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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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Essay on Globalisation

Globalisation means the combination of economies and societies with the help of information, ideas, technology, finance, goods, services, and people. It is a process where multinational companies work on their international standing and conduct operations internationally or overseas. Over the years, Globalisation has had a profound impact on various aspects of society. Today we will be discussing what globalisation is and how it came into existence with the essay on globalisation listed below.

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How globalisation came into existence, essay on globalisation in 100 words, essay on globalisation in 150 words, essay on globalisation in 200 words.

For all those unaware, the concepts of globalisation first emerged in the 20th century. Here are some of the key events which led to the development of globalisation in today’s digital world.

  • The ancient Silk Route as well as the maritime routes led to the exchange of goods, ideas and culture in several countries. Although these were just trade routes, but later became important centres for cultural exchange.
  • Other than this, the European colonial expansion which took place from the 15th to the 20th century led to the setting up of global markets where both knowledge and people were transferred to several developing countries. 
  • The evolution and exchange of mass media, cinema and the internet further led to the widespread dissemination of cultures and ideas.

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Globalization, the interconnectedness of nations through trade, technology, and cultural exchange, has reshaped the world. It has enabled the free flow of goods and information, fostering economic growth and cultural diversity. However, it also raises challenges such as income inequality and cultural homogenization. 

In a globalized world, businesses expand internationally, but local industries can suffer. Moreover, while globalization promotes shared knowledge, it can erode local traditions. Striking a balance between the benefits and drawbacks of globalization is essential to ensure a more equitable and culturally diverse global community, where economies thrive without leaving anyone behind.

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Globalization is the process of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence among countries, economies, and cultures. It has transformed the world in various ways.

Economically, globalization has facilitated the flow of goods, services, and capital across borders. This has boosted economic growth and reduced poverty in many developing nations. However, it has also led to income inequality and job displacement in some regions.

Culturally, globalization has resulted in the spread of ideas, values, and cultural products worldwide. While this fosters cultural exchange and diversity, it also raises concerns about cultural homogenization.

Technologically, globalization has been driven by advances in communication and transportation. The internet and smartphones have connected people across the globe, allowing for rapid information dissemination and collaboration.

In conclusion, globalization is a complex phenomenon with both benefits and challenges. It has reshaped the world, bringing people closer together, but also highlighting the need for responsible governance and policies to address its downsides.

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Globalization, a multifaceted phenomenon, has reshaped the world over the past few decades. It involves the interconnectedness of economies, cultures, and societies across the globe. In this essay, we will briefly discuss its key aspects and impacts.

Economically, globalization has led to increased international trade and investment. It has allowed companies to expand operations globally, leading to economic growth in many countries. However, it has also resulted in income inequality and job displacement in some regions.

Culturally, globalization has facilitated the exchange of ideas, values, and traditions. This has led to a more diverse and interconnected world where cultures blend, but it can also challenge local traditions and languages.

Socially, globalization has improved access to information and technology. It has connected people across borders, enabling global activism and awareness of worldwide issues. Nonetheless, it has also created challenges like cybercrime and privacy concerns.

In conclusion, globalization is a double-edged sword. It offers economic opportunities, cultural exchange, and global connectivity, but it also brings about disparities, cultural tensions, and new global challenges. To navigate this complex landscape, the world must strive for responsible globalization that balances the interests of all stakeholders and promotes inclusivity and sustainability.

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The movement of goods, technologies, information, and jobs between countries is referred to as globalisation. 

Globalization as a phenomenon began with the earliest human migratory routes, or with Genghis Khan’s invasions, or travel across the Silk Road.

Globalisation allows wealthy nations to access cheaper labour and resources, while also providing opportunity for developing and underdeveloped nations with the jobs and investment capital they require.

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Malvika Chawla

Malvika is a content writer cum news freak who comes with a strong background in Journalism and has worked with renowned news websites such as News 9 and The Financial Express to name a few. When not writing, she can be found bringing life to the canvasses by painting on them.

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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Globalisation Essay final

Profile image of Samson Esudu

This essay addresses the question of limitations to meaningful globalisation that mean for the future of international relations from a broad historical perspective. In particular, I argue that globalisation is actually the norm in international relations. The rapid growing countries like China, India and soon African represents a return to the global distribution of power preceding the acceleration of economy. In other words, the world we are living in today is not the same as the world early centuries due to inefficient systems. While meaningful globalisation will continue to be the topic across the globe, mixed coalitions of state and non-state actors play a growing role in solving international problems. I will therefore begin by explaining factors of globalisation, then with a discussion of limitations to meaningful globalisation, summary and finalise with conclusion in what this means for the coming decades in terms of the global issues we face.

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Emery Igiraneza

In International Relations, there is an on going debate about the place of globalisation. The debate has been more about defining globalisation and the role of the state in a globalising world, the globalists arguing that Globalisation might have replaced International Relations in signifying dramatic changes in international relations(Kofman and Youngs, 2003) and that transnational institutions of global governance are emerging while the sceptics like ,Justin Rosenberg, disapprove and argue instead that the age of globalization is unexpectedly over” (Ibid)and that there is still much to be gained from focusing on state as a key actor if not the only actor. This paper analyses critically this debate about globalisation in International Relations. It seeks to expose the problem of definition and determine whether the states are still the major actors or whether the states are being replaced by transnational institutions of global governance as major actors. In order to be able to do so, this paper will first seek to dig in the debate about globalisation in order to explore what is at stake in the debate and prove how the state is still a major actor even in the era of interconnected world.

globalization essay 2000 words pdf

Vincent Dietrich

Globalisation is what we make of it; why economic globalisation is optional and how post 2008 we are seeing a potential shift away from the hegemonic rhetoric and the beginnings of a post globalised world. Nation states have been the centre of political authority since the signing of the treaty of Westphalia in 1648 (Bowen, 2018; 2). Yet over the past 35 years the common discourse has become one of globalisation and the demise of the nation state, and its authority, especially in terms of the economy (Creveld, 2000; 5). For this reason and due to the relatively short length, this essay will focus on economic state authority, looking in particular at the power of Western states. During the late 1980s and early 1990s hyper-globalists such as Ohmae (1989) and Reich (1991) began to suggest that improvements in technology, especially in communication and transportation, were having damming effects on the power and the role nation states play in international politics (Hay, Lister, and Marsh, 2006;172-173). They further argued that labour, goods, and capital move across state boarders with ease, co-operations being able to move where it suits them best which makes the world seem borderless (Ohmae, 1996). However, this view soon came under fire from more sceptical voices, the likes of Hirst and Thompson (1999) suggesting that state power had not hugely changed; this view has since been repeated by several other theorists (see Hay, Lister, and Marsh, 2006; 174). This essay will position itself somewhere between these two arguments, suggesting that there has been an erosion of state authority-especially to large co-operations-but that this is not down to the material reality of technological advancements, faster transportation and better communication, but is instead down to its rhetorical construction. This essay will start by looking at the inaccuracies of the classic business school theory of globalisation; it will then move on to look at how globalisation theory has been constructed and how this has led to a transfer of state power to non-state actors.

Jack Goldstone

The present volume is the fifth in the series of yearbooks with the title Globalistics andGlobalization Studies. The subtitle of the present volume is Global Transformations and GlobalFuture. We become more and more accustomed to think globally and to see global processes. Andour future can all means be global. However, is this statement justified? Indeed, in recent years,many have begun to claim that globalization has stalled, that we are rather dealing with theprocess of anti-globalization. Will not we find ourselves at some point again in an edificespanning across the globe, but divided into national apartments, separated by walls of high tariffsand mutual suspicion? Of course, some setbacks are always possible, because the process ofglobalization cannot develop smoothly. It is a process which is itself emerging fromcontradictions and is shaped by a new contradiction. They often go much further than underlyingsystemic changes allow. They break forward, as the vanguard of a victor...

Robert McCaw

Globalisation as an entity, phenomena, evolution – which ever label is selected – is not a new event and has been occurring since human-kind was able to attain sufficient goods to trade with neighbouring tribes. Throughout the ages this trend has grown as entrepreneurial states, organisations and individuals have sought an ever-expanding market place in which to sell their goods or services. But, in the contemporary age, the rapid increase in enabling technology and near infinite growth curves of technological advances have led to globalisation on a scale as never before. To travel abroad now, the nervous traveller could see much of the world and maintain a diet of McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hutt and all the other familiar staples of modern western domestic life. While basic, the fast-food example clearly demonstrates the clash of cultures as big-business seeks to expand. But globalisation is much broader than fast-food. A simple examination of the Arab Spring series of revolutions from 2010 shows the part Social Media played in both instigating the events and fuelling them. Through internet and social media access, people are now becoming aware of other ideas and rights enjoyed by other nations; these liberal ideas are now without borders. So, with globalisation and the modern technological aspects powering it, impacts across the spectrum may be observed. The challenge for states is how to manage this. With growing internationalism in the economic sectors and the free passage of ideas, the culture and ‘fabric’ of nations are being challenged. Equally, the value and tangible authority of ‘state’ is being questioned. This paper will seek to examine these phenomena and highlight the direct impacts of globalisation on the established base IR theories.


The advances of humanity in collaborative international trade, economic activities, interregional governance, collaborative international academic researches, collaborative international military actions and above all, the advances of technology in information communication have brought the world so close that it is often called a global village. The processes that interconnect the world, break the barriers of nature, national and regional boundaries to forge an intricately interconnected world in which no nation can optimally function in isolation from the of the globe. The processes shatter cultural barriers, create new trends, new values in a world that has witnessed increasingly overlapping cultures. The processes of globalization have permeated every facet of contemporary human existence. Globalization has not been without rough edges. Like a whirlwind it has unleashed its peculiarupheavals on the world. Hence, the anti-globalization movement. This work is essentially a philosophical reflection on sundry facets of globalization. It is eclectic and analytical in methodology.

Leonid Grinin

The present article analyzes the world order in the past, present and future as well as the main factors, foundations and ideas underlying the maintaining and change of the international and global order. The first two sections investigate the evolution of the world order starting from the ancient times up to the late twentieth century. The third section analyzes the origin and decline of the world order based on the American hegemony. The authors reveal the contradictions of the current unipolar world and explain in what way globalization has become more profitable for the developing countries but not for the developed ones. The authors also explain the strengthening belief that the US leading status will inevitably weaken. In this connection we discuss the alternatives of the American strategy and the possibility of the renaissance of the American leadership. The last section presents a factor analysis which allows stating that the world is shifting toward a new balance of power and is likely to become the world without a leader. The new world order will consist of a number of large blocks, coalitions and countries acting within a framework of rules and mutual responsibility. However, the transition to a new world order will take certain time (about two decades). This period, which we denote as the epoch of new coalitions, will involve a reconfiguration of the World System and bring an increasing turbulence and conflict intensity.

The Handbook of Globalisation, Second Edition

Grahame Thompson


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Essays on Globalization

Hook examples for globalization essays, ""the global village"" metaphor hook.

""In the age of globalization, our world has transformed into a 'global village.' Explore the implications of this metaphor and how it has reshaped our understanding of interconnectedness and cultural exchange.""

The Impact of Digital Connectivity Hook

""In an era where a single tweet can reach millions, digital connectivity has revolutionized globalization. Delve into the profound impact of the internet, social media, and technology on global interactions.""

The Paradox of Local vs. Global Hook

""Globalization blurs the lines between local and global identities. Analyze the paradox of preserving cultural heritage while embracing the globalized world and how this tension shapes our societies.""

The Global Marketplace Hook

""Globalization has ushered in an era of unprecedented trade and economic interconnectedness. Explore the dynamics of the global marketplace, from multinational corporations to supply chains spanning continents.""

Cultural Fusion and Identity Hook

""Globalization has led to a melting pot of cultures, but what happens to cultural identities in the process? Investigate how globalization impacts the preservation and evolution of cultural identities.""

The Challenges of Globalization Hook

""While globalization offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges. Examine issues such as income inequality, cultural homogenization, and environmental concerns that arise in a globalized world.""

The Future of Globalization Hook

""As we stand on the brink of a globalized future, what can we expect? Join me in exploring the potential trajectories of globalization, from its impact on politics to the role of emerging technologies.""

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

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Hip Hop Planet Summary

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Good and Bad Impact of Globalization

History of globalization and its benefits for society, financial, social and political effects of globalization, globalization: global concerns of global development, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Globalization's Theories and Effects in The Modern World

The effects of globalization on health and medicine, a study on globalization and its various sides, overview of five articles about globalization, globalization: two sides of the arguments both for and against, globalization and its positive and negative sides for india, the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization process based on real-life examples, globalization: importance of english nowadays, criticism and controversial benefits of globalization, the effects of globalization on indian culture in the novel "the white tiger", the impact of globalization, nationalism and protectionism on india, an overview of the overall impact of globalization, research of effects of globalization on the media in the world, globalisation as an economical, political and cultural process, pro globalist and anti globalist view from developed country perspective, how global issues impact individual states, electronic commerce in the globalization era, the effect of globalization and americanization on mass media, components of globalization: concept sociocultural and social globalizations, how the impact of globalization on illicit drug trafficking has affected international security.

1. Halliday, T. C., & Osinsky, P. (2006). Globalization of law. Annu. Rev. Sociol., 32, 447-470. ( 2. Fischer, S. (2003). Globalization and its challenges. American Economic Review, 93(2), 1-30. ( 3. Lang, M. (2006). Globalization and its history. The Journal of Modern History, 78(4), 899-931. ( 4. Spring, J. (2008). Research on globalization and education. Review of educational research, 78(2), 330-363. ( 5. Scott, A., & Storper, M. (2003). Regions, globalization, development. Regional studies, 37(6-7), 579-593. ( 6. Jameson, F. (1998). Notes on globalization as a philosophical issue. In The cultures of globalization (pp. 54-78). Duke University Press. ( 7. Frankel, J. A. (2003). The environment and globalization. ( 8. Teeple, G. (2000). What is globalization?. Globalization and its discontents, 9-23. (

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globalization essay 2000 words pdf

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Essay on Globalisation

List of essays on globalisation, essay on globalisation – definition, existence and impact (essay 1 – 250 words), essay on globalisation (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on globalisation – in india (essay 3 – 400 words), essay on globalisation – objectives, advantages, disadvantages and conclusion (essay 4 – 500 words), essay on globalisation – for school students (class 6,7,8,9 and 10) (essay 5 – 600 words), essay on globalisation (essay 6 – 750 words), essay on globalisation – for college and university students (essay 7 – 1000 words), essay on globalisation – for ias, civil services, ips, upsc and other competitive exams (essay 8 – 1500 words).

The worldwide integration of people, services and interests is what globalisation is all about. Since the last decade, there has been a tremendous focus on globalisation with everyone trying to have a reach at even the remotest locations of the world. This has probably been possible due to the advancement in technology and communication.

Audience: The below given essays are especially written for school, college and university students. Furthermore, those students preparing for IAS, IPS, UPSC, Civil Services and other competitive exams can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

The word ‘Globalization’ is often heard in the business world, in corporate meetings, in trade markets, at international conferences, in schools, colleges and many other places. So what does globalization symbolize? Is it a new concept or did it exist earlier? Let’s see.


Globalization refers to the integration of the world nations by means of its people, goods, and services. The statement – ‘ globalization has made the world a small village ’ is very true.

Countries inviting foreign investment, free trade and relaxation in the visa rules to allow seamless movement of people from one country to another are all part of globalization.

In a nutshell, globalization has reduced the distance between nations and its people.

Many among us refer to the current period that we live in as ‘The Era of Globalization’ and think that the process of globalization has started only recently. But the real fact is that globalization is not a new phenomenon . The world was moving towards globalization from a very long time. The term globalization was in existence since mid-1980s. But it was only from the early 21 st century that globalization picked up momentum due to the advancements in technology and communication.

Impact of Globalization:

Globalization has more positive outcomes than the negative ones. The impact of globalization on the developing countries such as India, China and some African countries are overwhelming. Foreign investments have created a lot of employment opportunities in the developing countries and have boosted their economy. Globalization has also enabled people to interchange their knowledge and culture.


Although the world is not completely globalized, we can very well say that globalization is the best way to achieve equality among nations.

In simple words, globalization means the spreading of a business, culture, or any technology on an international level. When the boundaries of countries and continents matter no more, and the whole world becomes one global village in itself. Globalization is an effort to reduce the geographical and political barriers for the smooth functioning of any business.

There are four main factors that form the four pillars of globalization. These are the free flow of goods, capitals, technology, and labors, all across the world. Although, many of the experts that support globalization clearly refuse to acknowledge the free flow of labor as their work culture.

The international phenomenon of global culture presents many implications and requires a specific environment to flourish. For instance, it needs the other countries to come to a mutual agreement in terms of political, cultural, and economic policies. There is greater sharing of ideas and knowledge and liberalization has gained a huge importance.

Undoubtedly, globalization helps in improving the economic growth rate of the developing countries . The advanced global policies also inspire businesses to work in a cost-effective way. As a result, the production quality is enhanced and employment opportunities are also rising in the domestic countries.

However, there are still some negative consequences of globalization that are yet to be dealt with. It leads to greater economic and socio-cultural disparities between the developed and the developing countries. Due to the MNC culture, the small-scale industries are losing their place in the market.

Exchanges and integration of social aspect of people along with their cultural and economic prospects is what we term as Globalization. It is considered as a relatively new term, which has been in discussion since the nineties.

Initial Steps towards Globalization:

India has been an exporter of various goods to other countries since the earlier times. Hence Globalization, for India, is not something new. However, it was only around in the early nineties that India opened up its economy for the world as it faced a major crisis of severe crunch of foreign exchange. Since then, there has been a major shift in the government’s strategies while dealing with the PSUs along with a reduction in the monopoly of the government organisations perfectly blended with the introduction of the private companies so as to achieve a sustainable growth and recognition across the world.

The Measurement of Success:

The success of such measures can be measured in the form of the GDP of India which hovered around 5.6% during the year 1990-91 and has been now around 8.9% during the first quarter of 2018-19. In fact, in the year 1996-97, it was said to have peaked up to as high as 77.8%. India’s global position is improved tremendously due to the steady growth in the GDP thus furthering the impact of globalization on India. As on date, India is ranked as the sixth biggest economy in the world. This globalization leading to the integration and trade has been instrumental in reducing the poverty rate as well.

However, given the fact that India is the second most populated country of the world, after China, this growth cannot be considered as sufficient enough as other countries such as China have increased their growth rates at much faster pace than India. For instance, the average flow of FDI in India, over the past few years has been around 0.5% of the GDP while for countries such as China it has been around 5% and Brazil has had a flow of around 5.5%. In fact, India is considered among the least globalized economy among the major countries.

Summarily, there has been a tremendous increase in the competition and interdependence that India faces due to Globalization, but a lot is yet to be done. It is not possible for a country to ignore the developments and globalization occurring in the rest of the world and one need to keep the pace of growth at a steady rate or else you may be left far behind.

The twentieth century witnessed a revolutionary global policy aiming to turn the entire globe into a single market. The motive of globalization can broadly define to bring substantial improvement in the living condition of people all around the world, education, and shelter to everybody, elimination of poverty, equal justice without any race or gender consideration, etc. Globalization also aims to lessen government involvement in various development activities, allowing more direct investors/peoples’ participation cutting across border restrictions thus expected to reap reasonable prosperity to human beings.

Main Objectives of Globalization:

The four main aspects of globalization are; Capital and Investment movements, Trade and Transactions, Education and Spread of knowledge, along with Migration and Unrestricted Movement of People.

In simpler terms, globalization visualizes that one can purchase and sell goods from any part of the world, communicate and interact with anyone, anywhere in the world and also enables cultural exchange among the global population. It is operational at three levels namely, economic globalization, cultural globalization, and political globalization. Right from its inception, the impact of globalization has both advantages and disadvantages worldwide.

Advantages of Globalization:

As the word itself suggests, this policy involves all the nations across the globe. The lifting of trade barriers can have a huge impact especially in developing countries. It augments the flow of technology, education, medicines, etc., to these countries which are a real blessing.

Globalization expects to create ample job opportunities as more and more companies can extend their presence to different parts of the world. Multinational companies can establish their presence in developing countries. Globalization gives educational aspirants from developing and underdeveloped countries more quality learning opportunities. It leads not only to the pursuit of best higher education but also to cultural and language exchanges.

Globalization also enhances a faster flow of information and quick transportation of goods and services. Moreover one can order any item from anywhere merely sitting at home. Another plus point of globalization is the diminishing cultural barriers between nations as it offers free access and cultural interactions . Also, it has been observed that there is a considerable reduction of poverty worldwide due to globalization . In addition to this, it also enables the effective use of resources.

Disadvantages of Globalization:

Globalization turned out to be a significant threat to the cottage and small-scale industries as they have to compete with the products of multi-national companies. Another dangerous effect of globalization is the condition of weak sections of the society, as they are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The situation leads to the domination of economically rich countries over emerging countries and the increase of disparity.

The actions of multi-national companies are deplorable and always facing criticism from various social, government and world bodies as they are incompetent in offering decent working conditions for the workers. Irrational tapping of natural resources which are instrumental in causing ecological imbalance is another major accusation against multi-national companies.

Globalization is also blamed to have paved the way for human trafficking, labor exploitation and spread of infectious diseases too. In addition to all these, if any economic disaster hit a country and if they subsequently suffer from economic depression, its ripples are felt deeply in other countries as well.

Despite all its disadvantages, globalization has transformed the entire globe into a single market irrespective of its region, religion, language, culture, and diversity differences. It also leads to an increase in demand for goods, which in turn calls for more production and industrialization. Our focus should be to minimize the risks and maximize the positive outcome of global policy, which in turn can help for a sustainable long-standing development for people all around the world.


Globalization is the procedure of global political, economic, as well as cultural incorporation of countries . It lets the producers and manufacturers of the goods or products to trade their goods internationally without any constraint.

The businessman fetches huge profit as they easily get low price workforce in developing nations with the concept of globalization. It offers a big prospect to the firms who wish to deal with the global market. Globalization assists any nation to contribute, set up or amalgamate businesses, capitalize on shares or equity, vending of services or products in any country.

How does the Globalization Work?

Globalization benefits the international market to the entire deliberate world like a solitary marketplace. Merchants are spreading their extents of trade by aiming world as a worldwide community. In the 1990s, there was a limit of importing some goods that were already mass-produced in India such as engineering goods, agricultural products, toiletries, food items, etc.

But, in the 1990s the rich countries pressurize the WTO (World Trade Organization), World Bank (affianced in improvement financing activities), and IMF (International Monetary Fund) to let other nations spread their trades by introducing market and trade in the deprived and emerging countries. The process of liberalization and globalization in India began in the year 1991 below the Union Finance Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

After numerous years, globalization has fetched major uprising inside the Indian marketplace when international brands arrived in India such as KFC, PepsiCo, Mc. Donald, Nokia, IBM, Aiwa, Ericsson, etc., and began the delivery of an extensive variety of quality goods at low-cost rates.

The entire leading brands presented actual uprising of globalization at this time as a marvellous improvement to the economy of an industrial sector. Rates of the quality goods were also getting low owing to the cut-throat war happening in the marketplace.

Liberalization and globalization of the businesses in the Indian marketplace is submerging the quality of imported goods but influencing the local Indian businesses badly in large part causing the job loss of illiterate and poor labors. Globalization has remained a goldmine for the customers, but it is also a burial ground for the small-scale manufacturers in India.

Positive Influences of Globalisation:

Globalization has influenced the education sectors and students of India predominantly by making accessible the education material and enormous info on the internet. Association of Indian universities with the overseas universities has fetched a massive modification in the education business.

The health industries are too influenced enormously by the globalization of health observing electronic apparatuses, conventional drugs, etc. The trade globalization in the agricultural sector has provided a range of high-quality seeds possessing disease-fighting property. But, it is not beneficial for the underprivileged Indian agriculturalists owing to the reason of expensive seeds as well as agricultural equipment.

Globalization has given an enormous rebellion to the occupation sector by increasing the growth of trades related to the handloom , cottage, artisans and carving, carpet, jewellery, ceramics, and glassware, etc.

Globalization is definitely required by the people and nation to progress and turn into an established society and country. It benefits in expanding our visualization and thoughts. It also aids in endorsing the philosophy that we fit in a huge crowd of persons, i.e., the humankind. Once the two nations congregate, they flourish by sharing their beliefs, thoughts, opinions, customs, and behaviors. People come to know new things and also acquire a chance to discover and get acquainted with other values.

Globalization has provided many reasonably priced valued goods and complete economic welfares to the emerging nations in addition to the employment. But, it has also given growth to the crime, competition, terrorism, anti-national activities, etc. Thus, along with the pleasure it has supplied some grief too.

Globalization is a term that we hear about every now and then. Question is; do we really know what it is all about? Globalization is defined as the process of integration and interaction among people, cultures and nations who come together in order to get things done easily through contact. Globalization began with the migration of people from Africa to different parts of the world. Global developments have been achieved in various sectors through the different types of globalization. The effects of globalization have been felt in every part of the world and more people continue to embrace it. Globalization has some of its core elements that help in the process.

Types of Globalization:

Globalization does not just transform a sector unless the strategies are related to that specific sector. The first type of globalization is financial and economic globalization whereby interaction takes place in the financial and economic sectors especially through stock market exchange and international trade. The other type is technological globalization which involves the integration and connection of different nations through technological methods like the internet. Political globalization transforms the politics of a nation through interactions with adoption of policies and government that cut across other nations. Cultural globalization is basically the interaction of people from different cultures and sharing. Ecological globalization is the viewing of the earth as one ecosystem and sociological globalization is on equality for all people.

Elements of Globalization:

Globalization works with characteristic elements. Trade agreements is one of the components that significantly benefits the economic and financial globalization. These trade agreements have been designed to promote and sustain globalization by preventing barriers that inhibit trade among nations or regions. Another element is capital flow that is concerned with the measures of either a decline or a rise in domestic or foreign assets. Migration patterns is a socio-economical and cultural element that monitors the impacts of immigration and emigration actively. The element of information transfer involves communications and maintains the functioning of the markets and economies. Spread of technology is an element of globalization that facilitates service exchanges. Without these elements, globalization would have faced many challenges, which would even stagnate the process of globalization.

Impacts of Globalization:

The impact of globalization is felt differently among individuals but the end result will be either positive or negative. Globalization has impacts on the lives of individuals, on the aspects of culture, religions and education. The positive impacts of globalization include the simplification of business management through efficiency. In business, the quality of goods and services has increased due to global competition. Foreign investment has been facilitated by globalization and the global market has been able to expand. Cultural growth has been experienced through intermingling and accommodation. Interdependence among nations has developed and more people have been exposed to the exchange program between nations. Improvement of human rights and legal matters has improved through media and technology sharing. Poverty has been alleviated in developing countries due to globalization and also employment opportunities are provided. Through technology, developments have been positively influenced in most parts of the world.

Although globalization has positive impacts, the negative impacts will remain constant unless solutions are sought. One of the negative effects of globalization is job insecurity for some people. Through globalization, more innovations are achieved, for e.g., technology causes automation and therefore people get replaced and they lack jobs. Another negative impact is the frequent fluctuation of prices of commodities that arises from global competitions. On the cultural side, the fast food sector has become wide spread globally, which is an unhealthy lifestyle that was adopted due to globalization. Also, Culture has been negatively affected for people in Africa because they tend to focus more on adopting the western culture and ignore their cultural practices.

Possible Solutions to the Negative Impacts of Globalization:

Globalization has impacted the society negatively and some of the solutions might help to mitigate the impacts. When adopting cultures from other people, it is important to be keen on the effects of the culture on the people and the existing culture being practiced. For example, Africans should not focus more of the western culture such that they ignore their own culture.

In conclusion, it is evident that globalization results in both negative and positive consequences. The society should embrace the positive and mitigate the negative impacts. Globalisation is a dynamic process which involves change, so flexibility among people is a must.

The buzzword befitted to describe the growth of Modern Indian economy is ‘Globalization’. But what exactly is Globalization? Globalization can be defined as integrating the economy of a country with the rest of the countries of the world. From the Indian perspective, this implies encouraging free trade policies, opening up our economy to foreign direct investment, removing constraints and obstacles to the entry of multinational corporations in India, also allowing Indian companies to set up joint ventures abroad, eliminating import restrictions, in-short encouraging Free Trade policies.

India opened its markets to Global Trade majorly during the early Nineties after a major economic crisis hit the country. New economic reforms were introduced in 1991 by then Prime Minister Shri. P V. Narasimha Rao and Finance Minister at the time, Dr. Manmohan Singh. In many ways, the new economic policies positively contributed to the implementation of the concept of Globalization in India.

It’s Impact:

1. Economic Impact :

Globalization in India targets to attract Multinational Companies and Institutions to approach Indian markets. India has a demography with a large workforce of young citizens who  are in need of jobs. Globalization has indeed left a major impact in the jobs sector. Indian companies are also expanding their business all over the world. They are driving funds from the bigwigs of the Global economy.

The Best example in today’s time is OYO Rooms, a budding Indian company in the hospitality sector. OYO Rooms recently made headlines when it declared to raise a fund close to $1 Billion from Japan’s Soft Bank Vision Fund. Globalization has also led the Indian Consumer market on the boom. The Giant of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sector WALMART is also enthusiastic and actively investing in the India market.

2. Socio-Cultural impact on the Indian Society:

The world has become a smaller place, thanks to the social networking platforms blooming of the internet. India is a beautiful country which takes immense pride in “Unity in Diversity” as it is home to many different cultures and traditions. Globalization in India has left a lasting impression on the socio-cultural aspect of Indian society.

Food chains like McDonald’s are finding its way to the dining tables. With every passing day, Indians are indulging more and more in the Western culture and lifestyle. But Globalization in India has also provided a vibrant World platform for Indian Art, Music, Clothing, and Cuisine.

The psychological impact on a common Indian Man: The educated youth in India is developing a pictorial identity where they are integrating themselves with the fast-paced, technology-driven world and at the same time they are nurturing the deep roots of Indian Culture. Indians are fostering their Global identity through social media platforms and are actively interacting with the World community. They are more aware of burning issues like Climate Change, Net neutrality, and LGBT rights.


India has taken the Centre Stage amongst the Developing Nations because of its growing economy on the World Map. Globalization in India has brought tremendous change in the way India builds its National and International policies. It has created tremendous employment opportunities with increased compensations.

A large number of people are hired for Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Export Processing Zones (EPZs), etc., are set up across the country in which hundreds of people are hired. Developed western countries like USA and UK outsource their work to Indian companies as the cost of labour is cheap in India. This, in turn, creates more employment. This has resulted in a better standard of living across the demographic of young educated Indians. The Indian youth is definitely empowered in a big way.

Young lads below the age of 20 are now aspiring to become part of global organizations. Indian culture and morals are always strengthening their roots in modern world History as the world is now celebrating ‘International Yoga Day’ on 21st June every year. Globalization in India has led to a tremendous cash flow from Developed Nations in the Indian market. As a positive effect, India is witnessing the speedy completion of Metro projects across the country. Another spectacular example of newly constructed High-end Infrastructure in the country is the remarkable and thrilling ‘Chenani-Nashri Tunnel’, Longest Tunnel in India constructed in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Globalization has greatly contributed in numerous ways to the development of Modern India.


As there are so many pros we cannot turn a blind eye to the cons of Globalization which are quite evident with the Indian perspective. The worst impact is seen in the environment across Indian cities due to heavy industrialization. Delhi, the capital of India has made headlines for the worst ever air pollution, which is increasing at an alarming rate.

India takes pride in calling itself an Agriculture oriented nation, but now Agriculture contributes to fragile 17% of the GDP. Globalization in India has been a major reason for the vulnerable condition of Indian Farmers and shrinking Agriculture sector. The intrusion of world players and import of food grains by the Indian Government has left minimal space for Indian farmers to trade their produce.

The impact of westernization has deeply kindled individualism and ‘Me factor’ and as a result, the look of an average Indian family has changed drastically where a Nuclear family is preferred over a traditional Joint family. The pervasive media and social networking platforms have deeply impacted the value system of our country where bigotry and homophobia are becoming an obvious threat.

One cannot clearly state that the impact of Globalization in India has been good or bad as both are quite evident. From the economic standpoint, Globalization has indeed brought a breath of fresh air to the aspirations of the Indian market. However, it is indeed a matter of deep concern when the Indian traditions and value system are at stake. India is one of the oldest civilizations and World trade has been the keystone of its History. Globalization must be practiced as a way towards development without compromising the Indian value system.

Globalisation can simply be defined as the process of integration and interaction between different people, corporations and also governments worldwide. Technology advancement which has in turn advanced means of communication and transportation has helped in the growth of globalisation. Globalisation has brought along with it an increase in international trade, culture and exchange of ideas. Globalisation is basically an economic process that involves integration and interaction that deals also with cultural and social aspects. Important features of globalisation, both modern and historically are diplomacy and conflicts.

In term of economy, globalisation involves services and goods, and the resources of technology, capital and data. The steamship, steam locomotive, container ship and jet engine are a few of the many technological advances in transportation while the inception of the telegraph and its babies, mobile phones and the internet portray technological advances in communications. These advancements have been contributing factors in the world of globalisation and they have led to interdependence of cultural and economic activities all over the world.

There are many theories regarding the origin of globalisation, some posit that the origin is in modern times while others say that it goes way back through history before adventures to the new world and the European discovery age. Some have even taken it further back to the third millennium. Globalisation on a large-scale began around the 1820s. Globalisation in its current meaning only started taking shape in the 1970s. There are four primary parts of globalisation, they are: transactions and trade, investments and capital movement, movement and migration of people and the circulation of knowledge and information. Globalization is subdivided into three: economic globalisation, political globalisation and cultural globalisation.

There are two primary forms of globalisation: Archaic and Modern Globalisations. Archaic globalisation is a period in the globalisation history from the period of the first civilisations until around the 1600s. Archaic globalisation is the interaction between states and communities and also how they were incepted by the spread by geography of social norms and ideas at different levels.

Archaic globalisation had three major requirements. First is the Eastern Origin idea, the second is distance, the third is all about regularity, stability and inter-dependency. The Silk Road and trade on it was a very important factor in archaic globalisation through the development of various civilisations from Persia, China, Arabia, Indian subcontinent and Europe birthing long distance economic and political relationships between them. Silk was the major item from China along the Silk Road; other goods such as sugar and salt were also traded.

Philosophies, different religious beliefs and varying technologies and also diseases also moved along the Silk Road route. Apart from economic trade, the Silk Road also was a means of cultural exchange among the various civilisations along its route. The cultural exchange was as a result of people’s movement including missionaries, refugees, craftsmen, robbers, artists and envoys, resulting in religions, languages, art and new technologies being exchanged.

Modern globalisation can be sub-divided into early modern and Modern. Early modern globalisation spans about 200 years of globalisation between 1600 and 1800. It is the period of cultural exchange and trade links increasing just before the modern globalisation of the late 19 th century. Early modern globalisation was characterised by Europeans empires’ maritime of the 16 th and 17 th centuries. The Spanish and Portuguese Empires were the first and then we had the British and Dutch Empires. The establishment of chartered companies (British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company) further developed world trade.

Modern Globalisation of the 19 th century was as a result of the famed Industrial Revolution. Railroads and steamships made both local and international transportation easier and a lot less expensive which helped improve economic exchange and movement of people all over the world, the transportation revolution happened between 1820 and 1850. A lot more nations have embraced global trade. Globalisation has been shaped decisively by the imperialism in Africa and in Asia around the 19 th century. Also, the ingenious invention in 1956 of the shipping container has really helped to quicken the advancement of globalisation.

The Bretton Woods conference agreement after the Second World War helped lay the groundwork for finance, international monetary policy and commerce and also the conception of many institutions that are supposed to help economic growth through lowering barriers to trade. From the 1970s, there has been a drop in the affordability of aviation to middle class people in countries that are developed. Also, around the 1990s, the cost of communication networks also drastically dropped thus lowering the cost of communicating between various countries. Communication has been a blessing such that much work can be done on a computer in different countries and the internet and other advanced means of communications has helped remove the boundary of distance and cost of having to travel and move from place to place just to get business done.

One other thing that became popular after the Second World War is student exchange programmes which help the involved students learn about, understand and tolerate another culture totally different from theirs, it also helps improve their language skills and also improve their social skills. Surveys have shown that the number of exchange students have increased by about nine times between 1963 and 2006.

Economic globalisation is differentiated from modern globalisation by the information exchange level, the method of handling global trade and expansionism.

Economic Globalisation:

Economic globalisation is just the ever increasing interdependence of economies of nations worldwide caused by the hike in movement across borders of goods, services, capital and technology. Economic globalisation is basically the means of increasing economic relationships between countries, giving rise to the birth of a single or global market. Based on the worldview, Economic globalisation can be seen as either a negative or positive thing.

Economic globalisation includes: Globalisation of production; which is getting services and goods from a source from very different locations all over the world to gain from the difference in quality and cost. There is globalisation of markets; which is the coming together of separate and different markets into one global market. Economic globalisation includes technology, industries, competition and corporations.

Globalisation today is all about less developed countries and economies receiving FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) from the more developed countries and economies, reduction in barriers to trade and to particular extent immigration.

Political Globalisation:

Political globalisation is going to on-the-long-run drop the need for separate nation or states. Institutions like the International Criminal court and WTO are beginning to replace individual nations in their functions and this could eventually lead to a union of all the nations of the world in a European Union style.

Non-governmental organisations have also helped in political globalisation by influencing laws and policies across borders and in different countries, including developmental efforts and humanitarian aid.

Political globalisation isn’t all good as some countries have chosen to embrace policies of isolation as a reactionary measure to globalisation. A typical example is the government of North Korea which makes it extremely difficult and hard for foreigners to even enter their country and monitor all of the activities of foreigners strictly if they allow them in. Citizens are not allowed to leave the country freely and aid workers are put under serious scrutiny and are not allowed in regions and places where the government does not want them to enter.

Intergovernmentalism is the treatment of national governments and states as the major basic factors for integration. Multi-level governance is the concept that there are many structures of authority interacting in the gradual emergence of political globalisation.

Cultural Globalisation:

Cultural globalisation is the transmission of values, ideas and meanings all over the world in a way that intensify and extend social relations. Cultural globalisation is known by the consumption of different cultures that have been propagated on the internet, international travel and culture media. The propagation of cultures helps individuals to engage in social relations which break regional boundaries. Cultural globalisation also includes the start of shared knowledge and norm which people can identify their cultures collectively; it helps foster relationships between different cultures and populations.

It can be argued that cultural globalisation distorts and harms cultural diversity. As one country’s culture is inputted into another country by the means of globalisation, the new culture becomes a threat to the cultural diversity of the receiving country.

Globalisation has made the world into one very small community where we all interact and relate, learn about other cultures and civilisations different from ours. Globalisation has helped improve the ease of doing business all around the world and has made the production of goods and services quite easy and affordable. Globalisation isn’t all good and rosy as it can be argued that Globalisation is just westernisation as most cultures and beliefs are being influenced by the western culture and belief and this harms cultural diversity. Nevertheless, the good of globalisation outweighs the bad so globalisation is actually a very good thing and has helped shape the world as we know it.

Economics , Globalisation

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  • Globalisation Essay


Essay on Globalisation

Globalization means the integration of economies and societies through the flow of information, ideas, technology, goods, services, capital, finance, and people. The true meaning of Globalization in a broad sense is connecting in all areas of human life. It is the process by which other companies or organizations enhance their international reputation or start operating internationally. 

Globalization began thousands of years ago when people and companies bought and sold in distant lands. In the Middle Ages, Central Asia was connected to China and Europe via the famous Silk Road. After World War II and the last two decades, governments of many countries have adopted free-market economies. They have greatly increased their own production potential and created countless new opportunities for international trade and investment. New routes and means to transport goods have been discovered, which has allowed the people to expand their business easily and efficiently. 

The government has reduced all trade barriers and concluded new international agreements to promote trade in goods, services and investment. This profitable action has created opportunities for international trade. In foreign markets, companies with these new opportunities set up new factories and establish production and marketing relationships with foreign partners. Hence, Globalization is defined as an international industrial and financial enterprise.

Overview of Globalization

Globalization means the assimilation of economics and societies through the flow of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance, and people. The real meaning of Globalization in a broad sense is connectivity in all aspects of human life. It is the process where the businesses or other organizations expand international authority or start operating on an international scale.

How the Existence of Globalization Came Into Being?

Globalization had started many thousands of years ago when people and corporations were buying and selling across lands at great distances. In the middle age, Central Asia connected with China and Europe through the famed Silk Road. After the Second World War II and during the last two decades, the governments of many countries have adopted free-market economic systems. They increased their own productive potential immensely and created innumerable new opportunities for international trade and investment.

The governments have reduced all barriers to commerce and established new international agreements to promote trade in goods, services and investments. These beneficial measures gave rise to opportunities for global trade. With these new opportunities in the foreign markets, corporations established new factories and started production and marketing alliances with foreign partners. Hence, Globalization is defined as an international industrial and financial business structure.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The frontiers of the state with increased confidence in the market economy and renewed policies in the private capital and resources, a process of structural adjustment spurred by the studies and with the support of the World Bank and other international organizations have started in many of the developing countries. Globalization has also brought in new opportunities to developing countries. Greater access to developed country markets and technology transfer has promised to improve their productivity and higher standards. 

At the same time, Globalization has also created challenges like growing inequality across and within nations, instability in the financial market and environmental deterioration. Globalization is a fascinating exhibition that can be understood as a global system of competition and connectivity. It has created tough competition among countries and global corporations.

Impact of Globalization in India

The British Colonial rule had destroyed the self-sufficient economy of India and left India to be the poorest Independent country. Our first Prime Minister gave preference to a mixed economy to boost the economic condition of the country. Public sectors were set up along with the private enterprises, but because of the socialistic model of the economy, the new strategy did not produce profitable results. Due to this, a number of public sectors became sick and the growth rates of production began to fall. 

During that time, the poverty of the people in India was increasing at an alarming rate and because of low domestic savings and acute balance of payment crisis, there was no adequate capital for investment. During that time of crisis, Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao introduced the policy of liberalization, privatization to overcome the financial situation. 

India opened up to Globalization after the economic policy of 1991 came into force. Mounting debts and pressure from the International Monetary Fund drove the nation to go global. The process of Globalization has been an integral part of the recent economic growth of India. Globalization has played a very significant role in the growth of export, leading to the expansion of the job market in India. One of the major sectors of Globalization in India has been in the growth of outsourced IT and Business Process Outsourcing services. There has been an incredible increase in the number of skilled professionals in India employed by domestic and foreign companies to cater service to the customers globally, especially in the USA and Europe. 

There was not a doubt that Globalization in India brought a monumental change in the living standards of the people. People in India realized many benefits from Globalization. The establishment of multinational companies generating billions of jobs and access to umpteen numbers of brands and an increase in the forex reserves of the country took India to a higher platform globally. Despite this monumental change in the economy of the country, India also faced the challenges of severe competition from the foreign market and the domestic producers started fearing marginalization and pulverization because of the better quality products produced by the foreign producers.

Globalization had both desirable and undesirable consequences for India and the world. Even though it has accelerated progress in some countries, it has also widened the gap between the rich and the poor.

The impact of Globalization has been both positive and negative on the entire world, but we can surely hope for more advancement in the global economy due to this process.


FAQs on Globalisation Essay

1. How Did Globalization Help India to Improve the Economic Conditions?

Globalization generated umpteen employment opportunities for the people of India by establishing multinational companies. The policy of liberalization and privatization invited foreign traders to do business with India. This has increased the inflow of men, money, material, labor, technology, etc., from foreign countries to India. People have access to foreign brands and the living standards have improved drastically.

2. How is Globalization a Threat to Domestic Producers?

The domestic producers fear marginalization and pulverization because of the entry of foreign and better quality products.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization?

With increasing confidence in market economies and new policies on private capital and resources, many developing countries are beginning to adapt to developments with the support of the World Bank and other international institutions involved in research and development. Globalization also offers new opportunities for developing countries. Greater access to markets in developed countries and the transfer of technology will increase their productivity and demand.

At the same time, Globalization has created challenges such as increasing inequality between and within countries, instability of financial markets and environmental degradation. Globalization is an interesting exhibition that can also be seen as a system of competition and international relations. This has created intense competition between countries and international companies. 

4. What do you mean by Globalization?

Globalization means the integration of economies and societies through the flow of information, ideas, technology, goods, services, capital, finance, and people. The true meaning of Globalization in a broad sense is a connectedness in all areas of human life. It is the process by which other companies or organizations enhance their international reputation or start operating internationally. Globalization has its own benefits and drawbacks. We can learn more about Globalization and how to write an essay on it in detail on the Vedantu website, which has all the necessary materials that students need in order to write an essay on Globalization. 

5. How can Globalization help India improve its economic situation?

In our present times, Globalization has been a boon to many people as it not only allows companies to expand their business but also makes things accessible for everyone. In a simple sense, we can say that it helps in connecting people with the world. Globalization has created many job opportunities in India through the creation of multinational companies. Policies of liberalization and privatization have encouraged foreign traders to trade with India. This has increased the number of people, money, materials, labor, technology and so on—inflows from abroad to India. People have access to foreign brands and the standard of living has improved significantly.

6. How does Globalization threaten domestic producers?

Domestic producers are afraid of marginalization and due to the entry of foreign and better quality products into the market. Globalization can be associated with increasing income and wealth inequality. Many of the world's poorest people lack access to basic technologies and public goods. They are excluded from treatment. Some critics of globalization point to the loss of economic and cultural diversity as international multinational giants and brands dominate domestic markets in many countries. Globalization can hinder competition if international companies with dominant brands and high technology gain a foothold in key markets, be it telecommunications, the automotive industry, and so on.

7. What are the main industries that have grown tremendously because of Globalization?

The integration of national economies into the global economy is one of the most important developments of the last century. This process of integration, often referred to as Globalization, has manifested itself in a tremendous increase in cross-border trade.

The outsourcing business has grown exponentially due to Globalization. The main industries resulting from Globalization are trade and commerce. Automobile companies, clothing manufacturers and transportation, are the three main industries taken over as a result of Globalization.

2000 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

Writing a 2000-word essay may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve dealt with smaller tasks before. However, writing such a paper is the next step in your educational process. Two thousand words length is typical for critical writing assignments, movie reports and reviews, book reviews, reports of all kinds, and research papers.

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  • The real magnitude of deforestation.
  • The science behind GMO products’ impact on human health.
  • The ethical problem of beauty contests.
  • Long-term impact of violent games on children’s temperament.

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  • Correlates of yeast cell absorption speed.
  • Emotional regulation in children.
  • Environmental pollution: local parameters.
  • Dehydration of cyclohexanol .
  • Wind engine use: a case study of local practices.
  • Impact of noise level on the nervous system’s resilience.
  • Quality of detergents.
  • Computer modeling of gait.
  • Caffeine levels in tea and coffee.

👫 2000 Words Peer Pressure Essay Examples

  • Online Peer Support Groups for Depression and Anxiety Disorder The main objective of peer support groups is connecting people with the same life experiences and challenges to share and support each other in healing and recovery.
  • A Peer Intervention Program to Reduce Smoking Rates Among LGBTQ Therefore, the presumed results of the project are its introduction into the health care system, which will promote a healthy lifestyle and diminish the level of smoking among LGBTQ people in the SESLHD.
  • The Influence of Peer Groups on Youth Crime The impact of youth crime on the community is profound, and so is the influence of criminal behavior on the lives of adolescents.
  • Friends’ Influence and Peer Pressure in Adolescents The list of physical and emotional transformations happening to the young people during adolescence is universal; the processes are the same for all teenagers.
  • Bullying and Peer Abuse Especially at work, targets fear coming to work and this will have an adverse result in the efficiency of the staff in the hospital.
  • Peer Assessment and Productivity of Low Achieving Students To be more exact, the fact that low achieving students need graphic data in order to understand the mechanics of the learning process better and, thus, engage into the meta-cognition process was discovered with the […]

Overall, a 2000-word essay doesn’t differ from other essay types. It should also have an introductory part, a particular number of body paragraphs, and a concluding section with major insights you’ve derived from research. Since this essay type can be 7-8 pages long, it makes sense to divide the content into sections and cover each of them in several paragraphs.

The picture displays the elements of 2000-word essay structure.

2000-Word Essay Structure

The structure of your 2000-word essay will largely depend on the professor’s prompt. If the tutor requires a more structured paper, you can divide the content into several sections and dwell on every aspect in a couple of paragraphs each. It is not typical for 2000-word essays to have a separate literature review – you may have one in a report or research paper, but essays usually favor a more integrated presentation of literature in the body of the paper. Thus, overall, the essay should have an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion with main findings and inferences. As the intro and conclusion take 10% of the word count each, you should expect the body of the paper to have around 1500-1600 words, which translates into 10-15 body paragraphs.

Consider using the outline generator if a 2000-word essay structure is challenging for you.

2000-Word Essay Introduction

The essay’s introduction usually takes 10% of the paper’s length, but short essays may have even 20% taken by the introductory section. When we’re talking about a 2000-word essay, 7-10% will be totally fine to cover the broad context, background, and thesis statement of the paper after introducing the essay’s main subject. This way, you should allocate 150-200 words to the introduction of this essay.

Try the thesis statement tool if you’re stuck making a thesis statement. And check our research introduction maker and hook sentence generator if you want to prepare your introduction in no time.

2000-Word Essay Conclusion

Similar to the introduction, a 2000-word essay’s conclusion may also take 150-200 words, which equals 7-10% of the essay’s length. It should summarize the key points you have discussed and derive the main takeaways from every argument or body section you’ve had in the essay.

Check our closing sentence generator to formulate a closing paragraph for your essay.

How Many References Should I Use in a 2000 Word Paper?

It depends on the specific task your supervisor has set and the academic level at which you’re studying. A rule of thumb is to have 8-12 references for every 1,000 words of text. Thus, your 2000-word essay should have around 20 unique sources to comply with the professor’s requirements and academic standards.

📃 Examples of 2000-word Essay on Integrity

  • Media Law and Ethics: Integrity in Media Broadcasting The concept of integrity makes one earn the respect of the society, while the opposite draws insolence and ridicule from the members of the community.
  • Technology Impact on Students’ Academic Integrity The International Center for Academic Integrity has recently generated a toolkit to assist educators and institutions of higher learning in dealing with contract cheating.
  • Corruption and Integrity in Modern World The difference in the levels of corruption in these countries is a result of different parameters and at the same time, the effects are diverse.
  • Academic Integrity: Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Some of the most significant issues he highlights include the following: The quality of information on the web varies significantly While internet search may help to narrow down on a topic, it may erode the […]
  • Corruption and Corporate and Personal Integrity Bribery, embezzlement of funds and illegitimate procurement always impose extra and unjustified costs to the cost of acquiring public services and damages the credibility of those institutions that are involved in the vice.

📣 2000 Words Persuasive Essay Prompts

Here are a couple of prompts that can help you craft a 2000 words example essay for a high grade. Feel free to use them or tweak the prompts so that they match your individual task.

Time Management Essay 2000 Words

Discuss the concept of time management and analyze its significance for people’s education, employment, and attainment of life goals. Give examples of the positive impact of good time management on people’s quality of life across domains. Focus on one or several time management techniques, explain their basis and principles, and give instructions for adopting better time management habits.

Essay about Social Networking 2000 Words

Discuss the existing social networks and their history of emergence and mass adoption. Analyze research findings about the pros and cons of reliance on social media and evaluate the arguments of opponents and proponents. Talk about the negative impact of social media on academic achievement and the potential implications of blocking social media use at schools. Consider several cases of teachers’ social media image scandals, such as inappropriate behavior and dressing in social media posts.

2000 Word Essay on Accountability in the Army

Examine the concept of accountability as such and apply it to a narrower field – army service. Talk about the variety of officers’ accountability obligations during army service, covering their duty to treat army property, documents, and funds with due care. Examine various shades of meaning of army officers’ accountability – in civil service and on the battlefield (e.g., joint action and decision-making). Evaluate the importance of accountability in the army and discuss the organs and entities keeping those duties under control.

A Dangerous Experience Essay 2000 Words

Discuss the importance of challenging oneself and leaving the comfort zone for the sake of personal development and growth from the viewpoint of viewing these experiences as dangerous. Give a personal example of leaving the comfort zone and feeling fear and danger in the face of the unknown. Examine the psychological motivations of people agreeing to withstand danger for the sake of moving forward and the justifications of those who avoid danger and never move ahead.

✅ Argumentative Essay 2000 Words Examples

  • Educational Applications of Nursing Informatics The application of informatics implies the incorporation of information technology in the process of direct healthcare provision, establishment of efficient administrative systems, management and education delivery as well as supporting nursing research.
  • Addressing the Income Inequality in the People’s Republic of China It is obvious that the mentioned issues are among the most relevant reasons for II; eliminating them should lead to the improvement of II situation in the world.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Pursuit of Management Relevance of efficiency and effectiveness to enhance the performance of organisations The assumption of maximising profits through focusing on mechanisms that enhance efficiency and effectiveness of organisations as the main goal of an organisation rather […]
  • The Primary Causes of Terrorist Political Violence In a clash between the religious beliefs and those of the state or a foreign power, the religious beliefs are likely to triumph and garner the support of the majority.
  • Sustainable Tourism and Market Economy According to Billington, Carter and Husain Whole Place Development refers to the dynamic process of creating public as well as private spaces by utilizing the input of the stakeholders who are the community to develop […]
  • The Effects of Television on the Way People Understand Themselves This is because, despite the fact that the advocates of political correctness encourage citizens to believe that the specifics of one’s racial affiliation are not being reflective of his or her tendency to commit crimes, […]
  • Employment Relations in Modern Australian Workplaces Nevertheless, continued involvement of the state in employment relations led to changes in the employment relations that saw employers exploit their employees.
  • Counselling Theory of Freudian Psychoanalysis Even though that from a Christian point of view, there is indeed a number of discursive controversies to the theory of psychoanalysis, there can be little doubt as to the fact that it was specifically […]
  • Music Effects on the Brain However, listening to music has the ability to inspire the hormones and raise the levels of these elements to equilibrium, making the brain to work optimally.

🌎 Globalization Essay: 2000 Words Samples

  • Anti-Globalization Movement’s Goals and Power The movement works with the destruction of the legal status of “legal entities,” the disappearance of commercial fundamentalism liberated, and the necessary actions of economic privatization by the World Bank, the Foundation International Monetary Fund, […]
  • Globalization as Growth Driver for Society and Economy From the start, Levitt argues that the globalization of markets is a phenomenon like never seen before, where the international market becomes one whole and there is a demand for modern, popular, standardized products which […]
  • Globalization: Concept, Advantages and Disadvantages The lecture provokes the interest to the evaluation of the consequences of globalization. The accumulation of the first experience has started with watching the different documentary and feature movies about the global and cultural integration […]
  • The Economic Aspects of Globalization This trend is active in the most developed countries such as the United States of America and even in the developing countries in Africa and Asia.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan for Globalization Move The company’s strong position in the domestic market and the availability of resources to enter the Chinese market allow for the decisive transition of the company to international marketing.
  • Globalization and Inequity in Global Maternal Mortality Globalization has led to the transition of existing threats to collective and individual health to a new qualitative level and to the emergence of new threats.
  • Tendencies That Were Caused by Globalization Krishnamurthy’s article was published in 2004, and it contributed to drawing the public’s attention to the question of outsourcing in contexts of the information exchange and economic growth. In 2006, Michael Palm responded to the […]
  • Impact of Globalization and Neoliberalism on Crime and Criminal Justice Globalization entails the conception of principles, perpetuated by both governments and organizations that have altered the way nations perceive the obligation for a criminal justice system and the ability of the governments to control crime […]
  • The Era of Globalization in Canada: Employment Standards The purpose of the act was to set minimum standards legislation in order to create regulatory framework for wages, hours of work, overtime, and vacations with pay, for the majority of workers in the province.
  • Healthcare System: Future Prospects in the Era of Globalization Nevertheless, there is another concern that we should worry about; and that is the worsening of health services or hindering in the flourishing of health services in the future.

📌 2000 Word Essay: Answers to the Most Pressing Questions

📌 how many pages is 2000 words double spaced.

How many pages is 2000 words of academic text? According to the guidelines of all the key citation styles, one page should contain approximately 250 words (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced). If you follow these guidelines, your 2000-word essay will be 8 pages. If you make it single-spaced, it will take 4 pages.

📌 How Much Is 2000 Words in Paragraphs?

How much is 2000 words in paragraphs? A typical academic paragraph contains 100 to 150 words. So, a 2000-word essay will consist of 14-17 paragraphs.

📌 How Many Sentences Is 2000 Words?

How many sentences is a 2000-word essay? A typical sentence in academic writing consists of 15-20 words. So, 2000 words are not less than 100-103 sentences.

📌 How to Outline a 2000-Word Essay?

An academic paper of 2000 words is not always an essay. A text of this length is more likely to be a research paper, term paper, or extended essay. An outline for such an assignment is more complicated than that for a standard essay. In addition to the usual parts (introduction, body, and conclusion), you’ll probably need to include other elements like an abstract and methodology. The details will depend on the exact requirements.

📌 How Long Does It Take to Write 2000 Words?

How long does it take to write a 2000-word essay? It will take you 40-80 minutes to type 2000 words on your keyboard (the total time will depend on your typing speed). Writing an academic paper will take more time because you’ll have to research, make an outline, write, format, and edit your text. It would be best if you planned to spend a little over 6 and a half hours for a 2000-word paper.

📌 How Many Body Paragraphs Are in a 2000 Word Essay?

A typical 2000 words essay consists of 17 to 19 paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should contain 75-150 words.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, November 13). 2000 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas.

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IvyPanda . 2023. "2000 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas." November 13, 2023.

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Essay on Globalization for Students and Children

500+ words essay on globalization.

Globalization refers to integration between people, companies, and governments. Most noteworthy, this integration occurs on a global scale. Furthermore, it is the process of expanding the business all over the world. In Globalization, many businesses expand globally and assume an international image. Consequently, there is a requirement for huge investment to develop international companies.

Essay on Globalization

How Globalization Came into Existence?

First of all, people have been trading goods since civilization began. In the 1st century BC, there was the transportation of goods from China to Europe. The goods transportation took place along the Silk Road. The Silk Road route was very long in distance. This was a remarkable development in the history of Globalization. This is because, for the first time ever, goods were sold across continents.

Globalization kept on growing gradually since 1st BC. Another significant development took place in the 7th century AD. This was the time when the religion of Islam spread. Most noteworthy, Arab merchants led to a rapid expansion of international trade . By the 9th century, there was the domination of Muslim traders on international trade. Furthermore, the focus of trade at this time was spices.

True Global trade began in the Age of Discovery in the 15th century. The Eastern and Western continents were connected by European merchants. There was the discovery of America in this period. Consequently, global trade reached America from Europe.

From the 19th century, there was a domination of Great Britain all over the world. There was a rapid spread of international trade. The British developed powerful ships and trains. Consequently, the speed of transportation greatly increased. The rate of production of goods also significantly increased. Communication also got faster which was better for Global trade .

Finally, in 20th and 21st -Century Globalization took its ultimate form. Above all, the development of technology and the internet took place. This was a massive aid for Globalization. Hence, E-commerce plays a huge role in Globalization.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Impact of Globalization

First of all, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increases at a great rate. This certainly is a huge contribution of Globalization. Due to FDI, there is industrial development. Furthermore, there is the growth of global companies. Also, many third world countries would also benefit from FDI.

Technological Innovation is another notable contribution of Globalization. Most noteworthy, there is a huge emphasis on technology development in Globalization. Furthermore, there is also technology transfer due to Globalization. The technology would certainly benefit the common people.

The quality of products improves due to Globalization. This is because manufacturers try to make products of high-quality. This is due to the pressure of intense competition. If the product is inferior, people can easily switch to another high-quality product.

To sum it up, Globalization is a very visible phenomenon currently. Most noteworthy, it is continuously increasing. Above all, it is a great blessing to trade. This is because it brings a lot of economic and social benefits to it.

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A 2000-word essay is a standard undergraduate college assignment. You might need to write an essay of such a length on almost any discipline: psychology, philosophy, science and technology, linguistics, political science, etc. While writing a paper of 2000 to 2100 words, you will need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to structure your thoughts well.

Business Plan of Veteran Fitness Center

Executive Summary This paper outlines a business proposal for a fitness center in Sharjah for military veterans who do not have health coverage for physical fitness. It analyzes the external and internal environments, risks, and prospective growth. The business proposal is viable owing to a number of factors. For example,...

Information Technology-Based Data Management in Retail

Introduction Data management has become an important part of organisational management. When appropriately integrated into the company’s business environment, IT-based data management offers a wide range of advantages in operations, marketing, HR, and finance. At the same time, irresponsible handling of data creates a number of major ethical considerations. The...

Human Resource Management: Benefits and Key Issues

Introduction Proper management in the modern business environment is a significant criterion that largely determines the success of a particular organization and its recognition in the market. One of the aspects of heads’ work is the control over personnel, in particular, the distribution of immediate duties. The significance of this...

Annie Lebovitz – Famous Photographer

Annie Leibovitz is one of the best portrait photographers in today’s era. She focuses her works on a variety of subjects but mostly among celebrity portraits. The range of her photographs creates scenes that touch the soul. The substances of her photographs, along with her unique mental picture, have the...

Theories of Learning and Motivation

Theories of learning and motivation Education theories and approaches employed in various domains bring up valuable nuances on links establishable student motivation and aspects like achievement and retention. There are useful insights to tap from how the process of education is implemented in the workplace and non-formal environment. What has...

What Is a 2000-Word Essay Length?

An essay of 2000 words is approximately 8 pages double-spaced or 4 pages single-spaced. The most common format for all the major citation styles is 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. This is about 250 words per page. While APA 7, MLA 9, and Chicago also accept fonts like Arial and Calibri, TNR 12 ppt is still preferable.

2000 Words Is How Many Paragraphs?

A 2000-word essay contains 13 to 20 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

How to Structure a 2000-Word Essay?

A paper of 2000 words is not necessarily an essay. Such a length is also suitable for an extended essay, research paper, or term paper. In addition to the introduction, body, and conclusion, you might need to include other elements, like an abstract, methods, and discussion. This will depend on the genre of your assignment.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 2000-Word Essay?

Typing 2000 words on a keyboard usually takes 40 to 80 minutes, depending on your typing speed. However, if you need to write an academic paper, add time for research, formatting the text, and preparing graphic materials. You’ll need at least 6 hours for 2000 words.

How Many References Are in a 2000 Word Essay?

The final number of references that you should include in an essay of 2000 to 2050 words will depend on the assignment’s genre and complexity. For instance, on middle-school level, you’ll have to add 13 references on average. A bachelor-level assignment of 2000 words will require 26 references, while a graduate-level paper should refer to at least 40 sources.

Music Artists and Advertising Deals

Introduction There has been a change in terms of the attitude of artists regarding the issue of getting involved in advertising deals as a way of supplementing their income. This has been occasioned by the dwindling sale of their recorded music. During the 1960s, those artists that were involved in...

A Compensation Program: Review

By assessing the current progress of employees’ performance in the entire organization, the management has decided to come up with a restructured compensating program as a way of trying to improve the performance for the better. It is in this line that the management has assigned the human resource director...

Validation Program for a New Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

Introduction The decontamination process mainly seeks to eliminate and reduce the level of all unwanted and contagious materials from reusable medical devices. It is for this purpose that steam sterilizer type B has been invented in order to facilitate the decontamination process. The decontamination process includes cleaning, disinfection and sterilization...

Irish Healthcare System: HR Management and Financing

Introduction The management of the healthcare sector requires using not only adequate leadership practices and approaches to monitoring employee performance but also appropriate funding for innovation and industry development. In the work process, medical specialists of various fields, including physicians and nurses, face various problems and issues that need to...

The Importance of Ethics in Personal and Professional Life

Ethical consideration is an important issue in personal and professional life. Over the years, ethical conduct has attracted diverse opinions. This has been the case especially when people compromise ethics for material or other gains. Ethical practice is not an easy task; it calls for a person to be dedicated...

Cultural Exploration: Mr. Jesse Holmes

Introduction The given cultural exploration will primarily focus on Mr. Jesse Holmes. He is African American and was old enough to experience the first wave of Desegregation Programs among American Magnet schools of the 1970s in St. Louis City. The given individual was chosen because his experience of being in...

The Novel “Passing” by Nella Larsen

Introduction Passing is the ability of an individual to exist in a different social class, such as race, ethnicity, social group, and gender, to gain social acceptance. The term appeared in the United States in the 1920s and described mixed-race people who referred to themselves as white when legal and...

Succession Planning and Talent Management

Introduction The globalizing world is compelling companies to identify and implement evidence-based approaches that have the potential to maximize organizational efficiency. Firms need to rely on this knowledge to transform their managerial and human resources (HR) practices to ensure that they remain sustainable. In the international market, organizations tend to...

Employee Retention and Motivation Policies

Introduction Employee retention is one of the essentials for the company to provide sustainability of working processes. Employees play a significant role in providing long-term stability and success for the organization. Moreover, the company is meant to ensure its employees have decent working conditions to retain and motivate them. It...

The United Kingdom Employment Rights Act

Introduction The UK Employment Rights Act attempts to set various criteria or tests to differentiate a contract of service from a contract for service. Further, the Act grants certain rights to the first category of services that are not available to the latter. Typically, a contract of employment gives rise...

Post-Modernism in Literature

The 20th-century literature in its stylistic and ideological variety is non-comparable to the literature of the 19th century, where it was possible to allocate only three or four leading movements. At the same time, modern literature has not given more great talents, than the literature of the 19th century. The...

Semco Engineering and Grimsville Borough Council’s Management

Introduction Organizational culture and climate, morale, and human relations have a great impact on the performance of the organization and its business success. The fact that people work together for a common purpose is not enough to justify calling them a team because there is more to a team than...

Organisational Behaviour in Teams and Groups

Introduction For human beings it is typical to unite in various groups, teams and organisations. For the sake of order and avoiding anarchy certain rules and laws are established in these organisations that regulate the principles of organisational behaviour. Accordingly, organisational behaviour is the basis of the successful performance of...

Pendux Incorporation: International Business

Introduction Pendux Incorporation is a private limited company that was established in 2000 within the coffee industry in US. The firm’s headquarters are located at New York. Pendux Incorporation deals with retailing and wholesaling of roasted coffee. The management of the firm ensures that its products are of high quality....

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Beliefs and Values

Introduction Past experiences, achievements, and challenges will influence people’s lives and the decisions they make. Individuals who acquire appropriate guidance or support will eventually develop a powerful philosophy that can inform most of their actions and aims. Many authors and novelists focus on their past observations and experiences in an...

  • Environment

“The Sixties” by Terry Anderson

The Sixties by Terry Anderson analyzes the impact the decade had on American society. The book does not simply summarize the events of the decade, but places them into a context that today’s readers can easily understand. It discusses major events such as the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War,...

Due Process in Australian Criminal Justice System

Introduction Due process is an important concept in a country’s justice system. As a result, a right to due process is considered by many countries as a fundamental element in the fight to uphold human rights. The right to the due process ensures that the government respects the legal rights...

“Business Ethics” Book by De George

Causal and Moral responsibility Causal responsibility is simply a descriptive sagacity of responsibly. Under the causal responsibility, intention or agency is not imputed to the actual cause of an action. Thus, Causal responsibility does not carry any implication of blame or praise in an action. The causal responsibility is inclined...

Tools for Efficient Team-Leadership Experience

Introduction to Team-Leadership Theory Every single organization needs a team leader who is liable to organize all company processes to perform themselves as a united body. The mechanism of arranging the company performance where all organization participants work collaboratively in order to achieve a final goal of a company adjustment...

Fear Appeals in Public Health Campaigns

Introduction Smoking is a significant contributor to the deterioration of public health since it has a negative impact not only on the health of smokers but also on the health of people who choose not to light up. Hence, anti-smoking efforts are essential to public health measures, which aim to...

Decision Making and Its Impacts on the Company

There is no use denying the fact that we live in the age of great changes and blistering development of various issues. The fact is that nowadays technologies and society go along, introducing new phenomena and issues that change the traditional patterns. That is why, if a person wants to...

Hotel in Dubai City Center: Project Management

Introduction Value is the art of striking a balance between client satisfaction and the consumption of resources, which entails the optimal use of resources to reach the desired goals. Value management, therefore, is the hands-on, innovative problem-solving service. It entails the use of a detailed, multi-disciplinary tactic to reveal the...

Silver A-Plus Card: Marketing Precision

Executive Summary Consumers love a bargain no matter their market demographic and some consumers continue to patronize the same types of stores for their purchasing needs. With the holiday season closing in, Bank of America is releasing its new Silver A-Plus card in an attempt to capitalize on the increased...

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Chinese Architecture

Introduction The importance of ancient architecture cannot be neglected or misunderstood because it tells a lot about people, their history, and the choices made and approved during the centuries. China is the nation with a long 4,000-year-old documented history with a number of ancient architectural activities (Fu, 2014). During these...

The Benefits of a Dedicated High Speed

Introduction Definition, Transport refers to the movement of goods and services from one place to another; railway transport involves the movement of goods, people, and services from one place to another. Railway refers to a laid down track that guides the wheels of a train to ensure it does not...

  • Communication
  • Advertising

Americanization Is Not a Synonym for Globalization

Introduction Due to being one of the most formidable countries in various dimensions, the USA is frequently regarded as having had a great impact on the development of the world’s culture. In fact, there persists an opinion that cultural globalization is nothing else than Americanization of the world’s cultures. Quite...

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Patients With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Introduction Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a concerning chronic disorder of the digestive system with worldwide prevalence and a tendency to affect a growing population. Although GERD rates vary among different countries, it is currently one of the most common health conditions within the clinical practice (Diniz et al., 2014)....

Agile-Scrum in Healthcare Project Management

Sindhwani, R., Singh, P. L., Prajapati, D. K., Iqbal, A., Phanden, R. K., & Malhotra, V. (2019). Agile system in Health Care: Literature Review. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 643–652. The article is written by Rahul Sindhwani, Punj Lata Singh, Devendra Kumar Prajapati, Aamir Iqbal, Rakesh Kuamr Phanden, & Vasdev...

Global and Cosmopolitan Education System

The general issue of citizenship has been contested over a long period. Some people argue for cosmopolitan citizenship, while others support national citizenship. However, due to increasing globalization, the issue of education for globalization has been emerging as more countries seek to produce globally eligible students. This study will evaluate...

Abuse and Neglect in Media

The media today pays a lot of attention to issues that are related to child abuse and neglect. This is because incidences of child abuse and neglect have been on the rise in recent years. This role of the media has been effective in notifying the public of the various...

Organizational Culture: Essay Sample for Free

Organizational Culture: Essay Introduction An organisation’s culture plays an integral role in influencing its success. Particularly, the corporate culture entails the values and behaviours that account for the uniqueness of the organisation’s psychological and social environment. The culture is founded on an array of shared features, including the rules, beliefs,...

Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Friedrich Hegel: Political Discourse

Introduction This paper traces the advancement of political thought via a study of some key writers of political discourse such as Immanuel Kant, David Hume, and Friedrich Hegel. Emanuel Kant was a German philosopher, and he was well known for his enormous contribution towards shaping the modern philosophy. Hume was...

Communicable Diseases: Influenza Analysis Through the Lenses of Determinants of Health and the Epidemiological Triangle

Introduction The influenza virus, also colloquially known as “the flu,” is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. It is comprised out of several strains that share similarities based on their structure, biology, and effects on humans but differing in responsiveness to treatments and other factors (Wang &...

Talyllyn Railway Company’s Supply Chain Management

The Problem The Talyllyn Railway in Wales is an example of a once-successful tourist-oriented enterprise that contends with the challenge of the modern and more competitive tourist market. As the tourism industry grows, people are drawn to resorts and fun places that offer a novel experience and pleasure such that...

Graffiti, its Significance and Drawbacks

Introduction Graffiti is a type of modern art that is considered for different purposes by different people. Some people use this as a tool for expressing their feelings and expression related to the society and to the life; others prefer it as a way to express their disagreement or agreement...

  • Relationship
  • Performance

Understanding Brain and Learning Conncetions

Introduction The brain is one of the most complicated and multifunctional organs in the human body. Medical specialists, psychologists, and neuroscientists have always been paying special attention to its abilities and role in the organism. One of the main functions of the brain is connected with the process of learning....

The Impact of Greek Philosophers on Current Life

Many scientists agree that Ancient Greece is the cradle of European civilization. Its philosophers, scientists, and poets greatly contributed to the development of Greek culture. Modern philosophical thought would be impossible without the works of Aristotle, Plato, and numerous philosophical schools. Dramatic art would have been different if, at one...

Global Issues, Advocacy & Caregiving for Patients in India

Introduction States may be subjected to a common issue. However, they may have different ways of dealing with the issue. Most of the issues that affect states relate to their economic and social status. One of the tragedies that have affected the world is the HIV/AIDS pandemic. HIV/AIDS is a...

Servant Leadership in the Church and Its Purpose

Introduction Leadership is a quality that people can be endowed with if they can manage other groups for development. In addition, leadership qualities are formed over a long period, thus becoming the result of a person’s experience. Among leadership types, there is Servant Leadership, the essence of which is the...

Coca-Cola’s and Samsung ‘s Home and Host Marketing

Introduction Over the recent past, several companies have been devising strategies that facilitate penetration of international and domestic markets. The need to penetrate international and domestic markets emanates from the advancement in technologies that have led to the globalisation of markets and change in consumer behaviour. To succeed in international...

W. E. B. DuBois’ Power of Good Communication Skill

Throughout his books and other writings, William Edward Burghardt (W.E.B.) DuBois focuses on presenting well-written, fair-handed arguments for the fair treatment of African-Americans in this country. Acknowledging the accomplishments of white leaders with sincere language and forthright structure, he also denounces them for their failure to see the logistical error...

Truths and Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is considered the most general form of dementia, occurring mainly among older people. Dementia is a brain disorder, which affects a person’s capability to carry out simple everyday tasks. Alzheimer’s affects those parts of our brain which control our thoughts, language and memory. It causes nerve...

Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Abortion

Introduction Abortion remains one of the most controversial topics in the world. Many people believe that it is wrong and consider it to be murder, where a significant number support it but for specific reasons. Abortion provides one of the unending and disturbing American moral and legal struggles. The topic...

Discusses of the Role of Gender in the Employment

Cathelijn, Waaijer1., Hans, Sonneveld., Simone, Buitendijk., Cornelis, van Bochove1., Inge, van der Weijden. “The Role of Gender in the Employment, Career Perception and Research Performance of Recent PhD Graduates from Dutch Universities”. PLoS ONE, 2016, vol. 11, no. 10: e0164784.  Abstract Recent decades have seen a sharp increase in the...

Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

The use of either qualitative or quantitative methodology in a study constitutes several research determinants. The present exploration is used to explain the concept behind the two articles by Le et al. (2018) and Kuo, Hiler and Lutz (2017), but not to position one item as superior to the other....

  • Corporation
  • Accountancy
  • Christianity
  • Globalization

Risk, Return, and Capital Asset Pricing Model

Introduction The present report was commissioned by the CEO of SysConsult International. The purpose of the report is to analyse the possibility of investment in Logical IT and Safeworth Grocery. The analysis assumes that a one-year Treasury note will have a rate of return of 5% over the next year,...

Criticism of the Netflix Series “The Squid Game”

As is often the case, literary works, or any other form of “text” with broad appeal cannot be evaluated from only one perspective. There are a considerable number of people living on the planet, and each of them has its own cultural and ethnic background. The presence and quality of...

Who Is to Blame for the Tragedy of Othello by Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice is a sexual jealousy tragedy that pioneers the investigation of racial discrimination. Shakespeare’s play, which the great playwright wrote in 1603, presents the image of Othello, a general of African descent. The main idea of the conflict lies in the fact that,...

Early Childhood Education: The Role of Leader

Properly organized child care and education before school is the key to developing his thinking, memory, attention, imagination, speech, and physical health. Educational leadership is constantly being developed and maintained in the culture of the ECE environment (Davitt & Ryder, 2018). Without these basic qualities, it will not be possible...

Coca-Cola Company Competitive Position

Executive Summary The main objective of this report is to evaluate the competitive position of Coca-Cola. The models used for analysis include the Porter’s Five Forces, PEST analysis, and SWOT. The company experiences moderate pressure from the potential entrants because of the low switching costs. Although there are many substitute...

Revolutionary Communism vs. Democratic Socialism

Revolutionary communism and democratic socialism are examples of political ideologies that were byproducts of Marxism. Viewed from a certain perspective, the said political ideologies are similar in terms of their shared disdain for capitalism. Adherents of revolutionary communism and democratic socialism are moving towards the same goal. They want to...

British Social Enterprises’ Success and Challenges

Introduction In the contemporary world, people always venture into different businesses to earn a living by making profits. Sometimes they start large social enterprises, which are expected to generate income for them. As Konda, Starc, and Rodica (2015) observe, although the majority of them give up when they face hardships,...

Social Security for the Elderly in the United States

Introduction In the United States, the social security program is an initiative of the government that is intended to assist retirees. As such, it comprehensively covers virtually all the workers; however a majority of the federal employees, as well as those who have been employed by either the local or...

Operations Management Research

Introduction Technological progress brought many changes to the way humans lived and, in particular, how they produced goods. The old ways of homesteading and self-sufficiency gave way to massive economies of scale. There was no other way, as the population soared and concentrated around economic and industrial hubs. Investigating what...

Actions Following an Anonymous Call Alleging an Imminent Bomb Explosion

Introduction Nothing is as confusing as telephone calls that warn people of imminent destruction from explosions and other forms of attacks. This is because there is the likelihood that the person would be playing with the organization or the individuals concerned. It is also possible that there is the alleged...

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Planning

Due Process Law in Australia

Introduction Conservative and liberal views have always competed for dominance for as long as democracy has been in existence. While conservatives assumed a strict approach to certain social issues, liberals were more flexible and allowed for fairness and consideration of each individual’s perception of an issue. It was from this...

The Battle for Atlanta in American Civil War

The Preamble On September 2, 1864, Atlanta, also known as the gate to the South, fell. This day has become one of the significant turning points in the history of the Civil War and the predecessor of the shortly after Federal military campaign in the Georgia state. Both sides of...

Design and Health Promotion Program for Someone to Quit Smoking

Background Smoking is one of the main targets of health promotion programs since it damages body organs (Tait et al. 2006) leading to many deaths and health complications (Miller et al. 2005). However, persuading a person to quit smoking can be quite a challenge (Drevonhorn et al. 2007) due to...

Abolishing Out of Pocket Healthcare Insurance

Introduction Out-of-pocket healthcare refers to a mode of healthcare payment that entails using one’s own money to purchase health services; there is no support from insurance companies. US healthcare is costly and complicated and is paid for through premiums. The policy brief aims to bring to the government and the...

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Criminal Justice System

Effect of Historical Events on Criminal Justice System The United States of America has a long history of racial and ethnic minorities being discriminated against by the ruling majority. Genocide of the Indigenous tribes, enslavement of African Americans, fugitive slave laws, Jim Crow laws, and the War on Drugs, among...

Four Seasons: Multicultural Team’s Challenges

Introduction The high competition in the global market has forced most companies to invent different coping mechanisms. Failure to counter completion can push an organisation out of local and international market. Currently, most organisations focus on improving the quality of their products and implementing advanced technology to ensure operational efficiency....

Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotion

Introduction Marketing is a fundamental element that is incorporated as a means of communication between customers and an organisation. The objective of advertisement is to manipulate changes in the behavioural characteristics exhibited by clients. Vital promotion campaigns allow institutions to establish processes through efficient communication that is skewed towards attaining...

Burberry Corporation: Job Opportunities and Increasing Income

Executive Summary Burberry is a multinational corporation that specializes in the production of apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. The company is famous for the manufacture and distribution of trench coats. Burberry has outlets in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. It runs a promotional campaign dubbed “Burberry Bespoke”, which...

Nissan Motor Company’s Business Environment

Introduction Major changes in the global business environment have led to the decline of major players in many industry segments. The automotive industry, for instance, is experiencing a major disruption associated with the increase in demand for electric vehicles (E.V.s) and the entry of new participants, such as Tesla Inc....

Fanon Frantz on Revolution Leaders and Masses

Introduction Revolutions are an integral aspect of political evolution in the society. The success or failure of such a movement is dependent on the conduct and capabilities of the leaders and the masses.1 To this end, it is important to analyze the roles of these two parties with respect to...

  • Comparative Literature

The Impact of Globalization on Labor Market and Trade

Abstract Globalization refers to the coming together of the international markets. It contributes to the forming of trade blocks. Globalization has opened the international market to developing states and countries that can now trade freely. On the other hand, it poses a significant threat to the growth of local industries,...

Gun Control Issues and Solution in the US

Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Columbine, and Virginia Tech are some of the cities that have witnessed mass shootings attributed to poor gun control measures. Every time an incidence of mass shooting arises, Americans take different positions regarding gun ownership (Fox & DeLateur, 2014). Some citizens demand the enactment of stringent...

Disaster and People Behavior Changes

Disasters have continuously occurred In the world causing adverse effects not only to the physical environment and the people affected physically by that disaster but also to the future generations of the place. These disasters, whether man-induced or natural have to lead to changes in the ecosystem. The Tsunami, the...

Leisure in Victoria Britain

Growth of Popular Leisure Activities during the Period 1860-1910 Leisure may be viewed as an important aspect of human life as it gives an individual the privilege of relaxing after putting a lot of effort and time into work. In simple terms, leisure may be described as the spare time...

Social Trinity: Interpreting Christian Doctrine

Social Trinity is an interpretation with regard to the Christian doctrine on trinity. The main and central idea lies in the fact that this concept of trinity comprises of three persons whose relationship constitutes its very nature. Over the last three decades, there have been increased outpouring of the writings...

Movies Based on J. Austen’s Books Review

Introduction Both movies Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen are adaptations of the author’s novels. The films aim to describe the history of England, where women possessed numerous issues of oppression and inequality. The movies also illustrate how greed and financial gains shape cultural norms and...

Identity and Social Hatred. Diversity and Identity

A person’s sense of identity plays an essential purpose in establishing one’s role in society. It always goes in conjunction with the degree of cultural diversity, which cannot be fully appreciated without valuing an individual’s identity. However, these terms can be opposed by various forms of social injustice, such as...

The Role of Diet and Exercising in Healthy Aging

Introduction Aging is an issue that has attracted several researchers in the past, who have defined it differently. Da Costa et al. (2016) described aging as breaking down a self-organized system, causing a reduced ability to adjust to the environment. Lemoine (2020) considered it as a progressive accumulation of changes...

Fintech Startup Curve Analysis

Curve is a UK-based startup that aims at changing the way people deal with their card payments. The purpose of this startup is to reduce the number of credit and debit cards in a wallet to just one. The idea and its realization appeared to be innovative and, combined with...

Best Practices in Addiction Treatment

How an Understanding of Trauma Informs the Development of the Interventions Most soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the exposure to traumatic incidences during the course of dispensing their mandate. Studies have established a great connection between PTSD and addiction. This assertion holds because most soldiers...

Financial and Management Accounting

Financial ratios Group one The first group contains the returns on capital employed. It is a fundamental ratio that is used to assess the financial health of an institution. Return on capital employed is obtained by dividing operating profit and capital employed. It is a suitable measure of the profitability...

Issues with Modern Technology in Airport Security

The threats of terrorism, drug trafficking and violence are forcing governments and businesses to tighten control and security measures in crowded places. Even at concerts or in schools, one can see metal detectors that check visitors to find dangerous items for society. Airports and planes are areas of increased risk,...

Communicable Diseases: The Epidemiological Potential of HIV

Introduction The problem of HIV as a severe communicable disease that significantly affects the population of the United States could hardly be overlooked. As it is stated on the website, an estimated 1 million people in the country are currently infected with HIV. Also, one out of every seven...

Bank of Credit and Commerce International Case

Introduction When the branch offices of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in seven countries were raided and taken control of by the law enforcing agencies in the respective countries in early July 1991 one of the major bank scams involving billions of dollars was brought to light....

Infant Baptism in the First Five Centuries

Introduction Infant baptism refers to the practice of baptizing children few days after they are born. The question of necessity and purpose of baptizing infants has been of interest to theologians since the first century. Theologians have been keen to show justification for infant baptism while others especially in evangelical...

Church History: Egeria and the Crusades

Introduction The starting point of the present research should be the justification of the actuality and necessity of it. It is evident that in the study of historical events the primary role is always played by the study and analysis of the primary sources (documents, letters, etc.) as they the...

Supply Chain Management: Office Products Company

Introduction “The global credit and economic crunch has put more pressure on strategic supply chain management Blanchard” (2007 p.48) and (Rousel, & Cohen, 2005 p.123). In this regards, Supply chain managers and practitioners should ensure all suppliers come out of the downturn and are able to help them capitalize on...

CYC Sales and Business Strategy

Executive Summary Charge-Your-Car (CYC) innovative charging devices disrupt the market and promise a competitive advantage for the start-up. Nonetheless, the need for rapid revenue margin growth encourages the company to focus on the less traditional market of electric vehicle consumers. The core strategic proposal is to supply the rural regions...

Continuous Professional Development in Contemporary Nursing Practice

Introduction This essay focuses on such a concept as Continuous Professional Development and its importance for contemporary nursing practice. It should be noted that the modern world is marked by technological innovations, which have served to improve the form of care provided. In addition, treatment procedures are constantly being improved...

Wealth, Poverty, and Systems of Economic Class

Introduction In economics, poverty, wealth, and society’s economic stratification are interrelated concepts linked to racial, gender, and regional inequalities. Disparities in income and wealth distribution contribute to societal stratification and the emergence of social classes. In a capitalist economy such as the United States, the conflict arising from competition for...

  • Cybersecurity
  • Discrimination

Societal and Gender Construction Affecting Incidents of Domestic Violence

Introduction The recent surge in incidences of domestic violence has continued to baffle policymakers and scholars alike. However, some theories have been advanced by scholars to attempt to explain this latest scenario. A feminist perspective, however, offers a bottomless understanding of domestic violence by examining how social and gender constructions...

Consumers’ Buying Behavior and Social Media

Introduction Individuals contribute item reviews, information about a service, food or wellness advice, admonitions regarding things, instructions on how to use certain items, and more aspects as customers. The purpose of this work is to investigate the impact of social networks on the decision-making activities of customers. The use of...

Organizational Behavior in the “Up in the Air” Film

Welcome to our Up in the Air organizational behavior sample analysis. Learn more about management, negotiation, and ethical issues in the movie. Get some ideas on how to write your organizational behavior movie analysis! Organizational Behavior Movie Analysis Introduction There are a lot of books and movies showing the stories...

Professional Performance Characteristics and Workplace Effectiveness

The effects of personality and emotion on individual behavior and performance at work Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear to many managers that, unlike what it happened to be the case with non-human mechanistic systems, the dynamics within human systems (e.g. collectives of employees) do not solely concern the qualitative specifications...

The Boeing Company’s Stakeholder Analysis

Introduction In the wake of concern for citizens’ safety and security, the recent accidents that occurred to Boeing planes, particularly, the 737 model, put the company in an extraordinarily difficult position. Boeing owes a tremendous amount of responsibility to its key stakeholders, passengers’ safety being the key area of the...

“The White Book” Novel by Han Kang

The White Book is a novel written in 2016 by a South Korean writer, Han Kang. The unique and unconventional way of narration that is usually used by the author ensures the popularity of her books that are recognizable in different parts of the world (Hartanto 265). In 2018, the...

Avast Software: Company Analysis

Executive Summary Avast Software is a globally recognized multinational company and leader in the area of providing cybersecurity solutions for individual customers and businesses. The company, which serves users in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, has been demonstrating stable financial growth. As the leader among its competitors, Avast is...

Toyota Company’s Total Quality Management

Introduction In the industry of auto manufacturing, Toyota is considered as one of the most admired and highly emulated. In Asia, Toyota ranks as the biggest car manufacturer. The cars that Toyota produced have encompassed almost all the regions in the world. Toyota has successfully competed with car companies in...

United States Embargo Against Cuba

Introduction The United States of America has been in the past put several sanctions and embargoes against several countries, particularly those nations that it believes are sponsoring terrorism. Such embargoes are mainly liked to effecting restrictions on finances and economic assistances. Countries that have suffered this fate include Sudan, North...

Homeless War Veterans in America

Introduction Many of the citizens of this great country have served this country in times of war. However, the kind of treatment they get afterwards is worrying as many of them suffer in the hands of hopelessness for them to look for better places to stay. This situation has caused...

Chris Anderson: Digitization of Music

In an influential article titled The Long Tail that was published in 2004, Chris Anderson asserts that we should forget about making about making a few mega hits in the charts. He claims that the future of entertainment lies in the niche markets that are not captured by the much...

The Copyright Act of 1968 Overview and Analysis

Introduction Work of art, music, writing, film making, symbols, names and slogans among many others categories all have a creator behind them (Giannakas 82); for this reason, individual’s creative expressions and innovations are very valuable and therefore there is need to protect this kind of work in order to prevent...

Remote Work Impact Immigrant’s Chances of Working for the US

Introduction Remote working is the new trend amongst large businesses operating at a global level. Remote working allows professionals to conveniently work outside the normal office environment. Employees can work from wherever they are and at their most convenient time of the day. In the United States, more companies and...

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Introduction Cloud computing is an emerging concept that is recently creating a buzz across industries. Many companies today have deployed cloud computing due to the benefits it offers. According to Scott (2021), some of the world’s leading employers in such industries as power, including ENEL SpA and Siemens, have all...

“All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque

Introduction “All Quiet on the Western Front” is an opposition book set throughout World Conflict I that draws on Remarque’s own experiences in the war to portray the era’s more considerable disenchantment. William Pfeiler is a critique who thinks that this novel is a world sensation (Pfeiler). The book is...

Digital Technologies: Use, Benefits, Implications, and Future

The Use of Digital Technologies Digital technologies have given room for meaningful interaction between users from various backgrounds, leading to a resolute social existence. The greatest output of this existence is seen in massive generation of information which offers users desirable service. However, one of the dangers of such information...

Walt Disney Company: Change Management

Company Background The Walt Disney Company is known around the world for its unique projects, which are loved by children all over the world. Everyone of any age has heard of this company, as well as the name of its creator. No wonder, because the firm Walt Disney has existed...

Management: Teamwork Issues Resolution

Introduction Team development is the process of upgrading the skills of the team members, improving the interaction between them, and enhancing the overall working conditions of the team to increase the effectiveness of their work. Thus, team leaders must be able to identify, shape, support, motivate, lead, and inspire their...

The CareCo Ltd Company’s Annotated Meeting

Interview Managing Director: Hello members, welcome to our 20th CareCo Ltd Directors meeting. Thank you, all directors, for the ambitious efforts to make this organization match the level it has reached today. As we all know, CareCo Ltd is an organization that provides personal care and in-home support to aged...

Technologies Importance in Nursing Documentation

Introduction Prior to technology adoption, nurses would pass down information to each other verbally. Most documentation was defensive; it focused on protected the nurse or care institution from litigation, slow and difficult to access. However, with the use of computerized systems to record nursing information, it is now possible for...

Epidemiological Features of Ebola

Introduction Dangerous communicable diseases have ceased to carry a big fear for both doctors and patients over the past few decades. The fact is that the developments of healthcare and progress in this sphere have caused quite strong protection of the population against possible severe ailments. However, even today, some...

Adidas Corporation’s Organizational Justice

Introduction Organisations are entities whose functionality depends on their constituents such as individual employees, departments, units and policies. There is a need to develop policies in a system that ensures harmony and a fair interaction of the constituents. The manner, in which the organisational resources are shared in the departments...

Managing Organizational Changes

Introduction Organizations should inherently adapt and change consistently to remain competitive and effective. In the modern economy, shaped by global factors and shareholder vision, organizations are often driven to change by environmental and external factors. These may vary, ranging from new technologies and practices to shifts in political and economic...

Hobbes’ State of Nature and Absolute Sovereignty

Introduction Thomas Hobbes’ discussion of the state of nature prompted responses from a multitude of other philosophers and scholars. The author’s principal argument is that, without governmental control, people would always remain in their natural state, which is “a condition of war of every one against every one” (Hobbes 1660,...

Sugar Processing: Term Definition

Introduction Sugarcane is a fleshy, tall perennial grass crop that grows fast infertile tropical soils (Sheridan, 2000). Physical and climatic factors such as temperature, soil, rainfall, and other factors largely affect its growth (Sheridan, 2000). The crop’s origin can be traced to South Asia and Southeast Asia, where it was...

E-Government and Its Challenges

Introduction E-Government is the usage of internet technology in the delivery of government services. It is not uncommon to come across tedious processes used by governments in the accomplishment of very simple tasks. The bureaucratic nature of government makes the whole undertaking a nightmare due to the long time taken...

Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age Perception in “The Great Gatsby”

Introduction Great works of literature remain in history for a variety of reasons. Some of them represent a particular era masterfully, leaving the reader with strong, vivid impressions. This objective is attained through accurate use of specific symbols, strengthening the work’s relation to a particular epoch, and contributing to its...

The Importance of Data Recovery Plan

Introduction The issue of information security and privacy is very critical in every establishment. However, important information may be lost through natural disasters and other processes. This can lead to significant inefficiencies in an organization. For example, loss of patients’ health records can have adverse impacts on them. For instance,...

Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Cause-Specific Mortality in Black and White Adults

Study Summary In the article titled, “Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Cause-Specific Mortality in Black and White Adults in the Southern Community Cohort Study,” Matthews et al. (2014) strived to understand the causality between physical activities and adult mortality among male adults from two ethnic groups (African-Americans and Whites). The...

Diverse Sexual Expression: Collection of Artifacts

Attitudes Toward Sex Positivity Several months ago, I attended a play party at the invitation of a friend of mine. The meeting aimed to popularize the idea of sex positivity and overcome complexes through entertaining conversations and quizzes. At this party, all those present were gifted with the same T-shirts...

Literary Theory: Perspectives and Approaches

The study of literary texts always involves the problem of multiple meanings because of interpretations. One need only think of any of the movies, books, or even songs whose familiarity was shared with a friend. In this case, even close friends, who usually have similar worldviews and interests, will see...

The Role of Social Seclusion and Economic Marginalization in Crime

Introduction High rates of crimes and violent activities are becoming a dire threat to the population worldwide. With rapid population growth and challenging economic times in society, criminologists have difficulty controlling crimes leading to extensive studies on the significant causes of crimes. Crime causative factors include social seclusion, economic marginalization,...

The US Film Industry’s History and Competitiveness

Introduction The US film industry has gained global recognition and dominance, with its films being watched all over the globe. With annual revenue of $5 billion, a 27% decline from the previous year, it shows that the US is a major player in this industry (Escandon, 2020). The US film...

The History of Basketball

It is interesting to know that a Canadian invented the game of basketball. Great games are supposed to originate in Europe, in exotic countries, or perhaps in the great cities of the United States of America. But no one will consider a Canadian as the originator for something that is...

Injustice in Shelley’s Frankenstein and Milton’s Paradise Lost

“Th’ infernal Serpent; he it was, whose guile Stird up with Envy and Revenge, deceiv’d 35 The Mother of Mankinde, what time his Pride Had cast him out from Heav’n” (Milton Lines: 34-37) The monster created by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein (henceforth mentioned as Frankenstein) and the character of Satan...

Dubai Television Matrix Company’s Business Plan

Executive Summary Dubai Television Matrix is an entertainment company that consists of a network of television services that provide online on-demand access to television content in Dubai, both domestic and foreign. Dubai Television Matrix is located in Dubai. The company was established in 2016. It currently aims to expand its...

Globalization’s Impact on Banks in Canada

Introduction In the face of the globalization forces, not even the Canadian banking industry has been spared. Thanks to the current trends in capital mobility, the banking system has heavily suffered at the hands of globalization. It is no doubt that the financial markets of today have a characteristic high...

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

Introduction Panic disorder is a chronic a psychiatric condition that can be treated. This condition is normally found in young adults, and it has been estimated that about sixty percent of patients who suffer from panic disorder also have agoraphobia. Agoraphobia often coincides with Panic Disorder. Agoraphobia is defined as...

Corporate Financial Analysis of Gap, Inc

Industry: Apparel Stores Gap, Inc. Date: 01/09/14 Ticker Symbol: GPS – NYSE Recommendation: Hold Current price: $46.15 Price Target: $46.03 Earnings per share Ratio 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Earnings per share 1.58 1.88 1.56 2.33 2.74 Price/earnings ratio 14.8 12.3 10.7 15.2 14.0 Highlights The company reported an increase...

Pacifism and Nonviolence Approaches to War and Peace

Introduction Individuals, countries, and regions have different beliefs and ideologies, making conflicts inevitable. The way conflicting parties approach their differences plays a significant role in determining whether a skirmish will occur or not. There has been concern about the use of force or war to influence changes or accomplish desired...

Construction Project Management and Communication

Issues and Constraints Effective construction communication needs the engagement of all the stakeholders to design a plan for building a piece of property. As a project manager, I will communicate with the necessary stakeholders and develop a construction project for the client who purchased the property five years ago. I...

Criminal Behaviour as Result of Free Will

Even the ancient Greeks tried to find a logical explanation for why people commit crimes. In the theory of guilt, the question of free will emerged because the circumstances of the time demanded it; besides, the cleverest philosophers could not resolve the dispute. Within philosophy, there were two schools of...

Project Management of Ottawa Wheels

Introduction “Ottawa Wheels” organization is aimed to provide car owners with high-quality repair services. By using the latest innovations and mechanisms, professional workers of the company make customers satisfied and constantly receive positive feedback. The website has an easy interface that attracts new potential clients, and many people mention that...

Digital Society in Black Mirror’s Episode Nosedive

Introduction Charlie Brooker is the creator of one of the most successful British sci-fi television series Black Mirror. The show is highly acclaimed, yet controversy surrounds how it depicts the modern and potential realities of human societies in Western countries. Despite having specific differences, they are all dystopias that emerged...

Ethics of Computer Technology in the London Riots

​Introduction Information Technology is closely associated with computer and communication. Instigating from fiscal 1990, the fields of information technology and communication were combined to form information and communication technology (ICT). This has led to the creation of electric products which are merged devices that can multitask. For example, a cellphone...

Healthcare Finance: The Budgeting Implications of the Issue

Introduction This paper chooses a particular healthcare accounting issue or problem, the disposition of which requires special skills of healthcare leaders. The issue is contained in the article entitled “US city budgets stable – but decisions loom” by Marks, Alexandra (2007). The paper will also discuss the budgeting or accounting...

Social Policy Analysis: Stopping the Opioid Crisis in Veteran Population

Introduction The problem of the opioid epidemic in the USA has been at the center of an ongoing discussion for several years. Despite its growing relevance to multiple population groups across the nation, evidence shows that veteran populations are twice as likely to die of opioid overdose as average citizens,...

Personal Nursing Philosophy: Metaparadigms and Practice-Specific Concepts

Nursing Autobiography In the account of developing this personal nursing philosophy paper, my personal professional resume was critical in evaluating my deep intuitions about the nursing profession. Educationally, I possess a Bachelor’s degree in nursing that I acquired in 2011 and I have been a Registered Nurse (RN) from 2005-2009,...

Self-Consciousness in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

The Phenomenology of Spirit is a philosophical work by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, first published in 1807. The result of this paper is a systematic attempt to chart the development of human consciousness as it moves from naivety and unconsciousness through various stages of self-awareness until it finally reaches a...

Taiwan as a Country for International Business

Executive Summary A large Canadian company is considering expanding its foreign operations to include Taiwan. It has an approximate size of 36,200 square kilometers. As a result, this country is an attractive market due to its large population of 23.5 million people. In this market, the Canadian company is expected...

Maternity Nursing: Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation

Introduction The improvement of maternity care quality and the reduction of infant morbidity are the main concerns of maternity nursing. It has been broadly addressed in professional literature, research findings, and statistical data that the health of a newborn child vastly depends on breastfeeding initiation. The World Health Organization (2018)...

Specific Racism Against Chinese Americans

Introduction Racism has got varying meanings depending on the opinion of a person. Allen de Benoist defines racism based on the UNESCO’s 1978 “Declaration on Race” as a theoretical observation in which a person sees himself or herself as belonging to a racial or cultural grouping that is intrinsically superior...

Living With Disability: Medical and Social Models Application

The Medical Model of disability According to Scambler (2008:43), numerous medical analysts perceive this model as an antecedent of the social model of disability. This model exemplifies disability as a disease or a state of abnormality. This means a person lacks the normal features, which characterize other human beings. In...

Federation and Liberation in Australia

Introduction The transition from colonial rule is characterized by fundamental policy changes that define a nation’s autonomy. In Australia, the Federation in 1901 was a turning point in the nation’s identity. It entailed the unification of the six different colonies to form a central government. Analyzing the driving forces for...

Travelodge Hotel’s Strategic Advantage

Introduction Some conditions offer different companies the advantages of manufacturing goods and services at relatively low prices for their customers. Strategic advantages allow companies to generate more revenue in a competitive environment (Lestari et al. 365). The rationale is that they are positioned to provide their clients with goods and...

Motivation Techniques at Workplace

In the business environment, motivation can be defined as the internal state that activates behavior and energizes individuals to goal-oriented behavior. It is a composition of design beliefs that directs these needs me to take action. Motivation can include things such as inspiration, encouragement, and support. Motivating factors are the...

The Effects of Globalization to Employment and International Trade

Abstract Globalization refers to the growing interconnectedness among global societies, economies, and cultures, primarily due to increased trade in goods and services, foreign investment, exchange of knowledge and information, and immigration. This phenomenon has affected employment and trade significantly. It has increased wage inequality and destroyed jobs, especially in manufacturing....

Exploring Patterns and Relationships in Mathematics

Abstract This paper proposes solutions for three learning problems: each of the proposed problems was solved using concrete, that is, taking into account the manipulation of real objects, and abstract, that is, by adopting a mathematical symbolic language, approaches. Polya’s approach of conceptualizing and fragmenting the overall problem was used...

China’s and Hong Kong’s Cross-Border E-Commerce

Abstract The enforcement of a policy to control the import of commodities via the CBE platform affects the Chinese economy significantly. The taxation provisions of the policy established recently imply that consumers experience both fair and unattractive prices of commodities they purchase via the CBE system. Thus, the policy fails...

Process Improvement and Its Role in Organizations

Introduction Process improvement (PI) is most popular among researchers and practitioners nowadays (Veldman et al. 2014), and in this paper, an attempt at explaining this phenomenon is made. In particular, process management and its types, including PI, are defined, and PI is described in detail. The paper includes a discussion...

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Essay on Globalisation for Students & Children in 1000 Words

Essay on Globalisation for Students & Children in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Globalisation and Its Impact for Students in 1100 Words. We have also explained its positive and negative aspects in 21st century.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Essay on Globalisation)

Globalisation is the process in which businesses, services, or technologies grow, develop, and expand throughout the world. It is the expansion of various trades or transactions into the world market of the entire world.

There is a need for international investment on a massive scale for economic inflows around the globe so we can develop large multinational businesses. For this, mutual dedication and internal self-sufficiency of enterprises in the global market will also have to be increased.

We can say that globalisation is related to spreading an object across the globe. It creates a successful internal connection in the market without country-limits or time-limits. The most common and obvious example of globalisation or globalisation is the expansion of Mac-Donald hotels worldwide.

Globalisation is beneficial or harmful to humanity

It is tough to determine whether globalisation or globalization is helpful or detrimental to humanity. It is still a matter of great confusion. It is tough to ignore that globalisation has created marvellous opportunities for people all over the world.

It has changed the lifestyle and standard of people in a big way in society. It provides many opportunities for developing countries or nations to build, which is very important for such countries.

Positive effects of globalisation

Globalisation or globalization has connected the Indian students and the field of education with foreign universities to Indian universities through online mode. It led to a massive revolution in the educational field.

The healthcare field also has been affected by globalisation or globalisation, because of which conventional medicines, health regulating, power machines, etc. are available; it affected production on a vast scale leading to several seeds of varieties to the agricultural sector. But this is not good for poor Indian farmers because of expensive seeds and farming techniques.

1. Impression of Globalisation on Society and Cultural of India

Nuclear families are emerging. The divorce cases are increasing fast. ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ is used to greet people despite hello and namaste. American festivals like Valentine’s Day are spreading all over India .

2. Indian cuisine

Our cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines worldwide. And pizza, burgers, and other western foods have become popular here.

3. Clothing

Traditional Indian clothes for women are sarees, suits, etc. and traditional outfits for men are dhoti, kurta. Hindu married women also decorated red bindi and singers. But now, it is not a compulsion.

4. Indian Performing Arts

The Indian musical sector includes varieties of religious folk, and classical music. Indian dance also has lots of diverse folk and modern traditional forms. In short, Kalaripayattu or Kalari is being the oldest martial art in the world.

5. Old Age Vulnerability

With the rise of nuclear families, it led to the reduction of the social security that joint families provide. It led to more significant economic, health , and emotional vulnerability of individuals in old age.

6. Broad media

Gaining more access to videos, movies, music, news, etc. from around the world. Foreign media houses have raised their presence in the country. Further, India is part of the global launch of Hollywood films that has a psychological, social, and cultural impact on our society.

Problems caused by globalization

1. small-scale industries.

Small and cottage industries has arisen because of globalisation. Because of modern information technology , human labour has got a lot of relief.

For which small sectors have declined. Primary business, secondary business, and traditional business have suffered much. Because of globalisation, now the machines of small and cottage industries have taken place.

2. Uncertainty of employment

Uncertainty of jobs is the biggest problem of globalisation. Work has had a broad impact on the standard of living of every human worker.

The World Trade Organization boosted the competition market, and rapid technological station, and finesse for employment, was preferred.

Industrialisation gives jobs as a result, but when the industries face a loss, then in such a situation, they remove workers from their factories.

3. Promotion of developed countries

Developed countries have benefited the most from globalisation. The process of liberalisation of these countries has received the most impetus because of the developed countries having sufficient capital and being ahead in information technology.

The economy of free trade has benefited by the World Trade Organization. But some countries were not satisfied with this trade policy.

4. Regional Inequalities

Regional inequality has arisen most because of globalisation. The reason for this heterogeneity of the world economy is geographical inequality, economic inequality, political inequality, etc.

In such a situation, the regional disparity increases rather than decrease. Because of the difference in the economy, some small countries are growing more than the rate of development.

5. The problem of globalisation and pollution

Globalisation is a solution, an issue related to the entire world. Under the answer, it serves a specific purpose. Through the problem, it changes the quality of environmental goods for human interest.

At present, countries and human beings affected by globalisation have expanded in the fields of industry, trade, market, and information technology.

6. The problem of global warming because of globalisation

Globalisation has brought global warming . We do not relate global warming to one country. Instead, it is from the entire world. The ozone layer over Antarctica has penetrated over the effects of harmful radiation generated by rapid industrialisation and transportation.

Luxury facilities are highly used in developed countries. Using enormous quantities of air-conditioned gases and air pollution by motor vehicles etc. has created an additional problem because of the leakage of the ozone layer over Antarctica.

10 lines on Globalisation

  • Globalisation can be called internationalisation, which is a mixture of globalisation and localisation.
  • It has affected both positively and negatively human life.
  • Because of globalisation, companies or factories have grown on a large scale.
  • Governments of countries should have complete control over globalisation.
  • Globalisation helps to consider the world-market as one market.
  • It significantly affects the local Indian market.
  • It renders a massive opportunity for companies in the global market.
  • Globalisation caused a major revolution in the Indian market,
  • Globalisation and liberalisation of businesses in the Indian market have led to a flood of quality foreign products.
  • Globalisation positively and negatively affects tradition, culture, political system, economic development, lifestyle, prosperity, etc.

Conclusion of the Essay on Globalisation

It is hard to determine whether globalisation is beneficial or harmful for a decade. If we see the advantages, then this renders fresh opportunities for the business, and with this, the customers of a country have more options.

If one country has a disadvantage, with the entry of an international market, the competition of the companies of that country increases. It affects their revenue. Thus, globalisation is, therefore, beneficial and harmful to the country. I hope you will like Essay on Globalisation.

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International Women’s Day: What is it and why do we need it?

International Women’s Day is observed on 8 March every year.

International Women’s Day is observed on 8 March every year. Image:  Unsplash/ThisisEngineering RAEng

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A hand holding a looking glass by a lake

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Listen to the article

This article was first published in 2022 and updated.

  • 8 March is International Women’s Day – devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and seeking gender equality.
  • The campaign theme in 2024 is #InspireInclusion , while the official theme of the UN observance of the day is ‘ Invest in women: Accelerate progress ’.
  • It will take another 131 years to reach gender parity, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2023 .

Gender equality is central to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) – and a perennial item on the Secretary-General's annual priority list.

SDG5 calls for the world to " Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls " by 2030.

Empowering women can boost economies and help the peace process, believes António Guterres, but it needs to happen faster.

"We are promoting women's full and equal participation and leadership in all sectors of society, as a matter of urgency," he told the UN General Assembly, outlining the agency's priorities on 7 February 2024.

It will take another 131 years to reach gender parity , according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2023.

The continued fight for women’s rights is marked each year by International Women’s Day (IWD).

What is International Women’s Day and when did it start?

IWD takes place on 8 March every year.

It began life as National Women’s Day in the United States back in February 1909. The following year, at the second International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen, Denmark, women’s rights activist Clara Zetkin called for an international women’s day to give women a greater voice to further their demands for equal rights.

It was unanimously approved by the female attendees from 17 countries, including Finland’s first three women MPs. International Women’s Day was marked for the first time in March 1911 – and the date was fixed as 8 March in 1913. The UN celebrated it for the first time in 1975 and in 1996 it announced its first annual theme: "Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future".

How is the day marked around the world?

International Women’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday by countries across the globe, with women often given flowers and gifts – and there are IWD events in major cities worldwide .

On 8 March 1914, there was a women’s suffrage march in London, calling for women’s right to vote, at which high-profile campaigner Sylvia Pankhurst was arrested.

In 2001, the platform was launched to reignite attention for the day, celebrate women’s achievements and continue to call for gender parity.

On the centenary in 2011, sitting US President Barack Obama called for March to be known as Women’s History Month. He said: “History shows that when women and girls have access to opportunity , societies are more just, economies are more likely to prosper, and governments are more likely to serve the needs of all their people.”

The World Economic Forum has been measuring gender gaps since 2006 in the annual Global Gender Gap Report .

The Global Gender Gap Report tracks progress towards closing gender gaps on a national level. To turn these insights into concrete action and national progress, we have developed the Gender Parity Accelerator model for public private collaboration.

These accelerators have been convened in twelve countries across three regions. Accelerators are established in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean, Egypt and Jordan in the Middle East and North Africa, and Japan and Kazakhstan in Asia.

All Country Accelerators, along with Knowledge Partner countries demonstrating global leadership in closing gender gaps, are part of a wider ecosystem, the Global Learning Network, that facilitates exchange of insights and experiences through the Forum’s platform.

Have you read?

In these countries CEOs and ministers are working together in a three-year time frame on policies that help to further close the economic gender gaps in their countries. This includes extended parental leave, subsidized childcare and making recruitment, retention and promotion practices more gender inclusive.

If you are a business in one of the Gender Parity Accelerator countries you can join the local membership base.

If you are a business or government in a country where we currently do not have a Gender Parity Accelerator you can reach out to us to explore opportunities for setting one up.

What is the theme of International Women’s Day in 2024?

Each year, there are effectively two different themes: one proposed as a campaign theme by the IWD website, which this year is #InspireInclusion , and the UN's official, which this year is " Invest in women: Accelerate progress ".

UN Women and the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs jointly publish an annual update on the progress towards SDG5.

In the latest – Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The gender snapshot 2023 – they reveal there's an "alarming" $360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender-equality measures.

A gender-focused SDG stimulus package to deliver transformational results for women, girls and societies.

UN Women has outlined areas that need joint action to ensure women are not left behind:

Investing in women: A human rights issue

"Gender equality remains the greatest human rights challenge. Investing in women is a human rights imperative and cornerstone for building inclusive societies. Progress for women benefits us all."

Implementing gender-responsive financing

"Due to conflicts and rising fuel and food prices, recent estimates suggest that 75% of countries will curb public spending by 2025 . Austerity negatively impacts women and crowds out public spending on essential public services and social protection."

Shifting to a green and caring economy

"The current economic system exacerbates poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation , disproportionately affecting women and marginalized groups. Advocates for alternative economic models propose a shift towards a green and caring economy that amplifies women’s voices."

Supporting feminist change-makers

"Feminist organizations are leading efforts to tackle women’s poverty and inequality. However, they are running on empty, receiving a meagre 0.13% of total official development assistance ."

What is the state of gender parity globally?

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2023 found that, although the global parity score has recovered to pre-pandemic levels, "the overall rate of change has slowed down significantly".

The index benchmarks 146 countries across four key dimensions (Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment) and tracks progress towards closing gender gaps over time.

Of the four gaps tracked, Political Empowerment remains the largest, with only 22.1% closed – a 0.1 percentage point increase on 2022.

The gender health gap: It's more than a women’s issue. Here’s why

Why clear job descriptions matter for gender equality, buses are key to fuelling indian women's economic success. here's why, what is the gender pay gap.

The gender gap in Economic Participation and Opportunity remained the second largest of the gaps, with only 60.1% closed so far (up slightly from 58% in 2022). The pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis is having a disproportionate impact on women .

The gender pay gap is the “difference between the average pay of men and women within a particular group or population” according to the Fawcett Society, which campaigns for equal pay in the UK.

Each year, the charity marks Equal Pay Day in the UK, the day of the year at which women stop earning relative to men. In 2023, that date was 22 November.

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