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3D Artist Resume

August 9, 2021 | By the Resume Genius Team | Reviewed by Samuel Johns, CPRW

Are you having trouble writing a great 3D artist resume? Our 3D artist resume sample and writing tips will give you the inspiration you need to impress any hiring manager.

A 3D artist resume sample with a red header to make the applicant's name stand out

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Samples Similar to a 3D Artist Resume

Graphic design resume, artist resume, ux designer resume, designer resume, 3d artist resume template (text format).

An effective format for your resume clearly presents your accomplishments and expertise.

Innovative and resourceful 3D Artist with 5+ years of experience creating and delivering world-class 3D models for clients in digital media, technology, and gaming industries. Seeking to leverage my technical, creative, and design abilities to transform clients’ concepts into attractive renderings and animations consistent with their specific requirements.

Professional Experience

Creative circle, los angeles, ca.

Senior 3D Artist, Nov 2019 – Present

JAMCITY, Carlsbad, CA

3D Artist, June 2016 – Sep 2019


Bachelor of Fine Arts, May 2011

Additional Skills

How to write a 3D artist resume

Learning how to put together a resume for the specific job(s) you want will help you land more interviews.

You may be great at rendering three-dimensional designs, but do you know how to convey your artistic talents in a convincing resume? Pair your 3D design portfolio with a professional resume to outline your core competencies and to further explain why you’re uniquely qualified for the job.

Use these three tips to write a 3D artist resume that proves you’re capable of turning creative concepts into a three-dimensional reality:

1. Highlight both your visual skills and technical know-how

Because designing and editing graphics and animations requires an excellent command of computer software, employers will be most interested in candidates with a strong technical background.

For this reason, it’s critical to emphasize your technical abilities throughout your 3D artist resume.

Start off by listing key 3D artist skills in your resume’s skills section , so employers can easily assess your abilities. Then modify the bullet points in your work experience section to showcase other important hard skills needed to excel as a 3D artist.

Here are valuable technical skills tied to working with 3D art:

Here are a few examples of how to adequately convey some of these skills in your bullet points:

Lead a team of 8+ artists, providing art quality and aesthetic vision to the team and ensuring high visual fidelity and optimization Design and customize a variety of 3D assets, models, textures, animations, and skeletal meshes, then build them within the Unreal Engine Analyze client requirements and collaborate with concept artists to create initial drawings that help us and the client better visualize the intended end product Maintain 100% client satisfaction by delivering consistent aesthetic and technical quality throughout the asset pipeline

2. Open with a strong 3D artist resume summary

As a 3D artist, you’re probably used to coming up with visually appealing designs. However, catching a hiring manager’s attention with attractive aesthetics is might be a little more challenging.

Because most 3D-artist applicants likely have the technical expertise required to perform the work, simply listing your credentials on your resume isn’t always enough to land an interview.

To give your resume a competitive edge, provide employers with a snapshot of your skills and experience in a well-crafted resume summary . Sum up your skills and industry-related achievements succinctly in one to three short sentences, while highlighting job-specific skills to show them you’re a perfect match.

Knowing how to effectively promote yourself and your 3D art experience in a professional summary will help set you apart from other job seekers, especially if there’s a large pool of applicants vying for the same role.

Here’s an example of a well-written 3D artist resume summary:

Innovative and resourceful 3D Artist with 5+ years of experience creating and delivering world-class 3D models for clients in various industries. Seeking to leverage my technical, creative, and design abilities to transform clients’ concepts into attractive renderings and animations consistent with their specific requirements.

In this example, the applicant effectively sums up their skills and achievements in two short sentences. In addition to emphasizing their diverse background, they highlight both their creative and technical abilities, as well as their commitment to meeting client expectations.

3. Emphasize your soft skills

Though your hard skills are essential to working in the field of 3D art, your technical prowess isn’t everything. Ultimately, your soft skills will also be considered when employers are determining whether you’d be a good fit for their company.

For instance, being detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and receptive to feedback is critical for a 3D artist when it comes to delivering projects on time and according to specifications.

To prove you’re the right creative for the job, further customize the bullet points in your work experience section to emphasize a variety of key 3D artist soft skills that complement your design skills.

Here are some soft skills employers look for in a 3D artist:

Here are a few examples of ways you can include these skills into your bullet points:

Designed and developed high-end, interactive digital renderings and animations for renowned clients, including McDonald’s, Rockwell Collins, and Midmark Worked collaboratively with other teams across 7 studios to provide creative solutions and support for projects Effectively worked on 10+ projects weekly with changing requirements, all under strict deadlines and requiring timely project completion

Extra 3D Artist Resumes, Cover Letters, & CVs:

Cover Letters:

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3D Artist Resume—Examples, Template, and 25+ Writing Tips

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3D Artist Resume Template

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Targeted Resume Examples & Template to Personalize

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25+ Google Docs Resume Templates For 2023 [Free Download]

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3D Artist Resume Examples

3D Artists use computer technology to deliver 3D creations and are involved in producing movies, music videos, commercials and computer games. Typical resume samples for 3D Artists describe duties such as creating special effects matching the script, using optical scanning devices, using both computer software and hand drawing techniques, and creating three-dimensional pictures. The ideal candidate highlights in his or her resume artistic talent, creativity, a collaborative personality, communication skills, and specific computer software proficiency. Based on our collection of resume samples, education requirements include a degree in art, design, movie production or animation.

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3D Artist Resume Samples

No results found

Candidate Info

year in workforce

month at this job

Animation And Game Design

2d & 3d Artist

Selected from a highly competitive field of applicants to work with a university professor on an educational Xbox game.

years in workforce

months at this job

Media Arts And Animation

Graphic Designer/ 3d Artist

Create, and develop advertisement and marketing designs on web, print media, and video animations

months in workforce

3d Animation

years at this job

Art And Design

Lead Game and Level Designer, 3d Artist

Incorporated client's vision from concept to product release

Information Technology

year at this job

Game Art And Design


Visual Communication

Senior 3d Artist

Creation of assets for Kia interactive website and print including hero shots and animations

Intern, 3d Artist

Graphic & Web Design

2d/3d Artist

Associate of Applied Science

Helped to create props and key assets in gameplay

Animated stories explaining the transfer of data packets through a network.

Web Analyst

Game Design And Development

Freelance 3d Artist

3d Artist & QA


Visualization for different international firms. Made a great number of 3d renderings of architectural projects.

Digital Media And Animation

Senior Unity Developer/3d Artist

Work as Unity3D lead to develop projects within our team, as well as coordinate information and material with subject matter experts and instructional designers.

Art- Animation

Volunteer 2d/3d Artist

Graphic Communication

3d Artist - L3 Communications

Create 2D and 3D visual elements for real time flight simulation.

Model and texture 3D environment assets and implement them into the Unity engine


Final Cut Pro 7 Level One

3d Artist, Effect Multimedia Solutions

Computer Animation

Contracted 3d Artist

Hi and Low-res 3D vehicle modeling using Maya

Computer Programming

3d Modeling, Lighting & Rendering

3d Artist Intern

Complete assigned tasks ranging from photo shoots for stop motion sequences.

3d Artist - General

Hard Surface Modeling for low and high resolution asset needs

Liaising with clients and developing animation from their concepts.

Senior Maya/ 3d Artist

Creating complex videos/ promos, 3D assets for games using Autodesk Maya. Storytelling, designing, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, effects, animation and compositing. Research, develop and implement new workflows for the pipeline, assist and mentor team.

Contract 3d Artist

Game Art Design

Realistic High Poly Hard Surface Modeling of a Commercial Helicopter (close ups and mid-range shots)

3d Artist/ Animator

Created 3D Models of hand drawn sketches, AutoCAD plans, Etc.

Graphic Design

Animation & Visual Effects

Freelance Designer, 3d Artist

Founder and 3d Artist

Freelance 3d Artist / Art Lead

More 3D Artist Resumes

3d artist resume success stories, 3d artist duties and responsibilities.

The type of organization a 3D artist works for will determine the exact duties and tasks they carry out each day. Based on job listings we analyzed, a 3D artist's duties typically involve:

Creating Graphics and Animations A key part of working as a 3D artist is creating graphics, effects, or animations using computer programs and editing software. This includes working with a team of animators and other artists to work on movies, games, or visual effects.

Research Upcoming Projects 3D artists research upcoming projects to help find new ways to create designs or animations. This sometimes includes developing storyboards to map out how scenes will look.

Conceptualize Designs In the initial stages of a project, 3D artists help conceptualize ideas and processes to come up with the best plan of action. This is especially the case if a 3D artist specializes in a particular area of 3D effects and their expertise is crucial to the project's success.

Edit Effects After Feedback 3D artists receive feedback from directors, game designers, clients, or other animators, and edit animations or effects based on these comments or suggestions. Larger projects will often go through many iterations before the final design is approved.

3D Artist Skills and Qualifications

3D Artist Education and Training

3d artist salary and outlook, helpful resources.

We've collected some of the best resources to help you develop a successful career as a 3D artist:

Photoshop for 3D Artists - Photoshop remains a key tool for 3D artists, and here top professionals share their tips and techniques for working in the 3D industry, from initial concept stages to post-production

Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals - an essential guide for anyone working in the industry, this book is filled with everything an aspiring 3D artist needs to know to recreate the human body in 3D

3D Artist - a well-respected source of inspiration for any aspiring 3D artist and those already working in the industry, this site features industry coverage, guides, and a strong community of professionals

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Resume Worded

6 3D Artist Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

Highly skilled 3d artists continue to be in high demand, especially those that are able to specialize. this guide will show you how to set up your 3d artist resume, including templates that you can replicate, and important skills to succeed in the industry..

Hiring Manager for 3D Artist Roles

3D artists build 3 dimensional models to be used in a variety of fields like TV, film, advertising, or video games. Having a degree is not required but is often recommended, especially if it’s related to graphic design, art, animation, or illustration. However, if you don’t have a degree or related background you could easily take courses or certifications online. Early on, you might decide whether you want to be a 3D generalist, or specialize in a particular area in 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, etc. Further along in your career, you can work your way up to a position as an Art Director, Senior Artist, or Creative Director. 3D artists should have a working knowledge of tools and software such as Revit, Adobe, 3D Studio Max and 3D Slash and you can highlight these in your 3D artist resume. As a 3D artist, you will be constantly collaborating with others, so excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential to include in your 3D artist resume. Since you’ll also be working under strict deadlines, you’ll need to be good with project management and time management.

3D Artist Resume Templates

Jump to a template:

Jump to a resource:

Template 1 of 6: 3D Artist Resume Example

A 3D artist is someone who creates characters, scenes, and other artistic assets for media. 3D artists can work in many industries. They use a combination of artistic ability and computer software to create digital assets. As a 3D artist, you may communicate with teams to create a vision for the art, make drafts of artwork, research design ideas, and use software to determine object proportions, movement, physics, and more. To become a 3D artist, you will typically need an undergraduate degree in art, graphic design, or animation. Some companies may overlook education for someone with enough relevant experience. Hiring managers will look for someone with experience using 3D animation software, such as CGI. They will also look for a candidate with related work experiences, such as prior roles as an illustrator, art assistant, or creative consultant. The ideal 3D artist is creative, innovative, and very literate in animation technology.

A 3D Artist resume showcasing experience in creating 3D models, illustrations, and animations, as well as a strong understanding of design principles and software

Tips to help you write your 3D Artist resume in 2023

   create a digital portfolio to show off your 3d animation abilities.

To become a 3D artist, one of the most important things to demonstrate is your artistic skills. This can be hard to show in writing, which is why it’s recommended to create a portfolio of previous projects you’ve created or assisted with. You can use projects from college assignments or previous jobs if you have permission. You could also make some digital art for the sole purpose of putting it in your portfolio.

Create a digital portfolio to show off your 3D animation abilities - 3D Artist Resume

   Demonstrate your expertise with animation software

A big part of being a successful 3D artist is understanding the software needed to make great 3D animations. This could include literacy in animation applications such as CGI, Golive6, or Painter 3D. It’s important to clearly highlight the software you have mastered working with on your resume.

Demonstrate your expertise with animation software - 3D Artist Resume

Skills you can include on your 3D Artist resume

Template 2 of 6: 3d artist resume example.

3D artists are generalists responsible for building 3D models using both software and illustrations. As you progress in your career as a 3D artist, it’s important not just to have experience but to be able to quantify with metrics what you were able to achieve or accomplish in each of your roles. Or, as you earn certifications or advanced degrees that will set you apart, include these in your resume.

3D Artist resume example in 2023 and tips and trends for job hunters

   Emphasize metrics and specific numbers to show 3D artist accomplishments

Using data is always better than being vague. This 3D artist resume template says, ‘....resulting in a 50% increase in overall productivity.’ You can also use metrics to describe the number of people you managed or models built. Metrics are helpful when hiring managers are reading your resume because they emphasize what you contributed to the team or project.

Emphasize metrics and specific numbers to show 3D artist accomplishments - 3D Artist Resume

   Showcase high level education with strong 3D artist experience

Having a Master’s degree, especially a Master’s in Business Administration is unique in the 3D artist field and is something you would want to draw attention to. This will allow you to stand out as highly educated and will also show that you have both the leadership capabilities and experience to succeed in more senior roles.

Showcase high level education with strong 3D artist experience - 3D Artist Resume

Template 3 of 6: 3D Game Artist Resume Example

Game artists are specifically focused on developing visual assets for games, and thus they employ a different skill set than most game designers. You should be sure to name specific tools you’ve worked with. Additionally, including any internal promotions will help convey your commitment to companies.

Game artists should include the technical tools they have utilized, and any internal promotions should be highlighted.

Tips to help you write your 3D Game Artist resume in 2023

   includes game artist tools.

Having a working understanding of the tools of the trade adds value to your application. Be sure to reference your work with tools like Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, or any other relevant software as it solidifies your familiarity with crucial applications. Add in the big projects you’ve worked on to further impart your experience.

Includes game artist tools - 3D Game Artist Resume

   Shows internal promotions

If you can demonstrate that you’ve done well at past companies - to the point of being promoted - you should do so. This imparts to hiring managers that you know what you’re doing as a game artist. If relevant, you can also include how quickly you earned your promotions.

Shows internal promotions - 3D Game Artist Resume

Skills you can include on your 3D Game Artist resume

Template 4 of 6: 3d game artist resume example.

A game artist is an animator that designs 2D and 3D art in the gaming industry like scenery, characters, or backgrounds. To advance as a 3D game artist, you will need to show past experiences of how you’ve grown with previous companies or in past roles. You can also use strong language and verbs throughout your resume to show your technical skills and most important achievements and accomplishments.

3D Game Artist resume template for job seekers in 2023

   Display job growth in 3D game artist promotions

If you want to continue to grow in your field, you can use previous positions in your resume to show hiring managers how you advanced to different roles in the company. This will also indicate that you have the leadership skills to advance and that you’re able to take on new roles and responsibilities.

Display job growth in 3D game artist promotions - 3D Game Artist Resume

   Utilize powerful action verbs with 3D game artist skills

You always want to make an impact by using strong action verbs to start off your bullet points. This could include using verbs such as, “Created,” “Illustrated,” or “Designed” to show future employers that you already have the skills that you will need in future positions and that you focus on action and what you’ve specifically achieved.

Utilize powerful action verbs with 3D game artist skills - 3D Game Artist Resume

Template 5 of 6: 3D Modeler Resume Example

A 3D modeler is someone who creates proportional and realistic 3D models using computer software. They can work in a variety of fields, such as cinema or architecture. The job duties can change based on the industry. Generally, as a 3D modeler, you will use software to create realistic renderings, collaborate internally to ensure your renderings meet the needs of the project and present 3D designs for prototyping. To become a 3D modeler, you will need a bachelor's degree in a related field such as animation, architecture, industrial design, or electronic visualization. From there, you will want to get experience creating 3D models either through an internship or freelance work. Hiring managers will look for someone with related work experience, such as prior roles as an illustrator, product designer, or animator. Overall, hiring managers will be looking for a candidate who is creative and technically inclined with superb communication skills.

A 3D Modeler resume highlighting experience in creating 3D models, using design software, and collaborating with teams to bring designs to life.

Tips to help you write your 3D Modeler resume in 2023

   tailor your resume to the industry you want to be in.

Since 3D modelers can work in a variety of fields, it makes sense to choose one or two industries you want to work in, and tailor your resume to the industry. For example, if you want a 3D modeler job at a construction firm, you will want to showcase projects where you have created models of buildings on your resume.

Tailor your resume to the industry you want to be in - 3D Modeler Resume

   Get certified in autoCAD

AutoCAD is a common and key software tool 3D modelers use to create digital designs. It's extremely important to understand how to use autoCAD to land this role. You can get certifications in autoCAD to show hiring managers you are knowledgeable in this area.

Get certified in autoCAD - 3D Modeler Resume

Skills you can include on your 3D Modeler resume

Template 6 of 6: 3d modeler resume example.

A 3D modeler is a special type of animator that uses software to create 3D models for television, gaming, movies or websites. As a 3D modeler, your technical skills are your greatest assets. By displaying a wide breadth of skills, you show that you are adaptable and can learn new skills. Also, while job titles can vary, pay close attention to the verbiage of how managers list the titles.

3D Modeler resume example for 2023 job hunters

   Add the specific 3D modeler job title

If you decide to include your job title on your resume, you should always make the job title on your resume exactly the same as it is listed in the job description. This will help with the Applicant Tracking System and will make it clear to recruiters that you have exactly the experience they’re looking for. If your title has multiple names you can use a slash and include both titles.

Add the specific 3D modeler job title - 3D Modeler Resume

   Highlight important 3D modeler skills

You will need to have strong technical and software skills to succeed as a 3D modeler. You can list the programs that you’ve worked on. If you don’t want to mention them all, look at the job description and list the ones that the job requires. You could even provide a link to an online portfolio to show more examples.

Highlight important 3D modeler skills - 3D Modeler Resume

Action Verbs for 3D Artist Resumes

Skills for 3d artist resumes.

For 3D artist jobs, having strong technical and software skills are essential because you’ll be using a wide variety of programs from 3D Studio Max to Adobe Photoshop. You’ll want to read through the job description carefully and then place any relevant skills throughout your resume as bullet points or in your skills section. You might include something like, “Developed 20 game settings in Revit.” Doing this will help you get past the Applicant Tracking Systems. This tracking system is simply an automated filter, and by intentionally including the specific keywords that the system is looking for, you’ll increase your chances of moving to the next stage of the interview process.

Skills Word Cloud For 3D Artist Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on 3D Artist job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top 3D Artist Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Action verbs for 3d artist resumes.

3D artists need to have experience designing innovative concepts, planning and organizing ideas, and communicating well with clients and colleagues. Make sure to emphasize these skills with your action verbs - examples: use Developed and Created to display your creative skills. As you structure your bullet points, start with an action verb first. This will allow you to really place the focus on what you’ve accomplished in previous roles. Employers are looking for 3D artists that are highly specialized, so use your action verbs that will showcase your area of design expertise.

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

How To Write a Resume Summary for a 3D Artist Resume

If you're a senior-level employee, or you're changing careers to become a 3D Artist, it's useful to add a paragraph at the top of your resume highlighting your most impressive accomplishments. This is called a resume summary. Here's an example of a summary that can be used on a 3D Artist resume.
A resume summary is a totally optional section, and in most cases, it's better to leave it out of your resume than include it. For example, if you're a student or mid-level hire, you should not include a summary, and instead use the space to add to your work experience.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a 3D Artist resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your 3D Artist resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Resume Summary Examples for Job Seekers: When To Include One .

Other Design Resumes

Game design.

Game artists should include the technical tools they have utilized, and any internal promotions should be highlighted.

Makeup Artist

Design chief makeup artist resume sample that highlights attentions to detail and leadership skills.

3D Artist Resume Guide

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resume format for 3d artist

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Resume Worded


3D Artist Resume Examples

With digitization gaining momentum, the number of job opportunities for 3D artists continues to grow rapidly. The fact that talented 3D artists do not necessarily need any work experience to get their career started only increases demand for these roles. 3D artists prove highly beneficial to many industries, including architecture, marketing, film, video games, manufacturing and production, graphic design, 3D printing and others.

It is essential to create a strong resume to land the job best-suited to your area of expertise. Crafted by our team of certified resume writers, our 3D artist resume examples below will provide you with step-by-step guidance for landing the job you want.


Table of contents, what is a 3d artist , what makes this a great 3d artist resume example, three 3d artist professional summary examples, three 3d artist work experience examples.

3D Artist FAQs

Resume success stories.

A 3D artist creates three-dimensional models, visual effects and animations that add value to projects in films, video games, digital advertising campaigns and more. They help create engaging content to drive business across many industries. They collaborate with teams across different disciplines to create designs and animations. Employers may seek candidates with bachelor’s degrees in art or computer graphics, as well as portfolios that demonstrate basic knowledge of digital art and 3D animation.

A strong resume is imperative to stand out amidst the growing competition in the 3D art industry. Our 3D artist resume examples can show you precisely how to incorporate your qualifications in a way that highlights the creative and technical skill sets employers want to see.

Here’s how our 3D artist resume examples can help you shape your career.

To be considered by producers and other studio leaders, a 3D artist’s resume must include a brief yet detailed professional summary describing their expertise, training and experience. Applicants can learn from our 3D artist resume example or use our Resume Builder , which provides pre-written suggestions to kickstart their own writing.

Here are three examples of 3D artist professional summaries to consider before writing your own resume:

Your work experience section should demonstrate past responsibilities and achievements that align with a companies’ requirements for 3D artists. Here are three examples that you can use as inspiration or customize to match your own measurable achievements:

Top Skills for Your 3D Artist Resume

A 3D artist’s skills are distinct from others in their field. Use industry-specific keywords and phrases, relevant technical skills and necessary soft skills to get noticed by employers. Study job descriptions to see the exact skills and experience employers seek, then add them to your 3D artist resume:

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

Building Your 3D Artist Resume with Our Builder:

Select a Resume Template

Choose Pre-Written Phrases

Download, Print and Apply

How do you write a resume for a 3D artist with no experience?

How long should 3d artist resumes be, what are the traits necessary for a 3d artist.

A 3D artist’s resume with no experience should revolve around the artist’s interests and creative work samples, usually cultivated during training or education. Building a portfolio of their work is a must for entry-level artists. This can further demonstrate their 3D design skills, work already undertaken, and any other relevant training, skills and interests.

Ideally, a 3D artist’s resume should be one-page long. However, if you have extensive work experience, your resume could go up to two pages. It’s more important that you use an appropriate template and format, and add all relevant educational qualifications, work experience and skills to convince recruiters of your ability.

Apart from the necessary qualifications and training, a 3D artist should have abundant patience. 3D artists spend hours or even weeks to create perfect 3D models and it is imperative that they don’t become impatient.

3D artists must also show dedication and practice regularly. Acceptance of criticism is essential as any work might be rejected by producers or studio bosses. Lastly, 3D artists should have a keen eye for detail. It is this trait that helps them stand out in the crowd.

*As seen in :

resume format for 3d artist

3D Artist Resume Sample

The resume builder.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Work Experience

Professional Skills

How to write 3D Artist Resume

3D Artist role is responsible for art, modeling, software, design, texturing, english, shipping, retail, training, integration. To write great resume for 3d artist job, your resume must include:

Contact Information For 3D Artist Resume

The section contact information is important in your 3d artist resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

Work Experience in Your 3D Artist Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your 3d artist resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous 3d artist responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular 3d artist position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative 3D Artist resume experience can include:

Education on a 3D Artist Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your 3d artist resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your 3d artist experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in 3D Artist Resume

When listing skills on your 3d artist resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical 3d artist skills:

List of Typical Experience For a 3D Artist Resume

Experience for 3d artist intern resume.

Experience For 2D & 3D Artist Resume

Experience For 3D Artist / Character Artist Resume

Experience For 3D Artist, AGS Resume

Experience For 3D Artist Internship, Disney Interactive Resume

Experience For 3D Artist Hololens Resume

Experience For 3D Artist, Intern Resume

Experience For 3D Artist / Software Developer 1 Resume

Experience For 3D Artist Resume

List of Typical Skills For a 3D Artist Resume

Skills for 3d artist intern resume.

Skills For 2D & 3D Artist Resume

Skills For 3D Artist / Character Artist Resume

Skills For 3D Artist, AGS Resume

Skills For 3D Artist Internship, Disney Interactive Resume

Skills For 3D Artist Hololens Resume

Skills For 3D Artist, Intern Resume

Skills For 3D Artist / Software Developer 1 Resume

Skills For 3D Artist Resume

List of Typical Responsibilities For a 3D Artist Resume

Responsibilities for 3d artist intern resume.

Responsibilities For 2D & 3D Artist Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist / Character Artist Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist, AGS Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist Internship, Disney Interactive Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist Hololens Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist, Intern Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist / Software Developer 1 Resume

Responsibilities For 3D Artist Resume

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Artist Resume: 20+ Templates & Best Examples for All Artists

Artist Resume: 20+ Templates & Best Examples for All Artists

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

As seen in:

An artist resume is a short document listing your key academic and professional achievements in reverse-chronological order. Artists use resumes to apply for residencies, exhibitions, or jobs in galleries.

Sounds pretty dull, doesn't it? You'll never be judged by something as mundane as a resume! Not so fast. Without a well-crafted art resume, you can get turned down for juried exhibitions. You can miss grants, awards, gallery shows, commissions, and residency programs. You can even turn off buyers.

Because a poorly-crafted resume is like art with poor symmetry, color, and composition. It frustrates the viewer.

This guide will show you:

Here's a sample resume for an artist made with our online resume builder.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here .

artist resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder— See more resume examples here .

Looking for a guide to writing a more specific artistic resume? See one of our dedicated articles:

And if you need a more formal document, see: Artist CV

What's the Best Format for an Artist Resume?

I've got some bad news.

You just got turned down for that juicy juried exhibition.

Why? Your poorly-formatted artist resume made the jurors cranky enough to reject Klimt.

Don't let this happen to you.

Choose a respected resume structure like the reverse-chronological format. It'll show your best stuff first.

Use clear, legible fonts, the right amount of white space, and eye-friendly headings.

Finally, save it as a PDF. An artistic resume in PDF format keeps its layout intact no matter what computer it ends up on.

Pro Tip: Make sure the submission guidelines allow PDFs. Some Applicant Tracking Systems slip up on an artist's resume in PDF format.

Want to make sure your resume will hook every recruiter and get you that interview? Get our free checklist and learn what makes a job-winning resume: 46 Things You Need To Do Before You Send Your Resume .

Want to see the reverse-chronological format in action? See the free artist resume template above. Also, reference our guide: " 3 Resume Formats: How to Choose the Best One [Examples] "

How to Write an Artist Resume Summary or Resume Objective

One eye-popping hr statistic : the average resume gets just seven seconds of reading time.

That's an eyeblink.

But that's only the ones that wind up in the rejects pile.

The winning artist cvs get lots more.

How do you get into category #2?

You do it with a resume summary or a resume objective. It's an artist bio that grabs the reader like a Banksy piece.

Look at these two fine arts resume samples:

Artist Resumes Examples: Two Summaries

See if you can spot the problem with the first of our two samples from artistic resumes.

That doesn't look terrible, does it? Neither does paint by numbers.

Instead, follow the better of our artist resume samples, below.

Bingo. That's an artist bio example you can sink your palette knife into.

Doesn't sound like you though? I'll show you how to build an artist bio just like it in a minute.

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

How to Write an Emerging Artist's Resume Objective

"I have nothing to put on my resume."

Does that sound more like you?

If so, take heart. 

You're about go from nowhere to Vermeer.

You'll do it with a resume objective for an artist's resume with no experience .

Check out the very different creative resume samples for artists below.

Two Artist Resume Examples

What's the problem with the artist bio example below?

That's not actually offensive, but it won't satisfy the critics.

Even an artistic resume with no experience needs, well, experience.

Look at the next of our fine artist resume samples.


That's the art spirit.

But hold the phone. How did a straight-from-the-easel artist get that kind of experience for a resume?

She did it by entering contests and competitions and applying for some grants. Was it easy? No. Did it take a year of her life? Absolutely not.

The point is, even a beginner artist's resume can have that kind of robust composition.

Pro Tip: An artist bio is the elevator speech for your professional artist resume. Write it last so you'll have plenty of material.

Want more tips to make an experienced or beginner artist resume? See our guides:  How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Examples You Will See AND +20 Resume Objective Examples - Use Them on Your Resume (Tips)

What Goes After the Summary on a Resume for Artists?

Meet an exhibition juror. Her name's Sue.

She's in a cafe, sipping coffee.

Beautiful saltwater fishtank.

If she votes you in, you'll get free advertising and website placement. You'll have access to exclusive classes, and the opportunity to sell your work to millions.

You really want to get admitted.

But what is she most interested in? Your other exhibitions? Residencies? Work experience? What about awards? Commissions? Grants?

In other words, what should you show next on your artist's resume?

It's enough to give Bob Ross an anger issue.

Be creative. Put yourself in the juror's, manager's or buyer's shoes.

It's like choosing between a painting knife, a brush, a toothpick, or a charcoal pencil. It all depends on the task at hand.

Pro Tip: The reverse-chronological format means, "last job first." Break that rule when you've got something very impressive to show, like an exhibition at MOMA.

How to Show Exhibitions and Other Achievements on an Artist Resume

Let's get back to Sue, our exhibition juror.

The waitress just put a crispy biscotti near her coffee, but she's not looking at it. Instead, she's reaching for an Advil.

She's having a hard time comparing the 250 artistic resumes on her laptop.

Most of them have buried key achievements like Waldo hiding in a crowd.

Then she gets to yours.

You've listed your most impressive achievements first. They're your previous exhibitions.

You listed them like this:


If you've got only a few exhibitions, group them together. If you've got lots, consider grouping them by type.

Notice it's got all the chronological order of a Dali print?

That's because the Grey Art Gallery show is your best one by far.

Other Achievements to Put High Up on an Artist Resume

Several other items can figure prominently on a resume for an artist. They include grants, commissions, residency programs, collections, and collaborative projects.

How do you show grants on an artist cv? Put them in a separate section, ranked by their importance to the current reader.


Commissions can be another important feature on an artistic resume. List the year, the title, medium, and venue.

Residency programs lend heft like something buried in the dirt at Easter Island.

Show them on an arts resume by name, venue, and year. If you're applying for another residency, put them higher.


Show collections alphabetically. Get permission from any private collectors first. Avoid listing your Aunt Beth as a collector.

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects look good on performance artist resumes. They also help with resumes for digital artists or video artists.

List the year, title, venue, and collaborators.

How to Cite a Piece of Art

When making a beginner artist resume, it's OK to cite a single piece of art. Display the title and medium.

Ferns in Moonlight, paint on canvas

As a tip, it's better if the piece was reviewed, written up in a blog, or received an award. I'll show you how to write those into a curriculum vitae in a bit. 

To flesh out a professional art gallery resume or other artist cv, look online for opportunities. Look for grants and sholarships.

Wondering how to put things like reviews, print media, conferences, and work experience on a resume for an artist? Stay tuned.

Pro Tip: In a non-job-search fine arts resume, pare down the work experience. That includes resumes for art galleries, exhibitions, and residencies.

Want some tips to custom-fit your professional artist resume? See our guide: " 6 Tips on How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description (Examples) "

Is Your Education Section too Minimalist? It Might Be

Where you put your education section depends on its importance.

Did you just graduate from London's Royal College of Art?

Yeah, go ahead and put that near the top.

Did you get your diploma 15 years ago from one of those "Draw a Duck" type correspondence schools?

Okay, maybe don't show that one on your painter resume .

Start your education section with the basics:

Then add details that show your artist chops.

Two Visual Artist Resume Examples

Holy dogs playing poker, right?

But add a few details and we're back up to Rembrandt level.

Now there's an art school graduate with passion, drive, and talent.

The key is, anyone can dust off past achievements for a creative artist resume.

Working on a self taught artist's resume? In that case, you can leave the education section out.

Pro Tip: If you went to a prestigious art school or graduated recently, put it a lot higher up on your artistic resume. If you graduated a long time ago, put it lower.

Make your painter resume less velvet Elvis and more Caravaggio. See our guide: " How to Put Your Education on a Resume [Tips & Examples] "

How to Add "Other" Sections to an Artist Resume

Let's get back to our exhibition juror, Sue.

Right now her face looks like something by Picasso.

She's worn out from reading 200+ artistic resumes, all three pages long.

Don't try to cram in everything you've ever done.

"Other" sections in an artistic resume include:

What do all these artist resume items have in common? They don't belong up top. That said, they make an attractive frame for your achievements.

Art Resume: Awards

Awards are nice. But unless it's a big, national, prestigious one, they're far from vital.

As such, you can put them far down in the ranking order.

Here are a few more artist resume examples.

Bibliography (Anything written about you)

Publications as Author

Gallery Affiliations

Now of course you wouldn't put all those on a single resume. But then, ceci n'est pas un artist resume.

Pro Tip: Not sure how to format bibliography entries in your artist resume? See this set of style guides , or simply use this online tool .

If you're writing a beginner artist resume, you can add a hobbies section. Nobody does it, but it works so well. See our guide: " +20 Best Examples of Hobbies & Interests To Put on a Resume (5 Tips) "

How to Describe Your Artist Work Experience

Is the experience section important on a professional artist resume?

It is if you're applying for a job.

If you're going for a grant, a show, or an exposition, you can put it further down.

List your most recent job first. Match it to the job description.

Two Creative Artist Resumes Examples

Wow. Look who's on the pedestal.

The secret is achievements, backed by numbers.

Yikes. That's a bit Three Wolf Moon. It needs details. Real, tangible experience.

But what if you don't have any?

How to Write an Artist Resume with no Experience

There are lots of ways for artists to add experience to a resume.

The easiest? Dig deep into your job history and find experience that fills the bill.

Let's look at a job for a video game artist.

It cites a fast-paced environment, and a high standard of excellence.

So, here's how not to write your video game art resume.

Two Junior Web Developer Examples

That has all the fine detail of Rothko's Royal Red and Blue.

Instead, try this:

Wow. Your video game art resume just went from ick to Jan van Eyck.

But any junior artist can have a resume like that with just a little work. How? Apply for some quick one-off jobs at Indeed or Freelancer.com .

Pro Tip: Don't bore the reader with coloring-book language like "responsible for," or "worked as." Use engaging action words instead.

Need some action words for your professional fine arts resume? See our guide: " Resume Action Words for Every Profession "

How to Put Skills on a Resume for an Artist

Do skills matter on an artist resume?

If you're looking for a job, the answer's "yes."

Read the job offer carefully and highlight any skills you find.

Source a few more from job offers online.

Then list the most important ones in a special section of your artistic resume.

For example, let's go back to our video game artist job offer again.

For skills, it values creative thinking , 3D artwork , and Autodesk .

So, you'll list those on your resume. Then add a couple others like critical thinking skills,   Adobe Illustrator  and some hard skills .

Finally, you'll salt those skills throughout your artist resume experience section, like so:

That way you prove you've got those skills. It's the difference between saying you love Gabrielle Berlatier and sending her a gift to prove it.

Pro Tip: If you've got your sights set on a grant or other non-job goal, you can strike skills from your artistic resume. In some cases, touting them looks tacky.

Want to make your painter resume skills section stand out like Michelangelo's David? See these guides: " +30 Best Examples of What Skills to Put on a Resume (Proven Tips) " and " What to include in a Resume "

Here's the Most Common Myth About Cover Letters

" No one reads cover letters anymore ."

40% consider them essential.

Whether you're writing a beginner makeup artist resume or a resume for an experienced sculptor, you'll need a cover letter.

Like a Persian miniature, an artist cover letter should be short and powerful.

Write yours like this:

First, mention the reader by name.

Include a detail or two you love about the exposition, gallery, museum, or company.

Then tout your top 2-3 most impressive career achievements.

Last, add a call to action. That can be as simple as, "I'd love to talk with you about your gallery."

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci wrote a cover letter?

In it, he cites his ability to make bridges, cannons, and siege engines. He references catapults and "other instruments of wonderful efficiency."

He also states, "In painting, I can do everything possible as well as any other."

Should you be that bold? Probably not unless you're equally skilled. Remember, it's not bragging if you can prove it.

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here.  Here's what it may look like:

matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Pro Tip: After you send your creative artist resume, follow up. A well-timed call or email can be just the thing to put you top-of-mind.

Need more help for your winning artist cover letter? See our guide: " How to Write a Professional Cover Letter "

How to Add Contact Info to Your Resume

Everyone adds contact info to an artistic resume. Don't they?

Not necessarily in the right way.

Art Resume: Contact Info

Robert da Vinci, [email protected] 646-412-1223

Then add your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts.

Above all, have an online portfolio, and link to it from your fine art resume.

A portfolio lets you strut your stuff beyond your artsy resume.

Need inspiration? See these 25 great art portfolio ideas and our guide: How to Make a Professional Website: Complete Guide + 9 Tips

Pro Tip: You can put a portfolio on a personal website or on LinkedIn. Not web savvy? Put it on Instagram or Pinterest.

Want more advice to make the best professional artist resume you can? See this guide: " How to Make a Resume for Any Job You Want "

Key Takeaway

By now, you know how to make a resume for artists that stands out from the others like a Rembrandt on a Walmart shelf. Just apply these strategies:

Got questions or tips for how to make a great professional artist resume? Give us a shout in the comments section!

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

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artist resume template cascade

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Create a resume that shows both your creative side and your ability to fill an artist position using these expert examples and tips.

Table of Contents

Featured Resume Example: 3D Artist

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class 3d artist resume, find the right template for your resume.

Artist Resume FAQ


Address: City, State, Zip Code Phone: 000-000-0000 E-Mail: [email protected]


Creative and motivated Artist with progressive career experience in various forms of structure and design. Known for strengths in project design, planning and management to exceed customer expectations.


Artist 01/2017 to Current Company Name, City, State

Art Teacher 09/2009 to 06/2015 Company Name, City, State

Design Assistant 07/2006 to 02/2011 Company Name, City, State

Master of Arts: Design City, State

See Why My Perfect Resume is a 5-Star Resume Builder

Give your resume the right look with these professionally designed templates.

This straightforward yet colorful layout is divided into two columns, with prominent headers making it easy for readers to navigate.


This clean design uses graphic blocks for section headings, effectively organizing your credentials. An elegant font for the job seeker’s name provides extra class.

Each section in this layout is set off with sleek headers, while leaving plenty of free space to arrange your information.

For even more free templates you can use for your resume, visit our resume templates section.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

1. What are some top skills you can mention in a resume for this position?

2. how should i format my resume for the position of an artist, 3. how should i update my resume to take the next step in my career, 4. what are some examples of extra certifications for an artist, 5. how do you create an “elevator pitch” for your resume.

If you’re an experienced applicant with many credits to your name, consider a chronological format for your resume, which highlights your career accomplishments. If you’re a recent graduate or just starting out in the art world, use a functional format , which emphasizes the skills and training you already have. If you’re between these two extremes, you can use a combination format , which features a blend of pertinent accomplishments and skills.

To continue moving forward, look to improve yourself in these areas:

Apart from your standard degree, there’s training in a variety of areas you can take advantage of to improve your skills, and buff up your resume. For example:

Recruiters usually only take a few seconds to scan a resume, so grab their attention from the get-go by making your summary statement an elevator pitch . Pick out a few skills and traits you have that best fit what the job needs, and then present them in a few sentences. Throw in an important accomplishment too, if you have one. For example: “Flexible, dedicated artist who specializes in hand-drawn art and oil-paint based works. Received ‘best new artist’ honors at Anytown University annual student art show.”

Pair your Resume with a Matching Cover Letter

Pair your Resume with a Matching Cover Letter

Resume Examples for the Next Step in your Arts Career




resume format for 3d artist

2019 - Ongoing

2018 - 2019

2016 - 2018

2012 - 2016

3D Artist Resume Examples & Guide for 2023

Customize this resume with ease using our seamless online resume builder.

Average resume stats for your industry

Top Skills for 3d Artist resume

Substance Designer/ painter


Active listening

Conflict resulotion

Stakeholder management

Resume Example Fold Background

Try more resume templates

Simple 3D Artist Resume Template


One Page 3D Artist Resume Template

How to write the perfect 3D artist resume experience section

3d artist resume: how to write a strong skills section, 3d artist resume header: tips, red flags, and best practices, 3d artist resume summary: things to include and things to avoid, highlighting education, courses, and certifications in your 3d artist resume, 3d artist resume format 101, other sections for your 3d artist resume, a 3d artist resume recruiters would love, what makes a great 3d artist resume: key takeaways, industry stats.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3D Artist positions are at a 14% growth rate, which is faster than average. With that said, there are currently 48,200 jobs in the market right now. The total number of jobs is expected to increase by 7,000 to 55,200 in the period of 2020-30.

What’s more, the median annual wage for the 3D Artist jobs was $49,120 in May 2020. The lowest 10% earned less than $22,100 , and the highest 10% more than $112,930 .

Our conclusion? The 3D Artist job market is wide open for candidates.

Top 3D artist sections that make the best resume

what to write in your resume experience section

3D artist experience section: checklist

We’ve selected some of the top 3D Artist resumes made using the Enhancv platform to illustrate what a great experience section looks like. Use them as inspiration when building your own resume:

Include quantitative data throughout your 3D Artist resume to impress the hiring manager. Real facts and figures that show off your competency as an audit manager go a long way. Did you reduce the costs of audits? Manage a large team? Boosted efficiency? Show off the real numbers!

Action verbs for your 3D artist resume

Target Illustration

Recommended reads:

The ultimate 3D artist skills section checklist:

Top skills for your 3D artist resume


When describing your experience, don’t go too far from its terminology. Recruiters use ATS systems to filter resumes based on them having certain keywords, so make sure you use at least a few keywords mentioned in the job description.

what to write in your resume header

Checklist for your 3D artist resume header

Stick to popular email providers such as Gmail or Outlook. And use these professional formats to create your username:

Are Photos On Your Resume Unprofessional? [Expert Advice]

Some companies, states, and countries have non-discrimination policies about what kind of information can be included on your 3D Artist resume. This might include a photo (which is often included in a resume header and might be on personal web pages you link to). You can always email the company’s HR department to ask about their policies before you apply.

what to write in your resume summary

Job-winning 3D Artist resume summary checklist:

Resume summary formula:

Read the job description carefully and understand what the hiring company is exactly looking for. After that, write your summary accordingly while highlighting your potential and ability to be the best at that job.

Recommended reads.":

Education section checklist:

Top certifications for your 3D artist resume

certification image

Blender Environment Artist: Create 3D Worlds

Learn Blender 2.8 basics & its Eevee Rendering Engine. Create 3D Assets For Video Games & Make Unique Environment Props

certification image

The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes

Learn 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Lighting, Texturing, Rendering & Compositing using Blender in One Complete Course

certification image

Learn Blender 3D - Become a 3D artist today

Learn the basics and beyond of modelling, texturing, rendering and animation using Blender3D

certification image

The Blender 2.8 Encyclopedia

Complete beginner-to-advanced guide for Blender 2.8 and 2.9

certification image

ZEN and the art of making a living as a 3D artist

Stop looking for 3d artist jobs and think like an entrepreneur

If you hold a certain major and a minor, your majors should be mentioned first.

If a couple of years ago 3D Artist resumes could be text files with no graphic elements, today’s recruiters need a bit more to remember you.

And yet, you can still choose between three basic resume formats:

But when it comes to choosing the right format for your 3D Artist resume, there are two factors to keep in mind: your experience and whether you’re looking for an industry change.

The reverse-chronological format is the most common one. That being said, it gives recruiters exactly what they’re used to in terms of order and information. However, it’s not suitable for applicants with employment gaps or not enough experience.

We at Enhancv suggest the functional skills-based resume format for people with limited work experience who find reverse-chronological resumes irrelevant. This format showcases the applicant’s most significant accomplishments, skills, and strengths.

hybrid (combination) resume format built on Enhancv platform

Don’t miss our resume format checklist:

Looking for more tips? Check out our job-winning guide for crafting a resume that gets you remembered !

Sometimes you’ll want to go after a job which requires more experience than you have. Instead of using a typical 3D Artist resume layout, you can use a creative layout. Getting noticed is the most important challenge and a creative resume layout might help you get invited for an interview as most of other accountants have boring resume designs.

If the position you’re applying for allows for that, you can include some non-traditional sections in your resume. This will add a bit more depth to your application and will also give the hiring manager a better idea of who you are as a person.

Some ideas include:

You’ve drafted an amazing 3D Artist resume, but are still not sure whether it will make a strong first impression? After all, recruiters go over tens of resumes each day, right?

Right! And the recipe for getting their attention includes a dash of creativity.

What’s more, a creative resume is perfect for adding your personality to the mix. For example, you could mention your favorite books, quotes, movies, or even what your day usually looks like. Regardless of what you choose, make sure your levels of creativity match the industry, the company, and the position. Otherwise, your resume might look silly and inapt.

day of my life on resume   Enhancv resume section

3D Artist resume example

Looking to build your own 3D Artist resume?

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3D Artist Resume Samples

3D Artists are hired in a variety of fields for delivering 3D creations in producing music, video, movies, computer games and other for commercials. The 3D Artist resume describes duties such as using computer technology to create a matching script, giving special effects, using software and hand drawing techniques, creating three-dimensional pictures, creating animation , graphics, assisting in the creation of storyboards, editing animations and giving corresponding effects based on feedback.

The skills that are typically expected from candidates applying for this post include – strong creativity, high-end computer knowledge of 3D animation, graphics and other related software, networking abilities, and artistic talent. Education requirements for this post include a degree or certification or an associate’s degree in the field of art, movie production, animation, technical drawing, or graphic designing.

3D Artist Resume example

3D Artist Resume

Objective : After working in a top tier government position for more than 10 years, it has taught to adapt, learn and improve skills in critical thinking, project management, hard decision making and thinking outside the box while listening, taking suggestions and making tough, accurate decisions to achieve 100% mission success. 

Skills : High Poly Modeling,Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Game.

3D Artist Resume Example

Description :

Jr. 3D Artist Resume

Objective : Highly collaborative and results driven artist with Company and over 10 years' experience delivering high quality graphic design. Skilled in developing visual storytelling, layout development and design for digital and print media. Exceptional communicator and excels in a collaborative environment with creative brainstorming as an inspiration. Strong project management skills and taking ideas from concept to completion.

Skills : Photoshop, Photography, Management Skills, Creative Direction, Architecture Redering, Art Direction.

Jr. 3D Artist Resume Sample

Objective : To help continue to build our creative muscle at Mythical Games. Help with a variety of tasks involved in the creation of art assets such as modeling, texturing, and lighting.

Skills : 3D modeling, Digital / Traditional painting, Animation, Graphic Design.

Jr. 3D Artist Resume Sample

3D Artist I Resume

Objective : Passionate game developer who originally was only a 3D Artist, but decided to learn c# programming and game development using Unity 3D, a wonderful and friendly Game Engine widely known in the game development community, to increase the chance of involve in a team of game development, since work opportunities at the time where not much in the game creation area.

Skills : 3D Studio Max, Unity 3d, C#, After Effects, Photoshop, Zbrush.

3D Artist I Resume Example

3D Artist II Resume

Headline : r3D Artist role will be a part of the business development team, working to create beautiful presentations to secure projects for the studio or sell our IP

Skills : low poly modeling, Hi poly modeling, Tilable texture sheets, Modular design,Vray.

3D Artist II Resume Sample

3D Artist III Resume

Summary : Specialize in modeling 3D environments for games and animated shorts. To work in the gaming industry utilizing my 3D modeling skills.

Skills : 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop, Photoshop, Zbrush.

3D Artist III Resume Model

Asst. 3D artist Resume

Objective : 6 years experience in 3D Design, working in games, advertisement and real estate In-depth understanding of Maya, 3ds Max, Unity,V-Ray and strong knowledge of Photoshop Familiar with various steps in the 3D modeling process including environmental design Portfolio: http://www.juliaaber.net/.

Skills : Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, UDK / Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Painting, Game Design, Adobe Premiere, Storyboarding, Unity, Perforce, Illustrator.

Asst. 3D artist Resume Format

Associate 3D Artist Resume

Headline : Experienced in 3D modeling, texturing, rendering environments, compositing, and lighting, and the ability to work within and across large, interdependent teams, requiring an implicit understanding of the balance required between artistry, communication, and partnership.

Skills : Painting, Management.

Associate 3D Artist Resume Sample

Lead 3D Artist Resume

Summary : 3D Artist professional is to constantly be an effective 3d FX team member while assisting senior artists to achieve the best visual outcomes for fully realized projects.

Skills : Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Pixologic Z-Brush, FX Plugins.

Lead 3D Artist Resume Template

Objective : 3D Artist is comfortable creating rough sketches and collaborating with other artists throughout the process to create industry-leading final illustrations.

Skills : Management, Organizing.

3D Artist Resume Format

Recent Posts

3D Artist Resume Guide with Templates and Real Examples

As a 3D Artist you’re skilled at bringing animated environments to life, but do you know how to add texture to your own resume? We can help! Map out a more colorful career with our professional resume writing templates for animation experts.

word download

3D Artist Resume Example MSWord® Download our free 3D Artist Resume Template in Word and model your career into vivid, animated life

Writing a resume can be a challenge.

In particular, 3D artists want to showcase their technical skills and artistic abilities alongside their work experience and professional attributes. For artists, there is no one-size-fits-all, and you want your job application to express your creativity and unique nature !

Here you will find:

Jobseekers may be able to assemble the skeleton of a resume draft by following a resume template or even a 3D artist resume template, but filling in all the personal information will be unique to each individual as well as each job.

CV template Munich

3D Artist Resume Sample

You might be wondering what an artistic resume should include to be called by a recruiter.

Let’s take a look at this example below:

[Casey Paredes]

[3D Artist]

[1285 Boulevard Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 | 678-545-1810 | [email protected]]

Creative and detail-oriented 3D Artist with a comprehensive background in the digital arts, including environment assets design, character assets designs, objects textures, and banner/logo development. Self-motivated and hard-working professional accustomed to performing well under pressure and completing all projects within schedule. Looking for and is open to any interesting opportunities in 3D design.

Motion Animation Studio | Pittsburgh, PA

2019 – 2021

Freelance | Pittsburgh, PA

2016 – 2018

Adobe Acrobat Pro Revit Photoshop JavaScript 3D Slash 3D Studio Max

M.F.A. in Animation

University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA 2015 – 2016

B.A. in History of Art

University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA 2010 – 2015

What’s the Best 3D Artist Resume Format?

A classic resume is easy to read at a glance and concise . The hiring manager may be going through hundreds of resumes quickly, and if you can make yours unique and easy to browse, you may save them from feeling like they are doing hours of boring homework.

You should emphasize the parts of your resume that you want to stand out .

Resumes are typically one page in length . Although there are exceptions for specific industries or positions, this generally is a good rule to follow unless instructed otherwise.

The typical resume structure puts one’s name and personal information at the top, followed by clearly delineated sections, such as:

The amount and order of these may change based on the individual. For example, a student or new graduate may need more Volunteer Work or Coursework to beef up a resume, but once your relevant Work Experience grows, it will likely be more important. Work experience may then bump off some or all of your other sections.

3D Artist Description

A three-dimensional (3D) artist creates art that is, of course, three-dimensional. A 3D artist might create animations, graphics, models, visual effects, and other digital artifacts.

This art may appear in various modes and projects. Comics, anime, video games , movies, books, animation pieces, and digital advertising campaigns are just a few pieces of media that need the skills of a 3D artist.

The demand for 3D artists exists . As the world goes more and more digital, online spaces demand realistic, impressive art that blends seamlessly into people’s lives.

So how do you tap into that demand?

Aspiring or existing 3D artists looking for jobs might have all the skills or simply the potential to fit well in a job, but they need to be able to communicate that to employers.

Remember, when a hiring manager takes you on their team, they assume a particular financial risk. That’s why employers want to be sure of a few things :

Thinking from that perspective, what qualifications and experience do you need to include on your resume to showcase that you are worth the risk of taking someone new onto their team?

Don’t panic if you don’t have the perfect resume ready to send out right now. This article will go over the skills and qualifications a typical 3D artist would have, and then how to design a resume and application materials to pursue this career.

How to Write a 3D Artist Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Many people, especially new graduates whose resume content might not indicate the direction of their careers, will include a summary or objective toward the top of their resume .

Unless a job description requires this, it is only a suggestion. Still, it could help clarify one’s goals if they are unclear from one’s choices in education, work experience, extracurriculars, or coursework.

Summaries are more relevant for those with a significant amount of job experience to summarize. On the other hand, an objective may work better for a more recent graduate or person changing careers, since they may still have more goals than quantifiable accomplishments.

A summary is a short description of you and your potential. For example, a 3D Artist summary might state:

“Experienced digital animator with two graphic design internships and one freelance illustration project to showcase. Recent honors graduate with in-depth knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and JavaScript who has logged 40 hours of coding.”

A resume objective for a 3D Artist will state one’s goals in one to two sentences, such as:

“To apply and expand my technical graphic design knowledge gained through coursework through a position as a graphic design assistant.”

3D Artist Qualifications

Like many jobs, there is no one path to becoming a 3D artist. But there are specific qualifications that you will want to highlight.

A recruiter or hiring manager is looking for someone who can fulfill their needs and reasonably complete their project. So a resume isn’t just about bragging; it’s about effectively communicating to someone that you’re the best one for their specific task- that you can fill the role effectively.

Is Your Education Section In Need of a Visual Illustration? It Might Be

Most jobs will require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree, which typically would be completed in art, graphic design, computer graphics, animation, or a related field like illustration .

Further education may be a plus but is unlikely to be required, especially for entry-level jobs. Some jobs may not require a degree, but you would likely need to list some online courses, certifications, or training to prove that you have the necessary skills in your 3D artist summary.

The Best 3D Artist Skills for a Resume

Technology skills and artistic ability will intersect at many points for a 3D artist, and a 3D designer resume will showcase this.

Software and programming skills will be highly sought after by employers. Some examples are:

Don’t forget about so-called soft skills: experience in teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills will be relevant to many jobs seeking a 3D artist and should be especially highlighted in a 3D animator resume, 3D modeler resume, 3D designer resume, and other opportunities that involve collaborating within and across departments.

How to Describe Your 3D Artist Experience

Work experience can show an employer that you have tangible practice using the skills you have outlined. Holding down a job or working on various projects demonstrates a proven ability to work within a team, meet a deadline, or produce a finished product.

Even those entering the workforce for the first time can showcase internships, school projects, or freelance work on their beginner 3D artist resume.


If an employer is looking for a unique task of unique capability, you should communicate to them that you can fulfill that task.

A few specializations in this niche may include:

Within film animation, rigging, the creation of 3D characters or objects, and animation , the application of techniques to control the motions of those 3D creations, could be specializations.

Displaying Your Qualifications

The purpose of a resume is to display your qualifications, ideally in the best light and in a way that makes a hiring manager or program consider you for the job.

Using keywords used in the job description , emphasizing your most relevant experience, editing content specific to each position, and displaying quantitative data are all excellent tricks for an effective resume.

Education and Work Experience

A resume should list your education , whether it is a certification, online courses, or a degree in a particular subject from a university.

In addition, many people will include their GPA and any honors one has been awarded. However, some people choose to omit them if they are unfavorable, as long as the job listing does not specify including them.

Key 3D Art Resume Skills

The following are some examples of:

Soft Skills

Time management Meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality Organization Collaboration Creativity Project management Invoicing Problem-Solving Fulfill customer orders Independence

Technical Skills

Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Maya, Revit, 3D Studio Max Other 3D software Game Engine ZBrush Research prior to projects Character modeling Rigging Animation

Other 3D Artist Resume Sections

Resumes may seem formulaic, but they’re very flexible.

You can use a resume template and consult a free resume builder for assistance to maximize your efforts.

Name with Contact Information, Education, and Skills will likely appear on most if not all of your resumes, regardless of the job listing. To bulk up your content or provide alternative content for jobs to which they may be more relevant, consider these other 3D artist resume sections.

Optional Examples

As mentioned above, a summary , for people with experience they want to provide at a glance, or an objective , for someone who may need to clarify their goals and intentions related to their general career or the specific job opportunity.

Ideally, the content in a portfolio or sample and the content in your resume should support each other, showing off the skills and abilities you have claimed to have. 3D artists have an opportunity to show, not tell, or show in addition to telling , when descriptions may not always do justice to their work.

How Does the Best Cover Letter For a 3D Artist Job Looks Like?

A cover letter should not simply summarize the information on your resume. As much as you may be tempted to list out all of those skills and accomplishments again, stick to the most essential, relevant ones.

Cover letters are a way to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Use the opportunity provided in a cover letter to prove that you are genuinely interested and the best person for the job.

A 3D artist cover letter will include the applicant’s most essential skills and abilities , along with any other information that could qualify you for the job. Your resume might list your skills in coding, but how can you connect it to this company’s specific needs?

Research the position, the company, and the projects you could be working on.

If you had enough work experience to fill up your resume, and you didn’t have room for extra sections, you could mention that you volunteered with this company in college.

Naming a few of your favorite games that come from this video game company could show your unique personal connection to the company beyond your professional qualifications. You could also mention any personal relationships you have in this company, such as a friend of a friend who may give you a reference.

Ending Tips for a 3D Artist

Applying for an artistic job can involve a nebulous balance between creative expression and technical abilities. A 3D artist resume description would highlight relevant experience and showcase why your talents suit you to a specific position.

Keep your application materials relevant, concise, and up to date.

Keep evolving your technical skill set, and don’t forget about transferable skills from other positions or soft skills that enhance working with others.

Utilize the ResumeGiants online builder to get you started and keep you on track.

Good luck out there!

Lauren Hamer

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3D Artist Resume Sample

Land your dream job and learn to write your resume with our free, easily editable 3D Artist resume sample. Download this resume example free of charge or customize it inside our job-landing resume builder.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

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3D Artist Resume Sample (Full Text Version)

Bruno hanak.

Creative and detail-oriented 3D Artist with a comprehensive background in the digital arts, including environment assets design, character assets designs, objects textures, and banner/logo development. Self-motivated and hard-working professional accustomed to performing well under pressure and completing all projects within schedule. Looking for and is open to any interesting opportunities in 3D design.

Work experience

First Class Honours (Top 5% of the Programme)

Clubs and Societies : FinTech Society, Football Club, TEDx Club

Graduated with Distinction (Grade 1 - A/excellent equivalent in all 4 subjects)


Certificates, edit this sample using our resume builder., let your resume write itself — with ai..

Let your resume write itself — with AI.

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Let your resume do the work.

Join 2,000,000+ job seekers worldwide and get hired faster with your best resume yet.

Learn to write a great resume that will get you invited to more job interviews.

What should an artist put on their resume?

“Every artist was once an amateur." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Like how making drawings, paintings and collages is an art, so is making a resume. As a painting needs to be perfect in order to sell, so does a resume to get you interviews.

The functions of an artist comprise duties like generating and developing ideas, making sketches and models, developing or creating a piece of work according to a commission or brief, and many more.

An artist needs to cultivate relations with suppliers and source materials to create quality pieces. They must conduct research and interviews, visit locations, and make use of libraries and the internet. They also manage administrators and correspondents while creating publicity.

Artists will see perpetual growth in their profession in the coming years due to their increasing demand by private art collectors, museums, electronic magazines, etc. According to CollegeGrad , the demand for painters, sculptors, and illustrators is expected to rise by 8% in the next 10 years.

Here is what you will know by the end of this definitive guide:

What Is An Artist Resume And Why Do You Need It?

An artist resume illustrates the skillfulness of an artist in their field by showcasing their work experience and tangible talent.

An artist resume will give the recruiter a deeper insight into your proficiency level as an artist. Artist resumes give the recruiter a brief about your educational and professional background.

The starting salary of freshers in this field is approximately $1,100. If you want to get to the hire-paid salary slot, you need to update your artist resume every time you switch a job, so that you showcase your entire career history.

Also read : How can you tailor your resume to a specific job?

How To Write An Artist Resume?

An artist resume will have distinct resume sections that follow a certain format. You would have to begin by writing your professional experience, educational qualifications, installations, and so on.

You can either submit your resume directly to the firm you are applying to or choose to float your artist resume in a network. Make sure you make appropriate choices regarding which resume style to choose for each occasion.

Also read : How to choose an appropriate resume format?

Artist Resume Sections

You have to segregate your information into legible sections to enhance readability and include details that recruiters usually demand. Here are a few sections you can include:

However, you can customize your art resume to your liking if you have extra information that you think would make a significant impact.

Also read : What extra sections can you add to your resume?

Include an Artist Resume Header

It is the very first section of the artist resume and comprises your name.

So, you must be thinking, what is the point of making a header?

Well, it differentiates your art resume from other artist resumes. It is the biggest text in your art resume. It is written between the font size of 14-16 points. Also, it is very important to have correct spacing between your first and last name.

In addition to this, there is a proper way to write a middle name if you have one. The proper format is Bella K. Hadid. You will only write the first initial of your middle name and then a full stop after it.

If you have decided to make your artist resume on your own, then look at the below-given example to know how you should do it.


Also read : How to draft an appropriate header for your resume?

Include Your Personal Information Artist Resume

The second section consists of your personal information like your phone number, professional e-mail ID, and your current location in the city, state or city, country format.

Personal Phone Number

The first thing to be written is the International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) code where you live followed by a plus sign (+). After writing the ISD code, give a single space and add your phone number.

Personal E-mail ID

The second thing to go into the personal information section is your personal e-mail ID. In the case you have multiple e-mail IDs, then choose the one you use the most often.

In addition to this, you can add links to any of your social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook if they support or demonstrate your work in any capacity.

Further, you can give hyperlinks to your personal website or portfolios that support your work or if you have any.

Current Location of Residence

The third thing that goes into your personal information section is your current location of residence. It will be written on the right corner of this section, which is right next to the e-mail ID.

Do not write the whole of your address as it consumes unnecessary space and is of no use to the recruiter. Write only the city name and the country code to give the recruiter the idea if you'll be relocating if you joined that company or not.

Take a brief look at the artist resume sample given below to get a better understanding of how to make the personal information section.


Also read : How should you add contact information to your resume?

Add a Profile Title to Your Artist Resume

The third section tells the recruiter which profile you have applied, be it Multimedia Artist, Animator, Graphic Designer, etc. It should be written in the font size of 12-14 points.

Take a glance at the example below to have more clarity on how to write the profile title.

Draft an Impeccable Professional Experience Section in Your Artist Resume

The professional experience section is of prime importance in an artist resume. You can include all the work experience you've had in this section.

For people who have extensive work experience, this is of utmost importance.

Make use of the below-given format to write your professional experience section:

Name of the company | Location of the company in city, country format | Dates in mm/yy-mm/yy

Also, group your work functions within your professional experience section and write your points pertaining to the professional experience section in STAR format. STAR format stands for:

Let's see it with an example:

Professional Experience Section without grouping and STAR points:

Working with game designers, developers, artists, and testers Creating low ploy assets Deploying Optimization Techniques in unity scene Exporting and assembling images from art files Applying textures via UVW mapping Creating and importing machines

Here is a sample professional experience section with grouping and STAR points:

Designing & Coordination

Working closely with game designers, developers, artists, and testers to reach a common goal Exporting and assembling images from art files within prescribed technical parameters and protocols Creating and importing animations and state machines

Import & Optimization

Applying textures via UVW mapping with PBR workflow and rendering realistic environments and artistic product designs Deploying Optimization Techniques in unity scene such as light optimization, culling, & performance profiling Creating and importing animation and state machines

You can see from the artist resume examples above how grouping and the STAR format have improved the readability of this art resume.

Take a glimpse of the below-given artist resume sample to get greater clarity on how to encompass the information related to your work experience in this section.


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Include Your Educational Details in Your Artist Resume

The education section is the second most important section after the professional experience section. The information in this section includes course name, university/school name, location, dates of enrolling and graduating, along with your CGPA.

The recruiter decides based on this section whether you are qualified for the position or not. So, the information that goes into this section must be true to the best of your knowledge.

The below-given artist resume samples will give you a better idea of how to make this section.


Also read : Should you include multiple educational details in your resume?

Add any Certifications, Training, or Projects

This section consists of any and every certification or training that adds value to your artistic resume. The following things are written in this section:

You can use the below-given format to write this section:

Certification/Training Name | Affiliating Institution Name | Dates in mm/yy

See the example below to get more clarity on how to write this section.


In this section, you will write all the value-adding awards and recognition that you got in school, university, or in your previous work engagements. Also, make sure that the awards are relevant to your target profile.

Artist Resume: Projects

Another section you can include is the kind of projects, academic, personal, or freelance work. It can be extremely helpful in deciding your worth.

You can do so by answering these vital questions:

Mention a list of significant achievements for every project, with performance figures if possible.

In case of no non-disclosure agreements, you should mention the client in the project header and the professional experience section. Consequently, you do not need to repeat the same while drafting your resume points.

Also read : How many projects should you add to your resume?

Add Key Skills to Enhance Your Artist Resume

The skills section is fifth in the order of artic resume sections, but it will be the second last section that you will write. You must scan the rest of your artist resume to look for skills and then pick those skills to include in the key skills section.

This process will give you more skills to write in the art resume key skills section. For example:

The skills section should be only three sentences long and not more. Also, when you are done making this section, bold the whole section. By doing so, you will be able to direct the recruiter's attention towards it.

Here is how you can draft you can draft the key skills section of your artist resume:


Create a Technical Skills Section

Artistic resume skills like Unity 3D, Blender, and Auto Desk Maya, will be included in a separate section. You can create a Technical Skills section that will comprise all the technical skills/tools you are familiar with.

Doing this will separate it from the key skills section and increase its readability.

To get a clearer idea of how to make this section, look at the artist resume sample given below.


On average, the recruiters scan a resume only for 6 seconds. So, you have to hook the recruiter to your artistic resume in that short span.

Create an Artist Resume Summary

The summary section is the fourth section of your artist resume, but it is more impactful to write it at the end of your resume-making process. You will be able to scan the whole of your artistic resume and pick out the highlights of your career.

Here are a few tips you can follow while crafting this section:

Look at the artist resume sample given below to see how you can optimize your summary section:


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How to Create an Artist Resume With No Experience

Now the question is how to write an art resume with no experience?

A fresher artistic resume is more or less the same as an experienced professional, except for two sections. These sections are the professional experience section and the summary section.

Let us see how.

Artist Resume Internship Section

A fresher will have an Internship section instead of a Professional Experience section.

How are they different?

Internships are when you work for a company for a short period, especially as a college student. However, in a job, you are committed full-time and are contractually obligated.

Creating an internship section and listing the functions you undertook lets the recruiter know that you are not inexperienced in your field. They get to know the broad level of work that you performed.

Here is what a typical internship section would look like:

Assessment & Development

Assisted in designing & development of layouts & graphics for an advertisement project Played a key role in the assessment of graphic materials to ensure quality of designs

Artist Resume Objective Section

The last section that you will write in your fresher artist resume is the objective section.

Freshers and entry-level professionals write an objective section instead of a summary section. For the resume objective, you will not write what you expect from the company, but you will write what you can do for the company.

Make sure you write your summary in paragraph form and not as bullet points!

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Artist Resume vs CV

Are you confused about whether you should pick an artist resume or a CV? Here is a little pros list to help you decide:

Artist Resume

Artist Resume Sample

Creating an artist resume can be challenging if you are new at it, but here is a sample to show what your resume should look like:

Key Takeaways

An artist resume will aid your job search, help you understand how you are doing professionally, and judge whether you are in line with your career plans.

Here is what you can gather from this article on creating an impeccable artist resume:

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resume format for 3d artist

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resume format for 3d artist


ResumeCoach » Resume Examples » 3D Artist

3D Artist Resume Examples

resume format for 3d artist

1-2 x letter pages (8.5” x 11”)

Professional Resume Samples for 3D Artist


Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a 3D Artist role

Samples Resume

Experienced and award-winning 3D artist with a keen detail orientated and creative approach to 3D character and location design.

2. Candidate seeking Intern 3D Artist role

Newly graduated 3D artist eager to build on successes producing 3D modeling and animations for student media and keen to build on experience of producing assets for an award-winning CGI short film.

3D Artist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The words used on resumes have never mattered more. Today increasing numbers of employers are making use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) . These tools penalize resumes that underuse sector specific vocabulary or contain spelling mistakes.

To make sure that your resume passes through the filters successfully, ensure to write in enough relevant key phrases and expressions related to the field of 3D design . Once again the job description can be a great cheat sheet for the terminology the company is looking to see.

Words to Use

Action Verbs

3d artist resume tips and ideas.

The world of multimedia entertainment is more competitive than ever. This is a growing industry and 3D design and artistry are highly sought after skills in the field. However, to get the job as designer and artist in this sector you’re going to need a good 3D artist resume.

There’s a lot to fit into a resume for an artistic and technical profession like this. You need to demonstrate a high familiarity with rendering and design software, an ability to handle pressure and tight deadlines as well as a proven level of creativity.

Whilst this is no small undertaking this isn’t an impossible task. The following guide will show you how to create a resume that fits the profile recruiters will want to see from 3D artist candidates and what special touches turn a good resume into a great resume. Use these tips along with our professional resume builder to create a profile that gets you more interviews.

Not required

Work experience

In a sector like multimedia entertainment and 3D design, recruiters will want to see evidence of proven professional experience beyond all else. To cater to this necessity, the most recommended resume format is a reverse chronological design.

This design works effectively as it presents your most recent experience prominently and lets you go into more detail about the functions you performed in your previous and current jobs. It’s also the format most recruiters will expect to see.

However, if you want to stand apart from the rest you could also opt for a combination resume template . This balances your skills and experience equally on the page and this can sometimes help if you’re starting out in 3D artistry or changing careers to start working full time in 3D design.

As a professional designer and artist , you will need a resume that looks good. However, whilst this is a great opportunity to showcase your design skills this should only be done in moderation. A resume is still a professional document after all.

Avoid the temptation to overuse colors or graphic illustrations on the page. A few carefully positioned icons and some neutral color are normally enough to give your resume that little bit of flair that recruiters will want to see. The real meat of your graphic design and illustrator skills can be much better conveyed in your digital portfolio.

To make your resume really stand out to the recruiter however, it’s going to take more than visual embellishments. Creating a document that reads well and that is easy to skim-read is far more important in this particular case. However, this can be done quite effectively with the use of:

In addition to this, the way that white space is used on the page can have a profound effect on how your resume performs. Whilst you don’t want a page that appears too empty, you should aim not to overfill the document with information . If you stuff the limited space you have full of text, it will be much harder to read and could deter the recruiter from picking you in the hiring process.

If you’re applying for a 3D artist role in the US a profile photo will not be required . This is not expected by recruiters and simply wastes space on the page. Furthermore, it could lead to your resume being rejected by employers that are nervous about appearing to show bias in the hiring process.

Sections of a 3D Artist Resume

When it comes to organizing your resume effectively choosing the right sections makes all the difference . When writing your resume you should always include the following segments as a matter of course:

In addition to communicating the essential details above, you can also express a lot more about your career history with one or more of the following optional sections:

Resume Length

A good resume is usually a short one. This is because recruiters will only dedicate a handful of seconds to each application document they receive. The perfect resume length for a 3D artist is 1 letter page, however, extending to a 2nd is also possible. Nevertheless, keeping the resume a concise and skimmable length is the best choice overall.

3D Artist Resume Section Headings

With competitive positions in 3D animation and design, your resume is going to have to grab the hiring manager’s attention immediately . One of the most dependable ways to ensure this happens is by creating a good resume objective statement.

This doesn’t need to be a very long introduction to your resume but it can effectively and quickly show your top skills, experience and indicate that your goals align with the businesses . Furthermore, this can be tailored specifically to each job. Simply use the job posting as a crib sheet and pick out the features that best sell you for that position.

Professional experience is essential to qualify you for any role in 3D design, therefore your work history section needs to look the part. You should detail the most relevant and recent roles you’ve held in the sector. As space is limited, avoid adding information about jobs you’ve held in other sectors unless the task you performed within them is transferable to 3D artistry.

To describe the jobs you’ve held in your career so far to the recruiter, you should indicate the following:

When you describe the responsibilities you held within previous and current jobs, focus on showing progression within the profession by not repeatedly mentioning recurring tasks. Simply indicate these at the earliest point that you acquired them in your career instead and focus more on the skills you gained as you grew professionally.

Also, make sure that the responsibilities you detail indicate the positive impact you had on the projects or teams you worked with. Mark down measurable details such as project goals, durations, and achievements you attained throughout your time with each company. If you demonstrate a proven and measurable track record of success in meeting goals this will give you a much better shot at being called in for an interview.

There are numerous skills required to make it as a great 3D artist and hiring managers will be looking out to see them on your resume. Therefore your skills section needs to do the business well. To get the most interest from your document, you should include one or more of the following:

Hard skills:

Soft skills:

It’s tricky to get hired without a degree in this field. With so much in-depth knowledge required, it is better to apply for work in this sector with a BA in Fine Arts, Computer Graphics, Animation or another related discipline.

However, it’s not impossible to get a job as a 3D artist without a degree. With a sufficiently impressive portfolio , and perhaps some other certificates or accreditations in your education section , you could also make the grade in some cases.

Last modified on November 30th, 2021

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In this article, you will learn about:

3D Artist Portfolio Examples

How to make a 3d artist portfolio, 3d artist portfolio websites to create an online 3d artist portfolio, tips for creating the best 3d artist portfolio.

What does a 3D artist do? A 3D artist is also known as a CGI (computer-generated imagery) artist. 3D artists craft still and moving visual effects using computers. 3D artists make models of products and environments and in 3D animations. The demand for 3D artists is rising, as industries that use video games, films, TV, and virtual reality (VR) are popularized by technologies. 

Why is it important for these professional artists to build a 3D artist portfolio? A portfolio summarizes and collects the best works of an artist. It is a professional way to demonstrate technical and soft skills. Also, a 3D artist portfolio helps recruiters to understand the artist’s characteristics, styles, and inspirations.

When creating your very own portfolio, it’s a great idea to start by referencing fellow creators’ portfolios to understand what a 3D artist portfolio normally looks like. 

Below is a list of various 3D artist portfolio examples:

Junior 3D Artist Portfolio

3d environment artist portfolio, 3d generalist portfolio, cg artist portfolio, 3d character artist portfolio, 3d game artist portfolio, 3d animator portfolio website, 3d environment portfolio, freelance 3d artist portfolio, 3d lighting artist portfolio, 3d architectural artist portfolio, 3d modeler portfolio website, entry-level 3d artist portfolio, 3d visualization artist portfolio.

Junior 3D artist portfolio by Jeffry Imarhiagbe

Jeffry is a junior 3D artist who displays his 3D artist portfolio with wit and style. His main focus is characters.

3D Environment Artist Portfolio by Louis Stelfox

Louis Stelfox showcases his work that was completed during his 2nd year at university. He explains the technical details of the artwork very well. In addition, he also won the Rookie Awards in 2019, which is an important milestone to display on his portfolio.  

3D Generalist Portfolio by Jack Bromhead

Jack gave a very strong homepage impression. He shows the animation work directly on the homepage. His level of confidence is what we should admire. 

CG Artist Portfolio by Kjartan Tysdal 

Kjartan shows his talent in CG art by demonstrating a video. He has different categories of CG art, which makes it easier to browse through. 

3D Character Artist Portfolio by Brendon Isaiah Bengfson 

Brendon brings forth a strong impression of his character art. You can directly access his work on the front page. His style mimics that of video game characters. He also selected his best works so the website is concise. 

3D Game Artist Portfolio by Julia Richter

Julia specializes in 3D, 2D, and illustration. Although you cannot see her artwork on the homepage, she has carefully crafted different categories of work for you to browse through, making it easy for potential clients or employers to find the type of work that is relevant to them. 

3D Animator Portfolio Website by Marco Mori

Marco is not only a 3D animator, but he is also extremely artistic. His style conveys a preference for displaying grotesque and outlandish style. Since his portfolio has such a strong style, people are easily impressed by it. 

3D Environment Portfolio by Matty Wyett-Simoonds 

Matty is another example of a 3D environment portfolio. He focuses on the objects of the environment. His work is well organized and neat, so people can navigate his portfolio easily. 

Freelance 3D Artist Portfolio by Alex Glawion

Alex is good at displaying his work. His short description talks about what he does and the kinds of 3D art he specializes in. 

3D Lighting Artist Portfolio by Allan Jong

Allan’s portfolio is straightforward. He shows his 3D light work through videos and high-quality images. Displaying high-quality images is important as the audience wants to engage with details in lighting artwork. 

3D Architectural Artist Portfolio by Javier Wainstein 

Javier is a 3D artist that focuses on interior and furniture visualization. Javier’s work is unique because he knows his niche, so he doesn’t go beyond the categories of interior and furniture visualization. 

3D Modeler Portfolio Website by Tsymbals Design 

Unlike previous examples, Tsymbals Design is a collective of individuals who do 3D visualization and many others. Tsymbal design shows social proof by showcasing testimonials. Testimonials are important because clients may want to see your previous customers’ reviews. 

Entry-Level 3D Artist Portfolio by Rodrigo Garcia 

Rodrigo Garcia shows his entry-level 3D Artist portfolio by focusing on the process of his artwork. Many industry experts advise that novel artists can show their skills by demonstrating the processed artwork. 

3D Visualization Artist Portfolio by Gradinar Razvan

Gradinar’s portfolio focuses more on individual stories and inspirations. For instance, he has segments of texts to explain his service and specialization. It is a good approach in portfolio building when the aim is at getting more clients. 

There are four essential elements that need to be included in your 3D artist portfolio:

1. Your art works.

Showcasing your artwork to your employers can be tricky. Most employers seek to understand the technical skills used for your artwork first.

Always try to stay on specific categories or skills to gain the employers’ attention. For example, if you specialize in building characters, then focus on characters only. The best 3D artist portfolios are targeted and precise. 

2. Proper credits (if you’re adding group work).

Often, a 3D artist may collaborate with other artists. Aside from respecting the contribution of other artists who worked on the project, describing your contribution in detail can give potential clients or employers a clearer idea of your specific skills when looking at your 3D art portfolio. 

3. An “About me” section.

The “About me” section is one of the most important sections of a 3D artist portfolio. The About me section is an opportunity to elaborate on your backstory. You can talk about where you are from, what education you have received, and where you draw the inspiration from. 

Talk about your style, but also talk about your characteristics. Employers like to see your characters because they show your uniqueness. 

4. Your resume.

Include your resume in your 3D artist portfolio so employers can examine your qualifications through your working history. This would also be a great chance to show off your previous experiences, especially if you have worked with renowned clients or for renowned companies.

An essential step in creating your 3D artist portfolio website is to choose a third party platform. Here are a list of platforms you can consider when creating your online 3D artist portfolio: 

1.  CakeResume


CakeResume provides a free portfolio with flexibility to do multiple edits. Some of the features include: 

CakeResume is a good choice if you want to create your 3D artist portfolio websites for multiple portfolios. 

CakeResume’s free online portfolio maker is suitable for creative and design professionals. With our user-friendly portfolio-making tools, anyone can make their very own portfolio hassle-free. Create your online 3D artist portfolio now!

Create Portfolio

2.  Artstation


ArtStation is known to be the platform that gathers 3D artists. If you want to showcase your online 3D artist portfolio to the right people in the industry, then ArtStation might be a great choice for you. 

Features of ArtStation include: 

ArtStation is a decent platform if you are a creator who wants to seek out opportunities from people in the art industry. 

3.  CGSociety


CGSociety is a platform for digital artists and creators. It provides a wide range of services to connect, educate, promote, and celebrate excellent digital art. 

Features of CGSociety includes:

💡 Categorize your works. 

If you are a 3D artist with multiple styles and techniques, it is beneficial to categorize your works. Categorization skills can show your presentation skills, and it is easier for the audience to find your work. 

💡 Update your portfolio frequently. 

As a creator, it is important to update your 3D artist portfolio frequently. Try to include 3-5 pieces of your recent work to help the audience understand what you are working on right now. 

💡 Less is more.

A lot of artists tend to fill their 3D artist portfolio with a bunch of work. But the audience can easily get distracted when you overwhelm them with too many pieces of artwork. Focus on presenting only your best work.

💡 Display your art first. 

To grab the recruiters’ attention, display your artwork on the front page of your online 3D artist portfolio. The reason is that visitors stay on the website on average within seconds, and you want to get their attention as fast as you can.

💡 State the position you intend to fill.

If you are looking to get hired, make sure to state the position you are looking for on your online 3D artist portfolio. Recruiters will quickly understand what you are looking for.

🔑  Key Takeaways:

A 3D artist portfolio is a way to showcase your work and brand yourself. It’s important to remember that showcasing work isn’t about the “quantity”. It is about the “quality” of your portfolio.

If you want to brand your portfolio even better, consider launching the brand on other social media platforms. Instagram is a good option for social media outreach. TikTok is also a good choice if you want to showcase the process of creating 3D art.  

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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resume format for 3d artist

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