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reflection in creative writing

Reflection About Creative Writing

Taking a creative writing class was a good way for me to express my thoughts and feelings onto paper, as well as read my other classmates stories. Reading stories created by other people lead me into their mind brain to experience what type of writer they were, it was an overall exquisite class. I believe that every person has a way of expressing who they are through writing stories of their own, fiction is the best way to express your creative imagination. This class that I took for two years helped me become a better writer and helped me understand the types of writers we have. The first book series I read that got me interested in creative writing was the Immortal Series, by Alyson Noel. I was never one for non-fiction, …show more content…

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I believe that writing stories gives you more of an appreciation and understanding for a good book. All of the ideas that make a book come alive is from one author with an amazing imagination, who can captivate someone’s mind and tuck them into their world for a few hours. Every day in class I was allowed one hour to dedicate my time into a story, it is almost like entering your main character’s mind and acting as if it was you. I never had any interest in writing before entering high school, I never enjoyed writing essays. I believe the reason was I did not find it necessary to write a 5-page essay on 'To Kill a Mockingbird '. In the real world we will write a page or two for job opportunities and some for the job itself, but hardly ever will you need to write an essay on some book or event in time; unless you went to college to become an English teacher, history teacher, lawyer, journalist, etc. Even though writing these essays were to help your "writing skills" why not write papers to help your future, such as; cover letters for future jobs, interview speeches, life goals, creative writing, or arguments for court cases if you wanted to be a lawyer? Books are only fun for me to read if I can do it on my own time with my own book, not

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Reflection Paper On Creative Writing

reflection in creative writing

Show More Reflection Essay I must confess that I’m most definitely not the Best Writer in the world, but I’m probably close to gold in Best Procrastinator. I haven’t completed as much, or tried as hard as I could have this semester, and now I’m paying for it. If staying up all night writing has taught me anything, it’s that you genuinely can’t expect your best work to be an assignment that you squeezed out in less than two days, although you can definitely try. I can try and tell myself that I will apply myself next semester, but chances are, I’ll probably do the exact same thing I did this semester. And for that, I’m really, truly, sorry. As an academic writer , my strengths lie within my passions. If the topic strikes my interest, it will probably …show more content… Creative writing is not a strong suit of mine, so staying within set boundaries makes the process of writing straightforward and uncomplicated. I can advance from Point A to Point B much easier if I’m not required to come up with the topic myself. Project 3 has been the most frustrating project to work on. The sources were incredibly hard to find, and a great deal of them were from the 1980s and 1990s, and irrelevant to today. Writing with others has also been easy, because I’m not a remarkable writer, and letting them take the charge puts me at ease. The biggest struggles I have encountered thus far are dealing with constructive criticism, and procrastination. For instance, I did not turn Project 2 in on time, as I didn’t care for what I had written and was embarrassed to let anyone see it. I’m slowly combatting my problem with criticism by letting those I trust review my works, and taking their comments seriously. My problem with procrastination, on the other hand, is a deadly disease. A permanent cure hasn’t been found, and it’s slowly killing me (and my grades). The only relief I receive is offering myself rewards when I complete something significant. If it is good enough, the things that need to be completed, will be executed within minutes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen particularly

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Most of my mistakes would have been caught before being graded if I put a bit more scrutiny into my proofreading. This essay was certainly the hardest to get through, mainly because the essay lacked a general focus due to the thesis being so poor. Overall the essay didn’t get a terrible grade, and I have an increased understanding of how to write a better quality…

Reflective Essay: Writing Is Harder Than You Think

Writing is Harder Than You Think My writing process is not the best and it can be improved in many ways. I procrastinate until I really have to do it and then I get lost and I still don’t know what to write. Writing essays has never been my favorite so the writing process has always been hard for me. My writing process is not what I want it to be but I plan to make it better by stop procrastinating. First I receive the assignment and I think about what I’m going to write about.…

Letter From Birmingham Jail Reflection

Before beginning this course, I knew that I lacked confidence within my writing. People say that you are your own worst critique, and I fully agree with that statement. My writing was not terrible in some aspects, but I knew that it needed to be improved upon. I lacked the experience needed because writing was not something that I did on a daily basis. When I first started English 1302, the little confidence that I had significantly plummeted since my writing seemed childish compared to other students.…

Reflection Of My Writing Course

As the class progressed I learned to actually enjoy writing and researching more. I thought it would be another writing course with boring prompts and no challenge leading me to hate and dread this class similar to high school, but I was wrong. In this semester alone I learned more about my writing style, mechanics, structure, heading, organizing and sourcing than I had previously in my high school career.Teacher in high school just does not do a sufficient job at teaching the mechanics of writing. This being said I did not earn the grades I wanted, but I learned from all my mistakes as I wrote each paper it became slightly better. I realized that with each paper my grade increased slightly.…

Essay On My Writing Skills

In spite of the fact that it worked out really well when I was stagnating my development as a writer and I knew I might have been. The main thing more awful than not doing something, is not doing something and realizing that you didn 't do it. I needed to completely apply the idea regardless of what the outcomes were. In the event that I didn 't then I would never develop as a writer. Along these lines alternate essays came and I very neglected to sort out the essay the way I said I would.…

Reflection: What I Learned In Nursing

Just the distance I gave myself from the papers I wrote throughout this semester was all I needed to retrieve the most errors I could from what I previously wrote. I do have an idea about the paper, but when I do it like that it’s like I have come to it with fresh eyes, and that’s what really helps me. Finding quiet environments to work is something else I acquired that really helped. Constant talking and noise are the biggest of irritants that can prohibit me from producing an effective paper. I am easily distracted, so Finding a quiet place where I can concentrate and avoid distractions was very…

Stanford Experiment Reflection

This one does not really define what type of writer I am but it does describe why I have so trouble getting into a topic. There were also times, I actually did not know where to start it. My opinion of learning is not a very positive one. That’s why it was so easy to not concentrate on the process but on how I felt about it, it was so much easier to wander off the topic. Ranting is something that I actually do a lot of but usually I try not to do…

Reflection On My Strengths And Weaknesses

Time management is the first thing that pops into my head. I am terrible at managing the time it takes for me finish a writing assignment. Usually larger writing assignments, such as research papers and essays with minimum page limits, were given a longer timeframe to be completed. In the mind of my high school self, a due date two weeks away meant that I did not have to start working on the assignment for about another week or so. This left me up all night the night before trying to put together some acceptable piece of writing.…

My Writing Experience Essay

I’m not confident with my ability to set up my paragraphs in essays because I can’t make my essays flow. My papers get very boring because I can be repetitive in my essays and I tend to lose focus on the purpose of the essay. In addition, my introductions are my weakest point because a paper can’t be strong without a strong introductory paragraph. I never learned any good ways to make a paper intriguing from the start and I think it can make my essays memorable. My strengths in writing are that I’m very confident about sharing my opinion and I think I can bring a different viewpoint on topics.…

Summary Of Hannah Dawson's Essay Breaking The Cage

Being smart is a double edged sword. While we strive for perfection in our craft, it’s also believe we don’t create the best piece of writing that we can make. People in this community tend to be mad men, needing to get that high score. This comes at the price of believing good writing is unachievable to us. This cycle of destroying our perception of our own ability has a sudden break when others in the same community come and save us from our personal hell.…

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Reflection Of Creative Writing

My english 1010 class.

Throughout this course, I was able to assess and evaluate my weaknesses and strengths in writing. This class has truly brought out my ability to write, a skill I did not believe I had. I now know what it takes to become a college-level writer. Also, at the beginning of the course I did not particularly enjoy writing. Now, however, I have a greater respect for

Ap English Writer Strength

There comes a time in life where we see an impossible obstacle, and do the best that we can to overcome it. For me, this was my AP English Language class in high school during senior year. The time was now, summer is nearly over. I analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, giving a full re-evaluation of myself. In the end, I consider myself an average writer. There have been times in the past when I’ve written letters or personal stories. However, those have never been my strongest set of skills. While I have been serious with my writing, I never recognized the unbelievable advantages that good writing has. Therefore, I’ve made it my goal to improve my literal skills and become a great writer. Maybe this new class will assist me in becoming that

My Writing Process

Over the past four months, I have made great strides as a writer. The area where I have seen the most growth is in my use of the writing process. Prior to my enrollment in this course, I would sit down and write all my papers in one sitting. This class has taught me how to lay out a plan for my papers. I have learned how to effectively brainstorm/research, draft, and revise my writings before I complete them. Also I have learned to not just stop there, instead I am now going back and reflecting on my work after I complete it. This allows me to identify where I prospered and also where my downfalls may have been. With this information, I am able to apply this to future writings of mine; lessons that will stay with me forever.

Reflection Of My Writing Process

People have many ways that they write. Some do a process of doing drafts so they can look through, edit and make the paper better. Others will just write a paper and turn it in. My process consist of starting with making a thesis. Then from the thesis I create the topic sentences for the topic at hand. The best way to write the essay in a good format and have good detail in the writing I would write a paragraph a day. By doing that process it allows me to get what is needed out on the paper so none of the paragraphs are mixing content and making the paragraphs less structured. This process not only makes writing essays less stressful while also getting the paper done quickly.

My Writing Reflection

When I look back at my writing before having any college experience, I can see that I had a lot to work on. I can say that I was never really a big fan of writing anything much less essays. Even when I was younger, I just did not have a great big interest in writing. This was because I felt that I could not elaborate as well as others. I was not use to having to write anything really, but I now feel that I have a better grasp on the steps that I need to take to get my writing on the level that it needs to be.

We are already midway through the first quarter of my last year as a high school student. I find it hard to completely grasp how quickly this year is passing and yet I feel like we've already accomplished so much.

I have trouble writing because my writing seems to be a little “tongue-in-cheek” as my AP English teacher said. (I have a couple unfinished examples that I will attach). I tend to not know exactly what I am trying to say in my essays. It is not that I am a poor writer per se; I just have an issue focusing my writing. I enjoy writing; however, I become engrossed in the way I want to present my ideas. Perhaps it is that I do not know the audience to whom I am writing. I usually use proper grammar and mechanics but that is definitely not enough to write an exceptional essay. In this course, I feel strongly that I will develop these skills. Another concern I have with writing is when it is timed. I have never performed well in a timed writing assignment;

As a recent Egyptian immigrant to the United States, writing is the most difficult subject. In 7th grade, my writing process started to develop with the help of an amazing teacher. Ever since 7th grade I have been practicing wiring to be close to the high school writing slandered. I reached my goal last year when my act writing score is 6 point which places me in English 101. I doubted myself so, I took the Accuplacer test which also, placed me in English 101. I was scared when I saw the results that I’m going to fail this course. After taking this course, it made me more confident in writing and showed me my writing level which needs more practice. This class helped me improve my writing skills, by getting great feedback from my instructor

Throughout high school, I was regularly told that writing was not my strongest skill. My teachers would constantly “shoot down” my writing because it was never “good enough,” except I never understood what that truly meant. However, this class helped me realize that my writing has “potential for greatness,” but it just requires some more time, thought, and clarification.

To effectively revise and edit my research paper, I read it carefully, as I played the reader`s role instead of that of a writer. In addition, I used a number of strategies to effectively revise and edit my research paper. First, I read my paper aloud as I listened for errors. After carefully listening, I was able to identify and correct errors in my writing, including grammar, incorrect sentence structure, incomplete ideas, and incorrect punctuation. While reading, I could stop and rectify the mistake at the point where I could note it. In addition, I read each sentence at a time so that I could digest the structure and identify any error. Prior to the reading, I noted down the common errors I usually commit while writing such as the omission

Looking back in this class, I have realized just how much my writing has improved since the beginning

The Reflection Of My Writing As A Writer

After looking back at all the writing I have accomplished in this class and experiences I have faced in other English classes, I realized how they have affected me as a writer and where I stand as one as of now. The writer I am today has been greatly benefited with years of learning English in school and other literacy sponsors. Throughout the years, I have learned a number of ways to write and I have been positively impacted by these methods. I now know the type of writer that I am and how I write best and in under which conditions. Now, I have my own writing process that most likely differs from my peers.

My Writing Class Analysis

When I started the class, I believed my level of writing was at a strong point, however, as the class progressed I found out how wrong I was. I learned that I needed to work on two certain things to succeed in the class. The objectives that I have always seemed to struggle in is correcting my sentences from becoming fragmented and knowing how to successfully structure them and learning to use citation throughout my papers. Knowing to successfully apply these, I believe has made me a better writer than what I started as.

This week I think my writing was better than the previous weeks because I had learned about many of different type of writing including cause and effect, positive and negative, persuasive writing and comparison which can help me to collaborate the style in my writing to show the variety of the structure. Also, this week I prepare an outline for the research project and I faced the problem on my idea which I’m not assured with this idea so this might be the problems when I write the paragraph. As a result, I got the advised that I should find more references to support the ideas. The another task in this week was listening. The teachers showed us about the listening exam which you have to answer in multiple choice. In my viewpoint, I think answer

Reflection Of Reading And Writing

Writing has always been something I dread. It’s weird because I love talking and telling stories, but the moment I have to write it all down on paper, I become frantic. It’s almost as if a horse race just begun in my mind, with hundreds of horses, or words, running through my mind, unable to place them in chronological order. Because I struggle to form satisfying sentence structure, it takes me hours, sometimes even days, to write one paper. It’s not that I think I’m a “bad writer,” I just get discouraged easily. Needless to say, I don’t think highly of my writing skills. When I was little I loved to both read and write. I read just about any book I could get my hands on, and my journal was my go to for my daily adventures. Although it’s

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