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Top 10 Templates for Presentation About Myself with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Templates for Presentation About Myself with Samples and Examples

Deepika Dhaka


As a job seeker or professional, you are all too familiar with the classic icebreaker question, “Tell me about yourself.” This four-word question is hard to answer every time you hear it.

Perhaps because we are complicated and we’re asked (on the spot) to make ourselves sound simple yet smarter! At that point in time, you are just able to say, “Hi, my name is XYZ, and I am the Marketing Executive at ABC.” But who are you beyond that?

Why is it that one of the most basic elements of business communication becomes one of the most complicated ones? As you ponder this timeless puzzle, just remember that introductions are important for your professional life. They are like your new business card and are the fuel of the first interaction that creates someone’s perception of you. These interactions create an impression that impacts your relationship with your clients, leads, colleagues, and employers.

Your first impression has the potential to make or break a business connection. It’s just too easy to make a bad first impression on someone; you don’t even have to try hard. Making a good first impression, however, is that much more difficult. Hence, you must put some extra effort into your introductions to become the interviewing panel’s first choice or submit your CV to yet another company.

Presentation About Myself Template

Wondering how to make a strong first impression and leave an everlasting impact? The solution is to have it prepared. Don’t wing it, and have an introduction prepared for any professional occasion. You'll discover some of the most powerful ‘Presentations About Myself’ in this blog that you can use to introduce yourself to other professionals at the workplace and top management after having aced that interview.

All these PowerPoint Presentations are customizable to your needs. Let’s explore these content-ready presentations now!

Template 1: Sample Presentation About Myself

If you want to build your personal branding as an individual and want your audience to get to know you better, this presentation about myself is exactly what you need. It includes all important components of a personal introduction, such as: About me; my career; my own SWOT analysis; achievements & training; skillset; hobbies; and much more. Plus, there's plenty of space for other details your introduction should include. Download it today to introduce yourself in the most impressive way possible!

Sample Presentation About Myself

Download this presentation

Template 2: Presentation About Myself Example

Whether you're applying for a new job or pitching your services to a potential client, it's essential to present yourself in a professional and engaging way. This PowerPoint Presentation About Myself Template is the perfect way to do just that! It includes exclusive slides with graphics such as graphs, tables, timelines, and roadmaps so you can present details in an impressive manner. You can also include a case study on your past experience to showcase your expertise. Get this presentation template today and stay ahead of the competition!

Presentation About Myself Example

Template 3:  PPT Presentation About Myself

Creating a presentation about yourself may seem like a daunting task. After all, talking about yourself is a nerve-racking experience for even experienced speakers. But when you take the help of this ‘Presentation About Myself Sample’ to prepare and plan ahead, you can nail it. With this content-ready template, you can present a compelling demonstration about yourself. This PPT deck sets include a special slide for the agenda and also contains graphics and visuals for describing hobbies, career, skill set, and more. Also containing a SWOT analysis, this PowerPoint Template is meant for long-lasting impact and immense recall value.

PPT Presentation About Myself

Template 4: Best Presentation on Myself

Introducing one of the best presentations on myself to help you land your dream job or seal the deal with the desired client. From conference talks to client demos, you can use this design to pitch about yourself in a fool-proof manner, and it will help you build a rapport with the audience. This PPT Presentation is created using blue hues with a splash of red to give your slideshow a professional appearance. Get it today to give your career a perfect head-start.

Best Presentation on Myself

Template 5: 10 Minutes Presentation About Myself

If you're struggling to find a new job, look no further! We have the perfect solution for you. Our 10-minute presentation about myself is what you need to promote yourself in interviews and business meetings. With some basic components of an introduction, it also entails additional elements. This content-ready PPT Template will help you stand out. This download includes complementary slides for languages known, portfolios, career roadmaps, hobbies, and other self-marketing documents. Get it now and make your presentation look professional and informative. Hurry up!

10 Minutes Presentation About Myself

Template 6: Presentation About Myself Template

Use this self-introduction presentation to demonstrate your professional talents and abilities to your interviewer. This PPT design includes infographic slides that you may use to emphasize your SWOT analysis, educational background, work experience, training, internships, skill sets, and language proficiency. To showcase your case studies and project experience, you can employ this infographic layout and bring your viewer's attention to your expertise areas. Elaborate on your career advancement over the years with a mention of your key achievements on the career roadmap. Download now!

Presentation About Myself Template

Template 7: Presentation About Myself for Interview

If you consider yourself an expert in a particular field and want to move one step ahead at a senior position, then this template is for you. This consolidated layout can give a chance to your future employer to assess your abilities and analyze your competencies. You can present your skills and experience using this visual resume-like PPT layout. You can include any project experiences you wish and place a good picture of yours to showcase your personality. Grab it today to start your climb up the ladder to success.

Presentation About Myself for Interview

Template 8: Presentation of Yourself

Want to save time and have your introduction ready on an urgent basis? Try this basic presentation to introduce yourself and develop a killer personal USP that will get you the job you want. Using this template with minimal design, you can showcase your personal statement as a message that echoes throughout the stages of recruitment. It encompasses the elements of a perfect introduction and sets a tone of professionalism. Download it today for a quick five-minute presentation about yourself!

Presentation of Yourself

Template 9: Presentation About Yourself

In a meeting or an interview, you might get asked, “What differentiates you from others.” What could be a better answer than this powerful ‘Presentation About Yourself’ to answer this complex question? You must explore this framework to grab your audience's attention and describe your professional achievements in a convincing manner. Professionals, worldwide, have used it to great impact. Don’t miss out on this helpful resource. Download today!

Presentation About Yourself

Template 10: PowerPoint Template for Presentation About Myself

Employers want to know one thing from you: How hiring you will benefit them? With this example Presentation About Yourself, you get an opportunity to describe the advantage of hiring yourself in an influencing manner. Use this powerful template to convince them how you can save their time, money, and effort. Recruiters love facts and figures, and this design just lets you showcase these with the help of graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams. Download this PPT Presentation to include a bunch of statistics to enhance your appeal as an employee!

PowerPoint Template for Presentation About Myself

Download this presentation .

No 2 nd Chance in First Impression

People buy people, but what they're really buying is your personal brand. Your brand informs others about who you are, what you offer, and how distinct you are from everyone else.

Considering you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you should begin SlideTeaming your details to get a prominent "Presentation About Myself" today to ace all your future meetings, conferences, and interviews.

Download any of these PowerPoint Templates once and make them yours forever. You can customize these anytime, depending upon what people in the board room expect from you.

PS If you wish to present your achievements in an unforgettable way, here’s an amazing collection of Autobiography Templates to assist you.

FAQs on ‘Presentation About Myself’

What should a presentation about myself include.

An ideal presentation about myself should include the following information about the person:

  • A bit about the kind of person you are
  • Own SWOT Analysis
  • Achievements and training
  • Qualification
  • Language Skills

Adding these details will help you create an impactful introduction about yourself for any interview or meeting.

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Introducing oneself in the proper way may significantly enhance your chances of being hired by a firm. A well-structured "Presentation About Myself" Template is one of the most effective ways to succeed at this activity. Using a pre-designed template will assist you in creating an impressive introduction and will provide you with valuable graphics to present the data and information in an attractive way.

How to introduce yourself as a manager to a new team?

As a new manager, establishing rapport with your staff is critical. The following ideas can assist you in making a terrific first impression.

  • Learn about your team.
  • Stay positive.
  • Dress appropriately for the job.
  • Pay attention to your team.
  • Share your story
  • Be clear about your expectations from the team.
  • Identify roadblocks.
  • Ask them questions, or let them ask you the questions.
  • Prepare a presentation about yourself.

What are the tips for introducing yourself in a professional setting?

In the case of a professional setting, you should take care of the following things:

  • Talk about who you are and what you do.
  • Make it relevant
  • Talk about your contribution
  • Stick to the context
  • Go beyond what your title is
  • Take care of body language
  • Wrap up on a positive note

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presentation my life

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Google Reviews

Jeff Gothelf

7 Steps to Giving the Best Presentation of Your Life

Jeff Gothelf on stage at ISA14 in Buenos Aires.

I give a lot of talks. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it at this point. But it hasn’t always been this way. Sure, years of playing in bands gave me a level of stage comfort that many must overcome but I was the keyboard player – a sideman. When you’re giving a talk, you’re the front person. In fact, in most cases, you’re the only person – with dozens, if not hundreds, of pairs of eyes staring squarely in your direction. While there are countless articles on overcoming stage fright, I’d like to focus this article on structuring and delivering your talk.

The steps outlined below are the scheme I follow each time I prepare a new presentation. I put a lot of time – anywhere between 40 and 100 hours – into every talk because I believe that conference audiences deserve a great talk. They paid a lot of money to be there and far too many talks fail to deliver. Let’s dig in.

Step 1: Have an opinion You’d be amazed how many presentations I’ve sat through where the presenter rambled on from topic to topic, pausing only to sip some water while we waited for the merciful end of their timeslot.

Pick a theme. Have a point of view. It can be simple. There is plenty of appetite for 101-level content but your talk has to stand for something. This often manifests in the title of your presentation.

I start by asking myself this question: Why am I giving this talk?

Is it to share some learnings? Is it to introduce the audience to a new concept? Is it to challenge an accepted way of doing something?

Whatever it is, you need to have an opinion.

Step 2: Stay practical I am not a fan of theoretical talks. I don’t enjoy attending them and I don’t give them. I believe people come to meetups and conferences to learn something new, often to help them do their job better. I always ground my presentations in tactics. You don’t need a lot. Three will suffice but one is also fine if you have enough content to dig into the details of that one thing.

Attention spans are fleeting and the pull of that iPhone vibrating in the audience’s pockets is tough to resist. Be explicit about what’s coming up. “I’m going to share with you today, 3 tricks I use to become a better writer.”

There’s room for inspiration in a practical talk. It often comes in the form of your successes using the tactics you’re sharing. But it’s the tactics the audience came to get.

Step 3: Keep it genuine Passion for your subject matter shines through at its brightest when you’re sharing stories from your experience. Tell those stories but be humble. Recount the stumbles as well as the wins. Poke a little fun at yourself.

Audiences can immediately sense a genuine presenter. Share a personal story that reveals a bit more about you. Weave that story into your narrative not just to endear yourself to your audience but to show how your experience has helped shape your opinion. As you sit down to write your presentation, ask yourself what personal stories – even old ones – you can share that would enhance the points your trying to make.

Step 4: Write the essay first This is my favorite tactic. Once I have the topic in mind, a set of practical recommendations and a personal story or two I know I want to share, I write an essay. This essay forms the basis for my story arc. How do I set context? What are the core points I’d like to make? How do my personal anecdotes fit best to enhance my narrative? All of this gets worked out when you sit down and write it out.

Bonus tip: This essay, published on your blog or other site, can serve as a great way to test how well your ideas are resonating. If it sparks good debate, conversation and wide sharing, you’ve hit on something. If not, dig into your readers’ reactions to understand where to bolster your storytelling.

Step 5: Use rich imagery and very little text Slides are there to support your ideas, not to make them for you. Find rich images to enhance your points but resist the urge to cover the image with words. Any words you do put on the slides should be in large fonts and terse (think: tweetable). If relevant, photos you took of your ideas taking flight are very powerful in driving home the tactics mentioned in Step 2

Also, very important: Avoid fancy animations. Projected on big screens they can make people dizzy (sorry Prezi).

Step 6: Be funny Everyone can be funny. Yes, even you. Humor is, in my opinion, the best way to ensure your audience is engaged throughout the presentation. You don’t have to do a stand-up comedy routine but a few well-timed punchlines can really make a talk memorable. Self-deprecating humor is always best and shows humility.

Step 7: Practice. And then practice some more Once the story is written, the slides are done and the punchlines are in place, there’s only one thing left to do – practice. This is by far the most important step in preparing a great presentation. Practicing gets you familiar with the content. It helps you refine your timings and your transitions. It shows you where your storytelling is lacking and where it’s strong. It’ll save your ass when the projector conks out two-thirds of the way through your talk.

Here’s how I do it:

  • First two rehearsals – by myself in my office to the wall.
  • Next rehearsal – to my wife (best critic I have). The measure of success here is if she can stay awake throughout the entire thing. 🙂
  • Fourth rehearsal – at the office to my colleagues at lunch. Testing the material in a friendly setting will help you gain confidence in your content and presentation style while the feedback will be honest.
  • Fifth rehearsal – back in my office but this time recording the whole thing. Watch the video. It will hurt but in a good way.
  • Final rehearsal – either by myself or in front of the office colleagues again. At this point you should be comfortable with the material, the flow of your story and the timing of your presentation.

These are the techniques I use to craft a great presentation. They help me ground my talk in concrete content I know my audience will appreciate. They also help me ensure that my delivery comes across naturally, in a tone that helps me connect with the audience. Give them a shot and let me know how they work for you.

What tactics do you use? Add them in the comments below.

P.S. – If you’re interested in seeing these techniques in action, you should join me at one of my upcoming workshops .

7 thoughts on “ 7 Steps to Giving the Best Presentation of Your Life ”

Great advice Jeff.

Great post from a true expert.

Fab post. Thank you. Step 2: Completely agree. Coming away with stuff you can implement or try out immediately is very satisfying, and something which will help secure funding for the next visit to an event. Step 5: (think: tweetable) I love the visuals, I’d add a health warning to the tweetable text. I’ve sat through presentations (never yours 🙂 where it has felt like relentless snappy tweet text has driven the content of the talk, not the other way around. I also want some scope to reach my own conclusions – overused tweet soundbites can take some of that freedom to reflect away.

I think he meant more to keep the length to around that of a tweet, not to actually use quoted tweets. But I could be wrong! Great article either way.

Great tips Jeff. I try to stay high energy + snarky + informative. So hard for me to give talks still, even though I’m much better at it now. My first big talk was in 2010 and I thought I was going to have a panic attack 🙂

As a creative, who became a UX designer: My mission is to bring my ideas to life, stand up and deliver, be humble and memorable. Jeff this is the best piece of advice Ive had to help me do this. Im just starting but lets hope this is just the beginning of a treasured skill set. +1 to the Gothelf 🙂

Great article. The ability to give effective and interesting presentations is becoming more and more important. I can’t tell you how many people I know that could benefit greatly from this article and most of them are in ToastMasters and are great at putting people to sleep.

Here’s a great video on changing perceptions:

Comments are closed.

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Marcus Sheridan

By Marcus Sheridan

Jan 30, 2012

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10 Keys to Giving the Greatest Presentation of Your Life

10 Keys to Giving the Greatest Presentation of Your Life

At this very moment, somewhere around the world, there is a presenter standing in front of his (or her) audience that is swallowing the sad reality that he has failed to deliver the message he hoped to achieve.

Maybe he was boring.

Maybe his content stunk.

Or maybe he just choked.

For those of you that know me, you might also know I used to be deathly afraid of public speaking. In fact, when I was 16, I was actually committed to never speaking in public.

But as fate would have it, time taught me that communication and speaking were actually a tremendous passion of mine, and since those early years I’ve spent much of my time learning the habits that make some presenters great, while others never seem to be able to ‘find the magic’.

10 Tips on How to Give the Greatest Presentation of Your Life

1. Get off the stage, get away from the pulpit

Granted, sometimes you don’t have a choice as to where you speak, but if you have the option, never use a pulpit (which is a wall between you and the audience) and never speak on a stage (puts you above the audience). Great presenters know how to perfectly ‘mix’ with their listeners. This is also why I always require a center aisle whenever I speak to a group of people, thus enabling me to simply ‘be a part of the group.’

2. Don’t Spend Time on Your Bio: No One Cares

When a moderator asks me what I would like to be said in my introduction, my words are always the same: “Just tell them(the audience) my name, they really don’t care about the rest.”

Bios, especially at the beginning of a presentation, often times make us appear as braggards. It’s much better to share incredible value with your audience and then if you’d like to tell them about yourself and why you’re awesome, do so at the end.

3. Set the Tone Right Away with Questions.

Do you want your presentations to be a ‘one-way’ or a ‘two-way’ street? Remember, people don’t want to listen to college professors when they’re hearing a presentation, they want to have discourse. They want interaction. So set the tone right with powerful questions as soon as possible.

4. Make sure name tags are being used, then call the people by name, directly.

If you watched the video you likely noticed I called almost everyone in the room by their name. This is also why I ask everyone to show their name tag (if they have one) whenever I speak, as the personal sound of one’s own name has a powerful effect on the intimacy of any communication.

5. Walk within the group.

Beyond #1 (getting off stage), there is power in walking within the group you’re presenting to. It is for this reason that I always require a center aisle whenever I speak to a group, as it allows me to freely move about the audience, and truly form a stronger bond with each person there.

6. Use slides that everyone will relate to but are outside of your niche.

If you watched the video, you noticed I used different cheeseburgers from popular fast-food companies to make my point. And why did I do this? Because we all love to eat, and we’ve all known these restaurants since we were little children.

7. Your slides don’t deliver the message, YOU do.

Along with #6, remember that audience members are there to hear YOU speak, not to read your slides. Nothing is worse than watching a presentation that would have been just as easily sent out as an email instead.

8. Manipulate the pace with rapid fire questions

Pace is a big deal with presenting. And when it’s fast, and everyone is involved, it makes for a powerful experience. In the video, notice how at times I would repeat the same question back to back to back in a rapid manner.

9. Make ‘em laugh

Who doesn’t enjoy laughing? If you’re stuck in a room as a group of people, you may as well have a good time, right? This is also why presentations shouldn’t be so rigid, as too much structure will deter your ability to capture the magic moments when they present themselves.

10. Passion!

We all know the deal with this one folks. If we can’t get excited as the presenter, how in the heck can we expect others to get truly interested in our words?

OK, 2 questions for you: What are some further qualities that make for a great presenter/presentation? Also, what are some of your biggest pet peeves when you're listening to someone speak? As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, as your voice truly matters here at IMPACT.

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presentation my life

How to do a Presentation About Yourself

presentation my life

‘A presentation about myself’ – I think this is one of the most dreaded speech topics.  Talking about yourself – it’s difficult to know what your audience want to know, and how much you should tell them.

Its all about you 

Unfortunately this also happens to be one of the most common speeches you will be asked to give. Whether you are applying for a new job, or starting a new course/class, quite often the first meeting will involve getting to know each other and this will often mean saying a little bit about yourself. Luckily this often has a short time scale, perhaps five or ten minutes so it isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

Firstly when planning your speech, break it down into three sections – a beginning, a middle and a conclusion. This will not only give your speech some structure but will also help with the writing of it.

To start with

The most important thing to remember with the beginning is that it doesn’t really contain any real information. Greet your audience with a warm welcome, tell them who you are and what you are going to talk about, and tell them why you are going to talk about it. Take a look at Making a Presentation:Part One .

The middle section

This is where you tell them about you, tell them about your hobbies, your hopes, your dreams, your goals. Don’t brag about what you have achieved but be informative about it. If it is relevant then you should definitely include achievements.

If you are at a job interview discuss the reasons for wanting the job, touch on some past experience and tell them why you think you are suitable. Back this up with an anecdote from your past if it is related. Tell them what you pride yourself on. This might be time-keeping, efficiency, people skills, or all of these. Be prepared for questions on this because they may ask for examples of when you have shown these skills.

If you are at school, or starting a new college course then tell them why you chose to go for the course, what interests you about that particular job or career, what experience you have had previously, and where you hope it will take you.

For some pointers, have a look at this article on Making a Presentation: Part Two 

Wrapping it up 

The most important point to remember here is never to add any extra information at this point, this is where you should ask the audience if they have any questions. Do a little preparation for this beforehand so that you are prepared for questions about something that you have not covered. Have a look at this article about preparing for your presentation. Finally, you should thank them for their time and attention. And that’s it, finished.

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presentation my life

i have been asked to do a presentation tomorrow, topic ” WHO AM I” i just dont know where to start, or what exactly to tell, should i just tell whats on my resume?

The position is Sales Manager i have exentensive experieince in Sales and Executive Account management.

Can anyone please give tips..

Yes, First you strat looking at the audience and tell them that you wish give details about you.

Greet and welcome the audience if you have Standard Slide you can use.

Tell about Strength of your point by point

Address they af if you are more interactive and confidence person.

Well I am participating in a tv show about new politicans and i don’t know how to do a presantation of my self.. 🙁 I know what to tell about me but not exactly what the others need to hear from me ..

my skool sed we needed 2 do a presentation about our selves 2 the class but i dnt no how 2 present it or wat 2 do so does any1 hav any ideas???

I have to give presentation in my class on many topics like About yourself, success to me, business attributes, your Hero/ your inspiration, personal attributes, happiest moment ( moments), Efficiency norms, Handling mails- incoming and outgoing, your goal/ Ambition, Agenda, if you born again who would like to be?, Minutes, Your Dreams, Five years from now, Filling, Best Friend, Do you believe in luck/ hard-work/ destiny/ God, about my institute named as stenodac. please help me out i have never faced audience i am confused about these topics i don’t know what to say, how to present.

hey i have to do 5 minutes presentation about my self .i dont know where to start please give me ideas

thax very much for this valuable information.

I want a presentation on myself.which should be at a level of entrance examination.n should b fasinating.

Hi me exactly the point.i have a presentation Tomorrow im a teller but i dont know how to start presentation thank you

I need a big help on this please. How can I create who I am topic ?

going for an interview tomorrow of being a drill and blast clerk…have no idea on how to present my introduction…the job requires an individual who have knowledge on the use of microsoft suite and should be desirable on business administration …please hep

i have to tell a speech ‘who am i ‘ i don’t know how to start. pls help me i am still a student who goes to school.

by the way this info helped me alot:)

I’m need where to start and habby,weaknesses, strength,activities,

It’s good…………

tomorrow is my presentation on role of computers in education sector.

hi this was great but i want the audiance to knd of help me or choose questions for it, its next week so i have time but my other presentations have been so good i dont want this one to drag behind! plus i know that they dont have a long attention span so it needs to be very intersting! #HELP!!!

hey i need an introduction for a report onpresenting ideas.

i have to do a video presentation for a pageant. any ideas of what to say?

well done. it’s helps me alot

i need to do a self introduction presentation for my placements. the problem i have is it should be just 3 slides with welcome and thank you slide if any. Can anyone help me out with this???

Hi I’m going for a promotion and I’ve been asked to do a 10 min presentation on 5 sections, why you believe the position is right for you, what skills and attributes you believe you will bring to the role, what you believe is essential to be successful in the role, what you think the main challengers will be and anything else that you think will add value to the application. I have a few ideas but not to sure how to start it and set it out. can you help

Tomorrow i will have a presentation about myself.can u show me an example how can i do at the first at the middle and at the end

I am very confused Because tomorrow i present my self in 2 minuts and i don’t know how can i..

Wow this really helped me with my presentation about my life. Thank you So Much!!!!!!!! 😉

I am a new employee and I am asked to do a presentation to introduce myself and my role to the top management. What should I name it?

I need the basic equipment for presentatating myself in my class.

Hey I’m doing a presentation tomorrow for second part of a interview, I have been told it can be anything from hobbies to a object. I don’t know where to start or what to do it on, it’s only 5 minutes in front of one manager. The company is a sale advisor I’m going for, anybody got any pointers or ideas Thanks

Hello Students, Before I start my presentation I would thank My Teacher__________ and you. My name is_________ and I will present for you about __________ And then you can start your presentation.

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The side lights dim in the auditorium and the speaker walks on stage. As they are introduced you notice something different about them. The way they are dressed commands your attention. They start to speak and you are quickly drawn into a powerful story. There is drama, tension, and intrigue.

Abstract Blue Sparks - Photo courtesy of ©, Image #15137495

Soon you are tracking with them. You can relate to their struggles and you marvel at their tenacity. Soon they share how they overcame obstacles and found a way to prosper. And then they do something amazing. They offer to share their secret with you.

You want to know more. You’ve been where they are, you’ve fought the battle, but you haven’t found a solution. As the speaker goes on, they mention they have a book and a step by step course of action you can take to change your own life.

In your mind, you know one thing. You’re not leaving until you have the answer. You pick up the book, follow the instructions, and your life changes.

Have you been there? Have you heard that presentation? Has your life changed?

My name is John Richardson and I’ve been part of a public speaking organization called Toastmasters International for over fifteen years. In that time I’ve heard hundreds of speeches and presentations, from short five-minute monologues to ninety minute keynotes. Yet in that time I’ve only heard about a dozen, truly motivational presentations. Ones that change your life.

As a speaker, I’ve always wanted to be able to give that kind of presentation. To reach deep down inside and share from the heart. To actually be able to motivate people to change their lives for the better. In my journey, I’ve become a student of speaking and motivational styles. I’ve tried many different things and failed many times, yet a few things emerged that I would like to share with you today. If you are a speaker and want to change the world, you’ll definitely need SPARK.

S.P.A.R.K is…

  • Visual learners. They intake information by what they see;
  • Audio learners. They intake information by what they hear; and
  • Kinesthetic learners. They intake information by what they feel.

Sheryl always arrives at least an hour early. She has bright colored visuals in the form of PowerPoint slides or flip charts. She puts on background music for the audio people as they arrive. She has handouts ready for her kinesthetic guests. But Sheryl goes even further by heating up Chocolate Chip cookies and walking them through the room to add a pleasant aroma. She even adds powerful words and numbers to her slides for the analytics.

  • Knowledge: The best presentations offer something new and unique. There is nothing cliché about them. They offer a take-away, whether that is a handout, book, or video. The audience member has a chance to gain further knowledge. Authors have a definite advantage here. Having a book to sell or a seminar to attend, is a great way to effect change.

Creating a powerful and motivating presentation takes a lot of time, effort, and practice. A great place to start is a local Toastmasters club where you can learn speaking and leadership skills and be able to practice and refine your speech. If you truly want to get up to speed quickly, Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt’s SCORRE conference can teach you powerful presentation skills in just a few days. You’ll be ready for the platform in no time.

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Home Blog Presentation Ideas About Me Slides: How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation

About Me Slides: How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation

presentation my life

From conference talks to client demos, it’s always essential to include an About Me slide in any presentation you are giving. Introducing yourself early into the presentation helps build a better rapport with the audience.

You can start with several fun facts about me slide to break the ice or go for a more formal professional bio to explain your background and what makes you qualified to talk about the topic at hand. At any rate, your goal is to get the audience on your side by revealing some of your personality. 

How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation: 4 Approaches 

It’s a good practice to include self-introduction slides at the beginning of your presentation. If you are looking to answer how to introduce yourself professionally, typically somewhere after the title, opening slide , and the main agenda. However, the presentation structure will be somewhat different depending on whether you are presenting to a new audience or a group of people familiar with (e.g., your team, clients, or business partners). 

Here are four about me slide ideas you can try out, plus an About me template you can use to present yourself in a presentation. 

presentation my life

1. Mention Your Name and Affiliations

Start with the introduction basics. State your name, company, title/position, and several quick facts about who you are and what you do. Even if you present to a familiar audience, a brief recap is always welcome. 

To keep things a bit more engaging, consider adding some lesser-known facts about yourself. For example:

  • Your interests 
  • Recent accomplishments
  • Testimonial/quote from a team member 
  • Fun nicknames you got 

The above can be nice ice breakers for less formal team presentations, project updates, or catch-ups with clients. 

Here are several unique About Me examples you can try out:

For a client case study presentation : 

“Hi, I’m Lynda, Chief Customer Success Specialist with Acme Corp. (Also, someone you thought was a chatbot for the first few encounters)

47 NPS | 15% Churn Rate | 40% repeat purchase rate”

For a team after-action review presentation :

Mike, Project Manager at Cool Project

(aka Maximizer)

Personal Project stats:

387 Slack messages answered

56 cups of coffee consumed

Project profit gross margin: $1.2 million 

2. Work On Your Elevator Pitch 

One of the best ways to introduce yourself in a presentation is to share a punchy elevator pitch. This works extra well if you are presenting to a new audience. 

An elevator pitch is a concise statement (1-2 sentences) that summarizes your unique strengths, skills, and abilities and explains how these can benefit your listener. 

It’s nice to have one ready for your presentations and networking in general since it helps you immediately connect with new people and communicate your value. 

Writing a solid elevator pitch may require several attempts and iterations. But the sooner you start — the faster you’ll arrive at the best formula! 

To get your creative juices flowing, here are several elevator pitch ideas you can incorporate in an introduction slide about yourself. 

For professionals: 

“Certified Salesforce Administrator, data visualization specialist, and analytics for top SaaS brands. I help businesses make more sense of their data to drive better outcomes”.

For a mentor :

“Adjunct professor of creative writing at Columbia University, published author, former lifestyle editor at Esquire, the New York Times. I can teach you how to find, shape, pitch, and publish stories for web & print.”

For a student: 

“Third-year Marine Biology student at Denver State Uni. Volunteer at Lake Life Protection NGO, climate change activist, looking to expand my research about water conservation”.

3. Answer Popular Questions or Assumptions 

If you are a frequent presenter , chances are you get asked a lot of the same “About Me questions” after your speeches and during the networking bits. So why not address a roaster of these in your About Me slide? Select 4-5 most common questions and list them as quick FAQs on your slide deck. 

4. Focus on Telling a Story 

Strong introductions are personable. They are meant to offer a sneak-peak into your personality and the passion behind your work. That’s why for less formal presentations, you can (and should!) start with a short personal story. 

Remember: reliability is important to “click” with your audience. 

For instance, neuroscience research of political ads recently found that ads featuring real people performed better than those with genetic stock footage. Among viewers, emotional engagement and memory encoding (recall) increased dramatically when political ads showed relatable people. 

The same holds true for commerce. In 2015, GE launched a viral “What’s the Matter With Owen?” video ad series to attract more young talent to the company. The clips featured a relatable protagonist, struggling to explain what his work at GE entails e.g. that the company isn’t building railroads, but actually does some very innovative pilots. Many engineers related to the promo and work applications to GE shoot up by 800% ! 

As the above examples show, a good relatable story can go a long way. So think about how you can make a PowerPoint presentation about yourself more representative of who you really are as a person. 

How to Give a Presentation About Yourself: 4 Fool-Proof Tips

On other occasions, you may be asked to give a full-length “about me” presentation. Typically, this is the case during a second interview, onboarding , or if you are in attending a training program or workshop where everyone needs to present themselves and their work. 

Obviously, you’ll need more than one good about me slide in this case. So here’s how to prepare a superb presentation about me. 

What to Put in a Presentation About Yourself?

The audience will expect to learn a mix of personal and professional facts about you. Thus, it’s a good idea to include the following information: 

  • Your name, contact info, website , social media handles, digital portfolio .
  • Short bio or some interesting snippets. 
  • Career timeline (if applicable).
  • Main achievements (preferably quantifiable).
  • Education, special training.
  • Digital badging awards , accolades, and other types of recognition.
  • Something more personal — an interest, hobby, aspiration. 

The above mix of items will change a bit, depending on whether you are giving an interview presentation about yourself or introduce yourself post-hiring. For example, in some cases a dedicated bio slide may be useful, but other times focusing on main achievements and goals can be better.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at how to organize the above information in a memorable presentation. 

P.S. Grab an about me slide template to make the design process easier! 

presentation my life

1. Create a List of “Facts About Me”

The easiest way to answer the “tell me about yourself” question is by having an array of facts you can easily fetch from your brain. 

When it comes to a full-length about me presentation , it’s best to have a longer list ready. To keep your brainstorming process productive, organize all your ideas in the following buckets: 

  • Key skills (soft and hard)
  • Educational accolades, training
  • Accomplishments and other “bragging rights”
  • Personal tidbits (a.k.a. fun facts ) 

Once you have a list, it gets easier to build a series of slides around it. 

2. Think Like Your Audience 

Most likely you’d be asked to make a presentation about yourself by a recruiter. There’s a good reason why many ask this — they want to determine if you are a good “cultural fit” for their organization. 

After all, 33% of people quit within the first 3 months of accepting a new job. Among these:

  • 43% of employees quit because their day-to-day role was different than what they were told it would be during the hiring process.
  • 32% cite company culture as a factor for leaving within the first three months. 

About me presentations often serve as an extra “filter” helping both parties ensure that they are on the same page expectations- and work style-wise. Thus, when you prepare your slide deck, do some background company research. Then try to align the presentation with it by matching the company tone, communication style, and cultural values. 

3. Include Testimonials and Recommendations

Use the voice of others to back up the claims you are making in your presentation. After all, trumping your own horn is what you are expected to do in such a presentation. But the voices of others can strengthen the claims you are personally making. 

Depending on your role and industry, try to sprinkle some of the following testimonials: 

  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Quotes from personal or professional references
  • Social media comments 
  • Data metrics of your performance
  • Funny assessments from your colleagues/friends 

The above not just strengthen your narrative, but also help the audience learn some extras about you and your background. Testimonial slides can be of help for this purpose.

4. Include a Case Study 

One of the best ways to illustrate who you are is to show what you are best in. Remember, an about me presentation often needs to “soft sell” your qualifications, experience, and personality. 

One of the best ways to do that is to showcase how you can feel in a specific need and solve issues the business is facing. 

So if you have the timeframe, use some of the ending slides to deliver a quick case study. You can present: 

  • Short retrospective of a past successful project
  • Before-after transformations you’ve achieved 
  • Spotlight of the main accomplishments within the previous role 
  • Main customer results obtained
  • Specific solution delivered by you (or the team you’ve worked with) 

Ending your presentation on such a high note will leave the audience positively impressed and wondering what results you could achieve for them.

To Conclude 

It’s easy to feel stumped when you are asked to talk about yourself. Because there are so many things you could mention (but not necessarily should). At the same time, you don’t want to make your introduction sound like a bragging context. So always think from the position of your audience. Do the facts you choose to share benefit them in any way? If yes, place them confidently on your About Me slides! 

1. Personal Self Introduction PowerPoint Template

presentation my life

Use This Template

2. Self Introduction PowerPoint Template

presentation my life

3. Meet the Team PowerPoint Template Slides

presentation my life

4. Introduce Company Profile PowerPoint Template

presentation my life

5. Modern 1-Page Resume Template for PowerPoint

presentation my life

6. Modern Resume Presentation Template

presentation my life

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presentation my life

presentation my life

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presentation my life

life powerpoint

Transcript: Lesson 4.4 Andrea Jones FOCUS AREA 1 Change is good FOCUS AREA 2 life is what you make it FOCUS AREA 3 Never to late to change your ways. Think first then react. FOCUS AREA 3 FOCUS AREA 3 If you want it go get it FOCUS AREA 3 These are the biggest 5 lessons in life i think every one should consider they can change your life or they way you look at life. These lessons can help you be better!

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Transcript: My Life PowePoint Justyce williams MEEEE My occupation is a Lawyer in New york city. My income is 131k per year, and my monthly is $8,187 with taxes taken out. Together me and my husband bring in $15,249 a month Me and my husband and kids MY SPOUSE My husband (aka central cee) is a physical theripist. His income 113k per year, with the monthly income of 28,250 with taxes taken out My spouse My kids My kids I have two kids a 3 month old boy and a 8 year old girl. The boy is named Milo and the girl is named Auroa like the disney princess. The whole famliy for food cost is $438.66 the cost of clothing is $62.70 Milo has a daycare that cost $450 a months and Auroa has after school care that cost $170 a month and that makes $620 My house My house My house is actully a condo with three bed, two baths, and 1,200sq ft. The monthly note is $1,998 with the full price of the condo being $315,000. Utilities of my house is $289.75 homes onwer incursce in $300 my house pt2 The total intrest i will pay would be $283,500. The total price i would have to pay on the house in a time spand of 30 years isd $598,500. Homeowners insurecence would be $300. my house pt2 Pictures my college My whole tuition is $62,844 making my monthly note $733.1 taking out a loan for 10 years but the total interest is $87,981.6 College My college is Tulane University it is a priviate college in New Orleans His total tution is $42,490 making the monthly note $368.24 taking out a 10 year loan putting thtoslt intrest at $87.981.6 Subtopic 3 my husbands collge he went to Francish Missionaries of our Lady university, it is a privite collge in Baton Rouge. my automobile I have a used 2020 doge chaeger it cost a total of $22,948 and my monthly note that i pay for it is $273.87 The totsal intrest that i pay on the car is $23,004.94 Automobile my spouces automobile My spouse has also a used 2020 doge charger. Its total cost in $21,790 and the monthly note is $260.5 The total interst that will be payed is $21,844. my spouse gas and insurance for gas each month it is $209.12 and with car insurance it is $166.66, life incursunce $380.4 for everyone my family. others CHECK IN In my budget so far i still make $9,827. put me at spending about $5730.3. In my saving acount i put in $3,000 a month so in 25 years fro retuerment i would have $900,000. Check in/ Extras EXTRA EXPENSES my extra expenses are dining out, internet, and cell phones. The Cox tv cost $99.00 and the cell phones from AT&T for two people is $140 and the Internet is $64.00 in total that all cost $303. Extra Everything in total my total monthly income is 15,249 with everything added up my total monthly expenses are $6009.3 but becasue i had a bounce of $300 that makes it $5,700.9. for my etra money i would use it for a vation once a year and that would be $2,000. everything did u enjoy this prodject? yes becasue i cansee like what my life could most likely be like enjoy?

presentation my life

My Life Template-Maria

Transcript: Maria's Timeline Maria's Timeline My Birth! Event 1 I was born on November 21, 2007 at 12:45 PM in Moscow, Russia. When I was born, I had white hair and blue eyes. My family were really happy when I was born and they made a big party for me. This was a long time ago, so I don't remember anything, but my mom said that I was a loud baby. My grandparents came a lot to help my mom with her duties. As I know now, I was baptized 5 months after my birth. A lot of family and friends came to congratulate my parents. Shortly after, me and my family left to Canada to live. "The screams were so terrible that I thought they must be operating her without a painkiller." (Watkins 35-36) "Cartoon Baby." PngTree N/A Web. 27 Feb. 2019. Rating: +3 My First Birthday! Event 3 On November 21, 2008, I turned one year old. That means I was now one year on this planet, planet Earth. This is very important since it was the first time I had a birthday. I got a lot of presents. I think my parents invited friends to celebrate this milestone. A lot of these friends have stayed as my friends until this day. Now, we go to each other's birthday parties every year. Of course, I don't remember this, but I have photos about this event in my life. " I was eleven, Ko sixteen." (Watkins 1) "Happy First Birthday Clipart" N/A Web. Feb. 27, 2019 Rating: +2 I Moved to Canada Event 2 This happened on June 11, 2008 when I was 6 months old. This was a very long time ago. But, it has made a tremendous change in my life. Russia and Canada are about 10 hours away by plane! I don't know the reason why we moved to Canada, but I love it here. I think it was the right decision to move here. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t of met all of the amazing people in this country. We moved to a pretty house in Toronto together. My dad thought our family should live in Canada, so we listened and started our life here. "We took the road along the river, the shortest way to the station." (Watkins 23). "Happy Families Happy Planet" Jun. 28, 2016 Web. Feb. 27 , 2019 Rating: +3 First Home Olympics Event 4 My family had home “Olympic Games’ every year. August 2010 is when it started first. We had around 10 families come over to compete in the sport events. We had an opening ceremony at the start of the day to introduce everyone. At the end of the day, the winners would get medals. I like this event because it is very fun for me and I love to compete in the sports. This went on for 7 more years, every year, with the same competitors and events. My family and I got the most medals out of any family in the years. "Title: OPEN LENGTH: NO MORE THAN 50 PAGES OF MANUSCRIPT PAPER PRIZES: FIRST PLACE 10,000 YEN SECOND PLACE 5,000 YEN THIRD PLACE 1,000 YEN CLOSING DAY: END OF FEBRUARY" "Olympic Rings." N/A Web. 28 Feb. 2019 Rating: +2 I Made Friends Event 6 In preschool, I was bullied as I mentioned. Then, I moved to Grade 1 in the same school. That was the grade that people actually were accepting me. I was getting way better at English, and I could actually talk it. I could communicate with friends and teachers and I wouldn't be clueless. This was a very important life event. I never knew someone would want to be friends with me until people showed up. I was really happy. "Hurry!" Mother found my wrist in the darkness." (Watkins 2) "Friend." N/A Web. Feb. 27, 2019 Rating: +1 FIFA World Cup! Event 10 Every year in the summer break, I would go to Russia from June-August. In Grade 5, 2018, it was the FIFA World Cup in Russia. At the time, I was actually in Russia. I went to the Red Square with my family to see all the fans piling in. It was pretty fun there. I watched almost all of the games. I liked watching the games and, most importantly, trying to guess who wins every game. This is an activity I play with my family. Overall, I think it’s really cool that I went to Russia when FIFA was happening in the same country. "Between the performances of other children, singing and playing the koto, I danced." (Watkins 11) "FIFA Russia" N/A Web. Feb. 28, 2019 Rating: +1 Huntsville, Muskoka Event 11 This was the most recent event on February 15-18, 2019. My family and our friend's went to Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka. We did a lot of fun winter activities. We went skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, and more. This was the most amazing weekend I have ever spent. It was tremendously fun and exciting. I loved it too much. I have enjoyed the stay and I am wishing to go back there someday. " The station was crowded with escapees from the north who had not found homes." (Watkins 80) "Deerhurst Resort Muskoka." N/A Web. Feb. 28, 2019 Rating: +2 Paris, France Event 9 This was a really fun vacation. This was when I finished Grade 4, on July 7, 2017. I went to a lot of famous landmarks in Paris, France. I always wanted to go to Paris, since it is a very popular place to go to. I went to the Louvre Museum,

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presentation my life

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presentation my life

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presentation my life

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presentation my life

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Healthy Life Plan

Healthy life plan presentation, free google slides theme and powerpoint template.

What are your basics for a healthy lifestyle? Keeping fit and active, a healthy diet, enough water and sleep? They’re definitely good starting points, but there’s so much more that you can do and a great variety of things to focus on according to your personality. Think you’ll intrigue an audience with a presentation on this subject? Awesome, because we have a wonderfully mindful and relaxed template here for you! Its quirky font and white and pastels combination just scream “healthy lifestyle” at the viewer… in the best possible way, of course. Download this design and support people on the path to improving their lifestyle!

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 35 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as graphs, maps, tables, timelines and mockups
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the resources used

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Attribution required If you are a free user, you must attribute Slidesgo by keeping the slide where the credits appear. How to attribute?

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presentation my life

Extracting PostgreSQL database metadata for presentation in Excel format

Rayis Imayev , 2024-03-16

(2024-Mar-16)  I have been a big fan of using the Excel application for various tasks for more than half of my life. I believe it's the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world. I'm not shy to acknowledge that I've used it for very small tasks like taking structured notes during meetings, as well as creating sophisticated tables that can be shared with other users and handling larger data as updatable sourcing datasets for database applications. Let's not forget the well-established marketing campaign by Microsoft promoting Excel as the main analytical platform about 15 years ago, with some tools still available and some relegated to memory (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map, Power View). The good old days!

presentation my life

Image by  Pexels  from  Pixabay

Examining PostgreSQL database tables (or any other database platform), including their structure, column names, data types, and even a glimpse of sample datasets, can be accomplished using various data tools. This process only requires data connection supportability by those tools and your perseverance to navigate through different database objects, expand the list of columns, and run simple data profiling tasks. It's all possible. 

But what about having a single, simple view into a database's metadata with the help of an Excel spreadsheet? This would benefit both data gurus and information novices alike, especially in a team collaborative format where information can be viewed, discussed, and commented on.

presentation my life

1) Let's extract the metadata first. Here is my sample PostgreSQL database with 15 tables and very diverse column data types:

presentation my life

then I execute the following SQL script that would give me the list with all the tables, their columns and each column's attributes:

Then I save the output of this query into a CSV file and open it in Excel:

presentation my life

2) Next is a sample data row, I'm happy to extract only random first records from each table, but you may change the number or returned records if you like.

To start this, I need to create another SQL request based on the existing metadata from the existing database and execute the following SQL script for this:

select 'select start.* ' as table_data

This script constructs the following script, listing all the available tables, to attempt to execute further SELECT statements:

presentation my life

I copied this script and executed it as another query to run the actual data extraction of my sample data.

presentation my life

As a result, I only needed a database connection and two SQL script executions (as well as one derived SQL code execution from the 2nd query). Both of my SQL scripts simply rely on existing database metadata, without any hardcoded table or column references. My mission is accomplished. Thanks for reading this blog post; I hope it will save you some time, as these SQL scripts helped me too!  

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  17. Story of My Life Thesis

    Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. It's difficult to talk about your own life while you're alive. Unless you're a very famous person, it might not be very interesting. However, the design we're releasing today, perfect for thesis defenses (for example), is versatile, as it can be modified to study the life of a different person.

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    My Life PowerPoint . Transcript: My Life PowePoint Justyce williams MEEEE My occupation is a Lawyer in New york city. My income is 131k per year, and my monthly is $8,187 with taxes taken out. Together me and my husband bring in $15,249 a month Me and my husband and kids MY SPOUSE My husband (aka central cee) is a physical theripist.

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    Identify your. 2.Make a list. 3. Live purposefully. 5. time. •Don't compare your. How to be successful in life - Download as a PDF or view online for free.

  20. Life Update

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    Bread Of Life. The first in a series on the "I AM" sayings of Jesus Christ. St. John's Church Parish Magazine - March 2024. March 2024 Calendar of Events Hope Lutheran Floodwood MN. 07 2 Peter 1:5 The Virtues of Faith, Add Knowledge.pptx. The Stations of the Cross 2024 slide for use during devotion. Flyover: Part 1 - Introduction & the Gospel ...

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    Awesome, because we have a wonderfully mindful and relaxed template here for you! Its quirky font and white and pastels combination just scream "healthy lifestyle" at the viewer… in the best possible way, of course. Download this design and support people on the path to improving their lifestyle!

  24. Extracting PostgreSQL database metadata for presentation in Excel

    (2024-Mar-16) I have been a big fan of using the Excel application for various tasks for more than half of my life.I believe it's the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world. I'm not ...

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