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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Mumbai With Placements

Have you ever considered that being creative in how you express yourself can help you connect and engage with your clients and customers more effectively mumbai is a city bursting at the seams with talented young people. so, when the young talent creatively showcases a product or service by learning the necessary skills from the best creative writing courses in mumbai is always a win-win situation for any business..

List of best creative writing courses in Mumbai

What is Creative Writing ?

Simply put, creative writing is an expressive form of literature writing that requires the writer to use their creativity, imagination, and story to portray a specific message, idea, emotion, or plot. The goal is to capture an audience’s attention and make an emotional or thoughtful appeal to them to establish a connection. It defies other forms of writing’s traditional boundaries and is entirely subjective to our preferences and experiences.

Jobs For Creative Writers

1. Copywriter

Copywriters assist businesses in putting their brand into words. A copywriter may create emails, blogs, landing pages , website content, or ad copy that reflects the company’s voice and mission. Copywriting necessitates writing in a variety of styles and forms, allowing you to flex your writing muscles in new, novel, and exciting ways. The creative writer can specialize in advertising or digital copywriting .

2. Communications or PR specialist

A communication specialist greatly helps in the promotion of a company’s image and brand identity via various social channels. They may contribute to the development of a positive narrative for their company through blogs, journalist outreach, social media, and other public-facing channels. A PR specialist, like a copywriter, assists a company in weaving an effective story to convey to its clients and consumers.

3. Editorial Assistant

An editorial assistant is a person who checks and reviews all work before it is published on social media channels for a large audience to see. According to the company’s specifications, the creative editor checks, reviews, recorrects, and provides feedback. The editor possesses strong writing and proofreading abilities, as well as attention to detail and excellent communication abilities.

4. Brand Journalist

Being a brand journalist is a noble profession that also necessitates the most effort. Not only must the person write the brand stories, but they must also properly market them in the entrepreneurial industry and maintain a social presence.

Benefits of Creative Writing

1. Promotes the Growth of Imagination

As you create new worlds, situations, and characters in your work, creative writing enhances the imagination levels of the writer. It’s like bringing things to life. When you stimulate your brain to ‘think outside the box,’ you’ll be better suited to finding alternative solutions to problems and viewing issues from various perspectives. Writers become more innovative and can push the boundaries to solve problems in personal, professional, and business settings.

2. Critical Understanding

Writing creatively allows students to think in new ways all of the time. They tend to look at every situation from a different perspective. A component of the creative writing courses is having your work critiqued by others and learning how to critique theirs. Listening to feedback and implementing constructive criticism is a valuable skill that will serve you well in any career path you choose.

3. Building Confidence

When students write creatively, they engage in an exercise that allows them to express their creative voice. You have a better chance to explore and express your feelings about various topics, perspectives, viewpoints, characters, opinions, thoughts, and so on. This activity will make you feel more at ease and confident when expressing your thoughts and views in other things you write.

4. Clarification of Thoughts

As we write, our thoughts become clear and visible on paper, which aids in decision-making. It also allows you to clarify your emotions and thoughts. For example, if you’re a marketer or a business proposal presenter working on the next campaign project, you could write a short story or use storyboards to communicate your message to your audience more effectively.

Among other benefits, creative writing has been revealed to be an expressive form of writing. It has resulted in improved mental, emotional, and physical health. Creative writing, among many other things, reduces stress and can help prevent serious illnesses.

Why Learn Creative Writing?

Learning creative writing and honing your writing skills results in improved communication and comprehension. When you practice finding the right word in a story, plot, post, or poem, you engage the same parts of your brain that are active when you write or speak every day. It also improves critical skills such as self-expression and critical thinking.

A creative writing course subconsciously transforms you into a better communicator. Furthermore, creative writing aids in job success. Excellent writing results in job success. Of course, your supervisor is unlikely to expect you to compose emails in the format of a short story or a sonnet.

In reality, almost every job necessitates some or a significant amount of written work, whether it’s simply written communication or something much more complex, such as publishing data or marketing materials.  You can either learn creative writing on your own or attend well-structured classes.

Here are some of the other rewarding courses in Mumbai

In a creative writing class, you practice the style and grammar rules required for effective writing, both in literary and professional contexts. Improving your writing and creative abilities could land you your next promotion. There are numerous creative writing courses in Mumbai, India, in both online and offline forms. As a result, the ten best creative writing courses in Mumbai are listed below.

1. IIM Skills

IIM SKILLS is your go-to institute for professional courses leading to a lucrative career. It is a top-tier education institute in India that teaches the most advanced subjects and in-demand skills to compete with the global skills gap. It is one of Mumbai’s most reputable online training institutes for content writing courses.

Their creative writing course, which is known as the “ Content Writing Course ” includes four weeks of intensive virtual classroom instruction. It consists of 16 hours of lectures and extensive literary practical assignments. In addition, the course includes 10+ hours of internship lectures and freelance opportunities.

You will gain knowledge of various online tools. The incredible educators’ team offers lifetime technical support and consulting, as well as free tools worth Rs 35k.

Perks of the Course

Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

Articles, blogs, e-books, business listings, press releases, and other types of writing are taught in the creative writing courses in Mumbai. This course is open to anyone who enjoys writing and wants to improve and showcase their abilities, such as students, working people, professionals, homemakers, and business owners.

Through this course, you will develop the habit of writing on a regular basis, become more confident in your writing, understand the importance of research, and create content that you love to share.

Here are the high-in-demand Creative Writing Courses in Delhi

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740,  [email protected]

The Indian Institute of eCommerce and Digital Marketing (IIEDM) is a digital learning institute in Mumbai that teaches you how to use words and digital skills to create magic. At the 4th international fame awards in 2021, the institute is named the best education institute in digital marketing training. Another one of the best creative writing courses in Mumbai is the Certification Course in Content Writing.

The extensive modules cover all of the fundamentals of content writing. The course also offers exciting placement opportunities. Learn from the best faculty, who strive to provide the best practical and theoretical experience possible, allowing students to start with confidence. They offer hands-on experience with live assignments to help students understand the implementation of various content strategies and tools.

This course will help you gain experience and confidence in creating and publishing content. In addition, it will help you develop the skills to write content that is liked and shared by many people, as well as access career opportunities.

Brand Saloon, a digital marketing agency, is known for its advanced digital marketing, SEO, social media, and other marketing training courses. They are also an award-winning digital marketing agency in Mumbai, India, offering the best digital marketing courses in internships. TBS offers one of the best content writing and creative writing courses in Mumbai.

This course provides extensive knowledge of various types of informative content. It also helps you understand how SEO, SMM, and SMO, go hand in hand with the success of your company’s and brand’s content. Master your content creation and marketing skills with an expert faculty.

This course is helpful and offers strategies and tips as needed. Therefore, this course provides students with all kinds of support to expand their knowledge and become better professionals.

The institute’s international presence and knowledge partners enable anyone in the world to continue their education.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

4. The Bombay Review

Since its inception in 2014, The Bombay Review has been South Asia’s largest literary magazine. The magazine provides excellent creative writing courses in Mumbai and around the world, as well as a variety of specializations that can help you become a great storyteller.

The course provides an idea, a love of reading and writing, and assistance in developing your creativity into a beautiful piece of work illustrated and published in one of New York’s and Mumbai’s leading magazines. The courses will teach you the fundamentals of storytelling, writing, and presentation. Discover the art of creative writing with great mentors by putting your fiction ideas on paper and articulating them correctly.

Students interested in all forms, genres, and themes of creative writing are welcome to apply. Students will receive practical writing guidance and instruction so that they do not feel confused or swamped. You’ll know exactly what to do next, one word at a time, with proper instructions and a completely preplanned resource list.

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5. The Write Way to Content Writing

The Digital Marketing Training Institute has a division called The Write Way to Content Writing. The institute has been a pioneer in introducing a comprehensive training program in Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Search, and Display Networks strategies for the past 9 years.

The subject of creative writing is combined in the ideal course with learning content writing. This course is designed for beginners or students who want to improve their writing skills. With over eight modules, students will learn how to write effectively by articulating words on paper. The course includes blogging and other creative subtopics.

These creative writing courses in Mumbai are suitable for anyone, including communications professionals, students, job seekers who write blogs, journalists, authors, and bloggers who want to improve their writing skills or gain more confidence in publishing their content, products, or services.

6. Growhance

Growhance is an online learning platform designed to provide individuals with knowledge beyond what is taught in the classroom. The platform offers courses that cover important life skills and hobbies like creative and performing arts, business, and entrepreneurship. The courses are being taught by the respective expert faculty.

The creative writing courses in Mumbai are intended to help the students improve their writing skills as well as oral and written connectivity in 6 weeks. The group exercises and hands-on activities will teach you various styles of writing for different audiences. You will be able to write very well compelling articles, blog posts, short stories, expert emails and project papers, and engaging social media posts by the end of this course. 

Everyone, regardless of age, background, or experience, is welcome to take the course. Through this one-stop dedicated platform, you can learn a variety of skills taught by expert coaches in small intimate settings conducive to rapid learning and development.

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7. National School Of Creative Arts

NSCA is a premier institute that focuses on essential methods and psychologies underlying digital technologies in the creative industries. The institute focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of the industry and allowing them to grow with it. Kasak’s creative writing courses in Mumbai are online courses taught by an Instagram influencer.

The course is divided into three modules, each with over ten classes covering various creative subjects such as writing basics, poems, prose, and so on. The course also includes sessions on how to grow on social media by creating amazing creative content that everyone likes and shares. Furthermore, the expert faculty teaches the importance of research and understanding different perspectives in order to be creative.

The course is beneficial to anyone who enjoys literature and wishes to excel in it. After learning, students write and publish their work on various social media platforms in order to engage and connect with a larger audience.

8. Superscribe Learning Centre

Superscribe is a language and vocabulary development institute. The courses result from hundreds of units of material developed by teachers and other professionals in India, the United States, and Australia. The course is designed for aspiring writers to learn how to create characters, plots, stories, poems, and creative nonfiction in real-world simulations.

The course is best suited to high school students and early learners. The course also includes access to their curated bookshelf, which contains an impressive collection of hand-picked titles designed to help even the most hesitant reader discover the power of words.

These creative writing courses in Mumbai will help young students gain confidence in telling captivating stories. It will also help them develop the ability to write content with elegant vocabulary.

9. Whistling Woods International

Whistling Woods International (WWI) is India’s premier film, communication, creative arts, and writing institute. Since 2006, WWI has been successfully delivering world-class learning in all artistic and technical aspects of Film, Communication, and Creative Arts to students. The Certificate in Creative Writing Skills course lasts 30 hours over 10 weeks.

This program teaches communication strategies for expressing thoughts in writing. It aims to improve the student’s ability to generate ideas, imagination, writing, and evaluation skills in order to create original content. The course prepares students to think critically and effectively present their ideas in any medium. Additionally, the expert faculty provides students with an understanding of the technical aspects of creative writing.

The creative writing courses in Mumbai are open to anyone who wants to understand their style, personality, and grooming abilities in English.

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10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a global institute that provides excellent training and services by utilizing benchmarked content, resources, and cutting-edge technology. According to Higher Education Digest’s survey, it is the best of the five fastest-growing Edtech startups in India. Henry Harvin provides one of the best creative writing courses in Mumbai.

It is ranked first in the world for its Certified Creative Writing Specialist program. The course is entirely practical in nature. Students learn about creative writing from experienced Asian creative writers. Through their well-structured syllabus, which is specifically geared toward assisting writers and novelists, one can begin writing stories, poetry, scripts, and so on. In addition, a year-long gold membership in a writing academy is included.

Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills or wants to create imaginative write-ups to share and express to the world is welcome without regard to age, caste, gender, or community.

1. How can I learn creative writing?

Reading and writing can help you learn how to write creatively. Reading allows you to learn from the work, patterns, and styles of others. Literature is the most important component of creative writing. Finally, writing something every day will help you become a better writer.

2. How long is a creative writing course?

The above-mentioned creative writing courses in Mumbai last up to 3-4 months. Learning and mastering this style of writing is entirely up to the learner. The more quickly you grasp and implement the form, the more creative and valuable your content becomes.

3. Is creative writing hard?

When you first start, creative writing is a very simple and straightforward form of writing. People with creative minds pick up on the art form quickly, but it can be a difficult type of writing for many students to master because it takes a long time to learn and master the art of writing. 

4. How can I become a creative writer?

Anyone can become a creative writer by learning creative writing formats and styles. Learning the necessary skills makes it simple to plan, structure, and optimize content for your book, web blogs, content creation for target audiences, and gain traction.

5. Is it worth doing creative writing courses in Mumbai?

Yes, creative writing classes can be extremely beneficial. It helps students improve their observation skills, deal with writer’s block, and develop the art of storytelling. As you create new worlds, situations, and characters in your work, creative writing stimulates your imagination.

Creative writing is now the most effective way to boost your creativity in both the personal and professional realms by focusing on expressing your thoughts, products, or services in a unique way rather than looking for the same non-emotional writing styles. The value of creative writing stems from its ability to describe the world in an honest and unfiltered manner. Being authentic, creating high-quality content, and conducting extensive keyword research to understand how your audience searches for the market all aid in the implementation of various engaging, connecting, and fun content plans.

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Creative Writing Workshops and Courses

creative writing courses in mumbai

Publication in New and Upcoming Writing is subject to selection criteria. Only writers and poets selected by us in Advanced workshops are published.

creative writing courses in mumbai

The Bombay Review Creative Writing Courses and Workshops are a series of specializations that you can take to become a great storyteller.

You will participate in mini MFA-modeled workshops/courses and master the techniques of good writers and poets.

Come to us with an idea, a love for reading and writing, and watch it grow to a beautiful piece of work, illustrated and published in one of the leading magazines of New York and Mumbai.

With our personalized mentorship, instruction, discussion, support, and feedback, you will open the doors to the world of literature; your literature, your writing.

The program is open to student writers interested in all forms, genres and themes of creative writing. You will receive practical guidance and instruction for your writing — so you won’t feel confused or overwhelmed, and you’ll know exactly what to do next, one word at a time.

The courses will walk you through critical aspects of storytelling, writing, and presentation. As you sit with us (or stand) while you write and hone an entire piece from beginning to end, you’ll leave us with your first published piece in a magazine, or is it the seventeenth?

Below are some of the covers of the magazine issues where your work is published – New and Upcoming Writing Editions.

creative writing courses in mumbai

Why should you learn from us? Why should you be published in The Bombay Review?

Here is a look at what people involved with, mentored by, and published by us are doing:

creative writing courses in mumbai

W on or been shortlisted for:

Pulitzer Award, the International Booker Prize, Pen/Open Book Award, Man Asian Literary Prize, Pen/Hemingway Award, Toto Award, National Book Award, Betty Trask Prize, the Desmond Elliott Prize, among others.

Been published by:

Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan Publishers, Simon & Schuster, , Sahitya Academy, Rupa Publishing House, Aleph Book Review, Katha, Faber and Faber, W. W. Norton and Company, Zubaan, Sahitya Academy, Picador.

Teach or have studied in:

University of Oxford, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Durham University, New York University, University of Toronto, Texas State University, University of Victoria, Kingston University, University of Mumbai, University of Cape Town, Louisiana Tech University, University of Melbourne, Arizona State University, The New School, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University of Bath, Allen University, Rutgers University, University of East Anglia, University of Delhi, Emory University, The University of Edinburgh, Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Iowa, Brooklyn College, Queensland University, among many, many more!


creative writing courses in mumbai

Note: If your work is featured in the New Writing section after the Workshop/Course; a disclaimer might be put in the beginning/end of the story in some cases when there is disagreement over the piece between editors and writers (primarily objective). Participation in these initiatives confirms your acknowledgement and acceptance of the same. 

“This story is part of The Bombay Review Creative Writing Workshop. Changes and edits to the plot and theme of the story, suggested by The Bombay Review instructors were not accepted by the author. Feature of this piece on the TBR website is in line with our initiative to encourage new writers, and is not a part of the regular issues or publications of the magazine.”

The above disclaimer might vary from author to author.

creative writing courses in mumbai

Feedback and Testimonials from Workshop and Course participants

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creative writing courses in mumbai

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Get connected.

A writing class to help you find your voice.

Writing is a solitary activity. But you can’t become a writer without reading, talking, thinking aloud, and getting feedback on your work.

The Bombay Writers’ Workshop hopes to bring the best components of creative writing instruction to aspiring Bombay writers.

Through courses of six to nine weeks, meeting once a week, the Bombay Writers’ Workshop will help people who want to take their writing to the next level, offering accountability, a framework for developing new work, a supportive community that can offer constructive feedback, and high quality creative writing instruction.

Applications for the inaugural batch have now closed. To stay in the loop about future courses, write to [email protected]

The instructor.

  Sanjena Sathian is a novelist, journalist, and teacher. She is the author of GOLD DIGGERS , a debut novel forthcoming from Penguin Press (US) in 2021. She is a graduate of the oldest creative writing program in the world, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop , and of Yale University.

She’s previously been a foreign correspondent and a technology reporter. She has also taught creative writing at the University of Iowa, the Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and the Outer Coast Year in Sitka, Alaska.

 This class is excellent for writers who are beyond their first stages and want to get serious about craft and revisions. Highly recommend Sanjena as a teacher; you are in extremely capable hands with her and benefit from the rigorous standards she puts on herself as a writer.

— kishori rajan, executive producer at hbo and student in the inaugural class, upcoming classes.

Summer batch (the inaugural batch) ran from April 18-June 13, 2020, on Zoom due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, we’ll meet at Ikattha Space in Colaba. Dates for future courses are uncertain due to global travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Cost for the inaugural batch: 10,000 rs/head. Payment in USD is also welcome. The most promising participants will be admitted, and payment plans or other considerations, including merit scholarships, may be available.

*How to Apply

To apply, please submit a note of no more than 500 words, explaining your interest in the course, along with 3-10 pages of prose to [email protected] . Incomplete work is fine. Please do not send more than 10 pages.

Your note should discuss the reasons you write, what you hope to get out of the workshop, any prior experience you have in creative writing or literature (none is required), and what you like to read. If you come from a background traditionally or currently underrepresented in literature, feel free to discuss how that affects your work or what you hope to say. 

That note, by the way, is itself a piece of writing, with voice and purpose. Check your spelling, and write it well.

Not all applicants will receive feedback on their submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Held Thoughts

I still don’t know much about the workshop model. can you tell me more.

The workshop originated at the University of Iowa in the 1950s, which was the first time in (at least American) history that people decided to give creative writing a dedicated home in the academy. 

The standard model is this: ten to twelve students sit around a seminar table, with one instructor, having read the workshoppee’s submission twice before class and written them a thoughtful 1-2 page letter. The person being workshopped reads a paragraph to a page from their work, then falls silent. The workshop begins with the class identifying some of the strengths and admirable qualities of the work. Then the instructor leads the class to identify some places the writer can improve, often delivering a mini-lecture on craft that all students can learn from. 

Why are you following the workshop model?

The workshop model has its limitations. It can feel strange to sit in silence while your work is being discussed, for instance. However, its advantages might outweigh its drawbacks for early-stage writers. Experiencing how other people encounter your work “in the wild,” so to speak, is useful. 

Also, reading other people’s work is perhaps even more instructive than having your own work discussed. It teaches us about the architecture of written work.

Lastly, the course won’t just be workshop-based. It also includes three warmup weeks of reading and generative discussions, and the 1:1 writing partner model.

Are there age restrictions?

Applicants should be above the age of 18.

Is the workshop really only prose?

  Yes. Only prose. No screenplays or poetry at this time.

I read and write but I’m uncomfortable with some of the mechanics of language, or I wasn’t trained in literary writing formally. I’m nervous about applying. What can I do?

Grab yourself a copy of Elements of Style by Strunk & White. It’s a very short book that can help you nail down some of the basics of sentences and grammar. But also, don’t worry. Everyone will have a chance to explain what they want to work on during the workshop. For some that will be plotting and character development. For others that may be language itself. By knowing where you can improve, you’ve already started down your literary path.

I have no creative writing experience, and I’m worried about actually getting stuff written/meeting deadlines, but I want to join.

That’s fine as long as you’re willing to write two pieces for the workshop. The pieces can be rough if getting the words on paper is the hard part for you. The first three weeks should also set you up to get your juices flowing.

I write stuff that isn’t “literature,” or I want feedback on something like a personal statement or a cover letter.

This workshop is for primarily literary writing. Business writing or copywriting isn’t a good fit.

I can’t make this workshop due to your dates but I’m really interested!

Send an email to [email protected] so you can be in the loop for future sessions. 

When will the next batch be?

Instructor schedule permitting, we may do a short monsoon batch this year. TBD. 

I can’t pay a thing, but I think I’m a good writer and/or want a shot.

Email anyway with an application and explain your situation to whatever degree you feel comfortable. A scholarship may be available.

This is India, where regional literature matters as much as or more than English literature. Why are you running an English-language workshop?

If I (Sanjena) were a polyglot, I’d run a non-English language workshop, too. But alas, like too many Americans, I am basically unilingual. 

Regional literatures are crucial to Indian literature, and while this workshop is not equipped to bridge the gap between English and regional languages, we will read some work in translation during the first three weeks. 

That said, there’s also a rich history of English language literature in India which is not worth dismissing.

My primary language of writing is not English.

The workshop can only be run in English, but if you are willing to translate your own work, your submissions are welcome. Just make note of the fact that we are workshopping you in translation. That way we will be able to focus on plot, structure, flow, character, etc and not get as fussy about the line by line if you are not a professional translator.

What if I have to quit in the middle?

Please don’t! Sadly, there will be no refunds. 

What if I have to miss a session/sessions?

Please don’t! Being present at every class is crucial. That said, if you have an extenuating circumstance and know now as you’re applying, please make note in your initial email.

I love to write, but I don’t read much.

A writing life is inextricable from a reading life, and this workshop stems from the premise that writing is not merely an act of self-expression. If you don’t like to read, and don’t anticipate that changing, this probably isn’t the space for you. But if you’re willing and eager to begin reading more, or to be exposed to new voices, you are so, so welcome. 

Are there other non-degree workshops like this in the world?

Sure! There are a bunch of non-degree writing organizations around the world. 

Chimamanda Adichie runs one in Lagos. There’s the Berlin Writers’ Workshop . There’s CRIT , run by Tony Tulathimutte in New York, and a number of others in New York including the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop and Gotham . Sackett also runs online courses, as does Catapult . And I (Sanjena) am a graduate of Clarion , which also runs Clarion West -- both for writers of speculative fiction. If you hear of any others, let us know. We hope everyone has access to something like the Bombay Writers’ Workshop, if they want it!

Other questions or concerns? Write to [email protected] .

Find out more

Creative Writing

To enroll, please provide your contact information and select the course you are interested in.


Course Content

Who will benefit from this Workshop?

This workshop is useful for aspiring writers who wish to understand the various elements of creative writing and learn to use them to improve their writing skills.

Course Duration

Himali Kothari

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Amrapali teacher made a positive difference in my son's life through her way of teaching. My son really enjoyed her every class and eagerly waiting for his next classes too. Kudos to you! You are Amazing!

Amita , 3 years ago

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British Council India

Creative writing for adults - module i.

Creative Writing adults

Whether you are a scribbler, a secret diarist, or a would-be journalist, come find your unique writing style with British Council’s Creative Writing course - Module I  course.

This course will help you:

Required English language level:  Above upper-intermediate level (Level B2).

Course duration: 36 hours I 9 weeks I weekend online classes | all the participants will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the course.

Course fee:  INR 10,000 per participant Click here to register

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee Click here to register

About the Course

Our Creative Writing- Module I course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques to improve your writing process and enhance creativity.

The course content covers plot, characters, dialogue and setting when writing fiction. You will also learn how to travel write and blog, learn to differentiate between news reports and feature articles, be introduced to screenwriting and writing memoirs. You will explore the tools of a poet and learn to write poetry. In addition, you will be introduced to experimental writing and children’s fiction. The syllabus is specifically designed to guide those who wish to write creatively and explore their writing talent to realise their dreams of becoming a writer.

Our experienced teachers will help you find your unique writer’s voice through this enjoyable writing course. You will receive feedback on your writing to help you know your prospects as a future writer. Once you join our Creative Writing course, you will realize that lively and interactive sessions are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer.  The course is, however, not aimed at those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing skills.

Schedule for the upcoming batch of March

Schedule for the ongoing batch in february, course delivery.

36 hours of learning will happen through online classes and 14 hours of interaction and peer-learning will be facilitated through our online interactive learning platform.

There will be assessments by the teacher during the mid and end of the course

Participants should use laptop/desktop to attend the session. 

Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant.

Special offer: British Council library members can avail a special discount of 10% on the course fee.

How to ascertain your English language level and register?

Step 1: Ascertain your language level (required English Language level)

The course is open for all. However, English Language level suitable for the course is above upper-intermediate level (B2) and advanced level (C1 and C2).

Step 2 : Once you have ascertained your English language level, please proceed for the course registration.

Course fee: INR 10,000 per participant. Click here   to register.

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee. Click here  to register.

Terms and Conditions

For any query, please email us at [email protected] .

Live chat for Library related enquiries

Mon - Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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