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5 Positive review examples: response templates included

write a review sample

14 min read Last Updated Jan 24, 2023

Positive review examples are often generic and plain. If you are looking to attract more customers, you need to improve the quality of reviews you have across platforms. One way to do this is by providing positive review examples for inspiration to share with customers.

Studies show that shoppers read online reviews and review responses before making a purchase decision. When it comes to online reviews, a five-star rating isn’t enough to set your business apart from the competition. A star rating –no matter how high — will fall flat without a written positive review from the customer. 

We understand the pain and have put together a comprehensive blog post on what makes a good review, positive review examples, and templates to respond to your positive reviews and generate momentum from them. 

If you favor video, we have the following video guide for you to listen on the go. 

Table of contents

How to write a good review 

Why are positive reviews important, popular platforms for online reviews, how to respond to positive reviews: 5 examples, 5-star positive review response examples, 4-star positive review response examples, generic positive review response templates, positive review examples by industry, faqs on the topic of positive review examples.

What makes a good review? 

Before we share positive review examples and inputs on how to respond to positive reviews, let’s clarify this – What makes a good review? The answer to this question may seem obvious, a “good review” is when a customer leaves a 5-star rating of your business! In reality, a “good review” goes far beyond a star rating. Here are three specific elements that make a customer review valuable. 

1. Goes beyond the stars

You want your positive reviews to be detailed . Though it’s always nice to get high star ratings, a detailed review explains why the customer enjoyed your business. This helps prospects understand what specifically sets your business apart from the competition. 

See how this review of a local coffee shop goes beyond the star rating. 

2. Describes the customer experience

A good review should describe various aspects of the customer experience. Did the customer receive fantastic customer service? Was an employee particularly helpful, and did the customer leave the employee’s name in the review? Did the customer mention other elements of the customer experience, like a great website that was easy to use? These details will not only be appealing to prospects, but it will help you know what your business is doing well. 

3. Adds photos or videos

A good review is the one that leaves no questions unanswered. Customers must be able to understand a company’s products, services, and customer service details from the review itself. Sometimes, words don’t do justice to these details. So, positive customer reviews that include supporting photos and videos get additional points for the effort and accuracy. 

Now that you know what a good review looks like, it is time to make the review section look like this for your company. If your customers are struggling to write detailed and captivating positive reviews for your business, here is a quick guide that you can share with them. 

Include detailed information about the purchase in the review. Potential customers find it helpful when reviews include as much information about the product, service and experience as possible. A few things to add are product details, store location, period of purchase, any discounts that may have been active then, and customer service.

Photos and videos in a review help customers understand the subject. If the reviewer found something particularly useful, adding photos and videos that validate the point can be extremely helpful to potential customers. 

Adding personal opinions about a particular product feature or service qualifies the review and helps potential customers understand if it is relevant to them or not. 

Make sure your review is easy to understand. Don’t over complicate the review or use words that can be technical jargon and confuse the reader rather than helping them make a purchase decision. 

Assumptions in reviews, especially on product availability, discount offers, and store hours can lead to unnecessary confusion. Qualify personal opinions so that they’re not mistaken for facts. 

Positive reviews can bring in new customers and help to increase sales. In a world where we have so many choices, reviews can help potential customers feel more confident about choosing your business over others. And once they’ve had a positive experience, they’re more likely to leave a positive review.

Having positive reviews can also help to build trust and credibility, especially if you’re a new business. If customers see that others have had good experiences with your company, they’re more likely to take the leap themselves.

Why should I respond to positive reviews? 

Responding to positive reviews increases their value. When you respond to a good customer review, the customer who left the review feels appreciated, which increases the chance for repeat business. Review responses also show that you value customer feedback and care to improve your customer experience. This will attract new customers and set you apart from your competitors.

Check out our post on how positive reviews help realtors .

Customer reviews are important to every business. Not only do they provide valuable feedback, but they can also help to attract new customers. It’s important that your customer reviews be on display on the more popular review websites. Those sites include:

Google Business Profile

One way to get more reviews is to create a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This profile provides a place for customers to leave their reviews, and it also allows you to respond to them. Creating a profile is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once your profile is created, be sure to encourage your customers to leave their reviews. With a little effort, you can soon have a steady stream of customer reviews on the most popular search engine in the world.

Facebook is another great platform for businesses to get customer reviews. With nearly three billion users, it’s become the most popular social media platform in the world. This means that reviews left on Facebook have a good chance of being seen by the people in your service area.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted source for consumers to research businesses before making a decision. What makes BBB unique is that members are thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet all ethical and business standards. Once approved, they are awarded the BBB seal. The seal will then be displayed on the business’s profile. This achievement will certainly put a positive light on a business’s reputation and act as a differentiator from rivals.

Now that you know what to look for in a good review, it’s time to learn how to respond to them from these positive review response examples.

Example 1: Be creative and personal

Chef John Howie uses YouTube to respond to reviews of his restaurant, Seastar Seafood Restaurant, and Raw Bar, in a creative and personable way. This type of review response is advantageous for a few reasons. First, by posting these videos, Chef Howie reaches a broader audience. Videos are also shared more often than other forms of media, so this can help increase visibility for the restaurant. 

Second, a response like this establishes the restaurant’s credibility — the chef is proving that he actually reads his reviews and values customer feedback because viewers can watch it happening for themselves. Finally, by responding to his reviews on video, Chef Howie is giving a face to his business. When customers and prospects feel like they know the chef, they are more inclined to return to Seastar Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar time and time again. 

Example 2: Respond quickly

There are few businesses that are better than JetBlue when it comes to responding to customer feedback. JetBlue proves that your business’s response doesn’t need to be long-winded. Even a quick thanks goes a long way. 

Whether it’s positive or negative, JetBlue always ensures to respond to their customers and that’s a good strategy to follow. 

JetBlue is also great at responding to negative feedback. When a passenger complained about their broken television screen on Twitter , JetBlue responded instantly. This opened up a personalized conversation, and both parties could come to a solution. 

Example 3: Use humor

How can you turn a negative review into a positive one? Use humor in your response! Instead of this sandwich shop getting discouraged by negative reviews it actually used them for marketing content.

Putting a lighthearted spin on one customer’s rant got them a lot of attention. This chalkboard not only shows passersby that the business has a fun vibe, it also proves that the owners actually read their customers’ feedback. Using humor when responding to both positive and negative reviews is a great way to show your business’s personality and grab customers’ attention. 

Example 4: Recognize the staff

Positive reviews are a great way to boost employee morale and keep your team motivated to deliver awesome experiences every day. In this review of Hard Rock Cafe, the customer mentioned the fantastic waitress they had by name. Take a look at how Hard Rock Cafe responded to that positive review:

Example 5: Don’t shy away from personality 

When you respond to reviews, don’t be afraid to show your company’s brand! This will make customers more excited to engage with your business. The hair dye company oVertone does a great job at using its brand personality in every response. Every employee is free to use emojis and includes their favorite shade of hair dye as a sign-off signature. 

Customers who leave a 5-star positive review are usually happy customers with no complaints and have a genuine desire to share their experience with the world. As every company knows, these evangelical customers and such reviews are not easy to come by. So make the most of them by responding to them appropriately and quickly to avoid losing the momentum. 

Some review response templates you can use for 5-star positive reviews are: 

Option 1: Thank them with a simple response 

Option 2: Invite them to refer or bring friends and family next time (if applicable)

Option 3: Personalize the response, if possible 

When a customer leaves a 4-star positive review, it usually means that the customer is happy, but there’s also some room for improvement. Such positive reviews have to be handled carefully and swiftly to maintain goodwill with the customer. 

Check out a few scenarios and appropriate 4-star positive review response templates for use. 

Option 1: When the customer has written the reason for the 4-star review 

Start by thanking the customer for their feedback, then move on to an apology and what you are going to do to make the experience better next time. 

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy that you had a good experience overall, but we are sorry to see that you are upset about [ the complaint the customer has made ]. We are addressing your concerns by [ your plans to fix the problem ]. We hope that you come back to see how we’ve implemented your feedback. Thank you again for your review, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Option 2: When the customer hasn’t provided details of the issue 

Start by thanking the customer for their feedback and request them to connect with you personally to share their feedback on what can make their experience better. 

Thank you for your generous review. We are happy to see that you were satisfied with our services and hope to see you soon again. We would like to know how to make your experience even better, please share your feedback at <email address or survey response link>. 

If you are planning on developing standardized positive review response to automate the process, we have a few templates that may come in handy: 

These are just a few and you can customize them as per your industry, company needs, and branding style. 

By now you should have a good idea of the value of generating and managing positive reviews. But reviews can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your industry and the review website. Here are a few industry-specific positive review examples and how businesses can use them to their advantage.

Your customer reviews are a great marketing asset. Positive reviews can be displayed on your company’s website and social media channels to help you attract more customers.

Responding to reviews elevates the level of care customers can expect from your business. It shows potential customers that you value feedback and appreciate their business. Responding to reviews also helps with local SEO which can improve your business listing ranking.

Do you know what’s better than a positive review? A positive review with a picture. Review sites that allow customers to upload images give people a much better sense of the product and service you provide.

Yes. It’s important that businesses respond to both positive and negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews promptly and professionally will help you protect your online reputation by addressing bad customer experiences and slander.

Yes. The majority of review sites are free of charge. Typically, they only require you to create an account and profile with a valid email address to start receiving customer reviews.

A good review should contain factual information about the transaction – product, service, experience, and any specific detail that can help other people make better purchase decisions. 

You can express your appreciation for good customer service by leaving a positive review about the experience. Thank them for their help, level of professionalism and friendliness in the review.

How Birdeye can help you 

Responding to every customer review is easier said than done. When you have so much to do, it’s easy to stop responding or even keep track of all your reviews on multiple different platforms. But Birdeye’s review automation software can help with all that.

Our platform allows you to monitor and respond to reviews from hundreds of sites in a single dashboard, sending you new review alerts via email or SMS so you can stay on top of customer feedback – automatically. Start growing with Birdeye today. 

Originally published Aug 07, 2020, updated Jan 24, 2023

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Marija Todorovska

8 review response examples for positive reviews to copy & paste.

A guide on how to manage positive customer reviews and responses to positive reviews examples to copy and paste.

write a review sample

Hearing positive feedback about your business is always a good feeling. It’s even better when it’s in writing. 

You may find positive customer reviews anywhere – on your website, on Google reviews page , Yelp, and on many other review sites. And believe me, you want tons of them because they help your business in many ways – from boosting your online reputation as a local business to increasing SEO ranking.

Getting good customer reviews shows not only you but also to your potential customers the great customer experience you offer. New customers will feel more comfortable trusting your brand and making a purchase after seeing great reviews instead of negative experiences.

So, what you want to do is to put some effort into  review management  – take care of getting online reviews and responding to them.

FYI: You can embed Google reviews widget  automatically with  EmbedReviews platform.  Start a free trial  and display your Google reviews now. 

embed Google reviews

Generate, manage, and embed your Google Reviews

Try EmbedReviews , generate Facebook and Google reviews, and display social media reviews widgets on your website. Automatically and in seconds.

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But now let’s talk about how to nurture those happy customers and make them feel acknowledged by responding to their kind words.

What makes a good review?

Why respond to positive reviews, how to respond to positive reviews, review response templates by use case, 1. response templates for hotel reviews, 2. response templates for restaurant reviews, 3. response templates for mobile apps reviews, 4. response templates for ecommerce reviews, in action: how to respond to google reviews, gets you details about customer experience.

A good customer review is like a digital scrapbook with pictures and memories that your customers took of their experience. It tells you what made them happy – from the product’s benefits, pricing options, or detailed guidance from specific employees on how to use it correctly.

A lot can be learned from reading customer feedback left by people who have bought your product. You’ll uncover exactly why those satisfied customers came back time after time again without hesitation.

Gives specific and constructive feedback

positive review

You know how when you get a really high 5-star review, but there are some negative feedback things mentioned in the response? 

These are not bad reviews. That’s an opportunity for you not as a business owner, but as a brand to show what your business’s policies and procedures are when customers provide feedback. 

You should thank them for taking time out of their day (and yours) by letting you know about these concerns so that you can address them quickly. And besides that – for giving you a good star rating review. If nothing else, this will make future clients even happier knowing they’ll be receiving top-notch service right away.

The best customers lift you up with great reviews

The best reviews are exposing details of the real-life enjoyable experience your customers had with your business. The best reviews show that the experience was so good that decided to write a little more about it online or on social media.

It is important for a business to have positive reviews, especially those who are new. Having detailed and in-depth feedback from customers can help prospects understand what specifically sets you apart as opposed to other companies they may be looking at or considering working with.

You already know that feedback from happy and unhappy customers helps in business improvement. But it’s a good thing when customers share their positive experiences offline and online. And responding to them is an even better thing which can bring you some real benefits, such as:

No matter if you receive negative reviews or positive testimonials, responding to each of them should be a part of your reputation management strategy. 

You can check how to respond to bad reviews and check these  negative review response templates , but now we’ll stick to positive review responses.

Responding to positive reviews is an excellent way of showing gratitude and responsiveness towards your customers. After receiving a 5-star review, it’s important that you take time to respond and let your customers know that the review’s impact is real.

In each response make sure to include the essential elements.

Personalize it

personalized review response

When responding to reviews, it’s important that you keep them personal. You can do that by simply mentioning the reviewer’s name. 

Let your customer know that you aren’t just copy-pasting their response but are truly dedicated and interested in what feedback they have given. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged for their opinion on something.

Don’t take too long to respond

The quicker you respond, the better. 

Responding quickly and positively when someone gives feedback about your company is extremely important! Acknowledge customer reviews with care and don’t take too long for a response.

Vibe with the reviewer

Keep the same level of enthusiasm that your customer has.

The reviewer liked your product. Now you need to keep the same level of enthusiasm for it! Don’t just respond with “thank you,” because that won’t make the customer feel as though they had anything worth talking about or bringing up in their review. 

You want them to feel like this person got excited enough for enjoying your services and taking the time to provide social proof for it.

Yes, you should keep each response personal and dedicated to the specific customer experience. But it’s always a good help to have few templates of the most common reviews you can use over and over again with a little bit of customization and personalization.

Here are some templates you can use.


“I stayed at [Hotel Name] for three nights in November 2019. What an amazing hotel. I was greeted with such kindness and this continued throughout my stay. I booked the king room and my room was situated on the 14th floor. The room was fantastic. Clean, modern, and had a fantastic view over [City]. The rooms were big for [City] standards. I can’t complain about this hotel. The gym was great, the rooftop bar was fantastic, and all of the facilities were clean and modern. The restaurant located inside the hotel, [Restaurant Name], was delicious. I dined here for breakfast and dinner.”

Hi [Customer Name], Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at [Hotel Name]. I’m so glad to hear that our staff were able to make your experience with us a memorable one and that you enjoyed all of the amenities we offer. I will pass on your compliments about [Restaurant Name]’s restaurant – our Executive Chef is quite passionate about his work! We hope that in future visits you’ll have an opportunity to try more of what we have available in this culinary gem. If there are any specific areas where we can improve upon during your next visit, please do let us know as feedback is always welcome here at [Hotel Name]. Response template #1

“Wonderful place to stay. I don’t normally stay in hostels but this was perfect – the beds are comfortable, and the rooms are quiet despite the fact that if you want to, you can spend time outside with other travelers and the staff – who, by the way, were exceptional. [Employee Name] really went out of her way to make sure everyone got what they needed, whether it was directions, recommendations, or help with their transportation. I had a great time meeting everyone and socializing yet when I wanted to, I could get a quiet night’s sleep.”

Thank you [Customer Name] for your review, we’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay and found our staff helpful. It’s always great when we can help guests make the most of their time with us – whether it be recommending a restaurant or showing them how to get around town! I’ll let [Employee Name] know that you appreciated her assistance and she will be thrilled. Response template #2

“Hands down the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. My partner and I were visiting some friends in the area and these heavenly wings (and a couple of sides of rice) were the only thing requested. The wings themselves had great flavor and AMAZING crunch. But really, I think the crispiness of the wings is what makes the wings so good (and addicting). The sauce was a balanced mix of sweet and spicy (very mild, if I had to rate it), which was also great over rice.”

Thank you for your review, [Customer Name]!  It sounds like you enjoyed our fried chicken wings. We are so happy to hear that the flavor and crunch were up to par with your expectations. We take pride in the quality of our food and hope that we can continue delivering great-tasting meals. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know! Response template #3

“Amazing food. PERIOD. Service is always perfect, food is always on point, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Always looking forward to this place with my friends, the fried vanilla ice cream is exceptionally good! “

[Customer Name], thank you for your review! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed our food and service. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience at our restaurant, but it’s great to know that we are on the right track. Let me know if there is anything else we can do to make your next visit even better. Response template #4

“This app is super useful and helpful for users that lack advanced knowledge in photo editing. I liked how user-friendly the app is. I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to crop and edit videos.  “

Thank you for sharing your experience with [Company Name], [Customer Name]! We’re so glad to hear that our app was easy and intuitive for you. We’ve been working hard on improving the user experience of the app and we hope this has been reflected in your experience. Our team is always trying to make sure users have a great time using our product, so we are happy to know that’s what happened for you!  Response template #5

Amazing app.  There are so many workouts to choose from.  It’s impossible to get bored. They eliminate any excuses because there are workouts for all levels, all time frames, no equipment options, small space options, and even options to have your kids join you. I truly love this app and have had several friends join as well.

[Customer Name], thank you so much for the review!  I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your experience with our app.  We are committed to providing a diverse selection of workouts and it’s great to know that we’re meeting this goal.   Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback with us – it’s always appreciated. Response template #6

“ I absolutely love this espresso machine! It works so well. I love that it has the steamer as well. Just make sure to clean the steamer right after you use it so the milk doesn’t stick and clog it up. I’ve only had it for a month now but I’m super impressed with the quality for the price! And the delivery was real quick! “

Thank you so much for your review, [Customer Name]! I am so glad to hear that the machine is working well and that you are enjoying it. We take pride in our customer service, if there’s anything else we can do, please let us know. Response template #7

“ I can’t say enough about these headphones. They’re excellent for the gym! They don’t fall off and aren’t uncomfortable after a while. The sound is amazing and the controls are easy to use without needing your phone picked up. They don’t hold moisture or water and I just wipe them off after my workout. Very satisfied with this purchase, they come in a sturdy zip-up case and with their own charging cable. The charge lasts a decent amount of time obviously depending on your usage but is well worth the buy! And the color is absolutely adorable! “

Hi [Customer Name],  Thanks for your review! I’m so happy to hear the headphones are working well for you.  We love hearing from our customers and we’re always looking for ways to improve our products. I’ve passed your feedback about the sound quality and ease of use on to our product team – they’ll be thrilled that they were able to make a difference in your life! Response template #8

Let’s use these templates and respond to some of your Google Reviews.

In order to make the process more efficient, the reviews management software EmbedReviews has an integrated option that allows you to manage your online reviews and respond to them directly from the dashboard.

It has a direct integration with Google to generate your Google reviews and embed them on your website.

Additionally, you can pick each Google review you want to respond to, paste one of these templates (or write your own) and respond to it real quick – without having to log in to your GMB account.

To do this, follow these steps:

Your message will appear publicly right below the selected Google review on your Google My Business account.

Here is an example of the review response composer in EmbedReviews:

respond to a review

Your online reputation is shaped by your customer reviews and how you respond to them. So, make sure you keep coming to the positive ones and nurture your loyal and happy customers.

Satisfied customers lead to great reviews which offer you an exceptional online reputation.

Get more online reviews. Embed Google reviews on your website today! !

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How to Generate Good Customer Reviews: 7 Customer Feedback Examples and What They Can Teach Us

Using examples of seven good customer reviews, we equip you with the know-how to set the tone of future customer feedback.

Drew Wilkinson

Have you ever searched for step-by-step instructions on how to delete a Google review?

If you read a negative review of your business and feel your stomach churn, you are not alone.

On the flip side, when a customer gushes over your company publicly, are you liable to do your happy dance?

The highs and lows of customer feedback are all too real. The problem is that most businesses focus on the former. 

We are here to tell you that you can do more than prevent bad reviews: You can generate positive ones too.

In this article, we provide you with examples of good reviews and what they can teach us.  We also equip you with the know-how to set the tone of future reviews.

Good Customer Reviews Impact Your Bottom-Line

We wrote recently about how Google reviews help your Google rankings , and how to automate the ask. All you really need to know is that a staggering 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before deciding to purchase from you. 

There is a ton of research that goes a step further and attempts to quantify reviews actual dollar value. One such study by the Harvard Business Review found , “a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue.” On the other hand, only 2.5 percent of consumers trust businesses with overall ratings of 2.0 stars or less. If 97% of potential customers skip over your business, it’ll be hard to keep the lights on.

Customer Feedback Examples 

If you want to generate more positive reviews, it helps to know what an excellent review really looks like. You might be thinking, “Duh, I know this already, people say nice things about my business.”

There is more to it than a five-star rating. While the exact characteristics of good reviews vary by industry, there are certain fundamental elements that great reviews have in common. It’s worth taking note of them. You need to know what the end goal looks like if you want to achieve it.

1. Detailed, Specific, and Honest

A useful review includes enough detail to give others a feel for what happened. Potential customers want to know more than that someone else was happy. They want to know what exactly they liked so that they can gauge whether it aligns with their own preferences. Just compare this review of a Dominos…

write a review sample

To this review…

An example of a good customer review that is very detailed

Which review is likely to influence someone with an intense pizza craving? A five-star rating and “good pizza” is not bad, but it doesn’t have the same impact. A review doesn’t have to be the length of War and Peace, but an honest, detailed, and specific recollection goes a long way to building credibility.

2 . Calls-Out Stellar Customer Service

70% of U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers excellent service. It’s not surprising then that a good review will shed a positive light on your customer experience.

An added bonus is if a review makes particular note of your staff or even calls out an employee by name:

write a review sample

3. Provides Constructive Criticism

One less-heralded benefit of reviews is the feedback they provide you with. Ideally, a review also outlines areas of possible improvement. This constructive criticism is not only helpful to you. It also gives customers a sense of their “worst-case” scenario.

They want to know what can go wrong to understand just how much it will matter to them. Take this review:

An example of a customer review that provides good constructive feedback

If a customer doesn’t care about the restaurant’s food presentation, then it won’t bother them. If they do, and they decide to come anyway, then at least it won’t come as a surprise. Not only will they be less likely to complain, but they will also be more likely to focus on the positives they expected.

4. Features Images

Marketers use a fancy word for images in reviews: User-generated content. If you are not a fan of marketing jargon, it basically means that your customers include pictures of your product in action or your business’s premise. These “real-life” images provide an in-depth and authentic feel to any review. 

An example of a great customer review that includes images

How to Generate Good Customer Reviews & Feedback

Now that you have a solid understanding of both the importance of good reviews and actual examples of real reviews, it’s time to focus on generating more of them.

There are a lot of different ways that you can help control the narrative in your reviews, but here are three critical areas you can’t ignore.

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

If you’ve paid attention thus far, you know that we already called out the importance of customer service. It might go without saying, but the number one way you can generate overwhelmingly positive customer reviews is by focusing on customer service. 

Empower your staff to go above traditional standards—and beyond canned responses—to deliver personal customer support. A genuinely warm and human experience prompts loyalty like nothing else. 

write a review sample

2. Harness Your Social Channels

It’s incredibly rare that anyone would pick up the phone and call you up with feedback. Instead, your customers take to social media to talk about you. That’s why it’s essential to harness your most public-facing customer service touchpoint and join in on the conversation. 

With the right approach, you can turn it into a goldmine of positivity. Encourage customer feedback and positive interactions with fun hashtags and quick responses, and most importantly, have fun.

write a review sample

This does not apply solely to customers post-purchase, but at every single point on the customer journey. Your tone and voice in this interaction will help guide your customers, so expect it to be reflected back in their reviews.

3. Reply to Positive Customer Reviews

Certain people believe that the higher-purpose of customer service is to turn an angry customer into a happy one. In this light, there lies an opportunity in every negative review.

While there is value in this, it can risk a mindset that ignores the power of good reviews too, and the need to respond to them. Positive reinforcement is the core concept here.

Happy customers need to be heard just as much as unsatisfied ones. This shows anyone thinking of leaving a review that they will be heard and that their feedback matters to you. 

write a review sample

Good Cutomer Feedback is Essential for Your Business

Whether you want to get reviews on Amazon or Facebook, repeat after me, “customer reviews are under my control.” Reviews are just another element of your company.

When you focus on excellent customer service, you create the reviews you want. You can also determine the tone and voice of the customer by reflecting it in your engagement with them, primarily in-person and through your social channels.

There is, unfortunately, no exact science. But when you see consistently excellent reviews roll in, you know you have the right formula.

Drew Wilkinson

Drew Wilkinson

Drew Wilkinson is the Head of Marketing at SimpleTexting. Drew has more than a decade of experience managing successful integrated marketing programs to build brands, raise awareness, and generate demand.

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When it comes to making decisions, we humans aren’t always independent thinkers. From buying our morning coffee to big-ticket items like a new car, we depend on our network’s opinions, advice, or perspectives for making the right decision. 

With the internet, those networks get way, way bigger. We’re no longer confined to just friends, family, and coworkers—we can see what people all around the world think with just a quick Google search. 

And these customer reviews hold serious weight with shoppers. Online reviews—either positive or negative—can impact over 93% of consumers’ decisions . 1  

While reviews can accumulate on their own, they shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. Knowing how to ask for reviews, leverage them to get more business, and respond to less-than-favorable customer testimonials can improve your business image and land you more long-lasting customers. 

Keep reading to learn about:

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Want to get more customer reviews for your business? Use these outreach templates (and DIY customer review builder!) to help your customers give you the best review possible.

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Why are customer reviews so important?

Customer reviews build something known as social proof, a phenomenon that states people are influenced by those around them. This might include friends and family, industry experts and influencers, or even internet strangers. 

Social proof can push customers who are on the fence about buying a product to make a purchase (or consider other alternatives). While there are many different forms of social proof (like influencer campaigns and company partnerships), customer reviews have a special place in shoppers’ hearts. 

Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant. Or bought a vacuum. You probably looked for reviews online first, right? When considering a purchase, people want first-hand perspectives from other people just like them. While a famous influencer might catch their attention, experiences from peers are also important if you want to convince them to buy . 

Depending on the industry your business is in, customer reviews might be especially important because they help offset a generally negative view of certain industries. For example, if you work in advertising, you’ve got a bit of an uphill battle— only 23% of respondents surveyed in the Customer Communications Review said that ad agencies provided “very good” or “pretty good” service, and ad agencies rank dead last in comparison to other major industries:

industry rankings customer service

Thank you for your interest in RingCentral.

9 customer review examples (and how to get more reviews)

Customer reviews come in many different forms. Including a few good ones on your website can improve your chances of winning more customers—who doesn’t want that?

And anything you can do to make it as easy for your happy customers to write those reviews for you will help. For example, here’s a handy Mad-Libs-style customer review builder that you can attach to your message or email to the customer when you’re asking if they can write a review or testimonial for you:

DIY customer review builder

You can download this customer review template, along with examples of outreach communications, to help you save a ton of time as you’re gathering customer reviews 👇

Let’s walk through the different kinds of customer reviews, starting with the easiest ones to collect. ​

Testimonials or quotes from your customers are one of the most common forms of customer reviews. You’re most likely to find them on a company website, typically on the homepage, or in their marketing materials. 

Here’s an example of a quote testimonial from WordPress : 

Quote testimonial from WordPress

These short (typically only one to two sentence) overviews of how your product or service impacted a company helps give your brand credibility. With quote testimonials, those impressive claims you’re making actually sound believable because they’re backed up by someone who’s, well, not you. 

We list customer quotes as the easiest type of review to get because they involve very little effort for you and your customer. Because you’re in control of adding them to your website, all you need to do is ask your customers to share their experience in an email, in person, or over the phone. 

Quotes also allow you to choose the great customer service stories , perspectives, or opinions that you think are most valuable. You can highlight your high-profile clients—and who says you have to use the less-than-favorable reviews?

How to get a quote review:

Ask for it. Call up your long-term customers and ask if they’d be willing to share a testimonial or a bit about their experience working with you to display on your website.

Or look for positive words of encouragement in email and social media responses or everyday conversations. If a customer gives you a great quote, ask if you can showcase it on your website.

You might be on multiple social media platforms, so how can you keep track of all these messages? If you’re providing omnichannel customer service , you might already be using a tool that can consolidate all your customer conversations and communication channels into one handy dashboard. Like this:

To get awesome customer reviews, you need to provide awesome customer service, whether that’s by focusing on proactive or agile customer service.

2. Peer review sites

Peer review sites are probably what you think of when you think of customer reviews. These include Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, Amazon, or G2 Crowd (if you’re a software company). 

You’ve probably encountered these kinds of reviews while you were deciding whether or not to try a local business for the first time: 

Review about Kalaya Thai Kitchen

Reviews on peer-to-peer sites can happen organically, often removing the company from the review process entirely. (This can be a nightmare if you’re managing a small business , since one bad review can have a huge impact, but this also makes the reviews seem more authentic.) Customers don’t need to worry about if companies have edited them to be more favorable (or deleted reviews they didn’t agree with). 

However, this also means you’re not as in control of these kinds of reviews. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. These peer-to-peer review sites are often one of the first places a potential customer looks when considering a purchase, so ensuring you have some positive reviews on each is important. 

How to get a review on a peer review site:

Again, the best way to do this is to ask. Send an email, ask in person, or add links to your website that make it easy for customers to leave their opinion.  

3. Social media

Social media is becoming just as much a resource for businesses that want to build brand awareness as it is for people who are interested in connecting with brands. But don’t just your social media campaigns to get prospects. Not only are customers turning to social media to ask brands questions or learn about their services, they’re also using their accounts to share opinions and reviews. 

Here’s an example from American Eagle’s spin-off clothing line Aerie: 

Customer asking a question through social media

Like peer-to-peer review sites, the company usually isn’t involved in the review process—making them feel more transparent and honest. But one of the biggest benefits of having reviews on social networks is that prospective customers can get a feel for who the customer is in ways they can’t with testimonials or peer-to-peer review sites. 

How to get social media reviews:

Encourage customer reviews on social media by creating communities where customers are empowered to share their experiences or purchases. For example, Aerie uses the hashtag #AerieReal to make it easy to see how customers are styling their items in real life: 

Customer reviews of Aerie using the hashtag #AerieReal

Create a unique hashtag to compile your customer reviews in one place.

4. Case studies 

Case studies dive deep into customer results and are particularly useful for businesses selling to businesses (aka the B2B space). 

Here’s an example of a case study from RingCentral and our client Box : 

RingCentral case study about Box

Case studies—unlike traditional customer reviews—are written from the perspective of the company doing the work or providing the product. Rather than the customer explaining how they helped, the company walks through what they did to help their customer reach their goals. 

This perspective gives potential customers an idea of how your team works. It gives you a chance to show off your problem-solving skills and attention to detail, and it allows your potential customer to envision how you might help them. 

How to get case study reviews:

Write your own! Be sure to mix in quotes, results, and info from your customer to back up your claims. Each case study should read like a partnership—not just a one-sided perspective. 

5. Customer stories and interviews 

We all love a good story—and that’s probably clear in the review types that we’ve listed so far. Customers want to see themselves in the people your company has already helped; they want to know what your customer experience is like. One way to do this is through customer stories and interviews. 

Squarespace is one company that does this well:

Squarespace Stories and Interviews

Through stories and interviews, Squarespace shares who their customers are, what the vision or mission of their website is, and how Squarespace provides them with the platform to reach those goals. 

For Squarespace, they get an opportunity to showcase how diverse their client pool is. But it gives customers an opportunity to connect with each other too. Similar to case studies, stories and interviews paint a larger picture of what the customer is hoping to accomplish—only you have to be less self-centered here and make sure your customer is the star of the story. 

How to get customer story-style reviews:

Stories and interviews give a more personal perspective. Instead of hearing from your company, they’re hearing stories straight from the customer. So, to get those stories, send customers a questionnaire or old in-person interviews.

Give your customers an opportunity to share their stories, then focus on filling in the rest of the narrative with images, videos, and other content. 

💡 Get more positive customer reviews with these free outreach templates (and DIY customer review builder).

Get free templates

6. Blog posts 

Blog post reviews give your potential customer an opportunity to really dig in deep into your product or service, and even your brand and culture as a company. Rather than just a sentence or two like a customer might find on your website or a few hundred words displayed on a peer-to-peer review page, blog posts can be thousands of words, complete with step-by-step instructions with images that thoroughly explain a process or perspective. 

This is a great example of a blog post review on Warby Parker : 

Blog post review on Warby Parker

These kinds of reviews can typically answer more complicated questions that require more space and time—something that isn’t really possible with traditional reviews. 

But one of the biggest benefits of blog post reviews is the SEO value, meaning you can get these pages to show up on Google when people are searching for reviews of your business. If you’ve ever searched for “[product] review,” you’ve probably encountered a post like this before. Because these posts tend to be descriptive, long-form, and useful, they can rank pretty highly. 

How to get blog post reviews:

Getting reviews like this one can be a little difficult. After all, not everyone has a blog to write on. You can increase your chances by offering a free sample or trial of your products or other goodies to industry influencers and experts who run popular blogs. 

Consumers like videos. This isn’t anything new. In fact, 85% of internet users in the United States say they watch video content—making it a strong contender as an outlet for your customer reviews 2 . 

Shopify is one example of a company using video testimonials: 

Shopify video testimonials

Video reviews can give potential buyers something most written reviews can’t: emotion. 

Viewers can see the difference your products or services have made. They can build a stronger connection with your customers, making it easier to put themselves in their shoes. These deeper connections can spark more sales . 

Creating videos doesn’t need to be complicated. Customers sharing selfie-style videos talking about what your product has done, or just stationed in front of a camera, can get the same message across. 

While you want the image and audio to be clear in the videos you share, the quality of the message is more important. If you have a customer willing to discuss on camera how you’ve helped them, this can go a long way. 

Here’s another video review of Shopify, this time from YouTube : 

This one doesn’t involve a lot of money or production—just a user sitting in front of his computer camera giving his opinion of the tool. And it still has over 15,000 views.

How to get more video reviews: 

If you have the budget for larger production projects you want to feature on your website (like our first example), reach out to the customers you think have the best story or video presence. If you’re spending the money, you’re in control of the story. 

However, to get more reviews like the second, treat it the same as blog post reviews. Reach out to industry experts who have large YouTube followings and offer free trials or discounted products in exchange for an honest review. 

8. User-generated content 

User-generated content includes social media posts, videos, images, audio, or other kinds of content created by—you guessed it—a user of your products or services. Some of the review types we’ve already covered would fall into this category (like social media posts or customer videos). 

But user-generated content isn’t just an online review or a customer sharing an image with your hashtag. That’s just the start. You then need to take that content and use it in a bigger, coordinated way. 

Here’s an example of how direct-to-consumer mattress brand Casper does it:

Casper User-generated Content

Like the Aerie example, Casper encourages users to share pictures using their products (in this case, sleeping on their mattresses) on social media. When someone tags Casper in their post, the image is added to a reel on their website. 

They also share customer posts on their own Instagram feed:

Casper's Instagram Feed

Dogs and babies do well on Instagram, haven’t you heard?

User-generated content puts your customers’ experiences front and center. Although they’re not exactly traditional reviews, prospective customers can see how happy others are with your products. It helps build authenticity— something millennials love . 

How to get more user-generated content: 

This one follows the same tips as social media reviews. Encourage your audience to share their experiences by creating a unique hashtag or tell them to tag you in their posts. 

Then start commenting, sharing, and engaging with your own audience. When your audience sees you showcasing other users’ experiences or getting into conversations, they’ll jump to get involved. 

9. Brand ambassadors 

Think of brand ambassadors as an external sales team. They’re loyal customers who love your brand or product so much they’re willing to recommend your products or services to their own networks. The bonus with having brand ambassadors is that they’re usually seriously obsessed fans—and are probably more familiar with your product than even your own team.

Brand ambassadors don’t need to have large followings. In fact, anyone can be a brand ambassador. You probably have brand ambassadors without even knowing it. 

One of the best examples of brand ambassadors online is for the budgeting software, You Need a Budget (YNAB). Users are active on platforms like Reddit , sharing advice on how the platform has changed their life for the better:

You Need a Budget (YNAB) online brand ambassadors

How to get more brand ambassadors:

While you could pay for brand ambassadors, you’re better off creating them organically. In YNAB’s case, they did so by providing a unique spin to traditional budgeting software. By helping customers who otherwise would have slipped through the cracks, they’ve created a loyal fan base. 

It takes more time to build brand ambassadors naturally, but this is a high-reward review since their advocacy will be much, much stronger, directed, and in-depth than your average Yelp review. 

👀  How can you get more customer reviews? Start with these free outreach templates (and DIY customer review builder).

How to respond to customer reviews 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—your customer reviews shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. 

If you’re just allowing customers to leave reviews on peer-to-peer pages, social media, or their own blogs without acknowledging them or responding to them, you’re not making use of powerful content that has been known to convert leads.

But your response process should look different depending on if the review is positive or not. 

How to respond to a positive review  

Congrats! A customer left you a positive review. Time to pop the champagne—and write a response. 

Responding to a positive review is a lot less stressful than responding to something negative but just as important. Letting your happy customers know you’ve seen their kind words and you appreciate their feedback can encourage them to continue singing your praises. 

Here’s how to respond to positive reviews: 

How to respond to a negative review

Negative reviews are much less exciting than positive reviews. They can be stressful, and responding can feel like a lost cause. But even the most unhappy customer can change their opinion with the right encouragement. 

Responding to a negative review is a little less “just be yourself” and a little more strategic: 

If you have a phone or communications tool, it can make this part easier. For example, RingCentral integrates with other popular social media apps to let you switch between platforms while keeping the integrity of your conversations:

answering customer questions through RingCentral Engage Digital

(When frustrated customers don’t have to repeat their issues over and over, it might help soothe them a bit and give you a better shot at turning the interaction around.)

Positive follow-up review from a customer

Replying to reviews (both positive and negative) appropriately means having open communication with your customers. Bringing reviews in as part of your customer feedback cycle can help you identify communication gaps or other areas where you’re not meeting expectations. 

What can you learn from these customer review examples?

Asking your audience to buy from you without any reinforcement from other customers is an uphill battle. Without any reviews or social proof, you’re expecting them to invest solely on blind trust—and it doesn’t work well. 

Rather than making your job more difficult, make the most of the happy experiences your customers choose to share. From peer-to-peer pages to your own website and social media accounts, showcasing positive reviews—and responding to negative reviews the right way—can help you land more customers.

1 thedrum.com/news/2017/03/27/online-reviews-impact-purchasing-decisions-over-93-consumers-report-suggests

2 statista.com/statistics/272835/share-of-internet-users-who-watch-online-videos

Originally published Feb 19, 2020, updated Jan 29, 2023

write a review sample

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22 Ways to Ask for Reviews (With Copy/Paste Templates)

Kristen McCormick

To say that customer reviews are powerful is an understatement.

A few sentences in a review can have more influence on consumers than an entire website. A difference of one star—or even a half-star—can be all it takes for a shopper to choose a competitor over you. Not to mention that reviews are the top local SEO ranking factor.

But in order to get those sentences or that extra star, you need to ask your customers for reviews. This can feel awkward or self-serving, but the truth is that people generally love to share their opinions; they just need that extra nudge.

how to ask for reviews - stats about being asked to write reviews by businesses

In this guide, I’m going to show you why and how to ask for customer reviews in a variety of scenarios—with examples and templates to make your life easier!

Table of contents

Why ask for reviews.

How to ask for reviews via text

How to ask for reviews post-purchase

How to ask for reviews on social media

How not to ask for reviews.

You can already attest to the power of customer reviews from your own shopping experiences. Think about the number of times you’ve chosen a business either because of what its reviews said or simply because it had reviews. Or maybe you were never on the fence at all, because you knew exactly what you wanted to buy because you heard great things about it from someone you know.

The fact of the matter is, what other people have to say about your business carries more weight than what you have to say about your business, even if they are complete strangers. Not convinced? Consider these online review stats :

how to ask for reviews - every one star increase in yelp increases revenue 5-9%

Image source

If that is not enough to get you to leave your comfort zone and start collecting reviews for your own business, here are some more stats that might give you the boost you need:

how to ask for reviews - brightlocal survey results - 98% of consumers read reviews

How to ask customers for reviews

Whether you’re looking to get more Google reviews , improve your Yelp ratings, get five stars on Facebook, or ramp up your Amazon reviews , there are a variety of ways to ask for them, including:

how to ask for reviews the importance of reviews

We’ll be covering all of these and more in this post, but remember that you don’t have to stick with just one method of asking customers for reviews. In fact, you should have a few strategies running at once to ensure a steady stream of feedback is coming in about your business. Multiple and recent reviews help earn you more trust from customers and also help your business to rank higher in search results .

How to ask for a review in person

Asking for a review in person can be intimidating, but it is the most effective approach. If the opportunity presents itself, seize it!

Ask in response to praise

The easiest scenario would be that of a customer who approaches you with unsolicited praise. In this case, express your appreciation for their taking the time to provide the feedback, and then make the suggestion. For example:

Happy customer: [singing your praises] You: That is so great to hear. We really try our best to [do what you’re being praised for]. And thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. Customer: For sure, thank you for providing such great service! You: You know, if you could write what you just said in a review on [platform], that would be awesome. Those kinds of comments really help prospective customers to feel more confident in choosing us. Customer: Sure! You: Do you know how to do it?

Create opportunities with conversation

You don’t have to wait for a customer to come to you to ask them for a review. More often than not you’ll need to strike up a conversation with them that will provide the opportunity. You can do so by asking questions about their experience with your store, services, or products upon checkout. Good questions include:

Don’t force it

Important: Don’t ask for a review upon a customer’s first positive remark about your business. This will render your conversation ingenuine and you will come off as not caring about their experience but rather just about getting the review. Reviews improve your reputation, but you won’t get any (and your reputation will plummet) if you don’t ask in the right manner.

Instead, get a read on the customer. If their response is short and indicative that they don’t feel like talking, don’t force it. If they respond positively and offer more information or feedback , continue the conversation. As it comes to a close, ask them for the review. For example:

“Well hey, thanks for the feedback. We love sharing that kind of stuff with potential customers so they can feel more confident about choosing us. If you’re comfortable with it, it’d be awesome if you could share any of what you said to me in a [platform name] review.”

How to ask clients for reviews over the phone

If you own or operate a business that is customer support-heavy, you and your employees can find plenty of opportunities to ask clients for reviews over the phone. But choose who you’re asking wisely. If you’ve just helped a client through a long or difficult problem, it’s probably not best to ask them for a review.

However, if you have a self-proclaimed satisfied customer (ideally if they express gratitude for your help), this is a great time to ask for a review.

“I’m glad we were able to help you today and we so appreciate your business. If you have the time and wouldn’t mind, we’d love it if you shared this experience on [review platform of your choice]. People really like to see that they’ll get the support they need should an issue with our services arise, customer accounts, of course, are the best way to show that.”

You’ll make your customer feel appreciated and valued which not only increases customer loyalty but will also increase the chances of them actually giving you that review.

Text message communication is increasingly popular for businesses today, and you have two options if you go this route.

Personal request

Business: Hi Mike. We just completed your spring lawn cleanup. Looks great, bring on some rain! Mike: Appreciate it. Can you email me the invoice? Business: You bet, I’ll send it tonight. After looking over the yard, I’d love to get your feedback in a Google or Facebook review if you have 60 seconds. Just click here: [link].

how to ask for reviews via text

SMS service

There are also SMS review request services that can set up automatic texts after appointments and purchases.

Thanks for visiting [business name]! Share your feedback at [link]. [We actually read it!]

how to ask for reviews - example of SMS review request

How to ask for reviews via email

Using email to ask for reviews is a solid approach for businesses. First of all, it’s still a great channel for communicating with your customers: 91% of consumers open their email on a daily basis, and 58% of consumers check their email before doing anything else online. Second, you can include the link to the review platform right in the email and even test out different formats and language.

You can ask for reviews via email in the form of an email blast or personal email.  You may want to do one broad email or segment it out as you see fit. Here are some simple templates to follow.

📫 Get more templates here   >> 30 Free Small Business Email Examples & Templates

Review request email template #1

Hey everyone! Positive reviews from awesome customers like you help other [athletes, parents, artists, ec] just like you to feel confident about choosing [business name]. Could you take 60 seconds to go to [link to review platform] and share your happy experiences? We will be forever grateful. Thank you in advance for helping us out!

how to ask for reviews - review request email template

Review request email template #2

Hey everyone, Did you know that the number of [business name] fans has doubled since last year? We must be doing something right! And whatever that is, we want to keep doing it. So tell us! If you have 90 seconds today, we would love it if you went to [platform] and wrote a review. A few sentences is all it takes! This enables us to continue providing the best experience possible for you, and helps others understand how [ business name] can make their life easier. Thank you in advance!

Review request email template #3

Dear [first name] Thank you for your recent purchase. We hope you love it! If you do, would you consider leaving us a [platform] review? This helps us to continue providing great products and helps others like you to find us and make confident [item] decisions. Thank you in advance!

Review request email template #4

Nothing can make a customer feel quite as appreciated as when they receive a personal email from the business owner. Choose a handful of loyal customers who have done a great deal of business with you , or customers with whom you’re hoping to cultivate lasting relationships, and send them a personal note thanking them for their business and asking for the review.

Hi [first name], We have a quick favor to ask. Would you mind heading to [platform] and writing a quick review? Reviews help us keep up with your needs and they also help others like you to make confident decisions about [your topic]. Review or not, we still love you! Hoping to see your smiling face soon, [Name]

how to ask for reviews - review request personalized email template

Company-wide email

Involve your employees in the process. Stress the importance of customer reviews to your staff and ask that they send personal emails to customers. Let them know that they would be personally contributing to the growth of your organization and they’ll feel empowered to participate in the initiative.

For some businesses, asking for a review immediately after their purchase makes sense, while others may want to wait to give the customer time to use it. Be sure to cater your post-purchase review requests accordingly.

Thank you cards

With a design tool like Canva , you can easily create little thank you for your purchase cards to go in your product packaging, attached to receipts, or next to the mints that encourage reviews. The card can say something like:

how to ask for reviews - customer thank you cards

Purchase confirmation emails

Post-purchase trigger emails are great places to ask for reviews. Here are two short and sweet ways to request reviews or feedback in your after-purchase thank you pages :

“Thank you for your purchase! If you enjoyed your shopping experience, tell us (and others) about it!”
“Thank you for your purchase! If you are happy with your [new product], please take a minute to review it here [link to review platform].”

Chewy’s email is a great example of providing the actual items the customer purchased and a link to review each.

We’d love to hear how you and your pet enjoyed these products. Please leave a review so we can share it with other pet parents just like you.

how to ask for reviews - trigger email example

And I particularly like this one by Biscuiteers because they include others’ reviews. This helps give customers a starting point so they’re not starting from scratch.

Thank you so much for your recent order. Buying pressies should be good fun and we’re curious to find how easy you found it. If you can spare a few minutes to leave us a review we’d be super grateful!

how to ask for reviews - email example

How to ask for reviews on your website

You can include a CTA to leave a review in various places on your website , but many businesses benefit from having a dedicated reviews or testimonials page accessible via their main navigation (as this is one of the first things a prospective customer seeks out when considering a business).

Have a “leave us a review” page

In the example below, this business has a review item in their main navigation, with the ability to read and leave reviews.

how to ask for reviews - leave us a review page example

In the “leave a review” page, you’re asked to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Once you hit the thumbs up, you’re prompted to leave a Google review.

write a review sample

Include existing reviews

Be sure to have a page that show existing reviews, or to include them right on your “leave a review” page. This shows people how short their review can be and gives them a starting point.

how to ask for reviews - example of reviews page on website

Many content management systems have a plugin or script that allows you to aggregate your reviews from other platforms into a feed on this page. But you can also add them manually. Either way, it is best to have the reviews appear on the page in text form (as opposed to screenshot or image). This is because reviews are often packed with important keywords that can boost your SEO , but Google won’t pick up on these words if they’re in image form.

How to ask for reviews from vendors

If you do a lot of B2B work, consider your vendors and partners for reviews. Other business owners understand the value of a review, and leaving one on their website or listing may be enough to get one from them without even asking.

However, there are opportunities to ask for reviews from them as well. If you find yourself in a meeting with a client or a business partner, don’t be afraid to simply say,

“Mr. Smith, I really have enjoyed working with you on this project and value your insight. Would you be willing to share your experience with our company by contributing a short review for our testimonial page?”
“Positive feedback from not just customers, but also the partners we work with really helps us to continue attracting more great customers and partners such as yourself. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review, we would really appreciate that.”

You can ask for reviews on any social media platform, but Facebook should be your top priority since it’s a top review site .

Ask and include a link

What better way to get Facebook reviews than via Facebook post ? In the simple example below, this insurance agency writes:

We L❤️ VE our customers! If you want to show us some love, leave us a review!

how to ask for reviews - on facebook

Create posts out of existing reviews

The other way to go is to share reviews on your feed as they come in, like this local business does below. You can always add a link for customers to leave their own reviews.

how to ask for reviews on facebook - post of a review

While you are encouraged to ask for reviews, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here are some approaches you should avoid.

Incentivizing with gifts or discounts

You should not, under any circumstances, offer a discount or free gift in exchange for leaving reviews. This is against the terms and conditions of many review platforms like Yelp and Google, and can lead to a high volume of low-quality or star-only reviews (with no text). The purpose of reviews is not primarily to benefit the business but to empower prospective customers to make informed decisions.

However, a pay-it-forward campaign like the one below would be perfectly suitable. It reads:

For every review we receive we will donate up to $10 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

how to ask for reviews - nonprofit donation incentive

Buying reviews

Again, this policy is in place to keep review platforms honest and accurate.

Asking apologetically

Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. People (as mentioned above, 67% of people) are generally willing to leave reviews. People like being heard, and will be extra willing to lend their voice to a company they feel has met their expectations, as a way of returning the favor. Plus, you are empowering them to give other consumers just like them the confidence to make an informed decision

Not responding to reviews

Don’t forget to respond to reviews. First off, this is a way of acknowledging and expressing appreciation for the customer’ taking the time to do so. Second, this can help you to build customer relationships and retain more of them . Finally, it shows the rest of the public that you are attentive to the voices of your customers. Responding also builds engagement and activity on your listing, which Google takes into account when ranking business listings.

how to ask for reviews - importance of responding to reviews

Final tips on asking for customer reviews

There are many ways to ask for reviews, but the most effective method and/or platform will be different for each business. As mentioned above, your best bet is to have a few strategies in place at once, and to experiment with particular methods to find out which one(s) work best for you! Just remember these key takeaways:

A steady stream of good-quality reviews is essential for your reputation, ranking, and ultimately even your revenue. So follow these tips and get a review strategy in place asap!

Meet The Author

Kristen mccormick.

Kristen is the Senior Managing Editor at WordStream, where she helps businesses to make sense of their online marketing and advertising. She specializes in SEO and copywriting and finds life to be exponentially more delightful on a bicycle.

See other posts by Kristen McCormick

the 120 best words and phrases for marketing with emotion guide ad

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10 Positive Review Examples and Template Responses

Isaiah Rendorio Headshot

Isaiah Rendorio Product Marketing Manager, Campaigns


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How to Write an Article Review: Tips and Examples

write a review sample

An article review format allows scholars or students to analyze and evaluate the work of other experts in a given field. Outside of the education system, experts often review the work of their peers for clarity, originality, and contribution to the discipline of study.

When answering the questions of what is an article review and how to write one, you must understand the depth of analysis and evaluation that your instructor is seeking.

What Is an Article Review

That is a type of professional paper writing which demands a high level of in-depth analysis and a well-structured presentation of arguments. It is a critical, constructive evaluation of literature in a particular field through summary, classification, analysis, and comparison.

If you write a scientific review, you have to use database searches to portray the research. Your primary goal is to summarize everything and present a clear understanding of the topic you’ve been working on.

Writing Involves:

Types of Review

There are few types of article reviews.

Journal Article Review

Much like all other reviews, a journal article review evaluates strengths and weaknesses of a publication. A qualified paper writer must provide the reader with an analysis and interpretation that demonstrates the article’s value.

Research Article Review

It differs from a journal article review by the way that it evaluates the research method used and holds that information in retrospect to analysis and critique.

Science Article Review

Scientific article review involves anything in the realm of science. Often, scientific publications include more information on the background that you can use to analyze the publication more comprehensively.

Need an Article Review Written?

Just send us the requirements to your paper and watch one of our writers crafting an original paper for you.

Formatting an Article Review

The format of the article should always adhere to the citation style required by your professor. If you’re not sure, seek clarification on the preferred format and ask him to clarify several other pointers to complete the formatting of an article review adequately.

How Many Publications Should You Review?

When you know the answers to these questions, you may start writing your assignment. Below are examples of MLA and APA formats, as those are the two most common citation styles.


Using the APA Format

Articles appear most commonly in academic journals, newspapers, and websites. If you write an article review in the APA format, you will need to write bibliographical entries for the sources you use:

Using MLA Format

The Pre-Writing Process

Facing this task for the first time can really get confusing and can leave you being unsure where to begin. To create a top-notch article review, start with a few preparatory steps. Here are the two main stages to get you started:

Step 1: Define the right organization for your review. Knowing the future setup of your paper will help you define how you should read the article. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 2: Move on and review the article. Here is a small and simple guide to help you do it right:

These three steps make up most of the prewriting process. After you are done with them, you can move on to writing your own review—and we are going to guide you through the writing process as well.

Organization in an assignment like this is of utmost importance. Before embarking on your writing process, you could outline your assignment or use an article review template to organize your thoughts more coherently.

Outline and Template

As you progress with reading your article, organize your thoughts into coherent sections in an outline. As you read, jot down important facts, contributions, or contradictions. Identify the shortcomings and strengths of your publication. Begin to map your outline accordingly.

If your professor does not want a summary section or a personal critique section, then you must alleviate those parts from your writing. Much like other assignments, an article review must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Thus you might consider dividing your outline according to these sections as well as subheadings within the body. If you find yourself troubled with the prewriting and the brainstorming process for this assignment, seek out a sample outline.

Your custom essay must contain these constituent parts:

Do you need some help with your article review?

Count on the support of our essay writing service

Steps for Writing an Article Review

Here is a guide with critique paper format from our research paper writing service on how to write a review paper:


Step 1: Write the Title.

First of all, you need to write a title that reflects the main focus of your work. Respectively, the title can be either interrogative, descriptive, or declarative.

Step 2: Cite the Article.

Next, create a proper citation for the reviewed article and input it following the title. At this step, the most important thing to keep in mind is the style of citation specified by your instructor in the requirements for the paper. For example, an article citation in the MLA style should look as follows:

Author’s last and first name. “The title of the article.” Journal’s title and issue(publication date): page(s). Print

Example: Abraham John. “The World of Dreams.” Virginia Quarterly 60.2(1991): 125-67. Print.

Step 3: Article Identification.

After your citation, you need to include the identification of your reviewed article:

All of this information should be included in the first paragraph of your paper.

Example: The report, “Poverty increases school drop-outs,” was written by Brian Faith – a Health officer – in 2000.

Step 4: Introduction.

Your organization in an assignment like this is of the utmost importance. Before embarking on your writing process, you should outline your assignment or use an article review template to organize your thoughts coherently.

Step 5: Summarize the Article.

Make a summary of the article by revisiting what the author has written about. Note any relevant facts and findings from the article. Include the author's conclusions in this section.

Step 6: Critique It.

Present the strengths and weaknesses you have found in the publication. Highlight the knowledge that the author has contributed to the field. Also, write about any gaps and/or contradictions you have found in the article. Take a standpoint of either supporting or not supporting the author's assertions, but back up your arguments with facts and relevant theories that are pertinent to that area of knowledge. Rubrics and templates can also be used to evaluate and grade the person who wrote the article.

Step 7: Craft a Conclusion.

In this section, revisit the critical points of your piece, your findings in the article, and your critique. Also, write about the accuracy, validity, and relevance of the results of the article review. Present a way forward for future research in the field of study. Before submitting your article, keep these pointers in mind:

write a review sample

The Post-Writing Process: Proofread Your Work

Finally, when all of the parts of your article review are set and ready, you have one last thing to take care of — proofreading. Although students often neglect this step, proofreading is a vital part of the writing process and will help you polish your paper to ensure that there are no mistakes or inconsistencies.

To proofread your paper properly, start with reading it fully and by checking the following points:

Next, identify whether or not there is any unnecessary data in the paper and remove it. Lastly, check the points you discussed in your work; make sure you discuss at least 3-4 key points. In case you need to proofread, rewrite an essay or buy essay , our dissertation services are always here for you.

Example of an Article Review

Why have we devoted an entire section of this article to talk about an article review sample, you may wonder? Not all of you may recognize it, but in fact, looking through several solid examples of review articles is actually an essential step for your writing process, and we will tell you why.

Looking through relevant article review examples can be beneficial for you in the following ways:

As you can see, reading through a few samples can be extremely beneficial for you. Therefore, the best way to learn how to write this kind of paper is to look for an article review example online that matches your grade level.

View Our Writer’s Sample Before Crafting Your Own!

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10 Powerful Customer Review Examples & How to Ask for More

May 16, 2022

write a review sample

Michelle Deery

6192e0eac2d30ad30e731444 10 Customer Review Examples and How to Ask for More customer review examples

Customer reviews allow shoppers to find out how customers feel about the products they purchased from a store.

They help them tap into consumers’ authentic and genuine opinions and further guide them along their decision-making process.

Customer reviews also provide valuable feedback and insights into how you can improve your products and store to increase sales .

First, though, you need to create a strategy that actively involves acquiring great customer reviews that are thoughtful and effective.

In this post, we’ll discuss this strategy:

Let’s dive in.

#cta-visual-pb#<cta-title>Customize your store’s pages effortlessly<cta-title>Dive into Shogun’s Product Review element today to customize your customer reviews to boost your social proof. Start building now

What is a customer review?

A customer review is an honest assessment of the customer’s experience with your brand and what you sell.

Customer reviews take many forms—ratings and personal accounts on product pages, product reviews in major publications, reviews on third-party sites like Google and Amazon, customer stories on brand blogs, video testimonials, user-generated content on social media, and more.

Why are customer reviews important?

Shoppers want to know how people use and like your products by reading customer reviews.

By collecting and displaying these reviews , you set your business up for success in different ways.

Increase your product sales

Customer reviews are integral to your customer’s online buying decisions.

According to research by Baymard Institute, 95% of users relied on reviews to evaluate or learn more about products. Often users even rely on reviews over product descriptions.

They are a go-to source of product information that shoppers use and expect from ecommerce stores when browsing their products.

“ More than half of online shoppers read product reviews before purchasing. 80% are less likely to buy a product if it has no reviews .” Eric Netsch, CEO and co-founder of  Tapcart

Build trust with shoppers

When your store displays good customer reviews, it proves that you are an established business, transparent, and give your customers a voice.

And since the online marketplace can be a scary place, the presence of customer reviews on an online store helps establish authenticity, confidence, and trust among shoppers. Great reviews can even be used in testimonial ads to earn trust earlier in the funnel.

After all, 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.

You can even boost the trust of those who recently purchased:

“One massively overlooked tactic: customer reviews on your thank you page. Why? To attenuate buyers remorse. 64% of US consumers say they bought something that they later regretted. That’s 64% of people who are likely to return their purchase and hit your bottom line with order cancellations and refunds. A customer testimonial on your thank you page doesn’t only get your customers amped up to receive their product, but it also reduces the likelihood of them changing their minds.” — Fintan Meagher , Marketing Lead at ReConvert

Boost SEO efforts

The majority of customer reviews are totally original, contain keywords that your customers are searching for, and are published regularly.

Consequently, they help boost SEO by driving highly qualified traffic to your website—specifically targeted product pages.

A study by Yotpo analyzed over 30,000 online businesses that regularly add customer reviews to their websites—and the results are clear—customer reviews have a significant impact on boosting organic traffic.

#cta-visual-pb-wbpd#<cta-title>See these data-driven DTC shopping trends<cta-title>Get access to our original research report featuring recommendations for store growth. Download the report

Types of customer feedback to consider

Several different types of customer feedback are available for you to choose from, including:

Next, we dive into the details of each type of customer feedback.

10 customer review examples utilized by successful brands

For a jolt of inspiration, read through the following list of customer review examples and how they can increase your brand’s online reputation and sales.

1. The Ridge uses third-party review sites

There are two types of reviews that customers can use when learning about your store and its products:

Showing that your ecommerce store has a presence across third-party review sites indicates that your products are popular ​​among consumers.

It also helps establish brand authenticity and serves as valuable social proof . Since most users know that reviews on third-party review sites can’t be deleted, they trust them more.

The ecommerce brand The Ridge is a Shogun customer that utilizes multiple third-party review sites successfully.

Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to register and create a verified account for your ecommerce business so that shoppers can find out your hours, company name, location, phone number, read reviews, and more.

Never underestimate the power residing behind the weight of a Google Review.

They can profoundly influence your consumer’s decisions since they are listed on the right-hand side of Google’s search results and within Google map results.

With a whopping 31,225 Google reviews (at the time of writing this post), they help The Ridge stand out amongst its competitors.

This Shogun customer has definitely conquered customer reviews on Google My Business, as seen below.

One of the first online stores to allow consumers to post reviews since 1995 —Amazon is a major resource customers use to research products before they buy them.

In fact, according to a survey of more than 6,500 U.S. shoppers, 95% of consumers indicate they read product reviews on Amazon.

The Ridge is very successful on Amazon, with over 12,000 reviews and a 4.5 rating.

#cta-visual-ps#<cta-title>Not Your Average Shopify Store: 25 Gorgeous Custom Landing Pages<cta-title>See how custom pages make these 25 beautiful Shopify stores drive conversions and get inspired to elevate your store’s customer experience. Grab your free copy

2. BirdRock Baby showcases trust from independent experts

Shoppers trust, pay attention to, and are inclined to believe the opinions of unbiased experts and reputable brands.

Indeed, research has shown that independent experts are the third most trusted sources of information ( 43% ). Displaying this type of positive customer review on your website will be appealing to your potential customers.

Shogun customer BirdRock Baby sells baby moccasins. On its homepage, the store displays expert reviews from trusted brands like Romper and Motherly.

These brands are credible, and their opinions about BirdRock Baby’s baby moccasins help build a foundation that establishes trust with shoppers.

#cta-mini-fe#Find out if your store is a good fit for headless commerce. Take the quiz

3. Wisdom Supply Co. invested in customer interviews and stories

When you take the time to talk to your customers, you’ll discover that their stories are unique and memorable, along with finding out their motivations, fears, and aspirations.

Customer stories are informal, natural, and describe your customers’ journey with your products, including how they affect and improve their lives.

This can create an emotional connection with your shoppers and turn them into new customers.

Customer interviews and stories can be particularly helpful if the products an ecommerce store sells don’t easily ignite the imagination.

Shogun customer Wisdom Supply Co. , a company driven to address plastic pollution, designs products for reuse, repair, and authentic recyclability— products like plastic-free folders and paper-only planners.

They use the power of customer stories to build a sense of community by explaining why people are purchasing their products—to ultimately help reduce waste and better the environment.

4. Bombay Hair uses images to display customer’s before and after results

Customers identify with your customer’s images more than images of anonymous models on your product pages.

Likewise, 66% of shoppers find the availability of photos from previous shoppers as important when deciding to purchase online—and 62% are more likely to buy a product if they were able to view customer photos.

However,  34% of ecommerce sites don’t allow users to upload an image along with their review.

With this in mind, make sure your customers don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase their love of your products.

Bombay Hair , a Shogun customer, displays before and after images of its hair extensions on their customers. With genuine customer images, shoppers get a clear picture of how the hair extensions will look on their hair.

5. ManCave showcases its happy customers with user-generated content

User-generated content is on the rise in ecommerce, and when used to display customer reviews, the results can’t be ignored:

Authentic, original, and trustworthy content created by fans, UGC is a cost-effective way that ecommerce stores can advertise their products to their potential customers.

It also provides a form of two-way communication that helps customers relate to brands and build trust.

Let’s take a look at how Shogun customer ManCave utilizes user-generated content.

ManCave asks shoppers to share photos of its products on their stories and posts. They then ask users to tag @mancave and other hashtags to take part in challenges.

And since ManCave displays both Instagram posts and stories on its homepage—customers can access them both easily without going to their social media profile.

When shoppers click on an Instagram story, it will instantly appear—putting the UGC front and center on its homepage.

ManCave uses the Page Builder app effectively across its website—a primary reason it made it onto our customer review examples list.

#cta-paragraph-pb#ManCave was featured in our Shopify Showcase along with 24 other brands that designed their high-converting landing pages with Shogun. Check it out here .

6. Healthy Human promotes direct quotes and testimonials

A customer quote or testimonial is typically an unbiased, negative or positive review of your products and store.

They can be any length, as long as they are persuasive and inspire your shoppers to take action.

You can take the positive reviews you receive from your customers and repurpose them into glowing quotes and testimonials for your website.

Find and collect them from a variety of places:

The effectiveness of customer testimonials and quotes has been proven. When placed alongside more expensive items, they increased conversion rates by 380% , and when placed next to less costly items, the conversion rate increased by 190%.

Shogun customer Healthy Human displays two quotes from customers on their homepage.

They include the customer’s name and the product they purchased, lending credibility to their testimonial.

7. Helix Sleep shows customer reviews in video format

For some customers, video testimonials can be more engaging and convincing than text testimonials .

Studies have shown that 2 out of 3 people would like to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video, and 47% of people prefer testimonial videos because they help to visualize the product details.

This is why it can be better for some ecommerce brands to display customer reviews in video format instead of text.

One of the many Shogun customers that use videos to display customer reviews, Helix Sleep showcases professional and high-quality video footage.

The videos show the benefits its happy customers experience with its mattresses.

#cta-visual-pb#<cta-title>Your store could look this good<cta-title>Try Shogun for free and start building out your perfect store to create a totally unique customer experience. Start building for free

8. TKEES utilize social media

Social media is one of the best word-of-mouth catalysts since shoppers like to see brands talk with real people.

They also like to see how brands respond—particularly to customer reviews and if they provide good customer support.

And since 32.7% of users don’t trust sponsored product reviews at all, shoppers often rely on genuine customer reviews on social media to help them decide if your products are worth their time and money.

Consequently, it makes sense to have an active presence on your social media platforms and engage your customers there—while other shoppers are watching.

One of our great review examples and Shogun customer TKEES shows its followers they care by having real people behind their social media accounts that reply to messages.

It demonstrates that they value their customers and deal with problems effectively.

9. U Beauty gets customer reviews in the media

Having customer reviews placed in popular publications is a great tactic to reach your target audience.

The aim is for the customer to be influenced positively, without overly noticing the placement of the product.

When done correctly and without seeming like a traditional advertisement—the customer review can draw in customers, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Cassandra Grey, founder of the luxury ecommerce beauty site Violet Gray, states that one of her favorite beauty products is U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound.

Cass Grey is a well-known beauty junkie, and her customer review on a popular publication like Glamour helps Shogun customer U Beauty reach a wider audience.

10. Nomad’s product receives an in-depth blog post review

Next on our list of customer review examples is blog post reviews. They are a detailed analysis of a product written in a blog post.

Often the blog post will include:

In return, the person who owns the blog or wrote the product review receives a commission by using an affiliate link throughout the post—in hopes that the reader will click on it.

The main benefit of this type of customer review is that the reviewer often has more knowledge about the product and niche than the average customer—providing deeper and more valuable insights.

The owner of the blog may also already have an audience that trusts their opinions.

Nomad , a top-rated Shogun Frontend customer, had one of their products—The Nomad PowerPack—reviewed by Alex Kwa.

The post is very informative and provides answers to common questions that consumers will have about the product.

Bonus customer review examples

There are lesser-known but good customer review examples that may be more suited to your brand.

#cta-visual-pb#<cta-title>Want to create Shopify store pages that display stunning customer reviews?<cta-title>Optimize your customer reviews with Shogun’s product review element. Start building now

How to get customer reviews

Having a couple of reviews published across your brand’s website, social media, and other publications is not enough—you need to have a significant number for your customers to feel they can trust them.

Research data by Baymard Institute shows that shoppers often prefer to purchase products that have a higher number of reviews over higher product ratings.

For instance, a survey showed that 70% of users would choose a product with a 4.5-star rating average based on 12 reviews over a product that had a perfect 5-star rating with only two reviews.

Similarly, in a second survey, 74% of users chose the lesser rated product with a higher number of reviews.

And according to Statista, online shoppers in the US expect an average number of 112 reviews, with younger shoppers expecting more reviews than older ones.

But how can you get that many customer reviews? And what percentage of customers leave reviews?

Today’s customers are more tech-savvy than ever, and with more than 50% of consumers aged 25-34 writing a review of a business or product—there are many ways you can acquire customer reviews.

Incentivize your customers

Sometimes your happiest customers may need an incentive to leave a customer review.

They have busy schedules and long to-do lists, so offering the chance to win a prize after leaving a review may give them the motivation they need.

Kate Spade Saturday offers their customers 25% off their next order if they complete the survey—a difficult incentive to refuse for shoppers who like their products.

Make reviews easy to leave

Customers aren’t likely to go out of their way to leave a review for the products they purchased from your store—even if they love them.

So how do you get your customers to leave a review? Make it as easy as possible for them—simplicity is key.

Mack Weldon makes it easy for its customers to leave a review by using a clear and concise email. It makes it obvious that leaving a review won’t take longer than a few seconds of their time and all they need to do is click on one of the stars.

“The best approach to solicit reviews is simply to make it easy for them to leave a review. So, offering the option right away with a link to a feedback survey or shooting an email immediately after the purchase to leave a review. Your marketing strategy could also include offering review incentives like discounts for leaving a product review.” Stacey Kane, Business Development Lead at EasyMerchant

Use surveys to get responses

After your customer has completed their purchase—let them know that your goal is to enhance their customer experience further.

Do this by sending an email that asks if they would complete a survey to review how they found the product and the overall service they experienced.

Withings sent an email to their customers requesting them to fill out a two-minute survey.

Next, we’ll discuss how to ask for customer reviews in a way that entices them to take action.

How to ask customers for reviews

When you set up a system for continuously asking for reviews, you ensure that your online store has a steady stream coming in.

Thankfully, asking your customers to give reviews doesn’t have to feel awkward or self-serving.

Here’s how:

How do you respond to customer reviews?

Your customers rely heavily on reviews when deciding if they want to purchase a product from your store.

So you must know how to respond to both negative and positive feedback.

How to respond to negative customer reviews

Research has shown that 53% of users specifically seek out negative reviews for products they are interested in, and 37% of users positively factor in any site responses to negative reviews—both in how they feel about the negative review, product, and website.

And unfortunately,  83% of ecommerce sites don’t respond to negative reviews. This is a missed opportunity to leverage the bad review as a branding and marketing opportunity.

“Acknowledging both positive and negative reviews is an effective way of reinforcing customer loyalty. 83% of customers agree they feel more loyal to brands that respond to and resolve their complaints.” Eric Netsch, CEO and co-founder of  Tapcart

When responding to a negative review its best to:

Below you can see a real-world example of an excellent response to a negative review.

“If you’ve got negative reviews, don’t despair! Respond publicly to the review in a way that shows empathy for their concerns without being defensive or dismissive. Don’t delete reviews just because they’re negative—you need that information so that you can improve! Keeping them up as you resolve the issue demonstrates your transparency and authenticity to current and potential customers.” Tom Leighton, COO of Sofary

How to respond to positive customer reviews

Responding to a positive review is an easy way to develop a one-on-one relationship with your customers.

Potential customers will see your response as a positive engagement if it’s something like this:

Below is a review example from adidas encouraging the customer to return to the store.

How to take advantage of positive customer reviews

Positive reviews are powerful marketing tools. No matter how great your own marketing messaging is, it will never come off as earnest and sincere as a customer review.

So, when you get positive customer reviews, you need to take advantage of them. Don’t let them sit around—inject them into your marketing to enhance their power.

“You can take advantage of positive reviews in a few different ways. Use them as social proof to drive more sales. When shoppers see that others have had positive experiences, they’re more likely to purchase themselves. Or, use them as a marketing tool. If you have particularly glowing reviews, highlight them on your website or in your marketing materials. This helps attract new customers and build brand awareness” Jamie Irwin, Director & Founder at Straight Up Search

When you combine your usual marketing strategies with positive product reviews, you amplify the effect it has on potential customers.

Integrating particularly great reviews into your store design laces the shopping experience with trust-boosting messaging, helping to push them through the funnel.

“Once you have some solid reviews and testimonials, you should promote them as much as possible —on your homepage, product pages, social media, advertising, etc. You want to show potential customers that ‘yes, there are customers using our products,’ and ‘yes, our products have helped them.’ The more reviews you have the better.” Luke Genoyer, Marketing Director at United World Telecom

Add customer reviews to your store with Shogun Page Builder

Shogun’s page builder app has a product reviews element that allows users to display their customer reviews anywhere on their store.

All you need to do is drag the product box onto your store’s page and then add the Product Review element .

You can then customize the look of your product reviews so they are consistent with the rest of your branding.

Shogun also makes it easy to display user-generated content from your Instagram feed on your website. You just need to add the Instagram element to your page.

You can also hide the description of Instagram posts, the number of posts displayed, and if the images direct users to your Instagram account.

How to add customer reviews to Shopify

Shogun’s product review element integrates with Shopify Product Reviews—making it easy to display your Shopify customer reviews on your Shogun pages.

All you need to do is make sure Shopify Product Reviews is installed.

Then add the Product Box element and change the integration setting to Product Reviews.

If your store uses Yotpo for product reviews—Shogun integrates with it too.

Increase your bottom line with customer reviews

A happy customer is one of the most important assets your company can have.

The reviews they give help control how your audience views your brand and ultimately boost sales by appealing to potential customers.

You don’t have to choose one type of customer review over the other.

Instead, create a cohesive marketing mix by testing different reviews to see what your customers respond to the most—choosing from the list of customer review examples we provided in this post—using Shogun Page Builder to add those reviews to your store.

Finally, put in place an active strategy that encourages reviews rather than waiting for them to happen naturally.

#cta-visual-pb#<cta-title>Customize your Shopify store’s customer reviews<cta-title>With Shogun Page Builder, you can customize the number of reviews you display, the primary color, the color of the star rating, the text color, and more. Try out Shogun for free

write a review sample

Michelle Deery is a writer and strategist for B2B SaaS companies. She writes content that helps brands convert visitors into paying customers.

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