Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter can make or break your chances of receiving a job offer. It is important to tailor your letter to the specific job description you are applying for, because this shows the interviewer that you have what it takes to succeed in the job. If you are experiencing a bit of a writer’s block when crafting your letter, consulting this free medical receptionist cover letter sample might help get your juices flowing. Check out the following tips to get started.

Dear Mr. Doe,

I am writing to apply for the medical receptionist position that I saw advertised online. As an experienced medical professional who has previously worked a similar position for several years, I am confident that I am an ideal candidate for this opportunity.

At my previous job, I consistently provided exemplary service to a wide variety of hospital patients in several different departments. I answered any questions regarding hospital policies, insurance filings, healthcare costs, and appointment times with professionalism, tact, and friendliness. I also successfully collaborated with nurses and doctors if a patient was experiencing a serious health problem.

I have excellent interpersonal skills that allow me to provide the utmost service to patients. In addition, my well-developed organizational skills allow me to multitask easily in a fast paced environment. I can work on several tasks at once without confusion. I am positive that I can successfully manage sensitive patient accounts with ease, as well as maintain a professional demeanor when communicating on the phone and in person.

I would love to continue working in a field that lets my passion for good customer service shine. Thank you for taking the time to look over my application, and I hope that we can schedule an interview in the near future.

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What to include in a medical receptionist cover letter.

An ideal cover letter like this free medical receptionist cover letter sample should be detailed yet brief, no more than a page long. Don’t be afraid to borrow language from the job description in order to highlight the fact that you understand what the job is about, and that you have the necessary abilities to be a valued employee. Many medical receptionist positions value previous experience, so it can be helpful to include reasons how the tasks you conducted in past jobs specifically relate to your job application.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As in this free medical receptionist cover letter sample, your letter should be an honest depiction of your skills and experiences. However, the following traits are often sought for these positions:

● Communication: Speaking professionally about a variety of complex and sensitive healthcare tasks is often critical to a medical receptionist job. ● Multitasking: Hospitals are busy; you should be able to work quickly and switch from one task to another with ease. ● Organization: You will most likely be keeping track of accounts, files, and appointments. Good organization skills are key to ensuring that nothing gets lost in the cracks. ● Problem-Solving: Keeping a cool head and resolving any issues you encounter is important, especially when patients are involved.

Related Skills

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medical office receptionist cover letter

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

Medical Receptionists are responsible for liaising between doctors and patients and updating patient records. Common job duties of a Medical Receptionist are welcoming guests, taking phone calls, handling the correspondence, gathering patient information, collecting payments, and preparing receipts. Besides billing they are also required to process insurance.

Not exactly what you are looking for? Check our complete library of over 1000 cover letter examples .

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For help with your resume, check out our extensive Medical Receptionist Resumes .

Improve your chances of getting noticed with a powerful cover letter. Take a look at our guide to create the best cover letter in 2023 .

Include These Medical Receptionist Skills

An example Medical Receptionist cover letter showcasing similar assets is available below.

Dear Dr. Johnson:

As an experienced administrative professional , I am pleased to present the enclosed resume in response to your posting. With a strong knowledge base in handling patient scheduling and high-volume multi-line phone systems, I am prepared to excel as your next Medical Receptionist.

Through success in coordinating medical charts, patient records, and appointment scheduling functions—as well as providing outstanding general administrative support —I am well versed in the nuances of the medical industry. I adeptly manage a high volume of administrative tasks daily while simultaneously delivering excellent patient service.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

Experience preparing documents, managing patient files, scheduling appointments, and organizing medical charts and materials while maintaining first-rate level of accuracy and confidentiality.

Ability to manage patient information and medical records while ensuring adherence to strict regulatory mandates such as HIPAA.

Communicating effectively with physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and senior management staff to facilitate highly efficient and productive medical office operations.

Extensive secretarial / administrative background with strong abilities in full range of support tasks such as phone coverage, filing, and database management.

Excelling at balancing multiple tasks while providing top-level organization, interpersonal, and communication skills; exceptional computer abilities with extensive software proficiencies.

Furthermore, my detail-oriented nature and ability to effectively collaborate with other team members offer additional skills essential to this position. I believe I would be a great asset to your team and look forward to hearing from you to discuss how I may contribute to your goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Crystal S. Simpson

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!


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Medical Receptionist Cover Letter: Samples & Templates

I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was: “Wow! I love your cover letter.” Patrick I love the variety of templates. Good job guys, keep up the good work! Dylan  My previous cover letter was really weak and I used to spend hours adjusting it in Word. Now, I can introduce any changes within minutes. Absolutely wonderful! George

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

Example #1: medical receptionist cover letter, example #1: medical receptionist cover letter—text version, example #2: cover letter for a medical receptionist with no experience, example #2: cover letter for a medical receptionist with no experience—text version, how to write a sterile medical receptionist cover letter, 1. use the business cover letter format, 2. list your contact information in the header, short cover letter for medical receptionist: header , 3. identify yourself and the position you’re applying for, medical receptionist cover letter: introduction, 4. give them a reason to hire you, medical receptionist cover letter example: second paragraph, 5. give them a reason why you applied, sample of a medical receptionist cover: third paragraph, 6. sign off & request interview, medical receptionist cover letter samples: sign off & call to action, was it interesting here are similar articles.

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Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Medical receptionist jobs can allow for fulfilling work no matter where you’re at in your career. So how do you land one? A stand-out medical receptionist cover letter is the key to your job-winning application. It can open better doors to the sought-after benefits of this rewarding occupation: collaborative work, regular hours and reasonable pay compared to other positions that don’t require an advanced degree. 

Around the world, the healthcare industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Population growth, a longer life expectancy and global health challenges mean the need for medical professionals and those who support them – including medical receptionists – is on the rise.

What’s more, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects medical receptionists won’t feel the squeeze, even as other industries cut back on administrative positions. Growing healthcare industries are projected to lead demand for receptionists, particularly in the offices of physicians, dentists, and other healthcare practitioners.

With, you’re never alone in the hunt for the perfect position.We’ve produced an extensive collection of occupation-specific writing guides and corresponding cover letter examples . We also offer resume writing tools, informative blogs and field-tested templates to help you create both job application documents.

This cover letter writing guide, backed by a medical receptionist cover letter example, will help secure your foothold in a promising job market. We’ll be covering these topics:

How to write a cover letter - expert guide [2023]

Here is exactly how you can write a cover letter that will stand out from the crowd, and help you land that interview.

Why you need a medical receptionist cover letter

Primary purpose.

In order to write an effective cover letter, you’ll want to understand the what and the why. A cover letter is one of the most powerful tools to land a position, yet it’s often misunderstood. 

This one page document, usually 200 to 400 words, accompanies your resume and allows you to expand on your most impressive achievements, relevant experience and any personality traits that make you stand out from other candidates.

Since your resume is brief and focused mainly on the facts of your employment history, it doesn’t offer much space to show why you’re an interesting person, not just a receptionist robot. In a job as personal as the medical field, a cover letter with heart and passion can go a long way to make you stand out in a crowded field of applicants.

What if the medical receptionist job application DOESN’T require a cover letter?

Large hospitals and health systems often use online platforms to post job listings and manage applications. Unfortunately, candidates can often find themselves with no one to answer questions about their application. Many applications list a cover letter as “optional” or forget to mention the document entirely. So what should you do in this situation?

Unless a job application asks you NOT to write a cover letter, we recommend creating one and sending it. A good cover letter can only increase your chances of landing a medical receptionist position – why pass up a golden opportunity?

Professional and persuasive writing, while important, is only half the battle in creating a great cover letter. You’ll also need clean formatting to carry the message. You can find a ton of useful tips, including the best fonts and sizes, in this guide to formatting a cover letter . 

Secondary purpose

Hospitals and doctors offices often receive dozens of applications for any given medical receptionist position, so how can you give yourself a fighting chance?

Imagine a hiring manager sorting through stacks of applications. Eventually, most of the resumes for people with at least some professional experience start to blur together. The hiring manager chooses your resume which is clean and professional but without many differentiating factors. Then he or she reads the first line of your cover letter. 

Boom! Your attention-grabbing and thoughtful first sentence hooks the hiring manager’s attention and they find themselves interested in you and your personality. By the time they finish reading, they’ve decided to advance your application to the next round.

That’s the power of a great cover letter. It’s all about maximizing your chances and letting you focus on the qualities and experiences that make you an excellent candidate. In fact, a convincing cover letter may even help you beat out more qualified medical receptionists who don’t know how to highlight their strengths.

The importance of tailoring your cover letter

If you understand the importance of a great cover letter, then you’ve almost won the battle in landing your next dream position. There’s just one more step — tailoring your cover letter. 

Tailoring means adjusting your letter to each and every position you apply for. That can include swapping out anecdotes or choosing different statistics based on your potential office’s clientele. You’ll also want to scan the job description for the most important skills and adapt your cover letter (and resume!) accordingly.

This small time investment can make a huge difference when it comes to a hiring manager’s first impression of your application. Instead of appearing desperate for any position, you’ll come across as confident, professional and ready to take care of whatever challenges your employer hands you.

For additional cover letter inspiration, you can check out our related medical cover letter examples.

Best format for a medical receptionist cover letter

Some job candidates believe cover letters lack structure, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the next section, we’ll dive into the trusted cover letter organization which doesn't vary much between positions or industries. Here are the key components:

Dear Mrs Summers,

As a front-desk medical receptionist, my role is to ensure a smooth flow of patients through the department, informing them of expectations and addressing their concerns. In my five years in the pediatric department at Saint Josephs, my department have consistently received five stars for patient care, and I have over 300 letters of recommendation.

Fast-moving multi-physician practices mean that any administration has to be carried out with maximum efficiency, but the needs of patients and staff must come first. My previous role as a teaching assistant taught me much about meeting the emotional needs of children and my approach is always to welcome them with a comforting attitude. When they feel relaxed, medical care can proceed smoothly.

In terms of improving process efficiency, I implemented a mobile-led patient management system that cut costs by 22% and decreased waiting times in the department by fifteen minutes. I also helped to pilot an innovative pediatric-play system whereby the youngest children had their basic health signs monitored while their parents were occupying them with toys and books. This decreased appointment times by 15 minutes and allowed more patients to be seen.

I am proficient in all major medical software, meticulous in maintaining medical records and go about my patient communications with the utmost integrity and confidentiality. Parents need to be candid about their children’s situation without the worry that their privacy will be breached in any way.

To address some of the additional requirements for the role:

I have heard much about your culture at Denver Municipal and I would welcome the chance of an interview to explore how I might be a fit for your pedatric team.

Cover letter header

As mentioned before, standing out is one of the biggest challenges your cover letter faces once it arrives on the hiring manager's desk. The cover letter header serves two purposes to help you do just that. 

The first is to keep your full name and contact information at the hiring manager’s fingertips. It’s going to be hard to get an interview if the recruiter can’t find your phone number! Good organization, including keeping your personal details handy, helps you appear polished and professional. Just want sure to stick to the necessary information as you don’t want to take away too much space from your convincing writing. 

The second purpose of your header is to create attractive formatting for an otherwise plain document. Since the medical field is quite a formal industry, it’s best to avoid bright colors or other bold design elements. Nonetheless, a clean, neutral template can go a long way in creating the right image for a medical receptionist.

The goal of this section : Keep the necessary personal information and contact details at the very top of your cover letter, create an interesting and attractive format that catches a hiring manager’s eye

Align document styles!

Keeping your contact information at the top of your cover letter is a smart idea — but what if a hiring manager looks at your resume first? Not only should you also include a useful header there too, but can take your entire application to the next level by aligning the header styles of both documents. 

A cover letter template and matching resume template can help you do just that. You’ll want to choose a template that conveys your skill and expertise without appearing too stuffy. On the other hand, neon colors can give the impression you’d rather be a receptionist in an art gallery. An organized template, like one of these simple options from, can help you find the perfect balance.

Cover letter greeting

For such a short section, your cover letter greeting sure does a big job. This is the place you’ll make a personal connection and set up a respectful tone by greeting the cover letter recipient by name.

The traditional “Dear” followed by a last name works well in virtually all professional medical situations – just don’t forget the proper salutation like "Dr."

The goal of this section : Establish rapport and set a professional tone through a personalized greeting whenever possible

The importance of names and addressed greetings

Memorizing and using someone’s name can go a long way in establishing a friendly tone and making yourself memorable. In fact, scientific studies have shown this is true in multiple walks of life. 

You should always use this to your advantage by using the hiring manager’s name when applying for positions with individual doctors or small clinics. However, for larger hospitals or centralized health systems, this may seem pretty near impossible.

No need to go to extreme lengths to find a name in that case. A collective noun like “Hiring Team” or the name of the health system and “Family” can work well.

Cover letter introduction

Your cover letter introduction might be the only chance your cover letter gets — make it good. That doesn’t mean launching into a wild, yet unrelated story. But an interesting letter that starts with a relevant anecdote, statistic or skill will always put you ahead of generic, disinterested openers. Just make sure to keep the intro concise and professional so that the hiring manager finds themselves in the body of the letter before they know it.

The goal of this section : Use an attention-grabbing fact, anecdote or skill to catch the hiring manager’s attention and lead to the rest of the letter

Cover letter body 

The main section of your cover letter should be devoted to the most convincing examples of your skills and experiences. The STAR method can be useful. Briefly describe a S ituation and the required T ask, then your A ction and the positive R esult. Focus on samples that clearly show situations similar to the ones you might face in the prospective position. You can also mention potential contributions here or even a few hard skills, since they are often very important to the medical receptionist job.

The goal of this section : Give relevant examples of your skills and experience through the STAR method, describe some potential contributions

Cover letter conclusion and signature

To wrap up your letter with professional flair, you’ll want to create an effective call to action. This expresses your interest in the position and encourages a hiring manager to get in touch. You can even leave your personal data again here as well.

Then use the appropriate signature to finish things up. “Sincerely,” Best regards” or “Thank you for your consideration” can all work well in formal positions.

The goal of this section : A call to action expresses enthusiasm and invites the hiring manager to contact you, end the letter with a respectful signature

Cover letter tips for candidates with no experience

If you don’t have any work experience in a medical office, don’t fret. Healthcare support positions like medical receptionists are some of the best ways to launch a new career in a growing field.

However, in a tough economy where many entry-level positions are quickly snatched up, you’ll need the best cover letter to convince a hiring manager you’re worthy of an interview.

To do this, it’s best to brush up on your knowledge of medical terminology and the most important hard skills. How to file medical records can quickly be learned on the job, but you’ll still need some basic knowledge of the paperwork procedures to find your way in the first few weeks.

Here are some important qualities to convey while on the job search for a medical receptionist position.

Without vast experience as a medical receptionist, you can focus on the skills you do possess like great organization, a sparkling personality and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once. Give concrete examples of this from past non-medical receptionist positions and then briefly explain how you’d transfer that skill to this new position.

The power of a story

When you’re just starting out as a medical receptionist, you’re going to need to find ways to make up for lack of experience. Luckily, a story on your cover letter can help you do just that. 

Some places to begin your personal story:

Neuroeconomist Paul Zak sees storytelling as a strategic business tool. You can also use the power of storytelling to your advantage by incorporating it into your cover letter. Just make sure to keep these anecdotes concise and focused on the skills for the job.

 Common mistakes to avoid in a medical receptionist cover letter

Watch out for these simple mistakes which could take your dash your chances of landing the medical receptionist position:’s professional cover letter template s are the surest and simplest way to achieve professional results. Browse our collection of field-tested designs in four style categories. Choose your favorite and easily customize it with your own replacement text, using the cover letter builder tool .

Key takeaways for a medical receptionist cover letter

Get your next interview with’s awesome cover letter and resume tools. Take all the stress out of job applications!

Free professionally designed templates

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Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Samples for Any Specialty

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Samples for Any Specialty

Welcome to the only cover letter writing guide you’ll ever need. In 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to write a medical receptionist cover letter that stuns every hiring manager.

Michael Tomaszewski, CPRW

As seen in:

You came to the right place to learn how to write your medical receptionist cover letter.

And you need to make it perfect.

It’s one of your best chances to stand out from the competition. See, most candidates don’t include cover letters. 

Those who do, write nothing but generic, worn-out phrases.

A well-written, personalized cover letter for a medical receptionist will make the hiring manager’s heart pound with joy.

This guide will show you a medical receptionist cover letter example and the best tips on how to write yours step by step.

Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

medical receptionist resume and cover letter set

Sample cover letter for a resume— See more cover letter examples and create your cover letter here .

Considering similar positions too? See other cover letter examples for jobs in your industry:

Want to explore your options further? See our full selection of cover letter examples for every career:  Cover Letter Samples for Any Job

Let’s begin:

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Abella Anderson

Front Desk Medical Receptionist


[email protected]

Anytown, 21 July, 2019

Marie Frank

Director of Staff

XYZ Hospital

Queens, NY 11106

Dear Marie,

Considering the XYZ Hospital’s well-deserved reputation as the most patient-friendly facility in the region, I was delighted when I came across the opening for a Front Desk Receptionist you listed on LinkedIn. With my 5+ years of experience in high-paced multi-physician practices and a proven record of implementing patient management systems that cut costs by 24% while boosting accuracy, I am sure I will be able to help you with your upcoming challenges.

In the job listing, you mention that you’re looking for a medical receptionist skilled in scheduling appointments and managing office supplies. Here are a few of my most relevant accomplishments:

I would love to translate my expertise into similar results for your hospital.

I’ve always admired the XYZ Hospital for your focus on maintaining the highest patient satisfaction scores state-wide. This attitude perfectly reflects my core professional values—joining your team would provide an extra motivation for me to work hard on optimizing all administrative processes, while striving to meet the needs of all patients.

Can we schedule a call to discuss boosting XYZ’s patient satisfaction scores while minimizing errors and ensuring a smooth scheduling process?

Kind regards,

That’s a stunning medical receptionist or medical secretary cover letter example, right?

Now, let’s walk through the process of writing a medical receptionist cover letter.

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Template

Here’s how to write a medical scribe cover letter for a job application:

1. Use the proper cover letter formatting and layout

Read more: Cover Letter Formatting, Layout & Design

2. Make a good-looking cover letter header

Read more: How and to Whom Should I Address a Cover Letter?

3. Use a personal greeting and write a head-turning opening

Read more: How to Begin a Cover Letter

4. Prove you’re the ideal candidate

Need more in-depth cover-letter-writing guidelines? See our 101: Cover Letter: Sample and How to Write Yours

5. Explain what makes you want to join them

By the way, according to Bloomberg and the BLS data , healthcare jobs are the fastest-growing employment sector in the US, so you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. 

Before you apply, make sure to pick an organization that you really want to work in.

6. Make an offer and include a call to action in the final paragraph

Read more: The Best Cover Letter Closing Lines

7. Put a professional sign-off at the bottom of the page 

All done? Once you send your medical receptionist cover letter and a resume, don’t just sit and wait. Follow up. A well-placed call or email can make all the difference. Find out more: Job Application Follow-Up Email Templates

A good cover letter is a must in today’s hiring. But it’s still your resume that matters most.

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

Questions? Concerns? I’m here to listen and respond. If you have any doubts about how to write a perfect cover letter for medical receptionist positions, drop me a line in the comments.

Michael Tomaszewski, CPRW

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The Best Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

A medical receptionist needs to combine general receptionist duties with medical knowledge. How do you show that in a cover letter?


Medical receptionist cover letter example.

Medical receptionists need all the skills of any front desk job along with a healthy dose of healthcare knowledge. This helps them handle the medical requests that they often receive. A medical receptionist cover letter can help you showcase why you’re the perfect person to head the front desk of a medical office. Here’s a great medical receptionist cover letter example to help you write yours.

Tips for Writing Your Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Using This Example

Faq: medical receptionist cover letter example.

Q: Do I need a cover letter to get a medical receptionist job?

A cover letter is one of the best tools you can use to get any kind of job. If you want to get a job interview, a cover letter will help guide you to that end goal. Additionally, since many other job seekers won’t write a cover letter, it puts you in front of anyone else who doesn’t write one. If you’re not confident in your ability to write a cover letter, use the cover letter builder from ResumeHelp.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a medical receptionist job?

Cover letters typically need to stay between half a page and 3/4 of a page. The perfect cover letter is long enough that it shows off all of your qualifications, but short enough that the hiring manager wants to read it. No matter how many years of experience you have, stick between 250-350 words.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes. You don’t need lots of experience to go through a job search, just skills and a drive to succeed. If you don’t have a lot of experience and you still want to use this cover letter template, replace discussions of your experience with skills and general competencies. For example, anyone can be good at scheduling appointments, but if you’re amazing at problem-solving, you might be seen as far better than other job seekers.

Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Move your cover letter to the top of the yes pile!

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    I am elated to have the opportunity to become a [Medical Receptionist] at [target organization name]. I have [number of years]+ years as a [Medical Receptionist]

  8. Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Examples & Expert tips [Free]

    The main section of your cover letter should be devoted to the most convincing examples of your skills and experiences. The STAR method can be useful. Briefly

  9. Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Samples for Any Specialty

    Start with “Dear [Hiring Manager's Name].” · Introduce yourself and identify the job for which you're submitting the cover letter. · Briefly

  10. Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Example

    Tips for Writing Your Medical Receptionist Cover Letter Using This Example · First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements.