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When to Use Kiwi for Your Next Flight Booking

JT Genter

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Is Kiwi legit?

What is kiwi, when should i use kiwi for a flight booking, are there downsides to kiwi, key takeaways of our kiwi review.

Kiwi is a tool for finding cheap flight pairings and other savings on transit.

You'll have to pay extra to get protection if your flight is delayed or canceled.

Say you see a great flight deal to Europe, but you don’t live anywhere near the departing city. Optimistically, you search for flights out of your home airport, but the price is more than double that of the flight deal you found. Rather than throwing in the towel and letting another travel dream pass you by, consider this:

There's a way you can combine another flight, train or bus with that specific flight deal to get you where you want to go at a good price. It's called Kiwi , and it's an online travel agency with precisely this idea in mind.

While Kiwi isn't the best online travel agency for every trip, it can be a tool to find bookings for unique and specific situations. Since it’s hard to pass up cheap flights, here's a look at how Kiwi works and when it’s most useful to book transportation through its site and warnings you should be aware of.

There are a myriad of poor reviews and concerning customer feedback surrounding Kiwi. This includes a one-star customer review rating on the Better Business Bureau website and 1.5 stars from over 60,000 reviews on TrustPilot, an online review platform. Customer complaints cover a range of issues from long-delays on refund requests to improperly booked tickets. It is recommended you proceed with caution using Kiwi.

Kiwi is an online travel agency, based in the Czech Republic, specializing in combining flights and other forms of transportation into a single booking to get you where you need to go for a low price. Kiwi utilizes an expansive database of different flight, bus and train schedules to piece together the cheapest, fastest or overall best trip option.

At times, this can lead to overly creative and complicated itineraries that only save a few bucks. Other times, however, the service can pair a flight deal with a positioning flight, train or bus to drastically reduce your travel cost.

For most travelers, using Kiwi will be a good option if flight prices are costly for the trip you want to take, you want to book a one-way international flight, you have a last-minute emergency or if you want to find a cheap and easy way to book a complicated itinerary. Here, we dive into the merits of using Kiwi flights and other transit for each of these situations.

Saving on expensive airfares

Even if you're booking a simple round-trip flight, it can be worth checking Kiwi for a better route or price option. Perhaps you can save $150 by driving to a nearby airport. Or, Kiwi can point out an option to fly a low-cost carrier to an intermediate airport and connect to another airline from there, saving on the overall trip.

For example, let's say you want to fly from Pittsburgh to Paris sometime in June 2022. According to a Google Flights search, the cheapest one-week trip would cost $1,177 round trip on American Airlines.

kiwi com booking reviews

However, by searching through Kiwi, you can find a travel hack itinerary that costs just $854 round trip. The difference is that you would arrive and depart Paris on different airlines and from different airports.

Those modifications could mean over a $300 savings just by combining different flight options.

kiwi com booking reviews

Booking one-way international flights

Kiwi can also come in handy when you can only fly one direction using miles and need to pay for the other flight in cash. One-way international flights can be expensive on many legacy airlines, but you might be able to find a positioning flight with a low-cost airline to book the one-way flight for a lot less.

I've used Kiwi to book a one-way trip from Papeete, Tahiti, to Atlanta, Georgia. I used American Airlines AAdvantage miles to fly to Tahiti, but I couldn't find award availability for the flight back home. United Airlines has flights on this route, but a one-way flight can cost over $1,000.

By searching on Kiwi, I found a flight option for as little as $632 that combined a French Bee flight from Tahiti to San Francisco with a Frontier Airlines flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. While you'd need to collect and recheck any baggage between the two flights, this flight option could be worth it for saving a few hundred dollars.

» Learn more: Plan your next redemption with our airline points tool

Booking multi-city trips using Kiwi Nomad

Say you want to visit London, Paris, Madrid and Rome in one grand Europe trip . You could manually try to piece together the cheapest way to visit all of these destinations. Or, to save time, you could use Kiwi's Nomad search option, which searches for the best itinerary for you.

Start by entering the airports you'd consider departing from and the date(s) you'd consider leaving. Dates can be as specific as a single day or as general as several months. Then, choose the length of your trip — from one to 60 nights.

kiwi com booking reviews

Next, Kiwi will prompt you to add all of the destinations you want to visit and the length of stay at each one. Finally, you'll be given the option to choose whether to return home or to yet another city.

kiwi com booking reviews

By selecting "Search journeys," Kiwi will start piecing together the most affordable options to visit the destinations on your list. In this case, you can pay just $626 per person to fly from San Francisco to Paris, Paris to Madrid, Madrid to London, London to Rome and Rome back to San Francisco.

kiwi com booking reviews

Kiwi has bag fees covered, too, as it gives an option to include the cost of cabin or checked bags in the total trip cost. In this case, by adding a cabin bag, the lowest price option is now $813. Notice that Kiwi doesn't just add bag fees to an existing itinerary — instead, Kiwi changes the recommended route to the cheapest option that includes a bag.

kiwi com booking reviews

You also have the option to limit the number of stops for each leg of the trip. Using the same example, if you want to fly nonstop on all flights and include a cabin bag, you can do so for $1,051. Again, Kiwi automatically reorders the itinerary to get the lowest price options.

» Learn more: Tips to avoid paying checked bag fees

Managing last-minute emergencies

The Kiwi travel agency can also be useful if you need to get across the world in a hurry. Whether it's a family emergency or an incredible new (and fast-approaching) opportunity, you probably want the quickest possible flight option. Especially with limited availability at the last minute, the fastest flight option found through a typical flight search engine may not be quick enough.

For example, say you need to depart as soon as possible to get from Istanbul to El Paso, Texas for a work opportunity. When you filter Google Flights search results for flights departing within 24 hours and sorted by duration, the platform yields flights that require an overnight layover. All one-stop options require an overnight in either Chicago or Houston and cost over $1,700.

kiwi com booking reviews

However, by searching through Kiwi, you can find a flight itinerary that gets in the same day. In this case, Kiwi pairs a Turkish Airlines flight with either a United or American flight for around $970 one way.

kiwi com booking reviews

While Kiwi is a helpful tool for finding and booking trips, there are some downsides to note.

It won’t always be the cheapest

For one, while Kiwi can help you save money by finding low-cost travel options, you aren't always going to surface the cheapest flight by booking through Kiwi. That's because Kiwi makes money by charging a surcharge to book flights, trains and buses all in one itinerary.

Let's circle back to that European Nomad itinerary in the example above that costs $813 with one carry-on bag. If you price out the same route and dates in Google Flights, you'll find a slightly different, mostly nonstop option for $728, including one carry-on bag.

kiwi com booking reviews

There’s another downside to booking this Google Flights itinerary worth mentioning, though: You need to book the five separate tickets individually. Some travelers may be more than happy to pay the $85 difference with Kiwi to get all of their tickets at once (and only have to enter all of their data one time instead of five).

Protections aren’t reliable without paying extra

Another critical aspect to note is that the Kiwi flight booking service no longer protects your flight connections without the purchase of Guarantee.

Say your Kiwi itinerary books you on a Spirit Airlines flight to connect to a low-cost United flight to Europe . If Spirit cancels your flight and you miss your United flight, United has no obligation to rebook you on a later flight. In United's eyes, you simply missed your flight.

You have the option to protect all of your connections by purchasing the Guarantee at checkout. You'll have to decide for yourself if the price (which varies by flight) is worth it for you — or if you want to risk dealing with any issues on your own.

» Learn more: Airline change and cancellation rules in the COVID era

Kiwi is a tool for finding unique and cheap flight pairings and other ways to cut the cost of transportation when traveling. You can use Kiwi to save hundreds of dollars on flights and other transit, get where you need to go fast or book complex multi-city itineraries.

However, you'll want to carefully consider the risks of booking flights with different airlines as well as their sub-par customer reviews. When booking through Kiwi, you are essentially booking separate tickets with different airlines — and Kiwi doesn't automatically protect you in the case of cancellations or delays. You can add the Guarantee at checkout to reduce your risk, but this extra cost can eat into the overall price savings.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2023 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

kiwi com booking reviews

Home » Blog » Review: Flight Booking Hacks Revealed Review: Flight Booking Hacks Revealed

Have you used of to book a flight? Well, in this review, I’m going to explain why this site is one of my new favorite search engines for booking flights. takes the flexibility of metasearch engine site, but with incredibly useful features and real customer service. (Metasearch sites show you a list of prices and dates for various airline routes and then send you to book at a partner site.)

Plus, everything – from the first search to final purchase – is end-to-end on Kiwi’s site, so there is no need to have a dozen tabs open!

While there are many things to love about the Kiwi booking tool, there are also things you should know before you book a flight, and this review will cover it all!

I’ll cover the best features on Kiwi as well as walk you through my step by step process of finding the best Kiwi flights possible. Let’s dig in!

Disclaimer!  No,  this review is NOT sponsored by Kiwi – we just like this tool and really like cheap travel! review

Quick Answers for the Review

Best features for, review for how to find cheap flights, things to know about kiwi.

This review will walk you through the site’s best features and how they found me a flight to my cousin’s wedding for $100 less than the competition. Score!

1. Guarantee

Essentially, the Kiwi booking site promises you will catch your connection. The guarantee protects you from:

If any of these events happen and they are outside your jurisdiction, then Kiwi guarantees an alternative flight or to refund the price for the unused ticket. They even offer to help with transportation, accommodation, and food costs, depending on the situation.

To make this happen, you must do the following:

Check out their  full guarantee here .

kiwi cheap flights

Again, we cannot stress this enough, but you  must reach out to Kiwi as soon as possible before you sort out your flight independently. This is how you can end up getting screwed!

Bear in mind that there is ALWAYS a risk when booking sites, especially if you are booking different airlines or different airports, but does their best to help you out. I’ve seen some pretty bad reviews regarding the guarantee, but honestly, you also need to exercise a bit of common sense when booking a flight.

Just because that 30-minute international lay-over is cheaper, does that mean you want to risk it? Be smart about your flight route and use the guarantee a back-up!

2. The Algorithm Finds You the CHEAPEST Flights, Period.

For a long time, Skyscanner was my go-to, and while this is still a good tool, it has been going quite a bit downhill, in my opinion. Enter in Kiwi cheap flights!

Basically, the Kiwi booking tool does flight hacking for you. They search all the airlines whether they are budget airlines or larger ones and then they combine them for the cheapest route.

I used to do this on my own, but it took a lot more time. The Kiwi flight booking tool does the dirty work for you and their algorithm was written to help out the traveler, not the airlines. They do not create routes based on which airlines have codeshares together, which is what most airlines search.

Kiwi will look at all of the cheapest possibilities, even if it means putting you on two separate flights (where you have to check in again during your layover) or sending you to a random airport totally off route. This means you might have to re-check your luggage. This isn’t ideal if you are looking for the most convenient flight, but it’s perfect for backpackers who have nothing but time and a lot less money!

3. Flexible Dates

The best way to score a cheap flight is to be flexible with your dates. We know this isn’t always possible if you are traveling for a specific engagement or only have a certain amount of days off work, but weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends if you can swing it! has a date range feature that allows you to choose a  specific date range,  a general date range (i.e. the month of October), and an anytime feature if you just want to find the cheapest rates possible!

The best flight booking sites will have this feature, but flights take it to another level.

You can also select the time you want to be there (10-14 days, for example) based on the cheapest flights. This will help you determine when to fly and if staying an extra couple of days is worth it or not.

kiwi flight booking flexible dates

For example, you can search for your flights like this: “ I’d like to go somewhere in October for 5-13 nights. Where can I go cheaply? Boom.”

4. Inspiration to Fly Anywhere

So, you need some inspiration on where to travel next!? is one of the best booking sites to find a cheap flight ANYWHERE as I did in the photo above! Simply, type in your departure airport and keep the destination at “anywhere”.

This is a fantastic way to help you narrow where you want to go next! If traveling to Japan is $500 cheaper than South Korea, then my choice just became a whole lot simpler! The options for Kiwi airlines and carriers is pretty vast as well. They don’t incorporate every airline though.

5. Combine Your Trip with Multi-cities

This is another excellent site feature you will find on that works especially well if you are going for a longer trip to multiple places i.e. an epic backpacking trip in Europe , multiple cities in the United States, or a trip around the world!

With the multiple city feature, you can combine different airlines and schedules as well. Usually, this could be a bit risky BUT with’s guarantee, you don’t have to worry about missing a connection or messing up your flight!

As you can see below, I found a flight plan in 30 seconds from LAX to Bangkok and then to Bali for $435. This feature would help me start a South East Asia Backpacking trip without having to have every single flight or my return figured out. Review on Multi city feature

Another reason I like this feature is that it helps me figure out an itinerary. For example, the multi-city feature will help me figure out if it makes sense to fly from Berlin to London or just go straight to Spain.

6. Combining Multiple Airlines for One Trip

Sometimes I book my flight directly with an airline (if it is a direct flight with predetermined dates), but one of the best features offers is the ability to book with multiple airlines to find a better deal and time for you!

This would be risky to do on your own in case you missed a connection, but’s guarantee makes booking multiple airlines a lot less risky! This feature allows you to look for the cheapest flight combinations!

That said, Kiwi doesn’t include a lot of local budget airlines, so you may need to use other booking sites like Google and Skyscanner for that!

7. The Nomad Tool

Instead of checking different dates or changing the order of your trip manually, does it FOR you. Honestly, I used to pride myself on these hacks, but they take a lot of time. Now, you can find the cheapest flights for your next multi-city trip in a lot less time.

8. Cheap Price Alert

I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken advantage of the cheap price alert as much as I should, mostly because I am always hesitant to hand out my information… but their cheap price alert is pretty awesome as it allows you to input a maximum price. Kiwi will then let you know when the price is right via an email or pop-up message!

This way you don’t need to waste your time constantly checking on flights.

This feature is especially useful when you have a fixed time window but you’re not sure WHERE to go! Simply set up your destination as “anywhere” and they’ll let you know when you should book a cheap flight! This feature is especially great when you have a fixed time window to travel.

9. Search Radius

This feature is amazing! You can create a circle around an area you want to fly into to find the cheapest flights. I love using this tool because I live near such a small airport, and it’s nice to be able to widen my search to some of the other airports within 2 hours.

This tool is also helpful if you know the general region you want to visit (i.e. backpack South East Asia) but you don’t care where you start!

You can draw a radius around your departure too, so you can fly from say, anywhere in California versus just SFO, or one part of California versus just one airport. review and search radius

Here’s how you set up the search radius:

This feature takes researching flights to new heights, no pun intended. With the search radius, you can find the cheapest airfare in destinations around your circle. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Thailand, it may end up being cheaper to fly into Chiang Mai versus Bangkok! has quickly become my go-to tool for finding cheap flights and exciting routes.

Keep in mind, that is an Online Travel Agency (OTA), which essentially means that bookings are finalized on their website. This also means they offer customer service.

Skyscanner or Google Flights, on the other hand, are meta-search sites. They gather data and then redirect you to the partner website.

Another pro is that it has a phone app, which is way more convenient for finding flights when you are already traveling. Skyscanner and other search engines are glitchy on phones.

First, I nail down my dates and destination using the calendar feature

When I am looking for cheap flights, I first try to nail down the dates I want to leave. If you have flexible dates,, Skyscanner, and Google can help you figure out the cheapest days to fly.

I love booking kiwi flights with their calendar feature because you can look at departure and arrival dates over a very specific timeframe, like the entire month of November or from November 10th-13th.

Sometimes, one day’s difference can save you over $100! Keep in mind, the cheapest flights are normally on weekdays (especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and outside of holiday times. Flying around Christmas and New Years is bound to be more expensive.

Nailing down the destination (or at least your fly in and fly out cities) is just as important! I use to find a good deal on a destination I may not be planning to go to, With the inspiration and calendar features, you can find pretty amazing deals to far off places.

Determine the Airline

Next, I want to figure out which airlines fly to the destination and if I can get a direct flight. Once I understand which airlines fly when and where I’ll check out their direct sites in case there is a deal.

I’ll fly directly if I can as it is way more convenient, but sometimes using multiple airlines can save you hundreds of dollars. Luckily, helps you find these deals!

Next, I determine my price helps you figure out the cheapest price (so I know when to act on crazy deals!) as well as the average price for any given flight route. This way you know when to wait and when to jump on a deal.

Whether I have a very particular date and destination in mind, or I am traveling pretty flexible, has some great features to find the best deals. I still use other metasearch sites and airlines to compare rates and make sure I am getting the best deal.

Finally, I create a Kiwi booking alert on my phone

This is a feature I just started to take advantage of, and it’s awesome. Do these three things: booking alert

Now that I’ve covered how to use, here are a few important things to know about Kiwi.

You Must Book Extra Luggage with Kiwi

If you need to add extra checked luggage after booking your flight, you still have to go through Kiwi instead of the airline. Kiwi directly contacts the airlines to get the latest prices for checked luggage and base the price from your fare type and booking class. The price might be higher or lower depending on that.

Be aware of different airports, visas, and customs

The Kiwi flight booking tool helps you find the cheapest route, but this might mean you go through customs to check in again during a layover.

Your Kiwi ticket will state if you have to collect your luggage and check-in again during a layover. Check to see if you need a visa for whatever country you’ll be going through customs in! Even if it’s not your final destination, there are some cases where they won’t let you through!

Cons of Using Kiwi

We’ve already listed the pros of using, but it isn’t perfect! Here is our list of ways Kiwi can improve.

Not all local airlines are covered

This is the biggest con for using Smaller airlines are not always listed. That being said, a lot of metasearch engines do not list all of the local airlines. Google is a prime example.

Bad Reviews for the Guarantee

The Kiwi guarantee is not perfect, and there are some pretty bad reviews to back that up. That said, I think you should book a flight with the same common sense as you would on any other booking site that doesn’t have a guarantee. Just because Kiwi flight booking tool has an algorithm that is supposed to prevent missed connections, doesn’t mean you should book a flight with a lay-over under one hour… ESPECIALLY when you are flying internationally.

Rule of thumb: Always allow 3 hours for an international connection. You can never predict how long immigration lines will be!

Loading can be slow

This isn’t a big deal, but the lag time is slower than other engines. I like to think it’s because it is gathering more data and options than other engines.

Booking Process – Is cheaper?

The short answer is that it depends. Because doesn’t list all of the possible airlines, it’s not always the best option, but generally, it is one of the best ways to find cheap flights. If you have flexible dates and/or a flexible destination, is the cheapest way to find a great flight!

Final Thoughts on this Review

When people talk about how expensive it is to travel, they often don’t know about amazing tools to help you fly cheaper, like kiwi cheap flights! With this booking site, you can find your next flight with ease. is the ultimate flight hacking tool. While it’s not perfect, it’s pretty damn close. They do the hard work for travelers, so you can spend less time at your computer and more time traveling! I also really like how intuitive Kiwi’s system is.

kiwi com booking reviews

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

Ana Pereira

Ana Pereira review Pinterest Image

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kiwi com booking reviews

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Things You Should Know Before Booking Cheap Flights on

May 2, 2021 by Silvia 59 Comments

Step aside, Skyscanner, there’s a new kid on the block and she works harder than you do: .

Have  you used it yet?

If you don’t know about it, is the newly popular flight booker that everyone has been talking about lately, as it’s taken the flexibility of search engines like Skyscanner but added a bunch of incredibly useful features to find even better prices and routes.

In fact Kiwi recently found me a route to Morocco that was $120 cheaper than what I had found on Skyscanner or Momondo. I most recently used Kiwi to book a flight from Johannesburg to Pemba in Mozambique in August (2019) and it worked great.

There are, however, some things you should know about using Kiwi to book flights if you want to get the most out of the site and not run into any difficulties later on.

And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Kiwi – I’m just a little obsessed with it at the moment!

First though, here are the things I love about Kiwi (and why I think it’s become so popular):

Kiwi searches for the cheapest route, regardless of codeshares

And this is what makes Kiwi so awesome. While other flight search engines will try to get you booked through your entire route on either the same airline or airlines with codeshares, Kiwi will look at all of the cheapest possibilities, even if it means putting you on two totally separate flights (where you have to check in again during your layover) or sending you to a random airport totally off route.

While this isn’t ideal for people looking for the fastest and easiest way to get somewhere, it’s perfect for people looking for the absolute cheapest option.

In fact, this is what I used to spend hours doing myself – often I’d end up booking a flight from Oslo to London, and then London to wherever I was actually going, as it tended to be much cheaper.

So basically Kiwi does flight hacking for you. It’s a HUGE timesaver.

They offer a flight guarantee for unprotected flight routes

The obvious downside of booking a bunch of separate flights somewhere is that if your first flight is delayed and you miss a connection, you won’t automatically be put on the next available flight, but will instead have to pay for a brand new one.

Luckily this has never happened to me, but I’ve had a few close calls that seriously stressed me out!

But Kiwi actually offers a guarantee that covers cases of flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes.

If your flight is suddenly canceled or there wasn’t enough time to make your connection, Kiwi will put you on a new flight for free. The only condition is that if the new flight is more than twice the cost of the original you will have to pay for any amount over 2x the original price.

Plus, if your flight is delayed for over 4 hours you’ll get a $10 food voucher, if you need to switch airports they’ll cover your transport, and if the delay is more than 8 hours overnight they’ll cover your accommodation (up to $50, and you must show them your receipt).

You do have to reach out to Kiwi directly as soon as something happens with your flight – there are stories of people missing out on the guarantee because they didn’t actually contact Kiwi but tried to sort their flights out at the airport independently. I asked a representative about this and she stressed that you MUST contact Kiwi before booking yourself on any new flights if you want Kiwi to cover them.

And just so you know, two of my friends separately had to use Kiwi’s guarantee and had no problems – they said Kiwi responded quickly and got them each on new flights for free. Again though, it’s important to contact Kiwi to book the flights, as they will not reimburse you for flights you book on your own. 

You can read the guarantee here , and email them with any further questions (I emailed them before writing this post and they were super responsive).

While this guarantee isn’t perfect, as there’s a possibility you’ll have to pay a bit extra for your new flight or part of your accommodation, it’s a far better option than booking separate flights yourself and having no guarantee at all.

I think of Kiwi as an upgrade from flight hacking where you’re putting together the flights yourself – it does the same thing for you (in less time) while also giving you a good degree of insurance should things go wrong.

However, do note that this is still less safe than flying on connected routes, where you’ll automatically be put on a new flight by the airline. If money isn’t an issue then I would book directly with airlines instead of using Kiwi, as it can be a bit of a gamble.

Kiwi flight refund

And if your travel plans change and you need a flight refund from, you can find the Kiwi cancellation policy here .

You can search flights from and to regions, instead of specific cities

While a lot of other flight search engines offer this to a degree, Kiwi has the most flexibility I’ve seen.

Like, come to think of it, maybe  this feature is the coolest thing about Kiwi.

First, you can search flights to or from “anywhere” if you want the ultimate flexibility. So you can find the cheapest flight from your departure point, or even the cheapest departure point for your destination.

Even cooler though, if you click on any area of the map on the homepage , a circle will appear and you can drag it to whatever region you want and adjust its size to determine where you would like your flight to depart from. And then you can either type in a specific destination (or destinations), or you can click the map again and draw a circle around the region you would like to fly to.

This is super helpful if you’re planning a longer trip in two different regions and don’t really care which specific city or even country you fly to or from. But it’s also convenient if you have a few different nearby airports in different cities that you’d like to search for all at the same time.

So like, when looking up where to go in May, Dan and I drew a circle around southern Norway for our departure (as there are a few different airports near us) and then a circle around all of southern Europe, since we want to go somewhere warm.

Then we just zoomed in on the map and could see all the different city options with the price next to them. Super easy!

And then we drew a circle around Japan, you know, just in case it was magically super cheap (it wasn’t).

You can search multiple destinations at once

Before I switched over to Kiwi I almost always used Skyscanner to search for flights (since it also includes budget airlines), and something that would drive me crazy was having to do separate searches if I wanted to change my departure or destination city.

Well, if you want to be more specific than circular regions, Kiwi lets you search a bunch of different departure cities and/or countries as well as a bunch of different destinations, all at the same time. Again, huge time saver!

You can search for flights over no specific dates, a set range of dates, and a specific duration

If your schedule is flexible, Kiwi also lets you search for flights “anytime” or over a set range of dates. You can also specify how long you would like your total trip to be, so if you know you want to take a holiday for about 10-14 days sometime over the summer, you can search for flights in a date range of June to August, and then select your “Time of stay” to be 10 to 14 nights.

This way you can figure out not only where your cheapest holiday option is, but also when and for how long.

You can use’s “nomad” tool to book the cheapest possible multi-city trip

I still can’t get over how cool this is. With the nomad tool you can enter all the cities you’d like to visit along with how long you’d like to stay in each city, and will work out the cheapest possible option. So you don’t need to keep checking different dates or changing up the order of your trip, because will tell you which order to book it for the cheapest possible flights.

This tool is especially helpful if you’re going on a longer trip to a bunch of cities, like backpacking through Europe or visiting a bunch of places across the US, for example.

Things you should know about booking with

Okay, so I covered all the things I love about using Kiwi, but there are also a few important things you should know before booking your flights through

Adding extra baggage after booking your flight can be more expensive than direct with the airline

This one is kind of annoying, though if you’re lucky it could actually work in your favor.

If you realize after making your booking that you want to add extra checked luggage, you have to do so through Kiwi, not directly with the airline.

And because Kiwi deals with so many different airlines, instead of charging exactly what each airline charges for extra luggage, they have their own set price list. This is an average of the luggage costs for different airlines, so while in some cases Kiwi might charge you less than the airline does, in other cases you might end up paying more (though of course it will still be less than you would have to pay at the airport).

It’s something to be aware of when booking your flight.

When flying unprotected routes you might need to go through customs – and may need a visa!

Since part of the genius of Kiwi is finding unrelated flight routes to get you to your destination, you might have to go through customs and check in again during a layover.

I had to do this on my 5-hour layover in Paris during my flight from Morocco to Oslo. And on my way from Oslo to Morocco I actually spent a night in Lisbon, essentially having a free day in Lisbon thanks to the money I saved by flying two separate routes.

Your Kiwi ticket will clearly state if you have to collect your luggage and check in again during a layover. And this is really important: check to see if you need a visa for whatever country you’ll be going through customs in! Even if it’s not your final destination, there are some cases where they won’t let you through to check in to your next flight if you don’t have a visa.

So, if I had needed a visa to enter France or Portugal, I wouldn’t have been able to go through customs and check in for my next flight.

This doesn’t happen often, but I have heard complaints about Kiwi regarding this, from people who didn’t realize that they would need to go through customs during their layover. While a lot of places do offer special transit visas, I usually try not to have a layover anywhere I’d need a visa, just to avoid any potential hassle.

You’ll end up making way too many travel plans

All the flexibility Kiwi offers in searching for flights can be a little dangerous – at least if you’re like me and want to travel everywhere. When Dan and I were looking at flights this morning I found all sorts of other places I wanted to visit that I hadn’t realized where so cheap!

I mean, there are many worse problems to have.

Have you booked through yet? Any tips to add?

Since I love using Kiwi to book my flights I just joined their affiliate program, which means I’ll make a small commission if you book a flight through them. Most flight search engines have similar programs, but I only joined Kiwi’s because I like it the most!

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Annika says

April 14, 2017 at 7:48 pm

I’d never heard of this before and I’m already in love! I’m sharing your post on a few facebook groups of solo travellers, I’m sure they’ll be interested too 🙂

Silvia says

April 17, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Awesome, so happy you found it useful!

April 15, 2017 at 11:56 am

Haha – I must say this wasn’t the first Kiwi brand that came to mind when you wrote Kiwi, as a (former) Norwegian supermarket employee! Seriously though, this sounds like a great resource, and one that even people who don’t need to hunt for the very cheapest flights may want to use, as it comes with so many smart options!

Haha when I first told Dan about the site he typed in “Kiwi” and the supermarket came up! So funny.

Jennifer says

April 17, 2017 at 12:16 pm

I’ve never heard of this before. I always just checked Skyscanner as well. It sounds interesting though, and I will have to check it out the next time I plan some imaginary trips. Thanks!

April 17, 2017 at 9:54 pm

Haha so I’m not the only planning imaginary trips then!

April 24, 2017 at 12:40 am

I love using Kiwi! I just recently found out about them. I haven’t yet taken a flight through the service, but from my browsing so far, they have been cheaper than Skyscanner in some instances.

Thanks for writing up the guide!

May 1, 2017 at 11:08 am

Yeah, you always have to shop around a bit!

Michaela says

May 2, 2017 at 2:58 pm

Actually, I first used kiwi to book a flight to Norway. I love how cheap it is and I also know a few people working there, so they told me about how it works. The disadvantage is that it’s mostly for days not compatible with work hours.

May 5, 2017 at 4:50 pm

How funny! But yeah, it’s not always the most convenient, but at least they find cheap routes.

January 20, 2019 at 4:05 pm

Hey sylvia, just wondering if kiwi would works for family tarvelling?thank you..tanya

C Cook says

January 19, 2019 at 8:11 am

Is it difficult to check in at the airport of each airline?

Denise says

July 25, 2017 at 9:03 pm

Don’t even think of cancelling a flight. You’re not cancelling with the airline and able to use whatever remains on a rescheduled trip. You’re cancelling with them and in 30-ish days they’ll let you know what/if any balance you have left after regular cancellation costs and their fees.

I’ll only use them for research from now on. 🙁

Lynn Kvamme says

August 23, 2017 at 11:22 pm

Okay, I just booked my first domestic flight in the US with Kiwi and the hubby just booked his flight to Norway. His name is Jon Erik and is Norwegian, do you know him (bahahaha, just kidding).

Anyway, we work with plant based natural healthcare there so he travels to Norway a lot. 1000 thanks for your awesome article and for saving us some serious cash!

I would love to send you some free samples to try if you want. You are going to fall in loooove!

Smiles, Lynn

August 31, 2017 at 11:14 am

Oh that’s so exciting, I’m glad you found good deals!

September 8, 2017 at 11:10 pm

HI, Thanks! I just bought a non stop ticket from LA to Stockholm for $307! So affordable!!!

Fiorella says

October 3, 2017 at 2:52 am

Thank you for the info. I just booked a flight within europe via One thing that I find a little odd is that they ask for my passport number and expiration date to check me in. Have you also been requested this info before? Can one check-in directly with the airline rather than via Kiwi?

Thank you in advance!

October 3, 2017 at 4:20 pm

I think you can check in directly – I guess try and see what happens? I know you can check in directly at the airport for sure, as that’s what I’ve done.

February 10, 2018 at 6:43 pm

The reason why they are asking for passport number is bec, wants to do auto check in for you esp if u have check in baggage.that is less hazzle for you.It is still the passenger’s choice if they want to take advantage of the auto check in,or do manual check in at the airport.

LisaMarie says

January 16, 2019 at 10:32 pm

I fly a few times a year to Europe and find that many airlines are asking for passport numbers and expiration dates.

cheap airline tickets says

November 4, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Thanks for sharing this article. Your article helps me a lot. Keep Sharing. Nice Work!

November 20, 2017 at 11:28 am

The booking itself is easy, but just pray that you face no issues.

When flying from Brazil to Europe the airline demanded extra payment in cash, otherwise I wouldn’t be let on the plane. No mention of it anywhere on the ticket. Normal tickets have all the taxes and costs included.

I also wanted to get a refund for one of the legs I had with them. It’s been now over 30 days and haven’t heard a word since.

So I just hope you have better experience than I did. For me this was the last booking with

trubac says

November 22, 2017 at 2:59 pm

I was glad when first I found, now not so much, either they changed or something going on that doesn’t show most of the flights. In the last couple of months lots of airlines are missing from the searches, and more dates I’m adding, the less flights are finding, if I choose for example New York – Bucharest, round-trip leaving anytime – returning anytime, the search is coming up only with low cost airlines, like Norwegian Air and Ryan Air, if I filter those two off, no flights at all!?! So, I’m very disappointed about this website.

Lindsey says

November 26, 2017 at 2:48 pm

I would strongly advise you NOT to ever book a flight with Kiwi. I used them for the first time to book a flight (for today!). I was a little wary because I hand’t heard of them, but I was looking for the lowest price option on a flight I was taking on short notice, and they came up in my results on Kayak so I thought it would be ok. It is not ok.

When they made my bookings on their end with the airline, they put my husband’s name in as “Mr. [My Name] Jr.” instead of his name, even though I had put his name down as the 2nd passenger (because I’m not an idiot). He doesn’t even have a Jr. at the end of his name so I have no idea where they came up with this.

Anyway, I contacted Kiwi a couple weeks ago to have my husband’s name changed on the tickets. (We just booked these flights 3 weeks ago.) They emailed me after a couple days to say they had gotten his name changed with one airline, but hadn’t been able to do it with the second airline yet. They said they would let me know when they had done so. Earlier this week I replied to their email to ask about the status, and they said I needed to send them a scanned copy of my husband’s passport for the airline to process the change. I replied that this seemed unnecessary since it’s a domestic flight, and why couldn’t they just change it. They wouldn’t budge. I tried calling the airline directly, but they couldn’t do it because it was a third party booking. So two days ago I sent them a picture of my husband’s passport. Yesterday I hadn’t heard anything so I called them, and they hadn’t sent the info to the airline yet. The agent I spoke with said he would do so right away, and I would hear back in 2-4 hours. That didn’t happen, so I hopped on live chat last night. All they could tell me was there was no update and they would email me when there was. They also tried to ask me for MY passport information, but I told them I don’t have a current passport, there was zero reason for them to need it because this is a domestic flight, and at this point I’m pretty sure they’re scammers and I will come after them in every way possible if anything goes wrong related to this.

As of this morning I still haven’t heard from them, and we have to leave for the airport in an hour, so it looks like we’ll be spending our long layover in Vegas hanging out in the airport instead of exploring the Strip as was our plan, because we can’t risk him leaving the terminal and having to go back through security with a boarding pass that doesn’t match the name on his ID.

Tl;dr: The people behind Kiwi are clearly incompetent and not knowledgeable about how travel actually works, and the customer service is horrible if you need it. I might use them again for research in the future, but I will always book the flights I find on there directly with the airlines instead of on Kiwi.

December 5, 2017 at 7:40 am


In a few words: I had the worst booking experience, had to deal with a very bad customer support. If you are unlucky and a problem comes up you will NEVER EVER find a solution.

Even if my reservation was immediately cancelled, I got my refund after 40 days instead of 10 days as they promised.

I made a review at trustpilot and when they saw it, they sent me 50 euro voucher for the problems they caused me. After a couple of days they kindly asked me to erase the review. This is the reason they have 4 stars and not 2 which is what they should deserve. Of course i didnt erase neither used their voucher.

Alyson Sliman says

July 28, 2018 at 6:22 pm

I agree!! They have been absolutely TERRIBLE to work with. We had an issue with our tickets ( we bought 3 plane tickets for 3 different people) they were not able to help us AT ALL. We ended up having to buy and additional 3 more plane tickets becasue they would not resolve the initial issue. Truly unbelievable . I will NEVER book through them again and I urge everyone to really think before booking with them.

December 14, 2017 at 2:57 pm

I found some really good deals . Thanks

February 4, 2018 at 5:05 pm

Silvia, and what about their guarantee? Is it free of charge or you should pay some fee to use this feature?

February 4, 2018 at 9:40 pm

It’s included in every ticket from them.

February 16, 2018 at 4:36 am

Silvia, This was really helpful. I just bought a flight through Kiwi for a Norwegian airlines flight. If I add a checked in baggage or buy seat selection directly with Norwegian will Kiwi know about that? Could it make the guarantee void?

Prithvi says

March 6, 2018 at 2:06 am

The way you view Kiwi as a trip hacking tool is the key insight required for anyone who uses Kiwi.

Kiwi does a job that you did yourself (I do the same thing) and this is a super cool thing to do as long as we can do a little bit of brain work.

That said, if I had not read all these negative posts about Kiwi, I would never have seen the fact that it requires you to get off and re check in, this is the key point that everyone misses when they use Kiwi and most people obviously do not know this.

This makes things extremely painful when they are absolutely shocked in the airport when they are enjoying their trip.

Kiwi needs to make this post required reading for anyone using Kiwi.

May 4, 2018 at 12:54 am

Hi, thanks for the comment. Do you mean that you had to re-check in during your collecting flight?

Mariah Gauthier says

March 25, 2018 at 5:38 pm

I used kiwi to book a flight to Paris and then back to New York. On the second leg (from Paris to New York) it says “must have visa”

Do you think I need a visa even though I am a U.S. citizen??

March 26, 2018 at 5:25 pm

Then you should be fine – it just means that they won’t let you board unless you can validly enter the country (so if you need a visa to enter, then you must have one).

the Fat Gooch says

April 5, 2018 at 5:06 am

does the guarantee apply if you end up on through skyscanner? i did a search on skyscanner, but it directed me to to complete the booking. thanks in advance

April 9, 2018 at 12:12 pm

Yeah, Skyscanner just redirects you to their website, so the guarantee should still be in place!

Jordan says

April 24, 2018 at 9:22 pm

Hi Silvia, This is a great post! I just bought my first round of flights on Kiwi and was mentioning it in a blog post I am writing. Do you mind if I refer my readers to this post for more information on Kiwi?

April 24, 2018 at 10:23 pm

Of course, feel free to link to it!

Celeste says

May 22, 2018 at 5:28 pm

I wanted to post a warning to people who DO miss their connections. It is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS to get KIWI to switch flights for you. We spent 4 HOURS on the phone with them trying to sort out the new flight (the next day) and also had to twist arms to get an “ok” to get a hotel and food. They kept saying “I need to talk to my supervisor.” The people that answer the phone don’t have the authority to do anything themselves but trying to get a supervisor will literally take you hours. They will call you back, someday. Meanwhile you are sitting at the airport starving and tired. Not a good customer service experience. Not worth the savings, if you happen to miss a connection. They can’t fix it in a timely manner. Next time we will just book through the airlines directly. Kiwi works find until something goes wrong, and if you travel enough something WILL go wrong eventually.

Greg Hitzhusen says

July 2, 2018 at 9:29 pm

My experience with so far is horrible. I’ve been on hold for 75minutes, and have been repeatedly told how much longer I should have to wait. At the start of my hold period, it said “25 minutes”. As that estimate has counted down, I get the same estimate multiple times. I’ve been told “5 minutes” estimated wait time for about the last 20 minutes. I’m sure that they’re hoping I’ll just try to complete my query online, but I already tried that, and am needing to talk to a real person. Terrible phone system, apparently designed to frustrate the caller.

Tristan Newman says

July 5, 2018 at 9:55 pm

I booked a flight with them, one flight shorter than needed. Cancelled that ticket, wrote their customer service to tell them what I had done, and then booked the correct ticket.

Logged into check the status of the refund and they refunded the complete intinerary instead of the shorter one.

After calling them, waiting on hold for 10 minutes, and explaining to their customer service, she said she’d speak to a manager… and then put me on hold and the line proceeded to go dead seconds later.

Now, I’ve been on hold attempting to call them back for the past 30 minutes. Their hold recording has been telling me 10 minutes left to wait until about 15 minutes ago, and now 5 minutes to wait, there after.

Something to think about.

July 27, 2018 at 8:28 pm

On our way to Minneapolis from Ukraine we were bumped to a later flight, we lost our connection at JFK. Kiwi Guarantee came through for us. They put us in a hotel, booked us a flight early the next morning and gave us 30 Euros for food and drink while displaced. Thanks Kiwi Guarantee

lu ramos says

August 2, 2018 at 9:38 pm

hello, thanks for this review. but i recently read numerous reviews on them that were very bad, with frequent last-minute flight cancellations, etc. is it possible that the reviews are fake?

August 3, 2018 at 11:19 pm

I now read 2hours through all reviews etc… and i think most of the bad reviews are from the competition. Kiwi is 10x ahead of Skyscanner and others… of course they write shit about a plattform that is far ahead of them. Just my opinion … and many feedback is from people that didnt know the things with the Visas and that they have to re-check in etc…but is this really Kiwis fault? Maybe a bit…

I will give them a try. By he way: Booking all tickets yourself still saves you money ! But its a lot of work and headaches. Kiwi charges +50€ for total of 4 flights for 1 person but to be honest i am happy to pay 50€ for saving a lot of time booking all flights seperatly and checking in . This article gives all the advice you need i guess.

Be carefull with online reviews. I can speak from own experiance when competitors posted a lot of shit about my company that was destroying the industry 😉 When you smash the competition with a product that is beyond your shitty product… of course you dont make a lot of friends.

Think about it in the future. 😉 I hope we will have a good experiance but i am pretty sure Kiwi is great. And if not… AMEX will take care of everything, so always book with a Credit Card and you dont have to worry about “being scammed”

Richard Childress says

September 10, 2018 at 11:23 am

Good information you have wrote for us! It is very useful for us and will keep updating your articles.

November 25, 2018 at 12:55 pm

This is very informative blog thanks for sharing. We are also provided United airlines customer service.

December 12, 2018 at 3:20 am

Seriously, do your research before using for anything but planning. I used them with success in 2016 but in practice found the connection to be a slightly chancy one – a very good thing we had no checked baggage on that trip.

This time around, they sold me a route with a flatly impossible connection (even though we also had no baggage to consider). The issue that wasn’t clear until the confirmation email came through with “no online check-in is possible” – a fact that was therefore known to them all along, but not to me until after I’d paid the money. The route they sold me allowed one hour for me to arrive at the connection airport, go landside (through immigration), CHECK IN MANUALLY, then go airside (back through security and immigration!) and get the ongoing flight.

It took me three weeks – eventually contacting airlines as well as them – many times – to get the facts of this problem properly acknowledged by them. Then another week and at least half a dozen more emails before they offered to put in place a feasible revised itinerary that I suggsted. And THEN they insisted on levying a change fee, even though it was them who had sold me the impossible itinerary in the first place.

This was extortion – the problem would not be fixed until I paid another 95 Euro. So I paid, and considered it a life lesson – of course I asked for a refund, of course I’ve had nothing but the usual rubbish responses.

I will not be paying money ever again, nor would I recommend that anyone else do so. Happy to use them for flight planning, but that’s it. Make your life easier, BOOK DIRECTLY WITH AIRLINES!

Kabir afzali says

January 13, 2019 at 10:25 pm

They stole my $2600+

I had booking for 5 passengers from new york to kabul afghanistan for 14 Jan 2019. I received a job opportunity i sent them an email stating that all my 3 children and my wife are going but as i have a new job now so please cancel my ticket. One indian accent guy told me on the phone that as u have informed us very early threfore the airline will not charge me anything only we will chrge u euros 20 for service chare he told me to go to kiwi.kommanage my booking and fill a return form and they will return my money i found the page filled it and wrote my own name only and at the end of page it said u paid $600 for one person so u will be refuned $427 i said ok give me that. after few hours i received phone call saying that they have cancelled all 5 passngers and out of $2996.67 that i had paid i have received this $427 and that is it and they cannot further assist me. They stold my $2600+  I have my account info and also their booking etc.

January 22, 2019 at 3:58 pm

I advise you to not go through them I booked a round-trip flight with from Denver to Norfolk Virginia come to find out the day before I was leaving back to my hometown was trying to pay for assigned seats so me and my boyfriend can sit together and talk to an agent from to ask them why it was a one-way trip book when I asked for a round trip ticket told me there was nothing they can do about it so how to turn around and pay an additional$187 to get back home I think that it’s unfair they Ghent people out of their money I wouldn’t go through them any longer horrible customer service skills and people are rude didn’t let me talk to a supervisor as well I write them a zero.

Emily Rodriguez says

May 17, 2019 at 6:40 pm

How do you change from one way to round trip after booking flight?

Rishi Prakash says

September 27, 2019 at 9:56 am

Thanks for the great post, Silvia. I opted for Kiwi first time after your post so all credit to you.

Kiwi is doing a good job as a market disruption for sure. It brings a different kind of light to the search and planning which is wonderful.

Now areas which can be improved:

1. There are few airlines which are hell bent on making money for every single ounce of extra weight which you realise when you find their people with weighing scale before the boarding gate so then you know that it is part of their plan- low cost ticket BUT high penalty for weight. So i will like Kiwi to highlight such flights in their booking option for us to know and plan the exact weight for them. So Air Asia and Viet Jet are definitely two such airline where unreasonable managers are running the show at airport with a clear agenda to make money by harassing flyers. So they should just put a line in RED for extra weight in these 2 airlines.

2. The information for various connecting flights has to be passed before the trip so that people do not get stuck and end up missing flights which would have happened in my case at Thailand. In my case, i was never aware that Indigo airlines does not have a counter for transit passengers inside the airport so imagine what i was told when i was strolling towards the transit counters- You have to take a visa first and then go out to Indigo counter and get your new boarding pass! This is something absolutely new like a bolt from blue so first i needed to RUN for the exchange counter for local currency as that is the only currency they accept at visa counter and then stand for visa in the long queue and then get out of airport for new boarding pass and then come back to the boarding gate. So such information needs to be passed ON well in time to passengers to plan their transit or else they will come back to Kiwi after missing their flight and then waste Kiwi’s time and their time to get a new flight so prior information saves passengers from surprises.

Trust me, Kiwi will become a far better platform if MORE info is passed on collectively after feedbacks like mine.

Keep up the good work.

Stop Faking says

December 4, 2019 at 4:48 pm

“This is not an affiliate/sponsored post” yet all of your links to Kiwi have affiliate IDs? lol

December 5, 2019 at 1:01 pm

Not sure where you pulled that quote from??? This post was not sponsored, but as I literally say at the end of the article, I signed up for their affiliate program after having a good experience with them. What’s “faking” about that?

January 17, 2020 at 4:47 am

Reading so many reviews it makes me cautous. I booked 3 tickets for wife, Grandson, and me. To Italy from SFO. W/ multi cities 4 on Italy 1 to Geneva k return to SFO. Mid May to Mid June 2020. Price, I hope is true. $850 each! We will boast about Other ticketing sites $2100 to $5k Includes carry on @7kgrms 15 lbs each. Size 22″x17.75″x9.84′ Our bag that size usually weighs 35-40 lbs. Not 15 lbs. enough to travel for month. I called kiwi to confirm weight. Yes, 15 lbs. Agent was very helpful, patient and kind. She did not rush or push me to finish. Almost 40 mins! She said airlines vary up to 20 kgrms. But, most 8 to 10. They wanted $156 each to check a bag @kiwi. I may need to add 3 checked bags. I noticed they also added approx $8 ticket insurance automatically. Hopefully this helps smooth out some bumps some people missing a flight. The phone # for kiwi is 1 202-844-4159 just in case. You never know. Hopefully we don’t.

Xavier says

March 13, 2020 at 8:37 am

You have mentioned all the tips in a good way. I have read all. These are very helpful to me. Thanks

Karl Olsson says

August 24, 2020 at 11:17 am

I traveled with a Kiwi booking from Singapore to Alicante Spain. Missed my connection in Athens due to delay from the first leg. I called Kiwi and they sorted out accommodation and new flight the following a timely manner. Very professionally. I can definitely recommend Kiwi. .

Alisha says

April 19, 2021 at 4:52 am

Hey there! Speaking of paying for baggage, do you know at all why the baggage costs on Kiwi seem to be at least twice as much as what the airline usually charges? Seems a bit excessive and I can’t seem to find any info on the price breakdown.Thanks!

April 19, 2021 at 1:37 pm

They basically take an average of baggage pricing, so sometimes baggage will cost more than directly with the airline, whereas other times it will be cheaper.

Clara David says

August 23, 2022 at 7:54 pm

Thank you for this informative blog! Helped me alot.

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Kiwi com in a review

The latest Flight Booking Hack – in a Review (is it reliable?)

kiwi com booking reviews

Have you ever heard of Kiwi is a powerful search engine for flights.

After we published our 16 favorite winter destinations in Europe and 21 best places to visit in Europe in summer , we got so many questions about how we find our flight deals.

We realized this is still a huge topic. Therefore, we wrote up a big, detailed review of

In fact, Kiwi, Hostelworld , and HeyMondo Insurance are essential websites to for travelers. We use them always on our travels!

Important : In this genuine article we share the good, the bad and the ugly of Please read it carefuly so you get the pros and cons .

Before making your final booking, please check as well our comment section . Travelers share here their own, first-hand experience. Personally, we always use Skyscanner when looking for flights.

Check here

Did/ do you have a great or bad experience with Kiwi? We keep the comment section open for you.

We do not claim it’s the only website we use, yet it’s part of our process finding flights every single time. And yes, we book our flights with kiwi and other websites like , Skyscanner and even direct with Emirates for instance, as well! In fact, we wrote more detailed articles:

We are pointing out the good, the bad, the ugly, why you can use it, and when to avoid Kiwi.

Our Kiwi Review covers:

Other detailed travel guides you need:

How to book your accommodation like a boss? 15 booking tips for hostels, hotels and apartments .

We also wrote a big review about Hostelworld and review about Tiqets , a website to purchase tickets to sights worldwide like the Colosseum and Eiffel Tower.

Also check out in review for fantastic experiences across the globe. Make travel easier – book transport tickets with Omio. Here’s a genuine review of Omio to help you out. We also wrote a big review about Qatar Airways. A review for Etihad Airline is also on the way.

Your new favorite search engine for flights

Alright, let’s get started. Kiwi is the flight hacking app we have all been waiting for! It comes with extra features that improve the research and booking process.

This website will change the whole way YOU and your travel buddies look for flights on the internet.

It is a huge time saver with smart features that actually work in favor of the traveler, not the airline!

Besides collecting the worlds 5 Star Hostels and for our research for the best hostels in the world , finding cheap flights is a regular task for me at Hostelgeeks.

There are a few techniques and websites you can use to achieve good flight deals. Kiwi is one of the sites we use to FIND cheap flights and connections.

Ever since I found this website with the cute name, me and the team have been using and recommending it. There are several reasons why this is one of the best website and app to find flights. Whenever I am curious about flights, prices, connections, the first thing I do is open to get an idea.

Download the Kiwi App

Details covered in this review

In this detailed article I will walk you through our research process for finding flights, followed by the actual booking itself. Is this legit? Yes, but be careful….and I will tell you why, based on my personal experience.

I will share in detail how I found flights across Europe for only 9€ and crossed continents for a sweet price.

In a nutshell, the top features of Kiwi are the date range, the so-called radius search and the combination of airlines. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Finding cheap flights with Kiwi

1. The Research Process

Whenever I have to catch a flight, there are several websites I check out . Without even thinking about it, I open the following websites in my browser:

New : Our full review of Qatar Airways – honest & in-depth.

This is always my starting point! Over the years, these platforms have proved to be great resources. I do not open and check them in any priority, it’s mostly random.

My first steps to find flights is checking connections. Is my destination actually reachable from my out flying airport? The second issue is the price range. I prefer to know if I am going to spend 20€ or something closer to 1.000€.

When comparing and Skyscanner , keep in mind, that is an OTA.

Good to know : OTA stands for Online Travel Agency.

As an OTA, Kiwi issues tickets, takes care of customer support and bookings are finalized on their own website. Due to US law, not the terms and conditions for Airlines apply.

Skyscanner and on the other hand is a so-called meta-search. It is a price comparison, gathering data from many providers and redirects you to partners websites.

Here you can see the Pros and Cons of each one:

I use them to get a general idea of rates and flights out there. and kiwi, in particular, make a big difference.

Both share the different rates in a handy calendar. It’s helpful to put the rate in context.

Maybe the next day it’s cheaper? Bear in mind, cheapest flights are normally on weekdays and outside of school holidays.

Catching a cheap flight found with kiwi

BTW this photo shows me and my backpack from Lowe Alpine in Kuala Lumpur. I included it in the ultimate hostel packing list .

I use Google Flights for:

Google Flights covers the biggest range of airlines . BUT: They also do not cover all airlines in the world. I had to take a flight from Mexico to Spain, Google Flights did not show flights with Emirates .

Not sure if this was a one-time thing. But always keep this in mind. Always compare websites!

Type in your destination and let Google Flight do the magic.

I use Skyscanner for:

Skyscanner is fast loading and I love to check it out for comparing airline rates on specific dates .

Read: My full insider guide to how to use Skyscanner

It also comes with the multi city feature. They always add new features. One of my favorite one is their inspirational map.

It shows you cheap destinations in your area. You can filter by price and set the dates yourself. An interesting tool! Of course, since then they updated and implemented more and more cool features.

Skyscanner also shows now flights from So when you check Skyscanner, you might up ending using anyways.

I use Kiwi for:

I use Kiwi for finding cheaper destinations and dates to fly . It is especially handy when I am looking for inspiration. Give me a good deal to a destination I’ve never been to and I’m in!

Obviously, I use all four websites to compare the rates.

Our final booking is made with….well, this really depends! We have used in the past and had no issues. But when, we have received so many horrible comments, that in fact, we do no longer use them for the final booking step.

By now, we usually use the official website of the Airline and check what Skyscanner recommends. Please note, Skyscanner also recommends Kiwi.

So far we never ever used any discount websites for booking flights.

However, after comparing prices, it is the kiwi guarantee that makes it so convenient. Remember, I still check the airline directly to compare the rates. More info on the booking process here .

I use for (update)

Since 2019, we are also using a lot. It is a super fantastic tool to find transport, especially over Europe. So so so handy and easy!

You can compare flights, trains and buses. Pretty much any type of public transport.

I especially love the simple overview of your chosen flight. For instance, I checked a flight from Paris, France to Bangkok, Thailand.

It shows you the bullet points on important information right away. See the screenshot below.

Booking Process with

Besides the fact that we used this engine a lot, her are the most popular routes for this meta flight search:

2. Features of

Time to have a closer look. Here I share the features that make Kiwi such a great flight hack and time saver.

Cheap Flights with kiwi

2.1 Search Radius

My absolute favorite feature is the search radius. This takes researching flights to a whole new level.

What does that mean?

Instead of typing in a fixed destination, you draw a circle on the map .

The app searches for flights in this radius. It shows you all the different destinations and the cheapest air fare in a handy way. You can filter for cheapest flights and direct connections.

It also shows you the rates of all the other destinations around your circle. Maybe you missed a good opportunity here?

So, when do you need this feature?

This is useful when you are looking for flights to a country or area , rather than a specific city.

Let’s say you want to go to South East Asia, coming from Europe.

While Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are the main hubs to find cheap rates, there are still many others to consider. Maybe something you did not have in mind in the first place?

Ho Chi Minh City for instance or Jakarta, Indonesia are not to be underestimated.

Let us have a look.

An example:

Imagine you would like to fly from New York City to Spain – with no specific city like Barcelona or Madrid.

Select “ Spain ” as a range and kiwi will display all the options. It shows even near areas nearby your selected range in case you want to change your mind.

The screenshots below show how it works.

Select range search in Kiwi for great flight deals

Update: Drawing a Circle in Kiwi

Kiwi updated their functionality. Unfortunately now it is not so easy any more to find the “radius search”.

We do not know why they removed this since this is an epic feature.

However, we found a way to use this feature of radius search still.

Solved! Luckily, the circle or radius feature is still there.

We made a quick video about Kiwis Radius search and how you can activate this again.

2.2 Fly Anywhere

For inspiration, Kiwi is my go-to website.

Just type in your departure airport and set the destination to “anywhere” . You can set the date to a fixed one or select a date range, for instance March and April.

In fact, “ Anywhere ” is the default destination.

Hit the search button and see what comes out. This helps us to get an idea of cheaper destinations out there.

It puts destinations on your map that you may not have considered beforehand.

Cheap flight deals with kiwi, go anywhere

2.3 Multi-city Feature

Another feature I always miss with the many flight search engines out there. Choose multiple cities and go around the world.

World-hopping if you will!

Kiwi combines different airlines and schedules which makes it so easy for a world traveler to travel from A to B to C and D.

Again, this is very, very important: they combined several airlines. You can book several airlines with 1 click !

You can select exact dates or even a date range. You can even spot the cheapest prices on the calendar while you are choosing the dates.

It is 100% flexible!

Find the best flight deals with kiwi multi search option

They even guarantee that you will get your connecting flight. If not, there is always the Kiwi Guarantee. Personally, I would not rely on this guarantee. There has been too many complaints about not honoured flights connections, luggage lost and more.

Please, please please, even if they guarantee the connections, use your head before booking. Do not choose any connection flights with tight connections ( We do recommend 3 hours between flights minimum). The kiwi guarantee might cover your lost flight, but it is much better to avoid tight connections.

Another option here is also comparing different destinations. Or even combining your fight with other transport.

As an example : you could land in Napoli. Rent a car , visit the famous Amalfi coast, impressive Pompeii… and drive to Rome. Then continue traveling from Rome.

You are not sure which destination you wanna fly? Maybe the price will help you to decide.

Now it is not necessary to have 4 different windows with the destinations you would like.

E.g.: You are not sure about going to London or Germany after Paris?

Just compare the prices between them. kiwi will let you know all the options. Simple as that.

Searching cheap flights with Kiwi

2.4 Combining Different Airlines

The Multicity Feature in particular requires booking with different airlines. Kiwi combines them for you.

They look for the cheapest flight combinations out there, no matter what.

They cover the major airlines around the world such as

The list is actually endless.

That being said, Kiwi does not include all the airlines in the world. The smaller ones in South East Asia and in Europe for instance are not included.

In our section of cons I give you more details.

2.5 Date Range

One of the golden rules to score cheap flights?

Be flexible with your dates.

Yet again, weekdays are cheaper than weekends and of course skip the holidays.

This is why this date range feature is a true gem. You can choose from

“anytime” and “specific date” do not require any explanation, so let’s have a look at date range.

It is really that simple: you choose a date range, for instance all February. The App will then instantly filter by dates and give you the cheapest dates to take your flight.

Super simple!

Flexible dates search in Kiwi. Being flexible means cheaper flights

2.6 Cheap Price Alert

The cheap price alert is brilliant. Same as with Skyscanner I set my price alerts. How can you do that?

Setup an airport or radius as your departure point and select the area or radius you want to travel to. To activate the cheap-price alert, simply hit the button below the search fields.

Here you’ve got to include a maximum price. That’s it. Your Price Alert has been created and Kiwi will let you know when the price is right.

They will send you an email like this one.

Finding cheap flights with kiwi price alert

If you have the App installed on your smartphone, you will receive a pop-up message as well.

This feature is especially great when you have a fixed time window to travel.

Let’s say you have vacation from the 1st February until 14th February, but you still don’t know where to go.

Setup your starting point, your destination as “anywhere” and edit the time-range to 1st February to 14th February.

I also recommend signing up for their newsletter.

Talking about newsletter…in our 17 booking hacks for hostels I recommend signing up for hostel and airline newsletters.

You will be surprised what kind of offers will land in your inbox.

You can sign up for newsletters at booking portals like

and airlines like

Why is it a good idea to sign up for newsletters?

You receive exclusive discounts and you are the first one being informed on new offers.

I recently got this newsletter below by RyanAir. Since I wanted to travel anyway, guess what I did?

BTW : Sign up for our newsletter , we always share exclusive hostel discounts , including discounts for Hostelworld .

Newsletter Ryanair

3. The Booking Process – is Kiwi OK to book?

Is this website is legit? Is Kiwi reliable and safe? We all want to score the cheapest flights out there.

As mentioned in the beginning, so many users claim Kiwi to be a scam, to be fraud, unreliable, you name it. There’s a lot of bad reviews about Kiwi. More in our cons section.

While we take these complaints serious and publish them here in the comments too (if language allows), we can only  share here our own experience. Again, we actually booked our flights with Kiwi too – NOT ONLY with kiwi, but we did use them . I am adding below our confirmation email of one of our first flights with kiwi from 2016 and 2021 even.

We are not just saying this. We actually used them in the past and still use them! But, be aware, it is one of many we use. It is not the only one !!! As I also pointed out, I would not rely on the kiwi guarantee.

The 1 Million Dollar Question : Is a scam?

Answer : No, Kiwi is not a scam; that’s just too much to state. They do have a lot of happy customers. Even Skyscanner links you to Kiwi.

However, is not a very reliable website with a perfect customer service. So, if there is a problem with your booking/ flight, it’s not good. If your flight has no issues, you will love Kiwi.

Thank you, almost there...Skyscanner sending me over to

Back to the website; it is quite rare to be willing to pay more just because the app or website looks cool. Right?!

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

As mentioned at the beginning, I compare different airlines and booking portals. Always. The websites I compare are:

The chances of finding cheaper flights with Kiwi are quite high. However, airlines official websites could be even cheaper right?!

Always compare as there is no generic rule. Some hostels are cheaper on, others are cheaper on the same really goes for flights.

Almost every booking engine has their own agreement with the airlines.

Some of them can give you a better price, sometimes there are special offers. I don’t know the background, and it doesn’t matter to a traveler.

All I want: a cheaper flight!

On our flight from Sri Lanka to Munich I used Before hitting the book-button, I compared the airline’s rate.

As it turns out,  I saved a sweet 56€ – by using!

Again, I used them for several flights as I got the best deal with them. So far I have had no issue with missed flight connections or lost baggage. Let’s hope this continues.

But…what if something happens? Delayed or cancelled flights, for instance? This is where the Kiwi Guarantee kicks in.

Get the kiwi app for cheap flights

4. Kiwi Guarantee

Here is our best tip : Do not rely on their guarantee and check the connection you are about to book! Only book flights you can guarantee yourself you will catch them. For instance, having only 1 hour for changing flights in Kuala Lumpur will be most likely impossible!

Use your own brain to see which connection flights are doable – and which one are not. We have seen connection flights with only 1 hour and 20 minutes for transition – in London! This is pretty much impossible, too. And even if it would be possible, the stress it not worth it.

When things go well, it’s fine, obviously. When things go not as planned, then it can get complicated. And this is exactly where all these bad reviews for Kiwi are coming from.

Kiwi is quite confident when it comes to its booking service. They promise you that you will catch your connection.

After all, this is how their algorithm runs.

And if something happens, they are there for you to help you out. During our research I came across some really bad reviews. Some of them were quite harsh. And yes, you guys leave bad reviews for Kiwi here as well. We publish them if your language allows. Therefore, if you want to share your first-hand experience, please do. This helps many more travelers.

So, what was this all about?

Is there a reason to be nervous about Kiwi?

There is always a risk when booking flights with separate companies. If you miss a connection, because of the first delayed flight, well, good luck.

You have to buy a new ticket and the one you missed only serves as a bad souvenir.

Kiwi guarantees that you will catch your next flight(s). They are that confident, they made a whole page about it, promoting it heavily.

They will help you… BUT : they says they need your help! You should make yourself familiar with their service. This way, and only this way, they can help you in case something goes wrong with your flight.

They says, the guarantee protects you from:

If any of these events happen, Kiwi guarantees an alternative flight or to refund the price for the unused ticket. But, again, you have to follow their rules. Their guarantee needs your cooperation.

To quote from their website:

This is really important to remember .

Although these instructions are fairly easy, I understand it might be hard to remember in a situation of stress.

Missing a flight for instance. Nobody likes that. However, keep calm, Kiwi will help you out. Check out their full guarantee here.

That being said, we never had to claim anything in our flights . We never missed a flight we booked with Kiwi. So we never ever had to check if the guarantee will fully take care of you.

And here is thing : There is many many many complaints on the web about Kiwi not following through with their guarantee. While we have zero ways to confirm this, some stories by travelers seem legit, others sound more like it was their own “ fault “. We allow readers to leave comments below.

Update : Travelgenio and travel2be are also travel agents you should not rely on. Read this reddit conversation between customers.

Finding sweet deals with kiwi

Update: Food on flights (vegetarian options etc)

This is where we share our personal bad experience with

This section is important to everyone with special requests for their food. When I booked one of my flight to Germany, I forgot to mention that I am Vegetarian. To be honest, to me it’s normal in a way and I always find vegetarian options.

Well, not so on a plane. And again, it was my own fault for not mentioning this when booking the flight.

I did not notice it until 1 day before departure. I could not change anything at this point which was dissapointing.They told me, I could have said something until 3 days before departure. The problem is that Kiwi is the middle-man and changing for them something also takes time to be processed. Well, again, it was dissapointing.

On the flight, I was served some chicken and I had to give it back. Again, I simply forgot to add this to my booking – my fault. The stewardess brought me some fruits they still had, that was at least something.

Therefore, pay attention and leave a comment with your booking about any special requests like being vegetarian, glutenfree etc.

This helps to stay not hungry. Since I knew this was gonna happen, I ate beforehand at the Airport. Lucky enough, the stewardess helped out with the fruit and I buy always a sandwich or something similar for my flights. That helped….

5. Cons of

As you have already noticed, Kiwi is a good website to do research, but not to book your final flight. I do not claim this is the best freaking website out there and pretend there are now CONS. Without them, this review would not be complete and certainly not honest.

Keep on reading:

5.1 Not all airlines are covered

Same as with the big Skyscanner, the small airlines around South East Asia are not included at the moment. This is not really surprising , considering you can buy some airline tickets in the supermarket!

No, I am not kidding.

I reserved our latest flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo and had to go to the supermarket to pay in cash.

“ Hey there, one coke and one flight to Labuan Bajo, please! ”

I am sure they will add more local airlines over time and as soon as it is technically possible.

However, I check to see if there are other local airlines around.

It is also worth it to know, I also could not find any Emirates flights from Mexico to Europe on Kiwi. I am not sure why this happens, but it is important to remember.

Keep an eye on other options out there to find flights and connections.

Note: does not include all local airlines neither.

5.2 Customer service

Update March 2020 : There are many complaints abut using this website. When it comes to refunds, the website does not seem to be pro-active. This update is not based on our own experience, but on many comments and feedback we receive from Kiwi-users. Please refer to the comments section below to read more first-hand experiences.

Around the web you find many bad and horrible reviews of While the majority are great , the bad ones are a tough read. People lost thousands of dollars due to Kiwi, and they had to rebook other flights.

I took the time to read through the reviews before actually using them the first time. And again before writing this article. I would not trust their customer service, anymore. Simply put, only book with Kiwi safe flights.

If you have a closer look, it seems like there were some errors made from various ends.

Either way, it seems to have changed. Yet again, you have to be familiar with the Kiwi guarantee. This way, kiwi has no excuse and they won’t need it, since they will stick to their promise as many reviews showed as well!

This is a good idea : In case something happens, it’s a good idea to stay calm and not start insulting the customer service agent. I mean, who really wants to help out when they are insulted?

5.3 Slow loading time and Skyscanner always loaded faster than the Kiwi App.

In order to use Kiwi properly, you should be patient and not click around while the app is still pulling its data from the backend. Now, I make it sound like it’s really slow. It actually works ok, it’s just that most websites pull up faster.

First world problem…okay, okay, I know, guilty!!

Update : This improved already!

5.4 Missed Connections Flights Complain

Many of the online complaints about Kiwi seem to be about missed connection flights. To stay absolutely safe, make sure you only book flights with a proper amount of time to change planes.

When there’s immigration and a visa involved, and you only have 45 minutes to change the terminal, that is in no way enough.

Sure, there is always the Kiwi guarantee. But yet again, most people seem to complain about exactly that issue. If you plan to book with, be smart about it and avoid such a situation.

Please do not ignore physics! You cannot change a flight in less than 5 minutes with luggage, immigration and having dinner in-between.

5.5  Booking Issue (our own experience and others)

In this section I want to share an unfortunate experience we had with Kiwi. We booked a flight from Bogotá, Colombia to Cancún, Mexico.

When finalizing the booking, we noticed the booking date changed to exactly 1 week / 7 days before we actually wanted the flight.

Now, we were confident we did not change the date at all. Such a weird experience. So we got in touch with the customer support.

First reaction : It was our fault, they cannot do anything except giving us a 20€ voucher for Kiwi. We insisted more and the next day, we were told they will check with the airline.

They contacted the airline directly. The airline permitted a change of dates for an extra fee of $74. We had to cover this cost and they could change our flight.

Okay, deal, done.

So, here we are. We finally experienced first-hand the customer service. The first agent in Spanish language did not help at all – and offered us a joke in form of $20 compensation of having a wrong flight. The English speaking customer service could help us out after we insisted.

Passport Numbers mixed up

Traveler Victoria left a comment, sharing her experience of her passport number totally mixed up. Here is what she wrote:

“I myself was cheated out of a few hundred dollars – not much by Kiwi dot com standards – when I purchased a ticket, to find the ticket had the wrong passport number on it. A mishmash of my actual passport number . Meaning, my ticket was invalid and I would have been refused travel.”

Our point of view : Obviously we cannot know what happened, we were not involved. However, no one really mixes up the own passport number entirely. Sure, having two numbers the wrong way…yes, that is possible. But, let’s face it, writing the whole passport number wrong and mishmashed, this sounds very unlikely.

Again, we do not have any more information than this comment. But, it sounds like a technical bug on This is only guess-work, really.

To have this review complete, we think it is important to share this too.

6. Our First Flights with Kiwi – 1st hand great experience

So, when did I start using Back in 2016.

I used Kiwi for several flights. So here is my experience to give you a better understanding from my 1st hand experience.

BUT, I did not use them for all our flights I took during the last 4-5 years.

I always check the mentioned four websites and more. I used them for instance to travel from Barcelona to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands .

I scored a 9€ flight thanks to .

Another big win was the flight for 15€ from London to Barcelona .

The latest flight I booked was from South East Asia to Europe. This is where the search radius played an important part.

All I wanted: A good flight from Sri Lanka to Europe . We arrived in Germany and we will take it from there.

I only paid 255.50€ per person. And it was not a low cost airline.

We had meals on board and luggage was sent directly to the destination. There you have it, I used Kiwi for several flights. I have not had any issues so far with luggage, delays or cancelled flights. Fingers crossed! We now had an issue of wrong dates. Read more under cons .

Therefore: Yes, it is okay to book with Kiwi! As long as you book a flight with no issues and you do not want to change flight details .

It is reliable, fair, trustworthy, fast, easy to use and again, the Kiwi guarantee is a big plus!

As a proof that I booked with Kiwi, I uploaded here our booking confirmation. It is in Spanish, you will understand the most important parts nevertheless.

Booking Email with kiwi

7. How to get started?

After using this website now for a while, there are some basic recommendations I want to share. Before I wrap it up, here is our recommendation on setting things up.

1. Sign up – NOW!

It is definitely a good idea to sign up with Kiwi. It is free! Make sure you sign up with your “good email”.

(Meaning, your real email, not the spammy one. C’mon, everybody does that!)

After all, you may receive your flight confirmation here one day.

Signing up also gives you the opportunity to set up the cheap price alert.

This is how the price alert looks like:

2. Get the App

Download the app to your smartphone. Both Android and iOs are available. Sign in with your account.

If you already created a price alert , you will receive this alert on your phone in the form of a pop-up message. I know, I mentioned this earlier. I just think, it’s a killer-feature, don’t miss it.

Download the Kiwi App

Here are three screenshots I took from the app.

kiwi com booking reviews

3. Set Price Alert to your currency ($, €, £ …)

After signing up, this is something I would do instantly. Check your bucket list, talk to your travel buddies.

Where would you like to go next?

Read : 16 favorite winter destinations in Europe .

That is actually the article that made us write this huge review here.

Read : 21 best places to visit in Europe in Summer

Even though you don’t have any fixed plan yet, maybe not even any vacation days, I would set up price alerts to your dream destinations.

You will receive automatic notifications once the price drops or is in your preferred price range.

You can also setup the “ inspiration mode ”.

This means setting the destination to “ anywhere ”, the date to “ anytime ” and choose the maximum price you want to pay.

You will then receive emails with all destinations that are cheaper than your chosen price.

Set up a price alert to find cheap flights alert

4. Become familiar with the Kiwi Guarantee

We already walked you through the Kiwi Guarantee.

And yet again, I mention it. And I cannot believe how many people actually skip this step.

Although I have never had to use it as the flights ran smoothly, it is recommended important to be familiar with the service. In case something goes wrong, it is the only way to find a solution without paying more and starting to hate Kiwi.

Personally , however, I would not rely on this guarantee.

The Kiwi Guarantee

8. New Kiwi Promo Code (*expired)

Update : Unfortunately the discount code below already expired. This promo code for kiwi was valid for purchases between 24th August – 2nd September 2020.

20€ discount for Kiwi (only for our readers)

The coupon code is


The code is valid for tickets over 200€.

How to apply?

That’s it! =)

Condition : The voucher is valid for every booking over 200€ in total price. Please take this into account.

Expired Promo Code

Update : Unfortunately the discount code below already expired. This promo code for kiwi was valid for purchases made before 7th January 2019:

5€ discount for Kiwi (only for our readers)


EXPIRED – it was valid from 07.12.2018 until 07.01.2019

Where to apply the discount at Kiwi?

This is not as obvious. First you have to type in your name, and the insurance you pick. Then you click “Next”, choose your “Extras” like sports luggage and then “Next” again.

Below the Overview, the Invoice Details and BEFORE the payment details you will find a small boxes.

The box says “Redeem Promo Code”.

Here you are. just open this box and you can redeem your kiwi promo code.

Redeem Promo Code at

Is Kiwi OK to book with?

You have an extended explanation in our booking process . We also spoke about the cons of Kiwi .

Can I trust Kiwi blindly?

I would never ever recommend you to trust anyone online blindly. Do not do that! Use your own sense and actually read on what you are about to book. Do not just assume that it covers luggage, for instance.

Is a scam?

No, Kiwi is not a scam. Famous Skyscanner even links to them. It is a legit website. However, getting a refund from is not easy.

A few times it happened to us that users send us over a photo of their credit card, because they wanted to buy our ebook, before it was even launched. Seriously, we are touched for the trust you have in us, but come on: don’t do this, it’s dangerous . Of course we would not do anything, but there is a photo of your credit card in someones email. Not a good idea.

Back to Kiwi, make sure you read through the terms and conditions and make yourself familiar with what you are booking. You cannot book something and then claim you didn’t know about a cancellation fee and so on.

10. Packing for your flight (the hand luggage)

There are a few gadgets that makes flying always easier and more comfortable.

I recommend a travel pillow to sleep better, an eye mask and finally noise cancelling headphones.

Before checking in your luggage, make sure you have all the things you need in your hand luggage. I recommend

Many airlines offer complimentary headphones (that means free!).

But, truth be told, they are not comfortable at all and I ALWAYS end up using my own ones.

That’s less trash for the airline and more comfortable for me.

Good to know : Always check the policies for hand luggage. This is a topic always changing.

Especially when choosing budget airlines like Ryanair, Wizzair or Hong Kong Express, make sure you read carefully! If you bring too much luggage, you will need to pay an extra luggage fee.

Plus : I actually have noise cancelling headphones .

I can’t hear the noise of the plane itself and even if I don’t put music on (or the movie), it’s more comfy to sleep!

Find my full packing list here .

(Here you find my NO-GO packing list )

Buying on Amazon?

You can receive your orders faster when you sign up for the PRIME membership . With this link, you can test the PRIME membership for 30 days for free.

The prime membership also unlocks cool movie deals , see below.

Movies to watch

I like to bring my on movies to watch on a plane. With Amazon you can download the movies and enjoy them on the fly. You can sign up for their PRIME for FREE with this link here .

You can test it for 30 days for free, and then decide if you want to continue.

Watch : 33 BEST Wanderlust and Travel Movies

UPDATE August 2018:

Back in August 2018, I checked flights for getting to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There was a super sweet deal with Qatar from Barcelona . However, I checked the official website, where I also found the great price (with kiwi a bit cheaper).

When I read through the details, it stated: You can only bring a small hand-luggage, nothing else.

This is why I mentioned in this article that it’s important to compare more websites.

Kiwi would have been my choice for the booking since it’s cheaper. Yet, the airline itself was not convincing me, although it is the fantastic Qatar. In this case, it was a special offer, missing a few services like luggage and such.

Do not jump on every flight offer you find in the internet, read before you take out your credit card!

11. Summary Kiwi com review is the ultimate flight hacking tool. Yes, we do love it and use it.

For the first time ever, I got the feeling that this app was seriously built for the traveler instead of for selling flights in a smart, aesthetically pleasing way. It is THE flight hack we have all been waiting for.

A time saver, a fun way to explore new destinations and a safe way to get your confirmed ticket to your inbox. I also recommend to read our guide on Skyscanner and how to use it. Combine Skyscanner with and you will have a good time hunting flights deals.

pint it for later

Cheap Flights anywhere in the world

Last important details:

I was not paid to write and share this article! As always, Hostelgeeks aims to help our community to find smarter ways to book, stay at better hostels and travel safely.

This is a full review and insight into our flight research process! After using, we teamed up with them. Please use this link for your flight bookings.

Hostelgeeks will receive a small commission on these bookings at NO EXTRA COST for you. As every experienced traveler knows, these kind of websites change very frequently.

We are no longer partners of

We try to keep this article up to date. I wrote this article to the best of our knowledge. If you have any input, please leave us a comment below.

Once you have your cheap flight, complete your trip with a budget-friendly stylish accommodation, a stunning 5 Star hostel. You can check all 5 Star Hostels here .

Over to you: any questions?

I would love to have this article as useful as possible. Therefore, please leave your comments, doubts, questions below.

Every single question helps me to write more details and I see what I must have missed in this review.

Therefore, do not be shy.

Update : Please please please read the article before leaving a comment!

Update: Official Statement by Kiwi

We at Hostelgeeks received positive but also negative comments about this service. Since we care deeply about our readers and community, we reached out to Kiwi team, to get an official statement on that negative feedback some unsatisfied customers left here.

Statement by Kiwi

Hey guys! Thanks for the review. We want to bring the best service to our customers by offering affordable travel to everyone.  We are sorry for anyone´s bad experience and will do our best to resolve any issue with our Customer Support team. Please contact [email protected]

Statement by Hostelgeeks

We only showcase great tools that help you to plan your trip better and in the best case, even let’s you save quite a lot of money. Kiwi com does exactly this and it is a service we and all our team uses on a regular basis. This review states our honest opinion and helps you to find better flight deals, and it is a step-by-step guide.

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NEVER USE KIWI.COM: The most horrible travel experience in 30 years traveling. A couple of weeks back we booked our first retour flights with for direct flights from Brussels to Narvik for a holiday in the Lofoten (Norway). The evening before our departure we got a simple e-mail from kiwi that they made a mistake and can not get us on the flights but propose an alternative route with 2 connections taking more then 23 hours and a return 2 days after the initial return (Monday instead of Saturday): “Take it or leave it”. Calling them was like talking with robots repeating the same sentences that nothing could be done. We had to cancel our whole trip with costs for rental car, house rental and some of the activities. Obviously couldn’t help us there either. This is the first time this happened to me in 30 years traveling and while doing around 50 flights per year (business + pleasure) this is the first time I have been treated this way. So based on this I can only advice everybody to not use ever. is a scam. Don’t book with or you will end up like me loosing all my money and stranded on an international airport. I booked a connecting flight and paid for their premium replacement guarantee services for them to provide a alternate flight as there was a family medical emergency and I did not want to take any chances and was willing to pay extra. The first flight got cancelled and they never informed me. Upon calling them they told that the airline did not inform them. I went to the airport anyway. And called them to provide the alternate connecting flight as the first flight was delayed and we will not reach the transit airport in time. They made me wait on the call for over 30 minutes while I was at the airport. They said “You have to reach the transit airport and call us back before we can give you another option”. They were asking me to go to a transit airport(which requires visa) without knowing if I can get a connecting flight or not. When I called them, they hung up on me and did not even call back. I called them back and demanded a full refund. They said they cannot refund as per their process and I will have to voluntarily request for cancellation. The staff named “Mike”, not sure if this was his original name was rude and took advantage of my situation. I asked them to pass the call to their superior and they made me wait for 10 minutes with the same person “Mike” with the same argument. I ended up booking a direct flight from a different agent. I applied for cancellation and they they not return anything. Horrible experience. Total scam.

I made a mistaken purchase through Kiwi in October (I put the departure and arrival cities in the wrong order). Kiwi told me to re-submit the purchase for the correct itinerary and they would reimburse my mistake.

That was a lie.

When my bank tried to enter a dispute process with Kiwi, Kiwi refused to proceed, and the bank closed the dispute.

Kiwi now tells me they cannot reimburse me, because they remain in that dispute negotiation with my bank.

My bank informs me that is untrue.

Today Kiwi invite ME to send THEM money — to someone in Kenya — so that they can them reimburse me for the flight purchase.

That invitation came from’s twitter account. I called Kiwi to inform them that the twitter account appears to be running a scam. Their representative told me they do not have a twitter account … but then instructed me to send money to the same individual, in Kenya, in order for me to receive the reimbursement … while they read to me from the exchange I’d had with their representative on their twitter account … which they had just told me does not exist.

Utterly outrageous.

Never again. I booked flights to Australia in May, costing £3378.37. I cancelled them within 10 hours, as the flight times were not suitable. I tried to contact them via live chat and was told, it was being processed by the accounts department. I paid with PayPal. I could see on my PayPal account the amount had been refunded. After no response from kiwi I rang PayPal who advised, due to me cancelling the flights myself, they couldn’t issue a refund. At this point, 7 moths of anguish is being to take its toll on me Looking at their trust pilots reviews . … I only wish I had done my searches before using them !!! I put this comment on the kiwi Facebook page. An agent advised myself to contact their customer services.

I contacted customer service as Michael advised. I have still had no response. This making me so stressed. It’s a huge amount of money and it is taking over my life. No one should have to beg for what is theirs!!!! I truly don’t know what to do next?

Kiwi failed me on multiple occasions on a recent trip to Cancun. First, they did not inform me of the check-in window (72-24 hours prior to departure). They then sent me a message to check-in at the airport. When my family and I arrived, we learned that our seats had been given away. I rebooked with the airline for the next day cutting our vacation short and making me rebook my car and hotel in Cancun. The worst part is that I informed Kiwi multiple times about their failures. Each time I respond, a new person takes the complaint and claims I have not given them the right information or checked the correct boxes on their forms. I’ve tried them all and they are still giving me the run-around. I do not recommend going with Kiwi. Book directly with the airline, or follow other recommendations above, and cut out the middleman.

Thanks for your feedback, Kevin!

Kiwi scammed me also. I paid for check-in baggage and when I checked in, British Airways told me nothing was indicated in their system that I had paid for it because the travel agency (Kiwi) didn’t update the booking correctly.

I had to pay for check-in baggage twice, first with Kiwi and then again with British Airways. Kiwi has refused to refund me. Don’t trust these scam artists!

Thanks for your feedback, Adam!

I had a terrible experience with Kiwi. They informed they couldn’t book my flight when there was less than 24 h to the flight, didn’t offer me another flight option. Now I don’t have a flight ticket and I have to travel today. What a nightmare.

Refused to get me to my destination unless i paid another 500EUR because my flight was delayed Booked a flight with them in a single package using two carriers. The first flight was delayed by two hours so missed the connection. told me to take the fight anyway so I was stranded in a third city in another country. Then’s only solution was to make me buy another ticket at a higher price than the original ticket [in the range 450-650 euros]. The airline returned me to my home city so I could book a much cheaper flight, but then said that this invalidated my return ticket too. I am at home having now had to spend over three times what I paid, and are so far refusing to refund me even though they did not get me to the destination I paid for at the agreed price. I am also out of pocket for accomodation and a tour I booked.

DON’T RISK USING BOOKING.COM. Fraudulent company! is consumer antagonistic to the barest legal edge of fraudulence and I sincerely hope you reconsider your partnership with them.

I have a flight delayed due to weather, the airline wanted to reschedule my flight for the next day at no cost. kiwi blocked them from doing so presumably in the hopes of squeezing extra undeserved cash from me for doing literally nothing. Disgusting behaviour.

Lack of any respect for the customer, really bad services I bought 8 flights at a time, 4 flights one way going to Bali, 4 flights return home; I payed also an insurance and a tax for getting special help from Kiwi if I need it; after the first flight, I already had a situation because of it I could not catch the other 3 flights; I tried to ask for any kind of solution – changing flights, cancelling flights, anything and all I got as an answer was “it is your fault, nothing can ne done”; everybody knows there are a lot of solution, you can change flights, cancel, get refunds and so on. They even told me it is my job to talk with every airline involved… When I asked to talk with a supervisor…after waiting for another 5 minutes, sudenly, the call ended… Please don’t make the same mistake I did, choose any other option of booking your planes. Date of experience: December 22, 2022

For a long-haul flight from Saudi Arabia to Japan, I paid $1,500 for a return flight. On the final leg of my flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Fukuoka, Japan, I discovered my ticket did not include a check-in allowance with Thai Viet Jet. I was charged $39 for 7kg by the airline.

Upon contacting about the issue they put the responsibility solely upon me because I did not request check-in baggage allowance.

Since when does the passenger/customer not receive a minimum check-in allowance for a long-haul flight?

Avoid at all costs.

I detest Kiwi. I booked my flights for a wedding. Less than 24 hours after booking, my flights were changed. Since the flights were changed by less than 24 hours (even though they would now cause me to miss the entire wedding), Kiwi would do nothing to help.

I was supposed to fly in on Friday morning and fly out on Saturday night. Now I’m supposed to fly out on Friday night?! The entire point of the trip is to attend this wedding.

The only “solution” Kiwi offered me was purchasing another flight, however the “other flight” I can purchase is almost identical to the flight that was changed- it leaves 3 minutes after my original flight. This is appalling and Kiwi refuses to help.

Booking #273 299 510 Only use as a search engine and go directly to the airline website. The “Kiwi guarantee” is an added fee and I bought it and it did absolutely nothing to help me. If your airline changed your flight the airline won’t help you because you booked it through, and won’t help you or change your flight at all. They claim if you buy the “kiwi guarantee” that you will be protected but it does nothing to help. 5 of my friend and myself all had to book completely new flights and used the airline’s website and not kiwi because considers a change to a completely different day a “minor change” if it’s under 24 hours. We were stranded with no where to stay and if we had originally booked on the airline website we would have been not only given options to change but also a hotel credit for overnight. just absolutely does not care about you as a customer.

Thanks a lot for sharing, Amy!!

Do not use this KIWI SCAM ! These are rude scammers using tricks ! They book me twice and charged me twice for the same name and flight and they do not have any customer service you can call to correct or ask for corrections! (review reduced due to inappropriate wording)

The exact same thing happened to me. I bought insured tickets and they decided to cancel all my flights because of a problem with one of the connecting flights. Out of about 400 euros, they returned 30… Scamers!

We have had the exact same experience. CRIMINAL

I have to agree with years of complaints here. my wife bought a ticket with insurance and cancelled prior to it being booked; they gave her only a $10 refund. look in BBB to see they are rated ‘f’ and they list complaints of them pocketing the refund from the airlines instead. I can’t understand why there is yet no class action suit!

First review that I really had the need to write in my life so far. DON’T BOOK TICKETS WITH KIWI – WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH A COMPANY Let me share this ongoing, terrible experience with Kiwi, a company in which you don’t want to spent not even 1 dollar for sure: 1. I’ve made a reservation (I thought I did, at least) via Kiwi, in a total of 2.363,69€ 2. Day before the flight, received an email from Kiwi saying that it was impossible to do the check in online. Therefore, I should do so in the airport 3. Arrived at the airport and the airline company was not able to find any detail about my reservation: employees from the airline tried everything (kiwi reservation number, names), but it was useless – I didn’t have a set in that airplane 4. Contacted Kiwi customer service right away. After explaining the issue, waited 20 minutes for a new call to try to solve the situation 5. Kiwi customer support talked with someone from the airline company. In the end, the employee from the airline company told me that the ticket reservation had been suspended 6. From Kiwi, until this day, I’m still waiting for a justification on what happened 7. Worse than waiting for the justification, is waiting for the refund (that I obviously have the right to receive): I’ve explained the issue in point number 4; in multiple interactions in Kiwi chat; via email with Kiwi claims’ team and THEY NEVER KNOW what’s the issue (tremendous LACK OF COORDINATION), systematically asking me for e.g. proof of check in fees (EXPLAINED SO MANY TIMES I WAS NOT ABLE TO CHECK IN)

I am living the same nightmare as you right now. Going to my moms 90 and Kiwi booked me on a connecting flight to Jamaica that did not exist. No one was even at airline counter for the whole day to even help Because there was never even a flight scheduled to leave for Miami airport to Kingston. Spoke to 12 people at Kiwi and it was the same script each time about team working on it and they would call me back and then the phone hung up. So mind you I was traveling with two young children and stuck at airport from 10am until we left the airport to stay at a hotel that I had to pay for and then had to buy 4 tickets with American to to make it to Kingston. The crazy thing is Kiwi’s website is showing the the flight never existed actually made it to Kingston. (review reduced due to inappropriate wording)

There is an FB page called “I got screwed by Kiwi” with about 400+ members. That says how many people it has been screwing around. I have been waiting for my kiwi refund for 6+ months and when contacted they are rude to say they wont show any proof that they have applied for refund with the airline company. So, beware before booking with Kiwi. Goodluck

Kiwi has some serious operational problems. See my review from 12.06.2022. However, Matt from Hostelgeeks escalated this situation within Kiwi, and Luis from Kiwi customer service was able to issue a refund. I sincerely appreciate it, Matt and Luis!

Very glad your refund has been resolved by Kiwi! Happy I was able to put some of our users in a direct contact here and their refund/booking issue has been resolved.

Safe travels, Matt

I recently took my first trip with I booked a trip with one checked bag throughout. At the counter for the first flight, they informed me that no bag was included with the ticket, so I paid and submitted the receipt to While waiting for the flight, I was told that the claim would be processed, and I’d have my refund soon. They then declined the refund, claiming that a bag was included with the flight.

I’ve since spoken with the airline to confirm that the bag was not included on the flight, and discussed this many times with’s support. They repeatedly put me on hold and otherwise give me the run-around, before telling me it’s with the group that investigates these things (who you can’t speak with), and that they’ll call me back soon.

They then decline the claim through their in-app messaging service and I have to call back in to repeat the cycle.

Their website had a “glitch” and I was charged for 2 “non-refundable” tickets for myself on the same flight! Despite their obvious error, I was only offered a $9 refund, which I never got. When I reported the scam to my credit card company, Capital One, they too refused to withhold payment to Kiwi.

I had a very negative experience with Kiwi, but from reading other people’s reviews it seems I got off lightly. In my experience, they’re a nasty, unhelpful company who want to take your money and screw you over. My flight was cancelled, so they put me on one that was 12 hours earlier, which ruined my holiday plans. If you take someone’s money for a service, you either provide that service or give the money back. They were unable to provide the flight I paid them for and they refused to give my money back. They also refused to change my flight. If you’re considering booking a trip through them, be warned, they make their policies so they can mess you around to their advantage. They will change your flight and if the change is less than 24 hours, they consider it “minor”. With “minor” changes they won’t adhere to any requests to change and if you want to cancel the flight they won’t refund you because they have the audacity to call it a “voluntary” cancellation. My advice is don’t book with them. Most businesses aim to make a profit, but they do so by providing something positive to their customers. Kiwi do it by screwing their customers and not providing the service you pay them for and not giving a refund. Have a nice day

A company definitely NOT RECOMMENDED My son booked trip to Bangkok from Manchester left yesterday afternoon his flight was delayed one and a half hours hence missing his connection in Budapest. He is still there after 17 hours !! Being offered 4 replacement flights from Kiwi he accepted these only each time when queuing for boarding to be told the flight was full and his name was not on the passenger list! His next alternative was offered the 1.20pm (following day) but no guarantee this would have availability. This could go on for days!!! He has been offered a choice of “Assisted refund” to try to recoup money from the airlines in question, but no guarantee. Or, told could buy another ticket and send them the receipt – this option sounds too good to be true. But he has no option, of being STRANDED in a foreign country. My advice is being very wary this company is dodgy to say the least, how can they provide an alternative with no availability surely this is fraud!

Kiwi is the worst company ever. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I wish I could give it 0 stars. I was not notified of my flight cancellation and when I requested a refund, they REFUSED to refund it. Not only that, customer service is vague and plays completely dumn, gaslighting facts and trying to exhaust you until you give up talking to walls. It definitely looks like every employee goes through training to be the most ineffective and idle possible.

I was so disappointed. I went through the long process of selecting and filling in, waited for a confirmation email (expecting the booking to be done within minutes, as it always has when I’ve booked online- not via and instead got told my booking was “in progress” and “could take up to 24 hours”. By 12 hours I was panicking- knowing if they hadn’t booked it yet, I might lose it- and what about my money?! By 24 I was talking to their Chatbot, which made me feel no better as “he” almost immediately offered refund options. I told “him” I wanted flights not a refund and a human update on why it was taking so long. He said to “wait for an email”. 36 hours after I “booked” I got an sms and email that they’d not been able to book and the tickets had sold out. I was offered Kiwi Credit or a refund to my card (which could take up to 10 days, meaning I probably won’t be able to afford the increased fares to book again for the dates I needed). I chose that method anyway, having lost all faith in Kiwi’s ability to do the job they claim to be good for- booking flights. So disappointing.

UPDATE – Full refund received today along with a clear and polite explanation and apology for the failure from The personal contact was facilitated by Matt (thanks!), otherwise, I was getting nothing but “Bot” talk and unreplied-to emails. I’ll be honest in that I’ve lost a bit of confidence in booking through online agents, as there’s no guarantee this won’t happen again, but I do also see how it can happen with any agent and one experience doesn’t mean it would happen again with

That seems to be a common experience, you can get a bot to offer you a refund of 1% of your purchase price or ask you to pay more money to process your refund application.

It’s great that Matt was able to get you the refund that you are entitled to, but I doubt he can do anything about the thousands of others who are in the same situation.

You are right, Ben. I wish I could, but it is certainly not my job to follow up with Kiwi’s guarantee. Either way, the comment section is open for travelers leaving their first-hand reviews.

I recently booked a ticket from stockholm to cologne on a eurowings flight. They never sent me the eurowings confirmation, and the kiwi online check-in failed, so I had to wait in-line to check-in, hoping I did in fact have a real ticket. I did, it worked, but I won’t ever use them again.

I think if you are a backpacker who is really money conscious and who is not going to cancel or miss their flights or make multi-flight trips, it might be a good option. But for most everyday people, kiwi is really stressful and by the sounds of it a down right disaster if anything goes wrong.

Maybe kiwi is a good way to find a flight that you book directly with the airline.

Well put, Britta! Glad your case did not end in trouble! We are also very conscious when using them again. All these comments here make me happy that I never had issues with my flights, but at the time make me consider my upcoming reservations.

** This comment by Ben O’Regan is not being published as it includes insults, threats and assault ** is a scam website do not book with it even if they offer better prices than carriers up front. They canceled my bags for one leg of the trip and only refunded me 15% of the amount I payed, as opposed to 50%. Even though the trip that was canceled had higher costs for bags had I booked elsewhere, which means I should have been refunded more than 50%.

Never again kiwi. It is a SCAM. They not informed me that info on India e-visa website is outdated. They could monitor this, at least using other customers. They did not provided human chat with support. I did not wanted refund. Only person that can explain what to do. If kiwi has your money, they treat you without respect. One of worst, unresponsive company, I have ever seen.

Kiwi is not an immigration agency. They clearly say on the website that it is the passenger’s responsibility to check for travel documents requirements and also provide a link for sherpa website. I’m seriously baffled by people who buy tickets without properly checking if they need a visa or not for the country where they’re flying…

I booked a flight with KIWI. Two weeks later I get a message that the flight had changed and I need to take action. I go online, ticket exchange is available if I travel there 24h later and return 12h later. I begrudgingly accepted this exchange and had to rebook hotels and change my whole itinerary, luckily the new flight still worked with my other flights. Then two more weeks pass and guess what? I get another message, now my ticket is canceled and there is no alternative flights Kiwi can offer. You would think a refund is automatic at this point. But you would be wrong. You can apply for refund and the message says:

Refund amount: as much as possible, but refunds depend on the carrier’s policies. Estimated refund time: approximately 3 months, depends on the carrier(s)

Now you are furious and you think I’ll just talk to the customer service, they will surely understand how ridiculous the situation is and correct it by issuing a full refund immediately. Well you are out of luck there because you can not call customer service unless your (canceled) flight is 14days or less away. Ok but you say there must be a way to contact the company. There is one other way, it’s an online message desk where Kiwi replies as soon as they can. It’s been two days and they haven’t replied to a single message I sent.

So to review. Kiwi sold me a ticket, then they canceled my flight, they offered no alternative flights, I am not getting any service from them any more, and it is their choice not to provide the service I paid for. What happens with the money I paid to Kiwi? They think they are entitled to keep it? Class action lawsuit anyone?

I had very nearly the same experience with Kiwi on a flight from CLE to London. They insist you follow their rules, but never work to get your refund. It’s been several months. I’m in favor of a class action.

I lost $700 on Kiwi. They are shamefully dishonest by providing misinformation on their website (regarding cancellations and rebooking of standard fare tickets), through the incompetence of their staff (making changes in a timely manner), and by being unresponsive to requests (I called back three times, each time, no action). I have lost $700 although I booked a standard fare ticket, with the opportunity to change it. When I tried to change the ticket, the website wouldn’t accept it, so I called, and a very nice representative said they would handle it manually. I would get a notice of the change on their website and I could approve it, within a four-hour window. I never received this notice, so I called back again. They said they were working on it and I would see it when it came through. I still never saw it. If they sent it, which they swear they did, then maybe they sent it the middle of night. Do they really expect their clients to stay up all night waiting for a message that might through from their system? In the morning, there was no message about my change request, rather a new message that the airline had canceled one of the legs for some other reason. Now the 48-hour advance notice window is over and there is no opportunity to change the ticket! I believe this is deliberate behavior on their part to deceive and confuse their clients from which they shamefully profit. I will never book with them again.

Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience, Karen!! Sorry you have this issue. Hope it’ll be resolved.

I lost $2000 on kiwi, for a cancelled flight by the carrier with no refund. Their customer service would not pick up the phone either. is a fraud company, i booked 2 years back with, they cancelled my flight and till now no communication from their side. whenever is messaged them they said they are overloaded. and same happens again and again. stay away from and save your money.

Kiwi is the worst booking service ever…AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They “accidentally” cancelled my booked flight so I had to pay 3x the cost of the original flight at the gate. The customer service agent promised me a refund of double what I paid at the gate. I submitted a refund request with accurate receipts and Kiwi is offering a $68 refund when I paid over $150 at the gate. They still haven’t given me any refund and they haven’t followed up on the original promise of a $300 refund. They ruined my trip, caused me an incredible amount of stress, screwed me out of a lot of money (for me), and have only offered absolutely atrocious customer service. Seriously….NEVER USE THIS COMPANY

Thanks for sharing, Waverly.

Kiwi is the worst booking service ever. I lost my money in an hour by changing my flight date; there is no refund even if I got insurance bought from the same website. I advise anyone to avoid this company and look for other trusted companies online. This a frud company

This company is a scam – no other word for it. I booked a flight with them on 7th September 2021 from Vienna to Alicante via Palma Majorca, and paid them £144.55. On 19th February they notified me that the flights had been cancelled, and I paid an extra 45.15 euro for a direct flight. On 5th March they told me that this flight had been cancelled and asked me to pay another 95.23 Euro for the flight that would now be as the original one, via Palma Majorca.

Instead, I booked the flights direct with the airline at a total cost of about £81.

Kiwi is a huge scam and a fraud website. They have misleading information and incorrect information which would result in you losing out on your hard-earned money. Book directly with the Airlines and pay a couple of extra bucks rather than losing EUR 400 like me. They are fraudsters and scammers. Avoid at all costs. It’s the worst service out there.

Complain about them here:

Even here they have a 1/5 rating. That should be enough. Trustpilot rated them 1/5.

Not everyone is dumb. Ban this company.

Booking #166 146 310 this company is a joke! I’ve purchased 2 flight tickets in September and unfortunately the flight got cancelled several days after the purchase. I’ve reached KIWI for refund and they informed me that they are waiting for the carrier to refund them. I’ve contacted carrier and learned that the money was transferred immediately back to KIWI in September. I’ve requested refund (cash) and since 13 October 2021 I haven’t received anything…I’ve contacted them several times, same bulls*it over again that there is high volume of requests etc…they have my money more than 6 months on their account without any solid response about the expected date to send me my money back….so fed up with this scam company- don’t book with them, save yourself a lot of energy…

So sorry to hear that, Maria.

It is mind-blowing to see that there are even issues with cancelled flights…

Hope you will find a solution! Matt

Thank you for post Useful Piece of Information. Keep Sharing More like this stuff.


2 years ago, my wife and I were planning a trip to Australia. We booked our flight before the pandemic and as the world shut down in March, we were not able to go. We booked our tickets through 2 websites… for the way there and Gotogate for the return.

A few months after the shut down, I contacted both websites to get my refunds. Gotogate processed a full refund in July 2020. However it’s now been 2 years and I will haven’t got anything from yet.

I followed up regularly, and I have been told that Hawaiian Airlines rejected the refund request, and that they haven’t heard back from Delta Airlines.

I eventually filed a complaint on the Department of Transporting website to sort this out as I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own.

The DOT contacted the airlines, and they both got back to me directly.

I found out Delta refunded in November 2020, and Hawaiian Airlines refunded them in February 2021. fed me lies for 2 years when they had MY MONEY on their account.

After complaining to them, they are offering me a partial refund as a credit of their website. What a joke, how can they expect me to use their horrible service ever again.

I have screenshots of all the messages… I will share only a couple here to show I’m telling the truth.


Thanks a lot for sharing this, Jeremie!!!

Little update. I eventually got a full refund from Kiwi. It took a while, despite sending them the proof they were still saying no… I told them I would expose them and sue them… and one day the refund appeared on my bank account (without any communication).

So don’t give up guys. But for sure I will never use this service again.

My flight was canceled and Kiwi refuse to refund the flight. How is that even possible? There can be no discussion if a flight was canceled that the money should be returned.

Hey Maarten,

100% agree. This is odd. Please check the comment above by Jeremie, maybe this helps?

Not odd, very common.

you are no longer welcome at this site. Your threatening and insulting comments will no longer be published.

You did not even read this guide before you used that website. You still have not read it, obviously. Furthermore, you are insulting other travelers, even threatening. Your behavior is unacceptable.

As soon as payment has been made, the customer is no longer relevant

My problem with ‘’ started at the beginning of the Corona crisis when flight bans were imposed worldwide.

While other airlines and travel companies have been refunding airline tickets, ‘’ has decided to take a different approach. Despite almost two years of dispute and more than 40 messages to the support, the company has not yet reimbursed any costs. ‘’ even goes as far as trying to make even more profit from the Corona crisis.

My personal experience with the online travel portal ‘’:

I booked a flight from Munich to Denver through ‘’. When Corona took off in Europe and most countries closed their borders, it was clear that this flight would not take place. The flights were still active at the time, but ‘’ contacted me and told me that action was needed.

The website offered me 3 options: 1. Cancellation: Since I didn’t book any of the additional packages, I would only have been offered 10% of the ticket price as a refund. 2. Rebooking: Without an additional package, you would have to pay for both the old flight and the new flight tickets. 3: Apply for a refund: Actually the only reasonable option. However, the support advised against it and stated that they did not want to assume any responsibility or liability.

I have informed myself about the legal protection of the Chamber of Labour. They recommended me to apply for a refund after the airlines canceled.

After ignoring’s recommendations, both airlines also refunded.

Unfortunately, 105 euros are outstanding. At first I assumed that one of the airlines didn’t refund in full. ‘’ has already marked the refund request as ‘closed’ and has not commented on it.

Only after contacting ‘’ several times did the support concede that both airlines have paid back in full and that the difference of 105 euros is due to the ‘service fee’ that ‘’ adds to the tickets. I would like to point out that this ‘service fee’ corresponds to approx. ⅓ of the actual ticket price!

When I asked if I could get a refund, ‘’ declined. So I turned to legal protection again. They assured me that according to Austrian law Art 5 and 8 of the Passenger Rights Regulation (EG) 261/2004 applies and I am entitled to a full refund. However, the legal department added that it is a foreign company and a process is complicated and not worthwhile.

Since I am entitled to the money, I did not want to give up and sent a few messages to the support and pointed out Art 5 & 8 and explained in detail why I am entitled to the refund.

To date I have not received a cent refund from ‘’ however after 8 more messages to support I was offered a voucher. I wasn’t very happy with it but I knew there was nothing more to get. When I accepted it, however, it became clear that ‘’ had never thought about how I should get this voucher issued, even though several support staff had promised me it. According to support, my case is now being checked with ‘priority’, but the contact hasn’t contacted me for over a week.

Closing word:

Anyone who thinks they can save money by booking through ‘’ should be warned. If there are problems, you have to expect to be left with all your costs.

Had I listened to I would have been reimbursed 1/10th of my cost today and even after almost 2 years of extreme persistence and disputes with I was not offered a satisfactory option.

I consider to be an inept, miserable and incompetent provider and can only advise everyone against booking through this provider.

Thanks a lot for this detailed report on your experience, Harald. Super important and useful for all readers out there!

I consider myself lucky that I personally never had to go through the refund-process with them. This might be a reason why I like Kiwi, simply because I only saw the good side.

Thanks for sharing and safe travels, Matt

It would be karmic justice if you did get scammed by Kiwi after you’ve posted so many glowing endorsements.

If you book with Kiwi and the flight is cancelled (as so many were during the pandemic) you will lose your money. In addition Kiwi will contact you and ask for more money to process your refund. If you pay the processing fee, you will get scammed twice.

It is interesting how you define justice: You have this terrible experience with Kiwi and I give you here the opportunity to share your experience. I used the website, too. I had a minor bad experience and got it solved. Now you come here and throw your frustration and insults around.

Other than you, I wish you all the best with your travels. You are welcome at Hostelgeeks as long as you keep your manners. If this is not possible, there are plenty of other sites to use.

I had terrible experiences. I booked a flight, and the night before I get a message that they cannot provide the ticket. I called and they said they can refund but it would take 10 days. (the ticket was very expensive and did not trusted them. They said I could get a KIWI credit refund and try again. I did, it did not work and when I asked for the money they said they don t refund KIWI credits in money.


Stay away from them! They weren’t able to add the seat I ordered to my flight. They promised a refund, but it has never been sent. They deleted their email address after some communication. After four months still nothing has happened. Their helpdesk doesn’t answer. It seems they just have stolen my money. Legal action will be taken.

totally agree, DO NOT USE KIWI. They don t refund and the helpdesk is just some automatic answers that have nothing to do with your request. Once the 14 days past and you keep trying to contact them, they tell you that the legal period past.

Mate, kiwi is an absolute trash booking agency. You should not support their service and should do a little more research before posting this article. So many unhappy customers, your support just brings your legitimacy down.

They left me stranded in India during the heat of the pandemic. Their terrible service resulted in one of the most stressful weeks of my life and weeks after of trying to get my money back for the ticket they didn’t even purchase from the airline.

Such a trash service — stay away. And Matt, do so more research and consider taking this down man. The quantity of horror stories from Kiwi bring trash is overwhelming. I think it time for Kiwi to be accountable for their actions.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sharing experience!

Yeah, I am aware of this problem and this is why I keep this comment section open for all of you. This way, you can share your first-hand experiences! I do my best to have this post up to date, and everything in this article is genuine. I used them and it was good. Furthermore, I also had an incident with them, and I share it.

So with my review and your reviews here in the comment section, we are giving fellow travelers a good overview of, I would argue. Unfortunately, many travelers use them without reading this article first. Again, I would argue it helps to read this article to avoid pitfalls, e.g. I do not recommend using them for transit-flights.

Safe travels, MAtt

You need to stop defending this company. They have caused a lot of people considerable financial loss. They continue to sell flights that don’t exist and refuse to issue refunds when flights are cancelled.

“The 1 Million Dollar Question: Is a scam?

Answer: No, Kiwi is not a scam; that’s just too much to state. “

As always, I appreciate your comment. You can always quote me and I will stand by it. Here is the full quote:

The 1 Million Dollar Question: Is a scam?

Answer: No, Kiwi is not a scam; that’s just too much to state. They do have a lot of happy customers. Even Skyscanner links you to Kiwi. However, it is not a very reliable website with a perfect customer service. So, if there is a problem with your booking/ flight, it’s not good. If your flight has no issues, you will love Kiwi.

When you read this entire quote, it will give you a better understanding.

WARNING: KIWI.COM have a new scam. The price they charge your credit card is not the price they quote on the website. I made a booking for a flight valued at $407. When I submitted my credit card details a window popped up to say the price had increased to $897.66 and would I still like to proceed. I DECLINED THE OPTION, BUT KIWI.COM STILL TOOK THE PAYMENT OF $897.66 They have refused any refund. The price of the flight is still showing on their website as $407. They refuse to call me back or answer my questions. Don’t take the chance.

Thanks for sharing, Jason!

Hello, I have booked a continuous flight from Chennai to Bahrain to Dubai Air Gulf airline through KIWI website they took 24H to confirm the ticket by sending me two tickets (separate reservation No.) in one PDF of the same root Chennai to Bahrain in one ticket and Bahrain to Dubai in another ticket with different reservation No. At the airport, refused to check in my flight because I do not have a Bahrain visa because it’s a separate flight, not a continuous flight. I got in touch with air gulf customer service, and they said there is no root as kiwi booked, and they made it separate. Finally, this mistake by KIWI cost me the whole flight cost, and they deny the mistake, kept manipulating, fobbing, and didn’t refund or compensate for this ticket. Bad experience!

**** is a 3rd grade company SCAMMING consumers DAILY *** Sold me an impossible itinerary for USD 3500** Booking number 1805223XX** Booking Date Nov. 9 2021 (PT Time) ** Date of Travel Dec. 13th ** SFO to DEL and return DEL to SFO.

I booked an international trip from SFO to DEL and return with my son on Nov. 10th. We were sold a connection through TOKYO on the return that will involve change of airport from HND to NRT via All Nippon Airways (ANA). I happily bought the ticket on Nov. 9th but when I am trying to check in ANA is saying that they will not let us board in because JAPAN has a requirement for “14 day quarantine” for long time. Please note, this did not happen due to OMICRON variant.. It was the situation even before that, but continues to sell this impossible itinerary.

The customer service is a horrible team which will offer me 10 Euros for the fraud they are committing by canceling it. I am reporting this to KAYAK, CITI and US Department of Transportation now. This must be stopped ASAP.

My humble request to people looking at for international travel. Please stay AWAY from this FRAUD. You never know where in the world you may be stranded, and you will be helpless in a foreign land.

I ended up booking with kiwi, skyscanner sent me over and I didn’t give it much thought. I paid with my credit card for my direct flight NYC > LA. Now I’m a bit nervous and I hope I’ll make it home for Christmas. Should be ok, right?

Hi Olga, did you make your flight okay? I’m in the same boat.

THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! Skyscanner forwarded me to Kiwi and I saw Kiwi can be a bit messy. Found your article here and avoided the transit with them as you recommended; had to book two separate flights though as the kwiiguarantee made me nervous. It works! Now I am in NYC with my bf 😉

Thank you so much, this is encouraging. Found a deal on their site and was nervous. It is a direct flight, so not lay-overs as you mentioned here. Fingers crossed

Awesome, Dani! Please keep us in the loop!

Safe travels

Let’s be straightforward here. KIWI.COM SUCKS. I am currently in Milan airport at 8 pm, instead of being in Sardinia at 1pm. They suck big time, and that includes all the travel agents I spoke to. They sent me wrong flight details and was put to shame by check in personnel because my flight doesn’t exist. Happened twice today. This company su** at everything.

Did you get a refund? I’m guessing you didn’t.

Really helpful article! You really have a great stuff on Kiwi!

Kiwi is fantastic and they sorted out my accommodation and changed my connection flight after a delay to get to Athens! I’m, well was, horrified by those terrible reviews. Wondering if it’s just bad for refunds but reliable for their kiwi guarantee? Either way, I had a good experience. Just wanted to share this.

Did you use Guarantee and is it worth buying it?

Interesting!! It seems that now you have to purchase the Kiwi guarantee extra. Before, this guarantee was automatically included.

I really do not understand those bad reviews about Kiwi. I traveled so many times with kiwi and never had an issue. Was I just lucky? Again, I don’t get it. I’ll use them either way…

Terrible experience, scam artists Terrible! The worse experience I ever had, together with skyscanner. They should call them skyscammer!. Booked a trip to Montengro consisting in 3 different flights. I couldn’t check in online, not allowed, the luggage policies on their website are wrong. Ther e-ticket they provide you doesn’t inform you which tarif you have, so no way to find out until you check in at the counters. Call them few times to find out, there had no idea or they couldn’t explain. Terrible experience, end up costing me almost twice the amount advertised. I won’t recommend and I will never never use it again.

If your flight is cancelled, you will lose your money. There is no “maybe” you will definitely lose your money. Kiwi also sell flights that can’t be used like flights transiting in a country that doesn’t allow transiting. If you buy one of these flights, you automatically lose your money – there is no “maybe”.

If you are entitled to a refund, Kiwi will ask you to pay a processing fee, but if you pay, you will lose more money.

The only people who have been able to get refunds have either had their credit card company step in or the aviation authority step in. are running by Scammers, Period. So I booked a flight from JFK, New York to India. Had a Layover in Doha. So Kiwi Combined two tickets and sold it to me. When I reach the Airport, they informed me you need supplemented documents to travel via this particular ticket. I had to buy a different combination of tickets from Airport itself to travel. All I wanted if Kiwi just provided that information, but obviously they won’t take any responsibility. I ended up spending another $1500 because of my situation. When later I contacted Kiwi they asked me to email them and later rejected it all together. So NEVER remember Ever book anything through, it’s better you throw money in a gutter then giving your money to these blood suckers. COVID is around and Airlines are cooperating, I had to change my plans because of sudden Covid restrictions and Airlines asked me to give my details, and they will change it for free. I called Kiwi and asked them to change my ticket as Airlines are willing to do it for free, guess what Kiwi said you will have to buy a new ticket even if Airlines are willing to do it for free. People die or not, Kiwi is there to make money out of your ashes if they can. Stupid Company. Will probably take to small claim court via my credit card and fault their payments which i paid them.

Booking # 153 848 134 is a scam. I never got my boarding passes. I paid for baggage on all flights through and arranged for handicapped husband to get wheelchairs assistance. Neither airline received any of the baggage funds. We had to pay again and no one qgot the wheelchair messages. I was absolutely shocked that the tickets were paid for. It is not easy to request a refund through their website or app. They finally acknowledged to receiving my request and documents. But noted that refunds like this can take 3 months or longer because of volume. Boy the wood “volume” says it all. This company s doesn’t have a few customer service issues, they are unable to provide the services as described andis defined as a scam. I am in my 60’s and have traveled extensively most of my life, where in the world is this acceptable.

Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience, Mary Ann. Sorr you are going through this trouble.

Under special circumstances I recommend not to use any booking agent. Instead, I recommend always booking directly with the Airline, the accommodation, the tour provider. That is obviously not an excuse for the customer service, just general advise. I once had this case with crutches and it was great to deal with the airline directly.

All the best, Matt

NEVER NEVER EVER book with kiwi!! Worst experience ever! The customer service doesn’t exist. All my mails have been ignored. After I shared 20 bad reviews I found another email address from. and I finally got a response. I will get my refund. I’m waiting for it. Will see if I really get it.

Try: [email protected]

My booking number is 128621416. My refund request has been pending since Nov 2020.

I contacted Emirates airlines regarding refund status of my ticket. They confirmed that refund request has been already processed. As per their records, refund request is processed on 22nd Jan 2021. After several phone call attempts, I could reach @kiwicom247 on phone on 17th May 2021. Their customer support as well confirmed the same i.e., refund is credited from the Etihad to

It has been more than eight months since refund is credited to @kiwicom247 from carrier. Still, 1) @kiwicom247 is not passing on refund to me 2) On their site, incorrect information is shown regarding the status of refund. Currently their website shows that refund decision is with Carrier, but this is clearly wrong and cheating. 3) Now @kiwicom247 stopped answering phone calls Their automated voice tells me to raise request on their site at helpdesk. I raised message on their helpdesk, and it has been pending since four months.

Thanks for your sharing your experience, Khurana!

I am just so so so sorry I didnt look at the reviews before booking my flight in 2019. I can only hope to help at least one person. I share my experience in all my platforms and to anyone flying I warn them about Booked lfight in Dec 2019. Covid hit for flight in may 2020. Still waiting for refund in Aug 2021. Now got an e-mail saying I can get some refund back. So ithought , ok these scammers need to make some profit to make a living so I let it go but when I asked for refund to be made to my form of initial payment, I was told I couldnt and they are now asking my bank swift info for bank transfer. When I tried to process that, they are not letting me do that either. The links and website they lead me to are not working. They basically left me with one option which is a Kiwi credit. Id rather give my money away than use them. That’s how horrible of a company they are.

Thanks for sharing your experience here, Anika!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but based on my experience, is an absolute scam.

As the pandemic was beginning to intensify in India, the US state department called for immediate departure. To make things worse, I made the massive mistake of booking my travel home with I found myself standing at the ticket counter in Bangaluru with a booking confirmation, but no ticket. never purchased my tickets home.

I then had to purchase another ticket, obviously not using Kiwi, for an incredible amount of money and then I had to convince the military to let me out of the airport and find a hotel during lockdown. I found a wonderful woman who opened up her entire hotel just for me and had to spend 4 days hoping international flights would remain open. Regardless to say, this was an incredibly expensive ordeal and one of the most stressful weeks of my life.

All because I booked with Kiwi. I have been trying to get a refund for months and haven’t received any messages from their customer service. I would not recommend to anyone and would even entreat you not to book with them.

Kiwi, if you are reading this… please refund my money. 144 854 457

For the People that still haven’t received their money for so long, they all disagree including me. i haven’t got my money since october 2020, should i give them 4stars for that since their trying right, Fuck that. They better pay us back otherwise your gonna have a lot of people giving them hate.

My vacation was cancelled due to COVID-19. It has been over a year and I still have not been refunded the value of one of my tickets. Recently they have been ignoring my chats/emails and have the gall to say that they have refunded my purchase completely even though I have bank and credit card statements to prove otherwise. Their phone system does not have actual humans answering and is useless to me because my case has been “resolved” in their disreputable jalopy of a system.

If a company does not deliver a promise good or service they should at least refund the customers money – this is a basic marketplace principle. All the things you listed in your pros section a mere baubles compared to this core of honest business in the 21st century. They stole my money and lied about it. is a SCAM for sure. They emailed me that one of my flights in the itinerary is canceled. When I checked the airline website, the flight was not canceled.

Kiwi is making us fool by such false information and keeping the refund money with them.

They are definitely scammed me. Their mode of operation (the one I encountered at least) is to notify of false flight changes (I checked with the airline no changes has been made) and “provide” take alternatives so you would pay more money. I specifically asked them (after trying to contact them over w weeks) to send me the e-tickets of the so called flights but they only send me the old ones! The reason is that there were never changes happening so no new tickets ever existed! The perfect scum LOL

I hate!!!! It’s been a year already and until now they’re not giving back my refund. If you visit their FB page you can see that a lot of people are requesting for a refund… I’ve been trying to reach them but I only received an autobot reply. I checked their website to see the progress of my refund case but it’s not moving for more than a year!!! Damn!!! Never book to them! They’ll only get your money but no guarantee of giving it back!

Kiwi is a scam.

I first posted in 13 January 2021. It’s now been more than 5 months since my flights were cancelled and I don’t expect to get any refunds. If I do get a refund I will post a follow up, but I don’t expect it will happen.

Kiwi is a scam because they sell flights that transit in countries that don’t allow transiting. This happened to my wife who booked a flight transiting in Brunei even though it’s not permitted to transit in Brunei.

Kiwi is a scam because they book flights with no intention of issuing a refund if the flight is cancelled. There are too many people on internet forums who can’t get refunds from Kiwi long after the airlines have refunded the money to Kiwi.

Kiwi is a scam because when your flight gets cancelled, they ask for more money to expedite your refund. People who pay these fees don’t get anything for their money, they just get scammed twice.

Kiwi are in the Czech Republic and it’s too difficult for me to take legal action. Some people in the US have complained to the aviation authority which seems to get results. Unfortunately, I’m not in the US.

I really Like this information about the airline industry. This covid has brought great fluctuations in many markets.

Don’t use! You stand a good chance to lose the money you pay!

I bought one-way tickets through Kiwi in Feb, 2021 to go from Barcelona to Denver. Yesterday Iberia canceled the transatlantic part of the flight. Not a peep from Kiwi. They do not have a valid customer support phone number in the United States (If you call the listed number it says that it only prioritizes contact about travel in progress, and when I entered my booking number it just hung up the call) This website (hostelgeeks) published a glowing review in spite of the horror stories from customers. Also on this site hostelgeeks posted a message from Kiwi telling anyone with problems to contact them at [email protected] . I tried that. I received an automated reply from Kiwi saying that they no longer use that email address and to contact them through the web site.

Honestly I think it is a disservice to the public for hostelgeeks to continue to publish the glowing review of a fraudulent travel company

Sorry to hear that, Peter! We publish all bad reviews you and all other readers leave here. This is one of the things we can do!

Second, this article is not a glowing review of Kiwi; please read it from top to bottom! We updated (and keep updating) a big part of this review based on the comments we have received and our own personal experience as well. In my opinion, it is a service we do for all travelers as we reflect what Kiwi is about. In our article we clearly state, the customer support is not reliable and “Important update to Covid-19: Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, we recommend booking your flights directly with the official website of the Airline like At the moment we do not recommend using any 3rd party agents like Skyscanner, Kiwi or others. The airline itself has the absolute latest news on restrictions and cancelled flights.”

Thanks for letting us know about the email address! This is the official statement and email address we received from Kiwi, after we confronted them with the numerous bad comments we receive regarding their website/service. I will contact them again to ask for another email so we travelers have a valid contact.

I appreciate your comment and honesty, and again, sorry you have this issue with Kiwi!

Worst experience ever with me and their customer service is absolutely horrible! I booked a flight last year during COVID-19 through Qatar airways in March 2020 And the flights were cancelled So I requested a refund It’s been almost a full year now I called and emailed many times regarding refund status But they keep on closing my enquiry and saying it’s with the airline even though I called the airline and they said the issue is with them and a lot of people I know who booked directly from the airline got refunded Worst experience ever Never ever again!!

I have been trying to obtain a refund from Kiwi for flights cancelled in June 2020. I have contacted Virgin Atlantic who have stated that the refund has been paid to Kiwi but then Kiwi has denied that they have been paid and have asked me to prove that Virgin have refunded the cost of the flight. I have tried a “chargeback” and this was refused because of Kiwi’s T’s & C’s and then tried a section 75 refund which again Kiwi have argued that this does not apply as their “guarantee” does not cover a pandemic, so now waiting to see if Kiwi will actually pass on the refund from Virgin Atlantic,but after reading the reviews here I am not confident. I would urge all potential customers to avoid and urge hostelgeeks to take into consideration all the negative feedback before promoting this site.

Thanks, John! We are taking this into consideration. It is all in the posts above! We are also publishing all your comments and complaints about Kiwi (when language allows).

How can you say that Kiwi is reliable, based on what? I can tell you that they stole the money from my tickets canceled by the airline (LOT Airlines sent me the proof that they refunded my tickets to Kiwi about 6 months ago), then after contacting the proposed resolution center – Checz Trade Inspection Authority I was informed that Kiwi is ignoring their request and that they always do that, and that the only binding decision to enforce them to pay you your money back can be issued by the court. So they know – Kiwi knows – that people are completely powerless to enforce refunds unless they can pay for the court, and they know that robbing thousands of people for a few hundred is a mass of money. So – excuse me, how dare you tell people to trust obvious criminals, why are you helping them continue robbing customers?

I invite you to take the time to read this complete guide. Based on your comment, it seems you did not even scan through. I have been using them for years, but certainly not exclusively! I even added my screenshots from my tickets in this article. Skyscanner is also partner of Kiwi. Sorry you are disappointed.

You can read through the comments here as well; there are facebook groups about this too. Maybe there you will find helpful tips too.

Take care, Matt

WARNING: Do NOT use Kiwi to make reservations in German ICE high-speed trains. Kiwi does not offer the possibility to reserve a seat in the train.

So, when it is busy (and normally it often is), you might have to STAND during your entire journey. All major other train booking sites do offer the possibility to reserve a seat on high-speed trains, so be sure to book there.

@Kiwi: please do not ask me for a booking number, since this goes for _all_ train tickets on your website. Please ask your technical team to add the possibility to reserve seats on trains.

Hey Rogier,

Thanks for this information! I have never used for booking train tickets, so this is very good to know for all of us. And yes, the ICE trains in Germany are usually packed; unfortunately. If I am not mistaken, the only way to book a fix seat is directly at the official train company; I have never seen any other website offering this option.

Also: for some connections and trains you simply cannot book any seat, at least in Germany. This is much better done in Spain. When you buy a train ticket from Madrid to Barcelona for instance, you get a fix seat automatically.I found this much better, more efficient and less stressful for the travelers than in Germany.

Thanks again, Rogier, very helpful for other travelers! Matt

“unfortunately. If I am not mistaken, the only way to book a fix seat is directly at the official train company; I have never seen any other website offering this option.”

Well, luckily, other sites like,,,,,, and of course DO give you the option to book a seat.

Only doesn’t…

Thanks, Roger! Big fan of actually. Must be a new feature then, super cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂 is the biggest scam site around … you “may” get flights booked and if youre extremely lucky manage to catch them but if you need a refund they will trick you into paying “refund fees” in order for them to refund something that should be done as a matter of course (canceled flights) and then give you less than half your money back if they even refund you at all.

Kiwi cancelled my flight and refused to comply with US Department of Transportation orders saying that cancelled flights are entitled to a refund. Instead, they forced me to buy new flights. This company is a profit-hungry, shady, and despicable corporation that deserves no money from any honest travelers.

I was scammed by

I was very surprised to find a serious blog claiming that is not a scam (given the amount of traffic on the net to the contrary). I can only speak for my own experiences, but they certainly scammed me.

My wife bought tickets on that transit in Brunei – the only problem is, due to the covid situation, Brunei hasn’t allowed transit flights since March last year. I’m sure we will not be allowed to board the flight. I very much doubt the funds have been forwarded to the airline, it’s just a scam.

kiwi continue to offer flights which transit in Brunei on their website. Anyone buying one of these flights will not be allowed to board the plane and will lose their money.

Oh, I pressed the link to apply for a refund and kiwi generously offer $15 refund (no joke) on flights worth $3000.

so sorry to hear that! We state we do not recommend using any 3rd party at the moment. The official airline are the most reliable resource during this situation.

Shame on you for allowing that thousand of people are SCAMMED every day thanks to your promotion of They stole 2671Euro from me. Do NOT order with, they are scammers; they canceled 1 part of my flight that is in 3 parts and I paid 3100$; now they offer 100$ refund or pay again 3000$ and they don’t want to give me the reservation number and ticket number from the other 2parts of the flight that isn’t canceled. Looks like they never booked it at all. No response on facebook or email or website/helpdesk, just automated robot answers. Big scam!!! DO NOT use!! Lost 3100$ and even paid 210$ extra insurance.

Hi Yoga Latinos,

Sorry to hear you had this bad experience with Did you take the chance to read our article before making your reservation? I clearly state you should not rely on the Kiwi guarantee and not on the customer service! Please check again our cons for using Kiwi .

And for your “ a scam?”. Well, even the big Skyscanner links you to Kiwi.

There’s really nothing I can do in this little article, except approving your comments. Your comment and hopefully my reply too helps all travelers. I just ask you to remain respectful.

Safe travels and wish you all the best, Matt

This company is a full on scam. They charged me in full for two separate journeys for an itinerary change. I’m a seasoned traveller and this has never happened–you normally only get charged for the difference in flight cost plus perhaps a small deposit cost.

Kiwi intentionally misleads their clients through confusing and unclear processes.

To make matters worse, when my second flight was cancelled, Kiwi only offered alternatives that were insanely out of the way and more expensive. No alternative was given for a full refund. They only guarantee 100 pounds of credit (which is laughable.)

For some demented (and illegal?) reason, they won’t reply or take calls from customers. I had to wait for 3 weeks for a reply. The phone service literally hangs up on you. I had to take my business to Expedia and book an entirely new (3rd!) journey. Thankfully, Expedia is an actual reputable company. I should have gone with them to start with.

The only reason I’m traveling across the world during a pandemic is because my father literally passed away. This company is taking advantage of vulnerable people like me. Absolute sociopaths.

They are holding onto nearly $10 GRAND of my money. They are now, after ignoring me for weeks, attempting to gaslight me. According to them, they don’t need to return any of it.

So sorry youre going thru this … same thing is happening to me. How do we stop these scammers? I want to launch a “warning” campaign across the internet so everyone knows about this and stays away. If anyone can help me with a big campaign against them let me know!

KIWI is NOT legit. My flight was cancelled, I was notified and they said they would refund, but 5–6 months later and still no refund. As soon as they flight date passed they changed the flight detail on my account from cancelled to traveled(probably to be harder for proof to dispute). Definitely did NOT travel since the flight was cancelled. Every time you call they tell you the refund is on its way, until after it is too late to dispute with the bank. Then they make your booking number inactive so that you are not able to reach them by phone any longer. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. They are not trustworthy.

“Hey guys! Thanks for the review. We want to bring the best service to our customers by offering affordable travel to everyone. We are sorry for anyone´s bad experience and will do our best to resolve any issue with our Customer Support team. Please contact [email protected] .”

You can find hundreds of these same solution-less comments on their Facebook page. I think it’s cool that you have had success, but thousands of people have been duped out of a refund. So I’m sorry but the official statement is straight up bogus and lacks any empathy. If they really cared about their customers and their bad experiences, they would be doing more to accommodate them. While other airlines and companies have adjusted to the current times to reimburse customers for flight canceled due to COVID, has selfishly clung to their money and in some cases getting the money from the airline but not proceeding to return those funds to the buyer.

People should really stay away from this booking site. It’s the worst experience I’ve ever had.

For anyone else reading this and looking for guidance on how to take steps toward getting your refund back, I wrote a whole post with resources on what to do.

Thanks for your comment and your own review now! We shared it here in our guide! Take care, Matt

I’m not sure I trust hostelgeeks now…. After all, how could they give kiwi a good review when it’s obvious… on three social media’s…. How much money they have literally stolen from people!

Sorry you are disappointed. We state in this article our own experiences – plural! We cannot make it more clear than this.

Wish you all the best and safe travels, Matt are a bunch of crooks. The only time you will find a good review is if that person left a review immediately after booking a flight.

After using Fly Scanner as norm the top result came up with

There were two flights I one at 12 the other at 12:20. I realised within a minute of booking the latter that once you arrive at Heathrow you then had to travel to Standsted to get the connecting flight.. a box appeared giving me the option to cancel. I received an automated mail saying It had not worked..I had to google their number as the “package price” I paid did not include contact details right away .. I got through to this agent who had no empathy and was soo rude and stated I could rebook the other flight but I would have to pay £314 again minus £10.. I bit the bullet and organised a National Express.

Fast forward to May:

Due to corona virus my flights got cancelled. Kiwi offer you these options. 1 To chase the refund yourself 2 get a voucher 3 let them do the chasing with a fee and receive the money quicker.. 4 let them do the chasing which will take longer.

I chose the first option , when I called BA it was then I learned that had not booked it under my name or credit card and so they refused to refund me. I called Kiwi and told them, they said they could not help me as I had chosen to take full responsibilty of chasing the refund, I said how it was not possible. After arguing for some time I was told to pose as my mother and say that i lived in Czech Republic and used a mastercard that was not mine..

In a nutshell I have finally gotten the money back from the airlines but Kiwi are keeping hold of £70 of it despite saying on their refund policy that if a flight is cancelled they will refund in full.. I have managed to get £244 ou of £314 which reading some reviews where they paid extra for Kiwi to chase the refund and still not heard anything.. I am lucky. ALSO what I have heard is that they lie to your bank so they don’t have to cough up and send you the check in details late so you have to pay a late check in fee.

Overall the worst customer service , to a point where I had to hang up on a couple of agents to try get hold of somone who was not aggressive.. will never deal with again.

I also must add the fact that Kiwi uses (with each client) some sort of credit card/Visa card and puts the card under the name of the individual they are booking for. When I called the airline who had cancelled the flight they said they would refund me the money. I asked if it would go to Kiwi or to my own credit card that I had paid with. The airline assured me (THREE different phone calls ) that it would go directly to my credit card because the card they were reimbursing has my name ! Weeks later the refund never showed up ! So I called Kiwi again and they said they had all the money but that if I picked “refund” I could get my money back to MY credit card ! So I picked refund and GUESS WHAT !!!????? I GOT NO REFUND AT ALL BC THRY LIE !!!! Instead I got points for a small amount of $ to use to rebook with kiwi again ! First of all since when does REFUND mean points ?????! I never ever would give them my business even if they promised me a million points bc all they do is lie lie lie ! I will never book with them again ! I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO NEVER BOOK WITH THEM but they all laugh and say,”We have never heard of Kiwi to begin with ! You’re stupid for booking with them!”.

SO sorry you have a run in with these crooks! I made sure to change it to my email address on the airline page so I received an itinary and everything the airline refunded back to This is how I know they are short changing me. I hope your bank can help you get your money back ..most Airlines hate them too they need to be stopped.

KIWI IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and I REALLY HOPE THEY GO UNDER ASAP so that they can stop scamming people and stealing money ! I have had the worse experience with kiwi stealing my money and promising things on the phone that they never keep ! I HOPE EVERYONE STOPS USING THEM ! During Covid , was SO obliging and helpful ! There were other booking agencies that were great too ! KIWI IS A HUGE SCAM !!!!! Let’s stay as far away as possible ! As I look online I can see that millions of others share my opinion ! All I see is terrible reviews on them ! Hopefully we never have to hear their name again. are totally deplorable. Booked return flights through them with Brussels Airline from Edinburgh to Belgium, but then COVID-19 struck. Airline has now cancelled flights, but will only issue any refund to Kiwi, as I am only a 3rd party and not the direct customer. Kiwi on the other hand are ignoring all calls and email responses, when they bother to respond, saying to contact airline direct. Can’t even claim on credit card for Sec.75 protection, as the contract with Kiwi has technically been carried out, i.e. they did broker the flights.

Hopefully all these Online Travel Agents, go bust, I only lost £380 but for some it’s a lot more. In the future (if I ever do fly again) will book direct with airline, might be more expensive, but as my granny used to say “buy cheap, pay dear”.

It’s shameful that you are giving a good review to a site which has treated it’s customers so poorly. The absolute worst booking site I’ve ever used and I use a lot. During this time the airline sites are offering free re-bookings but this is not passed on. Only a $15 refund offered for unused tickets or $15 off purchasing a new ticket, and this with the Premium customer service option. It was already a more expensive option than the airline. is by far the most nightmarish experience I’ve ever had with a 3rd party travel site. My flight was cancelled due to COVID-19 (not Kiwi’s fault), but they are telling me that there is not a guarantee that I will get 100% of my money back, and that if I see anything, that it will take three months to process my refund. Three months. Are they kidding me? I called the airline directly, and since Kiwi’s Visa card was used to process the transaction, the airline cannot refund it back to me.

Why are you promoting this company? There are literally thousands of complaints from people. I am a victim. They refuse to refund my plane ticket, even though the airlines have already reimbursed my tickets, stating that I “have to get in line.” and wait for their system to pay me. This can take upwards of three months. Other people have stated it’s taking upwards of six months and they are losing 75% of their originally ticketing cost. Others are stating 100% of the ticket cost. is a scam and you need to separate yourself from this airline ticketing website.

Thanks for your comment. Please read the full review; it’s really not a hurray-book-blindly-with-kiwi-article. I clearly state I would not rely on their guarantee and compare before adding my credit card details. I could write whatever I want in this article, people do not read it before booking with Kiwi, but after when there has been yet another case of an unhappy customer…there’s really nothing I can do this this little article except approving your comments.

You are very stupid to be writing such a long review on a scam Czech company! Have you seen the real picture with your glasses on! Have a look at what this company is doing and done to thousands of people, myself included. I suggest rewriting either your paid (b perhaps!) review to a more REALISTIC and true review because it looks like you are working for, or at, or maybe take a diploma in investigation 2020, this is a rubbish review on a very corrupt, fraudulent scam ‘online travel agent’! The CEO is a joke, along with his brother, the ‘family’ etc. Have you actually done ANY investigation? If you have when, where and what tools did you use? Your responses to many reviewers is not backing anyone other than yourself and

Like so many others I had to cancel my flight reservations due to the Covid19 Pandemic. I was scheduled to fly with Air Europe on April 11, 2020. So obviously I had to cancel. I spent a total of $793 in airfare and the only 2 options they gave was a refund of $10.75 or to buy the ticket again for the same amount only discounting $10.75 which it’s pretty unfair that the options they gave me were the same change policy they always have. Regardless that’s a very FRAUDULENT change policy of theirs. I even called them and all they said to me was that since they returned to me $10.75 they can’t do any more changes they have to stick with the same policy rules… How on earth in this crisis this company it’s staying with the same change policy??? not having a plan when a pandemic like this happening it’s very unprofessional and it’s a negligence playing with people money like this. It’s the first time having a inconvenience with an flight booking site. I will make sure everyone knows that KIWI.COM ITS FRAUDULENT AND ITS A INCOMPREHENSIBLE BOOKING SITE.. calling them a booking site even sounds short for them and it’s a shame for the others. NEVER AGAIN. If i could give them 0 I would. is a company run by the most heartless thieves on the planet. Scammed me out of €400, they refuse to answer messages, then sent a message after the flights have left stating they cannot issue refunds because the flight is done, even if I had been messaging them several days before the flight was cancelled. Cancelled by the airline, itself. If you are able, please change this article and do not recommend Kiwi. Anyone who books on there because they found your review here, and then get inevitably scammed, will blame you for it. Do the world a service and revoke your recommendation.

Stay away from They didn’t issue a refund for my MNL-DPS-MNL trip via Airasia even though Airasia is already issuing credit refund due to the pandemic.

Hope you are keeping well these crazy days. Been looking for some contact information for kiwi and came across your blog. We are dealing with at the moment. First of all its hard to get them and we do understand its crazy days due to this coronavirus. We have/Had a flight next week in 5 days to Europe. Czech Republic had closed its borders and No flight is going there. We are stuck here in Bali and trying to rech Kiwi for 4 days now. Tried their phone only to be on hold for hours, Their facebook, Twitter but no response. We want to change our flight dates to when its possible but their Manage My Booking gives us options to cancel the flight and get 10 Euro back for over 1000 Euro flight or change the date for a brand new price and Basically about 10 euro towards a new future flight. Why they want to charge us for a flight which will never take place? Absolutely unethical and unprofessional of them and we are not sure what to do.. Bad bad experience. we don’t think we’ll consider to use them again..

sorry to hear that. We are kind of in the same situation, getting out of Mexico back to Europe. I do not think Kiwi will be able to help out, I am afraid. I do not count on their customer service anymore since we received many complaints about them. It hurts to say, but especially these days it seems like many rules do not apply anymore…

Do you have any other option to get back? Always book now directly with the Airline, it is much much easier these days! Kiwi still shows cancelled flights, from Mexico to Europe at least.

They are pirates! They take your money and leave you hanging. They don’t care what happens with you, your reservation, or your flight. The costumer support simply doesn’t exist, they do not facilitate to have credit in their own website nor to rebook as the airlines are offering.

Please save yourself the headache and avoid this agent! a big mess, I had a flight to Manila with a stop in Rome and China, with the coronavirus issues I asked if everything was ok with my flights, and they responded yes, 4 days before my flight I bought extra baggage, they accept the payment. one day before my flights my friend check direct with the airline and our flight to China and Manila were cancelled weeks ago. I contacted Kiwi and they did not know nothing. the only option they gave me charge 20€ fee for cancel, and the baggage they will keep the money because they pay Ryanair to Rome. Still, I do not understand if the book extra baggage to the airlines they did not notice the flights were cancelled. Not happy at all!

Thanks, Maria Jose for sharing this feedback and experience!!!! Very helpful for the community! Matt

Absolutely the worst and deal with Kiwi at your own risk! Here’s my tale of woe and deception: I used Kiwi to book flight for my Egypt trip. About a week after booking and paying for the flights, I received an email from Kiwi stating that the airline had cancelled my flight and that I was being moved to an earlier flight that day. There’s no way for me to make the earlier flight so I tried to explore options on their website. I was offered just 1 choice: a button that said “I understand” I figured clicking the button would provide me alternate choices – no it was their way to lock me into the flight i cannot use. Of course trying to resolve this with their agents didn’t work as they contended that I had accepted the flight change. I briefly tried to revoke the charge with my bank but reversed the request as I wanted to work with Kiwi to resolve the issue. I wrote a review on Trustpilot and received a call from a Kiwi representative, acknowledging how the “I understand” button could be deceptive. He promised to help but made a big deal about his finance team wanting to confirm that the charge was indeed not reversed. I sent them screen shots from my account page, had them speak to a bank representative and even had the bank issue a confirmation letter that the charge was not reversed. 1.5 months later, I still don’t have resolution – they claim they’re waiting for the bank to confirm that the charge was not reversed. Based on this experience and another similar one with Kiwi, I would highly advise people to steer clear.

Hi hostelgeeks, I hope you’ll publish another article sharing some of the common problems people mention here!

I booked two flights for a trip to a wedding, and was informed a couple days later that they had to change my itinerary, and my alternatives were leaving a day earlier (which, given the rest of the trip was already booked&with other people, was not possible), or paying extra to use a different carrier with a second layover, increasing my flight time from 18 hrs to 42 (!!!).

In short- I did not receive the services I paid for, and am having difficulty getting them to refund me. Whether or not my tickets were booked as refundable is not relevant in this case- I would prefer to still take the flight I paid for (and that I have reservation code from airline and ticket&confirmation for). If they cannot provide me with the service I paid for, that is a failure to meet the conditions of the agreement- and not to mention a poor business model & unreliable company.

I don’t think you can recommend a travel company of which you cannot count on the flight that you paid for actually existing.

Just to add my thoughts, thanks,

Hi Anna and Matt,

I’ve always been an interested reader of yours, and after an incident with this week I’ve been googling the company to try and find more background. Was happy to see that you have covered them but then upset to see in the comments that so many people have had similar issues to mine.

There appears to be several glitches in the booking system – I’m a seasoned traveller, having worked as a travel and lifestyle journalist for more than a decade. But even I was caught off-guard when I went to print my e-tickets for two June 14th 2020 flights from the Kiwi website (the confirmation was never emailed to me) and saw that the dates booked were for June 10th 2020 instead. This is a date I would have never ever knowingly picked, especially as this is a booking for my honeymoon and both my partner and I double-checked the details.

However, after googling, it appears that this has been a problem for other people, with changing dates to the “best availibility” after you’ve already selected and approved your own chosen dates. It’s a trap that as caught me, and the only option that Kiwi has given is to pay for new tickets in full (490 euros) and they will discount this by 10 euros. No refund will be given for the original tickets.

As this is a crucial stage in our honeymoon, if we can’t afford this extra cost (and we can’t afford it!), then I may have to cancel my honeymoon and lose all the money we’ve prepaid. I’m devastated that this has happened and it’s keeping me awake at night from the anxiety. Matt and Anna, if you have any contact at or Air Asia who can help me with this, I’d be forever grateful. This has been a truly awful start to what should be a happy year for my family.

Hey Michaela,

so sorry to hear that! I already sent you a private email and forwarded your case to our contact at Kiwi. Here is their response:

“I checked the booking and can say there was no technical glitch on our side. We have a recording showing that the customer chose 10th of June as departure date and didn’t change it during the booking process. Maybe she searched for flights on 14th June or had several tabs open, unfortunately, I can’t know this.

And a side note, we don’t change dates to the ‘best availability’ without customers’ concern. There might be exceptions like flight sold out or schedule change but even in these scenarios we always inform them beforehand.

Anyhow, one of our agents is working on the case and going to call the customer in a couple of hours with a detailed explanation.

In the meantime, if you could tell Michaela that our agent will contact her, that would be great. Regrettably, I can’t tell what will be an outcome of the conversation with our agent as he is a decision-maker in this case.

Last but not least, you can save my contacts and contact me in case of negative comments like this one.

Kind regards, Kamila”

I hope this helps a bit! We are now in contact via email, Michaela! Matt

They are lying with the compensations and conditions. Their warranty is fake, offered me to pay extra 1000+ euros for replacing 180 Euro tickets, because one flight been delayed and next one been missed. Promissed in writing 360 Euros compensation, paid just 290

Never use! Big scam. I have to change my flight due to visa issue and they did not want to refund my ticket saying that its not refundable. Dont trust them at all

Thanks for your comment. Did you book a refundable flight? You are then obviously right and it should be refunded.

Cheers, Matt

Kiwi has an outstanding platform and application to work with for inspiration or to find alternatives. However, they do have the issues that seem to be common within the OTA industry. Overpricing other services or misleading information. Been using their search engine since 2017 and can confirm their luggage info are almost always incorrect, by understating the luggage allowance in order to force you to purchase luggage through Kiwi at significantly higher prices. I end up ignoring that as I just check the official sites of the airline to confirm the actual allowance for the route. Recently, I have booked a flight that was listed as direct but turned out it was not a direct flight. Customer service tried to pinpoint this as change carried out by the airline however airline has that daily flight route listed with a layover. It was frustrating as there were cheaper alternatives but I thought I was getting the direct flight. So instead of owning up to their error and misleading information and resolve with proper compensation; they just try to evade and ignore the facts.

All in all, these are just businesses and their purpose is to make money fast and quickly, especially if you are not careful to review your information thoroughly. It is too bad cause Kiwi has the opportunity to be the BEST and TRUSTWORTHY platform.

agreed! It is really a pity. And this is why we always recommend to check more than one page and make sure you read what you are booking.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Matt

Kiwi has a bunch of people that can not make decisions. They lied about Delta making a name change. I spent 14 hours on a simple mistake and was repearely told false info.

Hey Robert,

uff, not cool! Where was this flight to? What happened? More details would be fantastic for all of us. Sending you an email now! Matt

Kiwi CHEATED ME ON MONEY!!!I fly every week and I know how to book flights exactly. I got on this site through Google as my Father flight was cancelled and i had urgent to find a new one. I booked today made his name as a passenger one way ticket and my name as a contact. What arrived was flight not on 10.01 but on 20.02 and I was a passenger there. I started to cancel all this immediately before it was all confirmed, They have sent me tickets after this and refused to give money back all what they gave me is 10$.

STAY AWAY!!! is a truly terrible company. They are dishonest in their pricing and especially in their policies. In the US it is required by law to allow customers to cancel bookings within 24 hours of purchasing ( ), but Kiwi specifically does not allow you to cancel a booking unless you buy a premium ticket. This is NOT clearly indicated on their website. I can only conclude it is a scam. Reading the above comments I’m not at all surprised.

Thanks for your comment and feedback, this is always useful for all travelers and readers.

OK so here’s my review for you guys, this will be the first and last time I ever buy a ticket with Kiwi. The day that I got my ticket I wanted to cancel it and get a refund but they didn’t promise a total refund and also wanted me to pay a fee? I’ve cancel with a lot other companies and they always do a total refund if is with in the first 24hours. So at the end I decided to keep it. I bought my ticket originally with 2 stops… out of no where they canceled 1 of my flights and got me the worst long stop in Mexico. I tried talking to them. They wasted all my afternoon and didn’t offer any better I even talk to the manager I think Chris was his name, who told me he’d sent me so information if I wanted a refund, which he never send.

At the end I was so frustrated and tired that I decided to take the long stop and guess what? After offering that flight for free now they wanted me to pay more for taking that after debating they got me that one with no extra cost. My trip was horrible, every flight was delay, so yes at list I’m never booking a flight with them.

1 they won’t refund the whole total of your trip even if you wanna cancel 24h after buying it 2 your trip might be change and do not expect a better timing and they might charge you more and 3 they charge for pretty much any change that you want to make, even for changing you document number like your passport which I’ve never pay in any other booking company, so if you wanna do yourself and your trip a favor, do not book with them.

Hi Claudia,

Thanks a lot for your comment. A pity to hear you had this issue, this is very frustrating! Thanks for sharing this feedback and experience!!!! Very helpful for the community! Take care, Matt

I’ve booked three trips with Kiwi and never faced issues with the actual flights. But, on my most recent trip I discovered that Kiwi tells false info about baggage requirements for airlines and then charges the customer outlandish prices for checked bags. For my most recent flights back to America, Kiwi said that I could only bring a 10kg carry on and no checked bags. I felt that this was false and looked up my booking on Virgin Atlantic airlines website. Turns out that they don’t charge a fee for a checked bag. I was able to check a bag with no issue. For my third flight of the journey, the Delta website says that only a 10kg bag is allowed (which I presume is how Kiwi determined the baggage requirements). However, paying to check a bag only costs $30 through the airline the day of check in. Kiwi charges around $180 and says that it’s “cheaper” to pay for a checked bag in advance through them rather than the airline. This is a complete lie. Because of this misleading baggage info, I will be cautious of using kiwi for future trips.

Thanks a lot for this information, this is very interesting! On all my flights with Kiwi I had either all luggage included or only hand-luggage. I never was facing the situation of booking extra luggage, I am afraid. Wondering why they do this?! Seems very misleading!! I will drop the an email and ask for details!

Thanks again, Nina! Very appreciated! Matt

I reached out to Kiwi, I wanted to know that this is about! Again, I never had this case and this price is obviously a NO-GO! I had to provide them your email address so they could have a look into it. Here is their reply:

“Please accept our apologies for this negative experience. Regrettably, the price for baggage you saw on our website was set incorrectly due to a technical glitch. For future reference, if you encounter similar issues, please call us as soon as possible so we can assist you. You can find our contact numbers on the last page of the e-ticket.”

They also offered to take of that situation for all our users! If you have any issue, please write me a comment here and I get you in touch with our contact at Kiwi! Not a single one of our readers had an issue, so I really want to keep it that way!

Thanks again, Nina! This was very helpful for everybody! Matt is not a reputable company. I had to cancel international flights due to the death of a family members. They required birth certificates of all family members involved in the travel and death certificate of my brother. I have been going back and forth with them for over a year, and they have only been stalling. They claim they will get back to me within 48hrs but they either fail to respond or send a general email response stating they are processing my request. I do not recommend using at all. They are unreliable and lack integrity. They are based out of the Czech republic, so you have no recourse if anything goes wrong.

Thanks for your feedback on Kiwi! Always important to hear more stories and reviews! Matt

Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with Kiwi! Stay away from, they are helpless and useless. Everything is possibly fine if flights do not get cancelled. Too bad for us, that ours got cancelled and KIWI were simply useless and left us nowhere. 1) They didn’t inform us on flight cancellation short term – we were contacted directly by the airline. 2) KIWI offered us absolutely ridiculous alternative flight with Ryanair (that were more expensive that our booking, without covering the difference!! Plus the so-called alternatives, totally didn’t suit our needs and request for time restriction at destination. 3) Due to their inadequacy, we had to cancel the other leg from our journey which resulted even in further costs. 4) We filed a refund request immediately after realizing that they left us in the middle of nowhere and guess what 100 days after filing the refund request and numerous long conversations with them on the phone and emails every week we were again NOWHERE! 5) I had to reclaim the amount via my credit card company, in order to get them moving! I got the full amount back, and then they!!! imposed a claim on the flight we had to cancel due to their inadequacy!!!!!! Ridiculous circus that used our money over 3 months and returned only 60% back thankfully via a third party claim!

Hey Silvia,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!! This does not sound good at all! Could you share as well the destinations where it happened to get a better picture? Cheers, Matt

Hi, I have a doubt about a recent reservation I’ve made with and was hoping you can help me clarify this. I have booked an internal flight in India for me and some of my friends. The e-ticked they’ve sent me has the image of a strange card printed on it which has the name of one of the passengers in our group on it, however my friend does not own such a card. I have used my own (different) card to pay the ticket.

Upon asking them about this, their response was:

‘I understand your concern regarding the credit used to purchase the tickets. Please be informed that the credit card used to purchase these tickets with airlines is our own. The copy of the company’s credit card used for flight purchase is being attached, as some airlines may ask for verification at the airport . Please print the E ticket and take it to you during your trip.’

I insisted because something was still not clear:

‘Thank you very much for your reply and clarification! This explains, but i just have one more question to be sure I understand correctly: my doubts is why does the copy of your company credit card have the name of one of the passengers in our group on it? Many thanks for your patient assistance!’

Their reply:

‘Thank you for choosing, I am writing to you in regards to your email about the credit used to purchase the tickets. The credit card that was used to book your flights is a single used card with at least one passenger’s name as this is a requirement for the airlines when verifying the payments at the airport.’

Do you know about this practice? Is it legit? What is meant by single used card? I would like to know because as far as I know Indian airlines perform thorough credit card checks.

Thank you very much for your response!

Thanks so much for your comment, this is a really good question about Kiwi actually!

The answer: Yes, this is perfectly normal! I heard about this from a friend actually, not me personally. The way Kiwi works is, they book the plane/ticket for you, and some airlines need confirmation of the credit card which was used. This is how they do this.

There was a time the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona worked the same way. You had to book with a credit card and show the credit card when you wanted to enter. This way they ensured the booking is legit etc.

So, yes, perfectly normal. Nothing to worry 🙂

Much love and safe travels, Matt

They have very unclear on baggage policy and ended up costing much more than other options in my original search in other website. However, you don’t provide any hint of this in your article.

I sent you an email already! Thanks a lot, Matt

Kiwi is the best website for travelers!

I’m shocked to read all the bad comments as I’m just in the process to mention them in my newest travel blog. I travelled from Kelowna, Canada via Calgary and London to Zurich, Switzerland for an amazing low fare and had a great experience all the way. Because of the budget airline taking me from London to Zurich, the baggage weight was restricted, but I was able to add to it online a couple of days before I travelled. When I contacted about it, I got an answer quickly and and all was taken care of. Honestly, I had no issues whatsoever and already planning my next trip with them.

same here, also pretty shocked of the bad reviews for Kiwi. We use them on a regular basis, always great experience, good price etc. Thanks for your feedback, Yrene. It is really appreciated 🙂

Very bad experience with them. Kiwi plus Ryanair could be a nightmare! Never again with Kiwi and even with Ryanair. However you have to be very careful and make sure to do the checkin at least 3 days before the fligh otherwise you will pay a fee that could be more expensive than the fligh like in my case. No customer service, no assistance. Futhermore the Kiwi Guarantee doesn’t exist. Please be aware.

Thanks for your comment. I am surprised you didn’t know about the check-in 3 days before. We got an email about this. Did you receive an email? Ryanair has a lot of hidden fees like priority check-in, 2nd hand luggage etc. It is really important to check their emails they sent and actually read them. Also learned this the hard way unfortunately.

Ryanair actually changed their policy about hand luggage and carry-on. It costs now extra to bring a carry-on, only a small hand luggage like laptop or small bag is still free, the rest has to be purchased extra.

Let me know about the emails!

I’m another shafted passenger…me and my family of 5 were stranded when the flight was cancelled.

They said they informed me a month before the flight but I didn’t get anything. I DID receive a confirmation a few days before the flight saying that everything was OK.

Then they refused to reimburse me for the $100 I spent on one-night in a cheap hotel for our family.

sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Matt

I though that they were wonderful too until I took a trip using their reservations! What a disaster!

They booked me on a flight that did not fly on that day! When I arrived at the airport on a Wednesday, I learned that the flight I was booked on did not fly on Wednesdays! The airline, Alaska, booked me on a later flight at no charge ( thank you Alaska!), but any professional agent should know what days particular flights don’t fly.

My complaints were ignored of course. Not ever an acknowledgement or apologee. Just total silence.

Will NEVER deal with these people again….

Hey Richard,

Thanks for sharing your experience! I really appreciate your feedback and I am glad Alaska Airline solved the issue!

Safe travels and take care, Matt

We booked two flights in indonesia with because most indonesian airlines did not accept our Dutch credit cards. First flight went well without any problems. But the second flight we all of a sudden had to verify that we were the legitimate card holders. Which turned out to be impossible (numbers listed in e-mails are unreachable etc). After some email contact the day before the flight we answered some questions and were told to get confirmation within 4 hours. The next day, three hours before the flight, after two extra e-mails to them they cancelled our booking out of the blue. Worst customer service we ever experienced. I find it very strange that this ‘kiwi is amazing “review”‘ is even featured on this site!

thanks for your feedback, this is very interesting to know and will help all readers! We also found we cannot use our credit card with any airline in Indonesia, and last year when we traveled around Indonesia, Kiwi didn’t even gave the chance to book these smaller airlines. Have you read through my full review? I clearly state this fact here. We had to buy our tickets later in a supermarket in cash – fun experience actually.

Anyway, please give my “kiwi is amazing” “review”, as you call it, another full read. At no point I state that Kiwi is the most freaking website on the web, but it has his big advantages but also things you cannot follow blindly. I clearly state this!

Therefore, please give it another read. Hope you enjoyed Indonesia nevertheless, it’s a magical country!

The app is amazing. I am in love with it.

I am a frequent traveler. I have booked through kiwi 4 times I think, just to save few euros on each flight and on last one I lost 200 Eur and important meeting because of them. My route Singapore-Greece-London-Latvia, when arrived in Luton, London info desk told me that I am 8 hours late. How it is possible if I had connected flight? I understand reschedules happens but Kiwi should have take full responsibility and help me to solve this problem. Instead of that they ignored my phone calls, email messages and I still have not get a response from them. It happened week ago. I will tell all my friends and other travelers not to use this. Until I will have proper answer and refund .

Thanks for sharing your experience. A pity to hear you had an issue! Cheers, Matt

I booked a flight via Kiwi(Skyscanner directed me there).An hour or so after the booking I received the E-Ticket from Kiwi. However the E-Ticket says PNR – ‘To be issued’. But their E-Ticket says the status is ‘confirmed’. Something doesn’t feel right. Even after 12 hours of purchasing the ticket it is still without the airline PNR number. I have only few more hours to board the flight. Will this be a problem or will I be OK by just showing the Kiwi E-Ticket at the counter..?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with the team right away! There is a contact and phone number. Did you call them up?

I am still going through many reviews. Perhaps the question to ask you is what to watch out for to avoid the same problems a lot of people went through based on their reviews. How do you prevent those negative experiences from happening and enjoy a smooth travel?

My best recommendation is always make sure you know with which company and what you are booking. I had no issues with Kiwi, but some of the comments here will show there is people who have problems.

I can give the list of my destinations and look at your suggestions (airbnb) but I do not want it published. Can I email privately?

you got it! Just drop us email through our Contact form at

I have been planning to book with Kiwi where Skyscanner took me and since it’s my first time to hear or read about Kiwi and Skyscanner, I have searched and still continue to search the internet for reviews until I came to your website and your comments about Kiwi. It is really difficult to make a decision because of the many bad reviews out there but your review offers hope. My wife and I are going to 5 European cities this summer, what else can you say to ease any anxiety?

Thanks for your trust. Again, I was not paid to write a nice review on them as a company. In fact, I always use them and some other few websites to find and finally book my flights. In my review I made this very clear. But it seems I can say whatever I want, the people who had a bad experience with kiwi, will ignore this.

Now, about the bad reviews: Many readers leave bad reviews here as well, and we publish them. It is only fair to hear out the bad and negative comments as well – as long as language permits it. Please keep in mind, even the famous Skyscanner recommend – not just our little blog here.

My suggestion : Give Kiwi a call! They have a service hotline. Ask them about the specific flight and they will assist you.

About Europe : What 5 destinations are you planning to visit? Happy to assist you and give you suggestions on transport, accommodation and things to do!

Stay away from this company. It’s a scam and a rip-off. I booked a flight, unfortunately, and if you want to add lugage last minute, its impossible. You can not do ANYTHING directly with the flight company, everything has to come through them. With a Minimum of 48 hours notice. So adding a suitcase the day before you leave is impossible. Same goes for upgrades, priority boarding etc. And they add extra money on top of the normal price.

Good engine to use for finding a flight, and connecting flights, but NEVER book through them, always directly with the airlines. Believe me, it is worth the extra money. If you book through these people, you are basically screwed if you want to change something. And oh… You ALWAYS have to collect your luggage and check in again if you have a connecting flight, even if it is with the same airline. If you book at the airline directly, the luggage is automatically transferred.

Thanks so much for your comment. Did you read through my whole article? Please have a close look on things I am referring to.

About adding extras : Not sure about this, since I never had to add anything. I actually read adding any extra with Kiwi can be quite a pain and you overpay. So I always skipped this from the beginning.

Thanks for your input and feedback, really appreciate! Matt

Hi again Gerard,

just remembered: Once booked a connection flight directly with the low budget airline Ryanair in Europe. I had to get the luggage and then do the check-in again. They did not do anything for me. It was a transit flight with two different companies.

Just so you know it’s not always the case. However, not sure what happened in your case, just wanted to add it!

I bought a set of flights from and they neglected to purchase them from the airline. I was unable to fly and was forced to buy another more expensive ticket last minute. They have NOT REFUNDED, let alone offered compensation. Booking reference number 4974824.

On the 9 February I was due to to fly with Tigerair at 0500 flight IT217 from Tokyo Haneda to Taiwan Taipei. When I went to the check-in desk, the airline was unable to find my records of my ticket through the ticket issued me. They were unable to find my name and any record of me having a ticket. I contacted via phone and the agent was extremely unhelpful. She continued to repeat the same mantra that everything was confirmed and I can get on the plane and if their was a problem it was with the airline. The airline staff also spoke to her but were unable to resolve this issue. After the stress of being refused to be allowed to get on the plane and no help from I was forced to purchase more expensive flights last minute to be able to make it to my destination.

After several emails asking them to explain what happened. I finally got a some form of reply other than their usually pointless mantra.

Quote from them “We regret to inform you that we have failed to book the flight from Tokyo (HND) to Taipei (TPE) via Tigerair Taiwan and failed to inform you about it. The finance department is now working on it for you to receive a possible refund for the said flight. Please be informed also that the refund may take up to 30 days from the time that it has been submitted. Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences you are having in this process. Rest assured that do not wish for any of this to happen to your reservation.”

After trying to get an update from them on how my refund was going and when it was due. I keep getting replies changing the dates of when I submitted the refund application and keep pushing the dates back to when the 30 days is due. Then I also get irrelevant replies saying they are still waiting for a reply from the airline regarding the refund, so the refund may now take LONGER than 30 days now. When clearly the fault was entirely with them and had nothing to do with the airline. I have over 38 corresponding letters with as proof of what has happened.

It has now been over 30 days since I submitted the refund application and I have had no refund, no explanation as to why I am not entitled to a refund. The only compensation they have ever offered is a 20 euro voucher to use on their website with a 6 month expiry.

This whole experience has left me scarred and sad at humanity. I believe I have been a victim of a scam/fraudulent activity/being cheated. I would not wish this to ever happen again to anybody. So even if I have been left out of pocket and emotionally traumatised, I hope I can help others not go through the same thing.

this is not cool and a really bad experience! I will send them an email as well and ask them to clarify this issue.

good and helpful articale , thank you !!!

I’m contemplating booking from Kiwi, I have read a ton of negative reviews out there on TripAdvisor, I’m not sure.

Hi Prithvi,

Thank you so much for your comment! As I mention in my review, I read many bad reviews. At the same time, I really tested and booked my tickets with them by my own – several times – with my own money!! This article is NOT paid by Kiwi or that they took special care of our flights or anything.

Fair to say : Since we had no issues with our bookings and did not have to get hold on them to take care of a missed flight connection, we have no first hand experience.

I have no doubt that I would be incredibly disappointed and mad when I realized my $2000 flight is not taking place, and I just lost all that hard-earney money. Please always make sure you research with whom, what and where you are booking – BEFORE putting in your credit card details. If there is doubts, do not do it and go with a different agent. This goes for all directions!!

dont’t do it!

Just checked Kiwi’s lowest fairs from Burbank to Salt Lake City RT anytime in the month of March 2018. The lowest was Delta at $155 RT (but there you have to pay for baggage). The showed Southwest at $189 (where you still get two free checked bags) . When I went directly to the Southwest site I found many fares for $155.

So kiwi doesn’t always search out all the best fares.

Hi Michael,

absolutely! This is why we talk in this review about all the other options and things you have to compare. Kiwi is an awesome way to find better fares, but it is not perfect. I do not know why they do not show the cheapest rate sometimes. Always keep comparing – all prices, airlines and booking platforms!

Never book anything blindly. Hope is not a strategy.

Example: A friend of mine just booked a flight on Iberia’s official website for a flight from Barcelona to South America. Their customer service is horrible, they do not want to help since she booked with the official website a flight also with Vueling. Vueling is Iberia – and she did not even select Vueling. Anyway, complicated issue.

Thanks for your comment, Michael! Appreciate it! Matt

Stay aware from KIWI! I was looking for booking and did a huge mistake – didn’t check the site before I made the purchase. They messed up with my name and now saying, that it was my mistake… More than that, they demand additional payment to fix THEIR OWN mistake! This is ridiculous! All my flights from this booking can be cancelled at airport, because of the mistake in the name made by KIWI… DO NOT USE KIWI!

Thanks for your feedback and experience.


In a few words: I had the worst booking experience, had to deal with a very bad customer support. If you are unlucky and a problem comes up you will NEVER EVER find a solution.

Even if my reservation was immediately cancelled, I got my refund after 40 days.

I made a review at trustpilot and when they saw it, they sent me 50 euro voucher for the problems they caused me. After a couple of days they kindly asked me to erase the review. This is the reason they have 4 stars and not 2 which is what they should deserve. Of course i didnt erase neither used their voucher.

Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience! Safe travels, Matt

Can not agree more with you. This is a SCAM and I am shocked, how this is allowed in the world. They sold me an impossible itinerary and took by $3500 for an international trip.

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Kiwi Flights Review 2023: Cheap Flights or a Scam?

You’ve probably come across the website when looking for flights online.

You’ve seen the cheap flight tickets and you might be worried about the legitimacy of the platform.

At least I was. Just like most people, I stuck to more well-known flight websites like Kayak , and I had never heard about Kiwi.

Table of Contents

What is Kiwi? is an online travel site that offers the best rates on both air travel and ground transportation. It works by synergising itineraries from over 750 carriers to find you the best rates for your planned trip. The best part is that some of these airline carriers don’t even cooperate in other online booking platforms.

I have booked flights with them many times now and I can happily tell you that is NOT a scam.

In fact, ever since I started using, I’ve never paid the inflated airline rates again.

So buckle up and let’s get into the Kiwi Flights review!

kiwi com booking reviews

Finding a cheap flight can sometimes be a hassle.

Especially if you plan to travel internationally and need to make a connection. addresses this problem.

I have used frequently with many of my international trips and the process has so far been smooth.

With, you are not only able to find and book cheap flight tickets. It allows you the ability to book your whole itinerary through the site.

So for example, say you are traveling to South America from Europe and you need to make a connection to major airports because you can’t find a direct flight from your home airport. allows you to book a flight from your home airport to the last point, i.e. your destination city in South America. The site then quotes the final rate, which is considerably cheaper.

However, during the booking process, the best choice may include two airlines that normally don’t cooperate online .

You don’t need to worry about this either because takes care of all the booking arrangements. And in case of emergencies, you don’t have to worry about the flights not cooperating.

If for example, you miss Flight B due to missed connections caused by delays, schedule changes, or cancellation from Flight A, will have you covered.  

This is because the platform offers its own protection, called the Guarantee , from such situations.

I once experienced this hiccup during an international trip.  I was quickly transferred to an alternative flight to ensure I reached my destination on time.

So no matter where you are headed to, be it Asia, Africa, the Americas or even domestic, the, is more than just an air ticket seller for you.

The platform ensures to make your experience smooth and hiccup-free all the way to your final destination. And even beyond air travel, you can also choose to use the platform to find you affordable ground transportation.

kiwi com booking reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the website and what it offers in the review: Review

One of the best things about is that it is beyond just a budget flight ticket seller. makes your travel experience pleasant and easier.

This is why I’m mostly using Kiwi to find flights nowadays:

And with its ever so growing influence and usability, has opened offices in 11 other countries. So along with headquarters in the Czech Republic. also operates offices in Serbia, Slovakia, China, Ukraine, the Philippines, Croatia, India, USA, Thailand, Slovenia and Colombia.

kiwi com booking reviews price and coupon codes

You must be asking yourself, what is the catch?

The answer is none.

Just like any travel platform, you only pay for your air ticket with no hidden charges. But often much cheaper than other flight tickets sellers.

For example, if you check for a direct flight from London’s Heathrow airport to Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport, presently, a return ticket will cost you around US$130 whilst the same trip will cost up to $175 and more with other platforms.

It all depends on how you plan your travel and the destinations.

But one things for sure, the site will always offer you affordability compared to other sellers and platforms.

And as if the low prices are not enough, from time to time, will also offer coupon codes to allow you to save more.

You can even browse the net to find existing ones from their partners. Just make sure you keep safe and ensure legitimacy!

At the moment of writing, I am not aware of any discounts and the cheapest place, although you should bookmark this page and check back later because we update it every now and then. Right now, the best place to get it is right here .

kiwi com booking reviews

How can Kiwi offer such lower prices?

This is because Kiwi works directly with the airlines. They doesn’t work with third parties.

To ensure effectiveness to its customers, offers fare aggregator and meta search engine services to get you the best price.

Plus, it works with up to 750 different carriers, ensuring that you will always get an option you are looking for.

And whilst some of the airlines don’t cooperate online, goes the extra mile to align your itinerary plan to meet different airline timings. This means you are presented with all the alternative which also include the cheapest packages.

How does work?

It is extremely easy to use the platform.

Simply type, press enter and you will be taken to their welcome page.

The page will be automatically redirected to the travel page and if not simply click on “travel” at the top left side of the page.

Once in the travel page, you can simply enter the details of your planned trip and you will see the options.

Compare the options and go for what you like.

The site will even share the pricing comparisons with other platforms.

kiwi com booking reviews

Is legit?

Yes, might be a new kid on the block compared to giants like SkyScanner, Momondo and Kayak but it’s absolutely legitimate.

I was surprised to find out how many awards they have won throughout the years.

Some of the awards include;

Can I book for any services other an airline ticket?

With, you can book for more services beyond air travel. allows you to book ground transportation.

If you want to book ground transportation, simply go the welcome page, then next to “travel”, you will find “rooms” and “cars”. Click on cars and you will be redirected to the ground transportation booking page. Simply add your details and choose the best option for you.

Just like with air travel carriers, also works with the biggest rental car companies to give you the best rates.

kiwi com booking reviews

What else can you book with

For your travel, offers you a complete travel solution services.

With your air travel, ground transportation and accommodation handled, what more could you ask for?

Yes, you heard right. does, in fact, allow you to book for your accommodation during travel on the platform.

And it doesn’t have to be accommodation during travel only.

You can also choose to use the platform just for accommodation booking without any travel or ground transportation booking.

However, rather than working with a myriad of hotels and guest houses, has partnered with (my favorite hotel booking site!) to make the experience easier.

And you don’t have to worry about any added charges.

To access the accommodation booking page, click on “rooms”.

After you click on “rooms”, you will be redirected to

kiwi com booking reviews

How does the Guarantee work?

The guarantee is put in place to ensure that you always catch your connection.

Their meta-search engine results are a result of their impressive algorithm which ensures to get you the best price and connection.

The guarantee protects you from flight delays, cancellations, and schedule changes.

In case of these problems, will get you an alternative flight or refund the price of the unused/missed ticket.

Before I tried this service, I also came across some very serious and negative reviews about this program. Thus, there is always a risk of using this service. Yet, the key is to always know what you are looking for.

If you ever come across a situation, follow the steps below;

As much as the steps above, seem easy and comprehensible, you must always be informed.

So before you jump on the offer and get excited to pack your bags, read through the lines.

You can always go for the flight that you are sure to catch (enough time between connections) to prevent the risk of such problems.

Go through their terms and conditions before committing and making any payments.

kiwi com booking reviews alternatives

It is logical that you will not always find the cheapest rates in for all destinations.

However, it is highly likely that you will find lower prices.

I compared basic prices with booking directly from the airline and also with it’s biggest competitor Skyscanner and as you can see, booking at Kiwi was the cheapest option.

kiwi com booking reviews

What are people saying about

I did some research to better understand the perceptions and experiences of other travellers. I was met with a combination of both positive negative reviews. 

Some had the best to say;

kiwi com booking reviews

And others not so much

kiwi com booking reviews

Conclusion – Is a scam?

The true answer is no. I believe is the best flight booking platform for budget flights. I love the fact that it is extremely affordable and yet it still offers you a cross-section of options. Its global presence also makes it easier for you.

You literally have the world at your fingertips.

You can pretty much connect your flights with any carrier without worrying about their partnership, as long the connection is realistic.

And their ingenious guarantee protection is definitely one to reckon with. And beyond that, you can plan your entire trip in one affordable platform. You take care of your air travel, ground transportation and accommodation in no time.

However, based on many customer reviews, more emphasis should be put on improving their guaranteed protection and customer service to ensure a smooth travel experience.

I hope this Kiwi flights review was helpful.

Which air travel booking platform are you using and how do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Julia Lundin

Julia Lundin

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 00.04.35

Meet the founder

Welcome to The Spirit Nomad! We help lightworkers step into their power and soul mission. Read more about Julia Lundin…

The content is based on a combination of the author’s life experience and years of knowledge gathered through online research. However, like with everything in this reality, we can never know for sure, so exercise your own discernment and only take on as truth that which resonates for you as truth.

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Ratings On Other Platforms has a consumer rating of 1.09 stars from 1,590 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about most frequently mention customer service, credit card and full refund ranks 253rd among Plane Tickets sites.

This company does not typically respond to reviews

What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

No positive highlights yet

Critical highlights

“Extremely bad agency”

Everything is bad! They didn't accept to refund my ticket (cancelled by the airline) and didn't accept to change connecting flights! (How can i catch the rest flights if the first one was cancelled? The customer service is extremely bad! Their replies are automated, not knowledgeable nor helpful at all. Very low processing of messages and responses. Please don't reserve with this $#*! agency!


This company makes your reservation and takes your payment without confirming if there is a flight available with the airline! To make matters worse, they don't call to inform you of their error. Instead they send a very confusing email that simultaneously states you're both confirmed and trip not possible. I tried calling them 2 days in a row. Both days I was left on hold for hours. I had to call the Airlines directly. Please take heed to my warning. Avoid this company!

Reviews (1,590)

Reviews that mention popular keywords

Thumbnail of user patrickd965

Bought a hidden city itinerary SFO-MUC. Flight was changed to SFO-FRA by airline, Kiwi first didn't respond, then only offered high-priced flights to Munich as alternative, even though they offered much better prices on their website. By the time I got a response out of them, those flights no longer existed. Terrible response time, don't support you when something changes, but try to cash in on you. Absolutely not recommended!

Thumbnail of user ardak10

I used them and after reading the reviews was scared but all my flights worked according to plan so my word of advice would be only book through Kiwi if you for sure are gonna make your flights. If no refund is needed then kiwi gets you where you need to go on short notice!

Thumbnail of user anus66

Thumbnail of user shannonh836

Do not book with this agency, pay more if you have to. You are warned. They are the worst agency I have ever had to deal with. I'm out $700 in plane tickets and there's "just nothing they can do". It's just all-around a horrible company. Please hear my warning. Use someone else!

Thumbnail of user eduardov157

I have been using this website for the past few years. The site itself is well designed, however my complaint stems from their lack of understanding. Amidst this coronavirus out break, unlike other companies that have adjusted their booking policy, they are refusing to allow me to change my flight. Instead I must loose the current flight, and book another at full price. It seems they are more concerned with making money than public safety. I would understand a transfer fee, but outright refusal when a pandemic is out there makes no sense.

Unfortunately booked my trip from ireland to Turkey with One of the flight was cancelled by airline. Kiwi proposed to me alternative flights for double money... Let me explain... I have to cancel all my flights (3 connected flights, no refund,0€ return) and pay double for new flights! So I bought the tickets directly from airline twice cheaper and apply for refund of my cancelled flight. Waiting for 4 months now, trying everything, emails, phone calls etc no answer at all. Please please please avoid these are scammers

Tip for consumers: Please please please don't use the these are scammers

Products used: Flights

Thumbnail of user milicam12

Never book anything from this site unless you wan't to be stuck in random airport over night because cancelled flights and you don't even get reasonable refund. Customer service is also very bad (bad english) and app does not work well.

Tip for consumers: Never book anything from this site unless you wan't to be stuck in random airport over night because cancelled flights and you don't even get reasonable refund. Customer service is also very bad (bad english) and app does not work well.

Q&A (27)

Can anyone give me costumers service complaint email to contact them i can not find it anywhere. can anyone give me costumers service complaint email to contact them i can not find it anywhere..

Its only on You need to log in and they click on your past or future trip. Then you will see an area where it says refunds and cancellations. You will click on it.

Hi why does your company not want to take responsibility for cancelling my flights with klm and return flights. why do you keep my money. Hi why does your company not want to take responsibility for cancelling my flights with klm and return flights. why do you keep my money.

Kiwi makes money from air flight cancellations and mistakes they make because They will refund nothing! I even bought add on insurance. That doesn't prevent them from dismissing it will all sorts of unreasonable misdirection. They have no right to operate and be so big... at the expense of poor unfortunate customers who spend their hard earned money to travel. The give the aviation industry a really bad name.

I need urgently to talk to kiwi customer support I need urgently to talk to kiwi customer support

I have reserved 7 flight through Kiwi with Spirit Airlines. Within 24 h I realised that I made a mistake on the flight date. I made a change and saw that Kiwi wanted to charge for both flights. When I told them I thought I could be reimbursed, they told me to go through the refund process on their website. I did. Just to make sure, I called Spirit and explained the issue. They said that they would fully reimburse Kiwi because the change was make within 24 h and it was an american law. Today, I received the answer for my refund request and Kiwi said they could not get reimbursement from the airline and I would have to pay double. When I tried to reach them to tell them there had to be another way, all of their contact information on their website was 'temporarily unavailable'. I feel like they have stolen from me.

Hello kiwi i have you up for a booking from west palm beach to houston. unclear. are you an airline or a booking service? Hello kiwi i have you up for a booking from west palm beach to houston. unclear. are you an airline or a booking service?

Booking service... and a bad one on the market. Outrageous and not responsable to their customers

Why all the bad reviews? Why all the bad reviews?

Because it is totally unreliable. Do not try to contact their customers' service because nobody would reply you.

Why do you tell lies Why do you tell lies

There is no doubt that is a scam. If you want to get your money back, then email the US Department of Transportation (douglas dot e dot davis at and CC the CEO of (oliver dot dlouhy at, the Vice-President of Customer Services (Petra dot Reiter at, and the head of customer servcies for the EU (anna dot cavazzini at Good luck and do not use them again.

Why do we keep quiet about kiwi's practices that robs money away from their unfortunate customers? Why do we keep quiet about kiwi's practices that robs money away from their unfortunate customers?

Because people don't know and they offer cheap flights.

I am reading al lot of experience with kiwi ?why could you explain it ? i am travelling from amsterdam to amman 21 dec.(ok619 and after that fr1772 I am reading al lot of experience with kiwi ?why could you explain it ? i am travelling from amsterdam to amman 21 dec.(ok619 and after that fr1772

The worst online booking company! Liars, fraudsters and thieves! They will absolutely not help you in anything. All the time, they will tell you that there is nothing they can do for you! Even if you cancel the flight a month in advance. Their application is made to easily deceive you. There is a possibility to refound for 10 euros, which looks like a cancellation fee, but this information is misleading, they will return only 10 euros to you, even if you pay them 230 euros! Never, ever, ever buy anything through them! Absolutely inhuman approach, they will just invent and lie just so they don't have to return anything to you! If you do not want to have problems and do not want to lose money, please avoid this company.

Hello, send me email or other contacts, please. Hello, send me email or other contacts, please.

You can reach this horrible company under these emails: Complaints *at* kiwi *.* com Complaints *@* kiwi *.* mypurecloud *.* ie

Hi i have purchased a ticket for 4 that is meant to leave very early tomorrow and still havent received my ticket? how long is that meant to take? Hi i have purchased a ticket for 4 that is meant to leave very early tomorrow and still havent received my ticket? how long is that meant to take?

Can’t see your question ask to get answers from the staff and other customers..

Sitejabber for Business

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews

About the business

Cheap flights, trains, hotels and car hire with 24/7 customer support & the Guarantee. Discover a new way of travelling with our interactive map, airport and destination guides in your pocket.

Company Representative

Thumbnail of user andreit10 reviews - Air Travel Forum reviews

kiwi com booking reviews

So has an itenerary I love for my trip next week from USA to the Balkans BUT it has so many disclaimers it is not even funny. I used them once before for a very short trip and it was ok but that was pre covid. Has anyone used them lately. There is way to many horrible reviews lately. Suggestions? Alternatives?

77 replies to this topic

' class= is one of the worst of the online ticket sellers. Skim through this forum, and you will find thousands of complaints.

Book direct with the airline . If anything goes wrong, you do not want an incompetent online ticket seller to be involved. If the itinerary you want is not on an airline web site, it probably has impossible connections.

kiwi com booking reviews

We have well over 7000 posts about them on these boards. Stay FAR away.

So you’ve seen all the horrible reviews but you want somebody to come out here and tell you that you should ignore them. This is how businesses like kiwi stay in business - the buyers just completely suspend critical thinking. How many negative reviews does it take?

'Suggestions?' Yes. 'Alternatives?' One or two.

'So has an itenerary I love for my trip next week from USA to the Balkans' Are you truly booking to travel from an unknown city in the States to a central European country? Have you checked the entry restrictions for that country?

'BUT it has so many disclaimers it is not even funny.' Imagine that. One of the biggest reasons there will be disclaimers is because wretched will have cobbled together separate tickets, any or all of which may not be available for purchase if you're daft enough to try to make a booking.

After making the booking request - do not book in real time - they'll come back to you and say they can't confirm the convoluted mess they've suggested, but if you pay $XYZ more they'll see what they can do - but that too likely won't work.

If you must travel then go to the airline's website and book there. Anything untoward that happens should you book with a third party ticket flogger is your responsibility.

kiwi com booking reviews

Run far and run fast

Run far and run fast away from this company.

Don’t do it!

You might get alternatives if you actually said where you are flying from, where you are flying to and when. Also, your nationality matters. Can you even fly the route you’ve seen as you won’t be in transit but entering the various countries with separate tickets.

Per his other post, he is going to Albania via Frankfurt. Or at least that is the plan.

Mad on several fronts and using Kiwi is just one of them

@ Jonny - please READ all the messages on the many threads about Kiwi and similar shonky ticket floggers and just do not even consider it

Just ask yourself WHY there are so many horrible reviews lately. (and what do you class as 'lately'? Some of the longer threads go back years).

Do you think people are not telling the truth when they give poor reviews to this company or post complaints on Tripadvisor?

I can sort-of understand people booking with shonky online companies because they think they are getting a bargain but when someone does actually take the time to read reviews and still seems to want assurance that they're OK...that takes the biscuit.

And takes away any sympathy when it all goes belly up.

Don't Be Clueless! Review: My Experience Using (Is it Legit?)


Let’s dive right in, shall we?

First, let’s all acknowledge that travel during these pandemic days is not going to be the most pleasant experience. If we manage our expectations thusly, our chances of being let down diminish.

Second, let me tell you a bit about me … because who you are, and what type of traveler you are, definitely affects whether you want to go with an online low budget travel agency like .

I am traveling solo with only a carry-on bag and plenty of flexibility if things go awry. “Solo” and “flexible” — IMHO — are key ingredients for whether you want to book with an online travel agency.

If I were traveling with the family, I’d probably book direct with the airline. In fact, I have read that, in these pandemic days, it is unwise to use online travel agencies such as , Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, etc.

But throwing caution to the wind is a age-old practice of mine so, without too much hesitancy, I booked a trip through . Here are all of the things that I learned and you need to know if you if you book travel with (be sure to read about my experience):

How I Found About and Who They Are

Why I Chose (And Why You May Not Want To)

How was my experience with

My normal first stop when booking a flight is to get a general ballpark idea of the prices for my upcoming travel.

In fact, several times I have booked directly through the Kayak website and have had very positive experiences.

So, in this instance, I was booking a flight from Medellin, Colombia to St. Louis, Missouri. A standard rate on a top-tier airline for this route is usually between $800 and $1,200. Often (since I fly this route a lot), to get a better price, I will book two separate roundtrips: one between Medellin & Miami/Ft Lauderdale and the other between Florida & St. Louis.

But Kayak is always my first stop and here is what I saw:


As you can see, there’s a great price of $390 offered by . ? Who are they? I have never used or heard of them. They do have a Wikipedia page that indicates many disgruntled travelers during the pandemic. In fact, their Better Business Bureau rating is currently an “F”.


Red flags everywhere … but the price is so good. It’s like half of what it would be on American Airlines.

Time for a little more research.

Can You Trust

I literally Googled this phrase . And here are the results:

So, in bold, we read that “Kiwi is not a scam”.

However, if you read every entry in these Google results, you will find one dissatisfied customer after another.

Here are just a few quotes:

“They’re a pile of shonksters with tons of complaints on here who cobble together separate tickets as one “booking”.” ( source ) “They’re legit in the sense that they take your money and book air tickets that you can use, but not legit in the sense that they care about customer service or have any sort of interest in you reaching your destination on time or getting your money back if a flight gets canceled.” ( source ) “Took all my money and haven’t heard back from them!” ( source )

And after reading all of these negative reviews, find out …

In spite of all this, I still chose to book with ? Yep, and let me lay out the reasons why:

People post negative reviews WAY more than positive reviews.

In fact, one of the most reputable online travel agencies is and they have a horrible rating of 1 out of 5 from more than 5,000 reviewers on Trustpilot (click photo below for direct link).


I know this tendency to post negative comments first hand as a part of my job as an online consultant is to remove bad online reviews for companies.

And the more popular a site, the more negative reviews they will have.

But they wouldn’t continue to exist if everybody had bad experiences. Would they?

Ample Time Between Flights

I would say that you only want to book with an online travel agency if your itinerary provides for ample time between flights, especially if those flights are with different airlines .

An extremely large portion of all of the complaints to these online travel sites have to do with flights being canceled or delayed.

So, if you are going to use online travel agencies such as , make sure they offer a good amount of time in between layovers.

The Top Tier Airlines Are Now … Not So Top Tier

For the itinerary that I am flying, I did find an American Airlines round-trip flight for $694, $300 more than what I am offered on .

American Airlines Versus

So my question is this: is American Airlines $300 better than the airlines that I will be flying?

Definitely not. Why?

Because American Airlines now nickels and dimes you just like all the budget airlines . This price of $694 does not even include luggage or seat assignments.

American Airlines, once ranked the second best airline , has begun playing down to the competition rather than maintaining and enhancing their services.

So basically there is no difference.

That extra $300 does not even get me out of the middle seat — I’d have to pay extra for that.

Luggage Requirements May Be a Show-Stopper

Checked luggage, and in fact carry-on luggage as well, maybe a showstopper if you intend to book with or any other budget online travel agency.

I’m not saying it’s an absolute deterrent but you should expect to pay more for checked luggage and, in many cases, carry on luggage. These baggage fees make offset much of the savings that you intend to have with .

And remember, on most airlines you can still carry on a personal item for free (a laptop bag can usually be classified as a personal item). Basically, if it fits under the seat, it’s a personal item but, if they are being sticklers that day, here are the actual measurements of carry-on bags .

Also, if you have multiple legs of a trip on different airlines and you have to retrieve and recheck your luggage, this is where many of the problems arise when you do not book directly with the airline.

Given all that, be mindful of your luggage requirements prior to booking with .

I Can Accept (Not Happily) the Worst-Case Scenario: Can you?

If you decide to book on , or for that matter any other online travel agency, you must be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The two worst case scenarios are as follows: your flight gets canceled OR your flight is delayed so long that you miss a connection.

One thing that we repeatedly see in the reviews is that customer service is absolutely terrible. So, if anything goes off schedule, you’ll need to be prepared for the worst.

If you can handle that (and “that” might be running around the airport trying to book another flight to your destination … which will probably be expensive), then book it!

Okay, now we get to the heart of this review: what was my experience like on ?

My experience with got real interesting real fast!

You see, says that they will do the check-in automatically for you. And here is the first message that I received before I even boarded a plane (be sure to install their app for notifications):


As you see, Kiwi also indicated that if I had to pay a fee for checking in at the counter that they would reimburse me. However, that was one of the biggest fears booking with them because, by all accounts, it’s impossible to talk to agents on the phone and resolve discrepancies like this .

So I began thinking about how actually works and realized that their computers identify the cheapest flights and book you on each of them separately.

Given that, I went directly to the Spirit Airlines app (which was the airline on the first leg of my trip) to try to get my boarding pass through them rather than the one provided through Kiwi I had read that some airlines don’t like to honor the boarding pass so it’s probably best to have one direct from the airline anyway .

The key piece of information that you need to know is your confirmation number for the flight which does a fairly good job at concealing … but you can find it! It can be found in the PDF attachment on the “ We’ve checked you in ” email that they send as you see below.


Armed with that code and my last name, I was easily able to get my boarding pass directly from Spirit Airlines and all was smooth sailing.


That would be my most important piece of advice when flying on a trip booked through – get your boarding pass directly from the Airlines app .

It’s also quite possible that Kiwi was not able to check me in on my first leg of the trip because it was international travel. They were able to check me in automatically for my second leg of the trip, which was travel within the US, from Orlando to St Louis Missouri.

So, in the end, apart from the check-in for the international flight, my travel went off without a hitch and I saved more than $300. Review Conclusion: Caveat Emptor !

I’ve learned in life that expectations often dictate experience – great movie previews lead to let-down at the theatre.

Conversely, reduced expectations can lead to satisfied customers.

This is the secret to booking travel with – reduced expectations.

If you are a demanding traveler with lofty expectations, is probably not for you.

However, if you are a low-maintenance traveler who simply wants to get where you’re going at a reasonable cost, I think you’ll find to your liking.

Richard Cummings

Richard Cummings

Latest posts by richard cummings ( see all ).

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Poor service and no response

I have triee contacting skypicker through email and phone but havent recieved a response. A few days ago i booked a flight from india to kochi from 21 july to 26 july. However as soon as i payed i realised i put in july instead of august. Straight after i contacted them and they told me it would be an extra charge but then i asked if it was per person but got no response. I then waited and emailed them to provide me the cheapest dates in august as i womt be in india in july. Still no response. Ever since iv been emailing and phoning but recieved no response therefore i want a full refund as i am upset by the poor service and lack of care. Also, the 21st of july is nearby and i want to sort this issue! What can i do?? My booking number is 185263

Date of experience : July 07, 2015

Reply from

Dear Rashida, thank you for your message. I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding and delay in replying to your request. We are receiving increased volume of requests but we are trying to solve all the requests as soon as possible. I have checked your case. I can confirm that your booking order 185263 was forwarded to the finance department for full refund of your booking order as you have requested. We have just issued full refund for your booking order. The refund will arrive back to your account within next several days. I will personally check your case and closely analyze if your case was handled by our customer support agents properly. I will take all necessary steps to ensure smoother handling of the cases in the future. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. You can contact me directly on email marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Cancelled flight, no refund, lying support..

We booked a ticket from Rome to Copenhagen, via Warsaw (Booking no. 122696). A couple of days ago we got an e-mail saying the flight from Warsaw to Copenhagen was cancelled, and that we needed to confirm to get our refund. We did, and got the answer that they were looking for a solution, and that they were going to contact us again within 24 hours. After 29 hours we still had not heard anything, so we sent them a new mail. After over 48 hours, still no answer, so we e-mailed them again. Now several days has past, and still no answer from them! To Skypicker: Don’t say you are going to fix something if you can’t do it! And don't set a timeline you cant' hold. Since we can’t get any answer via e-mail support: As we told you before, we want our money back for the entire trip, a total refund for both flights. If half the trip gets cancelled, then it’s no longer the ticket we payed for.

Dear Emma Langlet Vessman, thank you for your message. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by cancellation or Warsaw-Copenhagen route operated by Ryanair. I have checked your case (booking no. 122696). You have booked the combination flight from Rome to Copenhagen via Warsaw for July 28th. I would like o apologize for the delay in replying to your case. We are receiving the high volume of the requests and we are trying to process them as soon as possible. I have checked your booking order. By this message I confirm your request for the refund for the cancelled booking order. I have passed your case to the financial department to proceed with refund. The refund will arrive back to your account within next several days.. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. You can contact me directly on email marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Where is my boarding pass?????

I should know better and start looking at reviews before I spend any money on unknown homepages. I made booking via skypicker more than 5 hours ago and still only received a message that my booking is being handled without receiving any boarding pass. This is unacceptable and highly suspicious. Will never use them again and are going to take the money back if I did not receive any boarding pass by tomorrow.

Dear Miriam Haubner, thank you for the message. I would like o apologize for the delay in processing the booking order. I have checked your booking order (booking ID 186606). Airline was issuing the final confirmation of the booking order for your flights. Without it we were not able to confirm the reservation. Reservation is now confirmed. Conformation email with eTickets for your flights were sent to your email address '[email protected]' about and hour ago. Please check you inbox for the confirmation email and eTickets. If you did not received the email, please also check you spam folder. If you are still missing any documents please contact us and provide us another email address we can use for sending it. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact us. You can contact our customer support on email support(at) or me directly on email marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

No Boarding Pass Issued by Skypicker!! Very Bad Service !!

I am supposed to receive my boarding pass by 4th July and nothing so far. Is Skypicker closed for business. No customer support phones answered anywhere, no support, not even in Czech Rep/ Germany or UK. Booking number: 174160

Date of experience : July 06, 2015

Dear Kurian Varghese, thank you for your message. I apologize for the delay. The boarding passes were sent to your email address used at the moment of the booking([email protected]). Please check your email address, if you have received all the documents and everything is in the order. If you did not received your boarding passes to the Inbox, please try to check your spam folder. In case you are still missing any documents please contact us and provide us another email address we can use for sending it. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Do not use Skypickers

We used Skypickers to book our flights last travel. That became an expensive experience. We never got our boarding-passes. The last week before travelling, we had a lot of our minds (illness in family). But i thrusted Skypickers had done their job. But when we arrived check-in desk, they told us, we were not checked in. So we had to pay a lot and wait a long time. We almost did not reach the flight. On the booking-document, there was no phonenumber to Skypickers to ask for help. In London we had to spend a lot of money and time to do the check in for next flight. When i sent a mail to Skypickers, they said they had done the check-in and sent the boarding-passes. A big, big lie. If they had, we did not had to pay extra in the airport. I mean they should take the responsibility and admit they had forgot. And pay us back. But they told about their excellent full-Automatic system.... After asking 3 times, i got a phonenumber. I have called and called and..... No answer.

Date of experience : July 04, 2015

Dear Jannicke Kring, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? I will update my reply here according to your case. You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

I need to add an infant with passenger

Thanks for your prompt response for previous request.. However, I faced another problem that your website doesn't support to add infant with passenger, can you support to do that Thanks

Date of experience : July 03, 2015

Dear Ahmad, thank you for your message. I have checked your booking order. Your reservation was confirmed about 4days ago, several moments after ordering the flights. The message was sent to your email address '[email protected]' provided during booking process. I have just resent you the confirmation email with eTickets. If you did not received the email, please also check you spam folder. In case you are still missing any documents please contact us and provide us another email address we can use for sending it. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE (4.7.2015) Our customer support agent sent you an email regarding the possibility to add the infant to the reservation. Please check you email inbox for more information.

Where is my booking confirmation ?

Please I need my booking confirmation as soon as possible . Booking No : 182915

Dear Ahmed Elmasry, thank you for your message. I have checked your case. Sadly, the second flight in your reservation was already sold out so our system was not able to book your flight reservation. Information email about this issue was already sent to your email address and finance department already canceled and refunded your reservation. You will receive your payment back to your account in next several work days. Please check your outbound transactions. If the payment for the booking order was not withdrawed from your account, the payment was only blocked and reserved for the reservation. In this case amount will not be refunded, only unblocked and amount will be available. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Very poor service

I booked a flight from Monterrey to Guadalajara on Monday 29th June, but after clicking on the confirm-button I wasn't transferred to the next site. Even after waiting half an hour the payment details were still loading. So I tried to reach the live chat, but it wouldn't work. After that I wrote an e-mail, but I got no response. Furthermore I hadn't received any payment or confirmation mail, so I assumed that the whole process didn't work and I left the page. After that a friend of mine booked the flight for us again and it worked without any problems. She got a payment confirmation via mail and shortly after that also a confirmation mail for the whole booking. Around 20 hours after that finally decided to answer my mail by telling me that they're having technical problems but still trying to work on my booking. 10 minutes after that I explained my situation and told them that I WAS NOT interested in the flight booking anymore, because we already booked them again. I had to wait another 20 hours before they told me that the flight was confirmed. I still haven't received any payment confirmation or flight documents until now!!! Furthermore I can't believe how poor their service is and how they ignore customer's problems like that. I explained all the problems we had to them and it's a shame that nevertheless they make 2 students pay for their technical problems.

Date of experience : July 01, 2015

Dear Nadine Bühler, thank you for your message. We are sorry for the technical issue you have experienced. I have checked our database, I have found only one booking order connected to your name (booking order 178161). In general if there will be second identical booking order we will keep only one order and second order will be cancelled and refunded back to your account. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your cases such as both order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? I will update my reply here according to your case. You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) Thank you for your help. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

No confirmation email/boarding pass

I booked flights with skypicker alomst a week ago (Friday 26th June) and I still havn't received a confirmation email (let alone a boarding pass) despite the full amount of money being taken from my account. I rang and spoke to a member of your team on saturday 27th June and they said they were waiting for one of the airlines to confirm... despite this I still havn't heard anything back. Booking number 175520

Dear Philippa Fowler, thank you for your message. I have checked your case. There was a security issue with your payment and your payment was not accepted. We informed you about this issue via email on June 27th. As the payment was not accepted, we issued full refund of the payment for the booking order back to your account on June 28th. Please check your outbound transactions. If the payment for the booking order was not withdrawed from your account, the payment was only blocked and reserved for the reservation. In this case amount will not be refunded, only unblocked and amount will be available. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Not received boarding pass. Flying back on Friday

Was told i would receive boarding passes on 26/06 for flights back to Edinburgh from Faro for my party of eight , it is now 1st July and not received them. Supposed to fly back on Friday I phoned up earlier and was put on hold three times then line went dead. Very frustrating. Booking number is 149868

Dear Ross Reilly, thank you for your message. We are sorry for the delay. There were some technical issued with airline online system and we were not able to proceed with check-in in time. All boarding passes were already sent to your email address. Please check your email address, if you have received all the documents and everything is in the order. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

I haven't received the boarding pass.

Hello. I booked a flight to Edimburgh from Málaga on 20th June, I received an e-mail that said you'll send our boarding pass on 27th June, but today is 30th June and we haven't received anything. I have send you two e-mails and you have respond none. Please contact me as soon as possible, the book number is 168054. Thanks

Date of experience : June 30, 2015

Dear Fabio Flores Mayenco, thank you for your message. I have checked your case. There was technical error caused the delay in the check in. It is repaired and boarding passes were sent to you email address yesterday. Please check your email address, if you have received all the documents and everything is in the order. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Do not buy flight tickets from Skypicker.

I booked a flight from Jeddah to Hyderabad and return (175991). Payed the amount and got reply that flight will be booked in 30 min. Afterwards I get a reply from Skypicker that their is technical issues and the booking cannot be made. Now they are giving me other options which I cannot take so I asked for their refund procedure and a full refund. Now even after 3 mails I got no response. I am still waiting for their reply....

Dear Abdul Moiz Khan, thank you for your message. We are sorry for the delay in replying to your emails, I will check the email record to find out what caused the issue so this would not happened in the future. As you have agreed with refund via telephone with our customer support agent, your request was passed to the financial department. They will issue the refund tomorrow during the work hours and the payment will arrive back to your account in next several work days. Please check your outbound transactions. If the payment for the booking order was not withdrawed from your account, the payment was only blocked and reserved for the reservation. In this case amount will not be refunded, only unblocked and amount will be available. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

book ref 176535

I booked flights Leeds Brad to lanzarote on 18/08/15 and lanz to l/b on 01/09/15 at a cost of about £450.confirmation said I'd booked to come back via Dublin with an 8 hr overnight at airport at a cost of £635.12. Contacted them by email and phone was told they would get back to me within one day. That was on 28/06. Not received a call so rang back today only to be told that I.T. department say I did book via dublin. I KNOW I DID NOT. WHY WOULD I stay in an airport overnight with a 7 year old child and pay £200 more for the privelige. They are supposed to be ringing me back tomorrow but I don't hold out much hope!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat Whitworth

Dear Pat Whitworth, thank you for your message. I am sorry for the delayed reply for your requests. I have checked your case (176535). I must confirm the finding of customer support and IT department. We have received the order for flights Leeds-Lanzarote and back for August 18 and September 1. Return flight is with 8 hours layover in Dublin for 895 EUR (approx. 635 GBP). Order was processed automatically by our system without any problems or interference from our side. This excludes any human error from our side. Please can you search again for the flights and send me the link to the search of the direct flights for 450 GBP? You can send it to meas reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) I will check it and update my reply here according to your case. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Tried to reach customer support, no answer at all.

i tried to reach the customer support by emailing them and calling them several times to different countries just to make sure I am able to cancel my booking. I accidentally booked twice for a flight since my browser crashed from the previous booking. I was shocked when I received two emails regarding my booking and trying to cancel it right away and still trying. Later, two emails saying they encountered minor problems for both bookings and so, I am really hoping to make sure one of the booking didn't went through but unfortunately, my calls were not answered, my emails were not replied. So stressed right now.

Hello, thank you for your message. I have checked our database. I have found two reservations, 178863 and 178857, the double booking for the same route. The first reservation was refunded back to your account about an hour ago. Payment shoud arrive back to your account within next several working days. Please check your outbound transactions. If the payment for the booking order was not withdrawed from your account, the payment was only blocked and reserved for the reservation. In this case amount will not be refunded, only unblocked and amount will be available. In case of any other questions or requests dont hesitate to contact me. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Very bad experience

I booked my flight on the 19th of June. Waited almost 24 hours for the confirmation only to receive an email saying that they were unable to process my booking and that they would have refund me in max 5 working days. i'm still waiting to receive back my money Don't book your flights with them!

Dear Francesca, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? I will update my reply here according to your case. You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE: 30.6.2015 I am sorry for the delay in processing your order. Refund was already issued. Printscreen was sent to your email address, confirming the refund was done 10 days ago. If you will not receive the refund until end of the week, please contact me. Please check your outbount transactions. If the payment for the booking order was not withdrawed from your account, the payment was only blocked and reserved for the reservation. In this case amount will not be refunded, only unblocked and amount will be available.

Very bad customer service

I asked them to send me my confirmation they replied to me they can't change my flight I just want my confirmation by email they took out my money I think it's fake company stay far away from them

Date of experience : June 29, 2015

Dear Damien Heraud, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I have analyzed your case Edinburgh to Alghero and back with Ryanair for September 2 and 10. (booking ID 177,965). You flight order was succesfully confirmed several moments after ordering the flights. You have requested the flight change to flight route Frankfurt-Cairo for tommorow on July 1. In general we are only able to change the flights to new flight within same airline. We are sorry we were not able to help you with your request, but Ryainair doesnt operate flight to Egypt. To solve this case you would have to buy new flight for at least part of the route. If the case above is not order you are refering to, you can send me your booking number in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) I will update my reply here according to your case. In case of any other questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact us. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE (1.7.2015) I am sorry for misunderstanding. Copy of the confirmation email was sent to you yesterday in the morning as you have requested. Your flights are confirmed and valid and everything is in the order.

everything was great

I'm happy that i found "skypicker". Ticket's was really cheap. I got them on time. What can traveller wish more? :) Thank you. Sincerely, Reda :)

Date of experience : June 28, 2015

Dear Reda, thank you for your review. Enjoy your trip and we will see each other at your next booking! Thank you for choosing On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

flight 174466

Hello Mr Le Xian, I booked flight 174466 todat and less than an hour later was faced with an emergency that would render me unable to leave until mid august I sent you an email regarding the matter and have received no reply, I'm not wanting to cancel the flight just change it to a later date. Could you please let me know as soon as possible Regards Roman Harrison

Date of experience : June 26, 2015

Dear Roman Harrison, thank you for your message. I have checked your case and email form you, I am sorry for the delayed reply. It is possible to change the flight for another date, I have sent you the additional information about the possible flight change. You can find the message in your email inbox. I will be waiting for your reply to help you with the flight change. Best regards, Marek Le Xuan Marketing & Customer Relations

Request for booking confirmation

Hello, I just bought a ticket with the booking number is 174600. I have waited for 2 hours already but haven't received the ticket. I am in a hurry because my flight will depart soon. I see that the company reply quite quickly to the review so I just want to know if the company can do anything to check the situation.

Dear Chi Ngo thank you for your message. We are sorry for delay in confirming the order. I have checked your case, confirmation for your flights with eTickets was sent to your email address. In case you are still missing any documents please contact us and provide us another email address we can use for sending it. Best regards, Marek Le Xuan Marketing & Customer Relations

My name is Billy, my booking name is: 171779. I am waiting for my tickets that I have bought today at 7:00 pm (Chile)... They say that I should wait for 30 minutes, but I have waited for 7 hours and I do not see my tickets. They send me an ambiguous message: ------------------------------------ Dear traveler, thank you for your booking at Skypicker! We started processing your order. It appears we are experiencing minor technical issues on the side of the flight provider. We are working on your booking and will get back to you as soon as the carrier will confirm it. Thank you for your patience, Your Skypicker team ------------------------------------ I have sent email to support and flyhigh4low (, but I haven't got any answer.. I wait for some message.. I will rectify my rating, but I need to see some real action. Thanks. Billy UPDATE 01 --------------- Thanks for the e-tickets. But, how can I verify the validity of my flights? For example I have e-ticket with British Airways but I do not know how to verify my flights .. For my peace, I want to be totally sure that the transaction is OK.. The same happens with TAM, LAN and Ryanair. I want to be sure before to change my rating. I apreciate your work and understand the issues, but I need to be sure about the transaction because it is the first time that I use your service. Thanks, Billy

Date of experience : June 24, 2015

Dear Billy Peralta, thank you for your message. I have checked your booking order. We are sorry for issues connected to your order and following delay in confirming your order. Confimation email with eTickets was already sent to your email address so everything should be in order. Check in for your flights will be available on August 30 and September 5. I apologie for the delay and hope everything is now in the order. In case of any question or request do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE (June 25, 2015) I am in contact with our customer support centre. We are preparing the printscreens of the confirmations. Once they are ready we will send them to your email address.

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Reviews 3.3.

78,049 total

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Unreliable SpiceJet

The Delhi-Bangkok leg of the journey was a total disaster, with the SpiceJet flight more than six hours late. At the blazing-hot Delhi airport we were not offered any water or food, until we had complained for five hours. Passengers concerned about connecting flights in Bangkok were not receiving any guarantees so the armed airport police had to be summoned to ensure the dispute did not get out of hand. Instead of departing at 21.10 on Mon 27 February, we left at 3am on Tue 28 Feb. Never again!

Date of experience : 26 February 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Terrible experience.

Terrible experience, first flight was delayed so missed connecting flight. When you try and contact anyone on their website the chat bot takes you around in circles over and over and won’t let you speak to anyone, their number won’t ring either. The website keeps telling me we can still catch our flight despite the airport saying we are too late… Do not go near this website, currently stranded in Bangkok and can’t contact them.

Date of experience : 05 March 2023

This online booking sucks!!

This online booking sucks!!! The worst experience in my entire travel experiences. They don’t know how to coordinate their flights. You’ll end up paying check in luggage in every single connecting stop. Flair Airlines is a ripoff as well as the Spirit!!! Low cost Airline they said is the highest cost Airlines. They don’t send your luggage straight to your destination. Don’t ever book at Kiwi Airlines.

Date of experience : 04 March 2023

Kiwi not willing to help find…

Kiwi not willing to help find alternative routes and caused more problems to my flight experience. My first lag got canceled and contacted Kiwi for options. They advised me to do assist refund, not telling me that the second lag and third lag was still active. I canceled the entire itinerary which was advised by them and lost 80℅ of my money. I was frustrated with this stupidity Kiwi agents are telling me. Because I did not buy the guarantee protection, I wont get full refund, yet, it was one of their agents advice.

Date of experience : 02 March 2023

Absolutely no help

Absolutely no help when I accidentally input my wrong birthdate. They have the option to change the passenger details which you need to pay 30 dollars for. But their broken site wouldn't even let me pay. Kept saying there was an error no matter what card I used. Contacted their support and their responses were basically just restating my questions for help and telling me to do what I had already told them I tried to do. Went on the actual airline's chat support and got it all sorted out within 10 minutes and didn't have to pay a penny. Kiwi might have cheap prices but they are no help whatsoever.

Don’t bother

Don’t bother. Got really cheap flights through but it was a mess trying to get my boarding documents. I was traveling with a lap infant which made things more complicated. Customer service isn’t very helpful. They also didn’t add my TSA pre check to my reservations. Don’t use them.

I booked a flight from Chennai to…

I booked a flight from Chennai to Helsinki for my friend. Paid it (return ticket) and received the tickets. Then I noticed that it was from Helsinki to Chennai!!! Like completely opposite and wrong!!! Your company refused to return the amount of payment back. This will not be a silent occation. Surely not good advertisement for your company. We'll see.

Rude call centre staff

Rude call centre staff. Gave false details to airline carrier so I was unable to speak to carrier direct. App, would not let me scroll to bottom of screen to download my invoice so I could give incorrect details to carrier to pass security. Serious security concerns with this company combine with attrocious call centre staffs means I will never use this company again.

I bought a ticket Pattaya-Dubai-Tel…

I bought a ticket Pattaya-Dubai-Tel Aviv-Vilnius. I wasn’t allowed on board on a flight Dubai-Tel Aviv because the layover was too short (Kiwi sold bundles, connected tickets, so I trusted that they know regulations). Long story short, I spent 10hours stuck in Dubai, they sent me to Warsaw instead of Lithuania. I then had to buy a ticket from Warsaw to Vilnius at my own expense. You know what was Kiwi response? You guessed it - we cannot control carriers. :) even though they sell tickets and do not check layover times and regulations for them. Customer support is robotic, mechanic, zero empathy, denied everything, didn’t take any responsibility, left me alone solving my problems trying to return home, stuck in airport. At the end, all I asked was at least to refund money for that extra ticket I had to buy from Warsaw to Vilnius. Nope. Not gonna happen. :) Never again I will use this broker.

If you have multiple flight with different airlines, best to AVOID. The customer service just wants money not your best.

One of our flights were cancelled and we got alternative flight which is 2 days later from airlines. Kiwi offered me alternatives because i will miss my connecting flight due to tge 2 days delay. Kiwi’s alternative was starting for more than what I already paid. I bought a new connection flight on my own which was 10x cheaper than what they offered. Their customer service doesn’t want to let me accept the new date flight from the airlines, they keeping repeating nonsense although I told them I am aware what I will miss. The customer service just wants money not your best.

Better have a lawyer with you

Things they say and do to customers constantly make you wonder if it is even legal. They rescheduled my flight without my consent and it is a cheaper option(cuz it’s extremely early) than my booked one - and refused to refund any money… Stay away for peace of mind

Date of experience : 03 March 2023

Flight was canceled and KIWI sent me 109 Euros less

After booking the ticket and receiving the confirmation, KIWI informed me that the airlines canceled the ticket and I should be refunded. Then KIWI sent me 109 € less. It was very difficult to reach the customer service who informed me that the refund depends on the policy of the airlines. Ok please send me the communications with the airlines. I want to know where is the mistake? KIWI said no we are not allowed to show you our communications with the airlines. This really hard to understand, KIWI canceled the flight and took 109 Euros for nothing!!

Date of experience : 14 November 2022

Kiwi's chat while on the move

Kiwi's chat supported when check-in is directly to airline. If in doubt, while on the move, can chat to customer service. Functionality is good w/latest web-browser. A good experience as such.

Date of experience : 02 January 2023

They did a GREAT job!

I enjoyed the friendly and professional manner that both representatives I spoke with today displayed. They are hardworking and doing their jobs well. Its a credit to humanity when you can have a stress free conversation with someone about changes to an itinerary that are out of our hands.

Kiwi is not a reliable and honest at…

Kiwi is not a reliable and honest at all staff are not helpful gad a terrible experience. My flight was delayed and then cancelled they offered me 3 stops instead and 17 hours stay in the airport with a baby 2 children. They changed my flight 3 times gave me a very stressful time. I had to pay for my hand bags as well because the tickets they offered me did not include hand bag of 10 kg and my original tickets included 10 kg cabin bags. They are not even refunding it back. Poor communication from staff never ever book with kiwi

Date of experience : 23 February 2023


I feel as though i have been scammed! We booked flights to Florida which were cancelled 3 weeks later allegedly by carrier! They offered an alternative flight with multiple stopovers for an extra £2500! We naturally cancelled and were given a refund some £680 short! When I contacted the call centre i was told it was all part of the terms and conditions the company set and it was everything that the carrier (BA) had returned to them! I can not believe that is common practice from BA. We have lost £680 just through booking flights and having them cancelled! This company has appalling practices. I should also point out they are NOT ABTA OR ATOL PROTECTED! If they were they wouldn't be in business long! AVOID AVOID AVOID

Date of experience : 26 January 2023 is scammer they will booked… is scammer they will booked you flight but this ticket are not valid they get money to people so dont ever booked to them or buy any ticket this is scammer untill now they dont give it back my money dont trust them ever this is the worst company ever! 😡 be ware to this company they will steal your money !

Date of experience : 08 January 2023

If I could give ZERO stars

If I could give ZERO stars, I would. This site is such a scam that is there to take your money. We booked two flights with them and one of them was carrier cancelled and because we didn’t want to pay extra for their ridiculous guarantee, our options were pay $500+ for another plane ticket (NO FUNDS FROM THE CANCELLED FLIGHT ARE CREDITED TOWARDS NEW FLIGHT) or request a refund that would take 3+ months AND they cancel BOTH flights, not just the carrier cancelled. So basically they just keep your money for the carrier cancelled flights. When I say this company is BS…. DON’T DO IT. Book directly through the airlines or use another agency because this one WILL take your money happily

Very unlikely to fly Frontier, first and last time.

Cranky staff at boarding in Kansas City. Very rude. Glad I didn’t bring my epi pen in its coo case, I would have had to leave it. Dirty seat on plane. Had a medical emergency but the staff never had it before and we could hear them talking about it. Two stars because the flight back was better. Except pilot came on and asked electronics to be completely turned off so he could use autopilot to land. That was fine, what was not was the lady in the back yelling commentary on how the pilot can’t see and such. No one asked her to at least be quieter. The girl beside me started panicking a bit due to her comments.

flight booking with Kiwi

I did my booking with Kiwi. It was hassle free and everything went as expected. They even checked me in to my flights and sent me the boarding passes which helped a lot. My only concern that for the same airline they made my two flights as two different bookings which would have been a hassle if I got check in luggage as I would have needed to enter the country of my first layover to check in the luggage again which would have been a hassle.

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kiwi com booking reviews   Reviews

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Reviews 3.3.

78,049 total

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Great experience and service

I bought two tickets to Madrid (from Budapest) through Skypicker and everything (confirmation, check-in etc.) went fine. I got what I expected plus great service. I'm looking forward to my next flight/booking "with" Skypicker.

Date of experience : 23 June 2015

Reply from

Dear KarelS, thank you for your review. I hope you enjoyed your trip and we will see each other at your next booking! Thank you for choosing On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Nowadays not a good choice.

I booked Mexico - Chihuahua paying 17€, they sent me an email telling me about light problem with some "tecnical errors" but they would send me the confirmation. I searched the flight and i had never seen again, finally they told me that they have travels with my reservation and they couldn't process my order. Fail

Date of experience : 15 June 2015

Dear Manuel, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? I will update my reply here according to your case. You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) We are sorry for the trouble, technical issues can appear in any part of the process and can be caused for example by error in carrier reservation system, or some other issue we cannot influence. In general, if there is some problem with booking the tickets and tickets are not booked, it is always possible to cancel it and refund you. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE (June 17, 2015): I can confirm that in case of your reservation there was some technical issue and we not able to finish your order. In this case your order was cancelled and fully refunded back to your account.


I booked a ticket from Madrid to San Jose (Costa Rica) through Skypicker. I received an email saying I would get confirmation of the booking within half an hour. Then I received another one saying there was some technical problem. Finally I got a message saying that the price of the ticket had gone up and that I had to either pay the different (300 euro, a 50% increase) or cancel the booking. I asked inmediatelly for the cancellation, even if they had to book my flight as It was offered at the original prize of 670 € (not the 1000 the asked for later). I then requested a cancellation, which he said would take up to 5 business days. The money appeared as having been taken out of my credit card. If no booking was made, Why Have I to pay? I can not book another flight because I have reached my credit card limit. I do not recomend anybody to use Skypicker. Now, I have no flight and no money. -----------------UPDATE-------------------- I "BOOKED" MY FLIGHT ON FRIDAY 12TH JUNE AND THEN THE AMOUNT WAS CHARGED ON MY ACCOUNT. TODAY, 18TH JUNE THE REFUND HAS NOT ARRIVED YET. THEN 6 DAYS LATER I HAVE NO FLIGHT AND NO MONEY. THEREFORE, I CAN NOT BOOK ANOTHER FLIGHT TILL REFUND ARRIVES. PEOPLE SHOULD SERIOUS AVOID BOOKING WITH THIS COMPANY

Dear Juan M, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? I will update my reply here according to your case. You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) We are sorry for the trouble, technical issues can appear in any part of the process and can be caused for example by error in carrier reservation system, or some other issue we cannot influence. This may cause outdated prices so we are not able to book the tickets for the original price. Delay for the refund is sadly caused by money transfer between different banks. We are working on some solutions to speed it up for every customer. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE (June 17, 2015): I can confirm that in case of your reservation there was some technical issue and we not able to finish your order. In this case your order was cancelled and fully refunded back to your account. Charging your card as you order the service is a standard procedure. Without the payment we are not able to order the tickets from airline reservation systems and finish the order. Delayed charging the cards could also compromise the security of the payments. UPDATE (June 18, 2015): As we spoke via email, I have send you a refund confirmation. It is being processed. Payment was sned from our account and it is being processed by our and your bank. We are sorry for the delay, but at this moment we are unable to speed up the process.

Great Service

Service was perfect. Thanks to Stanislav Kuzmenko. He not only informed me of the glitch, but followed up on it and booked me another flight. 5 stars for you guys!

Date of experience : 14 June 2015

Thank you Gayle Tristan for the review. We are glad that the problem was solved without any troubles and your order was finished successfully. Thank you for using and have a nice flight! On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing & Customer Relations

Very good experience

I was reluctant to book with Skypicker when reading the reviews. However, I am very glad I did the booking with them. We were booking a quite complicated flight. Nuremberg to Mallorca via Bukarest and Brussels (with each city half a day to spend) and return flight via Santander to Nuremberg. Jet-setting for little money. Received prompt confirmation of flight booking, also an SMS arrived in due time reminding me to do online check-in. All of the 6 tickets were received with online check-in already done. All in all great service! Arrived back yesterday and were happy!

Date of experience : 10 June 2015

Thank you for your review. We are happy that we were able to help you with your booking. We hope you had a great trip and enjoyed your flights. See you soon again on! On behalf of Marek Le Xuan

don't use this company

I booked a ticket from Caracas to Milan through Skypicker. I received an email saying I would get confirmation of the booking within half an hour. I didn't. Ten hours later I got a message saying that the price of the ticket had gone up and that I had to either pay the different (700 euro, a 50% increase) or cancel the booking. I called their London number and argued that the ticket I had requested was still advertised on their website at the same price I had been quoted. After some arguing, the person said that I he would check with the bookings department and come back to me within ten minutes. He didn't. I called back after half an hour. He insisted the price had gone up, even though the original price was still appearing on their website. I then requested a cancellation, which he said would take up to 5 business days. The money appeared as having been taken out of my credit card. I asked why would money be charged to my card when no booking had been made. No answer was forthcoming. In the end I did get a the refund. The whole experience was very stressful as I could not book another ticket as my credit card limit had reached its limit because of that transaction. It seems that this is not a proper travel agent working on-line with the airlines in real time. In the end I bought the ticket I had originally requested at the original price in a different on-line service. A thoroughly bad experience. I would not recommend anyone to use this "service".

Date of experience : 09 June 2015

Dear Jordi, my name is Marek Le Xuan, at I am responsible for Marketing and Customer Relations. I would like to analyze your case to look for new possible ways how to improve services. Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) I will analyze your case and update my reply here at Trustpilot. Thank you in advance. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations UPDATE: Thank you for sending me more information to check you case. I would like to apologize for the delay in the processing the order. I have forwarded your case to the IT department to recheck, why the prices on the website were not updated and correct it for all future cases. We are also working on bigger automatisation of our processes to proceed all reservation quickly as possible. As you have mentioned in these cases if our customer does not agree with the new price, we refund the original payment for the booking order. We are glad to hear tht the refund was delivered without any troubles.

Confusing flight ticket

Its just confusing if its written on your flight confirmation- to kyoto KIX but its actually osaka. They should change that.

Hello Lia, thank you for reaching out to us. When searching the flights, KIX airport is presented as Osaka, at it should be. For some reason, this information is not copied into flight confirmation etc. I have already reported this issue to our IT department and it should be repaired very soon. Thank you one more time for informing us about this bug. Best regards On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Don't use these people. they issued a ticket for the wrong date and at gbp49 more than quoted. When I called they said there was a charge to correct their error, that was almost as much as the ticket. I called the airline and they said if Skypicker gave them permissikon to make the change, then they would do it for no charge. Skypicker refused. Avoid at all costs.

Date of experience : 27 May 2015

Hello, thank you for your comment. Part of my job at is to analyze all the cases and look for new possible ways how to improve services. I would like to ask, are you our customer? Did you had any specific problem with your order? Could you send me more information to identify your case such as order number, so I can analyze it and help you resolve it? You can send it to me in reply to this message or send it directly to me via email to my address marek.lexuan(at) Thank you very much. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Excellent !

Very cheap, useful and they reply very quickly. I recommend !

Date of experience : 12 May 2015

Dear Lhassani Lina, thank you for your kind review, we gladly helped with your case. We hope your flight was without any troubles and you enjoyed your trip. Have a nice day. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

good experience. 100% satisfied.

I read the negative reviews and was already afraid I might be stuck at the airport when their website wasnt working for a while and I couldnt print my boarding pass. I then wrote a mail to skypicker support and got a very helpful answer right away even though it was in the middle of the night. They completed the checkin for me and sent me the documents on time. It is true, that each of the 3 emails we exchanged was answered by a different person as someone wrote above. But that didnt cause any trouble. I got what I needed and I got it fast. And cheap. So thumbs up. Keep going, guys! Jakob

Date of experience : 11 May 2015

Dear Jacob, thank you for your review. We are glad that you were satisfied with our services and we helped you to solve your problem. It is quite impossible to have each case handled by one person as our customer support runs 24/7 and we want to achieve fastest replies as possible. Hope it didnt caused any isses or misunderstandings. Thank you one more time. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan Marketing and Customer Relations

Warning: Stressful, unprofessional and stalling.

So when buying a series of flight to go on a journey, you check various search engines yes? Well I seen skypicker and my initial thought was. "Oh what's this? not seen this one before..." so I checked it out. Didn't look half bad, reasonably priced, opportunity to check various dates at once for flexibility and give you cheapest option. Deal. Normally if its me flying I don't bother buying flights with insurance as I know my way around airports. BUT I was helping my partner book her flights since she's never travelled internationally before, so I took care of looking for best deal that didn't have stupidly long waiting times between flights. I found a suitable one! reasonably priced, and I got insurance in case she missed one of the flights or there were some complications. But two out of 3 flights needed to be changed, I had found a suitable flight that was actually cheaper, with the same search engine, same air line. With the insurance purchased I thought it would cover you for any changes in your journey with suitable notice given of course, but nope. To be fair, it does say in the tiny print. I let them know within days of making initial booking, and I got 27 emails pinged back over 2 and a half time weeks time period saying they were going to look into it, ALL by different people that tried to give me different options, most of them offered me the exact same flights I already had. Trying to be patient as I knew they were a new business and their employees were probably still in the process of learning. But with all the stalling they did it turned out that the flights I was aiming to change to were no longer available. The next option they gave me was the exact same route that is giving me problems in the first place, being more expensive and wanting to charge me additional fees for every flight that was to be changed. If it wasn't for the fact that I've already paid a substantial amount of money. I would consider just letting the flights be lost and loose the money, it would actually be cheaper to just buy a whole set of new flights from another business from scratch. But I am trying to find a viable solution to at least try to salvage SOMETHING out of this. I am waiting for some to get back to me again, surely it will be a different customer support personnel that doesn't know what's going on and will try offer me the exact same flights I already have. -sigh- Downside is that with all the messing about and the miss information being provided to me the flights are getting more and more expensive with every day. Do they plan it to try drain every penny out of you? For future Customers of Skypicker. Be 10000% sure that nothing can go wrong with your journey and it's for definite that you are traveling. Prepare for the worst (loosing the money paid for flights all together) if something unexpected happens and you want to change something in your journey. I think I will go back to my usual Search engine that I had been using for the past 3 years traveling around the world. [external reference]

Date of experience : 21 April 2015

Hello, thank you for your comment. My name is Marek Le Xuan and at I am also responsible for communication towards customers. I have checked your case with the issue of changing flights and using the insurance to cover the change. Sadly, as it was stated in insurance description on our webpage and in insurance Terms and Conditions, our insurance partner AXA doesnt cover flight changes based on request from customers. This includes changing the travel route as not being able to travel caused by not getting visa permits to enter the transfer airport. Following that your case was handled as flight change based on customers request and in these cases there is always fee aplied for the change. We are sorry that your had complications on your travel and we were not able to help you more in your situation. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan

Excellent !!

I was out flying during the Norwegian strike. Skypicker helped me with almost everything. I had to rebook one flight myself at the airport, as the time schedule was tight to get an alternative flight because of the strike. Good service, quick responces and overall responsible personell. I would definitely book with SkyPicker again. Pär

Date of experience : 11 April 2015

Thank you for your review! We are very glad that everything went smoothly under these circumstances. We are happy to help any time. Hopefully your next flight will be more comfortable. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan

Poor customer service - Risky business model

I would like to strongly warn everyone about the risks involved in booking with Skypicker! Skypicker specialises in very cheap flights. I booked one of these cheap flights, not being aware that cheap flights are frequently cancelled if the airline decides that sales aren't going well enough. This is what happened in my case. I was going to fly to an Eastern European airport via another Eastern European country, leaving from the UK. Both flights to and from my final destination were cancelled a few weeks after I had booked them with Skypicker. However, I had already arranged my transport to and from the airport in the UK that my Skypicker-booked flights would leave from, i.e. I had booked several bus tickets and plane tickets. Now I got an e-mail from Skypicker saying that my flight had been cancelled, but that I may book alternative flights on that date and that Skypicker will then reimburse the cost. This sounded very reasonable and this is what I wanted to do, given that I had already arranged everything to leave on those specific dates from a specific airport. However, I didn't trust the company so asked them to confirm that I can go ahead and make my bookings and that they will then indeed reimburse the cost, which would have been perfectly possible within their terms and conditions (which they sent together with the information that my flight had been cancelled). I would have booked flights to and from my final destination to replace the leg of the trip that had been cancelled. Unfortunately, Skypicker also reserves the right to simply return your money and cancel any bookings if a flight is cancelled. This is what they did in my case, even though they were fully aware that this would mean I would lose all the money for the bus and plane tickets that I had booked separately. There are very few flights to my destination and it is unlikely I can find reasonably priced alternative flights by myself now. At the beginning they were also trying to convince me to fly on different dates, but did not suggest any concrete options (which should really be an obvious thing to do rather than just saying "please consider flying on a different date"). When I finally asked which would be my options, they refused to give me any options. On the whole it was an extremely frustrating experience. I had to deal with six different people via e-mail who all suggested different "solutions" to my problem. None of them were helpful and instead of trying to solve the problem, they were simply delaying the decision of cancelling everything I had booked, which was the most inconvenient option for me. I would like to emphasise that Skypicker had the choice to take a customer-friendly decision and actively decided to provide a bad service which is causing me a lot of trouble now. It seemed highly cynical that they would end all their e-mails with the phrase "Thank you for understanding!". I would strongly advise against booking a flight through them, unless you don't really care whether you are actually flying or not (which may be the case if you have a lot of free time and would be merely travelling for the fun of it I suppose). Their business model is not actually selling flights, but doing a sort of "lottery", where you can win very cheap flights, but may very well end up not flying at all. If you actually do want to get somewhere on a certain date, then Skypicker is the wrong option. You may end up paying a lot more than you thought you would, not to mention all the hassle of dealing with an extremely unhelpful and unprofessional customer service. REPLY TO SKYPICKER'S REPLY: Dear Marek, thank you for your reply. Would you please let me know your e-mail address? I am happy to provide the additional information you need. Many thanks, Chris UPDATE I've been in contact with Marek about this case. He was very polite and professional and explained the reasons for some of the things that happened. This does not "undo" those mistakes, so I leave my review above as it is. But Skypicker seems to be a young company and I do think they have the potential to improve their customer service and levels of professionalism significantly over the coming years. On a positive note, once the company had decided to give me a refund, the transaction went very quickly. This is certainly not a company that is trying to cheat their customers. Rather, as I am saying above, you should always be aware that your flight could be cancelled any time because of unreliable airlines. Thus it is advisable not to book anything in advance (e.g. hotel, buses to the airport, car rental etc.) apart from your flight, as you may lose that money in case your flight does get cancelled. You should also always be ready to accept that you might not be flying to your destination at all.

Date of experience : 28 March 2015

Hello, thank you for your feedback. My name is Marek Le Xuan and at I am also responsible for communication towards customers. I tried to look for your case in our system and find out what happened, but I was not able to find it with information given in review. Please, can you give me more information to identify your case, like number of your order or email used for communication with Skypicker, so I can investigate this matter? We are trying to investigate every case to identify possible issues and take steps to improve our customer support services so it would not happen again in the future and we would really appreciate it. Thank you very much for your help. On behalf of Marek Le Xuan UPDATE: Sorry to do it this way, I cant reply on your reply. I hope you will see the message. My email is marek.lexuan(at) Thank you.

Very cheap, very quick

Extremely great experience, can only recommend. Everything went totally smoothly, all the communication was very quick. I did a typo in my name and Skypicker support team helped me and changed everything for free. Absolutely worth trying for your next trip!

Date of experience : 17 March 2015

Thank you for your feedback!

Michael M

we lost all our money and flights

We booked 2.5 months in advance. Every few weeks we received notices of one flight being cancelled or re-reschedulled. 5 weeks before our 5 flights journey, 3 had been cancelled with no refunds being possible (they wanted more money to re-shedulled one flight than for the whole jorney). We ended up losing all our money and flights. How can skyscanner allow these scammers to operate from their platform? I blame skyscanner as much as I blame kiwi.


Unprofessional and not recommended at all

I was supposed to fly from Sydney to Mumbai via Kualalampur and got trapped by their lowest fare and propaganda on websites. As a student who had a family emergency , I booked the flight and got my itenary. Just a day before flight , I get the message that my flight from KL to Mumbai got cancelled . I tried to reach out to them but it has no coustomer service . They send me a updated itenary to confirm.again on app and this time I had to pay 2000AUD more for alternate route . On the day I was flying , the flight from KL to Mumbai was still on

Israel osanmoh are scammers, they will collect your tickets money for their services charge please avoid them they are thieves they took $2400 as service charge, they are a junk thief


Dishonest, misleading and deceptive

I went to amend a flight I'd booked, and the only option I saw was to cancel the flight, which it said I could do within 48 hours of departure. What it didn't say is that it's only a 2% refund. When I realised and contacted they were extremely unhelpful. They insisted that I agreed to a $15 refund from an $800+ ticket and wouldn't even reinstate the tickets for me.

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Svetla P.

Absolutely appalling- stay away

Canceled my flight few hours before departure and not only tried to rebook three more times they don’t respond for up to 16 hours!!!! And then suggest that the passenger wants to cancel? This is the return for my flight from the US to Australia. Then when I finally got a message from a supervisor he had the wrong name and really didn’t address my issue but sent a standard reply with tried to call and if you cancel it’s on you. I did not cancel and was ready to fly. Absolutely awful service and no care for passengers.


This company has to stop operating to save millions of people getting fooled

This website needs to be closed . This website is a scam . My flight got cancelled by them ($1310.00) the refund received after following for 7 months was $ 97.00. The flights can get can cancelled anytime with no customer service support.This company has to stop operating as they might fool Millions of people in future.I believe some of you have had the same problem.let’s all help to stop this company from operation.

Darryl B.

Booking was made by Swissport staff using Kiwi com unbeknown to me for a wrong date. Now can't get a refund from kiwi even though canceling within 2 hrs. They took all the money and won't even listen to my complaint . If you use this company be warned, they're heartless, morally corrupt, uncaring thieves.

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Shocking company

Do not use. They didn’t book the flights in accordance with my request or my booking confirmation. Consequently I was stuck for 20 hours on an airport floor some 3000 miles from home. I ended up arriving two days late at the wrong airport. Their customer support cannot speak English you can hear children playing in the background and the tv on. I mean come on, really?!

Kaila Sutherland

Illegal and inequitable practices

Deceives customers. Tried to cover up their mistakes. Blatant disregard for customer complaints. Do not use them ! I should’ve believed all the bad reviews rather than putting my trust in them.

One Z.

This is a scam website, Do not use it. cancelled my flight and not refunding me back the money. The tickets were 7500 CNY in total and they refunded me 150 CNY as a reimbursement.

This is completely unacceptable.


Checked luggage scam

Booked a flight through because it was half the cost of any other. Through the online process, Kiwi want to charge the same amount as the ticket to check a bag. Other tickets included a bag. We elected to have cabin bags only. After accepting our booking on-line, we were told no tickets were available from the airline. We have our money back, but this caused inconvenience. We booked flight for a similar price through another agency, so far without an issue.

Jonas B.

customer service not reliable customer service is a mess i asked for correction of surname they didnt correct it all. i myself go to the ticketing office to correct

Author stated being incentivised for this review

Ane G.

WORSE experience ever!

My flight was canceled 3 weeks before departure, I ask for a full refund and after 7months waiting for an answer they offer me a refund of 900$ when my flight was 1600$. They don’t give you any support, they don’t answer your messages in weeks… it’s the worse experience I ever have with any travel agency. I will never ever recommend this company! I’ve been reading so many reviews and they do this to everyone…

R. Prasad

Plane Scammers

I wouldn't even give one star to this company. This website is plane scam. I lost my $5000 just like water. I booked a flight for my family and had to cancel within 3 days due to my bad car accident. I have been working with them since last June. Every single time when I message, I get new person gives different information. Now they saying they won the case and there is no refund will be issued. I am disable from my car accident and Kiwi saying they claim that amount as fees for dealing with my bank. . They are money hungry. Don't waste your time with this company. This is scam.

Jo P.

Major Scam! Zero Stars is more accurate

Scam! DO NOT BOOK HERE!! They will take your money and you will have nothing in return. Customer service people are heavy accented & patronizing. They get a thrill out of taking your money from you. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company. Stay away from

Questions & Answers

CrazyCanuck M.

I had my flights booked through you yesterday morning 10:55am. I received confirmation. I get to the airport this morning to find I don't have a booking. I look in my mails and you sent a mail regarding ticket refunded at 23:30 last night. Why????


Paid $2000 dollars, refund $10 euro! What the hell is this scamming company. why they are not blacklisted!

Shireesha S.

Yes, I do wonder how they are still in the business cheating people. They should be complained to IATA.

Reajen T.

I was scammed around $8000 AUD and only got $1000 AUD back even when my flight got cancelled. They know how to trap the customers by their fraudulent policies and will book the flights that most likely cancel and then steal customer's money by not giving them the full refund amount or offering them only a percentage of the refund money. They stole $7000 AUD from me a few months back, I got tired of writing to their customer service dept to refund my money as our flights got cancelled, only to get crappy excuses from their dept. They are absolute frauds and they are preying on people with their policies. All of their staff are the part of this frauds and they know pretty well what they are doing. The co-founder of this company Oliver Doughty along with their top employees should be jailed for life for scamming people,


I think it is time for a worldwide class action against Oliver Dlouhý, founder & CEO, and to file bankruptcy proceedings against Oliver Dlouhý. I have no doubt that his wealth is a result of a worldwide scam. It is time to start a Facebook page to compile a list of people to begin class action proceedings and invite The Forbes business magazine to write an article on the law firm willing to take this on. Is there a law firm that would be interested in taking this on and taking Oliver Dlouhý to court to recover scammed billions from customers worldwide? Joe


Joe that is a good idea!

Kthd f.

Would you use this website for a trip from Gold Coast to Canberra?? Is it a scam or not?


It's a scam, do not use them.


This group are a total SCAM. NEVER EVER EVEN CONTEMPLATE USING THEM. In fact I do not believe the so called positive reviews. I think they may be sent in by the company.

Get an answer from our members

Extra information, other booking services. has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. year review 2022

December 2022 2022 Review on December 23, 2022’s comprehensive view of global flight content, shows 2022 as the return of normality after the pandemic, seeing not only the return in travel interest but an increase in demand as consumers make up for lost travel time. Bookings made in 2022 globally have overtaken the pre-pandemic 2019 volumes* by 53%.  

The number of passengers that booked on during the year so far (to 1 Dec 22) made a total of 9.2 million – an increase of 135% compared to last year and 244% compared to 2020.

Searches made on a global scale at are at 31 billion compared to the 20.4 billion made in the previous year.  The top destinations searched were London, Istanbul, Barcelona, Bangkok and Paris. 

The most traffic came to Barcelona–El Prat, Kuala Lumpur International, London Stansted, Vienna International and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International airports, which were the most booked airports to fly to in 2022**. 

Destinations preference

While the United States were consecutively on top in previous years, the travel restrictions pulled them down in 2022.  Turkey, which appeared in the top five last year due to becoming the main connection hub during the pandemic, with the re-opening of other major hubs across the globe, dropped to eighth place this year.

On the other hand, South-East Asian destinations that had strict restrictions during the pandemic and were late to recover, started to hit top positions in 2022, a trend that is even more visible for 2023. 

Top ten booked countries and cities:

top destinations

Short-haul flights (0 – 1499km) and medium-haul flights (1500 – 3999km) are making up a 91% of the total flights booked in 2022 on, with short-haul holding a share of 54% and medium-haul 37%.  Long-haul flights (4000km+) made up a total of 9% of this year’s total bookings.  

Ticket prices

While a drop in prices was recorded in 2020 and 2021, this year was marked by a return to pre-pandemic prices and even slightly higher prices when it comes to medium and long-haul flights. 

price development

“Last year, the demand for long-haul flights on was one-third of 2019 demand globally.  This year we see long-haul meeting the pre-pandemic levels by 90%.  The increased demand and the increased fuel price results in more expensive tickets.  Shorter flights are less affected as the fuel is a smaller part of the ticket cost.  On longer flights, the majority of the ticket cost is for fuel, and this difference in price becomes visible,” says Eliška Řezníček Dočkalová, Director of Customer Experience at 

Travel behavior

The average booking window this year – the time in advance the travelers book their tickets – has increased compared to last year, which marked a lack of confidence in travel.  In comparison to last year’s 21 days, this year the average booking window makes 27 days with one in five (21%) booking less than three days in advance, 10% four to six days in advance, 16% one to two weeks in advance, 11% two to three weeks in advance and 30% three weeks to two months in advance.  The rest of the bookings were made over two months in advance.  In 2019, the booking window was 34 days prior to the departure of the flights. 

The time passengers who book return flights on choose to stay at their destination hasn’t seen a big difference.  The most popular options in 2022 remain short getaways of up to three days – 41%, followed by slightly longer getaways of four to six days – 28% and longer trips of one to two weeks – 22%. 

The month with the most bookings made was May.  In total 10.6% of 2022 bookings were made during May, with the busiest booking day being 10 May.  When it comes to travel – the busiest travel month was September, the busiest travel week was the week of 12 September and the busiest travel days were 16, 23 and 30 September.  The most popular day and time to book flights was on Monday, 20:00. customers visited in total over 200 countries and 3000 cities.  Over 200 nationalities booked their trips in 2022.  Those traveling mostly were Americans, British citizens, Spanish, Italians and Germans. 

So far in 2022, 18,161,145,639 km were traveled by travelers – a number that is equivalent to 453,235 trips around the Earth.

Flights from Europe this year are seeing a similar development.  Bookings have grown 65% compared to 2019, while searches are almost at 15 billion with most searched destinations being Barcelona, London, Istanbul, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, but also overseas destinations such as Bangkok, Dubai and New York.  

While searches show an interest in further distance destinations – this is not reflected in bookings European passengers made.  Spain and Italy, on the country level, are holding the top spot for three years, and so far a similar trend can be seen for 2023 as well. They are followed by other big European countries such as the Unit ed Kingdom, France, and Germany, while in the case of 2022, Poland also appeared in the top five.

On the city-level, Barcelona is back in the top three after dropping out of it in the past two years.

Top five destinations booked – development through the years:

top country destinations

Most booked European airports are Barcelona–El Prat, London Stansted, Lisbon Portela, Vienna International and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International.

Similarly to global trends, most of the bookings were for short and medium-haul flights.  The short-haul flights made up more than half of the total flights coming from Europe at 56%, the remaining 44% was from medium-haul flights in the majority, followed by long-haul.

Prices in Europe saw minor increases compared to 2021 and 2020, however, apart from long-haul flights, they are still cheaper than in 2019.

price development per haul

European travel behaviours

The time in advance European travelers book their flights has increased by six days compared to 2021, making a total of 28 days, but nine days less than in 2019.  Almost one in ten (18%) of travelers book their trips less than three days in advance, while 32% are now booking from three weeks to two months in advance showing the rise in travel confidence. Then there is 9% who book four to six days in advance, 16% one to two weeks and 11% two to three weeks.

Similarly to the global stats, European travelers booking return flights, mainly go for three types of trips: those that last up to three days (41%), four to six days (28%) or one to two weeks (23%). data shows that in Europe, most travelers booked their trip on the 20 April, while the day saw the most travelers was on 1 July.  The day and time most Europeans booked their flights was on Mondays at 20:00.

In total European travelers using to book their travel visited more than 200 countries and 2000 cities.

Over 200 nationalities traveled from and within Europe a total of 9,499,997,948 km, with British, Italians, Romanians, Germans and French booking tickets more often.

*For 2019, 2020, 2021: bookings made from 1 January – 31 December to travel whenever For 2022: bookings made from 1 January – 1 December to travel whenever

** Bookings made whenever to travel during the mentioned year

About is a leading global travel tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic, employing over 1,500 people worldwide.’s innovative algorithm enables users to find better route options and prices other search engines can’t see, performing 2 billion price checks per day across 95% of global flight content. 100 million searches are carried out every day on’s website and an average of over 60,000 seats are sold daily.

Media Contacts PR team [email protected] - Book Cheap Flights 4+

Plane tickets and travel deals, s.r.o.



We hack the system, you fly for less. Tired of cross-checking websites, dates, flights and destinations when planning a trip? We offer great travel deals, connecting flights, trains and buses to get you where you want to go. Book tickets and travel for less with No hidden fees, no ads, no hassle. Just travel.’s flight search, powered by our Kiwi-Code, gives you the prices airlines won’t advertise. -Find the lowest prices for trains, buses and plane tickets. -Use Deals to get tailored recommendations for cheap flights to popular destinations. -Set price alerts for a selected route so you don’t miss out on flight tickets at the best prices. Use our travel hacks to get the best deals. -Throwaway ticketing – book a cheaper round-trip ticket instead of a more expensive one-way fare. -Itineraries with self-transfer – combine separate flights for a lower price compared to carrier connections, or find itineraries with different modes of transport operated by carriers that don’t usually cooperate. -Hidden cities – book flights with a layover in your intended destination instead of overpaying for direct plane tickets. Save all your travel in one place. -View your itinerary, change details and add extras to your flight booking. -Access all your boarding documents offline. -Get instant alerts about the cheapest travel options. Download our flight scanner app now and get low-cost tickets for your next journey. For questions and feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] We’re here for you! If you have any issues or questions about your booking, we’ve got your back. Go to our Help & Support articles to find answers to frequently asked questions, get assistance quickly with our chatbot, or reach out to our team directly. More about Website: Instagram: @kiwicom247 Twitter: @kiwicom247 Facebook: Find the best travel deals tailored to you: Enjoy your travels with!

Version 2023.8.0

In this release we’ve worked to improve usability and prevent bugs so that you can find tickets to popular destinations without breaking the bank. Update the app to book your next adventure.

Ratings and Reviews

18K Ratings

Cheap Flights but Horrific, Slow, and Unsuccessful Refunds if your Booked Flights Change

Updating to 3 stars because a refund was obtained following this review posted below. I want to preface that Kiwi is not always a scam because I have successfully flown through flights purchased through the website/app. However, should an airline change occur (even by the airline itself), you are almost certainly doomed. At that point, it is my belief that Kiwi scams many of those customers. For example, it took me over a full year to get a refund for an airline canceled flight during the start of the pandemic, and even then, it was less than the purchase price and valid in “Kiwi credit” only. This wasn’t a scam, but it was a highly undervalued refund. Stupidly I gave Kiwi a second chance for a flight in May 2021. The airlines canceled my flight, and it took a full 1.5 years for Kiwi to reach out and say (and I quote), “We regret to inform you that the carriers haven’t provided a refund for your trip…we have to close your refund request.” After following up, I was told yet again that a refund wasn’t possible—even though the airline canceled my flight. So is Kiwi a scam? Not always, but you can easily get swindled if your flights ever change—even if it’s the airlines canceling a flight. Think twice about whether or not you’d rather risk your money or spend a few extra dollars to be safer by booking elsewhere. In my opinion, never ever book with Kiwi.

Developer Response ,

Dear Charlie B321, we are sorry to hear about your issues with the flight, refund and our service. You may share the booking number, full name, username, and email address on [email protected], together with this review as we need these details to look into your concerns. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards,

Book through the airlines.

With the recent travel restrictions imposed by the US due to coronavirus concerns, I was, at the time of my calling Kiwi, unable to make the trip. Since then restrictions were changed, but during my phone call I discovered that Kiwi will not budge on refunds even when there is a global crisis that prevents thousands from traveling. In my past experiences, airlines are usually able to make some kind of compensation for the trouble. I had a saver ticket, which I thought would be fine if I weren't making changes for personal reasons, but extenuating circumstances would be handled differently. Not the case here. That said, when everything goes well, Kiwi has fantastic, responsive customer service. The gentleman I spoke with over the phone was incredibly polite, and had clear and concise explanations, which I can appreciate even if they frustrate me. Even during the crisis, hold periods were quite short. I’m disappointed that their dedication to the customer experience doesn’t translate to actual measures taken to do the right thing in a global time of need. If it weren’t for my experience trying to explain to them that a global illness should be a fine reason for a partial refund at the very least.

Such a scam!

I highly suggest you book with anyone else other than kiwi. They are the absolute worst! They make you think that you are getting a deal and every corner you turn you get charged for something. They didn’t alert me about my flight delay when I was starting my trip. I was also not told in any format that I had to order my 10 hour international flight meal early. I went over my emails with Kiwi with a fine tooth comb, and there was nothing noted about this. I’ve never been on an international flight where they have not fed you at least something. When service was going around, I asked if I could order at that moment, and they said no. It was a 10 hour flight, and I only received two little cups of water. They also did not send me the right ticket for my train to Paris. And after all was said and done my flight home was canceled. No email, text or anything! I showed up to the gate and was told my flight was canceled and they put me on a different flight to Las Vegas. Just to make myself clear my home is in Seattle not Las Vegas. And no, it was not just a layover flight. They were literally dropping me off in Las Vegas with no way back to Seattle. But because I wasn’t alerted I also missed the flight to Las Vegas because it was a different airline. Please save your money and actually use a credible site. I do realize that this all sounds very dramatic, but it is 100% true. And this was before the pandemic started so it had nothing to do with that.
Dear Travelyay!, we are sorry to hear about your issues with the flight. You may share the booking number, full name, username, and email address on [email protected], together with this review as we need these details to look into your concerns. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards,

App Privacy

The developer, s.r.o , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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kiwi com booking reviews

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    3 reviews FR 17 hours ago I do not recommend 1st experience with that proved to be very unsatisfactory. Flight cancelled by the carrier 2 days before departure. is not able to inform their customers of the amount that will be refunded, but they are very aware of the amount that customers have to pay.

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  6. Kiwi Flights Review 2022: Cheap Flights or a Scam?

    2017 and 2018 Forbes Česko recognized as the Czech start-up of the year. 2019 People's Choice Award in Miami, USA; Can I book for any services other an airline ticket? With, you can book for more services beyond air travel. allows you to book ground transportation.

  7. Reviews has a consumer rating of 1.09 stars from 1,587 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about most frequently mention customer service, credit card and full refund ranks 253rd among Plane Tickets sites. Service 644 Value 612 Shipping 413

  8. Reviews

    " just robbed us with $1465 for the trip we tried to rebook. This company is a total scam. They will take every penny you have and they don't care about their customers. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK OR BUY TICKETS WITH KIWI.COM. THEY WILL REAP YOU OFF. " Posted 7 hours ago Don Verified Reviewer " This is a scam.

  9. safe & legit, but...

    I think Kiwi is safe and legit, so roll the dice if you want, but the only thing they did well was leave alot of time between flights, cuz you're going to need it to sort things out on your own and deal with delays. Paid for checked bag, second airline didn't honor.

  10. reviews is one of the worst of the online ticket sellers. Skim through this forum, and you will find thousands of complaints. It specialises in stringing together "itineraries" of a number of flights all on separate tickets, often with inadequate time to make a connection.

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    78,032 people have already reviewed Read about their experiences and share your own! | Read 52,561-52,577 Reviews out of 52,577


    Download the mobile app for one-touch access to your next travel adventure. With the mobile app you'll get access to hidden features and special offers. Download boarding passes Get exclusive offers and prices One click bookings Trip notifications Scan to download Popular flights Check these popular routes on

  14. Reviews is a scammer travel agency. they sell a useless airline ticket that you will be not able to travel with those ticket. the departure airport will not allow to board. since they will not have a access to the whole ticket and also for every country you transiting through where you did not need transit visa to transit but since your are the …

  15. Reviews

    78,047 people have already reviewed Read about their experiences and share your own! | Read 52,581-52,588 Reviews out of 52,588


    DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING THROUGH KIWI.COM!!! WORST THIRD PARTY WEBSITE EVER INCIDENT 1: We booked some return flight tickets for our parents and a cousin (all 3 in one booking). The flights had a layover between the departure city and destination. One of the legs of their flight got cancelled BY THE AIRLINE.

  17. 2021: Travel Review 2021: Travel Review. on January 14, 2022. 42.5% increase in bookings made in 2021 compared to 2020 - reaching 70% of pre-pandemic volumes ... Despite the fact the computer is the preferred booking tool, the app saw 1,430,167 app downloads in 2021 and 2,097,778 active app users. Drop in the rate of travel cancellations.

  18. 2022 Review

    The time passengers who book return flights on choose to stay at their destination hasn't seen a big difference. The most popular options in 2022 remain short getaways of up to three days - 41%, followed by slightly longer getaways of four to six days - 28% and longer trips of one to two weeks - 22%. ... 2022 Review

  19. ‎

    That said, when everything goes well, Kiwi has fantastic, responsive customer service. The gentleman I spoke with over the phone was incredibly polite, and had clear and concise explanations, which I can appreciate even if they frustrate me. Even during the crisis, hold periods were quite short.