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" A Cruel Angel's Thesis "  (残酷な天使のテーゼ, Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze ? , " Zankoku na Tenshi no These " in Japan) is the theme song of the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion performed by Yoko Takahashi . It is used as the opening to the series, and two instrumental versions of it are played in the finale episode, " Take care of yourself. " These are "The Heady Feeling of Freedom" and "Good, or Don't Be", scored for violin, piano, and guitar. "The Heady Feeling of Freedom" is a somber and reflective piece for bowed strings and guitar, while "Good, or Don't Be" is played to a light piano and guitar tone. A similar version can also be heard during the intermission between the two parts of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth .

The single was released on October 25, 1995 with the part number KIDA-116 and it also reached a peak rank 17 in the Oricon album database, appearing in the ranks 61 times.

Unlike it is commonly assumed, this song was written without any involvement from the show's creators. [1] Anno originally wanted to use an excerpt from Borodin's Polovtsian Dances in the opening, but the producers did not approve of this and instead decided to use a J-Pop song, which eventually resulted in the creation of "A Cruel Angel's Thesis". The lyricist, Neko Oikama had next to no knowledge of the show. Oikama simply skimmed through a proposal of the show (possibly Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal ) and watched unfinished versions of two episodes on fast-forward, only serving to broadly "fit" the anime after the fact. [2] [3] [4] Oikama took inspiration for the title from the manga A Cruel God Reigns . [5] She said the lyrics "become a legend" were originally "become a weapon". She was orientated that the show was "difficult and philosphical". Oikama described it as: "older women", "mothers" and "14-year-old boys and girls", and decided to make it about the perspective of a mother when her child "leaves the nest". [6] The original song included a male chorus, which was cut at director Hideaki Anno's request in order to "emphasize maternal affection". [7] The writing process for Episode:01 took as long as six months, [8] and the opening sequence was not yet finished. [9] [10] Singer Yoko Takahashi was also brought in relatively haphazardly and had no knowledge of the series, and would only see the opening featuring her voice when it aired on TV. [11] She had also first met Anno on the day of recording. [12]

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During the instrumental break in the middle of the song, a chorus can be heard. The lyrics to the chorus are not in Japanese, nor in any other recognizable language. According to the January 1996 issue of Newtype magazine, the lyrics can be phonetically transliterated into Japanese as 「ファリィア。セタ(or セパ)メッソ。ファリィア。トゥスェ」 "Fariya. Seta (or sepa) messo. Fariya. Tuse" , and they are supposedly written in an untranslated language passed down from ancient times. One could entertain the possibility that they are written in the same language as that of the Dead Sea Scrolls . [14]

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