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Summary of Art || 2022 || Blank Meme


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thank you so much!

2022 summary of art

Art Summaries 2022 🖌️

summary of art 2022 png

Art Summary 2022

2022 is coming to an end. that means its time to make art summaries again :'D or well, I already did.

My year was quite productive again. Didn't knew what to pick for each month because I draw too much :S But I tried making a mix of everything kinda. No template, decided to make my very own layout this year because I wasn't really a fan of any of the existing ones.

Come and share your art summary for this year, I always love seeing those.

Did you improve or learn anything new? Any goals for 2023?

Share anything else you like

Here are a few templates you can use:


Aw, you beat me to making my yearly thread :,D

I won't be able to post mine until after Christmas, but here's some templates:

Pepperly aw nuu ;w; I just felt like doing a thread after I did my summary because I couldn't find one that's already been made. Thanks for sharing templates! Completely forgot to link some myself 

Yeah I was planning on posting the thread this weekend, haha. Let everyone get their holiday pics out if they've got them, first. I had tons more but most have been deleted off da (I don't blame them)

summary of art 2022 png

(xposted on my tumblr)

I don't think I'm going to end up drawing anything that will replace the current December piece, so I'll go ahead and post! My 2022 summary ended up being entirely Metro 2033 themed, because it's the one thing that I consistently drew at least one piece for from month to month (and in fact, some months, it's the only thing I ended up drawing. I tried making an additional summary with no Metro on it and it had a ton of blank spots.) As a result I'm not super proud of everything on this summary, but I'm proud of the cumulative effort and end result.

To compare, my 2021 year end summary seemed to have a lot more fully finished stuff, but as I recall I had a lot of trouble choosing more than a couple of things I was *really* proud of, and I had some blank spots then too. Some months I only drew a single thing, or nothing at all. And I had a lot more fun this year it seems!

I feel like I learned a lot about colors and values. I think my anatomy improved as well by the end of it! I'm thrilled with how the past few months of work have come out, and there's still so much I want to draw. I'm hoping going into 2023 that I can end next year with each month having a finished and fully realized piece that I'm really proud of, and I also plan to try out animating starting soon.

summary of art 2022 png

I got the template from here  :)


Still need to post this offsite, but here's mine (and I did a more design-y thing this year!)


Art-wise I think I'm finally getting less intimidated by doing backgrounds. They're not as visible here bc it's just thumbnails but comparing June vs December, I'm a lot more confident with making them. ( june  & dec's pics for reference). I don't have many solid goals or resolutions for 2023 yet though? But ig continuing to do backgrounds and full-illustrations would be cool

summary of art 2022 png

second half of the year (post artfight) i barely drew anything so it was hard to fill this out and im genuinely kinda sad that i had nothing for september :( but i want my 2023 resolution to be to draw consistently despite lack of motivation, executive dysfunction, work and whatever else. i also wanna draw the ideas i never really got around to doing... do more experimental shit and get ambitious with everything. idk how that will pan out (probably wont) but i can at least try :P 


I'm a lot happier with my art this year! I'm far from where I wanna be, but I feel this year greatly helped me get closer! This year's goal was to do a B-Day art of all my oc's on this account. It helped me draw OC's I barely drew, and helped me find out which ones didn't have that spark of joy anymore. Darkening my shading helped a lot, and I think I got a bit better at anatomy too.

Next year's goal is to feel more confident with different poses and work on anatomy more. I might try backgrounds, but idk yet. I do wanna try and make refs for some of my human oc's at the very least though


I wasn't able to draw much this year due to lack of motivation/ energy. ): Most art were rough sketches and the like. I can't really tell if I've improved much (or at all) this year, but I was able to find a new thing to be interested in (Twisted Wonderland), and I started drawing more self-indulgent stuff that made me happy, so it's not all too bad 👍 I find it funny that you can tell the exact moment I fell into my brainrot, ahah--

As for goals: honestly, I think setting a goal for myself is too much pressure for me (lol) so I'd just like to be able to continue drawing things that make me happy.


Self made my own template and here's my art summary for 2022! Honestly when making this I really felt proud of my art, 2022 is the year my style really started to gain it's distinct sort of taste and my methods while experimental are starting to get more consistent in a way I feel happy doing- 

2022 is general has been a year filled with unexpected stuff, but I am surprisingly very happy looking at all the art I have made this year and looking back! :D

(Also crossposted onto my Twitter and on my Newgrounds - You can find the CLIP , PSD and PNG files of the template I made (free to use, just credit me!) in this Google Drive folder )


          Another year of 'trying to maintain my skill level so it won't fall further'. Aug-Dec are pretty much just OCs whom I use in a RP group and draw nothing but their pics for registration and the group's events.


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summary of art 2022 png

2nd National Arts Exhibition - 2022

"Connecting Borders Through Arts and Culture"

Participating Artists and their work

This year, a total of ?? artists submitted their work to be exhibited in the exhibition which took place at the APEC House from the 14th - 18th of September, 2022.

Add a description here.

Abednego Meor i

I come from Eastern Highlands and Simbu province of PNG. I am a fine artist specialising in pencil art. I have been doing pencil portrait art for quite a long time. I started selling my artwork and doing commission art work four years ago. Apart from being a pencil artist, I am also a specialised lawyer by profession.

Abel Michael Haure

I am 13 years old. I started painting at the age of ten (10) in 2018, as a collaborative work with my family for the Australian Deputy High Commissioner. Since then, I continued to paint and sell artworks.

Albert Joseph

I see art as a tool/ medium of communication that has power to influence society in any form. As an artists, it is a true role that I am taking to create and stimulate its perfectness using different techniques of art, even beyond imaginations.

Andrew Kawage

Andrew kayanu, andy rambuli.

I am from Kuare LLG, Ialibu/ Pangia district in Southern Highlands province. I'm a self-taught fine artist based in Port Moresby. I started painting in 2010 and sold many of my painting to lacals and tourists overseas. I attended five exhibitions including the 1st National Arts Exhibition hosted by the National CUltural COmmission in 2022.

Andy Nombri

I started painting since 1996. My original style, I called stick man. I also exhibited my paintings in several places abroad.

Anton Gideon

I am a street painter back then in 1992. During those days, there are not many artists. I am happy to paint and also become popular in PNG. I've participated in so many exhibitions in PNG and overseas.

Chris Kawage

I studied Fine Arts at the National Arts School in 1985 - 1988. After that, I went to join the PNGDF and served the force for more than 16 years (1989-2006). In 2012, I took part in the South Pacific Festival of Arts in Solomon Islands. Then in 2013, I took part in the South Pacific Arts Exhibition at the Global Gallery, Paddington, Sydney Australia. I am currently a freelance artist

Clement Koys

I started drawing at an early age before I went to school. While at high school, I learnt basics of expressive arts. Further on to secondary school, I continued my passion in arts. Unfortunately, I didn't get an offer to further my passion in arts. However, to date, even though I am unemployed, I sustain my living through the sales of my artworks.

I am from Eastern Highlands province. I currently participate in arts activities that my senior brother Warren has been running in June Valley. I started painting in 2022 and I'm thankful that I am also doing drawings and designs. I want to take part as a model for body art performance in the show. I've made my choice to be one of the artists of PNG.

Ernest Olmi William

Papua New Guinea is diverse and unique in the cultural heritage and it has its own cultural way to exchange or transfer leadership from an older person to a younger person. When it comes to that occassion, people prepare food and traditional wear and celebrations take place after the ceremony. The leader is then taken care of and are most respected people.

Ezriella Kawage Junior

I am five years old. I am the daughter of Andrew Kawage and the grand daughter of the famous artists of PNG, late Kawage Mathias (OBE). This is my first painting and I love  expressing myself through painting.

Gavera Morea

I am a self-taught artists based in National Capital District. As a natural gifted artists, my interest in drawing and sketching career started in my primary school days. I have done pencil portraits for noted PNG citizens and family members on order. I am also able to paint and screen print and have done orders for customers. It is now two years since I have decided to include Cotton Art in my work.

Gideon Leslie

I have interest in arts activities. Back in my primary school days, I was the artists in my class who used to draw for my class mates and usually charge them K2 for each work. At secondary school, I explored different types of designs, especially for the girls and they encouraged me to have my own tatoo shop in the future. Today, I've joined Amako Arts house and it feels like I'm going to advance my artwork which I really appreciate it.

I started painting in my primary school at Kilakila in Port Moresby in 2014. I was awarded a price for my work and was taught by my uncle Ratoos Haopa, PNG's master dot painter. I started painting murals at Ela beach in 2018 and was selected as an APEC artists. In 2019, I helped paint the murals at Sir Mic Curtain stadium in Konedobu. M painting refer to marine life and Gulf legends and I am a regular artists at craft markets in Port Moresby. I am married with kids.

Harry Manavi

I am from East Sepik province, Angoram district, Kamalibit village. My artist crew has been with the gauntly. I was trained by my father Philip Manavi. Once I was a secondary school arts teach, but I gave up teaching and spent full time doing arts.

Hilda Aiari

Hilda was inspired by her father Ratoos and his first year Drama student in university. She has been practicing for the last 10 years. Selling my arts works in Port Moresby streets of arts and craft markets. My families including father, mother and brothers also do painting too.

Jason Jais Kukuso

1 Jason Kukuso, I am a young art ist mostly self taught, residing from Eastern Highlands Province, I havent paint for almost 10 years but through NAmako Art Gallery I found my true passion of art, taking part in national exhibition is something Ive never ex perienced and I am gratefull. Thank you

1 Jimol Pita, 25 years of age, am from Eastern Highlands Province and Miline Bay province, residing at June valley, Tokarara (Gomasasipo), I started arts from grade 6 to grade 10 and further arts education with halftimer creative art corner. I am currenly the art secre tary of the Gomosasipo creative youth assocation (GCYA).

I am John Bom from Simbu. I started painting since 1992 till now, it's my 30 years of painting. Since then, some of my artwork has been sold out to some tourist around the world. Now I am still doing paintings and sold them at the craft market or to the tourist or for exhibition.

John Kawage

I am john Kauage the son of former Artist late Sir Mathias Kauage. I started doing paintings when was a kid trying to follow my father's footstep.

Junea Danger

Laben sakale john.

Laben Sakale John I graduated with a diploma in fine arts in 1997. Since than I have been fulltime painting. I have travelled ex tengivesly for art shows in Germany, America and Australia. Currently iam in Australia attending my art shows. My artworks on show here are based on how we can live in harmony with nature, hope you enjoy my art.

Leka Michael

My name is Leka Michael from Kere ma,Gulf Province. I started painting in 2007 with my husband Michael Haure. I helped my husband and this keen in terest continue till now. I had only one exhibition in PNG. I painted normal things like artifacts, culture tradition and nature.

Am a grade 10 and got married back in 1992, with 4 kids and two grand children. Painting is my full-time job. I started painting back in 1996 this date. Being taking part in many exhi bition in PNG and outside world. You can see me in Holiday Inn Street mar ket or Pom city weekly craft market.

Mathew Dinbi

Mathew Dinbi is 13 years old and from Simbu. He is a student at Hagara Pri mary School in NCD.

Michael Haure

I am Michael Haure from Kerema, Gulf Province. I started my painting in 2004 with Ratus Haoapa. I left my job and interested in painting till now. I had six (6) Exhibitions in PNG and two (2) in France, came under the Book call Ten (10) Thousand Years in Lifetime. I normally do my painting basing in our Culture, Traditions and Natures.

Misek Tobias

I Misek Tobias, what inspired me to do paintings. Every craft market I used to followed my family to the market place. At the craft market I saw some Artist(painters). How they sold their paintings and earn the money from the sales. One day I went to late Sir Mathias Kauage's house and observed how his son doing paintings. From then on, I have some ideas on how to do paintings. Since then, I started to buy my own painting materials and started doing my own paintings.

Morgan Lavapo

Morgan was born in Port Moresby and residing in Kilakila Joyce Bay, attended Kilakila High School in 1992 -1995.He started his art carrier in 2006 painting art on coconut shells as lime pots selling at craft markets in Port Moresby and even tually onto canvas paintings. Morgan is a self-taught artist and likes to explore in every painting sessions. His paintings can be found offices and home in Papua New Guinea and around the world. Morgan has also participated in several Art exhibition in Port Moresby and Lae Morobe province and recently in Bris bane's Petri Terrace Gallery.

Philemon Yalamu Jnr

I started drawing as young as 5 years old, but I wasn't serious until the age of 15, when I was awarded the Academic Achievement in Visual Arts for year 8 by my school - Glenroy College in Mel bourne. From then on, I continued my passion for drawing and ventured into computer generated illustrations, especially using my drawing monitors which my dad bought. My biggest inspiration for art and multimedia came from my dad, as I watched and observed him paint ing and illustrating while growing up. The more I watched him work, the more I got inspired to get into art as I tried to create something for myself which I enjoyed. I get regular comments and criti cism on my artwork and design work from my dad, and my mum's constant reminders for me to get tasks done, encourage me to find ways to get better.

Ratoos Haoapa

Born in Eherekela (Havila) village lhu Gulf Kerema. I live in Pari village Na tional Capital District. I am a senior contemporary Artist and has been painting for the past 42 years. In late 1980s I send several years in Sydney Australia working with Indigenous Australian Artist. I was taught the Dot painting techniques. I taught these techniques to other emerging from Gulf/PNG.

Russell Jimmy

I am 21 years of age, I am from Eastern Highlands province, I live in Port Mo resby (NCD), I was born in Port Mores by general hospital, Grew up in settle ment full of any unlike activities that is violence so found a lucky man in the community, suddenly I joined Amako Art and I've experience art in painting, drawing and so on, I thank God that this is a talent that I can put on.

Saksen Bre |

 Saksen Bre, the son of Dima Bre. I have no education background,l learned painting from my father and started painting in 2017 to 2018 and started selling my paintings on the street in Port Moresby. And in 2020 a Monia Group of Company employed me as a painter to paint their bricks and walls. This will be my first time to participate in this Exhibition and I real ly excited and looking forward for the exhibition. The Last Day Event, when the Christ return, he will judge every individual according to what they had done.

Sharon Michael Haure

My name is Sharon Michael Haure. I am ten (10) years old. I started my painting at the age of nine (9) in 2021. I started my first painting with my par ents last year. And I painted my first three (3) paintings and sold them at my school. I sold them to my school director for Butuka Academy School.

Fenchea Dawai

I hail from Morobe Patrol Post in Morobe prov ince, I am currently a third year Arts & Design ma jor at The University of Papua New Guinea. This is actually my first artwork that is submitted for an exhibition and my first exhibition ever. I am excited and nervous as well as to what will be. The title of my artwork is "Moni mak" in accor dance to the theme. The painting is basically tra ditional money or an item that is seen as wealth and is used in different ceremonies as a form of payment. And that is one thing common among Papua New Guineans,most parts still uses tradi tional money as a sign of wealth or having high status in ones society and that the practice of using traditional money is still preserved in most parts of PNG.

Cornelius Yalamu

My name is Cornelius Yalamu, I was born in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's capital on the 20th of April 2005 with a medical condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Due to the unavailability of schools to cater for children with special needs like me, I spent most of my time at home doing home schooling with the help from my family es pecially my parents I started drawing with my left foot when I was three years old. I was inspired by my dad, my big brother and my uncle with the support from mum at home. I do pencil drawing and also digital art. I started doing digital art from the age of nine years old.

Solomon Tumtafa

My name is Solomon Tumtafa.I am a self taught artist. I started this hobby in 2019 and now is four (4) years for me. All three (3) of my paintings is based upon my own idea. The work simply tells we cannot live alone but we need each other to live on or get support as a human being.

Winnie Weoa

Warren peter, hellen gende, jay morgan lavapo, john danger, kala kawatalu, michael mape, micks taime, migileu buna, noah kawatalu, peter siune, philemon yalamu.

I started as an artist, to an educator and now a researcher, but still practicing traditional painting. I like exploring different styles and medium and this one presented, tries to combine patterns and designs of the Pacific Islands into this piece titled, "The Source - Land and the Ocean". 

Prosper Haure

Solomon cletus lavapo, ambane siune, stella dotaona.

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summary of art 2022 png

summary of art 2022 png

2022: the UN International Year Of Glass

On 18th May 2021 the UN General Council approved a joint application by the International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOM-Glass that 2022 be declared a United Nations International Year of Glass . The Year is is now celebrating the essential role Glass has in Society. The  opening ceremony in the Palace of Nations in Geneva took place on the 10-11th February and featured 30 world-class speakers. Although COVID restrictions limited the audience to 135, it was streamed worldwide. The 10th February saw 3100 views from 66 countries and the 11th, 4211 views from 72 countries. The programme is here . You can search the UN web site for a video recording here  using iyog2022  or International Year of Glass  as key words. The recordings can be listened to by session - but downloads are not possible. The talks highlighted the latest thinking on how GLASS can aid the development of more just and sustainable societies, the most recent scientific and technical breakthroughs, its influence on art and in history and finally the role of museums. 

This IYOG event needed significant financial support and a  Global sponsorship campaign  was particularly successful. Our SPONSORSHIP leaflet explained how to become involved, as a key PARTNER or simply as a FRIEND .  Unspent funds from the Opening Ceremony and future donations have been used to support adminstration costs and smaller events in the year (see pages on GRANTS) . A list of the programme and our sponsors is printed in the Conference Brochure .

What follows is based on the formal application made to the UN and is split into the following sections:

To download the main documents submitted to the UN click the 'News & documents' button at the top of the page. A highly inspirational video is being streamed on UTube and already has received 8500 views. The same video with subtitles in Japanese is available here .

Please expect radical changes and new information on this site as plans progress. Thousands of events are being organised at a local level and we are already overwhelmed by the variety and number of exciting projects being proposed. 

summary of art 2022 png

Welcome to the Glass Age is a multiauthored book designed to whet the interest of an intelligent 18 year old; it was printed for the IYOG opening ceremony in Geneva.  The 13 chapters were written by experts and explain how glassy artefacts are helping the UN achieve its 2030 humanitarian goals. To  download a copy  click here . The book is also available in Spanish ( click here ) and we hope other translations will follow.

To facilitate use of the book as a teaching aid, its thirteen chapters have also been separated into individual downloadable sections. These can accessed through this link .

summary of art 2022 png

1) What glass gives society

With its unparalleled versatility and technical capabilities, glass in its many guises has fostered innumerable cultural and scientific advancements:

Our vision of a United Nations International Year of Glass (IYoG2022) is to celebrate the past, present, and future of this transformative material following the United Nations’ goals in Agenda 2030. Specifically to:

2) Planning

Extensive planning is now underway to ensure that the UN Year of Glass in 2022 is a success. We have contacted art and scientific glass-themed societies; glassmakers, fabricators and suppliers; academia, R&D centers and museums, both to share the concept and to ask for support, both in creating and supporting activities. we have created 18 Regional Organisations so that each area of the globe has a local organising committee and shortly we will start to fill these pages with more details of exciting ideas that are coming to fruition

Although we are facing the COVID19 pandemic across the planet, we continue working for IYOG2022, expanding our boundaries to ensure glass players everywhere can join us.

An international program of events already planned, including:

Many more activities are also proposed:

Hundreds of activities in museums and exhibitions, academia & research, education and dissemination, companies and societies are planned across the planet focused on a universal distribution of activities at all education levels.

3) Financial Support and Donations

The International Year of Glass organisers do not receive any funding from Government or similar organisations and our costs must be covered by donations.

1) We have created a  donations site on these web pages and this allows you to contribute immediately and receive a receipt using a) either a credit or debit card or b) using paypal.

2) Secondly we are looking for companies or individuals to sponsor our Opening Ceremony which is our most significant cost; you can also become a Friend of IYOG. In these cases your contributions will be recognised in the conference literature indicating that you are a ' Sponsor '. or a ' Friend '. The details of our sponsorship plans can be found in  the downloadable pdf file following.

4) Support received from different institutions

More than 1100 endorsements from 74 countries have been received. Support from institutions, museums and companies in Africa, the Middle ast and ASEAN regions is still arriving and very welcome; all contacts will be followed up and will help us with our programme planning. The following tables and pi charts show the range of institutions and countries backing the IYOG 2022 initiative to date (17th November 2020).

summary of art 2022 png

5) Support received split by continent

summary of art 2022 png

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/68496480/admin/

See what's happening on our LinkedIn pages

The origins of the project

When David Pye (ICG past president) learned in 2014 that the UN General Assembly would declare 2015 an International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies he arranged for the International Journal of Applied Glass Science to showcase “Glass and Light”. An article proclaiming that society had entered the Age of Glass followed in 2016. Concurrently, lectures by Manoj Choudhary, then ICG President, and David to international audiences explored the theme that glass science, engineering and art were entering new and profound chapters in their histories.

David next floated the concept of an International Year of Glass (IYOG) with Charlie Craig, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, Corning Inc. He was strongly supportive and was joined soon after by Manoj Choudhary, who with David tabled a motion at an ICG Council meeting in Japan:

“The International Commission on Glass, representing organizations and individuals throughout the world dedicated to the promotion of science, technology, artistry, and application of glass enthusiastically endorses the exploration of a future declaration of a Year of Glass by the United Nations.”

Following its positive reception, David presented the concept to the American Ceramic Society Board (ACerS) and the Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG). Both embraced the idea and Steve Gibbs, a senior administrator at CMoG, played a pivotal role in advancing IYoG 2022 to the international art community. The die was cast.

Over millennia, our glass community has adapted to and supported Society’s needs. Just how transformational glass in its many guises has been is often missed. Its story deserves wider telling. Buoyed by a groundswell of enthusiasm ICG’s current President, Alicia Durán, took up the baton to become Chair of an International Steering Committee for the proposed IYOG.

A UN badged International Year requires a United Nations Resolution. Our application promotes glass, its past and future potential; it shows how the glass community is supporting UN developmental goals (2030 agenda): responsible production and sustainability; innovation and infrastructure; affordable and clean energy; climate action; unpolluted water and oceans; sanitation, health and well-being; education and gender equality. A presentation for the next UN General Assembly meeting is almost complete. The Spanish ambassador has agreed to sponsor the Resolution, offering China the opportunity to co-sponsor the initiative. The next President of the UN General Assembly, the Turkish diplomat Volkan Bozkir, knows of the proposal and strongly supports it, appreciating its widespread backing within the Glass Community.

As an important preliminary, UNESCO, the science arm of the UN, has been approached. This uncovered planning for a 2022 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD) and an International Year of Mineralogy. While ‘competition’ was the first reaction, collaboration and mutual support were agreed as the way forward and UNESCO encouraged this. UNESCO also stressed protocol to ensure global benefits, through inclusivity and the UN 2030 developmental goals.

But then COVID-19 reared its head, slowing progress. The anticipated UN General Assembly in April was postponed. The world of glass remains on hold but manufacturers, suppliers, users, teachers, artists and museum curators are poised for action once approval is given.

From the start was a realisation that such celebrations could not be organised solely by one body; local communities had to be harnessed for local activities. An amazing 950 letters from 68 countries endorsing the concept and offering enthusiastic support have been received. The Corning Museum of Glass, the Glass Art Society, the International Committee of Museums, along with the Community of Glass Associations promoted by VITRUM and the Italian Government, have joined with many national Glass Societies to help. New partners are still welcome, particularly from under-represented areas such as Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. Any readers wishing to join our circulation list should email: [email protected] and visit our web site ( www.iyog200.org ).

summary of art 2022 png

The use of glass in architecture dates to Roman times, containers have an even earlier history in Egypt and Mesopotamia (now Syria and Iraq) and glass beads were widespread throughout the Middle East, India and China, being traded internationally trade from the Bronze Age. The development of modern science has been based on glass artefacts from the large scale (astronomy) to the small scale (biology); from simple lamps to the lenses for lighthouses; in communications and electronics ranging from the first valves to optical fibres.

Now in a world constrained by a variety of environmental pressures, glass is one of the most recyclable materials; it has a variety of roles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as energy saving coatings, double/triple glazing and solar cells, it is made from widely available materials and is contributing to major improvements in our health.

Convinced that glass is worthy of celebration?

summary of art 2022 png

Well many organisations throughout the world have been and a case has been prepared for submission to the United Nations. Letters of support are being collected. We have more than 1100 endorsements from 74 countries and more are most welcome particularly from African, Middle Eastern ASEAN and Balkan countries. The closing date for submission has been pushed back from our original deadline because of the Corona Virus pandemic. We currently expect a UN vote in December and then a major exercise will follow to build on the international programme already in place and develop national programmes around local programmes which inform and educate communities everywhere on the rich history that glass has and its enormous potential in energy saving, health, a circular economy, culture and art.

We are currently developing our communications channels.  News has begun to appear on our ' Press Release ' page and we will also start to generate Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds. The aim is to inform 9 billion people of the value of glass as an artefact and to give them a fuller understanding of its rich history, its manufacture, its many applications, its importance in energy saving and its recyclability.

This ambitious programme will if successful require your help (administrative support, circulation of publicity, funding). It will also provide you with possibilities for expanding your profile and extending your international links. Industry, Academia, Colleges, Schools, Research Associations, Museums and Art Schools are all valuable partners.

To register your interest and to be kept informed please click here or use the button below and complete our brief registration form.

We look forward to your participation in a multifaceted event which will successfully encompass a truly international audience and empower a bright future for GLASS.

Click Here To Register Your Interest

summary of art 2022 png

All rights reserved © 2021 International Year Of Glass 2022

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    So I figured I would share a blank version for you guys to use too! It's a transparent PNG, so you can just upload your art in layers beneath

  2. Summary of Art || 2022 || Blank Meme by MojoJoJoke on DeviantArt

    Download PSD & Transparent PNG can be found here: sta.sh/21um9ij3gyne. I also have an alternate Art Summary template which can be found

  3. #Summary of Art Template on Tumblr

    here's the blank template for my 2022 art summary! feel free to use it yourself... credit is appreciated but not required, but if someone asks for it

  4. Art Summaries 2022 🖌️

    Still need to post this offsite, but here's mine (and I did a more design-y thing this year!) 2022_art_summary_post.png. Art-wise I think I'm

  5. 2022 Art PNG Transparent Images Free Download

    Are you searching for 2022 Art png hd images or vector? Choose from 60+ 2022 Art graphic resources and download in the form of PNG, EPS, AI or PSD.

  6. Miami Beach

    EN • English. FR • French. ZH • 繁. Welcome,. December 8 - 10, 2023. Miami Beach. |. Overview. Overview. Art Basel. Our History · The Team · Careers

  7. Art Basel

    Log in and subscribe to receive Art Basel Stories directly in your inbox. Log in and subscribe. Tickets. Upcoming shows: Art Basel.

  8. 2022 Arts Exhibition

    This year, a total of ?? artists submitted their work to be exhibited in the exhibition which took place at the APEC House from the 14th - 18th of September

  9. File:Pop Art 2022 The Blue Woman.png

    Captions Edit. English. Digital art study within Pop Art 2022 genre of a blue woman illustration. SummaryEdit. DescriptionPop Art 2022 The

  10. International Year Of Glass 2022: Home

    2022: the UN International Year Of Glass · What glass offers society, · Planning the IYOG · Support us with your donations · Support received from