83 Resume Summary Examples & How-To Guide For 2022

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Why use a resume summary section?

When should you use a resume summary statement, first, use your most relevant experiences and strong points/characteristics., second, have a short description to follow up., and thirdly, aim to use no more than 3-5 sentences., even more resume summary examples (100+ resume statement and profile samples).

Resume summary statements are short sections that go under the resume header . They serve as a career summary and when done correctly, it outlines your most relevant experience accomplishments and knowledge in less than four sentences.

At a glance, the potential employer should easily identify your core skills and the value you can bring to their business. Ideally, you should be striving for a concise, punchy cv summary that makes the recruiter continue reading.

Benefits of having a resume summary include:

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at why you should use a summary statement, as well as how to write one, and we’ll go over some of the best resume summary examples you can take from for your own resume.

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You should use a resume summary section when you want to highlight your skills, experience, and overall showcase your professional background to recruiters.

Use this opportunity to intrigue and draw them further into your resume by helping them get a quick overview of your know-how and how you can be a valuable asset.

You’re giving the job recruiter a glimpse into what you can potentially do for their business. And, depending on how good of a job you’ve done writing your summary, recruiters will either give you their full attention or click the “x” on their screen and go to the next applicant.

“But… I don’t have much of an experience to write about.”  Yeah, well, rest assured, you aren’t alone. If you’re just fresh out of school or you’re doing a major career switch, you can always include your goals and objectives.

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Ideally, you should include a resume summary when you have three and more years of work history. That’s because this section is designed to flatter your skills, expertise, and employment history.

If you’re just starting out in your professional career and you don’t have much to write about in your summary statement, a better option would be a resume objective statement section.

The main difference between a summary statement and a resume objective is what you focus on. The objective statement shows your future professional goals, while a summary statement focuses on your strengths, skills, and what you can do for the business you’re applying to.

And even if the objective statement isn’t your thing, consider using a substitute section. The Enhancv resume builder has tremendous resume sections like “resume headers” and “key achievements” (also known as a summary of qualifications) that can help you present yourself in the best light possible.

Whichever route you go, both should show you in the best light possible.

(Note: not all resumes are designed to have a summary section.)

While nearly all CVs you’ve probably seen have a resume overview, they’re not entirely necessary. Depending on the job position you’re applying for what matters more is how it’s going to be used to increase your chances for an interview.

You can still build a strong application even if you don’t have a resume summary section. Here’s an example of an accounting analyst resume that has no summary, but still secured the job.

Take a look at Carole’s resume. Despite not having a resume overview, it didn’t stop the employer to hire her. All the years of experience make up for it and it doesn’t look too bad overall.

Although I’ve mentioned they’re not always needed, I highly recommend you have one for your resume to emphasize you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Now without any further ado, let’s get to how you can write an outstanding resume summary.

How to write an effective resume summary section

Writing a good resume summary can be boiled down to three main points. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a nurse position at a hospital or as a real estate broker.

And if you decide to build your resume with our resume builder, you can choose a template suitable for your industry, click on “+ Add Section” and choose the “resume summary” from all the templated sections we have on our website.

How do you identify what your most relevant experiences and strongest points/characteristics are? How do you choose the right ones to mention?

You want the employer to understand how you can be valuable to their team.

Therefore, you should focus on any significant achievements, skills, and certifications that correspond with the job position you’re applying to.

Take note of the keywords, skills, and responsibilities the hiring manager is looking for. Use that information to reflect on your skills or experiences. Then, combine them accordingly to show how you’re going to be a high-performing asset and an ideal fit. These are the details you want to implicate in your summary.

Make sure that what you talk about is directly linkable and relevant to what they need as this is what will appeal to them. Even if you have the right information, you need to ensure it’s properly aligned to match the job description.

Experienced professionals know that showing how you can help an organization is key to getting a call for an interview. As this section sits at the top of your resume, this is what will get the attention of human resources recruiters.

Let the employers instinctively know you’re more than capable of working for them.

Keywords are one thing and buzzwords are another. Implement those specific phrases into a short description after mentioning your most relevant strengths.

You have to convey value very briefly. It’s a resume summary, so you can’t go very in-depth. Instead, focus on glancing over your experience, and leave the details for later in your work experience section.

(Pro tip: Use actionable relevant keywords, positive adjectives, and personal pronouns that correlate to what they’re demanding to show that you can contribute positively towards their success!)

Keep your summary short and punchy. Just three sentences should be enough.

We’ve found that one-page resumes generally perform better than 2-3 page resumes. Depending on your job and if you need to include more details, then you can extend up to 5 sentences but no more.

With around 3 sentences, the reader gets through your resume and quickly identifies the important information as it’s readable and easy to consume.

Another reason you’d want to keep this section short (and use keywords) is because of ATS (applicant tracking system). It helps to get you recognized and see that you’re a qualifiable person to consider for an interview.

So, carefully select the words you’re going to use. Go for fewer but more impactful words. It’s a resume summary after all – not a dissertation.

Apart from your resume header, this section should be one of the smallest sections on your resume.

As promised from the headline, we’ve handpicked 30 unique resume summary examples to help you stand out. These include career overviews and objectives, and some of these will also show a good and bad example so you know what to avoid.

(The job title links take you to a full guide for how to create a resume for that exact job, and what’s expected of you. Feel free to check them out!)

Resume summary examples and samples you can inspire from

Entry-level engineer resume summary:.

Both of these resume summaries work. They focus on work-related experience and bring up an accomplishment (B.E. graduate). It doesn’t go in-depth about skills because that’s what the skills section is for. This summary lets the recruiter know what you’re looking for, and what experience you’ve had in the past.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Summary (Objectives):

The first summary example is too vague and doesn’t quite paint a clear picture. It’s not as specific when you compare it to the one below. We can see that there’s more detail in the second mechanical engineer applicant’s summary and that they’re more skilled at what they do as they outline their skills and experience clearly.

See below for another mechanical engineer resume objective example:

Content Marketing Resume Summary:

Read through both.

You can clearly see that the first summary is pretty dull, boring, and it doesn’t have anything that makes a recruiter want to invite them to an interview, unlike the second example, where the hiring managers have social proof that makes it memorable

In the case of a content marketing resume, you want to showcase industry authority by having your name out there and flaunting it to your hiring managers.

Marketing Manager Resume Summary:

Firstly, for all resume summaries, you generally want to avoid referring to yourself as “I” as it looks unprofessional. Secondly, it’s vague – “diversity of experience” and worst of all, you can tell the applicant has probably sent the same thing to hundreds of other job applications.

Notice that the second summary has maintained only three sentences. While it’s briefly describing the results and success experienced in the past, it essentially tells the recruiter you’re a marketing manager who’s capable of getting results.

PPC specialist Resume Summary:

Paid ads resume summary., public relations specialist resume summary:.

The first example claims that the applicant is an “expert”. However, it doesn’t really show much to the job recruiter, and there isn’t anything valuable to be learned from it.

In the second one, we can easily tell the applicant is an expert since he has “over 10 years of experience”. There’s a higher degree of benefits obtained, and if you’re applying for this role, you should be taking advantage of numbers and results.

Here are two more examples for PR specialists:

Unlike the first applicant, the second applicant includes examples of work experience and tasks that they’ve worked on before. The first is more focused on talking about themselves and what the company can do for them. Whereas, the second is showing what value they can bring to their organization.

Social Media Manager Resume Summary:

Again, you should be avoiding referring to yourself as “I”. As a social media manager, you want to be very specific and use numbers to be perceived as credible.

The wrong example looks shady and far from professional. In contrast to the second example above, it’s vague and has no meaningful value derived from what they’re saying.

Digital Marketing Resume Summary:

A recurring mistake with resume summaries is the lack of clarity. When looking at the second example, the job recruiter might ask “What new aspects have you worked on? What type of clients have you worked with? What valuable new experiences are you seeking?”.

Every sentence should clearly further your message. If it’s meaningless, you’re wasting the employer’s time and you’ll most likely fail to get into an interview.

Officer Manager Resume Summary:

While in the first summary example we can see the utilization of buzzowrds, because of the lack of accomplishments, the summary falls short.

Sales Representative Resume Summary:

Both of these resume summaries are effective because they’re tailored for the vacancy. And two, it’s emphasizing their soft skills and includes technical details to support their statements.

Assistant Manager Resume Summary:

The first one includes relevant skills and experiences. However, it lacks details to follow up with the skills they claim to be an expert in.

Just by looking at the first summary, we can sense the applicant prioritizes what the company can do for them (“higher pay”) instead of what they can do for the company. And that’s not a pleasant thing to see as a recruiter.

business data analyst Resume Summary:

Both of these resume summaries let us know they’re professionals in the industry because of three main things:

Professional graphic designer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in corporate identity, logo design, general publications, web banners, and packaging designs. Creative, professional and a flexible designer with proven technical skills. Adept at creating and building professional and unique campaigns for a wide variety of clients, services and products

Designer resume example & guide

business analyst

Serious, ambitious, strongly motivated to acquire new skills and knowledge. Creative and entrepreneurial with developed analytical and problem solving skills. I am a person who works well under pressure and with colleagues

business analyst resume example & guide

Hands-on IT Manager responsible for all aspects of technology in a corporate environment supporting 900 users. Strong background in utilizing design and technology to communicate and execute strategic organization goals

IT Manager resume example & guide

Competent, conscientious, and detail-oriented professional skilled in Data analysis, Data processing and Reporting with successful experience in both Public and Private Sector. Quick study, able to understand, assimilate, and convey new requirements with good presentation and people skills

Help Desk resume example & guide

junior java developer

I am a self-taught technology geek with a passion for tinkering with everything with a chip inside. Recently I finished my 6-month full-time internship project at VMware, which really improved my coding skills and helped me learn how to design and write high quality production-ready software

Junior java developer resume example & guide

Help Desk Analyst

I am enthusiastic about helping people and resolving issues by providing my knowledge and support. Communication and feeling connected to others is what makes me tick, therefore I thrive in dynamic environments that offer a lot of collaboration and learning opportunities

VP Business development."/Career Change

Drawing the short straw often in my 23 years of existence, I’ve built a titanium core consisting of patience, perseverance, curiosity and decision-making. I’ve put myself a number of times in the spotlight hosting events, acting in TV series, and attending talk shows so I’m not shy and I know how to handle heat. I’ve always been keen on cutting-edge tech, innovation, entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship

VP Business Development resume example & guide

Software engineer

Being involved in remote work my entire career has taught me to value two key traits, honesty and dependability. I’ve chosen to live my life by those traits, whether I’m in office in a meeting with my teammates or on the other side of the world, proactively finding a solution to some of our teams’ hardest issues

Software engineer resume example & guide

Marketing intern

My studies are on the understanding  of consumer behavior and the psychology of marketing since this is the main factor for understanding how people think and what emotions drag them to consume. I have been influenced mainly by the works of Sigmund and Anna Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Joseph Stiglitz and many more historical and influential figures..

Marketing Intern resume example & guide

Retail sales associate

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, taking the initiative in self-development, remaining flexible in work assignments, following direction and guidance, accomplishing goals in a team atmosphere.A motivated, friendly with leadership abilities person with an interest to create a wow guest experience

product engineer

9+ years of B2B integration experience working with Fortune 500 companies. 5+ years of experience building and growing successful teams

Product Engineer resume example & guide

VP of sales resume

Experienced sales and marketing professional with a successful track record of delivering high performance sales results. Vast practical knowledge of how to drive engagement and meet goals. Bring the good ideas to life while maintaining focus, strategic orientation and the ability to lead and inspire teams

VP of sales resume resume example & guide

Data scientist

Data scientist and signal processing specialist with a unique mix of theoretical, practical and experimental knowledge within mathematics, physics and signal processing. Experience leading applied research focusing primarily on the development of novel data processing and machine learning algorithms for different industries (e.g., oil and gas,  telecommunication, security and environment monitoring). Fortunate to work with and lead different strong teams from diverse backgrounds

Data Scientist resume example & guide

Full Stack Developer

I’m a full-stack engineer with years of hands-on experience in developing scalable and responsive web applications, using modern software design techniques. I love working in environments where my skills can be consistently challenged to not only improve but revolutionize products or services

Full Stack Developer resume example & guide

Account Management and Business Development Expert with 7 years of experience in performance marketing startup and banking in Europe and Asia handling digital advertising and banking products. I understand performance marketing and digital advertising in detail

Finance resume example & guide

Digital Marketing Analyst

A professional with a strong digital marketing background and mastery of digital marketing tools. Passionate about customer oriented business models and technologies that bring change and take us to the next level

Digital Marketing Analyst resume example & guide

software engineer

Accomplished Full Stack Software Engineer with 10+ years overall experience that includes product development and non-trivial personal projects across a range of languages/platforms. Avid consumer of conference videos, blogs & books. Interests include JavaScript (React, Redux, RX, Ramda), Functional Reactive Programming, Microservices, Ansible, Video Engineering, Accessibility, & Captioning

Software Engineer resume example & guide

solutions architect

My greatest passion is solving problems. Understanding the real needs is uncovering the true desires and motivations behind. Creating a customer demand, building a new product or expanding the business yells for a mixture of abstract thinking, business analytics skills and product oriented mind. As a Solutions architect I grow those every day

Solutions Architect resume example & guide


Safety and Health Engineer with 7 years and 10 months of professional experience, including almost 4 years of directly related safety experience in the oil and gas industry. Possesses strong technical knowledge of Federal and Cal OSHA codes and regulations

Engineering resume example & guide

It director

With 9+ years in the IT Banking industry with solid experience in Investment banking, Loan Origination System and Credit Card Rewards Application. I have good working experience in Triple ‘A implementation and as well good experience in Java/J2EE design and development

IT Director resume example & guide

Accounting analyst

Highly organized, motivated professional with an eye for detail who takes the initiative and is able to develop instant rapport and build lasting relationships.  Implements strong analytical and time management skills to generate effective strategies and improve efficiency while successfully creating opportunities for new business lines

Accounting Analyst resume example & guide

15 years work experience in a range of roles and industries in highly regulated environments. I have run my own business, held leadership positions in banking and finance and I believe that my people skills have been at the heart of my success in all of my roles. I am highly motivated, driven to succeed, and take ownership of my personal development. I am friendly, honest, organised and reliable. My previous experience coupled with my capacity to learn quickly and understand changes to policy and process will allow me a short lead-time to full competence in any role

Teacher resume example & guide

Creative Marketing

Who am I? A disciplined creative mind who works in the field of marketing, advertising, brand managing, and even product management. Always ready to experiment, test new strategies and new approaches with great enthusiasm

Creative Marketing resume example & guide

Project manager

Accomplished project manager with nine years’ experience, expertly driving digital campaigns seamlessly and successfully, from planning to execution. Deep understanding of digital campaign processes across various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, and consumer packaged goods. Extensive experience managing relationships with clients, agency partners, and suppliers. Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams and projects within a fast-paced environment, with a track record of managing programmes across various specialties including digital, social, and traditional

Project manager resume example & guide

Software Engineer

My passion is all forms of Java programming: server side (Spring,  JavaEE),  native Android, etc . I have significant experience with various projects, processes and technologies, which have shaped me into a responsible, multifunctional developer. Attention to detail and striving for perfection is  extremely important to me. I am a quick learner and highly motivated to improve myself and get acquainted with new technologies, patterns or \”tricks\”. I have studied English for over 10 years and I can confidently say my level of English is excellent

Senior process engineer

Experienced and goal-oriented engineer with a track record of consistently meeting and exceeding established goals and objectives related to manufacturing, process control & optimization and project management. Analytical and motivated with strong results focus and attention to details

Project coordinator

Project Management professional with academic background and industry expertise in International Business Management, Financial Consulting, Strategic Business Development and Sales and Marketing.  References available

Business intelligence

Seasoned business improvement and strategy professional with a proven track record of delivering diverse cross functional initiatives in an entrepreneurial organisation. Extensive experience with implementing practical and timely solutions to solve business problems through data and hypothesis driven approaches

Business Intelligence resume example & guide

Php developer

I have 7+ Years experience in Web Development behind my back. A Web Application Engineer who undertakes complex assignments, solves problems, meets tight deadlines and delivers superior performance in modular and object-oriented programming. Proficient in PHP with advanced skill level in Symfony2, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Drupal. Dedicated to extremely good quality of work. Highly motivated individual driven by passions and dreams. Leader. Team Player and Geek. Writes and eats codes for breakfast

PHP Developer resume example & guide

Data mining

Master Data Expert with 11 years experience with SAP and MS Office. Aimed to high-quality work and problem-solving thinking

Data Mining resume example & guide

Business Development

A competent Business Development and Key Accounts Management professional with added advantage of marketing skills and over 10+ years of relevant experience

Business Development resume example & guide

Social Media Marketing

A proven track record in Customer Service excellence and my passion for Information Technology and Social Media put me in a privileged position to appreciate the intricacy of Community Management and its related activities. Having spoken to Community Managers around the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me to know that we have it tough because of the unique expectations of our local customers

Social Media Marketing resume example & guide

Business Data Analyst

Big-picture strategist & wordsmith with a proven technical ability to translate business objectives into tactics. Excited by strategic planning, I thrive on connecting with clients ‘in their language’ and  ‘seeing around the corner’- I spot downstream effects and implications of business decisions before execution

Business Data Analyst resume example & guide

Program manager

Experienced program manager in a product organization with strong marketing skills, business understanding and tech junkie. Practical knowledge in Scrum, driving projects aligned with a product roadmap, user research studies and partnering with different roles in an organization to define needs and stories. Areas of expertise include: marketing personas, working with developers on marketing and business stories, working on product releases, analyzing and improving user journeys and experiences

Program manager resume example & guide

Front End Developer

Highly motivated Web Developer, flexible within the working environment and able to adapt quickly and positively to challenging situations. I am a quick learner and a good team member with a sharp eye for details

Front End Developer resume example & guide

Director of software engineering

Started off my career developing software applications for payment terminals and never looked back there after. Today I am proud to be versatile with the kind of projects and companies I have worked with & the tremendous software development & management experience of 15+ years in the payments industry is something that makes it distinctive

Director of Software Engineering resume example & guide

Substitute Teacher

Languages, communication, and writing have always been passions of mine; Spanish, English, and German sit at the top of the list. Writing, localizing, translating, interpreting, and teaching in an international setting are my jams

Substitute Teacher resume example & guide

Director of engineering

Over 17 years of diversified experience in various fields of telecommunications, CATV  and industrial product manufacturing and system design. In-depth involvement in all phases of project development, including concept creation, research, analysis, system engineering, circuit design, implementation, production, quality and technical support

Director of Engineering resume example & guide

Customer experience coordinator

I’m a dedicated professional who uses motivating strategies for team leadership. I have experience in training staff, coaching & development, as well as implementing new operational strategies while maintaining a positive environment. I am organized, detail oriented, goal driven, and a sharp thinker

engineering manager

Engineering Manager with 8 years of experience managing cross-functional teams, focused on team development, collaboration, processes and continuous improvement through agile methodologies

Catering sales manager

I specialize in off-premises catering management with experience in mobile vending operations. Planning an event for my customers is always a fun adventure and I sincerely enjoy taking my clients’ vision to the next level.I am now looking to join a larger team of like-minded professionals

test engineer

ISTQB Certified Software Test engineer focused on Manual and Automation testing of Mobile and Web Based Software Applications. Hardworking and concentrating on meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. Good understanding of automation testing, using Selenium Web Driver, Sikuli, Appium, UI Automator, Xamarin UI Automation Tests and willingness to learn more tools.  Preparation of Automation Test for Web Based Software Applications, Flash Games and Mobile Applications for Android and iOS. Creation and upload of Automation Test Scripts to Xamarin Test Cloud

Test Engineer resume example & guide

I bring eight + years of experience building Human Resources and Operations practices. My mission and passion is connecting global organizations with remote IT talent. I take a human2human approach to all virtual relationships. I have the keen ability to unite different cultures around a common vision. Tech savvy by nature, I understand the demands across technology roles and successfully staff accordingly

HR manager resume example & guide

Project Coordinator

A competent and highly driven professional, able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish targets with timeliness and creativity who has experience of working within a fast paced environment with superb problem solving techniques, judgment and decision making skills

technical writer

Calm, driven professional comfortable working in fast-paced environments with leadership and management roles, and a passion for tackling tasks with creativity and critical problem solving skills

Technical Writer resume example & guide

Department head

18 year financial services veteran with leadership positions held in key segments including commercial banking, consumer and small business banking, consumer finance and credit operations. Critical experience in leading small and large teams, talent development, presenting to C-suite, training, change management, strategic planning, sales management, marketing, product management, operations, and managing reorganizations

Department Head resume example & guide

Store Manager

Experienced retail sales manager with strengths in customer service, sales and brand building. Proven skills in marketing, advertising, product integration, and promotions. Instrumental in developing an incentive rewards program that currently supports educational programs for Target Internationally. Excels in turning disorganized environments into smooth-running operations and overhauling administrative processes to improve accuracy and efficiency

Store Manager resume example & guide

Salesforce developer

Full-Stack certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer with more than two years of hands-on experience. Worked with both – Pipelines and Controllers. Managing high quality and well optimised code with shortest time to deliver

Salesforce Developer resume example & guide

Technical Lead

I believe the job of an engineer is to optimise the system as you build. I am a full-stack RoR engineer who also has experience in Python, JS and C++ with a passion for computational linguistics. I also work on improving, redesigning and automating the software development and product management processes

Java Developer

For the past 14 years I have created dozens of projects and I have researched, learned and used more technologies than I can mention. I’m currently working with Node and Vue but I’m always up to date with the latest in front-end & backend development and I can quickly pick up anything

Java Developer resume example & guide

Legal and compliance trainee

With a background in law and business, I have been able to succeed in challenging positions in both fields. My work experience ranges from large multinational corporations to a non-profit working on local, community-based impact. Being multilingual, I have lived in an international environment in 5 different countries and been exposed to diverse cultures, and quickly adapted to new situations. My leadership, creativity, and adaptable nature make me a valuable asset in any team

product manager

I am an experienced Product manager with focus on machine learning projects and a strong analytical background. In my career I manage to balance business and technology to get the best synergy out of these two directions. I believe that one can understand how things work by doing. So I program in Python and implement machine learning algorithms. I have an experience of participating in Kaggle competitions. I’ve spend 10 years working and doing projects in the fields of data,  ad tech and advertising

Product manager resume example & guide

I have a knack for seeing the \”Big Picture\” and I’m passionate about delivering business results by bringing marketing strategies to life. With over 5 years in various marketing disciplines, including customer acquisition and engagement, product management and public relations

Research & Insight Manager

An experienced researcher passionate about understanding human behaviour and what makes people tick. I’m particularly interested in understanding decisions in the context of wider consumer trends, mobile ethnography, using methods that allow to get closer to people & engaging insight delivery

Energy Consultant

I am a persistent and success-driven energy planner, possessing a well-rounded competence profile, together with extensive experience in cooperating with people from multinational backgrounds. I believe that fossil fuels are both harmful and finite. Hence, one of my main interests is the decarbonisation of the energy sectors through the use of economically-feasible measures. Moreover, ensuring the security of supply and successfully creating smart energy systems is something I strive for

Devops engineer

Innovative Senior DevOps Engineer with a strong Linux background and 15+ years of experience designing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge deployment automation of cloud resources

Devops Engineer resume example & guide

Production Engineer

Engineering professional with over five years’ work experience that spans Operations and Asset Management in the Oil & Gas industry delivering circa 45 MMbbls of crude oil optimally and MEP designs for building construction. My engineering background underpinned by a passion for computer aided engineering (conceptual design, analysis & manufacture) feeds an uncanny interest in research and technology development

Social media specialist

Professional, dynamic and creative, these are the three keys that define my job. I can read between the lines of a business’ target audience in order to create the best strategy for them to be captivated with a brand, by means of social media, audiovisual material, analytics or just whatever I have at hand! Proficient in English and Spanish

Social Media Specialist resume example & guide

project director

A multilingual professional with work experience spread across six continents, twenty countries and strong background in market research and business development. Adept at building and maintaining relationships with senior decision makers at blue-chip firms and local enterprises

Financial control and risk manager

A qualified accountant and a CFA charterholder with 9 years of experience in the FS sector. Major competences include project and team management, knowledge of the IFRS and management accounting, excellent analytical, multitasking, modelling and valuation skills, application of the CRD IV package and the related banking regulations

Project Manager

For the past 10 years, I have helped AEC firms  develop, integrate, coordinate, and manage Building Information Models for design, construction, and field use during Pre-construction, Construction and for Facility Management. This incorporates 3D Visualization; 3D Clash Detection; 4D Phasing, Sequencing, Scheduling Analysis, 5D Quantity extraction and the next levels of ‘6D’ and ‘XD’. I also regularly participate in Project Pursuits and am involved daily with project executives, owners, and design teams

Test Engineer

Trilingual student, currently studying the fifth year of mechanical engineering at University of Los Andes. Interested in the production or quality field of the automotive industry. Capable of group management and situations that demand pressure as well as teamwork to achieve suitable results

External Affairs Coordinator

Seasoned and versatile public affairs expert with experience delivering dynamic results for major public health and legislative businesses. Prior experience in public relations consulting for Fortune 500 health care, financial, and pharmaceutical organizations

Head of Business Transformation & Systems

IT Executive with 20 years’ of experience in Business Transformation, Global Delivery, and M&A Integration. Passionate, trusted leader delivering innovative solutions with strong credibility across business and technology groups. Extensive experience building high-performance global teams providing strategic results by aligning business goals with an integrated IT strategy and delivering enabling technologies to influence shareholder value

Accomplished Program Management Leader with an outstanding record of introducing innovative hardware & software products to market within multiple industry settings. Adept at balancing company objectives with business realities and customer needs. Strong advocate of leadership beyond operational excellence, with a special passion for empowering individuals to grow within an organization

Program Manager resume example & guide

Business Analyst

A former creative writer and a born communicator with technical savvy, I traverse the gap between business and technology, helping tech teams understand their customers’ motivations and do the right work

Business Analyst resume example & guide

Sales manager

Highly accomplished Sales director with knowledge of all sales processes, demonstrating solid analytical and team management skills. With more than 15 years of experience in Digital Media

Sales Manager resume example & guide

Marketing specialist

Accomplished and motivated Marketing Specialist offering extensive expertise in lead generation, event planning, and channel program development in the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in the cultivation of strong relationships with different media. Well versed in the design and execution of marketing strategies intended to match company’s products and services need

Marketing Specialist resume example & guide

software development manager

Engineering Management professional with 16+ years of IT experience across a wide range of engineering functions with a strong record in leading projects in crisis and successful turnaround by improving quality & predictability of deliverables. Proven ability to build and lead highly efficient teams through  successful execution of projects and strategic product

Testing delivery manager

Test manager with 10+ years of experience in leading QA/Testing projects.  Successfully led projects, working in complex environments with teams working in onshore-offshore delivery models. Worked with US & European customers. Expertise in transitioning large scale projects to offshore or from other vendors working across different cultures. Worked on RFPs for testing projects

Strategic Advisor

Hands-on results-oriented executive manager known for strategic and focused approach. Extensive experience with business development, strategic processes, client leadership, team management and international cooperation. Adept at create added value by combining analytical with creative thinking skills

Program Manager

A passionate, highly ambitious, self-driven Program Manager who thrives in a fast paced environment, looking for a suitable job to learn new skills. I am extremely organized, ambitious with a strong bias towards action. Being adept at Agile Methodology, Scrum, SDLC and with 12+ years of experience in the IT Industry, I believe I can bring a lot to the table

Director of finance

I am a seasoned business professional with expertise in financial planning, management, reporting and analytics. I have been highly effective in enhancing organizational, corporate and client relations by continuously offering excellent support in a matrix organization. I have the ability to perform advanced functions in Excel, Essbase-Hyperion and MS Access and create models to analyze financial data

Director of Finance resume example & guide

Software architect

Over 5 years experienced IT consultant who worked in three different countries with expertise in technology and  development architectures. Substantial technical and functional experience across the entire software development lifecycle, and has led onshore and offshore teams to implement a sustainable and effective solution across the enterprise

Software Architect resume example & guide

technology consultant

A SAP CO Certified who brings 10 years of professional experiences in global and multicultural organizations.  Has a high degree of multi-tasking skills as evidenced by being able to lead various ad hoc activities on top of the current job requirements. Knowledgeable and supported General Ledger, Treasury, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Cost Accounting, Controlling & Profitability Analysis, Vendor Invoice Management, Travel Management, Product Supply,Investment Management, Funds Management, and FSCM

Network engineer

An aspiring network engineer with an excellent IT educational background. Hands on experience on IP networking. Skilled in network design, configuration, deployment and a basic level of network security. In depth knowledge of L2 Switching technologies and Data Center technologies

Network Engineer resume example & guide

Talent acquisition manager

HR Specialist with over three years experience,versatile professional with Technical recruitment experience ranging from mid level to full scale high budget senior most  level roles.Proven ability to oversee and manage the team while ensuring timely completion of project deadlines on individual as well as team level all while remaining aligned with budgets provided

Talent Acquisition Manager resume example & guide

Director, campaign technologies & services

Creative, results-oriented technology executive with more than 20 years experience in envisioning, developing, evangelizing, and selling high quality software solutions, and building, leading and managing strong cross-functional teams

Assistant Vice President – Program Test Manager / Project Manager

16 years of proven track record as a Delivery Manager, Program Test Manager and Project Manager in IT industry and expert in smooth delivery of program/projects and having international work experience – US, UK, Singapore & India

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience. Excellent communication skills with strong teamwork ability, experience and interest in working with multinational groups and crews, strong planning, quick action and problem solving skills, self motivated, energetic and hardworking within tight schedules

Proficient in Finance team coaching and training due to all-around knowledge and experience in financial accounting, report consolidation and internal control. Ability to create Operating Plans from Financial Analytics in forecasting and budgeting

Accounting resume example & guide

Test Lead (Market Risk)

I bring 11+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance for Banking and Financial Services industry, with expertise in leading, managing and delivering end to end QA services to large scale complex global projects and programmes

Sales Director

Relationship management and business development leader with 8 years of proven tangible achievements in the travel and aviation industry. I drive results by formulating and executing strategies that ensure the sales pipeline is always full, by engaging stakeholders and providing defining solutions to their critical issues.  With an entrepreneurial zeal, I perform best under pressure and in environments where action supersedes words

Sales Director resume example & guide

Marketing Director

Innovative and analytical problem solver with 10+ years of managerial experience in Marketing & Sales. Focused on \”integrating systems-to-people\” in order to create accurate workflows with smart monitoring capabilities for the decision making processes

Marketing Director resume example & guide

operations manager

An IT professional with 5 years of experience in system administration and hardware maintenance. I designed and delivered cost optimization, migration and maintenance projects, managed the team and day-to-day operation. Familiar in working with critical and high demand environment which requires on call standby and emergency service

Operations Manager resume example & guide

A results orientated individual.  Self-development has been a continuous trend in my career together with consistent determination and enthusiasm.  Experience and strength in working in driven environments with the ability to multi-task and achieve deadlines.  Curious minded with a willingness to always learn and succeed

Recruiter resume example & guide

Solutions Architect

Software developer with 10+ years of experience. I engaged in the development of different business domains that include telecom, banking, ERP, e-learning and education. I contribute as a software engineer, lead, solution designer and architect. I work with Microsoft technologies and open source as well

Product Leader

Product Leader with more than 15 years of experience in customer centric, product development and operations across  multiple sectors and industries, both B2C & B2B. Expertise in stakeholder management and leading product teams to create value by radical focus on objectives and simplifying complex customer, business and technology problems

PPC Specialist

Digital Marketing Enthusiast with focus on Paid Ads across Google’s & Facebook networks. With an in-depth experience in the field working with US & UK clients, I have developed an all-around vision in Digital Marketing

PPC Specialist resume example & guide

Business solutions strategy manager

I have spent over 10 years working with global industry leaders within Telecoms, FMCG, Energy and IT sectors. Possessing MBA, Engineering and Computer Science qualifications, my experience spans across strategy, operations, delivery and B2B sales (business development and account management). As a consultative and strategic problem solver, I have been effective in building relationships across functions at senior levels (up to CxO)

Senior technical analyst

14+ years of overall IT experience with a unique mix of skills (tech & soft). I am genuinely passionate, fun and always looking to learn and improve. I take issue ownership, willing to help, share my knowledge and be open to listen to others. Give me data and purpose and I give you actionable insights ready to be consumed by business or non-analytically oriented minds.

It recruitment specialist

IT Recruitment Specialist with over 2.5 years experience.  Managed various recruitment requests from specialists wanted with Java, .NET, PHP, Erlang, Perl knowledge, to BI&BA, Project Manager & Scrum Master, Card Management System/ Way4, ColdFusion, Liferay, Oracle Database, DevOps & Cloud expertise

business consultant

6 years of rich experience in Sales force effectiveness, sales crediting,  Compensation and incentives, Commercial Data Analysis and Project Management for US Pharmaceutical/Telecom organizations. Currently managing a large team of geographically dispersed cross-functional stakeholders and peer

Sr. Resource Manager

Overall 16yrs of Cross -functional experience in IT/ ITES industry. After a successful Journey in Outsourcing – Product Support, e-commerce support and Quality Management, I moved to the US to earn my MBA in MIS. I was associated with a Salesforce Implementation company as an Account Manager, where I contributed to enterprise Sales and Resource Management. I currently Serve as a Sr. Resource Manager with an ERP Solutions Company being responsible for entire Resource Management. I hire, develop and deploy technical workforce in multiple projects which include Fortune 500 Customers

Product Manager

Dynamic, entrepreneurial sales & product management strategist with 10+ years of record achievements and demonstrated success driving sales growth. Providing sales leadership in highly competitive markets, by being adept at driving growth of company revenues and improving sales-team performance; always tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with external business partners

Senior Business Program Manager

I am a strategic leader, trusted advisor and experienced entrepreneurial program manager with strong influential leadership, negotiation, governance, team management and conflict resolution skills. A proven record of success in fostering teamwork to deliver complex programs of work in large, global and cross-functional implementations within budget & time constraints, expertise in organisational change management (ADKAR) and process improvement

Business Evangelist, Cloud & Devices

Biz Dev, Sales & Marketing Professional with 8 years’ experience in technology, handling projects spanning program management, partnerships and Go-To-Market activities, with exposure to managing business operations for a cross-functional, global team

Business Excellence Manager

Change manager with demonstrated track record of driving growth, reducing costs, improving operations and successfully creating solutions for complex business problems. Studied MBA in Business leadership, Lean Six-Sigma (Black belt), ISO (9001 & 14001) auditor, BEE certified Energy manager & Project Management  trained management professional. Overall 8+ years of wide experience in consulting, business excellence, strategy, projects procurement & maintenance in automotive & manufacturing sectors

Head of Communications

Over 11 years in the media industry, 6 years in leadership positions. Public speaker & university lecturer. I created development strategies for web portals, content marketing agencies and other products. Social media, communications & online media are my passion, my life and my job. I am good at it

Digital Project Manager

Digital Analyst, 4+ years of industrial experience. Sound knowledge in the areas of digital marketing, SEO/SEM, web analytics, Ad management, web development, UI/UX, project management & social media. Avid reader, especially biographies

Client Executive – Global Business Services

A seasoned finance and strategy executive with 19 years management experience at Hewlett Packard, positioned to take on most types of finance roles including a CFO position in a small or medium sized company. In particular, I can provide the controllership expertise required to facilitate growing companies or transform how finance is currently carried out in an organisation needing to evolve and change

Five years of Analytics, Operations and Technology experience with high proficiency in data mining. Compelling business acumen with decision making and problem solving skills. Leadership and team building capabilities. Excellent communicator with remarkable presentation qualities

A full stack architect/developer with extensive experience in Java/JEE/Web development. Self-starter and highly motivated with excellent analytical and problem solving skills with 8 years of industry experience

Human Resources Generalist with various different industries background, known as dynamic HR professional with solid experience in dealing with Sr. Management personnel and special project setting

Senior regional talent acquisition consultant

A result-driven Recruiting Professional who blends strong recruitment experience with a background in Branding and Marketing. Proven record in the ability to understand business needs and building rapport with Talent Acquisition Teams and Hiring Managers. Proven ability to source, select and secure top-notch candidates for multiple concurrent positions

Well rounded professional with 14 years of experience across consulting services, banking & retail.  Very good understanding of global markets, particularly developed markets. Core consulting experience in developing & implementing outsourcing, offshoring & program management process for program sizes upwards of $25m+. Avid interest in the start-up ecosystem & mentored start-ups for business plan preparation & sales & marketing strategy development

4+ years of experience in analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier applications using .NET C#. Expert in developing web applications, databases and web services using ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL, JQuery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

acting hr manager

A well rounded Leader who gone through all activities in HR for almost 14 years and a person who tries to help people know more about their capability

It project manager

A seasoned certified IT Project Manager / Scrum Master offering 9 years of experience in delivering small to large scale software and mobile based solutions to government and private sector clients coming from various business domains

Solution sales manager

A professional with close to 12 years of industry experience and exposure to diverse international markets of Africa, South East Asia and SAARC; having excellent analytical and managerial skills. My forte lies in strategic planning, marketing & product management function

Advertising and marketing professional with 13 years of experience with a vital track record in program management, strategy development, formulating business & technical requirements, along with managing project scope, stakeholders, and risk

Cofounder – Tech Sector

15+ years of experience in designing technology strategy and leading multiple teams to build enterprise class software products. Helped customers achieve business objectives by combining product mindset and hands-on expertise on a wide range of technology stacks

VP of Sales Resume

Well qualified and experienced strategy professionals gained in a multinational environment. Highly motivated team person with strong analytical, presentation and communication skills. 10+ years of professional experience in leading strategic market, competitive & customer analysis for strategy, GTM & business development. 6+ years of professional experience in strategy planning, execution, strategic initiatives deployment and developing excellence & capabilities. Strong experience in leading  and developing highly engaged teams

CTO / Chief Technology Officer

Experienced in all roles and phases of software development. Love agile, start-ups and leading people (7+ years). Managed four products & several remote teams. Excelling in complex projects. Being developer for 15+ years in relational databases

Chief Operating Officer

Senior executive with international experience in high end engineering businesses. Highly adaptable to various business sectors with a high sense of ethics and responsibility. Results oriented, constantly seeking improvements to processes and believer in the empowerment in individuals to achieve their potential, hence benefiting to both the employer and employee

Resume summaries bring together the highlights from your career and empower the value shown to the recruiter.

If your job title wasn’t mentioned in any of these examples, take a look at Enhancv’s 530+ resume examples here . You’ll also get a full guide that specifically teaches you how to create a resume for your chosen profession.

On the other hand, did you find your job title in our chosen examples? Is there anything else we’re missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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How important is a resume summary?

Recruiters only have 7.4 seconds to review a resume.

And within this small timeframe, they have to decide if it is necessary to look further into the resume.

A recruiter scans for relevant keywords throughout your professional experience, career highlights, and key skills sections. And unless they see some relevant skills or required information at the first glance, they reject your resume.

This fact justifies your need to draft a resume summary to hold on to the recruiter's interest and intrigue them into considering your resume during the job application process.

Read on to understand the importance of a resume summary and get a clear understanding of how to draft a professional resume summary in 2023:

What Is a Good Summary for Resume?

A good resume statement is a brief highlight of your career achievements and your impact on the growth of an organization.

It should be limited to 1-4 sentences, a strong & powerful introduction of your most relevant career experience, skills, and achievements.

The first sentence of the resume summary should always start with your professional selling point that highlights:

Tips to Write a Stellar Resume Summary

Resume Summary Example:

10+ years experienced Business Development Manager with a prolific track record of spearheading 100-member teams to formulate and execute high-growth strategies across domains spanning pharma, banking, and financial services. Adept at forging strategic alliances and conceptualizing business growth initiatives for boosting profitability and directing expansion across continents.

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How to Write a Resume Summary?

The way you write a resume summary for an experienced candidate differs from a resume summary for a fresher.

We'll show you exactly how to write a professional resume summary for different situations of a candidate:

Professional Summary In Resume for Experienced Candidates

It's comparatively easy to write a resume summary if you have exceptional work experience.

The summary should be 2-3 sentences long. Not more than that.

Example of Professional Summary in Resume for Experienced Candidates:

14+ years experienced Senior Operations Management Professional with a track record of spearheading teams to champion business operations spanning diverse countries and conglomerates in the telecom and IT domain. Highly skilled in conceptualizing and implementing cost-effective strategies to streamline operations by optimizing processes for delivering user-centric solutions. Proficient in directing the execution of end-to-end migration-based projects and deploying domain expertise to bolster the quality of service delivery and resolve escalations.

Summary for Resume with No Experience

A resume summary for freshers is not as detailed as that of experienced professionals. But even if you don't have enough years of work experience, you still can make a good summary section.

Example Resume Summary for Freshers (Finance Graduate):

Dynamic and result-oriented Finance Graduate proficient in deploying analytical and database tools to scrutinize business operations. Adept at employing effective data analysis techniques to facilitate sound decision-making and successfully execute projects. An eager learner with excellent business communication skills and armed with the required skill set to be propelled to higher positions.

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40+ Resume Summary Examples

Here are a few powerful resume summary examples for candidates with different levels of work experience:

1. Caregiver Resume Summary Examples

caregiver resume summary

Related resume samples:

2. Computer Science Resume Summary Examples

Computer Science resume summary

3. Digital Marketing Resume Summary Examples

Digital Marketing resume summary

4. Food Service Resume Summary Examples

Food Service resume summary

5. High School Resume Summary Examples

High School resume summary

6. Nursing Student Resume Summary Examples

Nursing Student resume summary

7. Research Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Research Assistant resume summary

8. Warehouse Resume Summary Examples

Warehouse Resume Summary

9. Assistant Accountant Resume Summary Examples

Assistant Accountant Resume Summary

10. Bartender Resume Summary Examples

Bartender Resume Summary

11. Cashier Resume Summary Examples

Cashier Resume Summary

12. Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Summary

13. Customer Service Resume Summary Examples

Customer Service Resume Summary

14. Dental Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Dental Assistant Resume Summary

15. Financial Analyst Resume Summary Examples

Financial Manager Resume Summary

16. Information Technology Resume Summary Examples

Information Technology Resume Summary

17. Marketing Resume Summary Examples

Marketing Resume Summary

18. Medical Assistant Resume Summary Examples

Medical Assistant Resume Summary

19. Receptionist Resume Summary Examples

Receptionist Resume Summary

20. Social Worker Resume Summary Examples

Social Worker Resume Summary

21. Software Engineer Resume Summary Examples

Software Engineer Resume Summary

22. Pre-School Teacher Resume Summary Examples

Teacher Resume Summary

23. Web Developer Resume Summary Examples

Web Developer Resume Summary

24. Account Manager Resume Summary Examples

Account Manager Resume Summary

25. HR Generalist Resume Summary Examples

HR Generalist Resume Summary

26. Marketing Manager Resume Summary Examples

Marketing Manager Resume Summary

27. Program Manager Resume Summary Examples

Program Manager Resume Summary

28. Operations Manager Resume Summary Examples

Operations Manager Resume Summary

29. Product Manager Resume Summary Examples

Product Manager Resume Summary

30. Project Manager Resume Summary Examples

Project Manager Resume Summary

31. Sales Manager Resume Summary Examples

Sales Manager Resume Summary

32. Warehouse Manager Resume Summary Examples

Warehouse Manager Resume Summary

33. Registered Nurse Resume Summary Examples

Registered Nurse Resume Summary

34. Entry Level Marketing Resume Summary Examples

Dynamic Management Professional armed with a practical approach for creative problem-solving and possessing a track record of liaising with key stakeholders to formulate and execute marketing strategies. Adept at deploying analytical tools to boost brand positioning and product marketing. Highly skilled in analyzing market trends to bolster customer acquisition and deliver compelling business value to clients.

35. IT Recruitment Specialist Resume Summary Examples

8 years experienced Senior Recruitment Expert with a track record of spearheading teams to formulate and effectively execute pan-US recruitment strategies in the IT domain. Proficient in employing the latest human capital practices to attract and retain high-potential talent. Forward-thinking change agent, adept at strengthening corporate culture and addressing grievances for ensuring cordial management-employee relations.

36. General Manager Resume Summary Examples

20 years experienced Senior Management Professional and Port/Shipping Specialist armed with the skills of spearheading teams to champion operations management for inbound and outbound cargo across international trade lines. Adept at conducting audits and directing quality assurance initiatives for achieving business objectives. Highly skilled in conceptualizing cost optimization measures and enhancing the utilization of resources for delivering compelling business value to key stakeholders.

37. F&B Operations Head Position Summary Examples

13+ years experienced F&B Operations Expert with a track record of championing retail functions to achieve business goals. Proficient in conducting competitive analysis and mapping market trends to formulate strategies and exceed sales and business development targets. Armed with the skills of building and managing a cross-functional team from scratch and implementing innovative marketing techniques to boost store turnover and maximize profitability. Adept at creating a congenial work environment as a change agent to deliver a delightful consumer experience and incubate high-performing teams.

38. Business Development Head Summary Examples

20 years experienced Sales and Business Development Leader skilled in direct sales, channel sales, business development, marketing, team management, and relationship management in the publishing industry. Highly skilled in sales of different products across multiple channels and direct sales, including selling to both corporate and the government. Armed with the skills of conducting pre-sales research and post-sales analysis.

39. Senior Database Administrator Profile Summary for Resume

16+ years experienced Senior Database Administrator with a track record of spearheading diverse teams to effectively execute key project deliverables. Adept at providing and supervising end-to-end database solutions. Highly skilled in deploying complex database administration solutions and automation initiatives across database environments in different domains.

40. Art Director Profile Summary for Resume Examples

Award-winning art director with ~8 years of experience and proficiency in executing global campaigns for leading international brands. Adept at delivering out-of-the-box concepts, dynamic visuals, and innovative strategies for online and print deliveries. Armed with the skills of driving leading market share, record-setting response rates, and customer base expansion.

41. Investment Banking Operations Specialist Summary Examples

12+ years experienced Investment Banking Operations Expert and Certified Six Sigma Specialist adept at leading cross-functional teams to effectively implement financial controls, processes, and systems. Possesses a proven track record of formulating strategies to direct project management and liaising with key external and internal stakeholders for process optimization and risk management. Highly skilled in leveraging human capital by motivating and mentoring professionals to align departmental objectives with organizational goals.

42. Investment/Research Advisor & Relationship Manager Summary

~10 years experienced Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Relationship Manager proficient in preparing projects on over and under-valued equity and managing portfolios of HNI clients in the private and corporate banking sectors. Armed with the skills of rendering technical assistance to clients on stock selection while analyzing financial and investment needs to drive 100% customer satisfaction.

43. IT Professional & Program Lead Profile Summary Examples

26+ years experienced Program Management Expert and Product Specialist armed with a stellar track record of incubating and managing high-performing teams to formulate strategies for executing multi-million dollar programs spanning geographically dispersed regions across the globe. Adept at translating complex customer requirements into actionable strategies to deliver user-friendly products by deploying expertise across product development, account management, and project delivery. Highly skilled in conceptualizing and implementing data-driven solutions to deliver compelling business value to key stakeholders and clients.

44. Radiology & Sonology Profile Summary Examples

12+ years experienced Senior Radiologist highly skilled in radiology, sonology, and operating MRI machines and slice machines. Proficient in all the functions concerning radiology including cross sectional imaging–neuroradiology, MSK, Onco Interventions, and body imaging. Demonstrated skills and abilities in taking proper care of the patients and providing the utmost medical attention.

45. Public Policy Head & Government Relations Expert Summary

15+ years experienced Public Policy Expert and Government Affairs Specialist armed with the skills of collaborating with state and Central governments to revamp public perception and reform growth-inhibiting policies for conglomerates. Possesses a track record of adding USD 200 million+ to top-line growth by aggressively advocating organizational interests to achieve positive clarifications. Adept at managing sensitive issues and employing out-of-the-box thinking to handle crises and manage risks.

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The summary for resume examples provided above covers a wide range of profiles with professionals from different levels. Scan through them and get an insight into what a professional summary for resume looks like.

Is a Summary on a Resume Necessary?

While a resume summary is one of the best ways to intrigue recruiters, there may be instances where it might not be required.

Remember that not every resume is designed to have a summary section.

A resume summary is a must-have if you are an experienced professional to give an insight into your key skills and experiences.

It is a case-by-case basis to decide if your resume needs a summary. Simply ensure that it is a brief statement of where you stand as a professional and what you can offer to elevate an organization's growth.

Key Takeaway

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resume summary examples 2021

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resume summary examples 2021

Resume Worded

Resume summary examples: how to write one and samples you can use, a resume summary is not meant to simply summarize things already on your resume. here's what you should do instead, with examples approved by hiring managers and practical templates and examples you can copy to get you started..

Hiring Manager for Data Analyst Roles

What is a resume summary?

A resume summary is a short section at the top of your resume. The purpose of a summary is to highlight something that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for but isn’t included elsewhere in your resume, like transferable skills or a context that makes your accomplishments stand out. Despite the name, it isn’t supposed to simply summarize the information already in your resume.

Who needs a resume summary?

A resume summary is completely optional, but it can be beneficial in a number of situations.

People with a lot of experience

It can be a struggle to summarize 15+ years of work experience in a way that’s concise enough not to make a recruiter’s eyes glaze over without leaving out valuable accomplishments. If you have extensive relevant work experience, use your resume summary to distill the key elements. Think of it as the highlights reel of your resume.

People who are changing careers or job titles

If you’re changing careers completely, a resume summary is the best way to briefly contextualize your experience, highlight your transferable skills, and explain why you’re a good fit for the position — especially if those things aren’t obvious from the body of your resume.

The same thing applies if you’re pivoting to a new role within your current industry or career. You don’t want a hiring manager assuming your skills aren’t relevant or that you’re simply applying for every job you can find, so use your summary to demonstrate why that isn’t the case.

For a more detailed guide to resume summaries for career changers, check out How to Write a Resume Summary if You’re Changing Careers .

If the job is looking for something specific

If the job description asks for anything specific or particularly unusual and you fit the bill, emphasize that in your summary. This could be anything from experience with startups (e.g. small knit, cross-functional teams) to specific qualifications (e.g. CFA Level 3).

Do you need a resume summary?

Probably not! Most people don’t need a resume summary. Remember that your resume should already be a succinct summary of your work history and achievements — if yours is self-explanatory or less than a page long, there’s no need to re-summarize it again at the top. Unless you fall into one of the categories discussed above, or your situation is otherwise unique, your resume is probably enough on its own.

If a summary doesn’t add anything to your resume , or is just restating information that’s already included elsewhere, leave it out.

If you’re a student or recent graduate , or otherwise don’t have a lot of work experience, you’re unlikely to need a resume summary.

The same thing applies if your work history is self-explanatory and doesn’t need clarification. A summary doesn’t add anything to your resume simply by existing, so only include one if it’s actually necessary.

How to write a resume summary

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to get you started:

Resume summary examples (50+ examples)

Ready to write your own resume summary? To make it easier for you, here are some templates you can follow and examples of what your summary should look like in action. There are a ton of examples in the rest of this page - we'll start with generic templates, then move to templates for each kind of career level, and then examples by job title.

Let's start with an annotated example to help guide you through the rest of the examples.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a job

Resume summary templates by career level

Let's first through some generic resume summary templates you can use as a foundation for your own summary. You can apply them to a reume for any job title or industry.

Template 1: Executive Resume Summary

This is a basic but effective resume summary. It’s short and easy to read, while briefly explaining your background, experience, and what you can bring to the company. This is a good option if you want to emphasize your relevant skills.

Template 2: Conventional Resume Summary

This is an alternative way to format your summary. It’s less conversational and more results-focused, which works well if you have a few particularly impressive accomplishments you want to highlight. Here it is in text format:

Resume summary examples by job title

Data analyst resume summary example, project manager resume summary example #1, resume summary example #2, business analyst resume summary example, product manager resume summary example #1, data engineer resume summary example, social media manager resume summary example, scrum master resume summary example, operations manager resume summary example, software engineer resume summary example #1, web developer resume summary example, customer service resume summary example #1, bookkeeper resume summary example, human resources (hr) resume summary example #1, creative director resume summary example, data scientist resume summary example, marketing manager resume summary example #1, front end developer resume summary example, administrative assistant resume summary example, data entry resume summary example, devops resume summary example, financial analyst resume summary example, executive assistant resume summary example #1, business development resume summary example, digital marketing resume summary example #1, account executive resume summary example, account manager resume summary example #1, ux designer resume summary example, graphic designer resume summary example, sales manager resume summary example, product owner resume summary example, accountant resume summary example, retail resume summary example, python developer resume summary example, architecture resume summary example, full stack developer resume summary example, c-level and executive resume summary example #1, sales associate resume summary example, project coordinator resume summary example, cyber security resume summary example, supply chain resume summary example, 3d artist resume summary example, nursing resume summary example, lawyer resume summary example, quality engineer resume summary example, event coordinator resume summary example, electrical engineer resume summary example, system administrator resume summary example, java developer resume summary example, office manager resume summary example, interior design resume summary example, research assistant resume summary example, civil engineer resume summary example, legal assistant resume summary example, quality assurance resume summary example, network administrator resume summary example, mechanical engineer resume summary example, manufacturing engineer resume summary example, network engineer resume summary example, business intelligence resume summary example, node.js resume summary example, sql developer resume summary example, administration resume summary example, scheduling resume summary example, teacher resume summary example, software architect resume summary example, php developer resume summary example, gig economy resume summary example, marketing executive resume summary example, vice president of operations resume summary example, technical writer resume summary example, finance executive resume summary example, biomedical engineer resume summary example, sales executive resume summary example, vp of marketing resume summary example, engagement manager resume summary example, plant manager resume summary example, radiologic technologist resume summary example, robotics resume summary example, chief digital officer resume summary example, environmental scientist resume summary example, innovation resume summary example, security analyst resume summary example, digital strategist resume summary example, b2b sales resume summary example, vp of finance resume summary example, relationship manager resume summary example, project administrator resume summary example, sales leader resume summary example, brand ambassador resume summary example, vp sales resume summary example, continuous improvement resume summary example, intelligence analyst resume summary example, it auditor resume summary example, training manager resume summary example, director of software engineering resume summary example, digital transformation resume summary example, pharmacy technician resume summary example, seo resume summary example, technology director resume summary example, project leader resume summary example, recruiting coordinator resume summary example, medical technologist resume summary example, environmental engineer resume summary example, health and safety resume summary example, director of analytics resume summary example, director of information technology resume summary example, reporting analyst resume summary example, facilities resume summary example, claims adjuster resume summary example, director of marketing resume summary example, senior executive resume summary example #1.

We discussed how senior level hires can use an executive resume summary to emphasize their most impressive and relevant accomplishments. Here are a few examples of how to do it in action.

Resume summary example on an executive's resume

This example serves as a good high-level overview of your experience. There’s an opportunity for you to mention one or two of your most impressive accomplishments and it provides a useful context for the body of your resume. Here it is in text format if you'd like to copy this into your own resume to use as a starting point:

Resume summary example on a marketing executive's resume (screenshot)

This example is good because it focuses on concrete data and achievements. Remember, the more quantifiable your achievements are, the more likely they are to land with a hiring manager. Here's the example in text format in case you'd like to use it in your own resume:

Mid-Level Jobseeker Resume Summary Example #1

If you’re a mid level hire, a resume summary can help set you apart from entry level applicants by highlighting a few notable skills or accomplishments and providing important context.

Resume summary example of mid-level team lead with ten years experience

This example makes the extent of your previous experience clear to a hiring manager. It emphasizes a couple of noteworthy accomplishments that may set you apart from other mid level hires and might otherwise have gotten lost in the body of your resume. If you'd like to use this in your own resume summary, here it is in text format that you can easily copy-and-paste:

Resume summary example of mid-level customer service employee, highlighting strong accomplishments

This example briefly provides the context for your resume and hones in on your most impressive achievements. The bullet point format and focus on hard numbers make it easy for a hiring manager to read and quickly digest. Here it is in text format:

Career Changer Resume Summary Example

A resume summary is particularly important if you’re changing careers. You don’t need to go into detail about why you’re changing careers, but briefly mentioning any relevant training or certifications is a good idea, alongside the transferrable skills you’ll bring to the role. If you're changing careers, make sure to see more summary examples for career changers .

Career changer resume summary example

Resume summary tips

Keep it short.

Your resume summary should be 3-6 lines long, or around 100-200 words. Less is more — hiring managers will skim over long chunks of text, so don’t be tempted to go over. The quicker and easier your summary is to read, the more chance it’ll make an impact. If you feel like you need more space to write about yourself, that’s what your cover letter is for.

Tailor your resume summary

Even more so than your resume, you must tailor your summary to each job you apply to. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Mention specific technical skills the job requires. If you’re applying for a job that requires a particular skill or qualification that you have, make sure you highlight that. But keep it specific! If you’re applying for a data science role that requires Python, explain how you’ve used Python in the past. Don’t include every programming or technical skill you have, or it’ll look like you’re using a scattershot approach and may overshadow your actual relevant experience. Doing this will also help you get past the applicant tracking systems , or resume screeners, which scan your resume for specific keywords.

Review the job description. Using specific language from a job description in your resume summary can make you look like a good fit, as long as you don’t overdo it. If a job description mentions leadership, describe the size of the teams you’ve led. If they want someone with entrepreneurial flair, mention a project where you demonstrated initiative. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related — personal projects can fit, too, as long as they highlight that specific skill or quality.

Be specific and results-oriented. The more specific you are about your accomplishments, the more impressive they’ll be. Use hard numbers wherever possible. Don’t just write “experienced in managing teams” or “increased revenue.” Quantifiable achievements like “managed teams of 5-20 people” or “drove $100,000 in incremental revenue” are more meaningful.

Avoid buzzwords

Phrases like “hardworking,” “team player,” and “attention to detail” have no place on your resume. Anyone can claim to have excellent communication skills — prove it by mentioning that your email campaign resulted in a 30% increase in repeat customers. Remember: Show, don’t tell.

Write your summary last

The goal of your summary is to provide a brief introduction and context for the body of your resume. Focus on writing your resume first — once you’ve nailed it, it’ll be much easier to fill in the summary section.

People applying for remote jobs

If you’re applying for a fully remote position, it can be helpful to note that in your summary. Specifying that you’re only applying for remote work can weed out positions that are only partially or temporarily remote. And if you have experience with remote work in that past, mentioning some of your remote achievements can demonstrate that you’re just as effective when working from home.

Get a free resume review

Get expert feedback on your resume, instantly. Our free AI-powered resume checker scores your resume on key criteria recruiters and hiring managers look for. Get actionable steps to revamp your resume and land more interviews.

Resume Worded

How To Write A Resume Summary That Works In 2023 (8+ Examples)

resume summary examples 2021

Here's a scary fact – your resume summary can make or break your chances of winning a job interview.

Because your resume summary is the very first thing employers read to see if you're qualified for the role or not.

But there's some good news too…

Most job seekers do a  terrible  job of leveraging their resume summary. They use outdated methods which don't work in today's market.

That creates an opportunity for you!

While they're all stuck using old school tactics, you're here reading this article which is going to teach you a brand new approach to the resume summary that's crazy effective in today's job market.

Here's what we're going to cover:

Why Most Resume Summary Advice Doesn't Work Anymore

By the end of this post, you're going to know exactly how to blow the competition out of the water and start landing more job interviews.

If you go looking for resume advice these days, you'll typically see people advocate for two types of introductions: Resume Summaries and Resume Objectives.

Each camp will tell you why their method is best, along with why the other method is outdated and doesn't work. But here's the real truth.

Both traditional resume summaries and traditional resume objectives don't work for today's job market.

Let's break down why neither work very well.

The Problem With Traditional Resume Summaries

A traditional resume summary is when the candidate writes a paragraph-style statement about their experience and skills. It will typically look something like this:

Traditional Resume Summary Example Results-oriented account management professional with 4+ years of experience building relationships with clients in order to help them achieve their goals.

Problem #1: Paragraph-style anything on a resume is the fastest way to losing your reader.

Recruiters are scanning resumes super fast (the typical figure is a six second scan per resume !). They don't have time to read through an entire paragraph.

Problem #2:  Traditional resume summaries typically include fluffy buzzwords and jargon, but no real results.

According to a recent study we performed on 125,000 resumes , over half of candidates didn't include a meaningful amount of measurable metrics / results on their resumes.

When no one's including the outcomes of their work, everyone's simply summarizing their actions. Anyone can perform actions, but hiring managers want to see results!

The Problem With Traditional Resume Objectives

The second popular option is the traditional resume objective . Historically, resume objectives are a statement about your goals for employment. It might look something like this:

Traditional Resume Objective Example Seeking a position at [Company] where I can bring my 10+ years of SaaS sales experience to a growing, fast paced team in the healthcare technology space.

Unfortunately, this is even worse than the summary example I shared above. Why?

Problem #1: Traditional objective statements are only focused on you.

Here's some tough love. Companies don't  really  care about your background. They care about what you can do for them in terms of value, and your background is just one way for them to try and gauge that.

When you only focus your resume on yourself, you're going to lose out to candidates who show the company that they understand their needs / goals and have a plan to help.

Problem #2:  Resume objectives don't illustrate any real value to the hiring team.

Because these objectives are statements about what  you  want, what type of job  you're  looking for, there's no real room to showcase real world results or value.

The truth is, the hiring team doesn't care nearly as much about the job you're interested in compared to the value you'll bring to the table for them.

At this point, it'd be natural if you're saying,  “Well, if a resume summary and a resume objective don't work, what the heck am I supposed to do? Isn't this an article on resume summaries?”

That's exactly why I want to introduce you to a brand new way of thinking about your resume summary:

Introducing A New, Highly Effective Resume Summary

If we want to win in today's job market, we need to take a modern approach to our materials — including our resume.

What most job seekers don't understand is that their resume is a marketing document.

It's a piece of collateral aimed at selling somebody (the employer) on the value and services that you bring to the table!

If we want to write a job-winning resume , we need to do four things:

Neither the traditional resume summary nor the traditional resume objective cover these bases, which is why I invented a brand new way to start your resume.

“Highlight Reels” Are The New Resume Summary

I discovered this new form of resume summary after sending in hundreds of applications with the traditional stuff and getting rejected from all of them.

When I tested this new “Highlight Reel” resume summary, everything changed. My interview rate skyrocketed and I was actually able to get in the door for jobs I was excited about!

Highlight Reel Resume Summary Example

The Highlight Reel is exactly what it sounds like.

It's a section at the top of your resume that allows you to pick and choose the best and most relevant experience to feature right at the top of your resume.

It's essentially a highlight reel of your career as it relates to this specific role! I like to think about it as the SportsCenter Top 10 of your resume.

The Highlight Reel resume summary consists of 4 parts:

Part #1: A Relevant Section Title

The first part of the Highlight Reel resume summary is the section title.

This is going to be the title of this section, similar to how you've titled your experience section something like “Work Experience” and your education section “Education.”

But we're going to make things personal…

Resume Summary Section Title

Instead of using some boring title, we're going to show the reader that we are the  exact  candidate they are looking for!

By weaving the job title for our target role into the title of our resume summary section! We'll do that using the following formula:

[Job Title] Summary

For example, if your target role is Business Development, your resume summary section should be titled  Business Development Summary.

If your target role is in graphic design, your resume summary section should be titled  Graphic Design Summary.

If your target role is in software engineering, your resume summary section should be titled  Software Engineering Summary.

You get the point.

Now, when that recruiter or hiring manager looks at your resume, the very first thing they'll see is the job title they're hiring for.

That's an immediate check in the qualifications box!

Part #2: An Introductory Bullet That Summarizes Your Experience And Value

Now that we've hooked the reader with our section title, it's time to give them a summary of who we are and what we bring to the table.

Example of Introductory Bullet For Resume Summary

The very first bullet in your Resume Summary should tell your reader:

Your Area of Expertise

In the first part of this bullet, you want to show the reader that you are who they're hoping you are. In other words, if they're looking for a Software Engineer, you want to tell them you're a Software Engineer.

If they're looking for a Results-Oriented Sales Leader, you want to tell them that you're a Results-Oriented Sales Leader.

The best place to find this information is by looking in the job description and mimicking the language they use. For example, check out this job posting from Google:

Example of Job Description Language To Use In Resume Summary

We'd want to include “Sales Manager” in our bullet, then we'd also way to pay attention to supporting language like “customer retention,” “customer relationship management,” etc. for our value-driven pitch too.

Your Total Years of Experience

Next, you want to summarize your experience in a field.

Most jobs have a number listed on the job description (e.g. 8+ years of experience in ______.). If you show the reader you meet that criteria right off the bat, you appear more qualified and have a better chance of hooking them in to read more.

Your Value-Driven Pitch

Finally, you want to sell your reader on the value you bring to the table.

The best way to do this is by telling them how you've helped previous companies in the past (and doing it in a way that resonates with their goals).

Let's use the above Google Sales Manager job description as an example. It says that the ideal candidate, “[knows] how to craft a compelling case for sticking with Google products” and that they “work with companies of various types–local and international, big and small.”

If you have a track record of great retention with those types of companies, your value-driven pitch might be,  “driving award-winning retention for cloud products with clients ranging from SMBs to F500s.”

This is your chance to show the company you have experience delivering the exact results they're looking for — and you have the data to back it up!

Pro Tip: Your introductory bullet, including the value-driven pitch, should act as the 10,000 foot view of your experience. You want to sell people on the overarching value you've delivered with big, impressive results — then you can break down the details in your Case Study bullets.

Part #3: Supporting “Case Study” Bullets

Now that we've introduced the reader to our overarching value, it's time to get to the details.

Case Study bullets let you flesh out the experience that you summarized in your introductory bullet. You want to aim to have 2-3 of them in your resume summary.

Example of Case Study Bullets in Resume Summary

In the example above, my introductory bullet talks about driving eight-figure growth for technology companies in the Ad Tech space.

That means my Case Study bullets should provide two or three specific examples of eight figure growth in that space!

How To Write A Great Case Study Bullet

Case Study bullets are the meat of your resume summary. They're the specific value that's going to help you stand out from the competition…If you write them correctly.

See, most people make the mistake of summarizing their experience with their bullets. They talk about the actions they took, but they don't focus on the results that stemmed from those actions.

If you want to win out, you need to know how to write a killer Case Study bullet!

The good news is, we've created a free tool called ResyBullet.io to help remove the guesswork and make writing bullets easy. Here's how it works:

ResyBullet.io - Resume Bullet Analyzer Tool by Cultivated Culture

Now all you have to do is rinse and repeat for all of the Case Study bullets in your resume summary!

Part #4: A Closing “Extracurriculars” Bullet

The last bullet in your resume summary is your opportunity to include anything else that might be valuable, but wasn't included in your bullets above.

Here are some good examples of things you can include:

The goal of the Extracurricular bullet is to add additional value that helps round out your experience as a candidate.

In my resume summary example, I mentioned two awards that I'd won in my last bullet:

Example of Extracurricular Bullet for Resume Summary

That sums up the four major parts of a job-winning Highlight Reel. Now let's take a look at some examples of this resume summary style for different roles.

Highlight Reel Resume Summary Examples

Here are 3 examples of resume summaries to help you visualize what this style of summary looks like for different roles and different goals:

Example #1: Partnerships Manager Resume Summary

In this example, we have a Partnerships Manager with 3 years of experience managing partnerships in the ad tech space. Here's what their summary might look like:

Partnership Management Summary

Example of Partnership Management Resume Summary

Example #2: Graphic Design Resume Summary

In this example, we have a Graphic Designer with a decade of experience creating visuals for companies in the fashion industry. Here's what their summary might look like:

Graphic Design Summary

Example of Resume Summary for Graphic Designer

Example #3: Data Science Resume Summary

In this example, we have a Data Scientist with 6 years of experience in the eCommerce industry. Here's what their resume summary might look like:

Data Science Summary

Tools & Languages: Python, SQL, R, Tableau, & Power BI

Example #4: Career Changer Resume Summary (For A Transition Into UX Design)

In this example we have someone who is trying to make a total career change! They're aiming to transition from a consulting role into User Experience Design with no prior experience. Here's what their resume summary might look like:

UX Design Summary

Example of Resume Summary of User Experience Designer

Key Resume Summary Takeaways

Whew! We covered a LOT of information in this article. I hope you feel like you have a better sense of how to structure your resume summary for the modern job market.

In summary, here are the key points we talked about:

Now that your resume summary is taken care of, you can upgrade the rest of your resume with this guide on writing a job winning resume !

resume summary examples 2021

Austin Belcak

Austin is the founder of Cultivated Culture where he helps people land jobs without connections, without traditional experience, and without applying online. His strategies have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, & Fast Company and has helped people just like you land jobs at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, & more.

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9 Functioned Well Resume Summary Examples to Land a Job

resume summary, summary for resume, professional summary for resume on Skillhub

To impress recruiters and land an interview, job seekers have to collect all their key skills, experiences, and accomplishments and organize them in a resume that turns heads. A professional resume communicates your biggest strengths and proves why you are a perfect employee. But, what is even more important - it should drive the recruiter’s attention and engage from the first lines.

So, the big question is - how to craft a winning resume that will attract the attention of hiring managers and potential employers? Resume writing isn’t easy. Though there are plenty of strategies and tricks that can help you create a resume that lands jobs, there are also many pitfalls. Our professional resume writers online have done a detailed research and now are ready to have it out.

The main issue is that it only takes about 7 seconds for the recruiter to scan your resume. If you fail to grab his attention in such a short time, your resume will likely get lost among other applications. But, if you start it with a killer resume summary, you will definitely get noticed!

If you want to land a job with ease, we are here to lend a helping hand! From this post, you’ll learn what a resume summary is, where to put it on a resume, and the most effective tips on how to create your own summary examples for resume that work.

Besides, in this article, you’ll also find lots of great summary for resume examples, written by experts with years of experience in the resume writing business, that can make great templates for creating your own summary.

Need professional help for Dream Job hiring?

Contact our experts to get perfect ATS-friendly, eye-catching resume

resume summary examples 2021

Need Help Getting Employers’ Attention?

Our experts are here to help! Place an order and start preparing for your next interview!

What Is a Resume Summary Section?

In this article, we’ve prepared for you a comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating a perfect summary. But, first, let’s define what it is.

In a nutshell, a resume career summary is a short statement, typically 3-5 sentences long, that summarizes your career and exposes your most impressive skills, experiences, and accomplishments. You can think of it as a concise statement on why a particular company should employ you.

The core purpose of a summary is to highlight your level of qualification and make the recruiter want to read the rest of your resume.

As a rule, a summary is located somewhere at the beginning of a resume and consists of several elements. Further in this guide, we will tell you what to include in your statement.

One more thing you need to know about putting a summary on a resume is that it can be used to your benefit if you’ve got plenty of work experience. If there is not much you can boast of in terms of professional experience, a resume summary will not make any impression on the hiring manager. Moreover, it can even play against you.

Components of a Resume Summary

A strong summary can really help to make your job application stand out. But, to get the best results, you need to know not only how to put a summary on resume but also what to include in it.

As we said earlier, a summary usually consists of 3-5 sentences. A good resume summary should fit the six main components into these sentences:

Need professional resume help? Resume writing services near me is a solution! They are in

Houston, Chicago, Nyc, Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, San francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charlotte, San Antonio, Columbus, Kansas, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Detroit.

When do you need to include a resume summary?

As you already know from the definition, a summary is a succinct overview of your career path. Respectively, to get the most benefits of it, you need to have tons of experience relevant to the specific job you want to apply for.

The best summary for a resume examples stresses the most relevant skills, achievements, and experiences an applicant has, therefore showing recruiting firms and employers that he or she is a potentially good candidate for the job. Thus, if you are an experienced specialist whose skills and abilities match the job requirements, you should start your resume with a summary. It will be your best bet.

But, what if you don’t have that much experience? For entry-level specialists, recent grads, as well as those who are changing a career, it is much better to opt for a resume objective rather than try to create a solid summary on resume examples.

Related: CV vs. Resume : What is the difference?

How to Write a Resume Summary?

We’ve already told you about the definition of a resume summary, explained what main components it should include, and specified when it’s best to use this type of introduction on a resume. Now, it’s time to answer the main question and tell you how to write a resume summary step by step.

Here are the main practical steps and tips for creating a resume professional summary:

Advantages of a Resume Summary Statement

So, you already know that if you have tons of experience to boast of, a summary is a sure way to engage recruiters and make them want to recruit you. 

But, why is it so effective?

Using summary statements resume has many perks. Here are some of the biggest advantages:

Get noticed sooner

The main purpose of a resume summary is to put your resume right in front of the hiring managers' eyes. Resumes with strong summaries have higher chances of being noticed. A well-organized summary statement resume section catches the recruiters’ attention as it makes your job application look different. And, if the contents of your summary keep them interested, you will most likely land an interview. 

Underline your key skills and experience earlier

Not every recruiter will read your resume till the end. They will quickly review it to decide if you are worth their attention or not. So, if you want to get a competitive advantage and eventually get employed, you should highlight your strongest points right away. A resume skills summary is an easy but effective way to express yourself and prove that you are a perfect match for the job.

Collect keywords

The last advantage may not sound very obvious to many job seekers, but it is still there. As you may know, a good resume should contain relevant keywords and a resume summary is a perfect place to concentrate your keywords.

Why do you need keywords in your summary for resume? According to stats, over 98% of large companies use an ATS system to scan applications. If you didn’t know this yet, an Applicant Tracking System or just ATS is used to detect job-related keywords in resumes and, thus, weed out candidates who don’t match the requirements stated in the job offer.

Respectively, if your resume doesn’t include keywords, it may remain unnoticed, so your chances of landing a job may drop. That’s why every resume should have keywords and this is one more benefit of a professional summary for resume as it provides you with additional space to include them.

What Is the Difference Between Summary and Objective in a Resume?

Generally, there are two ways to start a resume. In some cases, it is a good idea to start with a resume summary, whereas sometimes it makes more sense to write a resume objective instead.

Resume summary vs objective - What is the difference?

Here are the main distinctive features:

Let’s take a look at a specific example. Let’s say you are writing a customer service resume. Should you choose a customer service resume objective or summary? Based on the differences we’ve discussed, it becomes clear that if you have years of experience in customer service and can showcase some actual skills and achievements, then a summary is a great option. However, if due to any reason you don’t have much experience, then a resume objective should make a better effect (this also applies to career change and applying for entry-level positions).

Your cover letter is as paramount as your resume. Our pro cover letter writing service team constantly is working on improving new tips on it! We are happy to assist you anytime!

Resume objective example

A good objective should show that you possess valuable soft skills, state your goals (for example, to land a specific job, gain more experience, make a career change, etc.), and explain what you are hoping to do for a company if they hire you.

Here is a sample resume objective summary:

Recent college graduate with a BS in Sales. Possess excellent written and verbal communication, analytical, time management, and planning skills. Looking to land a job as a Sales Assistant at [Company Name] to leverage proven communication and skills to enhance the quality of customer service and drive more sales.

Resume summary example

A resume summary, on the contrary, should keep the focus on your professionalism and vast experience.

Later, we will share more examples of summary on resume with you but let’s look at one example here to help you grasp the difference:

Result-oriented and customer-centered Sales Manager with 6+ years of experience delivering excellent customer service, helping clients make more informed decisions, and driving sales. Seeking to leverage proven skills and experience at [Company Name] to help boost the company’s revenue. Received 99% positive feedback from customers and contributed to a 20% increase in sales at [your past place of work].

Resume Summary Statement Examples

Now that you know what a summary is and how to write one, you are probably interested to see some actual examples of resume summary. If yes, we’ve got you covered!

Below you will find many professional summary examples for resume divided into categories by industries and job types:

General Work for Industry Resume Summary

Data analyst resume summary.

Here’s one of the best resume summary samples for business analyst :

Insightful business analyst with 5+ years of experience analyzing and interpreting big data for driving more informed business solutions. Possess outstanding skills in business analytics, statistics, visualizing, and mathematics. Looking to leverage proven expertise at [company name] to reduce operating costs and drive growth.

Human Resources resume summary

Here’s a sample human resources summary for a resume:

Result-oriented HR with 8+ years of experience. At the previous workplace, reduced recruitment time by 25%, increased employee retention by 30%, and increased the overall employee effectiveness by 15%. Eager to leverage strong skills and vast experience at [company name].

Examples of Marketing Resume Summary

Copywriter resume summary.

Here is a well-written sample copywriter summary resume:

Creative and quality-driven copywriter with 7+ years of experience delivering plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized copy. Boosted landing page conversion rate by 30% in 10 months. Seeking to leverage gained skills at [company name] to generate more traffic and boost the effectiveness of content marketing.

Social Media Manager resume summary

Check out a resume summary example for a social media manager:

Creative SMM manager with 4+ years of experience. Managed all social media accounts of a large company and increased customer engagement by 50%. Looking to land a position of SMM manager at [company name] to help drive sales and enhance brand awareness.

Marketing Analyst resume summary

Here’s one of the resume summary statements for a marketing analyst :

Marketing analyst with over 9 years of experience and strong analytical, SMM, and marketing skills. At the previous workplace, analyzed the existing marketing strategy, identified trends, and suggested solutions that increased web traffic by 34%. Eager to join [company name] to help enhance marketing strategies.

Examples of IT Jobs Resume Summary

Research scientist resume summary.

Here’s one of our research scientist summary resume examples:

Resourceful and attentive to detail research scientist with 4+ years of experience. Participated in a $1 million research project that was awarded $2 million for the second phase project. Looking to leverage proven experience at [company name] to help with the company’s projects.

Systems Manager resume summary

Here’s one of the best resume summary statement examples for a systems manager job:

Systems manager with an eye for details and 6+ years of experience in delivering solutions that ensure cost efficiency and drive business. Looking to occupy a systems manager position at [company name] to provide high-level systems support.

Systems Analyst resume summary

Here is one of our good resume summary examples for systems analysts:

Skilled systems analyst with 5+ years of experience. Proficient in cost analysis and high-level technical solutions. Possess an excellent understanding of project lifecycle. Saved $2 million in IT costs at the last workplace. Eager to leverage knowledge and skills at [company name] to implement effective cost-saving measures.

How Long Should the Description of a Professional Resume Summary Be?

So, we’ve told you how to write a professional summary for resume and shared lots of great examples. Now, let’s once more recap the most important point - the length.

A professional resume summary has to offer a brief overview of the applicant’s experience. It has to be concise, clear, and straight to the point. Thus, the ideal length is between three to five sentences.

This length should be enough to let you include all the basic elements such as your job title and key traits, relevant experience, key achievements backed up with some numbers, etc. But, at the same time, sticking to this length will help ensure that you don’t go over the limits and don’t get recruiters bored.

Where to put a professional summary in resume? For the best effect, it should be situated at the top of a resume. Typically, it’ll follow the resume header with contact info.

Do you have questions about professional resume summary examples? Did we miss any tips?

If you find the article  useful, give us a comment on social media.! Let’s get the conversation rolling.

Job seekers need to show their interest from the beginning. Start by writing a CV with your achievements to stand out from the rest of the candidates. Our top professional federal resume writing services are here to help you!

resume summary examples 2021

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How to Change Your Career and Switch to Freelance Writing

resume summary examples 2021

How to Become a Successful Copy Editor

resume summary examples 2021

Blog Writing Format: Best Tips For Success

resume summary examples 2021

35+ Resume Summary Examples [How-To Guide + Tips]

Kellie Hanna

A resume summary sits at the very top of your resume and is your first chance to make a great impression with a hiring manager. You’ve got to start strong when writing your resume. Don’t worry — we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’re laser-focused on the professional summary for a resume. We will cover:

How to write a summary for a resume

Resume Summary

We’ll inspire you with several resume summary examples for top industries, job titles and experience levels, and provide writing tips.

Click one of the categories below to jump to a specific section of this guide:

Table of Contents

What is a resume summary?

Resume summary examples based on work experience, professional summary examples for top jobs.

Resume summary examples for top industries

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A resume summary — also called a professional summary or resume summary statement — is a brief rundown of your experience and top skills that sits at the top of your resume template .

Use this valuable real estate to highlight your top achievements, including your years of experience and the valued skills from the job description that apply to you. For a good resume summary, it must be tailored to the job and no more than five concise sentences long.

Let’s use this job ad for a social media manager as an example:

Resumes Summary

A tailored summary for a resume might look like this:

The bolded words are keywords and phrases found in the job description. This is an exercise you should do for every job you apply to, so you must customize your resume summary each time. Then, your resume’s work history and skills sections should complement your summary on your resume.

This resume summary statement doesn’t work for several reasons: it’s not tailored to the job, it doesn’t give enough detail, and it doesn’t include keywords and phrases from the job description.

Pro tip You should use a professional summary for a resume only if you have several years of experience in the same industry. If you’re a first-time job seeker or changing your career, use a resume objective statement instead.

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Now that you’ve seen some of our best resume summary examples, you’ve probably got a good idea what a resume professional summary looks like, and you’re ready to write your own. The following three tips will help you write a good summary for a resume that grabs attention.

Condense the details and be consistent.

When you begin writing your resume summary, remember: less is more. A professional summary for a resume only needs to be three to five sentences long. You should also write using the first-person point of view, but omit pronouns like “I,” “she” or “they” to help save some valuable writing space.

Highlight your top qualifications.

Make a strong first impression by writing your most valuable skills and highlighting your relevant work accomplishments , as the professional summary examples below do. You want to get the hiring manager’s attention and intrigue them to continue reading the rest of your resume.

Make adjustments based on your career level.

Students and job seekers who are just graduating from college or don’t have much work experience should include information on their resume summary statement about what type of job they’re seeking and what their goal is with this potential new job. If you have plenty of experience, however, there’s no need to include a career objective here.

For some jobs, you might benefit from emphasizing how much work experience you have in your resume summary, especially if the job description has a minimum experience requirement or you are applying for a managerial position.

The following examples show how to best highlight your work experience level in your resume summary.

2 to 5 years of experience resume summary example

Web designer

6+ years of experience resume summary example

Management experience resume summary example

Project manager

Acute care nurse

Committed and empathic acute care nurse with 12 years of hands-on experience in critical care facilities. Provide complex clinical assessments, diagnostic testing and medical therapy for patients with various acute illnesses. Comfortable relaying difficult information and providing emotional support to families. Highly proficient in case management, medication administration and patient education.

Detail-oriented accountant with over eight years of effectively maintaining accurate accounting information for large-scale financial organizations, including central banks, credit unions and investment companies. History working as part of the financial team to manage diverse financial functions, PMT, tax management and reporting. Highly analytical professional with extensive knowledge of Excel and QuickBooks.

Accounting manager

A dedicated and reliable accounting manager with 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge of federal and state tax laws. Utilizes a proactive approach to problems and practices prudent financial management. Motivational and ethical leader with a proven ability to build strong teams with high retention rates.

Responsible and compassionate caregiver who understands how to balance patients’ and organizations’ needs. Experienced in medication distribution and able to follow medical instructions precisely. Certified for basic first aid and CPR. Adept at monitoring each patient’s health and providing a gentle approach to patients’ needs.

Hardworking and detail-oriented cashier with expertise in drawer management, POS systems, refund handling and inventory control. Multitasking and reliable professional with skills in customer service, promoting sales, keeping the store organized and processing transactions. Creative and attentive problem-solver committed to enhancing customers’ experience.

Civil engineering intern

Driven civil engineering student with hands-on experience in construction and in-depth knowledge of civil engineering principles and tools. Dedicated worker with outstanding communication skills. Bilingual in Chinese and English.

Construction worker

Reliable construction worker with experience in residential and commercial construction projects for over 18 years. Exceptional problem-solver adept at plumbing and carpentry specializing in roof repairs and installation. Safely operates various heavy-duty construction equipment and certified with OSHA’s Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate.

Cosmetology student

Multifaceted cosmetology student with experience coloring, styling and cutting hair; performing pedicures and manicures, and recommending on-trend beauty treatments based on individual client needs. Demonstrated ability to exceed salon sales goals and build strong relationships with clients.

Data entry clerk

Data entry clerk with three years of experience accurately maintaining records and updating account information for financial services firm. Razor-sharp eye for detail and adept at Microsoft Word and Excel. Continually seek ways to improve processes and develop solutions across all departments.

Skilled doctor who champions family-focused care willing to go the extra mile to provide complete service. Diagnoses and educates patients about medical concerns while implementing evidence-based treatment plans. Skilled in working under pressure assessing conditions, conducting tests and performing minor procedures.

Entertainment director

Creative director with 10 years of hands-on filmmaking experience in a variety of productions. Diligent and technologically savvy leader with high standards for impeccable results. Adept at story pitching, video production, script review and budgeting. Empathic advocate for creative and production staff.

Massage therapist

Attentive and knowledgeable massage therapist with five-year track record of solid customer service and a knack for building relationships. Experienced in a wide range of massage techniques, including deep tissue, Shiatsu and trigger point.

Licensed nanny with a background in education and child care. Works diligently to identify and eliminate behavioral and educational issues. Incorporates stimulating activities, such as grouping games and writing stories into daily routines to promote healthy mental and social development. Certified in first aid and CPR, and dedicated to creating safe, inclusive and engaging learning environments for all children.

Nursing aide

Organized and dependable nursing aide successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Skilled in patient care, transportation and equipment assembly. Familiar working in highly stressful and hectic environments and managing disoriented and combative patients.

  Operations manager

Results-oriented operations manager offering 18 years of high-level experience supervising workover and completion operations. Familiar with human resources and adept at directing the work of completion consultants and completion supervisors in operation functions, including inventory management and warehousing. Directly trained and managed six supervisors while leading a total staff of 75 team members — successfully introducing lean manufacturing to increase productivity and cut completion costs.

Outside sales representative

Motivated and accomplished outside sales representative adept at building relationships with customers, negotiating deals and closing sales. Detail-oriented self-starter with a track record of exceeding sales goals.

Payroll specialist

Highly communicative and customer service-oriented payroll specialist with more than eight years of expertise in auditing payroll data and processing garnishments. An action-oriented professional with skills in ADP processing and Kronos. Process and transmit payroll for over 3,000 employees, in multiple states, on a biweekly and weekly basis. Employees paid include hourly, salary and union.

Personal trainer

Enthusiastic NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and business owner with seven years of experience teaching senior clients balance and functional skills. Additional expertise in youth athletic conditions with focus on strength training. Strong background in personalized and one on one and group training.


Outgoing and friendly receptionist delivering customer service and administrative excellence, including clerical support and public interaction. Excels in calendar management, Google Calendar, Microsoft Surface Studio, scheduling, data entry and database administration. Capable of answering and quickly redirecting up to 100 calls per day, accomplishing business goals.

Registered nurse

Qualified registered nurse experienced in providing professional nursing care to patients, including assessing needs, planning, implementation and evaluation of care.

Passionate about improving patient satisfaction and adapting to continuous health system changes. Acts as liaison between patient and providers.

Retail sales associate

Energetic retail sales associate with excellent customer service, leadership and teamwork abilities. Proficient at merchandising and display, product knowledge, processing cash and cards transactions and boosting sales. Confident and persuasive with strong attention to detail and the ability to engage diverse customers and enhance brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Sales representative

Organized and hardworking sales representative with a solid history of exceeding sales goals, growing business and expanding territories. Experienced in project management, account service, lead prospecting, strategic planning, network development and retention strategies. Accomplished negotiator with excellent customer service, research and conflict-resolution skills. Focused on maximizing efficiency and sales success.

Social worker

Compassionate and driven social worker with solid experience working with a broad range of groups, ages, ethnicities and different socioeconomic backgrounds. Skilled in case management, crisis intervention, data collection and management, referral and networking, and family reunification. Licensed social worker (LCSW) with expertise in Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP) and a deep understanding of human behavior to provide guidance to clients and communities in need.

Hardworking and passionate teacher with experience in classroom management, professional development and project planning covering a wide range of subjects. Clear and effective communicator highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and innovative lesson planning. Successful in helping students develop strong literacy, numeracy, social and learning skills.

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Write a compelling resume summary with inspiration from our extensive library of resume examples . With more than 1,000 samples to choose from, you’re sure to find one that works for you!

Accounting resume examples

Administrative resume examples, billing collections resume examples, business operations resume examples, customer service resume examples, entertainment resume examples, fitness & nutrition resume examples, medical resume examples, nursing resume examples, social services resume examples, teaching resume examples.

Let’s summarize what we’ve learned:

A resume summary is a short paragraph consisting of three to five sentences at the top of a resume. It tells employers at a glance what you offer in the form of your relevant experience, top skills and professional achievements.

Do you need a summary on a resume?

You should include a summary on a resume if you have work experience because when written well, they grab recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention and make them want to learn more about your job qualifications.

What is a good summary for a resume?

A good resume summary highlights your most relevant job qualifications compellingly, so employers want to learn more about you.

What should a resume summary include?

A professional summary for a resume should summarize your experience and qualifications for the target job.

You might include:

How to write a resume summary for a career change?

If you’re changing careers, you probably don’t have much work experience in your new field, so it’s better to write an objective statement than a resume summary. A resume objective allows you to briefly describe your goals for the career change and emphasize transferable skills which fit your new career path.

For example:

Kellie Hanna

Content strategist, career advice expert.

Kellie is the content strategist for My Perfect Resume. She has more than 20 years of experience in digital media and is passionate about helping job seekers navigate their careers. She has a B.A. in English and writing from Temple University.

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10 Resume Summary Examples That Get Interviews

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good resume summary examples

A resume summary statement usually comes right after a job seeker’s contact info and before other resume sections such as skills and work experience. It provides employers with a brief overview of a candidate’s career accomplishments and qualifications before they read further. Because of how early it appears on the document, your resume summary statement (or your CV “profile” in the UK) is one of the first places recruiters and employers look. And without the right information, they’ll doubt that you’re qualified and may move to another resume.

So I got in touch with a select group of professional resume writers, coaches and career experts to get their best resume summary examples you can use and adapt to write a resume summary that stands out and gets interviews.

As a former recruiter myself, I’ll also share my best tips to write your resume summary effectively.

Why the Resume/CV Summary is Important

You may have heard that recruiters only spend 8-10 seconds looking at your resume. The truth is: they spend that long deciding whether to read more. They do glance that quickly at first and may move on if your background doesn’t look like a fit. However, if you grab their attention, they’ll read far more. Recruiters aren’t deciding to interview you in 8-10 seconds, but they are ruling people out in 8-10 seconds. And this is why your resume summary is so crucial. It appears high up on your resume (usually right after your header/contact info) and is one of the first sections employers see. So it’s part of what they’ll see in the first 8-10 seconds.

Your resume summary statement is one of your first (and one of very few) chances to get the employer to stop skimming through their pile of resumes and focus on YOU.

10 Resume Summary Examples for Various Industries:

These career summary examples will help you at any experience level – whether you’re writing a professional summary after a long executive career, or writing your first resume summary without any experience! After you finish this article you’re NEVER going to have to send out a limp, weak resume summary statement again (and you’ll get far more interviews  because of it).

1. Healthcare Sales Executive Resume Summary Example:

Turnaround & Ground Up Leadership – Concept-to-execution strategies for untapped products, markets + solutions that yield 110% revenue growth – Negotiates partnerships with leading distributors + hospitals—Medline to Centara + Novant Health to Mayo Clinic –  Revitalizes underperforming sales organizations via scalable, sustainable infrastructures emulated as best practice –  C-Level networks of clinical + supply chain leadership acquired during tenures with XXX, XXX and XXX

Why this resume summary is good:

This resumes summary example’s strength lies in the detailed, unique information that has been included. By including revenue stats, names of past employers and partners, the reader right away sees that this person will bring to the role a strong networking ability with key players in his industry, and more importantly can build, grow and revitalize a sales organization, market or product.

By:  Virginia Franco, Founder of Virginia Franco Resumes  and Forbes contributor.

2. 15+ Year Business Owner Resume Summary Statement:

Dynamic and motivated marketing professional with a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing educational strategies, and coaching individuals to success. Skilled in building cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges. Adaptable and transformational leader with an ability to work independently, creating effective presentations, and developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals.

Why this is a good summary section:

This is a resume summary statement that was for  a candidate returning to work after having her own business for 15+ years. Because of this, we needed to emphasize her soft skills and what she can bring to this potential position. In addition, we highlighted the skills she has honed as a business owner so that she can utilize these qualifications as a sales professional, account manager, and someone knowledgeable about nutrition, medicine, and the overall sales process.

By: Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish. MBA, Ph.D., CPRW, and Founder of Feather Communications

3. Human Resources Generalist Resume Summary Example:

Human Resources Generalist with progressive experience managing employee benefits & compliance, employee hiring & onboarding, performance management processes, licensure tracking and HR records. Dependable and organized team player with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Skilled at building relationships with employees across all levels of an organization. Proficient with HRIS, applicant tracking and benefits management.

Why this is a good resume summary:

The applicant highlights their experience across a wide range of HR functions from the very first sentence, and continues this pattern throughout the rest of the summary. They then use easily digestible langue to showcase their hard skills (in the first & fourth sentences) and soft skills (in the second & third sentences). They also integrate a variety of keywords to get past automated job application systems , without sounding spammy or without overdoing it.

By: Kyle Elliott, MPA/CHES,  Career Coach and Consultant

4. Social Media Marketing CV Profile Example (UK):

Social media expert with successes in the creation and management of social media strategies and campaigns for global retail organisations. Extensive experience in the commercial utilisation of multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; I build successful social strategies that increase brand awareness, promote customer engagement and ultimately drive web traffic and conversions.

Why this summary is good:

This summary is well-written, short, sharp, and gives recruiters a high-level explanation of the candidate’s core offerings in a persuasive and punchy style. A quick scan of this profile tells you the exact type of social media platforms the candidate is an expert in, as well as the campaigns they have experience running and types of organizations they have worked for. Most importantly, the summary is rounded off by showing the results that this person achieves for their employers, such as increased web traffic and conversions.

Editor’s note: This CV profile summary was written for the UK market… this is a great one to use/copy, but make sure you put it through a spell-checker if you’re applying for jobs in the US (utilisation vs. utilization, etc.)

By: Andrew Fennell, Director at StandOut CV , contributor for The Guardian and Business Insider

5. Marketing Manager Professional Summary Example:

Marketing Manager with over eight years of experience. Proven success in running email marketing campaigns and implementing marketing strategies that have pulled in a 20% increase in qualified leads. Proficient in content, social media and inbound marketing strategies. Skilled, creative and innovative.

This resume summary stands out because it gets straight to the point. By immediately introducing the number of years of experience the candidate has, the HR manager doesn’t need to spend time adding up years. The candidate also jumps right into his or her strongest skill, provides a statistic , then gives additional skills.

By: Sarah Landrum, career expert and contributor at Entrepreneur.com and Forbes

6. Warehouse Supervisor Resume Summary Example:

Warehouse Supervisor with Management, Customer Service, & Forklift Experience –  Dependable manager with 15+ years of experience in warehouse management and employee supervision. –  Skilled at managing inventory control, shipping & receiving, customer relations and safety & compliance. –  Certified Power Equipment Trainer, Forklift Operator and Reach Operator skilled at coaching other staff. –  Promoted to positions of increased responsibility given strong people and project management skills.

The applicant was applying for a warehouse supervisor position that required them to have demonstrated management, customer service and forklift experience. As such, the applicant showcased their experience in these areas with a few keywords in the title, followed by additional details in the accompanying bullet points. Their final bullet shows a record of promotions, while reinforcing the applicant’s customer service and project management skills.

7. IT Project Manager Resume Summary Example:

Experienced Project Manager with vast IT experience. Skills include computer networking, analytical thinking and creative problem solving. Able to apply customer service concepts to IT to improve user experience for clients, employees and administration.

Because this candidate is switching career paths, it’s important he or she take skills used for previous positions and apply those skills to the new job listing. This is a great example because the candidate makes it clear that his or her experience is not in the new field, but that they are still able to bring relevant experience to the table. When writing your resume summary, keep these tips in mind: Use writing that is straight to the point, clear and concise, you’ll have a higher chance of getting noticed by the hiring manager.

8. Career-Changer Resume Summary Example:

Earn trust, uncover key business drivers and find common ground as chief negotiator and identifier of revenue opportunities in sales, leadership and account management roles spanning e-Commerce, air travel and high-tech retail. Navigate cultural challenges while jumping time zones, lead international airline crews and manage corporate accounts to deliver an exceptional customer experience. A self-taught techie sought after as a go-to for complex billing systems and SaaS platforms alike—bridging the divide between technology and plain-speak. – Tenacious Quest for Success + Learning . Earned MBA and BS in just 3 years while working full-time – gaining hands-on experience in research- and data-driven product roadmap development, pricing and positioning. – Results-Driven Leadership. Whether leading Baby Boomers, Gen X or Millennials—figures out what makes teams tick, trains and transforms individuals into top-performers. – Challenger of Conventional Wisdom. Always ask the WHY. Improve the user experience through smart, strategic thinking that anticipates outcomes. Present cases that influence, and lead change that drives efficiency and profitability.

This client was eager for a career change and had moved from role to role and industry to industry. After completing her Master’s degree, she was eager to tie her skills together to land a role – which she did – as a Senior Technology Account Strategist for a global travel company. Although a bit longer than a traditional summary, its strength lies in the details. Without ever getting to the experience section, the reader gets a clear idea of the scope of responsibility, and hard and soft skills the candidate brings to the table.

By: Virginia Franco, Founder of Virginia Franco Resumes  and Forbes contributor.

9. Project Management Executive Professional Summary Example:

15+ years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for Fortune 500 firms across a wide range of industries including enterprise software, digital marketing, advertising technology, e-commerce and government. Major experience lies in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability – both as a leader and expert consultant.

Why this resume summary is good:

“Project Manager” is one of those job titles that’s REALLY broad. You can find project managers earning $50K, and others earning $250K. The client I wrote this for was at the Director level, and had worked for some of the biggest and best tech companies in her city. So this resume profile section shows her level and experience, and the wide array of areas she has responsibility for in her current work. You can borrow or use some of the phrasing here to show that you’ve been responsible for many important areas in your past work.

By: Biron Clark, Founder of  CareerSidekick.com.

10. Startup And Finance Management Consultant Career Summary Example:

Experienced strategist, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast with a passion for building businesses and challenging the status quo. 8+ year track record of defining new business strategies, launching new ventures, and delivering operational impact, both as a co-founder and management consultant. 

Why this resume summary example is good:

This summary was for a highly-talented management consultant looking to break out of finance, and into trendier tech companies like Uber. His track record and educational background were great, so the goal of this summary section was to stand out and show he’s more than just the typical consultant with a finance background. So we emphasized his passion for startups, and his ability to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. That’s something that companies like Uber and other “disruptive” tech companies look for.

Now you have 10 professional resume summary statements and explanations of why they’re effective. Next, I’ll share tips for how to write your own in case you’re still unsure how to begin based on these examples above.

How to Write a Resume Summary: Steps and Hints

We’ve looked at 10 great resume summary examples above. As you begin writing a resume summary for yourself, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind: 

How Long Should a Resume Summary Be?

As you read the resume summaries above, you probably noticed there are some short single-paragraph resume summary examples and much longer career summaries that are two to three paragraphs plus bullet points. So how long should YOUR professional summary be? If you have relevant work experience, keep your summary to one or two paragraphs. The piece you really want the hiring manager to read is your most recent work experience (and you should make sure you tailored that info to fit the job description). The resume summary is just a “bridge” to get the hiring manager into your experience.

If I were writing my own career summary right now, I’d likely use one single paragraph packed with skills, accomplishments, and exactly why I’m ready to step into the job I’ve applied for and be successful!

Even for a manager resume summary, I recommend a very short length. However, if you’re changing careers, or you’re looking for jobs without any work experience , the summary section needs to stand on its own, and should be longer. That’s why some examples above are a bit longer.

Formatting Your Resume/CV Career Summary

You may have noticed a variety of different formats in the career summary examples above. There isn’t one “right” way to format this section on your resume or CV. However, I recommend either using one or two brief paragraphs, or combining a short sentence or paragraph with bullets. Avoid writing three or four long paragraphs with no special formatting like bullet points. That’s simply too much text for your summary section and will cause recruiters and hiring managers to skip over it in some cases.

Should You Include a Resume Objective?

You do not need to include an objective on your resume, and doing so can make your resume appear outdated. Use a resume summary instead of an objective. Follow the resume summary examples above and focus on discussing your skills, qualifications, and achievements, rather than stating your objective. Employers know that your objective is to obtain the position you’ve applied for, and the resume objective has no place on a modern resume/CV in today’s job market.

After You Start Getting Interviews, Make Sure to Take Advantage…

If you follow the advice above, you’ll have a great professional resume summary to make your qualifications stand out to employers. But landing the interview is only half the battle… So make sure you go into every interview ready to convince employers that they should hire you, too! If you write a great resume summary example that gets employers excited to interview you, they’re going to ask you questions like, “tell me about yourself” early in the interview to learn more about your background. So make sure you’re prepared with an answer.

I also recommend you review the top 20 interview questions and answers here.

Your resume caught their interest, so naturally, they’re going to follow up with a variety of questions to learn more about your professional background. 

The bottom line is: A strong professional resume summary, followed up by other well-written resume sections will get you the interview, but your interview performance is what determines whether you get the job offer!

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Biron Clark

Biron Clark

Biron Clark is a former executive recruiter who has worked individually with hundreds of job seekers, reviewed thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and recruited for top venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has been advising job seekers since 2012 to think differently in their job search and land high-paying, competitive positions.


I would recommend to customise the skills section of your resume, and ensure that it matches the job posting. The higher the number of phrases within the resume matching the job requirements the more are the chances that the recruiter will pick you for the job.

I just wanted to say, “thank you!”. This was very helpful. Instead of jumping from one website to the next there’s so much useful, relevant information right here.

Hi, I have been having trouble creating a resume as My old one is so long, I’ve worked for a government agency for the past 14 years and held multiple positions doing many different duties for each and now I have to relocate to another area where they do not have an agency like mine in my new area within a 3 hour drive, how can I squeeze all my experience and duties on one page and where do I even start, I’m so nervous, it’s been so long since I’ve attempted the job hunt. So I’m wondering, I do not want to cut anything out that may hurt my chances and I can’t afford to have my resume rewritten by a professional. Can you guide me as to where you think would be a good place to start, I’ve been staring at this laptop for weeks trying to decide on a resume template, there are so many. I thank you for your time and any input will help.

Hi, I am a new graduate and do not have any experience in my field which is Nursing. I want to apply for the jobs but I have no idea about what to mention in my resume.

Hi, this article should help with the resume summary, at least: https://careersidekick.com/summary-for-resume-no-experience/

Other than that, you need to put your academic experience. And internships/part-time jobs if you’ve had any.

Dear Biron,, Thanks for sharing the 10 examples of professional summaries in your article, and especially the reasons why they were considered to be good. However, as a HR professional, I would most likely skip over most of them and would not read much past the first or second sentence. The summaries were mostly too wordy and boring, and did not demonstrate ‘oomph’ at first cursory reading. Simply indicating certain skills or behaviors does not give an idea of the level of expertise, and could simply be wishful thinking on the part of the resume writer.

Just goes to show that there are many ways to see what makes a good summary.

I am a chemical engineer and project management professional with 15+years experience. My experience is between process engineering and project management . How can I marry the two in my profile summary?

It’s not about showing everything you’ve done. It’s about showing employers evidence you’ll succeed in their job. You can show a bit of both but focus heavily on what’s most relevant for the jobs you’re applying for right now. 80/20.

This was absolutely helpful and amazing! Thank you very much!

Hello, I am an active job seeker. I hold a law degree from a foreign country and currently in college for an associate degree. My question is, how do I blend both my foreign job experience with that of the United States in my resume. Thank you.

I’d put your work history in chronological order, starting with the most recent up top. That’s what I’d recommend for 95% of people actually. Then it doesn’t matter where you held each job.

And then in your Education section, I’d include your foreign degree and the current degree you’re pursuing in the US, too (for the US degree, you can say “in progress” or “graduating May 2019” for example).

I am 40 years old & B.A degree holder I have experience in many fields.I would like to join any one fields

I am a fresh graduate, who has five years teaching experience and some months customer service representative experience. Pls kindly assist me to put the resume summary together

I’m an active duty service member and finding in a little difficult creating a good transitional summary from 20 year profession in tactical communications to a drug and alcohol counselor. Do you have any recommendations how I should approach this? Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks

Great piece

How to write the CAREER ABSTRACT in resume for ware super visor retail business?

Just wanted to say thank you.Your advise and information was clear and easy to understand , sometimes there is nothing pertaining to what im looking fot in particular, buy you have sermed to cover everything I n a short quick easy to understand method.It will help tremendously.

Thanks! Glad to hear it helped :)

Very informational

What if you have work experience, but the job your going for(teachingeducation) has nothing to do with warehouse work? How should I build my resume?

In the summary, describe yourself and then say, “…looking to transition into ___” (the type of work you want to be doing now).

This is a bit like a resume “Objective”. I normally don’t recommend an Objective section (and I recommend a Summary section instead), however the one time an Objective does make sense is when you’re trying to change industries or make a big change in the type of role you have.

So that’s why my advice here might seem like I’m telling you to combine an Objective with your resume Summary.

Then “tailor” your previous work to be as relevant as possible. Even if you worked in a different industry you can still show things like leadership, accountability, progress/improvement, hard work, achieving goals, strong teamwork skills, etc. You can do all of that in your resume bullets and work history.

Don’t u have Resume Summary of legal secretary/legal assistant?

No, sorry about that. There are hundreds of different professions/job titles, and we aren’t able to include an example for every scenario out there. These resume summary examples are designed to give you a general idea of how to write yours.

The summaries listed are excellent example and have helped me develop a stand out summary for a new position.

Hello, I been trying to land the job of my dreams. I need help with my resume if i want the recruiters in airlines to notice me. I’ve applied before but haven’t had complete success to making it to a face-to Face Interview. It is a career change – yet i feel i am a great candidate bc i have had many customer service and I even attended an academy for that specific position. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong on my resume ?

what if i never had a job experience?

Great question. If you don’t have any work experience, take one of the formats/examples above and put your accomplishments and qualifications from your academic studies.

Your headline could say: “Motivated Bio-Sciences Graduate With Expertise in ____”.

And then you might talk about accomplishments in school, group projects you worked on or led, etc.

Basically, when you have no work experience, your school/studies BECOMES your recent work. You should talk about that like it’s a job, because that’s the experience you do have.

really amazing article and too useful , thanks

Hi Mr. Clark, I have been out of the work force for about 18+years and I have been a small business owner for the same number of years. However, I want to go back to the work force. But my problem is that, I don’t know how to prepare my resume or resume summary statement. I had a degree in Communication,Arts and Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Public Administration. I’m a bit confused as to how to incorporate all these experiences into my resume. Please can you help?

Hi Dorothy, I can recommend a professional resume writer if you want. But they’re typically not cheap, so it’s something you’d have to be willing to invest in. If not, there’s a lot of free info online about how to “tailor” your resume for specific jobs. I can’t help one-on-one unfortunately, but I’d recommend thinking about which type of jobs you want, and think of what experience you have that is most relevant. that’s what to put on your resume. Your resume isn’t only about you, it’s about them – what do they want/need? (if you want to get a ton of interviews, that’s how to do it :) ).

Can I have a professional resume writer?

I use a similar format when writing my opening statement for my coverletter. How do you recommend differentiating the two? Or is it ok to use largely the same language?

I think it’s okay to use something similar. I might be more brief in the cover letter… it needs to be about them just as much as it’s about you. Whereas the resume is all about you, at least in the summary section. (The later sections should still be tailored to THEIR needs..)

Struggling to write a Summary Statement for a Secretary/Administrative Assistant position. I have 15 years government experience but have been away from the government since 9/1993 and have spent 15 years as a Substitute Teacher after taking off for 10 years to raise my children.

Hiya! I am a mother of three attempting to return to the workforce. I have been a stay at mom for about 13 years, so I have a (large) gap in my employment history; which doesn’t look great. I have a college education and have obtained a few certifications whilst not employed, plus many volunteer hours. I know that I should probably use a functional resume format. Would love some advice on what I should include in my summary statement.

Hi Juniper,

I rarely like functional resumes, but it might be worth trying. I’d “split-test” it (a marketing term). Create two resume styles, send out 50% one way, 50% the other way, and track results for a week.

I’d treat the resume summary statement just like any other resume. Highlight your skills and past wins/accomplishments.

how do i explain long term gaps in employment? leave them out?

Hi Paulette,

Don’t mention them on a resume summary. But do mention the gaps on a cover letter or lower down on the resume. Here’s an article on how to explain gaps in employment:


I am student in civil engineering field. Have 1.5 yrs of work ex. How should i structure my resume. Thanks.

Hello My name is Shataka and I’m a current job seeker trying to land my dream job as a Counselor. I have Master degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. My experience lies in many different fields. I’m currently a Substance Abuse Counselor, with a teaching background and over 5 years of social service experience. I guess my question is how would I sum up all my experience to help me find a job as a Counselor.

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20 Resume Summary Examples for 2023 & Complete Guide

Stephen Greet

Understand the Resume Summary

You’ve probably heard countless times that your resume is the backbone of your job hunt, but it can be frustrating to figure out exactly what goes into a good one. There are plenty of resources available, but navigating them can be overwhelming.

One of the murky areas that hopeful applicants wrestle with is whether to include a summary or objective statement in their resume. When every bit of space on your resume is invaluable, how do you know when a summary or objective is essential?

If you’re already a pro, then head to our  easy-to-edit resume tool  to build your resume, or you can customize the resume below. Otherwise, join us, and we’ll clear away the confusion.

Real Estate Agent Resume

Get started customizing your own resume by clicking on this real estate agent resume below:

Truck driver resume example with 10 years experience

The summary of your resume should give a quick “snapshot” of your best qualifications, which you’ll later emphasize and quantify with your skills and experience. Your summary offers an overview of which qualifications make you the perfect fit for the job:  So, focus on the highlights of your career.

You want your summary to emphasize your  history of accomplishments and excellence , leveraging that information to demonstrate how you’ll benefit the company and enhance the position for which you’re applying. Your summary should be attention-grabbing and immediately show why you’re the ideal hire!

Is a resume summary the same as a career objective?

You may be wondering if a resume summary and a  career objective  serve the same purpose—and whether they’re interchangeable. There’s plenty of overlap between resume objectives and summaries, thus, muddling the waters. 

These key differences will help you simplify and clarify a confusing topic:

Summaries are great if:

Objectives are better if:

Wait! Is the summary the same as a summary of qualifications?

The lesser-known summary of qualifications is not quite the same as a resume summary! While your summary should elegantly describe your qualifications and relevant history in a couple of concise sentences, a summary of qualifications is more technical and usually presented in a bulleted list. The summary of qualifications lets you work in some ATS-friendly keywords and then dazzle a recruiter with metrics, accomplishments, and skills.

It’s usually recommended to keep your list of qualifications to around three to six bullet points, limiting each to one or two lines. But this format eats up space on your resume quickly! So, it’s best to replace your resume’s summary or objective with a summary of qualifications if you have a long, complicated history of experience in your field and need to emphasize the highlights of your background at a glance.

Know When to Use a Resume Summary

Young lady sitting at her laptop writing her resume

A resume summary is  often best suited to applicants with 10+ years of experience, although standalone accomplishments  can  be equally powerful . 

If you’ve achieved an unusual level of expertise or racked up an impressive list of accomplishments during a shorter time, consider including a summary!

Our simple  free resume templates  make it easy for you to add or remove information and manipulate sections for personalization without affecting the overall layout of your resume. If you choose to work with a resume template through a word-processing program, like the creative  Google Docs templates  we just designed, making changes can throw everything off kilter, often causing you to have to start from scratch to correct the problem.

Here are some indicators that a summary would fit nicely on your resume:

If the list above feels intimidating, circle back to the original question of whether a summary enhances your resume.

Here are some indicators you should simply leave the summary out and let your skills and experience speak for themselves:

If you can relate, your resume will be strongest if you drop the summary entirely. Instead, lead with your skills and emphasize dependability, ambition, and potential in your experience section.

Write an Effective Resume Summary

A PC monitor and laptop showing well written resumes

If you’re bracing yourself for the process of honing your summary, don’t worry! It’ll be a breeze if you follow our tried-and-true formula and keep our handy tips in mind as you write.

Follow our resume summary formula

The process is as easy as: X + Y + Z = Attention-snagging summary!

X = Your characteristics and personality traits Y = Years of experience and quantified success/results Z = How these results apply to the specific job role

Consider this resume summary for a programmer:

Programmer resume summary

You can pinpoint each element when you break this summary down:

X = Inquisitive, driven, and eager Y = 8+ years of experience, a client base of 100+ people, and a savings of 725+ manual hours Z = Specific programming skills like Python and jQuery that will enhance performance within the position

Our best resume summary tips

Now, we’ll unpack some tips to help you nail down the perfect summary to jumpstart your resume:

Don’t worry if this is a little overwhelming at first glance! Many job seekers linearly work through their resumes, but  save your summary for last  even though it appears first. Once your other sections are fine-tuned, it’ll be easier to pinpoint choice details to fill in the formula and complete your perfect summary. (And who says you have to nail your summary the first time you write it?! Go through as many iterations as you need when you  outline your resume .)

The good, the bad, and the ugly resume summary

So, what do these concepts look like in action? Take a look at this example of an excerpt from a digital marketing manager’s job description:

As a digital marketing marketer, you will plan, oversee, manage, and implement our brand’s digital marketing campaigns. You will:

What kind of summary works for this job description? We’ll take it from bad to best.

I graduated with a marketing degree last year and did lots of group projects. I know how to structure a market campaign and read analytics.

Why it’s ugly:  There’s zero personality here. The claims are not only weak and vague but there’s nothing quantifiable to back them—let alone any indication of managerial skills. Even though the summary addresses some details from the job description, they’re too generic. 

My degree in marketing makes me a great fit for this position. I can use my communication and analytical skills to help your team create great ad campaigns. I’m also familiar with Google Analytics and LinkedIn and have worked with several teams.

Why it’s bad:  While this summary addresses skills and teamwork experience more effectively, the tone still lacks the gusto that most managerial roles require. The first sentence takes up space while offering too little information, and the second two are redundant and unenthusiastic.

Ambition, creativity, and a BA in marketing empowered me to gain 6+ years of experience with a digital marketing team and boost website traffic by 67%. My proficiency in Microsoft Excel, SEO, and KPI tracking enable me to plan, create, and analyze advertising campaigns. My well-honed strategies and communication skills will elevate Nestlé USA’s marketing team to new heights.

Why it’s best:  This summary completes the formula! You can see personality, experience, and quantifiable claims coupled with the applicant’s skills that fit the exact job description. Dynamic, powerful verbs such as “boost,” “create,” and “empowered” also suggest this applicant is qualified for an advanced role.

20 Resume Summaries to Inspire You + Why They Work

Young man sitting behind his computer screen happily typing away

You’ve got the basics down; now you’re ready to take some inspiration from these 20 resume summary examples across different professions. We’ve alphabetized them to simplify things —but we recommend reading them all with our key formula in mind to solidify this info. Before you know it, you’ll have a starting point for your own incredible summary.

We begin each with a quick list of key points in the job description, so you can see how each summary is carefully customized to the role.

Accountant resume summary

Accountant job description  key points :

Accountant resume summary :

Accountant resume summary

Why this resume works

Need more help? Our  accountant resume guide  and  accountant cover letter examples  have you covered from top to bottom.

Attorney resume summary

Attorney job description  key points :

Attorney resume summary :

Attorney resume summary

If you need more guidance on your  attorney resume  or  attorney cover letter , we can show you the way regardless of your experience level.

Business analyst resume summary

Business analyst job description  key points :

Business analyst resume summary :

Business analyst resume summary

Take your career documents to the next level with comprehensive guidance on your  business analyst resume  and  business analyst cover letter .

Customer service resume summary

Customer service job description  key points :

Customer service resume summary :

Customer service representative resume summary

If you’re  building your resume  for the first time, glancing through our  customer service resume  guide will steer you in the right direction before you transition to your  customer service cover letter .

Data analyst resume summary

Data analyst job description  key points :

Data analyst resume summary :

Data analyst resume summary

You’re in good hands (this is not a plug for Allstate, by the way) with our  data analyst resume  guide if you need some solid examples. Chances are you’ll need a  data analyst cover letter  to go with your resume; we’ve got that handled, too.

Data engineer resume summary

Data engineer job description  key points :

Data engineer resume summary :

Data engineer resume summary

Start your  data engineer resume  with the right  resume template  that speaks to you and your dream role. Besides a resume summary, know what else requires good writing? Yeah, your  data engineer cover letter .

Data scientist resume summary

Data scientist job description  key points:

Data scientist resume summary :

Data scientist resume summary

Looking for more resources? We can help you with the entirety of your  data scientist resume  and help you understand the nuances of writing a  data scientist cover letter .

Graphic designer resume summary

Graphic designer job description  key points :

Graphic designer resume summary :

Graphic designer resume summary

Choose a  well-designed resume template  for your  graphic designer resume , and find a matching template to boost your confidence when it comes to your  graphic designer cover letter , too.

Human resources (HR) resume summary

Human resources (HR) job description  key points :

Human resources (HR) resume summary :

Human resources manager resume summary

Don’t miss our complete  HR cover letter guide , and we share what works and what doesn’t on the rest of your  human resources (HR) resume .

Nursing resume summary

Nursing job description  key points :

Nursing resume summary :

Registered nurse resume summary

The roles are endless when it comes to the medical field, so make sure you’re on the right track with your  nursing resume  as well as when it comes to  writing your nurse cover letter .

Operations manager resume summary

Operations manager job description  key points :

Operations manager resume summary :

Operations manager resume summary

Your  operations manager resume  is sure to shine when you consider our  top resume tips ; then, you’ll be primed to write your  operations manager cover letter .

Product manager resume summary

Product manager job description  key points :

Product manager resume summary :

Product manager resume summary

Our  product manager resume  guide will ensure your resume is in tip-top shape from resume summary to  resume format . If you’re resume’s already a success, don’t forget about your  product manager cover letter .

Program manager resume summary

Program manager job description  key points :

Program manager resume summary :

Program manager resume summary

Sail through the rest of your  program manager resume , and don’t forget to check it against our  AI-powered resume tool  before you draft the perfect  program manager cover letter .

Project manager resume summary

Project manager job description  key points :

Project manager resume summary :

Project manager resume summary

PMs, we see you! Peruse our  project manager resume examples  for support and inspiration, and sail through your  project manager cover letter , too.

Recruiter resume summary

Recruiter job description  key points:

Recruiter resume summary :

Recruiter resume summary

You know all about the job hunt, but we get that you need help with your  recruiter resume , too. When it comes to  writing a resume  or your  recruiter cover letter , we’ll share all we know.

Sales resume summary

Sales job description  key points :

Sales resume summary :

Sales representative resume summary

Sell your career documents and snag your dream role with our resources for your  sales resume  and  sales cover letter .

Scrum master resume summary 

Scrum Master job description  key points :

Scrum Master resume summary :

Scrum master resume summary

Scrum Masters, we know you appreciate a logical and organized approach, so start by exploring our  resume examples  and diving into what works on the  best Scrum Master resumes . We can also teach you how to tackle your  Scrum Master cover letter  with ease.

Social media manager resume summary

Social media job description  key points :

Social media manager resume summary :

Social media manager resume summary

As a social media guru, you have an eye for details, which is why you’ll appreciate our free and  creative Word resume templates  as you finish building your  social media manager resume  and writing your  social media manager cover letter .

Software engineer resume summary

Software engineer job description  key points :

Software engineer resume summary :

Software engineer resume summary

If your  software engineer resume  needs a facelift, consider one of our  free resume templates . Remember that your  software engineer cover letter  can make a great first impression.

Teacher resume summary

Teacher job description  key points :

Teacher resume summary :

English teacher resume summary

Along with your  teacher resume , your  teacher cover letter  should also be top of mind.

Resume Summary Recap and Your Next Steps

Young lady going over notes on a blackboard

You’ve made it to the end, but don’t feel too overwhelmed or get lost in the weeds while striving to pinpoint the best parts of your experience and skillset to include in your summary! Return as often as you need to the summary examples above, and don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from our  resume examples . 

When you start writing your summary, keep our formula in mind:

X + Y + Z = Success!

X = Your characteristics/personality Y = Experience and quantified success/results Z = How your accomplishments apply to the specific role

Carefully read every job description while you search, and tailor your resume summary to each listing. The extra effort and finishing touches will show!

Remember it’s easiest to write your summary once you’ve drafted the rest of your resume , so you can get crackin’ in our  resume builder  for an interactive, intuitive solution. And if you like the resume below, you can start customizing it right away. So, here’s to your success. We’re cheering you on! 

When crafting your document, be sure to include specific information from the job ad but only if you actually have that experience. Because the ATS will automatically search for appropriate keywords and phrases, you can readily find what employers are searching for in other resumes and the ad for the job you’re applying for. Also, look at other ads for similar positions to find industry-specific keyword information to include.

Senior Financial Analyst Resume

Senior financial analyst resume template with 10 years of experience

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How to Write a Professional Resume Summary? [+Examples]

Kaja Jurčišinová — Staff Writer

Do you want to land more job interviews? The easiest way to achieve this is by attracting a recruiter’s attention straight away by summarizing the highlights of your career right at the start of your resume — in a section called the resume summary. 

The purpose of this resume section, which is also known as a professional summary or resume statement, is to create a good first impression. It sums up your work experience , skills, and achievements into a short and concise sales pitch where you are the product. 

Do it well, and your future employers will be more inclined to read the rest of your resume.

Without further ado, let’s show you how to write an exceptional professional summary that will not only get you to more job interviews but will also help you land a job. 

This guide will show you:

What is a professional summary?

Why do you need a professional summary, how to write a professional summary.

TL;DR video guide: How to write a professional summary for a resume 

A professional summary gives the hiring manager a quick overview of your skills and achievements without them having to dive into the rest of your resume. It sits at the top of your resume, beneath your name and contact information. You can think of it as a teaser for the rest of your resume.

It should sum up your top skills, experiences, and achievements as they pertain to the job description.

Take a look at the sample below to see what it looks like in practice: 

The professional summary section is also known as a: 

However, don’t mistake a professional summary for a resume objective or profile . We’ll discuss the differences between them later in this guide. 

How long should a professional summary be? 

Generally speaking, a resume summary should be quite short. The most common length is 3-5 sentences or bullet points. It shouldn't be longer than 5-6 concise bullet points , but it also shouldn't be shorter than 2 bullet points. 

You can also replace the first bullet point with a short introductory paragraph that includes your job title, years of experience, and specialization. 

professional summary on a resume

While many people still don't include the resume profile section in their resumes, it's a mistake. But why is it a mistake?

The thing is, recruiters are busy people , they go through dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes before they can find a few qualified candidates. 

Do you know what this means? Shortcuts. At first, recruiters will be skimming resumes in search of specific keywords and phrases that align with what the company is searching for.

That’s why you want to include the best resume summary you can come up with because a good summary section consists of nothing but these juicy bite-size phrases and keywords that a recruiter can spot at a glance. 

In short, a professional summary allows you to turn a recruiter's time limitation into an advantage. 

Christy's word of advice

While recruiters are indeed busy, did you know that the information that recruiters only give each resume 6 seconds of their time isn't true? 

“This one's a little bit of a myth. It takes about six seconds to screen the resume for the key information that I'm looking for, such as location, summary, keywords, or if there's a skills section. Within this time frame, I should be able to get a feel for who you are and what you're looking for. But it's mainly about six seconds for me to pick out the basic information I need. It doesn't mean that I'm going to spend just six seconds on it or that I won't continue reading after. ” —   Christy Morgan , Kickresume's Resident HR Expert

resume summary kickresume

As we said before, a good professional summary should compel an employer to read the next section of your resume — that’s all. If it manages to do that, then it has accomplished its purpose. 

However, doing this is easier said than done, as it can be tricky to cram the most exciting bits of your career into a 3-5 bullet points summary. 

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to craft an impressive resume summary.

Before you start writing:

Once you start writing:

How to use keywords in a resume summary

A professional summary can do more than catch the attention of the recruiter. It can also make your resume more ATS-friendly. 

It's a great place where you can squeeze in one or two ATS-friendly keywords , and it will still look natural.

Such keywords can be your industry-relevant hard skills, previous job positions, notable clients, certificates and courses from notable institutions, or a note-worthy university (if you recently finished your degree). 

Moreover, you should add keywords and relevant skills from the job listing.

Don't get too creative with the heading, though. While replacing the professional summary headline with “Snapshot” sounds great, ATS doesn't know what it means and therefore wouldn't recognize it.

summary resume example

Professional resume summary examples for most common careers

Now that you know the ins and outs of writing a resume summary, here are a few examples that can inspire you when writing your summary:

Professional summary example for customer service

Performance-driven and motivated customer service rep offering 4+ years of relevant experience. Eager to join the Techia team and contribute to the growth of the company. In the previous role, the ability to make customers comfortable and relaxed allowed for 98% customer service survey results and had 25% more sales than the average employer. 

Professional resume summary example for retail

Dedicated and hard-working storekeeper with a Business Administration degree. Eager to bring my strong attention to detail and accuracy to J&R inc. Adept at communicating with vendors and suppliers, coordinating various business operations, and maintaining documents and files in order. In the past jobs brought an extra $50k of sales per quarter and increased customer satisfaction by 20%. 

Professional summary example for nursing resume

Motivational and resourceful Orthopedic Nurse with 10 years of experience with in-depth knowledge in trauma recovery, aggressive pain management techniques, and post-surgical recovery. Especially proficient in providing external fixation care and continuous motion therapy along with neuromuscular status monitoring. Committed to work as an orthopedic nurse for people who are struggling with mobility issues due to accidental injuries and degenerative disease affecting bones and muscles.

Professional summary example for administrative assistant

Self-driven and accurate Executive Assistant skilled at performing various office/administrative duties, such as coordinating meetings, maintaining calendar and schedule, filing documents, and managing company correspondence. Highly self-motivated with a solid work ethic and multitasking abilities.

Professional summary example for data analyst

A graduate in Information Systems with two years of hands-on data analytics experience. Passionate about working with large amounts of data and to turn this data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions. I also have a keen interest in the field of data visualization and am fascinated by the power to compress complex datasets into approachable and appealing graphics.

Professional summary example for warehouse worker

Hard-working and dedicated Warehouse Worker with 2+ years of extensive experience in inspecting incoming shipments, preparing and processing orders, and performing various administrative duties. The Employee of the Month Award winner with a strong attention to detail and accuracy and determination to achieve exceptional results. Offers excellent time management skills and important ability to work independently or in a team.

Professional summary example for receptionist 

Customer-oriented and performance-driven Front Desk Assistant skilled at performing various administrative tasks, improving all office processes and procedures, and providing support to Office Managers. Great communicator with a Business Administration degree from a well-known university and an exceptional ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Possess well-developed communication skills and excellent time management abilities.

Resume summary example for management

A Project Manager with 16 years of experience in IT projects. Responsible for the management of teams of up to 15 direct and 7 indirect employees. Has High level knowledge in project execution using best practices of waterfall and agile methodologies. High level knowledge of Jupyter Notebook, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word. 

Professional summary example for project manager

Logistics & Planning PMO for Anheuser-Busch InBev with +7 years of experience in Supply Chain Operations & Project Management. Lived and worked for ABI in 6 cities in past years, managed +300 direct & indirect employees and +0.5 billion BRL over the years. At ABI experienced the routines in breweries operations & urban distribution. As Project Manager build the Zone Logistics Project area for ABI LAN, being responsible for 4.0 Supply Chain, integrating the technologies WMS, YMS, TMS and Tracking.

Resume summary example for stay-at-home mother

Performance-driven and knowledgeable Stay At Home Mother skilled at conducting detailed market research, developing new sales tools, creating reports, and promoting products and services. Certified Marketing Management Professional with an extensive knowledge of multiple marketing software programmes, great communication skills, and excellent teamwork abilities. Currently looking for any Marketing related remote part-time job.

Professional summary example for student

Self-driven and knowledgeable computer science student with demonstrated experience in developing user-friendly software applications, coding and testing features, and providing engineering support. Oracle Certified Professional with extensive knowledge of multiple programming languages and software development tools, excellent problem-solving skills, and ability to perform well in a team.

fresh graduate resume summary example

How to write a resume summary if you're a fresh graduate/student?

If you’re a student or a fresh graduate, you probably don’t have much to brag about in your resume yet.

But that’s true only to some extent. Even as an entry-level candidate, you already have at least some experience and skills. You just have to find the right way to articulate them.

What’s more, it’s quite likely that the other candidates are just as inexperienced as you are. After all, experienced professionals rarely apply for entry-level positions. 

Because of that, your primary goal is to stand out and make the employer remember you . And you can do that even if your experience is limited.

It’s not like you’ve just spent most of your life at school and learned nothing. You just need to understand how your studies intersect with the job’s requirements.

 Here’s how you can write your professional resume summary as a student/fresh graduate:

In the end, a fresh graduate resume summary should look a bit like this: 

Hired by Bupa — Business Administration Intern

How to write a resume summary as an experienced professional?

If you have 10 to 15 years of professional experience under your belt, you’ve probably developed a long list of job-related accomplishments. Your qualifications summary is the ideal place to showcase the most impressive of them. 

On the other, with that extent of experience, it may be quite challenging to pick and choose the right information for your professional summary. 

So what should you do? 

For instance, are you an experienced sales and customer service professional? Sell it. Mention how you developed strategies that resulted in an over 15 % increase in new customers. Or how your rewards program reached a customer success rate of over 45 %. Numbers can be much more persuasive than words . 

Also, always remember to use action words and relevant keywords.

Here’s a professional summary resume example from an experienced professional: 

HubSpot — Director of Business Development Resume Summary Example

How to write a professional summary if you’re changing careers?

As a career changer , try to show how your past experience relates to the position you’re applying for or how it can help your future employer grow.

Are you a software developer who wants to work with a new programming language, let’s say Python? You can mention how you’ve already developed 7 mobile apps using JavaScript and HTML. Even something as small as completing a Python online course on CodeAcademy can work wonders.

But if you still feel like you don’t have any relevant job experience, consider writing a resume objective instead. Instead of past achievements and experiences, it highlights your transferable skills and motivation. Moreover, it explains why you seek to switch to a different industry.

On the other hand, make sure that you have absolutely no other solution, as a resume summary always makes a better impression than a resume objective . To learn more about a resume objective just scroll to the following chapter. 

Here’s an example of a professional summary for someone changing careers:

How to write a professional summary for a resume with no work experience? 

A lot of people with no work experience default to writing a resume objective because they think they have nothing to summarize.

However, this usually ends up backfiring as the resume objective brings little to the table. That’s because the resume objective’s main focus is on you as opposed to a professional summary which focuses on solving the needs of a company.

Also, writing a summary objective can make you appear more inexperienced than you truly are. 

Instead, as someone with no work experience, you can write a professional summary by including: 

In addition, if you have volunteered or interned, know that regardless of whether they were paid or not, they're still considered work experience. As the skills and knowledge gained as a volunteer or intern can be quite valuable to an employer. 

With that said, here’s an example of a professional summary for someone with no work experience:

People United Foundation – Fundraiser Volunteer 

what is a resume objective

Resume summary vs resume objective and resume profile

While these terms are often interchangeable, a resume summary, a resume objective, and a resume profile are all slightly different things. Scroll below to see how. 

What is a resume objective?

First of all, a resume objective isn't the same thing as a resume summary. They share several common features but each serves a different purpose.

Like a resume summary, a resume objective also sits at the top of your resume. Though, it’s a bit shorter — usually about one to two sentences long . 

The biggest difference is that instead of your past accomplishments, it details your future goals.

Although a resume objective might not help hiring managers decide whether you’re qualified enough to solve their company’s problems, it may help you shift their attention away from your lack of experience.

With that said, resume objectives are a bit old-fashioned as they used to be more common in past. So it should only be written as a last resort.

resume objective sample

What is a resume profile?

Most people think that the resume profile and resume summary are the same exact thing. And they aren't that wrong. 

However, there are some slight differences between the two. 

A resume profile tends to be a little longer than a resume summary. Still, you should try to keep it under 500 characters. Additionally, while a resume summary is simply a condensed version of your resume placed at the top of it, a resume profile focuses more on your professional accomplishments and successes. 

Still — a resume summary and a resume profile are basically the same thing. So don't worry too much about the difference between the two. Just make sure you'll include either of them in your resume. 

Final tips and tricks

We've already mentioned almost everything you need to write an effective professional summary. These are some of the final tips that didn't fit anywhere else in this guide:

FAQ: How to write a professional resume summary 

How to write a resume summary.

Write your professional summary last. It’s surprisingly easy once you’ve already written other sections of your resume. In the first bullet point, include your job title and years of experience. Then cherry-pick the most impressive achievements and cram them into 4–5 bullet points.

There are some slight differences between a resume profile and a resume summary. A resume profile tends to be a little longer than a resume summary. Still, you should try to keep it under 500 characters. A resume profile also focuses more on your professional accomplishments and successes than a resume summary. 

This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Noel Rojo in 2021 .

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