50 Creative Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night

fun powerpoint presentation ideas

TikTok is the newest, hippest (just ask any twenty-something year old) social media platform and arguably the biggest thing since Instagram’s launch in 2010. The platform boasts over 1 billion users and has been downloaded an upwards of 200 million times in the United States alone. You can find all sorts of videos on TikTok from food recipes and fashion, to presentation tips. Its diverse, entertaining, short-form content is what makes the app so favorable across many different age groups and demographics. 

Many trends and recommendations have come to light because of the ever-popular social media app like dances, sounds, and meals. But another TikTok trend that has taken millennials and Gen Z by storm is PowerPoint nights. PowerPoint nights became especially popular in 2020 during the pandemic when friends and family were looking for ways to connect with one another via technology. Essentially, friends create presentation decks about cheeky topics (unrelated to work or school) and present them to each other either in-person or through video calls. Oftentimes served with plenty of snacks and beverages, PowerPoint nights have become a new Friday night “thing” to do. A trend we can get behind. 

And of course, we’re thrilled that it put presentations on the map for something fun other than board meetings and thesis assignments. 

So we’re tapping in. Here are 50 creative ideas for your next PowerPoint night. Extra points if you use Beautiful.ai and tag us on TikTok. 

fun powerpoint presentation ideas

  • Your colleagues as The Office characters
  • Dating app contenders 
  • Hot takes on a new album from your favorite artist
  • Your Spotify Wrapped list
  • Bachelor/bachelorette (or other reality TV show) predictions
  • A song to describe each person in your friend group and why
  • Suggest locations for your next friend trip
  • Everyone’s love language
  • Fantasy football updates
  • Everyone’s favorite movies, ranked
  • Water bottle brands ranked
  • The best restaurants in a 30 mile radius according to you
  • Dream wedding destinations
  • Your friends as Disney characters
  • The best nostalgic shows for your generation
  •  Things you would do if you were president 
  •  Pet names that you love and hate
  •  The best and worst managers or bosses you’ve ever had
  •  Your favorite memory with each friend
  •  The best iPhone/android apps you can’t live without
  •  Each friend’s toxic trait
  •  Fashion trends you can’t get behind
  •  Friend trivia or two truths and a lie
  •  Office gadgets that just make sense
  •  A [insert name] starter pack for all of your friends
  •  Give each friend a superpower and explain why
  •  Your colleagues as an alcoholic beverage
  •  Things you hate: and everyone has a chance to try to change your mind
  •  Everyone’s enneagram types
  •  Unpopular opinions: things you like that no one else does
  •  The emojis you need in the next update
  •  The top 10 best celebrity couples
  •  Things that just make sense to have in your home
  •  Band names each friend would name their band
  •  Things from Amazon that you would recommend to a stranger
  •  Your friends as fast food restaurants
  •  A song for every milestone in your life
  •  How each person’s road trip snack preference defines them
  •  The first five things you’d spend money on if you won the lottery
  •  Bucket list items
  •  Local coffee shops, ranked
  •  The best and worst things about everyone’s jobs
  •  Give all your friends a new name and persona
  •  How everyone’s zodiac signs fit their personality
  •  Your group as Friends characters
  •  Holidays ranked from worst to best
  •  Celebrities that would play your friends in a movie or TV role
  •  Things you’d rather be doing than your current job
  •  Each of your colleagues as dog breeds
  • The best (most useful) things you’ve learned from TikTok

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

Jordan is a Bay Area writer, social media manager, and successful blogger. Check out TheOceanMinded.com or find her on Instagram @theoceanminded.

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60 PowerPoint Night Ideas Your Friends Will Love

fun powerpoint presentation ideas

I’m all too familiar with creating compelling PowerPoint presentations. From high school to my present-day job, these carefully curated slides have been necessary for communicating my ideas. I would spend (and still spend) hours creating the perfect headings, cropping images, and typing the right amount of text to give enough context to viewers unfamiliar with the subject matter. PowerPoints have only been a form of work in my life.

I never imagined that this presentation program would become viral on TikTok and yet, here we are. PowerPoint night ideas swept For You pages. These short-form videos show friends gathered around a projector as the presenter clicks through slides about a funny topic. These topics are typically humorous, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats with laughter. You can watch this joy unfold at the bottom of this post. If you’re interested in creating a similar evening with friends, read the list below of funny PowerPoint night ideas.

Everyone’s starter pack

Songs to describe each friend

Rating yearbook pictures

Everyone as superheroes

Everyone’s celebrity lookalikes

What we would wear to the Met Gala

When we peaked

Each person as a Disney princess

Everyone as characters from the Office

Rating everyone’s Starbucks order

Each person as a supermarket

Describe everyone’s love language

Everyone’s dream apartment / house aesthetic

Unpopular opinions

Rating Instagram photos 

Rating Instagram captions

 Rating places I’ve cried

 Friends as Hallmark characters

 Predicting our futures

 Planning our weddings

 My pet peeves

 Friends as Spongebob characters

 Conspiracy theory you believe in and why

Friends as American Girl dolls

List of shower thoughts

Exposing my diary

Friend group as fonts

Choose a reality tv show for everyone

Exposing my camera roll

Selfie’s as Vogue covers

Revealing Netflix watch history

Embarrassing song playlist

Friends as High School Musical characters

Revealing Instagram photos as album covers

Rating Disney princes

Casting celebrities to play everyone in a movie

Each person as a perfume scent (describe the notes and give each one a name!)

Each person as a candle scent

Each friend as a skincare product

Each friend as a car

Each friend as a type of animal

Rating friends as drivers

Rating Trader Joe’s snacks

Rating past Halloween costumes

Each friend as a character from The Simpsons

Who knows me best: trivia game

Each friend as a pair of shoes

Each friend as a neighborhood (for example, Nob Hill, Financial District) You can use cities like NYC, LA, etc.

Each friend as a color palette

Rating fast food restaurants

Rating frozen pizzas

Describing friends as flowers

Exposing funny text messages

Recreating friends instagram photos

Describe everyone’s alter ego

Things I learned from watching TikTok videos

Fashion trends I regret

Hairstyles throughout the years

Why (fill in the blank) is overrated

Each friend as a Sailor Moon character

@amiraabdallah__ This was actually so funny ✨ #powerpointnight #powerpoint #friends #arabtiktok #thegirls ♬ original sound - matt

Top 17 Funny Powerpoint Topics for Presentations in 2023

Top 17 Funny Powerpoint Topics for Presentations in 2023

Lakshmi Puthanveedu • 07 Feb 2023 • 5 min read

Powerpoint nights with your besties are the best nights. It’s the perfect activity when you want to do something entertaining but want to avoid going to a frat house or dealing with a large crowd.

Powerpoint night videos are all the rage on TikTok right now, and if you have yet to try one, you’re in for a treat. So, let’s check out the top 17 Funny Powerpoint Topics !

There are numerous ways to plan a spectacular PowerPoint night with your group of friends; the best part is that it is relatively easy to execute.

What is a PowerPoint Party?

#1 your friends as dog breeds, #2 friends as spongebob characters, #3 your friends as taylor swift era, #4 in your friends’ bodies for a day, #5 what reality tv show each friend belongs to.

#7 Your friends as Disney characters

#10 Each friend as a skincare product

#11 your colleagues as alcoholic beverages, #12 your favourite memory with each friend, #13 band names each friend would name their band, #14 prediction on bachelor, #15 roasting your friend’s zodiac signs, #16 your euphoria high school outfits, #17 each friend in a former lifetime, more fun tips.

A PowerPoint party is, at its core, a gathering where each attendee creates and delivers a presentation on a topic of their choice. Instead of a dull academic presentation, you can undoubtedly make the topic as funny, playful, or niche as you want by creating your slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, AhaSlides, or Keynote.

The key is to be creative with your topics, whether it’s a Google slideshow about your ex-es, a niche about Taylor Swift songs, a funny ranking of who’s most likely to win Too Hot To Handle, or a breakdown of your roommates as Disney villains. You can even make it a competition, with scoring sheets and a grand prize at the end.

Are you ready to start playing? Here are some of the best Funny Powerpoint Topics ideas for your next gathering.

Check out: What is PowerPoint Party and How to host one?

Start in seconds.

Get free Powerpointtemplates! Sign up for free and take what you want from the template library, as you will be inspired by AhaSlides Funny Powerpoint Topics

Funny PowerPoint Topics

If you have terrific friends, chances are they remind you of a specific dog breed: From cuddly golden retrievers to snappy angry tiny chihuahuas, your presentation will bring out the laughter fest.

Mr, Krab, Patrick Star, and Squidward tentacles, there’s undoubtedly a friend who is just like the living meme from Spongebob characters. The funny PowerPoint presentation topics with your friends as Spongebob characters will change your night.

If you’re a Swiftie, choosing your favourite era can be tricky—after all, each has at least one standout moment that could highlight the singer’s entire career.

Try assigning your friends to iconic Taylor Swift eras; trust me, it will be the night!

Let’s say you switched bodies with your friends for the day. What sneaky things you’ll be want to do.? That sounds hilarious. Try adding some memes along with the presentation pictures, and trust me, you got the Powerpoint party all covered.#

You got friends you want to go out to lunch, dinner, or brunch with because they always have the most up-to-date gossip and news about people in your mutual circles. And there’s another circle of literal drama queens that even tops the TV shows. Cast your friends in TV reality shows where you think they’ll come out on top.

Funny Powerpoint Topics

#6 Who knows me best: The Trivia game

Nothing tops the trivia games on PowerPoint party nights. Do you want to know who your loved ones know the most about you? Then continue reading! Who knows me? Best Questions are the fun games for determining who listens to your rants.

Allow two or more people to compete against each other! What if your boyfriend has to compete against your best friend? Or your mother versus your father? That sounds like a lot of fun!

Cindrella, peter pan, Baymax ?. Who is that friend of yours who closely resembles the Disney characters you love? Enjoy the Disney-themed PowerPoint party with an absolute blast.

#8 Every Friend is a superhero – Funny Powerpoint Topics

Everyone is a superhero. When we think of a superhero, our mind automatically thinks of a world of superman, batman, or Ironman. Assign your friends as the superhero from Marvel and viola; let’s start the funniest PowerPoint party. Remember to add and assign some comic powers to them as well.

#9 Selfie as Vogue Covers

Who doesn’t likes to live in their model era? Take those best vogue cover-worth selfies of your friends into those PowerPoint slides and begin the party. Rate them and crown the winner with the highest marks.

Face scrub, glow serum, foundation & the list goes. Label your besties as your routine skincare products with funny short descriptions that will make your PowerPoint party.

Screwdriver, white Russian, Sea breeze, bloody mary, exciting names, rights ?. Let’s see who is the personalised version of these alcoholic drinks. Name your friends as the popular alcoholic beverages, and let the fun begin.

We all have some unforgettable and funny moments with our desert friends, So let’s pick one such funny memory and share it during the PowerPoint point presentation party. Trust me. It will be one of the hilarious nights of your life.

Who doesn’t like to flaunt their inner musicians from time to time? Spend the PowerPoint party nights by naming the possible band names of each friend a have a blast throughout the night.

Who is the most likely to receive the final rose on The Bachelor? You can predict the current Bachelor season’s four hometown dates and the eventual winner.

The most [insert zodiac sign] thing has ever done Permission to roast the Leos and Scorpios in the room lightly—I can say that because I am one. But be gentle with your Pisces friends.

Funny Powerpoint Topics

It needs to be done by a friend with legitimate Photoshop skills, but you’re replacing everyone’s stock photos with a Euphoria high school look.

For instance, I was in the Salem witch trials. Perhaps one of your other friends was a badass anti-Civil War activist or was in the audience at the first Woodstock.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the party to begin with funny PowerPoint topics!

' src=

Lakshmi Puthanveedu

A small-town girl enthralled by culture, languages, and sunsets. Casual artist and musician looking to make memories every step of the way. Now changing the way humans live and have virtual interactions with AhaSlides.

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These PowerPoint Night Ideas Will Make Your Virtual Hangout Actually Enjoyable

Time to put that *proficient in Microsoft Office suite* resume skill to work.

fun powerpoint presentation ideas

No judgment though—I have 110 percent done a PowerPoint night with my friends in early 2020, and tbh would do one again because we’re running out of other creative ideas at this point. It probably works best with a small-ish friend group so there aren’t 20 presentations (if you have a lot of friends, just limit the amount of slides so it’s not like the equivalent of a three-hour lecture that people have to sit through). You can make it happen over Zoom using your screen share button, or if you have a built-in friend group of roomies, you can take turns presenting on your TV screen with the help of an HDMI chord or Chromecast.

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It’s actually a super simple way to keep yourselves busy for the night (add wine and make a drinking game out of it if you wish). Get fancy with your PowerPoint skills—or you can use WordArt bc who cares. And if you're struggling to come up with a presentation topic that people will legit pay attention to, we have you covered with these PowerPoint night ideas. *Next slide*.

1. Your friends as Shrek characters

Cast everyone as all the creatures from Far, Far Away. This also makes a pretty solid group Halloween costume, just saying.

2. Ranking of who’s most likely to get the final rose on The Bachelor

You can predict the four hometown dates and then eventual winner of the current Bach season (no looking at spoilers allowed!!).

3. The friend group trivia game

This is your chance to see if everyone in the GC can answer the most obscure questions about each other. You can cheat by having each person submit the q's to whoever's making the presentation.

4. Predictions of who Pete Davidson will date next

There have been a lot of memes circulating ft Pete with a newly single Jason Momoa, but it honestly could be anyone. Your job is to make a case for each one.

5. Explain that image

You can really have fun digging into the social media archives with this one: Pull random pics from V far back in everyone's Facebook history, if anyone still actually uses it (like we’re talking the Picnik days). Then each person in the group has to sit in the virtual hotseat and give details about who/what/where/when/why that photo was taken.

6. Hottest Disney character rating

Pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is explain why it's Aladdin.

7. Everyone's worst ex

Soo this one could get a little bit heated, but it's a conversation starter for sure. It also requires knowing your friend group and its history very well (see the friend trivia PowerPoint first).

8. The most [insert zodiac sign] thing each person has ever done

Permission to lightly roast the Leos—I can say that since I am one—and Scorpios in the room. Be gentle with your Pisces friends though.

9. Celebs who look exactly alike

If you've ever seen any movie with Margot Robbie or Samara Weaving in it, you probably just assumed they were the same person. There are enough of these dopplegangers to make a full presentation, trust us.

10. T.Swift songs to describe each person

Someone's gonna be "Teardrops on My Guitar," and someone's gonna be "ME!" and that's okay.

11. When we peaked

A case study on the best collective time in your friend group. Feel free to use IG as photographic evidence.

12. Which American Girl dolls you'd all be

Every friend group has a Samantha.

13. Everyone's love language

FYI, no need to stick to "quality time" and all of those—chicken nuggets at 3 a.m. is a real one, too.

14. Superlatives, adult edition

Forget whatever superlatives you guys got when you were in school (if you were one of those cool people). Award each of your pals an adult version of superlatives, such as most likely to Irish exit a party, most likely to order takeout even after a full Trader Joe's trip, etc.

15. Your Euphoria high school outfits

This really needs to be done by a friend who has legit Photoshop skills, but basically you're swapping everyone's regular photos with a Euphoria high school lewk .

16. What reality show each of you should try out for

Maybe it's Joe Millionaire, or maybe it's Project Runway or Real Housewives , who's to say?

17. Who each friend was in a former lifetime

For example, I was in the Salem witch trials (taking no further questions at this time). Perhaps one of your other friends was a badass anti-Civil War activist or in the crowd at the first Woodstock in a past life.

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