Photos User Guide

  • Get started
  • Overview of importing
  • From iCloud Photos
  • From a camera or phone
  • From storage devices, DVDs, and more
  • From Mail, Safari, and other apps
  • Import photos from another library
  • Where are the photos I imported?
  • Browse your photos
  • View individual photos
  • Add titles, captions, and more
  • Interact with text in a photo using Live Text
  • Use Visual Look Up to learn about a photo
  • View photos others have shared with you
  • Delete photos or recover deleted ones
  • Remove duplicates
  • Hide photos from view
  • View photo bursts
  • Play video clips
  • View Live Photos
  • View memories
  • Personalize memories
  • Show specific types of items
  • Find photos by text, content, or date
  • Find photos by keyword
  • Find photos of a person
  • Find photos by location
  • What are albums?
  • Organize photos in albums
  • Delete albums
  • Create Smart Albums
  • Group albums in folders
  • Editing basics
  • Crop and straighten photos
  • Use a filter to change a photo
  • Adjust a photo’s light, exposure, and more
  • Retouch photos
  • Remove red-eye
  • Adjust a photo’s white balance
  • Apply curves adjustments
  • Apply levels adjustments
  • Adjust definition
  • Apply changes to specific colors
  • Reduce noise
  • Sharpen a photo
  • Change the lighting of a Portrait mode photo
  • Apply a vignette
  • Write or draw on a photo
  • Use other apps when editing in Photos
  • Change a Live Photo
  • Change a video
  • Edit a Cinematic mode video
  • What is iCloud Shared Photo Library?
  • Create or join a Shared Library
  • View a Shared Library
  • Add photos to a Shared Library
  • Remove photos from a Shared Library
  • Add or remove Shared Library participants
  • What are shared albums?
  • Turn on Shared Albums
  • Create a shared album
  • Add, remove, and edit photos in a shared album
  • Add or remove subscribers
  • Subscribe to shared albums
  • Use Messages and Mail to share photos
  • Use AirDrop to share photos
  • Share photos using other apps and websites
  • Export photos, videos, slideshows, and memories
  • Export a Live Photo as an animated GIF
  • Export a video frame as a photo
  • Create slideshows
  • Create projects using third-party apps
  • Order professional prints
  • Print your own photos
  • System Photo Library overview
  • Create additional libraries
  • Back up the Photos library
  • Restore from Time Machine
  • Repair the library
  • Change where photos and videos are stored
  • Change Photos settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts and gestures

slide show on mac

Create slideshows in Photos on Mac

In Photos, there are two ways to create slideshows. You can quickly play a slideshow of the photos in a day, complete with a theme and music.

If you want more control over the options in your slideshow, you can create and save a slideshow project. You select a group of photos, then add text, choose a theme, add music, and set how long each slide appears. You can include video clips in a slideshow, and export the slideshow to play on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

The Photos window showing a slideshow in the main part of the window, with the Preview button, Play button, and Loop button under the main slideshow image, thumbnails of all the images in the slideshow at the bottom of the window, and at the right, the Theme button, Music button, and Duration button.

Open Photos for me

Play an instant slideshow

You can quickly play a slideshow of the photos in a day. You can select a theme and music for the slideshow, but you can’t customize the slideshow further.

Select some photos in a day, then choose File > Play Slideshow.

Click Themes, then select a theme.

A preview of the theme appears in the pane.

Click Music and select the song you want.

To turn off music, click the song again to deselect it.

Click Play Slideshow.

To stop playing the slideshow, press the Escape key. You can also press the arrow keys to skip forward or back through the slides and press the Space bar to pause the slideshow.

Create a slideshow project

You can add or remove photos later (see “Add or remove photos and text in a slideshow,” below).

Choose File > Create > Slideshow > Photos.

Click the Slideshow pop-up menu and choose New Slideshow.

Type a slideshow name in the Slideshow Name field, then click OK.

To reorder photos, drag photos into the order you want them in the bottom of the window.

slide show on mac

You can change the theme at any time. The theme you choose determines text position, fonts, and the transitions that appear between slides. The pan and zoom effect, also known as the Ken Burns effect , is available only for the Ken Burns theme.

slide show on mac

Choose Theme Songs from the pop-up menu to see music included with Photos, or choose Music to see music from your Music library. Drag the songs you selected to change the order they play in. To delete a song, select it and press Delete.

slide show on mac

Set the slideshow to match the length of the selected music: Select Fit to Music.

Set a specific display time for the slideshow: Select Custom, then drag the slider to specify how long the slideshow should play.

Set a transition for the entire slideshow: Select the Transition checkbox, then choose a transition type from the pop-up menu.

Set slides to fit the screen: Select the “Scale photos to fit screen” checkbox.

To see a preview of the slideshow, click the Preview button.

slide show on mac

To stop playing a slideshow, press the Escape key. You can also press the arrow keys to skip forward or back through the slides, and press the Space bar to pause the slideshow.

Note: Slideshows appear in the My Projects folder in the sidebar. If you use iCloud Shared Photo Library , you must choose Both Libraries from the Library pop-up menu in the toolbar to see projects you’ve created.

For information about sharing a slideshow, see Export photos, videos, and slideshows .

Add or remove photos and text in a slideshow

After you create a slideshow, you can add or delete photos at any time. You can also add text to selected slides. The text position and font is determined by the theme you chose. When you add a Live Photo to a slideshow, it appears as a still image.

Note: If you use iCloud Shared Photo Library , you must choose Both Libraries from the Library pop-up menu in the toolbar to see projects you’ve created.

Do any of the following:

the Add Object button

Delete text from a photo: Select the text in the photo or select the T frame before the photo in the row of thumbnails, then press Delete.

Delete a photo from the slideshow: Select the photo you want to delete, then press Delete.

The Easiest Ways to Make a Photo Slideshow on a Mac

Slideshow making is a joyous activity that can release your inner artist. And when it comes to artistry, your Mac is your trusted partner. You can make slideshows on a Mac using Apple Photos, Preview, iMovie, or third-party apps.

This article focuses on Apple Photos and Preview — native macOS apps that offer the easiest ways to create slideshows on your Mac. Without further ado, let’s show you how to make a knockout slideshow.

To quickly make and play a slideshow on your Mac using the Photos app, follow these steps:

photos app play slideshow

You can control the slideshow with your keyboard. Use the left and right arrows to move between slides. Hit Space to pause the slideshow or Escape to exit it.

To create a more complex slideshow with advanced settings and playback options, use the slideshow project feature in Photos. With this, you can group slides, add text, add music, adjust the duration of the slides, and save and export the video for viewing on other devices.

Here’s how to do it:

create slideshow drop down menu

To reorder your slides, simply drag them to the desired location.

You can also adjust the slide transition, placement, font, and zoom by changing the theme. To this end, click the Theme icon and select from the available theme options.

To change the slideshow duration, go to the Duration menu and drag the Custom slider. Alternatively, select the Fit to Music option, to ensure that the slideshow matches the length of your audio track.

Set transitions in the corresponding drop-down menu and they will be applied to every slide.

To ensure your images fit the screen, tick the Scale photos to fit screen box.

The Loop option will make the slideshow play continuously. After the last frame, it will automatically start again from the first slide.

edit slideshow

To watch your slideshow, click Preview . Clicking Preview again will stop the slideshow.

The Play button also starts the slideshow. To exit it, hit the Escape button.

Adding or removing photos and text in a slideshow

You can edit your slideshow whenever you want. 

Follow these steps to add photos and text to your slideshow:

add text to slideshow

How to make a slideshow with music on a Mac

You can create slideshows with background music from your Apple Music library. To do this, when working on a slideshow project, select Music in the settings. This menu gives you access to the music library from where you can add audio to your slideshow.

If the Music menu doesn’t show your library, make sure you’re signed in with your Apple ID. If synchronization fails, close the Photos app and log in to your Apple ID account again.

add music to slideshow

Among other things, the Preview app also functions as a fairly simple slideshow maker.

Here’s how to create a photo slideshow using the Preview app:

preview app view slideshow

How do I delete a slideshow?

Video slideshows are stored in the folder you chose during exporting. Select a slideshow you want to delete and drag it to the Trash.

Can I add animations to my slideshows?

No. Animated files and Live Photos are displayed as static pictures in Photo app slideshows.

Can I share my slideshow on social media?

Yes. Export your slideshow and share it on social media as a video.

How do I export my slideshow as a video?

Follow these steps:

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How to Create Slideshows on Mac

When you want to know how to make a slideshow, you have plenty of options to consider before you actually make a proper slideshow. There is the picture slideshow, which is the most popular, but also those which mix photos and video.

To make slideshows on Mac, it's best to use a proper slideshow maker app. Here, we'll walk you through how to make a slideshow on your Mac, both photo and video slideshows. 

How to make stunning photo slideshow on Mac

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to create slideshow:  

Prepare photos and videos for your slideshow

Before we start with the instructions on how to make a slideshow on Mac, let’s make sure you have all the ingredients. If you want to make a photo slideshow, resize all the photos and adjust their quality in advance — it’s important they all look equally good on a large screen. 

Squash can help you resize, convert, and enhance photos: 

CameraBag Pro will help you trim your videos (as we’ve mentioned before, it’s best to use short videos for slideshows). Also, the app has stunning presets curated by professional videographers. You can choose the one you like and apply it consistently across your slideshow videos. 

How to create a slideshow on Mac in Photos 

Now when you have your pack of photos and/or videos ready, let’s move to creating a slideshow in Apple’s native Photos app. There are two options: you can play an instant slideshow — Photos even provides a few custom themes and songs for quick slideshows — or, you can create your custom slideshow project, which allows for more customization. 

Here’s how to play instant slideshows in Photos: 

Here’s how to create a slideshow project in Photos: 

How to make a slideshow on Mac in Preview

There is one more quick method to create simple slideshows with the Preview app. Preview has a basic editing toolkit, so it’s a good solution if you want to add text to your slides. Here’s how to make a slideshow in Preview:  

How to create slideshows online

There are some online options for slideshow creation, too. One of the simplest is Google Slides, which is available in Google Drive. In Drive, just go to New > Google Slides. It's a bit more tedious because you have to add new slides, then add each image to those slides, but it's an easy way to create and share slideshows online. 

google slides free slideshow maker

Though there are simple, free options from Google and Apple, they're limited. The main goal of Apple's Photos slideshow feature is to make it simple to create really basic slideshows. If you want to quickly share a bunch of images from a vacation, it's a great tool. Google Slides is a simple way to add photos manually, and you can quickly create collage slides. 

Whatever method you choose, make sure you include only high-quality photos and videos in your slideshow so they look good on a large screen. CameraBag Pro and Squash will help you here. Both apps are free with a seven day trial of Setapp , a productivity suite for Mac and iPhone. After the trial, Setapp is only $9.99 per month, and provides access to 230+ incredibly powerful apps for all kinds of use cases.  

FAQ about slideshows on mac

Can i add videos to my slideshow.

Yes, if you create a slideshow in Photos, you can add videos — just select them from your Library. Note that Photos might cut your videos based on the selected theme, so make sure you cut and adjust your videos in advance so you get the right scene in the slideshow. CameraBag Pro is an excellent utility for video editing, which can help you prepare your videos. 

Can I add text to my slides?

You can add text if you make a slideshow in the Preview app. Once you’ve selected the photo, click the Edit button > Text and you’ll see the text box pop up on the screen. 

How can I delete slideshows?

If you export your slideshows, they will be saved in your export location on Mac. You can simply move them to the Bin from there. And if you create slideshows in Photos, they will be saved under Projects in the left sidebar — select the slideshow, right-click it, and choose Delete. 

Sign up to Setapp and try them for free.

How to Create a Slideshow in Photos on Your Mac

Follow this simple guide to create a slideshow of all your favorite photos and videos using your Mac.

Slideshows convert your still images and video clips into an engaging and dynamic movie with sounds, effects, and transitions. If you have photos and videos that you want to turn into a slideshow, you can use the Photos app on your Mac to make one. You can even automatically generate one with a few clicks.

We’ll show you how to make slideshows on your Mac below. There are two main methods for doing so, one of them is quick and easy while the other lets you make more changes to get the slideshow exactly how you want it.

Creating Slideshows Using Photos

Your Mac has a built-in slideshow creator embedded in the Photos app. This feature allows you to turn a group of photos and videos into a slideshow with just a few clicks.

The app creates two kinds of slideshows: instant slideshows and slideshow projects. Unfortunately, any slideshows you export will still be in M4V format, which means you may struggle to watch them on non-Apple devices unless you use another app to convert them to another format.

Related: How to Play, View, and Manage Memories in Photos on Your Mac

How to Create an Instant Slideshow on Your Mac

Automatically generated, instant slideshows allow you to play a slideshow of photos and clips taken on a specific day without compiling them yourself. However, it only allows you to choose the music and theme, without options for further customization.

To play an instant slideshow:

While watching, you can skip forward and backward in the slideshow by pressing the arrow keys, use space to pause, and hit the X key or Escape to stop playing the slideshow.

How to Create a Slideshow Project on Your Mac

If you want to have more control over the slideshow’s content, creating a slideshow project is better than an instant slideshow. Similar to the instant slideshow, you can choose your theme and music. But on top of these, you can also adjust the duration of your slideshow and add captions to images.

Moreover, unlike instant slideshows, you can export your slideshow projects as a movie file to be played and shared with your friends elsewhere. You can send and play your slideshow on any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Related: The Best Mac Image Viewer Apps With Unique Features

To create a new slideshow project:

Customizing Slideshow Projects on a Mac

Here are what you can do with the various slideshow buttons:

Changing the Photos and Videos in Mac Slideshow Projects

Adding and removing content from your slideshow project is easy. Just select any content you wish to remove and press the Delete key.

To add a photo or a clip, click the Add (+) button at the bottom-right of the window, click Add Photos , select the images from your library that you want to add to your slideshow, and click the Add (+) button.

You can also add text to the clips and images on your slideshow. Select a photo or clip, then click the Add (+) button > Add Text . A Default Text will appear on your image. Just replace it with your chosen caption for the image.

Create Slideshows in a Jiffy

With Photos on Mac, you don’t have to be a pro to create a professional-looking slideshow. Sit back and cherish fond memories in an instant, or curate the best photos for special events that you can share with your friends and family.

Apowersoft Logo

How to Make a Slideshow on Mac

make a slideshow on Mac

Slideshow is a tool that can help us display information via using a series of still photos in a very fresh and dynamic way. There are many ways regarding how you can make a slideshow on Windows. But do you know the ways to make a slideshow on Mac ? If you just need to know how to do the slideshow on your Mac, please click the button below to download the best software and check these simple tutorials after the jump.

5 easy ways to make a slideshow on Mac

Use lightmv.

LightMV is an online tool generally used during making awesome slideshows by just importing photos and typing texts. It has many kinds of well-designed themes along with perfect background music to be integrated into your slideshow.

What is a big advantage is that no skills are needed for using this tool, as you just need to finish these simple steps listed below to make a slideshow.

preview theme on LightMV

add texts to slides

Use Option Spacebar in Finder

It is luckily very easy to create a slideshow on Mac via using the Option Spacebar.

press Option and Spacebar

Use Preview in Finder

The Preview tool included on Mac computers also has slideshow capability which can easily be launched from Finder.

Refer to this guide to learn how to make a slideshow on Mac:

choose open

play slideshow via Preview

Use Apple Photos

Apple Photos tool can also help you create a slideshow with music on Mac. Compared to the Option Spacebar and Preview methods, it provides you with more controls over theme, music, timing, transition and more.

The steps to make a slideshow with Photos are the follows:

customize name

preview slideshow via Photos

iMovie is a very popular video editing program which comes along with all Mac computers. It also offers you the chance to create a polished slideshow in minutes.

The simple tutorial to make a slideshow with iMovie is the one you find below:

import media

play slideshow via iMovie

These five methods presented above can call help you make a slideshow on Mac very effortlessly. Obviously, there are only limited control options for making a slideshow using the Option Spacebar and the Preview tool in Finder. Both Photos and iMovie methods give more features that can also be incorporated such as transitions, sound, etc., over slideshow. Compare to the other four tools shared here, LightMV might be the easiest and most effective application for creating professional-looking slideshow. First, it doesn’t require you to do any other complicated steps, just upload photos and input opening and end texts. Second, it offers many more beautiful and stylish themes than the ones provided by Photos or iMovie.

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slide show on mac

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How to start a slideshow on the Mac quickly and easily?

This is one thing I don't quite get it for the Mac: why is it so hard to start a slideshow?

The most often way is, I have several photos on the Desktop or in Downloads, and I double click to see the first one -- and no, it is not the one I want, so I want to see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. At least on Win 7, that's super easy just by pressing the right arrow on the keyboard and that's it.

On the Mac, is there a super easy way? I don't want to highlight this and that, and then choose "Slideshow" from some where I can't be sure of, or change the view to the "flip through" view, because I might not necessarily want to change the view style for the folder at the moment -- I just want to browse through a few photos -- is there a super quick way?

Sridhar Sarnobat's user avatar

7 Answers 7

In Leopard and later versions (up to El Capitan), select the files you want in the Finder and press the spacebar to invoke QuickLook. You can then use the arrow keys to cycle through them. If you click the full-screen icon, Finder and QuickLook displays the slideshow. You get extra animation in some os versions if Finder is showing files in cover-flow layout.

In OS X Yosemite 10.10 and later, the maximise (full-screen) button is in the upper left -hand corner. Then press "play" to start the slideshow.

For OS X 10.9 to 10.7 the full screen icon is top right.

In Tiger, there is a "Slideshow" option in the context menu in the Finder.

In Panther and earlier, it is indeed several steps before you can get a slideshow.

bmike's user avatar

Select a picture or group of images from the desktop, then use the following:

nohillside's user avatar

If you use OS X "Quick Look" you can use right/left arrow on the keyboard and view all of the photo on the same path; but you have some problem yet, "Quick Look" let you view all the file exist in the same path not just photo.

Am1rr3zA's user avatar

agarza's user avatar

Update for Big Sur and possibly earlier versions of macOS:

On Windows, it was double click on one image, and you can already use the arrow keys to view the image before and after. I wonder why the Mac doesn't do it this way. It should be very easy to implement, but on the Mac we have to go through step 1, 2, 3 above.

I am using Snow Leopard:

that's it! (still, I don't understand why the default Preview won't let you cycle through anything?)

Update : unfortunately, this is only possible if you are in the Cover Flow view (the flip through view).

In macOS Monterey , there is a very easy way to quickly slideshow items (including photos/pictures ) in Finder:

Just that simple and elegant.

senchun's user avatar

I wrote a simple script, that does this: 1) opens the selected folder 2) selects all files in that folder 3) starts slideshow. Can be saved as an App and then put in the toolbar of Finder. Works on Big Sur/M1, however you have to allow Script editor and this App 'Accessibility' and 'Automation' in System Preferences/Security&Privacy:

UVy's user avatar

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slide show on mac

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[Solved] How to Make and Play Slideshow on Mac

“Why can’t I play the slideshow on my MacBook Air? I created a slideshow with some photos on Mac in iMovie. After exporting the slideshow, I can’t play it with the default player. Do I need a professional slideshow player? Is there any simple way to play a slideshow on a Mac?”

Convert MXF to WAV

Slideshow provides a better and more straightforward way to display information. For different needs, you would create slideshows on your computer. The question is, do you know how to play slideshow on Mac? This post will show you simple ways to make and play slideshows on Mac.

Part 1. How to Create and Play a Slideshow on Mac with Photos

Part 2. best way to make a slideshow for playing on mac, part 3. how to play slideshow on mac with keynote.

Apple Photos can be a good choice when you want to make a slideshow on Mac. It provides a simple way for you to quickly create a slideshow with photos on your MacBook. Apple Photos offers more controls over theme, music, timing, transition and more. Now you can take the following guide to create a slideshow on Mac with Photos.

Create Slideshow On Mac In Photos

With the method above, you can easily make a slideshow on your Mac with pictures. If you want to make a better slideshow, get more editing features, slideshow themes/filters, or add music to slideshow , you should use the powerful Slideshow Creator.


1 2 7 , 0 4 2 Downloads

Aiseesoft Slideshow Maker


During this step, you can click "Themes" to select one theme and apply it directly. Or you are allowed to choose the photo or video, select the effect that you want to add, adjust and then use it to the file.

Output Settings

Check this video tutorial to create a slideshow here.

Slideshow Creator - Best Video and Photo Slideshow Maker Software 2020!

If you have saved some slideshows on your MacBook and want to play them, you can rely on the Keynote for Mac. Actually, you can rely on Keynote to build a presentation slideshow with ease. Thing will become much easier if you have Keynote installed on your Mac.

A slideshow will be typically played in full screen by Keynote on Mac. Here you can check slides on the left Slides list. Playing slideshow on Mac is quite simple. You can get full control of the slideshow playing. You can click the Play button in the toolbar, or click Play and then choose Play Slideshow from the menu to view slideshow on Mac with Keynote.

We mainly talked about how to play slideshow on Mac in this post. We show you simple ways to create and play slideshows on your MacBook. If you have any better slideshow player for Mac, you can share it in the comment with other readers.

What do you think of this post?

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Make a Photo Slideshow

How to make a slideshow with music, pictures or videos? This page collects 5 free ways to help you create the slideshow on Windows, Mac, online and iPhone/iPad step by step.

Make a Photo Slideshow

This page shows you how to use the best slideshow software to make pictures, music and videos into dynamic movies. Let's start now!

Slideshow Plugins for WordPress

If you are looking for a solution to create a professional slideshow in PDF format, this article will tell you 3 efficient methods to make it in simple steps.

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How to view photos and create slideshows on Mac

Karen Haslam

Where better to view the photographs and videos you take on your iPhone or your SLR camera than your Mac? Modern Macs have beautiful Retina displays that will make your photos look gorgeous, and Apple’s Photos software will present your photo library to you in a way that shows it off at its best. In this article we will look at the different ways you can enjoy your photos when browsing them in Photos on the Mac.

This article is part of a series in which we have looked at different elements of Photos for Mac. We also have the following articles:

How to navigate the Photos interface

We’ll start with a quick guided tour around the Photos interface:

Photos on the Mac interface

On the left hand side, under the Library header you’ll see: Photos, Memories, Favourites, People, Places, Recents, Imports and Recently deleted. Then in the next section under Shared you’ll see Activity and Shared Albums. And under Albums you will see auto-filled albums by Media Types, and My Albums. A final section. Projects, includes My Projects.

We’ll start with the Library section. Click on any of these headers and what you will see in the main window will change:

Photos: When you first click on Photos you’ll see your latest photos in the main window. You can scroll up the page to see older photos but we recommend that you click on the Years, Months, or Days tabs above to jump to a view that showcases your images in a more inviting way.

We love viewing our photos in the Days view as you can see video clips and Live Photos running in real time, and it gives us a nice overview of our sets of photos. Apple analyses your library to pick the best photos and videos, and gathers groups of photos related to important events, such as birthdays or Christmas, or associated with a particular location. If you are anything like us your library is probably full of hundreds of pretty similar photos of your kids so this view is a great way to jump to groups of photos you might miss otherwise.

Months view photos

Memories : This section also showcases groups of your photos and videos by location and date, but in this case you can view montages of the photos and videos that play on your Mac like video slideshows.

To see a Memory click on the cover photo for that Memory. This will take you to the Memory view where you can play the video for your Memory. Before you click on the Play button on the Memory you can take a look at the Photos that will appear in it by scrolling down the page – you need to click on Show More to see all the photos that will be included in that Memory as by default you will only see a summary of the photos.

Memories on the Mac

Memories in Photos on the Mac is almost the same as Memories on the iPhone and iPad, but sadly lacks some of the options for further tweaking your video. You can change make some changes in terms of the background music. We will discuss what you can do to refine your memories later in the article, we also address how to use Memories on the iPhone to make a video slideshow here .

Favourites : If you like a photo or video you can ‘Favourite it’ and doing so will make it appear here in Favourites. If you are anything like us and take thousands of photos of your kids then you will probably appreciate this feature as you can simply ‘Favourite’ the best of your latest batch of photos and easily see them in the Favourites view. To Favourite a photo on your Mac just click on the photo to select it and then click on the heart in the menu at the top of the window.

Favourites Photos

People : This is another handy way to jump to collections of photos. You can view all the photos of a particular person – but it does take a little bit of work to set up.

Apple uses artificial intelligence to recognise faces that look the same. It then asks you to confirm if those faces belong to the same person. Once you have confirmed one person and given them a name Photos will attempt to find other photos that feature that person, although it’s not always accurate and if you known any identical twins it won’t be as good as you are at telling them apart. It can take a while to find matching faces, but will do so in the background while Photos is open. We’ll discuss Faces in a bit more detail below.

Places : This view will showcase photos based on places you have visited. Photos knows the location of photos you take on your iPhone, iPad and on some cameras that have GPS built in. It can be a great way to find photos taken on holiday, or at a particular location, such as the grandparents house.

When you first enter this view you will see the country you are resident in, you can zoom in and out to see the whole world. Just scroll up and down with your mouse button, or swipe on the track pad. You can also move the map around with the mouse and trackpad.

If you want to view a set of photos from a particular location click on the number in the blue circle and that will open the Places view where you can see all the photos takes around that area. To go back to the Map view just click on the back arrow that you will see appear in the menu on the left.

Maps Photos Locations

Recents : You will see any photos that have recently been added to your library. These could be photos you have imported from a camera or from your iPhone or iPad, dragged and dropped into Photos from elsewhere on your Mac, or, if you use iCloud Photos, they could be photos you have recently taken on your iPhone that have synced with your Mac. We’ll discuss iCloud Photos below.

Imports : Is just the photos you have imported into Photos on your Mac – so these could be photos you have copied from your camera or a memory stick or similar.

Recently Deleted : This is where you will find the photos and videos you have deleted for up to 30 days after you deleted them. It’s how Apple stops us from accidentally deleting an image which is handy, but if you really do want the image gone – perhaps because you are trying to save space on your Mac then you can delete images for good from this view.

Shared : The Shared section includes two tabs: Activity and Shared Albums. Whether this is populated will depend on whether you use the features that allow you to share photo albums with others. If you do you will see your shared albums here alone with any recent activity. We’ll discuss how to share albums below.

Albums : There’s a Media Types dropdown which includes shortcuts to Videos, Selfies, Live Photos, and other types of photos. The My Albums dropdown lists all the albums you have created with your photos. We’ll talk more about making Albums below.

Media Types Photos Mac

Finally there is a Projects section. Here you will find any books, calendar, cards and other things you might have made with your photos – you would need to get an extension from the App Store to do this though. More on that below.

How to look at a photo in Photos

The general views in Photos include an overview of lots of thumbnails (as per the All Photos view) or a Memories-style view where you can see a selection of images and videos, usually with a video or Live Photo playing on a loop and related photos clustered around it. The group of photos might also display the day of the week and the location, and if they were taken on a public holiday it might have that date too, such as Christmas Day. What if you just want to look at a particular photo, how can you do that?

To view a photo just double click on the thumbnail. This will open the photo so it fills the main window, but you can change your view so that the photo fills the whole screen. Beside the close and minimise buttons is a third button that will enter full screen mode when clicked. To exit that view just clock on the Escape key.

Once you are viewing a photo this way you can click through all the photos in chronological order by clicking on the arrows that appear on the right or left of the photo.

How to watch a video in Photos

You can open a video in the same way as you open a photo but you will see playback buttons appear if you hover over the photo. Just click on the play button to play the video in this view.

How to view your photos as a Slideshow

These are all great ways to view your photos but you might be wondering how to view your photos as a standard slideshow (rather than via the Memories function mentioned above).

To start a slideshow of your photos and videos you need to select a group of Photos, right-click and chose Play Slideshow from the options.

Play Slideshow Mac

A box will open with various options for your Slideshow including Themes (which have music associated with them) and the ability to choose your own music from your Music (or iTunes) library. You will see a preview of how the slideshow will look.

Slideshow options

Alternatively if you open an Album you will see an Slideshow option in the menu. Select this. Wait for the photos to download to your Mac (if they are in iCloud) and view the Slideshow.

If you then want to save or export the slideshow so that you can share it with friends and family, or watch it again you need to create your Slideshow in Projects.

Slideshow in Projects Photos

Unfortunately Apple’s Photos Slideshow function has been neglected by the company in recent years. It has a lot of potential but Apple seems to be focusing its efforts on Memories instead.

Author: Karen Haslam , Editor

slide show on mac

Macworld editor since 2008, Karen has worked on both sides of the Apple divide, clocking up a number of years at Apple's PR agency prior to joining Macworld almost two decades ago. 

Karen's career highlights include interviewing Apple's Steve Wozniak and discussing Steve Jobs’ legacy on the BBC. Her focus is Mac, but she lives and breathes Apple.

Recent stories by Karen Haslam:

Image retouching service

7 Best Slideshow Makers For Mac in 2023

By Eva Williams 16 days ago, Video Editing Tips

slide show on mac

Regardless if you’re putting together an office or school presentation, you can make your life a lot easier with the best slideshow maker for Mac. With its help, you can create professional slideshows comprised of photos and videos.

Test the programs from this list if you want to make fascinating clips from your images while adding music or sound effects to the background.

Top 7 Slideshow Makers For Mac

When trying to find the most interesting slideshow makers, I prioritized functionality and reliability. I also considered the availability of editing features, a sound library, and the ability to add audio, gifs, and clipart.

Additionally, the best slideshow programs should preferably come with a variety of transitions, similar to what you’d receive from a photobook service.

1. iMovie - Our Choice

Verdict : With iMovie, you can produce stunning slideshow using videos and photos. This software will allow you to create and edit your videos and images with ease. It includes a great set of transitions and effects and ready-made title templates.

This video editing software for Mac comes with many features that allow you to manage, organize, search, convert and delete your images. This software will also allow you to watch the movies and images that you have made. iMovie is compatible with most of the popular video players available in the market.

2. PhotoStage

Verdict : PhotoStage enables you to drag and drop your photos on the stage, create text frames around each photo, and then add special effects and transitions to the picture. This slideshow maker is also great for editing and organizing your pictures before you start working on them in Photoshop.

You can change the color scheme of the collage by choosing different colors from the ones that are already pre-set. The colors are also adjustable, allowing you to choose whether or not to use bright, vibrant colors, or neutral tones. Your slideshow can be displayed on your desktop, TV, iPod, or iPhone for the full effect.

3. Wondershare Filmora

Verdict : There are several things that make Wondershare Filmora for Mac stand out from the crowd. First of all, it has features like the ability to easily change the layout of the slides, add text or images and create different styles, as well as adding transitions and apply a variety of effects. Beyond that, it works with a wide variety of formats including PDF files, OTF files, and JPEGs.

This product comes with two different versions of the program, the free desktop version and the one that comes with the purchase. In my experience, the free desktop version works quite well, although it lacks some of the neat features that come with the purchased version.

4. iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

Verdict : iSkysoft Slideflow Maker has tools to help you create the slideshows from scratch or import and save files from existing projects. It has a user-friendly interface and drag and drop features to create the presentation. It allows you to easily import videos from different sources and choose formats like PowerPoint, Video/DVD Player, and iMovie.

This photo video maker comes with a built-in viewer for choosing slides from your hard drive and also the capability to preview the video on the screen of Mac. This product offers the basic editing functions and some advanced features that are only available in the higher-priced version iSkysoft Slideflow Creator Professional.

5. Google Slides

Verdict : Google Slides allows you to create slideshows, presentations, or a video tutorial that you can share online with others. You can upload any number of pictures and use speech bubbles to make sentences and informative points. You can even upload your own slides and make your own video tutorial with this online slideshow maker with no watermark .

All you need to do is click on the draw tool and drag your mouse over the picture to make it ready to upload. Once you have uploaded your pictures and formatted them as you desire, all you have to do is point your mouse cursor at the target picture and let the software take care of the rest.

6. VideoPad

Verdict : VideoPad allows you to turn your slides into wonderful movies in minutes. This slideshow maker for Mac comes with a variety of templates and features. With this program, you can add to your slideshows different effects, transitions, text, background music.

This product features two ways to edit your video: one is the time-lapse mode and the other is the super slow-motion mode. The slow-motion mode provides smoother movement on the video. You can easily transfer the video so you can share it with family and friends.

Verdict : Keynote will enable you to create professional-looking slideshows that your customers and clients will love. It integrates with Adobe Photoshop and allows you to create your own graphics. In addition, it also contains a large library of pre-made templates, so that you do not have to go searching for images when you need them.

This free presentation software allows you to make a number of different types of slides. One of these is a calendar that allows you to display different pictures on the slide with the dates readily displayed on the slide. Yet another very popular format that can be created with the Keynote software is a video presentation.

Vip Video Converter Download


PDF Slide Show Presenter 4+

Pdf slide show presenter, alessandro g ferri, screenshots, description.

PDF Slide Show Presenter presents PDF files in a slide show format in full screen with the ability to pause, move next and last, draw, zoom, make annotations, play video. PDF Slide Show Presenter presents slides from PDF files with the ability to move one slide at a time, go back, and also play the slide show without interruption and with a wide variety of transitions that can generate impressive slide shows. The program is an elegant solution to make presentations from PDF files without the need to convert the PDF files. The program also allows you to draw, zoom, make text annotations over the PDF content, markup text with the markup tool, and play video all within the presentation window. The program also supports the most common image formats so you can also add images to your presentation.

Version 1.06

Changes on the user interface.

App Privacy

The developer, Alessandro G FERRI , has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


slide show on mac

Family Sharing

Up to six family members can use this app with family sharing enabled., more by this developer.

Beauty Retouch

Voice to Video Recorder

5 Best Slideshow Makers for Mac in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Best Slideshow Makers for Mac

Searching for the best slideshow maker for Mac? If yes, then you have come to the right platform. We have listed down the top 5 slideshow apps that you can use on your Mac. Read on the entire write-up for complete details! 

Who doesn’t love sharing/uploading pictures of special occasions with their family and friends? Undoubtedly, you also love to do the same. Didn’t you? But, do you know that you can also make a slideshow of those pictures, it adds extra spark and excitement to your photos or videos.

A slideshow is something that also helps you make an attention-grabbing, or eye-catching presentation for your work purposes. Something that will get your boss, clients, or colleagues excited in your meeting. However, it can take a lot of time to make a good slideshow if the application you use does not offer advanced features like drag & drop functionality, numerous formatting options, and seamless transitions.

So, we decided to help you out in finding the best app for the slideshow. We have thoroughly researched and then, we have prepared this guide discussing the 5 best slideshow makers for Mac in 2022.

A List of 5 Best Slideshow Makers for Mac in 2022

Following are the few most dedicated applications that you can use to create an engaging slideshow on Mac. Without further ado, let’s read about the best slideshow makers for Mac in 2022.

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker is a globally recognized software for both professionals and beginners. It offers various visual features such as transitions, stickers, filters, and more. This slideshow maker can be used on Mac as well as Windows.

It has an Easy Mode which enables users to create a professional-looking slideshow in a few minutes, without any hassles. All you need to do is, just upload the important media files (like videos/images, etc.,) and then choose slide transitions. You can also add music to your slideshow, and doing so is very straightforward too.

To make everything simpler for their users, Movavi also provides tutorials, so you can use them if in case any step is not 100% clear to you. It supports more than 14 different languages including English, Italian and more.

Download Now

Also Read: Best Video Repair Software for Mac


Keynote is another best slideshow maker for Mac that you can use. It is especially useful for people who own the complete ecosystem of Apple products like iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads. Keynote is powerful, versatile, and free slideshow software for Mac.

The app’s current version allows Mac users to collaborate with people regarding presentations, and tweak slides from their iPhones with the mobile application of Keynote. Additionally, let users transform handwriting into text on their device. If you are an Apple fan, then Keynote is an easy and effective way to create slideshows, and present video, visual, and text information in a professional as well as informal manner. It offers 30+ templated themes and the potential for creating customized templates for further use. In sum, Keynote is worth trying software.


Next on this list of best slideshow apps for Mac is Prezi- best for business. Presentation software that uses zoom, motion, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make a great presenter. The software is fully dedicated to helping Mac users meet better and communicate more effectively. It has lots of customization options that help amateurs to build professional-like presentations. It provides dynamic transitions and involves zooming in & out of the overall presentation canvas. You can use Prezi if you want to make presentations in a completely new way.

Also Read: Best Image Viewer for Mac


iMovie is a free slideshow maker and video editor for Mac. It comes built-in on Mac systems, iPads, and iPhones. With this application, you can begin video editing on one device and then complete it on another device with the help of Apple integration. Apart from that, you can easily & quickly import pictures and videos from your Photos application. Not only that, you can even use videos from FaceTime.

This tool has a friendly interface and lots of effects for video editing. You can easily add music either from your iTunes account or choose from the default library. In addition to this, you can also add several types of sound effects, voice-overs, titles, and transitions. To be more specific, iMovie is a profoundly excellent tool for video editing , but as a slideshow maker, it can let you down as it doesn’t have dedicated slideshow tools or templates.


Kizoa is a completely free slideshow maker for Mac. Using this tool, you can adjust your slides to any screen with up to seven distinct aspect ratios. This means you will have the correct size slideshow for computers, TVs, mobile devices, and tablets. Furthermore, there is also a cropping tool that helps you fit the photo on the screen without cutting out crucial parts.

To get started with this free slideshow maker, you simply need to select a template and add your pictures and videos. You can also add text, effects, and GIFs to your slideshow. Kizoa also lets you share your video slideshow online on numerous social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Also Read: Best Video Compressors for Mac to Compress Video Size

Final Words on Best Slideshow Maker for Mac in 2022

In this write-up, we have explained the top 5 best slideshow makers for Mac. You can choose either of the following based on your requirements.

That’s all! We hope this informative guide helps you in the best way possible. If there is anything you want to share with us, then please drop us a comment in the section below.

For more brilliant pieces of information related to technology, you can subscribe to our Newsletter and follow us on our Social Media handles- Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and Pinterest .


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widsmob logo

How to Make a Slideshow on Mac – The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Lendle Gozun

What are the best methods to make slideshows on Mac ? Whether you need to create slideshows for birthday parties, professional presentations, or even just for fun, a slideshow maker for Mac is the optimal choice. Are you clueless about how to create a photo slideshow on Mac for free? There are 5 quick and free approaches that are discussed in this post. Come on, let's go ahead and have a look.

How to Make a Slideshow on Mac

Part 1: How to Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac with Photos

Part 2: how to make a video slideshow on mac with imovie, part 3: how to make a slideshow on mac with widsmob viewer, part 4: how to create slideshow on mac using preview in finder, part 5: how to make photo slideshow online with clideo.

Photos app is the built-in app to create a slideshow on Mac, which assists in creating a slideshow with music on your Mac. In comparison to the methods that you may encounter online, it gives you a greater degree of control over the theme, music, timing, and transition.

Step 1 . Import the desired pictures from the Mac into the Photos app and you can choose which ones to use in your slideshow. From the File menu, select the Create Slideshow option.

Step 2 . A popup containing the slideshow's default name will appear. You can change the name of the slideshow if necessary. To import the images used to create the slideshow, click the Upload Photos option.

Step 3 : The imported media files will be shown on the left pane beneath the Projects tab. To make a slideshow on Mac, click the Play icon. By pressing the sound icon in the floating control, you may alter the audio volume of the background music to make a slideshow on Mac.

Step 4 : Click the Music option and choose music from the selection displayed in the library to use as the slideshow's background music. To specify the duration of each slide, click the Duration button.

Make Slideshow on Mac with Photos

iMovie is a widely used video editing tool that comes pre-installed on all Mac computers. Additionally, it enables you to build a professional presentation in a matter of minutes. It works on both macOS and iOS, you can sync the files between devices to make slideshows on Mac.

Step 1 . Launch the iMovie on your Mac and click the File button. Choose the New Movie option to create a new slideshow on Mac. Choose the desired theme that is most appropriate for your project.

Step 2 . Open the pictures folder by clicking the Import Media option. Simply press the Command key on your computer and click to choose each image you wish to upload, and then click the Import All button.

Step 3 . To add a new track to the background music library, navigate to the Import tab, pick the track, and click Import . To begin the slideshow, click the Play button. After editing, you may save the project.

Add Photo iMovie

Is there an easy method to choose the desired photos and create a slideshow on Mac? WidsMob Viewer is a versatile method to select the desired photos and make a slideshow on Mac easily. It also provides some excellent editing features to polish the photos, such as cropping the desired parts; applying the photo filters, and more.

1. Preview and select the desired photos and videos within the media library.

2. Choose the favorite photos with the Favorite mode for a slideshow on Mac.

3. Provide multiple photo filters, rotate the photos, crop the files, and more.

4. Make a slideshow on Mac with different durations, themes, sizes, etc.

Step 1 : Once you have installed WidsMob Viewer, launch the program on your Mac. Just open one photo to access all your pictures stored in your MacBook directly. Thus, there is no need to open each photo to find your target picture.

Open Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2 : Choose the five-pointed star to add a photo to the My Favorites folder. Click the icon beside to see all your favorite photos. Moreover, you can also choose the Add to My Favorites button from the Edit drop-down menu or further edit the photos.

Step 3 : Choose the Play icon at the bottom to make a slideshow on Mac. It enables you to preview the selected photos appearing automatically every 5 seconds. When you want to exit the slideshow, you can simply tap the Esc button to end the slideshow.

Fortunately, the Mac computer devices have a built-in Finder application because it is useful for this simple problem. Moreover, the Preview app provided on Mac computers includes a slideshow feature that can be accessed directly from the Finder feature.

Step 1 . Open the Finder application and select the images from your Mac that you want to utilize to create a slideshow. Right-click on the selected pictures and then hit the Open button from the menu to launch the application that will process them.

Step 2 . Once Preview has opened all of the pictures you've selected, click the View option and then pick the Slideshow option to make a slideshow on your MacBook. Moreover, you can also edit the photos with the basic photo filters on your MacBook.

Step 3 . The double pointing arrow on the left will take you to the first slide, while the double pointing right arrow on the right will take you to the slideshow's last slide. To pause the playback, click the two vertical bars. To terminate the slideshow, click the cross button.

Preview Slideshow Mac

If you don’t prefer to install new applications on your Mac to create slideshows, you can have one with the help of online tools. Clideo is the desired online slideshow maker on Mac without downloading the application. However, you may still face limitations with this kind of online app.

Step 1 . Open the online slideshow maker in Clideo. Simply drag and drop the required photos/recordings into the screen, or use the Choose files option or choose them from your device.

Step 2 . To add additional files, choose the option with the same name on the top right and then add additional images or videos using the same methods as in the previous stage.

Step 3 . After that, you can rearrange them according to your requirements and select the Add audio option to import any song from your device or online storage.

Step 4 . Moreover, you can also utilize only a portion of it, or even use the Trim audio option and more other editing features. Once you're finished editing, click the Export button.

Make Slideshow Online Mac

These five approaches described above might assist you in creating a slideshow on Mac. Just use the default features on Mac to make a simple slideshow, such as Preview, Photos, and iMovie. WidsMob Viewer is the simplest and most effective method for making an auto-play slideshow.

You may be interested


How To Make Slideshow With Mac Computer: Create With Apple

How To Make Slideshow With Mac Computer

Table of Contents

Being able to create effective and powerful slideshows and presentations is key. You specifically may be looking to learn how to make a slideshow with a mac computer in the easiest and fastest way.

This quick guide will show you exactly how to make slideshow mac with complete ease! Read on as you get access to the best presentation and slide show tools available online.

Each of these slideshow creators and presentation tools has been tested and proven. Each will help you build an effective mac slideshow on any mac device.

How To Make Slideshow With Mac Computer

Making a slideshow on Apple mac computer or other computers can be easy if you have the right resources and tools at your disposal.

Here is how to make a slideshow or presentation with any computer, laptop, desktop, or other device…

How To Make Slideshow With Mac Computer

Creating a slideshow on any apple or mac is easy with these instructions.

Step 1: Use Or Download A Slideshow Creator Or Presentation Tool

In order to create a professional and quality slideshow with an Apple mac, you’re going to want to use either a free slideshow tool or a paid slideshow tool.

Fortunately, there is a variety of quality slideshow & presentation tool creator in the marketplace available. These slideshow creators make the slideshow creation process much easier and simpler.

Here are the top presentation tools you can pick from to use on a Mac.

This newly launched presentation tool and slideshow creator is easy to use especially for Mac users. Macbook users can use Prezentar to create a slideshow in as little as a few minutes.

While it does cost a single one time payment of $97 for a lifetime edition, Prezentar is by far the top slideshow maker in the world made to date.

You can also make on a Mac with this software…

And much more with this incredible software you can use on any mac.

The 2nd best slideshow creator is Canva. A global sensation of a software that has reached millions of users, Canva is a great tool to create any slideshow, presentation, edit photos, or creative graphic you can imagine!

Over the years Canva is grown in how easy it is to use, and also it has a free version you can select.

You can get started and join Canva as a free user or a paid user here. It’s a great tool for any mac user to select.

With Canva you have a wide range of customization and creating capabilities available to you to select. (Very easy to use, especially on a Mac)

A completely free slideshow creator, Google Slides is an industry standard. (even for a Mac) The downside of Google Slides is it is extremely simple, it has very few features and can only strictly be used to make slideshows. Also, you have very little ability to edit photos.

If you are making extremely simple slides that don’t need to convert or are important for communicating a message, then you could consider using google slides on your mac.

Step 2: Use A Template Or Create A Slideshow From Scratch

Most slideshow tools have prebuilt templates you can use to craft and create any kind of slideshow of your choice. Use can use these templates, or simply make a creation from scratch.

Once you’ve selected a template or started your creation, it’s time to customize! Most tools will allow you to fully customize every aspect of your slideshow.

A good tool will allow your mac to edit your headlines, fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, and much more.

When in any slideshow tool, there are a variety of features you’ll be able to use. Here are some of the top slideshow features…

Step 3: Customize Your Slides, Video, And Photos

After you’ve selected the template for your slides, then you can begin inputting any customizations that you’d like.

You can customize and put any custom…

And much more into your slides! And, you can do it all on your mac.

Each customization and creative touch will make your Apple mac slides more effective, higher converting, and better well received.

Step 4: Download Your Slideshow

After you’ve fully customized your slides, it’s time to download your slideshow to your computer, laptop, or desktop.

Simply click to save or download the project, and then it’s time to share or present your masterpiece.

Most software will allow you to download your slideshow as a PDF, file, image, music, etc… How and what you select to be downloaded is up to you!

Step 5: Share Your Stunning Photo Slideshow

Once you have created your slideshow and you’ve customized it, you can share it with whoever you’d like – regardless if they have a mac or other select computer.

This could be for a business presentation, school project, animation project, and so much more.

Most often slideshows are shared on or with your…

Make sure that you also include the following elements in your mac presentation to make it more effective.

The process of creating and sharing with mac can be made simple, and that’s how it should be!

Best Software For Making A Slideshow On Apple Mac Computers

If you want to use the absolute best software for making a slideshow on mac, then you’re going to one to invest in a copy of, Prezentar.

As you’ve already read above, Prezentar is among the best slideshow, presentation, and EBook creators – ever made.

Buy a copy of Prezentar here for your Mac.

Best Software For Making A Slideshow On Mac Computers

Slideshow Templates For Mac Computers

Finding quality slideshow templates for your presentations can make the slideshow creation process much easier. Often professionally made templates can convert higher and be much more effective. With a mac, creating can be made easy!

If you want quality slideshow templates then you should consider investing in one of the following slideshow creators in order to access hundreds of pre-made templates.

Each of these tools have dozens to hundreds of templates ready to go and use right now for you. They are great slideshow making tools for mac used for creating easy to view slideshow.

They all are fully customizable templates as well you can select on your Apple or Mac device. You can create a great slideshow by following this guide.

Use Mac To Make Stunning Photo Slides & More

Don’t underestimate what a mac can do with its creative key features. By combining the use of a mac with a good slideshow creation tool, making professional quality slideshows can be done in a few minutes.

To make stunning photo slideshow, you can also use apple photos slideshow tool. The possibilities are endless! Every slideshow maker create and makes some incredible slideshow designs on mac.

Thank you so much for reading this complete guide on what to do to create slideshow on mac computers. The mac is a powerful tool, and can generate traffic to any idea or offer.. And with the right tools, photos, and video, music, and resources – you can create slideshows back to back that are effective!

Your time is appreciated, have a great day! We hope this article was a great read for you, and that it wasn’t to similar to others.

With our kindest regards,

Richard Weberg

How do I make a movie with pictures and music on my Mac?

You will need an advanced presentation creation tool. Canva, Prezentar, and Google Slides, are all downloadable on mac and can combine these elements together. You can have photos, music, video, and more on any slideshows you build.

How do I make a slideshow on my Mac for free?

Simply select the right slideshows creator tool that is compatible with your mac. Once you find one that is compatible, if it is free, then you’ve found the one that is right for you and your mac.

Can I duplicate slides on a mac?

Yes, if you have a good enough slides creator, then you can duplicate many different elements. Video, photos, music, and more can all be duplicated.

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If you want to make a slideshow on your Mac, your Mac has a built-in slideshow maker embedded in the Photos app, helping you to do so quickly.

Besides the built-in tool, there are many more online slideshow makers can help you easily make a professional slideshow for any occasions, from a birthday celebration to wedding ceremony , a work presentation to funereal tribute , you can create your own one on your Mac effortlessly following the methods we shared below.

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Free templates for your slideshow inspiration.

Anniversary Photo Collage

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Part 1 How to Make a Slideshow with Music on Mac in Photos App

Tend to use a built-in slideshow maker they have pre-installed on their Macs to make a photo slideshow with music natively. The native macOS app, Photos, is one of such tools you can't miss.

In Photos, there are two ways to create slideshows on your Mac. You can quickly make and play an instant slideshow of the photos, or complete a slideshow project with advanced settings and playback options.

1.1 How to Make & Play Instant Slideshows in Photos on a Mac

To quickly make and play an instant slideshow on your Mac using the Photos app, you can follow the simple steps below:

1.2 How to Create a Slideshow Project with Music in Photos on a Mac

If you want more control over the options in your photo slideshow, you can create and save a slideshow project with music in Photos on your Mac. Moreover, unlike an instant slideshow, you can export your slideshow project as a video in M4V format to be played and shared with your friends.

Well, you've made your photo slideshow with music in Photos on Mac!

However, you should find that the slideshow you exported from the Photos is in M4V format, which means you may struggle to watch them on some devices or upload it to social media platforms unless you use another app to convert the M4V files to another format, like MP4.

To help you solve this problem, we'll show you another quick and easy way to create slideshows on your Mac. Keep reading.

Part 2 Another Easy Way to Make Photo Slideshow with Music on Mac

If you want to make a professional slideshow in a more compatible format on your Mac, then you can try FlexClip . It is a powerful online slideshow maker that allows you to make a stunning slideshow and save it as a video in MP4 or share it to social media directly.

Besides, FlexClip has lots of pre-made slideshow templates for different occasions, offering a more friendly way for those who want to make a professional photo slideshow but lack of creative ideas or professional skills to create a slideshow in a few clicks on a Mac! What's more, you can customize any of these templates to your taste or even mix them to create something unique!

Just click the Get Started Now button below and follow us to learn how you can easily make a photo slideshow with music using FlexClip on your Mac.

Step 1 Pick a Free Slideshow Template

When you access the FlexClip editor, just go to the Templates section and scroll down to pick one template or any scene you like; or you can search the proper templates by keywords, and then apply it to the Timeline.

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Template

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Template

Already have the ideas in mind, or need something custom? It's not too hard to create a photo slideshow with music by yourself from scratch with FlexClip’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-use editing tools.

Here we'll walk you through how to easily make a slideshow with music using a template at FlexClip on your Mac.

Step 2 Personalize the Slideshow Template to Make it Yours

Picked the slideshow template or scene you like and added them to the timeline already? Now you can personalize your photo slideshow in lots of ways using FlexClip’s rich editing features.

Upload your own photos to the Media section and drag them to the canva to replace the default imagery. Here you can also make some adjustments to let your media fit the design. You can flip, rotate, crop the image, and also modify the location, size, and adjust duration of the image, or animated the image freely.

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Add Media

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Add Media

To add your own message and highlights the slideshow, double-click the text box in the template, type in your words, and then modify the font and color, or go to the Text in the sidebar to add multiple animated texts in your photo slideshow.

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Add Text

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - Add Text

And also, you can change the audio track, add more sound effects and voice over, adjust the background, and more until it fits your need.

Step 3 Make more Edits to Level up the Slideshow

Besides, FlexClip offers extensive animated elements and stunning effects, which makes it pretty easy for you to add extra personality to your slideshow and make it far more appealing.

You can add filters and overlays, upload your logo, make pip effects or photo collages , and use transitions and motions in your slideshow. More surprising features await you to explore!

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - More Edits

Create Slideshow on Mac with FlexClip - More Edits

Congratulations! You've made your own photo slideshow with music already, just click the Export button to save the project on your Mac or share it to YouTube directly.

Final Words

With the ways on how to do a slideshow on Mac we discussed above, creating a photo slideshow with music on your Mac is a simple process, simply choose one that you prefer and start making your slideshow with great ease right now.

slide show on mac

Years of professional photographing experience. Very much into recording every detail of life. Sandy is passionate about all things related to video production, and loves to exploring tips and tricks about it.

FlexClip Video Maker

The easiest way to help you create custom videos, no design skills needed.


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How to View photos as slideshow on Mac?

Do you want to View photos as slideshow on Mac ? It can be done easily by following the simple steps mentioned below. Some scenarios will occur where you need to watch the photos by moving themselves to the next photo instead of using keys manually to move to the next, here the importance of Slideshow will come into the picture. Once you create the slideshow, all the photos in the album will display in front of you one by one until all the photos complete and makes your work much easier & comfortable.

A group of photos can be selected in a specific album or project and create the slideshow. A lot of features can be added to the slideshow. Time can be set for each slide to appear, add text, choose the best music you desire, a theme can be added.

Table of Contents

Here are the steps to create the slideshow for a specific album or project.

Create a slideshow project:

1.Select the number of photos that you want in your slideshow to be created.


2. Then choose them to open in Preview.

3. The Preview window will open as shown in below screenshot.

Select Slideshow

4. When the photos/images open in Preview, those will be in normal view.

5. Click on View on the top Menu bar and select ‘Slideshow’ from the options.

6. Then the view will change and the photos/images will display to you like the slideshow.

Slideshow View

7. Here you can have the options visible as shown in the below screenshot.

8. The left one will take you to the previous slide until the slides finish.

9. To start and play the slideshow, click on the Play button. You can pause it whenever you want.

10. The right one will take you to the next slide until the slides finish.

Notes: The slideshow can be stopped by pressing the Esc key, it can be paused by pressing the Spacebar key.

Now you may know how to View photos as slideshow on Mac . If this tutorial helped you, please share it. If you like to follow us on social media please like us on  Facebook or Twitter . Subscribe to WhatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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Best Slideshow Makers for a Mac

Try Movavi Slideshow Maker

Looking for the best slideshow software for Mac? You’ve come to the right place. Learn about 17 Mac-compatible slideshow makers, what makes each stand out, and get the lowdown on pricing, licensing, and key features so you can choose the software that’s right for you and your budget.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Users who need powerful video and image editing capabilities

Mac lovers who own an iPhone and iPad to bounce between devices

Microsoft PowerPoint

People comfortable with PowerPoint who don’t need advanced features

LibreOffice Impress

Students and anyone looking for an open-source solution

Creatives looking for dynamic, fluid presentation software

Professionals looking to pitch their business ideas

Businesses looking to create cohesive presentations

Conference presenters or museum curators

Marketers looking to create SEO-friendly presentations

Preview in Finder

Mac natives interested in creating a quick slideshow

Apple users making movie-like presentations

Apple Photos

Mac natives looking for a bit more customization

Photographers interested in presenting high-quality images


Audiophiles looking to build a presentation

Wedding videographers and photographers

4K Slideshow Maker

Social media-inclined presenters

Video amateurs looking to create video-heavy presentations

Best slideshow software for a Mac

The best slideshow maker for Mac depends on the user. We’ve gone through and determined the best slideshow apps for Mac devices, paying particular attention to their cost, pros, cons, and key features, to help you test out and ultimately choose the best program for you to use on your Macintosh.

Best for: Beginners who want to create slideshows beyond the basics, as well as users who enjoy visual features like filters, transitions, and stickers

OS: macOS (also support for legacy versions for Mac and Microsoft Windows), Windows 7/8/10

Licensing: Free 7-day trial, subscription, or lifetime license

File size: 74 MB

Price: Personal 1-year license ( $ 44.95), lifetime personal license ( $ 49.95)

Rating: 9.5/10

Movavi Slideshow Maker is a well-balanced tool for beginners and advanced users alike.

For instance, Movavi’s “Easy Mode” lets novices build a professional-looking slideshow in minutes without much of a learning curve. They just need to upload the necessary media files (image / images, videos, etc.) and then select slide transitions. Adding music is also straightforward, and Movavi provides guides in case any step isn’t 100% clear.

And for anyone who needs more advanced features, the “Full Feature” mode provides options like native recording, extra photo editing options, animated transitions, and even in-app video editing. Best of all, most of these features only require you to click and drag the desired elements.

After your slideshow is complete, Movavi makes it easy to save your presentation in any major file format (and some less common ones), and you can even adjust the file size – making it easier to put on a flash drive.

Key features:

165+ visual effects and filters to apply to your presentations

105+ transitions to use between slides

100+ titles and stickers for further customization

Support for 14 different languages

Emphasizes both photo and video media types for slideshows

Easy to use

Effective tool for amateurs and professionals

Many features that allow customization

Free 7-day trial version to test out

Slideshows made on the trial version have a watermark

Best for: People who own the full line of Apple products (iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks) for convenient cross-device usage

OS: iOS, macOS

Licensing: Free (for new Mac laptops and desktops), or one-time purchase

File size: 345.2 MB

Price: $19.99

Rating: 9/10

Keynote is Apple’s native slideshow maker. Usable on iPhones, iPads, and accessible via the iCloud, Keynote is a versatile and free slideshow maker for Mac computers made in 2013 or later.

The current version of Keynote lets Mac users collaborate on presentations, tweak slides from their iPhone with the Keynote mobile application, and even transform handwriting into text on your computer. If you’re an Apple fanatic, Keynote is an effective way to develop slideshows and present visual, video, and text information in informal and professional settings.

Can use Apple Pencil on an iPad to draw directly onto your presentation

“Rehearse Mode” to practice your presentation on the fly

30 templated themes and the ability to create custom templates to use later

Handy phone app makes it possible to edit presentations anywhere

Can easily embed videos into your presentation

Already installed on your Mac computer (unless your rig is a decade old)

Takes time to master

Not usable on Android, so you can’t bounce between Keynote on your laptop and your cellphone unless you have an iPhone (however, Keynote can now run on Windows OS)

Download Keynote

Best for: Anyone who grew up using PowerPoint and feel most comfortable using a tool they’re familiar with

OS: macOS, Windows

Licensing: 1-month free trial, subscription

File size: 700 MB

Price: Personal 1-year license ($69.95)

Our rating: 8/10

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the oldest examples of slideshow maker software. It’s so well known that the phrase “I need to make a PowerPoint” is more common than “I need to make a slideshow” in the United States.

PowerPoint is a straightforward presentation tool that most people don’t use to its full potential. The software, in addition to standard slide making and templates, offers useful yet less-known features like self-running presentations and audio fading, bookmarking, and trimming.

Making a basic slideshow is as easy as choosing a theme, filling in the blanks, and adding media wherever you need it. Presenting visual elements like images and video as well as audio, text, and linking slides with smooth transitions with PowerPoint is no problem, and there are countless tutorials online if you want to take your PPT skills to the next level.

Easily embed YouTube videos

Merge shapes and edit image files within the application

Special icons for additional customization

YouTube tutorials and online writing guides for additional support

You’ve probably used it before, so the UI should be familiar

Usable on every all major operating systems and device

Lack of imagination when it comes to templates

Some users have encountered bugs using PowerPoint on macOS

Download Microsoft PowerPoint

Best for: People looking for a basic, free slideshow maker usable on any major device and operating system

OS: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

Licensing: Open-source software

File size: 252 MB (for LibreOffice productivity suite)

Price: Free

Our rating: 7.5/10

LibreOffice Impress is part of LibreOffice’s open-source suite of productivity software. Impress provides five different modes of viewing your in-progress presentation, and even gives you access to tools like The Fontworks to create dynamic 2D and 3D text for your slideshows.

If you’re new to Impress, simply begin with its outline mode and you’ll soon be on your way to creating a great slideshow. Does your presentation need an injection of creativity? Download any of the free LibreOffice Impress templates available online for some help.

Free forever

Downloadable templates

Dynamic text rendering

Multiple viewing modes for easy step-by-step presentation making

Basic setup that’s easy to use for anyone familiar with PowerPoint

Not online, so it’s harder to instantly collaborate on an Impress file

Some of the features and UI seem a bit out of date

Download LibreOffice Impress

Best for: Users interested in approaching presentation-making in a new way

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X or higher

Licensing: Monthly subscription

File size: 650 MB

Price: $5, $15, or $59 / month based on subscription level

Our rating: 8.5/10

At first glance, Prezi appears to be a response to slide-by-slide presentation tools such as Keynote and PowerPoint. While Prezi involves many of the same concepts as a standard slideshow application (offering templates, audio and video customization, etc.), the way information moves from section to section makes Prezi stand out from the crowd.

Each Prezi presentation is displayed on a large canvas. Instead of moving slide by slide, the presentation zooms in and out of sections and helps keep the user engaged when transitioning between topics. Additionally, you can bounce between audio and video with help from Prezi’s recording software, letting you create dynamic presentations that many people haven’t experienced before.

Prezi started out as solely a web app, but you can now download Prezi Next if you prefer (or require) an offline solution to building professional presentations.

Transitions are dynamic, and involve zooming in and out of the entire presentation canvas

Doesn’t feel like a standard presentation, focuses on “the path” (transitions)

Can mix in audio and video into your canvas, and provides options to create talking-head videos

Lots of customizability

In-app collaboration is limited

Pricing is multi-tiered, may confuse users looking for a straightforward pricing model

Download Prezi

Best for: Entrepreneurs looking to pitch projects or startups

OS: Web application

Licensing: Subscription

File size: N/A

Price: Free basic plan, $8 /month starter, $19 /month premium, $149 /month Founder’s edition

Our rating: 9/10

Slidebean was born out of a need for building aesthetic presentations without an actual graphic designer at hand. The product is specifically designed for creating professional pitch decks for businesses and marketers, and they even have a “Book Project” function if you want direct support using their tool.

This slideshow program for Mac isn’t ideal for putting together casual presentations. However if you’re looking to turn your slideshow into a pitch that lands you investors and grows your business, Slidebean is a service to investigate.

Templates targeting both pitch decks (for slideshows) and financial model templates (if your presentation involves running numbers, like from a business plan)

Additional services for creating pitch decks that match your branding and connecting you to investors and other subject matter experts

Designed with professionals in mind (visuals are buttoned up)

Customer support services readily available for its users

Narrow in scope, built to pitch ideas and create formal presentations

Minor bugs reported (like uploading an image turns the entire slide 100% black)

Go to Slidebean

Best for: Businesses looking to set a standard for presentations across teams or the entire company

OS: Cloud-based application

Price: $29/$49/$69 /month based on desired subscription level

CustomShow is enterprise software as a service built to help companies develop consistently branded presentations. After you’ve uploaded the requisite media files for your slideshow, you can further customize details like image shading, backgrounds for your video, and other visual effects.

From a technological standpoint, CustomShow also excels at connecting teams – providing the ability to simultaneously cast presentations to different devices. Such a feature is especially handy for the remote teams many of us find ourselves working on today. Plus with CustomShow’s mobile app and analytics tools, there’s plenty of features for enterprises serious about getting taking their business presentations to a new level.

Multicasting presentations

Analytics features for businesses

Realtime collaboration

Ability to easily collaborate makes it great for large companies and remote teams

Feature rich

Not for the slideshow hobbyist / individual user

Has a bit of a learning curve

Go to CustomShow

Best for: Businesses presenting at events or conferences, users who want to incorporate a range of elements into their presentations

OS: OS X and iOS

Price: Free trial, $10 /month, $20 /month, enterprise option

FlowVella presentations sometimes look a bit like the page of a website because of all the interactive elements built into them. FlowVella allows the presenter to seamlessly move between image files, slides, videos, and other media dynamically – breaking from the linear nature of standard Mac slideshow apps.

The FlowVella app even provides a “kiosk mode” for iPads, easily letting users (like museum goers or tradeshow attendees) interact with a presentation you made without accidentally changing its elements.

Kiosk mode for tablet devices

Autoplay video content

Scrolling video galleries

Built for businesses and amateurs alike

Plenty of features for users who like to mix media into their presentations

Minor bugs in the app

Not extremely intuitive

Go to FlowVella

Best for: Users looking for a dynamic presentation generator that takes slideshows to another level

OS: macOS, Windows 10/8/7Vista/XP

Licensing: Free trial, subscription, lifetime purchase

File size: 372 MB

Price: $0, $9.9/month, $99/month, $399/lifetime

Focusky is a feature-filled slideshow maker that operates in many ways like PowerPoint. However, it goes beyond PowerPoint in terms of customization, with hundreds of templates, dynamic transitions that zoom in and out (similar to Prezi), and plenty of design assets to play around with.

Robust transition features

Search Engine Optimization-friendly (can create text versions of presentations to index on Google)

Can import PowerPoints and give them a facelift within the app

Customization is a huge emphasis, with 5,000+ open-source vector icons and diagrams and 600+ templates for pro users

Cloud hosting for publishing presentations online, great for the current remote-work world

Free version has watermarks

Content across the site seems like it hasn’t been updated in years, so support seems questionable

Download Focusky

Best for: Mac users looking to create a slideshow fast with few bells and whistles

OS: macOS (Big Sur)

Licensing: Free for Mac users

Our rating: 6.5/10

Most macOS users have opened up Preview before without realizing it because it comes preinstalled on your device. If you’ve ever opened an image on your Mac computer, Preview is the default image reader so it likely opened it for you (unless someone changed the settings). However, Preview can do other things as well – including making slideshow presentations.

Simply open the files you want (JPEGs, PNGs, PDFs, etc.) to begin. The fastest way to turn these into a presentation is to arrange them in any order you want, click “View”, and then “Slideshow”.

Embraces simplicity – sometimes we need to make a quick slideshow

Free for Mac users and native to macOS

Simple, on-the-fly concept

User familiarity

No customization except for how you arrange your image and text files

Best for: Apple users making movie-like presentations

File size: 2.2 GB

Our rating: 7/10

While iMovie wasn’t created for slideshows, it still operates well in this secondary capacity. Created for Mac users who enjoy all Apple devices, iMovie has quickly evolved into a tool popular for developing more compelling slideshows and visual presentations.

With iMovie, your primary customization features for a slideshow are titles and transitions (elements that are useful in actual movies). However, you can still handle some of your image editing needs within the tool as well.

After your media files are imported into the app, you can add text, music, and other stylistic elements to build a dynamic experience for your audience. Try applying filters and playing around with iMovie’s green screen function to add some unique finishing touches to your presentation.

Presentations that emphasize video content

Titles and transitions work well

Strong video-editing capabilities

Integrates easily across all Apple operating systems

Not built with slideshows in mind

Minor image editing capabilities (cropping / color adjustments only)

Download iMovie

Best for: Mac users looking for a native app that’s more customizable than Preview

OS: iOS, iPadOS, macOS

The Photos app on Mac might already be on your computer (or iPhone or iPad), but do you know how to use it to make a slideshow presentation?

Apple Photos lets you create a slideshow in two different ways. The first way is to build your presentation by simply selecting a few photos, a theme, and some music. The second way is to make an actual slideshow project with text overlays and transitions (in addition to your images and musical selection(s)). Both methods can help you quickly create an aesthetic, heavily-visual presentation.

In addition to slideshows, make cards, calendars, and photo journals with the images on your Mac or iCloud

Intelligent curation helps you group photos together based on their content

More dynamic than Preview

Decent photo slideshow editing capabilities

Lacking in the customization department

Best for: Both amateur and professional photographers looking to highlight their work

OS: macOS, iPadOS

Licensing: one-time purchase

File size: 371.5 MB

Price: $50/basic, $100/pro

If you want to put down a little money and take your presentation game to another level, FotoMagico is an intriguing, feature-heavy option. FotoMagico, in addition to powerful image and video editing capabilities, also lets you tweak audio files and align specific musical moments with points in your presentation, making it great for people with a bit more technical know-how.

Similar to video-editing software, you can view each panel of your FotoMagico presentation at the bottom of the application. This timeline vantage makes it a simple matter to seamlessly edit and adjust minute details in your photographs and develop a presentation that meets your exact specifications.

Create slideshows in stunning 4K resolution

Customizable “snippets” which let you add premade visual elements to your presentation

Feature-rich tool

One-time purchase

Bugs have been noted in some of their customer reviews

Download FotoMagico

Best for: Users interested in social media integration features

OS: Mac OS X

Licensing: Open-source

File size: 11 MB

HyperEngine-AV leans further into the video-creation side of presentations than it does slideshows, but it can still handle both tasks effectively.

If you’re looking to make short product videos, YouTube shorts, or video-heavy slideshow presentations, HyperEngine has the features and UI to simplify the job. And with HyperEngine’s "trackless" workspace giving you a bird’s eye view of your various media files, you’re able to edit and drag images, audio, video, and transitions wherever you want them with ease.

Robust audio editing functions

Drag-and-drop helps you instantly transition between a video clip and other media

UI is fairly intuitive

Light program (fast and free to download)

Issues with exporting and even opening the app reported

No developer updates for a decade

Download HyperEngine-AV

Best for: Mac users looking to burn their videos or presentations onto DVDs

OS: macOS (pre-Catalina)

Licensing: Free with Mac

File size: 36.12 MB

Although iDVD is an older piece of Apple software, it can still get the job done and works especially well for people looking to create hard copies of their creations (presentations, wedding video, or otherwise). If your goal is to make a widescreen presentation complete with audio and menu options, iDVD is worth a try.

Making a video-heavy slideshow on iDVD is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve added your title and selected a theme template, you can move around your video files and adjust them as necessary.

Helps you burn a DVD when using a Mac SuperDrive

Supports widescreen footage

Wide range of video-editing functions (can be used by professionals)

Not usable on Apple’s newest operating systems

Doesn’t support footage from digital cameras

Download iDVD

Best for: Users who want high-quality export options for their presentation

OS: macOS 10.13 and later, Linux, Windows

File size: 29.7 MB

4K Slideshow Maker states it all in its name: it’s a compact piece of software that helps you create and export a 4K slideshow (or in resolutions anywhere from the lower ends of the quality spectrum to Ultra 4K HD).

Quickly edit your images, mix in some music, and even import files directly from social media channels like Instagram into your slides with 4K Slideshow Maker. Done and ready to share your work? Move your finished presentation directly back to those social media channels (like Instagram and YouTube) to share with friends, family, and followers.

High-resolution support (great for rendering nature scenery in its full glory)

Built-in social media compatibility with Instagram and YouTube

Learning curve isn’t too bad for amateurs

Lets you zoom in and out of images (the “Ken Burns effect”)

Currently supports 13 languages

Lacking in the customization features (templates, icons, etc)

Download 4K Slideshow Maker

Best for: Newer users who want to mix more video content into their presentations

OS: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS

File size: 5.8 MB

Price: $29 /month, $39 /3 months, $299 /year

LightMV is a video-focused presentation app that lets you personalize your media files in various ways to ultimately create cohesive presentations. The app provides a variety of video templates to simplify things and lower the barrier for beginners, and if you go this route then you only need to import the desired media and add transitions and text.

Video templates created to help everything from capturing the joy of weddings to injecting energy into a business presentation

Cloud-based rendering for easy access across different Apple devices

Modern UI that’s easy for beginners to operate

Advanced features for video-editing professionals

Free 7-day trial version available

Freemium model means you can download the app but not your presentation

Trial version includes watermarking

Download LightMV

Summary: How to choose the best slideshow app for a Mac

Still wondering what’s the best slideshow program for you personally? Now that you’ve read about some of the top slideshow creators for Mac, you should have a better idea of what program best meets your needs. But just in case you’re on the fence between a few options, here are the main things to consider first.

Ease of use: Are you looking for something easy to use that’s a bit basic, or would you prefer a more complicated tool offering more customization? Choose software that lets you get the job done at your particular pace.

Features: The features you need in your presentations will help determine which software you end up choosing. Is audio and video critical, or do you only need compelling transitions for your linear slideshow?

Pricing / licensing: Some software is free, and others have freemium offerings. Other platforms cost a flat rate or a subscription fee, but they often make it worth your time. Think about whether investing in slideshow software is something that would bring you more value in return.

Guides & support: Some tools are written about extensively online (by the creators, users, and reviewers), while others are a bit harder to dig up details on. If you’re someone who often asks questions, consider choosing slideshow software that has support options at your disposal.

Device compatibility: Although all of the tools listed in this article are usable on Mac, you may want to consider choosing an app that also works on your smartphone. Being able to knock out a presentation (or even practice) while on the go is definitely a nice option for many of us.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best program to make a slideshow on a mac.

Here are the top five apps we’ve outlined in this article in no particular order:

FotoMagico 5

However, each software comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and targets different user groups. To find the best program for you as a Mac user, please review each tool to form your own thoughts before selecting your ideal slideshow maker software.

How do I make a slideshow on my Mac?

Making a slideshow on your Mac is easy with Movavi Slideshow Maker. Simply follow these five steps:

Click the link below and follow installation instructions to get started.

Download Movavi Slideshow Maker

Although you can adjust your settings and make manual edits feasible, for the sake of making an easy slideshow simply let the Slideshow Wizard guide you through the process.

Click File then Add Files to track down the images you plan to add to your slides.

Each Movavi theme has transitions and captions with music built into them, so preview a few, find one you like, and click Next .

View your slideshow by clicking Preview in the menu and double-check that everything is just how you want it before exporting your finished presentation on your Macbook.

Does Apple have a slideshow maker?

Apple’s native Photos app works fine for creating a basic slideshow on your Mac or iOS device. However, if you’re looking to create a more professional and dynamic slideshow, try out Movavi Slideshow Maker. It’s compatible with current and legacy versions of macOS, has a ton of features for customizing your slideshow presentation, and a sleek UI that is frequently updated to best meet the needs of users in 2022.

Learn more about Movavi Slideshow Maker

Have questions?

Sign up for news and special offers

By signing up, you consent to receive our marketing emails and agree to Movavi using your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy . You also confirm that you meet the minimum age requirements .

How to Make a Picture Slideshow on Mac

A customized slideshow with music is the best way to congratulate someone or share precious moments of your life with others.

slide show on mac

Make a picture slideshow with music on Mac

We are happy to help you with that. And we make sure our service is one of the best out there. Judge for yourself:

Follow these steps to create a picture slideshow on Mac in no time!

Upload initial images

Open Clideo’s Slideshow Maker and hit the “Choose file” pane to upload photos from your personal device. You may also call the drop-down menu on the right and select them from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Upload picture to make slideshow on Mac

Add more files and adjust slideshow

Add more visuals, using any of the above mentioned methods or just drag & drop them to the timeline below the player. You may select pictures, videos or GIFs.

Change aspect ratio of picture slideshow on Mac

Decide on a crop option and aspect ratio preset. Hints below the pane will help you to select the right one depending on your preferable social medium . Try different combinations to find the one you like most.

Set the image duration. If your slideshow consists of several static pictures, this setting will be applied to all of them equally.

You may upload any audio track from your personal device or cloud storage account, exactly the same way as video files and images.

Upload music to picture slideshow on Mac

Hit the scissors sign to trim the track as you need by setting the timing manually or by moving the sliders. If the sound is shorter than the footage, click on the infinity sign next to the volume bar to loop it. Then adjust the volume.

Cut audio for picture slideshow on Mac

Don’t forget to select the output format before processing. Clideo offers 23 different video extensions, but if you’re going to post your slideshow online, stick to MP4 or MOV .

Change format of picture slideshow on Mac

Then hit the “Export” button and let the tool turn your miscellaneous files into one smooth video.

Save the project

Give your slideshow a final run and save it to your Mac. You may also import it to Google Drive or Dropbox. If you think that it’s still imperfect, hit the “Edit” arrow.

Download picture slideshow on Mac

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Upgrade your account, get unlimited storage time and create projects without watermarks.

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How to Make Stunning Photo Slideshow on Mac

author avatar

Shanoon Cox

Nov 17, 2022• Proven solutions

Do you need some tips about how to create slideshow on Mac? There are so many advanced and feature rich slideshow makers to help you for professional looking slide show design needs. It is possible to add photos, music and videos to slides if you choose the right tool. The article below contains information about some best slideshow makers that are compatible with Mac platform.

Best Tools to Make Slideshow on Mac [Free & Paid]

In this part, I will share with you some of the best slideshow makers on Mac, some have been already installed on your Mac computer and totally free to use, but with limited features and templates. Some paid software such as Filmora for Mac costs a little and provides various filters, transitions and elements that you may need to create a stunning slideshow on Mac.

Download Filmora9 Win Version

1. Free Mac Slideshow Maker: Built-in Photo app


Photo for Mac is well known for its impressive user interface that assists in easy learning for beginners. It offers a wide range of special effects that can assist users to develop professional-looking slideshows.

The eye-catching audio effects and advanced shortcuts can be used for development whereas the set of great editing tools and effects make each slide more interesting. You will be glad to know about its unique photo organization abilities that allow users to share their content on popular social media platforms like Facebook without making more efforts.

Besides the inbuilt Photos app, you can also use the free slideshow maker iMovie on Mac to create a slideshow. We’ve described doing that previously; you can check the detailed steps about how to create a slideshow on Mac with iMovie here.

2. Professional & Creative Slideshow Maker for Mac: Filmora for Mac

Download Win Version

Wondershare Filmora is popular enough for its interactive software tools and you can expect the same elegant design for its slideshow generation capabilities. This platform is recommended for casual, novice users as well as for beginners. It does not demand special skills for users, rather all effects are easy to implement with amazing sound effects.

Check the ultimate guide about Making slideshow with music and titles in Filmora

3. Easy to use Slideshow Maker: DSB Slideshow Builder

DVD SlideShow Builder or DSB can be used by beginners as well as professionals for development of appealing and entertaining photo rich slide shows. There are numerous editing tools inside DSB application that can generate unique effects on your content but the sad part is that it does not allow users to share their content on other platforms. But, you will definitely enjoy its advanced customization tools.

4. Simple Mac Slideshow Creator: FotoMagico 5


FotoMagico 5 is simple and interesting tool that can process your text, music, videos and photos with ease for generation of beautiful slide shows. You will be glad to know that it allows users to create high resolution live presentations and videos. Advanced support to 4k Ultra HD resolution over this tool makes everything perfect for professionals.

How to Make Slideshow with Filmora on Mac:

In the following part, we will show you how to use this Filmora Mac video editor as a slideshow maker. With Filmora, you can make a slideshow with music and effects. Download and have a try at this mac slideshow maker and share with us your opinions about Filmora.

1. How to add music to your Slideshow?

 Filmora9 for Mac create photo slideshow

Creating photo slideshow on Filmora for Mac is easy, to be brief, all you need to do is import your desired photos, videos and music to the media library, and then choose transitions, filters and elements, effects for the slideshow , preview if everything is fine and then export the final file. Below is the detailed steps about creating slideshow on Mac with Filmora.

 Filmora9 for Mac create photo slideshow

 Filmora9 for Mac create photo slideshow

We've written an article about How to make slideshow video with Filmora on Windows and Mac, which described all the steps for creating slideshow. Hope you will make lovely slideshow with the help of Filmora.

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This article talks about how to make flv slideshows in minutes, as well as FLV conversion with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe.

by Shanoon Cox Dec 30, 2022 17:23 PM

Read More >

Get the best slideshow maker to make a slideshow with music to memorize your sweet memories, such as birthday, graduation, wedding, family reunion, etc.

staff Editor

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UniConverter-Video Converter

How to make a slideshow on Mac easily

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

A good slideshow works great not only for your college or office presentation but is also an interesting way to share memories of your special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and others with your loved ones. Creating an engaging and interesting slideshow can seem to be an arduous task, but if you have access to the right tools and software, it can be accompanied effortlessly.

So, if you are working on Mac and looking for the best tools to create slideshow on Mac , you are on the right page. The article below will throw light on some of the best slideshow maker Mac programs.

In this article

Part 1. how to make a slideshow on mac easily.

slideshow on mac

Wondershare DVD Creator is a multitasking tool that helps you create a slideshow on Mac systems easily and quickly. Though this is majorly a DVD creating tool, its toolbox section supports many additional functions, including slideshow making. Customization options for creating slideshow are supported like adding background music, adding effects, transition setting adjustments, adding text to photos, and more. 

Steps on how to make a slideshow on Mac using Wondershare DVD Creator:

Step 1 Launch the Slideshow Maker.

how to make a slideshow on mac

Open the installed Wondershare DVD Creator on your macOS, click on More DVD Tools and tab the Slideshow Maker . 

create slideshow on mac

Step 2 Add the images and music.

Click on the + sign to browse and import the local images you wish to create the slideshow.

how to create a slideshow on mac

The images will appear with a thumbnail in a sequence in which they are added. You can change the sequence by moving the up and down arrow.

make a slideshow on mac

Step 3 Edit the added images.

Now you can edit the slideshow by clicking the tabs Effect , Transition, Text , and Music to make the needed changes. 

how to make a slideshow with music on mac

Step 4 Create and save the slideshow

Choose the system folder to save the created file at Save to: tab. Finally, click on Save to MP4 button for the software to start processing and creating the desired slideshow.

how to make a photo slideshow on mac

Considering the ease of use and support to multiple features, Wondershare DVD Creator is one of the best slideshow makers for Mac .

Wondershare DVD Creator box

Wondershare DVD Creator

Part 2. Another 9 best slideshow makers for Mac recommended

1. Filmora Video Editor

photo slideshow mac

Simple to use with support to a wide range of features, this software from Wondershare is a good choice for creating an eye-catchy slideshow.

Key Features:

Intuitive interface that lets you make a slideshow on Mac easily.

Allows adding transitions and effects for slideshow customization.

Royalty-free music library to add background music.

Support multiple file formats.

Paid software.

2. Movavi Slideshow Maker

slideshow maker mac

This Mac and Windows-based slideshow maker software comes with an array of templates to create a slideshow as needed.

This Mac slideshow app features a simple and user-friendly interface. 

Pre-designed templates make it easy to choose a slideshow theme.

No restriction to the number of video, image, or music files that can be added.

Add transitions, effects, titles, and other editing effects to personalize the template. 

Added files can be organized. 

Transitions cannot be added randomly over the slideshow.

mac slideshow app

Creating professional-looking videos and slideshows on your Mac is simple and quick using iMovie. The tool has been in use for a long time and comes with all the needed features.

Key features:

This slideshow software for Mac comes with themes and trailers that help create professional-looking videos.

User-friendly and simple interface.

Smooth and quick functioning on Mac systems.

Options for filters and transitions are limited in comparison to other tools.

Limitation of 2 video tracks.

4. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder

best slideshow maker for mac

This is another great software by Wondershare that lets you create a stunning DVD slideshow using your choice of photos and videos.

Simple and quick process to create a DVD slideshow. 

Play and share created DVD slideshows on different platforms like TV, YouTube, smartphones, and more.

HD quality slideshow for enhanced viewing experience. 

Support red-eye removal, adding text, adding background music, DVD menus, and other personalization options.

No support for Mac systems.

5. FotoMagico 5

slideshow software for mac

For creating a slideshow using images, videos, and music on your Mac in a hassle-free manner, this slideshow software for Mac will work as an apt tool.

Created slideshow can be shared online, offline as well as on an iPad.

Created projects can be synced over iCloud.

The sequence of the added files can be changed.

High-end transitions can be added in no time.

No support for the Windows system.

Free trial for a limited period.

6. MacX Video Converter Pro

best slideshow app for mac

This multitasking toolkit helps perform functions like creating a slideshow, file conversion, download, compression, editing, and recording. 

This Mac slideshow app has an easy to navigate interface.

Wide range of format support.

Works as a multitasking tool with support to different functions. 

Editing features are limited in comparison to other tools.

Slow processing and switching between function interfaces.

slideshow app for mac

This is a free online tool that allows creating slideshows in a few simple steps. The program works from the browser and requires no software download or installation. 

Create slideshow depending on the screen it has to be played like TV, computer, tablet, and others. 

Intelligent cropping feature to adjust the added images.

Offers to add multiple effects, text, and GIFs for customized slideshow.


The free version allows creating a project of only up to 1 minute, offers storage of only 1GB, and has other limitations. 

8. Muvee Reveal Express

best slideshow maker for mac

This is a simple-to-use software for Mac systems that allows creating a decent slideshow using the files on your system. If you are looking for options on how to make a slideshow with music on Mac , this is one of the good tools to consider.

The software is simple to use. 

Multiple options for importing, exporting, and sharing files. 

Allows previewing and editing the project.

Adjust the pace. 

Limited options for styles and transitions.

Expensive tool.

top slideshow app for mac

Developed by Apple, iPhoto is the default application for managing images on Mac systems. Using the tool, you can import, organize, edit, share, create, as well as print digital images. Creating image slideshows is one of the supported functions of the app.

Simple to use app for creating a slideshow.

Change the text position, fonts, transitions, and other parameters of the selected theme. 

Choice of background music can be added. 

The duration of each slide can be adjusted as needed. 

This is Photo slideshow Mac compatible and not available for the Windows.

Editing and additional features are limited in comparison to other tools. 

wondershare uniconverter 13

Wondershare UniConverter — All-in-one Video Toolbox for Windows and Mac.

safe mov video converter free download

90x faster speed to convert or compress your slideshow video without quality loss.

Support more than 1,000 video and audio formats.

Compress your video or audio files without quality loss.

Add dynamic watermark to your video or remove any watermark from your video easily.

AI-powered features such as Smart Trimmer, AI Portrait, Background Remover take your video to the next level.

Save any online video from more than 10,000 platforms and sites.

Part 3. Conclusion

For creating an interesting and eye-catchy slideshow with transitions, editing, and other effects, any one of the above-listed slideshow maker for Mac can be selected. Analyse the features, pros, and cons of these listed tools and then choose the one that best matches your project requirements. 

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