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  3. TUDOR REBELLIONS NOTES (Edexcel History A Level)

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  4. Tudor Rebellions

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  1. Tudor Rebellions: Causation

  2. A Level History: Wyatt's Rebellion, 1554

  3. Tudor Rebellions

  4. REVISE A LEVEL HISTORY: How did religion cause Tudor Rebellion? Get A*

  5. A Level History: Kett's Rebellion, 1549

  6. The Battle of Deptford Bridge 1497 AD


  1. Tudor Rebellions: Timeline, Causes & Summary

    Tudor Rebellions - Key Takeaways. Tudor Rebellions had many causes; the main four categories were economic, political, religious and dynastic. Different monarchs had to deal with certain causes more than others - e.g. Henry VIII dealt with religious rebellions, while Henry VII mainly faced dynastic or economic rebellions.

  2. Tudor Rebellions Coursework: Overview

    This video briefly goes through the major rebellions in the Tudor period chronologically. Highlighting the causes they are linked to (social and economic, ...

  3. Tudor Rebellions Coursework: Context

    This video introduces the Tudor Rebellions coursework looking at the outline of some themes to explore and a basic introduction to the different Tudor Monarc...

  4. Tudor Rebellions: Social and Economic Causes

    In this video I look at the Social and Economic causes of rebellions in Tudor England (1485-1603). This is designed to support the writing of a theme in an ...

  5. Tudor Rebellions: Causes & Timeline

    These rebellions were the Stafford/Lovell Rebellion and the Lambert Simnel Rebellion in 1486, and the Perkin Warbeck Rebellion from 1491-1499. Two other rebellions occurred during Henry VII's ...

  6. Tudor rebellions

    AQA: GCE History, Unit 1C: The Tudors: England, 1485-1603; OCR: GCE History A, Unit Y106, British Period Study: England 1485-1547: the Early Tudors; EDEXCEL: GCE History, Paper 3, Option 31: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors, 1485-1603; Available as: On site workshop, online workshop. Find out more about the types of session we offer.

  7. Tudor Rebellions / Historical Association

    Tudor Rebellions. In this series of videos, produced by Royal Holloway, University of London, staff and students examine the origins, course and outcome of the Lincolnshire Rising and the Pilgrimage of Grace, the largest popular uprising in Tudor England. The playlist also includes a two-part case study looking at the fortunes of Chertsey Abbey ...

  8. John Stow and Tudor Rebellions, 1549-1569

    The best introduction to this topic is Anthony Fletcher, Tudor Rebellions, 3d ed. (Harlow, Essex, 1983), which includes a bibliography of recent research. Roger B. Manning, Village Revolts: Social Protest and Popular Disturbances in England, 1509-1640 (Oxford, 1988), is a valuable addition to the literature on Tudor rebellions, while

  9. Edward VI & Rebellions

    Course of rebellion. The rebellion began on Sunday 10 June in Cornwall and later spread to Devon. On 29 June, Lord Russell was sent to find a peaceful settlement. From 2 July to 6 July, the rebels besieged Exeter. On 8 July, Russell's last attempt to find a settlement failed. On 12 July, Lord Grey was sent to help Russell but was diverted to ...

  10. Tudor Rebellions: Henry VII

    Power and Protest. In this podcast Dr Steven Gunn of Merton College, Oxford, looks at the causes of rebellions, changes and continuity in the nature of rebellion, how historians have approached Tudor rebellion, rebellion as a process of negotiation, ways in which Tudor governments avoided rebellion, new ways to communicate, the growth of the ...

  11. Elizabeth I & Rebellion

    The rebellion began in 1593. In 1598, the Earl of Tyrone and his forces defeated English troops at the Battle of Yellow Ford. The Earl of Essex was sent in 1599 to deal with the rebellion. But he failed to control the rebels in Ireland. He made a truce and returned to England with the queen's consent. Elizabeth I then sent Lord Mountjoy, who ...

  12. Tudor Rebellion: Political Causes Theme

    In this video I look at the political causes of Tudor Rebellions. This video is designed to help students writing coursework (NEA) essays on the causes of T...

  13. A-level Topic Guide: The Tudors

    Tweet. The Tudors remain the most popular British unit of study at A-level across the examination boards. Whichever board you are studying with and whatever the focus of your study unit on the Tudors, the resources in this unit will support you as you develop your subject knowledge, write essays and revise. This unit is temporarily open access ...

  14. Tudor England Primary Sources: Events, Information & Facts

    1502 two accounts of the death of Prince Arthur. 1503 the death of Elizabeth of York & betrothal of Princess Margaret to the king of Scots. 1509 Henry VII's obituary. 1509 Henry VIII & Katharine of Aragon's coronations at Westminster Abbey. 1500s the poetry of John Skelton, Henry VII's poet laureate & Henry VIII's tutor.

  15. Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors (1485-1603)

    Irish unrest was localised/regionalised and centralised on clan lands (except for Tyrone's). Causes: - Irish rebellions weren't caused social/economic issues. The 3 main causes of Irish rebellion were: imposition of direct rule from London, the growing influence of English families and religious changes.

  16. TUDOR REBELLIONS NOTES (Edexcel History A Level)

    docx, 278.98 KB. docx, 231.98 KB. I achieved an A* in edexcel histroy a level - here are my revision notes for the tudor rebellions (kett's rebellion, challenging the succession/ warbeck and simnel, northern earls, pilgrimage of grace). I have summarised the edexcel textbook in clear and condensed grids, laying out the information in ...

  17. Tudors Coursework Making of A Modern Britain

    Richard Rex, 'The Tudors' (The History Press Ltd, 2002) Geoffrey Elton, 'The growing conflict 1568-85', 'England Under the Tudors', (Routledge, 1991) ... TUDORS COURSEWORK MAKING OF A MODERN BRITAIN. Subject: History A-Level - Tudors. 75 Documents. ... the Tudor rebellion, pointing to Simmel and Warbeck's attempts in trying to ...

  18. Tudor Rebellion

    To write half a page on:'What were the main causes of rebellion under Henry VIII?' You are just explaining what rebellions he faced and why. Info for homewor...

  19. Was religious change the foremost cause of rebellion during the Tudor

    Equally, the Oxfordshire rebellion of 1596 was monocausal; motivated by opposition to unfair enclosures which exacerbated the high levels of unemployment and rising grain prices as a result of the poor harvest of 1595. Therefore, socio-economic causes were present as either main or contributing causes of rebellion across the entire Tudor Period.

  20. Edexcel Tudors Notes on Rebellion and Disorder

    3 Found helpful • 48 Pages • Complete Study Notes • Year Uploaded: 2021. A-Level notes on the Edexcel Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors A-Level module. Produced from cross-referencing the textbook and additional reading such as The Tudors by Richard Rex. This document is 50 Exchange Credits. Add to Cart.

  21. REVISE A LEVEL HISTORY: How did religion cause Tudor Rebellion? Get A*

    Revision resource on Tudor rebellions: 'How do I answer A Level Extract ...

  22. Tudor rebellions: Henry VII

    Tudor rebellions: Henry VII - Elizabeth I / A-level Topic Guide: The Tudors / Historical Association. Home / Student / 16-18 / A-level topic guides / A-level Topic Guide: The Tudors / Tudor rebellions: Henry VII - Elizabeth I.