Presentation Deck Meaning: What is a PPT deck?

15 best investor pitch deck examples from successful startups.

Presentation Deck Meaning: What is a PPT deck?

When creating presentations, we tend to look for help and inspiration in online templates. In doing so, we usually come across terms we probably hadn’t ever heard before. And they might be a bit confusing, too. For instance, when people talk about PowerPoint deck (ppt deck) or slide deck instead of a pitch deck . To help clear a few basic queries, we came up with 7 facts about a Powerpoint deck that we’d now like to share with you. Let’s start off with a basic one. 

1 - What is a PowerPoint deck?

The first of our 7 facts about a Powerpoint deck focuses on the first computer-based presentation software created by Microsoft. The term PowerPoint deck simply refers to the slides anyone can build on that platform. However, most people use it now to describe just any regular aid to give a presentation sometimes. In theory, however, a collection of slides created on PowerPoint is what we’d call a PowerPoint deck. 

You may wonder, but what about the “deck” part of it? Where does that come from? And we’re on it! Let’s move to our next fact to clear that.

2 - Why is it called a ppt deck?

The term deck is used thanks to those old projectors that we called acetate decks. That’s, in the end, from where digital presentations come. We cover a bit more of this in our 8 interesting facts about pitch decks , if it helps. 

You can also think of them as if the slides were cards. And so, all of them together become a deck of slides in the same way you’d put together a deck of cards. In times when we only had those big projectors to show something against a wall, you’d pile the slides up as a card deck. 

Also, it might help to think of your slides the way we see a deck of cards. For powerful and effective presentations, each slide should serve a specific value and function, the way cards do.  

3 - Is there a difference between a deck and a PowerPoint deck?

First, let us clarify this is all a matter of a bit of tricky misemployed linguistics. While everything we defined above is real, you’ll find people in diverse industries using words differently to express various concepts. As mentioned above, the combination “PowerPoint deck” is used to talk about a collection of presentation slides. It refers to them as a whole. Now, that term can be used interchangeably with the word presentation. 

Furthermore, you can also hear each word being used on its own. As we said, people very commonly use PowerPoint to mean any sort of presentation nowadays. And they do so regardless of the software or platform in which the material was created. The word deck is most commonly linked to pitch decks that startups use to raise funding. We hope this helps clarify matters somewhat.

Image contains a person using a laptop

4 - How do you create a deck in PowerPoint?

For you to create a deck in PowerPoint, you’ll need to get their software. One of the limitations is that you’ll need to do some downloading and a bunch of learning about their features and possibilities. And that needs to happen before you can call an excellent presentation done. But you’ll get there, eventually. 

We certainly prefer our online version shared through the cloud for access virtually everywhere. With a free version, we also recommend making use of our templates and our AI feature to customize presentations in indeed almost no time. However, regardless of the software platform you use, please focus on envisioning your goals and future structure ahead of time. 

What’s crucial here is to set a clear goal with what you want to achieve out of the presentation to get precisely what you want out of it. That’s the first step. 

You then just need to navigate through tools to look for the option to “create a new presentation.” Start adding to it to include whatever content you need. Work on its design and finalize a great story to tell as you present slides to an audience. Following these steps, you’ll be able to call your presentation work done. 

Useful resource: Powerpoint decks Templates

5 - What should be included in a PPT deck?

The fabulous aspect of working with presentation templates is that they answer this question in many ways. A pre-formatted template gives you titles, hints, and options. You should only take those as suggestions as to what goes into a PowerPoint deck, precisely. 

Other than this, what goes into a specific presentation depends on the topic you’re tackling. We can’t fit the same data, figures, or slides into a restaurant business plan template as we would an executive report. 

Fortunately, from academics to business, corporate to small businesses, marketing, and sales, we’ve got all sorts of templates in different presentations to give you a hand. Just pick one right and take it from there. Study each area appropriately to make sure you’ve got a solid base on which to start your new project. Once you’ve chosen a style, just add the content to your slides accordingly! 

6 - Can I fill my slides with text?

It’s really best if you don’t. One of the most crucial factors to a slide deck is that it be cohesive. So, please deviate from adding information just for the sake of it. Even the most exciting or compelling data can be a massive distractor if they don’t adhere to your presentation’s topic. Instead, weave everything to be a part of the story you’re telling. Like we said before, every slide should serve a particular purpose.

When you organize your slides, also consider people’s attention span. Long presentations usually fail because it’s impossible to pay attention in the same setting, context, and to the same person for long periods. Go straight to the point and keep your presentation simple as you do so. 

7 - Can I vary the format?

It’s best if you stick to a single type of formatting throughout your entire deck. If you pick a template, you’ll see it customized in the same patterns and colors from start to finish. 

If you create a presentation from scratch, pay attention to any changes the platform can make. Like auto-correctors, presentation tools can sometimes automatically adjust font choices, the size of each text, and alignment, among others, based on different features you choose. 

Aim to keep the same style throughout, basically. That includes choices in terms of font and colors for every slide. This homogeneous look will help the cohesiveness and integration that needs to come across to your audience, not necessarily in explicit or conscious ways, as you pitch.

Keep in mind that the key with a PowerPoint deck is to edit down, not up. Another good tip part of our 7 facts about a Powerpoint deck is to write great titles for your slides that catch the eye and the attention of your audience and keep them interested in what you’re sharing. In this sense, the preformatted headings, titles, and slide choices are typically designed for a quick and easy read. Keep them that way. 

If you genuinely feel your slides could use a more powerful look than any template can give you, there are other options. You don’t necessarily need to risk a deck’s quality on edits yourself. Through our consulting and design services , for instance, we give presenters the chance to have professionals craft beautiful and functional slides that excel beyond any home-made updates. If you’d like to look further into this, we’ve also shared 5 common questions about presentation design companies you might want to scout. 

Presentation Design Services

presentation deck meaning

Year 2021 is passing by quickly, eh? Yet, we’re still in a good time to consider what industries are blooming in the startup world. So we’ve drawn a list of the 14 best innovative startup ideas for you.

presentation deck meaning

Pitching to investors can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs, especially when you're trying to secure funding for your startup. But with the right approach, you can make a compelling case for your business and increase your chances of getting the funding you need. In this article, we'll take a look at some tips and best practices for pitching to investors.

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This is a functional model you can use to create your own formulas and project your potential business growth. Instructions on how to use it are on the front page.

Financial Model Example

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Jar of questions asking what is the difference between powerpoint vs slide deck

PowerPoint Vs. Slide Deck, Slide Deck Meaning & More Simple Terms

Whitney D. Walter


The terms “PowerPoint” and “slide deck” are thrown around a lot in the business world. So much so that you might be wondering if they mean the same thing or if there is something inherently different between the two.

The most significant distinction between a PowerPoint and a deck is that a “deck” is simply a collection of slides, whereas the term “PowerPoint” often refers to the final presentation which may be delivered in the form of a speech, video, or other format.

Here are a few examples of how a PowerPoint presentation can be used:

How do you make a good slide deck in powerpoint, what is a slide deck called in google slides, what is microsoft powerpoint.

Let’s start with the basics. Microsoft PowerPoint is a digital presentation tool. It’s a software application that allows users to share information and ideas with others.

PowerPoint presentations can be created using a variety of methods, including importing images, adding text, and inserting multimedia content.

Anatomy of a PowerPoint

infographic discussing the anatomy of a powerpoint presentation, slide deck, and slide

What is a PowerPoint presentation?

You can think of a PowerPoint presentation as a vehicle to share information with others. Some people refer to a presentation as the act of actually presenting a slide deck. This can be in the form of a recorded slideshow, speech, or another delivery method.

Others may refer to presentations simply as the completed Powerpoint deck.

A typical PowerPoint presentation consists of a series of slides, each of which can contain text , images, and other multimedia content. PowerPoint also offers a variety of features, such as animations and transitions, that can help to make your presentation more engaging.

What is a PowerPoint slide deck?

A slide deck is simply a collection of slides. It can be created using PowerPoint or any other presentation software application, like Google Slides.

However, a key difference between a PowerPoint presentation and a slide deck is that a slide deck is not necessarily intended to be presented in a linear fashion. Instead, a slide deck can be used as a reference tool or resource, or it can be presented in a non-linear fashion, such as through an interactive website or app.

presentation deck meaning

Why is it called a slide deck?

At this point, you might be wondering “But why are PowerPoints called decks?”. The term “slide deck” is derived from the old days of presentations when slides were physical transparencies that were loaded into a carousel and projected onto a screen.

These physical slides would be shuffled around to create the presentation, much like a deck of cards. Thus, the term “slide deck” was born.

In modern times, slide decks are usually presented electronically, either as a PowerPoint presentation or as a PDF. However, the term slide deck has stuck and is still used to refer to a presentation, even though there may not be any physical slides involved.

Why should you use PowerPoint slide decks?

A slide deck is an important tool for any presenter. It allows you to organize your thoughts and present them in a visually appealing way.

A well-designed slide deck can engage your audience and help you deliver your message effectively.

Is a deck the same as a PowerPoint?

Honestly, you will hear the terms “deck”, “presentation”, and “PowerPoint” used interchangeably in business settings.

The key difference between a presentation and a deck is that a deck is a collection of slides and a PowerPoint presentation could be given in the form of a speech, video, or other formats.

presentation deck meaning

What is a PowerPoint slide?

A PowerPoint slide is a digital version of a traditional slide that is used to convey information during a presentation.

Unlike a traditional slide, which is typically created using a physical projector and an overhead transparency, a PowerPoint slide is created using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. PowerPoint slides can be shared electronically with others via email or through

Simply put, consider each slide to be a digital page in your overall story.

What is the difference between a slide and a slide deck?

A slide is an individual page in a presentation deck while a slide deck is an entire presentation.

Each slide typically contains one main idea that contributes to the overall message presented with the slide deck.

At this point, you might be wondering how to make a good slide deck.

Here are a few quick tips:

Creating a great slide deck takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. A well-designed slide deck can help you deliver a powerful presentation that will inform your audience and inspire them to take action.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a slide deck and a slide show.

A slide deck is a collection of slides that are typically used to give a presentation, while a slide show is may include media like images and video instead of traditional slides.

Slide decks are often created using PowerPoint or other presentation software, while slide shows can be created using a multitude of other multimedia programs.

There are many similarities between slide decks and slide shows, but there are also some important differences.

One key difference between slide decks and slide shows is that slide decks are usually static, while slide shows are often dynamic.

This means that slide decks typically don’t change much from one presentation to the next, while slide shows can be changed or customized for each individual presentation.

Slide decks are also usually shorter than slide shows, and they typically only include the most important information.

What’s the difference between a slide deck and pitch deck?

As we discussed, a slide deck is a collection of slides. The topic of these slides can be nearly anything under the sun.

A pitch deck is also a collection of multiple slides but the main difference is that all the slides are meant to serve a very specific business-related purpose.

The main idea behind pitch decks is typically to gain interest from investors. This is done by showcasing the potential of your business idea and/or product.

So while a slide deck can be about anything, a pitch deck will always cover information that will be of interest to potential business stakeholders.

group of people using different laptops like keynote on apple and powerpoint on windows

The term “slide deck” is also used in reference to other presentation software like Google Slides and Apple’s Keynote .

Now that you know the difference between a PowerPoint presentation and a slide deck, you know that they are powerful tools that can be used to deliver effective presentations and engage your audience.

What tips do you have for creating effective slide decks? How have you used slide decks in your own presentations or business communications? Leave a comment and let me know!

' src=

Whitney is a recognized Professional Development Expert, professional speaker, and the founder of Harness Your Power. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Florida State University and a Microsoft PowerPoint Specialist certification. She has been featured in Yahoo Finance, AOL, Authority Magazine, Business Insider, Fox and more. Read more.

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How To Create a Slide Deck: Templates & Tips

How To Create a Slide Deck: Templates & Tips

Written by: Unenabasi Ekeruke

How to create a slide deck

Whether you're pitching investors or making a keynote presentation, your slide deck matters a great deal. Well-designed slide decks can pique your audience's interest and win them over. About 91% of presenters say beautiful slide decks boost their confidence during presentations.

Now you're probably wondering how to create slide decks that hit the mark. Look no further; you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll discuss a slide deck and how to create one. We've also included templates and helpful tips for creating powerful slide decks.

Let's dive in!

Create a stunning presentation in less time

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presentation deck meaning

Table of Contents

What Is a Slide Deck

How To Make a Slide Deck in 5 Steps

10 slide deck templates for creating successful presentations, slide deck faqs, create attractive slide decks with visme, what is a slide deck.

A slide deck is a collection of slides used as visual aids during a pitch or presentation. Think of each slide as a single card in a deck with unique content, meanings, value and structure.

Like a deck of cards, you can queue up your slides to tell a story about a topic. Depending on your story's angle, tone and mood , you can shuffle your slides or eliminate some of them.

How you build your slide deck depends on these three things:

Slide decks like the one below are a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, marketers and businesspeople.

presentation deck meaning

When used to pitch a startup or idea , a slide deck is also called a pitch deck . But you could call it a presentation deck when you're using it for other purposes like presenting a proposal in a professional or academic setting.

Slide decks help you present ideas in an organized format and aid delivery during presentations. Many presentation programs like Visme and PowerPoint let you add as many slides as you want to your deck. The best part is that you can design and customize your deck, making it look professional and attractive.

How you craft your slide deck can play a big role in the success of your presentation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create an effective slide deck.

Step 1: Build Your Deck Around Your Story

Want to up the value of your presentation? Start by focusing on your core message. Regardless of your presentation type, your slide deck outline should answer these key questions:

Many people, including experienced presenters, tend to fill their slides with points that don't add value. This leaves the audience confused about whether to listen or read the slide.

Remember, the pitch deck should visually enhance your audience's learning experience. Once you weave your narrative around your main story, you can organize your supporting points around it. You're sure to engage your audience and drive your message across.

Step 2: Use Premade Templates

Templates give you a creative head start. They provide consistency in design, layout and ideas. Visme has thousands of editable slide deck templates to help you create presentations quickly.

Here's how to customize your slide deck in Visme.

1. Select and Edit a Template

Each slide deck template in Visme has two or more slides. Feel free to add, remove or reorder slides to your deck as you proceed. Once your presentation structure is ready, pick out slides to edit and input your own content.

If you have an existing presentation in PowerPoint, you can import it and continue editing your slides in Visme.

2. Input and Edit Text

After you've selected your slides, add custom text to them. Our templates have built-in text placeholders. Click and drag the placeholder to change the text position. Or click each placeholder and highlight the block of text to edit it.

Type your text or paste the text you copied from elsewhere. Repeat the process throughout the rest of the slide deck.

Want to add more fun and personality to your text? Visme editor makes it easy for you to change font style, text color, size, style, direction and much more. Animate your text and add other special effects to make your text alluring.

3. Use High-quality Stock Images

High-quality images capture and convey abstract concepts like color and emotions. Upload images stored on your computer and use them in your design. Or select from Visme's rich library of free high-resolution images to find the perfect one for your slide deck.

4. Add Shapes, Icons and Animated Graphics

Use these elements to bring boring presentations to life. They are effective for creating minimalistic designs and explaining complex ideas.

Visme has a comprehensive library of more than one million shapes, icons , illustrations and animations . Click the graphics tab, select the asset, and add it to the slide. You can change the color, position and size of your design assets.

5. Add Data Visualizations

Use data visualizations to share statistics, financial and other numerical data in your presentation. You'll find bar charts, pie charts , graphs , timelines , flowcharts , maps and more in Visme.

Select the chart or graph and customize the title, color, data, legends and more.

6. Eliminate Unwanted Elements

Pre-built slide decks contain lots of placeholder content. They serve as a guide to help you create the perfect presentation. You don't have to use all of it.

Feel free to eliminate anything that isn't useful to your deck. Watch this video to learn more about creating beautiful slide deck presentations in Visme.

presentation deck meaning

Step 3. Make Your Design Count

When preparing for your big day, invest as much time into your slide design as your content. What's in it for you? An engaging slide deck can draw in your audience and get them excited about what you have to offer.

Be Consistent

While designing your overall slide deck, design consistency is key. We recommend a rich blend of strong branding, attractive imagery, consistent typography, styling and color scheme.

If your company has a brand guideline, apply your brand elements to the slides. But if you haven't got one, Visme helps create a strong and memorable brand identity .

Use the brand style guide template below to define your brand personality and ensure consistency.

presentation deck meaning

After creating your logo, fonts and colors, you can save them in Visme's brand design tool . Your team members can easily create presentations in Visme and your brand theme will automatically appear on their designs.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up your branding kit in Visme.

presentation deck meaning

Use the Right Font Pairing

Choosing the right font pairing and sizes can be a big deal, especially for non-designers. But getting it right can turn a boring slide deck into an appealing one.

Stick to two or three typefaces and assign distinct roles to each font—the more contrast between your fonts, the better.

For instance, you can use the same font for headings, another for the intro, another for the body and the fourth for quotes.

Use typefaces that connote your personality and style. If you're pitching art or design themes, incorporate classic and contemporary typefaces that connote creativity and elegance.

Not sure how to pair fonts? We've created this detailed guide to help you choose the right font combination for your designs.

Step 4: Incorporate the Right Visuals

Without a doubt, the human brain is wired for visuals . The mental capacity to process visual content far exceeds that of written and spoken words.

Attractive visual aids help you tell more compelling stories than text. Incorporating images, video animations and sleek transitions to break up static slides will get people's attention.

Bar charts that show patterns or trends can boost investors' confidence and convey excitement. The same goes for pie charts, which are great for comparing growth areas.

Use infographics to condense lengthy text into visuals that people can easily relate to. Luckily, Visme has the right tools for every job. With our infographic maker , you can easily translate your ideas into digestible graphics.

Step 5: Make Your Slide Deck Clear and Brief

One big mistake people make is that they want to keep adding content to their slide deck. They end up filling it up with tedious details irrelevant to their audience.

Remember, your slides are supposed to aid your presentation rather than contain every word you say. If you fill it with text, you could quickly lose your audience. They'll keep longing for the end and leave the room with little or no information.

To make your slide deck impactful, eliminate fluff. Keep it brief yet filled with key action points. Fit your information into three key blocks- a persuasive intro, a strong body and an actionable conclusion. You will have a more focused, shorter, and memorable presentation .

Whether you want to create slide decks for business, education, or nonprofits, Visme has everything you need. We have thousands of templates to help you create stunning slide decks you can be proud of. Here are our top 10 templates from each of these categories.

Template #1: HybCab Pitch Deck Presentation Template

Got a new business idea? Or do you want to scale your business? Get your investors pumped up with this Uber-inspired professional pitch deck template.

The editable 20-slide deck template covers every element of a winning pitch. It features a striking slide layout, a beautiful color scheme, and high-resolution photos and icons. The interactive data visualizations allow you to share compelling numbers that attract investors' interest.

presentation deck meaning

Template #2: Buyer Presentation Template

Use this attractive slide deck template to win over clients for your real estate business. The simple and classy design makes it unique and impactful.

You'll find a lot of space to play around with colors, fonts and other design elements. Feel free to tweak the layout design, add compelling images of your properties, key stats and much more.

presentation deck meaning

Template #3: BuffIT Pitch Deck Presentation Template

This template is a perfect pick for companies looking to pitch to customers or investors. Use this Buffer-inspired slide deck to share your key information like goals, traction, milestones, financial projection and more.

The consistent blue color theme and elegant styling provide a refreshing visual experience. Notice how charts, timelines and images are used to draw attention to critical data. You can add or remove slides, edit the content, and use your brand colors, fonts and logo to keep it on brand.

presentation deck meaning

Template #4: Training Course Presentation Template

Bridge the skills gap in your organization with this training slide deck template. The template has a minimalistic design and seamlessly blends different shades of blue across all 13 slides.

The slides feature valuable elements and sections to help your audience retain the information better. You'll find quality icons, images, a chart, timeline, checklist and evaluation matrix.

Use this template to onboard new hires and get them in the mood for work. You can also use it to prepare training courses or introduce new policies and procedures.

presentation deck meaning

Template #5: Coffee Lover Statistics Presentation

Here's another cutting-edge slide deck template for education, training and informational purposes. The coffee-themed presentation has a rich blend of white, brown and black color themes.

You can use it to highlight the benefits of a product with relevant statistics, charts and graphs to make it digestible. The text, icons and images are evenly spaced, making it easier for your audience to grasp key information.

Create the perfect slide deck with Visme's design collaboration feature. Team members can view, edit and leave feedback on your presentation in real-time. You can reply, resolve and delete comments till the design is top-notch.

presentation deck meaning

Template #6: Nonprofit Report Presentation

Are you starting a nonprofit or growing an existing one? This editable slide deck presentation can serve multiple purposes.

You can use it to share what you and your volunteers have been up to in the past year. It's also helpful in building support for your charitable projects.

It features sections like executive summary, introduction, map of projects, number of incidences, cases, casualties and more. Use images, data visualizations and widgets from Visme's library to tell stories that pique your audience's interests.

presentation deck meaning

#Template 7: Lesson Plan Presentation

With this slide deck template, you can build a learning trajectory for your students. It outlines what students need to learn, how lessons will be delivered, and how learning will be evaluated. You can also list resources needed by teachers and students, methods and assignment types.

Change the color, font and logo to fit your brand and your deck is ready for use.

presentation deck meaning

Template #8: Creative Product Presentation

Weave a captivating narrative about your product with this slide deck template. The template has a dynamic layout, creating room for you to present any information.

It highlights key information like the product mockup, milestones and timelines, revenue projections, product pricing and more. Use this template to visualize the creation process for SaaS-based platforms, cloud solutions and tech products.

presentation deck meaning

Template #9: Financial Report Presentation

Looking to communicate financial activities and performance within your company? This visual-rich slide deck template fits the bill. It contains bars, charts, and graphs, making your data easier to comprehend.

The dark background and bright-colored fonts and elements create the perfect visual contrast. Liven up your presentation with animated icons, illustrations and special effects. Also, incorporate hover effects and clickable pop-ups to make your slides interactive.

Template #10: Parenting Keynote Presentation

Use this appealing keynote presentation template to deliver a powerful presentation on parenting. This colorful slide deck can help you connect with other parents, teachers and child caregivers.

Utilize our crisp stock photos, icons and illustrations to make your audience engagement more rewarding.

presentation deck meaning

Why Is It Called a Slide Deck?

The term slide decks date back to an old technology where slides were physically inserted into a carousel projector and projected on the wall or screen. These slides were shuffled like a deck of cards to create a presentation. Hence, the name "slide deck" has stuck with the modern age.

Today slide decks are created and projected digitally using software like Visme , PowerPoint, Google Slides and more.

What Is the Difference Between a Slide Deck vs. Powerpoint vs Presentation vs Pitch Deck?

A slide deck is a group of slides put together to tell a story. PowerPoint is a software application used to create slide decks or presentations. A pitch deck is a distinct type of slide deck used to pitch a solution, idea, or product when seeking financing from investors.

How Do You Make a Beautiful Slide Deck?

Whether you're sharing strategies or performance updates, you don't need to build your slide deck from scratch. Visme has a rich library of beautifully-designed slide decks that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Now you know what makes a slide deck great. It's time to create one for your business.

Visme presentation software and templates provide everything you need to create beautiful slide decks for any purpose. Our software has helped thousands of businesses and professionals nail their presentations.

Each template comes with pre-designed slides. You can replace your content and customize other design elements according to your preference. With Dynamic Fields , you're sure your personal, company and other critical information will be accurate and updated throughout your presentation in real-time.

Visme lets you download your slide deck in multiple formats or share online using a link . You can generate an embed code and paste it on your website or blog. From your analytics page , you can see who has viewed your presentation and other metrics.

Easily put together winning slide decks in Visme

presentation deck meaning

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presentation deck meaning

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presentation deck meaning

presentation deck meaning

slide deck   ​Definitions and Synonyms

presentation deck meaning

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What is a PowerPoint Deck? An Ultimate Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022

PowerPoint Slide Deck

Are you a businessman who needs a consistent flow of presentations for your everyday routine? Being a marketing specialist, an educationalist, and any other professional, you always would have used presentations one way or another in your life. The presentations help us convey our ideas more effectively by engaging the attention of the audience towards our main topic of discussion.

Slide decks are also presentations that are made up of multiple slides depicting a variety of information and data like pictures, videos, charts, infographics, and more. One of the main objectives of the slide decks is that they break down the overall complex structure of the topic and turn it into easily understandable smaller parts. The quality of the data and information remain intact while the presenter is also facilitated due to the supportive interface and manageable structure of the slide decks.

PowerPoint Deck is a term used by people to call a presentation or collection of PowerPoint slides. Even more, it is often used to call a collection of PowerPoint presentations. Instead of using the term presentation to refer to a .ppt file, sometimes it is used the term PowerPoint deck, which stands more for the collection of PowerPoint slides rather than the presentation method using PowerPoint or the presenter standing up talking with the slides. Sometimes a deck is an unbound printout of the presentation given to the participants.

PowerPoint Deck Slides

Also known as “slide deck” or just “PowerPoint deck”, the term means a presentation file or a series of presentations.

Difference between a Presentation and Slide Deck

While many of us confuse a presentation with the slide deck, there is a difference between both terms. Both terms are used interchangeably without knowing their context and meaning.

The major difference between a presentation and a slide deck is that a presentation is a process of conveying ideas, concepts, and messages through talks and speeches while the slide decks offer a visual aid to the presentations.

A slide deck is mainly used for representing organizations for sharing their projects, plans, and business strategies on various levels. Business professionals and marketers most of the time leverage the easy to manage and control process of developing and presenting slide decks.

Historical Perspective

Historically speaking, the slide decks have a very charming past as compared to other tools being used in the industry. Previously, an instrument named “ Carousel Slide Projector” was used for presenting the slide show of the slides that were mainly put in the body of the projector in the form of photos and pictures.

With an amazing capacity to handle about 40 to 80 slides per show which was a great feature back then, Carousel Slide Projector was able to present a slide show in the given time according to the requirements of the presenter. However, there were some controllability issues but still, it was a great product back then and was mostly used by academics, researchers, and businessmen all over the world. The slides that were known collectively in the presentation were known as slide decks.

Are Slide deck and Slide show the same?

These two terms usually resonate together in the readers’ minds. But there is a clear difference between these terms. Both terms are used in the context of presentations but a slight change in the keywords creates a major difference in the themes and concepts of these words.

A slide deck is usually known as a collection of the slides in a presentation and a slide show is a process through which these slides are presented, or described to any audience.

Usually, a slideshow covers the whole of the screen and it is not as editable as a single slide of the slide deck. The slide show is usually exposed on an electronic device or projector through which a presenter effectively shares the visuals and graphics of his presentation with the audience sitting in front of him.

What is PowerPoint?

Slide decks existed in the form of physical slides being shown on a projector, way before the revolution of digital technology. But with the passage of time, the need for the latest technologies and tools became more common in the marketplaces and everyday life due to ever-increasing developments in the business and scientific world. Hence the PowerPoint-like software were introduced to effectively design and present presentations on various PC systems like Computer, Laptops, and even tablets, etc.

Initially, it was released by Forethought Inc in 1987 that was only available for Mac OS. Later on, the entire software system was purchased by Microsoft and was rebranded as Microsoft PowerPoint and it is still present in the ownership of Microsoft.

What is a PowerPoint Template?

A PowerPoint template is a presentation file that includes information about the layouts, color and fonts, and you can use them as a starting point when preparing a new presentation. With so many options available, you can easily find a template that matches your company’s branding or the specific look you’re going for. PowerPoint Templates (also known as PPT templates) also save you time by providing a pre-designed layout that you can simply fill in with your own content. Best of all, PowerPoint templates are easy to use and can be applied with just a few clicks. So if you’re looking to add a little extra polish to your next presentation, be sure to check out some of the great PowerPoint templates available online.

Slide Deck and Pitch Deck

Various forms of the presentation styles that have been introduced gradually have created some confusion in the minds of the readers regarding the basic terminologies of those types and their meanings. The same is the case for the Slide deck and Pitch deck where many people will confuse the terms as similar to each other.

In the digital boom of the business world, every startup and entrepreneur needs persuasive strategies to raise funds and gain more investments for their businesses. Pitch decks are one of the great ways to do that.

While slide decks are simply the collection of the slides, the pitch decks, on the other hand, represent the specific type of presentations that are mainly used for raising funding and grabbing investments for businesses and startups, or to present an idea to investors.

You can refer to a pitch deck as a slide deck but not all slide decks are pitch decks.

PowerPoint Slide Deck

There are a number of ways to create slide decks as they are one of the most commonly used words for developing presentations, even before the evolution of technological developments. Slide decks were present in the form of physical slides being shown on a projector previously but when they are designed, structured, compiled, and presented through a software named PowerPoint, then they are known as PowerPoint slide decks. Being one of the most widely used software (almost 500 million users worldwide) PowerPoint presentations are one of the most easily manageable and customizable software. Another great feature of the PowerPoint templates is that they can be used to edit, and customize the pre-made templates of the presentations to save your time and resources being spent on the designing and developing of the presentations from scratch.

Websites like Free PowerPoint Templates can be used to download thousands of professionally crafted templates for free to be used in your every possible business, marketing, educational, or any other project.

Slide Decks in Google Slides

The Google Slides, another important and well-known presentation software, is also widely used by consumers who mostly prefer a web-based software to cater to their needs. Google Slides also offer a variety of options to its users to create engaging designs and themes incorporating diagrams, graphs, charts, tables, infographics, and various other visuals available to be used for your every need.

The slide decks that are being developed in the Google Slides Software are known as Google Slides’ decks.

How to Develop an Engaging Slide Deck in PowerPoint?

By following these steps, you can easily develop your next great slide deck allowing you to create a variety of designs and through the versatile options already available in the PowerPoint tool.

3 Tips to Enhance your Slide Deck’s Productivity

Your next slide deck should be your flagship project as you know almost all the important factors and terminologies related to the slide deck. However, if you need some additional boats, there are some more techniques and tips to polish your slide deck more.

Tip #1. Add Visuals

Always add more visuals to your slide deck to make it more appealing to your listeners. The attention rate of the audience is always more towards visual representation as our brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than contextual information. Hence incorporating a considerable amount of graphics and design elements in your presentation will not be a bad idea. You can add infographics, photos, charts, tables, and much more by using Different software tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides

Tip #2. Write Less, Speak More

Your presentation should not be as long as a research report and also not as short as a highway billboard. There should be a balance between words and imagery. But it is always recommended by experts that presentations with fewer words and more visuals help the presenter to divert its attention more towards the audience, which elevates the overall focus of the audience that boosting the productivity of the presentation.

Tip #3. Develop a Consistent Design

The design of your presentation should be confident from the start to the end. the color strategy, the font style, the anthem, and the overall message of the presentation should be maintained throughout the course of delivering a presentation to increase the overall engagement rate of the audience.

Final Words

Slide decks deliver the message of a speaker more conveniently incorporating the visual and graphical elements in its core structure. The retention rate of the interest of the listeners can be enhanced significantly if the slide decks are designed by using the latest softwares like PowerPoint and Google Slides. The animations, transitions, tables, charts, engaging diagrams and other visuals all make the slide decks a number one choice for the marketers and businessmen to present their business plans, ideas, and future business strategies to their stakeholders effectively.

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presentation deck meaning

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presentation deck meaning

A pitch deck is a presentation deck that is used to pitch your idea or company to any number of audiences, generally investors. One of the single most important aspects of creating an effective pitch deck is to organize it based on the audience and forum to which it is being presented. Several key components to a pitch deck include high-level summary slides, the problem you are addressing, the product, the market/strategy, the team, financials/projections and the tone you want to convey.

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What Is a PowerPoint Slide Deck? (PPT Presentations for 2022)

Andrew Childress

When you've got to give a big slide deck presentation, it can be a bit daunting to get started. You might already be feeling nervous about speaking in front of a crowd. Or you could be running short on preparation time.

A PowerPoint slide deck can help!

Top visual slide deck

And don't forget to prepare those speaking aids or slides! Having a visual to go along with your presentation is usually expected by an audience.

That's why we use  Microsoft PowerPoint  to build out slide decks easily. You can use a PowerPoint ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">slide deck template from Envato Elements to build one quickly. We'll learn how to do just that in this tutorial.

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great Presentations

We want to make sure you know about this resource which will help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. Download our Free eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations .

 Free eBook PDF Download Make a Great Presentation

Now, let's dive into learning how to build PowerPoint slide decks.

What Is a PowerPoint Slide Deck?

A PowerPoint  slide deck  is a collection of slides that are in the same presentation. You'll hear "slide deck" used somewhat interchangeably with "presentation." Like a deck of cards, each slide is a key part of the overall package.

Slide Deck Example

 "Slide deck" and "presentation" are sometimes used interchangeably. For example, you'll frequently see the term "deck" used when it comes to pitching your company or startup . 

presentation deck meaning

Presentations can be supported with a slide deck. You'll approach building that PowerPoint deck differently based on the type of slide deck presentation. But the fact remains that slides are a helpful supporting tool when presenting. 

Save lots of time and make a great visual slide deck presentation by using a professional ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> PowerPoint slide deck design  from Envato Elements.

PowerPoint has a bad reputation for being a tool that presenters lean on. While your slides should aid your presentation, they shouldn't contain every word you say. It should be used as a tool to enhance your presentation. 

What Is a PowerPoint PPT Slide?

If a slide deck is a collection of slides, then what is a PPT slide? Slide decks are made up of individual slides. Each slide brings something new to the table. A collection of slides comes together to build a successful PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation

Think of a slide as an individual card in a deck. No matter what card game you're playing, every card has a role. You can't win a hand of poker or rummy without bringing many cards together. And you can't build a successful slide deck presentation with an individual PPT slide.

Marketing Plan PPT Slide

Building a PowerPoint marketing plan is much easier when you use a pre-built template. Let's learn more about the tips and skills you can use to reduce the work in building your next marketing plan.

5 Quick Tips for Making Better PowerPoint Slide Decks

To help you build an engaging presentation we have outlined five quick tips that you can put in place:

1. Reduce the Content on Each Slide

Less is more when it comes to presentations. Start by opening up the slide deck and then find ways to reduce the content by half. That could mean removing entire slides, reducing the number of text bullet points, or removing multimedia from each slide.

We've got the tendency to overcrowd slide decks with content. We often write a presentation while preparing the slide deck at the same time. In doing so, we run the risk of using the presentation file as an overcrowded note pad. 

Less Content on PowerPoint slide

A PowerPoint slide deck should only be the most important points of the presentation. Why show the points that you'll be speaking aloud in writing as well? There's no need for redundancy.

2. Build Each Slide in Phased Introductions

When you cut to a new slide, it can be a mistake to show everything at once. The same idea as the prior tip applies: the less you show, the better chance that your audience has of actually digesting the information .

Cutting to a slide with everything already showing is the fastest way to lose the audience's attention. As soon as you cut to a slide that has a wall of text, you'll lose the audience's attention. 

In the example below, there are basically four content blocks surrounding the center. Instead of showing them all at once, I'll use animations to bring them on in groups. 

Example of phased animation in PowerPoint

To build your slides, introduce them in stages. You can use PowerPoint animations  to bring parts of the slide in stages. Instead of showing the entire slide contents, try phasing in various parts of it using animations. Don't show an entire text box. Instead, bring each bullet point on with a single mouse click. This will help to hold the audience's attention.

If you want to learn more about animating elements of your PowerPoint slides, check out the tutorial below. You don't have to use eye-popping and sophisticated animations to introduce your slide's elements.

presentation deck meaning

3. Content First, Style Later

When you're preparing a slide deck, the content of the presentation is your number one priority.

Instead of starting off in PowerPoint, start off with pen and paper. Write the content and structure of the PowerPoint presentation deck first. Then you can add the supportive visuals and slides.

There's plenty more to learn when it comes to building supportive PowerPoint presentation decks. Make sure to check out Cassie McDaniel's tutorial that features 22 tips for building out great decks:

presentation deck meaning

4. Use Illustrations & Graphics to Explain

You can explain everything in text boxes, but your audience is sure to zone out and lose focus quickly. Instead, it helps to use charts and graphs that can help you translate ideas into graphics.

Check out the two tutorials below to learn more about building engaging visuals for your audience.

presentation deck meaning

5. Let the Conversation Continue

A slide deck presentation is a chance to grab an audience's attention. The last thing you want to do is let the presentation be the last point of contact with your audience.

That's why I  always  recommend that your presentation include a contact or follow-up slide. Using a slide that showcases your social media or simply asks the audience to get in touch is a great way to take the next step with your business.

Lets Talk

What Types of Presentation Can You Give?

Every presentation is different. There are many types of presentations that you can give to make an impact on an audience. Here are the categories that I tend to think of presentations as spanning:

Before you even open PowerPoint, you should understand what type of presentation that you're giving. This will help smooth out the writing process and give you a clear goal to aim for. 

How to Build a Slide Deck Quickly

For any creative project, you can cut many hours out of your work if you avoid recreating the wheel. In other words, don't build slides from scratch. Use a ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">presentation deck template  from Envato Elements to get a head start.

Best of all: you can customize these presentation deck templates in five quick steps. Let’s learn how.

We’ll use the ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Visionare PowerPoint Presentation from Envato Elements in this mini-tutorial.

Presentation deck

Let's get started:

1. Pick Out Slides to Edit

Think about how to make a slide deck support your message. Remember, slides are a visual aid, not a presentation by themselves. Choose only slides that support what you’re already discussing.

How to make a slide deck

In PowerPoint, find Slide Sorter on the View tab. From here, click and drag to reorder slides in the deck. Hold Shift and click on unwanted slides, then press Delete . Start editing by clicking Normal back on the View tab.

2. Add Custom Text

Custom text is a key part of how to create a slide deck fast. Templates like this have text placeholders already built-in. To edit, click and drag to highlight any block of text. 

How to create a slide deck

Then, simply start typing (or paste in words from elsewhere). It’s that simple. Repeat throughout the presentation deck as needed.

3. Add Images

How to create a slide deck that inspires audiences: it’s a common question. One of the best ways is to build an illustrated deck. Image placeholders make it a breeze. 

Image presentation deck

Simply browse to an image stored on your computer. Drag it over the placeholder and drop it into place. PowerPoint will import and scale the photo to fit perfectly.

4. Change Object Colors

Changing object colors on your presentation deck has several advantages. It lets you add contrast or share your brand’s special colors. Click on any object to get started. 

Color how to make a slide deck

On the Home tab, find Shape Format , then choose Shape Fill . A color chooser menu opens, where you can click to preview (and apply) any color you want.

5. Delete Unwanted Objects

Pre-built presentation decks include all kinds of content. But keep in mind, you don’t have to use all of it! 

Layout presentation deck

To build cleaner slides, you can click on images, text boxes, and other items to select them. Then, press Delete on your keyboard. It’s a helpful way to ensure templates always work for you.

Learn more about customizing PowerPoint template designs (or read on for more great tutorial resources): 

presentation deck meaning

Top 5 Design Trends For PowerPoint Slide Decks In 2021

It's important to present modern designs in your PowerPoint slide decks. This will give your presentation the best possible chance of succeeding. To help you stay on top of modern design trends, we've got a list of the top five design trends of 2021:

1. Add Space

Add space around the different elements on your slides is an excellent way to add a modern feel. To help create this modern look, try to reduce the number of elements on your slides. This will allow you to add space to your slides that looks natural. 

spacious design

2. Layer, Layer, & Layer

Layering your presentation deck designs will give your slides a more professional look. Layering the different elements on your slides will add a sense of depth. This helps create an eye catching design. Try using various color blocked shapes as the base layer and then layer on your text and images. 


3. Use Simple Fonts

Simple and easy to read fonts will instantly give your presentation deck a modern feel. Sans Serif type fonts are going to give your slides a clean look. Be sure to choose the appropriate font sizes as well. Having headings and body text make for a visually appealing slide design. 

Simple Fonts

4. Include High Quality Images

Including high quality images is a must if you want to feature a modern looking design that'll deliver. Envato Elements has a wide variety of high-quality images. You can use these images for your presentation decks. Lean towards bigger image sizes on your slides. 

High Quality Images

5. Use a Simple Color Scheme

Simple color schemes work best for presentation decks. Picking two or three colors is plenty to deliver a trendy looking presentation. Adding more colors can make the design seem disconnected. Try using one main highlight color throughout your slides. 

Highlight Color

Looking for even more templates? Don't miss out on the next section where we cover even more presentation templates that you can download.

Discover More Top Selling Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Decks

Still haven't found the perfect PowerPoint slide deck for your upcoming presentation? Don't worry! There are plenty of best-selling PowerPoint presentation decks to download. Check out the articles below for more great presentation deck templates:

presentation deck meaning

Now let's look at the differences between Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. 

Where to Find the Best PowerPoint Templates in 2021 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

For any creative project, you can cut many hours out of your work if you avoid recreating the wheel. Instead of drawing each slide design from scratch, use a premium PowerPoint template.

Here's how I think about it: when you've got to give a presentation, you've got a limited amount of time to prepare. Why spend it building slides from scratch?

You've seen two marketplaces that offer solutions as you learn ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">how to create a slide deck . So, which one is right for you? Let's compare:

1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

Envato Elements   is a subscription-based service that's truly tailor-made for creatives. Elements includes more than 500 ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">PowerPoint slide deck templates.  This allows you to skip the design process.

That's not all that Elements has to offer. You also have access to stock photos, graphics, and more. These types of creative assets are the perfect complement to a presentation.  You don't have to buy these files one at a time. Instead, grab them all with a single subscription to Elements.

PowerPoint Designs on Elements

2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

GraphicRiver is the top choice for pay-as-you-go marketplaces. It's remarkable just how many digital assets are inside the library.

When you need a single ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">presentation deck template, then head over to GraphicRiver. It's a quick and efficient way to get the designs you need for a presentation.

GraphicRiver presentation deck

Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

Envato Elements is the best choice if you're learning how to create a slide deck. The freedom to experiment is priceless.

Even if all you only download PowerPoint presentation templates, it's worth the subscription. You can keep using the files you've downloaded even if you decide to stop subscribing to Elements thanks to the licensing agreements. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> Sign up for Envato Elements now .

Simple licensing

Or   just grab a single ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">presentation deck template on Envato Market. It's a cost-effective way to start quickly.

Check out these  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> top PowerPoint slide deck themes  that you can use for a head start on designing your presentation:

presentation deck meaning

5 Top Presentation Deck Templates from Envato Elements (For 2021 Slides)

Envato Elements has thousands of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">presentation deck templates ready for you. Here are five top designs trending now:

1. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Coftofee - PowerPoint Template  

Coftofee presentation deck

When you consider how to create a slide deck, it pays to think about your message. A flexible template is a great choice because it gives you a lot of creative power. Coftofee delivers just that, with 150 slides and five custom color schemes. All you've got to do is drop in your own content.

2. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Drove Creative - PowerPoint  

Drove how to make a slide deck

Think building an amazing presentation deck takes forever? Think again. Drove Creative makes it a breeze, thanks to powerful use of master slides. In essence, these let you make bulk edits in a single step. Plus, you’ll find a full set of vector icons and resizable graphics throughout.

3. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Simple Work Presentation  

Simple how to create a slide deck

Whether you’re making a business or personal presentation deck, versatility is a must. Simple Work lives up to its name, with 33 slides created in beautiful HD resolution. Simply drag and drop content onto the slides. Every graphic is fully editable, letting you have full creative control at every turn.

4. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Station PowerPoint Presentation  

Station presentation deck

Wondering how to make a slide deck more interesting? Station is packed with ideas and designs to help you do exactly that. Bright colors feature on each slide. There are charts and infographics that present your ideas in unforgettable style. Also included are maps and vector icon sets.

5. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Be PowerPoint Presentation Template  

Be how to make a slide deck

Be is a presentation deck made in a minimalist style. It really helps your content stand out. Choose from dozens of sleek layouts, including images and device mockups. It’s quick, easy to edit, and sure to impress even the toughest audience.

Let's now go over a few FAQ's for Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Common Microsoft PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

Do you have questions about Microsoft PowerPoint? Below, we've collected five of the most frequently asked questions and provided answers to them:

1. Can You Print Your Presentations?

Yes, you can! PowerPoint supports the printing of all your presentations. This makes it easy to distribute your presentation if you need to.

Printing out your slides can use quite a bit of ink. Check out our tutorial below on how to print your slides and still use less ink:

presentation deck meaning

2. How Can I Be Engaging and Effective With PowerPoint?

PowerPoint can be quite intimidating if you're new to the software. But don't worry! As long as you've got a professional template, all you need to do is add your content to the placeholders. This will instantly give you a professional looking presentation deck.

For more information on how to create engaging presentations, check out the article below:

presentation deck meaning

3. Does the Quality of My Template Really Matter?

Absolutely! When you use a low-quality template, your presentation will be much less impactful. The templates on Envato Elements are professionally designed. This ensures that you're only using the most impactful designs. 

For more information on how to make a slide deck from a template, check out the tutorial below:

4. Where Should You Start?

Starting a presentation deck from scratch or even with a template can seem like a daunting task. The number one priority when starting a presentation deck is the content. Before you even get into the design customization, you need to have quality content to add to your slides.

Check out this article on how to write a professional PowerPoint presentation:  

presentation deck meaning

5. How Do You Change PowerPoint Templates?

Using PowerPoint templates are a must if you aren't a professional designer. Thankfully, it's very easy to switch in and out of PowerPoint templates. 

To find out how to change PowerPoint templates check out the article below:

presentation deck meaning

 Looking for even more helpful tutorials on how to create a slide deck? Check out the next section where we offer up even more great resources!

Learn More About Using PowerPoint (Helpful Tutorials on Envato Tuts+)

This PowerPoint presentation deck tutorial showcased some of my favorite resources and tips for building a PowerPoint slide deck. There's still plenty more to learn to help you rapidly build out a slide deck that you feel confident showing to an audience.

Check out these other helpful PowerPoint tutorials:

presentation deck meaning

Grab This eBook on Making Great Presentations ( Free Download )

This eBook will help you learn how to write, design, and deliver great presentations.

Download  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations  for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that'll move your audience.

The complete guide to making great presentations

Now's the Time! Go Make Your Own PowerPoint Slide Deck

What is a PowerPoint slide deck ? Using custom ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">PowerPoint PPT slide templates from Envato Elements can save you a lot of time on your presentation deck. Be sure to browse through more great ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PPT slide deck templates on GraphicRiver.

presentation deck meaning

Select the PPT slide deck templates you like. Then, build your own PowerPoint slide deck.

How do you build your slide decks? What are your favorite tips for helping reduce the time you spend in PowerPoint? Let me know in the comments section below this tutorial.

Editorial Note : This tutorial was originally published in June of 2018. It's been comprehensively updated to include new information and slide deck examples—with special help from Andrew Childress and Daniel Strongin .

Andrew Childress

Try searching for

presentation deck meaning

What is a Pitch Deck?

Pitch decks can be used by entrepreneurs to showcase their business to investors when seeking funding.

Entrepreneurs are likely familiar with an “elevator pitch”—a convincing and impressive speech about a business idea or goal that’s short enough to tell in an elevator ride. But what comes after the elevator pitch?

The answer is a pitch deck. A pitch deck picks up where the elevator pitch leaves off, with a little more polish: a slideshow or presentation made for potential investors to get a conversation going. Pitch decks are concise presentations that help investors and clients understand more about your business, including products, services, goals, and strategies. Pitch decks are a visual aid to help businesses attract investors and clients, and understanding the elements of a pitch deck can help you reach your business goals.

presentation deck meaning

What is a pitch deck?

Pitch decks, also known as marketing decks, are primarily used by businesses trying to convince clients or investors to work with them. They’re short presentations to help someone else learn about your business quickly. The primary goal of a pitch deck isn’t to close a deal. Rather, it’s to convince a separate party, whether it’s an investor or a client, to continue the conversation with you about your business.

Pitch decks consist of slides that provide a short summary of your business, business plan , goals, and vision. However, it’s much more complicated than that. While you may have a lot to say about your business and reasons why someone else should work with you, your pitch decks need to be kept relatively short.

Pitch decks can be presented or sent to potential investors and clients via email. Presenting your pitch deck is typically the best way to ensure a potential partner has read through all the slides. It also gives you the opportunity to answer any immediate questions they have.

Two kinds of pitch decks

Often, entrepreneurs will make two kinds of pitch decks. The first is usually shared via email and reviewed by investors on their own. Because of that, it’s content is a little more text and information heavy.

The second is made for an in-person presentation. This version of the presentation will have more visual elements to keep investors focused and engaged, with more information being spoken out loud.

Early-stage investing in startups is important, and finding the right investors for your idea can take time. Your focus with the pitch deck shouldn’t be to close an investment, but to get the conversation going.

presentation deck meaning

Elements of a pitch deck

Every pitch deck will be different, depending on your business and who is the intended audience. However, all pitch desks must have a few key elements to be successful. Here is what you should include in your next pitch deck.

Introduce your business

Every pitch deck must include an introduction about your business. The very first slide should tell your audience who you are and what the business does, and this is a great place to include your value proposition and any other messaging you believe is important for helping prospects learn more about your business, including:

Pose yourself as a solution

Show a problem or gap in your industry that your company intends to solve or fulfill. Investors and potential clients must understand why your business exists. If you’re not solving your target market’s pain points, you can’t effectively demonstrate the need for your product or service. Give a brief layout of the industry landscape and where your company will be positioned within it and what will set your company apart from the competition. This may include the innovative nature of your product, the sustainable ways in which you can run your business, or your all-in-one marketing campaign that has the ability to reach niche customers.

To clearly demonstrate the problem and why you’re the solution, you can put the problem and solution on different slides to help your audience understand what your product addresses and why it exists. You must explain how your business solves specific problems and support your statements with data or visual elements to make the presentation more engaging.

Describe how you will market yourself

Marketing methods change as a business grows. By showing your marketing platforms and how they are purposefully built for a business that’s growing, you’ll show that you’re thinking ahead. Lay out your marketing plans and explain how you intend to market your product via email marketing , social media marketing , and other digital channels, noting that you are prepared to start marketing your business from day one. If possible, bring in supporting evidence using studies, reviews, or statistics. Explain your actionable marketing techniques and include your customer relationship management (CRM) plan.

Show your product in action

If you have them, show pictures of your product in action with product descriptions. This would be a good place to include any positive reviews you have too, but don’t worry if you’re not quite there yet. Consider showcasing your team and leadership—investors may want to know who is executing the mission and vision of your business.

Include numbers

Include your financial figures, your current investments, and your use of funds, especially if there is month-over-month growth or projections for the next 3 to 5 years. If your company has yet to start up and you don’t have that information, don’t worry about it. Either way, make sure to include your fundraising goals, shown in a range. (By creating a range, you might open up opportunities for more investors.)

Mention how to get in touch

Make sure not to leave your investor hanging and make clear what the next steps in a conversation would be. Include your contact information—your phone number, email, website, and digital or social media presence, as well as any professional references you may want to offer.

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Your in-person pitch deck

Remember, your in-person presentation can be a modified or extended version of your emailed deck, just with less text and detail and more visually engaging. Though the emailed pitch got your foot in the door, the in-person pitch you will make is a true first-impression. Like the emailed deck, it should be well edited and organized.

Make it clear and simple

Think strategically about the information you present—provide enough details so your potential investors will want to know more. So your in-person presentation should be thorough without veering into fine details. This can be tricky.

Use a clean, visually engaging, and professional design. Make your slides simple and—where text is needed—easy to read. Keep in mind that if there’s too much text on your slides, your audience may be distracted from your pitch by having to read while listening.

Since much of the structure of your presentation will be the same, our following tips will focus on what will differentiate this in-person deck from your emailed deck. Be sure to leave time for your potential investors to ask questions at the end of your presentation.

It’s important to make a unique and impassioned pitch to encourage investors and to bring energy to your presentation. Show off the authenticity and originality of your work by incorporating elements of design and videos and pictures of your business at work.

Make the investor’s role easy

Make it easy for your potential investors to consider your ideas. Keep simplicity in mind. Make your slides easy to read—no blocks of text or tiny numbers—and keep your industry jargon to a minimum. For example, if you have an idea for creating an app, detailing the programming or technical aspects may not speak to your audience of investors. However, explaining how customers will use your app to relieve a pain point will.

Offer a detailed business plan

Your business plan should describe the major elements of your business operations, financial models, and goals. While discussing market size, opportunity, and your marketing plan is vital, the importance of your business plan is undeniable . It will show how you are going to achieve success through a viable strategy and exactly how your ideas, products, or services are going to generate income—which is what investors want to know.

Have credible projections

In the email deck you had more room to provide specific numbers. Here, focus on giving a solid—but brief—financial summary and history of the funding you’ve received so far, if any, as well as the investment range you are looking for. Discuss in detail how you plan to use the money and grow your business . The financial plan should summarize and explain the return on investment that the investors can anticipate. Display this information in a graph or easy-to-read imagery, so your investors don’t need to squint at small numbers on a spreadsheet.

Startup Pitch Deck Examples

Still feeling nervous about what your deck should look and feel like? It can be helpful to cross-reference successful decks. If you have a mentor or colleague who has gotten their idea off of the ground, it may be helpful to ask them to share both versions of their decks with you. To get you started, here are some example pitch decks from highly successful companies you may recognize.

Use Mailchimp to showcase your business

Pitch decks are incredibly important sales tools. Without the right information and elements, you can easily lose out on funding or clients. Your pitch decks must be beautifully designed and concise, so you must focus on the design and copy of your deck to ensure clarity and brevity.

Mailchimp offers several design tools to help you create a winning marketing deck and align your branding across all marketing and sales efforts— from email marketing and social media content to sales decks and business cards. Sign up for Mailchimp to take advantage of our branding and design tools and take your pitch decks to the next level.

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