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224 School Speech Topics for All Grades [High School, Middle School, Elementary]

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Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

In this article:

High School

Middle school, elementary school, school speech topics checklists, list of school speech topics.

school speech topics

Middle school speech topics for public speaking and oral writing assignments from outdoor activities to Greyhound racing and Rodeo riding to sports games. I have brought into being several themes, suggestions and easy to develop ideas for school:

Elementary school speech topics on animal keeping, favorite things to do at home or the playground and specific hints that lead to innumerable variations:

School speech topics tips for verification and 1-2-3 step checking at the secondary middle, high and elementary public speaking homework assignments on teaching skills. In a nutshell: they are easy to answer questions to make a better choice for creating the best result.

Also on this page, you will discover tips to concrete communication issues and education resources. They lead you in the right direction; you only have to use your fantasy.

Let the imaginary juices flow in your brains!

Can We Write Your Speech?

Get your audience blown away with help from a professional speechwriter. Free proofreading and copy-editing included.

Read all my checks for writing subjects and after you have completed that task follow all secure education idea links to the online education lists I have shaped and modified in class education material:

More aggravated lists of themes and valuable information regarding different subjects for future generations education are below. As well as a summary of the implications and / or requirements of what you have found, and school speech topics you could analyze in class.

You can sort out any ideas you like to talk about in oral lessons, scan the possible suggestions and think about what your audience like to hear you talking about: cite short passages and quotation excerpts from well-known experts in the field of research, or refer to good knowledge illustrations and sustainable proof.

Learn to gather material from outside sources about your thread for grades 9 through 12 learning, and deliver your opinion strongly and concisely. Give plain reasons for something you believe. Foster support for your solution, theory or device.

This is principally beneficial for achieving higher education institute assertiveness when you are on stage and put two or more views together, and provide a reason for putting them together by logical reasoning. Another method is approaching the subject matter in both positive and negative lights.

Tracing how something has induced artificially from an earlier state to its current form could welcomed by higher pedagogic instructors.

Next tip: workout extensive information on indoor and outdoor recreation activities to tempt your public to explore other activities than dating, dancing and drinking in a local bar.

Sports is a candidate for finding senior graded school speech topics. E.g. sport as profession to earn a living. With a scientific twist you make it more sophisticated, and because you’re highly qualified and have an actively learning attitude you are able to get their thesis commitment.

Some moves that matter in lower classes are the so-called critize teaching skills, often described as asking and wondering through critical inquiry:

You can help your teacher and fill her or him with enthusiasm by going extracurricular in proposing a particular judgment on a certain top topicality and examen the validity of the arguments by criticizing. This has been in practice in the late seventies – when things went the old-fashioned and more severe way 🙂 – but this technique has made a terrific comeback and is now used in grades 5 through 8 homework assignments.

Many of my visitors look for sixth grade inspiration, or class 6 if you live in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Primary 5 or 6 in Singapore, and 6ГЁme in France for example. Anyway, in what country you are right now does not matter; all school speech topics are created for children in the range of eleven and twelve years old.

The same holds good for class conversations of (usually) thirteen to fourteen years old who try to cover explanations of various objects and their meaning in the accustomed world of the eight grade population.

Children speak the truth, is often said 🙂 And that saying is more than true. Give them something to chew on in public – from colouring plates to planting and caring for trees – and it is so easy, a younger persons can do it 🙂

More for girls and boys – although it depends on the specific age or progress of the pupils – can be found at this index number two. Help them to be able to get to know the material, and to make the first steps on the path of learning the rudimentary public speaking skills (that are valuable for their whole life).

I have shaped a list that also contains some reference information for nursery and primary and kindergarten material.

10 Tips to Write the Best High School Valedictorian Speech

Ceremonial Speech Topics

9 thoughts on “224 School Speech Topics for All Grades [High School, Middle School, Elementary]”

The topics are 1: the worst day in my life 2: how can we take care of our elders at home. 3: good qualities about your classmates. 4: how I learnt cycling. 5: if you are alone at home and a stranger enters what would you do.

My topic ideas are: Why I hate speeches (for middle school or elementary school) My favorite type of music (for elementary school) Why parents shouldn’t spank their children and better ways to punish children (for elementary school)

The key to success is positive thinking

My favorite holiday

Wow. Just wow.

mental health is an important issue

“Prayer should be compulsory”…that’s my suggestion of a topic

At school there should be a free period where you can do anything you want

Why is the canteen so expensive?

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Speech-writing tips for high school students

by Daniella Dautrich | May 29, 2017 | High school , Teaching Homeschool Writing

Teach rhetoric and composition with these speech-writing tips for prewriting, writing, and editing.

Speech-writing Tips for Students

Speech writing offers a rare chance for students to impact an audience in lasting, meaningful ways. Through this kind of written and oral communication, they can learn to convey truth in a world with where morals are blurred and virtues are disappearing. Thus, speech writers combine narrative, descriptive, explanatory, and persuasive skills, arranging a composition to make both logical and emotional appeals . After all, rhetoric (the art of persuasion) should engage the whole person, not just the mind or heart.

Even if your kids will never enroll in a speech and debate club, encourage them to present an original speech in a group setting such as a class, family gathering, or graduation party. These speech-writing tips for students should help them get started!

The Prewriting Stage

When you write a speech, the prewriting stage represents about a third of the entire process.

The Writing Stage

Writing the first draft should consume about 20% of your time as a speech writer.

The Editing Stage

The editing stage requires another third of your time as a speech writer. As you revise, check for these items:

The Pre-Performance Stage

Once you’ve written and revised your speech, it’s time to practice! Try to memorize it, and watch your speed so you don’t speak too quickly. Practice in front of a mirror so you remember to move naturally, incorporating hand/arm gestures and facial expressions. Experiment with volume, high and low pitch, and pauses (take notes about what works and what doesn’t.)

Finally, have confidence ! Stage fright is part of life, but the greatest performers have learned that passion and honesty set the speaker—and the audience—at ease every time.

Daniella Dautrich studied classical rhetoric at a liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan.

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what to write a school speech about

Recent Posts

100 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

There is a small but important difference between planning a persuasive speech and writing a persuasive essay. First, if you are planning a persuasive speech, you should think about a topic that can engage your audience. For this reason, you may want to consider a few topics before settling on the one that allows you to be more descriptive and entertaining.

Another important factor when picking a persuasive speech topic is to choose one that can provoke your audience. If you stir up a little emotion in your audience members, you'll keep their attention. The list below is provided to help you brainstorm. Choose a topic from this list or use the list to generate an idea of your own.

Watch Now: 12 Ideas for Great Persuasive Essay Topics

what to write a school speech about

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240+ Interesting School Speech Topics For Students To Consider

Table of Contents

Would you have to deliver a captivating speech in your school? Are you looking for the top school speech topics for your assignment? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we have recommended some interesting school speech topic ideas for students of all grades. Also, here, we have explained how to pick a perfect topic and give a successful speech in a class or speech competition.

If you are a school student who desires to give an impressive speech, then continue reading this blog post and get extraordinary ideas and tips for writing a school speech.

School Speech Preparation Steps

Giving a speech is an integral part of scholarly life. No matter in what grade you study, you will be often asked to attend speech competitions. Most importantly, as a part of the academic projects, sometimes your teachers will assign you oral presentation tasks to test your communication skills. Delivering a speech is not as easy as you think. It actually requires strong soft skills that include problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, and active listening.

To deliver an award-winning school speech, follow the below-mentioned speech preparation steps.

School Speech Topics

Tips for Presenting an Outstanding Speech in School

Following the above-mentioned steps in order will help you to give an engrossing speech. But, in addition to that, we also suggest you follow the below-mentioned tips when you deliver a speech in your class.

How to Select a Perfect School Speech Topic

Finding the right speech topic is one of the toughest tasks. Usually, teachers will share a list of speech topics for you to choose from. But sometimes they will give you the liberty to choose the topic of your choice.

In case, you are asked to select the speech topic on your own, then this is what you should follow.

Here are a few important tips you should keep in mind during the speech topic selection process.

Besides all these tips, before finalizing your topic, check whether or not the topic you have selected satisfies the speech rules and guidelines shared by your teacher.

List of School Speech Topics and Ideas

In general, there are endless school speech topics available on different subjects. Especially, for the students of elementary school, middle school, and high school, here we have added a list of the best school speech topic ideas on various areas such as environment, health, sports, technology, etc.

School Speech Topics

If you are hunting for the best speech topics for your school assignments, then without any hesitation, explore the list below and select a topic that suits you.

Easy Elementary School Speech Topics

School Speech Topics

Simple Speech Topics for Elementary School Students

Amazing Middle School Speech Topics

Unique Speech Topics for Middle School Students

Read more : How to become a Primary School Teacher in Australia

Outstanding High School Speech Topics

Top High School Speech Topics

Impressive Speech Topics for High School Students

Excellent High School Speech Topics

Interesting High School Speech Topics

Best School Speech Ideas

Latest School Speech Ideas

Trending School Speech Ideas

The Bottom Line

To present a great speech, you can very well choose any topic of your choice from the list of school speech topics ideas suggested above. Remember, a good speech topic alone will not help you to deliver a winning speech. Along with the topic, you should also give more importance to the speech content and presentation style.

In case, you are not sure how to write an impressive school speech, contact us and get reliable speech writing help from our well-experienced speechwriters on the best school speech topics.

To avail of our speech writing service, just share your requirements with us by submitting the order form. Based on your requirements, we will prepare and send an incredible speech on time at a fair price.

Need professional assignment writing help ? Call us now! We will provide top-quality writing assistance that will help you earn more academic benefits.

what to write a school speech about

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what to write a school speech about

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What is Dramatic Irony and How to Use it in Writing?

About author.

' src=

Jacob Smith

I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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150 Impressive Funny Speech Topics and Ideas To Consider

225 captivating world history topics to consider for writing academic papers, 160 excellent ap research topics that will boost your scores, top 120 geology research topics and ideas to consider, 170 top trending group discussion topics and ideas, literary techniques | improve your writing skills to gain good grades, what is criminology | is it the right career choice for aspirants, bachelor of arts in australia | find the best career opportunities, english techniques | the most helpful techniques to learn in australia, 190 interesting family essay topics and ideas for discussion, get help instantly.

Raise Your Grades with Assignment Help Pro

How to Make a Good Speech for School

Last Updated: February 10, 2023 References

This article was co-authored by Patrick Muñoz . Patrick is an internationally recognized Voice & Speech Coach, focusing on public speaking, vocal power, accent and dialects, accent reduction, voiceover, acting and speech therapy. He has worked with clients such as Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, and Roselyn Sanchez. He was voted LA's Favorite Voice and Dialect Coach by BACKSTAGE, is the voice and speech coach for Disney and Turner Classic Movies, and is a member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,232,756 times.

A good speech in school will earn you the admiration of your teachers and peers alike. You probably won't deliver the kind of speech you hear in the movies, but that's a good thing: people will enjoy your original take much more. From getting an idea to conquering stage fright, here are the steps to take if you want to make your final speech a memorable, exciting success.

Sample Speeches

what to write a school speech about

Writing the Speech

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 1

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 2

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 4

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 5

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 6

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 7

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 8

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 9

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 10

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 11

Practicing and Delivering the Speech

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 12

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 13

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 15

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 16

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 17

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 18

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 19

What to Do and What Not to Do

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 21

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 23

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 24

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 26

Image titled Make a Good Speech for School Step 27

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Patrick Muñoz

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Community Answer

what to write a school speech about

Things You'll Need

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Prepare and Give a Speech

About This Article

Patrick Muñoz

To make a good speech for school, choose a theme or topic to focus your speech on so it's easier to write. When you're writing your speech, stick with simple language so your audience understands and doesn't get bored. Also, try to start your speech with a joke, story, or shocking fact that will immediately grab their attention. Remember to talk directly to your audience by asking rhetorical questions and making references they'll understand. End your speech with something memorable, like an inspirational quote or a call to action. To learn more about how to practice and memorize your speech before you present it, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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what to write a school speech about

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what to write a school speech about

English Speech Topics for Students

' src=

english speech topics for students

Writing an exciting and thoughtful speech requires one to select a good topic, research it thoroughly and formation of individual opinions to express the same. School students are usually asked to speak on a contemporary topic to help them become good public speakers as well as learn the art of expressing oneself in front of an audience. While many speech competitions often allot topics beforehand, you might also have heard of extempore where topics are given on the spot for speech. This blog brings you a list of common English speech topics as well as some helpful tips and tricks that can assist you in effectively expressing your thoughts and opinions in front of an audience.

what to write a school speech about

Quick Read: English Speaking Books

This Blog Includes:

List of best english speech topics, 1-minute speech topics, 2-minute speech topics, easy speech topics in english, english speech topics on environment, english speech topics on social issues, english speech topics on important days & events, english speech topics on greatest leaders in india & around the world, english speech topics on proverbs, english speech topics on education, miscellaneous speech topics, types of persuasive speech topics, tips for writing and speaking a speech.

Speeches are all about one’s thoughts. It should not be copied from somewhere. It is all about what the speaker thinks of any given topic. Take a look at the following list of English Speech Topics on different contemporary issues as well as concepts.

Exploring English Speech Topics? You must also take a look at Extempore Topics !

Quick Read: TOEFL Speaking Topics

Check out this list of all the important national and international days in 2021 !

To know what to mention in such speech topics, explore the Great Personalities in the World !

Explore these proverbs & their meanings through this blog on Difficult Phrases !

Check Out: Synonyms List

While exploring persuasive English speech topics, you must make sure that they are stimulating, engaging, concise and clear. There are three main types of Persuasive Speech topics which are:

1. Factual Persuasive Speech : These topics include facts, figures and statistics to thoroughly analyse the given topic and assess whether it’s true or false.

2. Policy Persuasive Speech : Discussing policies, laws and reforms, these speech topics critically examine the advantages and disadvantages of the given policy or law and suggest the improvements that can be made.

3. Value Persuasive Speech : Mainly focusing on social or political issues, these speech topics present the critique and argument of whether certain actions are morally right or not.

While speaking on a particular topic, there are certain things which you must keep in mind to make your speech expressive and effective. Before providing you with a comprehensive list of English speech topics, let’s take a look at some useful topics that help you in acing any topic you are speaking on.

tips for writing and speaking

While preparing for English Speech topics, you must also check out IELTS Speaking Topics !

what to write a school speech about

Juvenile delinquency is acceptable. Prostitution should be legal. Underage driving should be punishable by law. Beauty pageants for children should be banned. Prisoner’s right to vote. Voting rights should not be universal. Guns should be banned from college campuses.

A three-minute speech is undoubtedly a wonderful starting point for public speaking. This is because you need to communicate with your audience more effectively when you just have a short amount of time. In addition, the speech ought to be concise, pertinent, and clear.

Life is the gift of God in the form of trust that we will make it meaningful in whatever we can. We are all unique individuals. No one is born like you and no one will ever be, so cherish your individuality. Many times, I come across people accusing God of things that they don’t have. They always cursing their lives.

Thus, we hope that this list helps you in preparing for different English speech topics. Gearing up for IELTS ? Sign up for an online demo session with our experts at Leverage Edu and we will assist you in preparing for its different sections as well as improving your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to ensure that you ace the exam with flying colours!

' src=

Team Leverage Edu

what to write a school speech about

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Best Speech Topics Logo

High School speech topics are often difficult to discover. Also, giving a speech may cause you to shake with anxiety, wondering how my classmates will perceive me.

On this page, you'll not only find some great topics, but also a SUPERB video to help you overcome your fear of speaking in public.

learning high school speech topics

Public speaking doesn't have to be something you shy away.

Making speeches in high school can help you build confidence in your ability to interact with your peers.  Public speaking practice is also a GREAT way to learn to communicate in the outside world effectively.

And the good news is that coming up with high school speech topics - then turning them into compelling speeches - is not as difficult as it seems. Just take a deep breath and check out the video below. The presentation contains excellent tips to overcome public speaking anxiety and gives great ideas on how to deliver your speech topics and turn them into amazing speeches!

After that, scroll down, and you'll find 25 high school speech topics that I hope will inspire you!

25 High School Speech Topics

high school speech topics

I hope these high school speech topics have helped to kickstart your brain. Just remember to take a deep breath before you begin speaking and have fun with your subject!

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Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

From current events to real world concerns, these 55 ideas for interesting persuasive speech topics for high school will make it easier to write a speech you're passionate about. When you care about your topic, you can give a speech everyone will want to hear and get a great grade doing it.

Persuasive Speech Ideas About the Environment

The environment is something everyone in your audience shares, from teachers to other students. You can write a memorable speech about this topic if you choose to focus on something people care about. Consider these ideas:

Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

From animal rights to whether it's appropriate to wear leather, there are lots of great animal-related topics. Some of these are more involved and lend themselves to a longer speech, while others make great one-minute persuasive speeches :

Persuasive Speech Topics About Technology

Technology is a controversial topic, since it involves constant adaptation and change. This controversy is important in persuasive writing , since it helps you can capture people's attention during your speech.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Students About School

School is another universal topic that everyone will care about, so it makes a great choice for a persuasive essay or speech. Try one of these topics:

If you want more school-related speech ideas, try these unique persuasive speech topics for college .

Persuasive Speeches About Politics and the Economy

Draw on current events, politics, and the economy for some really compelling speech ideas. Sometimes called "hot topics," these issues work well for argumentative essays and speeches because people are passionate about them.

Get Started With Your Speech

Once you've decided on your topic, it's time to start writing. Learn the steps in writing a persuasive speech so you can make the most of your great idea and support it with evidence. You'll end up with a great grade and a speech everyone remembers.


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