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A school-based action research project on truancy: Within-school factors

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1993, Support for Learning

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Educational Review

Merike Darmody

research proposal on truancy pdf

The author is a researcher and writer on truancy and other education issues, and was a persistent truant at school in South London during the 1970s. in this article, he describes how often he played truant and how he avoided detection and punishment. He then analyses his reasons for playing truant – not bullying or simple opportunity, but dissatisfaction with curriculum and teaching: once these last improved, he stopped playing truant. He finally argues that truancy is for many children a rational choice, and that, when it is plain that no nuisance is being caused to others, the authorities should often connive at such truancy.

British Educational Research Journal

Professor Julia Davidson

PsycEXTRA Dataset


: Truancy is a problem that is seriously affecting the overall success of the large urban school district, and in particular, the specific school in which I am employed. For the purpose of this paper, truancy will be defined as consecutive illegal absences from class or school. The purpose of the research is to develop a solution that can be proposed to my administrator in an effort to decrease, or eliminate truancy altogether and is to be initiated at the beginning of our next school year.

Journal of COEASU

Abiodun Gesinde

Chi S Tubid

This study sought to unveil underlying challenges and actions undertaken in the initial implementation of Anti- Truancy Policy of the Local Government of Oton to combat truancy - the social ill which often leads to education stagnation, the ordinance no. 2017 -308 ( Anti-Truancy Policy for Elementary and High School in the Municipality of Oton) was formulated wherein the effectiveness of the implementation relies on the collaboration between the Local Enactors,the schools, parents and the whole community.The Municipality of Oton executes the guidelines of the implementation of Anti-Truancy Policy effectively despite the challenges encountered which involves the schools, parents , truants and between the authorities which led actions undertaken to cope with the challeneges in the initial implementation.

nelson jagero

Kevin Haugh


Engel Pascalade

Ryan Garcia

Bollettino della Società Entomologica Italiana

Fabio Terzani

Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

Furkan Kadir Tuncer

Journal of the American Water Resources Association

E. Sankowski

elisabeth decoster

Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education

Joy Bertling

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G Charmaine Gilbreath

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Nick Taylor Buck


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Peter Butler

Revista Brasileira de Sociologia - RBS

Leonardo Cavalcanti

Talenta Conference Series: Local Wisdom, Social, and Arts (LWSA)

Putri Maulina

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frederic berger

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British Journal of Surgery

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European Journal of Paediatric Neurology

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Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas

Jorge Reynoso


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Makena Kelly

A Breakthrough Online Privacy Proposal Hits Congress

Image may contain Maria Cantwell Electrical Device Microphone Adult Person and Judge

Congress may be closer than ever to passing a comprehensive data privacy framework after key House and Senate committee leaders released a new proposal on Sunday.

The bipartisan proposal, titled the American Privacy Rights Act, or APRA, would limit the types of consumer data that companies can collect , retain, and use, allowing solely what they’d need to operate their services. Users would also be allowed to opt out of targeted advertising, and have the ability to view, correct, delete, and download their data from online services. The proposal would also create a national registry of data brokers , and force those companies to allow users to opt out of having their data sold.

“This landmark legislation gives Americans the right to control where their information goes and who can sell it,” Cathy McMorris Rodgers, House Energy and Commerce Committee chair, said in a statement on Sunday. “It reins in Big Tech by prohibiting them from tracking, predicting, and manipulating people’s behaviors for profit without their knowledge and consent. Americans overwhelmingly want these rights, and they are looking to us, their elected representatives, to act.”

Congress has tried to put together a comprehensive federal law protecting user data for decades. Lawmakers have remained divided, though, on whether that legislation should prevent states from issuing tougher rules, and whether to allow a “private right of action” that would enable people to sue companies in response to privacy violations.

In an interview with The Spokesman Review on Sunday, McMorris Rodgers claimed that the draft’s language is stronger than any active laws, seemingly as an attempt to assuage the concerns of Democrats who have long fought attempts to preempt preexisting state-level protections. APRA does allow states to pass their own privacy laws related to civil rights and consumer protections, among other exceptions.

In the previous session of Congress, the leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committees brokered a deal with Roger Wicker, the top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee, on a bill that would preempt state laws with the exception of the California Consumer Privacy Act and the Biometric Information Privacy Act of Illinois. That measure, titled the American Data Privacy and Protection Act , also created a weaker private right of action than most Democrats were willing to support. Maria Cantwell, Senate Commerce Committee chair, refused to support the measure, instead circulating her own draft legislation. The ADPPA hasn’t been reintroduced, but APRA was designed as a compromise.

“I think we have threaded a very important needle here,” Cantwell told The Spokesman Review . “We are preserving those standards that California and Illinois and Washington have.”

APRA includes language from California’s landmark privacy law allowing people to sue companies when they are harmed by a data breach. It also provides the Federal Trade Commission, state attorneys general, and private citizens the authority to sue companies when they violate the law.

The categories of data that would be impacted by APRA include certain categories of “information that identifies or is linked or reasonably linkable to an individual or device,” according to a Senate Commerce Committee summary of the legislation. Small businesses—those with $40 million or less in annual revenue and limited data collection—would be exempt under APRA, with enforcement focused on businesses with $250 million or more in yearly revenue. Governments and “entities working on behalf of governments” are excluded under the bill, as are the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and, apart from certain cybersecurity provisions, “fraud-fighting” nonprofits.

Frank Pallone, the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, called the draft “very strong” in a Sunday statement , but said he wanted to “strengthen” it with tighter child safety provisions.

Still, it remains unclear whether APRA will receive the necessary support for approval. On Sunday, committee aids said that conversations on other lawmakers signing onto the legislation are ongoing. The current proposal is a “discussion draft”; while there’s no official date for introducing a bill, Cantwell and McMorris Rodgers will likely shop around the text to colleagues for feedback over the coming weeks, and plan to send it to committees this month.

This Woman Will Decide Which Babies Are Born

David Gilbert

DuckDuckGo Is Taking Its Privacy Fight to Data Brokers

Matt Burgess

Beeper Took On Apple’s iMessage Dominance. Now It’s Been Acquired

Lauren Goode

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  1. Full article: School effectiveness and truancy: a multilevel study of

    Introduction. Truancy is a problem of paramount importance within the educational and teaching sector, both in Sweden and internationally (Claes, Hooghe, & Reeskens, Citation 2009; Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Citation 2015).To reduce the level of truancy is an important part of the EU 2020 strategy, aiming at lowering the number of early school leavers (European Commission, Citation 2013).

  2. PDF Truancy Reduction: Keeping Students in School

    A national review of discipline issues in schools conducted in 1996-97 found that public school principals identified student absenteeism, class cutting, and tardiness as the top discipline problems in their schools (Heaviside et al., 1998). In general, the proportion of truancy cases handled in juvenile court is rela-tively small.

  3. PDF Truancy and Attendance: Interventions for High Schools

    Truancy has always been a concern of educators, but it is growing rapidly in all types of schools. Worse, as students progress through school, and the work becomes more demanding, truancy increases dramatically. Most research shows that isolated, piecemeal approaches don't work to improve attendance. It takes a

  4. The impact of interventions to prevent truancy: A review of the

    Likewise, although there is a lot of evaluation research on truancy, hardly any research meets the empirical requirements for combining and comparing multiple scientific studies (Keppens & Spruyt ...

  5. PDF Truancy: A Research Brief

    truancy through various lenses—from risk and protective factors and reasons why youth skip school to treatment and prevention. Most articles were obtained from peer reviewed journals, and a small number were reports produced by nonprofit research organizations. What we Know The consequences of truancy extend beyond court involvement.

  6. PDF A Study of The Effectiveness of A Truancy Reduction Program for ...

    truancy and inconsistencies in tracking and reporting practices at the school, local and state levels, national data on the prevalence of truancy is limited (Fantuzzo, Grim, & Hazan, 2005). As a result, current national estimates of truancy are based on self-reported data.

  7. (PDF) Truancy Interventions: A Review of the Research Literature

    Method: Included studies evaluating truancy interventions appearing in peer-reviewed academic journals from 1990 to 2007. Findings: In total, 16 studies were assessed.

  8. (PDF) A school-based action research project on truancy: Within-school

    This study sought to unveil underlying challenges and actions undertaken in the initial implementation of Anti- Truancy Policy of the Local Government of Oton to combat truancy - the social ill which often leads to education stagnation, the ordinance no. 2017 -308 ( Anti-Truancy Policy for Elementary and High School in the Municipality of Oton) was formulated wherein the effectiveness of the ...

  9. (PDF) Factors Associated With Truancy

    Truants may avoid school because of peer pressure, bullying, lack of moni-. toring from parents, pregnancy, employment, caring for family members at. home, involvement in drugs or alcohol ...

  10. Truancy Interventions: A Review of the Research Literature

    Truancy prevention in action: Best practices and model truancy programs (pp. 7-38). Clemson, SC: Clemson University National Dropout Prevention Center/ Network . Clemson, SC: Clemson University National Dropout Prevention Center/ Network .

  11. PDF Interventions to Combat the Many Facets of Absenteeism: Action Research

    truancy. Lastly, the paper presents study results and implications. Keywords: absenteeism, truancy and school counselors, school refusal interventions Mills (2011) defines action research (AR) as a systematic inquiry conducted by the principal investigator (PI) to gather information regarding ―their― environment. AR is a great

  12. The impact of interventions to prevent truancy: A review of the

    It is well established that truancy has a negative impact on pupils' educational careers. Much more discussion is needed concerning the strategies and interventions that effectively help to remedy truancy. Therefore, this article provides an integrative review of interventions to prevent truancy. Sixteen empirical studies that reported on the ...

  13. PDF A Study of the factors leading to truancy among adolescent students in

    IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSR-JRME) e-ISSN: 2320-7388,p-ISSN: 2320-737X Volume 1, Issue 6 (May. -Jun. 2013), PP 13-19 13 | Page A Study of the factors leading to truancy among adolescent students in district Faridabad

  14. Fisher Digital Publications

    According to Zhang, Katsiyannis, Barrett, and Wilson (2007), the causes for truancy. can be positioned within four major categories. These categories include family factors, school factors, economic influences, and student variables. Family factors that may cause truant behavior include, but are not limited to parents'.

  15. PDF Guidelines for Evaluating Truancy Reduction Programs

    on research activities, it is not exclusively an activity for evalu-ation specialists. Evaluation is a populist rather than a special-ist practice—aiming to produce practical information in the service of human beings and amenable to being done by almost • • • • • • NDPC truancy Eval 2-06.indd 4 2/8/06 2:49:26 PM


    Truancy is a complex behavior resulting from interacting student, school, family, and community-level factors. TACKLING TRUANCY Each year, millions of students—disproportionately students of color and those from low-income families— are chronically absent from school nationwide. Truancy (unexcused absences) is of particular concern. Research

  17. PDF Tool Kit for Creating Your Own Truancy Reduction Program

    Truancy Fact Sheet, which contains some eye-opening statistics about a serious national problem. Good truancy reduction programs rely on the writings, research, and experiences of truancy experts. These are summarized in the tool kit's Truancy Literature Review. This analysis of the truancy literature succinctly covers topics such as the ...

  18. (PDF) The School as an Influencing Factor of Truancy

    As previous research has shown, truants have a higher risk of becoming delinquent. However, the causes of truancy are only seldom analyzed in criminological research. Since truancy is a school ...

  19. PDF Last updated: December 2010 Truancy Prevention

    Much research on truancy and most interventions to reduce truancy have drawn on a risk/protective factors framework. While generally the literature on truancy is in its infancy (Heilbrunn 2007), a variety of school, family, community, and individual characteristics have been identified that can contribute to

  20. (PDF) An Investigation into Truancy Intervention Programmes for

    truancy create a supportive climate in th e school and effectively curbing learner truancy. For example, a survey carried out by the Hampshire County Council School Services (2015)

  21. A Breakthrough Online Privacy Proposal Hits Congress

    Congress may be closer than ever to passing a comprehensive data privacy framework after key House and Senate committee leaders released a new proposal on Sunday.. The bipartisan proposal, titled ...

  22. PDF DAC List of ODA Recipients Effective for reporting on 2024 and ...

    (1) General Assembly resolution A/73/L.40/Rev.1 adopted on 13 December 2018 decided that São Tomé and Príncipe and Solomon Islands will graduate six years after the adoption of the resolution, i.e., on 13 December 2024.

  23. (PDF) Interdisciplinary approach in PROEJA: A proposal to mitigate truancy

    Thus, the present work aims to: 1-point out some of the reasons that may lead to abandonment; and 2-to promote a proposal for the interdisciplinary implementation in a EJA course, in Professional ...

  24. (PDF) Research Paper Causes and Level of Truancy among Primary School

    This study aimed to examine the prevalence of truancy and its associated factors among school going Malaysian adolescents. The Malaysia Global School-based Health Survey (GSHS) was conducted from ...

  25. (Pdf) Truancy and Academic Performance of Basic Science Students in

    Truancy behaviour of Students is an issue that affects many people, because truancy has been associated with various criminal behaviours such as vandalism, burglary, drug use, gangsterism, ship ...