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English / Lit Reference Sources

The following databases provide background information on authors and/or their works as well as overview information related to the study of literature, film, and drama. For example, you can find definitions of literary terms, theories, and movements or basic entry into the literary criticism of a specific work. These are not in-depth literary scholarship or investigations of literary works. You'll find those on the "articles" tab to the left.

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Beginning Literary Analysis

For critical overviews of plays, novels, poetry, and short stories see the databases below. The following resources provide basic introductions to literary analysis for many works.

Recommended books for background information

english literature background

CREDO Tutorial

Length: 3:07. Hit play and then watch full screen or on YouTube.

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English Literature

Developing Keywords

1. Pull out the important nouns in your research question. 

2. Come up with synonyms or related words for these terms.

3. Start searching and modify your keywords as necessary. 

For more information on developing keywords, check out this guide by the University of Washington Libraries . 

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English literature.

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    english literature background

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