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Welcome to the Interview Prep Course

The only toolkit you need to ace McKinsey, Bain and BCG interviews.

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About the course

The Interview Prep Course is designed for candidates who leave nothing to chance. It includes all the video lectures, sample interviews, case material and practice tools you need to ace any consulting interview.

Outstanding Results

What’s included?

23-lecture case and fit interview course.


Interviewing with a strategy firm

Watch this video to get an overview of the interview process with strategy firms.

Interviewing with a Big-4 or Accenture

Watch this video to get an overview of the interview process with Accenture and the advisory practices of the Big-4.


Case interview overview

The case interview is at the core of the consulting interview process and is probably the most intimidating element. Start by watching this video to understand case interviews and how they are assessed.

How to prepare

You’re trying to join some of the most selective employers in the world. Unfortunately, case interviewing skills are not innate. In this video, we'll explain the preparation that it takes to land your dream job.

What makes a good structure: the AIM Test

Structuring is perhaps the most challenging dimension of a case. In this lecture, we’ll tell you what structuring is and use the AIM test to describe what makes a good one.

How to build it

In a typical case interview, you only have 60 to 90 seconds to come up with a structure, and it's often about a question that you’ve never thought about before. In this video, we’ll discuss how you can go about successfully structuring a case in this short period of time.

Top-10 business frameworks

Many cases are based on the business problems that senior executives are likely to face during their time at a company. Every candidate should know how to address these problems. In this lecture, you'll learn the top-10 frameworks that do just that.

Academic frameworks

Academia has produced a number of frameworks to think about business strategy. In this video, we'll look at the three academic frameworks that will best help you structure cases.

Logical approaches

Learning and applying standard frameworks alone won’t work. We’re seeing more and more case interviews involving unusual case types. Watch this video to explore logical approaches that will help you craft bespoke structures to the most atypical case questions.

How to communicate your structure

How you communicate your structure is equally as important as the structure itself. In this video, we’ll discuss how you can most effectively present your structure to your interviewer.

How to solve numerical questions

Being proficient with numbers is essential to handling case interviews successfully. Watch this video to understand how numeracy is assessed and learn techniques about how to do well on this critical dimension.

How to spot insights

Judgement & insights is one the most qualitative problem solving dimensions tested in a case, and it is often done through the interpretation of exhibits and charts. Watch this video to learn how to handle these questions and the types of charts most often seen in case interviews.

How to generate ideas

Creativity is one of the best ways to stand out against other well prepared candidates. Watch this video to learn how creativity is assessed and how to avoid running out of ideas in the middle of a case.

How to lead the case

In a case interview, you are expected to play the role of a consultant leading a problem-solving discussion with a client. Watch this video to learn about case leadership and the art of driving a case-based conversation.

How to synthesize your findings

Providing a clear recommendation at the end of the case discussion is critical to cracking a case and leaving a positive final impression to your interviewer. Watch this video to learn how to deliver a convincing, concise and fact-based conclusion and close any case interview successfully.


Estimations and market sizing

Estimation and marketing sizing questions come up frequently as part of broader cases. Occasionally, firms will use them as a standalone exercise instead of a case. In this video, we will describe the format of these questions, reveal how they are assessed, and share our tips to nail them.

Written cases

Written cases are increasingly used by firms, and are by far the most difficult and selective exercise you might face. In this video, we will describe how written cases work, why so many candidates fail, and how you can succeed.


Fit interview overview

The fit interview is half of the assessment and often makes the difference between getting an offer or not, but it's too often overlooked by candidates. Start by watching this video to understand fit interviews and how they are assessed. Then watch the model fit interview (Enguerran) in conjunction with the interview scorecard, so you can see how it plays out in real life.

How to introduce yourself

The ability to introduce yourself effectively will set you up for a successful fit interview and will directly affect your ability to build rapport with your interviewer and demonstrate top performance. Watch this video to learn how to introduce yourself effectively in a fit interview.

How to present your motivation

You'll very frequently receive questions about why you're looking to do consulting and why you are interested in the firm you're interviewing with in particular. Watch this lecture to learn how to demonstrate your motivation.

How to pitch an achievement

In a full fit interview, or in a Personal Experience Interview at McKinsey, you will be asked to talk about your achievements and to demonstrate that you have the right abilities for the job. In this section, you will learn how to demonstrate the transferable abilities that the firms are seeking in candidates.


How to look right on the day

The day has finally arrived! You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. In this video, we share a few final comments about how to look the part on the day of your interview.

How to stand out

Now you should have a good grasp of the attributes that top consulting firms look for and how to demonstrate and build up those attributes. However, top firms don't need to hire every candidate who ticks all the boxes. They have the luxury to choose only those who excel above the rest, so the question is: how can you stand out and get the offer?

21-lecture case math course

Addition is probably the simplest of the four operations. But it can still be a cause of errors in a case interview when performed in the head. In this lecture, we'll walk you through the basics of pen-and-paper addition, both with whole numbers and with decimals.


It has probably been a while since you've subtracted the kind of large numbers that you're going to see in cases. In this video, we'll refresh your memory and show you how to subtract large numbers.


Multiplication is the most frequent of the four operations that you'll encounter in a case interview. Watch this video to learn the basics of multiplying on paper for whole numbers and decimals.

Division is undoubtedly the hardest of the four operations to perform, whether in your head or on paper. In this lecture, we'll walk through the basics of long division, for whole numbers and with decimals.

Case interview math often involves fractions rather than whole numbers. Watch this video to learn the basics of fractions, including simplifying fractions, the four operations with fractions and shortcuts to find common factors.


Most business metrics are expressed as percentages (e.g., gross/net margin, ROI). Calculating with percentages is therefore an essential key math concept to master. In this video, we'll introduce percentages, teach you how to convert percentages and fractions, and how to multiply percentages.


Compounding comes handy if you are looking to project the future revenue of a business, or the future value of an investment. It is commonly featured in case interviews. Watch this video for a walkthrough of simple growth rates, and compounding.

Weighted averages

An organization's performance is often summarized by one overall metric, whether it is sales or profit. This requires aggregating different segments, such as product lines or distribution channels, using a weighted average. We'll cover this concept, as well as simple averages, in this lecture.


Organizations often make decisions based on uncertain outcomes. That’s why a basic understanding of probability is critical to making business decisions, and to ace case math. Watch this video to learn how to work with probability and how to compute expected values.

In most cases, laying a clear and optimal approach to solving a math problem requires writing an equation. In this lecture, we'll walk you through how to create an algebraic equation and how to solve it.

Keeping track of zeros

To stand out against other candidates, you'll need to solve problems quicker and more reliably than others. The number one math mistake that we observe in case interviews is miscounting zeros. In this lecture, we'll explore three methods to keep track of zeros and avoid this pitfall.

Simplifying calculations with distributive properties

The secret to being fast and reliable in case math, and to impress your interviewers, is to make life easier for yourself by simplifying your calculations. In this lecture, we'll cover the distributive property in multiplications and divisions and how you can use it to simplify your calculations.

Simplifying calculations with factors

While we have taken a brief look at factors in our lecture on fractions, factors have much wider applications in the simplification of operations involving large numbers. Watch this video to see how to simplify case math using factors.

Simplifying calculations with rounding

Case interviews typically call for decision making which requires directional accuracy rather than scientific precision. This makes rounding an invaluable tool for simplification when making assumptions or within calculations. In this video, we'll take a close look at simplification with rounding.

Fraction values to remember

Some fraction values are used so often in case math that knowing them, their percentage value and their decimal conversions can save you significant time. Watch this video for an overview of the most used fractions and download the accompanying summary for easy reference.

Income statement

The majority of case interviews focus on helping a company achieve better financial results. These results are tracked with financial statements. In this lecture, we'll take a close look at the income statement, the most widely used financial statement in case interviews.

Balance sheet

While not referenced as much as the income statement in case interviews, the balance sheet carries important information about a business and works hand in hand with the income statement. In this video, we'll cover what you need to know to ace balance sheet-related questions in case interviews.

It is rare to come across a cash flow statement in a case interview. However, a basic understanding of cash flow concepts can come handy. These include the types of cash flow, how cash flow differs from profit, and the concept of working capital. These concepts are discussed in this lecture.


Many cases are focused on whether a company should make an investment. To handle these questions, it is important to understand the analyses typically performed ahead of investment decisions. In this lecture, we'll cover how to calculate break even, Return On Investment and payback period.

Although you'll very rarely be asked to value a business in a case, understanding valuations may help you structure your approach and understand exhibits in relevant cases. Watch this video to learn simplified versions of key valuation methods such as Comparables and Discounted Cash Flow.

Many businesses operate a process to produce a standardized good or service. Some case interviews are based on optimizing such processes. In this lecture, we'll briefly cover the core operations concepts of capacity, utilization and efficiency.

100+ cases with solutions

27 sample interview videos, unlimited practice room access.

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Great way to prepare for a BCG interview.

Lots of knowledge, many useful examples but cases in bcg are mainly candidate-led, while in the platform are mostly interviewer-led

After considering a lot of tools to train and gain practical skills, definitely CaseCoach allowed me to follow a step by step approach and enhance my consulting capabilities.

Meet the course creator

Enguerran Loos

Enguerran Loos

Founder of CaseCoach

Founder and CEO Enguerran Loos created CaseCoach to give more candidates access to his interview preparation techniques. He has 14 years’ experience as an Engagement Manager with McKinsey’s Boston office and as a headhunter for BCG, Bain and McKinsey.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start.

You have unlimited personal access to this course for 6 months – across any and all devices you own.

The course includes 5 hours of video lectures, 10 hours of interview videos and enough material for 60+ hours of practice. The course is designed as a self-service, so you can decide what to focus on and how much time to spend.

No, the subscription expires after 6 months and does not automatically renew. You will only be charged the displayed price once, and receive a 6-month subscription.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and have downloaded less than 12 of our PDF cases, contact us within 24 hours of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.

No, the course prepares for case interviews, which are used by a variety of employers. If you would like to prepare for case interviews at a strategy firm, a big-4, or in the industry, this course is for you.

Yes, this course has helped many candidates at these levels succeed.

It will prepare you for the case interview. The format of the case interview is identical for all entry levels.

If you look to prepare for the fit interview, this course will help you build your introduction, explain your motivations and pitch your achievements. However, this material is not specific to senior hiring and may not help you convey your expertise, for instance.

This course does not include examples of interviews with Manager, Project Leader, Principal or Partner candidates.

You can contact us here .

Crafting Cases

Main Content

Why do 97% of candidates get rejected from mckinsey, bcg and bain.

(Hint: they haven’t learned how to think and speak like real MBB consultants)

Memorizing frameworks and lists of questions may help you get started on your case interviews, but they eventually drive your offers away.

Join our free  7-day course to go beyond the basics and learn how to answer ANY   case interview question (even of case types and industries you haven’t seen before).

If you prepare like the average candidate, you will get average results

Most candidates start their case interview preparation following trusted resources.  You’ve all heard of them: Case in Point, Victor Cheng, etc.

They work well when you’re starting out.  We’ve used them ourselves back when we were preparing.  

The problem?   They can only get you so far…

The problem with traditional case interview approaches

We’ve met tons of smart people doing all they could to be top performers…

So, why weren’t they performing well enough to get offers from top consulting firms yet?

Here’s why:

There are four key issues with traditional approaches...

They show you many frameworks to memorize, but never teach you how to build a custom structure for each case, as real management consultants do.

They give case examples that fit their methods perfectly, but ignore those that don’t (e.g. Public Sector) and pretend they’re uncommon in real interviews.

Even though they used to help candidates perform well in the past (when everyone was less prepared), they’ve become commoditized and can only get you to average nowadays.

They expose you to a lot of concepts and buzzwords (MECE, 80/20, Hypothesis), but never teach you the systems to apply them in a cohesive, systematic way in your cases.

Here's how we're different:

No more learning plateaus.  You’ll get a  structured method to learn case interviews. Much better than “just doing more cases” and hoping for the best.

Tools and techniques straight from the consulting job.  Instead of arbitrary “tips and tricks”, we teach techniques that come from the real job and work not only in case interviews, but also with real clients. 

Eliminate guesswork with out step-by-step systems.  We teach you how to be MECE, how to build your own frameworks and everything else you need in  a step-by-step way .

Tons of in-depth, well explained examples.  This helps you go beyond “conceptual knowledge” and understand the nuances of when and how to apply what you’ve learned.

Insights from your interviewer’s mind.  Learn not only what  to do, but also why  you should do it. You’ll grasp how interviewers think and feel like you could read their minds .

Learn by doing.  Every time we teach you a new tactic or technique, we also guide you through the application of that into a case problem so you can internalize what you learn.

Who are we?

We’re Bruno and Julio. We used to be consultants at McKinsey and Bain. 

We went through the very same preparation process you’re going through right now. As we studied for our cases, we were often frustrated with the lack of depth of all the case prep content we found online. 

We always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing.

consulting case studies course

After we were out, we became case interview coaches, and felt that frustration crawl up our skins again. Many of our clients found it difficult to find good prep materials and we often had nowhere to point them to when they needed to learn a specific concept.

After coaching about 200 candidates over thousands of coaching sessions, we decided to do something about it. Combining our experience as candidates, consultants and coaches, we create the types of materials we wish existed back when we were preparing.

Learn more about us here.

What other candidates say...

Victor R.

What are you waiting for?

Our best articles.

consulting case studies course

The Definitive Guide to Issue Trees

This is the ultimate resource to learn how to build Issue Trees, you’ll learn:

If you’ve been trying to learn Issue Trees, look no further.  Read the guide here.

The 9 VERY BEST case interview examples from the web, carefully curated, reviewed and commented

Not having to watch random case interview example videos will save you up to 20 hours of practice AND will also steer you away from the (many) unrealistic, even misleading examples out there.

This not only is a carefully curated list, but also has comments on super-important specific topics on the case and on the candidate’s performance that you could otherwise miss completely.

consulting case studies course

The 5 Ways to be MECE in Case Interviews

Every rookie case interviewer we’ve met mentions they wish they could improve on one of these three things before their interviews: To know how to start any case, no matter how uncommon (maybe not with the best structure, but at

consulting case studies course

The overpreparation myth

To prepare or not to prepare, that is the question” – Case Interview Hamlet Back when I was a candidate I constantly feared I was preparing too much. What a strange thing to fear, isn’t it? I had never felt

consulting case studies course

The Toothbrush Test: How to measure how insightful your structures are

I remember back when I was a candidate how much I appreciated good feedback given by other candidates. You know it when you see it: those that point out specifically to what you did wrong, why it wasn’t the best

consulting case studies course

Three cases per hour: how to harness the power of drills to get both quantity AND quality

What if you could do three cases per hour of practice? And what if these three cases were actual quality practice? “You can’t be serious, Bruno. No one can pull off that many cases per hour. Doing cases is time-consuming, you

Check out the best videos from our Youtube channel!


Forget frameworks: solve cases like a real consultant

Ditch outdated guides and misleading frameworks and join the MCC Academy, the first comprehensive case interview course that teaches you how consultants approach case studies.

Writing down on a notebook

A different approach

Instead of learning frameworks and passively applying them to case studies, we teach skills that allow candidates to actively come up with original solutions, which is what consultants do and what interviewers are looking for. This approach is unique and proprietary to MCC.

Comprehensively structured, A to Z

The course covers all topics related to the consulting interview, leaving nothing off the checklist. While many resources only provide example of interviews, our lessons combine teaching of thinking habits with practical examples and complete interviews with feedback.

Coloured pencils in a circle

Self assessment

The course features a number of exercises, covering the most relevant topics. Exercises ensure that candidates combine passive understanding of the material covered with active practice.

Intuitive and interactive delivery

The course page allows students to easily navigate the of the course. Videos are intuitive, clear, graphically curated and accessible from any device. All exercises are interactive with live reporting features.

Course snapshot

Account not confirmed

Hacking The Case Interview

Comprehensive Case Interview Prep Course

Structured, tailored curriculum for acing your consulting interviews

The Only Case Interview Course You Need

This comprehensive case interview prep course is designed to get you a prestigious and lucrative job offer at top-tier consulting firm such as McKinsey , BCG , and Bain . 

As a former Bain interviewer and author of two case interview prep books, I have helped over 6,000 students break into consulting.

What to expect: 

Take the first step to landing your dream consulting job by giving yourself an unfair edge over the competition.

Course Overview

15 - 25 hours of efficient online learning

Engage with 53 concise video lessons that consolidate hundreds of hours of knowledge & experience

20 real case interviews

Hone your case interview skills through 20 full-length cases with detailed solutions and feedback

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We offer full refunds within 2 days of purchase if our course does not meet your expectations

Our Students Receive Offers From...

consulting case studies course


consulting case studies course

McKinsey Consultant

consulting case studies course

Bain Offeree

consulting case studies course

MBB Consultant

Your Instructor

Taylor Warfield is a former Bain consultant, case interviewer, case workshop leader, and author of Hacking the Case Interview and The Ultimate Case Interview Workbook . His books, online course, and coaching have helped 6,000+ students land consulting job offers.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

Module 1 - Introduction to Case Interviews

1.1 What is a case interview?

1.2 Case interview example

Module 2 - Understanding Case Background & Objectives

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Synthesizing case background information

2.3 Asking clarifying questions

2.4 Practice

Module 3 - Structuring a Framework

3.1 Introduction

3.2 What is a framework and why is it used?

3.3 Qualities of an outstanding framework

3.4 Common pitfalls of framework strategies

3.5 Our robust strategy for creating unique frameworks

3.6 Putting our framework strategy to practice

3.7 Handling the moment of silence & presenting your framework

3.8 Kicking off the investigation

3.9 Practice

Module 4 - Solving quantitative problems

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Market sizing

4.3 Effective market sizing math strategies

4.4 Profit analysis

4.5 Interpreting charts & graphs

4.6 Practice

Module 5 - Answering qualitative business questions

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Qualities of outstanding qualitative answers

5.3 Business overview of market dynamics

5.4 Business overview of supply chain dynamics

5.5 Business overview of firm profit maximization

5.6 Business overview of pricing and cannibalization

5.7 Business overview of M&A and private equity

5.8 Practice

Module 6 - Delivering a Recommendation

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Structuring your recommendation

6.3 Practice

Module 7 - Putting it All Together

7.1 Introduction to practicing case interviews

50-point checklist for practicing case interviews

7.2 Practice case #1: Airline business class profitability

7.3 Practice case #2: Ride-sharing new market entry

7.4 Practice case #3: Increasing patient drug adoption

7.5 Practice case #4: New beverage product launch

7.6 Practice case #5: Education system improvement

7.7 Practice case #6: Alcohol profitability

7.8 Practice case #7: Telecom competitor response

7.9 Practice case #8: New zoo exhibit

7.10 Practice case #9: Government welfare program

7.11 Practice case #10: Oil refinery cost reduction

7.12 Practice case #11: Outsourcing backpack production

7.13 Practice case #12: Parking meter investment

7.14 Practice case #13: Farming revenue growth

7.15 Practice case #14: Lumber production expansion

7.16 Practice case #15: Athletic shoe market entry

7.17 Practice case #16: Dive watch growth strategy

7.18 Practice case #17: Broadband internet entry

7.19 Practice case #18: Conglomerate portfolio strategy

7.20 Practice case #19: Restaurant chain acquisition

7.21 Practice case #20: Health care profitability

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Frequently Asked Questions

This online crash course is aimed to teach you everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible. There are 53 video lessons and 6 hours of video content. If you include the time needed to complete the 20 full-length practice cases and various practice problems, expect about 15-25 hours to complete this course.

You will have access to the course for one full year, more than enough time to learn and revisit the lectures, practice problems, and practice cases.

We offer full refunds within 2 days of purchase if our online course is not helpful to you. If you're still hesitant about purchasing, you can always sign up for a free trial and have access to a variety of free video lessons across different modules.

A first-year consultant out of undergraduate makes up to $120,000 a year in the US while a post-MBA or advanced degree consultant makes up to $200,000. This course improves your case interview performance and likelihood of landing a job offer, thereby increasing your salary, future earning potential, and career trajectory. For less than 0.3% of your potential first-year’s salary, you could completely change your life.

The material in this course has helped over 6,000 students land consulting job offers at top-tier firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

You can easily spend hundreds of hours reading all of the case interview resources on the internet. While I was recruiting for consulting, that is exactly what I did. I created this crash course to consolidate the hundreds of hours I've spent studying case interviews so that you don't have to go through this process. The course covers only the best and most effective strategies for every step of the case interview, saving you many hours in your preparation.

Case Interview Prep Courses

Case interview prep courses have become increasingly available over the past decade, and for good reason. The case interview is the most difficult interview to pass in the corporate world, and requires intense, focused prep. Case interview prep courses have risen in popularity to address this need. These prep courses help build the communication, critical thinking, logic, and mental math skills needed to excel. Perhaps most importantly, they teach you how to be structured – but not too much! – as you engage in the interview. In this article, we’ll explore the best case interview prep courses and summarize what to look for in case interview coaching.

Case Interview Prep Courses

Best Case Interview Prep Courses

As you approach your consulting case prep, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. But not just any kind of practice will get you ready for the interview. The best case interview prep courses help you practice the right way. The best case interview prep courses do the following:

The Black Belt case prep program is, in our mind, the gold standard in case interview prep courses. It includes all the above – 1:1 case coaching, 500 practice cases, math and structure drills, and 8 video courses. Thousands of folks have gone through Black Belt and landed offers with the most prestigious consulting firms including McKinsey, Bain , BCG, Deloitte, and more. Check it out now .

We also have our free case interview prep course . It gives a really good overview and understanding of what a case interview is, and how to do one well. Yet, it doesn’t give you access to all the digital resources that the Black Belt program does. Additionally, the expert coaching is what really makes a world of difference for your case interview prep. They’ll tell you where you’re strong, and what to do to bring up your weak areas. Invaluable feedback that could quite literally land you a six figure job!

Black Belt Interviewer

Black Belt Deluxe

What to Look for in Case Interview Coaching

The best case interview coaching follows the principles of deliberate practice. Whether you are learning how to read, ride a bike, play the guitar, or ace a case interview, this is the type of practice that has been scientifically proven as the best way to develop expertise in any domain. Deliberate practice is characterized by the following features:

If you are planning on working with a case interview coach, you are already on the right track. Simply having a private coach is an important step in building skill in any domain. But not all case interview coaches are created equal.

First, you should look for a case interview coach with substantial experience. There should be a reason why you can call them an “expert.” Even a current consultant who went through the case interview process is not guaranteed to be a suitable coach. Teaching a case is a different skill than being able to go through one.

Your classmate who is going through the process also doesn’t qualify. The case interview is a complex undertaking, and you want to work with someone who has given hundreds of case interviews. Ideally, they have also hired dozens of consultants and been in the room as case performances were evaluated.

Next, you should look for a coach who provides highly personalized feedback. If you work with a case interview coach for an hour and hear the same advice you can get from a YouTube video, that should be a red flag. Third, your coach should be giving you real-time feedback. Were you off on your math because you are bad at calculating, or because you didn’t recap the problem properly? An expert coach will be able to give you this type of insight, which is the key to getting better at cases.

You should be doing cases with your coach and getting feedback for most of each session, not listening to him or her talk about cases or their previous experiences with them. Finally, a case interview coach should not be astronomically expensive. A case interview coach charging anything from $100 to $250 is a good investment.

consulting case studies course

The consulting case interview is an effective mechanism for management consulting potential, and almost all consulting firms (as well as a growing number of tech companies, banks, and Fortune 500 companies) continue to rely very heavily on them. Acing the case is key to landing a management consulting job. The base case interview prep courses offer you multiple ways to prepare and should offer at least an hour or two with a professional case interview coach. If you’re ready to get to work today on your case interview prep, join our Black Belt prep course .

Additional Reading:

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consulting case studies course

Land at an Elite Consulting Firm... with the Most Comprehensive Case Interview Prep Course in the World.

2,037 questions across 209 consulting firms. crowdsourced from over 500,000 members. and trusted by over 1,000 aspiring consultants just like you. the wso consulting interview prep course has everything you'll ever need to land the most coveted jobs..

consulting case studies course

Want to Ace Your Interview?

First You Have to  Crack the Code ...

Management consulting is one of the  most exclusive industries  with some of the toughest interviews in the world. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Not only does the industry promise huge salaries and great bonuses, but it's also an environment where you develop amazing business skills that can lead you to the top business schools in the world... for smart, talented students, it's  one of the most promising, well rounded career choices to build a lucrative long term career.

But  getting in the door is much harder than you think ...

... because the management consulting industry can pick the best of the best and the secrets to getting in are guarded like Fort Knox.

Getting a Top Consulting job is  not about acquiring the skills to DO the job ... It's about   acquiring the skills to GET the job.

And these are not the same thing..

Because what most top consulting professionals will never tell you is that  everything you've learned so far is practically useless  when it comes to interviewing...

Your  interviewer's job isn't only to find the best candidates ... It's to weed out the worst. They'll  stress test you, confuse you  and will do everything they can to quickly  crack you  so they can move onto the next eager professional in line.

They'll probe everything about you:

Quite simply,  consulting case interviews are extremely tricky  if you don't know how to navigate them.

The Only Way To Crack This Code Is To  Learn It  From

Those Who Have Walked Your Path  Before.

The best way to learn anything is to simply  follow in the footsteps of those who have done it  successfully. And not just a few people, but  thousands  of interviewers, associates, engagement managers and consulting veterans who  have successfully navigated this process  and have gone on to  lucrative careers across the top consulting firms .

Only then will you  know all of the little tricks, secrets and shortcuts  to acing your interview and  beating your competition : the tens of thousands of other "rock stars" who are competing for your job.

And  once you have this knowledge , what seemed like a gauntlet will be a  walk in the park .

Where others are confused and intimidated,  you'll be calm, cool and collected .

When others are cramming at the last minute,  you'll be totally prepared for anything  they can throw at you.

And when others are working in a dead end job or second tier consulting firm, you'll be  climbing the ladder at a top firm , earning well over 6 figures right off the bat.

But first, a word of warning...

FACT: Less Than 1% of Applicants Get a Top Consulting Job... ... Only Those with an  EDGE  Get In.

That's right. Out of every 1,000 applicants, less than 10 will get the job. The other  99% will wash out  and never be heard from again.

That's  6x lower than the acceptance rate at Harvard . You do the math.

Think it can't be you? Think again. These hedge funds have access to thousands of motivated investment bankers, PE professionals, top consultants, technical geniuses and finance "rock stars", all just like you... all beating down their door.

Most never get in.

Instead they end up left out in the cold, wandering the finance wilderness...

Dreaming of the buyside...

Thinking maybe they should start their own business... or jump to a corporate finance gig to escape, even if it means less pay...

And yes, still living with roommates until their late 20s to save money.

I've seen it more times than I can count.

And it's all  because they're unprepared.

The Bottom Line is This:

To land at a top consulting firm, you must know everything... ... and that means going to the  one place  that has everything., consulting case interview prep course.


The Insider's Guide on How to Land the Most Prestigious Jobs in Management Consulting...

Consulting Case Interview Prep Course


Master all of the concepts.

Consulting firms aren't looking for robots… they want to know that you  understand the industry , that you can solve problems, handle stress, manage clients and are  a fit for their firm … You'll  discover how to master all of these concepts  - even if you only have a few days to prepare...

Research Specific Consulting Firms

You'll have access to over  2,037 consulting interview questions  across  200+ consulting firms  organized by position, so you can focus your preparation on what matters most...

Build the Foundation

With  11 Detailed Exclusive Cases developed by a McKinsey Associate and 10+ hours of video  so no matter what firm you are interviewing at, you won't leave a single stone unturned and will  be 100% prepared for anything  they throw at you...

Prepare Quickly and Level Up

With  Detailed Industry and Recruiting Overview , showing you exactly what you need to know in order to demonstrate a true passion for the industry… master the key concepts and stack your learning for maximum preparation in the  shortest amount of time possible...

Master the Case Interview

With  20+ Hours of Additional Cases delivered in Video Format , you'll discover exactly how to walk through your own cases with confidence... and  be ready for on the spot cases to prove you're cut out for management consulting ...

Get Exclusive Inside Info on 100+ Consulting Firms

With the WSO Company Database, you'll  get exclusive data on compensation, interviews and employee reviews for hundreds of firms … access over 2,000 interview insights… so you'll know exactly which firms and positions are right for you...

Build a High Impact Network

With 30+ Hours of video tutorials … for LinkedIn, Emailing and Cold Calling… so  you can get 3x your response rate , land more interviews and get support from consulting professionals on the inside, even if you are not from the traditional background...

See how Consulting veterans have done it with the WSO Video Library

You'll  discover how professional consultants have answered the very same questions  you'll be asked with  40+ hours  of consulting-specific videos… Watch detailed Q&A's and sample cases… so you can see exactly what works and what doesn't...

Our customers have landed positions at all of the top Consulting firms, including:

consulting case studies course


The WSO Consulting Case Interview Prep Course 2.0 takes you way beyond anything else.  While others claim to give you everything you need, the truth is  they only cover a handful of the most common questions and have basic case samples from one type of firm. Even worse,  they're usually written by one guy who's been out of consulting for years…

Hardly what we'd call "comprehensive"...

And there's an even BIGGER problem with this approach:

It's totally outdated.

Recruiting in management consulting is constantly changing.  What worked even last year is no longer effective.   Your interviewers are smart… and they're constantly changing their questions and tactics for one reason: to put you under stress and see what you're made of.

That's why  the WSO course is crowdsourced from thousands of currently practicing consulting professionals…  people who live and breathe this industry - day in and day out… who can tell you what's changing firsthand… and will keep you up-to-date on  everything you need to ace the interview process and land that job.

And what you really need is this:

You Need to  Know Everything

Other guides boast that they have "the most common" questions. We have hundreds of actual cases and thousands of actual questions in our database. WSO covers  2,037 questions across 209 consulting firms . Over  40 hours of consulting specific video … Sourced from  thousands of data points … all so you can cover every base, prepare for any scenario… and  walk into the room with total confidence ...

You Need Something that's  Crowdsourced and Validated

Other consulting prep guides look good,  but the truth is  most are written by one person  with only  one perspective  telling what they think is "right"  from their dated experience  YEARS ago…  The WSO Consulting Case Interview Prep Course  was born straight from the source and is still updated every year:  Crowdsourced  for over a decade from over  100 million unique visitors and 500,000 members ... with inside information from  thousands of actual interviewers, associates and consulting veterans ....and  validated by over 1,000 aspiring consulting professionals just like you  who have taken this course...

You Need to Learn  How to Interview  Not How to Memorize

To succeed you must do more than just memorize some case structures and polish your behavioral questions …  You really need inside knowledge  on the recruiting process,  firm nuances  and  hidden recruiting tactics … Learn from our roster of thousands of actual interviewers, associates and consulting veterans, so you can nail the interview process with confidence.

You Must  Project Total Confidence

Interviewers can smell fear from a mile away. Without the  proper body language , the  precise tone of voice  and  the right attitude , your interview could be over before it begins. We've surveyed hundreds of actual consultants to show you  exactly how to act - and what you must avoid  - so you can stand out from the crowd of wannabes and crush your competition...

How do I know this? Because I've been down this path before...

consulting case studies course

My name is Patrick Curtis, and I'm the founder of Wall Street Oasis.  Not that long ago, I was in your position.  I had a stellar GPA from a prestigious school. I was confident, flying high and ready to ace my consulting interviews…

Except I didn't.

During one of my first case interviews with McKinsey, I found out the harsh truth…  I was blindsided by a series of tough estimation cases that tripped me up.  I did ok, but it got even worse when the interview shifted to a more complex strategic case.

I could see that the interviewers weren't impressed.

I knew I was screwed…  and I knew that my chance was gone....but I still had to sit there, sweating through my suit, red-faced while he dragged me through the ringer, taking all of my questions and asking them right back at me. I had no idea what to do...

This same scenario repeated again and again... And this doesn't include  the hundreds of times I got blown off by recruiters or outright rejected.

While the top students in my class were landing great consulting and investment banking gigs with huge bonus upside, I was one step away from the ultimate indignity: selling mortgages at a community bank and moving back in with my parents.

After months of failure, I finally decided to suck it up and take a hard look in the mirror. I realized  I was totally out of my element and needed help.  I went back and analyzed each one of my failures and reconstructed everything I'd done wrong.

And then  I got a mentor… A consultant to take me under his wing and show me the ropes (he had made the successful jump into a top consulting firm from a semi-target school).

Finally, with his help, and after 50 hours of additional work over the following 3 weeks, I had one opportunities left with a top 5 consulting firm…

The work paid off.  I landed the offer out of hundreds of applicants.

Within two weeks, I had this consulting offer and one investment banking offer. I ultimately decided to jump to investment banking out of my undergrad, but that's another story...

The point is: this comprehensive course is the result of my tough consulting case interview experiences.  With the help of our 500,000+ members and top management consultants on staff, we've created  the only crowdsourced Consulting Interview Prep Course  on the market. I know firsthand how hard it is to break into the consulting industry… and I also know what happens if you miss your window.

And with the help of our members - and of the thousands of industry veterans, associates and interviewers who have contributed to this guide -  i t 's my hope that you can avoid the pitfalls I experienced , land the job you want and catapult yourself to the lucrative career that's waiting for you.


Module 1 the wso consulting case interview guide.

Acing the case interview portion is a critical part of giving yourself the best odds…  You WILL be given  at least one tough case – and  your interviewers expect confident and detailed responses. This 188 page PDF is easily the most comprehensive guide on the market… We've got every base covered, so you'll be prepared no matter what your interviewers throw at you or what type of firm you are interviewing at.

consulting case studies course

188 page PDF guide sourced from  2,000+ consulting interview insights...

6 most common types of cases ... so you'll be prepared for every scenario and immediately be able to identify the type of case that is being asked and how to approach it…

Case Math Overview  including the 10 most common problems you need to be ready to tackle with ease...  Rule of 72, Product Life Cycles, Elasticity, CLV and more…

Master the 5 Critical Tier I Frameworks and the 8 Tier II Frameworks  that can help you structure almost any case so you can demonstrate the one skill your interviewers are looking for: the ability to solve difficult problems under pressure…

7 Week  detailed Plan of Action so you can  make sure to budget enough time  for maximum retention and performance…

Interviewers Guide...  so your friends of relatives with limited experience can help you prepare with almost no knowledge of case interviews...

150+ Interview Insight from 10 top consulting firms , including McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Accenture, Deloitte and more... you can know what questions you are most likely to get based on the firm you are interviewing with…

11 Challenging Cases Built by a McKinsey Associate  exclusive to WSO with detailed explanations for a mock interviewer on how to lead a good practice case for you. What makes a good answer, bad answer and how to lead you with probing questions if you get stuck...

How to work with recruiters , so they are working with you,  not against you...

And  much, much more...


Want even more practice and template files? No problem.  Most candidates don't focus enough on the crucial case interview  that help your interviewers answer one critical question:  "Do you have the consulting chops to cut it?"  But… this isn't something can you fake.  You have to demonstrate it  - not just by using frameworks, but by communicating clearly and using the right frameworks at the right time. The only way to make sure you are successful is to have realistic examples you can model your own case after.  These Sample Cases Interviews  will help you master this challenging part of your consulting interviews since they all come from actual consulting professionals doing the hiring. They Include:

consulting case studies course

2 BCG Cases  explained in depth , to make sure you understand how to frame them for BCG ...

3 Common McKinsey Round 1 Cases , in the healthcare, meat processing and grocery industries so you know how to approach a wide variety of industries…

M&A Case  so that  you'll understand how consultants approach roll-up and acquisition cases…

Detailed Pharma Case , so you'll be ready to ace the any pharma related cases thrown at you…

5 Consulting Case Interview Advice Webinars : Detailed strategies on how to ace and approach consulting interviews at a variety of firms

Consulting Case:  Tech go to market case - a unique type that can be tricky if you haven't seen it

ABC Film Studios Case:  a case that has been given frequently at top 10 consulting firm interviews so you can be ready for it......

10+ additional Consulting Cases  with detailed template files and models so that you can get even more practice and direct advice from actual consulting professionals


Want to get the job? First you have to get in the door. But  without a great network, nobody will know who you are . Even if your resume is great, it will end up lost in the pile of wannabe's, and your chances of landing even an informational interview will be almost zero. In this  71-page guide , we'll reveal everything we know about  the fine art of networking … so you can  meet the people who can get you what you want most: the job .

consulting case studies course

150+ Copy-and-Paste Questions  for you to ask in an both informational and job interviews...

15+ hours of videos with insider strategies for successful networking...

14 Templates for LinkedIn, Email and Cold-Calling  so you can easily build a rock-solid network, even if you hate meeting people face-to-face...

3 Polished WSO Resume Templates , pulled straight from our famous Resume Review service. Each template is  based on thousands of successful resumes/CV's . Whether you're an undergrad, an experienced applicant or have deal experience,  you'll have the pitch perfect Resume/CV...

The right way to network, so  your resume is seen by those who matter  - and not lost under a pile of wannabes…

21 things you must STOP doing right now  so you can avoid networking failure...

How to  increase your cold email response rate 3x with our 8-step resume guide...

The 8 proven negotiating steps so you can  secure the best offer...

Our plug-and-play template so you can  nail the critical 90 Second Elevator Pitch…

How to  land critical info interviews  without ever meeting anyone in person...

148 questions you can ask in your interviews so you can  make a great impression – without sounding like a fraud...

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here are just a few of the  1,000 candidates  who have taken this course....

"This guide is an accelerator for anyone preparing for management consulting case interviews. It is packed full of unique insights because it harvested contributions from recent MBA grads who succeeded through the case interview process and are now working at the best firms in the world! It's like getting coached by a ton of professional insiders - READ IT! I have a copy on my desk."

"The Wall Street Oasis consulting course is the most complete blueprint to mastering the consulting case interview on the market. This guide provides a powerful framework, real-world anecdotes, and sage advice necessary in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd. I recommend this course to anyone interested in working for a top consulting firm."

"This course is exceptionally  well structured and highly relevant  to the case interview process. It clearly explains how to approach the case interview and provides interviewees with the most important tools and frameworks to succeed in a case environment. The examples closely mirror those of real cases and help interviewees to get comfortable using frameworks to solve complex business problems...I even had some of the same cases in my own interviews!"

"The course has been very helpful. I really think it helped me land my job when I was working in an unrelated field before and I knew very little about how to approach these interviews.  Thank you!  Well worth the investment."

Bonus Modules

Cases library, proprietary firm intel and more..., bonus 1: wso video library - 12 month access + 104 mba cases.

consulting case studies course


You've done all the prep and studied all the questions, but  how do you know which funds, which positions and what salaries you should target?  If you're using another prep guide, the answer is simple: you won't. With the WSO Company Database , you'll be able to  find inside intel on compensation, position, employee reviews and the most common questions asked...  so you'll know which firm is right for you.

consulting case studies course

consulting case studies course

How Much is Your Consulting Future Worth?

Consider this your first investment in a long career....

After all, you've likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA )... When you land your coveted Consulting job,

you'll be making well over  $100,000 ...

...over $200,000 if you have an MBA...

And that's just the beginning of a long and  very LUCRATIVE career that could easily net you millions...especially once you reach engagement manager or partner status.

We could easily charge thousands of dollars and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better...  a few hundred in exchange for millions of dollars  down the line.  When you do the math, it's a no brainer.

And that doesn't include the time you'd have to spend figuring all of this out.   Even if you used the volumes of free information inside the WSO consulting forum, you'd still have to find it, organize it, vet it, test it and systematize it to get it to work.

That would take months - maybe even years… and at that point, you will have missed your window, blown your opportunity and  your chances of ever getting a job in Consulting will be slim to none.

All while watching your friends and co-workers ride the elevators to the penthouses of consulting and working on the type of engagements you read about in the Wall Street Journal…

The WSO Consulting Interview Prep Course gives you  everything you need to nail your interviews, crush your competition and land the prestigious consulting job  you've always wanted… quickly and easily.

But we're not going to charge you thousands...

We won't even ask for half of that.., instead..  , get unlimited lifetime access to the wso consulting interview prep course for 89% off.

...or get access today for only $69

Secure checkout 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Credit Cards

12 Month Risk-Free Guarantee

Your investment is protected by our 12-Month Risk-Free Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don't think the WSO Consulting Interview Prep Course is right for you, just send us an email, and we'll refund every penny. No questions asked.  In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back.  It's that simple.

Your Choice is Simple.

If you're reading this,  you're here for a reason: because you want to be one of the very few  who gets a top consulting offer… and because you need help doing it.

Your opportunity really is limited… you have one good shot.  If you don't land an elite consulting job, your chances of breaking into the top firms are slim to none, because the firms will know you're damaged goods.

Because the hard truth is that  these firms are literally flooded with millions of people just like you and me:  college hot shots, finance wizards, math geniuses and even students at the top Ivies with great resumes… and most of them still end up on the outside looking in.

The top management consulting firms have the pick of the litter, and  only those who are superbly prepared, who have mastered all the concepts and who understand the subtle nuances of interviewing will get the job.

Do that, and you'll gain entrance to a world few people will ever glimpse.

What do you want to be doing?  Living in a penthouse, managing a multi-million client engagements and  climbing the elite ladders of consulting?

Or living with your parents, selling mortgages in the suburbs and watching your friends having the lucrative career that should have been yours.

The choice really is yours.  And your opportunity really is limited.

Don't waste it.  Click here to get instant access and get started on your career as a management consultant.

1,000+ people can't be wrong... Join the other successful candidates and get started:


This is your last chance to land that coveted consulting job.

Less than 1% of applicants ever get accepted into the top consulting firms. Will you be one of them?... or will you just be another statistic who ends up working in a mindless back office job somewhere until you're 30?

We'll give  everything you need so you can you land the consulting position you want... how to master the recruiting nuances, ace the case interviews and build a rock-solid network... Our mentors will guide you through the case interview gauntlet... and we'll unlock the door to one of the most exclusive and lucrative professions in the world.

You'll be getting  the only Consulting Interview Prep Course that's been crowdsourced from 500,000 members, thousands of actual interviewers, associates and consulting veterans and thousands of data points.

And with  2,000+ questions across 200+ firms  with 40+ hours of video instruction, it is, quite simply, the most comprehensive course you can get. Period.

You'll get our:

         ♦    WSO Consulting Recruiting Guide:  188 pages, 40+ hours of video, full coverage of 13 critical case frameworks...

         ♦    30+ Video Webinars with Templates:  more detailed cases, so you can watch and learn fast...

         ♦    Networking Mastery Guide:  150+ questions to ask on your interviews, 14 templates for LinkedIn, Email & Cold-Calling and 3                     proven WSO Resume Templates...

         ♦    WSO Video Library - 12 Month Access:  40+ hours across 50+ videos, including Q&A's and sample pitches from our Consulting                 mentors...

         ♦    WSO Company Database - 12 Month Access:  Proprietary intel taken from 2000+ insights across 209 Consulting Funds...

But  your window of opportunity really is limited.  If you fail to land a consulting job, firms will know you're damaged goods and they won't touch you with a ten-foot pole. It really is make or break time - not just for this job, but quite possibly, for your entire career and maybe even your life.

I'm not exaggerating... Landing a job and building a career at a top consulting firm is  the ultimate goal  many candidates dreams of...  a launchpad to earning millions...  not to mention the excitement of working on some of the most interesting and largest engagements in the world and  access to a world few ever get to see.

You can try to do this all yourself and then pray you get the job, or...

You can  stand on the shoulders of the consulting veterans  who have come before you, learn their secrets, shortcuts and all their tricks so you nail your interviews, crush your competition and  be one of the few who gets into the ultra-exclusive door of an elite consulting firm.

Sign up now, and I'll see you on the inside...

Join the 1,000 candidates just like you who have already taken this course:

Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here

McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme

This course walks you through the 6 steps you need to follow to get an offer at McKinsey. Plus you can get 1-on-1 interview practice with peers and ex-McKinsey interviewers.

consulting case studies course

What you’ll learn

Stop sifting through infinite case interview resources online. Simply follow our step-by-step case interview course.

What content you’ll get access to

Access all the content you need in one place. Start with a preparation plan tailored to your situation. Learn how to crack cases and practice with real examples.

Get McKinsey Case Interview Training Programme today

The course has been used by 4,352 people since launching. Here are some of the success stories.


100% satisfaction guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your course for any reason, reach out to us and let us know how we can help. We offer full refunds within 3 days of purchase.

Not sure where to start?

Send a note to our team to discuss your situation and goals. We’ll get back to you in less than 24h.

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