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English is one of the leading languages ​​in the world. Since English is the language of international trade, English is a basic requirement for everyone. Not only that, you can also interact with people from all over the world. Today, fluency in English is one of the basic requirements for a trouble-free life. To be perfect in any language, you must be able to write, read, and speak. These skills include understanding the grammatical aspects of English, writing letters, essays, etc.

Essay-writing is a fun activity for every kid. Kids enjoy writing essays as it gives them creative freedom and allows them to express their thoughts. Essay writing has many benefits: it improves students’ command over the language, allows them to learn sentence formation, etc. Kids can get free essays on several topics on Vedantu’s site. 

My Dream House- An Essay 

I always imagine how my future house will be. A home is a place surrounded by the people one loves. A house is not made beautiful by its furniture or decor, but by the people that live inside it. My dream house should be a house that I can share with my family when I grow old. I always dream of a wooden house in the hilly areas. My dream house should be the one facing a small river. Through the windows, I could see the sun setting and disappearing into the mountains. My dream house would have a small garden where I will grow my own vegetables and fruits. 

The house that I fancy would be considerably big with four rooms and a spacious common area. My dream house should be comfortable for my parents, grandparents and siblings. The house should be equipped with all the modern amenities. It should have a big TV with a home theatre system and a Playstation attached to it. The walls of the house will have light colours that will make it appear bright. There will be sufficient light bulbs and lamps in every room. I also dream of a chandelier in the guest room and a big sofa where everyone will sit and enjoy watching TV together. My grandparents love reading. I wish that my dream house will have a reading space with lots of books.

I have a 3-year old pet dog called Tiger. I also want to have a small yet cosy space in my house for Tiger where he can sleep and relax when he grows old. The house will have beautiful interiors and will have all the facilities like a modern kitchen, three bathrooms, a staircase leading to the terrace, ACs, etc. My dream home should be the one where we all can live happily and comfortably.  


FAQs on My Dream House Essay in English for Students

1. Why should students write essays about My Dream House?

Essay writing is loved by all ages. When writing an essay on any topic, they can describe their chain of thoughts and ideas. Children must be able to understand the importance of home. Home is a symbol of togetherness and love. Writing an essay about my dream house gives students the opportunity to express their feelings about the dream house in simple words. My dream house essay tries to introduce children to the most important aspects of a home that they can include in their essay. Everyone has their own idea of ​​the perfect home. With this article, the experts try to write what a children's dream house looks like. Writing a short essay about my dream house encourages children to gather their thoughts and develop their own ideas about the subject. It develops better language skills and increases self-confidence. Therefore, writing essays has been a part of the curriculum since the formation years of children. 

2. What is a dream house?

Home is the dream of many people because it is one of the few things that give happiness and comfort to everyone. Dream homes can have designs that vary from person to person and this has led to many beautiful dream homes. A dream home should be a place where the person finds comfort, no matter where they go, they will find peace at that one place. A dream house is a place that a person dreams and each day wishes to be in that place. There are many essays on dream homes that can easily be found on the Vedantu website for the students to refer to. 

3. Why should students be encouraged to write essays?

An essay is written to convince someone about a certain topic or just to inform the reader. In order to convince or properly inform the reader, the essay must include several elements that are important to be convincing and logical. Essay writing is a very important part of the English curriculum because it understands how to describe something in words or how to express your point of view without losing its meaning. Essays are the most important way to understand the structure of writing and present it to the reader.

4. How does Vedantu help students write essays?

Writing an essay takes a little guidance and a lot of practice. To understand this, Vedantu offers students various essays on various topics to understand the proper way to write an essay. Students can refer to these essays and reproduce them in their own style to get a better test. On the Vedantu website, there are complete guidelines on how to write an essay and its types. These tips and ample examples available on the website are the perfect guide for any student to write an essay.

5. What perspectives should students keep in mind when writing an essay entitled My Dream House?

Home is a completely safe place to live with our family. We live with our parents, grandparents, and siblings and it is a place that gives us love and warmth. In this article, we'll review the essay ook, "My Dream Home," and understand the importance of a dream home from a toddler's perspective. When I write "My Dream home", the child needs to understand the importance of the dream house in his life. In addition, children should see the house as a symbol of human togetherness, a place where everyone learns the first steps in his life.

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Essays About Dream House: Top 6 Examples Plus 8 Prompts

If you are writing essays about dream houses, discover our helpful guide with top essay examples and writing prompts.

Living in the dream home is almost everyone’s life goal. Many of us already have a blueprint of our dream houses in our head, from the number of rooms to which room faces the swimming pool. For some, investing in a dream house is a good, lifetime investment as house prices appreciate over time. However, the unprecedented rise of housing rates worldwide is robbing the financially vulnerable of building their dream home, let alone owning residential property.

Below are our top evergreen essay examples, and topic prompts to help you write about dream houses effectively. 

Top 6 Examples on Essays About Dream Houses

1. how long does it take to build a house: is it worth the wait by rebecca yazie, 2. the chinese dream of homeownership is crumbling. the economy could go with it by stephanie yang, 3. inside betsey johnson’s malibu dream house by molly creeden, 4. thinking (very) small to give dream houses to the homeless by kyveli diener , 5. the global housing market is broken, and it’s dividing entire countries by alan crawford, 6. dream house turned nightmare by kielaokaykay, 8 prompts for essays about dream houses, 1. describe your dream house, 2. dream house style trends, 3. millennials and gen x’s struggle to own a dream house. , 4. preparing and working for your dream house, 5. a foreclosed house for a dream home , 6. maintaining a luxury home, 7. is having a dream house still practical , 8. dream homes and long-term investment.

“There are definite advantages to building your own home, but the choice may not be right for everyone due to time and expense issues. Therefore, it is important to weigh your goals and limitations honestly to determine if this is the route you want to take.”

Should you buy a house that closely resembles your dream house or build it from the ground up? There are several personal and external factors to consider before building a dream house. These factors are enumerated in this essay, which also outlines the typical weekly schedule of the construction journey, from groundbreaking to the final finishes. You might also be interested in these essays about the countryside .

“Although the mortgages at risk are estimated to be a fraction of the country’s total, mistrust born out of the boycotts could further weigh on consumer confidence at a time when the inclination to save amid economic uncertainty is at its highest level in decades.”

As several developers, including real estate behemoth Evergrande Group, have defaulted on their debts, dozens in China are devastated. After using their life savings as partial payment for the dream homes they were promised, they may never see these promises come to life. This essay shows the anxieties of home buyers and the struggles of the Chinese economy as a whole.

“Indeed, pink has been integral to the 78-year-old designer’s career, though it alone fails to capture the full scope of her aesthetic, which often combines the frilly with the brooding: fluorescent tulle and black mesh, floral prints and skull motifs.“

The author gives a vividly descriptive tour of the Malibu home of American fashion designer Betsey Johnson and reveals the inspiration behind the details. Pretty in pink, the house is located in one of the most coveted dream house locations, boasting fantastic surfing waves, vista views, and privacy for the ultra-rich. 

“The house is 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, 6 feet tall, and constructed from refuse. The columns are carved from two bed posts, and its pitched roof is shingled with rainproof silver coffee bags. But for new parents Dee and Brian, a young homeless couple dealing with a health crisis, the house is perfect.”

An artist in California is reimagining small housing structures, making it possible for the homeless to have their own safe and private dream houses. As the community of small houses grows, it is ending decades of homelessness experienced by many and providing opportunities to restore a dignified life.

“Soaring property prices are forcing people all over the world to abandon all hope of owning a home… The upshot is the perennial issue of housing costs has become one of acute housing inequality, and an entire generation is at risk of being left behind. “

Governments around the world have been wrestling with a housing crisis for years. But with the pandemic further stoking housing inequality among generations and adding pressures to economies in a crisis, governments are scrambling to find a sustainable fix to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. 

“I thought this was a little weird, but Crestone is a weird place. Everyone there is weird. I’m weird. I was just buying a house, and I determined to keep things professional between us. I learned later that he and his friends have terrorized and exploited multiple people, men and women. Some of them are dead.”

A traumatic experience unfolds in a woman’s life after purchasing her dream house. The seller of her new home would turn out to be her relentless stalker, who would drug her repeatedly. These drugs have taken a toll on her mental well-being, functioning faculties, and overall state of living.

Essays About Dream Houses

In this essay, describe your dream house. What is your dream house like? Is it a mansion with several rooms always ready to accommodate parties? Is it a simple bungalow in the countryside surrounded by flowers? Or is it a glass house by the lake? First, describe your dream house’s size, design, and features. Then, choose the best location for it. Finally, explain how this dream house perfectly fits your lifestyle preference or what inspired your dream house.

Find out about the most popular dream house styles and describe them. For example, contemporary houses are often defined by minimalist designs. Victorian-styled houses, meanwhile, boast aesthetic details. If you have also noticed common denominators among today’s dream houses, such as a natural color finish to the walls and deep kitchen hues, add them. 

As tackled in one of our essay examples, the housing crisis is leaving behind the younger generations to live the dream of having their dream house. So, find out the actual situation by interviewing a few young professionals. Learn about their challenges in building or buying their dream home. Is this dream still part of their life goals, or have they given up entirely? 

Working toward your dream home is truly a commitment – financially and psychologically. Unfortunately, several drawbacks can get in the way, such as unexpected circumstances where you must withdraw your savings. So, in this essay, provide practical tips on how one can work toward their dream house, such as setting a realistic budget and finding the correct location. Then, help your readers assess when it is the right time to take a mortgage.

Foreclosed houses attract buyers because of their affordability. So those on a tight budget consider this an excellent option to acquire their dream house. However, foreclosed houses have their share of horror stories, either because of actual ghosts or whooping costs needed for repairs. For your essay, dive into the top pitfalls in buying foreclosed homes. Then, walk your readers through the limited financing arrangements available to them, given that many lenders avoid financing the purchase of foreclosed homes.

Essays About Dream Houses: Maintaining a luxury home

High-end houses will inevitably come with a lot of maintenance measures. Help your readers keep up with the maintenance routine and provide more sustainable tips, such as constantly weeding out impractical items, furniture, and home appliances.

With house prices spiraling upward and economic uncertainties of the day, owning a dream house, let alone a parcel of residential property, may no longer be practical for some. This essay looks at real estate ownership through the lens of financial experts and investors. First, gather their advice for people focusing on obtaining that dream house. Then, for a more exciting essay, find out their thoughts and forecasts on the housing markets. 

Real estate is considered the safest long-term investment thanks to value appreciation. There is, of course, more significant profit if you score a property in an underdeveloped location poised for growth. However, several market factors, such as interest rates, must be considered to maximize a dream home as an investment. For this essay, provide more tips on how one can achieve more equity from their dream homes—leasing them out when on vacation is one.

Want to improve your writing? Check out our essay writing tips ! You may also check out our round-up of the best essay checkers .

write a descriptive essay about your own dream house

Yna Lim is a communications specialist currently focused on policy advocacy. In her eight years of writing, she has been exposed to a variety of topics, including cryptocurrency, web hosting, agriculture, marketing, intellectual property, data privacy and international trade. A former journalist in one of the top business papers in the Philippines, Yna is currently pursuing her master's degree in economics and business.

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My Dream House: a Haven of Joy and Tranquility

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Published: Aug 14, 2023

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write a descriptive essay about your own dream house

How to Write an Essay About My Dream House

Are you struggling to write an essay about your dream house? Don’t worry! This article about a dream house will equip you with all the essential tools needed to write a descriptive essay about the dream house.

write a descriptive essay about your own dream house

What Is an Essay About My Dream House

Why you need to write an essay about house of your dream, how to get the best essay about my dream house, how to start an essay about dream house, make topic research, create a writing plan, outline writing, writing body paragraphs, what to include in dream house essay, how to write a conclusion for an essay about house of your dream, finalizing essay, essay revision, proofread twice, use photo examples, short example of a college essay about my dream house.

An essay on the “house of my dreams” is writing about the perfect house where you hope you are going to live in the future. It will include all the details from the structure of the house to the color of linen used. You will be writing about a place that will make you comfortable and happy.

It is essential to write about your dreams and especially about your house. It will not only help people in understanding your goals such as your future house but your personality too. The essay that describes your dream house will always be a source of motivation for you in achieving it.





Doing topic research before writing an essay is very important. To write a dream house essay in English, you must first visualize the entire house in your mind. Then it would help if you decided what details and how many details you want to include in your dream house essay. These will include the words or phrases that you want to include.

Planning before writing not only saves time but helps you in organizing your ideas. You will have to spend some time in developing a basic outline of your essay. It will help you in improving the flow of your writing and will help the reader in visualizing your dream house.

As discussed before, having a writing plan proves to help bring your thoughts on a piece of paper. An outline of my dream house essay will be like a blueprint that will serve as a guide when you sit down to write the actual essay.

An example of the essay outline that describes your house can be:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1: Details about the exterior of the house
  • Body Paragraph 2: Details about the interior of the house

You should feel free to include as many details or points as you wish or deem appropriate. With that said, make sure the flow is logical and the essay segues smoothly from the introduction to the body and then to the concluding part.

Your dream house essay should engage the readers. It can be only achieved when the body paragraphs are cohesive, linked, and are in a flow. It is unnecessary to make two separate paragraphs to communicate similar ideas; hence, they should be grouped together. Topic sentences should be used along with content to support it. All the paragraphs should have a similar length. The use of transition words (such as ‘furthermore’, ‘however’, and ‘besides’) will improve the connection and flow between paragraphs. Do not use intricate sentence structure that is difficult to read and understand. Simple sentences are easier to understand and will help in visualizing the house. The dream house essay example written at the end will provide you with a better idea of how paragraphs are written.

Your essay should include all of the details regarding the house. It would be best if you start by putting a “my dream house paragraph” at the start, which will give the reader a basic idea or introduction. It can be followed by a paragraph of what living in a dream house would be like for you. Then you can continue by explaining the exterior, interior, and particular areas or features of the house which make the house a “dream house” for you. You can mention the tiniest details as it helps the reader in visualizing better. You can also imagine yourself living in that house and then jot down different activities that you might be carrying out, such as hosting parties and having movie nights.

The conclusion of the essay will give a summary of all the points you have mentioned in your essay “the house of my dream”. It will wrap up your essay in a neat manner. When concluding your essay, please do not restate the idea or the statement that you want to have a dream house as it will be redundant. The conclusion is not supposed to bring any new ideas as they should only be explained in the body paragraphs.

Once you are done writing the essay, its time to sit back and revise it carefully. The revision process lets you look at the essay from a fresh perspective. You can be critical while reading it. It is the rethinking phase in which you reconsider the details, add something in case anything was missed, and reorganize the paragraphs. If you have missed details about the exciting floor tiling, while describing your dream house, now is the time to add those.

The golden rule of writing is not relying on the first draft of an essay about a dream house or of any essay. If you are not considering this, then you are risking more than just having confused readers. What if you have made spelling mistakes or errors in the sentence structure. It might derail the reader and can hinder the visualization process of your dream house. Proofreading can help you maintain quality and can help you in recognizing areas that could have been written and explained better.

To help with the visualization process, pictures that resemble your dream house can be added. It will also ensure the attentiveness of the reader as images are better at grabbing attention. Also, the human brain can process images much faster than words. Check out the example in the dream house college assignment written below.

essay about my dream house

Since childhood, I have been dreaming of the perfect house that will be a place of happiness, inspiration, and peace. The idea of having a house in a noisy city is something I have always dreaded. My dream house will be in the suburbs, outside the city. I would be very excited is there is a lake nearby as I adore nature. Though the house will be far from the city, that does not mean that I will live in isolation. Everything will be a walking distance, whether it is a supermarket or a car wash.

The house of my dreams will have a simple but modern design that would be appealing to the eyes. I would like to have a huge lawn where I can grow my vegetables and fruits. The parking would be spacious enough for several cars. I will place modern furniture on the front porch, where we can relax and enjoy the view. The backyard will have enough space to hold a party and entertain at least fifty people. I have a huge family, and we are always hosting parties. I also want a pool in the backyard so that I can host pool parties.

The house will have plenty of large glass windows that will make the house bright and spacious. I will plan each detail of the interior of my house. I want it to be very modern and minimalistic. Bulky furniture, dark wallpapers, and bohemian décor is something that I do not want in my house.

Unnecessary furniture clutters the house and makes me claustrophobic. The hall and large living room should have enough space so that people can move around quickly. I want to have comfortable sofas and soft furry carpet on the floor. The kitchen should be large and neat, as I am fond of cooking and baking. It will be equipped with all the latest appliances to make the whole baking process more comfortable. I would love to cook for my family on weekends. We can all sit on the large wooden dining table and enjoy the scrumptious meal.

The bedrooms will have attached bathrooms. I want a rain shower and a bathtub in every bathroom in my house. The bedrooms will have king-size, cozy beds with linen sheets. Just like the house, I want the color of the beddings to be light. Unlike most of the houses, I would like to have a small home theatre in my bedroom. I am not a bookworm so I might turn the room that was meant to be a library in a proper movie theatre so that I can host movie nights.

My dream house will be warm and welcoming. I want it to be my happy place, away from all the hustle and bustle. It will fulfill my desire of living near nature. It would be a perfect place for me to relax after a tough day at work. I wish that one day I can build this house and live in it.

Buy Pre-written Essay Examples on The Topic

You can quickly get pre-written my dream house essays on several websites for minimal costs. It will save you time and energy. Do check out essays on Essay Zoo as they provide quality essays for sale.

Use Edu Jungles to Write Your Essay from A Scratch

If it is difficult for you to describe a house in your essay, you can always use EduJungles , which will help in writing your essay from scratch. It is the best website you can find when you search for write my essay in 8 hours for cheap and hit search.

write a descriptive essay about your own dream house

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Dream House Essay in English

Home , the place one spends more time in their life and shares special moments with family. Where one expects to live permanently carefree, feel protected under the roof of their house. Here are some sample essays on dream house.

100 Words Essay On Dream House

I'm always imagining how my future home will look. A home is a place where one is surrounded by the people they care about. The people who live in a house make it beautiful, not the furniture or decor. My ideal home would be one that I could share with my family after I come back from work.

I've always wanted a hillside wooden house. My ideal home would be one that overlooks a small river. I could see the sun setting and disappearing into the mountains through the windows. My ideal home would include a small garden in which I could grow my own vegetables and fruits.

200 Words Essay On Dream House

Dream House Essay in English

One day I want to have a home that makes me feel well and where I can be safe and happy with my family. I want to live in a big white house with blue shutters. My room will be overlooking the river so that I can paint the scenery. I want a blue coloured porch wrapped around the house where I can drink tea and watch the sunrise and sunset everyday.

My Ideal Home

My ideal home would be welcoming to my parents, grandparents, and siblings. My ideal home is one in which all of us can live happily and comfortably. The house I envision would be quite large, with four bedrooms and a large common area. The house should be outfitted with all modern conveniences. It should have a large TV, a home theatre system, and a Playstation.

The walls of the house will be painted in light colours to make it appear bright. Every room will have enough light bulbs and lamps. I also want a chandelier in the common room and a large sofa where everyone can sit and watch TV together. My grandparents are avid readers. My ideal home would have a library with a large number of books.

500 Words Essay On Dream House

The house is where we stay with our loved ones. A good house is one that makes the person feel at ease. It is a place where we can seek shelter from rain, heat, and storms, among other things. Everyone has their own preferences for the type of home they prefer to live in.

Location Of My Dream House

I want to live in the mountains of Switzerland. I want to live in a picturesque village named Grindewald where Alps mountain is located. I want to live in a small community where everyone knows each other, and people are very kind and helpful.

I want to raise cows on the hillsides. Every morning, I want to wake up to the melodious tinkle of a cowbell around my ears. When I walk out of my room, I want to stand on the lawn of the backyard and breathe in the fresh air. I want a warm and cosy house of comfort and peace.

The beautiful glacier can be seen from my terris's window. Why do I want this type of house? Because I enjoy seeing the sunrise and sunset, as well as the people working at their workplace. The breeze from the trees planted by the people of the village behind my dream house will be refreshing every day. It would be fantastic. I chose to build my home near the village and river so that I can feel refreshed and grateful to be surrounded by nature. In my ideal home, I also want to plant my own fruits and vegetables.

How My Dream House Would Look

First and foremost, my house would be located in the woods, away from everyone else. I'd also live in a contemporary-looking log cabin. Living in a log cabin has always been a dream of mine. I also want to live in a contemporary home, so combining the two would be ideal for me.

My dream home will be large and spacious. I want my house to be built on a mountain with as many green materials as possible to help protect the environment. I also want my house to be located away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, but not too far from civilization. This house style, which I believe suits my personality, is more antique and sophisticated, with a touch of simplicity and aesthetic. The house will have beautiful interiors and all of the amenities, such as a kitchen, three bathrooms, a staircase leading to the terrace, and a bonfire place.

My backyard would be open and have a view of the mountain and valleys. There would be a bonfire in the centre surrounded by chairs, and a barbeque place. I want a swimming pool and a jacuzzi in my backyard.

My room would be the biggest one out of the 5 rooms I want in my home. It would have black coloured walls and blue curtains. There would be a small bed for my dog in the corner of my room. I want to have a common room where everyone can sit and watch TV, spend some quality time with the family and have a huge wooden dining table in the corner of the room.

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As per latest 2024 syllabus. Physics formulas, equations, & laws of class 11 & 12th chapters

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English with George - Everything Students and Teachers need

How to describe my dream house

In order to describe the house of your dream successfully, you have to know a few things such as:

  • The parts of the house vocabulary
  • Adjectives to describe a house
  • Grammar structures to piece your ideas together

About the house

Kinds of houses.

  • Terraced-house
  • Semi-detached house

write a descriptive essay about your own dream house

Parts of the House

  • living room
  • laundry room
  • Dining room

Adjectives to Describe a House

These are the most common adjectives to describe the house of your dreams.

Spacious/Huge : very big e.g. The bedroom is spacious/huge

Elegant : Attractively decorated, e.g. The rooms are elegant

Traditional: Old fashioned, e.g. She has old fashioned furniture

Minimalistic: Simple design, e.g. Her house is very minimalistic

Picturesque: Like a picture, visually attractive, e.g. The villa is very Picturesque

Luxurious:  Expensively styled, e.g. I stayed in a luxurious hotel

There is and There are

The structure that it is commonly used to talk about your house is  there is  and  there are.

We use there is and there are when we first refer to the existence or presence of someone or something.

Singular form

There is/There’s

  • There is  a porch
  • There is  a yard
  • There is  a swimming pool

Plural Form

  • There are  two bedroom
  • There are  two bathrooms
  • There are three balconies

Present Simple

Review usage, the verb have.

  • My house  has six bedroom
  • The bedroom has  two big windows
  • My house  has  a huge garden with an enormous swimming pool.
  • My house  has four floors
  • My dream house  has a big gaming room with a gaming set, a great sound system and a comfortable armchair.

The verb be 

  • My house is beautiful
  • My house is near the beach
  • It’ s a nice house with all comforts
  • The neighborhood is a luxurious residential area

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There is/There are Exercise

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Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card Samples with Answers

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Updated on 09 February, 2024

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. content writer & study abroad expert.

Kanika Pruthi

IELTS comprises several different sections, one of which is the speaking test. Every individual appearing for IELTS must undertake the activities under this section and answer the questions asked adequately. 

In the present scenario, the topic we would like to discuss is ' Describe Your Deam House ’.  So, your answer must touch down on the following aspects:

  • Where is your dream house located?
  • What would it look like?
  • When would you like to live in your dream house?
  • Why is this house perfect for you?

Table of Contents

Describe your dream house in detail: question 1, download e-books for ielts preparation, what will your dream house look like: question 2, important ielts exam resources.

The idea of having a dream house someday fills me with excitement. It will be one place that will be solely mine– a place I can rest, unwind and call my own. 

When I think of where this dream house would be situated, I can only envision the cold and peaceful mountains. I have been to hills and mountains during many treks. It's one place that offers me the most joy. The happiness of walking on the side of the curvy, narrow roads and stopping at a small food stall to have a hot cup of tea and noodles makes me feel alive. Life feels simpler there. 

My dream house would ideally be small. I don't have the desire to live in a gigantic mansion with all the worldly and materialistic amenities. Although it would be small, it would have hundreds of plants– both inside and outside. My kitchen will be my happy place, where I will always keep everything stocked. The balcony will have a little hammock where I could read a book and get lost in the fictional world.

I would love to have this dream house as soon as possible, maybe in the next year or two. It's only about attaining financial stability and a job I love, and then I can move to my house in the mountains!

The day I move would perhaps be the happiest day of my life. This house will be perfect for me because I have thought of every aspect of it, in incredible detail, over and over. It'll be a house made of love and tranquillity, with a house cat running around to give me company!

In conclusion, my dream house, a harmonious blend of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, represents more than just a physical structure; it's a sanctuary that echoes my personality, values, and aspirations. Envisioned as a place of tranquility, inspiration, and warmth, it serves as a haven where memories are made and cherished. From its eco-friendly design to the cozy, inviting spaces, each element of this house contributes to an atmosphere of peace and happiness. In describing my dream house for this IELTS Cue Card, I not only share a personal vision but also articulate a future aspiration, showcasing my ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions effectively in English. This dream house symbolizes the culmination of my goals and efforts, a place where I can thrive, grow, and find solace.

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Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card

Ever since I was young, I always thought that growing up would be so exciting. For one, it would involve having a house of my own, my dream house. A place that is just mine, where I can host the people I love and always be authentically myself. 

My dream house will be a beach house. So, every morning, I would first pull the curtains away from the life-size windows and watch the waves hitting the shore. I imagine the noise of crashing waves to be rhythmic and peaceful. Moreover, the idea of sitting on the porch while the salty winds rush through the tangles of my hair sounds beautiful to me.  

The house would ideally be big enough for me, my parents and my friends if they ever want to stay. I want to be the person whose house is always open for loved ones to stay over. It would have an all-blue theme to match the seaside atmosphere. I also envision a lot of artwork hanging on the walls of my house.

I think no other place would come close to being perfect for me than this one. I am a water baby, and I love the feel of sand under my feet. Moreover, I will personalize this space to match my taste and comfort. I will also add a library room.

If it were up to me, I would want to buy my dream house today. That said, it's not financially possible, so I will strive to work hard and gain stability in my life to have it one day.

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Band Score for Reading

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IELTS Listening Band Score

The listening section evaluates the comprehension level of candidates. The scores also depend on the understanding of different accents and dialects.

IELTS Score Validity

The IELTS score validity for General and Academic is two years across the globe. The IELTS result validity for Canada is two years.

  • Types of IELTS Exam

There are two types of IELTS tests – i) Academic IELTS and ii) General Training IELTS. Candidates are often confused about making the right choice of IELTS test that can meet their requirements regarding their education or job.

Books for IELTS Preparation

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Reading Section IELTS

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IELTS Speaking Preparation

Please note that your performance on the speaking test is assessed based on the following criteria- fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, lexical resource, and pronunciation.

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IELTS Cue Cards

The IELTS speaking cue cards come into play for the second part when the candidate will be choosing cue cards and then speaking on a topic for two minutes at least.

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  • Writing the Best My Dream House Essay
  • How to Write Winning My Dream House Essays: Basic Steps

What is Descriptive Writing All About?

How to choose an impressive topic, the elements that make your topic interesting and engaging, create an outline to detail useful information, basics steps to write the best essay, the importance of proofreading your essay, final words.

If teachers ask you to write a nice essay on my dream house, you should understand that this type of work is descriptive . Many students don’t consider this assignment easy. It takes a long time and effort. You should have a comfortable space to sit with no friends or other distractions around to be focused on this academic task in full. Create an effective plan and use helpful tips. It is almost like a critical essay . Think about the houses you like, choose the one you dream to live in, and try to convey your relevant ideas on a few pages.

Before you start drafting an essay on this topic, learn the specifics of descriptive writing and effective tactics to succeed. First, determine the main purpose of writing it. Provide each person reading your essay with a clear and vivid image of your dream house in detail, such as:

  • Its location;
  • When it was built;
  • The number of rooms, including a living room, bedroom or bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom)
  • Its color scheme (green, brown, white, or other colors);
  • Its size (small or big);
  • Whether it has a beautiful garden with different plants and flowers);
  • Where to leave cars;
  • The material of the walls;
  • The overall feel and look.

Make your dream house appear in front of other people. Use effective ways to make them imagine what you’re writing about.

Open your assignment and read all instructions carefully before you choose a topic for your future paper. Pick a specific matter that you’ll cover in it. Your descriptive essay should have a focus. This means that you need to pick narrow topics, such as the design of your dream house, the place you want it to be, how it looks downstairs, etc. Choose the aspect that is easy to describe.

Writing my dream house essay can be fun because you can consider different elements, like the bed, door, and floor types, chairs, and so on. With so many interesting ideas, try to think outside the box or choose an original angle to share exceptional descriptions. A good topic makes the entire process easier. Look at to get a better idea of basic details to mention in your paper.

Take into account the aspects that will make your essay engaging for the audience. Your interests can give brilliant ideas. Use the following suggestions for your inspiration:

  • Your perfect house on wheels;
  • Living in the country;
  • Multi-car garage;
  • Expensive and affordable features;
  • Outdoor or indoor swimming pool;
  • Giving your family the home they’ve always imagined;
  • If your dream home isn’t a house;
  • Modern design;
  • Building a dream house for someone you love.

An effective outline can help you focus on important elements to share and define the information relevant to your key idea. It breaks up your essay into different sections . Use a good plan to develop concepts for every part. It helps you structure and organize all the details as you take notes of interesting things that you’ll discuss in your paper. Your outline ensures that you write it according to guidelines.

There are certain steps that you should take to end up with high marks for a dream house essay:

  • Make a table with five columns (write a few sentences in each one to reflect all senses).
  • Fill it up with the best words that describe the dream house perfectly (avoid complex phrases or boring words).
  • Make an effective structure . It will give a proper sense to your topic (order your essay from general to specific to structure relevant information correctly).
  • Write a coherent and clear introduction or opening paragraph that serves as the establishment of major points and key ideas.
  • Write strong topic sentences. Include each one in a separate paragraph to let readers know what they will read about in every part of your paper.
  • Write body paragraphs. Each one should match a specific topic sentence. The main purpose of writing them is to prove that your arguments or ideas have a proper sense and you’re right about a particular issue.
  • Share some interesting details. Look at the table filled up with details about all senses to provoke important associations in the audience to let them better understand your idea.
  • Write a logical and coherent conclusion. It should summarize everything discussed on other sections, provoke readers to further discussions, restate your thesis, or include a call to action. Make it as strong as possible.

After taking all the above-mentioned steps , it’s necessary to proofread and edit your final draft to make sure that it’s free from grammar errors, typos, and other mistakes. Take some break before doing that. You’ll return with a fresh look. It’s also advisable to ask other people to proofread your paper because they can easily find the mistakes that you missed.

With these helpful guidelines and our expert advice, you can write the best essay on this topic in no time. What if your school deadlines are urgent? Do you lack enough free time? Let our qualified and experienced professional do this job for you to save more time to relax or complete other important tasks during the day. After all, you already know how to write an impressive and original essay of this type after reading our tips. Many students entrust their writing assignment to experts because of many benefits.

Exams Know-how

Describe your D...

Describe your Dream House - IELTS Cue Card


IELTS is an English Language assessment test that helps to assess the language competency of non-native English speakers. IELTS is an English language test accepted by universities and employers. It is accepted by more than 140 countries globally. In this blog, we will discuss the IELTS Speaking section .  IELTS cue card also known as IELTS speaking part 2, tests the ability of a candidate to articulate their thoughts comprehensively. This section has a duration of 4-5 minutes. When you get a cue card with a topic, you get 1 minute to prepare, and then you need to speak on the topic for about 2 minutes. 

In this blog, we will discuss an important cue card - describe your dream house. Read on to understand how this section tests your communication skills, cultural awareness, and language competency. It is important to speak with confidence but students may feel anxious due to the short time. This blog has four sample answers that will help you understand how to answer cue cards.  Yocket has helped 10,000+ aspirants achieve successful admissions in their dream institutions. To gain more information on what IELTS bands are required to secure admission at top universities connect with Yocket . So, why wait? Reach out to Yocket experts today!

What are Cue Cards?

In the second section of the IELTS Speaking Test, test takers are provided cue cards, also known as candidate task cards. The examiner hands each applicant a card with a subject inscribed on it. For two minutes, the candidate must talk nonstop on this topic.Important information about IELTS cue cards:

  • Usually, three cue cards or subjects are provided to the applicant to talk on for 2 minutes each.
  • The themes are generic, covering people, eve,nts, locations, etc.
  • Candidates have 1 minute to prepare when they get the card before speaking.
  • Cue card subjects vary constantly, yet some typical ones come up.
  • It evaluates the candidate's English speaking fluency and coherence.
  • Speaking for two minutes non-prevent on a specific subject assesses the kind of vocabulary and grammatical systems a candidate can hire.
  • Examiners examine candidates on four characteristics - Fluency, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation.

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Why Are Cue Cards Important?

The cue card segment evaluates your spontaneous speaking abilities without any preparation. So it is extremely tough. However, it is a crucial component that prepares you for real-life scenarios. Here are some advantages of cue cards in IELTS Exam:

  • Improves speaking fluency - you learn to speak spontaneously on a subject for 2 minutes.
  • Develops vocabulary - You need a solid vocabulary to talk exhaustively about any subject for 2 minutes. Cue cards assist in increasing vocabulary.
  • Grammatical structures: You must use accurate grammar to communicate coherently for 2 minutes. This enhances your grammatical range.
  • Thinking on your feet: You have only 1 minute to collect thoughts before speaking; this promotes your rapid thinking.
  • Real-world skills: In everyday life and professional situations, you frequently need to talk spontaneously on a specific subject. Cue cards prepare you for such circumstances.

So, to acquire a high band score, the preparation of cue cards is quite crucial. Even though the specific themes may differ, studying concepts and vocabulary on common topics can aid you enormously in the IELTS exam.

Describe Your Dream House: Sample Answer 1


It makes me happy and excited to dream of the perfect house. My dream house is a place where I can relax and make priceless memories with the people I care most about.

Location of the dream house

My dream house looks like it is located away in a pleasant suburban area, surrounded by vibrant flowers and greenery. It's a calm escape from the city's noise and chaos.

Describe the specifications of the dream house

My dream house is a beautiful bungalow with a large garden where I can host barbecues and garden parties. Inside, there's a bright living area ideal for family gatherings, a modern kitchen where I can indulge in my passion for cooking, and a cozy bedroom for a good night's sleep.

Describe the reason for the dream house

In this fast-paced world, I need to have a place to call home. My ideal home is somewhere I can relax and get back in touch with the things that matter in life such as friends, family, and the little joys of daily life.

It will be a dream come true when I move to my dream house. My dream house will be a place where I can live life to the fullest.

Describe Your Dream House: Sample Answer 2

The priority of any person when they start working is to have their house. Similarly, envisioned a dream house. 

I imagine my dream house to be located near a coastal area, with sandy beaches and a breathtaking view of the ocean. I can feel the sea breeze and enjoy the scenic beauty at my dream house.

The seaside house of my dreams would have a balcony where I could enjoy watching the sun set and rise. There's a bright and open kitchen where I can cook delicious seafood dishes and a warm living area with a fireplace which is ideal for resting on chilly evenings.

Owning my dream house fulfils a lifetime dream of living by the sea, surrounded by the peace and calm of the water. I can refresh myself here and get energy from the amazing beauty of the natural world.

I am excited for the experiences and memories that lie ahead of me by the sea as I work to make my dream home a reality. I can create a life here that is full of love, happiness, and limitless opportunities.

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Describe Your Dream House: Sample Answer 3

It makes me happy to think about having my dream house. I just want to relax, sleep, and 

My dream house would be surrounded by mountains and streams of water. My dream house would be small yet furnished with the essentials. There will be a lot of plants surrounding the house.

My dream home would have old designs and not be overly modern. I prefer to have a large terrace area where I can relax and enjoy nature. It would have 3 rooms, where one room will be for library usage.

In this fast-paced environment, my whole week is busy doing work, which sometimes feels stressful. My dream house will be a place where I can go on weekends and relax and enjoy nature.

When my dream house is made, it will be the happiest day of my life. I will be a house made with love and emotions.

Describe Your Dream House: Sample Answer 4

Everyone wishes to have their own house. I too envisioned having my own house. 

I have spent all my life living in a small rented house in Hisar. When I came to Mumbai for the job, I decided to have my own house.

I imagine my dream house to have 4 bedrooms with all modern amenities such as remote fans, luxurious furniture, a small place for the temple, and much more. I want my house to be in a posh area where all things are easily accessible.

As I always lived in a rented house, I now want to give my family all the amenities. When I will become financially stable, I will have my dream house.

One of my lifelong dreams will come true if I buy a house in Mumbai. My dream home will change my way of life and create more growth, success, and happiness for my family.

Sample/Follow Up Questions

Candidates must answer follow-up questions about the discussed topic after completing the cue card task. Potential questions for "Describe your dream house" include:

Q1. What do you think influences people's choices between apartments and houses in your country?

Ans: I believe that some factors like urbanization, affordability, and lifestyle preferences influence housing choices. Land is scarce in urban areas which leads people to stay in apartments whereas in rural areas people live in houses.

Q2. What effects do changing economic conditions have on housing preferences in your country?

Ans: Changes in the economy can have an impact on housing preferences. There are increased salaries in urban areas which frequently drive demand for apartments. On the other hand, recessions may result in a rise in the demand for homes, especially in suburban or rural regions.

Q3. Are there any cultural or societal norms that affect housing choices in your country?

Ans: Yes, I do believe that cultural traditions, such as the value of joint families, influence housing decisions. Many people in my country prefer homes that can accommodate extended family members. Another factor is the notion in society that owning a home is a sign of stability and prosperity.

Q4. How do government policies or regulations influence the housing market in your country?

Ans: Government initiatives that affect the housing market include tax incentives for first-time buyers and subsidies for affordable homes. The supply and demand of housing are shaped by laws about urban planning, building licenses, and land use.

Q5. Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Ans: In my country, many young people prefer to live with their parents. It is common in Indian culture for children to remain with their parents when they must relocate for better job opportunities or higher education.

Tips to Answer IELTS Cue Card 

Answering an IELTS Cue Card may seem difficult, but with practice, you will be able to ace it. Give enough time to the preparation, and follow the following tips to present your ideas :

  • Tip 1: Understand the topic. Make sure you address every question.
  • Tip 2 : Improve your pronunciation and intonation. Speak clearly, without interruptions.
  • Tip 3: Be conscious of your pace. Speaking very fast can lead to mistakes. Speaking slowly may make it seem like you're struggling to speak.
  • Tip 4: Expand your vocabulary. Present your ideas clearly and avoid repeating the same words.
  • Tip 5: Demonstrate your English proficiency by using compound and complex sentences.
  • Tip 6: Stay calm. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Practise sufficiently to answer the question.
  • Tip 7: Be sincere in your engagement with the issue. Personal experiences and examples may help you provide a more persuasive solution.
  • Tip 8: Prepare for follow-up questions by adding details to your cue card responses.

Suggested: IELTS Linking Words: Connectors for IELTS Writing

The cue card "describe a dream house cue card" is a common topic in the IELTS test. With frequent practice of sample answers, you can improve your speaking skills and get a good band score in this section. Learn to speak fluently and elaborate on the house location, architecture, interiors, facilities, decor, etc. Utilize the 1 minute preparation time wisely to gather your thoughts and vocabulary. The key is to structure your 2-minute answer well using grammatically correct sentences and good language.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Describe your Dream House - IELTS Cue Card

Should I talk about the Location of my dream house in detail?

You can briefly mention the Location of your dream house, like mountains, beachside, countryside, etc. But focus more on describing the house - its architecture, rooms, amenities, etc. The Location is to provide context. Only spend a little bit of time talking about just the Location.

How can I make sure my answer is 2 minutes long?

Practice timed sample answers frequently. Include information about the exteriors, interiors, rooms, facilities, fixtures, destiny plans, etc. To make your answer memorable. Use introductory terms and connectives like 'first of all,' 'further,' 'moreover,' and so on. To develop your answer. With practice, you may gauge how much content material is sufficient for 2 minutes.

Should I draw a house plan during the exam?

It's better to avoid drawing any plans or sketches during the exam. Stick to verbal descriptions and use phrases like 'on the first floor,' 'in the backyard,' etc., to indicate directions instead of drawing a layout. Focus on fluency and descriptive vocabulary.

Can I have a paper to take notes during preparation?

No, you cannot take notes or papers inside the exam room. You get 1 minute to gather ideas before you start speaking mentally. Make the most of this 1 minute to think of what you will say about your dream house.

What if I finish speaking before 2 minutes?

If you have time remaining, elaborate on any aspect of your house, like the interiors, facilities, furniture, future expansion plans, etc. Examiners prefer a detailed answer spoken fluently for 2 minutes instead of an abrupt end. With practice, you can gauge the content required for the entire 2 minutes.

Articles you might like – Collections of Essay for Students of all Class in English

Essay on My Dream House

Dreams are an important part of our lives. They give us a way to think, understand, and make sense of our feelings. They help us understand ourselves better which helps us deal with life’s obstacles and figure out what they all mean. Also, dreams can be a source of motivation and drive us to go after our goals with passion and determination. We often dream of many things. Sometimes we dream to visit Disneyland while sometimes we dream of becoming a billionaire. Just like this, many of us have a dream house. So today we will discuss my dream house in detail.

Dream House Essay in English

Here, we are presenting long and short essays on My Dream House in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays will also be helpful for students preparing for different competitive exams.

10 Lines Essay on My Dream House (100 – 120 Words)

1) My dream house is a big bungalow.

2) It should be located near sea.

3) My dream house will have four large rooms.

4) All rooms should have proper access to sunshine and air.

5) There will be a balcony with sea view.

6) It will have a separate study room and playing area.

7) It will have a beautiful corner for my pet cat.

8) It should have a center area where we will have tea together.

9) It should contain a beautiful garden.

10) In my dream house my family will live happily.

Essay on My Dream House (250 – 300 Words)


Every human has their own ambitions and dreams for the future. One of my biggest dreams is to have a beautiful house that I can call my own. It will be a place where I can find peace, comfort, and happiness that reflects my personality and fulfills all my desires.

My Dream House

Many people dream of large bungalow but I want a small and beautiful house. My dream house is a perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture. It should be located near greenery. It is a spacious single storey house with a small well-maintained garden. I want my house to be colored in white. The exterior of the house should be simple giving warm and inviting look.

A Tour to My Dream House

As soon as you enter my dream house, you will see living room which is spacious and filled with natural light. Moving on, there is a small but beautiful kitchen. There is a central table where everyone has tea and breakfast. There are two bedrooms in my dream house which are designed to provide utmost comfort and relaxation. Moreover, my dream house also includes a study room where I can pursue my interests and hobbies. It also has a small garden where I and my father will grow fruits and vegetables.

My dream house is a heaven where I can escape from the chaos of the outside world and find peace. This dream house is not just a structural building but a reflection of my dreams and aspirations. Imagining my dream house brings a smile to my face every time.

Long Essay on My Dream House (500 Words)

A house is the place where we do live with our family, that’s why it’s the most important things in our lives. It is much more than a shelter. A lot of love and care is required for making a house. It is a place that holds our thoughts, feelings, and memories. A house is where we all can gather and spend time together. So, having a dream house that fits our wants and tastes is very important. My dream house is a place where we can all live happily and in comfort.

Location of my dream house

My dream house will be in a quiet, green area far from the noise of the city. It should be near a sea and has amazing views of the surrounding area. Through the windows, I can see the sun setting and going down behind the sea. The peace and beauty of the place make it the perfect place to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

Interior and Exterior Design

The house will have a beautiful interior design with all the amenities that I could want, like an updated kitchen, three bathrooms, a staircase going to a terrace, etc. My dream house would have a modern look. It will have big windows that will allow lots of natural light into the house, making it feel bright and airy. The outside of the house would have a large lush green garden, which would make a beautiful scene with fresh atmosphere.

Bedrooms: The Perfect Place for Relaxation

My dream house would be big and have four rooms and a big living room. The walls of each room will have light colors, which will make it look bright. Each bedroom would have big windows and a balcony where we can sit and watch the peaceful view every morning and evening. The decor of the rooms would be simple but beautiful with minimal stuufs.

Kitchen: A Delicious Paradise

In my dream house, the kitchen will have a large space for cooking. Large windows would let in natural light and give a view of the beautiful area from the kitchen. The kitchen should have everything a modern person needs. It should also have a large dining table where we all can sit together and have meal.

Living Room: The Heart of the House

The living room is the heart of my dream house. It’s a place to relax, have fun, and spend time with family and friends. It would have big, comfortable sofas. The entertainment area would be complete with a big, flat-screen TV and a sound system. This would make it possible to watch movies and play games with family and friends.

Every part of my dream house has been carefully thought out to fit my style and make a nice place to live. I hope to have my own house that is big enough for my whole family one day. By paying attention to our dreams, we can use our potential to reach our goals and fulfill our desires.

I hope the above provided essay on Dream House will be helpful for you to know more about my dream house.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Dream House

Ans. Antilia, a 27-story tower in the city of Mumbai, is the most expensive house in India. Antilia is on the Altamount Road, which is one of the most expensive areas in Mumbai. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani, who is also the owner of Reliance Industries.

Ans. The smallest house in India is situated in Burari, which is in North Delhi. It is only 6 yards long. People come from far away to see this place because it is the smallest house in Delhi.

Ans. Having a dream house is about more than just having a nice place to live. Comfort is one of the most important parts of a dream home. One can have different things to make yourself comfortable.

Ans. An architect is a person who has been trained to plan, create, and handle the construction of buildings. They are the ones with innovative ideas to build homes and offices.

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My Dream House Essay for Class 1

A home is a place where we live with our family in full security and safety. We stay together with our parents, grandparents and siblings, and it is a place which gives us affection and a sense of warmth. In this article, we shall look into “My Dream House Essay for Class 1” children and understand the importance of a dream house from a young child’s perspective. While writing “My House Essay for Class 1”, a child should understand the significance of a dream home in their life. Besides, a child should consider home as a symbol of human togetherness i.e., a place where every person learns the first steps of their life.

Here’s a sample of ‘My Home Essay for Class 1’ children which they can refer to while drafting an essay of their own.

Download PDF of “My House Essay For Class 1” for Free

My Dream House Essay For Class 1

  • My dream house is where I can live happily with my parents.
  • I want the house to have large rooms.
  • The house should have a big veranda for me to play.
  • It should have a nice kitchen.
  • My dream house should be built of bricks, cement, marble and tiles.
  • All the rooms of my house should have big windows to let in cool air.
  • The walls in my home should be light yellow in colour.
  • There should be a balcony with a beautiful view.
  • I would love a small garden with trees, plants and flowers.
  • My sweet home will make me feel safe and comfortable.

A Short My House Essay for Class 1

I love nature and want my house to be in an area covered with many trees. I want to build a dream house with a garden where I can grow my fruits and vegetables. I would also like to have a big living room and four other rooms that can be used as a bedroom and study. My dream house would be a place where I would live happily with my family. It would be large with four rooms and should have a big common room. My house would also be a wonderful place decorated with beautiful paintings.

My dream house would have a trampoline room, a pool, a small waterfall, and a big garden. My whole family would stay in every room. In my house, I would have an enormous kitchen where I could help my mother cook. Moreover, I would also have a game world. It would be a house where my family and my pets could live together, surrounded by a large garden full of flowers and trees.

For young children, writing is often regarded as an enjoyable experience as they can express their thoughts in short and simple sentences. Writing 10 lines on ‘My House’ essay for Class 1 is a small attempt from our end to help youngsters put their thoughts into words and explore their English writing skills. To explore more such essay topics, you can also download our learning app- Disney BYJU’S Early Learn for your kids and learn more.

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