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The Business Resume Guide: 10+ Samples & Examples for 2024

resume template for business

A business resume is an essential tool that can make or break a job seeker’s chances of landing their dream job. It serves as a reflection of their skills, qualifications, and experiences, which can convince potential employers that they are the right candidate for the job. Despite its significance, creating a business resume can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the workforce or changing careers.

The purpose of this article is to provide job seekers with a comprehensive guide to creating a compelling business resume. This article will explore various tips, tricks, and best practices to help job seekers craft a polished and professional business resume that stands out from the competition. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, this guide is designed to cater to your specific needs and provide you with the tools to create a strong business resume.

The article aims to provide a broad overview of everything job seekers need to know about crafting an effective resume, from choosing the right format to highlighting their skills, experiences, and achievements. In addition to discussing industry standards and best practices, the article will also provide 10+ real-life examples of successful business resumes.

The Business Resume Guide aims to serve as a go-to resource for job seekers looking to create or improve their business resume. By the end of this article, readers will have a clear understanding of what makes a great business resume and the tools to create one that showcases their strengths and experiences effectively.

Formatting and Design

To make your resume stand out from the competition, it’s important to pay attention to formatting and design. This section covers three key elements to ensure your resume makes a lasting impression: selecting the right font, choosing the right template, and creating a visually appealing layout.

A. Selecting the Right Font

The font you choose can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your resume. When selecting a font, keep in mind that it should be easy to read, professional, and consistent throughout the entire document.

resume template for business

There are a few classic font choices that are universally accepted in the business world, such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri. However, if you want to stand out a bit more, consider using a font with a modern twist like Georgia, Helvetica, or Proxima Nova.

Regardless of the font you choose, ensure that it is no smaller than 11-point size and that the spacing is appropriate for easy reading.

B. Choosing the Right Template

The template you choose for your resume can have a significant impact on how it is perceived by recruiters and hiring managers. Templates can range from classic and conservative to modern and colorful, so it’s important to choose the right one based on the type of position you’re applying for and your personal style.

Consider using a template that reflects the industry you’re applying to, as some industries may favor certain designs or colors. For example, if you’re applying for a creative role, a template with a pop of color or unique design elements may be appropriate. However, if you’re applying for a more traditional role like accounting, a more conservative template may be favorable.

C. Creating a Visually Appealing Layout

Beyond selecting the right font and template, the overall layout of your resume plays a critical role in catching the eye of recruiters and hiring managers. A visually appealing layout should be easy to read, well-organized, and emphasize your key skills and experiences.

Consider breaking up blocks of text with bullet points or section headers to make it easier for the reader to scan. Utilize white space to ensure that the content is not too cluttered, and use a consistent color scheme and font throughout the document.

A visually appealing layout can make your resume stand out and increase your chances of landing an interview for your dream job.

Essential Elements of a Business Resume

A business resume is a document that highlights your professional accomplishments and showcases your skills and experience to potential employers. It’s important that your resume is well-organized and contains all the essential elements that recruiters and hiring managers expect to see. Here are the essential elements of a business resume:

A. Contact Information Your contact information should be listed at the top of your resume so that employers can quickly and easily get in touch with you. Make sure to include your full name, phone number, email address, and physical address. It’s also a good idea to list any relevant social media profiles or professional website.

B. Professional Summary Your professional summary is a brief statement that summarizes your experience, skills, and career goals. This section should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for and highlight why you’re the best candidate for the role.

C. Work Experience The work experience section of your resume should include a list of your previous jobs, along with details about your responsibilities and accomplishments in each role. Organize your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.

D. Education List your educational background, including your degree(s), major(s), and any relevant coursework or certifications. If you don’t have a college degree, you can still include any relevant education or training you’ve completed.

resume template for business

E. Skills Your skills section should list the specific skills and knowledge you’ve acquired over the course of your career. Be sure to include both hard skills and soft skills, as both are important for employers to know about.

F. Achievements This section should highlight your most significant achievements in your previous roles. Quantify your accomplishments where possible, using numbers and statistics to demonstrate your impact on the business.

G. Certifications and Licenses If you hold any relevant certifications or licenses, be sure to list them in this section. This can help to demonstrate your expertise and qualifications for the job.

H. Volunteering and Extracurricular Activities Include any relevant volunteering or extracurricular activities you’ve participated in, as these can demonstrate important skills and qualities like leadership, teamwork, and communication.

In order to make sure your business resume is effective, it’s important to tailor it to the specific job you’re applying for. Customize your resume to highlight your most relevant skills and experience for each job, and make sure to proofread your resume carefully to avoid any errors or typos. With these essential elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning business resume that can help you get the job you want.

Tailoring Your Business Resume

When it comes to creating a business resume, it’s important to tailor it to the specific job and company you’re applying to. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your resume stands out from the rest:

A. Researching the Company

Before you start crafting your resume, it’s important to do some research on the company you’re applying to. This will help you get a better understanding of their mission, values, and culture. You can often find this information on their website, social media pages, or through company reviews online.

B. Identifying Key Traits and Skills Required by the Job

Once you have a better understanding of the company, you can then start identifying the specific traits and skills they’re looking for in their ideal candidate. The job posting will often give you a good indication of what they’re looking for, but you can also do some research on the industry and position to get a better idea.

C. Highlighting your Relevant Experiences and Accomplishments

Finally, it’s important to tailor your resume to match the specific job and company you’re applying to. This means highlighting your relevant experiences and accomplishments that demonstrate the traits and skills they’re looking for. Use concrete examples and data to showcase your achievements and how they align with the company’s needs.

In a competitive job market, tailoring your resume can make all the difference. By doing your research and highlighting your relevant experiences and accomplishments, you can increase your chances of landing your dream job in the business world.

Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Business Resume

When it comes to writing a business resume, there are certain dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind. A well-written business resume can be the key to landing your dream job, so it’s important to get it right. In this section, we will discuss the common mistakes to avoid, best practices for writing a business resume and tips for staying on track.

A. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Typos and grammatical errors:  A business resume should be error-free. Typos and grammatical errors can make a bad impression on the hiring manager.

Being too generic:  Avoid creating a generic business resume. Generic language and bullet points will make you blend in with hundreds of other applicants.

Lack of focus:  Your business resume should be focused on your skills and experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Irrelevant information can make it hard for the hiring manager to understand your strengths.

Not using keywords:  Many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resumes for specific keywords. Not using relevant keywords in your resume can lead to the resume being rejected by the ATS.

Listing responsibilities instead of accomplishments:  Instead of listing job responsibilities, focus on accomplishments. Highlight what you achieved in your previous role and how it added value to the company.

B. Best Practices for Writing a Business Resume

Tailor your resume for the job:  Customize your business resume to fit the specific job requirements. This will show the hiring manager that you have the necessary skills for the role.

Use bullet points:  Use bullet points to make your resume easy to read. Be specific and concise with each bullet point.

Quantify your achievements:  Use numbers to quantify your achievements. For example, instead of saying you increased sales, say you increased sales by 20%.

Use action verbs:  Begin each bullet point with an action verb. Action verbs make your resume more engaging and show what you are capable of.

Keep it to one page:  A business resume should be no longer than one page. Keep it concise and to the point.

C. Tips for Staying on Track

Create a strong opening statement:  The opening statement is the first thing the hiring manager will read. Create a strong statement that will grab their attention.

Stay consistent:  Use the same format throughout your business resume. This will make it easy for the hiring manager to read and understand.

Proofread:  Proofread your business resume multiple times before submitting it. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it as well.

Focus on results:  Highlight your results and how they contributed to the company’s success. This will show the hiring manager what you can bring to their company.

Dos and Don’ts for Formatting a Business Resume

When it comes to formatting a business resume, there are a few dos and don’ts that can help ensure your document looks professional and polished. In this section, we’ll cover some common formatting errors to avoid, best practices for formatting your resume, and tips for keeping your format consistent.

A. Avoiding Common Formatting Errors

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when formatting their resumes is using inconsistent fonts and formatting. To avoid this common error:

  • Use one font throughout your resume. It’s best to choose a simple, easy-to-read font like Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Keep your font size consistent. Use a font size between 10 and 12 points for the body of your resume and a slightly larger size for headings.
  • Use bold, italics, and underlining sparingly. Only use these formatting options to highlight important information and make it stand out.

Another common formatting error is using too much white space or leaving too little white space. To strike a balance:

  • Use margins of at least 0.5 inches on all sides of your resume.
  • Use bullet points to break up large blocks of text.
  • Use headings to organize your content and make it easier to read.

Finally, be sure to save your resume as a PDF file so that your formatting stays intact when you send it to potential employers. Word documents can sometimes be altered and lose their original formatting.

B. Best Practices for Formatting a Business Resume

Now that you know what formatting errors to avoid, let’s talk about some best practices for formatting a business resume:

  • Use a professional email address. If your email address is quirky or inappropriate, potential employers might not take you seriously.
  • Include a professional summary or objective statement at the beginning of your resume. This should be a brief, compelling statement that showcases your skills and experience.
  • List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job.
  • Use measurable achievements to demonstrate your accomplishments at each job. For example, instead of saying “increased sales,” say “increased sales by 15% in Q1 2021.”
  • Use keywords from job postings in your resume. This can help your resume get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and into the hands of human hiring managers.
  • Keep your resume to one or two pages. Unless you have a lot of relevant experience, you don’t need a longer resume.

C. Tips for Keeping Your Format Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to formatting a business resume. Here are a few tips to help you keep your format consistent:

  • Use a template. There are plenty of free resume templates available online that can help you ensure consistency in your formatting.
  • Use headings consistently. For example, if you use “Work Experience” as a heading, use it consistently throughout your resume.
  • Use the same formatting for each job listing.

The Business Resume Guide: 10+ Samples & Examples

Sample business resumes.

If you’re currently in the job market and embarking on a job hunt, having a great resume is key to making a good impression on potential employers. In this section, we’ve put together four sample business resumes that cover a range of positions and experience levels.

A. Entry-Level Business Resume Sample

If you’re just starting out in your business career, the entry-level business resume sample is for you. This resume emphasizes your education and any relevant internships or work experience you may have. It should highlight your skills and eagerness to learn and develop in your field.

B. Experienced Business Professional Resume Sample

For those who have a track record of success within their field, the experienced business professional resume sample is the way to go. This resume should demonstrate your previous business accomplishments, including any leadership positions you’ve held or projects you’ve managed. It should also showcase any specialized skills or certifications you’ve acquired throughout your career.

C. Business Development Manager Resume Sample

If your goal is to land a senior-level role in business development, the business development manager resume sample is the way to go. This resume should focus on your leadership experience, sales and marketing skills, and your ability to build and maintain relationships with clients.

D. Business Analyst Resume Sample

For those who are analytical and have a keen eye for detail, the business analyst resume sample is a great option. This resume should focus on your experience in analyzing data, problem-solving, and project management. It should also highlight any experience you have with software and technology tools relevant to your field.

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, the right business resume can make all the difference in landing your dream job. Use these sample resumes as a guide as you craft your own and tailor it to the specific job and company you’re applying to. Best of luck on your job hunt!

Business Resume Examples: Achievements and Accomplishments

When it comes to crafting an impressive business resume, highlighting your achievements and accomplishments can make all the difference. However, it’s important to do so in a way that effectively showcases your skills and experiences, without coming across as boastful or arrogant. Here are some tips for explaining your accomplishments on your business resume:

A. Explaining Your Accomplishments

First and foremost, it’s important to frame your accomplishments in a way that demonstrates their relevance to the job you’re applying for. Use specific examples and metrics to show how your actions contributed to specific positive outcomes, whether that be increased revenue, improved efficiency, or strengthened relationships with clients or partners.

Additionally, try to focus on accomplishments that demonstrate transferable skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, and communication. These are qualities that are highly in demand in the business world, and highlighting them can help set you apart from other candidates.

It’s also important to be concise and clear in your language, using active verbs to describe your actions and outcomes. Avoid buzzwords or vague terminology that might not be meaningful to the reader.

B. Examples of Accomplishments to Include on Your Business Resume

When it comes to specific examples of accomplishments to include on your business resume, there are a few key areas to consider:

1. Revenue growth

If you’ve played a role in increasing revenue for a previous employer, be sure to highlight this on your resume. This could include spearheading a successful marketing campaign, increasing sales through strategic partnerships or negotiations, or finding innovative ways to cut costs.

Example: “Led a team that launched a targeted email campaign resulting in 20% increase in revenue within six months.”

2. Process optimization

Streamlining processes and improving efficiency can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. If you’ve played a role in identifying and implementing process improvements, be sure to highlight this on your resume.

Example: “Developed and implemented a new project management system resulting in a 30% decrease in project timelines and a 15% increase in team productivity.”

3. Leadership and team building

Demonstrate your ability to lead and inspire a team by showcasing accomplishments that demonstrate your leadership skills. This could include successfully managing a team through a challenging project, mentoring and developing team members, or orchestrating successful team-building activities.

Example: “Led a cross-functional team of 10 in the successful launch of a new product line, resulting in $1M in sales within the first year.”

4. Client or partner relationships

Strong relationships with clients and partners are essential to success in many business roles. If you’ve played a role in building and managing relationships with key stakeholders, be sure to highlight this on your resume.

Example: “Negotiated and secured a multi-year contract with a key client, resulting in a 25% increase in annual revenue.

Business Resume Examples: Skills and Qualifications

When crafting your business resume, it’s important to highlight your skills and qualifications that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. In this section, we’ll discuss how to identify these skills and provide some examples to help you include them on your resume.

A. Identifying Your Skills and Qualifications

To identify your skills and qualifications, start by thoroughly reviewing the job description and requirements. Look for specific skills or qualifications that the employer is seeking, such as proficiency in certain software programs, experience managing teams or budgets, or a particular degree or certification.

Next, think about the skills and qualifications that you possess that align with those requirements. Make a list of these skills, along with any others that may be relevant to the position, such as strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, or leadership experience.

Remember to also consider transferable skills – those that may not be directly related to the job requirements, but that showcase your abilities in areas such as time management, organization, or adaptability.

B. Examples of Skills and Qualifications to Include on Your Business Resume

Here are some examples of skills and qualifications that you may want to include on your business resume, along with the types of positions or industries where they may be particularly relevant:

Project management: This skill is valuable in a wide range of business roles, from marketing and advertising to finance and operations. Be sure to highlight your experience managing projects, including your ability to coordinate timelines, resources, and stakeholders.

Data analysis: Many business positions require the ability to work with data to inform decision-making. If you have experience analyzing data using tools such as Excel or SQL, be sure to list this skill on your resume.

Customer service: If you are applying for a sales or client-facing role, highlighting your ability to provide excellent customer service can set you apart from other candidates. Examples may include experience handling customer complaints, responding to inquiries, or maintaining client relationships.

Leadership: Whether you are applying to manage a team or simply to demonstrate your potential as a future leader, highlighting your leadership experience is important. Examples may include managing a project team, leading a group or committee, or mentoring others.

Industry-specific knowledge: Depending on the industry or niche you are applying for, specialized knowledge may be critical to your success in the role. For example, a candidate for a healthcare administration position may want to highlight their knowledge of HIPAA regulations, while someone applying for a position in tech may want to showcase their understanding of programming languages.

Remember, the key is to identify the skills and qualifications that are most relevant to the position and industry, and to highlight them in a way that sets you apart from other candidates. With the right combination of skills and experience, you can create a powerful business resume that demonstrates why you are the best fit for the job.

Cover Letters for Business Resumes

A. introduction to cover letters.

A cover letter is a formal letter attached to a resume that serves as an introduction of a job applicant to a potential employer. It is an essential tool for job seekers as it provides a platform to highlight their qualifications and interest in a particular job. A cover letter should be concise, well-written, and tailored to the job description.

B. The Essential Elements of a Good Cover Letter

A good cover letter should consist of the following essential elements:

1. Introduction

The introduction should be captivating and should create a positive first impression. It is essential to start with a brief statement about the job you are applying for and why you are the best fit for the position.

The body should explain your qualifications and relevant experiences. It is important to highlight your skills and achievements that fit the job description. You may also explain how your experiences can contribute to the growth of the company.

In the closing, you should express your interest in the company and the job position. You may also request an interview or meeting to discuss your qualifications further.

C. Sample Cover Letters for Business Resumes

To help you create an effective cover letter, here are some sample cover letters for business resumes:

  • Cover Letter for Business Development Manager
  • Cover Letter for Financial Analyst
  • Cover Letter for Marketing Manager
  • Cover Letter for Sales Executive
  • Cover Letter for Human Resources Manager

These sample cover letters demonstrate how to incorporate the essential elements of a good cover letter while tailoring it to each job description. Remember to also customize each cover letter to the company and its culture.

A well-crafted cover letter can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed by potential employers. It is an opportunity to showcase your qualifications and interest in a particular job. Use the tips provided and the sample cover letters to create a compelling cover letter that best represents you and your qualifications.

Proofreading and Editing Your Business Resume

As you work on creating a strong business resume that highlights your skills, experience, and achievements, it’s important to remember that even the smallest mistake can make a big difference in how you’re perceived by potential employers. To help you avoid common typos and errors, and make sure your resume is polished and professional, here are some tips for proofreading and editing your business resume.

A. Common Typos and Errors to Watch Out For

Spelling mistakes: Even one spelling mistake can undermine your credibility and attention to detail. Double-check the spelling of words, especially industry-specific terms and job titles.

Grammatical errors: Poor grammar can also harm your professional image. Pay special attention to subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, and punctuation.

Formatting inconsistencies: Consistency in formatting, font sizes, and bullet-point styles will help give your resume a polished and professional look.

Incorrect contact information: Make sure your phone number, email address, and other contact information are accurate and up-to-date.

False or misleading information: Never include false or misleading information on your resume. This can be grounds for disqualification or dismissal later in the hiring process.

B. Best Practices for Proofreading and Editing Your Business Resume

Take a break before proofreading: To catch mistakes, take a break from your resume before proofreading. Come back to it with fresh eyes and a clear head.

Use a checklist: Create a checklist of common mistakes that you’re prone to make, and go through each item on the checklist to ensure you’ve addressed it in your resume.

Read your resume out loud: By reading your resume out loud, you’ll be able to catch errors that might not be apparent when reading silently.

Have someone else review it: Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to review your resume. A fresh set of eyes can catch mistakes you might have missed.

Look for consistency and clarity: Make sure your resume is consistent in formatting, tone, and voice. Also, ensure that your resume is easy to read, with clear and concise language that effectively communicates your skills and accomplishments.

Proofreading and editing your business resume is a crucial step in creating a strong professional image and demonstrating attention to detail. By avoiding common typos and errors and following best practices, you can ensure that your resume is polished, professional, and reflects your qualifications and achievements.

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Business Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2024

Noel Rojo — Writer

The business world offers an infinite number of opportunities for success, but you’ll need a well-crafted resume to get your foot in the door. When writing a resume, it’s important to understand the process it goes through.

Enterprise Account Consultant at Rogers Resume Sample

After a hiring manager receives applications, they’ll skim over each one to look for qualified potential employees, reducing the hiring pool to a handful of candidates for in-person interviews. But fret not! With a great business resume, you'll already be well ahead of your fellow applicants.

Read on to learn how to:

  • Craft a compelling business resume summary
  • Optimize your work experience section
  • List your education properly
  • Write an effective skills section
  • Find the best job search resources for business professionals

1. Write a compelling business resume summary

When hiring managers look at resumes, they normally have dozens to go through, especially for entry-level business positions. If they thoroughly read every single resume, this process would take hours. Most businesses today usually use programs that automatically scan for keywords they’ve listed in the job listing, like “ work ethic ”, “ qualified ” or “ experienced ”.

After passing the computer test (which greatly reduces the candidate pool), hiring managers will usually go through applicants’ resume summaries to further refine candidates before deciding which candidates will receive an in-person interview. Obviously, your resume summary needs to be strong.

The best way to look at the resume summary is a personalized elevator pitch , a brief statement that explains exactly why you are perfect for the position. Read over the job listing to find some of the key skills and experiences they’re looking for in an employee. For example, if a company says they’re looking for an experienced administrator with exceptional organizational skills, you’ll want to include these terms in your summary.

Also look to include your educational background and experience in this section as well, making sure you don’t exceed three sentences . By including terms used in the job listing, you’ll find that hiring managers won’t be able to resist reading the rest of your resume.

Here's an effective example of a business resume summary

Results-driven business professional with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and improving operational efficiency. Strategic thinker and problem solver with expertise in market analysis, business development, and project management. Led a cross-functional team to successfully launch a new product line, resulting in a 25% increase in annual sales. 

2. Optimize your work experience section

Your work experience shows hiring managers why you’re right for a position, but it’s important to know what hiring managers are looking for. Unfortunately, most people think that they can list off their job responsibilities and call it a day.

Trust us when we say this is the absolute worst thing a job candidate can do, turning off a hiring manager almost instantly.

Hiring managers don’t need to know what you were supposed to do at a job; instead, they want to know exactly what you did and accomplished at your past workplaces.

As someone looking to work in the business field, you likely have a lot of job experience that’s relevant to a position. Tell hiring managers more about your past jobs by providing them with specific measurements. For example, if your department increased revenue by 25% in a single quarter, talk about how you contributed to this increase by pointing out exactly what you contributed to your team.

For each job (start with your most recent position) and include relevant, measurable experiences in 5-6 bullet points to show how what you can bring to a potential employer. 

Here's an example of a great business experience resume section

  • Conducted thorough market research and analysis, identifying new market opportunities and consumer trends that led to the successful launch of three new products, contributing to a revenue increase of $2 million annually.
  • Led a cross-functional team of 10 members in implementing process improvements, resulting in a 20% reduction in project delivery time and cost savings of $500,000.
  • Developed and implemented a customer retention strategy, resulting in a 15% increase in customer retention rate and an additional $1.5 million in recurring revenue.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to optimize pricing strategies, resulting in a 10% increase in profit margins and an additional $1 million in annual revenue.
  • Conducted financial analysis and forecasting, resulting in the identification of cost-saving opportunities, leading to an annual expense reduction of $300,000.

Try our AI Resume Writer and have your resume ready in minutes!

3. list your educational credentials succintly.

While experience is always important, your business education can open a lot of doors as well. However, a lot of people will list their school, degree, attendance years and GPA. This is a total snooze fest and isn’t going to wow a hiring manager. You’ll want to include what you accomplished in school as well as specific programs you completed that prove you are the best fit for a job.

For example, if you minored in finance and worked as a club’s accountant, you will want to point out both your minor and your experience in your extracurriculars. By relating your educational experiences to the job you’re applying for, you’ll make your educational section stand out as well as show an extra layer of qualifications.

Finally, make sure to limit what you write to a few sentences by selecting experiences that are relevant to the position . No one needs to know that you were a part of the glee club for one semester if you’re applying for a business administrative position.

Here's an effective way to list your educational credentials

Master of Business Administration (MBA), XYZ University, City, State

Specialization in Marketing and Strategy

  • Graduated with Distinction\
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • ABC University, City, State

Concentration in Finance

  • Dean's List for Academic Excellence
  • Certified Business Analyst (CBA)
  • International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA

Find out your resume score!

Resume Analytics

4. Choose the right skills for your business resume

As someone looking to work in the business field, you likely have a lot of skills . From your top-notch organization to your ability to create spreadsheets in a matter of seconds, you have a lot to bring to the table for any business. However, a resume isn’t going to have enough room for you to include every skill that’s relevant to a position.

You need to talk about your skillset that’s relevant to the position you’re applying for (yes, this means you’ll want to examine what you include in your resume for each business you apply to, making edits depending on the job listing).

Instead of listing every skill you have, list out all of your skills in a separate document, organizing them into two categories: soft and hard skills . Soft skills are your internal skills, including time management and work ethic. Hard skills are (usually) what we think of with skills, meaning physical skills like typing speed or writing.

Next, look at what the job listing is looking for. If they want someone with great communication skills, talk about how your leadership and teamwork abilities. Do they need someone who is great with computers, talk about what programs you’re proficient in. Tailor your skills section to the job you’re applying for , limiting this section to about six different skills.

Here's an example of the best business hard skills for your resume

  • Financial Analysis : Proficient in analyzing financial statements, conducting financial forecasting, and performing ratio analysis to evaluate company performance and make informed business decisions.
  • Market Research : Skilled in conducting market research, competitor analysis, and customer segmentation to identify market trends, customer needs, and opportunities for growth.
  • Data Analysis : Proficient in using data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, and statistical software to extract insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven recommendations.
  • Project Management : Experienced in leading cross-functional teams, developing project plans, setting timelines, and ensuring successful project execution within budget and timeline constraints.
  • Business Development : Proven ability to identify and pursue new business opportunities, cultivate client relationships, negotiate contracts, and close deals to drive revenue growth.
  • Strategic Planning : Skilled in developing and executing strategic plans, conducting SWOT analysis, and identifying key objectives and initiatives to drive business success.

The best soft skills for your business resume

  • Leadership : Effective in leading and motivating teams towards achieving common goals, delegating tasks, and providing guidance to foster a collaborative and high-performing work environment.
  • Communication : Strong verbal and written communication skills, adept at conveying complex ideas and information to diverse audiences, and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.
  • Problem Solving : Excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities to analyze complex issues, identify root causes, and develop innovative solutions to drive business improvement.
  • Adaptability : Ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, embrace change, and quickly adapt to new technologies, processes, and market dynamics.

Getting a job in business can be extremely rewarding, but you need to take the time to perfect your resume. By delivering a resume with a strong summary and relevant work experience, education and skills sections, your resume will definitely appeal to hiring managers .

Tailor your resume to every job you apply for by basing what you submit on the language of the job listing and watch those interview requests start rolling in sooner rather than later.

5. Must-visit job search resources for business professionals

The Internet is vast, but when it comes to landing your dream job, knowing where to look can be just as vital as having a stellar resume. Here are some top-notch platforms to aid your job hunting efforts if you're in the business field:

  • LinkedIn :  This platform empowers users with networking capabilities, a robust job listing pool and a profile page that serves as a digital resume. For business professionals, LinkedIn is indispensable.
  • Indeed :  Housing millions of job postings from companies across the world, Indeed offers a powerful search engine that allows job seekers to filter results, helping you pinpoint your ideal business role.
  • Glassdoor : Apart from accessing numerous job listings, on Glassdoor, you can also gain insights into a company's inner workings, including worker testimonials, salary reports and company reviews.
  • Vault :  This is a tremendous platform for those interested in research. Vault provides employer profiles, rankings, internships, and a wealth of career advice resources.
  • AngelList :  If you're interested in joining a startup, AngelList has thousands of jobs and can connect you directly with CEOs and hiring managers.

These platforms could be your ticket to securing your dream job in the business field. No matter the site, remember that the key to success is patience, persistence, and a well-polished, up-to-date business resume. Happy job hunting!

Business Resume FAQ

A good rule of thumb is to keep your cover letter under one page. This usually equates to 3-4 concise paragraphs.

While it's important to highlight your skills, don't just list them. Use the cover letter to demonstrate how you've successfully used these skills in past roles.

Each cover letter you write should be customized for the specific job you're applying for. It should echo the language of the job posting and show how you're the ideal candidate for that particular role.

Unless the job posting specifically asks for that information, it's best to avoid discussing salary in your cover letter. This is often better discussed after an offer has been made.

If you have a noticeable employment gap, your cover letter is a good chance to explain it. Keep the explanation brief and steer the focus back to your qualifications and eagerness for the job.

Noel Rojo — Writer

A documentary photographer and writer. Noel has worked for International publications like Deutsche Welle in Germany to News Deeply in New York. He also co-founded the global multimedia project Women Who Stay and collaborated as a journalist fellow with the University of Southern California . He went from traveling around the world to sitting on a couch thanks to the pandemic, but he gets to help other people actually do things (like find jobs) thanks to Kickresume, so he won't complain.


  • Account Manager
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneur / Business Owner
  • Procurement

All business resume examples

Property Manager CV Example

Related business cover letter examples

Account Executive Cover Letter Example

Resume guides

How to write a professional resume summary [+examples], how to put your education on a resume [+examples], how to describe your work experience on a resume [+examples], let your resume do the work..

Join 5,000,000 job seekers worldwide and get hired faster with your best resume yet.

english template

header background

Corporate Resume Templates

Business resume templates made executives or executives-to-be in the corp world. To get started, click on your template of choice below and replace the content with your own. It’s that easy.

All templates

Our timeline resume template is made for people who’d like to visualize their climb on the corporate ladder. We added a splash of color to highlight the talking points of the resume.

Template Image

The compact corporate template packs at 50% more information than a standard double-column template. Fit for execs with over a decade of experience.

Template Image

Traditional resume template. A classic design that is timeless and appropriate for any industry or job type.

Template Image

Single Column

Formal resume template. Convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail with a formal and straightforward design.

Template Image

Two-column resume template. Present your information in a well-organized and easy-to-follow format with multiple columns.

Template Image

Minimalist resume template. Keep it simple with a clean and uncluttered design that puts the focus on your content.

In This Guide:

What is a corporate resume template, when to use a corporate resume template, tips for building the best corporate resume, corporate resume templates pros and cons.

Do you want to understand what a corporate resume is? Then you have to understand what a corporation is first.

When we talk about corporations in general, we mean a larger company or group of companies acting as a single entity. These businesses have shareholders that receive dividends and can sell their stocks for profit. A typical characteristic of a corporation is the limited liability of its shareholders. This means that they are not personally responsible for the company's debts.

In general, the main objective of a corporation is to make a profit. The exceptions are incorporated nonprofit charities. It is also typical that each big corporation has its own distinctive internal culture and traditions. Another important thing that you have to know regarding corporations is that they are very formal. Procedures, management style, decision-making and hiring always follow a certain set of rules.

So, what is a corporate resume template?

The corporate resume is formal and professional above all. Numbers, metrics, facts, statistics and results are its cornerstones. This document must show that you have attention to detail, and you are a doer. This type of resume is packed with action verbs demonstrating your organizational and analytical thinking skills . All business resumes are about achievements.

In the world of human resources management, the terms executive, business and corporate resume are overlapping and can be used as synonyms.

  • Personality: This type of resume template is suitable for entrepreneurial and business people. If you are interested in the corporate world, management and entrepreneurship, this is the right one for you. One of the most valuable traits in the business world is being a team player , so you need to demonstrate it through your resume. Being a team player does not exclude your ability to supervise teams. You must also be a leader. You can be a formal or an informal leader, and the corporate resume is where you need to demonstrate it.
  • Professional field: The corporate resume is suitable for companies offering executive or managerial positions. The professional field does not matter if the job has something to do with management, marketing, or sales. The executive resume is a must when you apply to a firm specializing in banking, finances , investments, law, marketing, management, sales, etc. with no regard to hierarchy.
  • Company: If you want to work for the top 100 corporations in the world such as Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, Barclays, Kirkland & Ellis, BlackRock, Allianz, etc. your best opportunity will be to submit an impeccable resume in a formal corporate style.
  • Background and education: The background and education of the candidates submitting corporate resumes reflect the industries mentioned a few lines earlier. They almost always come from business, management, or sales backgrounds and schools. The applicants for high executive-level positions usually have MBAs.
  • Hierarchy: All business-related positions require a professional corporate resume. You could be submitting a resume for an intern position, but you still need to show that you know the rules.

The corporate resume shows your future employer that you understand the rules, and you will play by the book.

The design of the corporate resume should be formal and reserved. The minimalist approach is the safest one in this case. You can use infographics to present information related to numbers in a way that will save some space.

Bullet points in the Job Experience and Education section are highly recommended. You can also use small stylized icons for your Achievements and Skills sections, but make sure they are not too expressive.

Make sure your sections’ headings are bold and impressive. This will make the resume easy to navigate and will suggest a strong character.

Play safe and do not add a background color. Your resume can still be attractive with a white background.

Arial is often used in official correspondence, so it is a good choice, albeit a bit boring. Enhancv resumes use Lato as a more modern, yet ATS-friendly font. You can also choose other fonts as long as they are readible serif and sans-serif.

Do not use more than two fonts . You can write your headings in a different font than your other content.

The font size should be 11-12 but not less than 10 and the headings should be between 14 and 18.

The use of colors on a corporate resume should be limited and subtle. Do not use more than 2 different colors. You can highlight your sections’ headings and your header. A little trick you can apply is to use the color of the company you want to get a job at. Each corporation usually has distinctive colors they use on their logo, slogan, or corporate website.

The layout is very important because it should allow the recruiter to take a good look at your resume in less than 10 seconds. This is how much time you will get. Remember this. How your hiring would benefit the company should be clear immediately. This is why the most important information must be presented in a condensed way in the Summary section. The first one-third of the resume will get the most attention.

The Header is what the recruiter will see first. It should contain your name, address, phone number, email, and social media accounts.

You can use a bigger font size for your name to make a statement. Use size 14-20. Do not forget to include any honorifics if you have one.

Your email should look professional and contemporary. Use your name instead of a nickname and modern email service such as Gmail.

If you have a LinkedIn, you should also include a link to your profile in the Header section. This is also a good alternative if you decided not to include a photo. In this way, the recruiter will be able to see your photo on LinkedIn.

The header is also the place where you can include a headline . This is a short phrase or a statement that describes you best. Few examples of headlines

  • Goal-Oriented Senior Manager with Ten Years of Management Experience.
  • Creative Online Marketing Campaigns Manager with Focus on ROI.
  • Restaurant Manager with Extensive Fine Dining Experience.
  • Award-Winning Web Designer Skilled in HTML
  • Detail-Oriented Sales Manager with a Record of 100 Million USD in Annual Sales

Next comes the Summary section . This is where you can shine in a few short sentences. Make sure to describe your most relevant achievements and skills. Mention your education if it is relevant. Above all, mention numbers. Preferably, profits or turnover you achieved. Remember what we said about why corporations exist? To profit!

But wait? What should I write if I have no experience and achievements and I apply for an entry or training position in the corporate world? Well, in this case, you should add an Objective section instead of a Summary. There you can describe what you want to achieve with your new job and how you intend to use your motivation to help the company.

Next is the Work Experience section . This is the essence of the resume. Try to be short and precise and show some numbers. List your experience in a reverse-chronological order starting with the most recent post. Include the name of the organization with a brief overview, its location, and your job title. Show the period of your employment by adding month and year. Use bullet points to present your duties and responsibilities through the prism of your accomplishments.

Make sure to leave no gaps in your work history or be prepared to explain it during the interview. If a position is not relevant, you worked there a very long time ago, it was in a different industry, or you only worked there for a short period you may not include it depending on the case. The other option is to include it but exclude any details and list it just for the record.

After the Work Experience Section, you can place your Education section . Do not include your High School information if it is not relevant to the position. Start listing your degrees in reverse chronological order.

If you decide to use a two-column format, you can add your Achievements and Skills section just opposite the Education and Work Experience sections, aligned right. In this way, you can put emphasis on the most important information and present it right at the beginning of the document. You can use stylized icons in both sections. Use keywords and short phrases. Make sure to support the information you share in both sections with more details in the Job Experience and Education sections.

In the Achievements section, you could add not only job-related information but also academic or other achievements that are relevant.

The same applies to the Skills section. You can list skills acquired on the job or through courses and education.

Do I need to include any Additional sections ? We recommend you include a Languages section if you speak foreign languages. Languages are very useful in the corporate world. Especially if you work at an international corporation. A foreign language can open the gates to lucrative positions abroad and make you a very prospective candidate for every organization.

In a corporate resume, you could also include more sections such as Certificates, Awards, Projects, etc.

Number of pages

One-page resumes are the best choice in almost any case. The executive resume is one exception. The reason is that unless you are applying for an entry corporate position, chances are your Job Experience will not fit on one page. Feel free to add a new page for every ten years of Job Experience you have.

  • They are very traditional and formal. If you follow the protocol, you have higher chances to demonstrate that you know how to speak the corporate language.
  • Corporations have a very distinctive internal culture and if you pay attention to their communications you can easily reflect it on your resume. This small effort will earn you extra points.
  • Because the corporate resume is so formal, you can easily customize it by making small adjustments when you apply to different companies.
  • You are expected to be very formal. If you decide to use creative ideas, you risk being rejected just for that.
  • You can not stand out with design and formatting. You will need to use numbers to make an impression.
  • You will have to control your individuality and embrace the corporate culture.

Resume image 1

Frequently asked questions about corporate resume templates

What is the best resume template for an experienced professional, what is the best resume format for executives, what should a ceo resume look like, is it ok to use a template for a resume.

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Resume template surrounded by 3D design elements

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Land your dream job with free, customizable resume templates. Showcase your potential to recruiters and stand out from other candidates with a professional template. Whether you're applying to corporate positions or creative roles, go with a sleek design or show your creativity with bold colors .

Resumes don't need to look boring—add flair to your professional experience with a creative resume template. There are plenty of resume designs to choose from, like simple resume templates and modern resume templates. Each resume template is fully customizable in Microsoft Word , so you can personalize each design element and add your own text. Using a template also makes it easier to customize your resume for each position you apply to.

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7 Business Owner Resume Examples That Worked in 2024

Stephen Greet

Business Owner

Business Owner

Best for careers that encourage creativity

Browsing for creative resume templates? In graphic design, photography, or event planning? Make a statement with this modern resume.

Resume Builder

Like this template? Customize this resume and make it your own with the help of our Al-powered suggestions, accent colors, and modern fonts.

Business Owner Resume

  • Business Owner Resumes by Type
  • Business Owner Resumes by Industry

Operating your own business is a rewarding experience; you’re passionate about your product or service, and your unique business brings joy to many customers.

If you’re considering traditional employment or stepping into a new venture, you’ll need to revamp your resume . However,  writing your resume  is more complicated than it looks when it comes to summarizing your activities and responsibilities.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

We’ve researched numerous business owners’ resumes to determine what worked to get an interview in 2024 . We’ve distilled our research into seven free business owner resume samples to inspire your business owner resume. Check out our tips to perfect your resume and land you an interview for the job of your dreams!

or download as PDF

Business owner resume example with 10 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • We’d recommend adding an objective if you’re undergoing a career change or if you have minimal experience with the job you’re seeking.
  • Use an objective to describe why your unique background prepares you for the job you’re seeking, and why you’re transitioning to a new job.
  • Don’t try! An online cover letter generator can save you precious space on your resume (not to mention time!), giving you room to share the how and why of your business-savvy decisions.

Self-Employed Business Owner Resume

Self-employed business owner resume example with 8+ years of experience

  • For event planners, personal parties you’ve organized can fit nicely on your self-employed business owner resume.

Small Business Owner Resume

Small business owner resume example with 14 years of experience

  • You can provide metrics regarding revenue, the number of store locations you opened, the amount of positive performance reviews, customer and employee satisfaction scores, or the amount of awards you won. If you can find numbers for something, include it!
  • Start by including relevant skill keywords in your  resume’s skill section . Check your list against the job description so your resume matches their expectations.

Online Business Owner Resume

Online business owner resume example with 13 years of experience

  • We’d recommend putting your online business owner resume in reverse-chronological order, meaning your most recent work experience is listed first.
  • Employers will pay the most attention to the top third of your resume, so make sure they see your (likely) most impressive experience first.
  • For each job, list three to six bullet points with relevant content. Start each bullet point with an action verb and minimize personal pronouns to keep your resume concise.

Cleaning Business Owner Resume

Cleaning business owner resume example with 10+ years of experience

  • This cleaning business owner resume focuses on the duties that come with owning an enterprise, while drawing less attention to the ancillary cleaning position.

Restaurant Business Owner Resume

Restaurant business owner resume example with 14 years of experience

  • If that’s the case, use a  Word resume template  or a  Google Doc resume template  to format your resume correctly, but always download it after you’re done. Sometimes your resume formatting doesn’t translate properly, so do one last check to make sure it looks polished and professional.
  • As a business owner with years of experience, your best bet is to place your skills and work experience sections higher on your resume but underneath your contact header. 

Construction Business Owner Resume

resume template for business

  • Highlight your marketing capabilities, customer service skills, fiscal responsibility, and management abilities regarding your construction company.
  • Pay special attention to your grammar, word choice, and active voice. The goal is to sound professional and competent!

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  • Account Manager

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Resume Worded   |  Proven Resume Examples

  • Resume Examples
  • Administrative Resumes
  • Customer Success Resume Guide & Examples

Customer Success Manager Resume Examples: Proven To Get You Hired In 2024

Hiring Manager for Customer Success Manager Roles

Jump to a template:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Client Services Manager
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Customer Support Manager

Get advice on each section of your resume:

Jump to a resource:

  • Customer Success Manager Resume Tips

Customer Success Manager Resume Template

Download in google doc, word or pdf for free. designed to pass resume screening software in 2022., customer success manager resume sample.

Since CS is still an emerging specialty, little distinguishes a Customer Success Manager (CSM) from a Customer Success Operations Manager (CS Ops) Manager. Nonetheless, a CSM's primary role is to guide customers through the sales process focusing on value proposition. Customers contact the CSM when they have issues with a product. Consequently, the CSM must have a thorough understanding of the consumer's needs and share this with the product, sales, and marketing teams. This is generally a senior role, so hiring managers focus on experience and achievements. Demonstrate your expertise in working with customers and any notable achievements.

A Customer Success Manager Resume demonstrating provable experience and achievements

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Recruiter Insight: Why this resume works in 2022

Tips to help you write your customer success manager resume in 2024,    show you are a strategic planner.

Top CSMs teach customers how to use a company's products to achieve both short- and long-term goals. Not all products are used similarly, and customer usage depends on their unique needs. Identify your customers’ bigger goals and share with them ideas on how your products can help them achieve those goals.

Show you are a strategic planner - Customer Success Manager Resume

   Project Management skills

CSMs work with many clients simultaneously. Knowing how to handle several projects at once is a desired qualification. Customers don't know each other, so missing a deadline because you were on another project won't really hold with them. Staying on top of your deadlines is non-negotiable.

Project Management skills - Customer Success Manager Resume

Client Services Manager Resume Sample

Customer experience manager resume sample, client relationship manager resume sample, customer support manager resume sample.

We spoke with hiring managers at leading companies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk to understand what they look for in Customer Success Manager resumes. Based on their insights and our analysis of successful resumes, we've compiled the following tips to help you create a strong resume that will capture the attention of employers and land you an interview.

   Highlight your experience building relationships with customers

Hiring managers want to see that you have a track record of successfully managing customer relationships and driving customer success. Use specific examples to showcase your ability to build strong relationships with customers:

  • Built and maintained relationships with 50+ enterprise customers, resulting in a 95% retention rate and $2M in upsell revenue
  • Developed a customer onboarding program that increased product adoption by 30% and reduced churn by 15%

Avoid using vague statements that don't provide any context or results:

  • Managed customer relationships
  • Responsible for customer success

Bullet Point Samples for Customer Success Manager

   Showcase your problem-solving skills

Customer Success Managers are often the first point of contact for customers when they encounter issues or challenges. Employers want to see that you have strong problem-solving skills and can effectively resolve customer issues.

Provide specific examples of how you've helped customers overcome challenges:

  • Resolved 200+ customer issues per month, achieving a 98% customer satisfaction rating
  • Collaborated with product team to implement feature requests based on customer feedback, resulting in a 20% increase in product usage

   Demonstrate your ability to drive customer success metrics

Ultimately, the success of a Customer Success Manager is measured by their ability to drive key customer success metrics like retention, upsell, and product adoption. Use data and metrics to showcase your impact in these areas.

Grew customer base from 100 to 500+ accounts, increasing ARR by 150% and achieving a net retention rate of 120%

Don't just list your responsibilities without any context or results:

  • Responsible for customer retention and upsell
  • Managed customer success metrics

   Tailor your resume to the specific role and company

Every company has different needs and priorities when it comes to customer success. Research the company and the specific role you're applying for, and tailor your resume accordingly.

For example, if the company emphasizes a particular customer success methodology or framework, highlight your experience with that approach:

  • Implemented a customer success playbook based on the TSIA LAER model, resulting in a 25% increase in product adoption and a 10% reduction in churn

   Include relevant certifications and training

While not always required, certifications and training in customer success can help you stand out from other candidates and demonstrate your commitment to the field. Consider including relevant certifications like:

  • Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM)
  • Gainsight Certified Administrator
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification

You can also highlight any relevant training or professional development you've completed, such as attending industry conferences or workshops.

   Emphasize your communication and collaboration skills

Customer Success Managers need to be excellent communicators and collaborators, both with customers and internal teams. Use your resume to showcase your skills in these areas.

For example, you might highlight your experience collaborating with cross-functional teams:

  • Partnered with sales, product, and marketing teams to develop and execute customer success strategies, resulting in a 20% increase in upsell revenue and a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores

Avoid using generic statements that don't provide any context or results:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Team player

Writing Your Customer Success Manager Resume: Section By Section


A resume summary for a Customer Success Manager position is an optional section that sits at the top of your resume. It provides a brief overview of your professional background, key skills, and career goals relevant to the role you're applying for. While a summary isn't strictly necessary, it can be a useful way to provide additional context about your experience and highlight your most relevant qualifications.

However, it's important to note that you should never use an objective statement in place of a summary. Objective statements are outdated and focus on what you want from the employer, rather than what value you can bring to the role. Instead, use your summary to showcase your strengths and explain why you're a great fit for the Customer Success Manager position.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Customer Success Manager resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Customer Success Manager resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Customer Success Manager Resume Summary Examples , or Customer Success Manager Resume Objective Examples .

1. Tailor your summary to the customer success manager role

When writing your summary, it's crucial to tailor it specifically to the Customer Success Manager position you're targeting. Review the job description carefully and identify the key skills, experience, and qualities the employer is looking for. Then, incorporate those elements into your summary to demonstrate that you're a strong match for the role.

For example, if the job description emphasizes customer relationship management, you might include a line like:

  • Experienced in building and maintaining strong customer relationships through proactive communication and problem-solving.

On the other hand, avoid using generic or irrelevant statements that could apply to any job, such as:

  • Hardworking professional seeking a challenging position in a dynamic company.

2. Highlight your customer success achievements and impact

Your summary is an excellent opportunity to showcase your most impressive achievements and the impact you've made in your previous customer success roles. Focus on quantifiable accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.

For instance, you might include a statement like:

Proven track record of increasing customer retention rates by 20% and expanding account revenue by 15% through the development and implementation of personalized success strategies.

Avoid making vague or unsubstantiated claims, such as:

Skilled in customer success with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals.

By highlighting specific, measurable achievements, you'll give employers a clear understanding of the value you can bring to their organization.


The work experience section is the heart of your resume as a customer success manager. It's where you show the impact you've had in previous roles, and demonstrate your ability to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and growth. Use this section to highlight your most relevant and impressive achievements, and to show how you've progressed in your career.

1. Showcase your impact with metrics

Whenever possible, quantify your achievements with hard numbers. This helps hiring managers understand the scale and impact of your work. For example:

  • Increased customer retention rate by 15% through implementing a new onboarding program and regular check-ins with at-risk accounts
  • Achieved a Net Promoter Score of 85, surpassing the company target by 10 points
  • Managed a portfolio of 50+ enterprise accounts, with an average contract value of $100,000

If you don't have access to specific metrics, you can still provide context for your achievements:

  • Responsible for customer retention
  • Helped improve NPS score

2. Highlight your progression and leadership

Show how you've grown in your career by highlighting promotions, increased responsibilities, and leadership roles. This demonstrates your ability to succeed and take on more complex challenges.

For example:

  • Promoted to Senior Customer Success Manager after 18 months, managing a team of 5 CSMs and overseeing our largest enterprise accounts
  • Selected to lead a cross-functional project to develop a new customer health scoring system, resulting in a 20% increase in at-risk account identification

Avoid simply listing your responsibilities without showing growth:

Customer Success Manager Acme Inc. | 2018-2022 - Managed a portfolio of 50 accounts - Conducted quarterly business reviews - Collaborated with sales and product teams

3. Use strong, customer-centric action verbs

Start each bullet point with a strong action verb that demonstrates your customer success skills and mindset. Some examples:

  • Collaborated, partnered, consulted
  • Onboarded, trained, educated
  • Retained, grew, expanded
  • Analyzed, identified, solved
  • Communicated, presented, facilitated

Avoid weak or vague verbs like:

  • Helped, assisted
  • Worked on, participated in
  • Was responsible for

Action Verbs for Customer Success Manager

4. Demonstrate your technical and industry expertise

Showcase your knowledge of relevant tools, technologies, and industry trends. This could include:

  • CRM and customer success platforms (e.g. Salesforce, Gainsight, ChurnZero)
  • Data analysis and visualization tools (e.g. SQL, Tableau, Looker)
  • Industry-specific software or methodologies (e.g. ITIL for IT service management, HIPAA for healthcare)
Implemented Gainsight across the organization, leading to a 25% increase in CSM efficiency and a 10% improvement in customer health scores

Avoid simply listing tools without context:

  • Proficient in Salesforce, Gainsight, and Tableau


Your education section is a key part of your customer success manager resume. It shows hiring managers that you have the knowledge and training to excel in the role. Here are some tips to make your education section stand out.

1. Include relevant coursework for entry-level roles

If you're a recent graduate applying for your first customer success manager job, your education is one of your biggest selling points. In addition to listing your degree, school, and graduation year, consider including relevant coursework that showcases skills applicable to the role, such as:

  • Business Communication
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

This helps demonstrate your readiness for the position even if you don't have direct professional experience yet.

2. Streamline your education section for senior roles

When you reach the mid to senior level as a customer success manager, your professional experience should take center stage on your resume. Streamline your education section to just the essentials:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Michigan

Omitting the graduation year can help avoid potential age bias. There's no need to list coursework at this career stage.

In contrast, avoid taking up too much space with extraneous details:

Bachelor of Business Administration, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Graduated: May 2010 Relevant Coursework: Intro to Marketing, Business Statistics, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Financial Accounting

3. Incorporate CSM certifications

Customer success manager certifications demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the field. If you have completed any CSM certification programs, include them in your education section:

  • Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM), Customer Success Association, 2022
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce, 2021

Listing certifications along with your degree creates a robust education section that will catch a hiring manager's eye.


The skills section of your resume is a critical component that highlights your abilities and qualifications to potential employers. As a customer success manager, it's essential to showcase a diverse set of skills that demonstrate your ability to manage client relationships, communicate effectively, and drive business growth. In this section, we'll guide you through the process of crafting a compelling skills section that will catch the attention of hiring managers and help you land your dream job.

1. Identify relevant customer success skills

When creating your skills section, it's crucial to focus on the skills that are most relevant to the customer success manager role. Consider the key responsibilities and requirements outlined in the job description, and tailor your skills accordingly.

Some essential skills to include are:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Product knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management

By highlighting these relevant skills, you demonstrate to hiring managers that you possess the necessary qualifications for the position.

2. Avoid generic or outdated skills

When crafting your skills section, it's essential to avoid including generic or outdated skills that may not be relevant to the customer success manager role. Hiring managers are looking for candidates with specialized skills that directly relate to the position.

Skills: - Microsoft Office - Communication - Teamwork - Multitasking

Instead, focus on skills that showcase your expertise in customer success:

Skills: - Salesforce CRM - Gainsight CS software - Churn analysis - Onboarding and training - Account management

3. Organize skills by category

To make your skills section more visually appealing and easy to read, consider organizing your skills by category. This approach helps hiring managers quickly identify your areas of expertise and ensures that your most relevant skills stand out.

  • Customer Success Tools : Salesforce, Gainsight, Zendesk, Intercom
  • Data Analysis : SQL, Excel, Tableau, Mixpanel
  • Project Management : Agile methodology, Jira, Trello, Asana

By grouping your skills into categories, you create a more organized and effective skills section that highlights your strengths as a customer success manager.

4. Optimize for applicant tracking systems

Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter resumes based on keywords and skills. To increase your chances of passing the ATS and landing an interview, it's crucial to include relevant keywords from the job description in your skills section.

For example, if the job description mentions 'churn analysis' or 'customer onboarding,' make sure to include these terms in your skills section:

Skills: - Churn analysis and prevention strategies - Customer onboarding and training - Salesforce CRM administration - Data-driven decision making

By optimizing your skills section for ATS, you improve your chances of being noticed by hiring managers and progressing to the next stage of the hiring process.

Skills For Customer Success Manager Resumes

Here are examples of popular skills from Customer Success Manager job descriptions that you can include on your resume.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Customer Engagement
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Enterprise Software
  • Customer Support

Skills Word Cloud For Customer Success Manager Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Customer Success Manager job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more likely you should include it in your resume.

Top Customer Success Manager Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

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Resume Guide: Detailed Insights From Recruiters

  • Customer Success Resume Guide & Examples for 2022

Improve your Customer Success Manager resume, instantly.

Use our free resume checker to get expert feedback on your resume. You will:

•  Get a resume score compared to other Customer Success Manager resumes in your industry.

•  Fix all your resume's mistakes.

•  Find the Customer Success Manager skills your resume is missing.

•  Get rid of hidden red flags the hiring managers and resume screeners look for.

It's instant, free and trusted by 1+ million job seekers globally. Get a better resume, guaranteed .

Improve your resume with the Customer Success Manager resume checker

Customer Success Manager Resumes

  • Template #1: Customer Success Manager
  • Template #2: Customer Success Manager
  • Template #3: Client Services Manager
  • Template #4: Customer Experience Manager
  • Template #5: Client Relationship Manager
  • Template #6: Customer Support Manager
  • Skills for Customer Success Manager Resumes
  • Free Customer Success Manager Resume Review
  • Other Administrative Resumes
  • Customer Success Manager Interview Guide
  • Customer Success Manager Sample Cover Letters
  • Alternative Careers to a Manager Of Customer Success
  • All Resumes
  • Resume Action Verbs

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resume template for business

resume template for business

10 Best Resume Builders to Create A Great Resume – 2024 Guide

A re you exhausted from investing endless hours into creating an impeccable CV? This article introduces the top resume builders that will revolutionize your job application approach. Bid farewell to monotonous formatting and greet a remarkable resume that distinguishes itself from the rivalry. Prepare yourself to secure your dream job with self-assurance effortlessly!

>> Unlock Your Career Potential With Super Star Resume

10 Best Resume Writing Services

  • Super Star Resume - Best overall
  • ZipJob - Best for guarantees
  • Resumeble - Best with custom bundles
  • Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best for range of career service
  • ResumeSpice - Best for job seekers of any level
  • TopResume - Best customer service
  • Resume Writing Services - Best for affordability
  • Craft Resumes - Best for quick turnaround
  • Resume Companion - Best value resume writing service
  • - Best free service

When creating this compilation, we considered different elements such as affordability, ease of use, accessibility, the privacy policies of the companies involved, and more. The highest-rated services offer advice, templates, and tools and allow you to consult with experts who can help you craft an impressive resume highlighting your strengths to potential employers.

Our collection comprises free services and those that make use of professional writers’ skills. Some options require a subscription or one-time payment.

>> Secure Your Dream Job With Super Star Resume

Super Star Resume - Best Resume Builder Overall

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Super Star Resume is an innovative resume builder that completely transforms creating professional resumes. By offering a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, Super Star Resume enables individuals to produce exceptional resumes that effectively showcase their abilities, accomplishments, and work history.

  • Skilled and seasoned writers
  • Customized strategy aligned with unique career objectives
  • Timely delivery of resumes
  • More significant expense compared to certain other resume writing services
  • Restricted selection of additional services
  • Availability may be restricted depending on demand and geographic location
  • Intuitive resume builder: An intuitive interface that simplifies the resume creation process, offering modern templates for a professional look.
  • Customization choices: Users can personalize their resumes by selecting from various font styles, colors, layouts, and sections to align with their unique style.
  • Comprehensive content suggestions: Access to a collection of expertly curated bullet points, action verbs, and industry-specific phrases to craft impactful resume content.
  • Real-time previews and editing: Real-time previewing and editing capabilities ensure a visually appealing and error-free final resume.
  • Integration with professional networking platforms: Integration with LinkedIn allows users to maintain consistency between their online presence and resume.
  • Tailored resumes for different job applications: The duplication feature facilitates the creation of multiple resume versions, each customized for specific job applications or industries.
  • Resume analytics and tracking: Users can monitor the views and downloads of their resumes, gaining valuable insights to optimize their job search strategies.
  • Professional Resume : $169
  • Resume With Cover Letter : $199
  • All-Included : $199

>> Use Super Star Resume to Secure Your Dream Job

ZipJob - Best Resume Builder for Guarantees

Star Rating: 4.7/5

ZipJob is widely regarded as an excellent option for resume creation, especially for those who value guarantees. Their impressive 60-day assurance ensures that individuals searching for employment will experience a surge in interview invitations within this period.

If this desired outcome cannot materialize, ZipJob proactively offers a complimentary review and revision of your resume. This guarantee highlights their commitment to client contentment and showcases their unwavering belief in the superior quality of their resume writing services.

  • The starting package is cost-effective
  • Complimentary ATS check included
  • 60-day interview assurance with higher-tier packages
  • The design and layout made it challenging to read the resume
  • The summary section was overly lengthy and filled with clichés
  • The formatting of the education and training sections was subpar
  • Expert resume writers: ZipJob provides access to a team of expert resume writers with the skills and knowledge to review, evaluate, and optimize your resume for compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers.
  • ATS optimization: Meaning they ensure your resume is structured and formatted to navigate and succeed in ATS filters effectively. Employers commonly use these filters to assess and rank resumes during the initial screening process.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder online offered by ZipJob assists you in identifying and integrating pertinent keywords and industry-specific terminology. This practice heightens the visibility of your resume, making it more likely to capture the attention of hiring managers.
  • Job-specific content suggestions: ZipJob provides valuable advice regarding the most relevant and influential content to include in your resume for different job titles and industries. This guidance is invaluable in customizing your resume for specific roles.
  • Cover letter writing assistance: ZipJob supports the creation of impactful cover letters that complement your resume, strengthening your overall job application.
  • Unlimited revisions: One noteworthy feature of ZipJob is the option for unlimited revisions and updates to your resume. This ensures that your resume not only meets but continues to meet your specific requirements and mirrors your professional growth.
  • Collaboration with resume writers: the platform facilitates direct collaboration with the resume writers, enabling you to share additional information, discuss specific requirements, and seek clarifications at any stage of the resume creation process.
  • Launch Package: $139 (or $48/mo)
  • Fast Track Package: $189 (or $65/mo)
  • Premium Package: $299 (or $27/mo)

>> Use ZipJob to Secure Your Dream Job

Resumeble - Best Resume Builder With Custom Bundles

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Resumeble is a highly efficient and user-friendly resume builder that empowers individuals to create professional and compelling resumes. With Resumeble, crafting a standout resume becomes a streamlined process thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive range of customizable templates.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking to change careers, Resumeble caters to all needs and skill sets. It offers helpful suggestions and expert advice to ensure your resume showcases your unique qualifications and achievements in the best possible light.

  • A 60-day interview guarantee is included
  • Budget-friendly package deals are available
  • It’s more established than some other websites
  • Keyword optimization: This feature helps optimize your resume by suggesting relevant keywords aligned with your target industry or job, enhancing your visibility to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiters.
  • Content import: Resumeble allows you to import your existing resume or LinkedIn profile, saving you the time and effort of manual data entry.
  • Real-time editing: You have the convenience of editing and modifying your resume in real time, providing the flexibility to experiment with various formats, sections, and content.
  • ATS compatibility: Resumeble ensures your resume is ATS-compatible, essential for better visibility and a higher chance of being shortlisted by employers using Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Download options: The platform offers various download formats, including PDF, Word, and plain text, ensuring compatibility with diverse application processes.
  • Cover letter builder: Resumeble features an integrated cover letter builder, streamlining the creation of professional and personalized cover letters that complement your resume.
  • Career Pro Package : $159.00
  • Professional Package : $299.00
  • Premium Package : $399.00

>> Use Resumeble to Secure Your Dream Job

Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best Resume Builder for Range of Career Service

Star Rating: 4/5

Let’s Eat, Grandma is an inventive and progressive tool for creating impressive resumes. The platform streamlines the resume-building process, making it easier for job seekers to craft exceptional resumes. With Let’s Eat, Grandma, individuals can create unique resumes that catch the eye of employers and set them apart from the competition.

This user-friendly platform offers a range of customizable templates that allow users to tailor their resumes to showcase their specific skills and experiences. Let’s Eat, Grandma also provides expert advice and recommendations to help ensure that your qualifications and achievements are effectively highlighted in your resume.

  • Complimentary resume evaluation
  • Choices available for individuals from entry-level to executive-level positions
  • Extensive collaboration opportunities
  • Not specialized in academic CVs or federal resumes
  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some other services
  • Potential for a longer turnaround time compared to competing services
  • Expert choice: You can save your resume in multiple formats (PDF, Word, plain text) or easily share it with potential employers via email or a link, simplifying the distribution of your resume.
  • Error highlighting: The builder can identify potential errors, inconsistencies, or missing information within your resume and provide suggestions or alerts for improvement.
  • Section prompts: Pre-written prompts for various resume sections (e.g., work experience, education, skills) can help you structure your resume effectively and ensure you include essential details in each area.
  • Customizable sections: You can add, remove, or rearrange sections to tailor your resume to emphasize your strengths and relevant experiences.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder can recommend industry-specific keywords based on the job description, enhancing your resume’s chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and grabbing the attention of hiring managers.
  • Starter Package : Priced at $439, but there is an anti-inflation sale price of $389.
  • Accelerated Package : $549.
  • The premium Package : $689, but the anti-inflation sale price is $614.
  • Executive Concierge Service : $1,899 or as low as $119/month.

>> Use Let’s Eat, Grandma to Secure Your Dream Job

ResumeSpice - Best Resume Builder for Job Seekers of Any Level

Star Rating: 3.8/5

ResumeSpice , a renowned online resume builder, streamlines crafting professional resumes. This platform provides job seekers with a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of templates, enabling them to create impressive resumes that align with their career objectives.

With ResumeSpice’s seamless experience, users are guided through each resume section effortlessly while receiving valuable tips throughout the process. From personal details and work history to skills and accomplishments, this platform ensures that all crucial aspects of a resume are comprehensively addressed.

  • Additional assistance
  • Timely service
  • ATS optimization
  • Guaranteed interviews
  • Restricted revisions
  • Insufficient customization options
  • Restricted refund policy
  • User-friendly interface: ResumeSpice boasts an intuitive and user-friendly platform, simplifying the resume creation process and offering a seamless experience to users.
  • Extensive template library: The platform offers a vast selection of professionally designed templates tailored to various industries and job positions. Users can explore different styles and layouts to find the perfect match for their needs.
  • Import and export options: ResumeSpice enables users to import their existing resumes in formats like PDF or Word for easy editing and updates. Users can conveniently export their finalized resumes in multiple formats, facilitating sharing with employers or uploading to job portals.
  • Mobile-friendly design: ResumeSpice is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to create and modify their resumes using smartphones or tablets.
  • Cloud storage: The platform provides secure cloud storage for users’ resumes, ensuring accessibility and updates from any device with an internet connection.
  • Resume tracking: ResumeSpice includes tools for tracking the performance of submitted resumes, such as monitoring views, downloads, and application outcomes. These features empower users to evaluate their progress and make data-driven enhancements to their job search strategies.
  • Entry Level Resume : $479
  • Professional Resume : $589
  • Executive Resume : $699

>> Use ResumeSpice to Secure Your Dream Job

TopResume - Best Resume Builder for Customer Service

Star Rating: 3.6/5

TopResume is an outstanding resume builder explicitly tailored for customer service professionals. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling users to create exceptional resumes effortlessly. The platform goes beyond just providing a basic resume template, offering valuable suggestions and tips to optimize the content.

This ensures that each resume created on TopResume is unique and attention-grabbing in the highly competitive job market.

Besides its user-friendly interface, TopResume provides expert review services. These services allow skilled professionals to provide personalized feedback on resumes, helping enhance their overall quality further. By leveraging this feedback and incorporating attention to detail, customer service professionals can create compelling resumes that effectively capture the attention of potential employers.

  • Streamlined registration process
  • Well-designed and formatted one-page resume
  • The summary and Job Scope sections were overly extended
  • The training section needed to have prominence
  • Skill-based sections: The resume builder features dedicated sections highlighting essential customer service skills, including communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and relationship building.
  • Expert review services: TopResume provides expert review services where experienced professionals offer personalized feedback and recommendations to enhance the overall quality of your resume.
  • ATS compatibility: The platform ensures that the resumes created are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which employers commonly use for scanning and filtering resumes.
  • Download and sharing options: Users can download their resumes in various formats, such as PDF or Word, and easily share them with potential employers or upload them to job portals.
  • Industry-Specific Tips: TopResume offers industry-specific tips and guidance to assist users in tailoring their resumes to the customer service field, helping them stand out among competitors.
  • Cover letter builder: Besides resume building, TopResume provides a builder that empowers users to craft professional and compelling cover letters customized for customer service roles.
  • Mobile accessibility: The platform is mobile-friendly, allowing users to create, edit, and update their resumes while on the go, using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Entry level : Up to 200$.
  • Professional level : Up to 200$-400$.
  • Executive level : Up to $350-$700.

>> Use TopResume to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Writing Services - Best Resume Builder for Affordability

Star Rating: 3.3/5

While may be a different size than its competitors, it stands out due to its team of talented and experienced resume writers. The website is user-friendly and provides exceptional service. However, this service’s true strength lies in its writers’ expertise. sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive consultation process and goes beyond expectations by providing unlimited calls with its resume writers. This personalized approach distinguishes them from other companies and guarantees each client receives individual attention and support.

  • Experienced resume writers of the highest caliber
  • Unlimited phone consultations and revisions
  • More expensive than rival services
  • A limited range of products
  • Skilled and experienced resume writers: takes pride in its team of highly trained and professional resume writers who possess a deep understanding of crafting effective resumes.
  • Personalized service: offers a personal touch by providing unlimited calls with their resume writers. This unique feature allows clients to engage in direct communication and close collaboration with the writers throughout the resume creation process.
  • Competitive job market expertise: The writers at have knowledge of current job market trends. This ensures that the resumes they create are optimized to excel in today’s fiercely competitive job market.
  • Quality Assurance: The service maintains a rigorous quality assurance process to guarantee that the resumes delivered to clients meet the highest standards and align with their expectations.
  • Timely delivery: is committed to delivering resumes within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring clients receive their documents promptly.
  • Client satisfaction guarantee: offers a client satisfaction guarantee, assuring clients are fully content with the final resume. The service is ready to provide revisions if necessary.
  • Affordable pricing: provides pricing options that are competitive and transparent, making professional resume writing accessible to a wide range of job seekers. employs a pricing system that is clear and easy to understand for their resume-building services. The initial package begins at $270 , including a comprehensive consultation with a skilled resume writer and developing an individualized resume.

They offer extra options that enable customers to personalize their packages based on their unique preferences. This adaptable pricing strategy guarantees that clients can choose the services that align with their requirements and financial constraints.

>> Use Resume Writing Services to Secure Your Dream Job

Craft Resumes - Best Resume Builder for Quick-Turnaround

Star Rating: 3/5

Craft Resumes stand out as a well-established writing and editing service known for its ability to deliver effective outcomes. Our dedication to providing a 24-hour turnaround guarantees you’ll receive the initial version of your resume promptly.

Navigating our user-friendly website is effortless, making it easy to use our services. At Craft Resumes, we specialize in crafting customized resumes to match your skills, qualifications, and aspirations for your career.

  • Speedy completion
  • Customized CVs
  • Intuitive site
  • Insufficient details
  • Absence of assurances
  • Quick turnaround: Craft Resumes commits to delivering the initial draft of your resume within 24 hours, ensuring a speedy and efficient service.
  • Expert Writers: Craft Resumes prides itself on its team of experienced writers who possess expertise across various industries and stay up-to-date with current hiring trends. They’re dedicated to making your resume stand out and catch the attention of potential employers.
  • Unlimited revisions: We provide unlimited revisions to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have specific changes or additions in mind, our team will collaborate with you closely to implement the modifications.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: At Craft Resumes, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. You can trust that your data will be handled securely and with the utmost discretion.
  • Tailored resumes: We specialize in tailoring resumes to align with your career objectives, industry, and job requirements. Each resume is personalized to accentuate your unique strengths and qualifications.
  • Resume Writing : $229.00
  • Basic : $279.99
  • Optimal : $339.99
  • All-In-One : $499.99

>> Use Craft Resumes to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Companion - Best Value Resume Builder

Star Rating: 2.8/5

Resume Companion is a virtual platform and service that specializes in aiding individuals in creating resumes that are professional and impactful. It offers an array of resources and tools to assist job seekers in crafting interesting resumes that effectively showcase their skills, experiences, and qualifications.

A prominent feature of Resume Companion is its user-friendly resume builder. This tool allows users to select from various professionally designed templates and personalize them based on their specific requirements.

Users can effortlessly incorporate their personal information, employment history, educational background, skill set, and other pertinent details to produce a customized resume tailored to their needs.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • High-quality templates
  • Efficiency-boosting functions
  • Cost-effective choice
  • Restricted editing features without subscription
  • Absence of extensive customization options
  • Limited availability of extra services
  • Cover letter builder: Resume Companion goes beyond resumes and provides users with a tool for crafting customized cover letters tailored to specific job applications. This feature guides users through the process, helping them effectively present their qualifications and make a compelling case to prospective employers.
  • ATS optimization: In today’s job market, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. Resume Companion helps users ensure their resumes are ATS-friendly. The platform offers valuable tips and insights on incorporating relevant keywords, formatting the document correctly, and increasing the likelihood of passing through the ATS screening process.
  • Educational resources: Resume Companion extends its services by offering an informative blog and educational materials that cover various aspects of resume writing, job search strategies, interview techniques, and career development guidance. These resources provide users with valuable insights and advice to help them create impressive resumes and enhance their job search efforts.
  • Download and sharing options: Upon completing their resumes, users can conveniently download their documents in multiple formats, including PDF and Word. Resume Companion also makes it easy for users to share their resumes online or print them offline.
  • Customer support: Resume Companion values user satisfaction and offers customer support to assist with users’ questions or concerns while utilizing the platform. Users can access support through email or the platform’s contact form.

Resume Companion provides a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an all-inclusive service. It’s vital to remember subscription renewal is required to access future editing services. In summary, Resume Companion offers a wallet-friendly option for those who desire a user-friendly resume-building experience without needing advanced writing abilities.

>> Use Resume Companion to Secure Your Dream Job

Our Ranking Methodology for Best Resume Writing Services

To comprehensively and objectively rank the top resume writing services, it is essential to have a thorough methodology. The first step in this process was conducting extensive research and analysis. This involved gathering a comprehensive list of reputable resume-writing services from multiple sources such as online searches, customer reviews, industry directories, and personal recommendations.

  • Feature analysis: Evaluate the functionalities provided by each resume builder, considering elements like template variety and quality, customization flexibility, user-friendly editing and formatting options, import/export capabilities, spell check and grammar tools, and integration with job search platforms and professional networks.
  • Template collection: Examine the assortment and quality of templates. Look for a wide range that suits various industries, job levels, and design preferences, considering these templates’ aesthetics, readability, and contemporary design.
  • Editing and customization: Scrutinize the adaptability and user-friendliness of the editing and customization tools each resume builder provides. Assess the capacity to add or modify sections, reorganize content, and tailor resumes to specific job requirements.
  • User interface and experience: Analyze the user interface and the overall user experience each resume builder offers. Evaluate the ease of navigation, instruction clarity, guidance or prompts, and the platform’s responsiveness.
  • Integration with job search platforms: Determine whether resume builders offer seamless integration with popular job search platforms and professional networks like LinkedIn or ATS systems. Consider how well the resumes can be transferred and their compatibility with these platforms.
  • Additional resources: Evaluate if the resume builders provide extra resources such as sample resumes, tools for creating cover letters, interview tips, or career advice. Consider the breadth and practicality of these supplementary resources.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Gauge the mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of the resume builders, recognizing the growing trend of mobile job searching and application processes.
  • Customer support: Reflect on the accessibility and quality of customer support services, encompassing options like live chat, email support, or knowledge bases. Assess the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team.
  • Pricing and value for money: Appraise the pricing plans presented by the resume builders in terms of the value they offer based on features, usability, and overall service quality.
  • Industry reputation: Consider the standing and trustworthiness of the resume builders, considering factors such as awards, recognition, partnerships, and user feedback from reputable sources.

Buyer’s Guide: Why Use a Resume Builder?

Crafting a well-crafted CV comes naturally to particular job seekers. However, even the most seasoned experts may need help in resume writing. If you find yourself in need of help with creating a compelling resume, here are several ways in which the best online resume builder can be beneficial:

Resume builders provide users with pre-designed templates and helpful tips, streamlining the process of writing a resume and alleviating stress.

Offers Writing Tips

Promoting oneself requires considerable effort. Only some people possess writing skills, even if they enjoy self-promotion. To showcase one’s experience and knowledge effectively, a resume builder can help select the most appropriate words and phrases.

Improves Design

In every field, there are unique standards for an impressive resume. If you need to gain knowledge in design or the tools, resume builders can provide free templates to enhance your resume’s visual appeal and quality.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Recruiters often use ATS systems to scan resumes. A good resume builder will help with formatting to ensure that your resume is easy for these systems to read.

What’s the Best Resume Builder?

The ideal resume builder for each individual may differ according to their specific requirements. If you prefer a tool that offers step-by-step guidance in creating your resume, we suggest using a builder that provides helpful tips and recommendations. If you prefer a resume builder that auto-generates a summary, we recommend using a tool that extracts information from your LinkedIn profile.

For those who enjoy having creative control over their resumes, we suggest using a platform with features. By selecting the resume builder that aligns with your needs and suits your industry and personal style, you’ll significantly increase your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers.

Resume Builder vs. Resume Writing Service: What Matters for You

When it comes to crafting a resume, there are three options available. You can opt to create it independently, use a resume builder tool, or enlist the services of a professional resume writer. Your best choice will depend on your writing abilities, available time, and financial resources.


You have the choice to construct a resume entirely by yourself. The benefit of this option is that it costs nothing but requires a significant amount of effort. Along with composing all the information, you must possess graphic design skills.

This approach works well if you have these abilities, but with them, your options for creating a resume are unlimited. To overcome this limitation, you can use a resume builder or enlist the help of a resume writing service.

Resume Builder

A tool for creating resumes allows you to input your details into a template, resulting in an original appearance and layout with no design work. The top resume building tools also offer suggestions on enhancing your resume and tailoring it to match the specific job you are applying for.

While you are still responsible for writing the content, once it is written, you can quickly transfer that information into any other template with just a few simple clicks. Some of these services are free and many like to promote themselves as such, but most require a small payment to download your finished resume.

Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional resume writing services are expensive, but they offer the convenience of handling all the work for you. An experienced writer will gather relevant information about your background and transform it into a unique and engaging resume.

The process typically takes a few days, and the level of originality in the outcome largely relies on your choice of company and writer. However, we will not delve into these services further in this guide.

Are Resume Builders Worth It?

Definitely, without a doubt. An effective resume creator will guarantee that your CV is formatted correctly to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems and ultimately reach the hands of recruiters.

Is It Unprofessional to Use a Microsoft Word Resume Template?

Relying on a template will not set you apart, and there is a high likelihood that your application will be dismissed because your resume is identical to those of other job seekers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right resume builder is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Creating a professional and impactful resume that stands out from the crowd can significantly impact your job search. With the right tool, you can save time, improve your chances of landing an interview, and ultimately secure your dream job.

When selecting a resume builder, consider your specific needs and priorities. Look for features like customizable templates, industry-specific examples, and the ability to export your resume in different formats. Consider user reviews and ratings to ensure you choose a reputable and reliable platform.

Remember, an exceptional tool for crafting resumes should give you the power to present your skills, experience, and accomplishments effectively. It should simplify and expedite creating a resume without hassle. Investing in a reliable resume builder is investing in your professional future.

Therefore, explore the different options available for resume builders. Test out their free trials or demos and choose the best fit for your objectives. Our top recommendation is Super Star Resume . This meticulously designed resume can open doors to exciting career prospects and be a dependable companion on your journey toward success.

Ahad Waseem is a business, blockchain, and cybersecurity writer who often takes on art, politics, and economics too. As a linguistic engineer who writes to solve problems, he’s written for various tech and business publications. When he’s not writing, he’s probably on horseback, caring for his houseplants, or training Bonsai trees. He can be reached at [email protected] . McClatchy’s newsrooms were not involved in the creation of this content. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.

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What Researchers Discovered When They Sent 80,000 Fake Résumés to U.S. Jobs

Some companies discriminated against Black applicants much more than others, and H.R. practices made a big difference.

Claire Cain Miller

By Claire Cain Miller and Josh Katz

A group of economists recently performed an experiment on around 100 of the largest companies in the country, applying for jobs using made-up résumés with equivalent qualifications but different personal characteristics. They changed applicants’ names to suggest that they were white or Black, and male or female — Latisha or Amy, Lamar or Adam.

On Monday, they released the names of the companies . On average, they found, employers contacted the presumed white applicants 9.5 percent more often than the presumed Black applicants.

Yet this practice varied significantly by firm and industry. One-fifth of the companies — many of them retailers or car dealers — were responsible for nearly half of the gap in callbacks to white and Black applicants.

Two companies favored white applicants over Black applicants significantly more than others. They were AutoNation, a used car retailer, which contacted presumed white applicants 43 percent more often, and Genuine Parts Company, which sells auto parts including under the NAPA brand, and called presumed white candidates 33 percent more often.

In a statement, Heather Ross, a spokeswoman for Genuine Parts, said, “We are always evaluating our practices to ensure inclusivity and break down barriers, and we will continue to do so.” AutoNation did not respond to a request for comment.

Companies With the Largest and Smallest Racial Contact Gaps

Of the 97 companies in the experiment, two stood out as contacting presumed white job applicants significantly more often than presumed Black ones. At 14 companies, there was little or no difference in how often they called back the presumed white or Black applicants.

Source: Patrick Kline, Evan K. Rose and Christopher R. Walters

Known as an audit study , the experiment was the largest of its kind in the United States: The researchers sent 80,000 résumés to 10,000 jobs from 2019 to 2021. The results demonstrate how entrenched employment discrimination is in parts of the U.S. labor market — and the extent to which Black workers start behind in certain industries.

“I am not in the least bit surprised,” said Daiquiri Steele, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama School of Law who previously worked for the Department of Labor on employment discrimination. “If you’re having trouble breaking in, the biggest issue is the ripple effect it has. It affects your wages and the economy of your community going forward.”

Some companies showed no difference in how they treated applications from people assumed to be white or Black. Their human resources practices — and one policy in particular (more on that later) — offer guidance for how companies can avoid biased decisions in the hiring process.

A lack of racial bias was more common in certain industries: food stores, including Kroger; food products, including Mondelez; freight and transport, including FedEx and Ryder; and wholesale, including Sysco and McLane Company.

“We want to bring people’s attention not only to the fact that racism is real, sexism is real, some are discriminating, but also that it’s possible to do better, and there’s something to be learned from those that have been doing a good job,” said Patrick Kline, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, who conducted the study with Evan K. Rose at the University of Chicago and Christopher R. Walters at Berkeley.

The researchers first published details of their experiment in 2021, but without naming the companies. The new paper, which is set to run in the American Economic Review, names the companies and explains the methodology developed to group them by their performance, while accounting for statistical noise.

Sample Résumés From the Experiment

Fictitious résumés sent to large U.S. companies revealed a preference, on average, for candidates whose names suggested that they were white.

Sample resume

To assign names, the researchers started with a prior list that had been assembled using Massachusetts birth certificates from 1974 to 1979. They then supplemented this list with names found in a database of speeding tickets issued in North Carolina between 2006 and 2018, classifying a name as “distinctive” if more than 90 percent of people with that name were of a particular race.

The study includes 97 firms. The jobs the researchers applied to were entry level, not requiring a college degree or substantial work experience. In addition to race and gender, the researchers tested other characteristics protected by law , like age and sexual orientation.

They sent up to 1,000 applications to each company, applying for as many as 125 jobs per company in locations nationwide, to try to uncover patterns in companies’ operations versus isolated instances. Then they tracked whether the employer contacted the applicant within 30 days.

A bias against Black names

Companies requiring lots of interaction with customers, like sales and retail, particularly in the auto sector, were most likely to show a preference for applicants presumed to be white. This was true even when applying for positions at those firms that didn’t involve customer interaction, suggesting that discriminatory practices were baked in to corporate culture or H.R. practices, the researchers said.

Still, there were exceptions — some of the companies exhibiting the least bias were retailers, like Lowe’s and Target.

The study may underestimate the rate of discrimination against Black applicants in the labor market as a whole because it tested large companies, which tend to discriminate less, said Lincoln Quillian, a sociologist at Northwestern who analyzes audit studies. It did not include names intended to represent Latino or Asian American applicants, but other research suggests that they are also contacted less than white applicants, though they face less discrimination than Black applicants.

The experiment ended in 2021, and some of the companies involved might have changed their practices since. Still, a review of all available audit studies found that discrimination against Black applicants had not changed in three decades. After the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, such discrimination was found to have disappeared among certain employers, but the researchers behind that study said the effect was most likely short-lived.

Gender, age and L.G.B.T.Q. status

On average, companies did not treat male and female applicants differently. This aligns with other research showing that gender discrimination against women is rare in entry-level jobs, and starts later in careers.

However, when companies did favor men (especially in manufacturing) or women (mostly at apparel stores), the biases were much larger than for race. Builders FirstSource contacted presumed male applicants more than twice as often as female ones. Ascena, which owns brands like Ann Taylor, contacted women 66 percent more than men.

Neither company responded to requests for comment.

The consequences of being female differed by race. The differences were small, but being female was a slight benefit for white applicants, and a slight penalty for Black applicants.

The researchers also tested several other characteristics protected by law, with a smaller number of résumés. They found there was a small penalty for being over 40.

Overall, they found no penalty for using nonbinary pronouns. Being gay, as indicated by including membership in an L.G.B.T.Q. club on the résumé, resulted in a slight penalty for white applicants, but benefited Black applicants — although the effect was small, when this was on their résumés, the racial penalty disappeared.

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination is illegal even if it’s unintentional . Yet in the real world, it is difficult for job applicants to know why they did not hear back from a company.

“These practices are particularly challenging to address because applicants often do not know whether they are being discriminated against in the hiring process,” Brandalyn Bickner, a spokeswoman for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said in a statement. (It has seen the data and spoken with the researchers, though it could not use an academic study as the basis for an investigation, she said.)

What companies can do to reduce discrimination

Several common measures — like employing a chief diversity officer, offering diversity training or having a diverse board — were not correlated with decreased discrimination in entry-level hiring, the researchers found.

But one thing strongly predicted less discrimination: a centralized H.R. operation.

The researchers recorded the voice mail messages that the fake applicants received. When a company’s calls came from fewer individual phone numbers, suggesting that they were originating from a central office, there tended to be less bias . When they came from individual hiring managers at local stores or warehouses, there was more. These messages often sounded frantic and informal, asking if an applicant could start the next day, for example.

“That’s when implicit biases kick in,” Professor Kline said. A more formalized hiring process helps overcome this, he said: “Just thinking about things, which steps to take, having to run something by someone for approval, can be quite important in mitigating bias.”

At Sysco, a wholesale restaurant food distributor, which showed no racial bias in the study, a centralized recruitment team reviews résumés and decides whom to call. “Consistency in how we review candidates, with a focus on the requirements of the position, is key,” said Ron Phillips, Sysco’s chief human resources officer. “It lessens the opportunity for personal viewpoints to rise in the process.”

Another important factor is diversity among the people hiring, said Paula Hubbard, the chief human resources officer at McLane Company. It procures, stores and delivers products for large chains like Walmart, and showed no racial bias in the study. Around 40 percent of the company’s recruiters are people of color, and 60 percent are women.

Diversifying the pool of people who apply also helps, H.R. officials said. McLane goes to events for women in trucking and puts up billboards in Spanish.

So does hiring based on skills, versus degrees . While McLane used to require a college degree for many roles, it changed that practice after determining that specific skills mattered more for warehousing or driving jobs. “We now do that for all our jobs: Is there truly a degree required?” Ms. Hubbard said. “Why? Does it make sense? Is experience enough?”

Hilton, another company that showed no racial bias in the study, also stopped requiring degrees for many jobs, in 2018.

Another factor associated with less bias in hiring, the new study found, was more regulatory scrutiny — like at federal contractors, or companies with more Labor Department citations.

Finally, more profitable companies were less biased, in line with a long-held economics theory by the Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker that discrimination is bad for business. Economists said that could be because the more profitable companies benefit from a more diverse set of employees. Or it could be an indication that they had more efficient business processes, in H.R. and elsewhere.

Claire Cain Miller writes about gender, families and the future of work for The Upshot. She joined The Times in 2008 and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for public service for reporting on workplace sexual harassment issues. More about Claire Cain Miller

Josh Katz is a graphics editor for The Upshot, where he covers a range of topics involving politics, policy and culture. He is the author of “Speaking American: How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk,” a visual exploration of American regional dialects. More about Josh Katz

From The Upshot: What the Data Says

Analysis that explains politics, policy and everyday life..

Employment Discrimination: Researchers sent 80,000 fake résumés to some of the largest companies in the United States. They found that some discriminated against Black applicants much more than others .

Pandemic School Closures: ​A variety of data about children’s academic outcomes and about the spread of Covid-19 has accumulated since the start of the pandemic. Here is what we learned from it .

Affirmative Action: The Supreme Court effectively ended race-based preferences in admissions. But will selective schools still be able to achieve diverse student bodies? Here is how they might try .

N.Y.C. Neighborhoods: We asked New Yorkers to map their neighborhoods and to tell us what they call them . The result, while imperfect, is an extremely detailed map of the city .

Dialect Quiz:  What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer these questions to find out .


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