Cover Letter For Teachers of ESL

Cover Letter For Teachers

A cover letter for an ESL teacher can be a tricky thing to write especially for those who don't have much or any teaching experience. We often get e-mails from recent graduates who want to find a teaching job in Japan but don't have any concrete teaching experience.

What  you need to think about conceptually is what you have done to date that is transferable or is an important trait in writing a cover letter. In order to do this it is important to try to understand what it is that an ESL teacher actually does.

Of course it depends upon the school and its curriculum and requirements in addition to the age of the student but nonetheless there are character attributes in addition to actual activities that what you did up until now that apply to the position.

Cover Letters for Teachers & Applicable Attributes - What to Write When Your Experience is Limited

So what are some of these character attributes that you need to apply in your cover letter if you don't have ESL experience? (We will list some of them with using different occupations to see how they can correlate.)  Well there are many but some of the big ones are:

Cover Letters for Teachers - Stretch Your Imagination to Make What May Seem Unrelated Relate to the Position

So even though what you may have on your resume isn't directly related to teaching, what you did and what you wish to do with the school that will  hire you have a commonality. So a cover letter for teachers isn't really any different than others you might write for other fields if you don't have much experience. However cover letters for teachers are are more people focused rather than product focused.

Your lead paragraph should show enthusiasm! And how much you want to be considered for the position.

This then should lead into another paragraph where you show the things that you did and how it relates to the position and allows that that organizations  goals can be met by your experiences.

Cover Letter for Teachers and Other Tips

  A  Japanese Cover Letter for Teachers

Depending upon the company, you may need to submit a Japanese cover letter. It should be short and top out at a page. Basically it should specify your skills and how they fit in with the job you are applying for. You might also make mention of your desire to have a long-term relationship with the company as Japanese companies highly regard loyalty to the company. Unlike a resume a cover letter or CV (shokumu keirekisho) does not have a standardized format.

Cover letter for Teachers - Don't Forget the Basics

Cover Letter for Teachers and Readability

Another area where many applicants mess thing up is in the area of creating a very readable cover letter. What this entails is choosing a font size that is easy to read. In general this will be 10,11, or 12 point fonts.

Also the font style should be readable. Font styles that are most commonly used for cover letters are: Arial, Courier New, Verdana, and Times New Roman. Also make sure that the font style that you use in the cover letter matches the resume font style. 

A Cover Letter for Teachers & The Main Point

Your experience and aptitudes should tie itself to your suitability for the position. In other words what you can do for them should be clearly illustrated in your cover letter and should not be simply a rewrite of your resume...they already have your resume right?

Although a cover letter for teachers come in all styles, the below example cover letter is pretty much typical.

ESL Teacher Cover Letter Example

Stanley Chopper  5-12-3 Nozaki dori Nagoya, Aichi 458-0014

Mr. Takahiro  Suzuki XYZ  English School  4-13-11, Sentani, Midori-ku,  Nagoya, Aichi 458-0009 Japan 

Dear Mr. Suzuki,

Having seen your advertisement for the position of ESL teacher at the XYZ English  School, I am applying for a position with your company as my career profile perfectly match your requirements. With my TESOL certification in addition to a BA in Education from the University of Wisconsin Madison,  I can make an excellent contribution to your teaching staff.

Per your job description, you need teachers that are passionate about English language and keenly interested in helping students become high achievers. I have a positive and forward looking personality as well as solid teaching skills to motivate students towards learning. I also have a demonstrated in past positions my ability to assess student potential accurately, tailor lessons to achieve desired curricular  goals, and maintain written records of student assessments and performances.

Furthermore, I am experienced in functioning as an assistant to a JTE and am confident in handling the curriculum at XYZ English School. Over and above, I am able to work well independently with all types of curriculum.

On that note, I would like the opportunity to be interviewed in order to discuss my qualifications in detail. I can call or e-mail at any time that is convenient to your schedule. I can be reached at 090- 9165-4444 and will be delighted to provide you with any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration for this position.

Best regards,

(Your Signature) Stanley Chopper

Enc. Resume

Cover Letter for Teachers and the Wrap-Up

When you wrap up your cover letter it should have the following. Firstly thank them for their time in reading your cover letter. Reiterate that you want a position with them (that you are truly interested in the job.) Then briefly mention that you are available at their convenience to discuss any matters like availability. Then state that you are looking forward to their call or contact that is most convenient to them...(given whatever contact information you have on your resume). You can get more tips at this site: Top Cover Letter Writing Tips .

So a Typical Cover Letter For Teachers  Could Read Something About Like This:

"Thank you in advance for considering my application. I am eager to meet with you to discuss this position at your earliest convenience, as I believe I would be an asset to your teaching staff and would enjoy working at  (NAME OF SCHOOL.) I am available to further discuss my qualifications and availability  and can be most easily contacted by e-mail at: (JOHNNY NEEDS A [email protected] .) I look forward to your reply."

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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for a Substitute Teacher should list the subjects and levels that you’ve taught and your ability to control a class. Let the school know how flexible you are, too. How much notice do you need that you’ll be called in to teach – can the school call that day if the regular teacher calls in sick? Are you available for long term subbing if a teacher is out on maternity leave?

The interviewer might want to know why you’re interested in substituting instead of looking for a steady position, therefore prepare an answer or two for this question.

Ruth Young Street Address, City, State, Zip | Cell Phone | Email Address

Today’s date

Mrs. Susan Miller Green School Address, City, State, zip

Re:  Job Post – Substitute Teacher

Dear Ms. Miller, In reference to the job posting for a substitute teacher that was advertised in this week’s issue of Classroom Chatter, I am attaching my resume.

As it states, I have a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and have been teaching in public schools for 18 years. I enjoy the challenge of meeting new students and can either continue the scheduled material according to the primary teacher’s lesson plan or can teach stand-alone units in areas of citizenship, art, hygiene and health, or other subjects.

As an experienced teacher of all grades in the elementary school system, I’ve realized that a fascinating lesson is the best prevention for disruptive behavior, and have never had a class take advantage of my status as the substitute.

I have taught English, mathematics, art, music, creative writing, social sciences, and history, and am open to learning new areas. My teaching experience includes using a variety of teaching methods – discussions, games, instruction, worksheets, learning in groups, etc., and for long term substituting I incorporate class trips into the curriculum, to enable students to see and experience concretely what they learn in class (for example, taking the class to a factory when we learn about the Industrial Revolution).

My schedule is flexible and I am usually available even on short notice. I am willing to substitute for class periods, a full day, or for long term. Please let me know when it would be convenient to come to your school for an interview and if you’d like me to deliver a model lesson.

Thank you for your time. Ruth Young

Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

These Teacher Cover Letter Examples Will Help You Land Your Next Role

Your guide to a killer cover letter that will get you that interview.

WeAreTeachers Staff

Whether you are sending out resumes hoping to land your first teaching job or looking to shift to a new school or district, one fact remains the same: All the best credentials, experience, and passion will go unnoticed without a strong cover letter. The main rule? Sell yourself the way a publicist would. Cover letters aren’t a time for modesty. They’re a time to highlight your accomplishments and make your passion for teaching known. Below you’ll find our tips for creating the best cover letter possible and our top teacher cover letter and CV examples.

3 top tips for crafting a teacher CV or cover letter:

Keep it short and sweet..

You’ve only got about 30 seconds to capture a hiring director’s attention, so start with what we call “the elevator pitch.” Imagine you have the time between the elevators closing on one floor and opening again on another floor to sell yourself. Instead of rehashing everything on your resume, use the space to craft a paragraph or two that will convince them you are a standout candidate and are worth moving on to the next step.

Emphasize why you’re a great match.

Read the job description and find the overlap between the skills you bring to the table with the skills they need. If the job description calls for certain qualities or uses specific language, repeat them in your cover letter! The ultimate goal for your cover letter is to say, “You’ve got a problem? I’m the ideal person to solve it.” Be professional and use concrete examples.


Tailor each and every cover letter to fit the specific school, district, and job for which you’re applying. Research the school and its culture. That way, you can address their expectations and also use specific examples of achievements in your history to show why you’re the right candidate for the position.

Top teacher cover letter examples:

1. first-time teacher.

This letter is friendly and enthusiastic. It uses concrete examples and experiences related to student teaching while showcasing exactly why the applicant wants to become a teacher.

2. Another first-time teacher example

This version of a cover letter calls out the specific skills the applicant has and hopes to bring to the table.

3. Experienced elementary teacher

Not every teacher stays in their job until retirement. If you’re looking for a new position, your cover letter should clearly state your experience. This example also makes it obvious that the candidate researched the new district and discusses why she would be excited to join. The candidate also includes references at the bottom of the cover letter.

4. Another experienced elementary teacher

It doesn’t hurt to have additional examples! This teacher cover letter clearly showcases the school’s goals and addresses how this teacher specifically can help. She did her research!

5. Summer school teacher

As school lets out for summer, many teachers still need to earn an income. With competition tight, this cover letter stands out as the candidate states her qualifications as well as her ability to train other staff members.

6. Assistant teacher

With this letter, the applicant took a slightly different approach. The letter breaks down the most relevant accomplishments into bullet points. Those will jump out at the hiring manager, who will likely scan through a ton of applications.

7. Special education teacher

This letter is similar to a standard teacher cover letter, yet it also stresses the specific qualifications and experiences of a special ed teacher. For example, this candidate included how they modified the curriculum to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. In this particular cover letter example, the teacher was looking to move into a leadership role, so this serves as a template for someone looking to transition into management as well.

8. School counselor

This cover letter emphasizes the applicant’s academic achievements, especially with regard to the psychology education required for many counselor positions. It also talks about the characteristics that make this person the ideal candidate for this position.

9. School guidance counselor

We liked this cover letter because it pulls specific metrics that are not in the resume—including the number of students the candidate worked with and the funding obtained for special needs programs.

10. Library media specialist

This cover letter oozes confidence! As with any specialist position, the candidate hones in on how her specific skills and background make her qualified for this role.

11. High school English teacher

This cover letter covers a lot of ground. It points out the candidate’s strengths for teaching and assessing knowledge in the specific subject. It also presents the special techniques the candidate uses to teach students at the high school level.

12. Technology teacher

Taking a very professional approach to writing a cover letter shows that the contender is serious. This letter points out the specific skills that best prove why this candidate is a great fit for the position.

13. Music teacher

A music teacher requires knowledge of multiple instruments and a love of music and music theory. This cover letter showcases the candidate’s background and why they feel music is an important part of the education experience.

14. Drama teacher

Drama teachers often go above and beyond just teaching a class. They host auditions and rehearsals for after-school productions. This cover letter shows the candidate’s knowledge of curriculum, directing a show, and even marketing efforts!

15. Foreign language teacher

Foreign language teachers need to display their knowledge of the particular language as well as showcase how well they can immerse students in the culture. This cover letter discusses the teacher’s plans to incorporate curriculum as well as help facilitate induction of students into the German Honor Society.

16. Sports coach

This cover letter has a terrific opening line that sets the candidate apart from the get-go. It also clearly covers the candidate’s qualifications, from knowledge and experience to attitude and philosophy. This cover letter example also works well for PE teachers.

17. ESL teacher

Teaching English as a second language obviously requires a distinct skill set. This cover letter showcases key communication skills and lets the hiring director know the specific language fluency.

18. Math teacher

Touching on the highlights of their resume without rehashing it completely (who wants to read something twice?), this candidate points out their qualifications and certifications as well as their versatility in teaching different types of students.

19. Pre-K teacher

Teaching pre-K takes patience, creativity, and flexibility. This cover letter effectively highlights the candidate’s communication and problem-solving skills as well as the personal qualities that make them great at their job.

20. Business teacher

This cover letter provides excellent background about the teacher in a way that’s appropriate for business. It shares the necessary information clearly and concisely.

21. International school teacher

Working at an international school requires a certain skill set, and this letter highlights the teacher’s language skills as well as their ability to create effective lessons on relevant topics while providing students with the support they need to succeed.

Do you have more great teacher cover letter examples? Share in the comments below.

Plus, check out tips for teacher job fairs and the most common teacher interview questions., want more articles like this be sure to subscribe to our newsletters .

Looking for teacher cover letter examples? Here are 18 great samples, along with guidelines and advice for writing your cover letter.

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english teaching job cover letter

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How to Write a Teaching Cover Letter

How to Write a Teaching Cover Letter

Updated March 12, 2023

Ellie Westgarth-Flynn DipABRSM PGCE

What Is a Teaching Cover Letter?

A teaching cover letter is the first impression that will decide whether or not a school will interview you.

Therefore, whether you are applying for your first job, looking to specialize, looking to shift into a new education area or advance to a leadership role, demonstrating that you match the specification in the job advert and that you are genuinely passionate is key.

A good cover letter for any position is crucial – your cover letter, before a resume, is what will grab a recruiter’s attention, highlight your specific skills and experience, and demonstrate that you are the best fit for their organization.

However, in teaching, where qualifications are standardized and therefore don’t vary very much between applicants, it is of extra importance to demonstrate your skills, experiences and fit in punchy, succinct and direct writing.

Realistically, you have around thirty seconds to capture the attention of the reader. So do your research (writing to a named individual is always more effective than a general ' to whom it may concern '), and make sure your letter highlights the specific experiences and skills which will benefit the organization you are applying to, tailoring your letter for each new application you write.

What Should a Good Teaching Cover Letter Include?

A good cover letter demonstrates that you:

Are genuinely interested in, and could contribute actively to, the school you are applying to

Have specific skills and experiences which you could contribute to the role

Are passionate about your specialism whether it is working in the early years or teaching a specific subject at high school, and can demonstrate why you think your work is important

Meet or exceed the key competencies and qualifications outlined in the job description

The quickest strategy for ensuring you make the shortlist for an interview is to use the language of the person specification or job description for your teaching position verbatim.

Doing this will also ensure your letter is tailored to the organization you are writing to.

Here are some of the key things to include:

Your Knowlege of the School

A good cover letter demonstrates you are genuinely interested in working for the school you are applying to. So, do your research.

Start with the school website and identify anything that the school prides itself on. It could be extracurricular activities and arts, great exam results, or including and communicating with families.

Even better than researching, many schools will welcome visits from prospective teachers. A visit allows you to present yourself well ahead of application, as well as to evaluate for yourself the culture of the school, the environment you will be working in, and to ask questions of current staff about the school culture.

Specific Examples of Your Work Experience

Make sure you acknowledge any specific examples in your teacher cover letter and demonstrate how your experience shows you could contribute to the school's values.

For example, in an elementary teaching cover letter, the job description could include sentences such as:

Your sentences can echo this directly:

I have five years of experience working in elementary schools as a specialist teacher.
My knowledge of child development in early years is exemplary and evidenced by...

Your Passion and Motivation

Your passion for your specialism should also be evident in your writing. You could build on the sentences above to explain your motivation for becoming and staying in education.

For example:

I have five years of experience working in elementary schools and am driven by the belief that the impact of schooling on children is greater than any other stage of their school career.
I am fascinated by development in early years and am motivated by a desire to make a positive and lasting impact on each class I teach.

Key Specialisms

There will be key differences between:

A substitute teacher cover letter – Specialist teachers working with students with needs should be specific about their experiences. If you have worked with deaf children, your knowledge of sign language and any extra training are key competencies to highlight in your letter. If you have worked with children with autism or children for whom English is not their native language , these are experiences that will have grown very different skills. Again, a specialist teacher cover letter should evidence the willingness to learn new skills, as well as key learning experiences developed in previous roles.

An elementary teacher cover letter – This should highlight your experiences of working with specific age groups, as well as your willingness to transition to an older or younger class if that is what the job description requires (or to continue to develop and upskill as a teacher within the same age bracket if necessary).

A preschool teacher cover letter – This needs to emphasize your interest in working with young children and the experiences you have had doing so.

A high school teacher cover letter – This should explain and evidence your passion for your subject, as well as the reasons you think your subject is crucial to the curriculum. Evidence of extra-curricular support and offers will always be valuable. For example, a music teacher should always speak about bands, shows, and events they have contributed to or organized in previous roles.

How to Write a Good Teaching Cover Letter

With each paragraph of your teacher cover letter, be succinct and remember who is reading.

Don’t just talk about yourself, but link each experience and skill you highlight to a requirement of the job description. And of course, be proud and frame everything positively.

For example, if there is a requirement on the description which you don’t feel confident about currently, explain that this is an area in which you are hoping to develop.

How to Write a Teaching Cover Letter

First Paragraph

Begin by addressing an individual, ideally the recruitment manager at the school.

The job description will likely explain who to return the application to, and if it doesn’t, call or write to the school to ask who to address the application to.

For example,

Dear Mr. Jones, I am writing to apply for the position of [job title] currently advertised on your website.

Your first paragraph is your chance to grab their attention , so be upfront and snappy, formal but enthusiastic.

Give an overview of the experiences and skills which match you to the role and start linking them to the school straight away.

For example, if a school has lots of photos of performances on its website, mention your experience in delivering these in the first paragraph:

With over three years' experience working across all year groups in elementary schools, and a particular interest in delivering creative arts projects both in schools and in the community, I am confident that I could make an outstanding contribution to your school and its vibrant community.

Job adverts and person specifications are often generic and copy-pasted, therefore show you’ve done your research from the outset.

Second Paragraph

In your second paragraph, dive deep into your experiences but select the ones which match you to this job specifically.

This is your chance to demonstrate that your experience, as well as extra contributions to school culture, place you ahead of any other candidate for this role in particular.

Your experiences can and should include voluntary work undertaken in the school and community, but should always relate directly to the organization you are applying to.

What is it that sparked your interest in working in this school in particular? Take time to reflect on this carefully.

Begin each sentence with the point from the job description, embedded in a sentence about yourself.

For example, if an essential requirement is that you have made significant improvements to literacy at your school, your first sentence should relate to this:

I have made significant improvements to progress in literacy in my current role. When I started, most students in K-12 were making below expected progress in English. Two years later, having embedded a strategy targeting underachieving students, now over 70% of students in K-12 have met or exceeded their expected reading levels. I did this by [outline your steps] and would feel confident in raising standards in literacy quickly and strategically at [name the school you are applying to].

Address each of the essential competencies outlined in the job description. To be succinct, if you can address multiple requirements from the person specification with one experience, evidence all of these in one paragraph, or better still, sentence.

Avoid talking about all of your experiences in a general sense. Draw out times in your career where specific actions you have taken have resulted in evident improvements in your class or organization, and describe these in detail.

Third Paragraph

Your third paragraph should demonstrate how your qualification has equipped you with the skills you need for this role in particular.

Your teaching qualification will be very similar to other applicants’, regardless of whether you are a new teacher or this is your third or fourth post. So, talk about the experiences you acquired during your student teacher placements, and how these have reinforced your passion for your specialism.

If you are writing a K-12 or high school teacher cover letter, emphasize experiences from your undergraduate degree or previous professional experiences that support your enthusiasm for your subject specialism.

If you are writing a preschool or elementary school teacher cover letter, describe any important learning experiences you acquired in training, explain why you chose your training course and how this relates to the school you are applying to.

The communities you trained in will impact your suitability for a role.

For example, if you have trained in a rural school, you will need to work hard to explain how your experiences make you suitable for a role in an urban community.

If you are moving across state or cross country, research the demographics of the school you are applying to and it’s particular needs.

Your recruiter may not be aware of the demands of the schools and communities you have trained in, so link these to those described in the job description.

During my teacher training, I worked in two schools in upstate New Jersey, where the majority of students did not speak English. I would therefore feel confident in supporting students in [new State] who have moved from other countries.

Any commendations you received during your training should also be highlighted here, as well as any further professional development or study you have taken during your teaching career if this is not your first post.

Fourth Paragraph

Your fourth paragraph should dig deep into the reasons this organization appeals to you specifically and is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have done your research and have read the website and inspection reports before applying.

You can also demonstrate that you can add value to the organization by addressing any specific problems that the school is currently facing.

I feel privileged to have made an impact in a diverse community in my [name current school] by offering performing experiences to students by running annual marching band shows. I would love to contribute to the [detail any events you notice this school runs regularly] and would love to add more to this aspect of [name the school]’s extracurricular program.

Final Paragraph

This paragraph is your call to action , and an opportunity to summarise the key reason you, above any other candidate, are ideal for this position.

You should briefly summarise and reinforce the points you have highlighted in your letter so far, and let the recruiter know you are keen to be interviewed.

Keep it succinct and go out on a high.

In summary, I am passionate about my subject/specialism, and keen to move into a role where I can make an even greater impact on academic and extracurricular life in school. I would love to work at [name new school] and think I would make a great contribution not only to my classes’ attainment but also to provide further opportunities outside the classroom. I am enthusiastic, experienced, a great team player, and think I would make an excellent fit for your school as I meet all the competencies outlined in your job description. I look forward to hearing from you about my application and hope to meet you at the interview.

Step 1 . Show your passion

Through succinct writing and specific examples, make it clear that there is nothing else you want to do professionally. Schools are keen to recruit committed staff who will stay in their jobs and make significant contributions to the wider life of schools.

Step 2 . Don’t generalize or reuse letters for multiple applications

Tailor your application to each school by echoing the language of the person specification and job description directly, and mention the name of your prospective school as often as possible. Start each letter from scratch, even if you are reiterating points from previous applications. You will save time by planning each letter carefully, following a structure and rewriting each sentence.

Step 3 . Use checking tools

Spell checkers, as well as tools such as Grammarly, will help you hit the right tone with your letter. Nothing beats another pair of eyes going over a letter, so find a friend or family member who can give your letter a read before you send it. Start writing your letter well before the deadline to make sure you have time to check for any mistakes and reflect on what the school is looking for.

Example Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Jones, I am writing to apply for the position of high school English Teacher currently advertised on your website. I have five years' experience of working as a specialist English teacher in high schools and am genuinely motivated by seeing students progress in their literacy and writing, which are skills that will stand them in good stead for life. I am also passionate about drama and believe I would make a great fit for Greenwood High, as your school already has such a strong performing arts offering which I would love to contribute more to. I feel confident I could make a significant, positive impact on Greenwood High students’ literacy and love of reading, as well as grades in English assessments. In my current role, I have taken the lead on English in the 9th and 10th grades. When I started at the school in 2017, fewer than 20% of our students were reading at their age level. Through careful planning and implementation, which began by assessing each student in my class individually, I raised this percentage to over 60% by the end of 2019. Moreover, I feel I fostered a genuine love of reading and curiosity around literature by allowing students to make choices over set texts and be self-directed in their learning. I believe I could help students at Greenwood High make similar or even better progress. I qualified as a teacher in 2015, and during my training, I mainly worked in schools where most students did not speak English as a native language. Making a difference in these marginalized communities was one of my main motivations in selecting my training course, which I passed with merits. Notably, I also hold an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Education, which demonstrates my commitment to using literature and language to improve young people’s lives. Greenwood High would be an excellent fit for me as not only do I feel confident in supporting students from diverse backgrounds, such as those in your catchment area, in achieving their best in English at high-school level, but I would also love to add to the already vibrant extra-curricular opportunities in drama and debate which you already offer. In my current role, I established and ran an annual Shakespeare festival, in which over 100 students took part by performing abridged versions of their favorite plays. I see that your school also has an annual drama performance, and I would love to take part in making this happen. In summary, I am an experienced and driven English teacher with a genuine passion for my subject. I have experience in working with students similar to those at Greenwood high and raising attainment both through careful planning, assessment and communication in class, but also by building great relationships with students and staff through extra-curricular activities. I would love to work at Greenwood High as, following my visit, I know it to be a positive, creative and exciting school that really supports its students in achieving their best. I am available for an interview at any time, and I look forward to hearing from you concerning this application. Kind regards, Emma Jeffrey

Final Thoughts

As it is unlikely a recruitment manager will read anything except the tag line of your resume, your teaching cover letter, no matter your specialism, will be crucial to getting onto the interview shortlist.

Every school is different, and whilst job adverts and person specifications might look similar role-to-role, go beyond these to read around the organization in detail, and address its needs and values directly in your teacher cover letter.

Be authentic, and be succinct. Your letter is not about you, but about the unique value you can bring to that organization in particular. So, keep it brief, formal and enthusiastic, addressing the needs you can meet with your real-world experiences.

Your teacher cover letter is your only chance ahead of the interview to demonstrate that you are the best fit for the job, so make it count.

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Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Samples

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher’s assistant, this article offers two examples of what you should include in your teacher assistant cover letter. You can download our teacher assistant cover letter samples and use them as templates. A teacher assistant works under the lead teacher’s supervision to provide students with additional assistance, information, and attention. He or she provides more one-on-one time, to help clarify and reinforce the information. In some cases, teacher assistants will only work with students that have learning disabilities or are part of a special education program.

teacher assistant infographic

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Mr. George Almantra Principal Richmond School for Early Learners 142 Wind Gate Lane, Richmond, VA, 23554

Dear Mr. Almantra,

I’m writing to show my interest in the teacher assistant job posted on your school’s website. I am a recent 2017 graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University, with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and a minor in Early Childhood Development. While I have experience teaching levels K-5, my true passion and expertise lie in working with pre-school aged children. My skills and experience seem to align with your requirements and work ethic, and your school is a place where I see myself growing as a teacher.

I currently work as a care aid at Virginia Commonwealth University’s on-campus daycare and after-school care facility. Here, I am responsible for helping the lead supervisor with the daily tasks of watching children, keeping a clean and safe atmosphere, preparing and serving healthy balanced meals and snacks, and providing fun and engaging activities for the children. My personal focus is in providing a balance between learning and fun, so children can gain confidence in their own abilities. I also work with children one-on-one, when there is something they did not understand or need further help with.

I work to maintain a positive environment, and I put to use theory and activity-based teaching techniques to help children learn better. I strive to use my creative skills to create class projects and activities for all age ranges that employ a child’s knowledge, while still being engaging. I have also led a team that arranges monthly outdoor exploration events, with the purpose of introducing young children to their community. In several cases, I have had the opportunity to lead all children in the absences of the lead supervisor without issue. Both the children and my supervisor trust me completely when it comes to childcare and supervision.

My skills include being certified in CPR for children and infants, exceptionally organized, a strong communicator, and a team player. I am well-versed with computers, and follow the latest teaching trends to stay up to date when working with young learners. I also play several instruments, and enjoy leading music-based activities that teach children about rhythm, encourage movement, and help them gain an overall appreciation for music. I am a patient person, which is extremely important when working with children, and I am a good mediator, making sure everyone under my supervision gets along perfectly.

Noting that I share several core values with your school’s teaching philosophy, I strongly believe that I would be a great fit for your team. I have a passion for working with young children, and I would love the opportunity to expand my experience and become a teacher aid at your school. I know that my skills in teaching and working with young children will be beneficial to your classroom, and will encourage your students to explore and learn. I look forward to hearing from you soon at the phone number or e-mail address listed above.

Sincerely, Alicia Jax

Click below to download your free teacher assistant cover letter Word and PDF sample

Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Mrs. Donna DelRosa Principal Columbus Elementary School 1164 Lilly Pond Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43003

Dear Mrs. DelRosa,

I’m writing to express my interest in the teacher assistant position posted on by your school. I am a 2010 graduate of the University of Virginia, with a degree in Elementary Education, and a focus on math and science. I have spent the last several years teaching students in China abroad and online, and am now seeking to continue my growth through your school. I am looking for a workplace where I can use my previous experience to teach children of all ages, but particularly elementary school children.

My current position is teaching English to abroad students via an online program. My daily tasks include teaching the linguistic basics of the English language, such as verb conjugations, grammar, and vocabulary. Feedback, to me, is an important part of the educational process, so I also hold quarterly parent-teacher conferences to make sure parents are kept updated with their child’s progress. I also give tests, offer constructive feedback, and track student growth. The online program allows me to be up to date with the most recent technological advances in the field of education as well.

During my time teaching abroad, I hosted several annual cultural festivals to allow my students to further explore their cultural background, as well as learn about Western culture. I also received the award for best performance as a new educator my first year of teaching. Since teaching online, I co-created a start-up business, Easy English, which teaches children English through a series of mini-games on an online platform. I strive to make education accessible to as many children as possible, free of charge.

You will find in my resume that I possess extraordinary communication skills, as well as strong organizational and leadership skills. I believe such skills will easily translate into me becoming a teacher’s assistant. My degree in Elementary Education gives me the necessary expertize to teach children of that age. I consider myself a team player, and I strive to create a safe, fun, and effective learning environment for all. During the several years I spent abroad, I aided other English teachers in creating engaging projects that help clarify concepts to children, so I have hands-on experience as well.

Upon reading up on your school, I found that my personal teaching philosophy fits alongside yours. As a teacher assistant, I am positive that my skills will boost your school’s growth, and help students learn to approach problems from many different points of view. At the same time, working with you will allow me to grow as well, developing my skills as a teacher. I would deeply appreciate the chance to speak with you in person about my candidacy, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. You can reach me by phone or e-mail.

Sincerely, Garrett Boulders

When it comes to writing a cover letter for teacher assistant jobs, it’s best to focus on what experience you have to offer. Potential employers will want to know that you’ll be an effective team player, and that you have a background in education. Staying up to date with current teaching trends will also show that you take the field of education seriously. What else have you included in your own teacher assistant cover letter? Leave a comment down below.

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