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[Updated 2023] 50 Best Company Presentation Templates To Ace The Corporate Ladder

[Updated 2023] 50 Best Company Presentation Templates To Ace The Corporate Ladder

Malvika Varma


Let’s face it! Company presentations are generally the same– unattractive and boring. 

Your company presentation is a crucial thing! It is often the primary stage of your business as it forms the ground for further discussions. Do it right and witness your company flourish! Do it wrong and lose a lot more — brand identity, productivity, and communication effectiveness. Whether you’re introducing your company to venture investors and potential clients or discussing the business with senior management, you need to make an amazing first impression . 

A well-crafted business presentation assists you in achieving significant goals like sealing deals or developing of partnerships. It is an important tool that evaluates the components of the company, like plans, progress, and specific goals. The secret ingredient of a successful business presentation is putting your heart and soul into it. The right presentation will help you in connecting with your audience and show them the value of your ideas and vision, thereby serving the purpose. 

Now the question is how can you make an engaging company presentation? Well, this is where we come into the picture. SlideTeam provides the 50 best company presentation template complete decks that are as unique as your organization, your products, and your services and make you stand out from a dozen others. 

Company Presentation Templates To Download

Template 1: company profile ppt template.

Company Profile PPT Template

Download this template

Our PPT Template is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create a comprehensive, engaging, and visually stunning overview of their company. With our Company Profile PPT Template, you can showcase your brand's vision and mission, introduce your founders and team members, and highlight your company's goals and objectives. Our template allows you to share your organization structure, workflow, and future projects with your audience, giving them a clear picture of where your company is headed. But that's not all - our PPT Template also provides a detailed comparison with your competitors, enabling you to showcase what sets your brand apart from others in your industry. By illustrating your company's unique selling points and core values, you can create a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition. Download now.

Template 2: Business Plan for New Company PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business Plan for New Company PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Looking for a professional and comprehensive way to showcase your business to investors, stakeholders, or potential clients? Look no further than our Business Plan PPT Template!

Our template is designed to give you a head start in creating a visually appealing and informative company profile presentation. It includes all the key sections you need to highlight your brand, including your value proposition, product roadmap, business model, revenue model, go-to-market strategy, and financial projections. Our template helps to create a compelling story about your business that showcases its strengths and potential while providing key insights that will help stakeholders make informed decisions. Get it now.

Template 3: Business Model For Startup Companies PPT Template

Business Model For Startup Companies PPT Template

Introducing the ultimate PPT template for startup companies - the perfect tool to help you unlock the full potential of your business. Our Business Model PPT template is designed to provide you with the tools you need to effectively communicate your market insights, the company's unique selling proposition (USP), projected key financials, objectives, and strategic positioning to investors, partners, and stakeholders.

Crafted with the needs of startups in mind, this template is both creative and engaging, making it easy for you to capture your audience's attention and communicate your message effectively. 

With this template, you'll be able to showcase your startup's unique value proposition and market insights in a visually stunning way. You'll also be able to present your financial projections and key objectives with clarity and precision, helping you to secure the investment and support you need to take your business to the next level. Download now.

Template 4: Company Profiling PPT Template 

Company Profiling

Download Company Profiling PowerPoint Presentation Slides

As you know, a company presentation is your best tool to narrate your corporate story to the audience with clarity and simplicity. Highlight the strengths of your enterprise in an interesting manner using our complete PPT deck. The professional summary of your business and its activities presented here will keep the audience engaged and make it informative for the investors as well as management staff. Our company presentation templates are pre-designed to help you out with numerous ideas on how to illustrate the various facets of your organization. Reach new heights with this captivating enterprise PPT deck. This company profiling PowerPoint template can be employed for company introduction to new employees, pitch capitalists, and whatnot. 

Template 5: Company Summary Of Business Plan

Company Summary Of Business Plan

Break the stereotype of monotonous company presentations. Save yourself from the yawn-inducing corporate presentation by downloading our attention-grabbing company profiling PowerPoint template. All crucial elements to making an awesome business presentation are incorporated in this PowerPoint layout. Acquisition strategy plan, core values, company objectives, organizational structure, and other aspects which amplify the success of the firm can be presented effectively. It is also useful for project managers, HR, and other management meetings conducted to track corporate milestones.

Template 6: Corporate Profile PPT Slides

Corporate Profile

Do wnload Corporate Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Deliver an in-depth blueprint of the organizational structure and leave a mark on the audience's mind by utilizing this corporate profiling PowerPoint theme. The complete deck is specially designed by keeping in mind all the essential elements that can help you reach the top of the corporate success ladder. Build a strong connection with your audience by using this corporate profile PPT presentation describing the agenda, vision and mission of the enterprise, achievements accomplished and lots more. Utilize our professionally designed company presentation template in meetings, where core values, solutions, and business strategies are to be discussed with co-workers and management staff.

Template 7: Vision, Mission, Goals, And Objectives

Vision Mission Goals And Objectives

Download Vision Mission Goals And Objectives PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Is achieving targets on your mind? Look no further. Incorporate our company goals PowerPoint template to state and achieve corporate goals within the deadline. Our business goals PPT presentation is interactive enough to communicate your ideas effectively. This attractively designed PowerPoint complete deck can also be used to foster teamwork and describe what your institution wants to accomplish.  

Template 8: Business Pitch

Business Pitch

Download Business Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Weave an interesting story for your startup fundraising meeting by introducing this awe-inspiring business pitch PowerPoint template. If you are new to the corporate world and looking to start your own business, then this content ready company PowerPoint template can be of great use to you. The format, design, and selection of slides make it very easy to explain the financial projections and growth strategy to the stakeholders. Impress your prospects by giving a framework to your business ideas and climb up the corporate ladder.

Template 9: Business Achievements PPT Template

Business Achievements

Download Business Achievements PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business accomplishments give us the much-needed confidence to excel further. The company presentation template consisting of business achievements can be employed to illustrate the key milestones achieved. Project managers can present our pre-designed corporate achievements PowerPoint complete deck to acknowledge the teammates and encourage them to continue showing dedication. You can list the company achievements with the use of the timeline so that the viewer gets a clear idea about the progression of your firm. 

Template 10: Business Campaigning

Business Campaigning

Download Business Campaigning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Campaigning is so important in the success of any business. Poor business campaigning can easily fade your presence from the market. Discuss the brand promotion channels and tools with the marketing team to outshine your competitors. Advertising techniques to boost the business in the online and offline market can be formulated by taking the aid of this company presentation template complete deck. This editable company promotion PowerPoint template can be incorporated to analyze the marketing strategies to target different sets of audiences.

Template 11: Business Operational Excellence Strategy

Business Operational Excellence Strategy

Download Business Operational Excellence Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business Operational PowerPoint template can be used to showcase the operational excellence for your company to create value for customers and stakeholders. Discuss the agenda, operational and customer-related challenges with the senior managers and figure out ways to mitigate sales and marketing challenges using this PowerPoint template. The eye-appealing graphics with a thoroughly researched content of the company presentation template complete deck makes it a perfect fit for presenting the company stats across the table.

Template 12: Business Overview Module

Business Overview Module

Download Business Overview Module PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Portray all your success stories with our company overview module PowerPoint presentation. Amplify your core values, milestones achieved, and services offered to ace your business presentation. This business presentation template can be tailored to suit your needs as it is completely editable. You can also bring the spotlight on the press and media coverage of your institution with the assistance of our company presentation PowerPoint layout. Present this complete deck in front of your clients and get an overwhelming response converting it into a deal done right.

Template 13: Product Design And Development

Product Design And Development

Download Product Design And Development PowerPoint Presentation Slides

If you are looking for a powerful company presentation template to launch a new product in the market, you are just a few clicks away. This product design and development PowerPoint template can make your brand stand ahead of others. Comprising PowerPoint slides such as product idea screening, product lifecycle, market analysis, development plans, cost analysis, product roadmap, and other significant features, you can download our company presentation complete deck to ace your next product launch meeting.

Template 14: Market Growth Rate

Market Growth Rate

Download Market Growth Rate PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Demonstrate the market driving factors with the help of this professionally designed market growth rate PowerPoint layout. Discuss the market analysis with the marketing team to identify trends and driving forces to forecast the sales and mitigate risks beforehand. Incorporate our pre-designed company PowerPoint layout to boost the dominance in the field. Download this corporate presentation template to communicate right and build your brand image. Just add your organization's statistics and you are ready to go.

Template 15: Business Strategy Innovation

Business Strategy Innovation

Download Business Strategy Innovation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Introducing business ideas is no piece of cake. The repercussions of a single decision can last for a long time. Download our innovative business strategy PowerPoint complete deck to bring business innovation in an organization for a positive impact on the overall growth of the company. This PPT deck includes topics such as business model innovation framework approaches to the business model, the strategy of innovation, business model innovation segments, and many more. Download this impactful company presentation template to give an engaging presentation to your seniors and colleagues to have a competitive edge over others.

Template 16: Quarterly Business Review

Quarterly Business Review

Download Quarterly Business Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Use this template to talk about quarterly highlights, financial summary, key developments, balance sheet, cash flow statement, key financial ratios, and other important information of your organization. Beneficial in showcasing the company results and suggesting methodologies for improvement, this company presentation template can be of great advantage to you. No need to prepare the presentation from scratch as this PowerPoint template is well-researched and the designing aspect makes it very appealing.

Template 17: Start-Up Business Proposal

Start Up Business Proposal

Download Start-Up Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Startups have to toil day and night to get an opportunity to make their business ideas come to reality and we want to give our best shot. Download our professionally designed startup company presentation template to showcase the executive summary, market insights, services offered, objectives, key financial highlights and other crucial elements to convince your investors. This start-up company PowerPoint complete deck is a must for your institution as it covers all the aspects of a great business pitch. 

Template 18: Organizational Success

Organizational Success

Download Organizational Success PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Organizational success is dependent on numerous factors and each element plays a crucial role in determining the corporate triumph. Discuss the tools and techniques your company adopts to increase the efficiency by employing our professionally designed company presentation template. This enterprise success PowerPoint complete deck can be used to illustrate the steps to achieve organizational effectiveness along with the dimension. Human resource management of your firm can utilize this business PPT theme. 

Template 19: Detailed Business Plan For Company

Detailed Business Plan For Company

Download Detailed Business Plan For Company PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Have a business plan but clueless about how to prepare an attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentation? The solution is just a click away. Download our business plan PowerPoint theme and illustrate the solutions to the problems and a detailed growth plan suggested to a strong market game. Including the contents, growth strategies, financial projections, details of shareholders, this company presentation template can also be employed by start-up companies to c onvince the investors to invest in your business idea. The shareholding pattern and milestones achieved can be highlighted in an effective manner using this visually attractive business plan PPT theme.

Template 20: Investor Relations Profile

Investor Relations Profile

Download Investor Relations Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Investors' relations are directly linked to the brand image. Employ this company presentation template to discuss the business canvas model, investment deals and monthly run revenue to showcase the company achievements. This investor relations PowerPoint complete deck is particularly helpful in building trust with potential clients. Download this customer relations PPT template and convince your clients to work with you.  

Template 21: Business Performance Analysis And Planning

Business Performance Analysis And Planning

Download Business Performance Analysis And Planning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Analyze the financial situation of your business by incorporating this detailed company presentation template. This business performance analysis and planning PowerPoint template can be utilized as the quarterly results of the company as it includes topics such as financial summary, key developments, balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc. to give a clear view of the financial status of the firm. Employ this corporate performance PPT theme to ace your business.

Template 22: Financial Assets Management KPI And Dashboard

Financial Assets Management KPI And Dashboard

Incorporate this company dashboard PPT template in providing an overview of setting up KPI reports for your enterprise. Summarize your business stats and figures in an impressive report of business performance to help your organization navigate the best strategy to adopt for boosting the sales and profitability of the company. This pre-designed company presentation template can be downloaded by finance analysts to present the company results in an interesting way to the viewers. 

Template 23: Brand Resonance

Brand Resonance

Download Brand Resonance PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Brand image plays a crucial role in determining the success of the company, which can be effectively communicated by introducing this company presentation template. The concepts like the brand loyalty pyramid, measurement framework, and brand measurement can be discussed with your employees with the assistance of our brand resonance PowerPoint template.

Template 24: Business Operational Challenges

Business Operational Challenges

Download Business Operational Challenges PowerPoint Presentation Slides

The general operational challenges faced by business houses can be described using this company presentation template. Illustrate ground realities of the market scenario to employees to showcase the company strategy, objectives, changes in the competitive market scenario, sources of revenue, etc., with this business challenges PowerPoint presentation. Download this PPT theme to highlight the key performance indicators of your firm and strategize the methodology to be followed accordingly. 

Template 25: Company Marketing Analysis Report

Company Marketing Analysis Report

Download Company Marketing Analysis Report PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Marketing analysis of an enterprise is of great importance as it is related to the generation of revenue of the company. Download this company presentation template to showcase the key highlights of your business. Discuss the factors that are responsible for company sales and marketing by utilizing our content-ready PowerPoint presentation.

Template 26: Entering a New Market

Entering A New Market

Enter the market with a bang by incorporating this powerful company presentation template. Identify your target market, have thorough market research, and a good marketing strategy like market assessment, business case development, implementation roadmap, etc., can be illustrated by employing this entering a new market PowerPoint theme. Download this business PPT complete deck and impress your prospects.

Template 27: Business Model Design

Business Model Design

Download Business Model Design PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Present your business model like a pro by introducing our professionally designed company presentation template. Essential for your business meetings, this business model PowerPoint complete deck covers all the topics which give an edge over other presenters. Discuss the enterprise roadmap, agenda, objectives, and goals by downloading this visually attractive PPT layout and excel at the business conferences. 

Template 28: HR Induction

HR Induction

Download Hr Induction PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Have an impressive HR induction by downloading this very handy company presentation template. Giving a detailed overview of the company success road map, milestones achieved, corporate hierarchy, office timings, office dress code, attendance portal, leaves and holidays, rules and regulations, this company briefing PowerPoint template is a must to give the information to the new employee in an interesting and engaging manner.

Template 29: Recruiting Process PPT Template

Recruiting Process

The HR department can download this company presentation template to illustrate the recruitment process and portray the transparency of the organization. Elaborate your hiring process using this eye-catching PowerPoint complete deck to strengthen the human resource process of your institution. Showcase the recruitment agencies, hiring process, job description, recruitment funnel, the budget allocated and other such important components of the employee recruitment process by downloading this company hiring PPT theme.

Template 30: New Product Analysis

New Product Analysis

Product analysis before launching in the market is a significant step as the company's reputation is at stake. Download this visually appealing company presentation template to highlight the key features to be analyzed before introducing a new product in the market. Illustrate the different parameters that must be met for performing well by utilizing this new product evaluation PowerPoint complete deck. 

Template 31: Business Operations Cycles

Business Operations Cycles

Download Business Operation Cycles PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Business operation cycles are essential for the smooth functioning of your organization. Incorporate this company presentation template for displaying the executive summary, company mission statement, strategy to excel in business, potential sources of revenue and other chief areas. Download this awe-inspiring business management PowerPoint complete deck to illustrate the key performance indicators, financial and operational summary of your organization. The designing element used here is definitely attention-grabbing.

Template 32: Business Strategic Planning Template For Organizations

Business Strategic Planning Template For Organizations

Business Strategic Planning Template For Organizations PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Accomplish the company goals by stating your mission and vision and lay a firm ground for your organization. Employ this business strategic planning PowerPoint complete deck highlight the purpose of the business plan, the SWOT analysis, brand promotion road map, company sales & performance dashboard effectively. Download this company presentation template to give an impressive enterprise overview for the board meetings.

Template 33: Project Management Concepts And Principles

Project Management Concepts And Principles

Download Project Management Concepts And Principles PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Gain a competitive edge in your company by illustrating this company presentation template to your employees. Precisely highlight your project management principles and concepts by downloading our content ready business PPT complete deck. Brief your colleagues about project management principles and techniques for precise control and monitoring.  Download this business management PowerPoint template about the constraints or roadblocks of your organization. 

Template 34: Company Overview

Company Overview

Give an impressive company overview by employing our aesthetically appealing organization profiling PowerPoint complete deck. This visually communicating company presentation template is perfect for highlighting your enterprise’s strength in front of your investors and potential clients. You can also demonstrate the risk management report to discuss ways of mitigating risks in business.  

Template 35: Customer Acquisition Business Process

Customer Acquisition Business Process

Download Customer Acquisition Business Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Showcase the procedure your company adopts for gaining new clients by stating the agenda, customer acquisition management, framework and target prospects in a very compelling manner. Download this pictorial company presentation template to highlight the efforts as well as tips required to turn a prospect into a loyal customer and hence boost the sales of your organization. 

Template 36: Introduce Company Profile

Introduce Company Profile

Download Introduce Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Introduce your enterprise for pitching investors and leave a powerful impression by employing our company presentation template. Starting with the agenda of your company you can easily strike the viewers’ attention as this pre-designed organization briefing PowerPoint complete deck covers all the essential elements of portraying the strengths of your company. You can showcase the founders and your talented workforce in an effective way by introducing this organizational introduction PPT theme. 

Template 37: Business Profile PPT Template

Business Profile

Download Business Profile PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Incorporate our multi-purpose company presentation template to highlight the business framework and the core values of your organization. The color palette used in this business PPT complete deck caters to a wide variety of topics such as milestones achieved, company roadmap, organization structure, services offered and lots more which portray the efficiency and dominance of the company in the market. 

Template 38: Business Change Principles

Business Change Principles

Download Business Change Principles PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Engage your audience with this beautifully designed company presentation template and explain the concept and principles of business change management effectively. Discover opportunities and educate your employees to learn new skills with the help of this business transformation PowerPoint complete deck. Take the help of this content ready organization change strategy PPT layout to formulate a plan and provide effective training to your workforce. Download our professionally designed business PowerPoint template to manage time and prioritize different tasks in your enterprise.

Template 39: Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic and Operational Planning

Download S And Op PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Document and establish the right direction of your business by incorporating this company presentation template. The progress of your business is directly linked to the strategic and operational plans you adopt to manage resources, risk and return across an organization and stand ahead of your competitors. Articulate the decisions made about the organization's goals by downloading this business plan PPT complete deck.

Template 40: Marketing And Sales Strategy Business Plan

Marketing And Sales Strategy Business Plan

Download Marketing And Sales Strategy Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

A strong marketing and sales strategy can make or break a company. Highlight the significance of a powerful business plan by downloading this company presentation template. Illustrate the challenges and the solutions proposed to meet the target with the assistance of this content ready business PPT complete deck. Explain the value proposition and acknowledge your team by downloading our marketing and sales strategy PowerPoint templates.

Template 41: Company Introduction

About Our Company Introduction Profile

Download About Our Company Introduction Profile PowerPoint Presentation With Slides

Cover the important aspects of your enterprise with this aesthetically appealing company presentation template. Introduce the founding members of your company and their vision and mission to showcase the core values and principles in a convincing manner. You can also showcase future projects and workflow in your organization. Influence your prospects by illustrating customer testimonials using this pre-designed business PPT theme.

Template 42: Business Continuity Audit Program And Checklist

Business Continuity Audit Program And Checklist

Download Business Continuity Audit Program And Checklist PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Auditing is a very crucial component for your firm as it helps your business in keeping track and achieving goals. Highlight the types and procedures of your enterprise audits by downloading this company presentation template. Finance analysts can download this business continuity PowerPoint complete deck to illustrate the audit conversion system and portray the company efficiency. 

Template 43: Company Representation

Company Representation

Download Company Representation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Introduce your organization with a bang by downloading this graphically convincing company presentation template. Amplify your business goals, objectives, ideas and core values by employing our striking business profiling PowerPoint theme. Showcase your services and upcoming projects to establish a solid foundation for your enterprise in front of your stakeholders. 

Template 44: Performance Rating

Performance Rating

Download Performance Rating PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Discuss the performance rating system of your institution by giving an overview of the employee assessment criteria by utilizing this beneficial company presentation template. Discuss the evaluative methodologies and tools to access the overall work quality of your employees by downloading this human resource management PowerPoint complete deck. Workforce assessment on various parameters can be described with this graphically appealing HR PowerPoint template.

Template 45: Project Quality Management Plan Checklist

Project Quality Management Plan Checklist

Download Project Quality Management Plan Checklist PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Ensure getting your quality assurance and quality control methods conveyed effectively by employing this quality management PowerPoint template. You can discuss the evolution of quality management in your organization and its key principles by employing this company presentation template and suggest solutions to the problems faced in the process. 

Template 46: Financial Proposal PPT Template

Financial Proposal

Download Financial Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Finance experts of your organization can make optimum use of this pre-designed company presentation template to highlight the financial plan proposed to pitch in investors. The business highlights and financial summary can be discussed with your fellow teammates by using this visually appealing company budget PowerPoint presentation.

Template 47: Elevator Pitch PPT Presentation

Elevator Pitch

Download Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Leave no stone unturned by incorporating this professionally designed company presentation template to influence your potential investors. Present this awesome company presentation to impress your audience like never before. This content ready elevator pitch PowerPoint complete deck highlights all the essential elements to give you an edge over others. 

Template 48: New Employee Briefing

New Employee Briefing

Download New Employee Briefing PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Employ this HR induction company presentation template to give a briefing to your new employees. Mention the attendance portal, leaves and holidays, office timings, dress code, rules and regulations, employee compensation and benefits and salary package with the assistance of our company presentation template.

Template 49: Feedback and Performance Management PPT Template

Feedback And Performance Management

Download Feedback And Performance Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Feedback is so important to ensure continuous performance improvement in your business which can be highlighted using this company presentation template. Employee assessment and different criteria on which the capabilities are judged can be displayed to make the colleagues aware of the transparent rating system of your organization. Download this employee evaluation PowerPoint complete deck and portray the work efficiency of your enterprise.

Template 50: Company Results PPT Slides

Company Results

Download Company Results PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Get the spotlight on you by incorporating this attractively designed company presentation template. Show your institutions overwhelming performance in our pre-designed and get applauded by your seniors. 

A company presentation is not just a deck of well-designed slides! They reflect the future of the company. Catering to a variety of purposes, we have curated the best company presentation templates to ease the work for you. If you’re already feeling pumped about your next corporate meeting, then definitely download these 50 Best Company Presentation Templates and double your impact!

FAQs on Company Presentation

What is a company presentation.

A company presentation is a document or a set of materials, usually in a slide deck format, that provides an overview of a company, its products or services, and its overall performance. The purpose of a company presentation is to communicate the company's key information, objectives, strengths, and achievements to different stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, partners, and the general public.

A typical company presentation may include information on the company's history, mission statement, leadership team, organizational structure, financial performance, and competitive landscape. It may also showcase the company's products or services, including their features, benefits, and value propositions, as well as highlight the company's achievements, awards, and recognition.

How to make an effective company presentation?

To make an effective company presentation, you should keep in mind the following tips:

Be authentic and enthusiastic: Show your passion for your company and your message. Be authentic and enthusiastic, and use your own voice to connect with your audience and build rapport.

How to describe a company in a PPT presentation?

When describing a company in a PPT presentation, it's important to keep the following points in mind:

Company overview: Start with an overview of the company, including its history, mission statement, core values, and leadership team.

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Google Reviews

Company Presentation

8 Tips for a Winning Company Presentation

A company presentation is a vital tool for management and sales departments . This type of presentation plays a huge part in promoting the corporate brand – it’s layout and structure need to be professional and convincing . In this article, we’ll show you what goes into a successful company presentation.

Your company presentation in PowerPoint 

Today’s dynamic market requires companies to adapt and continually seek out new partnerships and clients. Creating a compelling and versatile presentation of products and services is essential . Here are 8 useful tips for designing your company presentation in PowerPoint .

First impressions are everything – and that goes for company presentations, too. It takes people a fraction of a second to form an initial opinion and all too often, that initial opinion is hard to change. This makes it all the more important to set the right tone at introductory meetings.

At face value, a company presentation serves the simple purpose of presenting a company in the best possible light . You want to list key figures and detail services, but you also want to convey emotions and mission statements. The other party wants to learn about who you are .

Your company presentation needs to be tailored to your brand, your business, your products and your services . Although there is no ideal blueprint for a company presentation, there are principles and rules to guide the process.

Company Presentation

Tip 1: Preparation and design: The first impression counts

A company presentation is often the first step in connecting with important stakeholders . It lays the groundwork for further discussions and meetings and other objectives, such as closing a contract, establishing a partnership or inviting the client to a follow-up meeting.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and your company presentation is no exception to this rule. To truly be effective, every presentation needs a professional design . And that starts with the corporate design (CD) .

Take a look at your existing company presentation. Is it consistent with your CD?

If not, you need to tailor the font, color scheme and visual language to your corporate identity. Establishing a consistent and meaningful design will help you make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

In addition, high-quality images are a must. Professional preparation and great design mean being able to win over even the most critical managing director or the most demanding customers.

✔ Keep the design of your company presentation timeless, elegant and appealing . Avoid overwhelming your audience with cluttered slides and too many bells and whistles. Clean and modern flat design (a large selection of graphics, icons and diagrams can be found here ),as well as isometric design (found here ) are currently on trend.

Tip 2: The 20-minute rule. Your audience’s time is precious!

Most executives and leader are pressed for time and as a result, attention spans can be short. For this very reason, keep your company presentation short:

Spend a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes on the introduction section (“about us”). Then it’s time to get to the point and present your business concept, specific offer, products and/or services in detail. Better yet, keep you presentation short and start a dialogue .

Studies have proven that during a presentation, attention levels drop sharply after just 15 minutes . Your audience will be grateful that you value their time. In most cases, they already know more about your company than you think.

Company Presentation

Tip 3: Structure: What belongs in a professional company presentation?

The art of a successful company presentation is, among other things, to condense the most important content of your business plan (business model, market, strategy, finances, etc.) onto a few slides . But it’s even more important to know which facts are truly relevant to your target audience and which are not.

1. Always start by answering the most important W questions :

Who? Contacts, management, staff, partner companies

What? Services, products, etc.

Where? Locations, industries/markets, business areas

How? Goal, vision, mission statement

Why? Advantages for new clients or partner companies

Emphasize the “What?” and ” Why?” of your presentation; this is what your audience will be most interested in.

2. Competition is fierce. Most markets are flooded with competitors and attractive alternatives. That’s why unique selling propositions and individual advantages are so important. What makes you special? Why are you better at meeting the needs of your audience?

3. Always include references from satisfied clients and customers . Concrete references help your audience better understand why your services or products are the right choice.

4. Call-to-action: The last slide of your PowerPoint presentation should motivate your audience to act . You’ve presented your company in detail and with conviction – now you want a reaction from the audience. You can formulate this call to action in more general phrases along the lines of “Let’s get it done!” or “Let’s go!”, package it as a targeted question about the content or use it as a prompt for follow-up contact.

Company Presentation

Tip 4: Highlight benefits to your target audience

Knowledge about your target group is power . The first question your audience will ask themselves when you give a presentation is, “How will I benefit from this?” Here are some questions that will help you tailor your content to your audience :

A good start to developing your presentation is a team brainstorming session followed by a workshop with key decision-makers from management, marketing, and sales. You can also bring editors, copywriters or a specialized agency on board.

Tip 5: Convince with more than just text

The presentation design needs to be just as convincing as the content. Most presentations we see consist of 70-80% text. But bullet points and sprawling text alone aren’t enough to make an impact .

The design process begins when you stop focusing on writing statements and start creating a presentation that supports your content visually. Here’s a good rule of thumb: 50% of your slide’s area should be text, 50% should be images, graphs and charts .

Obviously, you don’t have to follow this rigidly on all slides, but presentations with rich visual content are always a success . The most important thing is to keep written content short – keywords and short sentences are usually enough .

The following slides (screenshots from our Company Presentation Toolbo x ) provide vivid examples of layouts and designs.

Company Presentation Toolbox

If you’re pressed for time or need some professional design inspiration, check out our PowerPoint templates . Or ask a graphic designer or a professional PowerPoint or presentation agency like PresentationLoad for support.

Tip 6: The customer is king: Give them what they want

Before you start your presentation, ask your audience what information they need. Are they familiar with your company? Have they already gone to your website for information? Knowing this might help you tailor it more to your audience’s needs by editing or even completely omitting sections of your presentation. The key is to remain flexible while presenting and only include what is really relevant to your audience.

The first step is to make sure your presentation is completely up to date .  A slide master is the easiest way to make any universal changes to your presentation, update key figures, contact information, etc., without sacrificing formatting or layout.

Even in a completely updated presentation, you may find there’s information that just isn’t relevant to your target audience. PowerPoint helps you with this by providing a quick and easy option to hide slides . In the thumbnail pane, right-click the slide you want to hide and select Hide Slide .  You can also hide multiple slides by holding down the Ctrl key , clicking on them and then selecting Hide Slide with a right-click. The hidden slides will now appear greyed out. To reverse this option, simply click Hide Slide again and you slides will be visible.

Another technique to make your PowerPoint company presentation more flexible and interactive is to use hyperlinks . For example, you could hyperlink all the titles of individual sections on your agenda slide so that you can jump from the agenda slide directly to the relevant section with a simple click. This also allows you to respond dynamically to your audience’s reactions or interests.

Pro tip : Use your company logo as a home button. Adding a small logo to the corner of each slide not only strengthens your branding, but also allows you to add a hyperlink to the agenda slide. Click on the logo and you’re back to your PowerPoint presentation overview.

Tip 7: Present like a pro

A company presentation lives and dies by its delivery . Even a perfect presentation is of little value if the delivery isn’t convincing. As a presenter, you need to communicate the passion and enthusiasm you feel for your brand through your presentation.

But don’t go overboard! Be authentic . If you can do this, your company presentation will not only reinforce your company’s positive image but will also excite your audience.

Arouse emotions by using images that speak to your audience . Involve your audience by starting with words such as “Imagine…”. Focus less on “we” (your company) and more on “you” (your audience) . These techniques will help you open the door to your audience’s subconscious – which is where most decisions are made.

 ✔ Leave enough time to rehearse your presentation . Ask your colleagues if they would be willing to serve as a test audience and give feedback on your presentation.

Company Preseentation

Tip 8: Post-presentation best practice

Always prepare a ready-to-email format of your presentation . When your customers and partners are impressed, they’ more likely to ask for a digital copy.

Never send your presentation as a PowerPoint file; always send it as a PDF to preserve its formatting and layout. Be sure to pay attention to the file size , too. A company presentation in PDF format should be no larger than about 3MB. An email attachment containing a 30MB company presentation will come across as anything but professional. There’s also a risk that the email won’t even reach the recipient’s inbox due to a limited attachment size.

✔ Create your company presentation PDF before you present . This way, you can offer it as a digital copy directly after the presentation.

Win customers with your company presentation

On just a few slides, your company presentation summarizes all the pertinent facts and ideas with which you want to convince your audience. This makes it all the more important to truly understand your audience before you start designing your presentation .

The first impression counts – adhering to your corporate design will elevate your presentation to a higher, more professional level. Be concise and to the point and highlight the benefits your audience will derive from working with you and your company. A modern presentation is designed with a 50:50 ratio of text to images ; avoid too much text and unnecessary facts.

As the presenter, you represent your company. That’s why it’s especially important to be flexible and provide your audience with the information that matters most to them .

The aim of this blog post is to provide you with a general idea of how to create a practical and convincing company presentation in PowerPoint. These tips are based on years of proven professional expertise.

Need help creating an even better company presentation?

Feel free to post a comment here or contact me directly by sending an email to [email protected] .

I’d be happy to answer your questions or, along with my team, help you with the concept, structure, content and design of your company presentations. It can really help to have someone with a different perspective take a look at your presentations.

We have been creating PowerPoint presentations for mid-sized companies and international corporations for almost 20 years. As a result, we have a wealth of experience with corporate sales and strategy presentations.

Additional services:

Good luck with your presentations!

Company Presentation

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presentation for it company

Everyday Business Storytelling

Now available.

presentation for it company

Corporate Storytelling Workshops

Become a strategic communicator, all workshops available virtually.


Business Storytelling

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Medtronic wanted to make storytelling simple and practical for their teams. Several successful pilots later, TPC joined Elevate; a global, professional development program targeting Directors and Managers, as well as Ignite, a VP training initiative. Today, TPC has trained 800+ employees with demand growing across Medtronic’s five therapeutic areas of business.

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10 Slides you should have in your company profile

presentation for it company

Creating a business presentation from scratch is never an easy task - you always have to consider and start from the type of presentation you’d need, the goals you want to achieve through it, your audience’s profile, needs and expectations, and the context of the presentation (how and where it’s going to be delivered and how much time will you have).

But when you have a guideline of how to figure out these elements and what you should include in your business presentation, then it all starts to make sense. That’s why we decided to put together several guides and how-tos on the most common business presentations out there. We started our series with the slides you should have in your pitch deck , followed by what to add in your sales deck and now in this article, we want to cover another very common type of presentation: the company profile.

We started this series with the structure for a pitch deck, followed by a sales presentation and now a company profile.

What is a company profile and when & where to use it?

Company profiles are presentations made to be used in introduction emails, to introduce your company before getting to specifics. You won’t need to actually present it, so make it explicit and easy to understand. 

Compared to a live presentation, where your focus is on the audience, in a company profile it is ok to talk about you. The reader’s purpose is to get to know you. 

A company profile is essential, from a startup to any major company

It is what most of your future partners and clients will see for the first time. What impression do you want to make? 

It happens for a lot of companies to get so involved in making the company profile that they forget for who is actually made. Putting in all the information about you will make it boring for the reader and at the same time won’t leave any mystery about you. 

As the Business Dictionary would define it: 

A company profile is a concise description which, among other items of information, includes  firm's history, number and quality of its human, financial, and physical resources, organizational and management structure, past, current and anticipated performance, and its reputation, and the standing of its goods or services.

But let’s not get wrapped around a definition and see how we can make a unique profile. Even if it's your company profile, we recommend you to focus on how your company helps your customers. 

It can also take many forms, some companies have it in a word document, others in a brochure, or as a presentation. We will talk about the 10 elements any company profile should have:

1. Mission statement/vision 

This is the moment where you tell customers what drives you to do what you do. Continue with your mission and what are the values the brand stands for. Without knowing all the details about your products, they judge you by your values and your vision. 

What does your company aspire to achieve? 

You probably know the mission’s company, as it is part of your brand identity. With it, or with some additional information, also cover here details as who are your primary customers and where are your operations active.  

presentation for it company

2. Brief history of the company 

A very simple way to tell your history is with a timeline slide . This way you can put all the steps that got you to the present in a visual way that is easy to understand. For the important one you can always add a short paragraph.

Keep in mind that you should include both ups and downs from your company. Show your readers that you have been through difficult moments, but you overcame them. 

presentation for it company

3. Overview of the solution

Spark some curiosity. Before getting into more details about each product/service you have, do an overview of the solution you are offering. Talk about what problem your solution tackles and how it does that.

You can also walk the reader through the process of creating this solution, what were your drivers and aspirations. This slide is meant to paint the big picture of your work.

presentation for it company

4. Development & Growth 

Hit me some numbers. Use real facts and data to show the difference between where you started, where you are now and where the company is going. Based on the internal data make a connection with external factors. They will be of much more interest for the reader, and at the same time will be explained by your work.

Tell stories of how much effort all the company did to grow. It’s up to you if you want to share struggles your company faced or specific actions of improving.

presentation for it company

5. Detailed Products & Services

If your company has only a few products/services you can present them individually. Each product/service needs to be described from a technical point of view ( specific characteristics ) and from a customer point of view ( how can it be used/ for what it is used ). 

In case there are too many products/services and it will take a lot of space to write about all, put them in categories. Under each category make a list of the products that it includes and add a general description. 

It would be very helpful for your potential client and also for you if you add pricing and offers for the products/services. This will save time and you will continue discussion with those who are interested even after seeing the pricing.

presentation for it company

6. Industry recognition/position

Let your reader know what your position is in the market. Include details about market size, your contribution to the market and what is the course of the industry. Don’t forget to differentiate yourself from other players in the market. 

Even better, if you have received any recognitions or awards don’t be shy to mention them. Your readers will trust your company more if they see you have been acknowledged by specialized institutions. 

presentation for it company

7. Client portfolio & Testimonials

Show your potential partner/customer with whom you have already worked. Having testimonials form the biggest clients will bring value to your brand. Try to get a quote from a well known person in that organization or from an authoritative one.  

Real feedback will strengthen your image without being too promotional. And is more credible as it comes from an external source.

presentation for it company

8. Case studies

A very good way to showcase your work is with a case study. This means that you take a client that you worked with and start explaining how you worked together, what were the challenges, how you handled them, what was your approach and what were the results.

This is the process from the first talk until the end of the collaboration. Focus on the relevant aspects that showcase your solution and your communication during the collaboration. It is also helpful to have feedback from the client here. 

presentation for it company

9. Team & Departments

Who are the people behind the company? 

In a startup it may be easier to present every member of the team, their background and area of expertise and it is also more important. A strong team sends a clear message, that you are ready for business.

For a bigger company having only the ones in leadership won’t be as meaningful. They must appear in the company profile together with the departments of the company. You want to transmit the image of a united company where every employee has its contribution.

presentation for it company

10. Call to Action & Contact

A must have in your company profile is a simple push toward the next step. If the reader doesn’t know exactly what to do when they finish going through the document give them a few ideas, like:

“For more information contact us”, “Let’s schedule a call to talk more”.

In the end put the contact info where you can be found, address, email, telephone number. You can also have more contact persons for different situations. This will make it easier for the reader and will shorten the contacting process. 

presentation for it company

Company profiles can get very formal and have a lot of pages, the difference is that you can make it more interactive. Use creativity and put yourself in the customer shoes to see what they would be interested to see. May it be in a word document form or a presentation format do the best to personalize it and add your colors to it (metaphorically and literally).

Read more from the same series

10 Slides you should have in your sales presentation

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Home Blog Presentation Ideas How To Make a Company Profile Presentation with Examples and Templates

How To Make a Company Profile Presentation with Examples and Templates

How To Make a Company Profile Presentation with Examples and Templates

Imagine a presenter who can resonate with their target audience so effectively that they inspire the required trust and confidence to get new relationships started. That’s the primary goal of a successful company profile presentation. 

As Nancy Duarte has said in her book Resonate , “Presenting ideas can either evoke puzzled stares or frenzied enthusiasm, which is determined by how well the message is delivered and how well it resonates with the audience.” Precisely because we know how vital this is to any business, we’re revising how to write a productive company profile in this article. 

We’ve included company profile examples in this article to learn from others on how to best present your company. In this article, we’re strictly referring to company profile presentations.

What is a company profile?

As we’ve described before in our company profile templates category, a company profile is a resource organizations can use for creating presentations that describe the essential aspects of a company.

Company profile uses

A company profile is meant to assist in presenting a company to an audience. With that understanding, it can help with topics ranging from sales to internal company presentations, for example: 

Introducing the company to its new employees

If we understand this resource as a polished portfolio or dossier, it’s easier to conceive how it can back up almost any pitch for diverse collaborations. The tool is suitable for showing a company’s philosophy, intentions, and plans to an audience. 

Acquiring new investors

Promote your brand with it, or use the resource to persuade investors during fundraising for your company. You can also rely on it to present your company to prospects by crafting a professional company presentation.

Marketing presentations

Another aspect to consider is that company profiles are great for media presentations, back up any sponsorship opportunities, and get new collaborators to pitch in with our global company vision and plans.

How to create a company profile presentation: step-by-step instructions

Putting a company profile presentation together helps to focus on each slide at a time. Focus on the meaningful content of your company profile and use slides to complement your message. 

Here is a run-down of each slide, one by one, to help put your company profile together. 

Step 1 – Company Profile Cover Page

Your first slide can include your company logo, a title that typically reads “Company Profile”, and a sub-title. A quick one-liner description can be entered here or a meaningful short text with a motto or phrase.

Tips for presenting a company profile presentation

Step 2 – Mission & Vision

In general, you’re seeking to include the vision and mission slides in these first part of a company presentation. The classic piece of advice here is to state a company’s mission to give out what you’re looking to achieve. If you have doubts on what to include in a mission and vision slide, learn here how to prepare a successful vision statement .

Very much tied to the above, start by seeking a compelling introductory section for a company presentation. 

Defining a Company's Vision and Mission in Company Profile presentation

Step 3 – What we do

Next, introduce your services or products in a medium-sized slide text. Nancy Duarte again guides us with valuable wisdom on this aspect as she recalls how “communicating only the detailed specifications or functional overviews of a product isn’t enough.” Look for an emotional rapport in your product introduction as much as possible. Ideally, you’ll address consumers’ or your audience’s pain points in a way that compels them to hear more. 

On this last note about your audience, go deeply into their ways of thought, desires, interests, and needs to determine the problems and challenges they’re facing. Clearly defining what your proposed solution of value will be throughout your company pitch is a great way to present your company profile. 

Far from overdoing it, focus on your main business areas to present your top three to six. Use images or icons for visual support. Include a supporting text on a service description, and the benefits of these for your target audience. 

What we do Slide for company profile presentation

Step 4 – About the Company

And enter your company description in the next slide. This is usually presented with the header “About Us.” If your growth is at the point where it makes an impact once the story is told, include it. The same applies to any awards or key certifications you may have in your name. If you’ve made it to the news or media in great light, or if there’s any vital history that can be an impressive point for your company’s reputation, it may be worth adding those here. 

An About Page for a Company Profile presentation

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can use the About Us slide templates for PowerPoint.

In a nutshell, use all of your relevant bragging rights as you see fit. Stress any significant milestones your company could have achieved by the time you present. And narrow down your niche and any location-specific expertise you may have working to your advantage. 

Step 5 – Present the Team

Follow with your team slide through a Meet the Team slide design. Show a few images of your leading talent. As usual with a team slide, consider the most common recommendations on who to highlight and what to include. You’re looking for the most reputable milestones of your team members’ careers as a highlight of their background to make a shining difference. If a particular person or group makes a stellar difference by being an experienced part of your team, include the following slide with just those party’s credentials and best references. 

Showcasing the team in Company Profile presentation

Step 6 – Company major milestones

Then move to portray the company’s significant milestones in a timeline visually . The idea is to make your roadmap visually clear. For that, title each part of the process, give it a brief description, and extend timeline indications onto a separate slide, if you prefer. 

Timeline illustration of a company's milestones

Step 7 – Relevant Data

If you need to add PowerPoint chart templates , the next few slides would be a proper section to include these. Give descriptions of the data you’re presenting. Include a mix between pie charts, line and bar graphs, and other formats as you move along. 

Company Profile Presentation Data Charts Slide

Our Company profile PowerPoint template , for example, includes a world map that allows users to pinpoint company locations around the globe. The idea is to make the company’s global reach a lot more visible. 

All of the above coincides with a total of 15 slides we put together as part of this company PowerPoint-friendly material. Edit its background, move data around, and customize it as you see fit.

From here on, we suggest adding positive reviews via client testimonials. You can even add a client portfolio if you already have a great, solid base. Any good words about you from relevant parties will reinforce your credibility as the final touch and your conclusion slide.

Why use company profile templates?

Using PowerPoint presentation templates for company profiles is the first step toward a professional job. The primary justification for this choice is how much easier it is to edit, add, remove, or re-write a slide compared to other formats. Depending on how often you’ll need to customize this resource to pitch an audience, making quick changes can be easy and convenient.

Also, consider how quickly a company is going to face alterations in terms of products, finances, milestones, and diverse goals. Adding or removing a slide is very easy!

While we’re touching upon edits, keep your texts short and relevant descriptions. Avoid long blocks of content or jam-packed illustrations, even using graphs, tables, or others. As with any slide for any purpose, keep your presentation as lean as possible. 

Alternatively, you can access our free company profile template to create an excellent company presentation.

Recommendations on company profiles

Speaking of purpose, define what the company profile is set out to achieve. An investment plan or trade portfolio can be a part of why a company profile is needed. Align objectives in this sense with the overall content. 

If it isn’t evident, add the company logo to the company profile presentation. If you’re using pictures, make sure they’re of the highest quality, as this speaks professionalism. 

As for contact details, seek to include email, phone, corporate address, and even a website mention. Adding these details is a way to let potential clients quickly learn more about your company. Social media accounts are also a must in terms of outreach and potential customers checking the company’s trajectory.

Company profiles might not be the best place to include financial reports or any corporate problems you’re dealing. On the contrary, they’re intended to draw people to your business and make them fall in love with a brand, its mission, and its vision. 

That’s why it’s so important to seek to appeal to your audience’s emotions. How you can call upon an emotional connection with what you’re presenting is a great guiding principle as you build your next company profile presentation material, script, setting, and performance. Every aspect counts! Control what happens rather than leaving it to chance. 

Examples of successful company profiles

Study cases for eco-friendly companies.

From a two-page company profile for a food waste management solution company to an 88-page document of the exact nature of one of Australia’s Equity Trustee companies, we’re detailing various company profile examples for a clearer idea of what these can include. 

MAEKO made a clear statement in just a couple of slides, clearly defining its mission & vision, its niche, the offered solution for a world-class problem, and displaying its products’ end purpose.

The annual report from Equity Holdings Ltd. instead presents data in a consolidated way that both shareholders and potential business partners can quickly appreciate. Though lengthy, the main goal behind this approach is to provide complete insights into each aspect of the trust’s management, profits & losses.

We hope this has helped, and, of course, let us know if you’d like to see more or different. We’re here to help you excel every step of the way. Also, check out our step-by-step guide on how to make a PowerPoint Presentation .

1. Company Profile PowerPoint Template - The Basic Structure

Cover Image for Company Profile Presentation

For business executives, sales teams, and entrepreneurs, the Company Profile PowerPoint Template proves to be a powerful tool for kicking off a quick and impactful presentation. As described in the article, it contains the basic structure for a powerful Company introduction covered in 15 slides. 

Blue & light gray themed, it’s fully compatible with all versions of PowerPoint, Keynote, and also Google Slides. Pie chart graphs, linear graphs, and bar graphs slides included to create detailed data reports.

Use This Template

2. Company Profile PowerPoint Template with SWOT Analysis & Pricing

cover for company profile template in teal tone

This template will give you the tools for a fully-detailed company introduction. Listing slides to showcase scenarios such as “problem vs solution”, SWOT analysis, global market solutions, pricing lists, and way more, it’s a compendium of 20 slides intended for business success.

In a dashing white and teal color combination, with gray accents, this template is the perfect asset to present data in a visually appealing way. Fully compatible with all versions of PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

3. Professional Company Profile PowerPoint Template

cover photo for company profile template

Present your company in a stellar fashion thanks to this Company Profile template. With subtle gradients and a clean layout, this template’s design moves far from the classy-styled presentation into a carefully crafted design with vivid tones. Dark purple, red, and orange tones make up this template in striking combinations to gather the public’s interest.

100% compatible with all PowerPoint versions, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

4. Executive Styled Company Profile Template

cover photo for executive profile template

Make a memorable introduction for your company with the help of this Company Profile template for PowerPoint. This template can boost your pitch in a steel gray tone with terracotta and teal accents. Featuring slides for organigrams, goals and milestones, core values, timelines, and more, 22 slides are ready to edit and rearrange as fits your company the best.

Compatible with all PowerPoint versions, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides.

5. Flyer One-Pager Company Profile Template

cover for flyer one pager company profile template

Easy to distribute, even easier to create. A vividly toned one-pager company profile template is a practical solution for conferences, meetups, and any kind of large business exhibition. Quickly deliver the vital data that makes your company a profitable place to invest. Get hold of potential new clients, or just attract potential employees with the help of this flyer format of a company profile.

Fully editable in all versions of PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides

presentation for it company

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presentation for it company

Company Overview Template

Every company has a unique story to tell. However, it can be difficult to put together a beautiful presentation that tells your story effectively and looks great at the same time. Our company overview template is the answer. With this presentation template, you can share your company’s philosophy, specific goals, team members, products or services, plans for the future, and more.’s company overview template is perfect for:

Use the Company Overview Template to highlight your story

A company overview presentation requires brevity and organization, with each part designed to tell a different aspect of your company’s story. Create visual interest by adding graphics, photos, charts, or videos to engage your audience. These visual design features can be added to your slides with a single click.

Title Slide

Tips for creating a Company Overview Presentation

There are many ways to design a successful company overview presentation. Some tips to consider during creation include:

Keep your copy short and simple on your slides. Your company overview presentation is a guide that supports what you’re saying; it’s not an essay.

Share your history, why your company was founded, and the challenges you’ve overcome to get where you are. Don’t be afraid to use stories, brand voice and tone, and humor to keep it interesting.

Your presentation should unfold in a story that keeps your audience engaged. The order of your slides impacts the ultimate outcome and whether or not your audience is persuaded at the end of your presentation.

Use graphics, photos, carts, and videos to bring your story to life. Visuals capture your audience’s interest and can help you tell your story in impactful, memorable ways.

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Social Media Report Template

Use a social media report template to present social media findings to your team, upper management, or new clients.

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Agile Workflow Presentation Template

Learn how’s agile workflow template can help teams examine their current processes and look for ways to improve them.

Usability Testing Presentation Template

Usability Testing Presentation Template

Learn how’s usability testing template can help you gauge your customers and their use cases to better improve your product or service.

Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

Need to create a product roadmap? Start here with our customizable product roadmap template to impress leaders, investors, development teams, and more!

Brex Pitch Deck

Brex Pitch Deck

Brex is a go-to source for information and data about both private and public companies. We took a look at Brex’s original pitch deck to look for ways to improve the design.

 SEO Proposal Template

SEO Proposal Template

Stand out from your competitors by using an SEO proposal template to sell your SEO services to potential clients.

10 must-have slides in a business presentation

business presentation, slides

Nearly every professional, regardless of their role and field, will create and deliver a business presentation at some point in their career. Creating a slide deck takes a lot of preparation, including planning the content, structuring the slides, designing with appealing visuals and rehearsing the pitch.

  The 10-20-30 rule is a commonly used and much-praised structure for creating a business presentation. Following the 10-20-30 rule, the presenter should not present more than 10 slides, should not exceed 20 minutes, and should not use font sizes less than 30 point. Created by Guy Kawasaki , this method is for presenters to create and deliver impactful presentation.

  For a business deck, presenting your content in 10 slides can be a challenging task, as your messaging needs to be concise yet persuasive. Here are 10 slides that you should include in your business presentation to make your slide deck a success.

1. Title slide

This is the introduction slide that gives your audience an overview of what your presentation is about. Include important details like your topic, company name, logo, date of presentation, presenter name, and designation.

What makes a good title slide?

If you’re promoting a product or a service to your audience, then use a picture of it in the title slide instead of stock images. Provide crucial details that help your audience understand what they can expect from the session. Use a clean, simple font style in an appropriate size with a contrasting background to make the title easy to read.

2. Problem statement 

The objective of a business presentation should be to offer a solution to a business problem. Use this slide to define the problem for which you’re proposing a solution. Make your points clear, concise, and persuasive by highlighting the impact it has on the business.

What makes a good problem statement slide?

State the business problem you’ve set out to solve. Involve your audience by asking them if they have a solution to the above problem and then explain how your idea can impact the business. Make your content precise and easy to read without overwhelming your audience with too much information.

Define the goals you’re aiming to achieve through this presentation and list them as stages in your plan. Demonstrate your goals as points with a realistic timeline for each milestone.

What makes a good goals slide?

  Goals help set the direction for your business plan. Let’s say you’re launching a new product in the market and need to list the various milestones you’re aiming to accomplish to get the product to your audience. Instead of showcasing them as plain bullet points, break them down into milestones with timelines. Explain them in a few words and emphasize key points with animation effects and icons to make it visually appealing.

  4. Solution or Strategy

Now that you have mentioned the problem and set goals for your business, use this slide to talk about how you’re planning to achieve them. Write an overview of your strategy and plan of action and highlight the key points.

What makes a good solution slide?

Introduce your strategy with an impressive title and emphasize important content using text effects. Make your content compelling by highlighting the benefits of your strategy and presenting your solution as a narrative with eye-catching visuals and icons.

  5. Analysis

Your market, SWOT, and competitor analysis form an essential component in laying out your business plan in detail. Use supporting data in your business presentation to walk your audience through the analysis.

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What makes a good analysis slide?

If your slide deck is for a product launch, then validate your strategy by including your analysis of the market, competitors, and your target customers to understand your position in the business. Instead of plain text, use charts and tables to explain your insights for these numbers. Bring your data to life with animation and text effects.

6. Financial plan and revenue    

Your business presentation should include your financial plan, revenue projections, and other relevant metrics necessary to measure the success of your business strategy.

What makes a good finance slide?

Present the budget required for different business stages like research, development, execution, marketing, etc. Use charts to break down your finances in planned stages. Add visuals and bring your charts to life with animation and effects.

Every business deck needs supporting data to validate your analysis and plan. Use charts and tables to help your audience understand your business position better.

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  What makes a good data slide?

For business presentations like project management, add data to compare and analyze your plan and  identify  areas of improvement. Determine the best chart style to showcase your numbers and highlight the compelling data points, then add a line or two of your own conclusions from these numbers and explain them in detail during the presentation.

8. Timeline  

Setting up a timeline for your business is crucial as it establishes the direction, priorities, and roadmap for achieving your business goals. You can also use a timeline to showcase your company’s journey by featuring various milestones, starting with its inception and highlighting some of your prominent projects to date.

What makes a good timeline slide?

Make your timeline slide less text-heavy and more visual with a timeline chart to take your audience through the various milestones. Add visuals, icons, and path animations to make your timeline visually engaging.

Introducing your team members forms an integral part of your business presentation as its sends a strong message of your company’s expertise. For a small business, you can introduce all your employees, while bigger companies should introduce members crucial for the operation of your company.

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What makes a good team slide?

For presentations like a project report or sales pitch, it’s necessary to include your team slide as the audience needs to know the members involved in the project. Include headshots of your team members with their title/designation, along with a short description of their role in the business.

10. Q&A or End Slide

This will be the closing slide of your business presentation and must leave a lasting impact on your audience. If you want to answer audience questions, schedule your Q&A session at the end of your presentation.

What makes a good end slide?

A good end slide recaps your overall presentation and contains your company’s important details. Close your presentation with a rhetorical question to make a thought-provoking impact on your audience.

  For nearly every type of business presentation or pitch, these ten slides will help you create a strong framework for your slide deck. However, don’t forget that different sorts of business presentations have their styles and needs based on the objective, industry, and the target audience. To learn more about some best practices for creating a presentation template for every industry,   take a look at our previous blog post .

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