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Report inappropriate videos, channels, and other content on YouTube

We rely on YouTube community members to report or flag content that they find inappropriate. Reporting content is anonymous, so other users can't tell who made the report.

What happens after I report content?

When content is reported, it’s not automatically taken down. Reported content is reviewed along these guidelines:

To check if a video that you reported has been removed, you can view your Report history .

How to report content

YouTube reviews reported videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A video can be reported anytime after it's uploaded to YouTube. If our review team doesn't find any violations, no amount of reporting will change that, and the video will remain on our site.

report on youtube video

Note : To check the status of a video you report, visit your Report history . Learn more about your Report history .

Report a Short


Report a channel

You can report users, inappropriate background images, or inappropriate profile avatars.

Note : When you report a channel, we don’t review the channel’s videos. We use the videos that you may attach to your report to understand more about the channel, but we don’t check the videos for violations. Channel features that we review include, but aren't limited to, the channel’s profile photo, handle, and description. If you think that a channel’s specific videos violate our policies, you should report the specific videos .

Report a playlist

Report a thumbnail

report on youtube video

Report a link in a video’s description

My comment was marked as spam incorrectly

If you believe that your comment was incorrectly marked as spam, you can get in touch with the uploader and ask them to reinstate your comment.

Community members can report inappropriate messages left on live streams.

If you find an ad that’s inappropriate or violates Google Ads policies , you can report it. Fill out and submit this form .

To report an ad from a video:

report on youtube video

Note : You can only report ads on YouTube mobile or on a computer.

Report content on YouTube from your TV

You can report a video directly from the YouTube TV app.


Other reporting options

If the reporting process doesn’t accurately capture your issue, we have other reporting mechanisms you can use.

Privacy reporting

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How to Report YouTube Videos and Comments

Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium's OneZero. Read more...

report on youtube video

YouTube is a wild west of content. There are some great videos there, but also some truly awful ones . You can help out by reporting questionable content.

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With 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute , there’s just no way for Google to effectively police it all. That’s where you, the viewer, come in. If you think a video is against YouTube’s Community Guidelines , you can report it. YouTube’s human moderators (who are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) will then review it. If it is against the Guidelines, it will get removed and the YouTube Channel will face sanctions. Too many violations (or ones that are too objectionable) and the whole Channel can be removed. Let’s look at how to do it.

What Is Against YouTube’s Community Guidelines

YouTube’s Community Guidelines are pretty vague—and for good reason. The vagueness allows Google some leeway in determining what content they allow on the platform. The things they explicitly cover under the guidelines include:

If you see videos that go against these guidelines (or other stuff you think is questionable), you can report it.

How to Report a YouTube Video

For a feature that’s so important, the option to report a video on YouTube is actually slightly hidden, so it’s easy to overlook if you don’t know it’s there.

First off, you do need to be logged in to your Google account to report a video. After you log in, click the three little dots beneath the video.

In the popup menu, click the “Report” option.

To report a video using the YouTube mobile app, you need to first tap the video to bring up all the options and controls. Next, tap the three little dots in the top right corner, and then click the “Report” option.

Whichever platform you report the video on, you need to provide YouTube with a little more information. Select the reason you think it violates the Community Guidelines, and then click the “Next” button.

Add in any additional information that explains the issues with the video, and then click “Report.”

YouTube’s moderators will review your report as soon as possible.

How To Report a YouTube Comment

Videos aren’t the only place you find questionable content on YouTube; the comment section is famously awful. If you see a comment that goes against the Community Guidelines—or looks like it’s spam—here’s how to report it.

Once again, on the website, the option is a little hidden. If you just look at a comment, there’s no obvious way to report it.

Once you hover your mouse over it, however, three little dots appear on the right hand side.

Click those dots, and then select the “Report Spam or Abuse” option.

Select the reason you’re reporting the comment, and then click “Report.”

In the mobile app, things are a little more obvious. The three little dots aren’t hidden, so just tap them, and then tap “Report.”

YouTube has serious content issues. With so many thousands of hours of videos uploaded everyday, it’s no wonder that some portion of them is pretty awful. There’s also the ongoing abuse that happens in the comments. Now at least, you know how to do something about it.

report on youtube video

Your Stat

Tips for Stat & Data Analysis

Learn how to report YouTube Videos and Channels in this post. Also, have an understanding of YouTube Community Guidelines.

What does that mean, you ask?

It implies that a sizable portion of the content uploaded to YouTube is produced by average people. On YouTube, there are big companies, famous people, and brands, but 32% of the content is made by regular people.

While you have the freedom to post whatever you want to share with the world thanks to that, there is a risk involved.

Some channels might be releasing content that is deemed “inappropriate”. It is essential for viewers to identify the channels that post inappropriate content and to report those channels.

In such a case, you have to take the lead. You might fear that someone else will report it or that reporting will result in my being punished.

However, we can assure you that reporting will not result in any negative consequences and will actually help YouTube adhere to its community standards.

YouTube takes offensive and vile content very seriously. According to the updates to its content policies made in June 2019, YouTube removed 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels because they were deemed to be hateful.

Another instance involved conservative pundit Steven Crowder speaking homophobic words about Carlos Maza of Vox. Because Crowder’s videos were not extremely inappropriate, YouTube removed all of his advertising privileges, but the channel continued to exist.

So now you are aware that it is a good idea to report a channel that is hosting objectionable content.

How can it be done simply is the next question?

Table of Contents

Understanding YouTube Community Guidelines

You need to comprehend the YouTube Community Guidelines before you jump on the channel reporting bandwagon. These were developed by YouTube to safeguard the community.

What is and isn’t allowed on YouTube is determined by community rules and policies.

Let’s quickly review the guidelines’ component parts.

1. Guidelines for Spam and Deceptive Practices

As spam and dishonest practices, YouTube identifies content that produces fake engagement, impersonation, links within content, and scams.

Fake Engagement

In order to avoid metric inflation for views, likes, and subscribers, YouTube prohibits any promotion of or links to third-party services.

Fake engagement also includes channels that promise to only subscribe to other channels if their own channel is subscribed.


This is the procedure to follow if you want to report an infringing YouTube channel. The term “channel impersonation” refers to content on YouTube that imitates material from other channels. This is not meant to suggest that the content should be exactly copied. Anything that appears to have been posted by someone else is also included in this.

Links in Content

It is considered spam by YouTube if you post content that has an external link. Pornographic, malicious, phishing, and other inappropriate websites are all included.

Spam, Deceptive Practices, and Scam

If you post spam content, you might be noticed by YouTube. This could include video spam that uses fake redirects, click-bait headlines or descriptions, cast offers, and pyramid schemes to entice users to click. Along with livestream abuse, these also include comment and incentive scams.

2. Guidelines for Sensitive Content

Sensitive content is prohibited on YouTube; examples include child safety, customized thumbnails, nudity, sexual content, suicide, and self-harm.

Child Safety

YouTube takes any material that is harmful to children very seriously. This might involve material that sexualizes children, harassment that takes the form of emotional abuse, or risky tasks.

Custom Thumbnails

When we talk about “custom thumbnails,” we mean those that feature explicit violence, gore, or other offensive material. These thumbnails may also be deceptive.

Nudity and Sexual Content

This category includes materials that are thought to incite nudity, such as those that show body parts in a sexually explicit manner. These are not limited to videos and may also contain text, audio, and pictures.

Suicide and Self Injury

YouTube does not allow videos that promote self-harm or express suicidal thoughts. When someone encounters such material, YouTube advises them to contact emergency services and report the video.

3. Guidelines for Violent Content

You are prompted by YouTube to report any content that contains hate speech, violent criminal organizations, violent graphic content, Covid-19 misinformation, harassment and cyberbullying, harmful or dangerous content, or any of these.

Harassment and Cyberbullying

Harassment and cyberbullying include the creation of offensive, racially insensitive, or otherwise intended to humiliate and offend a minor, content.

Harmful Or Dangerous Content

This includes material that encourages you to take on extremely risky challenges, play risky pranks, provide instructions for self-harm, glorify eating disorders, and glorify violent behavior.

Hate Speech

Hate speech of any kind is prohibited on YouTube. These speeches may advocate hatred and violence against any individual based on their age, gender, caste, class, ethnicity, disability, race, religion, and sexual orientation, among other factors.

Violent Criminal Organizations

YouTube does not allow content that features criminal organization activity or is created by such organizations. This includes any content that glorifies terrorist attacks or terrorists, defends their actions, finds recruits for their cause, or shows hostage situations.

Violent Or Graphic Content

This includes any material that encourages violence or showcases violent behavior in video form. Videos of beatings, fights, and other violent acts are included in this.

Covid-19 Misinfo

This group of materials includes information that spreads false information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes, to name a few, inaccurate information related to diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and transmission.

4. Regulated Goods

This covers items like illegal goods and firearms.

Content Featuring Firearms

This covers material that attempts to sell firearms or acts as a promotional video for firearms. This also includes any video with instructions that encourages the production of firearms.

Sale of Illegal and Regulated Goods

Content produced to market prohibited goods, including illegal drugs, stolen credit cards, organs, explosives, endangered species, etc. comprises this category.

5. Additional Policies

The additional rules for the YouTube community guidelines are focused more on account activity than on the type of content. The removal of channels after a period of inactivity of six months, posting of previously deleted content, encouragement of terms of service violations, etc. are major items on the list.

How to Report YouTube Videos

Report YouTube Videos

If you need to report a video (not a channel or YouTube user), follow these steps:

Do you need to use your smartphone to flag a YouTube video? Here’s how:

How to Report a Channel Anonymously?

YouTube obviously takes objectionable content seriously. You shouldn’t take the rules and regulations lightly. What is your position here, then?

It is not only your responsibility to abide by the rules; it is also crucial to report anything that does not do so.

We want to reassure you that reporting on YouTube is always anonymous if you’re worried that your name or other details will be revealed.

Let’s try to comprehend the methodical steps involved in reporting a channel right away.

Reporting a Channel on Mobile Phones

In most cases, when content is reported as breaking community rules, it is automatically removed.

Do you need to know how to report a YouTube channel from a smartphone? The act of reporting a channel on a mobile device is not an option, but you can still use your phone to report a video, playlist, thumbnail, comment, live chat message, and more.

The basic guidelines for these are to head over to the three dots on the content you wish to report and press the “Report” button.

Reporting a Channel on PC

To report a channel on your PC, you just have to follow these easy steps:

While we encourage you to report anything deemed inappropriate, we also advise against doing so if it is not absolutely necessary.

What Are the Other Reporting Options?

There are many other options for reporting besides reporting a channel. You can just report that element because you might find a specific part of the channel offensive or inappropriate, but not the entire thing.

Below are some of the options, and general guidelines for them:

Reporting a Playlist

Make sure to report any playlist on YouTube whose content you believe to be in violation of the Community Guidelines.

To accomplish the same, log into your YouTube account, visit the playlist page, and select the three dots next to the playlist’s title. Push the submit button after clicking the report button.

Reporting a Thumbnail

Now that you’ve seen a thumbnail, you should report it. To report it, head over to the thumbnail you wish to report, click “More”, and then “Report”. Specify the basis for the report, then submit it.

Reporting a Comment

If a comment on a video seems to be out of your acceptable range, you must report it by going to the comment you wish to report, clicking on “More”. Select “Report Spam or Abuse” and specify the issue you’re reporting.

Reporting a Live Chat Message

Although it might seem that posting offensive messages in a live stream chat will not have a big impact, that is not exactly the case. Go to the message you want to report, click more, and then explain why you’re reporting it.

Does YouTube Reporting Work?

Although YouTube does not always remove content that is reported, the reporting system does work reasonably well. To see if the content violates community standards, YouTube first examines it.

If it does, YouTube will either:

Also, try to avoid thinking, How many reports are required to remove this YouTube video? If reviewers don’t notice a violation, YouTube claims that reporting the issue won’t help.

Reporting users is a bit of a downer, so let’s brighten things up with a better YouTube task: making friends .

An Insight into YouTube Trusted Flagger Program

YouTube created a program called YouTube Trusted Flagger to give reliable people and organizations access to resources that can make it simple to spot violations of community standards.

It is typically possible to flag multiple videos at once with the help of a bulk flagging option. Additionally, this program enables full transparency into the decisions for the dependable person or group.

Governmental organizations typically take part in this program. And all of the flags they produce are given precedence over all other flags.

In order to qualify as a trusted flagger, non-governmental organizations can also apply, and YouTube occasionally offers online training for this purpose.

What is Included in It?

In order to maintain YouTube as a safe platform, you must show some passion for it. The first step in the procedure is to sign up for the program and consistently flag content that appears to be against the aforementioned community guidelines.

The ideal applicant for the trusted flagger program must have some experience in at least one of the YouTube Community Guidelines categories. Additionally, the content that they flag should be legitimate. This suggests that the content you have reported should actually turn out to be against the rules.

A participant who doesn’t show enough interest in the program may also be removed by YouTube.

Your email or the email of the point of contact must be given to YouTube if you want to be a trusted flagger.

Everything you do after enrolling in the program is subject to NDA.

Who is Eligible for It?

Examine your eligibility for the position before deciding to apply to become a trusted flagger for YouTube.

In general, YouTube considers all individual users, governments, and NGOs to be eligible for the program; however, the best applicants are those who have some experience in any of the subject areas covered by the YouTube Community Guidelines.

Candidates who exhibit accuracy in prior reporting receive priority consideration on YouTube. You should be open to discussion and criticism from YouTube as a potential candidate.

Final Words

Although YouTube has a number of guidelines that creators must abide by, these guidelines are not particularly strict. You can report a video to YouTube if you find it to be offensive or illegal, whether it contains hate speech, pornography, libel, or something else.

When reporting a YouTube video, your identity will be kept private, and the report will be reviewed by several YouTube moderators. Upon acceptance of the report, the person who posted the video will be notified that it is being reviewed. Any account that consistently uploads objectionable YouTube videos risked being deleted and banned from the platform.

How to Report Youtube Video for Copyright?

You can submit a copyright removal request to ask for the removal of content if someone uploaded your copyright-protected work to YouTube without your permission.

You can also get to the webform directly from YouTube Studio:

How Many Reports Does It Take to Delete a YouTube Video?

Removed channels by the numbers A YouTube channel is terminated if it accrues three Community Guidelines strikes in 90 days , has a single case of severe abuse (such as predatory behavior), or is determined to be wholly dedicated to violating our guidelines (as is often the case with spam accounts).

What Happens If a YouTube Video is Reported?

The YouTube moderators take down a video from the site if they discover it to be in violation. The moderators will probably ignore the reports if the allegation is not serious and not enough users have reported it.

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Recent Posts

What Happens When You Report A YouTube Video

What Happens When You Report A YouTube Video

What Happens When You Report A YouTube Video : Every minute of the day, there’s a new video uploaded on YouTube.

Unfortunately, a good number of these videos is likely to go against the guidelines and rules of YouTube. It’s normal for a lot of persons to publish inappropriate content — and if people are not okay with your content, they’re most likely to report your YouTube video.

Are you the one whose video got reported? Did you see an inappropriate video on YouTube, and you’re thinking about reporting such a video?

It’s useful to be in the know of the effect of someone reporting a YouTube video. You may want to know, “is the reported user going to know about the person who reported?” Others may be asking: “is the video you reported going to be removed?”

That’s what this article will be centered around.

Let’s dive right into it.

What Happens When You Report A YouTube Video?

Will the reported user be informed about the person who reported, will youtube take down the reported video, will you know what the report would do, how to report a video on youtube, what are the five banned topics you should avoid talking about on youtube, does youtube take down all the reported videos.

Immediately after a video gets reported on YouTube, it’ll be reviewed by staff at YouTube. If that YouTube staff finds any serious violation, that video may just be removed.

Also, if they end up taking down that video, the YouTube channel that has that video may as well get a strike. Know this: YouTube has two different types of strikes. They include community guidelines and copyright strikes.

Let’s say a YouTube channel gets its first community guideline strike; a warning will definitely follow. If the owner of that channel violates and gets a second strike, then it’ll face the restriction of uploading new YouTube videos for some weeks.

At this point, that particular channel risks getting terminated — if it receives another strike within the six-month interval.

As for the copyright strikes, you may experience limitations while trying to use some features on YouTube. It’s quite similar to the community guideline strike:

if you receive up to 2 strikes, try not to receive another one — because that might result in your account getting terminated.

YouTube doesn’t disclose this information to the reported user. To use, we think it’s a wise move from YouTube — because the reported user might decide to do something out of place.

Anybody who decides to report a video on YouTube isn’t disclosed to the reported user — that person’s identity is completely hidden.

The YouTube creator would know that his/her video got reported but won’t get the information of the exact person who did.

So, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you want to report a video you think violates the rules and guidelines of YouTube.

The moment you report a video on YouTube, it’s not going to be removed immediately. It’ll take a few days before a YouTube staff would review the reported video before making the decision of either taking it down or not.

It’s imperative we inform you that it’s not all the videos that violate the rules of YouTube that are taken down. Let’s say if a content shouldn’t be shown to a younger audience, then the video would be issued an age restriction — but would still be available for the older audience to view.

Open the YouTube.com homepage, and you’ll see the “Report History” tab on the left-side menu. When you click on the “Report History” tab, you’ll see a list that consists of the video you’ve reported.

You won’t see any section that shows the review progress of that video. Currently, there’s no way you can check the progress of the video.

Well, there’s a way you can manually do this. Look for the reported video and check if you can watch it. Most videos that violate the community guidelines of YouTube are being taken down.

If you discover that the video you reported is still available after some days, then your report has most likely been declined.

However, if you check and you find out that the video you reported can’t be accessed, then it’s clear that the video has brought the user community guidelines or copyright strike.

The rules of YouTube are not as strict as people think they are — but there are a few of them YouTubers must follow. If you find a video on YouTube that doesn’t fall under “appropriate videos,” you can go ahead and report the video.

Inappropriate videos include libellous, pornographic, hate speech and whatnot. As we have said in this article, YouTube does not leak your name to the creator of the video you reported — while it gets reviewed by a group of YouTube moderators.

If your report is valid and they accept it, the creator of the video will receive a notification informing them that that specific video is under review.

One thing you don’t want to do is not be conscious of the kind of videos you make and risk being issued a strike whenever you publish a video.

Your YouTube channel could be permanently terminated from the YouTube platform: that means you’d lose all your videos.

Here’s how you can report a YouTube video:

Five (5) Banned Content Topics You Mustn’t Talk About On YouTube To Avoid Getting Banned

You’re a content creator on YouTube — you must understand that there are certain topics you mustn’t talk about in order to keep getting strikes at arm’s length.

If the moderators of YouTube discover that you’re promoting any of these in any way, you will risk getting a strike.

Here are the topics you shouldn’t make a video on, on YouTube:

1. Spam & Deceptive Practices

According to YouTube, the following are the types of content that promote spam and deceptive practices.

2. Sensitive Contents

To ensure the community of its users is protected, YouTube doesn’t allow the publication of content that promotes self-harm, sex and nudity, and child harm.

To put them out in a list form, they include:

3. Dangerous or Violent Content

YouTube doesn’t welcome those contents that encourage dangerous or harmful and illegal activities.

The harmful and dangerous content you should publish on YouTube is that one that:

4. Misinformation

YouTube doesn’t allow its users to spread deceptive or misleading information, the ones that can cause harm or pose threats.

They include:

5. Regulated Goods

YouTube does not encourage those contents that gives information about the use or sale of regulated or illegal goods or services. This includes firearms.

Other ones include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer to this is “No.” When a video is reported, YouTube assigned that video to their moderators to recheck them to see if any of their rules and guidelines were violated.

If it violates, they take down the video and send you a warning. Make sure you don’t violate their rules up to three times — so you don’t risk getting your account deleted.

We hope, with this article, you’ll now be informed about What Happens When You Report A YouTube Video. Remember, it’s not that difficult to keep to the rules and guidelines of YouTube.

Thanks for reading.

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How to report a YouTube video that you find inappropriate or rule-breaking

YouTube's rules aren't very strict, but there are still a number of rules that creators need to follow. If you see a video on YouTube that you think is inappropriate or illegal, be it hate speech, pornographic, libelous, or otherwise improper, you can report the video to YouTube.

You will remain anonymous when reporting a YouTube video, while the report will go to a group of YouTube moderators to review. If the report is accepted, whoever posted the video will be told their content is under review. Any account that repeatedly posts inappropriate YouTube videos could ultimately be terminated and banned from the site.

How to report a YouTube video

1. While logged into your YouTube account, go to the video in question.

2. Click on the three dots below the video, to the right of the view count and title, and then hit "Report."

3. Select the primary reason you're reporting the video ("Spam or misleading," e.g.) and then select a specific reason from the dropdown menu that appears. If there are offensive links in the video, click the box that indicates as such. Click "Next" once you're done.

4. Mark down the timestamp where the offensive content occurs, and add any comments you have to support your report and tell moderators what to look for.

5. Click "Report" to confirm the report, and then let YouTube's moderators take care of the rest.

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report on youtube video

How to Report a Youtube Video, Comment, Channel, or Playlist

YouTube has a system for reporting channels that violate the site’s community guidelines. You can use it to report a Youtube Video or comments on their channel that may be inappropriate. 

Table of Contents

You don’t need to provide your name when you report a channel, but you must verify your email address, so YouTube knows who you are. If there is no response within 48 hours, you’ll receive an email from YouTube letting you know what happened.

There are several reasons for reporting a Youtube video or channel.

If you’re unsure if a video or channel violates one of these rules, just click “Report” at the top right corner of the offending content and select which reason applies.

How To Report A Youtube Video Comment

If you see something inappropriate in one of your favorite videos, click “Report” next to the comment. 

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This link will take you to a page where you can select which video the comment applies to and write out why you think the comment violates the YouTube Community Guidelines.

The first time you report a comment, you’ll get a message confirming that the comment was removed. After that, you won’t see another notification unless someone else reports the same comment.

How To Report An Account

You can also report an account if they’re spamming, posting inappropriate content, or otherwise breaking the rules. 

Just hover over the user’s username at the top right corner of the screen and click “report.” From here, you can choose whether or not to send a private message to the user explaining what you found offensive.

How To Report Another User

You can also report other users by clicking the three dots icon at the top right corner. Clicking this will open up a menu with options like “Spam,” “Inappropriate Content,” “Abusive Behavior,” and “Other.” Select the option you want to report and then click “Send Report.”

How To Report a Playlist

To report a playlist, go to the playlist’s page and click the three dots icon at its top left corner. 

Then, click “Report.” A page will open where you’ll be able to select which type of violation you’d like to report: spam, inappropriate content, etc. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate category, click “Submit.”

How To Report A Channel

Finally, you can report a channel by going to the channel’s page and clicking the three dots icon. 

Next, choose “Report” from the drop-down menu. Here, you’ll be asked to pick between categories such as spam, inappropriate content, and more. 

Once you’ve picked the category, click “Submit,” and you’ll see a confirmation page.

Youtube has made it easy to report a channel, comments, and to report a Youtube video. Follow the steps to report your concern.

It doesn’t matter how many times you report a channel. It takes only one person actually to remove the offending material from YouTube.

Yes! All you need to do is hover over the commenter’s name at the top right corner and click “Report.” You won’t have to identify yourself at all.

First, download the latest version of the Google app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Next, open the app and tap the hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Settings,” then “Accounts & Privacy.” Scroll down until you find “Your YouTube Activity,” and tap the button labeled “Manage your activity.” Now you should see a list of every channel you’ve ever reported on YouTube. If you don’t, make sure you’re logged into your Google account and try again.

There are no set guidelines regarding when YouTube removes channels after you report them. However, some people have reported getting their accounts deleted within 24 hours of reporting them. Others have waited months before receiving any response.

No. The only way you know that you’re about to report a channel is because you get a pop-up notification asking you to confirm that you want to report the channel.

Once you submit a report, YouTube will email the channel owner informing them that their channel was reported. If the channel was removed from YouTube, the owner will receive an email saying that they were removed. If the channel was not removed from YouTube, the creator will receive an email stating that their channel was reported, and why.

No. Unless you have permission to view someone else’s private information, you cannot see who reported a channel.

report on youtube video

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How to Report a Channel on YouTube

Last Updated: May 29, 2019 Tested

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Nicole Levine, MFA . Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 177,984 times. Learn more...

This wikiHow teaches you how to report a YouTube channel or user for violating YouTube's terms of use. Since you can't report a channel from within the YouTube mobile app or a mobile browser, you'll need to use a computer for this task.

Image titled Report a Channel on YouTube Step 1

Image titled Report a Channel on YouTube Step 4

Image titled Report a Channel on YouTube Step 9

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About This Article

Nicole Levine, MFA

1. Sign into YouTube.com. 2. Go to the channel. 3. Click the ABOUT tab. 4. Click the flag icon. 5. Click Report user . 6. Select a reason. 7. Click REPORT . 8. Fill out the form. 9. Click Continue . Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How To Report a YouTube Channel

Cassandra Read more February 18, 2021

YouTube is arguably one of the most widely used video streaming app in the world. You can watch tutorials to learn new things, funny videos, and even get your news. Launched in 2005, the video-based content site has millions of channels you can subscribe to. But, as with all social media these days, you may take issue with one that you come across.

If you’ve ever found an inappropriate channel that violated YouTube’s guidelines, you probably wondered how you could help get the inappropriate content off the site. In this article, we’ll review the details of Channel reporting so that you can let YouTube know something is amiss.

YouTube Guidelines

YouTube’s content is provided and uploaded by registered users. Anyone can register and it is because of this, the company takes a great deal of care to ensure Channel owners only publish what the company deems as ‘appropriate content.’ Before you report any and every channel that you don’t like, consider YouTube’s Content Guidelines first. We’ve taken them directly from YouTube so they are current as of January 2021. Of course, they always change so check here for updates .

Some of these guidelines are in place to comply with local laws and regulations while other guidelines are of the company’s own preference.

To keep things in line and prevent chaos, YouTube has had a strict content policy the guidelines have evolved over the years and the current version prohibits the following:

Content that is deceptive or spam

Content that is considered ‘Sensitive’

Content that is ‘Dangerous’

The sell and promotion of goods

The guidelines are somewhat vaguely defined, to give YouTube some wiggle room when deciding what content to allow on the platform. If you need more information about one specific guideline, we’ve included YouTube’s hyperlinks to get you the most accurate information.

How to Report a Channel on YouTube

If you’ve spotted a channel that regularly uploads inappropriate content, you should report it and help YouTube remain a safe place for all its users. Reporting a channel might have unpleasant repercussions for the owner of the offending channel, but the safety and integrity of the community should come first.

Reporting a channel is only possible through your computer. On the mobile app, reporting a video is your only solution, but more on that later.

Here is how you can report a channel that’s crossed the line – the steps are identical for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

When the menu expands, click on the “Report user” option on the bottom of the menu.

Once you submit your report, a member of YouTube’s staff will check the channel and give it a thorough review. In case the violations are serious enough, or if that particular channel owner has made similar transgressions in the past, they might lose the channel. Want to find a video using more specific search criteria? Check out our article on using YouTube search filters.

Reporting a Channel on the Mobile App

Because of the nature of YouTube, a lot of users tend to use the Mobile App. It’s just as easy to report a Channel on YouTube’s App.

How to Report a Video

You can also decide to report a particular video instead of the channel that put it up. Reporting videos is simple and you can do it both on a computer and on your smartphone or tablet.

Follow these steps to report a video using your computer.

While you can’t report a channel, you can report a video through YT’s mobile app. The procedure is identical for both iOS and Android devices. Here’s how it’s done.

Stay Vigilant

YouTube is efficient about filtering out inappropriate materials, but it’s up to the users to let YouTube know when there is a problem they missed.. Stay safe and help keep the web’s biggest tube site safe for others.

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How to report a YouTube video or channel

YouTube logo

There are millions of channels on YouTube , with billions of hours worth of videos to watch. Most are there for entertainment, DIY instruction, and educational purposes. However, once in a while, you may run across a channel containing prohibited material, such as pornography or nudity, violence, harassment, hate speech, or other violations. If you run across a channel with one or more of these types of videos, you can report the video. If there are multiple instances of this behavior on the channel, you can also report the channel.

To learn how to report a YouTube video or channel, select a link below and follow the instructions.

What happens when a YouTube video or channel is reported?

How to report a youtube video.

If you come across a video on YouTube that goes against the YouTube community guidelines, you can report the video by following the steps below.

meatball menu kebab menus

YouTube report menu

YouTube report reasons

How to report a YouTube channel

If you come across a channel on YouTube containing one or more videos that go against the YouTube community guidelines, you can report the channel by following the steps below.

YouTube report channel

YouTube channel report reasons

When you report a video or channel, an anonymous message is sent to the YouTube moderators . The moderators review each of these complaints on a case-by-case basis. If they find the video is in violation, the moderators remove the video from YouTube. If the complaint isn't a severe violation and doesn't have enough users reporting it, most likely, the moderators will dismiss the reports. The video creator will not know who reported them or their video, as the reporting is anonymous.

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How to Report a YouTube Channel (2023)

YouTube gives every user a lot of freedom to upload whatever they wish. While this allows everyone to upload videos freely, it also makes room for a lot of hateful and abusive content.

A lot of YouTubers misuse this freedom to spread hate, violence, and negativity. As of Jul- Sep 2022, YouTube has removed more than 5,820,978 channels because they somehow violated community guidelines. 

That’s why if you ever come across a video or channel on YouTube that spreads negative content, always report it. 

And if you don’t know how to report a YouTube channel or video, this post is for you. Here we’ve shared how you can easily keep the platform clutter-free by reporting spammy content or inappropriate channels. 

What Happens If You Report a Channel on YouTube?

If you report a channel on YouTube , it won’t be taken down immediately. First, the review team will check if the channel truly violates their community guidelines. 

If YouTube finds out the channel has a single case of abuse or violation, they’ll terminate the YouTube channel from the platform. 

All of the videos uploaded by the channel will be removed, and the user may not be able to create or access additional accounts. 

If the channel has content that falls into the category of severe abuse, such as predatory behavior, the channel will get terminated immediately without any strikes or warnings. 

How to Report a YouTube Channel on a Desktop

If you notice a YouTube channel often posts inappropriate or offensive videos, it’s your moral duty to report that channel. And the easiest way to report a YouTube channel is by using a desktop. 

Here’s how you can do that: 

Step 1: Open youtube.com on your desktop and log in to your account. 

Step 2: Find a channel that posts offensive video content and visit their channel page.

Step 3: Once you open the channel page, at the top bar, click About .

Step 4: Under the About section, find the flag-shaped report button and click on it.

YouTube report flag

Step 5:   Now, a menu will appear with a few options. The options are:

Report a YouTube channel

From these options, choose the Report user option . 

Step 6: In the Report user menu, select a reason that justifies why you’d like to report that channel. 

Report a YouTube user

Step 7: Click the Next button . 

Step 8: Now YouTube will redirect you to a different tab to add more details about why you are reporting. Follow the complaint process as guided by YouTube. 

Step 9 : Once you’ve completed the process, click the Submit button. 

Submit report

After submitting the report, YouTube will take some time to review the report and take action accordingly. If the channel violates YouTube’s guidelines, chances are it will be removed from the platform. 

How to Report a YouTube Channel on a Mobile Device (iPhone & Android)

Whether it’s Android or iPhone, reporting a YouTube channel on a mobile device is as simple as reporting it from a desktop. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to report a YouTube channel from your mobile device: 

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your phone (Android or iPhone).

Step 2: Search and visit the channel you want to report. 

Step 3: On the channel’s page, tap the three vertical dots button in the top right corner of your device. 

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, tap the Report user option . 

Report user

Step 5: YouTube will redirect you to the youtube.com page. 

Step 6: Now click the report user button , which looks like a flag. 

Step 7: A drop-down menu will appear; from there, tap the Report user option . 

Step 8: Another pop-up menu will appear on your screen; from there, select a reason for your report. Then, tap the Next button . 

Step 9: Now youtube will ask you to put more details about the report. 

Step 10: Once you’ve completed the process, tap Submit . 

If the channel clearly violates the rules of YouTube, the channel will be taken down immediately. 

How to Report a YouTube Video on a Desktop

If you find a particular YouTube video abusive or violent, instead of reporting the entire channel, you can report that specific YouTube video. 

To report a YouTube video on a desktop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open youtube.com and log in to your account 

Step 2: Find the video that violates YouTube’s guidelines and click on it. 

Step 3: Under the video, click the three horizontal dots button to open the menu. 

Step 4: From the menu, click Report . 

Report a YouTube video on desktop

Step 5: Choose a reason behind reporting the video. 

Report a video on YouTube

Step 6. Click the Next button . 

Step 7: You can add more details to help YouTube’s team review the content better. For example, you can add timestamps or describe the violation in detail. 

Report the video

Step 8: Finally, click Report to complete the process. 

If the YouTube review team doesn’t find any violations in the video, your reporting won’t matter. The video will remain the same on that channel. 

How to Report YouTube Videos on Mobile

Reporting YouTube videos on mobile devices is quite identical to the process of reporting videos on a desktop. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below:

Step 1:   Open the YouTube app on your device. 

Step 2: Open the video you’d like to report. 

Step 3: At the upper right corner of that video, tap the gear icon or Settings button. 

Step 4: On the settings menu, tap Report . 

Report a YouTube video from mobile device

Step 5: Now, give a proper reason that tells why you’re reporting that video. 

Choose a reason to report the YouTube video

Step 6: Next, tap Report . 

And that’s all! If the video content isn’t appropriate, YouTube will remove it after your reporting. 

YouTube Guidelines

It’s easy to hit the report button anytime on YouTube. But reporting a channel or video doesn’t ensure that it will be removed from the site. 

Because often, the videos or channels you’re reporting aren’t even breaking any rules of YouTube. That’s why before reporting anything, it’s crucial to learn about the content guidelines of YouTube. 

YouTube’s content guidelines or policies comply with laws and regulations. Some of their policies strictly follow the company’s preference. 

Here we’ve shared a quick checklist of YouTube’s content guidelines so that you can make informed decisions before hitting the report button. 

As per the recent content guidelines of YouTube, the platform strictly restricts the following: 

1. Content Guidelines for Spam and Deceptive Practice

2. Guidelines for Sensitive Content 

3. Guidelines for Violent Content

4. Regulated Goods

How Many Reports Does it Take to Delete a YouTube Channel? 

It takes at least three YouTube guidelines strikes in 90 days to delete a channel. 

Also, if the YouTube channel has a case of severe abuse or guidelines violations such as predatory behavior or spam account, all of its video content can be terminated immidietly. 

However, if the YouTube content review team doesn’t notice any act of violation, no amount of reporting will work on that channel. 

Wrapping Up

That’s how you can report a YouTube channel or video easily using any desktop or mobile device.

YouTube is a great platform to share your creative side with the world and learn valuable information from other creators. 

But, if you expose yourself to inappropriate, misleading, or abusive content, in no time, the boon will turn into a curse.

That’s why, as a responsible YouTube user, it’s your responsibility to keep the platform clean. And the best part is you can do all the reporting anonymously. 

So go ahead, and follow the steps we’ve mentioned in this post to get rid of the channels you’re not happy with. 

Also, instead of reporting an entire channel, you can decide to report a specific video that exploits YouTube’s guidelines. 

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NBA superstar Ja Morant — who was accused of flashing a handgun at a teen over the summer — was  suspended at least two games after video emerged Saturday of him displaying a gun for  a second time. 

In a now-viral Instagram Live video posted at 5:19 a.m. Saturday from an unnamed strip club, the 23-year-old star  is seen shirtless and rapping along with the music, holding up a handgun with his left hand.

In a statement, Morant said he takes “full responsibility for my actions last night.”

“I’m sorry to my family, teammates, coaches, fans, partners, the city of Memphis and the entire organization for letting you down,” he said. “I’m going to take some time away to get help and work on learning better methods of dealing with stress and my overall well-being.”

The Memphis Grizzlies All-Star point guard will be “away from the team” for at least their next two games, missing  road games in Los Angeles against the Clippers Sunday against the Lakers Tuesday, the team announced Saturday afternoon.

4kt Ja in the Skrip club wit the blicky. pic.twitter.com/mFEOvZ5MVY — DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) March 4, 2023

The NBA said it is probing Morant’s latest off-court antics.

“We are aware of a social media post involving Ja Morant and are investigating,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

Morant deactivated his Twitter and  Instagram on Saturday afternoon.

The clip, shot hours after Morant and his Grizzlies lost 113-97 to the Denver Nuggets on Friday night, is the latest in a string of  controversies involving the high-flying phenom, who was the 2019-2020 NBA Rookie of the Year.

Ja Morant appeared to flash a gun on video during an Instagram Live.

Morant was sued in September for clocking a 17-year-old in the face during the pickup game at his Tennessee mansion, but the NBA star has insisted it was in self-defense. On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that the late July incident could have been much worse.

The teen told detectives Morant hit him more “like 12 to 13 times” and then went into his home after the scuffle —  and returned holding the handle of a gun tucked in his waistband, the outlet reported.

“His dad was yelling at him, like: “No, no, no! Go back. Go back in the house,” the teen told cops.

Ja Morant's video surfaced after a Washington Post story that detailed several off-court incidents.

Prosecutors said there was not enough evidence in that case to pursue criminal charges. Morant filed a police report of his own on the incident, accusing the boy, a top Memphis-area basketball prospect, of threatening to return to the home and “light this place up like fireworks.”

Jim Tanner,  Morant’s agent, called the Washington Post report “irresponsible and defamatory.”

Ja Morant carries the ball up the court during Grizzlies-Nuggets Friday night.

Morant drew even more criticism after the Washington Post story broke when he  performed a mocking finger-gun celebration during a victory over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

He was also investigated by the NBA earlier this season after members of the Pacers accused associates of his of pointing a red laser at them following a confrontation in January.

The NBA said in a statement its investigation into the alleged incident with the Pacers “could not corroborate that any individual threatened others with a weapon.”

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Jorge Ventura

( NewsNation ) — A team of independent testers found that the environment in East Palestine, Ohio, contains acute health risks one month after the Norfolk Southern train derailment.

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that the air, water and soil are not contaminated, based on their latest findings.

Environmental scientist Andrew Whelton and his team of students from Purdue University carried out independent testing on creeks and homes near the derailment site to analyze what contaminants may still be in the water.

“What we’re finding right now is that the creek poses an acute health risk to the community. Creeks are heavily contaminated with residue,” reported Whelton.

According to Whelton, it’s possible the burn created additional compounds the EPA may not be testing for.

“And so the acute health effects of these things are that you have throat irritation, eye irritation, nausea, and other things,’ Whelton reported. “So there is contamination still in the creek that needs to be addressed. And the public has to be protected.”

Heavy rainfall has reportedly caused a Norfolk Southern dam to overflow just a mile-and-a-half from the derailment site.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said in a statement , that the overflow was part of a remediation plan.

“Although it may have appeared that the dam in this area was breached on Friday evening, the overflow of water was part of the mitigation plan to address the increase in water caused by heavy rains. The dam did not fail,” DeWine wrote.

Researchers from Texas A&M and Carnegie Mellon also released findings of elevated levels of acrolein in the air, a hazardous pollutant found in smoke.

The amount found in some areas was three times higher than what is typically seen in an urban environment, according to reports.

As mistrust continues to grow between federal officials and residents, Whelton and other researchers say they will continue conducting independent testing.

“Every day is kind of been just full of anxiety. And a lot of anxiety. Yeah. Every day, it’s the fear of the unknown,” said one East Palestine resident.

East Palestine residents are still experiencing symptoms, with one resident saying, “I’ve been having headaches. The rash, when I’m downtown. I use the carwash, I get a rash afterwards. Anywhere I’m exposed on my face.”

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