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The Ordinary

Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

The Ordinary Buffet Multi Technology Peptide Serum 30Ml

The Ordinary Buffet Multi Technology Peptide Serum 30Ml

The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% Size - 30ml

The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane – 30ml_6130e59cae74d.jpeg

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane – 30ml

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane – 30ml_617ab9536fa6a.png

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane – 30ml

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density – 60ml_617ab93c1d9f8.png

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density – 60ml

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – 60ml_61420a3eb0f86.jpeg

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – 60ml

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%_6130e595cb177.jpeg

The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane – 30ml_6130e58fdd991.jpeg

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane – 30ml

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics – 30ml_6130e589c223f.jpeg

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics – 30ml

The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil – 30ml_6130e58305c1e.jpeg

The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil – 30ml


New arrivals

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 145 Rose Beige_6167261d47a8d.png

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 145 Rose Beige

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 25 Rose Ivory_61672623df285.png

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 25 Rose Ivory

Loreal True Match Blush – 165 Rose Bonne_6167262b560e1.jpeg

Loreal True Match Blush – 165 Rose Bonne

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 230 Radiant Honey_61672631c6657.png

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 230 Radiant Honey

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 300 Ambre_616726382b5e8.png

Loreal Infallible 24Hr Matte Cover Foundation – 300 Ambre

Loreal Air Volume Mega Mascara - Black

Loreal Air Volume Mega Mascara – Black

Loreal True Match Compact Powder – W1 Golden Ivory_61672643be216.jpeg

Loreal True Match Compact Powder – W1 Golden Ivory

Loreal True Match Compact Powder – C1 Rose Ivory_6167264968453.jpeg

Loreal True Match Compact Powder – C1 Rose Ivory

Loreal True Match Blush – 120 Sandalwood Pink_6167264f912b8.jpeg

Loreal True Match Blush – 120 Sandalwood Pink

Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation – 3W Golden Beige_616726556257f.jpeg

Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation – 3W Golden Beige

Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation – 2N Vanilla_6167265b1522d.jpeg

Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation – 2N Vanilla

Loreal Super Liner Gel Intenza – Pure Black_616726613c6a4.jpeg

Loreal Super Liner Gel Intenza – Pure Black


Bigbasket is Pakistan New ever global e-commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the country and the world. Big Basket offers a wide selection of cosmetics in Pakistan.

I’ve always had sensitive skin and it’s also dry. I’m constantly looking for new skincare products to try out, so of course, when Cerave came out with their line of moisturizers, I was interested. It seemed like they were marketed towards people who have sensitive skin, so of course, this would be perfect for me!

I’ve been using the moisturizer every night before bed for about a month now and I really enjoy it. It’s very rich but still light enough that you don’t feel greasy after applying it to your face. The best part is that my skin feels hydrated in the morning!

If you’re looking for some new skincare products or want to switch up what you use regularly, I would recommend trying out Cerave products . They’re gentle on the skin and work well to keep your face hydrated!

Another plus about these products is that they also have sunscreen, which is something that you should be wearing daily even in the wintertime.

Essence makeup has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most popular brands in Europe. Essence offers a variety of products to suit every beauty need, from affordable high-end quality cosmetics to drugstore favorites. The company was founded by Polish sisters Eva and Edyta Kowalczyk who initially sold their products door-to-door before opening up their first store in 1991. They have since expanded into other countries around the world including Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Mexico, and Russia!

The best part about this brand is that it’s known for its affordability but still delivers on high performance. You can find many different types of lipsticks at all price points as well as eye shadows that are great quality and super affordable.

Makeup Revolution brand has also been gaining a lot of popularity and is another one that’s known for its quality and affordability. They have cute packaging and offer an array of products including foundation, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, concealers, and more!

Tarte Cosmetics The Smashbox BB Cream is great for oily skin types because they have mattifying agents which help absorb excess oil throughout the day. Tarte has a variety of foundations with SPF. So if you need sun protection, there are options for that!

I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough makeup. I love trying new things and experimenting. But the one thing that’s always in my collection is a good old-fashioned MAC lipstick! The pigmentation of these lipsticks is amazing and they go on so smooth, but the best part is how long-lasting they are. If you’re looking for some new swatches to try out, this blog post has got them all!!

I absolutely love the matte lipstick trend that’s going on right now! I can’t get enough of it and neither should you! Even though these types of lipsticks were made popular by Kylie Jenner, I can’t overlook the great reviews that are coming in these days about other brands. My personal favorites are the NYX liquid suedes for their comfortability and lasting power! These lipsticks are long-wearing but they won’t dry out your lips which makes them perfect for all-day wear.

But what if you don’t like matte lipstick? There are still great options for you! My personal favorite is the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. This product has a brush applicator and goes on like a gloss but with full coverage and matte finish in one easy step.

Huda Beauty is one of the most popular beauty brands today, but what sets it apart from other makeup brands? Huda Kattan, a self-made blogger turned to a makeup mogul, has made her mark in the beauty industry by creating products that are high quality and affordable. She has created lipsticks with long-lasting matte finishes and foundations that look flawless on any skin tone. These products might be more expensive than drug store makeup, but they’re worth every penny! Today I’m writing about 5 Huda Beauty Products You Need to Try ASAP! Stay tuned for my blog post to hear all about these amazing beauty finds!!


This liquid matte lip color has an amazing matte finish that looks so luxurious and expensive! It’s hard to believe this lipstick is only $20 when the quality definitely feels like it should be sold in Sephora for $30. The formula goes on smoothly to create a rich color that lasts all day! This is my go-to lipstick to wear when I want a classic clean look. It’s available in over 30 different shades that are perfect for every skin tone and occasion.


This lightweight foundation is the best I’ve ever found for achieving a flawless airbrushed look! The foundation comes with a pump that makes it super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about spilling or wasting any product. It applies very smoothly and doesn’t clog up your pores which is really important if you have acne-prone skin as I do. It comes in 20 different shades for every skin tone and you can get a customized match to your natural skin tone!


This eyeshadow palette is amazing and has such gorgeous color options! I love the color selection because there’s a little something for everyone and you can create a variety of different looks. There are 4 shimmery options and 8 matte colors, which is my favorite type of eyeshadow because it doesn’t crease as easily! This palette also comes with a mirror that makes it easy to use on the go!


These shadow palettes are a great way to start building your eyeshadow collection! They have a wide variety of colors in matte, shimmery, and metallic finishes that look amazing on the lid. The texture is really unique because they feel like velvet and blend easily to create a chic look. They’re very affordable and you can find them at Walgreens, Walmart or your local CVS!


This makeup palette is perfect for creating a romantic makeup look for date night or a special event! The palette comes with 20 different shades of both shimmer and matte finishes. This palette has a great color selection that can be worked together in a bunch of different ways to create fun looks. I also love the packaging because it’s really sleek and beautiful!

Loreal is known for its high-quality makeup, so when I heard about the new Infallible Pro-Matte foundation I had to try it out. It was definitely worth trying because it has amazing staying power and feels light on my skin. Plus, you can’t beat that matte finish! The only downside of this product is that it isn’t available in stores yet, but if you’re willing to wait a bit longer for shipping then go ahead and order some online!

L’Oreal Infallible Makeup

The L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is amazing because it goes on smoothly and stays on all day long without having to touch up your makeup! It also has a nice matte finish which I love–it’s perfect for those days when you’re running late and can’t spend too much time on your makeup. In addition to that, the coverage is buildable as well as transfer resistant which means next to nothing will be coming off onto your clothes or hands throughout the day.

Covergirl is definitely my favorite drug store brand because they have an extensive line of products that work great and don’t break the bank. Their new Trubride foundation has a nice matte finish on the skin and goes on smoothly for a flawless airbrushed look. It also comes in 20 different shades which is perfect for everyone, and at the price of $12.99 you can’t go wrong!

I love Nyx because they have a ton of products at low prices so I can try out different colors and looks without breaking the bank! Their HD Photogenic concealer is perfect for hiding imperfections under your eyes or concealing blemishes. It glides on easily and doesn’t cake up after a couple of hours, which is what I look for in a concealer!

The Ordinary Makeup has a range of different products from concealers and foundations, brows and lashes, all-natural skincare items as well as other cosmetics such as lipsticks and mascaras. The prices are affordable too with most things being under 5000Rs. Another perk of their makeup is that they are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly.

I’ve always been one to enjoy a good beauty hack. I love the idea that there’s some quick and easy way to look like you’re wearing makeup when really, you just have something on your lips or under your eyes to cover up dark circles. It makes me feel more put together than I actually am which is why I was so excited when my sister introduced me to The Ordinary Makeup products.

I love makeup and beauty products! I get excited when I get to try new things, especially from brands like Maybelline New York . They’re known for their range of high-quality cosmetics that are affordable and accessible to everyone. This time around, I put together a list of my absolute favorite Maybelline products that you should check out whether you’re in the market for a new foundation or mascara. What’s your favorite product?

I hope this blog post has been helpful! Have a great day!

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with finding makeup that goes on smoothly and stays on all day. I usually spend a good amount of time before work putting on my entire face of makeup, just to have half of it melt off by the middle of my 8-hour shift. Not only does this waste time, but it also wastes products. However, I recently discovered the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation which has changed my makeup game forever!

Neutrogena is a brand that has been around for years, and they have created some of my favorite products. I trust their makeup to go on smoothly without causing any breakouts on my skin. Their foundations are great at providing light coverage while still looking natural on the skin! It’s definitely a step up from drugstore brands like Rimmel or Covergirl.

I also love their acne stress control power cream moisturizer. It works really well for oily/combination skin and has helped clear up my breakouts pretty quickly!

Revlon has been around for over 75 years. They are known all over the world for their makeup products, especially mascara and lipsticks. Their line of cosmetics is affordable, yet high quality! There are so many different colors available that you will never run out of options to try! Revlon makes your lips pop with color, while at the same time making them feel hydrated and smooth. Whether you want a bold look or just something natural, Revlon has got you covered. The next time you need some new makeup, head on down to your local drugstore and pick up some fabulous Revlon products today!!

I’m a huge fan of skincare products and have been trying different brands to see what works best for me. I’ve tried everything from drugstore brands like Clean & Clear to high-end products from Clinique.   After going through a couple of different types, I’ve finally found a brand that leaves my skin not only looking great but also feeling smooth and moisturized.

Cetaphil is known for its effective skincare products that gently cleanse the skin without stripping the natural oils necessary for keeping it healthy. This mild cleanser has been a miracle worker, especially during allergy season when my face tends to get red and blotchy! It’s helped soothe and calm my skin, resulting in a clear and healthy-looking glow.

It’s always refreshing to find a makeup brand that offers quality products at an affordable price. LA Girl has been around for over 20 years, and they are still doing what they do best: making high-quality beauty products that don’t break the bank. From foundations to lipsticks, this company has everything you need in your makeup bag! Try their new High Definition Concealer today!

Garnier has been a company that I have trusted for years to provide me with great skincare products. Whether it’s been their ultra-pure face masks or creamy lip butter, Garnier never disappoints.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it’s also one of the first things people notice about you. This means that taking care of your skin should be a top priority. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when caring for your skin:

Once you’ve cared for your skin properly, it’s important to find the best way to cover up imperfections! Concealer is my favorite product for this. It’s easy to apply with the wand applicator and it does a great job of covering up dark circles under your eyes, acne scars, redness, etc..

If you’re like me, then your morning routine consists of two things: coffee and face makeup. I don’t know about you but when I wake up my skin is in desperate need of moisture to start the day off fresh. Nowadays, there are so many different brands on the market that it can be hard to find one that fits your needs. So here’s a rundown of some popular brands and their benefits! Let us know what your favorite products are in the comments below!

I’m not a makeup expert, but I know what looks good on me. Going for a natural look is my favorite because it’s the most flattering. A little mascara and eyeliner are all you need! If you’re new to wearing makeup or just want some advice, here are some of my tips:


This is an absolute must-have in any girl’s makeup bag! Eyeshadow primer creates a smooth base for your eyeshadow that helps prevent creasing, fading and caking. This is especially important when you want the color on your eyelids to last all day long! I recommend MAC eyeshadow primer because it’s affordable and even though it’s not an expensive brand, it does a better job than most more pricey options.


An eyeshadow palette is a great way to start building up your collection of neutral colors! I love the original Naked palette for this reason because it has 12 different options that can be worn during the day or at night. It’s also all in one place so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your favorite shadows!

The key to a perfect winged eyeliner is steady hands. You can also use tape to help you create the sharpest line possible if you’re struggling with keeping it straight. No matter what, practice makes perfect so don’t get discouraged when you aren’t able to produce results right away!

Mascara is my favorite makeup product of all time. It instantly opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake! There are so many different types of mascaras out there like lengthening, thickening, waterproof and even colored mascaras (like blue or green). My all-time favorite type is the purple tube of Maybelline Great Lash because it’s the most affordable option, but Lancome Definicils is my go-to for a great lengthening look.

Lips makeup is a great way to enhance and accentuate your mouth. Lips can be made to look full and plump, or thin and pale with lipstick application. Lipstick colors range from bold reds to neutral nudes, so there’s something for everyone! There are also lip glosses available in various finishes including matte, sheer, shimmery, etc. In the blog post below I’ll go over some of the most popular types of lip makeup products on the market today.

A lipstick is typically a cream-based product that comes in a tube form with a wand applicator attached at one end that you use to apply it directly onto your lips. The color choice will depend on what kind o ff look you’re going for (natural, bold) and how much coverage you want. For example, if you like your lipstick to last all day without having to reapply then go for the matte or long-wearing types. There are even lipsticks that promise to plump up your lips! However, be aware that long-term use of lipsticks with a plumping agent may cause you to lose the natural color and shape of your lips. This is because it can swell up blood vessels which will make it seem like you have more lines on your lips.


A lip liner is used to outline your lips or fill them in for a matte look. It’s a great product to have on hand if you want a more defined lip line. You can apply your lip liner first and fill in with your favorite lipstick color or create a gradient effect by applying the liner all over and then using a matching lipstick at the center of your lips.


A lip gloss is exactly what it sounds like, a product that gives the appearance of glossy lips. Lip gloss comes in various forms including liquids, creams, shimmers and sheers. It’s easy to apply with its own wand applicator, but can also be applied over lipstick or lip liner for an extra glossy look on top.


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Alibaba backs Indian online grocer BigBasket in $300 million fundraising

By Reuters Staff

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's leading online grocer BigBasket has raised $300 million in a funding round led by China's Alibaba BABA.N , giving it more firepower to compete with U.S. rival Amazon AMZN.O .

An Alibaba unit invested $146 million, subscribing to compulsorily convertible preference shares, BigBasket said a filing to Indian regulators.

BigBasket, which sells everything from vegetables to frozen meats to soap and shampoo, gave no breakdown of the fundraising but said it would use the funds to build farmer networks and expand deeper into Indian cities where they operate.

“BigBasket is delighted to receive this funding from Alibaba, which will essentially be directed towards growth and consolidation. The multinational e-commerce retailer fits in best with what we believe in,” chief executive Hari Menon said.

Bengaluru-headquartered BigBasket, which researcher Forrester estimates accounts for roughly 40 percent of India's $750 million online grocery market, is competing with SoftBank-backed 9984.T Grofers and Amazon's India unit for a bigger slice of the market.

Founded in 2011, BigBasket has more than 6 million registered customers and operates across 26 Indian cities.

Alibaba, through its units, holds various investments in India’s fast-growing online retail space, including a stake in the parent of top digital wallet firm Paytm.

Sands Capital Pvt Growth Ltd, International Finance Corp and Abraaj Basket I Pvt Ltd also invested a total of $50.8 million in BigBasket as part of the latest round, according to the filing.

It was not immediately known who invested the remainder of the total $300 million.

BigBasket and Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests seeking comment.

Reporting by Sankalp Phartiyal; Editing by Devidutta Tripathy and Alexander Smith

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

The Economic Times daily newspaper is available online now.

E-commerce firms tie up with retailers and e-grocers to help in last mile delivery, uber, domino's pizza, rapido, zypp, swiggy, zomato and scootsy have all ventured into grocery delivery in partnerships with retail chains such as big bazaar, spencer’s retail and nature's basket, and online grocers bigbasket and grofers that are grappling with a massive shortage of employees due to flight of several migrant workers to their hometowns..


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India has Right Mix of Factors for Long-term Growth: FM

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday exuded confidence about India’s elevated growth rates in the longer term, saying that an assortment of reasons, including the rule of law, distinguishes the country from some other investment destinations.

India Visit Helped Co Deepen Tieups, Seek Support in New Areas: Foxconn Chairman

His visit underlines Foxconn’s heightened interest in India, which is positioning itself as an alternative manufacturing hub for electronics for global companies working to diversify their supply chain away from China. Liu had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

Cos Warm Up to Liberal Parental Leave Policies

India Inc is ramping up its parental leave policies — offering more liberal paternity leaves and increasingly including LGBTQ+, adoptive and surrogate parents — as it looks to acknowledge changing social structures, foster inclusion and diversity, and attract and retain employees.

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IHBC Conservation Wiki Part of Designing Buildings www.designingbuildings.co.uk

The Big Basket


The Big Basket building , in Newark, Ohio, was built as the headquarters of the Longaberger Company , an American manufacturer of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other lifestyle products . It is one of the most famous examples of mimetic or novelty architecture , in which buildings are designed to mimic or represent objects associated with their function .

In the case of the Big Basket building , it was designed to replicate the company's best selling product , the Medium Market Basket, but 160 times larger.

Architects had initially proposed designs that were merely suggestive of a basket, until the company's founder Dave Longaberger pointed to one of the baskets and told them to “make it look exactly like that”.

The 180,000 sq. ft. building cost $30 m to construct and was completed in 1997. It is 7- storeys tall with a central atrium and glass ceiling to provide natural light . It is topped by two steel handles, each weighing 75 tons, which are fitted with heating elements to prevent them from freezing and so protecting the glass atrium below from falling ice . On each side of the top of the building are two gold-leaf-painted 'Longaberger' tags measuring 25 x 7 ft.

In February 2016, after a period of falling profits and staff reductions, Longaberger's parent company JRJR Networks announced that the remaining employees would be moved out from the Newark headquarters.

One of the common problems with mimetic architecture , is its re-sale value , and the future of the Big Basket building has been uncertain. However, there does appear to be popular support in Newark for preserving it as a local landmark, with ideas for future uses including; converting it into a hotel , a multi- family residence, senior housing or an academic building .

Jim Klein, a former Longaberger president who hopes to get the building included on the National Register of Historic Places , said: “ The Big Basket is like the St. Louis Arch . It's a really important part of southeastern Ohio history ."

In January 2018, it as reported that the Big Basket had been sold to local developer Steve Coon for $1.2m, considerably less than the asking price of $7.5m. Coon has not revealed what he intends to do with the building .

Ref https://quartzy.qz.com/1176205/basket-shaped-building-in-ohio-is-sold/

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Ihbc newsblog.

Mayor maintains rejection of Chipperfield’s Chinese embassy plans

The old Royal Mint building.png

The Mayor of London’s team declared there was ‘no sound planning reasons’ for him to overrule the council’s refusal to let the architect convert the former Royal Mint into facilities for Chinese diplomats.

World renowned Ffestiniog blue grey slate is back in full production

Welsh Slate Landscape OpenGovLicence v3.png

After being closed for more than a decade Ffestiniog Quarry is back in full production producing the world renowned Blue Grey roofing slate

Yorkshire’s ‘Stonehenge of the (near) North’ opened to the public

Thornborough Henges Yorkshire EH.png

The Thornborough Henges complex, near Ripon, has opened to the public as the henges have been gifted by Tarmac into the ownership of Historic England

Plans to restore historic Lydd Railway Station ravaged by fire

Lydd Railway Station by Ravenseft Commons Wikimedia.png

Plans have been proposed to restore the nearly 150-year-old station after it was hit by a fire

New research: Insulation only provides short-term reduction in household gas consumption

Uni Cambs insulation 030223.png

The study from the University of Cambridge finds the fall in gas consumption per household was small and only lasts a few years.

IHBC Marsh Awards celebrate civic contributions by retirees and successful learning in heritage skills

IHBC Marsh Awards.png

Nominations close 31 March; Prizes include £500 and free places at IHBC’s Swansea School in June 2023

Community, Arts, Heritage Centre planned for Saltaire

Saltaire Salts Mill 1 Foto43.png

People have been given a first glimpse of plans for a new £5.39 million community centre for a historic Bradford district village

UK Parliament APPG first Inquiry - The Value of Heritage

CPP APPG First Report Launch 011222.png

Targeted cuts in VAT on listed building refurbishments among recommendations in the UK-wide All-Party Parliamentary Group’s (APPG) first report

Joint Position Statement on ‘Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings' Launched


This document outlines the principles and competencies that surveyors and contractors should adopt to deliver best practice when investigating moisture-related issues in traditional buildings.

Welcome to #IHBC25 – 25 years since we turned professional


2022 will see the IHBC mark a quarter of a century since our incorporation as a professional body supporting and accrediting built and historic environment conservation specialists. We’re kick-starting it by inviting your ideas on how to mark this special year!

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  3. Tata group wants a slice of BigBasket

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  4. BigBasket targets 40% revenue from Private Labels, as it looks to add new categories

    bigbasket help

  5. NRAI and BigBasket partner to help restaurant staff gain temporary employment

    bigbasket help

  6. Coronavirus: BigBasket, Grofers and other delivery services suspend operations amidst lockdown

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  8. Alibaba backs Indian online grocer BigBasket in $300 million

    India's leading online grocer BigBasket has raised $300 million in a funding round led by China's Alibaba , giving it more firepower to

  9. E-commerce firms tie up with retailers and e-grocers to help in last

    Uber has forged partnerships with Spencer's Retail and Big Basket, while it is in advanced talks with Flipkart, Amazon and Big Bazaar

  10. The Big Basket

    The Big Basket building, in Newark, Ohio, was built as the headquarters ... However, there does appear to be popular support in Newark for