoken. Below are a few examples.

Click on a tag below to insert an example in to the text box:

There are many more SSML tags. Listed here are only those tags which are supported by all of our voices. Additional tags may be supported by a subset of our voices, feel free to experiment.

How It Works

API Reference

Contact support

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

© 2024 Oddcast, Inc.

speech to text voices

Contact sales

speech to text voices

Just paste your text and click Play to listen.

Turn any text into audio instantly

Listening is primal to reading.

Listening was Born Before Reading

Listening predates reading in human communication history and remains a natural and intuitive way to absorb information.

Select one of the many voices available.

Natural-Sounding Voices

The AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology powers our free reader with high-quality voices so you can enjoy the timeless advantages of listening.

Listen to documents, books or emails while on the go.

Do More with Your Time

With our app, you can get through documents, articles, PDFs, and emails effortlessly, freeing your hands and eyes.

Play speech on any device.

Listen to Anything, Anywhere

You can listen to any text on desktop or mobile devices. Use our app now and unlock the potential of listening as the ultimate reading companion.

Select your Speechise Plan

Start free, upgrade when you need

Guaranteed safe & secure checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your answer here, please   contact us .

How does Speechise work?

You just open speechise.com in a browser, paste your text and click Play. The system converts the text to audio and the sound starts almost immediately. The chunk of text that is currently playing is highlighted in your browser. You can pause or continue listening.

Is Speechise Free?

Yes, you can use Speechise for free with the limit of 2,000 characters per single request.

All our subscription options are listed on the pricing page   for your convenience. You can upgrade to a paid version if you like Speechise and want to use it fully. Your feedback is appreciated in any case.

What Languages are Supported?

You can use 50+ languages and variants in 380+ voices.

Some of the supported languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Finnish, Greek, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Thai.

What is text-to-speech (TTS)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) software reads text or a document aloud for you. The text can be a fragment or a PDF, eBook, email or a webpage. The language can be English, Spanish, Portuguese or other. The voice sounds human and you can select accent/character.

Do I need to install anything?

No installation required. Speechise simply works in your browser on a desktop computer or a mobile device.


Realistic Text-to-Speech AI converter

speech to text voices

Create realistic Voiceovers online! Insert any text to generate speech and download audio mp3 or wav for any purpose. Speak a text with AI-powered voices.You can convert text to voice for free for reference only. For all features, purchase the paid plans

How to convert text into speech?

  • Just type some text or import your written content
  • Press "generate" button
  • Download MP3 / WAV

Full list of benefits of neural voices

Downloadable tts.

You can download converted audio files in MP3, WAV, OGG for free.

Downloadable TTS

If your Limit balance is sufficient, you can use a single query to convert a text of up to 2,000,000 characters into speech.

Commercial Use

You can use the generated audio for commercial purposes. Examples: YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Podcasts, Video Ads, Advertising, E-book, Presentation and other.


Multi-voice editor

Dialogue with AI Voices. You can use several voices at once in one text.

Dialogue editor

Custom voice settings

Change Speed, Pitch, Stress, Pronunciation, Intonation , Emphasis , Pauses and more. SSML support .

Custom voice settings

You spend little on re-dubbing the text. Limits are spent only for changed sentences in the text.

Save money

Over 1000 Natural Sounding Voices

Crystal-clear voice over like a Human. Males, females, children's, elderly voices.

Powerful support

We will help you with any questions about text-to-speech. Ask any questions, even the simplest ones. We are happy to help.

Compatible with editing programs

Works with any video creation software: Adobe Premier, After effects, Audition, DaVinci Resolve, Apple Motion, Camtasia, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

Works with any video creation software

You can share the link to the audio. Send audio links to your friends and colleagues.

tts Sharing

Cloud save your history

All your files and texts are automatically saved in your profile on our cloud server. Add tracks to your favorites in one click.

Cloud save your history

Use our text to voice converter to make videos with natural sounding speech!

Say goodbye to expensive traditional audio creation

Cheap price. Create a professional voiceover in real time for pennies. it is 100 times cheaper than a live speaker.

Traditional audio creation

sound studio

  • Expensive live speakers, high prices
  • A long search for freelancers and studios
  • Editing requires complex tools and knowledge
  • The announcer in the studio voices a long time. It takes time to give him a task and accept it.

speechgen on different devices

  • Affordable tts generation starting at $0.08 per 1000 characters
  • Website accessible in your browser right now
  • Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners
  • SpeechGen generates text from speech very quickly. A few clicks and the audio is ready.

Create AI-generated realistic voice-overs.

Ways to use. Cases.

See how other people are already using our realistic speech synthesis. There are hundreds of variations in applications. Here are some of them.

  • Voice over for videos. Commercial, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Add voice to any videos!
  • E-learning material. Ex: learning foreign languages, listening to lectures, instructional videos.
  • Advertising. Increase installations and sales! Create AI-generated realistic voice-overs for video ads, promo, and creatives.
  • Public places. Synthesizing speech from text is needed for airports, bus stations, parks, supermarkets, stadiums, and other public areas.
  • Podcasts. Turn text into podcasts to increase content reach. Publish your audio files on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast services.
  • Mobile apps and desktop software. The synthesized ai voices make the app friendly.
  • Essay reader. Read your essay out loud to write a better paper.
  • Presentations. Use text-to-speech for impressive PowerPoint presentations and slideshow.
  • Reading documents. Save your time reading documents aloud with a speech synthesizer.
  • Book reader. Use our text-to-speech web app for ebook reading aloud with natural voices.
  • Welcome audio messages for websites. It is a perfect way to re-engage with your audience. 
  • Online article reader. Internet users translate texts of interesting articles into audio and listen to them to save time.
  • Voicemail greeting generator. Record voice-over for telephone systems phone greetings.
  • Online narrator to read fairy tales aloud to children.
  • For fun. Use the robot voiceover to create memes, creativity, and gags.

Maximize your content’s potential with an audio-version. Increase audience engagement and drive business growth.

Who uses Text to Speech?

SpeechGen.io is a service with artificial intelligence used by about 1,000 people daily for different purposes. Here are examples.

Video makers create voiceovers for videos. They generate audio content without expensive studio production.

Newsmakers convert text to speech with computerized voices for news reporting and sports announcing.

Students and busy professionals to quickly explore content

Foreigners. Second-language students who want to improve their pronunciation or listen to the text comprehension

Software developers add synthesized speech to programs to improve the user experience.

Marketers. Easy-to-produce audio content for any startups

IVR voice recordings. Generate prompts for interactive voice response systems.

Educators. Foreign language teachers generate voice from the text for audio examples.

Booklovers use Speechgen as an out loud book reader. The TTS voiceover is downloadable. Listen on any device.

HR departments and e-learning professionals can make learning modules and employee training with ai text to speech online software.

Webmasters convert articles to audio with lifelike robotic voices. TTS audio increases the time on the webpage and the depth of views.

Animators use ai voices for dialogue and character speech.

Text to Speech enables brands, companies, and organizations to deliver enhanced end-user experience, while minimizing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Convert any text to super realistic human voices. See all tariff plans .

Enhance Your Content Accessibility

Boost your experience with our additional features. Easily convert PDFs, DOCx files, and video subtitles into natural-sounding audio.

📄🔊 PDF to Audio

Transform your PDF documents into audible content for easier consumption and enhanced accessibility.

📝🎧 DOCx to mp3

Easily convert Word documents into speech for listening on the go or for those who prefer audio format

📺💬 Subtitles to Speech

Make your video content more accessible by converting subtitles into natural-sounding audio.

Supported languages

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)
  • Arabic (Algeria)
  • Arabic (Egypt)
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
  • Bengali (India)
  • Catalan (Spain)
  • English (Australia)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (GB)
  • English (Hong Kong)
  • English (India)
  • English (Philippines)
  • German (Austria)
  • Hindi India
  • Spanish (Argentina)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (United States)
  • Tamil (India)
  • All languages: +76

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Realistic Voice AI

Realistic Voice AI

Lifelike and Powerful AI-Powered Free Online Text to Speech

Try the tool (any language)

How it works

Welcome to Realistic Voice, the leading AI Text-to-Speech platform that brings your written words to life with astonishing realism. Our advanced system utilizes state-of-the-art neural network models to generate natural and human-like speech patterns. So, how does it work? First, you simply input your text into our intuitive interface. Our powerful algorithms then analyze the input, taking into account various linguistic and contextual factors. Next, the system employs deep learning techniques to generate an audio waveform that closely resembles human speech. The resulting output preserves nuances such as intonation, rhythm, and even emotional expressions, ensuring an immersive and authentic auditory experience. Whether you’re a content creator, a developer, or someone looking for a lifelike voice for their project, Realistic Voice is your ultimate solution for converting text into captivating spoken content.

Text-to-Speech technology has revolutionized the way we engage with written content, opening up a wide range of exciting possibilities. With its versatility and natural-sounding voices, TTS can be utilized across various domains. For instance, authors and publishers can transform their books into engaging audiobooks, reaching a wider audience and providing an immersive storytelling experience. Documentaries and educational videos can benefit from TTS by adding a professional and captivating voiceover that enhances the viewer’s understanding and engagement. Content creators on platforms like YouTube and vlogs can use TTS to generate dynamic and expressive voices that accompany their videos, making them more engaging and accessible to diverse audiences. Additionally, TTS can bring poetry to life, providing a unique way to experience and appreciate literary works. From accessibility solutions for individuals with visual impairments to interactive voice-based applications and virtual assistants, the applications of TTS are vast and continually expanding, enabling seamless integration of written content into the auditory realm.

Want to try a dynamic demo of ReadSpeaker’s AI voices for your application?

Get in touch with our sales team to request a full demo with your own content.

Explore ReadSpeaker's AI voices

See our Languages & Voices page for a complete list of available languages for each solution.

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices are humanlike, relatable voices. There are 110+ voices available in 35+ languages , with more on their way. Meet the ReadSpeaker TTS family of high-quality voice personas and put them to the test.

Industry-Leading TTS Voices

At ReadSpeaker, we have a passion for developing high-quality TTS voices. In fact, expert third party industry observers rate the US English ReadSpeaker TTS voice as being the most accurate on the market .

The enthusiastic feedback we receive from our customers confirms that we deliver the very best TTS solutions for successful online, offline, embedded, and server-based applications around the world.

Our commitment to providing outstanding TTS solutions is made possible by our uncompromising production process, designed to guarantee the quality levels that have earned ReadSpeaker TTS the trust of customers from across countries and markets.

2023 Stevie Awards Winner

How Our TTS Voices Are Made

To create our speech personas, we select and record professional voice talents.

Once a voice talent has been selected, she or he works with our voice development team for several days or weeks, depending on the type of voice, or the voice technology, we want to use.

A diverse script is used for the recordings, designed to contain all the sound patterns of the language in development. The team closely monitors the recording process to check for consistency in pronunciation, accentuation, and style.

Neural Voices

ReadSpeaker creates so-called neural voices, using techniques based on deep learning AI technology. This revolutionary method involves mapping linguistic properties to acoustic features using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)

An iterative learning process minimises objectively measurable differences between the predicted acoustic features and the observed acoustic features in the training set.

One of the advantages of the new DNN TTS method is that the acoustic database can be much smaller than for a USS voice. Only a few hours of recorded speech are needed for a neural voice, compared to at least three times as many for a good quality USS voice.

Also, the resulting speech is generally smoother and even more human-like. This makes developing new, smart ReadSpeaker TTS voices with even more lifelike, expressive speech and customizable intonation faster than ever.

Custom voices

If your strategy is to offer an exclusive customer experience and you want to take your brand appeal to a new level, one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself is by using a custom voice to represent you.

A custom voice sets your brand apart and creates a powerful bond with your customers across your various communication touchpoints. If a preferred celebrity or other talent reflects your brand best and you want to be able to use their voice anytime you need it.

ReadSpeaker can create a custom TTS voice powered by our leading-edge speech engine, to give your brand instant recognition in the voice user interface.

Kitchen with a Sonos Speaker

  • ReadSpeaker webReader
  • ReadSpeaker docReader
  • ReadSpeaker TextAid
  • Assessments
  • Text to Speech for K12
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate Learning
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Custom Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices
  • Voice Cloning Software
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices
  • ReadSpeaker speechMaker Desktop
  • ReadSpeaker speechMaker
  • ReadSpeaker speechCloud API
  • ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI
  • ReadSpeaker speechServer
  • ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP
  • ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK
  • ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded
  • Accessibility
  • Automotive Applications
  • Conversational AI
  • Entertainment
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Guidance & Navigation
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Transportation
  • Virtual Assistant Persona
  • Voice Commerce
  • Customer Stories & e-Books
  • About ReadSpeaker
  • TTS Languages and Voices
  • The Top 10 Benefits of Text to Speech for Businesses
  • Learning Library
  • e-Learning Voices: Text to Speech or Voice Actors?
  • TTS Talks & Webinars

Make your products more engaging with our voice solutions.

  • Solutions ReadSpeaker Online ReadSpeaker webReader ReadSpeaker docReader ReadSpeaker TextAid ReadSpeaker Learning Education Assessments Text to Speech for K12 Higher Education Corporate Learning Learning Management Systems ReadSpeaker Enterprise AI Voice Generator Custom Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices Voice Cloning Software Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices ReadSpeaker speechCloud API ReadSpeaker speechEngine SAPI ReadSpeaker speechServer ReadSpeaker speechServer MRCP ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK ReadSpeaker speechEngine SDK Embedded
  • Applications Accessibility Automotive Applications Conversational AI Education Entertainment Experiential Marketing Fintech Gaming Government Guidance & Navigation Healthcare Media Publishing Smart Home Devices Transportation Virtual Assistant Persona Voice Commerce
  • Resources Resources TTS Languages and Voices Learning Library TTS Talks and Webinars About ReadSpeaker Careers Support Blog The Top 10 Benefits of Text to Speech for Businesses e-Learning Voices: Text to Speech or Voice Actors?
  • Get started

Search on ReadSpeaker.com ...

All languages.

  • Norsk Bokmål
  • Latviešu valoda

Request a full dynamic demo to try our voices with your scripts!

Please provide a brief project overview for a customized dynamic demo setup.

Available voices

Amazon Polly provides a variety of lifelike voices in multiple languages for synthesizing speech from text. The following table shows all the voices that Amazon Polly offers.

* This voice is bilingual. For more information, see Bilingual voices .

** These voices can be used with Newscaster speaking styles when used with the Neural format. For more information, see Newscaster voices .

Each Amazon Polly voice engine has unique features. Learn more about features and Region availability for the voice engines offered by Amazon Polly:

Generative voices

Long-form voices

Neural voices

Standard voices

Brand voices

In addition to the available voices listed in the previous table, you can use Amazon Polly to build a custom voice for your brand persona. With a brand voice, you can offer unique and exclusive voices to your customers. To learn more about Amazon Polly brand voices, see Brand Voice .


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MIT Technology Review

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OpenAI’s new GPT-4o lets people interact using voice or video in the same model

The company’s new free flagship “omnimodel” looks like a supercharged version of assistants like Siri or Alexa.

  • James O'Donnell archive page

screenshot from video of Greg Brockman using two instances of GPT4o on two phones to collaborate with each other

OpenAI just debuted GPT-4o, a new kind of AI model that you can communicate with in real time via live voice conversation, video streams from your phone, and text. The model is rolling out over the next few weeks and will be free for all users through both the GPT app and the web interface, according to the company. Users who subscribe to OpenAI’s paid tiers, which start at $20 per month, will be able to make more requests. 

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati led the live demonstration of the new release one day before Google is expected to unveil its own AI advancements at its flagship I/O conference on Tuesday, May 14. 

GPT-4 offered similar capabilities, giving users multiple ways to interact with OpenAI’s AI offerings. But it siloed them in separate models, leading to longer response times and presumably higher computing costs. GPT-4o has now merged those capabilities into a single model, which Murati called an “omnimodel.” That means faster responses and smoother transitions between tasks, she said.

The result, the company’s demonstration suggests, is a conversational assistant much in the vein of Siri or Alexa but capable of fielding much more complex prompts.

“We’re looking at the future of interaction between ourselves and the machines,” Murati said of the demo. “We think that GPT-4o is really shifting that paradigm into the future of collaboration, where this interaction becomes much more natural.”

Barret Zoph and Mark Chen, both researchers at OpenAI, walked through a number of applications for the new model. Most impressive was its facility with live conversation. You could interrupt the model during its responses, and it would stop, listen, and adjust course. 

OpenAI showed off the ability to change the model’s tone, too. Chen asked the model to read a bedtime story “about robots and love,” quickly jumping in to demand a more dramatic voice. The model got progressively more theatrical until Murati demanded that it pivot quickly to a convincing robot voice (which it excelled at). While there were predictably some short pauses during the conversation while the model reasoned through what to say next, it stood out as a remarkably naturally paced AI conversation. 

The model can reason through visual problems in real time as well. Using his phone, Zoph filmed himself writing an algebra equation (3 x + 1 = 4) on a sheet of paper, having GPT-4o follow along. He instructed it not to provide answers, but instead to guide him much as a teacher would.

“The first step is to get all the terms with x on one side,” the model said in a friendly tone. “So, what do you think we should do with that plus one?”

Like previous generations of GPT, GPT-4o will store records of users’ interactions with it, meaning the model “has a sense of continuity across all your conversations,” according to Murati. Other new highlights include live translation, the ability to search through your conversations with the model, and the power to look up information in real time. 

As is the nature of a live demo, there were hiccups and glitches. GPT-4o’s voice might jump in awkwardly during the conversation. It appeared to comment on one of the presenters’ outfits even though it wasn’t asked to. But it recovered well when the demonstrators told the model it had erred. It seems to be able to respond quickly and helpfully across several mediums that other models have not yet merged as effectively. 

Previously, many of OpenAI’s most powerful features, like reasoning through image and video, were behind a paywall. GPT-4o marks the first time they’ll be opened up to the wider public, though it’s not yet clear how many interactions you’ll be able to have with the model before being charged. OpenAI says paying subscribers will “continue to have up to five times the capacity limits of our free users.” 

Additional reporting by Will Douglas Heaven.

Artificial intelligence

Sam altman says helpful agents are poised to become ai’s killer function.

Open AI’s CEO says we won’t need new hardware or lots more training data to get there.

What’s next for generative video

OpenAI's Sora has raised the bar for AI moviemaking. Here are four things to bear in mind as we wrap our heads around what's coming.

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Is robotics about to have its own ChatGPT moment?

Researchers are using generative AI and other techniques to teach robots new skills—including tasks they could perform in homes.

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An AI startup made a hyperrealistic deepfake of me that’s so good it’s scary

Synthesia's new technology is impressive but raises big questions about a world where we increasingly can’t tell what’s real.

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OpenAI unveils huge upgrade to ChatGPT that makes it more eerily human than ever

ChatGPT's latest upgrade means the voice assistant can now respond to audio, text and visual inputs in real time. The new chatbot, named ChatGPT-4o, will be rolled out to alpha testers in the coming weeks.

A picture of a phone screen displaying GPT-4o in front of OpenAI's logo.

A new version of ChatGPT can read facial expressions, mimic human voice patterns and have near real-time conversations, its creators have revealed. 

OpenAI demonstrated the upcoming version of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, called GPT-4o, in an apparently real-time presentation on Monday (May 13). The chatbot, which spoke out loud with presenters through a phone, appeared to have an eerie command of human conversation and its subtle emotional cues — switching between robotic and singing voices upon command, adapting to interruptions and visually processing the facial expressions and surroundings of its conversational partners.

During the demonstration, the AI voice assistant showcased its skills by completing tasks such as real-time language translation, solving a math equation written on a piece of paper and guiding a blind person around London's streets. 

"her," Sam Altman, OpenAI's CEO, wrote in a one-word post on the social media platform X after the presentation had ended. The post is a reference to the 2013 film of the same name, in which a lonely man falls in love with an AI assistant.

To show off its ability to read visual cues, the chatbot used the phone’s camera lens to read one OpenAI engineer’s facial expressions and describe their emotions.

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"Ahh, there we go, it looks like you're feeling pretty happy and cheerful with a big smile and a touch of excitement," said the bot, which answered to the name ChatGPT. "Whatever is going on, it looks like you're in a good mood. Care to share the source of those good vibes?"

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If the demonstration is an accurate representation of the bot's abilities, the new capabilities are a massive improvement on the limited voice features in the company's previous models — which were incapable of handling interruptions or responding to visual information.

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"We're looking at the future of interaction between ourselves and the machines," Mira Murati , OpenAI's chief technology officer, said at the news conference. "We think GPT-4o is really shifting that paradigm."

The new voice assistant is set to be released in a limited form to alpha testers in the coming weeks, followed by a wider rollout that will begin with paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The announcement also follows a Bloomberg report that the company is nearing a deal with Apple to integrate ChatGPT on the iPhone — opening a possibility that GPT-4o could be used to upgrade Siri, the iPhone's voice assistant.

But the new technology comes with significant safety concerns. The bot's ability to process real-time text, audio and visual input means that it could be used for spying. And its convincing emotional mimicry might also make it adept at conducting scam phone calls or presenting dangerous misinformation in a convincing manner.

In response to these issues, Murati said that OpenAI was working to build "mitigations against misuse" of the new technology.

Ben Turner

Ben Turner is a U.K. based staff writer at Live Science. He covers physics and astronomy, among other topics like tech and climate change. He graduated from University College London with a degree in particle physics before training as a journalist. When he's not writing, Ben enjoys reading literature, playing the guitar and embarrassing himself with chess.

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speech to text voices

Google Photos

Google photos ‘ask photos’ will let you search your images with voice and text prompts.

Avatar for Damien Wilde

Google Photos will gain context-aware voice and text prompts to search for specific images or details within images in the coming months.

Announced at I/O 2024 , this is one of a slew of new AI-powered functions that are bolstering Google’s existing product lineup. “Ask Photos” will help you sift through your entire Google Photos library with the ability to get unique identifying aspects and use this to get the exact image you want or need.

The new functionality goes beyond a regular search for images with Gemini able to detect image content. Google gave an example of a car license plate with a prompt asking what a specific plate number was on a specific car model. Photos were then able to identify and give an output with the license specified.

Ask Photos, a new feature coming to @GooglePhotos , makes it easier to search across your photos and videos with the help of Gemini models. It goes beyond simple search to understand context and answer more complex questions. #GoogleIO pic.twitter.com/OsYXZLo5S1 — Google (@Google) May 14, 2024

In another example, Gemini was able to pinpoint when a child was learning to swim based on the images that were already in the user Google Photos library. While this is impressive, specific identifiers like this might depend on what type of content you have backed up to your Google Photos library.

Other identifiers like upload date and location will be used to speed up the process once a prompt or question is asked. You will be able to use “Ask Photos” with videos too. However, Google did not give a live demo or example of this in action.

“Ask Photos” will begin rolling out in coming months with “summer” as the tentative release timeframe. It wasn’t specified if this requires an internet connection to work or if it will be available locally on your device.

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Google Photos

Damien is a UK-based video producer for 9to5Google. Find him on Twitter: @iamdamienwilde. Email: [email protected]

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A lawmaker with a brain disease used voice assist to back her bill on the House floor

Rachel Treisman

speech to text voices

Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton used text-to-speech technology to advocate for her bill on the House floor Monday, following her diagnosis with the rare brain condition known as progressive supranuclear palsy. C-SPAN/Screenshot by NPR hide caption

Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton used text-to-speech technology to advocate for her bill on the House floor Monday, following her diagnosis with the rare brain condition known as progressive supranuclear palsy.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton is being hailed as an inspiration after advocating for her bill on the House floor this week, even as she battles a rare brain disorder that has limited her ability to speak.

The Virginia Democrat took the podium on Monday to make the case for her bill, which would rename a post office in her county after regular customer — and late Secretary of State — Madeleine Albright.

Wexton delivered her nearly two-minute remarks using a text-to-speech application, technology she's increasingly relied on since she was diagnosed last year with a degenerative brain condition known as progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).

An Arizona lawmaker announced she was getting an abortion. Here's what happened next

An Arizona lawmaker announced she was getting an abortion. Here's what happened next

"PSP makes it very difficult for me to speak, and I use an assistive app so that you and our colleagues can understand me," Wexton told the House speaker by way of opening remarks.

Today, with the assistance of voice to text tech due to my PSP, I spoke on the House floor in favor of my bill to rename the Purcellville post office in honor of Madeleine Albright. Sec. Albright was a trailblazer & inspiration to countless women in public service, including me. pic.twitter.com/S5v203jBsu — Rep. Jennifer Wexton (@RepWexton) May 7, 2024

PSP is a rare brain disease that affects walking, balance, eye movements and swallowing, for which there is no cure, according to the Mayo Clinic .

Wexton, 55, announced her diagnosis in September, several months after being misdiagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Acknowledging that "there is no 'getting better' with PSP," she said she would not seek reelection in 2024 — but pledged to keep serving the people of northern Virginia's 10th Congressional District until then.

"While my time in Congress will soon come to a close, I'm just as confident and committed as ever to keep up the work that got me into this fight in the first place for my remaining time in office – to help build the future we want for our children," said Wexton.

Scientists restore brain cells impaired by a rare genetic disorder

Shots - Health News

Scientists restore brain cells impaired by a rare genetic disorder.

Wexton is in her third term after first flipping her seat blue in 2018. A dozen Democrats and four Republicans are vying to replace her , with primary voting set to close in mid-June.

Wexton has remained involved as promised. In the days leading up to her speech, she traveled to Baltimore to discuss restoration of the Francis Scott Key Bridge with other Appropriations Committee leaders and used voice assistive technology to question Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg , as well as Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Adrianne Todman at separate hearings, disclosing her PSP diagnosis in both.

"I describe it as Parkinson's on steroids and I don't recommend it," she said.

On Monday, Wexton spoke in favor of a bill she first introduced last spring, seeking to rename the post office in Purcellville — about 50 miles west of Washington, D.C. — after her former constituent.

Albright, who died in 2022 at age 84, "chose not to have her mail delivered to her rural western Loudoun County farm but instead became a fixture at the post office that will bear her name," Wexton said.

Virginia lawmakers consider proposal to legalize physician-assisted death

Virginia lawmakers consider proposal to legalize physician-assisted death

"Secretary Albright was a fearless trailblazer for women and a devoted public servant who touched the lives of so many whom she taught, mentored and worked with, including me," she added. "It is my honor to lead this legislation to celebrate her historic life and legacy here in Virginia's 10th Congressional district, where her farm is located and where she spent as much time as she was able."

Wexton noted that this would be the latest in a long list of accolades for the former secretary — including a 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom — and called it an honor to help preserve her legacy in Virginia.

"Secretary Albright once said the greatest honor of her life was representing the United States of America, a sentiment I am sure we all share as members of the House of Representatives," Wexton said.

The House passed the bill the next day, by a vote of 371 to 28. The Albright family called it a "wonderful tribute to her memory" in a statement shared by Wexton's office.

Wexton has successfully introduced several bills to rename post offices in her district during her time in the House, after WWII veteran Norman Duncan and country music icon (and Winchester native) Patsy Cline .

She is not the first lawmaker to use assistive technology in Congress — Sen. John Fetterman, D-Penn., uses captioning technology due to auditory processing issues following his 2022 stroke. But it remains a rare sight, and has garnered attention and considerable praise in recent days.

As video of Wexton's remarks racked up thousands of views and hundreds of likes on X, formerly Twitter, other politicians and onlookers shared statements of support for the congresswoman.

Looking Back: Memorable Speeches Delivered From House Chamber

"Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton gets more inspiring each day," wrote Virginia State Delegate Rip Sullivan . "With remarkable courage and grace, she continues to dedicate herself to the 10th district. Her constituents are lucky to have her fighting for them."

Virginia State Delegate Kathy Tran wrote that "for individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication ( AAC ) Jennifer Wexton is showing them that they too can lead and serve at the highest levels."

Even Vice President Kamala Harris weighed in , calling Wexton "an inspiration to me and to millions of Americans across our nation."

"You are showing the world what true courage and determination look like," she wrote late Tuesday. "Keep fighting."

Wexton replied with a message of thanks, adding: "And I still have things to do!" — muscle emoji included.

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  • House of Represantatives
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  • Jennifer Wexton


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    Virginia Rep. Jennifer Wexton used text-to-speech technology to advocate for her bill on the House floor Monday, following her diagnosis with the rare brain condition known as progressive ...