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Volunteer Manager Resume Examples

A successful Volunteer Manager is essential for any organization that wishes to make an impact in their community. Volunteer Managers oversee the recruitment, onboarding, and training of volunteers who are essential to the success of the program. A well-written resume is a key factor in the success of any Volunteer Manager and should be tailored to the specific job description in order to promote the best skills and talents to potential employers. This blog post outlines the essential elements for writing and formatting a successful Volunteer Manager resume, as well as provides examples of successful resumes for reference.

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Volunteer Manager

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email: [email protected]

I am an experienced Volunteer Manager with over 10 years of experience in nonprofit organizations. I have a strong passion for helping others and am highly organized and detail- oriented. I have a successful track record in recruiting and retaining volunteers, as well as planning and implementing various outreach and fundraising initiatives. My knowledge and understanding of volunteer management has enabled me to effectively manage large- scale volunteer events while ensuring that volunteers are provided with the necessary resources, tools and guidance to complete their tasks.

Core Skills :

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Highly organized and detail- oriented
  • Strong leadership and problem- solving skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Knowledge of volunteer management principles and practices

Professional Experience : Volunteer Manager, XYZ Nonprofit Organization, 2013 – present

  • Developed and implemented volunteer recruitment strategies to attract and retain volunteers
  • Managed and mentored volunteers, providing necessary resources and guidance to complete tasks
  • Oversaw the planning and coordination of large- scale volunteer events
  • Provided guidance and support to volunteers
  • Organized and monitored volunteer records and data
  • Maintained relationships with local businesses and organizations

Education : Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Management, ABC University, 2007- 2011

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Volunteer Manager Resume with No Experience

  • Motivated, organized and hardworking individual with a passion for developing and leading volunteer teams.
  • Proven ability to manage operations, create and execute programs and coordinate events.
  • Seeking to leverage excellent communication and problem solving skills to help maximize volunteer program efficiency.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Knowledge of volunteer recruitment, management, and engagement


  • Develop and coordinate volunteer programs, including recruiting, training and scheduling volunteers
  • Monitor effectiveness of volunteer programs and provide timely feedback
  • Develop volunteer guidelines and procedures
  • Manage daily operations and ensure that all volunteer records are maintained
  • Monitor and evaluate volunteer performance and provide appropriate feedback
  • Facilitate conflict resolution and ensure volunteers are working in a respectful and safe environment
  • Develop and maintain relationships with volunteers, community partners and sponsors

Experience 0 Years

Level Junior

Education Bachelor’s

Volunteer Manager Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Highly organized and detail oriented individual with over two years of experience in the volunteer management sector. Demonstrated success in coordinating volunteers and programs to efficiently achieve project goals. Adept in developing relationships with volunteers and creating a positive team environment. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and problem- solving skills combined with a passion for volunteerism to achieve organizational objectives.

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Program Coordination
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Organizational Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Relationship Management
  • Event Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution

Responsibilities :

  • Developed and implemented volunteer recruitment strategies in order to build a strong volunteer base across the organization.
  • Assisted in the preparation of volunteer orientations and training materials.
  • Scheduled volunteers to ensure timely and effective completion of organization objectives.
  • Monitored and tracked volunteer hours and attendance.
  • Evaluated individual and group performance on a regular basis.
  • Facilitated team building activities and provided leadership coaching for volunteers.
  • Conducted regular meetings with volunteers to ensure project alignment and communication.
  • Provided guidance and support to volunteers throughout their involvement with the organization.
  • Analyzed data and metrics to measure the impact of volunteer initiatives.
  • Organized and attended volunteer appreciation events.
  • Assisted with the development of new strategies and initiatives to increase volunteer engagement.

Experience 2+ Years

Volunteer Manager Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Dynamic and motivated Volunteer Manager with 5 years of experience in developing and leading successful volunteer engagement strategies. Skilled in onboarding, managing staff, and ensuring that all volunteer standards are consistently maintained. Proven success in initiating and developing relationships with community partners, building volunteer teams and providing excellent customer service.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to effectively manage large teams
  • Excellent organization and problem- solving skills
  • Knowledge of volunteer software and databases
  • Compassionate and understanding manner
  • Highly creative and innovative
  • Developed and executed volunteer recruitment strategies to ensure that volunteer roles were filled
  • Conducted orientations and onboarding sessions to ensure volunteers had necessary information and support
  • Created and implemented training programs and procedures to ensure volunteers had the skills to successfully perform their roles
  • Facilitated volunteer engagement activities to ensure a strong connection to the organization
  • Managed and monitored volunteer performance and contributed to the development of individual growth plans
  • Maintained accurate records and reports of volunteer activities in accordance with established standards
  • Worked with community partners to identify and coordinate volunteer opportunities for the organization

Experience 5+ Years

Level Senior

Volunteer Manager Resume with 7 Years of Experience

A highly motivated and energetic Volunteer Manager with 7 years of experience in the volunteer management arena. Possessing strong communication, organizational, and networking skills, and the ability to build strong relationships with volunteers and community partners. Skilled in developing recruitment strategies, as well as facilitating workshops and providing training and support. Demonstrates a clear understanding of effective volunteer management and a commitment to maximizing volunteers’ potential.

  • Dedicated and organized volunteer manager
  • Comprehensive understanding of volunteer management strategies
  • Skilled in developing effective recruitment plans
  • Experienced in providing training and support to volunteers
  • Proven ability to build strong relationships with volunteers and community partners
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop and implement volunteer recruitment strategies, including creating job descriptions, developing recruitment plans and conducting outreach
  • Develop and lead volunteer orientations, workshops and training sessions
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of volunteers
  • Provide support to volunteers, including answering questions, providing feedback and resolving problems
  • Develop and maintain relationships with community partners to identify and serve volunteer needs
  • Maintain accurate records of volunteer activities, including hours worked, duties performed and contact information

Experience 7+ Years

Volunteer Manager Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Volunteer Manager with 10 years of experience in successfully leading and organizing volunteers. Adept at developing and implementing programs and initiatives to support the efforts of volunteers. Skilled in creating engaging initiatives that motivate volunteers and foster a supportive environment. Competent in recruiting, supervising, and recognizing volunteers.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Leadership and training
  • Organizational development
  • Event coordination
  • Policy development
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Data analysis
  • Developed and implemented recruiting strategies to increase volunteer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Managed volunteer activities and orientations, including training and developing program standards.
  • Led the implementation of volunteer recognition programs and maintained records of volunteers’ hours.
  • Coordinated with the executive team to ensure volunteer program objectives were met.
  • Created and implemented volunteer policies and procedures.
  • Developed and maintained volunteer communication networks.
  • Organized and facilitated volunteer meetings, conferences, and events.
  • Conducted research and analysis to ensure the success of volunteer initiatives.
  • Prepared periodic reports to track program performance and deliverables.
  • Developed and maintained partnerships with external organizations.

Experience 10+ Years

Level Senior Manager

Education Master’s

Volunteer Manager Resume with 15 Years of Experience

With 15+ years of experience in volunteer management, I have a proven track record of successfully leading and managing volunteer staff, developing strategic plans and implementing effective operational processes and policies. I have the ability to tailor initiatives and programs to achieve organizational goals, effectively manage budgets and resources, and improve volunteer morale and productivity. My extensive knowledge in volunteer management, coupled with my excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enable me to easily collaborate and work with a wide variety of stakeholders.

  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Managing budgets and resources
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Creating and implementing policies
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance
  • Building and fostering relationships
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop, implement and manage volunteer recruitment, retention, and recognition strategies
  • Recruit and manage volunteer staff, assigning tasks and monitoring performance
  • Develop and implement strategies for volunteer engagement and satisfaction
  • Develop and manage volunteer training programs
  • Lead meetings, orientations and other activities for volunteers
  • Create and implement policies and procedures for volunteer activities
  • Manage budgets and resources for volunteer programs
  • Evaluate and report on volunteer performance and activities
  • Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders, partners and community organizations

Experience 15+ Years

Level Director

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What should be included in a Volunteer Manager resume?

A Volunteer Manager resume should demonstrate your ability to organize, manage, and coordinate volunteer activities for a nonprofit organization, charity, or other institution. To land the job, you’ll need to show that you understand the needs and expectations of volunteers and can lead them effectively.

Here is what you need to include in a Volunteer Manager resume:

  • Work experience: List your professional experience as a Volunteer Manager, including the organizations you have worked with and the volunteer activities you have coordinated.
  • Leadership Qualities: Demonstrate your leadership skills and show that you have the ability to motivate and engage volunteers.
  • Communication Skills: Showcase your communication skills, both verbal and written, and how you interact and engage with volunteers.
  • Collaborative Skills: Highlight your ability to work collaboratively and coordinate projects with other stakeholders.
  • Organizational Skills: Demonstrate your skills in organizing and managing volunteers and resources.
  • Time Management: Share examples of how you have managed large-scale projects with short timelines.
  • Conflict Resolution: Show your skill in resolving conflicts with volunteers, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Results: Showcase the accomplishments and successes you have achieved through your volunteer management efforts.

By including these qualities and experiences on your Volunteer Manager resume, you can highlight your skill set and increase your chances of being hired for the role.

What is a good summary for a Volunteer Manager resume?

A Volunteer Manager resume should showcase excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as a demonstrated ability to lead teams, create effective strategies, and foster positive relationships with volunteers. It should also highlight experience in recruiting, training, and managing volunteers, as well as any past successes in managing volunteer programs. Finally, the summary should also demonstrate a commitment to developing and implementing initiatives to improve volunteer services. In short, a Volunteer Manager resume should demonstrate the ability to recruit, manage, train, and recognize volunteers and the results of their services.

What is a good objective for a Volunteer Manager resume?

A good objective for a Volunteer Manager resume should focus on the individual’s skills and experience that are relevant to the job. It should also emphasize their commitment to the organization and its cause. Here are a few points you should include in your resume objective:

  • Relevant experience in managing volunteers and a proven track record of successful volunteer programs
  • A passion for helping people and a desire to make a positive difference in the community
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to motivate and manage volunteers
  • Commitment to creating a positive and rewarding volunteer experience
  • Knowledge of volunteer recruitment and retention strategies
  • Dedication to creating a safe and enriching environment for volunteers
  • Passion for creating innovative volunteer programs and experiences
  • Proficiency with managing budgets and resources

By including these points in the objective, you can demonstrate to potential employers your commitment to volunteering and the organization’s mission.

How do you list Volunteer Manager skills on a resume?

Volunteer Manager skills are essential for ensuring the efficient and successful operation of volunteer programs. When listing these skills on a resume, it is important to highlight the experiences and abilities that make you the ideal fit for the position.

  • Strong organizational skills: Demonstrate your ability to manage and handle multiple tasks, coordinate volunteers, and delegate responsibilities.
  • Excellent communication skills: Showcase your ability to effectively communicate with volunteers, manage conflict, and provide clear instructions.
  • Leadership and mentoring skills: List your ability to provide guidance, training, and feedback to volunteers in order to encourage their growth and development.
  • Ability to recruit and motivate volunteers: Show your ability to recruit, select, and manage volunteer staff in order to create a motivated and engaged team.
  • Knowledge of volunteer program management: Demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of volunteer program management and the ability to develop and implement successful programs.
  • Understanding of relevant legislation: Highlight your knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations related to volunteer programs and your ability to ensure compliance.
  • Proficient in relevant software: Indicate your ability to use software such as databases and spreadsheets to manage volunteer data, create schedules, and track progress.

What skills should I put on my resume for Volunteer Manager?

Volunteer Manager positions require a unique set of skills that encompass organizational, communication, and leadership abilities. When creating your resume for a Volunteer Manager role, it is important to emphasize these abilities to demonstrate your suitability for the job. Here are some skills to consider putting on your resume for a Volunteer Manager role:

  • Ability to build relationships with volunteers and create a positive and productive work environment
  • Ability to plan and coordinate events and tasks
  • Aptitude for developing and implementing policies and procedures
  • Proven track record of recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Flexible and creative problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge of online volunteer management systems
  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal regulations relating to volunteer management
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and other relevant software
  • Ability to manage budgets and track expenses
  • Experience working with diverse populations
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Leadership and organizational skills

Key takeaways for an Volunteer Manager resume

As a volunteer manager, you are responsible for leading a team of people in a cause-driven organization. Your resume should be a reflection of your commitment to the cause, your ability to promote the organization’s mission, and your ability to effectively manage volunteers. Here are some key takeaways for crafting a successful volunteer manager resume:

• Highlight Leadership Experience: As a volunteer manager, you should emphasize any past leadership experience you have held. This could include positions such as team leader, supervisor, or manager. Emphasizing your past leadership experience can give employers an idea of your ability to manage a group of people.

• Showcase Your Interpersonal Skills: As a volunteer manager, it is essential to be able to effectively communicate with and manage volunteers. Be sure to highlight any skills you have in this area, such as experience in conflict resolution, team-building, and problem-solving.

• Detail Your Organizational Skills: One of the most important skills of a volunteer manager is the ability to organize and manage volunteers’ tasks, projects, and events. Showcase any organizational skills you have, such as your experience in creating schedules, maintaining records, and managing resources.

• Showcase Your Knowledge of the Organization’s Mission: When crafting your resume, make sure to emphasize your knowledge and understanding of the organization’s mission. Describe how you have embraced the mission throughout your career and any initiatives you have taken to promote the mission.

• Demonstrate Your Commitment to the Cause: Be sure to include any volunteer work you have done for the organization or for any other cause-driven organization. This can show employers that you are genuinely committed to the cause and are eager to use your skills and experience to help promote the organization’s mission.

By following these key takeaways, you can create an effective and compelling volunteer manager resume that will help you stand out

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Resume template

Volunteer Manager Resume Examples

Writing a great volunteer manager resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Create your resume Select from 7 professional resume templates

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own volunteer manager resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the volunteer manager job you're after.

Volunteer Manager Resume Example

or download as PDF

Essential Components of a Volunteer Manager's Resume

Creating a standout resume as a Volunteer Manager is crucial to showcase your proficiency in recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers. Your resume should comprehensively detail your skills, work experience, and educational background, demonstrating your suitability for a role in volunteer management. The core sections of your resume include personal information, an objective statement, employment history, educational qualifications, key skills and certifications, volunteer experience, and references. Let's delve into each section to understand their significance and how to optimize them for potential employers.

Contact Information

Begin your resume with your Contact Information , ensuring it's accurate and professional. This section is critical as it provides recruiters with the means to contact you for further discussions or to arrange interviews.

How to List Contact Information for a Volunteer Manager Resume

Include your full name, phone number, and a professional email address. Consider adding your LinkedIn profile or professional website link if available. While your home address is optional, it can be beneficial if you're local or willing to relocate. Place this information prominently at the top of your resume and ensure it's up-to-date and functional.

For privacy, share your resume directly with employers or through trusted platforms to prevent misuse of your personal information.

Objective Statement

The Objective Statement is a brief yet impactful section that outlines your career goals and value proposition. Tailor it to the Volunteer Manager role, emphasizing your passion for community service, leadership abilities, and relevant experiences.

An effective objective statement might be: "Dedicated professional seeking a Volunteer Manager position at XYZ Organization, aiming to leverage my extensive experience in volunteer coordination and team leadership to enhance volunteer engagement and further the organization's mission."

Given that hiring managers often skim resumes, a compelling objective statement can quickly grab their attention and encourage a closer review of your qualifications.

Skills and Competencies

The Skills and Competencies section is a showcase of your unique abilities pertinent to volunteer management. Highlight essential skills such as leadership, communication, organizational abilities, conflict resolution, empathy, cultural sensitivity, training and development, fundraising experience, knowledge of volunteer legislation, flexibility, and technological proficiency.

Provide concrete examples of how you've applied these skills in previous roles to strengthen your resume.

Professional Experience

The Professional Experience section is where you detail your previous roles and the skills you've honed. List your job titles, employers, and tenure, followed by bullet points describing your responsibilities and achievements. Use action verbs and quantify your successes with numbers to illustrate your impact.

Include any relevant experience, even if the job title wasn't specifically 'Volunteer Manager,' as long as the duties align with the skills required for the role you're applying for.

Education and Certifications

In the Education and Certifications section, list your academic qualifications and any certifications, such as the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA), that are pertinent to volunteer management. Include additional courses related to project management, leadership, and communication.

Present this information in a clear, organized manner, starting with the most recent qualifications. While formal education is important, balance this with real-world experience and a demonstrated commitment to volunteering.

Volunteer Work History

Your Volunteer Work History is as crucial as your professional experience. Detail your volunteer roles, highlighting leadership positions and responsibilities. Showcase any significant achievements, such as successful fundraising events or initiatives that improved volunteer operations.

Remember, volunteering experiences can reflect valuable skills like teamwork and leadership, which are highly relevant for a Volunteer Manager position.

References are a testament to your work ethic and capabilities. Choose individuals who can speak to your experience with volunteer management and community engagement. List their contact details and your relationship with them, ensuring you have their permission to be included as a reference.

While not always required at the initial application stage, you can indicate that references are available upon request.

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  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Manager Trainee
  • Project Manager Consultant
  • Airport Manager
  • Dispatch Manager


Volunteer Manager Resume Examples

Use the professionally written resume examples in this piece to help you write an outstanding volunteer manager resume

RC Team

Resume Samples for Managing Volunteers

1. Candidate seeking volunteer manager position

Diligent and reliable volunteer manager with a proven track record in ensuring that volunteer programs in various environments run smoothly. Have excellent leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills that make me a perfect fit to run the volunteer management department at Acme Ltd.

  • Recruited volunteers through social media and partnerships with local organizations and colleges
  • Facilitated the interviews and orientation for 50 new volunteers
  • Trained volunteers how to safely interact with shelter animals

2. Candidate seeking volunteer manager position

Result-oriented and personable volunteer manager with 10 years experience in the coordination of volunteer programs in various non-profit health organizations. Looking forward to joining Acme labs to use my varied skills for the good of the company.

  • Trained volunteers in assisting blood donors to ensure safety
  • Coordinated a volunteer program with 120 volunteers, including performance appraisal and attending to volunteer needs
  • Collaborated with other staff members to ensure appropriate volunteer placement

Volunteer Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

While writing your volunteer manager’s resume, you need to use the right  resume action verbs  and vocabulary. These words will help you appear as better versed in your field and will make each section stand out more clearly. Below is a list of words specifically chosen for use in a professional volunteer manager resume:

Words to Use

  • Volunteer hours
  • Company policy
  • Service delivery
  • Volunteer program
  • Job descriptions
  • Orientation

Action Verbs

  • Collaborate
  • Investigate

Volunteer Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Volunteer managers are a unique kind of managers that coordinate the volunteering aspect of any organization. As a volunteer manager, you can work either within an organization or on behalf of the firm you are recruiting volunteers for. Your responsibilities will revolve mainly around finding volunteers, training and organizing them, and delegating responsibilities to them. Below are some of your duties:

  • Collecting information about their skills
  • Making a volunteer training schedule
  • Facilitate communication with volunteers
  • Manage and keep all volunteers’ records
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for them
  • Evaluate volunteers’ work and offering feedback

To get a lucrative position in a reputable firm as a volunteer manager, you need to create a compelling volunteer manager resume. With a professionally written resume, the hiring panel will be convinced of your talent and abilities and will more likely call you for an interview. Consider using  our resume generators  to create an appealing resume in just a few clicks.

  • Reverse chronological.
  • You can use online  resume templates  to avail more information on the  chronological resume format
  • Neat resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

As a volunteer manager, you probably have loads of experience in other firms that made you rise to the position of manager. You thus want to write a resume that will communicate your career progress to the hiring manager at the firm. The  reverse chronological resume format  is the best option for professional volunteer managers with extensive experience. It lets you write your work experience right below your contacts to make sure the recruiters readily spot it. This  resume format  is also better recognized and preferred by HR professionals and is ATS software-friendly.

A manager is expected to be a high-functioning individual with remarkable organization skills . To make such an impression on the hiring firm, you need to have a neat, well-structured, and appealing resume design.  Designing a resume  does not require many technicalities; with a legible and neat resume, you will have all you need.

White space is the first vital component of your resume; the last thing the recruiters want to see is a document crawling with letters and symbols. To increase white space, have a one-inch margin all around your resume and minimize underline and bold formatting. You can use some dark hues while designing your columns to make your resume look more executive and to stand out from the pile.

While typing your resume, select and use one  formal resume font  like Cambria, Calibri, or Georgia in pt 11-13 throughout the document for consistency. The use of subheadings and bulleted points rather than paragraphs is recommended to make the resume easier to skim through.

Finally, proofread your resume thoroughly to eliminate typos, ensure it is flawless, then save it as a PDF to conserve your  intricate resume layout .

Photos are not required while applying for a volunteer manager’s position; therefore, do not add one to your resume.

Sections of a Volunteer Manager Resume

The various resume sections contain critical aspects of your career, qualifications, and abilities, which will help the recruiters gauge your competence and fitness for the position. You must pay attention to each of them so that you make a positive impression with each section. Use positive language, be brief, and highlight your strengths and abilities in each.

Various professions have varying resume section requirements, but for a volunteer manager, these are the most crucial:

  • Contact information: Include your name (without a title), current work contacts (email and mailing address, and active phone number) for the panel to contact you. A LinkedIn profile is optional.
  • Resume professional summary:  a 3-4 line section at the beginning of the resume in which you provide an overview of your career objectives, qualifications, specialization, and soft skills.
  • Academic background
  • Additional skills and certifications: any other courses or competencies that you possess and are relevant to the job requirements

Your volunteer experience or internships are optional but can be helpful if they are related to the advertised position. Your hobbies and interests provide your hiring panel with an idea of your personality and life outside work. Include them if the hiring company has a corporate social responsibility project in an area you are proficient in.

A volunteer manager resume should be one page long. Regardless of your expertise, one page is all you need to provide the hiring firm with your professional information. Aim to be brief and straight-to-the-point in each section, and utilize columns to arrange all your information.

Volunteer Manager Resume Section Headings

Work experience.

The  work experience section  is the most important in any job application. This section helps recruiters decide whether your abilities and qualifications are a fit for the firm and whether you can handle the responsibilities the new job will offer. You, therefore, need to tailor your work experience section to make it as relevant as possible to the advertised post.

Begin this section with the job you held most previously , starting with your job title, the name, and location of the previous employer (city, state), period of tenure, then a maximum of 4-6 bullets detailing your responsibilities and accomplishments for each position.

What additional skills or certifications do you have that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants? As a volunteer manager, you need a wide variety of soft and hard skills . These include proficiency in computer applications, specifically those used in HR and database management, problem-solving skills, leadership and organization abilities, and strong interpersonal skills.

Your  education section  helps your hiring manager verify that your knowledge and skills are from accredited institutions. Write this section by starting with your highest academic qualification , the college name, city, and state, then years of study. If you have a Masters degree, you can leave out your high school diploma.

CV template Munich

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  • Volunteer Manager CV Example

Example CV Template For a Volunteer Manager

Using a CV Template when creating a CV for a Volunteer Manager position is a helpful way of putting structure into your CV, and a great way to learn ideas.

Quick Links

Personal statement.

  • Cover Letter Guidance
  • Volunteer Services Director CV Template Overview
  • Volunteer Services Director CV Example Structure
  • Related CV Advice

It is good practice to view several examples of CVs from your industry, so you can define what you would like to achieve. Be careful when using a CV template because the content you include needs to be unique content, tailored to your experiences as a Volunteer Services Director and specifically, about your achievements. When creating your CV, a key tip is to carefully insert your personality, give an overview of your job responsibilities and share insights about your career that you are proud of.

Volunteer Services Director CV Advice

It is good practice to view several examples of CVs from your industry to define what you would like to achieve. Be careful when using a CV template because the content you include needs to be unique content, tailored to your experiences as a Volunteer Services Director and specifically, about your achievements. When creating your Volunteer Services Director CV, a key tip is to carefully insert your personality. Key points to include are an overview of your job responsibilities and insights about elements of your career that you are proud of. When applying for a Volunteer Services Director job, read the hiring manager’s Volunteer Services Director job description, identify the Volunteer Services Director skills mentioned in the job ad, and ensure they appear on your Volunteer Services Director resume.

Volunteer Services Director Personal Statement

Start with a unique personal statement tailored specifically to you. Focus on who you are, what your strengths are and share the traits that make you a standout candidate for a job in the Charity sector Your personal statement should summarise your CV, which should address who you are, what you have to offer, and what you are aiming for in your career. Most crucially, you need to let the hiring manager, interviewer, or employer understand the type of impact you will have in their company, should you be employed. Our CV template includes a personal statement example to help you secure a job interview. employed.

Volunteer Services Director Cover Letter Guidance

When job seekers apply for a Volunteer Services Director job, it is crucial to include a cover letter, even if the position is an entry-level job. The cover letter suitable for most Volunteer Services Director jobs needs to fulfil three criteria. You should introduce yourself, build rapport with the recruiter, and encourage the hiring manager to invite you to an interview. When writing your cover letter, create an introduction, explain why you are applying for the job, and why they should hire you. It can be helpful to review the Volunteer Services Director job description to discover the skills the employer is seeking. You can view the perfect cover letter template here.

Recommended Volunteer Services Director Jobs

Cv template overview for a volunteer services director.

As the Volunteer Manager, I was the champion of the Volunteer programmes and would secure the contribution of committed, unpaid staff and subsequently direct and monitor their efforts. I would ensure unfaltering adherence to agreed-upon staffing and budgetary guidelines.

The role capitalised on my approachability and cultural sensitivity. I would continuously endeavour to maximise the programme’s impact.

CV Example Work Experience for a Volunteer Services Director

  • Sourcing suitably qualified and earnest Volunteers.
  • Devising goal-oriented work schedules.
  • Assigning routine and ad hoc responsibilities to Volunteers.
  • Issuing sound instruction and appropriate mentorship.
  • Reviewing Volunteers’ performance at scheduled intervals.
  • Ensuring compliance with Volunteer-specific and company-wide guidelines.
  • Promoting budgetary compliance to preserve our operations.
  • Being culturally sensitive.

CV Tips for a Volunteer Services Director

  • Formal Managerial training.
  • In-depth Managerial experience in Volunteer-driven contexts.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Budget management techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A decisive, empathic, and goal-driven disposition.

Volunteer Services Director Sample Resume Format

This Volunteer Services Director resume sample format will allow you to create a concise CV that includes all the elements a hiring manager will expect to see when you apply for Volunteer Services Director jobs. Your work experience and education should be added in reverse chronological format, with the most recent employer and qualification appearing first. If you have little work experience, we recommend changing the order of our Volunteer Services Director resume sample/cv sample, so your education is listed before your work experience. If you have no work experience, consider adapting the resume sample, where an Essential Skills section replaces the Previous Employers section.

Example Structure of a CV for a Volunteer Services Director

Telephone Number | Email Address | LinkedIn Profile

Your Personal Statement

Previous Employers

Company name, job title (dates of employment).

  • Job skills (Volunteer Services Director skills)
  • Achievements
  • Awards and recognition
  • Job skills (computer skills / interpersonal skills / verbal communication skills)

Education & Qualifications

University name, degree name (dates of study).

  • Relevant modules

College Name

(dates of study).

  • Subjects and grades

Interests & Hobbies

  • Transferable skills and experience

Related CV Templates

  • Recreation Volunteer

Find a Salary

Average salary.

Min: £21,217.00 Max: £45,058.00

Average Volunteer Services Director Salary in UK: £29,918.61

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Job Description And Resume Examples

Volunteer Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Volunteer Manager Job Description

This post provides detailed information on the volunteer manager job description, including the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the volunteer manager role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Volunteer Manager Do?

A volunteer manager can also be known as a volunteer coordinator; his/her primary role is to supervise and manage the volunteers’ resources to ensure the organization’s objectives and goals are met.

The volunteer manager job description entails directly managing volunteers, providing mentorship or guidance, support, resource, and tools to staff who supervise volunteers.

Volunteer managers basically are responsible for high-level or executive activities and spend most of their time planning, analyzing, and making decisions on their own.

An outstanding volunteer manager must command good knowledge of operating in a non-profit or volunteer-related organization desirably as a manager with exceptional leadership, computer, and communication skills, which will be useful for managing the volunteer staff and volunteer resources to meet the organization’s set goals or objective.

His/her work description also involves recruiting, training and mentoring the volunteer staff.

Volunteer managers also engage in program planning in a bid to meet their goals.

They are responsible for the timely and accurate processing of data from their staff – volunteers or paid members to create reports and distribute it to key members of the organization.

They work closely with volunteers to create a schedule that works for everyone and ensures the right amount of volunteers is always available to distribute duties too.

They also assess the budget for each program and ensure adequate resources available always.

Volunteer Manager Job Description Example/Template

Volunteer managers perform various functions in providing effective supervision to the volunteer staff of an organization.

Shown below are tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically make up the job description of volunteer managers in most organizations:

  • Develop a budget and assess available resources for the volunteer program activities
  • Conduct continuous evaluation of the programs and services delivered by the volunteer and implements corrections when necessary
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to recruit volunteers with the right skills at the right time to match the interest of the organization
  • Train staff to work effectively with volunteers on each program and resolve any conflict or misunderstanding without bias
  • Enlighten and clarify staff and volunteers on their roles and responsibilities to all stakeholders, in alignment with the goal or objectives of the organization
  • Ensure that volunteers and staff are well supervised and check-in as at when due and meet up with the tasks given
  • Research and draft volunteer policies and procedures, including risk assessments
  • Generate income, write funding bids, and raise funds to ensure the sustainability and viability of each project
  • Maintain an up-to-date database and use this information to monitor and evaluate activities; and write reports for funders and trustees
  • Design formal or informal activities to recognize the contributions of volunteers to the organization
  • Organize profile raising events to attract new volunteers and raise funds
  • Ensure that the welfare of volunteers is high, and perform any other administrative activities.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the role of a Volunteer manager

Generally, the minimum education of a college degree in management, business studies, volunteer management, human-resource management, social work, youth and community work, adult education, social or humanity sciences or any other relevant field or its equivalent is usually required to become a volunteer manager, but it is possible to enter the career without a degree as some employers value experience more often than academic achievement.

Furthermore, taking courses that will help them better understand the job can be useful to any aspiring volunteer manager.

Courses on human-resource planning, management, business, spreadsheets and word processing can be helpful when it comes to preparing for a job in volunteer management or scheduling.

Other skills and qualities that can be helpful in securing an interview are:

  • Minimum of two to three years managerial or related work experience in a non-profit or charitable organization, most preferably as a volunteer manager
  • Strong communication skills – written and verbal, which will be useful in creating handbooks, training manuals, and other program materials
  • Strong analytical, leadership and planning skills
  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong computer skills and proficiency in word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications, and Raiser’s Edge or other fundraising software
  • Attention to details and a clear understanding of the sector; commitment to the organization; and ability to handle information confidentially
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to deal with a diverse type of people
  • Excellent organizational, time management skills, and ability to cope with limited resources, seize opportunities and think creatively
  • Good work ethics, a flexible and non-judgmental approach to people
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team and also take initiatives when the need arises
  • Driving skills may be required for visiting organizations and assisting volunteers with travel.

Advancing Your Career

Postgraduate degree programs are usually not needed, but it is an added advantage, especially when one is applying for a job at more competitive organizations

Volunteer managers are important members of an organization that employ the services of volunteers in achieving their goals and objectives.

Are you an employer looking for the best manager to hire to head your volunteer resource unit? If you are, then the sample job description with the highlighted duties and responsibilities will be useful to you in making a detailed description for the role in your organization.

By publishing a comprehensive description of the job, you will be increasing your chances of attracting the best candidates to your organization.

The content of this post is equally useful to people aspiring to get into the volunteer management career. They will be able to learn all they need to know about the job of the manager in charge of volunteers in an organization.


IT Risk Analyst Job Description

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StandOut CV

Volunteer CV example

Andrew Fennell photo

Volunteering is a great way to give back, boost your skills, meet new people and broaden your horizons.

But to land a rewarding role, you’re going to need a compelling CV.

Your volunteer CV should highlight your enthusiasm, compassionate nature and relevant skill-set, all whilst being well-presented.

To help you land those job interviews, I’ve created this step-by-step writing guide, along with an example volunteer CV.

Guide contents

  • Structuring and formatting your CV
  • Writing your CV profile
  • Detailing work experience
  • Your education
  • Skills required for your volunteer CV

CV templates 

Volunteer CV-1

Before you begin writing your own CV , take a look at the CV example above.

It should give you a good idea of how to display your skills and experience in a professional and visually-pleasing way.

CV builder

Volunteer CV structure & format

The structure and format of your CV are equally as important as what you write on it.

Charities are busy places and often have limited resources, so they won’t have much spare time to read your CV.

So, to get in their good books, you need to make it as easy for them as possible to read and navigate through your application.

CV structure

Formatting Tips

  • As an unwritten rule, your CV shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages of A4 . Try to keep everything as short and succinct as you can.
  • It’s generally best to keep the design of your CV simple. Stick to a plain colour scheme, such as black text on a white background, and use the same font throughout.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and unbroken chunks of text. Break up your information by using plenty of bullet points, lists and columns.
  • Ensure your CV is easy to navigate by clearly dividing the individual CV sections – using bold text for headings is a good way to do this.
  • Send your CV off as a word document, attached to an email. Paste your cover letter into the body of the email.

Structuring your CV

Organise your information into the following CV sections:

  • Contact details – Always start with your basic contact details.
  • Profile – A short, punchy paragraph which sums up your skills, experience and other selling points.
  • Work experience / Career history – List your volunteer and work experience, starting with your most recent role.
  • Education –  Note down any qualifications, whether they’re academic or vocational.
  • Interest and hobbies – An optional section, which you can use to discuss hobbies that display relevant skills.

We’ll go through each of these sections in more detail, so you know exactly what you need to  include in your CV.

CV Contact Details

Contact details

If a charity wants to invite you in for an interview, they’ll need an easy way to contact you.

So, always start your CV with your basic contact details:

  • Phone number  – Opt for a mobile phone that you take with you on-the-go.
  • Email address  – Use a professional-sounding email address, with no nicknames – make a new one if you need to.
  • Location – You don’t need to include your full address – your town or city will do.

Volunteer CV Profile

Next, you need to write a short, compelling and enthusiastic CV profile .

You should think of this as an introduction, which summarises why you’d make a great volunteer for the organisation you’re applying for.

Talk about any relevant experience you have, your skills, your qualifications and/or relevant training and why you’d like to help the charity.

As charity recruiters are often short on time, this might be all they read before deciding if you’d suit the role – so you really need to grab their attention!

CV profile

Tips to consider when creating your profile:

  • CV profiles should be succinct, with a length of around 5-10 lines. This gives just enough detail to show your suitability, whilst leaving the reader keen to find out more about you.
  • Tailor your profile to the charity and role you’re applying to. Take a look over the role description to see what skills or personal attributes the organisation are looking for. Try to include these in your profile and throughout your CV.
  • I’d normally recommend leaving motives and objectives for your cover letter, but volunteer roles are an exception. In your profile, briefly mention why you’d like to work for the charity, why you care about their cause and how you think you could help.

Quick tip: A poorly written CV will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy CV Builder to create a winning CV in minutes with professional templates and pre-written content for every industry.

What to include in your volunteer CV profile?

  • Experience – If you have any previous volunteering experience, make sure to mention it. You can also mention non-volunteer work experience, especially if you can draw upon transferable skills which could be a benefit to the role you’re applying for.
  • Skills or knowledge  – What skills are listed in the role description? If you can match them, include them in your profile. Otherwise, do some volunteer role research and figure out what skills charities are looking for.
  • Qualifications  – There are normally no entry requirements for volunteer roles, but that’s not to say they won’t play to your advantage! Mention your highest qualifications, whether that’s a degree, A-Levels or GCSEs. If you’ve completed any fundraising or charity-related courses/training, make sure to highlight them, too.
  • Motives  – Charities are looking for passionate and motivated team members, so briefly mention why you care about their cause and how you could help them reach their goals.
  • Achievements –  Have you raised money for a charity, volunteered in an emergency situation or helped towards fundraising initiatives? Share your best charity results, achievements and accomplishments to prove to recruiters that you’re serious about giving back.

Core skills section

To add even more impact, create a bullet-pointed list of your key skills , to sit right underneath your CV profile.

As you did with your profile, try to match the skills listed in role requirements as closely as possible.

This will help busy charity recruiters to quickly and easily see what you could bring to the team.

CV core skills

Quick tip: Many charities have web pages dedicated to their volunteer roles, such as this one for  shop volunteers at Cancer Research . You might be able to find additional information, including their desired volunteer skills and characteristics, to include in your profile and core skills section.

Work experience/Career history

Starting with your most recent (or current) role/volunteer role, begin listing your work experience.

If you work in paid roles alongside volunteering , you might want to split your experience section up into a ‘volunteering experience’ and a ‘career history’ section.

However, charities will be most interested in your volunteering experience, so it’s best to prioritise space for them.

Work experience

Never volunteered or worked for a charity before? That’s okay – just list your other work experience, making sure to highlight any transferable skills that could benefit you in the role you’re applying for.

Structuring your roles

Your CV needs to be easy to navigate, but your work experience section can easily become overwhelming.

Role descriptions

Start with a summary of your role, the type of organisation you worked for and who you reported to.

“Volunteering for a busy high-street charity shop, I reported to the shop manager and was responsible for processing sales and providing excellent customer care to customers.”

Key responsibilities

Next, create a bullet-pointed list of your day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

  • Ensuring the shop floor was kept in immaculate condition.
  • Manning the till and processing cash and card transactions.
  • Setting up seasonal window and promotional displays to maximise sales.

Key achievements

Round up the role description by sharing 1-3 stand out results, accomplishments or achievements .

  • Organised a local charity event single-handedly, which raised over £5,000.
  • Exceeded sales targets for 6-months running.
  • Regularly volunteered to carry out street fundraising, which raised an average of £3,000 per month.

Next up is your education section. It’s here that you’ll discuss your qualifications and any relevant training or courses you’ve completed.

Don’t worry if you don’t have many qualifications. There’s no barrier to entry for volunteer roles – it’s the mindset that matters!

Just list your highest qualifications, along with the dates of study – for example, ‘ 10 GCSEs A-D’.

If have any vocational qualifications, such as First Aid training , make sure to include them, too.

Quick tip: If you’re volunteering for a skill-specific role as a graduate or professional, include your sector-specific qualifications here. For example, if you’re a marketing graduate volunteering to run a charity’s social media accounts, list your degree and discuss your social media module in detail.

Interests and hobbies

This CV section is completely optional, but it can be handy for volunteer roles.

If you have any interests or hobbies which are related to the role you’re applying for, then it’s well worth discussing them. For example, if you’re applying to volunteer at an animal shelter and have a blog about animals, it makes sense to note this on your CV, as it shows your passion for the sector.

Additionally, if you’re part of a sports team, play a musical instrument, are learning a language or have another creative pursuit, adding your hobby to your CV will show charities that you’re a committed, dedicated and driven individual.

However, generic hobbies like  ‘listening to music’  or  ‘going out with friends’ don’t say anything about you and should be left off your CV.

Essential skills and characteristics for your volunteer CV

As volunteer roles vary so widely, so do the skills that are required for the role. However, the following soft skills and characteristics a must for any charity CV:

Passion for the cause – Supporting the charity in question and having a clear passion for the cause.

Good communication  – Communicating with colleagues, customers and those needing support in a friendly, calm, reassuring and empathetic manner.

Teamwork  – Working well as part of a team.

Empathy  – Showing empathy, patience, consideration and a caring nature.

Fundraising  – Contributing to or building upon fundraising initiatives and strategies.

Writing your volunteer CV

Charities are always looking for passionate, kind-natured and driven individuals to volunteer to help their mission.

If you follow my CV guide, you’ll be able to create a CV that proves you have all these qualities and more.

Make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar before sending off your application.

Best of luck with your job search!

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