Client goal

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a private organization with vast ambitions; one of its goals is to reduce extreme poverty worldwide. The foundation has asked McKinsey to design a basic financial-services offering for residents in remote communities in Mexico.

Situation description

The majority of Mexico’s rural population is relatively poor, relying in part on government benefits for their livelihood. Since they tend not to have bank accounts, they usually collect those benefits in cash from a limited number of state-owned bank branches. These branches are often a long way from where the recipients live, so it can take a lot of time and effort to collect benefits. In addition, while traveling to the branches, people can be at risk of falling victim to crime.

The Mexican government also owns and operates a chain of 22,000 stores throughout Mexico, called Diconsa, which provide basic food, clothes, and other essential goods to rural populations. These stores are supplied through a network of central and regional warehouses and several thousand delivery trucks.

McKinsey study

McKinsey has been asked to investigate and assess the possibility of using the Diconsa network to provide a set of basic financial services to supplement the limited number of state-owned bank branches. This would start with dispensing benefit payments and would gradually grow to include savings accounts, bill payments, insurance, loans, and other financial products.

Helpful hints

Practice Case Questions

Question 1:.

What should the team investigate to determine whether the Diconsa network could and should be leveraged to provide a range of basic financial services to Mexico’s rural population?

Reveal Answer

Some of the factors you might discuss with your interviewer could include:

Benefits to the Mexican rural population. How much time, effort, and expense would a benefit recipient save through the Diconsa network—for example, through shorter travel times? Beyond what was stated in the summary, what benefits would there be for rural populations being given greater access to a broader range of financial services? Would there be better security for their money?

Benefits to the government, state bank, and Diconsa network. Would the government benefit in terms of increased compliance with, or the collection of benefits such as lower administration costs? Would these financial services result in better financial management among the rural population, like more business for Diconsa stores? Would this alternative model reduce pressure on and increase efficiency at the bank branches that currently distribute benefit payments?

Potential risks due to this venture. Does the Diconsa network have the capacity or ability to deal with financial payments and products? Does the state bank have the capacity to operate financial services across a much larger network of outlets? Is there a greater risk of fraud or theft due to less centralized control of benefit payments?

Question 2:

The team has estimated that it currently costs a family 50 pesos per month in transportation and food to make the journey to collect benefit payments. The team also estimates that if benefits were available for collection at local Diconsa stores, the cost would be reduced by 30 percent.

Twenty percent of Mexico’s population is rural, and of that number, half currently receive state benefits.

You can assume that Mexico has a population of 100 million.

You can also assume that families in Mexico have an average four members, and that this does not vary by region.

If every family could collect state benefits at their local Diconsa stores, how much in total per year would be saved across all Mexican rural families receiving state benefits?

One possible approach to discuss with your interviewer could be::

Question 3:

The team conducted a survey on a sample of the rural population in three different regions of Mexico. Participants were shown several statements about the concept of collecting benefits at their nearest Diconsa store and asked how much they agreed with each statement. The average response to some of the questions in each region is shown below:

Diconsa exhibit

What are your observations regarding this information, and how would you explain these trends?

Some of the observations you might discuss with your interviewer could include:

Question 4:

In a subsequent meeting, representatives from the state-owned bank express concern about how challenging it will be to offer basic financial products to the rural population.

One of the representatives mentions that these are regions where people have minimal education and are unfamiliar with banking products. There is also significant crime and fraud. He asks for the team’s thoughts about how the bank could sell these services effectively to the population given these challenges.

Helpful hint

Consider the issues raised in the question and group your thoughts around them. This will ensure that you are giving the most relevant answers.

Some of the thoughts you might discuss with your interviewer could include:

Examples suggestions on how to overcome lower levels of education and familiarity with banking products:

Example suggestions to overcome crime and fraud:

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47 case interview examples (from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.)

One of the best ways to prepare for   case interviews  at firms like McKinsey, BCG, or Bain, is by studying case interview examples. 

There are a lot of free sample cases out there, but it's really hard to know where to start. So in this article, we have listed all the best free case examples available, in one place.

The below list of resources includes interactive case interview samples provided by consulting firms, video case interview demonstrations, case books, and materials developed by the team here at IGotAnOffer. Let's continue to the list.

1. McKinsey case interview examples

2. BCG case interview examples

3. Bain case interview examples

4. Deloitte case interview examples

5. Accenture case interview examples

6. OC&C case interview examples

7. Oliver Wyman case interview examples

8. A.T. Kearney case interview examples

9. Strategy& / PWC case interview examples

10. L.E.K. Consulting case interview examples

11. Roland Berger case interview examples

12. Capital One case interview examples

13. Consulting clubs case interview examples

Practice with experts

Using case interview examples is a key part of your interview preparation, but it isn’t enough.

At some point you’ll want to practise with friends or family who can give some useful feedback. However, if you really want the best possible preparation for your case interview, you'll also want to work with ex-consultants who have experience running interviews at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.

If you know anyone who fits that description, fantastic! But for most of us, it's tough to find the right connections to make this happen. And it might also be difficult to practice multiple hours with that person unless you know them really well.

Here's the good news. We've already made the connections for you. We’ve created a coaching service where you can do mock case interviews 1-on-1 with ex-interviewers from MBB firms . Start scheduling sessions today!


Any additional resources?

Have we missed any additional case interview resources available for free? Please post them in the comments section below so we can add them to our list.

The IGotAnOffer team

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Table of content

McKinsey case interview

Mckinsey interview process & requirements, mckinsey recruitment process, mckinsey interview process.

mckinsey case studies practice

What does McKinsey look for?

Mckinsey case interview format, what is a case interview, what are mckinsey case interviews like.

mckinsey case studies practice

mckinsey case studies practice

BCG & Bain Case Interview

The comprehensive guide on candidate-led case interviews

McKinsey case interview questions

Type 1 – framework / issue tree, type 2 – market-sizing & guesstimate.

Type 3 – Brain teasers

Type 4 – Chart insights

Type 5 – value proposition.

mckinsey case studies practice

Type 6 – Information questions

Type 7 – math problems, type 8 – solution-finding, are 8 question types enough, mckinsey case interview tips, tip #1: actively try to take control of the case.

mckinsey case studies practice

Tip #2: Ask for data as much as possible

Tip #3: use insights from previous questions to answer the next.

mckinsey case studies practice

Tip #4: Analyze as deep and comprehensive as possible

Tip #5: always follow up answers with takeaways, tip #6: deliver concise and insightful answer pitch.

mckinsey case studies practice

Tip #7: Make a personal script

End-to-end secrets program.

Get your end-to-end training to master each question types, “consultant-like” case delivery method and thorough consulting math practice.

How to prepare for McKinsey case interview

Step 1: familiarize with interviewer-led case examples, step 2: practice consulting math, step 3: develop business intuition, step 4: learn the case interview question types, step 5: perform mock interviews, mckinsey pei – how to prepare, what do they ask in the mckinsey pei, how to prepare for the mckinsey pei, four common mistakes in the mckinsey pei, learn the secrets to case interview, case interview end-to-end secrets program.

Deep-dive into the secrets of case interviews at top consulting firms, with extensive materials on business intuition, tips and techniques, as well as consulting math! What’s special about our program?

Everything you need to know about case interviews, from fundamental concepts to advanced tips.

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Hacking The Case Interview

Studying case interview examples and practicing consulting cases is the best way to prepare for consulting interviews. Below, you'll find 34 of the best case interview examples and practice cases.  

McKinsey Case Interview Examples and Practice

BCG Case Interview Examples and Practice

Bain Case Interview Examples and Practice

Deloitte Case Interview Examples and Practice

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Oliver Wyman Case Interview Examples and Practice

LEK Case Interview Examples and Practice

AT Kearney Case Interview Examples and Practice

Roland Berger Case Interview Examples and Practice

Bridgespan Case Interview Examples and Practice

Simon-Kutcher Case Interview Examples and Practice

OC&C Case Interview Examples and Practice

Capital One Case Interview Examples and Practice

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Crafting Cases

Case Interview Examples: The 9 Best in 2022 (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.)

February 26, 2021 By Julio Tarraf

Today I’m gonna show you a curated list of the 9 VERY BEST Case Interview Example videos from all around the web.

So you don’t have to go through the same pains I did back when I was preparing:

So that brings us to this article.

What's in for you:

Every hour you spend on the examples in this article is the equivalent of spending 3-5 hours browsing YouTube on your own, reading Case in Point, or going through piles of casebooks.

This article is the result of...

24 of those videos didn’t make it to the list: they were  a mix of poorly recorded, unrealistic and even   misleading .

I curated just the best so you wouldn’t have to waste your own 20+ hours to find them.

Table of contents:

#5. Swift fox population decrease

#7. FlashFash acquires LaMode

#8. medical supplies manufacturer demand decrease.

#1. Playworks market entry


The next case is mostly useful for its framework question.

It’s a high-quality, nuanced case question, similar to the ones you’ll get in McKinsey, Bain and BCG interviews.

The problem with this case is…

It requires either a well-structured answer or a ton of business sense, and the candidate solving it had neither.

As a result, he missed so many great insights, which made the video poor where it could have been rich for those who are practicing: business insight.

To spice up your practice, I’ll list those insights after the video under a spoiler alert, so you can add them to your own business sense library.

Given all of this, I would recommend this video for advanced candidates only .

(To understand what elements a perfect answer would need and how to create one for any case, check out our free course, Case Interview Fundamentals.)

#2. Agricultural chemicals product launch

Product launch


As I said, I’ll quickly go over the insights this candidate missed, as I think they could greatly add to your business sense library.

1) The one and most important is the pricing and viability analysis.

2) There are several other potential sources of increased ROI that the launch of this product could yield that he didn’t even consider:

The key to getting to those insights would have been to build a more robust initial framework. More business sense would help for sure, but  structuring techniques  are more feasible to practice and develop.

Lastly: the interviewer says, by the end of the video, that the interviewer would pass his first-round MBB interview with this performance. I do not agree with her.

While it is possible that his interviewers would pass him and let partners decide whether or not he’s suitable for the firm, the risk is just too high.

Some interviewers might pass him, but many others definitely would not.

Before we move on…

Did you know there are ONLY 6 types of questions an interviewer will ask you in a case?

Join our FREE 7-day case interview course to…

Now to the next video…

Yale SOM Consulting Club and Elaine Dang deserve congratulations on the two videos they made.

It’s super high quality work. 

Both of their video examples are similar to real case interviews in format and content, and they’re even superior to some made by case interview prep websites.

#3. A+ Airlines' reaction to competitor's change

Featuring next: me reviewing my own video from a neutral point of view.

Yes, I know that can’t possibly be unbiased.

But here’s why I think this video will get you ahead of other candidates and why you should ABSOLUTELY NOT miss out on this :

#4. Auto manufacturer profitability decrease

If you’re mainly looking to improve your performance in profitability cases, there are two pieces of content worth checking out:

What I love about the next case is that the first question is on diagnosing a client’s issue, but it’s not a profitability case.

It’s actually a public sector case!

Most beginners think you only use issue trees and drill-down analysis when solving a profit problem, but as you’ll see in this case, this is not true at all.

The candidate’s answer is good, so you can compare your own answer to his.

The next video is THE SINGLE BEST in this list for solo practice.

You will see Bruno’s reaction to challenges most people only face in their actual interviews. Mock interviews hardly prepare you for this at all:

Go ahead and see for yourself.

(And how would a real candidate do in this case? I interviewed a candidate with this very same case and recorded it so you could see for yourself. )

#6. Bed and Bath e-commerce acquisition

The next case is one of the unmissable videos in this list for two main reasons.

Number one, the candidate’s answers are great, good enough to be benchmarks to your own.

Number two, it’s a difficult M&A case (which is not as exciting as watching the last Avengers movie, I get, but still…).

I chose this next video mostly due to the quality of the initial case question. Here’s why.

Most profitability cases in casebooks are simple: “industry Y, profits fell. Why?”

But the truth is, in real MBB interviews, the case question almost always has more nuance than that.

That’s what this next video’s initial case question shows.

Just a quick heads up: I would not pass this candidate, as I wasn’t a fan of his initial structure nor of his business sense in general. Your initial structure should be more robust than his.


Below average

The next video shows an operations case example.

It’s a wonderful use of process structures to diagnose an issue on production line.

I don’t really like its style for practicing for two main reasons.

First, it just doesn’t have the right tempo for you to pause and practice and then compare answers. 

Second, the comments in the middle break the flow.

Nothing wrong with those comments. They’re actually helpful.

The problem is they make this video good for learning a few new concepts, watching a good structure put to use, but not really to practice by yourself.

If you’re an advanced candidate and your practice is up to date and you’re  just looking to learn something new, jump right in.

#9. Pepsi's LA bottling plant

Want to learn to solve cases like the best interviewees in these videos?

Here’s the deal: you can watch as many of these great videos as you want, but they will only help you up to a point.

They’ll help you understand what a case interview is like…

And if you try to answer the questions as you watch them, these videos will even help you get some practice…

But examples of case interviews will never teach you HOW to do cases well.

And if you want to be outstanding at solving cases so that firms like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG are begging you to accept their offers, we have something for you!

We’ve created a free course that will teach you EXACTLY HOW to answer the 6 (and only six!) types of questions you will find in ANY case interview.

(You can even go back to ALL the questions asked within the 9 examples of this article… You’ll see that each of them can be answered using one of the six techniques.)

Just click the button below to get exclusive access:

Join the FREE course now!

Now, you might be asking yourself: is this even worth my time?

I get that! There’s so much content out there, and so little time to practice.

Well, here’s the kind of e-mail we get from candidates all the time… It speaks for itself:

mckinsey case studies practice

Bonus video!

In the beginning of this article, I told you there’d be a video by the end that didn’t make it to the list.

It’s  not that good to make it to a “best of” list. 

Still, I want to add it as a bonus, as it will add value to you in its own way.

#10. 1930's gangster growth strategy

But first, a word of warning... .

This video has a comment that could be misleading. Do NOT watch it without reading the comments.

Sometimes the greatest lessons come from mistakes. This is one of those times.

There’s a comment in the video in which the interviewer suggests that a necessary step in every case is “getting to” a chart.

This gives candidates two false impressions:

False Impression #1) There is a chart in every case, and your goal as a candidate it to “get to it”.

False Impression #2) If your interviewer has given you all the charts they had, you’ve done a good job!

Your goal as a consultant is to find the relevant hypotheses to solve the problem in a structured way and to test them with data.

If you do that, you will have done a great job, and your interviewer may or may not have given you a chart along the way.

This is true for interviews and the consulting job alike!

I hope this article was helpful to you 🙂

If it was, I think you’ll also enjoy our free course.  Check it out for yourself by clicking here .


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