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15+ European Portuguese Courses (With Reviews)

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It may feel like there aren’t many courses for learning European Portuguese, especially when you compare it to the number of Brazilian Portuguese resources, but there are actually more than 15 different courses and textbooks available. And that’s before we get onto podcasts, apps, and other helpful resources.

That’s right! You don’t have to come and take a course in Lisbon or Porto to study European Portuguese — although that would be a lot of fun — you can now study European Portuguese online from wherever you are in the world.

Ready to aprender Português ? In no particular order, here are all the self-learning courses that specifically cover Portuguese from Portugal.

Table of Contents

European Master Course

Mia learn european portuguese

Mia Esmeriz is a Portuguese language teacher from Porto, with a Masters in teaching Portuguese As a Foreign Language from Porto University. She is a native speaker and has been teaching Portuguese for more than ten years, both online and offline.

Mia offers video-based courses that cover A1, A2, B1, and B2 Portuguese. Each level (e.g. A1 or A2) has around 10 videos, and each video is somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes long, so there’s quite a lot of information in each course. The videos have a strong focus on grammar, but also cover vocabulary and essential phrases, and have mini games, quizzes, and songs to break things up.

Courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle, and there’s a discount if you purchase them in a bundle: a 4-course bundle is 15% cheaper than purchasing them all individually.

As well as the A1-B2 courses, Mia also offers additional like her Speech Course which focuses on real-life European Portuguese pronunciation.

The Journey

the journey - portuguese with carla - screenshot

One of the most creative courses on the list, “The Journey” follows a story in which Carla, the protagonist, follows up a strange letter she has received from her estranged father.

As well as following Carla’s journey, the course takes you on a journey in learning Portuguese — from beginner to some quite advanced lessons. It’s very in-depth and ideal for those that want something they can really sink their teeth into.

Michel Thomas Total Portuguese

total portuguese michel thomas cover

Michel Thomas’ Total Portuguese is an audio course that takes you from beginner to intermediate over the course of several CDs or MP3s. Each lesson is quite short, usually less than 10 minutes long, and it includes a mini lesson and then a section where you (and the students in the class) try to put what you’ve learned into practice to form sentences.

The course is both interactive and practical and, by the end, you should have a good foundational level of Portuguese as well as the confidence to begin creating sentences and speaking with native Portuguese speakers.

While the course doesn’t really focus on CEFR levels (e.g. A1 or B2), the Start course is equal to A1, the Foundation course is equal to A2 and the Intermediate course is equal to B1, but “for the listening and speaking skills only: reading and writing also needs to be learnt separately.” These course names are confusing, but if you buy the Total course, you’ll be covered from start to Intermediate (excluding reading and writing).

Pimsleur’s European Portuguese

ppt online acm gov pt

Pimsleur is a popular course that, like the Michel Thomas method, is entirely audio-based. The focus is on repetition, but also learning to create your own simple sentences. It’s ideal for listening to in the car, on a bus, or while walking the dog.

The course’s biggest strengths are that it’ll get you comfortable at forming your own sentences, and, like Michel Thomas, it’s great for building your confidence, which is very important in the beginning.

Pimsleur can be access through its website,, and through its apps.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Pimsleur’s European Portuguese course is that it only goes to level 2. In comparison, Pimsleur’s Brazilian Portuguese goes to level 5. Because of this, many people who complete the European course find themselves lost and unsure which course to progress to next. Another downside is that it is quite basic in comparison to the other courses. However, it is

Portuguese Academy

ppt online acm gov pt

Portuguese Lab Academy is a comprehensive online learning academy that mixes videos with scripted dialogues with quizzes, vocab flashcards, and grammar exercises.

Get Started in Portuguese: Absolute Beginner Course

get started in european portuguese

Get Started in Portuguese is part of the Teach Yourself series, a series of books similar to the “For Dummies” books. The book is written by Sue Tyson-Ward, who has written several books about learning both European and Brazilian Portuguese.

This book and accompanying CD are designed to take absolute beginners to an A2 level of Portuguese.

Plataforma de Português Online


Plataforma de Português Online is a free online course that covers European Portuguese levels A1, A2, B1, and B2. It’s good considering that it’s free, but unfortunately the site can be slow and sometimes stops working altogether.

It’s a nice addition to any of the other courses, particularly for vocab, but it probably won’t be enough on its own.

ELearning from the Camões Institute

The Camões Institute offers a number of distance-based courses in European Portuguese. You can either study by yourself at the basic level or, if you go for the premium option, you get some interaction with a tutor.

The Camões Institute also have a range of Portuguese courses for specific purposes including  Portuguese for Business ,  Introduction to Legal Portuguese ,  Creative Writing – Advanced ,  Journalistic Writing , and  Portuguese for the Hotel Branch .

Distance Learning from the University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra’s Open University or distance learning section offers some Portuguese courses, which normally take place during the academic year. The levels available are A1, B1, B2 and C1. It can be hard to find C1-level courses, so this is useful for anyone wanting to take their Portuguese from intermediate to advanced.

There are also courses in academic writing in Portuguese, as well as several courses in other disciplines like computer programming.

Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language

ponto de encontro textbook cover

Ponto de Encontro is the Portuguese textbook used at several major universities including Berkeley, Texas, and Harvard. This book looks at Portuguese as a world language — it doesn’t specifically focus on European Portuguese, and is designed in a way that both Brazilian and European Portuguese learners can learn Portuguese from the same textbook.

For the book itself, the cost isn’t prohibitive (usually it’s around $20), but when you factor in the cost of the access card which gives you access to videos, audio, and other teaching material on Pearson’s MyLab, the cost jumps to around $150.

Colloquial Portuguese: Beginner’s Course

colloquial portuguese textbook cover

Colloquial Portuguese: Beginner’s Course contains 13 lessons, as well as a guide to pronouncing Portuguese words. The book covers Portuguese for common situations (such as going to the supermarket) while also delving into Portuguese grammar at the same time.

If you buy the textbook, but it doesn’t come with a CD, you can stream the audio MP3s at .

Colloquial Portuguese doesn’t say which level on the CEFR scale it takes you to but, as it only offers 13 lessons, it’s likely to be around A1.

Português em Foco

portugues em foco book

Português em Foco is a textbook and CD combo that covers A1 and A2 Portuguese. The book contains texts, grammar exercises, and a list of useful expressions and vocabulary.

Passaporte para Português

passaporte para portugues textbook cover

Passaporte para Português is a course that aims to take Portuguese language learners from absolute beginner to B1 level in around 180 hours of study – equivalent to an hour a day for six months.

Two books are available: one covers A1 and A2 level Portuguese, and another covers B1 level Portuguese.

Dialogar em Português

dialogar em portugues textbook cover

Dialogar em Português covers A1 and A2 level Portuguese. Like most other courses at this level, the lessons are structured around everyday situations such as eating out at a restaurant, transport, and shopping.

Olá! Como está?

ola como esta textbook cover

Olá! Como está? covers levels A1 – B2. The package includes an audio CD.

Aprender Português

aprender portugues 1 texbook cover

Aprender Português is a series of books that covers levels A1/A2 , B1 , and B2 . Each level is supported with exercise books and a CD.

Avançar em Português

avancar em portugues textbook cover

Avançar em Português covers B2 level Portuguese. The coursebook is accompanied by a CD.

Português Atual

portugues atual textbook cover

Português Atual is a series of textbooks (with a CD) that covers each of the levels in the CEFR framework. It’s one of the few resources that covers the C1 and C2 levels of European Portuguese.

Book one,  Português Atual 1 , focuses on A1/A2 Portuguese. Book 2, Português Atual 2 , focuses on B1/B2. Book 3, Português Atual 3 , focuses on levels C1 and C2.

Other Resources

The materials above are all structured courses, but sometimes you need other resources like podcasts, simple books, and vocab apps to help you with your learning. This is especially true if your course is strong on one or two areas (like grammar or listening) but not so strong in others.

Here are three suggestions:

And, be sure to have a read of the following articles on Portugalist as well:

Which course is best?

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect course and each of these language courses has its own strengths and weaknesses. Many people like the Michel Thomas or Pimsleur courses, for example, because they build your confidence and get you constructing sentences quickly, but they lack a reading and writing component.

Which courses are free?

Currently the only course that’s free is the Plataforma de Português Online from the Alto Comissariado para as Migrações (Portuguese government). While the course is good, particularly because it’s free, it isn’t as easy to use as most of the paid courses.

Perhaps worth adding that the Universities of Lisbon and Porto offer a Summer Course in Portuguese ( all levels from beginners up ) for Foreigners. Lasting three or four weeks, I think. ( Just google to find dates etc. ~you enroll online.) Very well taught ( regular University lecturers ) and excellent value ( less than Euros 400 for all tuition ).

Sue Tyson-Ward put out another book, "Beginning Portuguese: With Two Audio CDs" which is in the "Practice Makes Perfect" series and is an updated version of her older book with cassettes called "Time for Portuguese". It's definitely NOT like her "Basic Portuguese" which is closer to a grammar workbook; no dialogues or audio recordings, as you've noted.

Here's the link on Amazon:

Apart from the fact that it has recordings of the dialogues and some exercises on the CDs, it's organized rather like "Get Started in Portuguese" in the "Teach Yourself" series as each chapter has an introductory dialogue followed by brief explanations of grammar and a few exercises.

I actually like "Beginning Portuguese" as a self-instructional primer for European Portuguese as there are 60 short chapters which can be each worked out within 30 minutes of good but leisurely studying. You get a decent sense of accomplishment clearing a chapter. Lastly, even though it's focused on European Portuguese and all of the dialogues use Portuguese natives rather than Brazilians, Tyson-Ward does add remarks in the vocabulary lists and notes where Brazilian usage differs from European.

Thanks Bigchungus! I'll take a look at that.

I have done the Pimsleur European Portuguese curse ad I found it really useful because I downloaded it onto my phone and I listen to it in the car very easily. Are there any other courses available that can download and be used as easily? What happens after lesson 30 on Pimsleur? Is that it?

Unfortunately that's it for Pimsleur. They only have one level for European Portuguese.

There are other good courses out there, but I think Pimsleur is definitely the most suited to driving or using in the gym. Michel Thomas may be worth looking at.

The Practice Portuguese podcast is a good resource to look at as well, but it doesn't get you interacting in the same way that Pimsleur does.

Hi 🙂 thank you for adding my course Learn European Portuguese Online to this resource list! I would just like to add that I now have level B1 out for intermediate students and I am currently working on level B2. I hope everyone that opts to do my course, enjoys it! Muito obrigada 🙂 Mia from Learn European Portuguese Online

See Mia's courses

Thanks Mia,

I still need to finish the review of the A1 course 🙂


Hi, I would like to add that Practice Portuguese now have structured lessons on their site!

Fantastic! I'll need to give the article an update then

Get the book Moving to Portugal Made Simple on Amazon now

I clicked and viewed your "why you should buy my course" videos, all in English. Sounds interesting. But I'd really like to see a sample lesson - perhaps just the first five minutes of the first lesson - to get an idea of what the course itself is like. You may want to consider adding that to your website.

Hi. I was disappointed this article does not list even one live, in-person class. During the pandemic year, I’ve had enough online action and would now prefer to participate in a live classroom format. In October, I checked out courses at FCSA-Lisbon, but their next class doesn’t begin until January 2022. Please let us know your top picks for live classroom language courses in Lisbon. Obrigado.

People reading this article come from all over Portugal and the world so it wouldn't make sense to include in-person classes from somewhere like Lisbon. There is an article on learning Portuguese in Lisbon which may have some of the information of what you're looking for -

Hi James, I have poor hearing and need to lipread. Are there any courses with video which show people speaking portuguese? Thanks, Dia

Mia Esmeriz's course could be an option (at least the A1-level which I've seen). The screen contains a powerpoint slide and then a video of Mia speaking in the top corner.

The Journey from Portuguese with Carla also includes a lot of videos where you can see Carla and Marlon speaking. I think most of the lessons would fall into this format. There's a story that's part of the course that's a little more cinematic and so may not always have close ups on the speaker but these videos are usually only a few minutes long and have subtitles.

Do you offer College Prep European Portuguese? I have a student interested in taking Portuguese for 4-years, and graduating high school with a Seal of Biliteracy.

I think you would need to speak to a tutor directly (perhaps try if there aren't any Portuguese tutors in your area). The courses listed in the article would be extremely helpful, but are self-learning courses and aren't necessarily aimed at College prep.

Did anyone listen to any sample audio in various book/CD combo options?

Without seeing sample book pages and listening to sample audio, I would be buying the set blindly. Any suggestions?

You can preview most of the courses (as opposed to textbooks) as they are online-based.

Recently published books might publish the audio online. I know the audio files for Colloquial Portuguese are online ( here ) but not sure about the others.

I use preply and have a lesson with a live person in Portugal. It has been a great experience. I also use LinGO - the app could be better but the pronunciations are correct.

Can you recommend a coursebook for European Portuguese aimed at young learners? My son is 9 years old. I'm looking for materials that present and all communicative practice of age-appropriate language (vocabulary, functions, grammar). I've found bilingual dictionaries for kids, but we need a coursebook that can facilitate teaching of the language in a holistic way. Thank you!

James, I just spent 5 months learning online with Babbel. I recently learned the focus was Brazilian Portuguese and not European! I absolutely loved the Babbel app options. Do you have a suggestion on a good next step to actually learn European Portugese when having a Brazilian foundation? I learn better at my own pace and the several options flash cards, speaking, and writing were SO helpful! Obrigada

I don't know if there's necessarily a course that focuses on switching from Brazilian to European Portuguese. Although you will have to relearn some grammar and pronunciation, and you may make mistakes because of this, I think having the Brazilian Portuguese will be very useful to you.

In terms of courses that might be closest to Babbel try Practice Portuguese or using the Memrise app .

This article may also be helpful: Oops! I Started Learning Brazilian Portuguese (and not European Portuguese)

I have an article on resources for kids . As you can imagine, most textbooks are aimed at adults but there are a few coursebooks that may be suitable. As with any course of textbook, it'll never be enough on its own and you'll need to combine it with things like videos, speaking practice, and vocab tools or lists.

Hello, we just started our residency/citizenship journey from the US. We are in our 50's so learning a new language is a bit more difficult than when we were younger. I know we need to pass an A2 level exam. That exam has it's own requirements. I believe writing, reading, and listening, but I am not sure? Are any of the above resources geared toward the language exam for Portuguese residency?

Hi Michelle,

Practice Portuguese and Mia Esmeriz' courses are both broken down by level, so you can focus on the A1 and A2 content easily. I don't think either of them focus on the A2 exam specifically, but they do make a point of showing what level the content is at. Other courses like Pimsleur or Michel Thomas, while good, tend to be a bit vaguer and label their content as for beginners, sometimes including a few intermediate level items in there as well.

You might find this article and this article useful.

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How to learn European Portuguese


Why Portuguese ?


European Portuguese vs Brazilian Portuguese

How to learn european portuguese (portugal) ....

Did you know a great way to learn a language is through your senses? 

For sight, start to read some Portuguese children's books as these will be more suitable for your level. Try a book you already know the storyline.

For sound, listen to some Portuguese music.

Combine sight and sound! Watch Portuguese television shows and listen closely to the way they pronounce words.

To learn European Portuguese you can use, eg.:

Posts index:

Portuguese online free platform, portuguese host language (pla) courses, technical portuguese courses, portuguese language courses at language schools, portuguese language courses at universities, portuguese courses at other institutions, online learning, online lessons from european portuguese tutors, learning european portuguese with free apps, watch portuguese tv channels, online tv contents.

RTP Play (Public Broadcasting TVs & Radios)

RTP Play is a totally free access streaming platform of RTP (Radio Televisão Portuguesa), and no paid subscription is required to use any service available.

- More than 150,000 contents organised by themes

- HD Contents, both live and on demand

- More than 20 live Radio and TV channels:

Live TV channels: RTP1 (mainstream), RTP2, RTP3 (news), RTP international, RTP Africa, RTP Memória (Recall old TV programmes), RTP Açores, RTP Madeira

Live Radio Antena 1 (main channel), Antena 2 (classic music), Antena 3 (for young people),...

App RTP: …

RTP Play is available outside the Portuguese territory. However, some content such as programmes, movies, series and live broadcasts do not have broadcasting rights so they are not available outside.

It has several documentaries, movies and series from several countries, ALL subtitled in European Portuguese.

Regarding foreign documentaries, voiceover is in Portuguese, but both voiceover and any testimonies in other languages are all subtitled in Portuguese. You may need to choose the "CC option" (with subtitles) there.

App TVI: …

SIC Player / Opto Player

App SIC (Opto player): … presa.opta

OPTO SIC streaming platform has two versions:

a free version, with a catalogue containing hundreds of series, documentaries, soap operas,... and a premium version, with exclusive content such as exclusive series, humour, documentaries and news programmes.

News channels:

CNN Portugal

App CNN Portugal: … nnportugal

SIC notícias

App SIC notícias: …

TELECOM Providers: TVApps

NOS TV (Only for NOS subscribers): …

MEO GO (Only for MEO subscribers): … .meomobile

Vodafone TV (Only for Vodafone subscribers): …

Non portuguese Online TV contents with portuguese subtitles

Portuguese online tv contents with portuguese subtitles (*), documentaries / interviews:, movies and series:, books and magazines.

Read Portuguese newspapers and magazines. You may not understand everything at first, but you will be able to learn new words and gain a connection with the Portuguese culture.

Start reading easy reports. Read some portuguese children's books as these will be more suitable for your level. Try O Principezinho (The Little Prince) or maybe a book you already know the storyline.

O Principezinho (The Little Prince) … xupery.pdf

Os Contos de Hans Christian Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen's Short Stories) … dersen.pdf


Bibliotecas (Libraries)

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Services, Digital library, online bookshop, ...

For all interested in Portuguese culture, this website introduces the National Library of Portugal and its services, ranging from those intended for library and the book industry professionals to the activities aimed at researchers and the general public, concerning access, promotion and diffusion of the heritage held at the largest library in the country.

It is a vast and diversified heritage covering almost ten centuries of history and culture of the Portuguese society, encompassing all subjects and genres in ever growing library holdings. Thus securing a future for the past and building up a record of the present for the generations to come.

The essence of the Library lies in this heritage. Kept alive and inspiring through the multiple forms of access enabled by technologies.

List of municipal libraries in Portugal … m_Portugal

Online Newspapers


Lifestyle, Travel, ...

Listen to some Portuguese music

Join talk groups (learning portuguese and teaching your mother tongue), podcasts and radio, build your vocabulary with some hits by watching youtube videos:, portuguese verb conjugation, english to portuguese online dictionaries, online courses from language schools in portugal, portuguese language test (ciple a2) to obtain portuguese nationality, portuguese language exams.

Andrew Rockwell

@JohnnyPT Excelent explanation and description! Thanks a lot!!!

By the way I can REALLY recommend Por do Sol, it is hilarious - a spoof on telenovelas. I am already on season 2. You can watch FREE (in Portugal) via the links above, and choose either English or Portuguese subtitles. I watch first with English subtitles, and then with Portuguese subtitles. Or sometimes the reverse.


I second to the power of N  [ where N is a v large number ,  lol ] the praise and congrats  due to Johhny for this wealth of information.

Could it, I wonder, be constructed into a webpage of its own, somewhere ?

Meanwhile, I don't think I noticed mention of   the youtube channel   Portuguese with Leo.    Excellent, mostly short, videos, IN Portuguese, on a  variety of interesting topics, some of which have subtitles  options in both English and Portuguese.   It's free, albeit donations are welcomed on Leo's Patreon channel.   


@JohnnyPT Ola! Just want to say Lourinha on the Silver Coast has a senior citizens center that offers Portuguese lessons for foreigners.  The one-hour, in-person class meets once a week, following the local academic calendar.  So it's a nine-month course that starts in September and ends in June. Cost is only 10 euros per month regardless of how many classes you take (they also offer art, theater, history, etc. classes.) I just moved here last month but they are letting me start the course tomorrow.  I love PT! Maybe other municipalities  also offer something similar  through their senior centers (Academia  de Senhorios).

Thanks for your post. Just a remark:

Senior centers = academia de seniores

@JohnnyPT 🤣😂🤣 Thank you for the correction! Good thing I'm starting lessons! 😁😁


@JohnnyPT I always learn new facts from you, thank you!


Thanks for the wonderful list to start learning Portuguese

Does anyone know if completing A1/A2 course from public school/IEFP will result in exemption to take CIPLE exam for the purpose fulfilling permanent residency/citizenship requirement ?

@wcg2 That's good to know - My husband and I hope to move there (Lagoa de Obidos) after I've had an operation next year.  We're learning online but it will be fun joining a class, as well as an opportunity to meet people. 😊

CIPLE exam is mandatory to obtain Portuguese citizenship and corresponds to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. But it is not mandatory to attend a preparation course in order to take the exam, you can apply for it whenever you want.

Exam enrolment


What is your opinion about Google   Portuguese  Translate ?

Is it  European Portuguese or Brazilian  Portuguese ?

Google Translate uses Brazilian Portuguese as its base. The translation results in sentences with understandable grammatical constructions but which may not be the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. For example, this translator often uses verb gerunds, widely used in Brazil, but rarely used in Portugal.

Ex. I am speaking with...

Portuguese = estou a falar com...

Brazilian portuguese = estou falando com...


Yes - Brazilian is more similar to Spanish and easier to learn! What a shame the European Portuguese is more difficult - but still love learning it on Pimsleur & Memrise!

Yes - Brazilian is more similar to Spanish and easier to learn! What a shame the European Portuguese is more difficult - but still love learning it on Pimsleur & Memrise! [email protected]

Brazilian is more similar to Spanish than Portuguese ???

SHAME? Do you know what you are talking about ???

Sometimes people ramble here in their own " lack of knowledge ". This is to avoid using a more aggressive and truthful word here, which could hurt the more sensitive people.... !!


To be fair, in the particular feature you chose, the Spanish version estoy hablando con (or so says Google translate) resembles Brazilian more than European Portuguese.

That I think is what was meant - "Brazilian is more similar to Spanish [than European is]" -- not "Brazilian is more similar to Spanish [than to Portuguese]."

I guess Portuguese allows ambiguities like this, too? Google seems to be unable to even parse the English -

"Brazilian Portuguese is more similar to Spanish, than is European Portuguese" -> O português do Brasil é mais parecido com espanhol do que o português europeu --it doesn't get the 2nd "is". Same with "deepl". I think "than is" should translate quite literally to "que é", not "do que", and I don't know how else to say it in English.

Of course, it isn't really more similar to Spanish anyway - the pronunciation and prosody are quite divergent. But there's that 'estou falando.'

... but now I see, Google translate did manage to translate it well.  Had I omitted that 2nd "is", the translation would have ended with "do que com o português europeu."  Absence of that preposition seems like kind of a slender reed to avoid the ambiguity, but at least there's some distinction.

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Portugal for Ukraine

The Portugal for Ukraine platform aims to combine in one place all the Portuguese State actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine, in terms of international action, sending humanitarian aid and the integration and hosting of displaced persons in Portugal.

What is your current situation and how can we help? Click here!

Legislation on Migrations


Portugal created a special programme for the protection of Ukrainian citizens who fled the conflict, waiving the need for a visa. We streamlined the document requirements and ensure automatic access to health, social security, and tax systems. Multidisciplinary teams were also created to monitor this process from the time of arrival.

Hosting citizens

To ensure a quick and complete integration, Portugal created a list of job opportunities and a housing pool to match the needs with what is available (whether public or private).

Humanitarian aid

The Portuguese Government is organising the regular shipment of humanitarian aid – medicine, medical supplies, and humanitarian assistance, according to the needs identified by Ukraine and under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Do you need assistance?

Would you like to help?

It's time to go home. Your country supports your return.

Improvement of the Portuguese language

Online platform for portuguese.

The Online Platform for Portuguese, available free of charge at , presents content for the acquisition of European Portuguese by adult speakers of other languages.

Although it does not confer any type of certification, it is a tool that allows the user to practise the language in the linguistic activities of listening comprehension, reading comprehension and written production. It also allows to learn and extend the vocabulary and knowledge of Portuguese grammar.

The contents are organised into 24 functional thematic modules, presented in text, audio, video and image formats, distributed over two levels – level A and level B.

The Platform is available in four languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish and Arabic – and to start learning it is only necessary to fill in the registration form .

For more information contact the Portuguese Language Learning Promotion Office (GLPt), of the High Commission for Migration (ACM, I.P.), via e-mail to [email protected] .

Portuguese Host Language (PLA) Courses

ppt online acm gov pt

The Portuguese Host Language (PLA) courses (formerly known as Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages (PFOL) or Portuguese for All (PPT)), created within the scope of Ordinance No. 183/2020, of 5 August (amended by Ordinance No. 184/2022, published on 21st July), are promoted by the public schools, by the directly and participated management centres network of the Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP, I.P.) and by the Qualifica Centres network.

PLA courses certify levels A1 + A2 and B1 + B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are aimed at citizens aged 16 or over, whose native language is not Portuguese and/or who do not have basic, intermediate or advanced skills in Portuguese language according to the CEFR.

The certification of level A2 or higher, obtained under the framework of PLA courses, makes proof of knowledge of the Portuguese language for the purposes of requesting Portuguese nationality, granting permanent residency and long-term resident status.

PLA courses are organised by competences and training references that are included in the National Qualifications Catalogue (CNQ) , to which correspond the levels of language proficiency according to the CEFR and the respective workload.

Anyone has ever taken the free Portuguese Host Language (PLA) courses in Portugal?

ppt online acm gov pt

Is it actually free for immigrants/foreigners or did I misunderstand the official website ?

It was called Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages (PFOL) or Portuguese for All (PPT) before. But changed their name just because.

' src=

Yes, I took the B1-B2 course in the 2021-22 school year.

Oh neat. How was it?

Thanks for sharing this, I was looking for something like this! One thing is I see /u/smella99 mentioned it was 250 hours, but I am reading 150 on the website (though I wouldn't put it past them that it's an error - I see some other typos too). But I don't see where it says that it's free, and these are courses offered by various sources (unemployment office, various schools and vocational schools and centers...)?

But I don't see where it says that it's free

My bad. I'm not even sure how I got to this conclusion. Forgot where I read it. But it seems to be actually free according to smella99's comment.

Ok, A1-2 is 150 “credit hours” and B1-2 is 175 credit hours- I just checked our completion certificates.

However I had class every monday from 2:000-5:25, every Tuesday from 2:00-4:25 and every Thursday from 2:00-4:25 from September through June.

It was a big commitment.

Classes offered in public venues are free. Well, you typically have to pay a 20€ insurance fee when you sign up, and of course you need to buy the textbook.

Thanks for sharing.

Timely post. I cannot give a review as I attended an orientation for my A1/A2 course this morning. It's going to be 150 hours split into 25 six hour days starting on 11/8 and ending 20/10. You will need a NISS to take advantage of the scholarship that will give you about €200. They also offer compensation for public transportation or the use of a personal vehicle. You will receive a bit over €4 pet day for lunch. To sign up, I had to go to an IEFP office.

Thanks for sharing. What a coincidence.

Ha, I’m also now looking for this course.

Can you tell me if all the A1/A2 courses are 25 six hours days? I’m in a bit of a hurry as my Visa (CRUE) is up in January and I didn’t realise I needed that language part 😢

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