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Microsoft Word offers a gallery of convenient pre-designed cover pages to accent your resume . Choose a cover page and replace the sample text with your own.

On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click Cover Page .

Click a cover page layout from the gallery of options.

After you insert a cover page, you can replace the sample text with your own text by clicking to select an area of the cover page, such as the title, and typing your text.

If you insert another cover page in the document, the new cover page will replace the first cover page you inserted.

To replace a cover page created in an earlier version of Word, you must delete the first cover page manually, and then add a cover page with a design from the Word gallery.

To delete a cover page inserted with Word, click the Insert tab, click Cover pages in the Pages group, and then click Remove Current Cover Page .

Note:  Cover pages don't display page numbers.

Insert a cover page

On the Insert tab, click Cover Page .

On the Insert menu, select Cover Page

To see how your cover page will look, on the View menu, select Print Layout or Web Layout .

To replace a cover page created in an earlier version of Word, you must delete the first cover page manually, and then add a new cover page with a design from the Word gallery.

Remove a cover page

Click the Insert tab, click Cover Page , and then click Remove Cover Page .

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Home Resume Help One Page Resume: Should a Resume Be One Page?

One Page Resume: Templates & How to Write

Ida Pettersson

One page resumes are the standard for most jobs. Learn how to write a one page resume that highlights your key experience with our writing guide, one-page resume templates , and real-life examples.

One page resume image, template for a 1 page resume

Should a resume be one page?

A resume should be one page in most cases. Unless you have 10+ years of relevant experience and a lot of professional achievements to showcase, a one page resume should be long enough to summarize your relevant skills, achievements, and work experience.

Eva Chan, your Certified Professional Resume Writer, explains why a one-page resume is your best option at 2:48 in this video:

If you have more than 10 years of experience and need the extra space to showcase the depths of your qualifications, you can use a two page resume (or sometimes longer).

One page resume templates

One of the easiest ways to keep your resume short (aside from using a resume builder ) is using a one page resume template to help you format your information.

These six resume templates are free to download and designed to best fit your resume onto one page. Simply fill in your information and your resume should be ready to go.

1. Corporate

Download This Free Template

Sleek and formal, this one page resume template features a space-saving sidebar for all your shorter sections. Additionally, a slim header gives you room for a more detailed experience section.

An example of a one page resume

This single page resume template is packed with content and still manages to look spacious. The sidebar allows you to easily organize your information, while a vertical line splits up the page and makes your resume easy to read.

An example of a one page resume

This one page resume template has a side-aligned header that frees up the entire top of the page. This additional space gives you room to elaborate on your greatest career accomplishments.

An example of a one page resume

Featuring a colorful skills section and information-heavy header, this professional one page resume template is ideal for candidates in graphic design or tech. By putting the contact information in your resume header, this template makes plenty of space for an eye-catching resume skills section .

An example of a one page resume

With a unique icon set and colorful header, this 1-page resume template is attention grabbing yet functional. With a space-saving sidebar, it gives you room to go into detail about the qualities that make you an ideal candidate.

6. Executive

An example of a one page resume

Written by a CEO with decades of work experience, this one page resume example demonstrates that no career is too long to condense into a single page. In fact, many manager resume examples fit perfectly on one page.

By using space-efficient formatting and packing each sentence with valuable information, this candidate manages to provide a highly convincing overview of their core achievements, skills, and work history.

How to fit your resume on one page

Condensing your entire career into a single page may seem difficult, but don’t worry. No matter how much experience you have, it’s always possible to trim your information down into one page (even Elon Musk’s resume can be kept to a single page).

These five tips will help you learn how to make your resume one page without sacrificing any important details.

1. Focus on your key accomplishments

If you have an extensive amount of work experience, it can be tempting to include a variety of accomplishments on your resume .

However, to keep your resume to one page, hone in on two to three of your most impressive and directly relevant achievements. In particular, be sure to cut any redundant information.

For example, if you want to demonstrate your customer service skills , including two different anecdotes about how you improved your customer satisfaction ratings is unnecessary. Instead, just include the one that best reflects your strengths.

2. Tailor your resume to the position

Many job seekers make the mistake of listing every job they’ve ever held on their resume. Listing every job uses up valuable space and doesn’t provide additional value to an application.

If you’ve had more than four previous jobs, include only the two or three most relevant to the job you want.

Depending on the position you want to fill, customize your resume with the experience that best fits the requirements of the job to quickly show hiring managers that you’re qualified.

3. Cut unnecessary sections

Job-seekers often use up important space on their resume with sections that don’t provide valuable information, or even belong on their resume at all.

For example, while volunteer work on your resume and interests on your resume can be helpful when you have little to no work experience, you’re better off cutting them to free up space on the page if you’re a seasoned professional.

Additionally, you shouldn’t include references on your resume . Most employers don’t require references at all, and others will simply ask to see your references later on in the hiring process.

4. Tweak your resume formatting

If you find yourself running out of space, try tweaking your resume’s formatting to help it fit on one page.

Try making the following adjustments to maximize space on the page:

Used together, small changes like these can help you pack in significantly more information onto a single page.

5. Write concise bullet points

Each bullet point in your experience section should be kept to one or two lines (at most). Short, achievement-oriented resume bullet points backed up with hard numbers are the best way to quickly communicate your abilities to hiring managers without sacrificing space.

Here’s an example of a bullet point that is concise, but conveys all necessary information:

A bullet point on a one page resume

In one sentence, the candidate explains how they were able to successfully develop new business for the company while backing up their claim with numbers.

Ida Pettersson

Written by Ida Pettersson

Ida is a Content Writer at Resume Genius, where she assists job seekers as they plan their next career moves. She graduated from New College of Florida with a double major... more

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People write resumes to help them win interviews. But what would happen if you added another extra layer of uniqueness to your resume? Don’t you think you would capture the attention of the potential employer even more? The best thing to do is to include a resume cover sheet on your resume. To do this, simply download a sample cover sheet template for free and you’re good to get started. You can also see APA Cover Sheet . We have a great collection of the best Cover Sheet Templates that you can download. The template will help you to create the best resume cover without the need to create the piece from scratch. Simply download any example in the list below and use it to ‘pimp’ your resume.

resume cover sheet

Sample Resume Cover Sheet Free Download

sample resume cover sheet free download

Example Basic Resume Cover Letter Download

example basic resume cover letter download

Free Sample Formal Resume Cover Letter Download

formal resume cover letter download

Specialist Resume Cover Sheet Download

strong resume cover sheet download

Manager Resume Cover Sheet Free Download

manager resume cover sheet free download

Free Sample Resume Cover Sheet Download

resume cover sheet download

Example Assistant Resume Cover Letter Download

assistant resume cover letter download

Sample Marketing Resume Cover Sheet Free Download

marketing resume cover sheet free download

Free Downloadable Resume Cover Letter Checklist

resume cover letter checklist

Free Sample New Designed Resume Cover Sheet Download

specialist resume cover sheet download

Example Strong Resume Cover Sheet Download

new desgined resume cover sheet

Example Format A4 and US Letter Size Resume Cover Sheet Download

manager resume cover sheet free download

More in Sheet Templates

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11+ FREE & Premium Cover Sheet - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Get access to ALL Templates, Designs & Documents

Cover Page- Examples, PDF

1. cover page report template, 2. exam cover page template, 3. sabbatical cover page template, 4. cover page templates, 5. degree program cover page, 6. one page cover page template, 7. submittal cover page  sheet template, 8. cover page petition template, 9. cover page submission template, 10. cover page template example, 11. winter springs cover page template, 12. student cover page, 13. business plan cover page, 14. cover page supreme court form, 15. document cover page, 16. cover page manual, what is a cover page, how to write a cover page, what is the importance of a cover page, is the cover page of a resume necessary, can i design or customize the style of the cover page.

cover page report template

1.) If the Document is Affiliated with a Group, Insert the Logo

2.) write the title of the document, 3.) insert the identifiers on the footer, 4.) if needed, insert a related image, more business, 74+ formal letter examples & samples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages | google docs, 28+ examples of sports certificate in publisher | ms word | psd | ai | pages | indesign, 65+ project proposal examples in pdf | ms word | pages | google docs, 8+ reminder email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 85+ report examples in pdf, 5+ formal email examples and samples in pdf | doc, 27+ email examples & samples in microsoft word | apple pages | editable pdf | google docs, 10+ goodbye emails to coworkers examples & samples in word, 15+ leave application email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 42+ incident report examples & samples in pdf | google docs | pages | doc, 4+ introduction email examples & samples – pdf, doc, 38+ business proposal letter examples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages, related articles.

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5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

Today’s hiring process is fast and furious. Don’t waste the recruiter’s time—see our 5 short cover letter examples and learn how to make every word count.

Jacques Buffett, CPRW

As seen in:

Cover letters. The worst part of any job application.

They’re tricky and time-consuming to write—who knows if they’re even read.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can be fast and effective. We’ve got a selection of short cover letter examples to show you how.

This guide will show you:

Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

sample resume and cover letter set

Sample Cover Letter for a Resume— See more cover letter examples here .

Simple Cover Letter Sample (IT Startup Job)

Basic cover letter template (corporate job), brief cover letter sample (internship).

Why Write a Short Cover Letter

Meet Mike. He’s a recruiter for a major corporation.

For every job opening that gets posted, he has to deal with 250 applications . Mike is a busy man.

He’s got no time for long application cover letters. What Mike wants is a simple cover letter that gives him the most info in the shortest time.

Short cover letters work for Mike, and they'll work for you. Here’s why:

Short  and s imple  cover letters are made for emails. No need for the hiring manager to click on an attachment. Just a few easy-to-read lines ready to go.

Want to learn more about sending email cover letters for a job application? Check out our guide: Email Cover Letters for Job Applications

You’ll need to email a resume, too. Learn how to do it right with our guide: How to Apply for a Job Via Email

So without further ado, meet our lean, mean short cover letter team.

Five Simple Cover Letter Examples to Get You Inspired

First, we’ll look at a carefully curated selection of short cover letter templates. Then we’ll tell you how to write one of your own.

Sample Short Cover Letter  (Mid Level Office Job)

Let me introduce Tony. He’s an office manager at a small firm in Oregon. He’s got a few years experience and he’s looking to move on to work for a bigger company.

Here’s his super sharp short cover letter.

Attached you will find my resume with detailed work experience for the position of office manager. My most satisfying win has been cutting office supply costs by 50%. This success comes from my dedication to discovering new routes to efficiency and robust supplier contract management and negotiation.

As an Office Manager at Weyland’s Widgets Inc., I have a proven record of implementing cost-saving efficiencies and processes. My changes to office supply contractors saved $10,000 per annum and my outsourcing of payroll saved the HR team 20 man-hours per month.

Joining the team at Schickley’s Sprockets would be an incredible next step in my career. I’d relish the challenge of joining a rapidly growing team and your ethos of “progress through technology” is a perfect fit for my own professional values.

Could we please schedule a call so we can discuss how I can implement cost-saving process improvements at Schickley’s? 

Tony Gambino

P.S. I’d also be delighted to tell you how my implementation of a call overflow system reduced customer phone waiting time by 65%.

Office Manager

[email protected]


Tony, you’re June’s savior!

Short Cover Letter Example  (Creative Job)

Our next candidate is Maria. She’s a graphic designer from North Dakota. Her firm has had a round of layoffs and she is concerned for her future so she’s looking for a new challenge.

My resume is attached for the position of senior graphic designer. I’ve had a number of satisfying career highlights but my most notable to date is leading a team that was a winner in the 2018 Package Design Awards. This achievement was spearheaded by my dedication to meeting client requirements with fresh contemporary design solutions.

As a senior graphic designer at Edwards & Spinks, I designed a fresh layout for the new edition of the cookbook “Glorious Gluten” that led to the publisher signing a five-year contract worth $500,000. 

Leading the graphic design team at Mountebanks & Co. is an amazing opportunity. I want to be part of your multi-award winning delivery of unique and functional web design to prestigious corporate clients.

Can we arrange a call so I can discuss how I led and developed a team of five junior designers while helping clients cut costs by an average of 15%?

Maria Villanueva

P.S. I’m also keen to discuss how my design of the “Flight Comparator” app led to a 20% increase in conversions for the client compared to previous iterations.

Senior Graphic Designer

[email protected]


A simple cover letter that's short and to the point! The hiring manager is singing her praises already!

Here’s Helen. She’s a California-based software engineer who’s just moved from out of state for family reasons.

Dear Fatima,

Please see attached my resume for the position of software engineer. My most recent achievement has been successfully managing code deployment to one of the largest ride-sharing platforms on the East Coast. This was driven by my expertise in transportation demand management software and my knack for reporting tool integration.

As a software engineer at Zoom! I implemented survey and data analysis functions that improved user behavior statistics and led to a 20% reduction in wait times for drivers during peak use periods with an accompanying 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Joining the team at Moov is exactly where I want to be in my career. Helping you disrupt the current West Coast platform duopoly is a challenge I am made for.

Could we meet for a coffee and a chat about how my dedication to leveraging gamification played a crucial role in increasing user data recording?

Helen Topley

P.S. I’d also be happy for you to learn more about how my optimized driver tracking feature pinpointed inefficiencies that when resolved, resulted in cost savings of $750,000.

Software Engineer

[email protected]


Watch out Uber. With Helen on board, Moov is ready to take over the world.

Meet Cyrus, he’s a business analyst from Illinois. He is looking to move on to pastures new in search of a more senior role.

I have attached my resume for the position of business analyst. My professional achievements include saving $1M in costs by choosing a new cloud data warehouse solution. This was enabled by my superior negotiation skills, expertise in effective procurement and ability to identify cost savings.

As a business analyst at Vantech, I leveraged a new procurement business process to ensure consistency across all teams leading to a saving of 500 man-hours equivalent to $100,000. This consistent approach was the first of its kind in the company.

Getting on board with Vermillion as it rapidly scales its operations is an amazing opportunity for me to do what I do best, increasing efficiency in business processes and implementing value-rich changes to the organization.

Let’s arrange a quick chat to discuss how my ability to translate stakeholder needs into development goals can help Vermillion at this crucial time.


Cyrus Johnson

P.S. It’d also be a great chance to discuss how my dedication to clear data visualization has improved communication between stakeholders and development teams.

Business Analyst

[email protected]


They’re already preparing Cyrus’ onboarding.

Last up is Monica. She’s at college in Delaware and looking for a summer internship to gain some real-world experience while she pursues her studies.

Attached you’ll find my resume for the position of summer intern. My “Drill Instructor” augmented power tool add-on has just won the Northwest Student Award for Tech Innovation. That’s because I’ve had a passion for practical design since childhood.

Fazer’s commitment to mentoring the best young talent in the industry is a direct fit with my proven electronic engineering skills and studies. 

I would love to improve my skill set to deliver even more cost-effective and industry-leading power tool and machinery solutions, just as I did with my award project.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to put my skills to work for you. Could we arrange a phone call to discuss how I can help Fazer gain even more industry plaudits.

Monica Nesbitt

P.S. I’d also love to discuss how my volunteer work with the “Upcycle!” project is helping to teach electronic engineering and repair skills to the wider community.

[email protected]


Monica’s summer is all set. A simple cover letter is all it takes. 

Want to see even more cover letter examples? See: Cover Letter Templates for All Professions

How to Write a Short Cover Letter

This formula has all those bases covered:

Basic Cover Letter Structure—Checklist

Every one of our fast and furious five has followed that simple example. Next, we’ll break it down in brief.

1. Start Your Short Cover Letter Right

We’ve mentioned the power of personalizing your short cover letter by using the hiring manager’s name. That puts you in the elite. Only 16% of jobseekers bother to do this.

We want to be in the short, sharp, snappy 16%. We’re going straight in for the kill, so start with a powerful introduction that’s tailored to the job :

Short Cover Letter Example—Introduction

That’s Officer Manager Tony’s intro. He’s only 49 words in, but he’s ready to win. It’s personalized, starts off by indicating the position he’s applying for, then cuts to the chase with a solid achievement, eagerness, and key skills . 

Find out more about winning short cover letter introductions in our guide: How to Begin a Cover Letter, so the Hiring Manager Wants More

Don’t know how to find the hiring manager’s name? It’s easy. See our guide: How to Address a Cover Letter

2. Make a Brief Cover Letter Middle

We’re off and racing in our cover letter sprint. This is where we build momentum. For a magnificent middle, you need to show two things: 

Like here: 

Short Cover Letter Example—Middle

That’s Maria, our graphic designer. She’s clearly got the skills to deliver to clients and bring in new business. Plus, she’s highly motivated and has done her research on the company and the role. All that in just 66 words.

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

3. Seal the Deal With a CTA

A CTA is a call to action. It’s the finish line of our short cover letter race. Do this right, and an interview is in the bag. Why?

Because you asked for it, and you did it in the right way:

Short Cover Letter Example—Closing

Helen is our software engineer. She’s asked for the interview and given the hiring manager a reason to find out more about the value she’ll add. Then she did one more thing that guaranteed it. Two letters. P.S.

That draws the eye like a magnet. Then it lands a killer blow with an impressive achievement backed by numbers. The hiring manager will be on the phone faster than Superman racing The Flash.

Lastly, remember about a formal close. There’s nothing like a simple “Sincerely,” but there are others too. Stick to this list, and you’ll be set:

Cover Letter Closing Salutations

Still not sure how to finish with an offer they can’t refuse? Read our guide: How to End a Cover Letter

And if you need more detailed pointers on cover letter formatting, check: How to Format a Cover Letter [10+ Examples]

Key Takeaways

You’re all set to write the best short application cover letter. Now let’s refresh your memory with a super short summary.

How to write a simple cover letter:

Struggling to slim down your cover letter? Need more advice? Ask away in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Jacques Buffett, CPRW

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4 Cover Letter Examples That’ll Make Writing Yours Way Easier

Hot jobs on the muse.

person sitting in front of bookcase, looking at laptop and smiling

We love having examples. It’s so much easier to decorate a cake, build a model, or yes, even write a cover letter when you know what the end product could look like.

SEARCH OPEN JOBS ON THE MUSE! See who’s hiring here , and you can even filter your search by benefits, company size, remote opportunities, and more. Then, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll deliver advice on landing the job right to you.

So that’s what we’re going to give you—all the cover letter examples and tips you need to make yours shine (we’re unfortunately not experts in cake decorating or model building).

Want to get right down to business? Skip ahead to:

The traditional cover letter example

The impact cover letter example, the writing sample cover letter example, the career change cover letter example, bonus cover letter examples, the 3 basic elements of a cover letter, a few more cover letter tips, why bother with a cover letter at all.

I bet when you see a job listing that says “ cover letter optional ,” you breathe a sigh of relief, gleefully submit your resume, and move on. But you’re truly doing yourself a disservice by not including a cover letter (or by writing one that’s super generic or formulaic).

“When you’re writing a resume you’re oftentimes confined by space, by resume speak, by keywords—you’re up against a lot of technical requirements,” says Melody Godfred, a career coach and the founder of Write in Color who’s read thousands of cover letters over the course of her career. “In a cover letter you have an opportunity to craft a narrative that aligns you not only with the position you’re applying to but also the company you’re applying to.”

Whether you’re writing a cover letter for a data scientist or marketing manager position, an internship or a senior-level role, a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you’re going to want to tailor it to the role, company, and culture. A strong, customized cover letter will help you explain your value proposition and stand out from the stack of applicants. If there’s a gap in your resume , you have the opportunity to explain why it’s there. If you’re changing careers, you have the chance to describe why you’re making the switch. If your resume’s pretty dull, a cover letter helps you show some personality . And yes, cover letters still get read .

Does that sound a bit overwhelming? Don’t fret! We’ve got examples of four types of cover letters below: a traditional cover letter , an impact cover letter , a writing sample cover letter , and a career change cover letter . So let’s take a look at these examples, why they work, and how you can use them to craft your own.

A traditional cover letter is similar to what you’d come up with using a position-based cover letter template . It moves in reverse chronological order through your career history, highlighting parts of your past jobs that make you well suited for this position.

You might want to use this type of cover letter if:

The Job Description

Let’s say you’re applying to a paralegal job opening at a law firm. The job description might include:



The Cover Letter Example

Here’s an example of a traditional cover letter you could write for this role—keeping things strictly professional but without sounding too boring or jargon-y:

Dear Ms. Jessica Sanchez,

In my five-year career as a paralegal, I have honed my legal research and writing skills, and the attorneys I’ve worked with have complimented me on my command of case law and litigation support. Spiegel Law Firm’s 20 years in practice proves that the firm has strong values and excellent attorneys, and I’d be eager to join such a talented team.

I currently serve as a paralegal for Chandler, Chandler, and Greene, where I work closely with the partners on a number of high-priority cases. During my time here, I implemented a new calendar system that ensures timely filing of court papers. This system has prevented missed deadlines and allowed for better organization of internal and client meetings.

Previously, as a paralegal for the Neuerburg Law Firm, I received praise for my overall support of the legal team and my positive attitude. While working there, I came up with and implemented a plan for digitizing their old files while still ensuring security and privacy. This led to more efficiency when preparing for client meetings and legal proceedings.

My further qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, a paralegal certificate, and training in LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Microsoft Office Suite.

I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your legal team. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Chase Broadstein [email protected] (222) 222-2222

Download this example

Why This Works

This cover letter is short, sweet, and to the point. It shows the candidate has a knack for getting things done in a thorough and timely matter and a track record for helping out wherever needed. The opening lines also express a genuine interest in this specific firm. Plus, there are some important keywords in there like “calendar system,” “bachelor’s degree,” “paralegal certificate,” and “LexisNexis.”

The impact cover letter puts your accomplishments front and center rather than organizing your paragraphs by past roles. You might use a cover letter like this if:

Let’s say you’ve come across an opening for an email marketing manager . Part of the job description states:

Here’s an example of an impact cover letter where the writer’s hard skills and successes stand out:

Dear Russ Roman,

I have a problem. See, my inbox currently (and embarrassingly) hosts 1,500 unread emails—including newsletters from at least 50 different brands.

But this problem only fuels my passion for creating emails that are worth opening. Because from my perspective, as someone who can barely get through their own stack of mail, that’s a true win.

I’ve been following Vitabe for years, and can proudly say that I open every single email you send to me. I’m a sucker for a good subject line—“Take a Vitamin-ute—We’ll A-B-C You Soon” being my favorite—and the way your email content feels both fun and expert-backed really speaks to me. This is why I’m thrilled to submit my application for a role as email marketing manager at your company.

I have over four years of experience working in the email marketing space. In my current role at Westside Bank, I was able to implement new email campaigns centered around reengaging churned clients. By analyzing data around the types of clients who churn and the engagement of our current email subscribers, as well as A/B testing headlines and newsletter layouts, we were able to increase email subscribers by 15% and convert 30% of those subscribers to purchase our product, a significant increase from the previous year. I also launched a “Your Credit Matters” newsletter focused on educating our clients on how they spend and manage their credit—which became our highest performing campaign in terms of open-rates and click-through to date.

Previously, as a member of the marketing team at Dream Diary Mattresses, I collaborated with the sales and product team to understand how I could best support them in hitting their quarterly goals. One specific project involving creating personalized emails for customers drew more people to come back to our site after 30 days than direct paid ad campaigns, leading to a 112% increase in revenue from the last quarter.

I take the content I write and the calendars I manage seriously, editing and refining beyond detail-oriented and into meticulous territory, and I feel my experience and drive would greatly help Vitabe further develop their email program for success.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lad Miller [email protected] (987) 654-3210

This sample cover letter concisely highlights the applicant’s most significant, relevant achievements. By adding context to how their projects were created, monitored, and completed, they’re able to show just how results-driven they are and how they’ve successfully leveraged some of the skills the company is looking for.

One thing worth noting: This person didn’t include keywords such as Constant Contact, Google Analytics, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, or Microsoft Excel—all of which are listed in the job description. But those skills are most likely in their resume already, and leaving them out gives them the space to discuss specific projects and tell a story not visible on other parts of their application.

For roles where written communication is key, such as PR, copywriting , or journalism jobs, your cover letter will likely be the first writing sample your future employer sees. So it’s just as important to show your skill set in action through eloquent writing.

Here’s part of a job description for a staff writer position:

Have fun with this one, but triple-check for spelling and grammar mistakes, and make sure you’re showing off your best writing:

Dear Tai Chen,

Since I could walk, I’ve been dancing. And since I could read, I’ve been glued to Arabesque Weekly . At one point, you featured one of my local heroes—a ballerina who struggled with an injury early in her career and went on to become a principal dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet—and I plastered the article above my childhood bed. It’s still there today.

That article—and so many others you’ve published—taught me that dancing was about more than just pirouettes and arabesques and that the right kind of writer can shed light on aspects of the art that make it surprising, impactful, and universal. I can be that writer.

As an editorial assistant at for the past two and a half years, my main responsibility was to get all of our content ready to go live on the site. This included fact-checking, proofreading, adding in HTML where necessary, and finding photos, videos, and GIFs that would complement the content and optimize audience engagement. As I tinkered with each post, I became intimately familiar with our internal CMS. Reviewing every single article we published and following reactions and engagement helped me gain a deep understanding of what makes a piece really land with our audience.

But by far my favorite aspect of this role has been writing. Each week, I pitch and write at least one article, from 250-word news items to 900-word advice pieces to even longer profiles, features, and personal essays. I love the challenge of developing pitches that align with the trends we see in the data, reflect with the company’s brand and mission, and allow me to flex my creative muscles.

Collaborating with my team to form the best content library we can has been a dream come true. I would be so excited to use my experience to help Arabesque Weekly achieve its goals. And I hope to one day write a story that another little dance lover tapes to their wall forever.

It would be an honor to be a part of your editorial team, and I look forward to the possibility of discussing the opportunity with you.

Hoping to be your next staff writer,

Marlee Wood [email protected] (555) 666-4433

This candidate is clearly passionate about this specific publication and leads with a unique personal anecdote tied to the company’s mission that demonstrates their ability to tell stories in a compelling way. There are relevant keywords and phrases, sure, but they’re not just thrown in there. Their voice comes through in every sentence, proving this person knows how to communicate effectively and creatively.

Cover letters can play a big part in helping career changers prove their qualifications—especially when it’s unclear how their skills transfer over to this new field.

You might write a career change cover letter if:

Let’s say you’re someone who has experience supporting a sales team as an administrative assistant , and you’re now looking to become a sales representative. You come across a job posting that includes:

Here’s how you might translate your past experience over to this new (and exciting) prospect:

Dear Maria Russo,

The head of sales at Sunshine Inc. was in a bind. She needed six client meetings scheduled, 18 service transactions processed, and a summary of the team’s new lead generation campaign drafted before getting on a flight to Austin—in three hours. So she turned to her cool-headed, sales-savvy administrative assistant for help. That assistant was me. Not only did I execute everything on her to-do list, I did it all before her plane left the ground.

For three years, I worked in lockstep with a busy, growth-oriented sales leader to support the business development team. As the sole administrative assistant in the department, I balanced a swath of competing priorities, ranging from coordinating meetings and inputting data to contacting customers, finalizing transactions, and creating promotional materials. This role helped me develop a comprehensive understanding of the sales cycle, sales strategy, and pipeline growth.

Like many others, my career path hasn’t been entirely straightforward. After leaving Crabapple Media, I enrolled in a local coding bootcamp. Six months later, I emerged with a certificate in computer programming and a certainty that I did not want to be a coder. But education is never wasted. I’m now an aspiring sales representative with experience supporting a thriving sales team and extensive knowledge of the tech space.

Here’s a little bit more about how my experience would translate into this role:

I would, of course, love to schedule a time for us to discuss this role and my experience, and I truly want to thank you for considering me.

All the best, Olu Abiola [email protected] (123) 456-789

The opener draws you in and makes you want to learn more. It toots the person’s horn, but in a way that’s substantiated. Then, the next couple sections explain their experience in the sales space and other relevant qualifications, before eventually tying that back to why they’re applying to this specific job. Similar to the impact cover letter, the author lists some of the more important qualities they bring to the table, doing a bit of keyword inclusion and resume gap explaining along the way.

To further guide you, check out some more cover letter examples:

Let’s break down one of our example cover letters real quick

Check out this handy infographic that breaks down our impact cover letter.

infographic of impact cover letter example pointing out different elements of cover letter

Cover letters are a little like puzzles. When you put each component in its proper place (and remove any parts that don’t fit), you create a complete picture. But even though that picture is always different (as you saw above) a lot of the types of pieces are the same.

In other words, every great cover letter includes the following elements:

1. An Engaging Opener

By opener, we primarily mean your first paragraph: How you start a cover letter is everything. Your opening lines influence whether someone keeps reading—and you want them to, right?

“Starting with something that immediately connects you to the company is essential—something that tells the company that this is not a generic cover letter,” Godfred says. “You have to say something that tells the employer, ‘I wrote this just for you.’”

It can be a childhood memory tying you back to the company’s mission. It can be a story about the time you fell in love with the company’s product. It can be an anecdote from another job or experience showing how hard of a worker you are. Whatever you decide to open with, make it memorable.

2. A Clear Pitch

Use the next few paragraphs of your cover letter to “hit them with the strongest results you have that are aligned with the opportunity,” Godfred says. Ryan Kahn —Muse career coach and founder of The Hired Group —calls this your pitch. In other words, the part where you’re “selling yourself for the position and why you’re qualified for it.” Additionally, Godfred says, “If you’re someone who’s transitioning careers, and you need to explain that transition, you do it there.”

This section should have a balance of soft and hard skills , Godfred says. Talk about your experience using Salesforce or doing SEO work, but also highlight your ability to lead teams and communicate effectively. “Companies are embracing authenticity, they’re embracing humanity, they’re looking for people who are going to fit their culture. So what are your values? What do you stand for?” says Godfred. These values should be as much a part of your cover letter as the super specialized hard skills.

3. A Great Closing Line

Your closing line could include your next steps, Kahn says, such as “I welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about how I can contribute to [team],” or, “I would love to schedule a time for us to discuss this role and my experience.” But more importantly, “You want to make sure that you’re gracious and thanking them,” he says. While seemingly cliché , it never hurts to end on a simple, “Thank you for your consideration.”

Here are a few more tips to help the cover letter process:

Hopefully these cover letter examples help as you go to tackle your own. Remember: This is just one small step in the process! Take your time, but learn to move on when you’ve given it your all.

Regina Borsellino contributed writing, reporting, and/or advice to this article.

cover page for resume example

cover page for resume example

Free Printable Cover Page Templates (Word / PDF)

A cover page template is essentially the first page of most intellectual and expert records, for example, research papers, project reports, recommendations, books, and expositions. In this article, we have given the basics of a cover page alongside editable cover page templates and instances. So we should get to know what a cover page is and how could it be utilized.

The creator gives general data, for example, the name of the author(s), the distributor, and the point being talked about in the record. For scholarly purposes, the name of the course, foundation, directing teacher, and the due date can likewise be incorporated. On a very basic level, it gives the perusers a fast comprehension of what’s in store in the record by expressing the subject and presenting the book or paper.

Basics of a Cover Page

The cover page tells the reader the point that is examined in the document. To do such, a few things are usually introduced on the cover page template.

They include:

The title and subtitle of the report

For instance:

free cover page template

Kinds of Cover Page

The most widely recognized kinds of cover page layout designs are APA, MLA, and CMS. These kinds of cover page templates will contrast by the way they are arranged and the information in them. Furthermore, if you intently analyze the instances of the cover page, a few configurations are more predominant in specific fields than others.

The details of each type will be talked about underneath:

APA cover page

The running title is composed at the upper left of the document on an APA cover page template, while the page number is demonstrated in the upper right. The running is composed in all capitalized letters and shouldn’t surpass 50 characters (spaces included).

The title ought to be written in the upper portion of the page and ought to be in the title case – each expression of the title is promoted except for articles and propositions. The title length ought to be 12 words all things considered and can take up all things considered two sentences.

The name(s) of the author(s), which is then trailed by the organization’s name, is then composed after the title. The creators’ names are first name, centre initial(s), then the last name. In APA, official titles and instructive capabilities ought not to be given on the cover page template.

MLA cover page

In MLA style, a cover page isn’t needed. Nonetheless, a few educators could demand creators to incorporate a cover page, or it tends to be added at the creator’s inclination to cause the document to show up more expertly. MLA cover pages ought to have the accompanying details; the name of the foundation (school or university), the title of the document, the creator’s name, the name of the class, the name of the educator or teacher, and the submission date.

Extra details can be added according to the directions given. At the point when a cover page is remembered for MLA design, it ought to be twofold dispersed, and its items ought to be focused. The name of the foundation is composed first at the top portion of the page.

The title of the document is then added at 33% of the page. Avoid a few lines and add some other data required. This data can be the creators’ names, the class name, the name of the educator or teacher, the date of submission, or some other according to the rules.

Documents ready with CMS format should have a cover page template. The title is composed at 33% of the page. The title and caption ought to be strong.

Some other fundamental data, for example, the name(s) of the author(s), educator, course title, and submission date can then be incorporated. You can find in the examples underneath that in the CMS arrangement of the cover page, the page number is excluded.

Note: Although the cover page isn’t needed in certain formats, it isn’t disallowed except if the educators restrict it. Adding a cover page is in this way suggested at whatever point it is conceivable as they make records look more expert. Cover pages don’t add to the length of the document or paper.

Amazing Cover Page Examples

Here you can find bundles of cover page examples and by including them you can make your cover page more attractive and readable.

The most effective method to Make a Cover Page How to Make a Cover Page Template

Presently, have you been approached to compose a report or class assignment and incorporate a cover page template? If indeed, there are multiple approaches. The strategy to utilize will rely upon the rules and what is to be achieved. This article will feature the various ways writers can utilize cover page templates alongside various examples:

Strategy 1: For the resume

Resumes will, now and again, have cover pages. Keep in mind, as prior referenced and can likewise be found in the downloadable examples given underneath, cover pages work on the impressive skill of a document. A cover page for a resume is a letter that goes with a candidate’s application.

If so, the accompanying contemplations merit carrying out in the writing process:

Keep the letter to one page

The cover page template ought to be one page long. This page should be designed like some other expert letter. A one-inch edge on all sides is utilized, yet the edge can be essentially as little as 0.7 inches. Its items should be single-divided and adjusted to one side. Likewise, each paragraph ought to be isolated with a single blank line.

Remember contact data for the upper left corner

At the top-most left corner, incorporate your name and contact information. The essential data remembered for this part is the source’s complete name, actual location, substantial telephone number, and email address. Fax numbers are composed after the telephone number or the email address.

Write the full date

After the email address, embed the date when the cover page template was composed. Then, demonstrate the Month, day, and year. An organization of the day, month, then the year is likewise satisfactory relying upon the rules. Leave a blank line on each side of the date.

Address the receiver by name

Give a proper greeting. Two circumstances decide how to compose the greeting – one where the sender doesn’t have a clue about the recipient’s name and two where they do. In the first place, on the off chance that you are curious about the name of the recipient, address them as “Dear Employing Director/Recruiting Advisory group/HR Supervisor,” and so on – because of their title. Assuming you know their name, remember it for the welcome.

Write an introduction

An introduction ought to then trail behind skirting a line from the greeting. The creator presents themselves and states the motivation behind the cover page and the position they are applying for. Details like past experiences with the recipient and where you found out about the opening can likewise be incorporated. Demonstrating the organization where you join in, and your major is additionally permitted in the introduction.

Highlight your skills

The body of the cover page can have a few sections. Show why you are appropriate for the job and how you are equipped for the equivalent. Utilize exact genuine instances of what makes you a reasonable up-and-comer. Adjust the capabilities and guides to the job specifications. This can be acknowledged by surveying the work posting and recognizing the details and prerequisites you satisfy. Pick to add any achievements that connect with the position.

Briefly conclude your letter

Close the cover page letter by showing your excitement for the position and repeating key important points from the body of the letter in a couple of lines. Tell the recipient you are free for a meeting and give contact data to connect. An individual telephone number, as well as an email address, would do the trick.

Close the letter officially

Finally, close the letter utilizing a free close, for example, “Yours Truly” or “Thank You.” Next, sign the document and afterwards demonstrate your name. Continuously utilize blank ink to sign proper documents.

Strategy 2: For a fax

While sending formal fax, it is important to incorporate a cover page template to add an expert look focus to the document.

This can be accomplished with the accompanying method.

Provide the header

The authority name and address of the sender are added at the highest point of the cover page. This data ought to be focused on. A telephone number and fax number are then added. An authority letterhead can be utilized to epitomize this information. Later, avoid two lines before continuing with other information.

Format the cover sheet in two columns

Then, separate the cover sheet into two sections. This makes the cover sheet more neat and satisfactory. At last, twofold space the cover sheet before embedding data. Note that clearness and neatness ought to be focused on while making a fax cover page. Creators can add their contact data and the collector’s contact details at the highest point of the fax page. The fax can then be saved as a template that will use in the future due to a similar general format.

Fill out the left column

In the left side column, list down the date, the recipient – “To”- and the sender’s name – “From”- and afterwards the shipper’s telephone number, each in its line. Each mark to the referenced data ought to be in capital/capitalized. With the dates, the standard US design is ‘month, day, year’ while, for most different nations, it will be a day, month, year. Creators ought to follow the proper configuration as appropriate to their situation.

Complete the right column

The right section records the time, and recipient’s fax number, trailed by the sender’s fax number, and email address, each written in capitalized followed by a colon, for example, ‘DATE:’, ‘TIME:’ and so on Each mark ought to be in capitalized. Likewise, guarantee that the shipper/beneficiary’s data in the left column lines up with the source/recipient’s data in the right column.

Indicate the number of pages

Underneath the left column, show the specific number of pages of the fax record. An early assertion ought to be given before the number is down on paper.

For instance, this part of the cover page will be as:

Include a brief message

Then, embed a mark named “MESSAGE” and record a brief message that pronounces the motivation behind the fax and the sort of document being faxed. This message ought to be written in a couple of lines. To close the message, demand the receiver to check the receipt of the fax and give a telephone number or email address they can use to do as such.

Write a disclaimer, if necessary

Finally, add a disclaimer on the off chance that it is essential. A disclaimer can be given on the off chance that the data in the record is secret if the fax isn’t gotten and on the occasion, the fax is wrongly received. Assuming the data is confidential expressing its utilization is completely taboo. Guarantee to utilize the particular rules appropriate in the circumstance within reach.

Strategy 3: For your manuscript

Manuscripts will frequently require a cover page to be part of it. This can be a book, article, or manuscript composition.

The accompanying advances can be utilized to write a composition cover page template:

Include your contact information

At the upper left corner of the page, embed a header containing your name, telephone number, and email address. A nom de plume can likewise be added for however long it is shown, for example, “Pen Name” or “A.K.A.” Additionally, note that if the manuscript is to be explored secretly, the creator is supposed to incorporate their contact details on the cover page template, and, simultaneously, eliminate their name and contact from the title page.

List the word count

Then, show the surmised word include of the original copy in the upper right corner. Utilize the assertion “Approximately … … . Words.” This word consider is composed inexactly because the specific word count needn’t bother with to be expressed.

If the word count is 5133, it tends to be composed of 5100 or 5000.

This standard is, in any case, not material to manuscripts that should have a severe word count. If so, demonstrate the specific word count.

Include the title of your manuscript

The title of the manuscript can likewise be added to the cover page of the manuscript. The title ought to be composed on the cover page and ought to be focused. The title ought to rigorously be in one line and is generally written in capitalized, although this isn’t obligatory. You don’t have to compose it in bold, emphasize or underline the title. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that a cover page isn’t a title page.

Finish with the name of the author

Following the title, the writer’s name is down on the paper. The name can be a genuine name or a pen name. The cover page of a manuscript ought not to be bound, same with different pages in a manuscript.

Technique 4: Utilizing APA style

A cover page template can be ready in an APA design for various circumstances.

For instance, the accompanying advances can be utilized in making an APA cover page template:

Utilize a standard font and margin

Design the cover, first and foremost, page format to APA particulars. As prior referenced, an overall 1-inch edge and 12 – point Times New Roman textual style and twofold dispersing are suggested.

Place the running headline

Then, record the cover page layout running title in capital letters at the upper left corner of the page. The running head ought to have the name “Running head” before a summed-up type of the record title is given. The name and the text ought to be isolated by a colon. The running title ought not to be longer than 50 characters – spaces and accentuation included.

Insert the page number

At the other right finish of the page, demonstrate the page number, ordinarily “1” for a cover page. Standard numerals ought to be utilized, not Roman numerals. Guarantee the running head and the page number are precisely evenly adjusted.

Centre the title

Then, the title ought to be set at around 33% of the page from the highest point of the cover page. Roughly this is 2 crawls from the header line. The title ought not to be striking, stressed, or underlined. All things being equal, utilize capitalized aside from minor words.

Include your name below the title

Following the title, the creator demonstrates their name. Assuming the archive addresses crafted by numerous creators, every one of the creators ought to be recorded. The names should be isolated by a comma.

Include the name of your institution

Finally, underneath the name(s), the name of the association is shown. The name of the establishment/association ought to be written in title case – each major in capitalized. Assuming the teacher or educator mentioned extra data, it very well may be given after the foundation name.

Technique 5: Utilizing MLA style

Cover pages can likewise be written in MLA format. This article will feature the means writers can use to make an MLA cover page.

They are as per the following:

Use a standard font and standard margins

Adjust the cover page layout to the MLA design determinations. As prior referenced, a standard 1-inch edge and a 12-pt Times New Roman textual style are utilized. Note that a few educators will demand a cover page although it isn’t required in MLA design.

Focus the title

Then, give the title of the record and focus it at roughly 33% from the highest point of the cover page template. Each significant letter in the title ought to be promoted. On the off chance that there is a subtitle, it ought to be composed underneath the title. The title and subtitle needn’t bother with to be emphasized, underlined, or strong.

Write your full name

After the title or caption, whichever is last, a few lines should be skipped, and the creator’s name is then given. Assuming numerous creators ought to be incorporated, they ought to be recorded as of now. The name(s) of the writer or writers ought to be written in a similar text style and text dimension as the words on the report’s cover sheet.

List the receiver of your paper

At last, the cover page template should demonstrate the beneficiary of the document, the name of the course/class, and the date of submission following the creator’s name. Every class of data ought to be written in a different line and twofold dispersed. Utilize suitable titles while alluding to the recipient. The course number can likewise be shown.

Technique 6: Utilizing Chicago style

A cover page can likewise be written in Chicago style. In Chicago style, a cover page and a title page are something very similar.

Hence, the means introduced underneath can be followed to compose a cover page template in Chicago style:

As a matter of some importance, change the font style and margins to a generally acknowledged design. A one (1) – inch margin on each side of the cover page and a 12-pt Times New Roman font style are viewed as standard particulars. The cover page and the title page allude to a similar thing; thusly, don’t add the title page.

List the title first

Then, at around 33% from the highest point of the page, give the title of the document. The title ought to be at the focal point of the page. Each significant word ought to be promoted, or the whole title can be promoted. On the off chance that the document or paper has a caption, compose the resulting line, and separate it from the title with a colon. The title and caption should not be adapted: stressed, underlined, or strong.

After the title or subtitle, avoid a few lines and compose your name (first and last) around 33% of the lower part of the page. If more than one writer must be demonstrated, compose their names right now in a similar line however isolated with a comma. The name(s) ought to be a similar text style and text dimension utilized throughout the cover page.

Determine the subject, teacher, and date in your last segment

Finally, show the name and number of the course, the teacher, and the due date. Every one of the components ought to be in discrete lines and double-spaced. Utilize proper titles with the name of the educator.

book title cover page template

In the scholar and expert fields, you frequently need to plan reports or projects which need a cover page template. The cover page is the absolute first thing that the reader would see. Accordingly, the cover page for the project ought to be very much made.

All The content and components that you remember for this page would rely upon what sort of task or record you’re planning. Read on to study the cover page template with the goal that you can set up your cover sheet example for your documents.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, a title page doesn’t add to a paper or document’s statement or page count. Moreover, a cover page likewise isn’t viewed as a component of a document’s statement or page count.

In situations where various individuals added to composing a paper or document, they ought to be in every way recognized. How they are recorded will rely upon the arrangement utilized, affiliations, and the association they are working with. For instance, in APA style, the names are composed after the title or subtitle of the record in a similar line where each name is isolated with a comma. The creator’s title, first name, centre name, and last name are shown in that organization.

A cover page will generally be required relying on the organization. For instance, in APA, the cover page is required, while, in MLA, it for the most part isn’t utilized. In any case, in MLA and Chicago styles, this is reliant upon the teacher’s necessities or the creator’s inclination. A cover page will typically be required relying upon the configuration. For instance, in APA, the cover page is compulsory, though, in MLA, it typically isn’t utilized. In any case, in MLA and Chicago styles, this is reliant upon the teacher’s necessities or the creator’s inclination.

No. Writers are never punished for adding a cover page to a record, regardless of whether it was anything but a prerequisite in scholarly composition. If you’re uncertain about whether to incorporate a cover page or not, including it is in every case best. Notwithstanding, consistently counsel the guidelines to guarantee you are adhering to them exactly.

Writers can decide to compose their cover pages without any preparation or utilize a cover page template. Cover page templates are not difficult to utilize and direct and accordingly suggested. The cover page ought to be composed following the establishment or educator’s prerequisites because different cover page formats will be composed unexpectedly. The cover page ought to be text-just, and figures ought not to be incorporated. Fundamental data generally found on a cover page is the title of the record, author(s) name, teacher’s name, name of the organization, and date of submission/publication.

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What's a cover letter, and why are they important?

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With the formatting, it'll likely end up somewhere between 250 and 400 words — not too long.

You might be wondering if cover letters are required: Will a hiring manager actually read it ? If the job application has a place to attach a cover letter, you'll want to write one. 

Even if the job listing says a cover letter is optional, job seekers should still write one. A cover letter shows you're serious about the job and that you're willing to put the work in to get it.

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A professional cover letter could also become a tie-breaker. If the job is between you and another candidate, the hiring team may review your cover letter and resume to help make their final decision.

So yes, effective cover letters are important — and if you have the opportunity to submit one with your job application, you should.

Writing a cover letter: A step-by-step guide

Although cover letters are fairly short, they can be quite daunting. That's why it's important to approach your cover letter by sections:

Step 1: Address your cover letter

Your cover letter and resume are a package, so you'll want them to match. Start your proper cover letter with your name (formatted like it is at the top of your resume) along with your contact information.

When you search for generic cover letter templates online, you might find ones where you'll fill in a company's contact information. That was relevant when cover letters were sent via snail mail, but these days, you can just leave it off. A hiring manager doesn't need to see the address of their office building.

Below your contact information, add the date you're applying and address your cover letter to its intended recipient. If the job description doesn't include the name of a hiring manager or team leader, here's how to find this information:

If the job listing has an email address, use it to search for a name on Google or through an online company directory.

If the job listing is on LinkedIn, see if you can track down the original poster.

If the job description mentions who the job reports to, search for that individual or position title in a company directory.

If you still can't find a name to address your cover letter to, avoid phrases like “To whom it may concern,” “Hey,” or “Dear Sir/Madam” — these are hated cover letter cliches . Instead, address it to the department that's hiring (e.g. Dear Editorial Team) or the team manager (e.g. Dear Customer Service Manager).

Step 2: Introduce yourself

You'll want to kick off your great cover letter by introducing yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to explain why you're interested in the role and the company and what you can bring to the team. 

This is also your chance to demonstrate you've done your homework, showing you know something about the company or industry. Additionally, if you found the job through a colleague already at the company or through a mutual connection, this is a great place to drop their name.

If you're confident in your writing skills and are feeling creative, you can swap out the standard introductory paragraph with an anecdote that relates to your work. This should grab the reader's attention and also illustrate the most important — and relevant — skills you possess for the job at hand. 

If you're curious to learn more about this idea, communications expert Danny Rubin explains “storytelling” cover letters with examples. This is definitely a great way to hook the reader into wanting to read your entire cover letter.

Step 3: Highlight your qualifications

After you've introduced yourself, use the second paragraph of your professional cover letter to highlight your relevant skills and qualifications. Instead of simply listing these (you already did that on your resume), use this as an opportunity to illustrate how you are qualified to do this job. Spell out how your professional experience, education, and abilities meet the position's core requirements.

This is arguably the most important section, as it clearly explains to the reader why your application is worth a read. 

Certified professional career coach and TopResume's resident career expert Amanda Augustine suggests identifying three or four core must-have requirements from the job description , listing each in its own bullet within the cover letter and explaining how you meet these requirements.

Don't forget to tie each requirement back to the job itself; you'll want the hiring manager to understand exactly what you can bring to the company.

Step 4: Close with a call-to-action

You're almost done! Now, it's time to wrap up your cover with a specific call to action. 

Rather than merely asking for the hiring manager or recruiter to review your resume, let them know when you will follow up with them about your application. This keeps the ball in your court and gives you a legitimate reason to follow up.

Your closer is also the perfect spot to show your enthusiasm and excitement. Don't go overboard, but don't be afraid to let them know you're excited about this opportunity.

Step 5: Sign off

Once you've thanked a hiring manager for their time and consideration, it's time to sign off.  Think about how the closing salutations you use for your professional emails. Keep it simple with “best regards,” “sincerely,” or “thank you.”

A note on cover letter keywords

As you write your unique cover letter, keep keywords in mind. Just like you added keywords to your resume , you'll want to do the same for your cover letter.

Remember, these aren't just catchy buzzwords. Keywords are the words you see repeated in the job listing. Including these keywords in your cover letter will help ensure it gets seen and prove to the hiring manager you understand the job listing.

Use this cover letter example for guidance

If you're still struggling to get started, check out this free cover letter sample to give you a better idea of how you can structure your cover letter.

Free Cover Letter Sample

Remember: The information should be tailored to the specific role and company and the format of the cover letter, such as the font, should match the look and feel of your resume. 

Final note: Tailoring your cover letter for each job

Now that you've got your successful cover letter, let's reiterate one final point: It's important you tailor your cover letter for each job application . 

Of course you'll want to update the company name and the title of the position, but take it one step further and call out specific facts about the company, the job requirements, and your most relevant skills. Doing this will woo the hiring manager and show you're serious.

You don't have to write a brand new cover letter for each job, however. Instead, create a cover letter template and make copies of it for each job application you submit. Simply leave blanks for the hiring manager's name, the specifics about the company, and your relevant professional skills, then customize them to each job description.

Once you've created a solid template, you've gotten the hardest part out of the way, and it should make applying to jobs a lot easier.

Nailed your cover letter but still not feeling so hot about your resume? Let an expert help with a resume rewrite .

This article was updated in August 2020. It was originally written by Amanda Augustine .

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The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Show Personality in Your Cover Letter

How to Tailor Your Cover Letter for Each Job Application

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Resume Example

Academic Advisor Resume | Examples, Templates & Tips

Average rating for this template.

academic advisor resume

The role of an academic advisor is an intelligent junction of personal interests, capabilities, and values. You love advising and helping students as they proceed positively toward their goals.

Academic advisors deal with educational challenges that students face and we are here to help them. Hence, if you are an academic advisor then you are reading the right stuff.

How can we help?

In this post, we have included an academic advisor resume sample. You can either use the same or write from scratch. To write a professional academic advisor resume use the resume builder . Click the link, fill in the details and a tailored resume is ready!

What’s in this post?

Now that you know what’s in for you let’s begin with an academic advisor resume example. Continue reading.

Academic Advisor Resume Example

Professional Summary Highly motivated academic advisor having 5-plus years of experience in delivering value-added counsel is seeking an academic advisor position in your educational institute. Trained entry-level academic advisors. Enabled online support program for student communities. Progress report analysis, application evaluation, and processing of student issues.

Experience 2019-2023 Senior Academic Advisor Colombia Community College, Colombia, SC

2017-2019 Academic Advisor Lexington Academy of Excellence, Lexington, SC

2015-2017 Academic Advisor Cayce Catholic High School, SC, Cayce, SC

2013-2015 Academic Advisor Master’s Degree Colombia Community College Colombia, SC

2008-2012 Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Colombia Community College Colombia, SC

2004-2008 Cayce City High School Cayce, SC

Additional Activities

Member, Colombia City Teachers Association

Online Career Counselor

Drafting an Academic Advisor Resume

When it comes to students’ career development, a hiring manager will look at the educational and work backgrounds of potential applicants.

However, if you have the ability to assist prospective students in achieving their educational goals then you have a better chance than others.

You must remember that your resume must speak all this to a hiring manager loud and clear. Let’s see how we can do it.

Academic Advisor Resume Structure

A career advisor carves the path for students and the one who will hire you wants those abilities upfront in the resume. Meaning your resume must be well-drafted and organized.

Here’s what a structured resume looks like.

Compare the above list with the academic advisor resume example given at the beginning of this post. You will see the example following a smooth structure. Follow the same when you write your resume.

Academic Advisor Resume Format

Basically, a resume follows three major formats as explained below.

The question is which format is best for an academic advisor’s resume. It depends on how you want to present yourself in front of recruiters.

Our recommendation is the reverse chronological format. Now it is important to understand what information must be arranged in reverse chronological order.

It’s the work experience.

Arrange your work history starting from the current one and then the past one. If the employment history is long then mention the last two along with the current one. If you put down every single work experience it might take up additional pages making the resume long.

The Header of a Motivated Academic Advisor Resume

It’s a no-brainer. Your resume begins with your name, job title, and contact information, and that’s the header. Refer to the example below.

Good and Bad Header

The examples above clearly state what you must and must not include in your header. Following are some pointers to keep in mind.

Points to subtly write academic advisors resume header

The bottom line is to keep the header free from unnecessary clutter. Don’t overwhelm the recruiters with too much information.

Professional Summary in Academic Advisor Resume

After the header write a brief summary to introduce yourself to the recruiter. Again keep it short, precise, and neat.

We have already done this (in the introduction) in the academic advisor resume example above. Scroll up to read the full example resume or else refer below.

Good and Bad Summary

First thing first, the resume summary in the red is bad and it is for a reason. It’s too long, complicated, and meaningless and includes open-ended questions.

For instance, organized student workshops . The purpose is not clear behind coordinating student workshops.

Then there’s addressed student concerns . What type of concerns? Not clear again.

Further, it says sensitive to student inquiries – but what kind of inquiries the advisor is sensitive to is not mentioned.

We can go on and on with such errors. These mistakes can turn down a potential candidate immaterial of how intelligent, honest, and hard-working he or she is.

Hence, your resume summary must be to the point and readable.

Academic Advisor Resume Objective (instead of a resume summary)

A resume objective shall define two major goals. First, why are you the best candidate for this job? Second, why are you interested in this job?

Objectives in a resume when carefully optimized enhance your chances from the rest. Instead of explaining, let’s go through some samples. This will make you feel confident to initiate writing your resume objective.

Sample Academic Advisor Resume Objective

The purpose of an academic advisor in the above-mentioned objective statement is crystal clear.

Phrases like student orientation, student concerns, student progress, student support, student counseling, prospective students, and related terms are more likely to match the job duties required by the hiring manager.

Work Experience in Academic Advisor Resume

Writing work experience in a resume is critical but not an intimidating task. Follow simple rules and you will get it done for yourself with ease.

Rules to Write Work Experience to Get Your Resume Noticed

It’s easy to follow the rules mentioned above. Let us show you how to write work experiences in a resume via examples.

Examples of Work Experience in Academic Advisor Resume

What to write in the work experience section when you don’t have any?

If you don’t have enough work experience or starting out as a fresher then this segment is especially for you.

The elephant in the room is what you should write in this section.

There are ample other things you can mention. For example, an internship program that you have attended. Additionally, you can mention private projects that you have collaborated to work on.

Even voluntary project work can be written in the work experience section. Hence, if you are an academic advisor without sufficient experience then need not worry. Follow the tips given above and your resume will look fine.

Education Details in Academic Advisor Resume

An academic advisor deals with the academics of students. Needless to say, the applicant must meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Refer to the above examples. The minimum requirement for an academic advisor position is a bachelor’s degree. If you have a master’s degree then you have better chances to secure the job.

One more thing.

If you refer to the academic advisor resume example above then you will come across additional activities. Although they aren’t benchmarks of academic qualifications, still they carry weight in the resume.

Therefore, if you have certificates apart from regular education then mention them.

Skills to Mention in Academic Advisor Resume

Similar to education, skills are vital ingredients of a resume and are immaterial to your work profile. Here’s the list of key skills that an academic advisor must write in his/her resume.

Along with having excellent communication abilities an academic advisor must be proficient in other skills too like those mentioned above.

Additional Sections in Academic Advisor Resume

Once again let’s quote the academic advisor resume example mentioned above. There’s an additional activities section. Now, this depends on the job profile and what goes in there.

For example, if you are applying for a technical job then listing training certificates will be ideal. Similarly, for an academic advisor, we have included other activities like being an active member of an educational organization and an online counselor.

Since a student advisor’s job is related to education, language, and computer skills in a resume can make a big difference.

Summary of Academic Advisor Resume

We have explored different sections of resume writing in great detail with examples and tips. Let’s sum it up in readable points.

Cover Letter with Academic Advisor Resume

Writing a cover letter differs from writing a resume altogether. There are different aspects of doing it in a professional manner.

Browse our readymade cover letter templates to help you get started. Here you will get unmatched cover letter ideas.

However, if you want to write it all by yourself then the above link will help you do that too.

Can I register for a training program to enhance my academic advisor skills?

You can definitely register for a training program to enhance your skills that are relevant to your job. Moreover, the recruiting institute would appreciate it. It is observed that even the school or colleges you are working with might arrange a training program for its employees.

What makes an effective academic advisor?

Knowledge and experience are characteristics of an avid academic advisor. They are conscious of the needs of students and their career goals. They are always open to suggestions and highly accessible to their students.

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Free One-Page Resume Templates [Free Download]

Background Image

Having difficulties fitting your resume into one page ? 

We don’t blame you!

Without the right resume template, sticking to 1 page can be really hard.

In this article, we’re going to cover 20+ of the best one-page resume templates for all career stages and preferences.

And you know what’s the best part? These designs are all 100% free and just a click away.

6+ One-Page Resume Templates for Online Resume Builders

Online resume builders are the best option for creating your resume . 

They are already set up neatly for you and you just have to fill in your information.

The colors, font , format are all customizable to your liking, and you even get live feedback on how to fill in your resume.

Awesome, right? 

You make a great first impression AND save money and time! 

Whether you’re a student looking for a creative way to show off your skills on your first job resume , or an executive in need of a professional one-page template, there is something for everyone on this list.

#1 - Simple by Novoresume

one page simple resume template

Who’s it for: Senior Positions, anyone with a lot of work experience . Perfect for conservative industries such as law or banking.

Simple by Novorésumé lives up to its name. It’s the perfect resume if you’re looking for simplicity and convenience. 

This well-organized, easy-to-read resume format is ideal if you’re in a senior position. 

The hiring manager is most probably looking for modesty and tasteful professionalism , and this template helps your achievements shine without any gimmicks.

The black and blue is a needed change from the black and white employers are used to, while still keeping you professional.

#2 - Creative by Novorésumé

one page creative resume template

Who’s it for: Someone applying in a creative industry like advertising, marketing , publishing, design; entry-level applicants. 

This vibrant template is the right choice if you’re looking to stand out. It brings your skills and work experience into focus in a visually appealing way.  

Creative uses infographics and bulleted lists to create a pleasant-looking, stylish resume. 

It has a gorgeous four-color combo that leaves a striking first impression. 

And, at the same time, the resume still looks professional.

It’s well organized and the design doesn’t overdo it with the playfulness . That’s why we love this template so much: balanced flawlessly, it’s both cheerful and professional. 

#3 - Modern by Novorésumé

modern one page resume template

Who’s it for: Professionals in the business or technology industries .

Modern by Novorésumé is a breath of fresh air! It uses square brackets, bulleted lists, infographics, and different icons to attract the hiring manager's attention. 

The dark green color gives it a stylish look but keeps everything modest and modern as well. 

The resume sections are divided into two columns: they include personal information, work experience, skills, organizations, awards, and languages, all on one page.

#4 - College by Novorésumé

student one page resume template

Who’s it for: Recent college graduates with some work experience, current university students 

This resume template works best for students & recent graduates applying for internships or entry-level jobs. 

Every section is well-organized to provide room for your work experience and skills. 

And on top of that, this template is contemporary and visually appealing as well. The blue borders and bold letters give College personality and style, without it appearing tacky. 

#5 - Executive by Novorésumé

one page executive resume template

Who’s it for: Senior executives applying in a creative or green industry  

Do you need to show how qualified you are for the position AND have your personality shine through your resume? 

Executive by Novorésumé does just that. 

This vivid resume template features attractive emerald green headings and subheadings. The color makes it stand out and adds a touch of personality. 

The emphasis, however, is put into your profile, skills, and work experience. 

The skills section is highlighted in green, and it’s the first thing the hiring manager gets to see.

So, make sure to wow them with your best skills .

#6 - Basic by Novorésumé

basic one page resume template

Who’s it for: Conservative, traditional industries

Sometimes, a minimalistic resume is the best resume. 

If you want to focus more on the contents of your resume than the design, definitely check out Basic.

Basic offers a concise and well-organized layout. Everything the hiring manager needs to see stands out at first glance, so you’ll have a high chance of landing in the “To-Be-Interviewed” pile!

job search masterclass

8+ One-Page Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

A basic black and white resume on Times New Roman is not going to make you stand out from the crowd or benefit your job application. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to create your resume on special software to catch the eye of the hiring manager. 

Microsoft Word is still a very popular way to create a resume that stands out.

Read on to find 8+ Microsoft Word one-page resume templates! 

#7 - Elegant Dark Microsoft Word Resume Template

elegant dark microsoft word one page resume template

Who’s it for: Anyone applying for a high-end position: senior professionals, executives, etc.

Where to find it: Freesumes

We visualize elegance with Rolex watches and limousines. We don’t often relate elegance to resumes and documents. 

Yet this unique, gorgeous template is packed with charm and finesse. 

This dark template will assure your resume doesn’t fall into the circular file. It attracts attention because of its unusual white, yellow, grey scheme of colors. 

The dark grey of the background reflects seriousness and sophistication, whereas the soft yellow creates a gorgeous contrast that softens the appearance. 

It is perfect if you have a lot of professional background since it creates plenty of space in the experience section that allows you to display all of your employment entries.

#8 - Clean and Light Microsoft Word Resume Template

one page clean microsoft word resume template

Who’s it for: Someone with minimal work experience. Entry-level candidates and recent graduates.

Where to find it: 

This lively template is the right choice for you if you don’t have a lot of experience to put into your resume. 

It helps you create a profile that sums up your career and values in a minimalistic, refreshing way by using boldface, all-caps, and a two-column structure to make it easy to read for the HR manager.

With the overall simplicity of the black and blue colors, the header on the top sticks out immediately at first glance.  

We like it because it’s also easy to use and customize. All entries are scannable and extremely clear-cut. The cherry on top: it comes with a bonus Word cover letter template.  

Speaking of cover letters - the right cover letter can really be a game-changer. Check out our complete guide to cover letters and learn what it takes to stand out. 

#9 - Equilibrium Microsoft Word Template 

one page word resume template

Who’s it for: Any professional and creative role

Where to find it: freesumes

We call this template Equilibrium because it balances formatting and structure. 

The layout is strategically made to keep the hiring managers focused on your most impressive achievements. 

It uses geometric design and colors to separate sections from one another. 

Equilibrium focuses on work experience, education , and emphasizes expertise. You can choose to customize the sections but for the most part, it’s very straightforward and simple to use. Just fill in the blanks and send it in. 

#10 - Clean and Compelling Microsoft Word Resume

Clean and Compelling Microsoft Word Resume

Who’s it for: Recent graduates, entry-level applicants. 

Where to find it: freesumes 

This modest template is going to surely help you win over any HR manager.

You can use the Objective section on the right to communicate your goals and ambitions to potential employers.

While this isn’t a section you’d typically see on a resume, if done right, it can really have an impact.

The warm colors used are awesome for standing out and catching the HR manager’s eye. 

The faded grey in the background adds formality as well as divide the sections. Finish with a professional photo on top of the resume , and you’ll be set for success.

#11 - Police Officer Resume Template

one page police officer resume

Who’s it for: Law enforcement officers 

Where to find it: smashresume

If you work in law enforcement, this template is hand-made just for you.. 

It’s well organized and professional and also divided into two columns to save you space. 

One column includes your personal information, education, key skills, and certifications. 

The other covers your resume objective and professional experience. 

This template is creative as much as it is systematized. There are plenty of icons, infographics, and columns that break the monotony. 

The font is neat and groovy and the icons have a splash of protective blue that adds personality. 

Package features include: 

#12 - Web Designer Word Resume Template

one page web designer word resume template

Who’s it for: Web developers and designers. 

Where to find it: behance

Innovative and artistic, this resume is a gem to look at. 

Web Designer by Venkata Naresh follows a color scheme and layout that’s been made particularly for people working in the web industry. 

It includes a contact information section , education, professional skills, personal skills, profile, work experience, awards, and hobbies . 

This template also comes with: 

#13 - Vintage Rose Word Resume Template

vintage one page resume template

Who’s it for: Marketers, influencers, bloggers

Because of the vintage rose color, this resume is a bit on the feminine side.

This Word Template is a big employer charmer because it displays all important information at first glance; all on one page! 

The layout is made to highlight your work experience, brand , and achievements. 

The “Skills” area has bar charts to take the spotlight, whereas the “About Me” area gives you some space to present your personality. 

Vintage Rose is ideal if you want a clean and modern resume, with just the right amount of style.  

#14 - Goldrod Yellow Word Resume Template

one page microsoft word resume template

Who’s it for: Any creative role

This Word template uses a bright yellow as a leading color, making sure that your resume really stands out from the bunch.

The warm color reflects positivity as well as makes the resume stand out from the pile.

Professionalism doesn’t get lost in the process, though. Everything is easy to use and customizable. 

Extra tip: You can choose to change the big “Education” banner on the bottom to a “Skills” section if you think they should take priority. 

For a full extensive list of Microsoft Word resumes, check out our complete guide [with free downloads].

6+ One-Page Resume Templates for Google Docs

Some ready-made Word templates can be tormenting. You start making some changes, and before you know it, the entire layout gets completely messed up.

That’s not a problem you will have with Google Docs templates, though.

Google Docs resume templates in this list are customizable online, efficient, neat, convenient, and most importantly: 100% FREE . 

#15 - Border Design Google Doc Resume Template

google doc one page resume

Who’s it for: High school and college graduates

Where to find it: Google Docs

Are you a student or graduate with not much real-life work experience? This template is for you.

There are plenty of different sections any student or graduate can fill in with personal information: skills, objectives, volunteer work, education. Our favorite part: this template is pleasant to read and has a lot of personality as well. 

The mint borders and small icons, various social media links and simple font keep everything original and tasteful. 

#16 - Serif Google Doc Resume Template

one page serif google doc resume template

Who’s it for: Someone in a senior position, banking , computer scientist

Where to find it: Templates Gallery

This resume has a blue pop of color that creates a neat first impression while keeping things professional. 

It gives you a lot of space to show off the work experience, skills, awards you are most proud of. 

It also saves an extra sweet spot if you want to list your languages. 

#17 - Simple Professional Google Docs Resume Template

simple one page google doc resume

Who’s it for: Senior professionals in marketing or advertising, web & graphic designers

This modern-looking one-page template is perfect for marketers, advertisers, and web designers. 

It offers plenty of considerable space to talk about your achievements and experience. 

Icons are kept minimal, and the layout is elegant and clear-cut.

#18 - Blue Creative Google Docs Resume

creative one page google docs resume template

Who’s it for: Marketers and social media experts 

Applying for a design job where you’ll be making plenty of web content? 

Then don’t miss this striking infographic resume! 

The Google Docs template uses a strong shade of blue and aesthetic visualizations to highlight each header and section. Fun and appealing, it features a header, skills, awards, experiences and an “about me” area. 

#19 - Modern Writer Google Docs Resume Template

modern one page google docs resume template

Who’s it for: Book editors, journalists, librarians, copywriters, scriptwriters, web content writers. 

Yes, this template is exactly what you think it is: a resume for the modern 21st Century writer .

So, if the job you are applying for is related to books, scripts, publication - this is the right choice for you. 

The “Modern Writer” is unique since it has a classy font and a showy pop of pink color. The header gets highlighted too, because of the thin black underline. 

#20 - Smart and Professional Google Docs Resume Template

professional one page google doc resume template

Who’s it for: a professional with a lot of experience and education

Where to find it: in this direct Google Docs link

This smart template is for the overqualified candidates. 

It puts its focus into three main categories: work experience, profile, and education. 

All sections have a good deal of space you can write your long professional track record in. 

Contrary to regular templates, this template features a colorful header that’s eye-catching. 

Want to discover more Google Docs resume templates ? We have an article for that!

Key Takeaways 

Hopefully, we helped you find the right one-page resume template!

Not sure which one to pick? Let’s briefly go through some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your one-page resume template:

Discover More Resume Templates

Suggested Readings:

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15 Awesome Resume Summary Examples

A resume summary is a bit like your calling card: a few sentences that tell people who you are, what you do, what you've accomplished , and what makes you a star. This summary (also called a career summary ) lives at the top section of your resume; it can be a short paragraph or a series of bullet points. Recruiters and hiring managers look to it to determine whether or not they should invest their precious time into reading the rest of your resume. We’ve got some resume summary examples to show you how to write one of your own.

But why would you even need to spend precious resume real estate on something that's seemingly redundant? After all, your resume includes the pertinent skills and qualifications that should determine whether or not you're a viable candidate. Simple answer: Hiring managers and recruiters are very busy. Like, really busy.

Think of a resume summary as a movie preview. Why watch an entire 90-minute movie to decide whether or not it was worth your time and attention when you can watch a 2-minute clip? Now you get it.

Here are some resume summary examples for a variety of industries that can show you the kind of information that will grab hiring managers' and recruiters' attention and make them want to know more about you.

Resume Summary Examples

Account manager.

Specializing in the Financial Services Sector Goal-driven, award-winning account manager with repeated success generating company-leading revenues on a nationwide scale. Offer a record of multimillion-dollar revenue generation, #1 sales distinction and quota-surpassing results in selling complex mortgage and commercial-lending products.

Build long-term client relationships through "hands-on" approach and commitment to service.

Bank teller

Experienced bank teller known for delivering friendly service and personalized attention to all customers. Contribute to achieving branch sales goals by recommending products and services that meet customer needs. Solid knowledge of banking regulations and compliance matters; adhere to security and compliance procedures for protection of cash and other assets.

Senior Care … Assisted Living … Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

Dedicated and compassionate provider of elder care,companionship and comfort for senior citizen residents of assisted living and memory care communities. Patient, personable and professional in responding to resident needs, with a gentle touch and caring attitude centered on treating all with dignity and respect.

Customer service representative

Providing Exceptional Service ... Building Loyal Relationships ... Solving Problems ... Increasing Sales

Data analyst

Highly analytical and process-oriented data analyst with in-depth knowledge of database types; research methodologies; and big data capture, curation, manipulation and visualization. Furnish insights, analytics and business intelligence used to advance opportunity identification, process reengineering and corporate growth.

Graphic designer

Highly creative and multitalented Graphic Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations; talented at building and maintaining "win-win" partnerships. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns; accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments with an emphasis on working within budget requirements.

Mechanical engineer

Medical receptionist

Patient-focused, detail-oriented and computer-savvy medical receptionist. Personable and courteous in all interactions with patients and team members and skilled at anticipating physician and practice needs.

Mature, dependable and high-energy nanny with a passion for childcare excellence. Valued by client families for warmth, professionalism, dedication and excellent judgment. Provide parents with an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of their children.

Operations manager

Profit-driven and process-oriented manager of multimillion-dollar manufacturing operations and top-producing teams (150+ direct/indirect reports). History of strengthening compliance; improving processes; and elevating output, quality, customer satisfaction and employee morale to all-time bests. Relied on to drive top-line and bottom-line gains regardless of supply chain challenges, production-line issues and/or union obstacles.

Public relations

Ambitious and driven public relations strategist with extensive experience directing PR campaigns in both agency and in-house settings. Proven success developing, managing and implementing media strategies and measuring results across traditional media and digital channels. Bring to the table a strong network of global media contacts.

Registered nurse

Social media manager

Champion of social media tools and technologies, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media campaigns. Work closely with clients to develop and execute a proactive, social content calendar, managing all phases digital marketing initiatives from concept through delivery and optimization.

Social worker

Get Your Resume Reviewed

These resume summary examples are a great start to creating a winning job application. But what else can do you to make sure all the right pieces are in the proper places? Simple: Get a free resume review from Monster . Within two business days, we'll return your resume and show you where there's room for improvement. That way, you can feel confident that you're presenting your most professional self to employers.

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Concierge Resume Sample

By Venus Gentile, Monster Contributor

Interpreter Resume Sample

By Martina Mascali, Monster Contributor

Recruiting Coordinator Resume Sample

Nail technician resume sample, two-column resume template.

By Camilla Andersson, Monster Contributor

cover page for resume example

Resumes and cover letters

Explore premium templates

Explore premium templates

Inverted modern cover letter

Land your dream job with free resume and cover letter templates from Office

Make your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) stand out with one of these free, eye-catching templates and matching cover letters in Word that showcase your skills and work history.


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    cover page for resume example

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    cover page for resume example

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    cover page for resume example

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    cover page for resume example

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    cover page for resume example

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    cover page for resume example


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  1. Resume Cover Page: Examples & How to Write

    The below cover page example was written to accompany a college student's resume for an internship: Show your relevant education and skills on your cover page if you have no experience. Download This Free Example. 2. Resume cover page example with work experience. This example of a cover page is for an experienced teacher's resume:

  2. Cover Page for Resume (Example Cover Sheet)

    Here are the best tips on how to format your resume cover sheet: Use a 1" margin on all sides of the page. Use left-align to adjust your page contents to the left side of the page. Set your cover letter spacing to single or 1.15. Include a digital copy of your signature (if you have one) for a nice, personal touch.

  3. How to Write an Effective Cover Page

    A great cover page follows professional standards for formatting. Use the same font as your resume—Arial, Georgia, Calibri and Times New Roman are good choices. Font size should be 10 or 12 points. Add a space between each section or paragraph, and reduce the margin size to ensure the document fits on one page.

  4. Cover Page

    Here are some tips to consider when writing your cover page: Keep it short. Cover pages should be less than a page long. This ensures the employer can read it all the way through instead of scanning it. Only include the necessary details. To keep the hiring manager's interest, add details that are relevant to the role.

  5. Cover Page Example (With Steps and Tips for Creating One)

    Cover page example Review this example of a cover page that you can use for inspiration: [email protected] 178 Street Name Calgary, AB 555-555-5555 October 2, 2022 Hiring manager Business Company Calgary, AB Dear [Hiring Manager], I am writing to apply for the executive assistant role at Business Company, advertised in an online publication.

  6. Add a cover page

    Microsoft Word offers a gallery of convenient pre-designed cover pages to accent your resume. Choose a cover page and replace the sample text with your own. On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click Cover Page. Click a cover page layout from the gallery of options.

  7. 25 cover letter examples

    Cover letter example #1: The attention-grabbing headline Via Venngage As with any piece of writing, a compelling headline helps to immediately capture the reader's attention. You can see this in action in the above resume for Sandra Barnes. She has used bold typography to highlight her name, accompanied by a succinct tagline.

  8. 46 Amazing Cover Page Templates (Word, PowerPoint + PSD)

    Cover Page Template 1 Download for Word Download for Photoshop Exclusive Cover Page Template 2 Download Download for Word Exclusive Cover Page Template 3 Download for Word Download for Photoshop Exclusive Cover Page Template 4 Download for Word Download for Photoshop Exclusive Cover Page Template 5 Download for Word Download for Photoshop Exclusive

  9. One Page Resume: 1-Page Templates & How to Write

    For example, while volunteer work on your resume and interests on your resume can be helpful when you have little to no work experience, you're better off cutting them to free up space on the page if you're a seasoned professional. Additionally, you shouldn't include references on your resume.

  10. 12+ Resume Cover Sheet Templates

    We have a great collection of the best Cover Sheet Templates that you can download. The template will help you to create the best resume cover without the need to create the piece from scratch. Simply download any example in the list below and use it to 'pimp' your resume. Sample Resume Cover Sheet Free Download Free Download

  11. Cover Page- Examples, PDF

    A cover page allows the reader to know the overarching topic of the text they are going to read. Cover Page 1. Cover Page Report Template 2. Exam Cover Page Template 3. Sabbatical Cover Page Template 1. Cover Page Report Template Details File Format PDF Size: 28 KB Download 2. Exam Cover Page Template

  12. 48 Amazing Cover Page Examples & Templates

    This article will highlight the different ways authors can use cover page templates along with different examples: Method 1: For the resume Resumes will, in some cases, have cover pages. Remember, as earlier mentioned and can also be seen in the downloadable examples provided below, cover pages improve the professionalism of a document.

  13. How to Write a One-Page Resume (With Example)

    One page resume example Here is an example of a one-page resume: John Rodgers 416-555-004. [email protected] Regina, Saskatchewan Objective statement Diligent customer care manager with over 12 experience in client-oriented service, relationship management, and business administration.

  14. Federal Cover Letter Samples & Guide for Government Jobs

    Sample cover letter for a resume—See more cover letter examples and create your cover letter here. One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff. Federal agencies hire accountants, analysts, programmers, and every other kind of employee.

  15. 5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

    Sample Cover Letter for a Resume—See more cover letter examples here. One of our users, Nikos, had this to say: [I used] a nice template I found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff. Why Write a Short Cover Letter ; Five Simple Cover Letter Examples to Get You Inspired. Sample Short Cover Letter (Mid-Level ...

  16. Nursing Student Cover Letter Examples and Templates

    In the same way that you might reference resume samples, the following Nursing Student cover letter example will help you to write a cover letter that best highlights your experience and qualifications. If you're ready to apply for your next role, upload your resume to Indeed Resume to get started. Ebony Moore (123)456-7891 [email protected]

  17. 4 Cover Letter Examples That'll Make Writing Yours Way Easier

    Whatever you decide to open with, make it memorable. 2. A Clear Pitch. Use the next few paragraphs of your cover letter to "hit them with the strongest results you have that are aligned with the opportunity," Godfred says. Ryan Kahn —Muse career coach and founder of The Hired Group —calls this your pitch.

  18. Free Printable Cover Page Templates (Word / PDF) » TemplateData

    Documents ready with CMS format should have a cover page template. The title is composed at 33% of the page. The title and caption ought to be strong. Some other fundamental data, for example, the name (s) of the author (s), educator, course title, and submission date can then be incorporated.

  19. How to Write a Cover Letter (With Example)

    Step 1: Address your cover letter. Your cover letter and resume are a package, so you'll want them to match. Start your proper cover letter with your name (formatted like it is at the top of your resume) along with your contact information. When you search for generic cover letter templates online, you might find ones where you'll fill in a ...

  20. Academic Advisor Resume

    Follow this academic advisor resume example till the end for more info. Eliminate fancy fonts, styles, and animated emojis to decorate your resume. Keep it subtle. ... Cover Letter with Academic Advisor Resume. Writing a cover letter differs from writing a resume altogether. There are different aspects of doing it in a professional manner.

  21. Free One-Page Resume Templates [Free Download]

    The other covers your resume objective and professional experience. This template is creative as much as it is systematized. There are plenty of icons, infographics, and columns that break the monotony. The font is neat and groovy and the icons have a splash of protective blue that adds personality. Package features include: A4 paper size Free font

  22. Free Resume Builder

    With Canva's free resume builder, applying for your dream job is easy and fast. Choose from hundreds of free, designer-made templates and customize them within a few clicks. Forget spending hours formatting your resume, or choosing complimentary fonts for your cover letter. Creating a resume online with Canva's free resume builder will give ...

  23. 15 Awesome Resume Summary Examples

    15 Awesome Resume Summary Examples. By Jamie Thork, Monster contributor. Body. A resume summary is a bit like your calling card: a few sentences that tell people who you are, what you do, what you've accomplished, and what makes you a star. This summary (also called a career summary) lives at the top section of your resume; it can be a short ...

  24. Resumes and cover letters

    Land your dream job with free resume and cover letter templates from Office. Make your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) stand out with one of these free, eye-catching templates and matching cover letters in Word that showcase your skills and work history.