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Basic Six Sigma Presentation


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Six sigma ppt

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presentation on six sigma


presentation on six sigma

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presentation on six sigma

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presentation on six sigma

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presentation on six sigma

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presentation on six sigma

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presentation on six sigma

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10 Most Popular Lean Six Sigma Presentations for Beginners

10 Most Popular Lean Six Sigma Presentations for Beginners - GoLeanSixSigma.com

When applied properly, Lean Six Sigma can help anyone solve problems and improve processes. It’s used by organizations large and and small in every industry . Here are our 10 most popular Lean Six Sigma presentations for beginners. For more simple, easy to understand, high quality presentations, please visit us on Slideshare .

Dmaic – the 5 phases of lean six sigma, the basics of lean six sigma, sipoc – a high level view of a process, data collection planning, process control plan, the 8 wastes, introduction to lean, how to reduce your electricity bill using lean six sigma, documentation & storyboard, visual management & 5s, are you interested in learning more about another lean six sigma beginner topic let us know in the comments below .

Sixsigma DSI

6 Tips to a Winning Six Sigma Green Belt Presentation

winning six sigma green belt presentation

The average A synonym for “mean”: the sum of a set of values divided... Learn More... person ranks the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death. You feel nervous, your palms sweat and your stomach ties itself into knots. You don’t want to do it. You would rather do anything than talk to a crowd.

If you give a winning Six Sigma Green Belt The Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals... Learn More... presentation, it will boost your career. If you give a bad presentation, your reputation as a Six Sigma Six Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t... Learn More... practitioner could be irreparably damaged!

If you have a good project and know your topic well, I will give you a few techniques to help you overcome your fear and give a winning Six Sigma Green Belt The Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals... Learn More... presentation.

Presentation should be 40 Minutes or Less with a 20 Minute Question and Answer Session

A time limit on your Six Sigma Green Belt presentation is a good control tool to keep you from boring your audience.

If you cannot sell the audience on “how great your Six Sigma project is” in 40 minutes or less, then you will most likely not sell them and they will ultimately “check out.”

A good rule of thumb is a one-hour time limit on your complete presentation. Allow 40 minutes for the presentation and 20 minutes for Q&A and tours of the Improved Process There are many ways to organize your lean six sigma processe... .

The Winning Six Sigma Green Belt Presentation should not exceed 20 Slides

Why? Your presentation should last no more than 40 minutes. The more slides you have, the longer your presentation will last.

We have all been in presentations where the presenter had 50 (or more) slides that took two hours to present.

If you are still presenting on the Define Phase of your Six Sigma Green Belt project after the first 20 minutes, the crowd will “check out” and start checking their email on their iPhones.

On average, each slide will take two minutes.

The 40 minute time limit will give you room for 20 slides.

Be Very Conservative with Words

What is the goal of your Six Sigma presentation? The main goal is to transfer information or knowledge.

Words on a screen can do those things, but not nearly as well as an inspired presenter who uses graphics and visuals to reinforce the important points.

Only say what needs to be said in the presentation! Don’t ramble on, make your point quickly.

I use the rule: “Can your audience understand the message you are trying to convey with the slide in 60 seconds or less without you saying a word?”

To do this, you need simple and concise wording in addition to using effective visuals.

Tell the Story with Pictures and Data!

Stories told with pictures and data can bring facts to life. They can help you make sense and order out of a disparate collection of facts.

Stories told with pictures and data (like graphs, control charts, etc.) make it easier to remember key points and can paint a vivid picture of what the future can look like.

Best of all, stories told with pictures and data take the focus off of you and the focus will be on the presentation and the message of the Six Sigma Project.

Practice, Practice and then Practice Some More!

Nothing takes the place of practicing and preparing for your speech. Practice your speech no less than three times. Practice in front of a mirror if possible to prepare posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, and how welcoming you appear.

Once I have practiced my presentation thoroughly, I will then present to one of my colleagues and let them critique and give possible questions that the stakeholders might ask.

Know your topic so well that you could answer any possible question thrown at you!

Ensure all equipment needed for the presentation is operational!

I can’t tell you how many potentially winning presentations I have witnessed that were thwarted by equipment failure.

The Green Belt who sets up for the presentation five minutes before the start and trusts the projector to work with their Laptop or the presentation pointer to have batteries, will most likely encounter a few problems.

I make it a rule to set up for a presentation 30 minutes before the presentation starts. Make sure the room is set up. Make sure that your equipment works. Give a quick “dry run” of the presentation to make sure that pictures, films and audio works.

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presentation on six sigma



The Author, Kevin Clay, Master Black Belt with over 20 year experience, will show you why  90% of Continuous Improvement Efforts (like Lean and Six Sigma) either Fail within 18 months .

He will show you how to quickly identify the failures and how to avoid them. If you want to build a sustainable continuous improvement culture in your organization, READ THIS BOOK!

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