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How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is essential when applying for jobs. This is the perfect way to express how your specific skills are relevant to the open position. Wow your future employer with this simple cover letter example format.

Write a First Draft

Writing a first draft makes your letter concise and professional, states The Balance Careers. Organize your thoughts by making a list of what you’re trying to convey. Make sure you prioritize certain aspects like your previous job experience and why you would be a good fit for the position. Clearly state what position you’re interested in and why. Think about why you’re applying and what caught your eye about this specific position. Your cover letter will be easier to write after your thoughts are collected and organized.

Customize Your Salutation

When writing a salutation, make sure you know who you are writing to. Is this person the owner of the company or a Human Resources administrator? If you’re not sure, research the company to find out. Addressing your cover letter to a specific person shows initiative and attention to detail. After your salutation, start your letter with a short introduction of yourself. This gives future employers insight into who you are and the purpose of your cover letter.

Write Intentionally

Your cover letter should be no more than one page, so keep your points brief. Clearly state what position you are interested in and why. Explain why you are a good fit for the company because of your past job experience. If you have no similar job experience, let the employer know why you are changing career paths. Expand on your skills and give specific examples of how that skill set helped you at your last position. Name projects you’ve worked on and show results.

Close Your Letter

End your cover letter with a brief sentence and sign off. Thank the employer for their time and express your interest towards the job again. Let them know you’ll follow up with them if you do not hear back within a week and leave your contact information. Sign off with a professional farewell and leave room for a signature if sending a hard copy.

Edit and Proofread

As you finish writing your cover letter, make sure you take time to edit and proofread your document. Make sure it’s structured in a professional format with the company’s information, the salutation and introduction, the body of the letter, a brief closing sentence and farewell. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure a formal result. Make sure all names are spelled correctly, as well.


cover letter for job application for web developer

Web Developer Cover Letter

A web developer cover letter should outline what makes you the right candidate for the job and showcase your background and skills in web development. It should convey your enthusiasm for the role and include a brief overview of your education, professional experience, and top achievements.

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Web Developer — Free Cover Letter Template

Download our free web developer cover letter template in MS Word format.

Web Developer Cover Letter Example:

[Full name]

[Physical address]

[Email address]

[Contact number]

[Company name]

Re: Application for the position of web developer

Dear [Recipient’s Name] ,

I am writing in application for the web developer position at [company name] as advertised in [where you found the job posting] . My training and experience in the field of programming and web design along with my ability to [mention at least two skills that are listed in the job requirements] make me the perfect candidate for the job. I know that I would be a valuable addition to the team at [company name] .

I have a [qualification] from [educational institution] and have more than [number of years] of experience as a web developer. I have extensive knowledge of [list web development programming languages and specific coding and programming tasks] and outstanding [add key skills that align with the job requirements] .

In my most recent role at [previous employer] , I achieved [describe an accomplishment and strengthen it with a percentage, if possible] , which improved [mention the effect this accomplishment had on the company in question] .

I am excited to be applying to [company] and for the opportunity to [describe how your skills and expertise would benefit the company] . I truly admire [mention notable milestones or characteristics you appreciate about the company] and would feel privileged to a member of the team at [company name] .

Please find attached my resume and [mention any other documents that were requested, if applicable] . Feel free to contact me directly should you require anything further.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

[Your full name]

How to Write a Web Developer Cover Letter:

A step-by-step guide to writing the perfect web developer cover letter.

Address your letter.

Address the hiring manager directly..

Address your letter directly to the hiring manager, recruiter, employee, or whoever the person is that put out the job posting.

Avoid generic greetings.

If a contact name is supplied or if it is possible to find out a name, avoid using a general greeting such as "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Sir/Madam." Use the relevant title before the person's last name — for example, "Dr. Blake" or "Mr. Lee."

Start with an introduction.

Keep your introduction brief..

In no more than three sentences , tell the person why you are writing and what position you are applying for.

Indicate that you meet the stated job requirements.

Your writing should reflect the exact job title and you should briefly highlight key job advertisement requirements that you meet, for example, evaluating code and analyzing technical requirements.

Mention that feel you are the best fit for the job.

Use one sentence to clearly state that you feel you are a great candidate for the web developer position.

Outline your experience and skills.

Briefly discuss your qualifications..

Refer back to the job advertisement and directly address the stated requirements. Write a few sentences on your qualifications and training as a web developer and where you studied.

Web developers are typically expected to have a Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field.

Highlight your years of experience.

Indicate how many years you've worked as a web developer and where you worked. Keep this to a single sentence as you will be discussing your exact duties and work experience further on.

Match your core skills to those mentioned in the job ad.

Start by matching prominently featured duties and responsibilities mentioned in the job ad with core skills and competencies from your resume. For example, if the job ad requires knowledge of a specific programming language such as JavaScript, mention the extent of your proficiency in that language.

Offer some insight into other relevant skills to give the hiring manager or recruiter a better idea of your abilities. Mention things like your experience in application development and testing, responsive design, and more.

Discuss your most recent job.

In a few sentences , talk about your most recent role. Revisit the job description to ensure that you align your responsibilities with the key competencies they require.

This might include successfully developing a web application that optimized user experience, designing custom features as per client requirements, etc.

Showcase your accomplishments.

Highlight your biggest achievements in your previous job..

Discuss your biggest accomplishments in your previous job, for example, developing database architecture and server scripting, optimizing user interfaces, and more.

Add metrics to your job achievement descriptions.

If possible, include metrics to emphasize the impact of your achievements on the projects assigned to you, for example, leading a team that designed an e-commerce website that increased the company’s sales by 37 percent. The more specific you are, the better.

Celebrate the organization.

Mention a few things you know about the company..

Do a bit of research and mention two or three specific things that show your enthusiasm and admiration for the company, for example, their reputation, notable milestones, and company culture.

Reinforce that you would be a perfect fit for the job by mentioning desirable character traits, such as being a detail-oriented problem-solver with excellent interpersonal skills. Let them know that you are eager and excited to join their team.

Highlight the reasons why you want to work there.

Discuss why being a web developer at their organization appeals to you. Typically, this would include mention of their area of specialization and how you envisage adding value to their products or services.

End with a call to action.

Mention that you would like to hear from them..

Refer the reader to your attached resume and any additional documents that may have been requested. Invite them to have a look at your website or portfolio that showcases a range of your web development projects.

Encourage them to contact you via phone or email should they need additional information and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.

Close your letter by thanking the reader and signing off.

Offer your thanks for their time and consideration. End your letter by adding "sincerely" or an acceptable synonym and sign off with your full name.

Similar Cover Letters:

Common Cover Letter Mistakes

How do you write a web developer cover letter?

How long should a web developer cover letter be?

A web developer cover letter should not be longer than one page. It should contain a brief introduction, two or three paragraphs that outline your education and experience along with specific examples of your capabilities, and end with a brief closing paragraph.

What should be included in a web developer cover letter?

A web developer cover letter should include your personal details and a brief overview of your education, experience, competencies, and achievements.

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Front-End Web Developer Cover Letter and Resume Examples

Front-End Web Developer Cover Letter

Front-end web developer resume.

As a front-end web developer, you’re in a good spot if you’re looking for a new job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that web developer jobs will grow 8% between 2019 and 2029—much faster than average.

In addition, web developers earn a good salary. The median annual pay in 2020 was $77,200. Not bad for a job that you might be able to land with an associate degree.  

But while this occupation doesn’t require years of formal education, it is a highly skilled profession. To be a front-end developer, you’ll need core skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Depending on the job, you might also need to know back-end languages like Ruby. Your cover letter and resume should show that you have the skills and experience required to do the job.

What to Include in Your Cover Letter and Resume

Highlight your skills. Include keywords from the job listing, especially those related to technical skills. Again, front-end developer roles will require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Be sure to include soft skills as well, like the ability to communicate technical issues and solutions to non-technical staff.

Emphasize your most relevant experience. Depending on your work history and the job requirements, you may want to choose a resume type that highlights your related experience. For example, if your work history shows a linear progression toward this role, you might choose to use a chronological resume. On the other hand, if your career path has taken some zig-zags, you might choose a functional or combination resume that shows off your skills.

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter and Resume

Customize your cover letter and resume for each job. When you are applying for a new position, it’s important that you tailor your cover letter and resume to the job you’re seeking. Carefully analyze the job requirements listed in the job posting, and match your skills as closely as possible.

Prepare a portfolio to show your work. When applying for a job as a front-end developer, your goal is to demonstrate that you can solve the company’s problems and perfect their product. An online portfolio is an easy way to display your past work and show what you can you do.

If you're emailing your cover letter and resume, list your name and the job title in the subject line of the email message:

Subject: Front-End Web Developer Position - Your First and Last Name

Include your contact information in your email signature, and don't list the employer contact information. Start your email message with a salutation. Here's an example of a formatted email cover letter .

Here's an example of a cover letter for a front-end web developer position. Download the cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples, including a sample resume for a front-end web developer, along with tips for emailing your cover letter and resume.

Front-End Web Developer Cover Letter (Text Version)

Rita Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345  555-555-5555

September 1, 2021

James Lee Chief Web Officer Acme WebTech 123 Business Road Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

This letter is to express my interest in the job posted on your website for an experienced, detailed-oriented, front-end web developer. As you'll see, I have six years of hands-on experience efficiently coding websites and applications using modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Building state-of-the-art, easy to use, user-friendly websites and applications is truly a passion of mine and I am confident I would be an excellent addition to your organization. In addition to my knowledge base, I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. This has allowed me to stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional work to all of my employers, including those I've worked for on a project basis. I’ve attached a copy of my resume detailing my experience, along with links to websites and applications I’ve had the honor of working on.

I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 555-555-5555 or by email at

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity. 

Best regards,

Signature ​(hard copy letter)

Rita Applicant

This is an example of a resume for a front-end web developer. Download the web developer resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Front-End Web Developer Resume (Text Version)

Hank Applicant

123 ABC Street • Seattle, WA 99999 • (555) 555-5555 •


Translating designs to front-end code and determining developer requirements

Respected Front-End Web Developer with 10-plus years of experience in collaborating with creative and development teams on the execution of ideas and projects.

Key skills include:

● Promoting and communicating new ideas

● Creating process improvements

● Instituting new technologies

● Writing maintainable cross-browser code

● Estimating time and costs for projects

● Ensuring code is scalable and responsive



FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPER (February 2016 – Present)

Translate designs to front-end code, estimate project time and costs, determine developer requirements and specifications, and work with cross-functional team to define and develop product roadmaps.

Notable accomplishments:

● Increased scalability, maintainability, and responsiveness of cross-browser code by 47%.

● Implemented process improvement that doubled system speed within two years.


FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPER (June 2011 – February 2016)

Updated and streamlined existing code to improve site performance for entire company.

Notable Accomplishments:

● Utilized cutting-edge JavaScript and HTML 5 techniques, frameworks, and libraries.

● Wrote support documentation and provided training to internal and external users.



Associate of Science in Computer Science (Emphasis: Web Development, Code Writing), 2011


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and CSS Certified • National Code Writing Alliance (NCWA)

Information Technology Skills

How to Get Your Application Noticed

Highlight Your Skills: Front-end web developers must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Don’t forget about soft skills like communicating concepts to non-technical team members.

Customize Your Cover Letter and Resume: Match your skills and experience to the job lighting and emphasize the qualities that make you an exceptional candidate.

Show Your Work: Prepare a portfolio with work samples that demonstrate what you can do.

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Web Developer Cover Letter Sample

Since the invention of the Worldwide Web in the early 1990s, the internet has become central to our lives. People developing the services and applications for use on the net have become some of the most important people in the business. Jobs are highly competitive, so your web developer cover letter needs to stand out. Use the below cover letter web developer example as a starting point for writing your own cover letter for web developer roles.

Web Developer Cover Letter Template

web developer cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for web developers. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

Supported formats

Web developer cover letter sample (text).

Mary Marquis Address: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Tel: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Email: xxxxxxxx Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Marcus,

I recently saw your job advertisement for the new web developer position at your company and believe I would be perfect for the role.

Since an early age I have had a strong interest in programming through playing Minecraft, this interest led me to create new worlds within the game and also develop a fan site for fans using HTML. I recently graduated with a First-Class honors degree in Wed Development from MidWestern University and have since then been working developing a new website for an ecommerce company.

I have a wide and working knowledge of all major programming languages including HTML, Java, PHP, Python, CHS, PHP and C++ and I have an expert knowledge of the best third-party platforms to achieve various different outcomes. Whether working with platforms like Wordpress or building bespoke new systems I have always been commended for my high quality and practical solutions.

Since the launch of the new ecommerce site the company has enjoyed a 15% increase in site speed and the new, simplified booking system I created has increased online orders by 25%. Now that this site is in the maintenance phase rather than development I am looking for new challenges for my skills.

Despite your company working in a field that is completely new to me I believe that my previous experience and skills will be of huge benefit to you and will help you achieve your goals. I admire how your current web site and services are already ahead of the curve, using the most up-to-date technology. Building on this is something that excites me massively, and your culture is one that I would like to become part of.

I believe we have much to discuss and I would love to provide more information on how I could fill your web developer position. I am available for a conversation at any time.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards, Mary Marquis

Tips for Writing a Web Developer Cover Letter

The field of web development is fast becoming one of the most essential as more and more of our lives more online. Competition for these roles is also becoming more competitive so your cover letter for web developer roles needs to stand out. There are many different cover letter examples web developer available online but the above cover letter sample for web developer jobs is a great starting point. The below advice and tips with help you get the most out of the above sample web developer cover letter.

How to Edit Web Developer Cover Letter Template

A beautiful and strong PDF cover letter will help you land an interview successfully. To make a unique PDF cover letter for web developer, you can download the template first and edit it with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor . This ultimate PDF editor can help you create and edit PDF documents with texts, images, font size, signature etc.

web developer cover letter

Step 1. Open the Web Developer Cover Letter Template

cover letter web developer

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

cover letter examples web developer

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Web Developer Cover Letter

cover letter sample for web developer

Posted by Elise Williams to Updated: 2022-09-07 14:54:31


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web developer cover letter examples

6 essentials of a cover letter for web developers, web developer cover letter example, apply for a web developer job at epam anywhere.

Web developers remain highly demanded professionals. There is a great number of remote web developer jobs available, but the number of candidates is even greater. The field is incredibly competitive, making it challenging to get a job. To open that door, you need a solid web developer cover letter.

Knowing your awesome web development skills, you deserve a good job. So read on to learn how to write an effective cover letter for a web developer job. You can also download our free cover letter template to get started, whether it's for employers hiring PHP developers or any other popular web programming positions.

Web development is a technically intensive job. As a programmer for the web, you know how important it is to show your practical knowledge and working experience. However, cover letters offer an opportunity to show important information beyond what your resume shares. Below, you’ll find six tips to increase your chances of getting a web developer position.

1. Create a winning introduction

A winning introduction is one that catches the eye of your hiring manager. It is direct, to the point, and (most importantly) addresses the needs of the position.

A good cover letter always starts by addressing the hiring manager directly. This means you’ll need to do some research and find their name. If you can’t find it, say something like, “Dear hiring manager.” The “to whom it may concern” approach is generic.

Start with a short intro explaining why you would be the best fit for the position. To do this, identify the most important duty of the position and ask yourself how you could apply your experience or skills to it. Describe how your skills can help their business grow.

2. Showcase your relevant experience and skills

After the introduction, your second paragraph should elaborate on your experience and skills. Once again, these skills should directly relate to duties and problems mentioned in the job description.

For example, a job listing states they want someone to create clean, scalable code. To address this concern, you can say that this is your priority and provide an example of clean code you have written in your portfolio. See these data engineer cover letter examples for more guidance on showcasing your hard skills.

Cover letters offer a Q&A opportunity to the company. If you position yourself as a problem solver, it shows that you have an excellent focus on what matters most to them.

3. Show your enthusiasm for working at the company

Companies love to see how much you know about them. Eagerness shows a company that you want to work for them. It also shows that you aren’t just applying for another job, but a career.

Showing that you have done research on the good work the company does will convey your enthusiasm. Focus on the values and mission of the company. If those values resonate with you, share that.

4. Show the employer your soft skills

Resumes are technical documents that show your history, whereas cover letters display your soft skills. The hiring manager will be able to assess your communication skills from your ability to read and be responsive.

Mention how much pride you take in your work and your passion for working in web development. A good cover letter for web developer jobs has a few storytelling elements. Mention how you have grown throughout your career and developed your passion, but only include relevant details.

5. Provide metrics for your contributions

When writing a cover letter, web developers often forget to include metrics. Metrics are specific measurements that are typically focused on growth. Providing them in your cover letter offers believable, researched proof.

State how you redesigned a company’s website resulting in (a certain percent of) growth. Get these statements and results directly from old clients. If they were happy with your work, your past employers will be more than happy to contribute.

6. End your letter with a call to action

If your letter makes specific requests, recruiters are more likely to respond to it. Providing a phone number and email with an offer to contact you gives the employer something to work with.

If possible, mention specific times during the week you are available to talk. The more information you provide in your call to action, the better. Try to offer some flexibility while sharing your willingness to work with the business.

Once your letter is complete, it’s time to think about the next stage: the interview. Checking out a list of full-stack developer interview questions can help you prepare for this next step.

Read full story

Here’s an example of a cover letter you can adjust for the job you are applying for:

Click below for your free web developer cover letter template and fill it in with your details to land your dream job.

Now that you have a list of tips to make a web developer cover letter, try them out on us. EPAM Anywhere has a huge list of web developer jobs you can apply for today. Now go out there, use these tips, and land your perfect job in web development.

The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team is an international collective of senior software engineers, managers and communications professionals who create, review and share their insights on technology, career, remote work, and the daily life here at Anywhere.

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