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Making Money Online

Articles about making money online.

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Make Quick Money Online

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Make Money Online

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Make Money by Selling Other People Products

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Make Lots of Money in Online Stock Trading

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Make Money on Anchor

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Make Money on eBay

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How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

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Make Money with Free Online Surveys

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Flip Items for Profit Online

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Make Money on Instagram

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Sell an App Idea

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Make Money Buying Domains

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Become a Reseller

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Sell Your Products Online

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How to Sell Your Clothes on Depop (Plus 7 Tips to Boost Your Sales)

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Start Selling on Amazon

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Sell New Clothes Online

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How to Start Working as a Virtual Assistant from Home (or Anywhere)


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Michael J Phillips

Why All Online Articles Inevitably Become About Making Money (Opinion Piece)

How the world became co-opted and corrupted.

In a world filled with puppies, rainbows, shimmering lakes and stunning sunsets, by far and away the most popular topic for articles is: how to make money.

As I scan the popular headlines here, that’s usually what pops up to the top — without fail.

It doesn’t matter if the author started out selling wooden unicorns, or is a talented fiction writer, or likes to cook and has great recipes and tips — inevitably these authors always gravitate to articles on how to make money.

And those articles are the ones that “sell” and get high rankings and are shared around and even go viral.

This is a sad state of affairs in the world. It’s almost as if the whole goal of capitalism is simply: MORE!

The sad fact of this life is we need money, and our society does not provide an easy path to get it.

I am not crying for sympathy. Life is hard. But it’s a hell of a lot harder because of how we’ve set it up. Animals do not need money — no creature on this earth was born needing money. No, our Creator made a paradise of abundance, and look what we’ve done with it.

We’ve created this system whereby you have to have little pieces of paper with numbers on them in order to get fed, get housed, or get laid — all the most important things a human being needs are held up by this artificial construct.

This is utterly pathetic.

Is this what millions of years of evolution has brought us to? A world wherein the very worst of us have risen to positions of power, lording their successes over the peasants who slave away for imaginary “credits” whilst they dine on caviar?

You know what’s laughable about this — and I mean utterly hilarious, when you step back?

There’s not only enough of everything for everyone, but if we all stopped participating in this ungodly system and just started giving to one another , the problem would be over in a hot minute.

Yes, simply giving to each other would do the trick!

But that will never happen. Instead, we require credits from our neighbors. We exact a payment for absolutely everything from those around us, and then we wonder why society is so absolutely fucked.

The prison bars are our fears and greediness. But there is no actual prison, and we are all rich beyond measure.

As far as I know, God didn’t give the world to Bill Gates, did He?

What does “ownership” actually mean, anyway? To me, it means control. Because no piece of natural earth is stamped with someone’s name. We need a reset, a redo, a rethink of how we are living and being on this planet.

So here we are, fellow writers and artists and musicians, hairdressers and high jumpers, singers and mathematicians, accountants and dancers and truck drivers, and when we get successful, all we do is tell other people how to make money.

It’s utterly pathetic, and it reduces our entire human experience into the quest for cash.

I’m a complete and utter hypocrite, too. When I eventually start making a gazillion dollars, you’ll probably find me writing articles on how to make money too, because that’s what sells, that’s what attracts, and that’s what people need in this stupid society we’ve set up.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dr. Michael Tellinger wrote an amazing book with an alternative economic model called Ubuntu Contributionism , aka “The Gifting Economy. In it, he describes societies in Africa in which people simply give their gifts to each other.

Just imagine this! We really don’t need money! Money is just a lousy substitute for permission — but we don’t need it to give to each other!

I know I’ll be flamed over this. We’ve been brainwashed since birth to believe that capitalism is the greatest system in the world.

But it isn’t. It’s lousy, by a long shot, and by allowing its continuance we are perpetuating our own enslavement.

Who is behind all this?

Well the ones who have profited the most, the so-called “elites,” the “cabal,” the hidden families who guide all things global.

Yeah, yeah, conspiracy theories are all bunk — they taught you to believe that too didn’t they?

Consider the words of CIA director Warren Casey in 1981:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

If you think people in power don’t conspire to aggregate more power to themselves and to control the world, you are not living in reality.

People who know this are called conspiracy theorists.

But that’s a rant for another day.

More from Michael J Phillips

Professional presenter, corporate trainer, and teacher, 25+ years. Get your free Secrets to Effective Communication Ebook: https://app.flowtrack.co/form/1dt7lm

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Michael J Phillips

Text to speech

make article online

A Journal of Modeling and Computation Under Uncertainty

Online first articles

Articles not assigned to an issue 20 articles, an uncertain support vector machine with imprecise observations.

make article online

Analyzing society anti-vaccination attitudes towards COVID-19: combining latent dirichlet allocation and fuzzy association rule mining with a fuzzy cognitive map

make article online

A robust energy management approach in two-steps ahead using deep learning BiLSTM prediction model and type-2 fuzzy decision-making controller

Authors (first, second and last of 4).

make article online

A new uncertain dominance and its properties in the framework of uncertainty theory

make article online

Using slacks-based model to solve inverse DEA with integer intervals for input estimation

Fermat-curve based fuzzy inference system for the fuzzy logic controller performance optimization in load frequency control application

make article online

A sustainable medical waste management system design in the face of uncertainty and risk during COVID-19

make article online

A systematic review of uncertainty theory with the use of scientometrical method

make article online

Bayesian rule in the framework of uncertainty theory

make article online

Uncertain interest rate model for Shanghai interbank offered rate and pricing of American swaption

make article online

The potential and consistency of the Owen value for fuzzy cooperative games with a coalition structure

make article online

Probabilistic linguistic decision-making based on the hybrid entropy and cross-entropy measures

make article online

Variable structure T–S fuzzy model and its application in maneuvering target tracking

make article online

Dynamic pricing and production control for perishable products under uncertain environment

make article online

Multiple stage optimization driven group decision making method with interval linguistic fuzzy preference relations based on ordinal consistency and DEA cross-efficiency

make article online

Green supplier selection and order allocation using linguistic Z-numbers MULTIMOORA method and bi-objective non-linear programming

Uncertain hypothesis test for uncertain differential equations

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Evaluation and its derived classification in a Server-to-Client architecture based on the fuzzy relation inequality

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Optimality conditions for nonlinear optimization problems with interval-valued objective function in admissible orders

Three-way investment decisions during the epidemic with Choquet-based bi-projection method

make article online

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Coursera’s New Deal with Google Could Cost the Company Millions

According to Coursera CFO, the new terms represent a significant “shift”. Let’s dig into the numbers.

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How To Make a Living Writing Articles - Make Money Online

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Writing is one the best and easiest way to earn money online.You can write articles, tutorials, essays, speeches, thesis and other typs of content to earn money.

You just need to know English to write articles and get paid. You don't need to be an expert, There are so many topics to choose. You can write about any topic of your choice, find a website submit article and get paid.

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English writing skills. You will find a list of 120+ websites that pay writers, all these websites accept articles in English. Some websites/clients might also accept articles in other languages.

Question: Will this course work for me?

If you don't want to follow step by step guide andnot ready to learn some new skills,this course is not for you.Sorry you can not make money writing articles.

Question: How much money can i earn every month?

Depends how much do you want to earn. If you will write at least 1 article/tutorial every week, you can earn $400-$800 per month. More you will write more you will earn.

For general articles, You can expect from $50-$150 per article and for tutorials, You can earn $100-$300 per tutorial, depends on the topic, length, quality of tutorial,your experience and website, where you will submit your tutorial.

Question: Instructor are you making money writing articles?

Yes since December 2013, Ihave been making money writing articles, you can see earning proofs in course videos.

Mohammad Tahir Taous

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The best PDF editing tool is essential to improve the paperwork.

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Though there are many solutions offering PDF editing features, it’s hard to find one that covers all PDF editing features available on the market, at a reasonable cost.

pdfFiller’s editor includes features for annotating, editing, converting PDF documents into other formats, adding e-signatures, and completing forms. pdfFiller is an online PDF editing tool available in your browser. You don’t need to install any applications.

To modify PDF document template you need to:

Once you uploaded the document, it’s saved in the cloud and can be found in the “My Documents” folder.

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SSC CGL Syllabus For Tier 1

Rana naidu is now streaming on netflix : rana and venkatesh daggubati’s edgy tension is the only saving grace, how do organisms reproduce, control and coordination.

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  2. Why All Online Articles Inevitably Become About Making Money (Opinion Piece)

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