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Best Creative Writing Courses in India with Placement

creative writing courses india

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Creative writing is a unique style of presenting one’s mind. It’s a work of art and imagination. The out-of-the-box approach and the talent to embellish any content is creative writing.

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The usual subject matter is outside technical writing, academic writing, research writing or journalism. It mainly focuses on poetry, narrative or drama under fiction; and under non-fiction, there are memoirs, biography, autobiography and expository non-fiction. Some primary elements of creative writing are characterization, realism, setting, tone and structure and plot.

One’s ability to combine words and punctuation to captivate the reader’s attention requires skill. This skill is innate per se, but sometimes it requires honing. There also exists a debate if we can teach art. Is this a skill that you can acquire? Though this argument persists, the creative writing industry is thriving and growing. Many are mentoring and collaborating with aspiring writers in India. Several people are mastering this skill by enrolling in creative writing courses. 

In India, Creative writing is much coveted. The below chart shows the interest in this subject over time in India. It also shows that this form of writing is intriguing for people to embrace as a passion. 

creative writing courses india

Many institutions in India provide creative writing courses. They are both offline and online because of the new social pandemic norms. Also, every budding writer should be clear about the objective of learning this skill. They should introspect if it is a soul-enriching hobby or for the betterment of the career for a more lucrative outcome. Although the goals may be numerous, one should decide with discretion.

Here is a list of the ten best creative writing courses in India. 

1. Henry Harvin Education

It is one of the finest institutions in the country which provides both offline and online courses. Their certification is ranked no. 1 by bestcoursenews.com. They believe that each writer has a unique voice and strive to unveil it. Henry Harvin believes in the goal centric and action-oriented teaching methodology. It holds accreditation by the American Association of EFL, content writing association in India, MSME, UKAF, and the govt. Of India. This course equips students to picture a storyline and build the sequence to it. It evokes creativity in a writer and helps them demonstrate it.

Course Highlights

Course name: Creative writing course

Fee structure: INR 9500/-

Duration 24 hours of training,24 hours of brush-up and 50 hours of e-learning access

2. Sri Aurobindo centre for arts and communication, Delh i

Sri Aurobindo centre for art and communication believe that writing can be taught. Here also online and classroom training is given. Admissions are given only to the genuinely interested candidate. An entrance exam ensures that all leisure writers are eliminated. They conduct indoor and outdoor activity workshops and follow a more practical approach to extract creativity from the new writers. This intensive training improves the expressions and helps develop imagination. They focus on different genres of writing.

Course highlights

Course name: Certificate Course in Creative Writing(online)

Course fee : Rs. 19000/- + applicable service tax(online class) & Rs 24000/- + applicable tax (offline course)

Duration : 3 months (only weekends)

3. British council, India

The British Council has been working in India since 1948. They focus on art and culture to arouse the creative abilities of young people. They help build relationships between creatives and academicians from the UK and other parts of the world. British council promises to help find the candidate’s unique writing voice through its online creative writing course. However, the candidate requires an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to apply for this course. They teach various techniques to improve writing skills. They provide an introductory course to creative writing as well as a 3-week intensive course for seasoned writers. 

Course Fee: INR 10,000/-

Duration : 36 hours

4. Xavier institute of communication, Mumbai

This autonomous college is a professional media centre and provides various training and production services. They conduct an online creative writing workshop for aspiring writers.

Course name: Creative Writing Workshop

Course fee : INR 8,000/-

Duration : 16 hours 

5. Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)

It is an open university established by the Govt. of India. They provide need-based and high-quality programmes at affordable costs. They offer a diploma in creative writing; any applicant who is a 10+2 pass is eligible. Their curriculum ensures that the learners progress at their own pace by incorporating the different methodologies imparted at every stage.  

Course Highlight

Course name: Diploma in Creative Writing in English(DCE) 

Course fee : INR 3800/-

Duration : Minimum 1 year and maximum 4 years


6. Writers.com

Writers.com was founded in 1995. It is one of its kind because they began teaching writing online much before the other institutions. They promise the best teachers from across the globe who cater all around the clock. They ensure attention to every new writer by critiquing and reviewing their works weekly. Their means of instruction is empathetic discussions and feedback where one can freely communicate the standpoints. Their emphasis is more on practical learning as you write. 

Course fee    : $315 for 8 weeks and $360 for 10 weeks  


7. Writer’s Digest University

Writer’s digest university has been in existence for over 90 years. Since then they’ve been inspiring writers to become authors. They train writers from different levels and drive them to have a long successful career. The instructors support writers of every genre through online workshops, writing competition and provide services to craftily enhance the writing voice. They bring to life fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, and poetry through their services.

Course fee : Between $19.99 – $799.99

Duration : Participants can contact directly


8. Coursera 

Coursera is an American online learning platform where people can access from across the globe. It collaborates with more than 150 universities and professional development institutions. It gives a chance to study subjects that one has only dreamt about. If the completed course is related to their work domain then the employability also increases. People can venture outside their academic domains and explore the artistic world. These virtual classrooms imitate the classroom sessions therefore they provide the highest quality. Coursera also provides various courses on creative writing. The writer can cherry-pick the courses as they have assorted topics. The price of the course also varies and the student can pick one which suits best to his/her needs. The courses are accessible till the validity of your subscription. Creative writers can subscribe to this specialisation and thereby get access to all the content in that specialisation. Coursera gives access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises and discussion forums

Course highlights 

Course name: Personal choice of the topic

Course fee : Varies per specialisation

Duration : Between 4 and 12 weeks


Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform where more than 150,000 courses abound.

More than 4 million users take advantage of this platform. This platform is a potpourri of topics ranging from learning makeup to pilates. There are some free and paid ones though the paid ones are relatively low-priced. These courses provide lifetime accessibility to the classes. However, this is not an accredited institute. Therefore the skills learnt here only showcase your acquired knowledge and garner a lot of praise. There are many courses on creative writing here. The writer can select any which suits them best. 

Course name: Varies from topic to topic

Course fees: Courses generally vary between $9 – $300

Duration : A lifetime accessibility with a minimum of 30- minutes lecture


10. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau is a home study college and was established in 1931. They specialise in distance learning and have trained thousands around the world. They are a member of the institute of training and institutional learning(ITOL) and the national association of writers. This membership ensures their quality and success rate.

Course name: Comprehensive creative writing course

Course fee : INR 44,400/-

11. Welkin Highs:

This institute offers a certified creative writing course in India. It is a 12-in-one course that offers everything from training to exam preparation and certification. It is one of the industry-recognized and best creative writing courses in India.

Other benefits:

Other courses:

12. Anita’s Attic:

This is the best creative writing course in India as said by many of its students. The institute is situated in Bangalore which offers a comprehensive creative writing program in India. Anita Nair, a bestselling author of 9 novels runs this Anita’s attic in Bangalore and  the one who teaches the course too. This course is not just a creative writing course but also a mentorship program that is held every year for 12 days spread over 12 weeks in partnership with Harper Collins publication.  Her course covers a lot of genres such as

For Fees and batches, one has to fill out the inquiry form on the website, and they will get back in touch with you.

13. Symbiosis center for distance learning:

It is an institute for distance learning that offers a Diploma in Creative writing course in India and the center is situated in Pune. The total duration of the course is 1 year and the curriculum of the course is rich, resourceful, and insightful. People after the 12th or those who have completed their bachelor’s or waiting for results after the final examination in Bachelor’s can choose this course. The Fees for the course varies according to the category and can be paid in instalment. This program will help the learners to get exposure to various forms of writing, and introduce the views of well-known writers.

14. CRAFT Film School:

Center for Research in Art of Film and Television offers a Creative writing course in India. The total duration of the course is y months which includes three semesters consisting of classroom training, practical projects, field projects, along with an internship. The fee for the program is Rs.1,50,000/ and if paid in instalments costs Rs.5000/ extra. Only 10 seats are available for this course and admission takes place everywhere based on the interview process. The institute during the interview process checks how much the candidate is passionate about creative writing. At present, the institute is accepting applications for interviews till November 28.

RK Films and Media Academy offers many courses including a creative writing course in India situated in New Delhi. This creative writing course is a combination of creative writing, script writing, and content writing. Students can also take this course as a part-time course or can also choose to study in one’s comfort at home. This course covers everything from grammar to proofreading and design. The creative writing course will be beneficial to people who are working or want to work in the field of media and communication and also for anyone passionate about writing. This course helps the students to develop a basic aptitude for writing.

These were the best institutions that provide comprehensive coaching and mentoring for budding creative writers. Every writer must diligently decide what his goals are before enrolling. Figure out what form of creative writing interests you the most. There are many online and on-demand courses to choose from if you are a working professional. Younger students must look for hands-on guidance. This approach will help them give vent to their imagination and express it more artistically.

What shall I do next?

If you admit that you are still reluctant to enrol then you should read further.

Importance of creative writing

Creative writing helps preserve human emotions in this ever-changing world. Every feeling and emotion can be captured through the art of writing. It produces emotional intelligence. It teaches empathy. Whichever genre or style one engages in, creative writing improves problem-solving skills. It unlocks the imagination to achieve greater heights. Imagination propels human to ideate, solve and create a better future. Just as Einstein said,” imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Benefits of creative writing

Apart from improving one’s writing skills, creative writing courses can profit in several ways. Here is a list of some benefits which you can consider if you are still hesitant about signing up for a course.

The above were the advantages of engaging in creative writing. But if you are still hesitant and want to understand the monetary benefits, keep reading further.

How to make money as a creative writer?

You can channelise your passion for creative writing into avenues that will yield benefits. Your skills can get you paid work.

Here are some options for creative writer’s who have confined themselves to certain guidelines. However, this is not a cakewalk to make easy money. Writers have to engage in multiple projects to have several income sources.

There are many ways to earn using your creative writing skills. Choosing multiple avenues for generating a steady income is always prudent. Nonetheless, you must resort to some satisfying way to keep yourself happy.    

Here are a few tips, for all new and professional writers, to improve the creative process:


In conclusion, creative writing in itself allows you to enjoy yourself. This non-stressful activity decreases stress levels by releasing endorphins. The flexible working hours allow you to focus on other aspects of life too. However, there may be pressure to meet deadlines but that applies to a major chunk of jobs. Payscale is not constant and it depends on the skills and experience of the writer. Being mindful of these, if your penchant is creativity and painting with words, then there is no stopping. Allow your imagination to take over and sharpen your writing skills. Augment your style and amplify the writer’s voice. Hone your perceptive by enlisting in the right course. 

The courses stated in this article are the most reputed and the best in the country. Due to the global pandemic and geographical locations, all of them offer online courses. This has crossed out the biggest hurdle for many professionals and has permitted everyone to create their learning environment. Make a choice that will decide your future.

1.How do I make the right choice?

Choose the course based on the accessibility to the sessions and affordability of the courses.        Check the level of skillset you carry and match the right course. 

2.Is this an exhaustive list of institutions that provide creative writing course? 

   These are the most reputed and credible ones. However, there are many other institutions.

3. Is this a post-pandemic updated list?

 Yes, this is a post-pandemic updated list and all of the above institutions follow the pandemic norms.

4. Are these institutions accredited? 

   All of them are except udemy. But its certificate demonstrates your skillset.

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*A cutting-edge Technical Writing Course which teaches you the fine art of transforming data and information accumulated through a process or experimental work into technical documentations and guides.

Creative Writing Courses with Gold Membership

Henry Harvin® Creative Writing Course Ranks#1 in India by The Statesman! Creative Master the creative writing skills to compose engaging Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, and Poetry that will snap a reader’s curiosity from the advent to end of your write-up.

Medical Writing Training Course and Cartificate

A one-of-a-kind Medical Writing course which helps you get a thorough understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer. The Certified Medical Writer(CMW) certification is your key to success.

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Top writing courses in India

Charulekha Khandelwal

Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE

We offer writing courses but people often ask us what else is out there? Are there courses in other places? Or in their hometowns? Not everyone can travel. And some people don’t like driving in mountains.

So we went hunting and put together a list. We found a surprising number in Bangalore. Further, we could get first-hand feedback on only a few, we can’t say if they’re all good or not. Here are the writing courses we found in India. The list is in alphabetical order

1.      Anita’s Attic

Anita Nair, author together with Penguin Random House India hosts this writing and mentorship programme.  While you get to explore different genres of writing from novels, children’s writing, poetry, short stories, and so on, you also identify your key competencies and skill areas. You hobnob with publishers and learn to use social media to your advantage. You may be among the chosen few who get introduced to literary agents. Participants’ writings find their way into an anthology, “Attic Books.” 12 participants are selected for this comprehensive workshop.

Nature of Courses : 5 hours a week (10.30am-3.30 pm) for 11 consecutive weeks

Cost : Rs. 80,000

Place: Bengaluru

Next Start Dates : Admissions are now open for the Season 8 session of Creative Writing and Mentorship Program to be held from 6th June- 22nd August, 2020.

Eligibility:   Submit an online form which includes a written excerpt evaluated by Anita Nair

Website : https://anitasattic.com/about/

Our Take: Credentials are impressive, but the course is pricey. In our experience they are somewhat slow to respond.

Radical thought : Writing courses cost money. Ironically, you can also get paid to write. If you think you’re already a decent writer, and want to earn while you learn writing, check out our blog on seven ways to earn money through writing.

creative writing courses india

2.      Bangalore’s World-Famous Semi-Deluxe Writing Program  

This course is put together by writers Anjum Hasan, Eshwar Sundaresan and Zac O’ Yeah in collaboration with Shoonya, a multi art centre. 

You will brainstorm tools and techniques, practise writing and learn to critique it, take part in workshops and writing assignments. You will get an exposure to both fiction and nonfiction writing in the form of short stories, thriller writing, poetry, long form writing, children’s literature, journalistic articles, and travelogues by well-known writers. And of course, as most writers aspire to be heard, you get to know about what it takes to be successful. The course enrols 30 participants.

Nature of Courses : 8 consecutive weekends (15 classes from 10:30am – 1:30pm) besides six 3-hour afternoon workshops. You can also walk-in and enrol in individual courses.

Cost : Rs 31,700. Early birders get a discount of 15% 

Next Start Dates : June 2020, 

Eligibility: The applicant has to write a poem/ vignette/whichever form takes your fancy on “Who am I” (max. 800 words) and submit it.

Website : http://shoonyaspace.com/event/bangalores-world-famous-semi-deluxe-writing-program-edition-iii/

Our Take: No opinion

creative writing courses india

3.      Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW)

Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW) was co-founded by Bhumika Anand and Rheea Mukherjee, in 2011. Bhumika continues to be the Director of BWW. The workshop brings together aspiring writers who practice the art over a multi-week program. The course has a reputation for being quite demanding.

As part of the course, the participants learn to critique writing pieces from the BWW course book which contains contemporary and classical excerpts. You will share your own work for peer review and interact with known authors.

Courses Offered : The Classic course is the flagship programme. Additionally, they have courses on Fiction, Poetry, Non- Fiction and Workshops for young writers. The Classic course which is most comprehensive is for 8 weeks (classes every Saturday for 3 hours, 2.30-5.30 pm, i.e. a total of 24 hours over 8 weeks). The batch size is small, with 3-10 students per batch. 

Cost : Rs. 17,000 including taxes.

Place : Bengaluru

Next Course Dates : check website (below). 2-3 course starts every year for the Classic Course.

Eligibility : Submit an original piece of writing and pray to the God of Wishful Thinking that you score between 7 and 10 so that you qualify. (Grading is from 1-10, based on language and creativity). 

Website : http://www.bangalorewriters.com/

Our Take: We hear they’re awesome.

4.      Bound Writer’s Retreat

Bound is a company based in Mumbai. The team consists of Tara Khandelwal, who is the founder of the company, and Michelle D’Costa, both editors and writers, besides other faculty. 

Bound offers writers’ retreats, workshops, mentorship and supports writers with editorial services to put their book together for publishing. The Retreat caters to all forms of writing -fiction, poetry, screenwriting & non-fiction writing. The workshop will take you through creating, refining and firming up a piece of writing and strategies for attracting publishers and using social media. The group size is limited to 12 people.

Courses Offered : Short foundational workshops on fiction writing and Writer’s Retreat amongst others

Nature of Course : 5-day residential writers’ retreat usually in Goa, 2-day courses within Mumbai city; 

Cost: Rs 40,999 for a private room and Rs 34,999 for a shared room for the Writer’s Retreat. 

Place : Goa, Mumbai

Next Course Dates : Yet to be announced

Eligibility criteria and other details available at Website : https://www.boundindia.com/events/weekendwritersretreat/

Our Take: Heard good stuff

5.      British Council 

The British Council is a well-known institute for teaching English language. Until recently they had creative writing course that took you through fiction, poetry, short stories and screenplays to travel writing, feature article writing and news reports. The courses dont appear on their website anymore so you may want to call them and check. The Council has experienced faculty that will guide you to polish your craft as a writer.

Courses offered : Introduction to Creative Writing is a s ummer intensive course spread over 6 weeks or a term course of 8 weeks duration, both for 50 hours each

Nature of Course : Course timings are flexible and adjusted according to the student’s need. But the course is conducted within working hours on weekdays in Delhi (i.e. before 6pm), except on weekends. In Kolkata, the course is offered on weekends

Cost : Rs. 16,000 at the Delhi Centre. The course at the Kolkata Centre costs Rs. 13,500.

Places: New Delhi and Kolkata English Learning Centres.

Eligibility : You will have to undertake an assessment level check test at the centre which costs Rs. 600 in Delhi and Rs. 500 in Kolkata.

Next Course Dates: Rolling enrolments and starts in both Delhi and Kolkata.

Website: https://www.britishcouncil.in/english/courses-adults/which-course

Our Take :  We hear the courses are good but they focus more on language than on creative writing.

creative writing courses india

6.      Deer Park Institute, Janet Thomas

The Deer Park Institute is a centre for Buddhist Studies.  Janet Thomas has been teaching and conducting creative writing workshops at the Deer Park since 2009. She is an author, poet, playwright and was the editor of a travel magazine. 

Courses offered with next course dates: A writing workshop “Why Writing Matters” ( 2nd April 2020 – 5th April 2020); For those interested in penning down their life stories you can learn the “Art & Craft of Writing a Memoir” (8th April 2020 – 11th April 2020)

Cost: Free, with the option of a contribution to the institute

Place: Deer Park Institute, Bir, Himachal Pradesh 

Website : http://deerpark.in/schedule/janet-thomas-why-writing-matters-writing-workshop/

Our Take: No first hand experience, but we have heard of event cancellations.

7.      Dum Pukht’s Fiction Writing Workshop

This is a two-week residential workshop for people who want to specialise in fiction writing. Anil Menon, Pervin Saket and Akshat Nigamare are three writers who came together in 2016 to start the Dum Pukht’s Writer’s Workshop. The ten-day workshop has individual segments which they lead while Ravi Shankar is the facilitator of the fourth segment.

You bring a story which you have written and on which you receive constructive inputs. The writing and critiquing process continues through the next week of the workshop. Besides which you will learn about style, technique and the importance of writing. Fourteen participants are selected for the workshop.

Nature of Courses : Residential (two weeks)

Cost : Rs. 30 , 000 on double occupancy rooms (all inclusive)

Place: Adishakti Theatre Complex, outside Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

Next Start Dates : The workshop will reopen for applications in June 2020.

Eligibility: Send a short story (between 2,000–5,000 words) you are happy with and a bio note about yourself and what compels you to be a writer. This is specifically for career writers, and hobby writers are not expected to participate. Applicants, if not published, need to have a significant body of work to show.

Website : http://dumpukht.org

Our Take: No opinion, but sounds brilliant.

creative writing courses india

10.      Panchgani Writers’ Retreat

The Panchgani Writers’ Retreat is an annual event organised by Social Lite House LLC, a literary and publishing company, based out of Panchgani.

Shabnam Samuel, a US based writer, business coach and social media expert is the founder of the retreat. Sweta Srivastava Vikram, speaker, author and life skills coach, is the visiting faculty.

You can look forward to yoga, meditation and a state of relaxed calm by the beach at the retreat, with the peace of mind to attend to your own writing or participate in workshops.

Courses Offered : Workshops on poetry, creative and memoir writing.

Nature of Course : 5-day residential writers’ retreat 

Cost: 1200 USD (single accommodation for 6 nights)

Place : Puri, Orissa

Next Course Dates :20-25 Oct 2019 (closed for this year – 2020 dates not yet announced)

Website : http://www.panchganiwritersretreat.com/

creative writing courses india

11.      Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) 

Sri aurobindo centre for arts & communication is an institute of media arts and mass communication founded in 2003 in delhi. the course director for the creative writing course is ramesh menon, author and award-winning journalist. with an eminent faculty, this is one of the better-known courses in delhi., the course appears quite extensive and will give you an opportunity to explore writing skills for fiction and nonfiction. this means that you can learn to dabble in prose (novels, short stories), screen play writing, plays, poetry and nonfiction (travel and journalistic articles). people have found their niche as professional writers, authors, writing for media or for self on completing the course. the batch size is 25 participants, course offered : creative writing course, nature of course: weekend course, conducted on saturday and sunday mornings (10 am-1 pm). the duration of the course is 3 months., cost : rs. 24,000 plus taxes (there is also a one-time registration fee of rs. 1200)., place: delhi, eligibility: there is an entrance test that you need to clear to qualify for the course., next course dates :23rd nov 2019, website: https://www.sac.ac.in/creative-writing-courses/#, our take: we know one teacher – mariam karim ahlawat – and she’s brilliant. no opinion except that., 12.      st. xaviers college, mumbai, xaviers institute of communication is a curricula unit of st xaviers college. it is a professional media centre which provides various courses on training and production. course offered : creative writing course, courses offered: creative writing workshop, nature of course: eight sessions of two hours each (6.30 – 8.30 pm) at the xavier institute of communications, mumbai., cost : rs. 8,000., place: mumbai, eligibility: anyone aspiring to be a writer can apply. this course basically focuses on critiquing the work by professional writers and peers along with writing exercises., next course dates : 15 april – 3 june, 2020, website: https://www.xaviercomm.org/certificate-courses/creative-writing-workshop, our take: no opinion., we’ve made every effort to bring you a comprehensive list of writing courses in india. find out more about the ones you shortlist and go for the one(s) most suited to your needs. with so many choices, we are confident you will find what you are looking for. if you choose any course other than ours, please tell them you found them through us. we wish you the very best with the hope that you delight in discovering the writer within., featured images by , toản dương  from  pixabay, nick morrison from unsplash, fotografierende from unsplash, featured image by  toản dương  from  pixabay, related posts:, recent posts.

9 Responses

Hi I am Neha mehta founder of Miracle Creation

I have been into learning and development since last 8years and working with various schools and institutions across my region palghar (Mumbai)

Want to learn proffesional writing,storytelling and speech & drama.

Hi Neha. Please write to us at [email protected] . Thanks.

Are there any free writing courses please

Hi Valsala. You might find some at https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/covid-19-resources-list-for-creative-minds/

Thanks for the kind mention!

Hey there, This is really a very good and informative blog on this kind of topic I have read after so many days. BTW, I have a similar blog that mainly focuses on this type of topic. It would be great if you can check it or we can work together. Thank you

Is there any college or university in which I can take creative writing as degree?

You can find certificate or diploma courses in India, but not a degree in creative writing similar to MFA (Creative Writing) that is available abroad.

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creative writing courses india

Top 8 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in India

The creation of words in such a way that can carry your true emotions into words comes under creative writing. creative writing is the art of crafting words in a glamorous format for reaching out to people’s hearts. many use this art of writing as a powerful tool to disseminate their wisdom. some also ventilate their undigested grudges of the past through this art of writing. this unique style of writing builds a deep connection between the reader and the writer’s emotions, once the reader dives into reading. .

List of best creative writing courses in India

What is Creative Writing ?

Imagining basic ideas and expressively putting them through a specific art of writing is classified as creative writing. It is one of the most dominant ways of writing for building up a deep connection with readers because, in this writing, the emotion of a writer touches upon the heart of the reader through words. Once the reader comes in a grip of emotion, he rejoices in the sublime art of writing.

It falls apart from other types of writing because of the least rules and formats. A writer can draft his words to project his art in any style. A writer is free to use his imaginary vision for a precise narration of his content. In this style of writing, metaphor, simile, and rhyme are commonly used to make all readers fully conversant with the writer’s vision and it leaves a deep impression on the reader.

It is written to express the literature and methodology of ancient times. It also helps the reader to visualize a vivid picture of content effortlessly. It aims to get connected with readers fundamentally. Creativity is a key element for this sort of writing wherein every bit of information is passed to the reader in form of a unique style.

Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing covers a vast area of writing to convert a writer’s voice into the form of the word. It is written to project all sorts of fiction and some non-fiction content which immensely helps a writer to produce his creative content. 

Let’s know Some Forms of Creative Writing : –

(a) Poem – All poets bring attention to their readers through their creative writing. In the creation of any poem, creative writing plays a pivotal role. Poems are purely symbols of art and creative words.

(b) Movie – A scriptwriter adds value to the movie by contributing his creativity in the form of words. There, the art of writing plays a lead role in the success of a movie.

(c) Plays – Demonstration of play is a lucrative method of entertainment in which the character disseminates the moral of the play by his voice. Here, only creative content adds weight to play. 

(d) Fiction – It entails all sorts of novels, short stories, novellas , etc. Fiction writing cannot glamour its value without creativity. Writing a novel, short or long story requires creativity to get the constant attention of readers. 

(e) Speech – A speech can touch upon the audience’s hearts if it carries the emotion of an orator in voice. Creative writing assimilates all emotions in it.

(f) Songs – Each song contains creative lyrics. Lyrics may lose their grip on people if it is written factual. Hence, in song, this writing plays a significant role.

(g) Personal Essay – The essence of the essay is represented through creative content. In all personal essays, this writing heightens its content value. 

How Can One Develop This Key Skill of Writing?

Writing about any creative topic demands versed skills in a writer. Although, creative writing is an art but can be honed by consistent practice and guidance. A true aspirant of this writing can develop it by taking any creative writing course and daily writing habits. Certain techniques can help immensely to develop this art gradually. Although, various online and offline Creative Writing Courses in India are available to cultivate this unique art of writing.

Let’s Learn How to Start Writing Creatively: –

(a) Read a Lot – A versed writer first becomes a voracious reader before attempting to write anything. Reading a range of books based on interest teaches us a basic frame of writing. Consistent reading habits can help us in absorbing the fine content of a book. A reader can perceive the demand of a reader. In addition to that, a reader can reap useful vocab and phrases from good books and can use them in his writing. Reading also encourages a writer to write about a learned lesson.

(b) Find Your Niche – To write about your interest always remains everyone’s cup of tea. One must figure out his sphere of interest before an attempt to write. Once one reads and writes his imagination in a particular area of interest, he starts honing this art of writing. Niche makes a writer’s mind concentrate on one sort of writing and he evolves his writing gradually. 

(c) Seize All Chances of Writing – We should never skip any single chance of writing whatsoever that comes in our way. Writing on daily basis will inculcate our habit of writing and gradually the habit of writing leads us to excel in our niche. We can keep a daily journal or handy notes, and notepad apps on the phone for cultivating writing habits. 

(d) Find Out Your Audience and Their Area of Interest – Writing in our niche is one best idea one should keep in mind. But we must also identify what our audience demand from us. First of all, there should be a vivid picture of our audience then we should try to fulfill their need through writing.  

(e) Add Literary Content in Writing – Creative writing paints our picture of imagination in the form of words. To make a vivid picture of it, we should incorporate the usage of metaphor, rhyme, and similes in our writing to make it more lucrative and insightful.

(f) Have a Deep Understanding of the Subject – Before attempting to write creatively, we must imbibe knowledge about the subject. We can grasp enough knowledge of a subject by doing enough search on the internet and reading related books. We can enlarge a broad picture of a subject if we carry out thorough research about it. Knowledge also boosts our confidence level and primes our minds to create easy content about the subject

(g) Depicts a Story of Your Subject – Story is easy to consume by a reader and once the reader lands his attention on our story, we can take him into the depth of our subject. Hence, the articulation of a good story in our writing can work as a tool for us. It bridges the heart of the writer and reader. Moreover, the story gives us a space to put our imagination into the story.

(h) Don’t Pause Your Flow of Writing – Our thoughts come out as a stream of the river. If we try to hold it, it does not get direction. Similarly, our imagination for a subject comes like flow and we should keep writing without any interruption. Let it flow and then reshape it as per the audience’s understanding. Our flow while writing helps us to put all the pieces of content.

(i) Use Emotion in Writing as an Adulterant – Writing creatively is not rule-based writing. Our content is driven by our rigid or soft emotions. If we subtract those emotions from writing then it will be an empty post of characters. So, in this writing, we should cater to our emotions while crafting words for the subject. Non-verbal communication is not interpreted by simple words then there is a need for the expression of emotion through creative writing. This writing demands emotion for deep explanations.

Here are the other in-demand courses in India for reading career

The Benefit of Creative Writing

Creative writing has gained widespread popularity in the writing industry because it has been working as a powerful tool for writers to take them one step more advanced than any other mode of writing. The information entailed in this writing goes hand in hand with the reader because the writer does not write his knowledge in it but also shares his emotion in the form of words. 

Let’s Count the Benefits of Creative Writing: –

(a) Elevate Your Mental Flexibility – Everybody is overwhelmed by the stimulation of emotions. In a study , it was highlighted that a person who exercises this writing expresses his emotions organically. A creative mindset always perceives opponents’ empathy and responds according to them which also helps a creative writer profoundly in writing.

(b) Build Your Vocabulary Bank – Writing creatively needs a range of vocabulary and phrases to express emotions and solutions. Practicing this writing will grow your vocabulary stock which directly strengthens your writing skills. Writing begins with a single word and ends with a conclusion. 

In this process of writing, a creative writer also emphasizes words to generate new imagination and again shapes that imagination into words. In doing so, a writer goes through many words and learns to use a single word in different ways.

(c) Spike Your Confidence Level – It engages a writer to write about imaginary things wherein a writer finds an asymmetric problem and attempts to find a solution for the same. And the writer feels appreciated after getting answers for imagination. It directly hits on the dopamine loop of a writer and makes him confident about any real problem. Writing gives a push to our confidence because a writer makes himself proud of new things. A generation brings a proud moment in every generator’s life.

(d) Writing Hones Your Communication Skills – Writing hones your communication skills because we get in touch with others’ perspectives while crafting words in this writing. If we can build up the quality to read the mind of our audience then we can deliver our ideas smoothly.

In this writing, the writer touches upon his audience’s aspect and tries to cater to everything. No matter how good content we have in our minds and how much we know about something because your projection of content makes you apart from others. Likewise, in this art of writing, a writer develops this art of projection through imagination and practice.

(e) Become a Creative Author and Inventor – This writing offers you tremendous opportunities to become an author. A creative author holds expertise in this writing. In addition, he can coin new words and phrases and can become the inventor of buzzwords. Nowadays, It has been observed that people are inclined towards creativity and love to do it.

This inclination is rising the demand for creative writers in the market and the art of creativity is making a distinguished profile.  All Vedic literature, scripture, epic, and methodology are subjects of great wisdom and cannot be learned by normal text. To visualize the essence of these scriptures, epic and literature are essential to be interpreted through creative language. Hence, there is a requirement for a creative writer.

(f) Writing on Creativity Makes You a Multitasker – Writing about any creative topic fuels your multi-task ability. In one study, it is found that children catch many creative ideas when they are told to write something creative about themselves. 

(g) Writing Creatively Equals Meditation – Writing is not merely an action but a reaction to our inner communication. It is the result of our flow of emotions. When a writer pens down something arbitrary then he begins to get down word his thoughts by the ladder of writing. In this process, he releases the clutter of the mind and gets rest. Some writers also ventilate their toxic thoughts with words and recharge themselves. Therefore, writing is equivalent to mediation.

Best Institute for Online Creative Writing Courses in India

1. iim skills.

IIM SKILLS has made the art of writing effortless for every true aspirant who dreams to write creatively. IIM SKILLS is one of the well-organized institutes, known for all sorts of writing courses. It provides a range of online courses but is special for content writing. It is not merely an institute with a big infrastructure but is also run by a team of renowned writers who unfold their years of experience in all writing courses. It has been offering content writing courses for the last seven glorious years and has trained more than 20k writers in this course time. It provides well-designed online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More about IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course : –

(a) Live Training – It offers students 16 hrs live online classes in four weeks with flexible timings wherein anyone who misses any session can also go through recording and reiterate all sessions.

(b) Learn With Expertise – Any art can be groomed by good demonstration, similarly, writing creatively can be honed by the best teaching methods and experience. This institute has a team of India’s most renowned passionate people for writing and teaching students with their years of experience. 

(c) Get lifetime Access and Internship – This institute is an eternal source of learning and builds a connection with a student not only for three months but gives lifetime access. It also trains students about content writing under 14 hours of live internship program during three months of the internship phase.

(d) One Course for Everything – This institute covers 16 modules under the master course including creative writing. In the master’s course, a student learns about all different types of writing from several experts. It also aims to build up a good portfolio and helps to write an e-book.

Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

(e) Get a Freelance Opportunity with IIM SKILLS – They help develop your portfolio and get an opportunity to work as a freelance for earning. This institute is ranked one by all media houses and brands in making aspirants’ dreams true as freelancers.

(f) Avail 35K worth of Tools – Writing can become more captivated by using writing tools because the tool does not make writing easy but also lights up the creativity of the writer and holds his attention on it. It provides a range of useful tools including WordPress, keyword research tools , SEO management tools, etc.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740,  [email protected]

Here are the top-notch Creative Writing Courses in Delhi you must consider for skill development

If you are dreaming of a full-fledged career in content writing but your interest falls into only creative writing so Udemy can be your good choice. Udemy provides short online Creative Writing Courses in India. It is a well-furnished hub for numerous courses including all writing courses. It runs all affordable and some free courses and supplies on-demand training. It is one of the suggested online platforms for content writing because the course is designed in such a way that one can learn to earn by writing in no time. 

What are Good Inside Udemy’s Creative Writing Courses in India?

(a) Time-Bound free training 

(b) Learn everything with simplicity, clarity

(c) Focus on one key element in one course

(d) Get a certificate of completion

(f) Feed your curiosity through separate Q&A lecture

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Writing Course by IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a certified open university for having a diploma in a creative writing course. It is one recognized unit for diploma courses (DCE). It offers a one-year to four years diploma course. It does not ask for any other qualification than intermediate and no age restriction is bound. It issues a diploma after achieving a good grade on a project. Any volunteer can take admission twice a year for a diploma. 

Let’s Learn More About their Creative Writing Courses in India:

(a) Offering Creative Writing Courses in India through distance learning.

(b) Get a diploma after submission of the project.

(c) Get recognition from IGNOU university in your portfolio

Learn more about the best Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon

4. Coursera

Coursera is one leading platform for online creative writing courses in India. It offers many concise courses in writing wherein Wesleyan University represents its team of skilled writers to train naive writers for the future. It provides a course in which a student is evaluated by its faculty and is taught through constructive feedback. It offers both short and long Creative Writing Courses in India.

Key Points About this Institute: –

(a) Course available with flexible timings

(b) No experience required

(c) Earn a sharable certificate upon completion

(d) Purley online course with recordings

5. British Council of India

British Council of India works to build up a unique perspective in writers and teaches them to think out of the box during the course. It focuses on practical training in which 36 hours are directly invested in comprehensive learning and art development. It is a purely online learning platform for Creative Writing Courses in India. Any aspirant can get into this course who has an intermediate level. 

Let’s Highlight Key Points of This Institute: –

(a) Hone your organic style of writing 

(b) Focus on your creativity and shapes into words with BCI

(c) Learn how to organize your thoughts to produce creative content

(d) Develop how to express your creativity with appreciation

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore

6. Writers.com

It is one of the oldest institutes for Creative Writing Courses in India. It has witnessed all transitions happening in the writing arena and designed a conducive course for all new writers. It has touched upon all the hurdles and refined a candid training methodology to enhance the level of creativity in writers.

This institute teaches writers differently by taking weekly reviews and conducting an open discussion overall on writing insights. The duration of this course is 10 weeks, during this course of time, all writers build a constructive team.

Know Core Structure of Creative Writing Courses in India : –

(a) Learn to express your creativity through blogging , articles, and essay.

(b) Providing a fully digital creative writing course

(c) Become part of a welcoming community and learn in the family of writers.

(d) Nourish your art of creativity with award-winning writers.

You can also check out the best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai to excel in writing skills

7. Sri Aurobindo Centre of Art and Commerce

Sri Aurobindo Centre of art and commerce is working to fulfill the dreams of true aspirants in creative writing. It also makes it very crystalized that the art of writing can be developed by a unique methodology of teaching and skillful training. It welcomes all volunteers but also asks for a written exam before sitting in the classroom so that only serious students can take advantage of its unique teaching method.

It aims to exercise writing by imagination and indoor and outdoor workshops wherein a student gets live exposure to writing. It focuses on imagination skills and entire lectures are led by a renowned team of journalists and young authors. The writing course is spread over three months in which a student undergoes many phases of training including an internship. It offers the best short Creative Writing Courses in India. 

Let’s Learn More About This Institute: –

(a) Learn to display organic thoughts expressively.

(b) Learn to construct a plot

(c) Improve your communication and expression.

(d) Also learn interview skills and think creatively.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

8. The Writer’s Bureau

The foundation of The Writers Bureau was laid down in 1931. It is one of the oldest institutes, working to grow the number of writers. It has been providing all writing courses since 1989 and established a good squad of writers in 23 years. It commits full refund of fee if any student does not get satisfied with the course structure. It is a home-based distance learning program. They provide online Creative Writing Courses in India.

Let’s Know More About This: –

(a) Get online access to every class, and study anywhere and anytime.

(b) Learn how to monetize your writing.

(c) Get 15 days of the free trial.

(d) Claim full refund if does not get satisfied.

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Pune

Q1. How much time does it take to become a versed creative writer?

The development of any art does not depend on time. Art demands consistent practice and learning. A true aspirant focuses every day on his writing then he may begin writing soon.

Q2. How can one find out his niche?

Practice is the best way to discover your niche. First, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. We should read more about our passionate subject and practice of writing. 

Q3. How should one research a topic for writing?

Any writer should refer to multiple authentic sources for research and try to find out only the true source of knowledge. Afterward, he should prepare an outline for the same.

Q4. What is the expected salary for a creative writer in India?

A naive writer can expect his first income around 15000 INR per month.

Q5. Which are the best Creative Writing Courses in India?

Although all running Creative Writing Courses in India are providing their best knowledge to get wide recognition, some institutes are ranked in the top 5 for Creative Writing Courses in India to make sure your efforts come true. One should know in-depth about the course structure and curriculum before enrolling in any Creative Writing Courses in India.

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10 Best Creative Writing Courses in India

Ritika tiwari.

image header for creative writing

Finding and enrolling in the best creative writing courses in India has been more difficult than I thought. At least it used to be, seven years ago when I had just dived into freelance writing. I wanted to hone my skills and practice fiction writing too, which is when I started looking for creative writing courses online. 

For a while, I even considered getting an MA in creative writing in India. But as many working professionals like me will agree — there is simply not enough time. 

I was initially more inclined towards classroom courses since those would help me get out of the house more (I work from home ) and they would also allow me to network with other writers. But most of the classroom courses I found were either not available in my city or were incredibly expensive. That is why I also started looking at free creative writing courses online.

In this article, I take you through all the top creative writing courses available both as classroom courses and online.

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is any writing where creativity is involved and differs from normal academic, professional, journalistic or technical forms of literature. This form of writing uses imagination and innovation in order to tell a story. It can involve fiction, essays, scripts and poetry. Professional writing courses give you the tools you need to ace creative writing.  

Though constant learning and practicing will improve your creative writing skills. Free online content writing courses with certificates help you reach your writing goals.

For a freelance writer, taking up a creative writing course online can help you hone your skills and also move more towards fiction writing. There are many brands who need storytelling writers and even poets. 

Why enroll in a creative writing course?

There are various learning benefits that you’ll get when you enroll in a creative writing course. Here are the major benefits of taking up an online English writing course as a freelance content writer :

Top creative writing courses online 

Creative writing comes in many forms, and there are a variety of courses that focus on these forms. Here are some of the great creative writing courses available online:

(These courses are suitable for writers who are thinking about writing a fiction book but aren’t sure how to start. If you are looking to take up some content writing courses that are focused on online content, web copy, and articles, check out this post.)

1- British Council

In-person/Online: Weekend online classes 

Price: INR 10,000 

Duration : 36 hours over 9 weeks

Certificate : Yes

The British Council creative writing course is called Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1. While the course is conducted online, there are set timings to attend the sessions. The course also includes 14 hours of interaction and peer-learning through the British Council’s very own learning platform. 

You need to have an upper-intermediate language level and above to be eligible for this creative writing course in Delhi.

course content of British Council's Creative Writing for Adults - Module 1

2- Creative Writing Workshop by Xavier Institute of Communications

In-person/Online: In-person classes 

Location – Mumbai

Eligibility – Non

Price – 8000 INR

Duration : 8 Sessions of 2 hours each

Check brochure for more details .

The workshop by Xaviers offers various writing exercises. Your content is then critiqued by professional writers and fellow writers. The goal is to help improve your writing through constructive feedback. The workshop is mostly useful for aspiring fiction writers who want to understand the different elements of creative writing. 

This was the first course that I came across when I was in Mumbai. And I really liked it because it’s affordable, has flexible timings, and there are new classes every 2 months.

Creative Writing Workshop by Xavier Institute of Communications

3- Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation (Udemy)

In-person/Online: Online access on mobile and PC

Price: 1600 – 1800 INR

Duration: 30 hours on-demand video 

Certificate: Yes

This is one of Udemy content writing courses for writers who have an interest in publishing a book. The course content includes downloadable articles and resources along with 30 hours of on-demand video. The course focuses on helping you improve in different elements such as character development and plot.   

As part of the book writing training,  you’ll learn how to self-publish a book on digital platforms like Amazon. The course also aspiring novelists ways of editing their own book manuscript.

Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation, Udemy

4- Creative Writing – Get Writing, Keep Writing (Udemy)

In-person/Online: Online access on mobile and TV

Price: 5300 – 5500 INR

Duration: 1-hour on-demand video 

For beginners looking to establish their writing style, this is one of the best Udemy content writing courses that offers professional tips from experts.

It provides you with practical advice to start writing every day to improve your creative writing skills. The goal of this course is to get your creativity flowing and get all those amazing ideas out of you.

Creative Writing - Get Writing, Keep Writing, Udemy

5- Good with Words by University of Michigan

In-person/Online: Online

Price: Free to sign up and offers financial aid

Duration: 4 months approximately 

The name of this course is Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization. The course provides English writing classes for adults. The specialization is offered through Coursera and contains four sections about writing and editing. 

This online English writing course focuses on every element of creative writing. From word choice and word order to how to write better sentences. 

You will gain skills in creativity, editing, and persuasion. The goal is for you to become good with words, thus improving your ability to do good writing. By taking up English writing courses like these, you are guaranteed to handle both short-term and long-term projects with ease.

University of Michigan online course for creative writing

6- Creative Writing Specialization by Wesleyan University

Price: Free to sign up 

Duration: 6 Months

Coursera offers this Creative Writing Specialization course which can help you master all the important elements of a story. The goal of the course is to give you skills in short story writing, fiction writing, creativity and copy and editing.

  The main elements of the story that this course focuses on include:

Creative Writing course by Wesleyan University

7- English Literature Composition by University of California, Berkeley

Price: 13900 INR

Duration: 7 Weeks, spread over 4-5 hours per week

Certificate: Yes 

This course offers advanced writing classes for literature and fiction. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read and interpret fiction works much better and create your own fiction stories from scratch.

The course discusses the works of English novelist Mary Shelly (the author of Dracula) and American novelist Toni Morrison, making this specially a great course for anyone interested in gothic literature.

English Literature Composition by University of California, Berkeley for creative writing

8- How to Write a Novel by University of British Colombia

Price: INR 24000 – 25000

Duration: 6 Weeks

This course offered by UBC on edX is essentially a book writing training course which focuses on how to write a novel draft.

You’ll attend 4-5 hours of online classes per week. There is also a Q&A podcast each week for learners to ask instructors questions. You’ll be engaging in group discussions and doing assignments every week.

Furthermore, freelance content writers will learn how to manage complicated plots and craft real dramatic dialogue.

Creative Writing: How to Write a Novel by University of British Colombia

9-  Masterclass: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling  

In-person/Online: Online  

Price: Free Trial

Duration : 19 video lessons(4-5 hours)

If you are looking for story writing courses, then this course offered by Masterclass, a video-based learning platform, is one of the best ones out there. 

Masterclass instructors are not English writing experts or teachers. They are actual masters in their respective fields. Neil Gaiman is a best selling author and prolific award-winning writer who heads this masterclass in the art of storytelling.

The course contains 18 chapters that focus on everything about creating a story. Some of the content in the chapters includes word building, editing, and dealing with writer’s block. 

Masterclass: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling, Creative Writing

10- Henry Harvin

I n-person/Online: Online Interactive Classroom Sessions

Price: 12500 INR

Duration: 24 hours of two-way live sessions/1 year membership

Henry Harvin is an edtech company that offers this writing course in India.

The course requires you to have language skills and basic technical know-how as a prerequisite. Creative writing classes for this course will teach you poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and drama.

Creative Writing Courses Henry Harvin

Have you taken up any creative writing courses online? How was your experience?

British Council offers one of the best creative writing courses in India. Henry Harvin also offers various courses throughout the country. You can consider applying for a course in these institutions.

There are five main types of creative writing: poetry, fiction stories, novels, personal essays, and speeches. The most well-known type of creative writing is storytelling. Each type of writing requires different, unique writing skills. 

Creative writing courses give you the knowledge and the skills of each type of creative writing.

You can learn creative writing through online writing courses or even in-person writing courses. Also focus on writing on a daily basis and read as often as you can. You can also look for creative writing workshops to hone your writing skills.

Good writers engage in a lot of reading to enrich their own style of writing. Constant practicing will also help you find your writing style. Applying elements such as originality can also help you find your writing style.  

You can consider attending online college writing courses as well. Experts and professional instructors can help you find your writing style. 

Payment is different for each writing job, as it depends on the employer and the type of content being written. Creative writing courses give you the skill to improve your writing in high-paying jobs. Search for free creative writing courses and apply to increase your income. You can also consider content writing courses to another stream of revenue.

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creative writing courses india

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67 thoughts on “10 best creative writing courses in india”.

'  data-srcset=

Small Correction : For IGNOU, Its page no 86 in the prospectus and not 80. Thank you for the information.

'  data-srcset=

Thanks Kunal 🙂

'  data-srcset=

I did the DCE from IGNOU in 2002. The notes are pretty basic. The project work gets you to write a lot and that’s a bonus. I wouldn’t mind doing it again if their syllabus has been updated.

I am actually thinking of taking up that course in the summer, will definitely update you when I do

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika! Did you take up the course? What is your feedback on this??

No, I did not end up taking any of the above listed courses. I was thinking to take up IGNOU but I heard the curriculum wasn’t good. The only viable option is Symbiosis one but I am not sure if I am willing to put that much money in :/

Thanks for your reply Ritika! I too am on second thoughts about Symbiosis for the very same reason!!

'  data-srcset=

Great compilation of courses with helpful and accurate descriptions! Thank you 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi ritika Plz give ur feedback .I think u should hav completed it now

Hi Jasdeep, I am not doing these courses right now. Though I do recommend, checking out the eBook mentioned above

'  data-srcset=

Interesting post! I have some experience of IGNOU, not in Creative Writing though, and that was like, a century ago and therefore out of date anyways, but my experience was positive all in all. Thanks for visiting my blog and see you after April! 🙂 Stay well.

Thanks for you inputs Nilanjana!

Now I am really inclined to do the IGNOU course. Lets see 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Useful post! Elsewhere i could find review about the course at IGNOU, and it wasnt a promising one. The syllabus is outdated and for a year or two the course was not conducted and people who had registered were’nt intimated about updates. Since I am looking for a distance learning program, hence i am left with SCDL, Pune (as only IGNOU and SCDL have distance learning program on Creative Writing). I am looking for a review on its course. Kindly share if you have some review related info about the course. Thanks ! Taruna.

My research led me to the exact same place. IGNOU doesn’t seem worth it

'  data-srcset=

Hi guys, I am pursuing a distance learning course from symbiosis pune on creative writing. It is good and has 6 exams and 6 projects to be completed in a year. It has been interesting and provides insights into creative writer’s lives and many other aspects of writing. It is expensive compared to other courses as mentioned here but I am working so this works for me.

That’s great to hear Rimpy! If it works for you and fits your schedule then there isn’t much you can ask for! Whenever you finish the course, do share your complete experience 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Rimpy , I m planning to pursue creative writing course in symbiosis .. please provide Info regarding modes n types of examination conducted. Its damn expensive so b4 joining wanna know wthr is it worthy .Thank you

Pingback: Ask Ritika – When Clients ask for 'too' Many Revisions | Write Freelance

'  data-srcset=

I registered for DCE in June with IGNOU in July my classes are only going to start on October :P. They told me that I have to attend 1 class every month in study centre. I also registered with SDCL from there I get a message every day that admission is extended a week more :P. let’s see what will happen NB: I paid ignou fees it’s just 3k. Not having the courage to spend 22k on sdcl at least for now let’s see. will update you.

Yes, I was told the same thing about Study Centre,that I need to attend at least one in a month, which is really difficult for me, considering how much I travel.

Do let me know your experience with IGNOU. In fact, I would love it if you would write a post here on the website about the course experience because it will help A LOT of people 🙂

Hi niyas .Can u plz tell me some details how many study centre they hav and where they are? whats d total fee for 1 year course? howz dere teaching sense?wat technique dey use ?R dey providing good knowledge or jst time pass material.

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika I want to improve my command on english writing, will these courses help.

These courses aren’t meant to improve your English, they are meant to improve your writing style

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika Myself Manish Tiwari from Allahabad. I am working as Trainer. i am about to quit my job and i am going to shift Mumbai for writing. New differnt types of ideas comes in my mind and when i start to write then i feel i am missing something

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika What i have to do to become a freelance writer.Is there any good center in Kerala or near by Bangalore to study creative English.is creative English course enough to improve writing style?

'  data-srcset=

I don’t think writing starts by learning….for me mostly it’s an idea…a song….or just getting inspired after which everything falls into space

'  data-srcset=

I have registered for DCE with IGNOU. I got a mail specifically informing me to collect study material from IGNOU regional center. I don’t know how this works. Have written a mail to send the materials to me directly. Will keep posted on what happens, so that other aspirants can take an informed decision.

Yes, that’s what I heard from some other sources. The thing with IGNOU is – they don’t really care. They have a way of doing things and they are not flexible. Please let me know how your course goes 🙂

Well, surprise! IGNOU has sent me all the course material through courier. However submitting projects is still unclear. Timeline of the course is a bit vague as well. However all course books are with me. Content looks pretty decent. For all the aspirants out there, I suggest you to go ahead with the diploma in Creative Writing if its impossible for you to attend workshops or classroom certificate courses.

Thanks for all the details Nahusha. Would you like to write a review about the IGNOU course about the website? 🙂

'  data-srcset=

I too planning about pursuing this course. Will it be beneficial plz suggest.

hi Nahusha Can u plz tell me all d details for registration in DCE wid IGNOU . What is the fee structure there? how to pay? how they send us data? is there any exams or just assignments

Fee structure : 3300 Payment can be done by debit card. They will send all material by post. No exams. A project at the end of the course. Every info is available at their site.

'  data-srcset=

I am looking up for an MFA in creative writing which I guess is not worth if done in India. But if you have any idea about the course which would be beneficial if done here itself, do let me know. Because Symbiosis has a distance program which is like, we are just playing in the sands, instead of going in the oceans for much adventure. And being a passionate writer, I also have my blog but the thing is I want to work for some magazines, if you have the answers to any of my above queries please mail me at [email redacted] else awaiting for your reply here itself.

Regards, Indrajeet

I would suggest going the internship way, instead of doing an MFA, if your end goal is to work in a magazine

'  data-srcset=

he hi Rritika thanks for sharing such great info thanks a lot

'  data-srcset=

Thank You Ma’am for all the infos. I m a college stud,I belong to Kolkata, I think it will be useful for me to join British Council rather than any open university am I right? Is a PG degree in Journalism is essential for a freelance writer?

You don’t need a journalism degree to be a freelance writer. Yes, British Council is a great option if you are in Kolkata, just make sure the class timings suit you 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi, Ritika Mam, I am from Mumbai and my passion is to Write Stories & Poems in Marathi Language, and i want your advice that from where should i got a proper guidance to grew up in this concern field. Thank You.

'  data-srcset=

Hi, Ritika, I am from Delhi and i want to do creative writing courses. But am not sure is that helpful for me or not?? Actually am from science background and detouch from education line past 12-13 years. Can u please suggest something??

'  data-srcset=

Hey! Ritika ma’am , I have been working in the profile of english instructor and verbal ability trainer since 3 yrs and also persuing masters in english from SHIATS ALLAHABAD but now i want to take a leap and want to do some good writing couse and want to work as a freelance content writer work from home…..but i don’t know how to start please provide me a road map for this….thanking you….

'  data-srcset=

Where did you join? Any update on any other college/Univ?

'  data-srcset=

Mam which one is better for a creative writing course while I do my masters in English …. IGNOU or British council? Pls suggest

'  data-srcset=

British Council , Delhi does have creative writing during the weekends too

Have they started the weekend classes? Can you give me their official link to this so that I can update the article to help others?

'  data-srcset=

I have tried the IGNOU course. The course material is totally outdated. The teaching at the study centre also is not up-to the mark. Dies anyone know about the symbiosis course?

'  data-srcset=

I have done one course from Symbiosis (SCDL), syllabus is really updated but it didn’t helped me out as I found myself without guidance. I will rather suggest opt for the course where classes are held at least you can have a coach to guide you further.

'  data-srcset=

Very very useful info. Thank you so much!

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika! I have just purchased your book. Looking forward to read it. 🙂 This website is just what i was looking for to improve my writing skills. Thanks!

Thank you Aditi. Hope you like the book 🙂

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Since I am not involving in writing for long time and I also want to mentioned my writing skill is not so much good. i want to know Can I join content writer course If I am interested?

'  data-srcset=

I was just going through your urge, And not able to stop myself for the word Interest . This word only matter of learning and all happiness

'  data-srcset=

Which of these institutes provides distant courses?

'  data-srcset=

IGNOU and symbiosis

'  data-srcset=

Does any University provide courses for creative writing in India?

Yes, Xaviers, Symbiosis, and many more

'  data-srcset=

I have taken the IGNOU DCE course and my classes are going to start this week. Till now I have been reading the ebooks available on the organisation site, and been preparing myself for the exam. Anyone who is interested in writing, and believe in self study is eligible for this course.

Hi Aparajita, thank you for the feedback! Would you want to review the IGNOU course on Write Freelance?

'  data-srcset=

Hiii, I really wish to join the course. Can you share your experience please.

'  data-srcset=

Dear /sir i am a writer .so i have find a good write team is are you can joined my team.

'  data-srcset=

Hello Ritika, I read your article on the various courses for creative writing…like you even I m kind of bored of my corporate job and want to pursue my passion in blogging and creative writing. Since it’s not possible for me to read and learn I need a institute which provides such courses. Can you recommend ?

'  data-srcset=

Hello thank you so much for this. This was really helpful but do any of these provide online creative writing courses? Does SACAC provide those courses?

'  data-srcset=

Do we have fellowship programme for Creative writing in india.

'  data-srcset=

Hi Ritika, Mrinali here from Delhi. I loved your article and want to thank you for it. I am a blogger on social issues, which are covered by social media very weirdly, un-researched manner. With an intention to reorient the coverage, I started a blog site THE YOUNG EAGLE. Please find time to visit my site on FB.

'  data-srcset=

How is IIM SKILLS Courses in Content Writing?

'  data-srcset=

Thank you for such an informative post. I am an aspiring author from LA. Since any kind of education in US is quite expensive I opted for distance learning in India. Admissions are possible for International Students at IGNOU, although the fee varies. I have emailed them about registration process for international students. Having said that my goal is MFA is English, as I like to pursue Creative Writing Diploma at a more modern institute with up-to date techniques in writing. I have taken your advise and enrolled in the course offered by the Michigan state University. Having deprived o the opportunity to choose a field of my liking during college, I like to pursue a cheap yet decent MFA degree. Do you have any suggestions about the Masters degree in English from IGNOU? I have no clue about the curriculum offered. To me all looks good as long as its literature. However, I am not sure if its contemporary. Please advise.

'  data-srcset=

Hey Ritika, How you doing? Well, hope you’re in the best of health at these times. I wanted to ask, if you can help me with this… , that is the Wesleyan University course available for a 15- year – old aspiring writer?

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5 online creative writing courses you need to check out, if you are a writer hoping for a good training programme, here are 5 creative writing courses online that you need to check out..

India Today Web Desk

By India Today Web Desk : There are many definitions of what a creative writing course is depending on what the course is aiming to teach you. Some courses will include details on how you can become a freelance writer earning money for your work, either full or part-time.

Other courses will concentrate on improving your writing with no regard to whether the writing is to be considered for publication or not. Most creative writing courses will include advice on how to write fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

So, when you are choosing a creative writing course you should first find out what the aim of the course is, here is a quick information on five of the best online creative writing courses being offered in India.

creative writing courses india

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British Council India

Creative writing for adults - module i.

Creative Writing adults

Whether you are a scribbler, a secret diarist, or a would-be journalist, come find your unique writing style with British Council’s Creative Writing course - Module I  course.

This course will help you:

Required English language level:  Above upper-intermediate level (Level B2).

Course duration: 36 hours I 9 weeks I weekend online classes | all the participants will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the course.

Course fee:  INR 10,000 per participant Click here to register

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee Click here to register

About the Course

Our Creative Writing- Module I course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques to improve your writing process and enhance creativity.

The course content covers plot, characters, dialogue and setting when writing fiction. You will also learn how to travel write and blog, learn to differentiate between news reports and feature articles, be introduced to screenwriting and writing memoirs. You will explore the tools of a poet and learn to write poetry. In addition, you will be introduced to experimental writing and children’s fiction. The syllabus is specifically designed to guide those who wish to write creatively and explore their writing talent to realise their dreams of becoming a writer.

Our experienced teachers will help you find your unique writer’s voice through this enjoyable writing course. You will receive feedback on your writing to help you know your prospects as a future writer. Once you join our Creative Writing course, you will realize that lively and interactive sessions are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer.  The course is, however, not aimed at those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing skills.

Schedule for the upcoming batch of March

Schedule for the ongoing batch in february, course delivery.

36 hours of learning will happen through online classes and 14 hours of interaction and peer-learning will be facilitated through our online interactive learning platform.

There will be assessments by the teacher during the mid and end of the course

Participants should use laptop/desktop to attend the session. 

Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant.

Special offer: British Council library members can avail a special discount of 10% on the course fee.

How to ascertain your English language level and register?

Step 1: Ascertain your language level (required English Language level)

The course is open for all. However, English Language level suitable for the course is above upper-intermediate level (B2) and advanced level (C1 and C2).

Step 2 : Once you have ascertained your English language level, please proceed for the course registration.

Course fee: INR 10,000 per participant. Click here   to register.

Special offer to British Council library members - 10% discount on the course fee. Click here  to register.

Terms and Conditions

For any query, please email us at [email protected] .

Live chat for Library related enquiries

Mon - Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

creative writing courses india

Anita's Attic

Find the Best Creative Writing Courses in India Here

The Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship program, launched in 2015, has by now become the preferred destination for all aspiring writers in search for the best Creative Writing Courses in India. Anita’s Attic found by Anita Nair looks at nurturing talents from the realm of Poetry , Novels , Essays , Travel Writing , Screenplays , Short Stories , Audio Books   and Children’s Fiction .

Conveniently designed as 1 Season a year, the intake is 12 aspirants chosen by Anita Nair via online submissions. Each Season at Anita’s Attic is  structured over twelve days spread over twelve weeks. This introduces the participant into the writing process and will involve assignments that will be evaluated and discussed so the participant becomes acquainted with both the thought and craft that goes into the creation of a piece of creative writing.

Anita Nair, on Anita’s Attic

This will enable the participant to understand for himself or herself how exactly to locate the ‘voice’ which is the foundation to a literary pursuit. Thereafter the voice would be worked on to help the writer create a piece of work that could be the stepping stone to a literary career. Your search for the best Creative Writing Courses in India ends here at Anita’s Attic.

Creative Writing Program for Novels



Online Courses & Certification Trainings

Top 5 Online Creative Writing Courses in India

Creative writing is the art of giving words to your imagination. it is an art through which you can express your pain, love, observation, and tragedies. this skill helps you to write novels, poetry, and screenplays, and you can even create your own fictional universe. but without proper guidance, you can’t excel exponentially in creative writing. you have to go through a lot of hits and trials, and you are going to make a lot of mistakes. it takes a lot of time and effort eventually. the online creative writing courses in india can assist you in how to express your words correctly in your work, how to market and format your work, and how to grab new opportunities..

List of best online creative writing courses in India

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is described as a form of writing which is other than factual, technical, or academic writing. In creative writing, the writer threads words in such a way that their imagination, emotion, and observation come alive. The sole motto of this skill is to entertain people.

Some of the Main Components of Creative Writing Are-

Examples of What is Not Creative Writing

Types of Creative Writing

It is mainly classified into two groups that are Fiction and Non- fiction. Let’s have a small discussion about fiction and non-fiction creative writing.

Fictional creative writing involves stories, imagination, character development, conflicts, dialogue, etc. It involves plays, Short stories, Poetry, Novels, tv scripts, and screenplays. This includes a lot of creativity since you have to make the characters interesting, have a perfect plot, and adopt a storytelling technique that hooks the audience till the last.

Here Are Some of the Examples of Fiction Creative Writing:-

2. Non-Fiction

Non-Fiction creative writing involves writing about a true story in a more creative manner. It includes humor writing, Personal essay, science, self-help, health, spirituality, autobiographies, philosophy, history song lyrics, language books, speeches, Literary criticism,  descriptive,  real-life events, memoirs, Literary Journalism, and argumentative writing.

Why Choose Online Creative Writing Courses in India?

A creative writing course can help to upskill you. Creative writing is not like selling cupcakes. It requires passion, dedication, imagination, and creativity. A course can help you to enhance your creativity and imagination. Creative writing includes character development, storytelling, plot, tone, theme, point of view, and technique to hook the audience.

A creative writing course can provide you with in-depth knowledge about the industry. What is working in the industry, what are the do’s and don’t of the industry, how can you hook the audience, and what techniques you can take into consideration during selecting plot, theme, storytelling techniques, and character development?

Further, this course can teach you how this industry works, how to present and promote your work, and how can you get a breakthrough into the industry. They can even offer you important tools, assignments, internships, real-life projects, placement guarantees, and freelance opportunities.

Online courses are a more convenient way to study. It can provide you the flexibility to study from anywhere and anytime. You can study at your own pace. Online courses are generally available at affordable prices than offline courses. You can also manage your other responsibility while studying in the online course.

Future of Creative Writing

Creative writing is here for centuries and going to live for more centuries. It is not going to be finished in near future. As content consumption is increasing day by day, the demand for good content writers is also increasing at a rapid speed. As long as Artificial Intelligence is concerned, Yes A.I. is going to take over many jobs in upcoming years in every industry.

And your industry is also not going to be untouched by this. But in creative writing, artificial Intelligence replaces humans only to a limited extent. Because when we talk about creativity and emotions A.I. is still at its initial stage. It takes 3-4 decades for Artificial Intelligence to ramp up to this stage.

Also, check out a few other options courses for career enhancement:

How to Improve Creative Writing Skills

Apart from joining online creative writing courses in India, you can also apply these tips to become a well-skilled creative writer:-

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Career Opportunities in Creative Writing

If you are a skilled and creative writer, there are plenty of career opportunities available for you. As online media, films, and web series consumption are increasing at a rapid pace, the demand for well-skilled and creative writers is also booming. Tv/ radio, online portals, print media, news portals, magazines, and other Media companies are always looking for new talented writers for their platforms.

The demand for creative writing is also increasing in other industries like the digital marketing and advertisement industry. As a creative writer, you can also start your own business like online book publishing, freelancing, blogging, and scriptwriting. You can also start an agency where companies can outsource their work. You can provide services like fiction writing, proofreading, ghostwriter, scripts, screenplays, etc.

Some of the Career Options After an Online Creative Writing Course in India:-

Best Online Creative Writing Courses in India

Now after a long journey of discussion on creative writing, we finally reached our final destination of the guide. Now here we are going to discuss the best online creative writing courses in India.


IIM SKILLS is an online skill-based learning platform. It delivers industry-oriented in-demand professional courses . They provide courses in digital marketing, content writing, Financial Modeling, GST Certification, etc. But the institute has a specialty in the content writing course. IIM SKILLS provides guaranteed internship and placement support.

Their certificates are recognized by the Government of India. IIM SKILLS delivers the best online creative writing courses in India. Their Content Writing Course is a 4-week long live training program. It also delivers 30 hours of live training sessions which includes the 3 months guaranteed internship program along with the course.

Key Highlights

Topics Covered:

Tools Covered:

This course helps you to get into the habit of daily writing. It also assists you to ramp up your career at a fast pace. The price of the course is Rs. 14,900 (excluding GST).

Contact Details

Email : [email protected]

Phone Number : +91 9911839503

Explore more about the top-rated Creative Writing Courses in Delhi

Udemy is an online learning marketplace for educators and students where an educator sells their courses and students buy from them. Udemy offers many creative writing courses from top educators. They deliver in-depth and well-structured courses. They also provide certificates after course completion.

Top Udemy Courses

Udemy’s Bestseller Course Details

Name :- COMPLETE Creative Writing -THE FULL COURSE!

Price :- Rs1299

Topics Covered

Udemy courses help you to learn creative writing from basic to advance. Udemy provides some of the best online creative writing courses in India. Udemy courses are generally cheap in price. Prices of these courses range between Rs300 to Rs3000.

Also Read: Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon

3. British Council of India

It is a United Kingdom-based educational and cultural promotion entity. British Council of India provides courses, test preparation, English language classes, scholarship, etc. British Council’s creative writing course helps the student to enhance their writing, creativity, and storytelling skills.

British Council of India’s creative writing course helps to develop unique writing styles . It helps to enhance your creativity and knowledge of literature. The price of the course is Rs. 10000. You can also avail 10% discount on courses.

Recommended Read: Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

4. Coursera

Coursera is an online course provider. Coursera also worked with universities and other educational organizations to provide courses and Certificates. They have tied up with more than 250 leading universities to provide industry-oriented skill-based courses worldwide. Their courses are available at very cheap prices.

Coursera offers more than 180 courses on creative writing by different universities. The average duration of courses is 3 to 6 months. Some courses are also available for free. Coursera provides lifetime access to almost all courses. Let’s see the details of one of the top-rated free creative courses on Coursera.

Name:- Creative Writing Specialization Course

Delivered by:- WESLEYAN University.

Name of the Courses in the Specialization

Topic Covered

Here are the skill-oriented Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore

Edx is an education platform that offers more than 3600 courses, professional programs, Microbachlars programs, short courses, micro master programs, and master’s degrees. Edx has tied up with more than 160 universities. This includes Harvard University, MIT, Berkeley University of California, Boston University, The University of Texas System, etc.

Edx offers 12 Creative writing courses from 4 different universities. Edx also offers a micro master’s program in creative writing by the University Of Cambridge. The program is a combination of eight courses.

Other Creative Course by EDX

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1:  which are the best online creative writing courses in india.

Answer: IIM SKILLS offers the best online creative writing courses in India. Because they don’t only teach you the latest industry-oriented course, but they also help you to build your portfolio and resume. They also provide lifetime technical and consulting support. They also help you to start your content writing agency. Some other learning platforms that provide the best online creative writing courses in India are-

Question 2: Who can enroll in online creative writing courses in India?

Answer: Anyone can start learning creative writing, who is passionate about writing and wanted to make or restart their career in creative writing. Online creative writing courses in India are for everyone students, mothers, and working professionals.

Question 3: What are the pre-requirements to start online creative writing courses in India

Answer: There are no such pre-requirements to enroll in creative writing courses. You just need:


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