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40 BEST Reddit Streaming Sites – Movies & Entertainment Subreddit List

40 BEST Reddit Streaming Sites – Movies & Entertainment Subreddit List

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet and one of the most popular for finding streams of your favorite TV shows and series , movies , live sports , news, and more.  

Reddit is site unlike any other that is comprised of a bunch of message boards (subreddits) put together and has something for everybody.  

Just about everyone has relied on Reddit for something at some point.  

While there’s a lot of stuff that’s meant for humor or entertainment, but there are a lot of subreddits with content that’s useful and informative.  

Subreddits can be very generalized, like r/movies, or they can be very specialized or esoteric, like /TamilCinema for Tamil movies.  

A new Reddit user will find new subreddits to join. Once a few are chosen, this will populate your feed when you log onto the home page of the site.  

You can also view less personalized feeds, such as news, politics, and general.  

You can also customize how Reddit organizes the posts it shows you on your feed. This can go by popular, trending, most upvotes, and other metrics.  

And each post on Reddit can be either upvoted or downvoted, which makes Reddit a type of democratic mega community of sorts.

And within each subreddit post, people leave comments. This is where a lot of the value is on Reddit.  

It’s even more important when the post is in the form of a question.

You’ve probably run into this before when you googled something you needed answered and clicked on a Reddit post and went directly to the comments.  

Each comment has an upvote or a downvote. Quality posts and/or comments are further incentivized by Redditors being able to give users digital gold, silver, bronze, and other types of awards for great posts and/or comments.

Not all the great comments are at the type because naturally some comments have an advantage if they were posted first. So while good comments tend to be at the top, you might have to read a bit further as well.

Table of Contents

Is there a subreddit for everything?

If you’re worried that a particular interest of yours will not have a subreddit dedicated to it, your fear might be displaced.  

I don’t think that I’ve ever typed something into the Reddit search bar that didn’t end up having a community dedicated to it.  

Accordingly, if there are at least 2 people somewhere in the world that are interested in a certain topic, chances are there’s a subreddit for it. In some cases, there are multiple dedicated subreddits.

Reddit, in short, can be whatever you want it to be, much like the internet itself. Your Reddit experience will largely depend on your own interests, your engagement with it and how that sends signals to the Reddit algorithm, and what you want to get out of it.  

And since Reddit has just about everything that’s on the interwebs, its upvote and downvote system determines what posts make it to the top of the feed, therefore giving rise to the moniker of “the front page of the internet.”

What kind of subreddits are on this list?

Our list is focused solely on communities related to streaming services and streaming entertainment.  

Naturally this is what this article is all about.

And two, it’s impossible to review every subreddit out there and new ones are popping up all the time.  

All of these subreddits have been around for at least a year and have built-up communities, so they have some gravity to them and will be active.  

These subreddits also tend to be very helpful. If you ask a question you should get multiple answers.  

The best streaming sites subreddits are active communities who share interest in a particular streaming service.  

They allow users to post news or questions related to:  

  • a type of streaming site,  
  • keep track of lineup changes (i.e., when a certain show or movie is being taken off or added to a streaming service, that platform’s subreddit will let you)
  • technical issues, and  
  • the features that a site or app has to offer

Take r/Netflix, for example.  

This is one of the most popular streaming service subreddit communities that Reddit has to offer.  

When a show or series gets added to Netflix’s library of content, this subreddit will be the first to post about it.  

When a show or series is scheduled to be taken off, the same will be true.  

Is Netflix planning to rollout a new feature or a change in its interface?  

Head over to r/Netflix and you’ll be able to find out.

Which streaming site subreddit is the most popular?

The most popular streaming subreddit, unsurprisingly, is r/Movies.  

It’s popular because it’s super-general. How many movies are out there in the world?

With the advent of YouTube and self-creation video sites that can be published, it’s now in the billions.  

r/Movies has about 30 million members and it’s growing continually.  

Popular subreddits tend to be big and active. More users means more posts and content and more discussion.

  r/Movies is where you can discuss new and upcoming films, post trailers, link to movie reviews, post about underrated films, and discussing filmmaking and practically any other topic.  

With r/Movies you’ll never be out of the cinematic loop.  

For some things, you may want to go down to something more specific. If you’re a big Netflix consumer, then you probably want to look at the r/Netflix subreddit.  

Even the Netflix subreddit has a subscriber count well into the 1+ million range now.  

How much does it cost to use Reddit?

Reddit is free with ads. There are no limitations and no paywalls. You just to create an account and start reading, comments, posting, or even creating your own subreddits.  

Each ad on Reddit appears as a post, which can be upvoted, downvoted, and commented on.  

If ads are a complete no for you, then there’s a premium version of Reddit which will nix them. Reddit Pro is only about $6 per month, which gets rid of ads and gives you a certain amount of gold, silver, bronze, and other awards to gift to other users as you like.  

With that said, let’s get into the list.

Best Reddit Streaming Sites – Movies & Entertainment Subreddit List

#1 r/movies.

r/Movies is one of the most popular subreddit on the entire platform.  

This subreddit will give you in the inside scoop on new releases, best platforms to watch movies, filmmaking, classic movies, and much more.

#2 r/Documentaries

The r/Documentaries subreddit is one of the oldest and most popular on the site.

If you’re into engaging documentaries on a wide variety of topics, this could be a great place to check out.

#3 r/Videos

The r/Videos subreddit is similar to the r/Movies board.  

Videos can include movies, but is a bit more universal in scope. It can deal with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok, and other video platforms.  

For music fans, r/Music is a great community if you’re looking for a music discussion and recommendations.  

#5 r/NetflixBestOf

A bit more narrow than r/Netflix, r/NetflixBestOf is a place to check out the best of the best on Netflix.

#6 r/Television

Exclusively dedicated to TV content, r/Television is one of the largest TV discussion communities on the internet.  

#7 r/MovieDetails

r/MovieDetails has thousands of active members online at at given time.  

MovieDetails goes into movies discussion a bit deeper than you might see on r/Movies.

#8 r/Technology

The r/Technology subreddit is a bit broad but carries good discussion on the best stuff to watch movies and TV.

This includes monitors, TVs, computers, filmmaking equipment, podcast cameras, starter kits, and more.  

If you’re looking for anime and manga, the r/Anime forum is your go-to subreddit.

With well over 1.5 million members, this subreddit provides info on the best anime films on the internet.

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#10 r/Entertainment

The r/Entertainment board is one of the biggest communities on the interwebs for talking about all things entertainment.  

For anything related to TV, movies, streaming, social media , gaming , and more, r/Entertainment will have something for everybody.

#11 r/Gaming

If you love gaming content and want to stay abreast of the latest games and trends, the r/Gaming subreddit is a good place to start.

#12 r/SciFi

Everything related to science, fiction, and speculative fiction is housed in the r/SciFi board.

#13 r/LiveStreamFail

If you’re looking for more info on live streams to get up-to-date news and content, then r/LiveStreamFail is a great, fast-growing community.

#14 r/Twitch

The r/Twitch subreddit is a great platform for Twitch creators, viewers, and mods.  

You’ll find lots of new content regularly on this popular live-streaming platform.

#15 r/Horror

If you’re a fan of horror movies, TV, books, games, or streaming, then r/Horror has everything you need.

#16 r/Spotify

If you’re a big Spotify fan, then r/Spotify is a great subreddit for music and all things related to one of the world’s most popular music platforms.  

#17 r/YouTube

The r/YouTube subreddit isn’t as popular as some others, but it mostly relates to content related to upgrades, features, bugs, and other odds and ends related to the YouTube platform.

Great for YouTube content creators and those looking to stay up-to-speed on the latest when it comes to the world’s most popular video platform.

#18 r/Netflix

The r/Netflix forum is one of the best places to get info on the latest releases and all things related to the streaming platform.

#19 r/TrueFilm

The r/TrueFilm sub-forum will be a great addition for those who like to discuss and learn about movies in-depth.

It’s more of a niche community than places like r/Movies and r/Entertainment, which is great if that’s your thing.  

#20 r/CordCutters

Who likes paying the cable bill?

So you can imagine how big the r/CordCutters community has grown globally.  

If you’re looking to get rid of cable and exploring your options and just want info on the latest tech, IPTV options, and others, then r/CordCutters can be a great stop.  

#21 r/MovieSuggestions

Looking for a quality subreddit dedicated to suggesting movies for you to enjoy?

The r/MovieSuggestions page is good to explore to look for recommendations and enjoy discussions on your favorite movies.

#22 r/Animation

If you’re into everything animation, then r/Animation is a great place to explore.

All types of animations, from 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and visual effects are explored in this popular subreddit.

#23 r/AnimeSuggest

This is a great option if you’re looking to explore suggestions and recommendations for anime, manga, light novel, or visual novel.

The subreddit has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so there’s no shortage of discussion.

#24 r/DC_Cinematic

The r/DC_Cinematic subreddit is the place for DC Comics fans.  

If you’re a fan of comics, movies, or TV shows and series, the r/DC_Cinematic forum can be a great place to find what you’re looking for.  

#25 r/BoxOffice

If you love going to the movies, then r/BoxOffice can be a great place to find all the latest info about latest releases.

You’ll find all the latest information about what’s coming to a theater near you.

#26 r/Addons4Kodi

Kodi is a streaming server that helps you watch great content.  

If you want to find info, look for recommendations, or ask questions about Kodi add-ons, the r/Addons4Kodi is a great place to look.

We also have information on Kodi add-ons below.  

  • Best Kodi Addons for Movies & TV Shows
  • Best Kodi Addons to Watch Live Sports
  • Best Working Kodi Addons in February 2024

#27 r/Videography

Videography deals with the process or art of making video films.

So if you’re a videographer or looking for more information on videography, this is a great subreddit to check out.

#28 r/GameMusic

This is the subreddit for video game music and VG remixes/covers.

If you have a new soundtrack or favorite soundtrack you’d like to share, r/GameMusic could be a great place.

Hulu is right up there with Netflix as the top streaming service.  

The r/Hulu subreddit is the ultimate place for Hulu newcomers and veterans of the service.  

It serves as a comprehensive resource for all things Hulu.

#30 r/MovieStreamingSites

Movie streaming sites is a great place to find free entertainment alternatives.  

This is an option for those who don’t want to pay $100 or more for entertainment each month.  

Of course, has lots of resources on the subject as well, with literally hundreds of free TV and movies alternatives.

  • More than 50 Soap2Day Alternatives
  • Best Afdah Alternatives
  • Best Putlocker Alternatives

#31 r/AppleTV

The r/AppleTV subreddit is a community where you can catch up on the latest updates and news regarding Apple TV.  

Discuss things like Apple TV:

  • 4k HD programming
  • Apple TV Plus
  • Apple TV Login
  • Apple TV movies
  • Apple TV shows

#32 r/SelfHosted

The r/SelfHosted subreddit is a place to explore popular online services that can be self-hosted, or hosted using your own applications.  

Local hosting allows you to manage applications locally instead of renting from providers.

This helps to ensure better privacy and doesn’t lock you into contract with a SaaS provider.

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If you’re looking for the dedicated HBO subreddit, r/HBO is where you can find full episodes of original movies, schedule info, HBO series, and exclusive video content.  

#34 r/MovieClub

The r/MovieClub sub is smaller than the r/Movies subreddit and is a place to watch and discuss movies.  

Each week a newly released movie is discussed and other movies are recommended by members.  

#35 r/YouTubeTV

YouTube TV is a premium streaming service.  

The r/YouTube TV is a great community to learn about the service and all that it has to offer.  

It’s popular among the cord cutting demographic.  

#36 r/BadMovies

The r/BadMovies board is the ‘movies so bad they’re funny’ Reddit you’re looking for.  

Come to r/BadMovies to get the worst movie recommendations possible. Like a bad American Idol or America’s Got Talent contestant, some acts are so bad they’re brilliant.

Also some discussion of underrated movies.  

#37 r/Streaming

If you’re interested in content streaming in any form, r/Streaming is a good place to stop by.  

If you like TV series , gaming, movies, or other streaming, this is a highly topically relevant forum.  

#38 r/IndependentMusic

If you’re a music producer, r/IndependentMusic can be a good place to get ears on your music and attract more listeners.  

#39 r/ApksApps

On this board, you’ll find lots of APKs that offer great value to help you get the most out of Android.

What is an APK?

Android Package (APK) is the Android application package file format used by the Android operating system, and various other Android-based operating systems, as it relates to the distribution and installation of mobile apps , mobile games, and various middleware.

An APK can be written in either Java or Kotlin

#40 r/Cartoons

Everybody loved cartoons at one point or another. Some never grow out of them.  

r/Cartoons is the place to discuss all things for the cartoon-loving crowd.  

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Screen Rant

10 best youtube channels for film video essays, according to reddit.

After watching a movie, one of the best things a fan can do is sit by and watch a video analysis by reviewers like Lindsay Ellis and Possum Reviews.

With Wakanda Forever closing off Phase Four on November 11, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is preparing for an introduction to its fifth phase, and many fans are excited to see what the franchise has to offer. Yet, many are also questioning how all these new Phase 4 characters connect to each other, with the multiverse looming as the main arc. After all, most Marvel movies are now somewhat disconnected.

Thankfully, there is a vast host of YouTube reviewers and analysts who are dedicated to explaining the intricacies of movies and anything fans might have missed. Most of these YouTube video essays are made by some key YouTubers who do an excellent job getting fans caught up in the worlds of Hollywood.


The Youtube Channel of YourMovieSucksDOTorg

Some reviewers do a great job of taking apart popular movies to show why they're excellent. The film YouTuber YourMovieSucksDOTorg is best at showcasing just why fans may dislike certain movies. While that might be inherently more negative, it can still be enjoyable.

"His Toy Story 3 review blew my mind. I knew I hated it but he kind of showed me why," says a now-deleted Reddit user. While he addresses both beloved and critically panned movies, the panned movies tend to be the videos that draw the most love from audiences. Sometimes fans just need to know why a plot feels weak or repetitive.

Possum Reviews

The Youtube Channel of Possum Reviews

Another YouTuber who tends to focus on movies that received overwhelmingly poor receptions, Possum Reviews has grown a large fanbase by putting his attention on reviewing "garbage" movies, as his possum icon indicates. "I really love watching Possum Reviews even though his reviews of blatantly bad movies are really cynical," says Redditor Owijs .

Most of his reviews tend to be funny, which helps to keep the content engaging even when the actual film he reviews is appallingly bad. While he sometimes addresses beloved movies, it's the mediocre ones that draw the most eyes.

The Youtube Channel of Sideways

While most moviegoers don't think about soundtracks, the YouTuber Sideways goes into detail on just how the best soundtracks in movies interact with each film and create an environment. Tackling both musical and nonmusical movies, the channel does an extraordinary job of teaching fans about sound in films.

"Genuinely such interesting analysis of music in shows/movies from a very funny, intelligent guy who always sounds like he’s having the best time talking about whatever he’s talking about," states Reddit user ameboleyn . His excitement, even when addressing movies like Cats , is palpable and keeps viewers as engaged as he is.

Red Letter Media

The Youtube Channel of RedLetterMedia

A YouTube channel focused on friends reviewing movies that are both good and bad, RedLetterMedia has picked up many fans through the years, and for good reason. With the channel often known for its dry humor, Redditor TylerKnowy described it as "a mix of comedy and insight."

The channel has different shows with each addressing several topics. From Re:View 's more positive view of film to the often maligning Half in the Bag , the channel has something for everyone — as long as everyone likes their sense of humor. Of course, given that they often tackle movies that divide critics and audiences , they can be contentious.

The Youtube Channel of Film Joy

With videos ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour long, the YouTube channel FilmJoy has things for everyone to enjoy. Of course, while the channel offers several shows, most of the channel's supporters tend to find themselves more engaged by the Movies with Mikey show.

"Intelligent, funny and extremely heartfelt. His whole approach is to discuss beloved films and why they're so special," says Reddit user johnspost . Instead of focusing on cynicism and encouraging fans to dislike certain movies, it brings about positivity, which is somewhat rare among YouTubers.

This Guy Edits

The Youtube Channel of This Guy Edits

While many film critics focus on acting, character development, plot, or setting, the YouTuber This Guy Edits focuses on the editing in film and how it affects each movie. Instead of critiquing individual movies, the channel educates the public to help them consider editing in their own review of films.

"I find myself analyzing cuts and sound design way more after watching This Guy Edits," shared Reddit user InuitOverit . Considering how many movies are edited after their initial release , it's got a wide array of content to sift through, which means fans have a lot to learn from a true professional.

Lindsay Ellis

The Youtube Channel of Lindsay Ellis

A film critic who used her YouTube channel to launch a book of her own, Lindsay Ellis recently left the YouTube scene, but her remaining backlog of content is still fascinating to look through. "Her videos are really funny while also being very interesting," commented Redditor bman9919 .

Often, Ellis considered topics that most fans failed to consider and showcased just why she took that perspective. She focused on a wide array of issues, including animation, the influence of the filmmakers on each film, and even why the greatest movie musicals are no longer particularly popular.

Like Stories Of Old

The Youtube Channel of Like Stories Of Old

The YouTuber Like Stories of Old is a critic who likes to go into depth with each video, which is why it's so rare to see content for his channel under 20 minutes long. It's also why he only tends to release videos irregularly, often with a month or more between releases.

"His voice and delivery is so unique and soothing... it's pretty remarkable how well constructed each piece is," says Redditor stumpcity . The channel addresses wide-ranging issues in Hollywood, like the Hero's Journey, entire genres in film, and archetypes within the industry. He offers a fascinating in-depth look at whatever topics he chooses, and it's why he's a beloved critic.

Every Frame A Painting

The Youtube Channel of Every Frame A Painting

While there are many visually stunning movies that can awe viewers, the YouTuber Every Frame A Painting takes apart movies to show fans exactly why they come to love the looks and aesthetic of movies. It also takes a look at how to improve those very aesthetic through editing.

"They were mainly about filmmaking techniques, editing, shot composition, blocking, etc., instead of plot/story/theme like the majority seem to be," says Reddit user scoutcjustice . While unfortunately Every Frame A Painting has stopped producing videos, fans still have a lot to learn from the content the channel already produced, as the majority continues to be relevant today.

Thomas Flight

The Youtube Channel of Thomas Flight

Often addressing topics like director preferences and the impact of particular films, the YouTuber Thomas Flight could give a masterclass in film criticism, as most fans would agree. "Thomas Flight does a really good job at highlighting technical details and is also great at explaining the historical reference points for many directors," posits Reddit user redditaccount001 .

With essays about editing, genres, and sound quality in movies, fans may come for the analysis of their favorite film and leave with a new appreciation for dynamic styles in film. The channel's in-depth analysis explains why each upload comes somewhat inconsistently, but the content is quality enough that fans hardly mind.

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The Best Movie Review YouTubers


Can't decide what to watch? Here are the best movie review YouTube channels. From new movies playing in theaters to classic films, these popular YouTube movie reviewers praise the best films and trash the worst movies of all time . What are the best movie review channels on YouTube? 

When ranking the best movie review YouTubers, AngryJoeShow, Jeremy Jahns, and Chris Stuckmann are definitely in the top ten. If you're looking for funny movie reviews , trailer reactions, and film recommendations, check out theres other good YouTube film critics, like CinemaSins , RedLetterMedia, YourMovieSucksDOTorg, kermodeandmayo, and Beyond The Trailer.  

Vote up the best movie reviewers on YouTube, and add your favorite film review YouTube channels missing from this list. 



Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann

Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns



Dylan is in trouble.



Mr Sunday Movies

Mr Sunday Movies







Double Toasted

Double Toasted



The Cinema Snob

The Cinema Snob

Andre "Black Nerd"

Andre "Black Nerd"



Oliver Harper

Oliver Harper

Beyond The Trailer

Beyond The Trailer

What The Flick?!

What The Flick?!



ScreenJunkies News

ScreenJunkies News

John Campea

John Campea

Homeless Movies

Homeless Movies



Horrible Reviews

Horrible Reviews



The Unusual Suspect

The Unusual Suspect




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  • Watchworthy

Lists for every cinephile and "movie guy" on your virtual trivia team.

Happy Endings with Unhappy Consequences

15 Essential YouTube Channels for Movie Lovers and Aspiring Filmmakers

Lights. Camera. Action!

Read update

With countless hours of content on the platform, YouTube is not only a great source of entertainment and escapism, but an invaluable learning asset as well. That is particularly true for those interested in film production, with some of the best film YouTube channels about cinema and filmmaking offering tutorials on everything you need to start making your own movie.

While we may love the platform for its funny cat compilations and its seemingly endless collection of music videos, YouTube’s accessibility as an educational tool is one incredibly underappreciated and underutilized aspect of the platform. That is particularly true for young and aspiring filmmakers trying to hone their craft, and passionate cinephiles looking to learn more about the movies they love.

The fact is YouTube is littered with film production channels that are designed by their creators to help viewers get more out of the films they watch and put their learnings into practice on their own work. From the writer’s room to the editing suite, these channels are essential viewing for anyone obsessed with movies and looking for inspiration to make some of their own.

Updated on August 27, 2023, by Ryan Heffernan:

15 film courage.

Charla Lauriston speaks with Film Courage about being shy as an artist

Film Courage is an incredible resource for aspiring screenwriters or just anyone with an interest in learning more about screenplays. Helmed by Karen Worden , the channel is largely made up of interviews with industry experts which range from helpful tips and tricks to critical industry analysis.

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Topics of some of Film Courage ’s more popular videos include covering common mistakes inexperienced screenwriters make and how to get a movie on Netflix, ensuring the channel has invaluable content for screenwriters at a great range of levels. It features well over five thousand videos and uploads new videos daily.

Watch on YouTube

14 PremiumBeat by Shutterstock

Charles Yeager discusses motion graphics for Premiumbeats by Shutterstock is a website dedicated to producing royalty music and sound effects for a wide range of production needs as a subscription service. While an incredibly valuable asset to many artists, its YouTube channel - PremiumBeat by Shutterstock - might be even more useful, especially to those who are still finding their way in the industry.

While the channel appears to have stopped uploading, it still features over 200 videos touching on a wide range of topics, but it does have a particular focus on tutorial content. With videos relating to motion graphics, video effects, film production, and even editing, it is a terrific resource to filmmakers with a vast array of interests.

13 Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon discusses after effects programs on his YouTube channel

With almost six million subscribers on YouTube, Peter McKinnon ’s channel is an immensely popular resource for digital content creators thanks to its expertise and accessibility. A lot of the content on the channel is linked to photography, which is McKinnon’s passion and work, but it also contains plenty of useful videos for filmmakers.

The channel has plenty of videos on camera tricks that can be applied to low budget, or even no-budget filmmaking . McKinnon also does a lot of videos about the post-production process. His channel has hundreds of videos and continues to upload weekly.

12 The Script Lab

The logo for The Script Lab appears over a shot from 'Parasite' (2019)

The Script Lab may have uploaded its last video three years ago, but the channel still serves as a valuable learning resource for those interested in screenwriting. A lot of the channel’s content focuses on interviews with successful screenwriters, with a number of its earliest videos being recorded at major film festivals and events.

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Some of the channel’s most popular videos include simple tips relating to plot structure and log lines, but it’s their “Script to Screen” videos that are really enticing. Showcasing famous movie scenes while the screenplay scrolls along in real-time, it offers a great look at how scenes sometimes deviate from what is on the page but still get to the core of what the scene is about.

11 Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom on YouTube

As an independent filmmaker with decades of experience in the industry, Philip Bloom has amassed a significant following on his YouTube channel. His videos are incredibly well done and appeal to inexperienced filmmakers while still offering valuable insights for people who know more about the technical aspects of film production.

Ultimately, Philip Bloom is a great resource for people who want to learn more about cameras (and which ones to use to create beautifully shot movies ), with the channel primarily posting detailed and easy-to-digest reviews. While Bloom’s videos are always of a high quality, he tends to incorporate his day-to-day life in his content, giving the channel a grounded feeling which is great for giving viewers ideas on what can be done with their immediate surroundings.

10 Filmmaker IQ


This brilliant resource for inexperienced filmmakers is the ultimate back-to-basics guide for those whose eyes start spinning with even the whiff of a textbook. With playlists dedicated to the camera, lenses, and audio in addition to its most popular film direction-based content, Filmmaker IQ has a vast range of videos that are not only educational but great fun to watch as well.

Its beginner's guides go well beyond on-set lessons too, with the channel also featuring videos on how to get your short film screened at festivals and how to determine what gear is right for you. They also produced a ton of content for Hollywood buffs, from the history of some of the industry’s biggest studios to analysis videos on how key filmmaking elements and philosophies have evolved over the decades.

9 Now You See It


Taking a magnifying glass to many of our favorite movies, Now You See It analyzes vitally important elements of famous films that audiences only respond to subconsciously. Highlighting the importance of subtext and hidden meanings in visual storytelling, the channel has covered a wide range of topics across many genres.

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The channel has analysis videos on everything from costume design to what makes a movie scary, and it even has an impressive range of "how to" videos covering plot twists, fourth-wall breaks, movie endings, and much more. Whether you’re a film lover wanting to learn more about your favorite movies or someone who harbors hopes of carving out a career in the industry, Now You See It is one of the best film YouTube channels there is.

8 This Guy Edits


The aptly named channel of working film editor Sven Pape , This Guy Edits is among the best video editing channels YouTube has to offer. As an ACE (American Cinema Editors) Award nominee who has worked for some of Hollywood’s biggest names, Pape brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his videos which are informative, engaging, and encouraging.

The channel offers everything from tips and tricks – on both technical and creative elements – to detailed analysis of how some of the best filmmakers in Hollywood go about the editing process . A great resource for editors of any skill level, it covers all the basics of film editing and offers solutions to many common problems editors encounter.

7 Indie Film Hustle


A channel dedicated to helping aspiring filmmakers break into the industry, Indy Film Hustle is packed with informative content that enthralls and inspires. Their “The Directors Series” remains their most popular content, a series of video essays that explores how some of the most iconic works from Hollywood's biggest filmmakers unfolded from the perspective of the filmmaker.

However, the channel also includes extended interviews with major Hollywood figures from A-list actors and legendary directors to screenwriters and producers who have been working in the industry for years. Their website, , boasts hours of awe-inspiring content for film lovers and aspiring practitioners of any skill level.

6 DSLRguide


A spectacular channel for indie filmmakers and aspiring videographers, DSLRguide may have started off as a simple gear review channel, but it has become so much more. With an emphasis on how to make your low-to-no-budget film look better, it covers everything from core concepts on the technical aspects of filmmaking to ‘how to’ videos covering topics like filming live music.

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The channel’s host, Simon Cade , has also shared his own journey as a filmmaker and has never been shy about discussing his mistakes and insecurities in a way that is sincere and uplifting to everyone who has had the same feelings. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call DSLRguide the best channel for all indie filmmakers riding the highs and lows of the business.

5 Indy Mogul


Another channel dedicated to indie filmmakers looking to improve their craft, Indy Mogul is one of the longest-running channels of its kind and has amassed over 1100 videos in its time. The team behind the channel brings knowledge and expertise on a vast range of filmmaking components from practical and visual effects to different forms of cinematography.

With everything from tips and tricks videos, DIY effects guides, gear reviews, and analysis on how some of the all-time great filmmakers approached their work, it has something to satisfy absolutely everyone, from the aspiring filmmaker looking for inspiration to the curious cinephile wanting to know more about the filmmaking process.

4 Every Frame A Painting


While the channel released just 28 videos in its run from 2014-2016, it secured a reputation as one of the best analysts of film form ever produced. An engrossing channel for aspiring directors and cinephiles alike, it looks at everything from how directors have mastered specific elements of their craft to how geometry can be used within a scene to aid the storytelling.

What ultimately made Every Frame a Painting such a valuable resource though was Tony Zhou ’s narration which was simple and enlightening. The channel also produced videos about the difficulty of feeling out the editing process and a look at how and why film scores have become less powerful in recent years.

3 StudioBinder


One of the biggest and best all-in-one film production channels, StudioBinder has something for everyone, be they indie filmmakers or casual movie admirers. Their content ranges from video essays on how some of the greatest directors direct a film, to ultimate guides on gear and filmmaking techniques, and even instructional videos on how to make a shot list.

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The beauty of StudioBinder is it is completely unpretentious, offering hours of content on many overlooked filmmaking basics so that even the most inexperienced and uncertain filmmaking novice can hit the ground running. Their website, , has a fantastic range of practical resources for filmmakers as well, from call sheet builders to storyboard templates.

2 Lessons From The Screenplay


Viewed by many as the best screenplay analysis channel on YouTube, Lessons from the Screenplay is an invaluable source of information for aspiring screenwriters and film lovers who cherish a great story. With video essays delving deep within some of the greatest films ever made to find out what narrative device they employ and how they impact the audience, it’s as much a love letter to classic cinema as it is an educational series on storytelling.

While the channel stopped uploading in late 2021, the team behind it has stayed active in the realm of film analysis with a brilliant podcast series, Beyond the Screenplay , featuring conversational in-depth analysis of a new film every week, as well as Story Mode which offers insights into storytelling in video games.

1 Film Riot


Film Riot is arguably the ultimate filmmaking YouTube channel on the platform. It’s an invaluable source of information for practicing filmmakers, ambitious amateurs learning the craft, and even for cinephiles eager to learn more about the filmmaking behind their favorite movies.

It offers absolutely everything from in-depth tutorials to analytical video essays, and even comprehensive gear reviews, and always delivers its content in a way that is fun and engaging while being accessible to everyone no matter their skill level or expertise. Film Riot also has a website featuring the full body of work including podcasts, blog posts, and even their own filmography of short films.

NEXT: The Best Screenplays of All Time, Ranked

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8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

We've put together a list of the best movie reviewers on youtube who save us from their well-informed movie reviews..

TSA Desk

Search Engine Journal


With the World Wide Web connecting every nook and crevice around us, the world has become even more confined. Even though it is now 2021, technology continues to amaze us in every way.

It may be a new technology for separating egg yolks from albumin one day and expertly compiled films the next, both of which have an impact on our mental processes.

The film industry is the most talked-about in contemporary culture, with the ability to readily attract, hold, and retain public attention and interest.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people had more free time than usual, which they spent watching movies and TV shows. Amid all the buzz surrounding movies, there were content creators who leveraged the film market.

Related Posts

Best Movies Of Steve Carell

Best Movies Of Steve Carell

From Scripts to Screens: 7 Renowned Indian Screenwriters You Should Know

From Scripts to Screens: 7 Renowned Indian Screenwriters You Should Know

Review of a film or television shows YouTube channels are the best way to connect real people with their favorite movies and shows.

These video-making channels not only research and inform about behind-the-scenes, stunts, and facts about certain shots and characters, but they also cleverly expand on the storyline without giving too much away about the plot, thus maintaining the frenzy.

1. Cinema Beyond Entertainment

2. badal bnftv, 3. film companion, 4. shan prasher, 5. sucharita tyagi, 6. chris stuckmann, 7. honest review (mensxp), 8. tried and refused productions, we will learn about notable youtubers who run profitable movie/tv show review youtube channels that have aided movie enthusiasts in this article..

This is, without a doubt, the best channel in the world at correctly analyzing Bollywood through time.

It’s always interesting to hear a professional’s perspective on the information we consume, and this channel is a fun and instructive way to do that.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

These types of discussion analyses aid in understanding the process and approach of critics, as well as learning about their points of view.

You can find the most relatable movie review videos on BnfTV . His videos are quite entertaining to watch, and he provides excellent assessments of all the latest series and films.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

This channel presently has 355K subscribers and 27,289,439 views.

Anupama Chopra, a cinema critic, and author launched this channel. Film Companion offers the best videos from the world of entertainment, with some of the best film critics on board.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

On this YouTube channel, you’ll find everything about the cinematic universe, from interviews with prominent personalities to movie or series reviews to just casual chit-chats about movies.

If you want to learn more about your favorite celebrities or find your new watch, Film Companion has it all! There are currently 1.8 million subscribers and 71,203,500 total views on the channel.

Shan Prasher ‘s offbeat commentary will keep you engrossed in his videos.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

The weekly evaluations of Bollywood films, as well as the hot take on all the latest news, will undoubtedly assist you in deciding whether or not to watch that particular film.

Sucharita Tyagi ‘s critiques are so concise and to the point that you can catch the flavor of the entire film in under seven minutes.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

The thumbnails will undoubtedly entice you to click. Before you go see a movie, make sure you go through her reviews.

He’s also a movie critic, and one of the greatest in his field. Many viewers find his content to be amusing and informative.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

His YouTube channel has over 500 thousand subscribers, and he covers not just cinema but also anime and animated flicks.

On Sundays, he releases a cycle called Hilariosity, in which he evaluates movies in his own distinctive style. His series “retro rewind” is really enjoyable to watch. If this guy enjoys a film, then everyone will enjoy it.

When Shubham and Rajesh provide movie reviews, it’s as if you’re sitting with them over a cup of tea, discussing the films.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

They manage to incorporate all of the aspects flawlessly, including the amount of fun, and laughter, calling out people, and providing their opinions on current events.

This channel has 813,449 total views and 813,449 subscribers. It meticulously dissects and examines each show and film.

8 Youtube Movie/Tv Show Review Channels To Look Out For

Aside from Bollywood analysis, there are some interesting talks from professionals in the entertainment industry, as well as some great dance routines.

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Best Movies Of Steve Carell

Best known for playing Michael Scott, in NBC’s adaptation of the British series ‘The Office', Steve Carell has delivered some...

From Scripts to Screens: 7 Renowned Indian Screenwriters You Should Know

In the realm of Indian cinema, where captivating stories and compelling narratives come to life, the role of screenwriters cannot...

7 Most Popular Albums Of Justin Bieber | Albums That Define Justin Bieber’s Musical Journey

7 Most Popular Albums Of Justin Bieber | Albums That Define Justin Bieber’s Musical Journey

In the realm of modern pop music, few names shine as brightly as Justin Bieber. From his meteoric rise as...

Bollywood’s Tryst With Period Dramas: 5 Films That Transported Us In Time

Bollywood’s Tryst With Period Dramas: 5 Films That Transported Us In Time

Bollywood, India’s vibrant and captivating film industry, has always been known for its diverse range of cinematic genres. Among these,...

7 Bollywood Celebrity Transformations: Then And Now

7 Bollywood Celebrity Transformations: Then And Now

The world of Bollywood has always been synonymous with glitz, glamor, and larger-than-life personalities. Over the years, we’ve witnessed numerous...

Unforgettable On Screen Couples Of Indian Cinema: Chemistry That Sizzled

Unforgettable On Screen Couples Of Indian Cinema: Chemistry That Sizzled

Indian cinema, often referred to as Bollywood, is renowned for its captivating storytelling, vibrant songs, and larger-than-life characters. However, one...

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Transnistria appeals to Russia for protection as domestic tensions flare

Transnistria appeals to Russia for protection as domestic tensions flare

Larry David Honors Richard Lewis With Bittersweet Statement

Larry David Honors Richard Lewis With Bittersweet Statement

‘Real Housewives’ Star Leah McSweeney Sues Andy Cohen, Bravo

‘Real Housewives’ Star Leah McSweeney Sues Andy Cohen, Bravo

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25 best movie review youtube channels.

movie review channels reddit

Are you a fan of movies? Are you looking to find great movie reviews, the best shows to watch, or what the latest buzz is in cinema? Then you've come to the right place! We have compiled the top YouTube channels for everything from Tamil and Bollywood cinema, to Marvel and other entertainment reviews. So keep reading to find out which channels are the best for you.


WeWatchedAMovie Youtube Channel

WeWatchedAMovie is a YouTube channel featuring movie reviews, horror movie news, and insights into some of the most popular Halloween movies. They discuss classic horror movies like Halloween and Halloween Kills as well as offer funny takes on Michael Myers, who is a popular horror movie icon. With WWAM, you get an entertaining and informative look at horror movies and related topics.

Selfie Review

Selfie Review Youtube Channel

Selfie Review is a YouTube channel showcasing public reviews of Indian and Tamil cinema movies. It provides entertaining and informative reviews of the latest movies, combined with fun and entertaining selfies. They cover all genres of movie reviews, giving viewers an insight into the world of Indian and Tamil Cinema. They also offer an opportunity for viewers to discuss their views and opinions of the movies that they have watched.

Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns Youtube Channel

Jeremy Jahns is a popular YouTube channel that provides entertaining reviews for movies, television programs, and other forms of film entertainment. His videos feature humorous commentary and witty observations that appeal to viewers of all ages. His channel is the perfect destination for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of film and entertainment.

Tyrone Magnus

Tyrone Magnus Youtube Channel

Tyrone Magnus is a popular YouTube channel that features a variety of videos, ranging from movie reviews, gaming, unboxing, and funny reactions to try not to laugh and other challenges. A professional gamer, Tyrone brings his passion for movies, games, and entertainment to his channel for an exciting, entertaining experience for his millions of subscribers.

Heavy Spoilers

Heavy Spoilers Youtube Channel

Heavy Spoilers is a YouTube channel that offers movie reviews and breaks down movie endings, trailers, post credits scenes, and more. It covers many popular franchises like Star Wars and Spider-Man, and is always up-to-date on Marvel's Phase 4 and Phase 5 developments.

Filmi Indian

Filmi Indian Youtube Channel

Filmi Indian is a YouTube channel that reviews Bollywood movies and web series in Hindi. It is a great source for movie buffs who want to get an inside look at the latest releases. With reviews from experienced film critics, Filmi Indian is sure to provide viewers with entertaining and informative insights into the world of Hindi film.

Suraj Kumar

Suraj Kumar Youtube Channel

Suraj Kumar and his brother Shubham Kumar's YouTube channel consists of movie reviews and reactions to Bollywood and South Movies. They provide their expert opinion on each movie and share their film reviews in a fun and entertaining format. Viewers can expect a thorough and entertaining analysis of any movie they watch. Additionally, they have a workshop series that teaches the craft of film reviewing.

JoBlo Horror Originals

JoBlo Horror Originals Youtube Channel

JoBlo Horror Originals is a YouTube channel that reviews horror movies, movies, and cinema. The channel offers horror videos, scary movies, and horror originals, with reviews from Joblo Horror that cover the latest horror films. Fans of horror movies can watch horror reviews, horror videos, and horror originals from JoBlo Horror Originals to help them decide on what horror films to watch.


YOGI BOLTA HAI Youtube Channel

Yogi Bholta Hai is a YouTube Channel hosted by Yogesh Rokde that reviews Indian films. It offers short reviews, film ratings, and movie reviews, all in Hindi. It provides comprehensive information about Indian films, offering an accurate rating and informative review for each movie.

Kamaal R Khan - KRK

Kamaal R Khan - KRK Youtube Channel

Kamaal R Khan - KRK is a popular YouTube channel featuring a movie review show in which KRK reviews the latest Bollywood films. His reviews are an engaging mix of humor and analysis, offering viewers an interesting and lively take on the film. His channel has become a go-to source for viewers looking for the latest film review.


spookyastronauts Youtube Channel

Spookyastronauts is a YouTube channel dedicated to horror movie reviews, offering fans a comprehensive look at the latest horror films and discussing classic favorites. They specialize in deep movie reviews, offering an in-depth analysis of horror films and discussing the latest news within the horror genre. Whether you're looking for the perfect Halloween movie or the scariest new thriller, Spookyastronauts has got you covered! Go to the channel to explore a fascinating world of horror movies and get an expert review of each one.

Fact Positive Zilla

Fact Positive Zilla Youtube Channel

Fact Positive Zilla is a YouTube channel that delivers honest movie reviews, movie reactions, box office collections, movie explanations, and web series reviews. It offers a range of content from new movie reviews to movie explanations in Hindi. Followers can effortlessly stay updated on the latest movie releases and industry news.

Gilbert Times

Gilbert Times Youtube Channel

Gilbert Times ' YouTube channel is a comprehensive source of movie and TV series news, reviews, and breakdowns. Film fans can watch trailer breakdowns for Hollywood blockbusters like Marvel and DC movies, as well as Tamil movie trailers. Furthermore, the channel provides detailed reviews of popular movies and exclusive interviews with Hollywood stars. Finally, viewers can look out for exciting Easter egg videos to unlock the secrets contained in their favorite films.

Chennai Waalaa

Chennai Waalaa Youtube Channel

Chennai Waalaa is a popular YouTube channel for movie lovers in South India. It offers a wide range of news, movie reviews, and public reactions to the latest Tamil, South Indian, and Thalapathy Vijay movies. Through this channel, viewers can stay up-to-date with the latest news and public opinions on their favorite movie releases. They can also watch Tamil news live and get an insightful understanding of public reviews and opinions in the form of individual reactions.

Cody Leach Youtube Channel

Cody Leach 's YouTube channel offers movie reviews, music reviews, video game reviews, horror movie reviews, trailer reactions, and ranking videos. His content is focused on delivering insightful depth, varied perspectives, and creative Top 10 lists. He is well-known for his honest critiques and thought-provoking takes on popular films.

Filmy Sanju

Filmy Sanju Youtube Channel

Filmy Sanju is a YouTube channel dedicated to entertainment. Hosted by film enthusiast Sanju Singhal, the channel features a variety of movie reviews, trailer reviews, and roasted movie reviews for Indian and international films. The channel offers a unique insight into the world of film and is great for fans of cinema.

Bloodbath and Beyond

Bloodbath and Beyond Youtube Channel

Bloodbath and Beyond is a YouTube channel that provides insightful movie reviews for horror movies, covering indie and new horror movies. With footage from the movies and interesting opinions, Bloodbath and Beyond is the perfect channel for horror movie fans. Enjoy Bloodbath TV's own experiences with different horror movies and get your movie recommendations from Bloodbath and Beyond .

Pure Pixels

Pure Pixels Youtube Channel

Pure Pixels is a popular YouTube channel offering up-to-date movie reviews, entertainment news and film discussion. With insightful commentary and a unique sense of humor, this channel is a great resource for staying informed about the latest in film.

Open Pannaa

Open Pannaa Youtube Channel

Open Pannaa is a YouTube channel devoted to film journalism, movie review, and appreciation of Tamil cinema. As part of its mission, it provides the latest cinema news, celebrity interviews, and reviews of films from all across the country. It also features exclusive Big Boss interviews and the latest updates in the Tamil film industry. In short, Open Pannaa is the ultimate source for all your film-related needs.

Sean Chandler Talks About

Sean Chandler Talks About Youtube Channel

Sean Chandler Talks About is a popular YouTube channel featuring reviews and discussions of movies, TV shows, and film franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, DCEU, and MCU. He provides an in-depth analysis of the latest shows, rankings of the best and worst, and insightful takes on movie and TV culture.

First Junction

First Junction Youtube Channel

First Junction is a YouTube channel dedicated to movie reviews and discussing how movie reflects our society and its values. Hosted by two movie aficionados, the duo review movies both classic and modern, providing viewers with insightful and thought-provoking observations on current society. Each video is thoroughly researched, providing viewers with a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on movies and their importance in today's world.

Monsoon Media

Monsoon Media Youtube Channel

Monsoon Media is a YouTube channel devoted to Malayalam movie reviews, interviews, web series, film news, reviews, movies, songs, and movie trailers. It is the go-to destination for everything related to the Malayalam film industry. It offers its viewers an extensive collection of videos highlighting the best the industry has to offer. Whether you are looking for an insightful review or just want to catch up on the latest film news, Monsoon Media has you covered.

MensXP Youtube Channel

MensXP is a YouTube channel that offers honest, in-depth reviews and humorous takes on movies both in English and Hindi. From classic Bollywood films to blockbuster titles, MensXP reviews it all with entertaining and informative videos. From movie reviews to funny videos, MensXP offers something for everyone. So tune in for the latest movie reviews in Hindi and English, and don't forget to laugh along the way.

Trendswood Tv

Trendswood Tv Youtube Channel

Trendswood TV is a popular YouTube channel that provides movie reviews and the latest Tamil cinema news. They have regular updates on new releases, celebrities, and gossip concerning Tamil cinema. They also provide sneak peeks and behind the scene looks at upcoming films. Additionally, Trendswood Tv shares interviews, trailers, and more making it the premier source for Tamil cinema news and entertainment.

south cine talkies

south cine talkies Youtube Channel

South Cine Talkies is an active YouTube channel focused on movie reviews, Tamil cinema news, and discussion for the South Indian movie industry. SCT features movie reviews, insights from iamrajesh_sct, sottai, and mottai, video highlights from recent releases, and dedicated fan fests for superstar Ajith Kumar.

Exploring the Themes of the Movie Reviewed

When it comes to movie reviews, one of the key elements to understanding and evaluating a film is exploring the underlying themes. Themes are the emotions, messages, ideas, and symbols that can be found within the story. By looking through the overall narrative, characters, and setting, the themes can be derived, and the movie can be interpreted in a much deeper way.

  • With exploring the themes of a movie, one can connect to it on a different level to understand how this story can cause deeper reflection and personal meaning. It’s not just about understanding the plot but also understanding how it fits into the context of life. From this point of view, it’s not just about the twist and turns of a plot, but also how it makes one think or feel.
  • Exploring the themes also helps us to analyse the emotions, messages and ideas expressed through the film. We can gain a better understanding of the film and its context by understanding the various themes. By looking for and analysing the various themes expressed in the movie, the viewers can gain a greater appreciation for the film and its underlying ideas. This helps the reader to get more out of the movie than just the surface plot line.
  • Exploring the themes of a movie can be a powerful tool to learn from. People can gain more from a movie than just the entertainment by understanding the core elements that are included within it. Through understanding the various underlying ideas and messages, the movie can be appreciated beyond the plot line and for its depth of themes. Therefore, exploring the themes of a movie can be one of the best ways to gain a deeper insight and appreciation for a film.

Understanding the Technical Aspects of the Movie

Technology plays a critical role in the production of films today. However, understanding the technical aspects of a movie can often be challenging. A better understanding of the technology and processes used to create films can help filmmakers make more informed decisions when creating their own works. We will explore some of the key technical aspects of filmmaking.

  • First, filmmakers must consider the different tools and techniques available to create convincing visuals. This includes how they create backgrounds, set pieces, and even how they capture movement. The use of green screens, lighting manipulation, and different camera lenses can help create highly accurate and convincing scenes. 
  • Additionally, the use of CGI and intricate visual effects allows filmmakers to create virtually anything they can imagine.
  • Finally, sound design is key for any good film. Music and sound effects are used to draw audiences into the story and bring characters to life. Advanced editing and mixing techniques can help filmmakers create intricate soundscapes for their films. It’s also important for sound technicians to understand the acoustics of the environment in which the film is being shot, as this influences the overall sound of the film.

Overall, understanding the technical aspects of movies is essential for any filmmaker. In order to create high-quality films, filmmakers must be familiar with the different tools, techniques, and processes used to create them. By becoming familiar with these concepts, filmmakers can further enhance their own creative works.

An Overview of the Movie's Performance

The movie industry has seen a significant increase in box office returns over the past few years and many movies have become a hit among the audiences. This can be attributed to the emergence of new technologies, higher budgets, and better story-telling. A movie’s performance can be determined by several factors such as the reception of the audience, critics’ reviews, and its box office returns.

  • An overview of the movie’s performance can be analyzed based on these aspects. The audience’s reaction towards the movie can be determined through online surveys, reviews, and word of mouth. On the other hand, critics’ opinion of the movie is an important factor that influences its overall performance. Moreover, the box office returns also determine the success of a movie and can reveal the overall reception of the movie.
  • These factors can be used to determine the success of a movie, and assess its performance at the box office. Movies that are highly rated by both the audiences and the critics tend to enjoy long term success. Similarly, movies that have a huge budget but fail to garner positive reviews from the audience or the critics, tend to see a decline in their box office returns. Therefore, a movie’s performance at the box office is affected by varying factors and its success or failure can be determined by analyzing these factors.

' src=

Veronika M. Andrews

My name is Veronika and I am a passionate learner of all things entertainment, hobby, music, and lifestyle related. I have a wide range of interests, from playing the piano to scuba diving, and I'm always excited to learn something new. I'm an avid reader and music enthusiast, with a never-ending list of movies, albums, and books to explore.

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27 Feb 18 Best Youtube Movie Channels – You Must See Number 1!

Its Oscar time and in celebration of the 88 th Academy Awards this weekend we have been all things movies this past week. I had a review of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (along with our first ever Youtube video ) and then an interview with movie producer Adi Shankar for you over the past week. Now I have compiled a list post of the 18 Best Youtube Movie Channels.

I am a big follower of Youtube channels and also the movie industry. It’s a creative art that requires a lot of different elements such as design, photography, business, music and of course, filmmaking. I’ve always been a fan of the movie industry as a whole and an admirer of the elements involved individually in the creation process.

As time has gone on I’ve found myself digesting movie news and reviews in a digital video format instead of print. I still love reading a long-form feature in a print format but when I’m looking for a review or the latest news in the industry then I now turn to Youtube.

I have compiled together a list of the best movie Youtubers that provide reviews, critics, news or information on the industry. No moviemakers are included in this list, just channels that can help you brush off on your movie knowledge in time for the Oscars.

Before we get started with this interview I highly recommended you grab a copy of our first ever print magazine. Volume 1 of 99 Percent Lifestyle has a limited print run and features a lot of movie related articles such as a behind the scenes look at the Martian, an interview with producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, Lone Survivor, The Grey) and a behind the scenes look at indie filmmaking. Read all about the first magazine here .

movie review channels reddit

18 Best Youtube Movie Channels 

  • Name: Chris Stuckmann

Watch For : Reviews

Subscribers : 580,000+

About : Chris Stuckmann is one of the best movie critics I have ever seen and also one of my all-time favorite Youtubers. He always provides an unbiased review in an entertaining video and covers not only new releases but also films from the past. He also covers anime and every Sunday alternates between his ‘Hilariocity’ and his ‘Retro Rewind’ series that provide a very entertaining watch. If Stuckmann likes a movie then so will I.

  • Name : Every Frame Painting

Watch For : Theory and Technical

Subscribers : 520,000+

About : If you want to look more in depth at the art of filmmaking and analyses of elements that are used in the industry such as how props are used or why a specific shot is used then this is the channel for you. Truly a unique channel that is great for filmmakers looking to learn more of the history of the industry.

  • Name : Your Movie Sucks

Watch For : Comedy

Subscribers : 335,000+

About : New releases are covered from time to time but the real value this channel gives is the in depth and hilarious analysis on some of the worst movies ever made, such as Cool Cat Saves the Kids.

  • Name : Cinema Sins

Watch For : Everything Wrong With

Subscribers : 5.4 Million +

About : This channel is truly unique in the way it will go through an entire movie in around 12 or 15 minutes and an pick apart everything wrong with it. This isn’t done in a nit-picky way, but more with comedic value instead. I’ve often found that if I ever wanted to remind myself of what happened in in a particular movie without watching the entire film then Cinema Sins is also the perfect solution (for instance, I found myself wanting a reminder of what happened in Jurassic Park 3 a few hours before watching Jurassic World. I search Cinema Sins, problem solved).    

  • Name : Jeremy Johns

Subscribers : 1 Milloin +

About : Probably one of the most popular Youtube movie reviewers. His high energy and stand-up like approach to reviewing movies makes for an entertaining watch. He covers near enough any movie that comes out, with a few trailer analysis videos here and there.

  • Name : Screen Junkies

Watch For : Movie Fights

Subscribers : 5.2 Million +

About : Their weekly show ‘Movie Fights’ keeps me coming back each and every week. It’s the best movie show quiz on Youtube (I haven’t actually watched another quiz show on Youtube, but if I haven’t heard about it then I doubt it will be better than Movie Fights) and provides a long-form video full of entertainment with guests that range from other Youtubers to Hollywood screen-writers. They also have an Honest Trailer series where they recreate a movie trailer and, well, make it honest.

  • Name : Collider

Watch For : Movie Talk

Subscribers : 200,000+

About : Gone are the days that I will go through about five different websites and around 20 different articles to get a news update of what’s going on in the film industry. Now I watch Colliders movie talk every day to find out what’s going on. Their shows are broadcast live and run from Monday- Friday and cover all the latest news, big trailer releases and even what happened at the box office over the weekend.

  • Name : Red Letter Media

Watch For : Half in the Bag

Subscribers : 350,000 +

About : Imagine a high production talk show with skits and a set. There you have Half in the Bag, which provides a very insightful look at the topics they cover. Most of all, they nail the entertainment value.

  • Name : CineFix

Watch For : List Videos

Subscribers : 1.4 Million +

About : There is a range of content CineFix producer from reviews to Top 10’s. I find the ‘Things You Didn’t Know’ and also their ‘Top 10’ videos provide a lot of entertainment and information about certain movies.

  • Name : Channel Awesome

Watch For : Nostalgia Critic

Subscribers : 420,000+

About : The Nostalgia Critic’s videos are the ones I find myself watching. Why? A long-form entertaining, high production review of an old (normally bad) movie with skits is a good enough reason. Entertainment and most of all, comedy are present in every review I’ve watched from the Nostalgia Critic.

  • Name : Mr Sunday Movies

Watch For : 7 Things Missed

Subscribers : 472,000

About : The analysis of trailers and movies of things we missed is truly entertaining and insightful. This movie Youtube channel isn’t just entertaining because of the presentation (which is great may I add) but because of what is being highlighted and the research and analysis that has obviously been carried out prior to filming a video.

  • Name : Pretty Much It

Watch For : Commentaries

Subscribers : 76,000 +

About : Pretty Much It provides a range of different content on their channel. One series they run is their movie commentaries and although they only offer the chance to view short samples on Youtube you can buy the full-feature length commentary if you enjoy what you see.

  • Name : Watch Mojo

Watch For : Top 10’s

Subscribers : 10 Million +

About : This channel is the king of Top 10’s and although their content looks at a whole range of topics, their main top 10’s revolve around films. Ever wondered what the worst movie deaths were, or perhaps the funniest movie insults? Well Watch Mojo has you covered.

  • Name : Screen Rant

Watch For : List videos

Subscribers : 1.6 Million +

About : These videos are a little more in-depth and descriptive than what you will find on Watch Mojo, both of which serve a different purpose.

  • Name : Schomoes Knows

Subscribers : 240,000 +

About : The duo of Mark Ellis and Christian Harloff pop up on channels all over Youtube. Their own personal channel covers reviews of all the latest film releases with an element of discussion with the pair on screen together.

  • Name : The Flick Pick

Watch For : Reviews and Blu-Ray’s

Subscribers : 184,000+

About : If you want someone to give you a discussion-like video as well as reviews then John Flixster is the man for you. Blu-ray reviews, movie reviews, trailer reviews, Q and A’s and news, all presented in a very entertaining and enthusiastic way.

  • Name : Black Nerd Comedy

Subscribers : 475,000+

About : Very active channel that not only covers movie reviews but also reviews of a lot of new trailers too.

  • Name : Comic Book Girl 19

Subscribes : 398,000+

About : One of the best female movie critics on Youtube. Comic Book Girl 19 also covers news and discussion type videos.

There are plenty of other Youtube channels out there that focus on the movie industry. Is there any that aren’t on this list? If you had to pick your top three, what would they be? Let me know in the comments section below.

We also have an interview with movie producer and Youtuber Adi Shankar, if you would like to read it then click here.

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90 Movie Review Youtube Channels For Movie Lovers

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Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Toranaga in Shōgun

Shōgun review – a mesmerising epic that goes big on the gore

Strap yourself in for a wild adventure in feudal Japan. This lavish adaptation of the classic samurai novel is beautiful, intellectual fare that amply rewards your full attention. But be warned: it’s gruesome from the get-go

I f you have ever wondered what starving sailors riddled with scurvy might look like after months at sea, Shōgun will not keep you in suspense. From the outset, this is gruesome stuff, set amid the emerging threat of civil war in Japan in 1600. It adapts James Clavell’s classic 1975 novel with ambition and evident respect for its source material, and given that the paperback is more than 1,000 pages long, it is extraordinary that they have managed to condense it into 10 episodes. The result is peacocking, mesmerising television.

Much like Masters of the Air, Shōgun has been years in the making. It was first announced in 2018 and like Masters of the Air, it has been well worth the wait. This is lavish, demanding drama, to be approached with care and focus. It is largely in Japanese, partly in English, which stands in for Portuguese, at times – this is not as hard to follow as you might think – but it is not the kind of series you can watch in the background as you scroll on a second screen. Sit down, strap in and pay close attention.

Cosmo Jarvis is John Blackthorne, a senior English officer on the good ship Scurvy – actually, the Dutch ship Erasmus – which has run aground on the shores of Japan, despite the crew not quite believing that this rumoured island nation exists. They arrive amid conflict with the Portuguese, who have kept the location of Japan secret from their fellow European nations, in order to establish a trade monopoly. The few survivors of the Erasmus wash up at a tense moment in Japanese history: the taiko, the supreme ruler, has recently died, leaving an heir too young to rule. Five warrior lords make up a council of regents, acting as interim rulers, but tensions between them threaten to explode into all-out war.

Lord Toranaga (an excellent Hiroyuki Sanada) is the one through which we initially view this brewing conflict. Toranaga is a war hero and a master strategist who has the most potential to assume overall sovereignty, and so is the least popular among his fellow warrior lords. He is told that this is not a time for good men, but for a shōgun, a powerful military leader. “That title is a brutal relic,” he says, but you suspect not for long. Cannily, Toranaga sees the disruptive benefits of Blackthorne’s sudden arrival and begins to manoeuvre his presence to his own advantage. Blackthorne is known as either the Barbarian, or Anjin, the pilot, for his superlative sailing abilities; he also provides the rare moments of semi-levity, in his oscillating dazzlement and fury at the culture and conventions of a land that is new to him. But Shōgun is keenly aware that this cuts both ways; to the Japanese, Anjin is a mystery, too, revolting and uncouth.

He is also a heretic, stamping on a Roman Catholic priest’s cross, and in this, he is useful. The conflict involving the Portuguese and Spanish blurs the lines between religion and commerce, one of many grand themes that Shōgun is unafraid to broach. It is also about statesmanship, diplomacy, war and, eventually, love, but that takes a back seat in the opening two episodes. Instead, the bloodiness of this world is shoved to the fore. There are beheadings, swift and merciless. A man is slowly boiled to death, the “special method” of a grinning warlord; as with the scurvy, the camera shows exactly what this looks like. There is a dizzying array of weapons and a series of beautifully choreographed battles, which flare up like torches amid the expository dialogue. There are assassinations and a particularly horrific act of seppuku, a self-sacrifice with wide-ranging ramifications.

Shōgun reminds me of the heyday of epic 1990s cinema, as did Masters of the Air. Although a world apart in terms of setting and approach, they are, oddly, fitting bedfellows. This, too, is gorgeous television that looks as if it cost a fortune to make. Wise choices have been made – most obviously, that the audience can be trusted to handle a bilingual story. This seems like common sense in a globalised television landscape but it is not hard to imagine that a modern version of Shōgun could have been made entirely in English, which would have dented the intellect and power of the story. As it is, this great drama trusts its own composed pace. This makes for good-looking, self-assured and often enthralling television.

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How to stream ‘where is wendy williams’ documentary online.

If you missed the two-night broadcast on Lifetime, here's where to watch the beloved TV host's special following her aphasia and dementia diagnosis.

By Danielle Directo-Meston

Danielle Directo-Meston

E-Commerce Writer

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Wendy Williams in 'Where Is Wendy Williams?'

For those who missed the first airing of Where Is Wendy Williams ? on Lifetime, you can now buy the documentary online.

Split into four episodes, the four-hour special is available to buy at Prime Video , Apple TV and other transactional streaming video-on-demand platforms.

Related Stories

Where to stream the 2024 oscar-nominated films online, wendy williams guardianship explained by experts in wake of lifetime doc.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter , Williams said, “I want to say I have immense gratitude for the love and kind words I have received after sharing my diagnosis of Aphasia and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Let me say, wow! Your response has been overwhelming. The messages shared with me have touched me, reminding me of the power of unity and the need for compassion.”

The Wendy Williams Show aired for 12 years before it was canceled in 2022 due to Williams’ health issues, which included one instance when she fainted live on air in 2017. Show producers Debmar-Mercury called in a string of guest hosts to fill in when Williams went AWOL during season 13. Among the 16 interim hosts were Leah Remini, Michael Rapaport, Whitney Cummings, Fat Joe, Vivica A. Fox and former The View co-host Sherri Sheppard, who ultimately took over the talk show’s time slot.

Related: Inside the Final Days of The Wendy Williams Show

Williams is now living in a facility under the financial control of a court-appointed guardian , and her family has spoken out about the “broken” system that has kept them from contacting her, according to a new report by People .

“I have no money, and I’m gonna tell you something,” the 59-year-old says in the trailer (below). “If it happens to me, it could happen to you.”

Keep reading for more details on how to watch Where Is Wendy Williams? with and without cable, including for free.

How to Watch Where Is Wendy Williams? Online

Cable subscribers can watch the documentary online on by logging in with their account credentials (including both traditional and streaming TV providers such as DirecTV , Hulu + Live TV , Verizon , Philo , Sling and others).

Cord-cutters can watch re-runs of Where Is Wendy Williams? on Lifetime without traditional cable using any live TV streaming service that carries Lifetime, including DirecTV Stream , Frndly , Fubo , Hulu + Live TV , Philo or Sling . Check Lifetime’s local listings for re-broadcast dates and times.

Keep reading for more ways to stream Wendy Williams’ specials on Lifetime without satellite or traditional cable.

How to Stream the Lifetime Channel Online

Directv stream.

Watch the next re-run of Where Is Wendy Williams? online for free when you sign up for a five-day trial of DirecTV Stream ‘s Entertainment package ($69.99 monthly, guaranteed for the first two years), which offers online TV, on-demand content and more than 75 other channels, including Lifetime, CNN, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, AMC and others. Other plans offer 105-150 channels, with prices ranging from $83.99 to $154.99 per month. For a limited time, new subscribers can also earn up to a $400 Visa gift card;  learn more here .

Watch Lifetime, the Hallmark Channel, A&E and over 40 other lifestyle channels with Frndly , a new TV streaming service that offers a seven-day free trial. Plans range from $6.99-$9.99 per month and include the Basic tier, which includes streaming on one screen and in standard video quality; the Classic option with unlimited DVR recording for three months’ worth of content, HD video quality and streaming on two screens; and the Premium package with nine months’ worth of DVR content and streaming on up to four screens simultaneously.

Watch Lifetime and more than 170 other news, entertainment and sports channels with a subscription to  Fubo , which starts at $79.99 per month and includes a free seven-day trial. You can record more than 1,000 hours of TV shows, movies, games and more (including Monday, Thursday and Sunday Night Football) and watch later on your smartphone, tablet or TV. Other plans include the Elite package (254 channels for $89.99 monthly) and the Ultimate tier that comes with 298 channels, NFL RedZone, Showtime and 4K quality for $99.99 monthly. New subscribers can watch Where Is Wendy Williams? online for free during their five-day trial of Fubo.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV subscription comes bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+ and includes Lifetime, ABC and 75 other major cable news, entertainment and sports channels for $76.99-$89.99 per month (packages available with or without ads). You’ll also get access to live streaming and events on ESPN+, like UFC Fight Night , PGA golf, soccer and baseball. Hulu + Live TV does not currently offer a free trial.

Philo ‘s live TV subscription costs $25 per month and includes Lifetime and more than 50 other classic TV, lifestyle and news channels. Subscribers can stream on up to three devices simultaneously, create up to 10 profiles and save unlimited live or future shows for up to one year. The streamer also offers a seven-day trial, and new subscribers can watch Where Is Wendy Williams? for free during that period.

Sling ‘s Orange plan ($20 for the first month, $40 afterwards) lets you watch Lifetime and more than 30 other local broadcast channels on one device at a time. Sling offers DVR, so you can record shows to watch offline later. Sling is currently offering a deal that gets new subscribers half off their first month, bringing the price down to $20 for the Orange plan. Other packages include the individual Blue tier ($22.50 for the first month) and the combined Orange & Blue plan ($30 for the first month). Note that you’ll need to connect an HD antenna and an AirTV device if you want to watch local channels on your Sling service; get more details here .

Feb. 22, 9 a.m. Updated with Williams’ aphasia and dementia diagnosis.

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Favoree's guide to YouTube

How to Review YouTube Channels

' src=

Elio D’Arrigo

how to review YouTube channels

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube , creators and viewers alike have felt the ripple effects of changes to the platform. One such change that sparked conversations worldwide was the removal of the visible dislike count.

While this decision was made to support creators and curb harassment, it had the unintended consequence of diminishing the feedback loop for viewers. If you want to know more about this, read our article on the YouTube dislike removal .

Without the public dislikes metric, how can one assess the overall sentiment towards a video or a channel at a glance? Fortunately, there are still ways to express and find reviews about YouTubers, and we’re here to guide you through it.

The Best Places to Review YouTubers:

If YouTube isn’t the right place to get audience consensus on a Youtuber’s content or leave your own opinion, then why not try one of these options?

In no particular order:

1. Reviewing YouTubers on

movie review channels reddit

Enter Favoree , a dedicated platform that lets viewers review their favorite (or not-so-favorite) YouTubers. Much like the way movie enthusiasts rate films on IMDB, on Favoree, you rate YouTubers on a scale of 1-5.

Additionally, you can pen down a written review that provides context to your rating. This written review is visible to everyone, allowing for a deeper understanding of a YouTuber’s impact or potential areas of improvement.

If you stumble upon a review that resonates with you, give it a thumbs up. And for those keen on diving deeper into all things Favoree, there’s a dedicated Discord and Reddit community where discussions are always welcome.

How to leave a review on Favoree :

movie review channels reddit

Step 1: Create an account by pressing the Sign up Button on

movie review channels reddit

Step 2: Find the Channel you would like to review by either looking up their Channel Name on the Search bar, or by heading to Channels and using the many filters provided. If you want to find new YouTube channels you are interested in, we also wrote an article to help you discover creators you don’t already know.

movie review channels reddit

Step 3: Once you’ve found the channel you’re looking for just scroll down to the Community Reviews Section and leave your review!

If the YouTuber you’re trying to review is not yet listed on Favoree, head over to this link to request for the YouTuber to be added .

2. Reddit : The Forum for Detailed Feedback

movie review channels reddit

Outside of Favoree, Reddit stands out as a pivotal place for intricate discussions on YouTubers.

Subreddits dedicated to specific creators or genres allow viewers to dissect videos, share opinions, and get a broader perspective. It’s an excellent place to discover both the praised and the criticized aspects of YouTube channels.

How to Write a Good Review on a YouTuber

Reviews, when done right, can be more than just feedback. They can be a guide for potential viewers and even a tool for creators looking to improve. But what separates a good review from a hasty comment? Here’s a breakdown of what to consider when writing a review for a YouTuber:

1. Start with Objectivity

While it’s natural to have personal biases, it’s vital to approach a review with a fair mindset. Begin by acknowledging the content’s positives before mentioning areas that could use improvement. This balanced perspective ensures your review is not dismissed as mere negativity or unwarranted praise.

2. Be Specific

General statements like “I loved it” or “It was terrible” lack depth. Dive into the details. Was the editing crisp? Was the pacing off in some segments? Were the arguments well-researched? Pointing out specific elements adds credibility to your review and provides clear feedback.

3. Avoid Personal Attacks

Remember, you’re reviewing the content and not the content creator. Criticize the work, not the person behind it. Personal attacks or derogatory comments undermine the validity of your review and don’t offer constructive feedback.

4. Provide Context

Sometimes, your perspective can greatly benefit from a bit of background. If you’re comparing the content to a previous video or another creator, clarify that. If you’re coming from a unique standpoint (e.g., a professional in the field being discussed), mention it.

5. Be Constructive

Instead of merely pointing out flaws, offer suggestions on how they can be addressed. This constructive approach not only shows that you’ve put thought into your review, but it can also be genuinely helpful for creators looking to refine their content.

6. Revisit Before Submitting

Before hitting that ‘submit’ button, take a moment to re-read your review. Does it convey your thoughts effectively? Is it respectful, even when critical? Ensuring clarity and courtesy can make your feedback more impactful.

In essence, a compelling review is one that’s fair, detailed, and constructive. As you jot down your thoughts, remember that the goal isn’t just to express an opinion, but to contribute to a broader discussion about the content. Your insights can shape perceptions , so make them count!

The removal of YouTube’s dislike count has undoubtedly changed the feedback landscape. But with platforms like Favoree and active communities on Reddit, viewers are far from voiceless. Whether you’re looking to review, rate, or simply read about your favorite YouTube channels, there’s a space for you out there. Embrace the change and make your voice heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is favoree .

Favoree is a platform designed for reviewing and rating YouTube content. It allows users to share their opinions and experiences with various YouTubers, similar to how movie enthusiasts rate films on popular platforms. Through written reviews and ratings, Favoree helps viewers evaluate the quality and impact of YouTube channels.

What are some platforms where I can review YouTube content?

The most popular platforms to review YouTube content are Favoree and Reddit. Favoree is a platform that is specifically made to be a hub for YouTuber reviews, while Reddit is known for its active community and diverse discussions. Reddit hosts numerous subreddits dedicated to specific YouTubers or genres, providing a space for viewers to express their thoughts, delve into detailed analyses, and share their opinions on different channels.

What other features does Favoree offer?

In addition to reviewing and rating YouTube channels, Favoree offers several other features to enhance your experience. One notable feature is the ability to filter channels based on specific criteria. This provides a convenient way to discover content that aligns with your interests and preferences. Furthermore, Favoree allows you to find similar channels, enabling you to explore new creators and expand your YouTube viewing repertoire.

How can I find reviews on Reddit?

Finding reviews on Reddit is quite simple. By visiting the relevant subreddit dedicated to a particular YouTuber or genre, you can find detailed discussions, opinions, and reviews shared by the community. Engaging in these conversations allows you to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the YouTube content you are interested in. Remember, Reddit serves as a valuable resource for discovering both positive and critical viewpoints on various channels.

movie review channels reddit

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Tell us the categories of YouTubers you want to reach out for your campaign at [email protected]

We’ll share a list of verified email contacts from active and relevant channels. More info here .

Designer, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, but most importantly, your reliable marketer! If you appreciate my writing, let me know.

movie review channels reddit

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists ? Let us know! 🔎

movie review channels reddit

Maximize your YouTube channel’s growth with proven tools

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6 YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips and similar channels in 2024

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6 YouTubers like Joe Rogan and similar channels in 2024

6 YouTubers like Joe Rogan and similar channels in 2024

6 YouTubers like KSI and similar channels in 2024

6 YouTubers like KSI and similar channels in 2024

View all latest articles →

movie review channels reddit

Are you a YouTube creator and you didn’t find your channel on our lists ?

Let us know! 🔎

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I Have So Many Thoughts on the New Yeat Album

Some delirious first-listen thoughts on a beautifully unhinged album: Yeat’s ‘2093.’

via Field Trip Recordings

movie review channels reddit

Yeat’s new album 2093 is a head trip. 

Full of sludgy beats and outlandish lyrics, it’s a delirious-ass project, and after consuming all 78 minutes of it, it’s impossible not to feel at least a little disoriented (and I mean that in the best way possible). Any good Yeat album is kind of like a sci-fi movie, offering a brief escape to a strange world where everyday norms are flipped upside down, and 2093 is the epitome of that.

Yeat’s whole shtick is that he’s some kind of an alien who came to Earth from another world (the Twizz planet, as he’ll proudly tell you ), and we all know that’s a marketing gimmick, but 2093 really does sound different from anything else happening on the charts right now. He’s moved on from the typical “rage” sound of his early albums and is now experimenting with something far heavier and even more dystopian.

Over the weekend, I put the album on loop, and (by design) it put me in a strange headspace. Instead of composing myself and overthinking anything, I jumped in right away and wrote down all my thoughts in the order they came to me, meeting the music on Yeat’s own wavelength. Here are some unfiltered first thoughts on a beautifully unhinged album.

movie review channels reddit

View this video on YouTube

If yeat's vision of life in 2093 comes true, we’re doomed.

Yeat doesn't have an optimistic view of the future.

In his vision of life in 2093, something has gone terribly wrong and the world is on the verge of collapse. Committing to a post-apolocyptic theme, the album is full of apathetic lyrics and decaying beats, and the whole thing sounds like a glitching dispatch from the future, complete with off-kilter, metallic sound effects and fuzzy vocoders. It's all very ominous.

Yeat describes living in a “dystopian society” and says he longs to “feel like a real human” on “Nothing Changë,” which could either be a cry for help from a self-medicating drug addict or the urgent plea of a superintelligent AI who just wants to feel something, depending on how you look at it. Either way, 2093 is “hell on Earth.” (If his predictions of the future come true, we're honestly better off dead.)

He’s always made escapist rap music, and it’s tempting to describe 2093 as a work of pure science fiction, but he also toys with real-world reference points, repeatedly bringing up things like Elon Musk and SpaceX. The album just dropped at a weird point in history when innovations like ChatGPT and the Apple Vision Pro are threatening to upend the human experience (or at least dramatically change the mechanics of our daily lives). So from that perspective, 2093 might not feel so out-there when we look back on it in a few years. 

Maybe it’s just a dark fantasy. Or maybe Yeat is making unsettling, dystopian music to reflect a world that’s hurtling in that direction, one technological “advancement” at a time. If so, let’s just hope the real 2093 isn’t as hellacious as Yeat thinks it’ll be.

Yeat has a very complicated relationship with capitalism

When I interviewed Yeat in 2022, he told me he was indifferent about his financial success. “I’m not really that greedy person. I don’t spend much money. I’m chilling,” he said at the time. But on 2093 , Yeat’s relationship with money is a lot more complicated. 

On some songs, he sounds as unimpressed by his growing bank account as he did in the interview, like on “Shade,” where he raps about getting stacks of cash that he “never even asked for.” Or on “Keep Pushin,” where he repeatedly claims that he “don't need no money.” But throughout the rest of the album, money is all Yeat wants to rap about. In fact, if there’s one prevailing lyrical theme on 2093, it’s that Yeat is a rich CEO with a bottomless bank account. 

His flexes include: buying a jet because he got bored (“Breathe”), literally pissing diamonds (“More”), and purchasing the entire contents of the Earth (“Bought The Earth”). On "Nothing Changë," Yeat even manages to burn through a million dollars in four quick purchases: a $250,000 chain, a $250,000 plane, a $500,000 Cullinan, and a $250,000 butler. And on “Team CEO,” he claims, “I got billion dollar money, live inside a turtle.” (Honestly, I have no idea what that last one means, but having enough money to live inside a turtle sounds pretty rich to me.) 

So, is Yeat a money-hungry capitalist fiend or not? Honestly, it depends on when you ask him. Sure, he contradicts himself constantly, but what’s more relatable than realizing the concept of money is flawed, only to get bored and blow a bunch of cash on things you don’t actually need?

Lil Wayne blessed his alien grandson

Lil Wayne has a lot of children in the rap game. And his children have children. And now his children’s children are starting to have children of their own. Not to get too deep into the Lil Wayne family tree, but rap’s original self-described alien has inspired a whole generation of eccentric rappers like Young Thug, who have in turn influenced another generation of artists, with Yeat chief among them. (There might actually be another generation or two in between, but who’s counting?) 

One of the coolest things about Wayne is that he isn’t above collaborating with the generations that he birthed, which he does here on “Lyfestylë,” the best song on the album after “Breathe.” First, Yeat sets things up with a catchy verse, rapping about (what else?) diamonds and demons. Then Wayne grabs the baton in full stride, sliding in with an appropriately unhinged verse about spitting acid alongside his “sick and twisted evil bastard” protegé. He even makes sure to fit in a diamonds and demons bar of his own. Yeah, he’s still got it.

This should be playing in European warehouse raves 

Yeat spends a lot of time talking about quitting drugs on 2093 , but why does it sound like he’s been spending all his time at raves? Pushing himself far outside the comfort zone of rage beats that dominated his early projects, he chooses dark, industrial beats that sound like they should be playing in a grimy warehouse rave at 4:00 a.m. somewhere in Europe. On “ILUV,” Yeat raps “I love when you rage with me,” but in this context, I picture him saying it in the corner of a swampy club full of molly-popping kids, rather than the “rage” setting that he’s typically associated with (Rolling Loud crowds). Honestly, it’s a compelling pivot, and he pulls it off well. I just hope club DJs pick up on it and start throwing some of these songs into their sets.

… or in sci-fi movie soundtracks

Back in 2021, Vince Staples told the hosts of Drink Champs that he made his self-titled album with the goal of getting as many songs as possible synced in movies. I don’t know if that was Yeat’s intention for 2093 , but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had Blade Runner playing in the studio as he recorded it, as these songs sound like they should end up on every sci-fi movie soundtrack for the next 10 years. I need to hear this music playing while Keanu Reeves slices up robots on a hoverboard or some shit. Music supervisors, are you listening? Get on the phones, Zack Bia. Make it happen.

Drake is Drake-ing

Drake did it again. And by “it,” I mean: that thing where he jumps into a new sound or subgenre with a popular young rapper and makes it his own. This isn’t his first time working with Yeat (their first collab “IDGAF” is the most-streamed song on For All The Dogs ) and he sounds very comfortable on the album’s most sweeping, cinematic song “As We Speak,” rapping a braggadocious verse over dramatic strings. I have no idea why Drake started his verse by shouting out Lil Yachty (did he lift these vocals from an unused Yachty collab?) but it still sounds great.

Donald Glover must have more than 24 hours in a day

How does Donald Glover find the time for side quests like this? Somewhere between making Mr. & Mrs. Smith , helping produce Malia Obama’s first short film, raising cows , and building a whole ass company, he squeezed in a studio session with Yeat and recorded vocals for the outro of “Power Trip.” When I interviewed Glover late last year, he perked up and seemed extra curious when I randomly brought up Yeat’s name (he wanted to know what Yeat’s view of “the meaning of life” was) and now it all makes sense. He was already tapped in.

What about the bars, though?

It's no secret that lyricism is never the most important part of a Yeat album. He’s built in the mold of a rapper like Travis Scott, where production, ad-libs, and melodies take precedence, and he’s generally more interested in figuring out crazy new ways to layer his vocals into beats, rather than coming up with intricate wordplay. (Just listen to all the weird little alien sounds in the background of a song like "Breathe." That's not a part of the beat; it's Yeat's own voice.) Shit, if he can’t find the right word for a given situation, he’ll just make one up. ( Shmadonka , anyone?)

On 2093 , lyrics once again take a backseat, but there are moments where Yeat proves to be surprisingly clever, rattling off lines like, “If I'm not making money, then I got me some withdrawals” on “Stand On It.” Even when the lyrics look plain on paper, Yeat’s way of viewing the world is so peculiar that he can deliver bars on regular-ass topics in a way that feels weirdly poetic, like, “A cut across your eyes will leave you blind for life.” He's rapping in a low register on this album, more clearly enunciating words, and the lyrics are a little more front-and-center this time. Listen, his lyrics can still use some work overall, and they still don't seem to be something he’s prioritizing first on 2093, but there are glimpses of potential here that might surprise people. He's becoming more well-rounded.

2093 is a lot of things, but “boring” isn’t one of them

2093 isn’t a perfect album. It’s a little too long and the home stretch drags on a bit with some redundant songs. And, yes, Yeat’s songwriting could always improve to better match the ingenuity of his eccentric flows and production (although it is getting better over time). But overall, 2093 is a big success. Instead of sticking to the same stylistic pocket that made him successful (rage), he’s taking big swings at a high-pressure point in his career and pushing his sound in delightfully strange new directions. Full of synthetic, booming sounds, 2093 really does feel like it’s from the future.

Yeat caught fire in the first place because of his unorthodox style, and rather than run that sound into the ground until it becomes stale, he continues to reinvent himself. Because of that, you’ll see comments begging for “the old Yeat,” but that kind of thing happens to anyone on the cutting edge. Instead, he made an album that doesn’t sound like anything else in the mainstream right now, and that’s exciting. By nature, 2093 is a rebellious, outside-the-box album, and it’s refreshing to see a project like this heading to the top of the charts in a sea of formulaic bullshit.

There will always be a need for risk-taking artists who polarize fans and get people to think differently, and Yeat is filling that role right now. Even if 2093 isn’t your cup of tea, you have to admit it’s not boring. And at a time when mainstream rap is in need of a jolt of fresh energy, albums like this are a welcome change of pace. Plus, there are some legitimate hits on here, like “Breathe” and “As We Speak,” which stand on their own. Yeat is showing growth, shedding old habits and picking up new skills. Sobering up, he's more clear and intelligible than he's ever been, without losing any of the off-the-wall charm that brought him a cult fanbase in the first place. This was a pivotal album for him, signaling whether or not he'd be able to turn all of the early-career hype into something with longevity. And by the sounds of it? Yeat isn’t going anywhere.


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Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Is a Beautifully Crafted Disappointment: TV Review

By Aramide Tinubu

Aramide Tinubu

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  • ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’ Docuseries Is Unsettling and Exploitative: TV Review 4 days ago
  • Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Is a Beautifully Crafted Disappointment: TV Review 7 days ago

Avatar: The Last Airbender. (L to R) Ian Ousley as Sokka, Kiawentiio as Katara, Gordon Cormier as Aang in season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Ever since its premiere nearly two decades ago, “ Avatar: The Last Airbender ” has been a fan favorite animated franchise. Co-created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the original series garnered critical acclaim and spawned an extended universe. That’s why there was much to anticipate when Netflix announced a “reimagined” live-action “Avatar” television series, helmed by DiMartino and Konietzko as co-showrunners and executive producers. Unfortunately, that euphoria was short-lived, as the pair left the project over what was described as “creative differences.”

Tasked with adapting the animated series’ first season of 20 episodes into just eight hours, the live-action “Avatar” starts promisingly enough. After living in harmony for millennia, the power-crazed Fire Nation, led by Fire Lord Sozin (Hiro Kanagawa), rises against the world’s other three nations — the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom and Air Nomads — in a ploy for domination. Using stunning CGI and special effects, the series’ prologue is recounted in majestic color, explaining the history of the war and precocious Airbender Aang’s (Gordon Cormier) life before he goes missing. It’s a dynamic entry-point for lifelong “Avatar” enthusiasts and newcomers, who can quickly orient themselves in the days before Aang, who learns he is the Avatar (the master of all four elements), is frozen in the ice for 100 years. The Avatar’s absence allows the Fire Nation’s comet-fueled war to rage on, obliterating the Air Nomads and wreaking havoc on the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom.

Twenty minutes into the first chapter, “Avatar” flashes forward a century. Katara (Kiawentiio), the sole water bender of the Southern Water Tribe, and her over-protective brother Sokka (Ian Ousley) stumble upon Aang’s resting place, inadvertently awakening him. Though initially apprehensive, the pair embrace Aang as their friend and join him on his quest to master the other elements, end the Fire Nation’s war and restore balance to the world.

As with many live-action films and television adaptations from written or animated sources, Kim and his writers’ room conflated and combined several pivotal narrative beats. However, entwining Jet’s (Sebastian Amoruso) story of freedom fighting with the Earth Kingdom’s sparkling city Omashu and the tale of King Bumi (Utkarsh Ambudkar) feel rushed and overly convenient – especially for those who know the original series well. Moreover, stripping Sokka of the comic relief that enriched the animated version of his character is hugely disappointing and makes for a more one-note depiction.

Despite these missteps, there are a few standout moments in the series. “Avatar’s” opener and its second episode, “Warriors,” remain the two strongest installments of the show, while the penultimate episode (“The North”) injects a vital intenseness and a gorgeous display of water bending needed to reinvigorate the series in its final hours. And despite many of the series’ lackluster performances, Elizabeth Yu’s turn as the cunning and volatile Princess Azula — who is desperate to impress her father, the sadistic Fire Lord Ozai (Daniel Dae Kim), and outsmart her exiled older brother Prince Zuko (Dallas Liu) — is by far one of the most powerful showcases of the series. Also, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s role as Uncle Iroh tempers the tone of many scenes that bend toward melodrama in the hands of more novice actors.

Looking back on the original, animated “Avatar,” it’s clear that DiMartino and Konietzko had a distinct vision for Aang and this universe. Without their careful guidance, the live-action series loses the elements that made the animated work unique and refined. Ultimately, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” feels like it’s putting on a show, instead of meticulously immersing the audience in this stunningly crafted world.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” premieres Feb. 22 on Netflix .

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