Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

  • May 24, 2022

Now that we’re nearing summer, you might have more time to think about professional learning and licensure requirements. If you’re a teacher looking for a way to meet your professional development goals, there are plenty of options. Here are some free online professional development courses for teachers to consider, along with a brief overview and the requirements to complete each one. Science of Reading Opportunities for Free Professional Development

These free Science of Reading webinars offer a free online professional learning opportunity to explore research-based classroom strategies. Learn how to use the latest neuroscience to inform reading instruction, help students build key literacy skills, and teach students to become effective communicators. The webinar sessions include:

  • Phonological Awareness: The Structure of Spoken Language
  • Phonics: Breaking the Reading Code
  • Fluency: The Bridge from Word Identification to Reading Comprehension
  • Comprehension & Vocabulary: Reading as a Lifelong Tool for Learning
  • Language Concepts: The Structure of Written Language
  • Communication: The Four Domains of Language

PBS TeacherLine

Through PBS TeacherLine , you can choose 15-, 30-, or 45-hour courses, which are generally available for continuing education credits. You can even earn graduate-level credit through university partnerships. Each course is self-paced and can be completed around your own schedule.

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Coursera is a learning resource that partners with universities all over the world to provide free and accessible courses. You can find plenty of professional learning courses specifically for teachers, including:

  • Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing
  • Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms
  • Motivating Gen Z Learners: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know


If you’re looking for professional development focused on social-emotional learning, check out TeachingTolerance . Their professional development section includes tons of webinars and self-guided learning resources on topics like diversity, leadership, and empathy in the classroom.


LearnersEdge offers free on-demand webinar recordings on a wide variety of topics, from mindfulness and mental health awareness to reading and writing. After you’ve finished the webinar, you can receive a certificate as needed for your specific professional development requirements.

Canvas has a collection of online, self-paced professional development options for teachers—many of which are free. Here are a few examples of the courses they offer:

  • The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching
  • Safe & Resilient Schools: Mental Health
  • Supporting Girls in STEAM

Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice has an archive of webinars on improving equity and access in schools that are available on demand. Here, you can learn about topics like How to Be an Ally in the Classroom and Responding to Hate and Bias at School.

If your district allows webinars to fulfill professional development requirements, this can be a great option.

Whether you’re a STEM teacher or just learning more about the scientific side of teaching, SciLearn offers webinars focused around the neuroscience of learning. A few recent sessions include:

  • How to Rewire the Brains of Struggling Learners
  • Engaging All Students with Poverty in Mind
  • Developing Executive Function from Kindergarten Through High School

National Education Association

The National Educators Association (NEA) maintains a website of live and archived webinars for teachers looking to fulfill their professional development credits. The organization also hosts a podcast called School Me , and while it’s not eligible for credits, it does offer tons of bite-sized “life hacks” for educators.

Sanford Inspire

Webinars are a quick and convenient way to fulfill professional development hours online, but if you’re looking for a more hands-on option, try completing one of the free professional development courses from Sanford Aspire . After finishing the course and passing an assessment, you gain a professional development certificate which you can then submit to your district and potentially redeem for credit.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) website has a large archive of webinars for teachers, as well as live webinar options for ASCD members. Like other webinar options on this list, each session can be redeemed for an hour of credit if it meets the specific requirements for your license renewal.

The slogan of SimpleK12 is “professional development in your pajamas,” and they offer educational webinars to watch at home. Although some webinars are only available for site members, many others are free to the public.

Free Professional Development Modules by The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress offers build-your-own professional learning modules on subjects like Understanding Copyright and Primary Sources and Inquiry. These are designed for educators interested in presenting their own professional development course for their colleagues, which you can then submit to your district to request licensure credit.

Additionally, there are online webinars and workshops that can potentially fulfill one hour of professional development.

Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM

The arts and humanities are a vital way to teach children creativity and critical thinking. Through the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM , you can access free toolkits and audio trainings on bringing arts into the classroom—several of which can be redeemed for professional development hours.

Holding both live and on-demand webinars, edWeb can easily fit into your schedule. Because of the range of topics, the webinars can be great free professional development for both teachers of early elementary students and teachers in older grades.

Facing History

Facing History provides both free and paid courses, webinars, and video professional learning options on challenging bigotry in education. If you’re unable to attend an event in person, there is also an archive of on-demand webinars and workshops .

SHAPE America

If you’re a health or P.E. teacher (or you just want to learn more about health education), this resource is for you. SHAPE America is a website run by the Society of Health and Physical Educators that includes plenty of free webinars on K-12 health education. A few examples include:

  • Ideas for Equitable and Accessible Teaching in Health and Physical Education
  • No-Cost Digital Resources to Support Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness
  • Trauma Sensitive Practices in Health Education

TeachersFirst Workshops

Many of the options on this list are self-guided or pre-recorded, but if you’re looking for an interactive professional development option, TeachersFirst might be more your speed. These free, live workshops are each approximately 90 minutes long and scheduled after school hours for teachers with a busy workday.


ShareMyLesson offers a wide variety of short professional development sessions geared toward teachers, administrators, and parents. You can watch these sessions on your own time and receive one hour of continuing education credit for each, provided they meet your specific licensure requirements.

Through KQED Teach , you can take courses on digital media to help you get the most out of educational technology in your classroom. Whether you want to learn how to make a teacher blog, detect online misinformation, or even try your hand at video production, you’re sure to find a course that fits your interests.

EdWeek Special Education Webinars

For special education teachers, EdWeek offers live and recorded webinars for professional learning in education. After watching a webinar, you can receive a certificate verifying one hour of professional development. Recent webinar topics include:

  • Equity, Care and Connection: New SEL Tools and Practices to Support Students and Adults
  • A Seat at the Table: Strategies & Tips for Complex Decision-Making
  • Making Digital Literacy a Priority: An Administrator’s Perspective

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Differentiated Teaching

Differentiated Teaching

Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

Getting your annual continuing education hours can be hard when you are a teacher. With all the things you have to juggle, it is just one more thing to add to the list. If your district doesn't provide it, the cost can add up. That's why I decided to compile this list of free online professional development for teachers…because who doesn't like PD in your PJs?

Of course, if you're looking for something more substantial or a degree program, you can also check out online graduate programs for teachers .

Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

Unlike public perception, teachers do not have three months off every year to spend by the pool . We spend our summers preparing our classrooms, organizing and setting up lesson plans, collecting ideas, and completing professional development.

While you will hopefully have SOME time to relax by the pool, how nice would it be to grab those required professional development hours while you are there?

The benefits of online professional development

While it can be more challenging to find high-quality, online PD options, there are so many benefits to doing so.

Benefits of Virtual PD free online professional development for teachers

First, it allows you to complete your hours on YOUR schedule. Whether that is 2 AM or at a more reasonable hour, you get to decide when you're ready to learn.

This is a huge advantage when you are still full-time teaching (Hello, summer school!) or trying to juggle your work and family.

Another benefit of online learning is that it is often less expensive than attending a conference or in-person training. The overhead for online training is much lower because there isn't the cost of renting a space and materials, so you can usually find online professional development options for reasonable prices.

Typically, those professional development opportunities that provide certificates cost a little more than those that don't, but the costs can be reasonable.

A third great benefit of online professional development courses is you can go back and revisit it as you start implementing the ideas. Often times ideas seem great or you think you have a good understanding, but questions arise once you start to use your learning in the classroom.

With online PD, you can go back and revisit parts that you might need to refresh once you start implementation.

Where to Find Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

There are a number of places you can go to continue your professional growth. The depth and quality can really vary based on who is providing the training and whether you'll be receiving CEUs for it.

Since busy schedules and personal learning preferences also come into play, you'll want to consider which of the options below best fits your needs.

1. Education Podcasts

Whether you're looking to keep up on the latest trends in education or you need a little inspiration to make it through another testing season, there's a podcast perfect for you.

The benefits of PD through podcasts

The benefits of podcasts is that they are typically short and the audio format means you can be learning on your commute to work or during a jog on the treadmill.

The downside of podcast PD for teachers

The negative side is that these aren't commonly considered formal professional development, meaning you won't likely get CEUs.

Some campuses have, however, decided that a written reflection and implementation plan can qualify as professional development so it might be worth looking into whether your district or campus offers this option.

Teacher Podcasts to check out

When it comes to podcasts, it can feel a little like dating. Most of us have to try out at least a few options before we find our perfect match.

If podcast learning is for you, here's a great list of podcasts that you might want to check out.

  • Free Teacher PD
  • Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers
  • The Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast
  • TED Education – TED Talks Education
  • The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast
  • The Whole Child Podcast
  • The Teach Create Motivate Podcast
  • Teachers Ask Jen Serravallo
  • The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast
  • Teach Me, Teacher
  • Every Classroom Matters
  • Cult of Pedagogy

Know of other great teacher-focused podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

2. Online Continuing Education Courses

If you're looking for a professional development option that's a bit more versatile, you may want to consider online courses. While some online courses cost money, they also offer the most bang for your buck because many are provided by accredited colleges and universities and credits earned can be transferred toward a future degree.

Be sure to look closely before enrolling in online courses or counting on them for credits. Many websites claim free online professional development, but when you look a little closer, they do not offer certificates of completion, and/or require you to pay a fee for continuing education credits.

However, you'd be surprised how much free online PD is really available for educators. This collection is a set of genuinely free online classes that offer PD certificates so you can get credit for all that learning.

* Author's Note – The PD on these websites was free when this article was posted. This is subject to change. If you find a website that is no l onger free, please contact me and let me know.

OK2Ask: Free, live online “snack sessions” for teacher self-directed professional development and exploration


  • Live sessions and archived sessions available
  • Professional development certificates available

What you'll find:

  • Integrating Technology into Lessons
  • Teacher Timesavers
  • Book Club Opportunities
  • Common Core Ideas for Literacy, Writing, and Math
  • Special Ed & Gifted Learner Training

Intel Teach Elements


  • Courses offered are online, face-to-face, or a hybrid
  • Self-paced and facilitated courses available
  • Includes projects
  • Credit hours available depending on how the course is taken
  • 21st Century Learner Focused
  • Blended Learning courses
  • Assessment in 21st Century Classroom
  • Introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Understanding and Implementing Project Based Learning

Website: https ://

  • Provided by Universities including Ivy League
  • Varied Options
  • High-interest topics
  • Engaging Students with Art
  • Inspiring Leadership with Emotional Intelligence
  • Blended Learning
  • Get Organized: How to be a Together Teacher
  • Teaching Character
  • Classroom Culture

MIT OpenCourseWare


  • Courses by MIT professors
  • High-interest topics & foundational courses
  • Geared toward upper level teachers
  • Becoming the next Bill Nye – creating an educational show
  • Courses on Educational Theory & Practice
  • Computer games and simulations for learning
  • Cross-cultural teaching and learning

KET Education Store


  • Courses include options for all ages and stages – early learning, K-12, and adult
  • Many free high-interest topics
  • Additional paid options depending on needs
  • Positive Behavior in Schools
  • Formative Assessment in the Secondary Classroom
  • Mental Health & Covid 19

3. Webinars for Teacher PD

Webinars are another great way to access PD outside of what is provided by your district. There are tons of options available these days, and if you prefer video to reading or listening, a webinar can be a perfect solution.

Advantages to webinars for digital PD

Webinars are excellent for learning the basics about a topic or gaining new information about something you're already familiar with. They usually last about an hour, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. Webinars are also commonly provided for free or very reasonably priced due to the low overhead costs of filming them. Live webinars also offer the ability for student-teacher interaction and discussion to help problem solve how to use the information in the classroom.

Disadvantages of Webinars for Teacher PD

There are also several disadvantages to this format. First off, it requires total attention. Since it is a video format, you can't participate effectively while doing something else.

Live webinars can also be challenging due to issues caused by teachers in different time zones and when the webinar is held.

Unlike online courses, the majority of free webinars do not offer professional development credit. Although, your district may offer options similar to those provided for podcasts.

Free Professional Development Webinars for Teachers

Here are a few free PD webinars that might interest you as you look toward your continuing education plan.

  • EDWeek – Current Topics in Education Webinars
  • ASCD Webinar Archives
  • SimpleK12 Webinars
  • Laura Candler's Free Webinars for Teachers
  • Teacher Closet Monthly Webinars
  • Emergent Tree Education Classroom Management & Behavior Webinars

With all these great choices, grab your tablet and a pair of headphones and get learning on your time!

Free Digital PD for Teachers

If you're looking for more great options for professional learning that won't cost you a penny, check out my follow-up post:

10 More Free Online PD Options for Teachers

Do you know of other sites that offer free online professional development for teachers? Let me know in the comments below!

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free online continuing education courses for teachers

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20+ Free Teacher Training Courses and Resources

November 11, 2023

If you have been in the education field for a while, you can not underestimate the significance of using practical teaching skills to boost student achievement. Continually improving your skills helps you master new knowledge and develop new proficiency, which helps improve your students’ learning processes. 

You stay up-to-date with evolving teaching methodologies and create better learning experiences for your students. You also create a more dynamic and inclusive classroom that caters to diverse student needs preparing your learners to succeed in different social, cultural, and economic aspects of our society.

Professional development will also be crucial in your career since many school districts require you to enroll in Continuing Education courses. The teaching skills you acquire in these teacher training courses help you transform learners into active creators of knowledge, preparing them for lifelong learning. 

professor using touchpad while assisting her student

This guide is a curation of over 20 free teacher training courses and resources that are relevant to the modern classroom. Let’s get started:

1- SimpleK12

SimpleK12 is a leading provider of premium professional development resources for teachers. They provide user-friendly, live, and on-demand training. The institution’s goal is to enhance teacher knowledge and skills, inspiring them to engage better with their learners, perfect their skills, and share their educator experiences. 

SimpleK12 has an extensive community of more than 84,000 K-12 educators who have benefitted from their professional courses, making it stand out as a preferred choice. The community includes paraprofessionals, teachers, assistant teachers, substitute teachers, school counselors, administrators, and curriculum coaches. 

SimpleK12 also boasts a large community of tutors, consultants, and homeschool parents who contribute valuable expertise to the community. 

Here are some of the courses and resources you can find on the SimpleK12 website :

  • Partnering with Parents Planning Template : This resource is significant in helping you build effective partnerships with your learner’s parents and caregivers. It gives you a framework to discover innovative ways to enhance parental participation and establish opportunities for their involvement. This template helps you master the art of family-school teamwork by nurturing parental support through establishing communication and volunteer initiatives. 
  • Summer Learning Planning Tool : This SimpleK12 tool, created by Lauren Boucher helps you realize self-improvement and professional growth. It guides you through a realm of educational possibilities with endless options, from exploring new subjects to growing your expertise. This valuable tool helps you realize the transformative power of summer learning, where you explore the depths of knowledge and unlock your full potential of optimizing learner outcomes through free teacher training resources. 
  • Virtual Field Trip Planning Tool : Today, we can take tours all over the world within the confines of our classroom. Using apps such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and other resources, this tool helps you create a virtual field excursion. You can create an agenda plan for pre-, during, and post-activities. You also learn how to create and use manipulatives of things like artifacts to recreate a virtual experience of an actual field trip.
  • 7 Tips for Working with Multilingual Learners : This teacher training resource guides you into becoming a more culturally responsive tutor in light of today’s increasing diversity. This resource equips you with seven tips and strategies for working with multilingual learners whose numbers in our classrooms continue to rise. The course, by Matt Bergman guides you on different strategies and tools for interactively to effectively instruct linguistically diverse learners. 
  • Math Discussion Prompts : This SimpleK12 resource guides you into asking questions to prompt critical thinking in the classroom. Learners who think critically can have more meaningful, rich discussions with their classmates– highlighting proper understanding of mathematics. You help your students uncover math misconceptions and excel in STEM.
  • Nonfiction Reading Discussion Questions : Nonfiction text is essential in introducing your students to unfamiliar vocabulary and new experiences, sparking a world of curiosity. With this resource, you understand the significance of nonfiction text to your learners and contextual cues to increase comprehension with graphs, diagrams, tables, and charts to promote your learners’ critical thinking skills. 
  • CER STEM Posters for Students : The Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning teacher training resource will guide you into nurturing your learners’ critical thinking skills to get them thinking like scientists. You get practical and interactive skills to train your learners to develop reasoning and deductive skills. 
  • End-of-Year Reflection : This teacher training resource will guide you into nurturing the reflective skills of your learners. It helps you guide your learners through evaluating their achievements in a year and helps them appreciate their highlights, insights, and experiences and how they impact their next school year. 
  • 6 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself as a New Teacher: This is a free training resource to help you establish your goals for the year, manage your expectations, and track your success as an educator. You can download the guide and get help interrogating your teaching style for better results. It also lists all the essential procedures you should consider before school starts. 
  • Demonstrate Your Mastery Of Each Standard With This Tic Tac Toe Choice Board : Simplek12 provides this free teacher training resource to help you show mastery in a collection of standards. This choice board guides you into ensuring your learners have access to the tools and resources they require for knowledge of a particular skill as directed by the curriculum. 
  • Create Universal Lesson Plans with a POP : This is another free teacher resource that guides you into creating lesson plans that accommodate the diversity in your classroom. The Predict, Overcome, and Plan lesson plan design lets you predict the highly probable challenges and create flexible options to address them. You can plan how to assess your students by providing flexibility and structure to your lesson.  

MERLOT stands for Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. This resource website was created by California State University as a repository for online teacher training resources. 

By capitalizing on its diversity, MERLOT provides free educational content for online, hybrid, and physical class content. The institution provides various materials to build your course or supplement a textbook. 

MERLOT’s most significant advantage is their Open Textbook Project, which hosts one of the world’s largest collections of open texts. Some of the courses and resources you find in MERLOT include: 

  • Arts Education K-6 lesson plans
  • Multilingual learning toolkit
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Caring for our children
  • Games for learning English

3- Teacher Training Videos

Teacher training videos are a free resource that offers a step-by-step guide to incorporating technology into classroom teaching. The organization also provides face-to-face and online training to companies and individuals. 

What makes Teacher Training Videos unique as a teacher training resource is their expertise in providing educational content through visually appealing guides.

Some of the free teacher training video resources they offer include::

  • Hybrid Teaching ideas for teachers
  • Feedback technology to use part 1
  • Complete training, online and in-class
  • 3 tools to encourage student collaboration
  • Teaching Online introduction

4- OpenLearn: Education Technology

OpenLearn is a teacher training platform that offers free resources such as interactives, courses, and videos. OpenLearn’s technology stands out with their wide variety of free teacher training resources and a flexible schedule for participation.

Their website provides over 1,000 free courses that are readily available. You can access the material at your convenience and study at your own pace. 

Some of the teacher training courses available on OpenLearn include:

  • Assessment in secondary music
  • Basic science: understanding experiments
  • Childhood in the digital era
  • Approaches to software development
  • Aquatic mammals

5- FutureLearn: Teaching for Home Learning

FutureLearn is a professional teacher training course designed to guide teachers of science tutoring learners aged between 11-19 years at home. FutureLearn uses design, technology, and partnerships to create attractive, flexible, and credible short online courses for its users. 

What makes FutureLearn stand out is the design of their courses. Every course is designed according to the dimensions of effective learning.

Some of the courses you can access at FutureLearn’s website include:

  • How to use Classroom 200
  • Improve Student Assessment with Microsoft forms
  • Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started
  • Teaching Digital Literacy: Video games in Education
  • Genomics for Educators

6- edX: Instructional Design Models 

The edX teacher training courses are designed as an infusion of interactive digital tools, digital media, and collaborative projects to help you enhance learner engagement. 

What’s unique with edx courses is that they are planned by subject matter experts. You can learn areas such as effective curriculum design, collaboration, and interrogating techniques in creating your outlines for online courses. 

They also cover how to apply instructional design models to create efficient online learning experiences and how you can collaborate with subject matter experts. 

Some of the courses edx offers include:

  • Learning Design Evolution
  • Addie Design Model
  • Dick and Carey Design Model
  • Understanding by Design (UbD)
  • Rapid eLearning Design

7- EdTechTeacher

EdTechTeacher is a professional teacher training resources provider that focuses on helping teachers thrive in the current learning environments. They offer onsite, virtual, and self-paced training.

The institution is actively engaged in strengthening relationships between educators, schools, organizations, and businesses. EdTechTeacher’s competitive advantage is their online course development services that are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of children and adults from diverse backgrounds. 

Some of the courses offered in EdTechTeacher include:

  • Professional Learning partnerships
  • Research and Case Studies
  • Learning Module Development
  • Training for Instructional Coaches
  • EdTech Needs Analysis

8- EdTech Leaders Online

EdTech Leader Online (ETLO) provides a series of online teacher training workshops for K-12 educators and administrators. Their training content is focused on specific subject areas and grade levels. 

Their competitive advantage is their trainers, who are experts in educational technology. 

EdTech Online Leaders Online resources are tailored to the specific needs of children and adult users. Their resources can help you transform your existing educational content into suitable content for online and blended models of instruction.  

Some of the resources available on the EdTech Online Leaders website include:

  • Professional Development
  • Virtual Schools
  • Online Workshops

9- Intel Teach Elements

Intel Teach Elements offers teacher professional development courses that can be accessed remotely. This teacher training resource will help you engage learners with digital learning processes, including Web 2.0, digital content, and social networking in all subject areas. 

Intel Teach Elements stands out because it provides guides for teachers that help integrate technology into their existing curriculum. They also focus on collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 

Some courses offered under Intel Teach Elements include:

  • Moving into Mobile Learning
  • Creativity in the Mobile Classroom
  • Designing Blended Learning
  • Inquiry in the Science Classroom
  • Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

10- The U.S. Department of Education: Office of Educational Technology

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (OET) creates national policy on educational technology. It presents the significance of technology in transforming teaching and learning. 

Their resources guide you through the possibilities of making learning available everywhere for early learners through K12, higher education, and adult education. 

Some of the resources available through this resource provider include: 

  • Games for Learning
  • Future Ready Schools: Professional Learning Toolkit

11- Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers is a teacher training resource that teachers can use to create interactive curriculum content. You can use their platform to transform your Google slides, PDF documents, and documents into rich media like videos and other interactive teaching resources. 

This is a free teacher training resource provider that helps you create interactive curriculum content as it is rich with rich media, such as a rich collection of videos. They also offer a great teacher resource for online assignment creation. 

The teacher professional development website allows you to transform your existing paper or PDF assignments into digital worksheets such as Google Slides and Docs into interactive activities while also enjoying the auto-grading features of the website.

This teacher training provider stands out with their ability to integrate with major LMS platforms such as Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom, giving you a wide variety of digital media to work with.

Some of the significant resources TeacherMade integrates with include:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom

12- Microsoft Corporate Citizenship: Training

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Microsoft participates in the training roles of different groups in society. It seeks out community needs and tailors its training to address them.

On their website, you can acquire valuable knowledge to guide your teaching processes through free training resources. You can also share the knowledge gained with your community. 

Microsoft Corporate Citizenship training stands out as a valuable free online digital literacy curriculum that provides knowledge for embracing technology in the classroom.

Some resources you can access on this platform include:

  • Optimizing your Work with Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams 101 for Nonprofits
  • Excel for Nonprofits
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

13- Class Central

Class Central is a free listing for online courses. The website aggregates courses from many providers, making it easy to find training programs on any subject. 

Its competitive advantage is that it focuses on free or free-to-audit courses from over 1200 universities, over 80 providers, and 1000+ institutions. 

Some of the courses on this free online course provider include:

  • Global Education for Teachers
  • Learning and Memory in the Brain: A guide for teachers
  • Child Protection for Teachers
  • Teaching with Technology and Inquiry: An open course for teachers
  • Autism Strategies for Teachers

14- Edudemic

Edudemic is a free online teacher training website that publishes articles and tips based on teaching and learning tools. It also analyzes the current technological changes and how they shape our education. 

The site stands out as a source of information on the most significant ed-tech tools and tips, reviewing innovative products for educators, and how-to articles on education apps. 

Some of their resources include:  

  •  Citelighter Is Growing (And Giving Away A Premium Tool To 50 Teachers
  •  Using Mother’s Day As A Chance To Connect With Students’ Parents
  •  5 Studies On Why Education And Health Are Critical To Improvement
  •  Here comes another tech bubble — in education

15- Russell Stannard: Teacher Training Videos  

This free teacher training resource was created by Russell Stannard. The website provides short, clear, and practical videos meant to help teachers and students effectively incorporate technology in their teaching and learning. 

The competitive advantage is that the founder, Russell, is a master in the craft, and his website has previously received awards from The Times Higher Newspaper and the British Council. 

Some of the videos on the website include:

  • Using a flipped classroom when teaching online
  • Developing student’s fluency in language learning- A simple idea
  • Using YouTube in language learning
  • Websites for developing speaking skills in languages

16- MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare offers on-demand courses that are suitable for independent study. 

What makes them stand out is their high-quality educational materials and resources, such as syllabi, videos, and lecture notes. You can also download all the course material. 

OpenCourseWare is also suitable for higher education to help improve course content, and it also acts as a platform to share courses. 

Some of the courses and resources suitable for teachers include:

  • Teaching college-level science and engineering
  • Advice for educators
  • Educators thumb
  • Linear Algebra-Communications Intensive
  • Introduction to numerical methods

17- ClassTechTips

This free teacher development resource by Dr. Monica Burns helps educators use technology to design meaningful formative assessments and inspire every learner. 

The website has teacher development resources like podcasts, books, and blogs. 

Run by a former teacher, the website develops practical teacher resources.

Some of the available resources include:

  • Podcasts: How student-driven play shapes creative minds with Kim Zajac
  • Books: EdTech Essentials, 40 ways to inject creativity into your classroom
  • Blogs: High-dosage tutoring for K-12 schools, 24 ChatGPT prompts for science teachers

18- Mimio Educator Blog

The Mimio Educator teacher development resources focus on developing comprehensive, user-friendly educational experiences. 

Mimio provides feature-rich interactive displays and valuable audio systems that advance STEM study and high-quality professional development. 

Some of the resources on this teacher development website include: 

  • Empowering Education: Interactive Assessments and Innovative Tools
  • Leveraging Tech to Enhance Campus Safety: A Guide for Schools
  • Selecting Classroom Audio Tools for Inclusive Learning
  • Sharing Notes: Enhancing Learning After Every Lesson

Alison is a free online educational website with videos, class materials, and lectures on various topics. You can sign up for several courses and enhance your professional development as an educator. 

What makes Alison different is that they offer certificates on completion, which are recognized by institutions across the United States. Each course outlines the materials provided, the instructor’s credentials, the syllabus, and how long it will take you to complete the course. 

Here are some of the website’s suitable courses for educators:

  • Teaching Assistant Fundamentals
  • Physical Education- Coaching Styles and Techniques
  • Introduction of Forest Schooling
  • Phonics Teaching Guide

20- Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle is a web-based educational application that allows you to select and customize videos by cropping, adding quizzes, or recording your own. 

Through this platform, your learners can learn basic lessons independently, giving you adequate time to work on other activities that reinforce learner understanding. You can also track your learners’ progress and grade their engagement with the videos created. 

Here are some of the courses available through this free online professional development website:

  • Project-Based learning
  • Edpuzzle beginner with canvas
  • Edpuzzle beginner with Schoology
  • Gamification in class
  • Diversion and Inclusion

Sophia Learning is an educational website that provides high-quality online courses for your career development. The platform offers free online tools and resources to create, share, and develop classroom groups for learners’ discussions. It also allows you to monitor analytics and learner progress. 

Here are some of the courses available on Sophia learning:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Approaches to Studying Religions

KQED is a free teacher professional development website that helps you polish your media-making skills and guides you into incorporating media literacy in your teaching. It is focused on educators in grades K-12, all subject areas and roles. 

KQED offers a variety of resources, including podcasts, blogs, and courses, all of which are valuable in your development as a teacher. 

Here are some of the resources available on the website:

  • How Nutrients Move Through Watersheds | Interactive Lesson
  • What Are Perfect Squares
  • Supporting Dual Language Learners | PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning

23- Edutopia

Edutopia is an online educational resource that focuses on transforming pre-K-12 education so that all learners can acquire and efficiently apply appropriate skills and attitudes essential to thriving in education.

Edutopia is significant in inspiring change-makers in education. It guides educators in enhancing the learning process and enabling them to find, share, and transition to what is working in advancing educational experiences.

Here are some of the resources for educators available on the website:

  • Teaching Young Learners to Connect With Nature
  • How to Nurture Your Joy in Teaching
  • 4 Strategies to Help ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom
  • How Storytelling Inspires Children to Learn English

24- TeachThought

TeachThought Teacher Training Resource is a website that equips teachers with knowledge on K-12 education. It uses resource curation, collaboration, curriculum development, podcasts, and thought leadership to facilitate its teacher professional development role. 

The platform’s main selling point is their ability to provide industry-leading professional development to educators. 

Some of the resources on this website include:

  • What is Vygotsky’s sociocultural Learning Theory?
  • A visual summary: 32 learning theories every teacher should know 
  • What does the research say about learning through play

25- Shake Up Learning

Shake Up Learning is an online planning resource that can help you make the most of technology at all levels of educational instruction. 

The platform provides empowering educational resources, workshops, and publications to develop educators for enhanced learning outcomes. 

Some of the courses available on this website include:

  • Google Classroom Masterclass
  • The Blended Learning with Google Workshop
  • The Dynamic Learning Workshop
  • 10+ Classroom Management Classroom Management Tips to Keep Kids Focused

Improving Your Teaching Knowledge and Skills

As a teacher, your role is significant in inspiring, nurturing, and pushing the limits of learners’ young minds to realize their optimal educational and adult potential. As the world of education continues to evolve, continuous professional development will help you remain well-informed, effective, and relevant.

You also become a better teacher in technological integration, organization, and learner assessment. 

SimpleK12 is an industry leader in offering tailor-made professional courses that enhance inclusion, promote life-long learning, and provide actionable career information and insights. 

Take your preferred teacher training course now and improve your awareness of emerging issues in education, create more interactive and engaging learner activities using technology, and become a great teacher. 

How to Become a Teacher In Georgia in 2023

November 11, 2023 by alfred

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Texas Teachers Certification Areas

Texas teachers currently offers 50+ certification areas:.

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 6–12 (272)
  • American Sign Language (ASL) (184)
  • Art EC–12 (178)
  • Bilingual Education Supplemental (164)
  • Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) Spanish (190)
  • Business and Finance 6–12 (276)
  • Chemistry 7–12 (240)
  • Computer Science 8–12 (241)
  • Core Subjects EC-6 (291)
  • Core Subjects 4–8 (211)
  • Dance 6–12 (279)
  • English as a Second Language Supplemental (154)
  • English Language Arts and Reading 4–8 (117)
  • English Language Arts and Reading 7–12 (231)
  • English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies 4–8 (113)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences EC-12 (200)
  • Health EC–12 (157)
  • Health Science 6–12 (273)
  • History 7–12 (233)
  • Journalism 7–12 (256)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Arabic EC–12 (600 & 605)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) French EC–12 (610)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) German EC–12 (611)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Latin EC–12 (612)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Japanese EC–12 (602 & 607)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Mandarin Chinese EC–12 (601 & 606)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Russian EC–12 (603 & 608)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Spanish EC–12 (613)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Vietnamese EC–12 (604 & 609)
  • Life Science 7–12 (238)
  • Marketing 6–12 (275)
  • Mathematics 4–8 (115)
  • Mathematics 7–12 (235)
  • Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering 6–12 (274)
  • Mathematics/Science 4–8 (114)
  • Music EC–12 (177)
  • Physical Education EC–12 (158)
  • Physical Science 6–12 (237)
  • Physics/Mathematics 7–12 (243)
  • Science 4–8 (116)
  • Science 7–12 (236)
  • Social Studies 4–8 (118)
  • Social Studies 7–12 (232)
  • Special Education EC–12 (161)
  • Speech 7–12 (129)
  • Technology Applications EC–12 (242)
  • Technology Education 6–12 (171)
  • Texas Assessment of Sign Communication–American Sign Language™ (TASC–ASL™) (073)
  • Theatre EC–12 (180)
  • Trade and Industrial (T&I)

free online continuing education courses for teachers

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Live Courses

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Professional development courses for teachers created by expert educators

We offer flexible classes that address the needs of teachers and schools to support today’s classrooms and increase student success

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Empowering Teacher Voice and Choice through Relevant Professional Development Topics

Explore a vast range of professional development topics created by expert educators addressing today’s classroom needs and supporting student achievement.

Administrator Resources

Flexibility for Shifting Schedules

Discover flexible personal development options designed to fit your shifting schedule and educational needs. From on-demand training to live sessions and workshops, learn on your own terms.

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free online continuing education courses for teachers

Training options

Sign up to access over 1500+ on-demand training courses across various topics, K-12 grade levels, and subject areas. Choose 30-minute virtual sessions for quick learning or 60-minute virtual training for comprehensive understanding.

On-demand Training

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Gives teachers voice and choice with access to over 1500+ on-demand training and development courses across 40 topics, K-12 grade levels, and a variety of subject areas at whatever time works best for you.

Online Training Options

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30-minute virtual training sessions that are designed for teachers with limited time but who still want high-quality training.

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60-minute, virtual training that follows research-based best practices, engagement, and activities to apply what you've learned right away.

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free online continuing education courses for teachers

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Our professional development courses are developed by expert educators, addressing the real-world needs of teachers and schools. We provide timely, relevant content that empowers you in your teaching career.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

We believe in continual growth and learning. Our flexible, relevant, and engaging professional development courses inspire educators to keep learning, growing, and evolving.

Career Support

No matter where you're at in your teaching career, SimpleK12 is here for you. Our professional development courses provide support, guidance, and actionable advice to help you advance in your profession.

Actionable Information & Insights

We don't just provide theory; we provide actionable advice. Our trainers are real teachers and educational professionals who provide strategies and tips you can apply immediately.

Your professional development Journey

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Our professional development courses are flexible, allowing you to learn at a pace that suits you best.

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Engage with a global community of educators. Share ideas, gain new insights, and foster collaboration.

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free online continuing education courses for teachers

The cost compared to others is just phenomenal. The teachers are excited, it’s convenient, it’s something in which teachers can relate to, and it’s current. It is a tool that you can’t go wrong with using and just the fact that teachers migrate to it, it just sticks with them.

free online continuing education courses for teachers

One half-hour SimpleK12 webinar was filled with more information than I receive at an all-day session elsewhere.

free online continuing education courses for teachers

We’re using SimpleK12 because it’s a powerful tool for teachers. Anytime you get a committed group of teachers working together for a similar cause, amazing things happen. That’s what’s happened in the Teacher Learning Community.

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The COVID-19 pandemic posed new challenges, but we responded with the tools and resources teachers needed for the sudden shift to virtual teaching. Now, as part of the Teachers of Tomorrow family, we continue to support educators from their initial certification to ongoing professional growth.

As the world evolves, so do we, staying committed to empowering educators through online professional development, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to make a profound impact.

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Elementary Assessments

Elementary Assessments

21+ Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

If you’re a PK-12 educator looking for free online professional development for teachers, you’ve landed in the right place.

Due to limited school budgets and time, teachers are seeking free online workshops, trainings, courses, and webinars to improve or expand their teaching skills plus professional knowledge.

Additionally, former teachers and educators on hiatus may want to continue accumulating annual continuing education hours in order to keep their teaching certifications up-to-date.

What’s more, if you don’t work for a school district or your district doesn’t provide enough quality professional development, the costs of teacher professional development training can start to put a real dent in your finances.

But we’ve got you covered.

Here you will find the best list of free online professional development for teachers, offering a range of topics, with and without certificates.

Keep in mind that many of the options for free online professional development for teachers do not provide continuing education credits also known as certificates.

However, some do.

Best Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

This list of free online professional development for teachers highlights websites that offer courses, webinars, and training for educators to learn new skills plus knowledge.

1. Common Sense Education  

Common Sense offers free professional development events such as interactive workshops, chats, and webinars.

Teachers learn practical strategies for teaching with technology with the goal of supporting students in their digital lives.

2. Inspire Teaching

PK-12 teachers may choose from live trainings, on-demand courses, and webinars – all at no cost.

This organization includes a community forum where educators can exchange inspirational teaching practices and strategies with peers.

Participate anytime, anywhere – from a mobile device or laptop.

Presented by skilled practitioners, ASCD offers free webinars, videos, and podcasts that focus on research-based practices.

4. Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM

This institute showcases free, bite-sized workshops each month. Each session includes a video and materials.

Specifically designed for educators, these workshops fill teachers with great ideas for their classrooms.

5. KET Education

KET provides K-12, self-paced online courses for teachers and administrators.

A certificate of completion is available.

6. Teach Me, Teacher Podcast

If your state permits self-study as a professional development option, this podcast is a good choice.

You will gain insight from teachers and administrators having honest conversations about their teaching plus learning experiences.

7. Canvas  

Teachers partake in self-paced professional development online courses designed specifically for educators.


Edweb offers a variety of free online professional development for teachers via webinars .

Continuing education certificates are provided upon completion.

This platform encourages teachers to engage in the learning process, share resources/ideas, and collaborate.

9. Learning for Justice

This website is a great resource of materials for K-12 teachers who want to shape their schools into equitable communities.

It offers free, on-demand webinars presented by seasoned educators and learning specialists.

Webinars may be shared with colleagues.

Related Content: Best Master’s Degrees for Educators

10. TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst presents a series of free, virtual workshops for teacher professional learning.

The sessions are…

  • interactive,
  • based on research,
  • full of practical ideas for the classroom, and
  • available in two formats: live (with a certificate) and on-demand (without a certificate).

11. Truth for Teachers Podcast

Though this professional learning opportunity does not offer continuing education credits or certificates, it’s a great option for self-study.

Truth for Teachers is a highly-ranked K-12 podcast that shares advice, knowledge, and encouragement for the hearts and minds of educators.

The host offers a private Facebook group where participants can collaborate and engage in various education-related topics.

12. Learners Edge  

Learners Edge offers valuable, on-demand webinars for busy teachers. The sessions are usually no longer than an hour.

Webinars cover a variety of topics including writing, mindfulness, reading, and mental health awareness.

Certificates are available upon completion.

Alison prides itself on providing free courses for educators that empower their lives and further their careers.

The platform offers a variety of online courses covering a range of topics which include special education, educational psychology, and early childhood development.

14. Waterford

Waterford is currently presenting a free webinar series about literacy.

Teachers learn about research-based classroom strategies to help them teach literacy more effectively.

15. Apple Teacher Program

The Apple Teacher Program is one of the most unique options when it comes to free online professional development for teachers.

It provides free, flexible professional learning resources for schools and districts in which staff can collaborate.

The Apple Teacher Learning Center, a component of the program, presents a self-paced, personalized online experience.

It gives teachers the tools necessary to build a solid foundation in using Apple products such as iPad, Mac, and iMovie in the classroom.

The tutorials within, accessible from anywhere, focus on lesson ideas, skill-building, and inspiration.

16. SciLearn

This website provides free professional development sessions that focus on strategies to support struggling learners.

Certificates for continuing education credit are available upon completion of a webinar.

17. Education Week

Education Week offers a collection of free plus paid on-demand webinars.

18. Facing History

If you want to add more tools to your teaching toolkit and engage with other educators online, this website is for you.

With both free and paid options, Facing History offers on-demand webinars, workshops, plus online courses on topics related to English language arts, humanities, social studies, teaching strategies, and civics, just to name a few.

The goal is to increase student learning by utilizing strategies that engage.

19. KQED Teach

This platform, with the objective of enhancing media literacy, offers K-12 educators free, self-paced online courses which include detailed videos and engaging activities.

Through these workshops, teachers gain confidence and learn the skills necessary to include media literacy in their teaching.

A certificate of completion is available after meeting certain requirements.

20. Emergent Tree Virtual Learning Academy

This organization provides free recorded webinars to teachers, administrators, and other professionals in the education field.

Topics relate to behavior management in school settings.

21. Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson is unique in that it is a community of teachers and other professionals in the education community who collaborate, contribute content and stay current on educational matters via an online medium.

There are a variety of free professional development webinars from which teachers may choose.

22. NASA STEM Engagement & Educator Professional Development Collaborative

This professional development collaborative offers free distance learning opportunities for K-12 educators and administrators.

Webinar topics focus on STEM.

23. SHAPE America

If you’re a K-12 physical education or health teacher, this website is for you.

Educators earn professional development hours via free, self-paced webinars that are on-demand making them flexible for busy schedules.

24. PBS Learning Media

This learning platform offers a variety of videos, materials, and resources to help teachers sharpen their instructional skills.

Topics relate to assessment, learning environment, planning, professional practice, and instruction.

Final Thoughts: Free Online Professional Development for Teachers

Now you’re set to meet your professional development goals with this list of free online professional development for teachers in hand.

Whether you want to take free courses, workshops, webinars, or live training, this collection of websites offers something to meet your professional needs.

If you teach grades K-5 and found this list of free online professional development for teachers helpful, you may be interested in … professional development options for elementary teachers .


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Strategies from The Writing Rope for Think, Plan, Write, Revise

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Strategies from The Writing Rope for Think, Plan, Write, Revise

Spark Conversations Using Illustrative Math in Grades 3-5

Spark Conversations Using Illustrative Math in Grades 3-5

Making Accessible Educational Materials Available to Students Who Need Them

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Making Accessible Educational Materials Available to Students Who Need Them

Teacher Retention: Successful Models and Strategies

Teacher Retention: Successful Models and Strategies

Executive Function: A Practical Guide to Teaching Planning and Time Management

Executive Function: A Practical Guide to Teaching Planning and Time Management

Baking a Simple Early Literacy Cake in the PreK-1 Classroom: Ingredients and Method

Baking a Simple Early Literacy Cake in the PreK-1 Classroom: Ingredients and Method

Differentiate Elementary Math Instruction to Increase Engagement and Flexibility: Build Your Toolbox

Differentiate Elementary Math Instruction to Increase Engagement and Flexibility: Build Your Toolbox

Culturally Responsive Instruction Series, Part 1

Culturally Responsive Instruction, Part 1: 10 Tips for Liberating Your Literacy Instruction

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Harness the Power of Applied AI for Educators

Harness the Power of Applied AI for Educators

Artificial intelligence has the potential not only to solve existing problems but also to ...

Simple Tech Solutions for Inclusive Learning Environments

Simple Tech Solutions for Inclusive Learning Environments

One of the most important duties of teachers is creating inclusive learning environments, ...

Inclusive Education: Creating Learning Experiences For Every Child

Inclusive Education: Creating Learning Experiences For Every Child

When you consider the power education has in launching a child’s future, giving every ...

Policy and Practice: An AI Roadmap

Policy and Practice: An AI Roadmap

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School leaders meeting together

Solutions for the Teacher Shortage: Pipelines, Partnerships, and Pathways

Starting the school year with vacant teaching positions rather than a fully staffed and ...

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I feel like I just grabbed a lifesaver. Thank you! Already recommended to colleagues.

Linda Mitchell, Librarian, Prince William County Schools

I really enjoyed the specific tools and recommendations! I can see myself putting them in practice tomorrow. The advice and knowledge was given by real educators, which is invaluable.

Stephanie LeBlanc, Instructional Strategist, MSAD 51

I am a Literacy Coach in Spartanburg School District 6. Someone invited me to a webinar when I was a classroom teacher and I have been viewing these for 3 years. As a Literacy Coach I forward webinars to our teachers. Thank you for this resource. It’s phenomenal. I've learned so much!

Carlton Carruth, Literacy Coach, Spartanburg School District 6

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Find the advanced degree you need at an exceptionally low price through our special partnership with ACE.

Save up to 84% on Tuition Costs

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With Teaching Channel Discount $8,500

When Transferring Up to 9 Teaching Channel graduate-level course credits

Average ACE Cost (without our discount) $10,000

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Free Online Course for Teachers

Registration opens 8/7/23 – Don’t miss your chance to register!

Earn Credit for Free

The University of San Diego is excited to offer a free online continuing education course for teachers! This free online course will allow you to explore the University of San Diego’s online platform for teachers and see if our 500+ online educator courses are right for you and your professional development.

This free course has been created from one of the University of San Diego’s most popular online courses, Be on My SIDE: Educating for Social Justice, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity. Students who enroll will be able to explore the first half of this popular course while earning a graduate-level extension credit for free.

Registration for the free course opens August 7th, 2023, and is limited to the first two hundred registrants. Don’t miss your chance to explore our offerings while earning credit!

Restrictions may apply*

Registration is now open!

USD’s free online educator course is now open for registration! Click the button below to visit the course page and register. Registration closes August 13, 2023 and will be capped at 200 students. Don’t miss your chance to take one of USD’s online educator courses for free!

Course Overview

Be on My SIDE: Educating for Social Justice, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity  will address the role of educators as allies, advocates and catalysts for positive change.  Educators will examine their personal biases, reflect upon the research, listen to and understand perspectives and strategies of experts in the field, and develop an action plan to address challenges related to race, ability, mental health, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other issues pertaining to social justice, inclusivity, diversity and equity in education. This course has been split in half to allow participants to explore this topic and the University of San Diego’s continuing education program for free.

The free portion of this course allows students to gain a deeper understanding of issues related to social justice, inclusivity, diversity and equity (SIDE) in education. You will share your personal journey as a student and your philosophy as an educator. You will also examine and fine tune the strategies you have in place for creating a welcoming environment, and contemplate your role as a leader in fostering a culture of belonging.

In the second part of the course, which can be enrolled in while taking the free portion, you will earn one extra unit by exploring and analyzing ethical scenarios in  Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education  by Paul Gorski and Seema G. Pothini. You will apply concrete steps in resolving conflict, addressing bias and restoring justice in your educational setting. You will also create a sustainable action plan that incorporates resources, activities and strategies in educating for SIDE.

Key Benefits of Educator Courses

A world of choices.

With hundreds of courses across a range of education-related topics, there’s a strong chance we have the ideal class for you!

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes with real-world educators are an important part of the USD experience.

Work-Life Balance

Our educator courses offer flexible course formats and class times to help you balance your work, USD studies, and family life.

I love the continuing education classes at USD because unlike classes I’ve taken at other universities, I feel like the material is really applicable and I’m actually learning something. The courses push my learning without being too challenging/time consuming to complete while working full time. The professors also really seem interested in your growth rather than just checking off that you completed the requirements.

*Registration opens 8/7/23 and will close at 200 registrants or midnight 8/13/23, whichever comes first. Registration will be offered on a first come first serve basis. If you experience issues during registration, please contact us on our about page. Participants who complete the free portion of the course will earn one unit of graduate-level extension credit. Transcripts are not provided for free. Students requiring a transcript for verification of completion and credit earned may order one here.

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Workspace Admin
  • Google Cloud

Learn to transform new and existing content into engaging and interactive assignments via Practice Sets course.

Explore practice sets course., empowering educators and supporting lifelong learning with free of charge, online training for the classroom.

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Learn basic and advanced skills across Google Workspace for Education tools

Explore ideas and tips designed to help educators make the most of Google’s classroom technology.

free online continuing education courses for teachers

Help your institution collaborate easily, streamline instruction, and keep the learning environment secure

We've designed a collection of training and resources for you to help your institution be better connected, safer and a digitally empowered place to be.

Illustration of a browser with a woman inside of a video window.

Learn the basics of Google Workspace for Education with quick videos sent to your inbox

Chromebook device with Classroom app user interface in the screen.

Leverage Google Classroom to manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences

Whether you’re just starting out with Google Classroom or exploring advanced functions, this course covers features that help simplify class management, accelerate grading, and more.

A young Black girl uses a Chromebook in a classroom.

Practice Sets

In this course, you will learn how to create a practice set, assign it to your students in Classroom, and analyze student performance to inform further instruction. You can use practice sets to create interactive assignments, provide students with built-in hints and resources, and automate grading. Practice sets will engage your students in learning while saving you time.

Two students sharing a laptop to learn together at school.

Google Tools for In-Person Learning

In this course, you will learn practical strategies using technology that supports in-person learning and classroom management. You will add value to your students’ learning experience by integrating high-impact uses of Google Workspace for Education in your classroom.

Two students using their chromebooks in school.

Chromebooks for Educators

By the time you finish this course you will be able to use Chromebook’s essential tools, tips and tricks. This knowledge will enable you to design and deliver powerful instructional experiences for your students.

Explore additional trainings to support your work in the classroom and beyond

Digital citizenship and safety course.

Help students stay safe online and become responsible digital citizens


Learn how to use Google tools to keep students engaged while teaching remotely

Accessibility Tools Training

Make learning accessible for all students with Chromebook

Support English Language Learners

Support students learning English with Google Translate tools


Engage and deepen learning opportunities through creative distance learning.

Get up and running with Google tools for education

Bring technology to life in the classroom with tips, training, and resources to help educators get the most out of Google tools.


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College Cliffs

20 Free Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

Reviewed by Linda Weems I got started researching colleges and universities about 10 years ago while exploring a second career. While my second career ended up being exactly what I’m doing now, and I didn’t end up going to college, I try to put myself in your shoes every step of the way as I build out College Cliffs as a user-friendly resource for prospective students.

Updated: February 13, 2024 , Reading time: 9 minutes

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Find your perfect college degree

In this article, we will be covering...

Like any other professional, a teacher can keep a thriving career if by improving their teaching skills and expanding your knowledge through continuing education courses.

The LOWDOWN: For teachers’ professional development, a CE course is crucial for their career, which explains why most school districts across the US will require teachers to enroll in CE courses, and many of them are free and self paced! Apart from subject-specific classes, professional development courses also focus on universal areas for all teachers. Ideal for K12 to college instructors, these courses allow teachers to improve their skills, develop innovative methods of teaching students, and deepen their knowledge.

Critical Issues in Urban Education

The University of Chicago

University of Chicago (via Coursera)

Professional development courses like these are perfect introductory courses to Urban Education Issues. This professional development class focuses on the critical issues surrounding the education reform space in the US, specifically on issues that have summoned polarized views and controversy.

Best Features:

  • Shareable Certificate
  • 100% online and free
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Gives you a meaningful insight to the “ no child left behind” concept 

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling

University of Houston - Logo

University of Houston (via Coursera)

This 5-week, 14-hour free online course introduces teachers to digital storytelling and how you can use digital stories to enhance your student’s learning experiences.

  • Very powerful system with lots of guidelines for teachers’ online professional development

Caring for Others (Specialization)

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder (via Coursera)

This four-month professional development course studies how society cares for the at-risk members and the caregivers in the field. Does it aim to find answers to questions like how much misery is in the world these days? Will digital media play a role in sensitizing/desensitizing the grief of others? What are the types of paid care work? How do caregivers manage their emotions?

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Suitable for Beginners (no previous background knowledge is required)

Compassionate Leadership Through Service Learning – Jane Goodall & Roots & Shoots

This is an easy-to-understand ten-hour CE course for teachers that equips you with the relevant teacher resources so you can unveil the differences between community service and service-learning. You will apply the Roots and Shoots model in helping the youth have their voices heard in addressing the needs in their community. 

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Uses the Roots and Shoots program model

Teacher SEL: Programs, Possibilities & Contexts

University of Colorado Boulder, via Coursera

SEL, or social and emotional learning, are types of student programs that continues to rise in many schools. This professional development CE course, handled by Dan Liston and Randy Testa, examines the clear and solid teacher SEL programs and other alternatives to enhance teaching skills.

  • Thought-provoking but easy to follow
  • Ideal for the advanced learners

Copyright for Educators and Librarians

Duke University

Duke University (via Coursera)

This very informative five-week, fourteen-hour professional development CE course presented by some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry will give you a greater appreciation for the pros and cons of copyright.

  • Flexible Deadlines 
  • Numerous tools to address practical problems in the library

Blended Language Learning: Designs and Practice for Teachers

The University of Colorado Boulder, via Coursera

This free professional development online course is designed for language teachers who want to learn to build and teach a blended language course. Upon completing the course, you will earn 1.5 Graduate Teacher Education credits (GRTE) that are used for professional teacher enhancement and re-licensure and school district salary advancement

  • Flexible deadline
  • The course is broken down into several chunks. 

TESOL Professional Certificate

Arizona State University (via Coursera)

Through this TESOL professional certificate, you will learn how to write lesson plans, record yourself while teaching, or make a professional teaching portfolio that will surely impress your employer. In the final Capstone course, you get to have the chance to submit your teaching portfolio for an expert review.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Flexible schedule

Teach English Now! Teaching Language Online

For those interested in teaching ESL, this online professional development course will teach you everything you need to learn about online teaching. The course featuring teaching methods is fun because of its interesting “International Travel” theme that entertainingly delivers the contents and lectures.

  • Informative and enjoyable videos

Teaching Tips for Tricky English Grammar

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Irvine (via Coursera)

This easy-to-learn professional development course is part of the Teach English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. Ideal, especially for ESL teachers or those interested in learning how to teach the English language, the course focuses on the problems many students face when learning intermediate grammar.

Free CE Courses for Teachers - fact

Virtual Teacher Specialization

At two hours per week, this 7-month professional development specialization course teaches you the best practices for online teaching, virtual community building, student engagement, effective ways of using synchronous and asynchronous technologies, social media, data analysis techniques, and so much more. 

  • Self-paced learning option

Resilient Teaching Through Times of Crisis & Change


The University of Michigan (via Coursera)

This free online course is a perfect introduction to the practices and principles of resilient teaching and is designed with higher education lecturers, faculty, and graduate student instructors in mind across various instructional environments. 

  • The course helps you adapt to the unpredictable times in education.

Foundations of Virtual Instruction

This professional development CE course for teachers helps professionals learn the pitfalls of online learning and overcome them by focusing on the basics that truly impact student learning in a class environment.

  • 100$ online and free
  • Flexible Deadlines
  • The lessons are interconnected throughout the course.

Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom

This is an outstanding course designed to help you use methods of virtual instruction, especially in critical areas of K-12 education.

You learn and study the pitfalls that most new teachers come across and how you can overcome these issues by focusing on the essentials that have the best impact on student learning in a blended environment. 

  • Helps develop advanced-level techniques in an online class

Journey Conversations: Weaving Knowledge & Action


Yale University (via Coursera)

This free CE course for teachers discusses evolutionary sciences and humanities like religion, philosophy, art, and history. It is a professional development class that is part of the Journey of the Universe: A Story of Our Time specialization , a 20-series interview with environmentalists and scientists.

  • Presented in a format that encourages learning and participation

Performance Assessment in the Virtual Classroom

The University of California, Irvine (via Coursera)

This free CE course for teachers is designed to help teachers effectively assess each student’s virtual performance, including feedback models, compliance issues, data analysis, and online grade book functions.

  • Flexible Deadline
  • Excellent information presented, high-quality presentations, and resources 

Improving Classroom Management with Class Dojo

Coursera Project Network

Coursera Project Network

This short but helpful professional development CE course will help you set up your Class Dojo , a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities.

  • Takes one hour
  • Effective in explaining how the platform works and efficiently teaching enrollees how to manage classroom activities. 

e-Learning Ecologies (Innovative Approaches to Teaching & Learning for the Digital Age)

University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign - Logo

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (via Coursera)

This thought-provoking professional development, online continuing education course explores the seven different affordances of e-learning ecologies that open up real potentials for New Learning- transformative, 21 st -century learning.

Best Features: 

  • Presents a variety of examples of learning technologies

Multimodal Literacies – Communication & Learning in the Era of Digital Media

Based on the book Literacies by Mary Kalantzis, this professional development CE course for teachers explores future directions for a career. It is also ideal for individuals seeking a profession in education and workplace leaders who believe their mission is “educative.”

  • The course is important for educators of all subjects.
  • The contents are supported with clear explanations in videos and reading lists.

Assessment for Learning

This free online professional development CE course outlines the present debates and analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of learning assessment methods and technologies, including in the areas of computer diagnostic and adaptive testing.

  • Provides many approaches for assessments using different modes of technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher and students - free online CE courses

As a teacher, why is it important to continue your education?

Teachers have to be abreast of the best and most recent instructional practices to meet the needs of the students!

Professional development goals are achieved by enrolling in MOOCs with live webinars, free webinars, and self-paced learning tools.

Instruction today has become complex and multifaceted. It is the teacher’s responsibility to improve a student’s outcome using the best instructional methods to lessen achievement gaps–which an online continuing education course addresses.

What are the requirements for continuing education for teachers?

The requirements for a formal or online professional development or continuing education course vary depending on your state and specialization.

Check first with your school and state teaching board for the specific guidelines for getting Continuing Education Units or CEUs through online courses and reaching those professional development goals.

Most schools and states require teachers to earn a minimum number of CEUs or CECs (continuing education credits) every five years before one can renew a teaching license.

Key Takeaways

Online professional development courses for continuing education are indeed very important to teachers in so many ways! Enroll in free online courses today and enjoy these benefits:

  • Qualify for promotion and higher salary
  • Ease the transition to a better or new education career for professional growth
  • Boost job security and marketability
  • Encouraging proper time management skills for optimal performance
  • Get more opportunities for professional networking

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Top 12 Free Online Classes for Humanities in 2022 - Featured Image

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Free online courses for Michigan teachers support inclusive teaching and learning practices in remote and hybrid classrooms

The University of Michigan School of Education, in partnership with Michigan State University and Michigan Virtual, offers a new suite of free online courses focused on inclusive teaching and learning. These new offerings—made possible through funding from the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund —seek to address the urgent needs of Michigan teachers, administrators, and staff by providing training on research-based practices and strategies through convenient modules. 


Led by the School of Education's Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research , these courses were developed collaboratively by U-M faculty and local K-12 teachers with the aim of understanding and advancing equity in remote and hybrid learning settings arising from COVID-19. “Our approach in these modules is to focus on practices and habits of mind that educators can use to disrupt the inequities that have intensified since the emergence of COVID-19,” said Elizabeth Moje, dean of the University of Michigan School of Education. “Guided by the urgent needs expressed by fellow educators, we go beyond typical PD offerings to provide resources for creating inclusive learning experiences, whether the classroom environment is virtual, hybrid, or in person.”

U-M School of Education course offerings include: 

  • Anti-Racist Trauma-Informed Practice in PreK-12 Education: Explore educational responses to trauma and harm that center anti-racism, healing justice, restorative practices, and collective care.
  • Equity in Online Learning for Multilingual Students: Explore how to create equitable and supportive learning experiences for K-12 multilingual students in virtual and hybrid environments.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics Education: Explore inquiry-based learning and place-based learning in secondary mathematics.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning in Secondary Science Education: Explore inquiry-based and local space/place-based learning, data, and data literacy in secondary science education.

Each online course  consists of 8-10 hours of asynchronous learning for teachers. Participation is free and continuing education credits (called SCECHs) are awarded to Michigan educators. These courses are available to teachers statewide through Michigan Virtual’s online platform .

In addition to the courses developed by the U-M School of Education the full suite of online offerings includes topics presented by Michigan State University and Michigan Virtual:

  • Anti-Racism and Social Justice Teaching and Leadership
  • Teaching Transition Skills to Students with Disabilities
  • Intensive Social Intervention for Elementary School Students with ASD
  • Promoting Success for Students with Disabilities through Family-School Partnerships
  • How can Project-Based Learning Support Elementary School Students in “Figuring Out” Science?
  • How can Project-Based Learning Support Secondary Students in “Figuring Out” Science?
  • Social Emotional Learning: Equity Elaborations
  • Social Emotional Learning: Assessment Mechanisms
  • Social Emotional Learning: Adult SEL and Self-Care
  • Social Emotional Learning: Integrating SEL with MTSS  

EdHub for community and professional learning sign

EdHub Design Lab offers new resources to SOE community

Photo of Earth from space at night, with EdHub logo in floating above

Coming to a Screen Near You: The EdHub for Community and Professional Learning

Liz Kolb

SOE professor Liz Kolb and School of Information professor Kristin Fontichiaro speak about about the Digital Wellness Symposium on the Michigan Minds podcast 

Girl using VR headset

Drs. Rebecca and Chris Quintana lead development of LXD MOOC series in collaboration with EdHub and Center for Academic Innovation

Teacher shortage town hall screenshot

At the EdHub town hall, speakers discuss ways to address Michigan’s teacher shortage

NPR classroom

Reducing regulatory barriers a possible short-term solution to Michigan’s teacher shortage 

University of Michigan seal on building

Ashley Cureton, Charles H.F. Davis III, and Don Peurach named 2022 Public Engagement Faculty Fellows by the Center for Academic Innovation

Michigan outline

U-M shares expertise on inclusive teaching and learning through free online PD for Michigan educators 

micromasters graphic

Don Peurach is finalist for edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning

free online continuing education courses for teachers

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Online Continuing Education

Your schedule, your budget, your future. we offer three options for online study. register and get started today.

Choose from hundreds of courses in the following areas:

  • Arts and Design
  • Accounting and Business
  • Computer Applications and Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Construction and Trades
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hospitality
  • Math and Science
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • ...and more!

Affordable education! $128 for most courses! Flexible scheduling within a 6-week course timeline. Learn More

Comprehensive online courses through ed2go career are designed to provide advanced online training and will prepare you for industry certifications and jobs. Courses are on-demand and do not have a set start date. You can begin whenever you choose and complete lessons at your own pace. 

Courses are available in the following areas:

  • Computer Applications
  • Information Technology

Improve your business and professional skills with online continuing education certificates and courses. Choose a certificate series or take each course separately.

  • Business (Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneur)
  • Business Communications
  • Data Science
  • Human Resources
  • New Media Marketing
  • Social Media for Business
  • Training and Education

Additional Information: You must be 16 years of age or older and have access to a computer with internet. Some courses may require textbooks that can only be purchased through an online vendor, not through the campus bookstore. If registering for a comprehensive career training program, all material, workbooks and software (if applicable) are included and will be shipped to you within 7-10 days after Wor-Wic receives your registration form and payment. MD senior residents age 60+ pay only the course fee listed online, not the tuition. Out-of-county and out-of-state fees apply.

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Students

For All Online Programs

International Students

On Campus, need or have Visa

Campus Students

For All Campus Programs

How to Become a Teacher

An instructor showing students how to become a teacher

Understanding the Numbers When reviewing job growth and salary information, it’s important to remember that actual numbers can vary due to many different factors — like years of experience in the role, industry of employment, geographic location, worker skill and economic conditions. Cited projections do not guarantee actual salary or job growth.

Nicole Clark ’19 ’22MEd knew she wanted to become a teacher when she did a special-education internship as a high school student. Now, she teaches third graders at a Massachusetts elementary school about equations, parts of speech, state history, elapsed time, animals and a whole lot more.

But how did she go from goal to reality — and how can you?

There’s a general formula you can follow.

What is the Process for Becoming a Teacher?

Becoming a teacher takes a combination of education, training and licensure. While these steps can serve as a guide, be sure to review the licensing requirements in your state as they relate to who and what you want to teach.

▸ Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a bachelor's degree in education is a good place to start. If you hope to teach in a public kindergarten or elementary school, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) said bachelor’s degrees in elementary education are typically required. You may also need a bachelor's degree if you want to teach in a public middle school or high school , BLS reported.

Private schools at all levels also typically share the bachelor’s degree requirement, according to BLS.

Some education programs are designed with licensure in mind. For instance, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers a campus-based Bachelor of Education for Licensure  with 10 concentration options students can pick from — all of which can prepare graduates for certification in New Hampshire. The program is also accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation  (CAEP) at the initial licensure level.

An icon of an open book.

  • Inclusive learning environments
  • Learner development and differences
  • Lesson planning and assessment methods
  • Professional standards and code of ethics

Many education programs also include a student teaching component that will allow you to bring your learnings and skills into a classroom, where you’ll teach under the supervision of a licensed teacher.

▸ Student Teaching

Completing a student teaching program is a typical requirement to become licensed.

Nicole Clark, an 2019 and 2022 SNHU graduate

“I was going to school every single day,” Clark said. "I was creating lessons. I was working with the two teachers that I was connected with, and I really think that gave me great insight on what was to come in my first year of teaching.” 

She also had a chance to attend meetings involving student support and learned how to set up a classroom and group desks.  

“I think student teaching really gave me that opportunity to see all the different ends of being in the classroom,” Clark said. “Seeing the meetings, the planning, the paperwork — it was very helpful.” 

If you’re not enjoying your time in the classroom but still think you want to be a teacher, Clark recommends looking for a different setting or age group. “Keep exploring,” she said. “If you're not feeling it with a kindergarten class, try a fifth-grade class. If you're not feeling fifth grade, try eighth grade.”

Find out how some education students gained experience in an unexpected setting .

▸ Licensing Exams 

All U.S. states require you to become licensed to teach in a public school, according to BLS. If you're wondering how to get a teaching certificate, you may need to pass a background check and some exams, according to BLS, in addition to completing a bachelor's degree and student teaching. Requirements can vary and may depend on the state, district and school you're interested in joining as a teacher.

An icon of a certificate with a medal on it.

The exact exams you’ll need to take to become a certified teacher vary based on your state as well as the education level and subject matter you wish to teach. 

“So, if you want to be an elementary school teacher, there's a certain group of (exams) that you would take,” Clark said. “If you want to be a middle school teacher, there are different ones.” And the same goes for high school. 

To teach in Massachusetts, for instance, Clark had to take and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure ( MTEL ) — a series of exams that fulfilled the requirements to teach elementary education. 

▸ Master’s Degree

While a master’s degree is not always necessary to teach at the K-12 level, BLS said some states require it after you get a job. A master's degree in education can also support teaching endorsement, or the area in which you can teach, as well as professional development and the potential for promotion.

Clark decided to earn an online Master of Education  (MEd) in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Educational Leadership  before she began teaching.

“Whether I did it right out of school or years down the road, I figured I would ... get my master's degree,” Clark said. “And then I felt like it was another great thing to add to my resume  come time to apply for jobs.” She also said having a master’s degree has the potential to boost your salary.*

It's important to note that the MEd at SNHU is a non-licensure degree, meaning it might not satisfy graduate-level teaching requirements.

Should you decide to earn a master’s after you start working in the field, you can ask your employer if they offer any tuition reimbursement programs to help you pay for your degree.

If you think online learning might benefit you as you balance your teaching career, explore how online classes work . 

Continuing Education as a Teacher

An icon of a pencil.

Your education doesn’t stop when you become a teacher. As an educator, you’re also always a student — someone learning every day in both formal and informal ways.

For instance, you may need to meet certain professional development requirements to maintain licensure. Clark, for example, must renew her license every five years. According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, license renewal requires a certain number of Professional Development Points ( PDPs ). 

Some professional development may be provided by the school you teach at, such as training on new curriculum programs and how to interact with parents, while others you might need to seek out yourself.  

“There's all different ways to do professional development,” Clark said. "If you become a teacher, you have to like education.”

Find Your Program

How long does it take to become a teacher.

An icon of a stopwatch in use with a yellow outline.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, even if it’s not education-focused, obtaining licensure could take you much less time.

BLS projects the following average of annual job openings between 2022 and 2032:

  • Kindergarten and elementary school teachers: 109,000 openings *
  • Middle school teachers: 42,300 openings *
  • High school teachers: 67,100 openings *

What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Teacher

As a teacher, you can go on to impact the lives of many children, adolescents and teens. As you consider whether this career path is right for you, keep in mind:

▸ Teachers are a Lot of Things

While your job title might be “teacher,” you’ll likely wear many other hats. “You're not just their teacher,” Clark said. "You're their parents away from home. You're the nurse; you're the counselor; you're the snack provider; you're the band-aid giver. You know, you're a little bit of everything.” 

It takes certain qualities to be a good teacher , such as listening skills. According to Clark, being kind is one of the most important qualities. If you model kindness, hopefully, it’ll teach your students to be kind as well.

“It's a life skill that you want them to leave your classroom with,” Clark said. “... Kindness is the biggest lesson of the year because I want my students to go out into the world and be good people.” 

▸ There are Good Days and Hard Days

Like any job, some days are better than others. On days when nothing seems to be going right, Clark said it’s important to think back to the good days and remember you’re making an impact.

To motivate herself through challenges, Clark created a binder filled with notes and artwork her students have given her, as well as their class picture.

“It makes those hard days better,” she said.

▸ Work/Life Balance is Important

An icon outline of a person walking outdoors, toward two trees.

“You don't need to be the last car in the parking lot,” Clark said. She recommends taking full advantage of prep periods to make copies and get ahead in planning so you don’t have to work late into the evening.

“If you're burning out as a teacher, that's not helping your kids,” she said. “If you're tired, they're going to see that, and they're going to feel that, so it's important to make sure to take time for you.”

A degree can change your life. Find the SNHU education program  that can best help you meet your goals. 

*Cited job growth projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth. Actual salaries and/or earning potential may be the result of a combination of factors including, but not limited to: years of experience, industry of employment, geographic location, and worker skill. 

Rebecca LeBoeuf Blanchette '18 '22G is a writer at Southern New Hampshire University, where she fulfills her love of learning daily through conversations with professionals across a range of fields. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication  with a minor in Professional Writing from SNHU’s campus in Manchester, New Hampshire, and followed her love of storytelling into the online Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing  at SNHU. Connect with her on LinkedIn .

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March free ce of the month, maternal depression: group interpersonal psychotherapy.

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