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  1. Submission deadlines and procedure: FEB campus Leuven

    You must obtain this certificate before the deadline: 15 November 2023. For academic year 2023-2024, you can find the dates of submission and defence in the table below. Examination period. Master's thesis submission. Master's thesis defence. 1st examination period. 18 January 2024, 11.59 p.m.

  2. Submission Deadlines Master's Thesis

    Step 2 - Submission Master Thesis form and electronic version Master's Thesis. First you fill out the Master Thesis Form in the Master application, then you submit your Thesis in KU Loket. January exam session. From Wednesday December 20, 2023 till Wednesday 10 January 2024 before 12.00 pm (midnight). Attention!

  3. Master's Thesis

    MASTER'S THESIS DEADLINES 2023 2024. General guideline; 1st examination period. January 11th, 2024. 2 PM. 2nd examination period. June 6th, 2024. ... When you graduate, your Master's Thesis will be uploaded in the KU Leuven library database, which is an open source on the internet. In some cases, when the Master's Thesis is a co-operation ...

  4. Master's Thesis Portal

    This section is for students who want to submit their final Master's thesis. For students in a two-year programme it concerns Master's thesis, part 2. Arrangements about Master's thesis, part 1 can be made with the supervisor. Submission procedure and information about defences . Submission deadlines and defence date.

  5. PDF Deadlines for the Master's Thesis 2023-2024

    Deadlines for the Master's Thesis 2023-2024 Intermediate presentations: English and Dutch • Thursday 14/12/2023 • Friday 15/12/2023 —> Handing in intermediate report: before Thursday 07/12/2023 - 2 pm Final presentations: English, Dutch & EIT-KIC Suma — graduating January 2024 • Monday 15/01/2024 to Friday 19/01/2024 from 8:30 am ...


    1. The Research Master's Thesis: General. The Research Master's thesis is the key element and the pinnacle of your Research Master programme. Within the programme it has a weight of 24 out of 60 study points (credits). In the master's thesis you are to demonstrate an ability to do high-level independent research.

  7. Deadlines for written work

    Deadlines for written work at the Institute of Philosophy. 2023-2024 BA Paper, ReMA Paper, MA Thesis and ReMA Thesis. There are specific deadlines and submission procedures for the Bachelor's Paper, the Research Paper (1st stage of 2-year ReMA), the MA Thesis and the Research Master Thesis (ReMA Abridged / 2nd stage of 2-year ReMA).. Course papers and essays

  8. Master's thesis at the Faculty of Science

    The final schedule for the defence of the Master's thesis will be planned by the Master's thesis coordinator. It is possible to deviate from the days mentioned below. All information about date and time will be announced to the students by the Master's thesis coordinator. January. All programmes : Thursday (Friday Patron Saint's Day) + Saturday ...

  9. Master's Thesis

    Infosession Master's Thesis 2023. Additional departmental guidelines. Titles of professors (ZAP) and senior researchers. Assigned Thesis Topics 2023-2024 lock. You can find a lot of important information (such as the template for the thesis text, embargo guidelines, information about relevant workshops, etc.) on the website of the Faculty of ...


    Before final submission of the thesis, you are strongly advised to obtain your supervisor's permission to submit . To submit the thesis, the student has to do the following before the deadline: • submit electronically via KU Loket. This involves updating the thesis title and entering some metadata.

  11. Dates and deadlines

    Submission deadline: Monday 12th of August 2023 at 2PM Defence: during the last week of the examination period ( Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 September 2024) (*) Students who only have to submit the Master's Thesis and succeed for 1st semester courses, and want to graduate in January will have to request this before 15th of January at 2PM.

  12. Dates and deadlines

    The deadlines above apply to both the physical and digital submission of the master's thesis. Digital submission: The master's thesis must also be submitted digitally in KU Loket. The instructions for this can be found on the faculty website.This electronic copy is processed by the Faculty of Science and is archived at the University Library.

  13. Submitting the electronic copy of your master's thesis

    Submitting your master's thesis. In most study programmes at KU Leuven, it is required to submit a hard copy (in paper) of your master's thesis. Information on this matter can be found on your faculty's student portal, where you can also find other practical guidelines with regard to submitting your thesis (deadlines, formal requirements, etc.).. Apart from the paper copies, you are required ...

  14. Dates and deadlines

    Dates and deadlines for the submission of subject choices. 13 October 2023, 6.00 p.m. until 18 October 2023, 11.55 p.m. The available master thesis topics can be consulted from the start of the academic year. Your master thesis topic will be assigned at the end of October. Exceptions: Propose your own master's thesis topic: deadline 9 October 2023

  15. Interim deadlines

    Deadline: Monday 22 April 2024. Poster event: May 2024. During the poster event (master's thesis info market), you present your research poster to teachers, assistants and fellow students who will make a master thesis the following year. The content of the poster is intended for a wide audience. Template

  16. Submitting the master's thesis

    This final deadline varies between study programmes and campuses, and can be found on Toledo (with the courses and communities of the master's thesis) or on your campus's internet pages. Make sure you meet this deadline, as you won't be able to submit after it.

  17. Master's Thesis

    Submit 3 hard copies of the thesis at the Education and Student Office, together with 3 hard copies of the Formal Criteria Checklist. Nota bene: There is a manual and a FAQ's page for the KU Loket application Master's Thesis. All theses submitted via KU Loket will be automatically uploaded in Turnitin (software system for plagiarism check).

  18. Research Master's Thesis

    The master thesis proces. 1. Searching your supervisor. 2. The first appointment with your supervisor. 3. Familiarize yourself with the instructions and upload documents in Toledo Portfolio. Milestone 'Acceptance and purpose' (deadline 26 October) Milestone 'Research proposal/Start report' (deadline 26 October)

  19. Deadlines for the Master's Thesis 2022-2023

    Deadlines for the Master's Thesis 2022-2023 Intermediate presentations: English and Dutch ... —> Handing in and uploading final master thesis text in KU Loket: before Monday 14/08/2023 - 2 PM . Author: Huberte Cloosen Created Date: 9/30/2022 3:39:18 PM ...

  20. Master's thesis regulations and official documents

    Master's thesis in one semester agreement. Students who only need to complete the master's thesis (which you take up for the second time), or the master's thesis combined with one or more courses organized during the first semester of the academic year, have the opportunity to write and defend the master's thesis in one semester (subject to the procedure foreseen for this purpose within art ...

  21. Faculty of Arts Master's Thesis Regulations

    The master's thesis is a paper that is written by a student to complete a master's programme and to prove to have acquired the academic skills (analytical, synthetic and problem-solving ability) to independently contribute to scientific research within the field of the student's programme. The master's thesis can take various forms, but ...

  22. Master's thesis

    The Master's thesis is a scientifically underpinned research project that is carried out independently by the student and of which its development is supervised by a supervisor. Through the Master's thesis, the student demonstrates analytical and synthetic competences and/or his/her independent problem-solving ability at academic level. The ...

  23. Dissertations

    Paper copies of dissertations. Until 2009: Dissertations are available in the Artes University Library Always Check Limo first! Starting 2010: only available online via Limo. Master dissertations FEB Campus Antwerpen: 2007/2008 - 2013/2014 (only non-confidential master dissertations with a score of 14 and higher) and 2014/2015 (all non ...

  24. Bachelor of European Studies

    KU Leuven (Belgium) KU Leuven is Belgium's leading university in both size and international rankings. Students from the bachelor of European Studies are welcomed at the Faculty of Social Sciences. With almost 50.000 students in a city of 100.000 inhabitants, the historical city of Leuven has a specific atmosphere that is quite unique in the ...