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Reviews are critical appraisals published either online or in a newspaper or magazine. Traditionally, a review was of a book, concert, film or perhaps television show.However, now they are increasingly used online for far more purposes, including rating and assessing purchases, tradespeople, restaurants, venues, and events.

This page describes how to write a good review: that is, one that other people find helpful in considering whether to purchase, view, read or visit. It explains what you should include, the tone you should aim to achieve, and also what you should leave out.

What is a Review?

The term ‘review’ can be used in several different ways.

For the purposes of this page, we mean a critical appraisal of something , whether a book, television programme, online purchase, or holiday.

Review vs. Literature Review

The term ‘review’ is also used in writing for a literature review. This is a scan through the existing literature on a topic, to identify the current state of knowledge, and find a gap to research.

There is more about that in our page Researching and Writing a Literature Review .

The purpose of a review is to advise others whether to visit/buy/watch/read/otherwise engage with the subject of your review. It can also be used by businesses to see how they can improve.

It follows that a good review is one that other people find helpful in making their decision, or that helps the business to improve.

In writing a review, you should therefore consider what information people need to make that decision.

There is more about this in our page on Know Your Audience .

Tips for Writing a Good Review

1. describe the experience.

Don’t be tempted to just say ‘This was fine’. Describe the experience.

More helpful reviews provide more information, so that readers know what they might experience—and can judge for themselves.

One-word reviews: don’t

A review that simply says ‘great’, ‘no problems’ or ‘avoid’ is not helpful, because it does not give any context. Was it busy? Was it quiet? How can readers judge whether their experience will be similar?

Take time to provide a bit of context and a bit more information, to help your readers.

2. Make your recommendation clear

Readers look at reviews to help them decide whether to visit, buy, read, watch, attend or even date! This is the main takeaway from any review.

A good review therefore makes the writer’s recommendation very clear.

Some review sites allow you to leave a star rating—but even with that, make sure that you sum up by giving a recommendation at the start or end of what you write.

3. Give the reasons for your recommendation

A recommendation is useful—but it is not enough on its own. People want to make their own decisions, drawing on other people’s experience.

Explain the thinking and reasons behind your recommendation to support that process.

For example:

I don’t recommend this top. I often buy from here, and the sizing usually works well for me, but this one was a very strange shape, and really didn’t fit well.

This tells readers that:

4. Offer an alternative if possible

If you are not recommending something, it can be helpful to readers to offer an alternative that might work better.

I didn’t like this film for [reasons]. I wanted to see it because other reviewers said it was like [second film]. However, if you like [second film], I recommend watching [third film] or [fourth film] instead, as I think they are more [amusing/family-friendly/scary/other reason].

This gives readers somewhere else to look—and also tells them whether their taste is likely to chime with yours.

“Not his/her best”

Some of the most useful reviews are those from people who are very familiar with a particular writer/film-maker. They can offer a comparison with other books or films by the same person—and therefore point readers/viewers towards something they may prefer.

5. Don’t be relentlessly negative—aim for constructive feedback

Almost nothing is completely negative, or irredeemable.

If you are leaving a customer review, especially if it is mostly negative, try to be constructive in your feedback. Suggest what could have been better, and how things could have been improved.

If it just wasn’t to your taste, then make that clear—and recognise that this is not the fault of the venue/writer/anyone else.

This book is well-written, but it’s not really my taste. I have a bit of an on-off relationship with this genre, and this one was definitely ‘off’ for me. If you love the genre, you’ll probably love the book, because it’s fairly typical. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, then maybe look elsewhere.

The approach you should be aiming towards is respectful , especially if you can’t be nice.

Even if you didn’t like it, other people might—and you are often talking about someone’s livelihood here. Assume they were doing their best, and give them the option to improve.

Should reviews be funny?

Is a good review funny?

Some of the best-known reviews—the ones that go viral—are wildly funny. Google sugar-free gummi bears review for some samples.

Many such reviews have been viewed thousands of times, and upvoted thousands of times. They get attention—which is good—and they are helpful to potential buyers—also good.

Can you write a good review that is also funny? Clearly the answer is yes.

Is funniness essential to a good review? No.

All that is necessary for a good review is that it provides the right information to help people make their decision.

6. Be specific and honest

Many reviews that go viral do so because of the response from the subject of the review. At this point, it becomes clear that the review writer was either lying, or feeling extremely entitled when they visited and/or wrote the review.

Always be specific about what you experienced—and always be truthful.

For example, it is unhelpful to say “ That was the worst customer service I have ever experienced! Don’t go!

Instead, you might say:

“ We were kept waiting for 30 minutes for a table, despite having made a reservation some days ago. The waiting staff then took ages to take our order. The restaurant was extremely busy, but I don’t think that’s an excuse – you shouldn’t have that many covers if you can’t serve them all, and you certainly shouldn’t allow people in if you don’t have a table free. ”

Being truthful also means not exaggerating. If you say you were waiting for 30 minutes, make sure that you really were waiting for that long!

7. Don’t include personal information—either yours or theirs

It is a very bad idea to include your own personal information in a review, or anything about individuals at the business—and you also shouldn’t include any information about any other business either.

This means no plugs for a neighbouring restaurant, or your own catering business, or anything like that. It also means not mentioning any employees by name—even if you say something very positive about them.

It is also a very bad idea to leave reviews about somewhere you have worked on any site except something like Glassdoor.

8. Proofread your review to check it makes sense

You should always proofread something that is intended for publication. This includes reviews.

Check your review over before you hit ‘post’ or ‘send’. Look for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure that the sentences are kept fairly short.

If you are leaving a review on a website, copy your text into a word processing package, and use the spellcheck and grammar check tools before posting.

Better still, write it in a word processing tool first, so you can read it over more easily.

There is more about this in our page on Proofreading and Editing .

Reviews are for two purposes: to help other people decide whether to read, visit, watch, attend or buy, based on your experience, and to provide businesses with feedback that will help them to improve.

If what you are saying will not achieve either of those, then DON’T SAY IT.

Continue to: Understanding and Interpreting Online Product Reviews Offering Constructive Criticism

See also: Writing for the Internet How to Complain, Effectively Giving and Receiving Feedback

How to Write a Review

Max Ramirez

Opinions: as half of the old saying goes, everyone’s got ‘em. Whether it’s on Twitter, on Yelp, or in Facebook posts from your great-aunt’s best friend, we’re constantly subjected to other people’s opinions—so if you want to share your take with a wider audience, it’s worthwhile to think about how to make it stand out. And if you zoom in on an opinion, build it out, and give it structure, you’ve got yourself a review.

You can review basically anything if you find the right outlet for it, but the best way to present your thoughts depends on what you’re writing about and who your audience is. But with most types of reviews, there’s a simple structure you can stick to in order to help you get started:

Before you write, make sure you know the general message you want to convey. A simple thesis will help keep your review from straying off-topic. This could be as straightforward as “I really liked this meal!” or as complex as “These shoes took a while to wear in.” Think to yourself: If I were telling a friend about this, what would I want their main takeaway to be?

2 Likes and dislikes

In the most glowing review, you may not include any dislikes. If the review is critical, try to find at least one positive to include, just to provide a break in between your incredible zings.

3 Your recommendation

A star rating may be the first thing most people see, but when folks skim your review, they’ll probably check the bottom for an idea of whether or not you’d recommend the meal, album, hike, or movie to others. You could also include a short explanation, like “I knocked it down one star because my utensils were dirty,” or “I’d recommend this play, but only if you’re as big of a musical theater buff as I am.”

If you need more direction, Grammarly has a few great places to start.

Writing a book review ? Grammarly has tips and tricks for how to keep your review informative, enlightening, and kind.

Remember that you’re reviewing a book that another human poured their heart and soul into to write. Express your honest opinion, but don’t be nasty about it. Imagine if it were your book being reviewed, how would you want a reader to express their critique?

If you’re writing a movie review , Grammarly can help keep you from getting too stressed about how to rate the film you just watched:

Rather than grasp for an arbitrary value, state plainly what a movie called to mind, or how it didn’t quite land with you, and explain why.

Writing a review of your new favorite restaurant ? You may need to paint a bigger picture of your experience than for the review of the tub of cheese puffs you ordered on Amazon.

Avoid vague words and phrases like “The service was bad” or “The pie was great.” Instead, provide specific details like, “The server was friendly but inexperienced and botched our drink order” or “The lemon meringue pie had a wonderfully flaky crust, a tart and tangy filling, and dreamy melt-in-your-mouth meringue.”

No matter what kind of review you’re writing, here are a few more quick tips:

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review to write


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Want to Write a Review? Here’s Advice From New York Times Critics.

In four short videos, A.O. Scott, Maya Phillips, Jon Pareles and Jennifer Szalai share with students their tips for writing reviews.

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review to write

By Callie Holtermann and C. Ross Flatt

Note: Our Student Review Contest is open from Nov. 10 to Dec. 15.

You probably have a slew of opinions on the books, movies, video games and music you love and loathe. With some patience and attention, you can turn these opinions into a piece of written criticism: a review.

Advice from experts might help. To support students who are interested in writing their own reviews, whether for our annual review contest or just for fun, we asked Times critics who work in four different genres to share their advice.

In the four short videos below, you’ll learn more about how to explain your opinion, persuade a reader, consider a work’s context and examine the artist’s intent. For each video, we provide reflection questions to help students apply the advice to their own writing.

Explain your opinion.

A.O. Scott , a chief film critic at The Times, told us that a review should share the writer’s opinion and explain why he or she feels that way. An opinion alone is not enough, he said: “The only way you get anyone else interested in it is if you can explain it.”

Some questions to consider after watching the video:

Think of a work of film, music, art or writing that you reacted to strongly. What is your opinion of that work?

Why do you have that opinion? What evidence could you use to support your opinion?

What other information about the work might be useful to someone else who wants to learn more about it? How could you help an interested reader?

Persuade the reader.

Maya Phillips , a critic at large who reviews theater, poetry and other works of art and culture, stresses that a review is simply a piece of persuasive writing. She urges students who are new to review writing to use their visceral responses to drive their arguments.

Have you ever written a piece of persuasive writing, like an argumentative essay or newspaper column? How did you go about convincing the reader of your opinion?

What does your unique voice sound like? What review topics could be a good match for your preferred language and tone?

Consider a work’s context.

Jon Pareles , the chief pop music critic at The New York Times, told us that when it comes to today’s pop stars, “their stardom isn’t only in their music.” He encourages students to consider not only the work they are reviewing, but how that work fits into the broader cultural landscape.

Think about one work that you would be interested in reviewing (in any of the categories that The Times reviews). What would it mean to do a “close read” of this piece? What small details jump out at you?

Who created the work you chose? What do you know about them? How does their public presentation factor into your opinion of their work?

Try to understand the artist’s intent.

Jennifer Szalai , a nonfiction book critic at The Times, told us that reviewers have a responsibility to be fair to the creators of the work they review. “Fair doesn’t mean boring,” she said, “fair just means that you are trying, as much as possible, to understand what the writer of the book was trying to do.”

What do you think was the goal of the artist who created the work you chose in the last section? How well do you think they accomplished that goal?

Read a New York Times review in any section that interests you. ( Arts , Books , Style and Food are good places to start.) Do you think the review you read was fair to the artist? Why or why not?

If you want to learn more about review writing, we encourage you to explore our review writing unit and enter our Student Review Contest .

Learn more about Google Maps COVID-19 updates .

Tips for writing great reviews

Writing great reviews will increase the likelihood that your review will get published, and helps others discover the places that are just right for them. Here are a few tips:

Make sure you’ve also read our review content policy .

Home Blog Online Reviews 5 Positive review examples: response templates included

5 Positive review examples: response templates included

review to write

14 min read Last Updated Jan 24, 2023

Positive review examples are often generic and plain. If you are looking to attract more customers, you need to improve the quality of reviews you have across platforms. One way to do this is by providing positive review examples for inspiration to share with customers.

Studies show that shoppers read online reviews and review responses before making a purchase decision. When it comes to online reviews, a five-star rating isn’t enough to set your business apart from the competition. A star rating –no matter how high — will fall flat without a written positive review from the customer. 

We understand the pain and have put together a comprehensive blog post on what makes a good review, positive review examples, and templates to respond to your positive reviews and generate momentum from them. 

If you favor video, we have the following video guide for you to listen on the go. 

Table of contents

How to write a good review 

Why are positive reviews important, popular platforms for online reviews, how to respond to positive reviews: 5 examples, 5-star positive review response examples, 4-star positive review response examples, generic positive review response templates, positive review examples by industry, faqs on the topic of positive review examples.

What makes a good review? 

Before we share positive review examples and inputs on how to respond to positive reviews, let’s clarify this – What makes a good review? The answer to this question may seem obvious, a “good review” is when a customer leaves a 5-star rating of your business! In reality, a “good review” goes far beyond a star rating. Here are three specific elements that make a customer review valuable. 

1. Goes beyond the stars

You want your positive reviews to be detailed . Though it’s always nice to get high star ratings, a detailed review explains why the customer enjoyed your business. This helps prospects understand what specifically sets your business apart from the competition. 

See how this review of a local coffee shop goes beyond the star rating. 

2. Describes the customer experience

A good review should describe various aspects of the customer experience. Did the customer receive fantastic customer service? Was an employee particularly helpful, and did the customer leave the employee’s name in the review? Did the customer mention other elements of the customer experience, like a great website that was easy to use? These details will not only be appealing to prospects, but it will help you know what your business is doing well. 

3. Adds photos or videos

A good review is the one that leaves no questions unanswered. Customers must be able to understand a company’s products, services, and customer service details from the review itself. Sometimes, words don’t do justice to these details. So, positive customer reviews that include supporting photos and videos get additional points for the effort and accuracy. 

Now that you know what a good review looks like, it is time to make the review section look like this for your company. If your customers are struggling to write detailed and captivating positive reviews for your business, here is a quick guide that you can share with them. 

Include detailed information about the purchase in the review. Potential customers find it helpful when reviews include as much information about the product, service and experience as possible. A few things to add are product details, store location, period of purchase, any discounts that may have been active then, and customer service.

Photos and videos in a review help customers understand the subject. If the reviewer found something particularly useful, adding photos and videos that validate the point can be extremely helpful to potential customers. 

Adding personal opinions about a particular product feature or service qualifies the review and helps potential customers understand if it is relevant to them or not. 

Make sure your review is easy to understand. Don’t over complicate the review or use words that can be technical jargon and confuse the reader rather than helping them make a purchase decision. 

Assumptions in reviews, especially on product availability, discount offers, and store hours can lead to unnecessary confusion. Qualify personal opinions so that they’re not mistaken for facts. 

Positive reviews can bring in new customers and help to increase sales. In a world where we have so many choices, reviews can help potential customers feel more confident about choosing your business over others. And once they’ve had a positive experience, they’re more likely to leave a positive review.

Having positive reviews can also help to build trust and credibility, especially if you’re a new business. If customers see that others have had good experiences with your company, they’re more likely to take the leap themselves.

Why should I respond to positive reviews? 

Responding to positive reviews increases their value. When you respond to a good customer review, the customer who left the review feels appreciated, which increases the chance for repeat business. Review responses also show that you value customer feedback and care to improve your customer experience. This will attract new customers and set you apart from your competitors.

Check out our post on how positive reviews help realtors .

Customer reviews are important to every business. Not only do they provide valuable feedback, but they can also help to attract new customers. It’s important that your customer reviews be on display on the more popular review websites. Those sites include:

Google Business Profile

One way to get more reviews is to create a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). This profile provides a place for customers to leave their reviews, and it also allows you to respond to them. Creating a profile is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once your profile is created, be sure to encourage your customers to leave their reviews. With a little effort, you can soon have a steady stream of customer reviews on the most popular search engine in the world.

Facebook is another great platform for businesses to get customer reviews. With nearly three billion users, it’s become the most popular social media platform in the world. This means that reviews left on Facebook have a good chance of being seen by the people in your service area.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted source for consumers to research businesses before making a decision. What makes BBB unique is that members are thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet all ethical and business standards. Once approved, they are awarded the BBB seal. The seal will then be displayed on the business’s profile. This achievement will certainly put a positive light on a business’s reputation and act as a differentiator from rivals.

Now that you know what to look for in a good review, it’s time to learn how to respond to them from these positive review response examples.

Example 1: Be creative and personal

Chef John Howie uses YouTube to respond to reviews of his restaurant, Seastar Seafood Restaurant, and Raw Bar, in a creative and personable way. This type of review response is advantageous for a few reasons. First, by posting these videos, Chef Howie reaches a broader audience. Videos are also shared more often than other forms of media, so this can help increase visibility for the restaurant. 

Second, a response like this establishes the restaurant’s credibility — the chef is proving that he actually reads his reviews and values customer feedback because viewers can watch it happening for themselves. Finally, by responding to his reviews on video, Chef Howie is giving a face to his business. When customers and prospects feel like they know the chef, they are more inclined to return to Seastar Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar time and time again. 

Example 2: Respond quickly

There are few businesses that are better than JetBlue when it comes to responding to customer feedback. JetBlue proves that your business’s response doesn’t need to be long-winded. Even a quick thanks goes a long way. 

Whether it’s positive or negative, JetBlue always ensures to respond to their customers and that’s a good strategy to follow. 

JetBlue is also great at responding to negative feedback. When a passenger complained about their broken television screen on Twitter , JetBlue responded instantly. This opened up a personalized conversation, and both parties could come to a solution. 

Example 3: Use humor

How can you turn a negative review into a positive one? Use humor in your response! Instead of this sandwich shop getting discouraged by negative reviews it actually used them for marketing content.

Putting a lighthearted spin on one customer’s rant got them a lot of attention. This chalkboard not only shows passersby that the business has a fun vibe, it also proves that the owners actually read their customers’ feedback. Using humor when responding to both positive and negative reviews is a great way to show your business’s personality and grab customers’ attention. 

Example 4: Recognize the staff

Positive reviews are a great way to boost employee morale and keep your team motivated to deliver awesome experiences every day. In this review of Hard Rock Cafe, the customer mentioned the fantastic waitress they had by name. Take a look at how Hard Rock Cafe responded to that positive review:

Example 5: Don’t shy away from personality 

When you respond to reviews, don’t be afraid to show your company’s brand! This will make customers more excited to engage with your business. The hair dye company oVertone does a great job at using its brand personality in every response. Every employee is free to use emojis and includes their favorite shade of hair dye as a sign-off signature. 

Customers who leave a 5-star positive review are usually happy customers with no complaints and have a genuine desire to share their experience with the world. As every company knows, these evangelical customers and such reviews are not easy to come by. So make the most of them by responding to them appropriately and quickly to avoid losing the momentum. 

Some review response templates you can use for 5-star positive reviews are: 

Option 1: Thank them with a simple response 

Option 2: Invite them to refer or bring friends and family next time (if applicable)

Option 3: Personalize the response, if possible 

When a customer leaves a 4-star positive review, it usually means that the customer is happy, but there’s also some room for improvement. Such positive reviews have to be handled carefully and swiftly to maintain goodwill with the customer. 

Check out a few scenarios and appropriate 4-star positive review response templates for use. 

Option 1: When the customer has written the reason for the 4-star review 

Start by thanking the customer for their feedback, then move on to an apology and what you are going to do to make the experience better next time. 

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy that you had a good experience overall, but we are sorry to see that you are upset about [ the complaint the customer has made ]. We are addressing your concerns by [ your plans to fix the problem ]. We hope that you come back to see how we’ve implemented your feedback. Thank you again for your review, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Option 2: When the customer hasn’t provided details of the issue 

Start by thanking the customer for their feedback and request them to connect with you personally to share their feedback on what can make their experience better. 

Thank you for your generous review. We are happy to see that you were satisfied with our services and hope to see you soon again. We would like to know how to make your experience even better, please share your feedback at <email address or survey response link>. 

If you are planning on developing standardized positive review response to automate the process, we have a few templates that may come in handy: 

These are just a few and you can customize them as per your industry, company needs, and branding style. 

By now you should have a good idea of the value of generating and managing positive reviews. But reviews can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your industry and the review website. Here are a few industry-specific positive review examples and how businesses can use them to their advantage.

Your customer reviews are a great marketing asset. Positive reviews can be displayed on your company’s website and social media channels to help you attract more customers.

Responding to reviews elevates the level of care customers can expect from your business. It shows potential customers that you value feedback and appreciate their business. Responding to reviews also helps with local SEO which can improve your business listing ranking.

Do you know what’s better than a positive review? A positive review with a picture. Review sites that allow customers to upload images give people a much better sense of the product and service you provide.

Yes. It’s important that businesses respond to both positive and negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews promptly and professionally will help you protect your online reputation by addressing bad customer experiences and slander.

Yes. The majority of review sites are free of charge. Typically, they only require you to create an account and profile with a valid email address to start receiving customer reviews.

A good review should contain factual information about the transaction – product, service, experience, and any specific detail that can help other people make better purchase decisions. 

You can express your appreciation for good customer service by leaving a positive review about the experience. Thank them for their help, level of professionalism and friendliness in the review.

How Birdeye can help you 

Responding to every customer review is easier said than done. When you have so much to do, it’s easy to stop responding or even keep track of all your reviews on multiple different platforms. But Birdeye’s review automation software can help with all that.

Our platform allows you to monitor and respond to reviews from hundreds of sites in a single dashboard, sending you new review alerts via email or SMS so you can stay on top of customer feedback – automatically. Start growing with Birdeye today. 

Originally published Aug 07, 2020, updated Jan 24, 2023

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review to write

Positive Reviews Examples: Copy and Paste Ideas

Positive reviews examples: copy and paste ideas that businesses can use to collect positive reviews and improve customer satisfaction.

review to write

Do you take activities that motivate your customers to leave reviews for your product or service?

If the answer is No, you need to become aware of the importance of positive reviews, and our post about positive reviews examples: copy and paste ideas is here to help you.

Now that we live in a world where you practically don’t exist if you don’t have any online presence, customer reviews are one of the most important marketing tools.

Not only do reviews provide critical information about your company’s performance, but they also show future clients what their experience will look like.

In this article, we’re talking about the importance of positive reviews and the most popular platforms for leaving reviews.

Finally, we’ll take a look at some positive review examples you can copy and paste.

What is a review?

Why are positive reviews important, 5 most popular platforms for online reviews, positive review examples: copy and paste ideas for different businesses, bonus: online reputation management widgets, key takeaways.

Reviews represent evaluations of a company, product, or service, that customers write.

They’ve usually had some experience with this company, including a purchase, use, or a conversation with their customer service team.

In their review, customers usually describe their experience, how the company treated them, talk about the quality of the product, and say whether they’d recommend this company or not.

Companies regularly collect feedback from customers and post reviews on their websites . Customers can also leave reviews on some websites specialized for review collection.

We’ll talk about them later in this article.

Customers browse customer reviews to learn how others use and enjoy your products.

They are also interested in the experiences of others with your customer service team or other employees who might have been helpful.

There are many benefits of showcasing positive reviews about your company or products. Here are some of them:

Almost two-thirds of customers believe internet reviews are critical in purchasing decisions.

They’re more inclined to consult Google or Trustpilot for recommendations than ask their friends and family.

According to Bright Local Consumer Survey 2022:

latest reviews statistics

All these reviews statistics confirm the importance of online reviews into making purchasing decisions.

Let’s see the most common platforms where customers leave their reviews.

What’s the first place you go to when trying to find a product/service? That’s easy, it’s Google. So, it’s also natural that Google is the best site for online reviews. Google is especially significant if you’re a local business, so make sure you spend time setting up your Google Business profile and making your business discoverable.

2. Facebook

Now that Facebook has such a large user base, it’s also becoming one of the most popular review sites. It’s also simple for users to leave reviews on Facebook—most of them already have an account. This means that, unlike other sites, they don’t need to create an account or log in each time they visit again.

3. TripAdvisor

This is the place where most people go when organizing a trip. So, if you’re a hotel, a restaurant, or own any other business that welcomes tourists, you should pay attention to TripAdvisor. Travelers submit reviews, comments, and upload images, so the advice is pretty reliable and influential.

4. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a community-driven customer review platform that has become one of the most popular SaaS review sites. Also, businesses worldwide may use Trustpilot to collect consumer reviews, usually in advance after posting them to the company profile. Customers submit product and seller reviews to verified profiles of the company they interacted with.

5. Capterra

Capterra is a rating site that assesses software offered by B2C and B2B firms if you’re a SaaS company. Users can look for software by industry, business, or type. Capterra is one of the most trustworthy review sites for software businesses, so being active on this site can be one of the most important marketing activities for this kind of company.

FYI: You can embed Google reviews widget  automatically with  EmbedReviews platform.  Start a free trial  and display your Google reviews now. 

embed Google reviews

Generate, manage, and embed your Google Reviews

Try EmbedReviews , generate Facebook and Google reviews, and display social media reviews widgets on your website. Automatically and in seconds.

All features included | Live support available

Getting customers to write positive reviews about your company is very beneficial but can also be challenging.

That’s why you should take some action to encourage your customers to write reviews. One of the ways to motivate them is to show them positive examples for your industry.

In this article, we’ve included positive review examples for 10 different businesses.

Finding positive review examples shouldn’t be difficult if you own a hotel. You can go to Booking and see the reviews of the highest-rated hotels.

Check out these reviews for L’oscar Hotel in London:

positive feedback for a hotel

So, you can see here that positive hotel reviews contain information about the staff, reception, parking, rooms, and services.

Here’s an example you can send your customers:

“The staff was great. The receptionists were very helpful and answered all our questions. The room was clean and bright, and the room service was always on time. Will be coming back!”

TripAdvisor is a great place to find positive restaurant reviews.

Let’s see some examples of La Maison d’a Cote, a restaurant in Montlivault, France.

online review for a restaurant

Normally, a positive restaurant review contains comments about the food, the chef, the service, and the atmosphere.

Here’s an example to send:

“My husband and I went for dinner in restaurant X and really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was fresh and delicious, and the best part was that the chef sent us a dessert they had created that day. We were delighted.”

Ecommerce website

Many eCommerce websites are out there, so we decided to look for positive shoe store reviews.

We found these reviews about Couture USA:

good customer feedback for an ecommerce website

So, if you own a shoe store, here’s what a positive review could look like:

“I got a pair of boots from store X and I’m very satisfied. They are high-quality and worth the money. The store also offered free shipping at that price so that’s a plus!”

Software Company

Capterra and Trustpilot are the go-to sites for reviews if you’re a software company.

Let’s see some Capterra reviews about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

positive reviews examples copy and paste detailed review for a software company

From these reviews, you can see that what’s important with software tools is that they reduce complexity, make things easier for users, and contain features that meet their needs.

So, a positive software review example could look like this:

“The tool X has really automated some of our company’s processes. We now spend less time doing manual work. It’s making [problem] very easy for us. Thanks to its scheduling feature, we don’t need staff to work outside of business hours.”

Mobile apps are the first thing most people open in the morning (after their eyes).

So, mobile apps need to be user-friendly and consistent with current design standards and contain features that meet their needs.

Here are some Trustpilot reviews for Fundamenta Mobile App Wallet:

positive reviews examples copy and paste more positive reviews for a mobile app

This is ready to copy and paste positive review example if you have a mobile app:

“ This app allows me to do [problem] from my smartphone where I want and when I want to. The interface is easy to navigate and I find everything I need quickly. I can’t wait for [feature]!”

Plastic surgeon

This is a very sensitive topic so people who are looking for a plastic surgeon are always looking for reviews first.

They want to make sure they’re going to the right person and other people’s experiences are very valuable to them.

So, if you’re a plastic surgeon, you definitely need to spend time gathering positive reviews.

Here are some reviews about Orlando Plastic Surgery Associates on Trustpilot:

amazing feedback from customers

How doctors behave and if the staff makes them feel comfortable is very important for plastic surgeon patients.

So, here’s a copy-and-paste positive review example for plastic surgeons:

“Dr. X is an excellent professional. All staff was kind and made me feel very comfortable. I’m also very satisfied with the final result!.”

People want to make sure they can really relax in a spa center and that it covers all facilities they want to have.

So, they usually read reviews before visiting the spa center themselves.

Here are some positive review examples we found for The Bath House London on Tripadvisor:

read written reviews from happy customers

Here’s our copy and paste positive review example for a spa center:

“The experience was great. The massage was very relaxing and spending a day there was a great idea. All facilities are clean. The choice of saunas/pools is very remarkable.”

Flower shop

When it comes to flower shops, users care that the flowers are fresh and that the shop has a variety of choices. If the store has delivery, that’s also one more point to add.

Here are some positive flower shop review examples we found on Trustpilot about Maison La Fleur, a flower shop in Miami.

respond to positive reviews

Considering these characteristics here’s a copy and paste positive review example if you have a flower shop:

“Flowers were fresh and beautiful. They offered free delivery for orders over $99 which is great. Prices are reasonable for the quality you get.”

Real estate

Looking for the perfect property can take ages. That’s why people are looking for trustworthy real estate agents who are patient and careful.

Here are some Trustpilot review examples about Crexi, a Los Angeles-based real estate agency:

positive reviews examples copy and paste positive feedback for real estate

As people are mostly talking about specific agents in these reviews, here’s a positive review example to inspire your customers:

“[Name of agent] was very professional. She was patient and showed us 20+ properties until we found the perfect one. She carefully listened to our needs and helped us find exactly what we were looking for.”

Fertility clinic

A fertility clinic needs to have the most careful and patient staff, offering the best experience for future parents.

This is an example of a positive review for Conception, a fertility clinic in the US.

positive reviews examples copy and paste good reviews for fertility clinic

This review is expected to be emotional, so here’s an idea:

“I had three different appointments at Conceptions, and each time the staff was well informed, friendly, and kind. You could see they really care about their customers. There are no words to thank them enough.”

Hairdresser or Hair salon

When searching for a hairdresser, it can often be difficult to determine which one would be the best choice for you. Reviews from real customers can provide valuable insight into how satisfied people are with the services they receive. A hairdresser’s Google reviews can help indicate what customers think about a particular business and whether or not they have had a positive experience.

By reading through reviews, potential customers can gain information about the quality of services a hairdresser provides and how friendly and accommodating their staff is.

Furthermore, reviews can help inform people about the prices charged, allowing them to decide when to select a hair salon. Here are a few Google review examples:

hairdresser google review example

Once you start collecting reviews at scale, you need an online reputation management widget to manage them effectively.

Here are some suggestions:


EmbedReviews provide everything you need to manage your reviews. Collect reviews from sources like Google and Facebook automatically, integrate with an email to ask for more reviews, and showcase them in an interactive way. Thanks to the simple SEO snippets, drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

google reviews slider

Yotpo is a review management platform that makes it easy for customers to leave feedback. You can customize widgets and collect data to optimize results.


The Trustpilot widget allows you to collect and publish social feeds, user-generated content , campaigns, and reviews on sites, newsletters, and other customer interfaces.

trustpilot widget

Generating reviews can be beneficial for many segments of your business. Here are some of them: – Boost your sales by allowing potential customers to read positive experiences from people who have already bought from you. – Improve brand image by highlighting reviews with positive experiences. – Increase your SEO ranking by showing Google you’re a relevant brand.

There are many ways to get more reviews, including: – Rewarding people who leave reviews – Motivating people with positive reviews examples – Follow up with customers to ask about their experience – Try to improve the experience of people who left a negative review

A good review has the following characteristics: – It contains enough details – It’s consistent and doesn’t contain contradictory statements – It’s honest and shows genuine emotions – It clearly communicates the customer experience

In summary, here is what you should do in order to get positive reviews from your customers:

You can not control what customers say about you, but if you have done everything you can to make sure they’re happy, then you’re more likely to get positive reviews.

When customers take the time to leave you a positive review, it is important to show your appreciation.

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From books and movies to plumbers and hotels, reviewing a product or service can be a useful skill. Reviews allow a consumer to share their opinion of a product or service, and others can glean information from that review to make an informed decision about whether or not to try out the product or service.

Trying Out the Product or Service

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Get Paid To Write Reviews: 10 Top Sites

Did know you can get paid for writing reviews of products and services online? Here, we cover the places to get paid for writing reviews this year.

Before you purchase products or download apps, do you read the reviews? Most consumers do. A study published by Qualtrics showed that 93 percent of customers read online reviews before buying a product. Product reviews are an important part of people’s purchasing decisions, and review sites are everywhere.

Companies know that they will make more money if their products have positive reviews, so they’re willing to pay people to write reviews for them. If you are wondering where can you get paid to write reviews, try applying to these sites for review  writing jobs . 

1. Get Reviewed

2. crowdtap, 4. listverse, 5. capterra, 6. usertesting, 7. gartner peer insights, 8. harris poll online, 9. g2 crowd, 10. review stream, final word on where to get paid to write reviews, faqs about how to get paid to write reviews.

Writers Work contains freelance writing opportunities for writers who want to start their career

Writers Work

If you want to get paid to write reviews, one of the best places to look is called Get Reviewed . The website will pay you cash for sponsored reviews and blog posts. If you want to participate in this program, you need to have a self-hosted website with a strong domain authority of at least 20 or above. To elevate your domain authority, focus on a specific niche. Then, convince other people to provide links that point back to your website. This will position your site as an authority in the field. 

If you want to get paid to write a review on this site, you need to submit your blog for consideration. After your blog is accepted, you will display your blog on the marketplace. Then, advertisers can view your blog and order a product review from you. If someone places an order for a review from your website, you will receive an email notification. Based on the email request, you can either accept or reject their review request. You also negotiate the price of your review with the client. 

Once you and the client agree on a deadline and rate for the job, you’ll write the review and get paid! Typically, you get paid 14 days after the article has been completed. The site pays a paid reviewer by PayPal. 

If you are looking for a fun way to review products from your phone, you may want to check out CrowdTap . You can access the program through your smartphone. Then, you can take a look at their “daily missions,” which are products they would like you to review for that day. If you review their products, you will be rewarded for leaving a high-quality review. 

You get paid in a variety of ways. For example, some companies will reward you with product samples. Other companies will reward you with gift cards. You may also be given merchandise rewards you can redeem at certain brands and establishments. This is one of the top review apps out there.

There are other ways you can earn points as well. For example, you can complete daily polls, fill out surveys, and share your reviews on social media channels. You can get additional points if you share your reviews on your blog. 

Get paid to write reviews

Another review site you may want to check out is called Ciao . This is a review site based in the UK, but it is open to the international community, including those who do not speak English. They have a variety of products listed on the website, and some of these are Amazon products.

The website also has a rotating category of focus or high-authority products. These are products that they need reviews for, so they’re willing to pay extra money for writers. The payment for each review varies, but it is directly tied to the amount of traffic that a specific review generates.

You don’t have to make a lot of money to request a payout. As long as you have a balance of five pounds or more, or about $6 USD, you can request to be paid. It might be difficult to generate a lot of traffic with your first review, but you can make significant money on the web once you get a lot of practice. 

If you are more of a long-form paid reviewer, then you may want to check out ListVerse . This is a website that will pay you money to make a “top 10” list. Often called “listicles,” this is an opportunity for you to get creative. You have a lot of control over the products you decide to review, and you can make several recommendations in a single article. You may want to write a paragraph or two on each item before moving forward. After your list has been published, you get paid through PayPal. 

Next, you may want to check out Capterra as well. If you have looked for reviews of specific products, including software programs, you have probably come across Capterra. You can also get paid to write reviews for them. Typically, you need to use the product before you write the review, so this may require additional work; however, you can also get paid more money for each review.

On Capterra, you get paid approximately $10 for each review that is accepted. Because they are one of the largest players in the industry, they vet all of their reviews closely to make sure they meet their requirements. You need to verify your identity using LinkedIn, and you might get asked to send screenshots of the software or product you want to review before they will let you write the review. For this reason, they pay more money for each review. 


If you are someone who enjoys testing websites and applications, you may want to take a look at a website called UserTesting . During the review process, you need to make a 20-minute video. Then, you’ll be paid $10 for each review you give. If you would rather talk about a product or service instead of right about it, then you may want to give this website a try.

As long as the platform can download the necessary recording software, you can record it using any device you want. This could include a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. You will also need to record yourself testing the app or website in real-time. Companies will pay a lot of money for people who record themselves using their products or services. Therefore, this could be one of the most lucrative ways for you to make money through product reviews.

Another website that will pay you a lot of money for each review is called Gartner. If you use a lot of software programs, you have probably come across this website as well. Gartner is a leading technology and software review company. The goal is to help users make educated decisions on the products they use. Even though you can only write 10 reviews per year, the company pays you approximately $25 for each successful review.

Caveat: Gartner closely vets every review before it is published to ensure it provides customers with real insights into the product. The more details you can give about your experience, the greater the chance of your review getting accepted. There is a lot you need to know before you write your first review on this platform. So, check out Gartner’s FAQ  page  to figure out how to take advantage of this opportunity. 

You might also want to consider Harris Poll Online . They are one of the oldest research firms in the industry, and they have a sterling reputation. Most of the surveys and reviews you complete for Harris will focus on their current marketing campaigns. 

As an example, you might be asked to watch a series of marketing videos produced by a company. Then, you’ll be asked to share your opinion. You might also be asked to recommend improving their marketing videos to better speak to someone like yourself.

You might also be asked to take a look at several product labels to see which one best catches your eye. This is important for companies looking for ways to improve their market appeal.

Every time you complete a survey for this company, you’ll be given points that you can redeem for gift cards. You might also be given a bonus award if you win the raffle. You get an entry into the raffle with every survey or review you fill out. 

G2 Crowd is essentially a crowdsourcing platform for reviews. The amount of money you can make on this platform can vary widely depending on what you review. The average review pays between $5 and $15, but you could earn up to $25 per review if you review specific types of software. The website has hundreds of thousands of reviews, so it is one of the most popular review websites on the internet.

Similar to other software review websites, there are strict requirements you need to follow to make sure your review is accepted. You’ll also have to verify your identity by tying your LinkedIn account to your review. 

It would help if you also considered using Review Stream to earn money for the reviews you write. This is a program that will allow you to earn money by reviewing just about every product. Furthermore, if a user likes your review, you could get paid a bonus. If you get a vote of confidence from a user, this indicates that the person found your review useful.

Even though you can write a review on just about anything you want, you could take a look at what is currently trending on social media. Generally, ReviewStream will pay more money for products and services that have become popular. Furthermore, if you write a review that matches the publishing guidelines of the platform, they might pay you more money. These reviews are also more likely to be deemed useful by users. 

When you request payment from the company, it is delivered via PayPal. 

These are some useful review sites to apply to if you want to write product reviews, book reviews and more. Writing legit reviews is also a great way to get free products, as lots of companies will send you new products and samples to write about on a review website. You can also combine writing reviews with other proven methods that will help you  get paid to write .

These sites are a good side-hustle choice before applying to the best affiliate marketing programs and publishing review content on your website.

Are there other places to make money writing reviews online?

There are plenty of other places you can make money writing reviews. For example, you may want to check out InboxDollars, Slice the Pie, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Software Judge. Some of these have been specifically designed for software reviews, so make sure you understand what you’ll be writing about. Sometimes, you can get Amazon gift cards in exchange for your work. 

How else can I share reviews with other people?

If you like to test products, you may want to start a YouTube channel as well. You can give a video review of yourself testing that product, sharing your thoughts with other people. Because other people know you are using the product, your review will be seen as more legitimate. 

What should I do before I write detailed reviews for money?

If you want to earn cash and make extra money writing reviews, you need to make sure the site is not a scam. If there are a bunch of fake reviews on the website, this is a bad sign. Take a look at what other people have to say, and make sure the website will compensate you fairly. 

How do I get paid to write fake reviews?

There are ethical questions around the writing of fake reviews. Despite this, freelance sites, such as UpWork , Freelancer and Fiver often list these jobs for writers. One should be careful though, as writing these reviews can affect your reputation as a writer with integrity.

Can you write your own reviews on Shopify?

Shopify offers users the option to have a review section on their webpage. They say that these reviews “can help you to increase the sales of your products and achieve higher customer satisfaction”. Adding your own reviews is possible, however, it may dent customer trust in your goods or service. It may also be illegal.

Is it illegal to write fake reviews?

Section 5 of the FTC Act 15 U.S. Code 45 makes fake testimonials illegal in the United States. It can also dent your customer’s trust in your business. It should be noted that a man was jailed after posting fake reviews on TripAdviser.

Where can I write music reviews?

Many music writers start their career by launching their own blogs. However, there are a number of magazines and websites that accept freelance reviews. Two Story Melody give a list of sites that accept music reviews.

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