31 Yearbook Messages From Teachers: Examples of What to Write in a Student’s Yearbook

what to write in a yearbook for a student

23 Student Teacher Goodbye Letter Ideas & Templates

Mother and daughter leaving school

49 Best Yearbook Messages From Parents

Young teacher signing a student's yearbook

Yearbooks provide a time capsule of youth. Pictures of classmates, sporting events, plays, and club activities become memories we cherish as we grow older.

Creating yearbooks as mementos is a long-held tradition. The first yearbooks appeared as early as the 17th century. They were scrapbook-style books containing pressed flowers, newspaper articles, signatures, and other mementos. [1]

By the early 19th century, more formal yearbooks featuring information about the school’s students and faculty were printed. Yale University’s “Profiles of Part of the Class Graduated at Yale College,” created by the 1806 class, contained printed silhouettes of each student. [2]

Class photos and individual photos were finally introduced in the late 19th century as photography became more common. [1]

While students are always eager to sign each other’s yearbooks, gathering signatures from favorite teachers is an end-of-year tradition, too.

Below, we provide a list of ideas to write in a student’s yearbook as their teacher. Scroll past the list for tips to help you create your own personalized messages!

Tips for Writing in a Student’s Yearbook

Writing a yearbook message can be tricky. Your students are individuals, and your experience with each of them is unique as well!

Keep the following tips in mind when crafting your messages:

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Young teacher signing a student's yearbook

Looking for something in particular?

Teachers: How to Make Your Yearbook Message Fun

Are you a teacher who’s stuck for how to start a yearbook message? Don’t worry; it gets easier with practice. Here’s our top tips for writing open letters to your students (tips for autograph pages are also below):

The best yearbook message advice I can give you is to keep it short and sweet. Confine it to half a page of writing – no more than 300 words. No one wants to read your life story; they want to read about the complex panoply of emotions you feel for them, how difficult, painful, and fantastic the past few years have been for you, and how proud you are of them.

If you have personal messages for each student, save it for when you sign their yearbooks. Make your open letter relevant to the entire student body. Did something epic happen on a school trip? Maybe there was a particularly memorable event you can mention?

Remember to make it funny, or at least make a passing attempt. What funny things happened to students while they were at the school? If you can’t think of anything, you can’t go wrong signing off with a #YOLO – something they probably wouldn’t expect you to write to them.

This next tip’s tricky. Remember that these few paragraphs of text are how many students will remember you over the coming years, so try to write with the same cadence you use while speaking. You probably already do this without thinking about it, but if you have any particular mannerisms, try to include them.

Include yearbook quotes from inspirational people that they can relate to. If you can’t find anything relevant, you can’t go wrong with this one:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to leave a slow burner; they don’t have to get it right away. If you’re totally stuck, feel free to use the quote below – free of charge.

Consider including life advice, either from your own experiences or something relevant to them, but don’t make it about you. You can always keep it simple and advise them to never stop learning and having fun.

Finally, appearance matters. You want your open letter to the student body to look great. Using Yearbook Hub, you can play around with your yearbook page design in real time. Use this flexibility to help you think about how you want this to look. Should it be formal, or playful? That’s up to you to decide.

You’re a popular teacher. Now that you’ve figured out your open letter page, you need to recoup and prepare for the deluge of yearbook signing requests.

How to write a comment in student yearbooks

Your leavers will want you to write something meaningful and memorable in their yearbooks. Don’t disappoint them by just signing your name; try out the tips below:

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what to write in a yearbook for a student

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Yearbook Messages: What to Write in a Yearbook

Written by  Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Determining what to write in a yearbook is often times harder than imagined. With a pen in hand, the last thing you’ll want is to be caught staring at a blank page. A thoughtful yearbook message will add to how your peers will remember you years down the road. Plus, out of everything in a yearbook, it’s the messages from the those who went through school with you that are the most meaningful. So if you’re trying to decide what to write in a yearbook, we have you covered with our yearbook messages and ideas below.

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Yearbook signing: how to sign a yearbook, why are yearbook messages important, cute yearbook messages for students, funny yearbook signatures and quotes, best yearbook quotes, quotations for yearbooks from parents.

what to write in a yearbook for a student

One of the most important steps to remember when it comes to how to sign a yearbook is to have a starting point and guidelines. You may be thinking how in the world am I going to sum up a years worth of memories into a couple sentences. No pressure, you don’t need to document every experience. The key is to share just the right amount to make the reader smile and reminiscence. Use our yearbook ideas , tips, and sample messaging as a starting point to guide your end of the year sentiments. Follow these rules for what to write in a yearbook before you begin signing away!

Whether you’re signing a yearbook for your best friend, a classmate you worked on a group project with, or your favorite teacher, you’ll want your message to be personalized and sincere.  The pages of a yearbook will bring back memories and may even be seen by someone’s children. In fact, the words inscribed in it will be kept there forever. A keepsake like this deserves a yearbook message that can be treasured for years and years to come. These yearbook message ideas are tailored for the different types of recipients whom you may find yourself writing to and are fit for any yearbook theme . We have cute yearbook sayings for your best friends, funny yearbook quotes for the class clowns, and a variety of other phrases for you to put to use.

There is something nostalgic about a handwritten note that can remind someone of their time in school. If you’re stumped on what to write, use these cute yearbook messages on their own or add them to your own memories for the perfect note.

Cute Yearbook Messages for Close Friends

Cute Yearbook Messages for Friends

how to sign a yearbook

Add a little humor to your end of the year messages with these funny yearbook signatures!

Don’t get stuck writing the same thing in everyone’s yearbooks. Use one of these inspirational yearbook quotes to add some variation to your notes.

It’s tradition for parents to leave a ‘send off’ quote in their child’s yearbook and these yearbook quotes from mom and dad offer just the right amount of inspiration and encouragement.

what to write in a yearbook for a student

Resources Related To What To Write In A Yearbook

Looking back at old yearbooks will warrant a multitude of thoughts. Things like, ”I sure have changed,” or “What was I thinking?” In addition to funky hair styles and unclear clothing decisions, the signature you leave above your name will follow you around each time that yearbook gets cracked open. As you sign yearbooks this year, think about how you’ll want your peers to remember the time they spent with you during school and use our message guidelines to help you craft a note that shows off your personality and the time you spent with those you grew up with. And if you’re looking for additional yearbook inspiration, make sure to check out our additional resources below:

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What To Write In Students Yearbook From Teacher

When it comes time to write something in a student’s yearbook, it is important to choose words that will inspire, encourage, and perhaps even challenge the student as they move on to the next phase of their life. Here are a few ideas of what to write in a student’s yearbook from a teacher. “I have been blessed to have you in my class. You have worked hard and achieved so much. I know you will continue to achieve great things in the future. I am proud of you and will always remember you. Congratulations on your graduation!”

What should be written in the student’s annual manual from teacher? If you’re a principal or teacher, you should think about writing a great graduation message. Make it short and sweet – As a teacher, you want to impart your last words of wisdom. During the course of this school year, teachers send their farewell messages to Newsround viewers. To express gratitude to a student for their thoughtfulness, here are 40 thank you notes from teachers. When I failed you, one of my teachers cried, and she jumped for joy when she saw you succeed. What do you want from your teacher?

Teachers expect students to act in a responsible and curious manner, as well as follow rules and study on a regular basis. Do students benefit from a teacher’s tenure? Tenure protects teachers from being fired and allows them to take extended breaks from their jobs. Your school’s teachers share ideas on how to encourage students to participate in the school’s annual publication. What is a college or university’s (or university’s) yearbook? This is a 1942 copy of the yearbook La Ventana from Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University). What could I write as a teacher gift?

We’d like to express our gratitude for everything you taught us this term. What’s in your student teacher ‘s card? A great teacher’s passion for teaching is one of the key characteristics of that person. There should never be an equal amount of space in a school newspaper because life is unfair. You must be familiar with your students in order to be effective; you must understand their needs just as you understand your own.

What To Write In A Yearbook For A Friend

what to write in a yearbook for a student

There are a lot of things you can say to a friend in a yearbook, but it ultimately comes down to what you want to say. You can keep it short and sweet, or you can write a longer message that captures your relationship. Some things you might want to mention include inside jokes, shared memories, and what you admire about your friend. Whatever you do, make sure your message is heartfelt and sincere – your friend will appreciate it!

Make it a point to emphasize all of the positive qualities that make her a great friend to you. Consider the qualities that you admire about her, such as a keen sense of resourcefulness. Tell a story about an embarrassing moment you both have shared with your friend. Perhaps he’ll remember when you both dressed up as a burger and fries for your school’s costume dance. You don’t have to be friends with them just because they ended school. Maintain a healthy friendship by engaging in activities together. Discuss her future plans with you. Wannikki Taylor is a children’s columnist who appears in print and online publications as a children’s entertainer.

What Do You Put In A Yearbook?

In traditional school publications, there should be several pages dedicated to administrators, faculty, staff, and students, as well as portraits of the school administrators , faculty, staff, and students, several pages for clubs, teams, and other group photos, a section for special awards & superlatives,

Yearbook Messages For Students

what to write in a yearbook for a student

A yearbook message for students is a great way to show your personality and to let your classmates know what you’re up to after graduation. It’s also a fun way to reminisce about all the good times you’ve had together. Here are some tips for writing a great yearbook message : -Keep it positive! -Be yourself- your classmates want to hear from the real you. -Avoid inside jokes- they won’t make sense to everyone else. -Make it personal- mention specific memories or inside jokes that only you and your classmates would know. -Say goodbye- let your classmates know how much you’ll miss them and that you’ll always remember the good times you’ve had together.

In her lesson plan for writing an open letter to your students, the SPC teacher teaches them how to do it. It should be short and sweet, no more than 300 words long, and should make it relevant to students as a whole. If you can’t come up with anything to say, grab a #YOLO and close your eyes. Keep these few paragraphs in mind when you write your speech because they will be remembered by many students over time. Personal quotes from inspirational people from the year’s publications should be included in this section. Include life advice from someone who has lived it or something that is relevant to them. Using Yearbook Hub, you can experiment with your design in the real world.

Yearbook Message From Principal

what to write in a yearbook for a student

Dear Parents and Guardians, It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as we approach the end of another school year. It has been a year like no other, and I am so proud of the way our students, staff, and families have risen to the challenge. From virtual learning to in-person instruction and everything in between, we have navigated these unprecedented times together. As we look ahead to next year, I am confident that we will continue to work together to provide our students with a world-class education. I am grateful for your partnership and I am looking forward to an even better year ahead. Sincerely, [Your Name] [Your Title]

Best Yearbook Message Advice

Yearbook messages are a great way to communicate a personal message to a friend or loved one. Here are a few tips to make your message stand out: -Keep it positive! Your message should be uplifting and encourage your friend to keep doing great things. -Make it personal. A message that is specific to your friend’s interests or personality will be much more meaningful than a generic one. -Keep it short and sweet. Your message doesn’t need to be long to be impactful. -Get creative! Use your message as an opportunity to be funny, poetic, or even silly. Whatever you do, make sure your message comes from the heart. Your friend will appreciate it, and it will make their yearbook even more special.

Meaningful Yearbook Quotes

A meaningful yearbook quote is something that encapsulates who you are as a person, and what you want to remember about your time in high school. It should be something that inspires you, and makes you think about your future.

Make a point of showing off who you are with 60 Memorable Yearbook Quotes. Whether you’re in high school or college, these casual quotes will do the trick. Use these short quotes to write a letter to your friend’s best friend in their graduating class. You can include quotes as caption if you create a personalized yearbook. One of the best ways to get students excited for the future is to use inspirational quotes from their graduations. A humorous school quote would be especially great for a year’s review of a photo book. What quotes will most likely be remembered of you as a senior citizen? Here are some great senior quotes for your yearbook senior quotes.

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I need ideas for signing in yearbooks

Discussion in ' Teacher Time Out ' started by ~mrs.m~ , May 30, 2009 .


~mrs.m~ Comrade

May 30, 2009

Do you have a standard item you like to sign in a student's yearbook? I am looking for some ideas.  




Aliceacc Multitudinous

I just googled quotes from Disney movies. How about these? If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true. -Cinderella Always let your conscience be your guide. -Pinocchio For every to, there is a fro, for every stop there is a go and that's what makes the world go round. -The Sword and the Stone The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. -Mulan Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. -Lilo and Stitch  
Thanks, Alice. I like those. I know you love Disney!  


scienceteach82 Cohort

I love the Mulan quote...that is one of my fave movies...  


bandnerdtx Aficionado

I always say something along the lines of "It's been a pleasure to watch you grow and change this year. You have within you everything you need to continue to be successful. You can move mountains if you want. I wish you the best of luck."  


Sarge Enthusiast

Dream outloud, at high volume. U2  


MrsC Multitudinous

Sarge said: ↑ Dream outloud, at high volume. U2 Click to expand...
Thanks for the ideas. Today I bought a cute stamp to put beside whatever I write. I just wanted a simple picture too. It has a monkey holding a flower. Inside the flower I have room to write To: Their Name. My students just seem to love monkeys for some reason.  


TeachOnTheBeach Rookie

May 31, 2009

That's cool. I want a monkey stamp  

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what to write in a yearbook for a student

Yearbook quotes: what to write in a Yearbook?

The message you put in a Yearbook will express you for years. They will bring back memories, so try to make it special. As special as you and the person you address them to! And we'll try to help you.

Choosing a quote to include in a Yearbook is not an easy task. Hours spent over a blank sheet of paper or a white computer screen can throw many people off balance. You need to know that the message in a Yearbook will stay there for years. Anyone who looks through this special souvenir will remember you through the prism of your message. It is therefore worth making sure that we’ll be remembered for a long time.

What to write in a Yearbook? Basic instructions

If you want to be well remembered, it is important to follow a few tips. You might have thought that it's impossible to turn a few years of memories in a short description. How to put on paper the emotions of winning an important match and trips with classmates? The key is to create a message of a good length, which will be rich in content. The reading of such message will bring a smile on people's faces and make them think of you. Let our ideas, tips and exemplary quotes be a starting point for you, an inspiration thanks to which you will create your own unique message. Before starting to create text for a Yearbook, read our hints.

1. First sentence. As in a good novel, the opening line plays an extremely important role. It is a good idea to directly address the recipient, e.g., “Hello, my Friend” – for friends from school or “I wish you a great and crazy summer holidays" – in a more general version. By signing a copy of a Yearbook for your teacher, you will of course use a more official form, such as “Dear Mr Smith”.

2. Choice of memories. You have certainly had many beautiful memories this year. It is important to choose the one you remember most, the most characteristic and important for many people. Try to fit into maximum four sentences in order to leave space for others.

3. Internal code. If your message is addressed to a close friend, why not mentioning a common story? This way, the message will be even stronger and will bring emotions of the person who reads it.

4. The right quote. If you have completely no idea what to write, you can use the ready-to-use collections, that can be easily found in the vast depths of the Internet.

5. Signature. Similarly to any important document, agreement or declaration, it is very important to sign it by hand.

Yearbook is not just a souvenir from school years

Typical school yearbooks are popular in the USA. We can find photographs of our classmates and various kinds of school events in there. In addition, the idea of describing twelve months through photographs can be easily translated into other areas of our lives. You can successfully use a Yearbook as a chronicle of events such as:

Birth of a child - in a short story you will include photographs showing the preparation for a birthday party, baking a cake, blowing candles, etc. You can be sure that after years your child will be extremely grateful for such a valuable and beautiful souvenir.

Wedding - if not the most important, then one of the most important events in human life. Therefore, it requires an adequate setting. A yearbook can help you tell a beautiful story. Starting from fitting a white dress by the bride, through moving of the wedding procession, marriage and the wedding party till dawn.

Holidays - it’s also a good idea to gather the best memories from summer holidays in the form of a yearbook. Human memory is volatile, and in winter evenings by the fireplace it is good to remember the feeling of hot sand on the beach.

Passion for sport - the power of photography is often determined by emotions it contains, and sporting events are a perfect example of this. Effort and fatigue that can be seen on faces, a fierce gaze during football matches and a gesture of victory look great in photos. If your child's passion is sport, then a yearbook will be a great way to capture it.

Ordinary/extraordinary year - an interesting concept will be also to make a typical photo diary. Choose things and events from every single month that evoked particular emotions. It can be a beautiful landscape, an interesting event on the street or a smile of a loved one. Altogether, it will create an incredible story full of positive impressions.

Why are Yearbook quotes so important?

It doesn't matter if you sign a Yearbook for your classmate, a friend with whom you pulled an all-nighter to finish an important project or for a favourite teacher or child. You want the message to be as personal and honest as possible. A few words that come from the heart. Imagine that this kind of Yearbook will be seen by someone in a few years. The words written in it have the power and carry a large emotional charge. A Yearbook is a unique souvenir that can be kept for many years. Below we gathered some examples of posts for different types of addressees. Funny Yearbook quotes, perfect sayings for the best friend, golden thoughts, and many other expressions you can successfully use in your message.

Meaningful Yearbook quotes for loved ones and friends

- There’s not enough space here for me to fully express my gratitude for having met you in my life. You need to know that you are my best friend. I can’t wait for our crazy holidays. - I was happy to see your progress this year. You have everything you need to achieve success in your life. Everything is within your reach. Greetings. - Thanks to you, the world is more fun! Your sense of humour adds colour to our boring life! Don't change, please. - I remember when we first met. You helped me solve a maths task. I wonder what equations await us in life… - Last year has passed in no time. I don't know how I’ll make it without you next to me. I start to miss you at the mere thought of saying goodbye. It's our last summer. Let’s make a good use of it. - You're always my support. Promise me that our friendship will last forever. Don't get it wrong when I’m angry at you. I can’t wait for the match.

Funny Yearbook quotes

- Everything that stands between a graduate and the top of the ladder is the ladder - Remember me when you're rich - This summer let the force be with you - Don't abandon your dreams, just sleep - Everyday in high school I was looking for snacks, not knowing that all this time I was the snack - They say that you are what you eat, but I don’t remember eating a goat - I used my books just ONCE in the entire period of school, I used it as a plate for waffles - Don’t follow your dreams, follow me on Twitter - Hannah Montana said that nobody is perfect, yet here I am - If the idiots could fly, this place would be an airport

Inspirational Yearbook quotes

- To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell. Richard P. Feynman - Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein - Don’t count the days, make the days count. Muhammad Ali - If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill - The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Anonym - Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw - It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. Confucius - Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not. Oscar Wilde - The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. Coco Chanel - The only thing that is constant is change. Heraclitus

Meaningful Yearbook quotes - summary

When reviewing your Yearbook after years, such ideas may come up to your mind: “How much have I changed since that time” or “What was I thinking at that time?” Apart from fashion and haircuts in retro style, the signature you leave will follow you each time someone will flip through the pages of a Yearbook. Think what impression you want to leave behind. Use our tips concerning signatures in a Yearbook and create a small yet a big piece of work.

what to write in a yearbook for a student

Back to Yearbook

What to Write in a Yearbook

A little thought goes a long way when signing a yearbook.

While the phrase, “Have a great summer” is certainly a nice sentiment to share with a classmate toward the end of your school year it’s not exactly a literary masterpiece when it comes to a yearbook entry, is it?

Why are yearbook messages important?

The pages of a yearbook will bring back memories and may even be seen by your children 10 years from now. In fact, the words inscribed in it will be kept there forever. A keepsake like this deserves a yearbook message that can be treasured for years and years to come, long after graduation .

Whether you’re signing a yearbook for your best friend, a classmate you worked with on a group project or your favorite teacher, you’ll want your message to be personalized and sincere.

Yearbook message for best/closest friends

For your besties, you’re probably going to wonder, “Where do I even begin?” Just remember that this kind of friend knows how awesome you are, and no mediocre yearbook signing is going to change their positive perception of you.

Also, keep in mind that saying, “Can I think about it and get back to you?” isn’t rude. On the contrary, instead you’re wanting to do something really nice and sometimes the muse just isn’t calling. If they’re really your best friend, or one of them, they’ll surely understand. However, if you don’t get back to them, then you really are being rude.

Yearbook messages for casual friends

No pressure here as you don’t need to document every experience you’ve had with the person. The key is to share just the right amount to make the reader smile and reminiscence.

Use a fun opening line. This is your last hoorah of the school year! Start your yearbook message off right with a fun opening line. Remind them of a time the two of you thought you were going to get in trouble but didn’t. Maybe write about a memorable time you two had together with a friend of theirs. Try to pick just one moment that has really stuck with you. You’ll want to keep your message close to about 3-4 lines. Be sure to choose a sentiment that will make the recipient smile.

Yearbook messages for people you don’t really know that well

When someone puts you in this position, you may draw a complete blank and be wondering why they even asked you.

Chances are this person is probably experiencing a bit of social anxiety and he or she, more than anyone, could use a nice sign-off. They may have wanted to be your friend but never got up the nerve to ask you if you’d like to hangout sometime. You should be flattered.

It’s fine to give a generic compliment to this person, as long as you genuinely feel there’s truth to in it! It doesn’t have to be long.

“It was super fun having English with you this year. Hope you have a fantastic summer :)”

“Remember me when you’re rich.”

“Stay the same and never change. Too bad we didn’t hang out more.”

“Enjoy your summer. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Glad we were in _____ class together.”

Yearbook quotes

Using quotes from famous people (or anonymous quotes) is a quick and easy way to say something somewhat prophetic without having to rack your brain for something original. They’re not intended to be a replacement for writing something of your own. They’re meant to be more of a nice sign off. Don’t get stuck writing the same thing in everyone’s yearbooks. Use one of these inspirational yearbook quotes to add some variation to your notes:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -Confucius

“If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” -James Dean

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” -Les Brown

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” -John Lennon

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” -Minor Myers Jr.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” -Ronald Dahl

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.” -Anonymous

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” -Mark Twain

“What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?” -Anonymous

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” -Seth Godin

“If at first you don’t succeed, so much for skydiving.” -Anonymous

In addition to funky hair styles and unclear clothing decisions, the signature you leave below your note will follow you around each time that yearbook gets cracked open. As you sign yearbooks this year, think about how you’ll want your peers to remember the time they spent with you during school. Use the above guidelines to help you craft a note you can be proud of that shows off your personality and highlights the time you spent with those you grew up with.

To take part in all the yearbook signing excitement, order your yearbook today .


Additional Resources

This little rectangular game-changer.

Walk into Evan Williams’ classroom at Clay Middle School in Carmel, Indiana, and you might think you’ve walked into a professional journalism office. There’s not a desk to be seen.

Keep Reading

Sentence Structure Types

Professional writers typically use four types of sentence structures when writing copy. Practice emulating each of these sentence structures when composing your yearbook copy.

Getting to Know Your Team

A well-trained yearbook staff is a finely tuned machine where everyone chips in to help so that deadlines are met and the book is the best it can be. Done well, it is a true testament to the power of working together as a team.

Personalize Your Experience!

Enter Your School Name Here:

244 Title Ideas for Your Yearbook (and Tips for Writing Your Own)

what to write in a yearbook for a student

People put a lot of thought into naming their children (and even their pets). Well, this yearbook is your baby, so you want to give it a name that lives up to its content. We’ve put together some tips for how to get the brain juices flowing when it comes to choosing your title, and also some great title ideas we’ve come across over the years.

Set Some Guardrails

The number of yearbook title ideas rivals the number of fish in the sea, so it helps to narrow your sights before you cast the net. One thing that helps is to pull the yearbooks from the last five years and take note of their titles.

You should also decide on the tone. Some like yearbook titles to be inspirational, while others like to provide a nod to the overall theme. And for some, being straightforward works best. Regardless, it’s helpful to set the scene in your mind so you can measure your options against your expectations.

Different Approaches to Yearbook Titles

There are a few different routes to take when pursuing a title:

Whether you build on your school’s spirit or pay tribute to the collection of memories within, your yearbook’s title should capture the essence of your book and give the reader a sense of the journey to come. Select a few ideas and try them on for size. Share them with your committee and gather some feedback. After you let them marinate, you’ll find that one perfect idea, and it will practically jump onto the cover itself.

Yearbook Title Ideas

Interested in a few examples? We’ve compiled several options from the types of covers mentioned above. Feel free to poke around, and take whatever inspiration this list offers.

School-Inspired: Mascots

School-Inspired: Colors

School-Inspired: Location

Time-Specific: The Year

Time-Specific: Pop Culture

Evergreen: Nostalgia

Evergreen: In the Moment

Evergreen: The Future

Theme-Related: Showbiz

Theme-Related: Social Media

Theme-Related: Documentary

Theme-Related: Technology

Theme-Related: Nature

Theme-Related: Journeys

Theme-Related: Adventure

Theme-Related: Inspirational

Theme-Related: Success

Theme-Related: Building

Theme-Related: Individuality

Theme-Related: Community

Theme-Related: Creativity

More Design

Students sit in yearbook class with mobile devices practicing the principles of graphic design and how to use hierarchy in layouts

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what to write in a yearbook for a student

Yearbook Signing Day

What’s your signature sign-off.

Having a book full of memories you’re able to look back on for decades to come is a special thing. But owning a yearbook is only a part of it. Yearbook Signing Day is also a massive part of what the full yearbook experience is all about. It’s hands-down one of the most important, fun days of the school year — a time when you collect signatures, write down memories and spend time with your friends. And it’s the last time you’ll be together with your class before heading into summer break.

Signing Day can also come with some pressure: What do I write? Do I sign my full name? Do I write in someone’s book I don’t really know well? Can I write a memory I have with that person? If you’re having any of these thoughts, we’re here to help!

Sayings and ideas you can use when signing a yearbook


Other ideas

When at a loss, you can always simply sign your name — and have fun collecting signatures and signing the books of fellow students.

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