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Winter and Summer Seasons Comparison

1. introduction.

Winter and summer are two of the four seasons on Earth. They are the warm and hot seasons of the year. These two seasons are totally opposite to each other in every aspect. The rotation of the Earth makes the change of seasons every three months. It's because the Earth is tilted on its axis and as the Earth orbits the Sun, different areas of the world receive different amounts of solar radiation. This radiation is the heat we receive from the Sun, which controls our climates and seasons. In the time when the Earth's axis in a particular hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, it's summer in that region and vice versa. Winter occurs in the Northern hemisphere from around December to February, and in the Southern hemisphere from June to August, while summer occurs from June to August in the Northern hemisphere. We mark the first day of winter, known as the winter solstice, as the beginning of winter, which is the day of the year when the Sun is at its most southern point and shines directly over the Capricorn region. Conversely, the first day of summer, or the summer solstice, is the day of the year when the Sun is at its most northern point and shines directly over the Tropic of Cancer. These happen on the 21st or 22nd of December and 21st or 22nd of June every year, in the North hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere has the opposite date of the winter and summer solstice. And December, January, and February are generally referred to as the winter months, where temperatures decrease and day lengths grow shorter, and June, July, and August are generally referred to as the summer months, where temperatures increase and day lengths grow longer.

1.1. Definition of Winter and Summer

The term "summer" refers to the warmest season of the year. It is characterized by long days and short nights. Summer comes after spring and is followed by autumn. The beginning of summer is known as the summer solstice. On the other hand, "winter" refers to the coldest season of the year. It begins with the winter solstice and is followed by spring. Winter is associated with plunging temperatures and icy weather, and dark and short days. It refers to the coldest months such as December, January, and February in the Northern Hemisphere. The beginning of winter is known as the winter solstice. It occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere around December 21, the day with the least hours of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the length of day from sunrise to sunset is the shortest on this day. It is also known as the "shortest day" and the "longest night". For example, in the United Kingdom, the shortest day is 21 December. By Christmas, the 25 December, the length of day is 7 hours and 50 minutes longer, and the noonday sun is 8¼ degrees higher in the southern sky. This marks the beginning of the change from short winter days to longer summer days. In terms of the length of night, the winter solstice is referred to as "the longest night". This is due to the fact that daytime increases and nighttime reduces. In the UK, the longest night is the night of 21 December, but it is likely there have been many scientific celebrations on the night of 22 December. For example, some places have "shortest day" festivals. Summer and winter solstices have been associated with nature's life cycles. For example, the ancient monument of Stonehenge in the UK serves as a crude calendar to mark the motions of the sun and the moon. It is believed that it is a religious place for the worship of the sun. On the day of the summer solstice, over 20,000 pagans and druids gather at Stonehenge to dance and play music during the sunrise. It itself can display the definition of summer because summer means life, growing, and light while the sun is important for those activities. On the other hand, during the winter solstice, the Norsemen used to celebrate "Yule". It is a festival where the people led the Wild Hunt, a mythological event during which a ghostly group of huntsmen in the sky. The hunters may include Odin, and the event may be a time of sacrifice in order to try to avoid the wrath of the hunting party. It shows that winter brings fear, death, and darkness as indicated in these activities. These examples are only a few of many festivals and cultures, which had been established over different categories such as festivals, monuments, religions, etc., associated with the summer and winter solstices.

1.2. Importance of Studying Seasonal Differences

As the seasons change, we notice significant differences in weather, daylight, and temperature. The contrast between summer and winter is a common topic for research and discussion. This is partly because the two seasons are so vastly different that studying their differences can help us to understand more about the world we live in. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that some changes that take place between the two seasons - for example, the change in the length of daylight - are gradual and continuous throughout the year, and studying the transition between winter and summer is a convenient way to observe and measure these changes. There is a wide range of areas of study that seasonal differences affect. For example, in human sciences such as sociology and anthropology, researchers have found that seasonal differences have an impact on the way people in different parts of the world live and organize themselves - for instance, the sort of types of crop that are grown. In meteorology, the study of weather and weather systems, understanding the differences between summer and winter weather is fundamental to being able to forecast and understand the wide range of meteorological processes that operate in the Earth's atmosphere. Furthermore, in environmental science, what we know about differences between summer and winter is used by researchers to measure and track changes in the natural world. For example, a variety of life science projects, from individual studies of animal behavior to large-scale studies of plant flowering cycles, make use of information about the many ways in which particular plants and animals respond to seasonal changes in climate. By studying how different species in different parts of the world have adapted to the changing seasons, researchers can get a better picture of how the Earth's environments work as a single, interconnected system. This is important work because as climate change continues and it becomes more and more important to protect and maintain the biodiversity of the planet, understanding these sorts of complex, large-scale connections between different forms of life will become vital to being able to maintain healthy and stable natural environments. In that sense, studying what happens when winter changes into summer is not just a matter of scientific or academic interest, but it ultimately has the potential to make a real positive impact on the world we live in.

2. Climate and Temperature

Winter and summer are characterized by a marked contrast in temperature in nearly every part of the world. As the Earth orbits around the Sun, the position of the Sun changes. During the summer, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, and the Sun's rays fall directly over the Tropic of Cancer. This means that the Sun is higher in the sky and the sunlight is more concentrated over a smaller area. The shorter distance that the sunlight has to travel, and the larger the amount of sunlight that is absorbed by the Earth. As a result of this, the temperature of the surrounding area and the air above it increases. In the United States, the summer months are from June to August and during this time, the temperature is usually higher than 50°F. However, in some places, especially in the Midwest, temperatures can rise as high as 95°F during the day. In the winter, the opposite occurs: the Sun's rays are less concentrated as they hit the Earth at a slant. The sunlight is spread over a larger area and has to travel further, so the light that does reach the ground is less intense. As such, the temperature of the area and the air above it is cooler during the winter months. In the US, December to February is considered the winter months, and the average temperature is usually less than 35°F. It can drop to as low as -30°F in states like North Dakota or Minnesota. Typical temperature differences between winter and summer can be around 75°F, but this number can be higher in some locations. For example, in areas around the Great Lakes, the temperature difference can be as high as 107°F. As temperatures rise in the summer, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses. On the other hand, winter is usually associated with cold and flu due to the cold temperature and dry air. The variation in temperature between winter and summer has a big impact on the types of plants that can grow and survive in those temperatures. In my next blog, I will talk about the differences in precipitation between winter and summer and how that impacts the environment.

2.1. Variation in Temperature

Secondly, in terms of temperature, in the northern hemisphere, winter represents the coldest season of the year after autumn and is associated with falling snow and freezing cold temperatures. The temperature is noticeably lower even a month before the official start of winter. Almost every part of the United States experiences cooler temperatures in winter, but the exact temperature difference depends on each region's location. In contrast, summer is the hottest season of the year as the sun heats up our atmosphere. Summer is directly related to the longest time of sunshine and the highest average temperatures. There is an obvious increase in temperature from month to month, and the sunniest this season is around July when Earth is tilted most toward the sun. Summer temperatures top off in July to early August with the hottest months varying in different regions in the United States. For example, in the northeastern states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York, the hottest time of the year might be around late July, early August, when the temperature averages between 83 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures are relatively stable around those months and they drop to 66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of summer. On the other hand, in states like Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi or Tennessee which are located in the southeast of the United States, the hottest time of the year might be a bit earlier around June or July. The temperature in those months can rise to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the summer nights will not be as cool as in the northeastern states. The temperature usually falls to between 69 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit by late summer. As we can see, there are clear differences in temperature and some of the examples can be explained by shifts in climate between the north and the south of the United States and the distance from the equator.

2.2. Differences in Precipitation

There are many significant differences between winter and summer in terms of precipitation. Precipitation refers to the various forms of water – in liquid or solid state – that fall from the atmosphere and reach the ground. In winter, temperatures are low enough for the precipitation to come in the form of snow. This is true for most places, though for some regions with warmer winters, there could be occasional rainfall. On the other hand, summer precipitation comes mostly in the form of rain, no matter if it is convection rain or storm rain. This is because the higher summer temperature leads to more evaporation compared to winter, and when the water vapor condenses, it forms much larger droplets that can't float in the air, resulting in different and more prominent types of rainfall. Drizzle becomes less frequent in summer compared to moderate rain, and the amount of heavy rain increases. The contrast in precipitation can also be described through the statistics of rainfall at different seasons. In a temperate region such as the United Kingdom, the rainfall in winter is much more evenly distributed to each day with the rainfall rate less than 5mm per day. In contrast, summer rainfall is often "clumpy" with a few heavy rainfall days. On the heaviest day, the rain could be over 20mm in one day, which is much more than the maximal rate of winter rainfall. Such statistical differences underpin some key behaviors of rainfall that we observe throughout different seasons. The more evenly distributed winter rainfall helps to maintain a relatively high soil moisture, which is essential for providing a suitable condition for plant roots. In contrast, the "clumpy" nature of heavy summer rain and the long dry spells that are between the rainy days can potentially lead to flash floods. Such complexity of cultural and physical factors of precipitation in different seasons makes it an active area for research in the field of geography and environmental science.

2.3. Impact on Natural Environment

Impacts of winter and summer on the environment are diverse. In general, the arrival of the winter season is indicated by the onset of low temperatures. During the winter season, temperatures are low with averages ranging from 1.7 degrees Celsius experienced in the North East to 4.5 degrees Celsius experienced in the South West. At the same time, many parts of the United Kingdom experience snowfall. The heaviest snowfall is experienced in January. The accumulation of snow has a major impact on the microclimate and the flora of an area. For instance, when compared to areas that have not received snowfall, areas experiencing heavy snowfall have a lower temperature regime and an increased soil moisture level. When soil is covered by snow, the temperature of the soil is higher than the air temperature and soil moisture losses are reduced. The subnivean environment refers to the area between the surface of the ground and the base of the snowpack. The presence of snow results in the regulation of temperatures and moisture levels of the subnivean environment. As a result, small mammals such as shrews and mice and birds are able to survive in the environment. In addition, the subnivean environment provides an environment where microbes can readily carry out decomposition processes throughout the winter season. However, the decomposition processes come to a halt when the snow melts in the spring. On the other hand, summer seasons are usually indicated by warm or high temperatures. In general, the temperatures increase as one moves from the North to the South of the United Kingdom. The highest temperatures are usually experienced in July. For instance, while the average high temperatures in the South East range from 12.8 degrees Celsius in the winter season to 22.9 degrees Celsius in the summer season, the average high temperatures in the North East range from 9.2 degrees Celsius in the winter season to 19.1 degrees Celsius in the summer season. The warm temperatures facilitate high rates of evapotranspiration in the environment. Evapotranspiration refers to the loss of water from the land surface as a result of the combined process of evaporation from the ground and the transpiration of water from the plants. The higher temperatures associated with the summer season means that the rate of evapotranspiration increases. On the other hand, since the plants have less water during the summer season, their rate of transpiration reduces. As such, in the urban areas, high temperatures and low moisture levels in the atmosphere during the summer season may create urban heat islands. An urban heat island is a localized area that experiences higher temperatures than the surrounding rural areas. This phenomenon is attributed to the combination of human activities and modifications such as the replacement of vegetative cover with buildings and roads, the concentration of heat-retaining materials and the release of heat energy from vehicular traffic. Urban heat islands are also characterized by a reduced flow of wind and increased air pollution.

3. Activities and Lifestyle

Throughout the year, individuals partake in a variety of activities and lifestyles based on the seasons. From outdoor thrill in the freezing depths of winter to the baking heat of the summer, every season has its own leisure possibilities. In the winter, those who love the outdoors have an unlimited amount of activities to do. Be it skiing or snowball fighting or a simple walk in the crisp and frosty air, winter has an activity for anybody. While ice fishing might not be as popular, it gives us something to look forward to once summer is over. In the summer there is no academic work, no pressure from your teachers and also no need to wear heavy coats and snow gear, which is rather deceiving as young students would naturally assume they have the same spare time as they do in the summer. In winter, people generally prefer indoor activities and have a sedentary lifestyle. They don't get to do as many activities as when it's warm outside in the summer. Options are less and the idea of being outside for long is not generally enjoyed by many. Unlike winter, in the summer people are more active and are more likely to follow a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and contributes in stimulating metabolic and immune system, so many people like to be active and be busy during the summer. Summer brings changes in the lifestyle of older people as well. Longer daytimes and warmer temperatures invite them to take a walk, soak up the sun and spend time with friends and family. As a result, summer can create a vibrant and delightful lifestyle. Due to the fact that this was written as the autumn leaves are already falling and winter is looming, summer activities sound so tantalizing as we begin to pack away our swimsuits and barbecues for another year. Ergo, lifestyle is often portrayed by the seasons. Winter can be a time for cozying up indoors with a book and a cup of hot cocoa, whilst in the summer you can fling open your windows and take in the fresh air.

3.1. Outdoor Activities in Winter and Summer

Another popular winter outdoor activity that is enjoyed by many is ice skating. There are many indoor ice skating rinks that are available year-round, and they offer many different styles of skating. Some rinks are even open 24 hours a day and can provide nearly endless enjoyment for those who love to ice skate. Furthermore, skiing and snowboarding are two very popular winter activities. They are taken advantage of by many individuals, mostly teenagers and young adults. During the winter, snowboarding parks begin to populate with the younger generation, and families and couples visit ski resorts. There are many different types of skiing such as alpine or downhill, cross-country, and water skiing. Snowboarding and skiing have a close relationship, but they require different skill levels and are approached differently. These courses are held in some of the most beautiful and geographically diverse regions around the world, and students are taken with an experienced tour guide on the mountains and shown the most beautiful parts of the landscape. Well-known places to visit on these courses include Bulgaria, Andorra, Italy, Canada, and the USA. On the other hand, summer takes away the solemn aura of winter, and in the summer people go out of their houses and enjoy nature, and that is the reason summer is known to be the best season for outdoor activities and for many that's far more important. Swimming, sunbathing, water skiing, fishing, and sailing are some of the great activities that you can do, and I believe your kids would enjoy their summer holiday so much. And do not forget that your body builds up more vitamin D after a sunbath. Dogs and cats stir with the season, and some picnic sites are closed to the public during the summer period, but birds and animals that visit the area do not give me hard times doing surveys on resident species since these species are more active and visible during the summer. Also, it gives me opportunities to watch migratory birds traveling from one latitude to another.

3.2. Clothing and Fashion Trends

After discussing those outdoor activities and hobbies, there are some opinions about the benefits of winter and summer. Other than that, it is clear that it is not necessary to compare which season is better than the other because both of the seasons have their own specialty and uniqueness. Most of you who love winter will say that winter is the best season of all and people who love summer will say that summer is the best, overwhelming season. But, both winter and summer are important to develop ourselves to become a better person. In this case, I will focus on the quality time spent with your family, your friends or your fellows in winter. Families that spend time together will form traditions. This is the year to take part in what is most important for you and your family and leave behind the rest even if you feel temporary guilt. Summer and winter are interesting, this is what we have currently but there are still more exciting seasons ahead, waiting for us to explore and enjoy. And thus, we need to seize the day and live in the present because no one can guarantee their future or easy life. And stop comparing winter and summer because it will only send you nowhere. Both of the seasons have their own physical and mental impact towards human beings. Winter has numbers of activities that are just available in winter, such as snowman making, ice sculpture, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. These activities are not only to improve our physical health, but also to increase our social aspects because the interaction between participants in all these hobbies is very important to maintain effective communication. As regards to the attire or the clothing for winter, it is not surprising if some are hesitating when it comes to fashion trends in winter because some people may think that undergarments may easily compromise the look of the outfit. However, it is interesting to find out that winter is just a season for all these fashion as there are varieties of clothing and fashion available. Unlike summer clothes and accessories, winter fashion is all about looking stylish while embracing body warmth as well. Gloves, muffler, long coats, ear muffs, thermal wear, boots, sweaters and jackets are some of the must-have pieces for dressing in winter. Sweaters and long sleeve shirts give a feeling of comfort and warmth when the weather is freezing. Fur or wool lined boots knees high and thick socks provide the best and stylish footwear without much compromising the body warmth. In a fashion where everybody is unique, why not you find it out by giving yourself a chance to explore those clothing and brands. Last but not least, winter fashion is just so attractive and flattering. Apart from the reason that people are able to stand out and capture the attention from others, winter fashion makes it easier for people to dress. Everyone can be a stylist in winter.

3.3. Cultural Festivals and Traditions

Various festivals and traditions are celebrated by people during winter and summer. In the winter season, Christmas is the most important winter festival in the Northern Hemisphere. It falls just a few days after the winter solstice. Christmas is preceded by a four-week period called Advent, which is marked by many Christians as a season of preparation and expectant waiting. In Catholic countries, this period of preparation is also celebrated by the Advent tradition. During the forty-eight hours of the festival, many nativity scenes are created, and in some cultures, this takes the form of a nativity play and reenactments of the story of the first Christmas. In summer, the festival of St. John the Baptist celebrates the longest day and the shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere. St. John's Eve is the eve of celebration before the day of St. John the Baptist. This midsummer festival is particularly strong in Northern European countries, such as Norway, where rites and rituals associated with St. John's Eve are celebrated until sunrise. In Malta, the celebration of St. John's Eve starts at around 7 p.m., with the traditional band marches and the main celebrations do not start until midnight. One of the most popular customs on the day is the ceremonial jumping into the sea from the highest points on the island. This is now done for entertainment, but the act of jumping into the water is seen as a special dedication to St. John, and in earlier times was an important demonstration of one's own bravery and faith. Such traditions are integral parts of people's culture and life. They give us a sense of heightened community, an increased understanding of the symbolic and the sacred, a feeling for our roots and indicate the passing of the seasons and the continuous flow of time. Cultures all over the world have their own special and unique celebrations. Some of them may be celebrated differently at different places, yet they still have something in common. Even in today's highly scientific and technological world, these traditions help us to come out from our stressful lives and move us closer to our family and friends. These festivals facilitate us to renew the social ties, strengthen our connection to community and perpetuate culture and a sense of belonging. In today's multicultural world, people are more likely to be exposed to different types and forms of cultural celebrations. As societies become increasingly diverse, cultural knowledge, awareness and interpretation of traditions together with their heritage will be more significant. This phenomenon provides us with an opportunity to give meaning to the relations between human and habitats. For those who feel separated or marginalized in some way, the search for meaningful customs that might be considered part of our own personal legacy is.

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Summer vs Winter: Battle of the Seasons

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It’s getting cold outside, and it’s time for a great seasonal battle.  Are you loving this chilly weather, or are you thinking of a cool drink on the beach to get you through the season?  Make your choice and let the battle begin!

Summer is the hottest of the 4 temperate seasons.  At the height of summer is the summer solstice, where the days are longest and the nights are shortest for the year.  Depending on where you live, your summer may boast a plethora of temperate sunny days, a bit of rain, or enough high energy rays to cook your breakfast on the sidewalk.

Summer Pros:

  • 1 layer of clothing
  • BBQ and other outdoor activities
  • Enjoying the ocean and other bodies of water
  • Looking super boss in a pair of summer shades

Summer Cons:

  • Sticking to anything made of leather (or pleather for vegans!)
  • Makes cooking a meal feel like entering the 7th circle of Hades

Winter is the coldest season of the year.  In the dead of winter you’ll find the winter solstice, which is when the days are shortest and the nights are longest for the year.  Winter might just bring you a light jacket in some places, while it drenches others with ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures.

Winter Pros:

  • Snuggling under all the blankets
  • Hot Cocoa and other warm beverages
  • Building snow Frankenmonsters and potentially animating them with the assistance of a tophat
  • Ice skating
  • hybernating

Winter Cons:

  • Snow melt eating away at all of your shoes
  • Getting a tiny bit of snow up your sleeve and not being able to get it out again
  • The death of all transportation
  • Where’s the light???

So now that you’ve considered the merits and disadvantages of both seasons, it’s time to choose!  Pick your favorite and let’s go!

The seasonal battle begins at  11 AM ET on 12/28.

The usual bonuses

Earn 5,000 points – 2,500 bonus Earn 15,000 points – 5,000 bonus Earn 25,000 points – 10,000 bonus For every 25,000 points above 25,000 – 5,000 bonus Member of winning team (if you’ve scored at least 2,500 points) – 10,000 bonus Highest scorer on each team – 5,000 bonus Player with #1 overall score – 10,000 bonus Player with #2 overall score – 5,000 bonus Player with #3 overall score – 2,500 bonus

Artwork by MJ Kim

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Driving in Summer and Winter: Comparative Analysis Essay

Driving in different seasons can be a greatly distinct experience due to climate conditions, state of the car, and even social factors. Winter driving is considered dangerous and most people avoid it when possible, but summertime can bring its own challenges. The benefits and drawbacks of driving in both seasons should be evaluated by drivers before getting behind the wheel.

Summer driving is generally more relaxed and flexible, requiring less care and preparation for both the driver and the vehicle. However, there are challenges of its own including ensuring all fluid levels are relevant and the car parts such as the radiator can combat the heat. The driving process itself can be a challenge due to overheating, glare caused by the sun obscuring vision, and tire punctures due to the openness of debris on the road. In the summer, most people are less attentive in driving, thus creating the possibilities of driving tired or distracted which can be dangerous (“Making Driving A Breeze This Summer”).

Driving in the winter is more frightening and dangerous due to weather conditions. Winter storms create challenges for drivers such as poor visibility, slippery roads, and difficult passage in snowed-in areas. Cold weather creates greater impact on the car, creating more wear and tear as well as consumed resources such as fuel or tires. Winter conditions also force drivers to engage in greater car management, including tire change, monitoring antifreeze levels, and simply having to warm up the vehicle prior to driving (“Winter Driving Tips”).

Despite common misconceptions, driving in the summer can be just as if not more dangerous than in the winter. Summertime usually has more collisions due to the number of cars on the road. Furthermore, drivers may be more influenced by external factors such as inebriation (more social gatherings in the summer) and paying less attention to weather conditions.

Drivers must consider the realities of the road during each season as these may change. Some of these are common sense while others can be generally missed by the majority of drivers. However, using proper preparation and precaution can make a significant difference for the driver’s safety and positive experience.

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In the realm of snow-capped peaks, glistening landscapes, and the crackling of fireside warmth, lies my idea of a perfect winter vacation—a serene escape into a perfect winter vacation that awakens the senses and the soul. This essay paints a picture of my dream winter...

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From Excitement to Fright: My Dangerous Skiing Experience

On a chilling February day I made the long and treacherous walk from the warm and cozy ski lodge out into the cold and frigid air of sugar mountain. I took no time as I quickly paced toward the ski racks in an excitement to...

The Effects of the Seasons Change in Space

The first effect that the orbit of the earth has is seasons. Because the earth is tilted on a 23.4 degree angle (obliquity) different areas of the earth get more energy and heat from the sun at different times of the year. When the earth...

Representation of Lifecycle from Beginning to Death through the Four Seasons

Nature often reflects the natural order of the universe. The movie Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, is released on September 19,2003 and it is directed by Kim Ki-Duk. The film is divided into five segments and each segment depicts a stage in the life of...

Similarities Between The Great Gatsby and Winter Dream

As we have learned, “Winter Dream” was written by the same author of “The Great Gatsby”. Both of them shows the relationship between a young beautiful girl and a young boy who was born in poor family but turned out to be rich through their...

  • The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald Winter Dreams: Love Can't Be Bought with Money

Winter Dreams, a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, describes the story of a covetous man named Dexter Green. Basically, when he was a young boy at the age of just fourteen years old, he came across a lovely girl, Judy Jones. This encounter...

  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Short Story

Analysis of Hoover, Roosevelt's Book Winter War, and the First Clash Over the New Deal: American Struggle to Recover From the Great Depression

The global political atmosphere that we know today is full of bad blood perpetuated by malicious rhetoric both on and off the debate stage. Even after all the votes have been tallied and the president-elect has been named, the war between red and blue is...

  • Great Depression

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Home — Essay Samples — Environment — Seasons — Compare And Contrast Summer And Summer


Compare and Contrast Summer and Summer

  • Categories: Seasons

About this sample


Words: 576 |

Published: Mar 5, 2024

Words: 576 | Page: 1 | 3 min read

Comparison of Summer and Summer

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comparison essay about winter and summer

Home / Essay Samples / Environment / Summer / Comparison Of Summer And Winter Seasons

Comparison Of Summer And Winter Seasons

  • Category: Environment
  • Topic: Summer

Pages: 1 (531 words)

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