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Subtracting Decimals Word Problems Worksheets

Be streets ahead of your peers with our free worksheets on subtracting decimals word problems, replete with realistic scenarios where decimal subtraction is center stage! Children are expected to read each problem and find the difference between the decimals. Chances are the budding mathematicians have already perfected the skill of subtracting decimals, so invite them to demonstrate their problem-solving skills in these printable tools and to impress by finding quick solutions to situations featuring weight, height, money, distance, and more. Our word problems on decimal subtraction are available in both customary and metric units.

We suggest these pdf worksheets for the 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students.


Subtracting Decimals Word Problems

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Word problems - decimal subtraction.

decimal subtraction problem solving

Description:  This packet heps students practice solving word problems that require subtraction with decimals. Each page has a random set of 6 problems.  Each Page also has a speed and accuracy guide, to help students see how fast and how accurately they should be doing thses problems. After doing all 24 problems, students should be more comfortable doing these problems and have a clear understanding of how to solve them. 

Luanne had \$2.67 for lunch money. If she spent \$1.49 at recess, how much does she have left for lunchtime?   

Practice problems require knowledge of how to add and subtract whole numbers and decimals.

Subtracting Decimals Word Problem

Subtracting Decimals Word Problem

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Adding & subtracting decimals word problems

Word problem worksheets: adding and subtracting decimals.

Below are three versions of our grade 4 math worksheet with word problems involving the addition and subtraction of simple one-digit decimals.  Some questions may i) have 3 terms, ii) involve comparisons or iii) require conversions of fractions with a denominator of 10 or 100.  These worksheets are pdf files .

decimal subtraction problem solving

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Explore all of our math word problem worksheets , from kindergarten through grade 5.

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decimal subtraction problem solving

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Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

Read the questions given in the word problems on addition and subtraction of decimals to do the needful as required. We know we need to add or subtract the decimals as we add or subtract ordinary numbers.

Let us consider some of the following examples.

1. Kate had $ 368.29. Her mother gave her $ 253.46 and her sister gave her $ 57.39. How much money does she has now?

Money Kate had                                        =             $ 368.29

Money gave her mother                              =             $ 253.46

Money gave her sister                                =         +   $   57.39

Total money she has now                            =             $ 679.14

2. Maria had $ 469.38. She gave $ 99.37 to Mike and $ 124.93 to Kerry. How much money is left with her?

The amount given to Mike                =             $  99.37

The amount given to Kerry               =        +   $ 124.93

Total amount given                         =             $ 224.30

The amount Maria had                     =             $ 469.38

The amount she gave                      =        -    $ 224.30

The amount left with Maria               =             $ 245.08

3. The sum of three decimals is 496.28. Two decimals are 238.94 and 110.09. Find the third decimal.

One decimal                                       =             238.94

Another decimal                                  =        +   110.09

The sum of two decimals                      =             349.03

The sum of three decimals                    =             496.28

The sum of two decimals                      =        -    349.03

The third decimal                                 =             147.25

4th Grade Math Activities

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decimal subtraction problem solving

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