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Presentation designs

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation design for ShotSpotter'

Express yourself with a custom presentation design created just for you by a professional designer. Need ideas? We’ve collected some amazing examples of presentation images from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect presentation design today.

Presentation design with the title 'Create our new "Whiteboard Hacking" training template!'

Create our new "Whiteboard Hacking" training template!

Presentation design with the title 'Retail Technology PPT Template Design'

Retail Technology PPT Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Parlor'

PowerPoint for Parlor

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for EuroCAST USA'

PowerPoint for EuroCAST USA

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Bean-To-Bar Chocolate'

PowerPoint for Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

Presentation design with the title 'E-Book for BeNatural Singapore'

E-Book for BeNatural Singapore

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Aqua Angels'

PowerPoint for Aqua Angels

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Mobile Health Consumer, Inc.'

PowerPoint for Mobile Health Consumer, Inc.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Prima'

PowerPoint for Prima

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Data Literacy'

PowerPoint for Data Literacy

Presentation design with the title 'Jibby Presentation'

Jibby Presentation

Power Point Design Jibby Ltd, needs professional, fun and cool design.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation design for pet business'

Presentation design for pet business

Presentation design with connected slide transition

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Inventium'

PowerPoint for Inventium

Presentation design with the title 'Green movement presentation template'

Green movement presentation template

Simplistic and minimalist green movement presentation

Presentation design with the title 'Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template'

Clean and Professional Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Elegant presentation style for pitch deck power point template

Presentation design with the title 'High technology environment monitoring template'

High technology environment monitoring template

Modern with techy feels presentation template

Presentation design with the title 'Create a Modern Powerpoint model for a growing start-up'

Create a Modern Powerpoint model for a growing start-up

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch deck'

Elegant and professional PPT pitch deck. with the color scheme of the logo. Also, from site branding and feel (www.icaresoftware.com)

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint design for Antibiotics Adjuvant'

PowerPoint design for Antibiotics Adjuvant

This is probably one of the most fun design process I ever did in 99designs. I tried to give a more modern feel to the brand with bright popping colors and playing with font size dynamics. It didn't make the cut but it is one of design style I'd love to make.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Adforprize'

PowerPoint for Adforprize

Presentation design with the title 'Modern Presentation to sell our software product'

Modern Presentation to sell our software product

This is for marketing and IT people as user target, and we made it looks connected each slide, so the audience will see it as a story.

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch Deck for Google "Search Inside Yourself" Mindfulness Seminar'

Pitch Deck for Google "Search Inside Yourself" Mindfulness Seminar

Pitch deck from google "Search Inside Yourself"

Presentation design with the title '99designs Presentation Template for Startups'

99designs Presentation Template for Startups

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for Enventives'

PowerPoint for Enventives

Presentation design with the title 'Best Christmas Ever Training Videos'

Best Christmas Ever Training Videos

Presentation deck use as training's for our volunteers and each slide will be a different theme.

Presentation design with the title 'Compelling PowerPoint Template/Presentation for upcoming Customer Meeting'

Compelling PowerPoint Template/Presentation for upcoming Customer Meeting

Presentation design with the title 'Tegrita Rebrand - New PPT Template'

Tegrita Rebrand - New PPT Template

Every design has its branding self but can be inspired by other designs to build their style. Like this project is inspired by my other portfolio https://99designs.com/profiles/rockslides/designs/991980 and https://99designs.com/profiles/rockslides/designs/747239 then marry them inspiration style with their brand

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Template Design - Contest Winner'

Powerpoint Template Design - Contest Winner

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Deck for new interior design business'

Presentation Deck for new interior design business

Simple and luxury design that can implement for any content

Presentation design with the title 'Design a 10 slide presentation for SkillSnap.com'

Design a 10 slide presentation for SkillSnap.com

Consulting company presentation

We design presentations to be clean, neat, professional but do not leave creativity. The colors following the client company brands.

Presentation design with the title 'Syxsense Inc. Powerpoint Template Design'

Syxsense Inc. Powerpoint Template Design

Clean Powerpoint Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design for Real Estate Professionals'

Presentation Design for Real Estate Professionals

Even though it consists of a lot of content, I made this still easy to follow all deck, because I made more white space.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Template Design'

Powerpoint Template Design

Presentation design with the title 'Clean Branded Powerpoint Template Design'

Clean Branded Powerpoint Template Design

Branded Powerpoint Template. Why should your deck not visually represent your brand? Weather for internal presentations or even for an outside audience. I well designed deck will get your message across while leaving a memorable impression of your brand on the audience. Get in touch to discuss your project scope, requirements and budget. https://99designs.ca/profiles/terrybogard/services/1128

Presentation design with the title 'HRBlue Presentation'

HRBlue Presentation

HRblue ist eine Personalberatung, die auf den Bereich Human Resources spezialisiert ist.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Presentation Design

Presentation Design for technology firm

Presentation design with the title 'Vibrant powerpoint template using brand logo!'

Vibrant powerpoint template using brand logo!

Presentation design with the title 'GTP Presentation'

GTP Presentation

Presentation design with the title 'Medical Presentation'

Medical Presentation

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint presentation'

PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation for the customer service and business process outsource contact center. Business and professional look and feel.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Presentation template for company presentation'

Powerpoint Presentation template for company presentation

Looks simple but still modern, like the branding that the customer has

Presentation design with the title 'ProActive Presentation Template'

ProActive Presentation Template

Presentation design with the title 'Rakani Capital Presentation Entry'

Rakani Capital Presentation Entry

Rakani Capital Presentation Entry Presentation Redesign

Presentation design with the title 'GAMMA Powerpoint Presentation Template'

GAMMA Powerpoint Presentation Template

Using the brand guidelines as a reference I created a presentation template for GAMMA which was suitable for business style pitches. The brand colours and fonts were all pre-loaded into the template so that when the client wants to add in something such as a bar chart, it will automatically be entered in the correct colour scheme.

Presentation design with the title 'Modern presentation for our sales network'

Modern presentation for our sales network

Presentation design with the title 'Streamlined Pitch Deck for our Drone App'

Streamlined Pitch Deck for our Drone App

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

PPT template for a financial analytics company with a Nordic brand identity

Presentation design with the title 'LoveChock Presentation Redesing'

LoveChock Presentation Redesing

Lovechock presentation redesign from old deck to new template and change the look and feel so it suit with company brand

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Redesign'

Presentation Redesign

Presentation design with the title 'PerkTech Presentation Template'

PerkTech Presentation Template

1-1 Project PerkTech Presentation Template

Presentation design with the title 'Amazing PPT template for innovation consulting company'

Amazing PPT template for innovation consulting company

Clean presentation template with gradient color

Presentation design with the title 'Laserax Powerpoint Template Design'

Laserax Powerpoint Template Design

Clean Presentation Design

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint template contest winner'

Powerpoint template contest winner

A Powerpoint template design I did for Logicforce and ended up winning it.

Presentation design with the title 'Professional Powerpoint Presentation'

Professional Powerpoint Presentation

A technological company with a focus on artificial intelligence for healthcare so that like a modern, sleek, professional and futuristic look but not sterile or bland.

Presentation design with the title 'RedZone Robotics Presentation Deck'

RedZone Robotics Presentation Deck

Presentation design with the title 'Custom PowerPoint Template Design for Cybersecurity Company'

Custom PowerPoint Template Design for Cybersecurity Company

Presentation design with the title 'Modern Powerpoint Presentation for Business Conference'

Modern Powerpoint Presentation for Business Conference

Presentation design with the title 'ChatLink Presentation'

ChatLink Presentation

Pitch Deck design for ChatLink

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Templates for Modern Business IT Support Company'

Powerpoint Templates for Modern Business IT Support Company

A modern template for a modern business IT support company

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint Presentation'

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation with elements of infographic.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation redesign for Munich Leadership Group'

Presentation redesign for Munich Leadership Group

revision last presentation so looks more modern and fresh.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Weltklasse Zurich Presentation template

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Power Point design for Aprilaire

This is my entry for Aprilaire's Power Point design contest. Borrow their style for their website and added my own flair in this deck. This design didn't win the contest but I personally very happy with the result.

Presentation design with the title 'Pet Consultant  PowerPoint template'

Pet Consultant PowerPoint template

Petrichor Gardens ABS provides cat and dog training and behavior services to pet owners and animal shelters in the southern New Hampshire area. They were looking for emotion-provoking PowerPoint template. Here was my design concept for the same.

Presentation design with the title 'Bold Powerpoint for TV Promotions'

Bold Powerpoint for TV Promotions

The design captures the excitement of television and provides a sophisticated edge to SponsoTV

Presentation design with the title 'Automative Presentation Company'

Automative Presentation Company

Laserax works with the world’s leading manufacturers to implement automated laser marking and cleaning solutions. Providing turnkey machines and OEM systems, the driving force behind Laserax is the desire to push the limits of laser technology and establish new standards in the industry.They wanted a presentation to showcase their products. Here is my design concept for the same..

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint Template'

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template for and e-commerce company that uses custom capability to increase revenue and margins on millions of new products. Presentation to be used as a pitch deck.

Presentation design with the title 'Valentiam Group Presentation Template'

Valentiam Group Presentation Template

Presentation template for Valentiam Group

Presentation design with the title ' Lighthouse Storage Presentation Design'

Lighthouse Storage Presentation Design

Client wanted to create a presentation to introduce new employees to their company and it's structure. Here's my design concept for the same.

Presentation design with the title 'Init iq Powerpoint designs'

Init iq Powerpoint designs

I love this minimalistic

Presentation design with the title 'Elliephant PowerPoint Deck'

Elliephant PowerPoint Deck

This powerpoint template designed for Corporate gifting platform. The design looks modern and clean. This is made for investor/customer looks more readable. In the design I use image which is represent the idea and client concept.

Presentation design with the title 'Pitch Investor for Eagle India Investments Fund'

Pitch Investor for Eagle India Investments Fund

The objective is to create a marketing document for the fund. This document would be ideally shared with prospective investors in the fund.

Presentation design with the title 'Attractive Design for conferences of leaders'

Attractive Design for conferences of leaders

Engaging and Attractive Design for conferences of leaders of media and technology companies. The Client suggestion and input was a driving factor for the success of this piece of Artwork.

Presentation design with the title 'Agriculture Powerpoint Design'

Agriculture Powerpoint Design

This powerpoint template is designed for agriculture things. For the process, we make the part of the logo for presentation design element. The goal is to give the impression and representation of the concept of agriculture itself

Presentation design with the title 'TruAccess Networks - Wanting our image and presentation material to separate us from the pack'

TruAccess Networks - Wanting our image and presentation material to separate us from the pack

Presentation design with the title 'Clean Presentation Templates for Health care company'

Clean Presentation Templates for Health care company

A clean and sleek presentation design for Health company.

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Design for Bygglovsverket'

Powerpoint Design for Bygglovsverket

Presentation design with the title 'Measure Up Corp Company Overview'

Measure Up Corp Company Overview

A branded deck designed for the nation’s leading building measurement firms, servicing the country leading real estate organizations.

Presentation design with the title 'PowerPoint for a Venture Capital'

PowerPoint for a Venture Capital

Venture Capital Investor Pitch Deck

Presentation design with the title 'Renaissance Capital's video series'

Renaissance Capital's video series

Presentation design with the title 'Blue Wavy Theme Decks'

Blue Wavy Theme Decks

This is my proposal during the contest. But, I only make it to the final round.

Presentation design with the title 'Typography Enhancing Sportive Presentation'

Typography Enhancing Sportive Presentation

Clean and Impressive use of the typography to bring a mental effect to the presentation design. This is one of the nice and upcoming pieces of artwork of the 2018 Portfolio.

Presentation design with the title 'Marketing Powerpoint Template'

Marketing Powerpoint Template

This is marketing powerpoint master template that have bold concept but still looks lite and modern

Presentation design with the title 'Creative Deck for a Profesional School'

Creative Deck for a Profesional School

Presentation design with the title 'Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design'

Simple and Sleek PowerPoint Design

This contest is for IT company that used for internal and external presentation, then I make it in general so it will still on both internal and external

Presentation design with the title 'Presentazione per Maxi Schermo'

Presentazione per Maxi Schermo

Siamo la moderna Project Company Italiana che sviluppa il lavoro nel real estate sulle necessità e gusti del Architetto in tutti i dettagli custom. Arricchiamo il valore degli spazi con soluzioni esclusive per i singoli interventi. La nostra sede è un punto d’incontro per il professionista moderno e dinamico che, con il proprio cliente vuole il meglio in ogni dettaglio. Il grande show room aziendale permette di cogliere spunti ed idee per completare l’involucro edilizio come gli spazi interni, il garden e l’illuminazione. In BI.CI. il partner vive l’emozione di un viaggio attraverso i cinque sensi del Design. Tocca con mano i materiali, respira il profumo della natura, ascolta il suono dei giochi d’acqua, assapora il meglio del Italianità, si riempie la vista con le contemporanee forme del vivere moderno. Un vero “journey throughout Italian life style”.

Presentation design with the title 'Clearion'

We have our 3rd User Conference this May in Atlanta, GA and looking for a series of items to be created so the look is cohesive as our brand continues to evolve. We had our logo rebranded July 2016, website rebranded Feb 2017, and looking to add more to it!

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation Design'

Presentation design for tech brand

Presentation design with the title 'Powerpoint Design for Data Architecht'

Powerpoint Design for Data Architecht

Presentation design with the title 'Stunning Presentations'

Stunning Presentations

Power Deck for Chutti ----------- 15-20 page power deck based on your logo and branding that will set you apart and leave an everlasting impression on every business presentation you make. Extra charges for additional pages.

Presentation design with the title 'Presentation design for business consultancy'

Presentation design for business consultancy

Looking for a great Presentation design? Lets shine your deck. Get in touch to discuss how we can add punch to your presentations. https://99designs.ca/profiles/terrybogard/services/1128

Presentation design with the title 'Give Direct Response Inc.'

Give Direct Response Inc.

We provide fundraising counsel to Canadian nonprofits. We also develop print and digital fundraising solicitations.

pieman by E-T

Presentation designs not a good fit? Try something else:

How to create your design.

If you want an amazing presentation design that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world.

Start a contest

Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner.

Start a project

Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom design.

Presentation design with the title 'Missional.Life Keynote Slides'

4.8 average from 37,528 customer reviews

What makes a good presentation design?

A great design shows the world what you stand for, tells a story and makes people remember your brand. Graphic design communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your presentation design tell your brand’s story.

Presentation design with the title 'Design a Modern, Engaging PPT Template for our Growing Agency'

Graphic design trends Discover stunning trends and find out what's new in the world of graphic design… Keep reading
The 7 principles of design Graphic design adheres to rules that work beneath the surface of any great artwork. Learn all about them here… Keep reading
Fundamentals of color theory Color can have an immense power - if you know how to use it. Learn all about the fundamentals of color theory here… Keep reading

Your Top 8 Sites to Find Presentation Design Inspiration!

Ximena Portocarrero

When creating a presentation, we often find ourselves at a standstill for design ideas. I’ve been in this situation many times and have found that online creative sources are a great way to get design inspiration. In this post, I’ve compiled the 8 best sites where you can find presentation design inspiration and finally get rid of the PowerPoint default themes.

Coporate PowerPoint Slides by 24Slides

Where to Get Presentation Design Inspiration?

Even the most creative professionals get stuck every now and then. To help you out, here’s a list of the best sites where you can discover PowerPoint design ideas and inspiration for your next project. It includes top recommendations from the 24Slides designers . They create over 2,000 slides every month for professionals and companies around the world so they pretty much know exactly where to look for presentation design inspiration.

Presentation Designers

8 Design Inspiration Sites for Your Next Presentation

The following 8 websites offer design resources and examples that you can draw inspiration from. The great thing about these sites is that they are not limited to PowerPoint, they cover everything from web design, packaging, photography, colors, etc. This will allow you to get a full view of what others are doing in the field and come up with unique ideas for your presentation.

1.- Dribbble

24Slides designer talks about Dribbble

Let’s start with one of the most popular sites: Dribbble . Considered the social network for creative talents, Dribbble hosts design portfolios from categories like animation, branding, illustration, product design, and many more.

Dribbble for presentation design inspiration

But here’s what makes Dribbble stand out : Not everyone can share their art on this platform and that’s why it’s so good for presentation design inspiration. Dribbble is an invitation-only site for talents in the design community so, rest assured, whatever you discover here comes from a professional designer.

2.- Pinterest

24Slides designers talks about Pinterest

Pinterest is another widely known design website - you’ve probably got an account already! I like to think of Pinterest as the visual Google because it has results for any topic you can imagine.

Pinterest website

One may think that finding a design that inspires you is the best you can achieve here, but there’s more to it. On Pinterest, you’ll be able to spot new ideas AND save them in an individual customized board. And this is the real value of Pinterest! Their “ boards are where you save, collect and organize your pins ” (images from Pinterest) so you can come back later and explore everything that caught your attention.

3.- Templates by 24Slides

What about a catalog of PowerPoint templates with thousands of designs to get inspired? Well, I’ve found exactly that for you. Templates by 24Slides is an online library with tons of PowerPoint templates and resources. And the best part is that you can download them all for free !

Free PowerPoint Templates by 24Slides

Templates by 24Slides provides valuable resources to the presentation community and showcases the incredible talent of the 24Slides designers. You’ll find everything from business model PowerPoint templates to data charts, maps, and icons.

So now you have two options : Search this site for presentation design inspiration or download the PPT templates you like the most and use them - free of charge!

4.- Awwwards

24Slides designers talk about Awwwards

Since websites are a strong inspiration source for presentation design, here’s an online site focused entirely on web design.

Awwwards website for PowerPoint design inspiration

Awwwards is a competition platform that showcases the best innovative web design and development solutions. They pick amazing websites every day, week, and year so there’s always something new to look forward to on the site.

You can filter the results by industry, software, awards, colors, or countries. And I find the last filter a strategic one if you want to spot the finest design trends. Just think about it: Awarded designs from around the world that inspire you to make a presentation more fitting for your international audiences. A great advantage for any professional right there!

5.- Design-seeds

If you’re looking for a color palette to apply to your PowerPoint project, this one is for you.

Design-seeds is a color inspiration site that posts beautiful palettes based on aesthetic photos. Its multiple color schemes are inspired by seasons, nature, wander, slow lifestyle, and other concepts. You gotta see them for yourself!

Design-seed website for color inspiration

Once you find the palette you like the most, you just have to copy the HEX color codes or use the featured image as the color reference in your design process.

6.- Siteinspire

Siteinspire has 12 years’ worth of curated web design that you can’t miss on! Here you’ll find great examples of visual interface design you can draw inspiration from for corporate and creative presentations .

Siteinspire website

The best thing about Siteinspire is that it selects both very popular and small web pages, this means you get a peek at fresh and uncommon designs . There is also a wide range of categories for you to filter the results according to your own PowerPoint project.

7.- Muzli Search

Muzli by Invision is one of the most complete design inspiration sites. It offers a Chrome extension, curated design collections, a color palette generator, and a search engine for designers. All of them are very self-explanatory, but I’d like to expand a bit on the option that delivers more value in less time: Muzli Search .

Muzli Search for presentation design inspiration

“The web-wide search engine for design inspiration” pretty much sums up what this site is all about. You can insert any keyword, color code, style, or whatever you want on the bar search to obtain incredible PowerPoint design ideas from across the web . But that’s just the start! You can sort the results by web, mobile, icons, logos, illustrations, fonts, and other categories. It also gives you the possibility to find color palettes at the top left on each content page.

Muzli Search website for design inspiration

Feeling adventurous? Click on the background image from the Muzli home page to discover random design ideas according to the color selected.

8.- Designspiration

24Slides designers talks about Designspiration

Last but not least, a design platform for creating mood boards and finding art, logos, photography, and web inspiration.

Aside from the “Popular” category, I find the best value of Designspiration on its “ Topics ” tab. There you’ll discover curated content under titles like “vintage design”, “annual reports”, “gradients”, or “workspaces”. And if you want other collections more aligned with the topic of your presentation, you can go to the search bar, enter your keywords and then select “ Collections ”. It has lots of examples selected by other users.

Designspiration website for PowerPoint inspiration

One more tip: In case you need images for your PowerPoint project, you can search them up on Designspiration too. Just make sure to click on “Stock Photos” right above your search results.

Transform your PowerPoint design ideas into an amazing presentation

I’m sure you’ve caught some great ideas from these design inspiration sites. Now it’s time to reflect them into your presentation. Here are some recommendations:

In case grappling with PowerPoint is not your strong suit or simply don’t have time for that, you can always outsource your presentation design !

Before and after example by 24Slides

At 24Slides , we manage different design styles to make sure you get the presentation that you envision. Pitch decks, data slides, marketing and sales presentations, webinar slides, and more! If this is what you’re looking for, send your design ideas our way . We’ll be delighted to create a unique presentation that showcases your work professionally and makes you stand out.

presentation graphic design inspiration

Create professional presentations online

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9 ideas for your next powerpoint presentation.


10 Ways to Make Academic Presentations More Interesting

10 tips to make your powerpoint presentation effective.

Presentation Design Layout Inspiration Guide

15 best investor pitch deck examples from successful startups.

Presentation Design Layout Inspiration Guide

This article is meant to give you the ultimate presentation design inspiration. It will provide you with vast resources, so you can master the art of transforming ideas into beautiful slides.

Putting together great-looking slides can be quite a challenge. The reason for this is that the overall process of designing a deck requires much more than just a keen eye for aesthetics. Creating a stunning presentation involves various disciplines, and design can only take you so far. This guide will cover all there is to know about presentation design, from the minute you sit down to sketch your ideas to when you publicly deliver your slides.

So whether you are a designer looking for some ideas for your graphic work, or simply a regular presenter who wants to improve the quality of your slides, you've come to the right place.

Let's get to it then. Here's an index of all the subjects we'll be covering, so you can navigate the article in a much easier way:

Presentation Outline

Design principles, presentation design inspiration.

Why is Presentation Design Important?

Presentations are an important part of business communication because they allow people to share their thoughts and ideas with others. A well-designed presentation will be more effective than one that isn't designed properly.

A professional designer should consider all aspects of the design process, including colours, fonts, graphics, layout, and other visual elements. The designer may use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create slides that look appealing and convey the message clearly.

Probably the hardest part of creating a presentation is choosing what content goes in, what doesn't, and in which order. The success of the entire process relies on a solid story, so it's critical that you dedicate a fair amount of time to this part.

The overall process of creating a presentation looks (or should look) something like this:

presentation graphic design inspiration

1. Knowledge: A solid knowledge of the subject you're presenting is key. It will allow to convey your message naturally and provide the foundation of your presentation. Nothing inflicts more pain than listening to somebody spend two hours explaining something you could've learned on Google in five minutes.

2. Content: With great knowledge comes great content to support your presentation. Be picky with the sources of information you use, and make sure to attribute any relevant source of information as it adds credibility to your speech. Respect your audience, and provide something worth listening to.

3. Synthesis: The editing part is where most people fail the test, as it is probably the hardest and most thorough process of all. It implies getting rid of any unnecessary information, and focusing on small chunks of information that people will be able to grasp and remember. After all, people came to listen to you, not to read a manifesto from a projection. A poor editorial work is a slippery slope that leads to blasting your slides with an insane amount of data, causing the infamous Death by PowerPoint. We'll further detail best practices on this regard later in the article.

4. Outline: After you've successfully synthesized all the main ideas you wish to convey, it is time to arrange all the information into a logical presentation outline. Probably the best piece of advice I can give you is to do everything up to this point without even touching your presentation software . Scribble on a piece of paper, on your iPhone or on a computer if you must, but resist the temptation of jumping into your presentation tool for drafts until you've managed to complete all the prior steps. It will only distract you, and make you waste valuable time.

5. Design: FINALLY! The fun part, and the easiest (?) part as well! This is the moment to put a spell on your slides, and blow your audience away with a killer visual proposal. Now it's the time to jump into your presentation software, and make the most of the graphic resources. This article has a big section on presentation design inspiration and best practices so stay tuned!

We have developed a platform that can really help in this regard.

6. Delivery: It's not over till it's over. You can have the most epic content, in the most stunning slides ever designed, and still screw things up by failing to deliver your pitch properly. The fundamental rule? Practice, practice, practice. You need to be able to deliver your deck even if the projector sets on fire. Most importantly, you need to make a connection with your audience. Otherwise, everyone's time is gonna be wasted.

Presentation Outline in Detail

Once you have successfully segregated all the most relevant content, you can now start planning how to present your ideas to your audience. The main objective is to guide your audience through your pitch deck , following a train of thoughts that's coherent and easy to follow. Each presentation has particular requirements, so there are no hard rules here.

Garr Reynolds, who is an internationally acclaimed communication expert, shares valuable tips on this particular stage in presentation making:

“...I usually use a legal pad and pen (or a whiteboard if there is enough space) to create a rough kind of storyboard. I find the analog approach stimulates my creativity a bit more as I said. No software to get in my way and I can easily see how the flow will go. I draw sample images that I can use to support a particular point, say, a pie chart here, a photo there, perhaps a line graph in this section and so on...”

presentation graphic design inspiration

This isn't intended to be picture perfect, nor to represent exactly how your slides will look like. In fact, this has nothing to do with aesthetics (yet). This is simply a draft to organize the key elements of your story.

Reynolds also quotes the McKinsey presentation handbook to explain the importance of this process:

“...presentation structure is paramount. Without it, your wonderful style, delivery and great supporting visuals will fall flat. If you took the time in the first step to outline your ideas and set them up in a logical fashion, then your thinking should be very clear. You can visualize the logic of your content and the flow of the presentation. If your ideas are not clear first, it will be impossible to design the proper structure later when you create visuals and/or supporting documents. Your audience needs to see where you are going…” All of this may seem obvious, but the awful truth is that the majority of people skip these steps, and jump into creating their slides right away. Starting by the details (slides) instead of the big picture (storyline) is like choosing what color you're going to paint a house before thinking about where you're gonna build it, or what materials you're gonna use.
“...And it is not enough to simply have an “agenda” or “roadmap” slide in the beginning that illustrates the organization of your talk. If you do not actually have a solid road of logic and structure, then an outline slide will be of no use. In fact, the audience may become even more irritated since you made the promise of organization in the beginning, but then failed to deliver the promise with a presentation which is muddled and lacks focus...” So, with all of this in mind, make sure you take enough time, and think about your story thoroughly. The easiest, most widespread way of planning your presentation outline is to use the three act structure:

The Three Act Structure

The idea of the three act structure used in presentations is that, after all, to present is to tell a story. It has been used for decades in theatre and cinema, and it is a fairly simple formula: you have three acts to tell your story, and each act serves a purpose to advance that story.

This is where you establish the origin or problem; in a movie that would be the first scenes where you get to meet the main characters of the movie, and the starting point of the movie's journey. In a presentation, the first act (in this case, the first few slides) is where you tell your audience about the problem you're trying to solve, and what the current state of things is for that particular subject. This introductory part is critical, since most spectators are quick to judge you based on the first seconds of speech. There needs to be a hook, a truth about your value proposition that motivates people to pay attention to you. Sometimes rookie presenters make the mistake of leaving all the good stuff for the end of their pitch, and by doing so they risk having enough momentum for the audience to even get to that point without falling asleep. Keep a great quote, a great stat, an alarming number for your first slides to shake your audience from minute one.

It usually begins with a plot twist. A sudden turn in the story that unfolds the main events of the play. In a presentation, this comprises the development of your pitch. It usually builds up as you move along in your slides, up to the point where you reach the climax of your entire presentation. This whole part allows you to explain what you're doing, how you're doing it, why you're the one to carry out the task better than anyone else, what is the vision you are pursuing, etc. Keeping your audience's attention gets even trickier here, specially for presentations that go beyond 30 minutes (it's hard to believe sometimes people talk non-stop for two hours). No one ever complained for a brief, to-the-point presentation, so don't stretch your second act for too long.

The highest point of interest, of immersion within the plot, should occur at the end of your second act. This is called the climax of your presentation, and depending on the presentation's purpose, it opens up the opportunity to do “the ask”. That can range from revealing your new product, how much money you are raising, the release date of a new project, etc. The audience is fully on your side if your presentation is compelling enough. After the climax, the third act is usually the shortest and helps summarize the main points discussed in your pitch and bring closure to your whole story.

How do you define what's pretty? Is there even a way to grade aesthetics?

“You recognize a great photograph when you see it, but how do you rationalize why you like what you like?

TWEET IT Turns out there ARE principles that rule the realm of design, and make us like, or dislike, a certain image or graphic composition. These are commonly known as design principles, and work on a subconscious level as we perceive the visible world in front of us.

I'll focus on four major principles that relate closely to presentation design:


The ultimate goal of a graphic composition is to speak with one visual voice. This means that all graphic elements need to be coherent, and consistent throughout your design. Unity and harmony are achieved by different methods, such as sticking to 1 or 2 fonts tops, and using a color palette that is consistent on your different media outputs.

presentation graphic design inspiration

Unity is absolutely key when establishing corporate identity. A company needs to speak with a unique voice, and that covers from the obvious stuff (company goodies, corporate communications) to more complex outputs (i.e. marketing material).

There should be an intended order in which your graphic composition should be read, and that order should be obvious to the spectator. This is why establishing visual hierarchy is an important part of arranging content. Have you ever visited a website where you don't know where to start, what to click first, which navigation is global, or local? Well, those websites are perfect examples of poorly established visual hierarchies. The result? People become overwhelmed, feel lost, and quickly lose interest and leave. Conveying visual hierarchy can be achieved not only by positioning elements in an intended and well thought order; it can also be established by the use color, shape and text, and the relationship in size and distribution of each of those elements.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This poster is a great example of visual hierarchy. The reading order is clear, and the font size guides the user from the general to the specific.

Focal Points

“Focal points are areas of interest, emphasis or difference within a composition that capture and hold the viewer's attention. The focal points in your design should stand out.” - Smashing Magazine This means that not all areas of your design hold (or should hold) the same relevance. Emphasizing specific elements adds movement and ease of read, and keeps the spectator more interested in your content than if everything is arranged in a flat, uniform layout.

presentation graphic design inspiration

Not only is this a beautifully designed website, but also has a very clear notion of the page's focal points: the main one is clearly the product photo, second is the product's name, and third the zoomed details of colors and materials. The rest of the less relevant information comes next: other views of the product, secondary navigations, price (conveniently toned down as to let the user fall in love first before realising this is a 900 bucks baby stroller).


Similarity and contrast coexist in a delicate balance within the graphical space. Let me explain why: Similarity refers to the intentional repetition of elements in order for the user to get familiar with a certain characteristic. For example: when all chapters in a book begin on a right-side page, with the first letter of the chapter in capitalized and bigger font. The benefit is that the user doesn't have to figure out every time that he's reading a new chapter; the previous knowledge allows the user to instantly recognize the course of action. Contrast, on the other hand, refers to breaking similarity in order to draw attention.

I said they coexist in a delicate balance because too much familiarity makes things too repetitive and dull, and too much contrast increases cognitive load, and can be perceived as too chaotic. There should be enough of both in order to achieve a harmonious composition.

presentation graphic design inspiration

The same book in its different outputs for various devices. The user can quickly recognize visual references of the design's identity thanks to similarity, even though the virtual and physical formats have significant differences.

Now that you have a solid foundation as to how to structure your story, and how to use design principles to achieve better graphic results, you are ready to jump into some serious design inspiration for your presentations!

Best Slide Examples

We're gonna show you a curated selection of great slides, and analize one by one so you can grasp what was done and why it worked.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This is a great example of how to make a quote slide more interesting. Several elements make it so: the use of a background adds contextual depth, and makes the whole slide look more polished. Notice how the quotation marks are used in an unconventional fashion, making it stand out even more. The big (huge) font size makes the phrase completely stand out. The last thing to notice here is that there is no additional content on the slide other than the quote itself. This is usually the most effective way of including quotes on your presentation, as it grants the quote its proper relevance. Quotes are usually meant to make people question something, or reflect on a specific idea. Let people read it and don't distract them with more information until it is time to move on!

presentation graphic design inspiration

I've selected these slides as a great example of unity throughout a presentation. Notice how while the slide's content changes, the layout and element distribution remains consistent. This makes all the slides look like they belong to a single collection.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This is a stunning slide! And yet, it is a very simple one. What works here is the use of big, BIG font to emphasize a certain phrase. You almost feel the text is using up all the space available, even though it's only seven words long. There's a very interesting balance between the light font used on the six smaller words, and the bold one used for the bigger word. You almost feel the latter is popping out of the screen. The use of black background and white font contrasts work beautifully as well.

presentation graphic design inspiration

The reason why I chose this slide is not necessarily based on its aesthetics, even though it's a clean and decent-looking slide. The motivation comes from dedicating a slide to summarize what you'll be talking about during your presentation. This is fairly simple to do (if you have planned your presentation outline properly), and yet many presenters skip it entirely. It helps your audience set expectations on what they'll learn from you, and it pinpoints the main subjects of your pitch, so you can easily remember them if you happen to lose your train of thoughts.

presentation graphic design inspiration

I loved this slide for various reasons. The phrase itself is powerful and inviting. It is graciously displayed using several elements that work harmoniously together: the icon, representing the journey part; the user on the background with the wave thingys around it's head, reinforcing the user-centred concept; and last but not least, an epic color gradient that makes the slide look awesome.

presentation graphic design inspiration

I love this slide. Why? The background image is beautiful and represents the content perfectly. The font size is small, almost as if to let the image speak for its own. The text alignment is centred both vertically and horizontally, which for this particular image works.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This is a (far) more elaborate use of visuals, but boy, how nice it looks! I can easily picture those slides framed and hanged in an office wall. Sometimes “decorating” does serve a purpose, and that is of making something so darn good looking it ends up being memorable.

presentation graphic design inspiration

These I chose not only because they are presentation tips slides, but also because they are a pair of well designed ones. The second one specially because it reminded me of Timothy Samara's 20 Rules of Good Design; one of Timothy's rules is “treat type as image”. The clever use of line spacing in this slide is a graphical metaphor of the actual pauses needed during verbal pitches. Smart right?

presentation graphic design inspiration

Such a neat example. This slide is rather complex (vector textures in the front and back; a dimmed, blurry layer to soften the background) but it all comes together in a very nice and easy-to-follow way. The takeaway: a slide can be complex in it's design, as long as that complexity doesn't compromise the simplicity of the message. Always aim to have dominant elements in your slides (focal points, remember?), and make the rest of the elements more subtle in their form, color and position.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This variation of the two-column layout works pretty nice to make the slides look edgier. Word of caution: this kind of layout can become a little restrictive and work against you depending on the kind of information you wish to add, because space is limited considerably due to the askew grid. This kind of layout works better with fewer text and simpler graphics.

presentation graphic design inspiration

Another beautiful example of how vector illustrations can transform a simple phrase into an artsy composition. This of course is a very time consuming approach, and probably requires an in-house graphic designer to achieve it. But, if available, it surely pays off. In this kind of presentation, the presentation outline and content needs to be final, because the time required to prepare each slide cannot be wasted in last minute changes.

presentation graphic design inspiration

This slide is a great example of simplicity. The main differentiator here is colour, which turns an otherwise dull slide into a sharp looking one. When in doubt, less is more.

presentation graphic design inspiration

Chart slides have a strong tendency to be boring. This slide is a good reference on how to disrupt a chart slide. The heading merges with the chart to maximize the use of space, and editing the chart to remove unnecessary elements makes it look way more interesting.

Presentation Design Best Practices

So, after all these great examples, the main lessons can be summarized as follows:


Presentation Deck Design Examples

If you are looking for some inspiration or ideas about presentation design, then this article can help you out. We have gathered together some of the best examples of presentation design available online. These designs come from different sources and cover a wide range of topics. Some of them are simple while others are more complex. They all share one thing though – they look great!

In this section, we’ll go through some examples of pitch decks and see how they were designed.

SparkCharge Pitch Deck Design

This pitch deck design was created for SparkCharge by Slidebean Agency. This investor deck help them raise $7 million . If you're looking for something simple yet professional, this templates is a great reference for you. 

presentation graphic design inspiration

CrunchBase Pitch Deck Design

This is a template for creating a pitch deck with all the necessary information for investors or potential customers. It includes sections such as “Executive Summary,” “Business Description,” “Product/Service Overview,” “Company History,” “Team,” “Competition,” “Financials,” “Key Metrics,” ‘Market Segmentation’, Solution, and more. 

The slidebean team redesigned it to make it look more appealing. Use it as an inspiration, or get the editable version here .

presentation graphic design inspiration

 Presentation Design Service by Slidebean

Slidebean provides a presentation design service for thousands of clients across the globe. It’s a pitch deck design service for startups looking to scale or fundraise. We're here to help you create an amazing presentation. We've been involved with the investor decks for over 30,000 startup companies. We've worked with many companies that have successfully fundraised more than $250 million combined.

Start a Project

presentation graphic design inspiration

We’ve created the best presentation software list with tools to ensure you make the right call in the platform you select. This articles is the result of several weeks of research and review of 50+ presentation tools currently available on the web. 

presentation graphic design inspiration

We're bringing a review of the best Powerpoint presentation software alternatives for 2023.

Slidebean Logo

This is a functional model you can use to create your own formulas and project your potential business growth. Instructions on how to use it are on the front page.

Financial Model Example

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8 Awesome Places to Find Inspiration for Your PowerPoint Presentations

by Adam Noar

powerpoint design inspiration - presentation ideas - presentation inspiration - powerpoint ideas

Coming up with cool design ideas for your next important PowerPoint presentation doesn’t just happen automatically in your mind.

Even for us Panda’s it’s not always easy to come up with creativity on demand.

Instead of getting frustrated and upset you need to find presentation design inspiration from other design sources to help fuel your creativity.

In the past, we’ve talked about how to come up with a killer theme for your presentation using a mood board for displaying your different inspirational ideas.

To help take your slides to the next level, we have compiled a list of some the best places to find design inspiration for your next PowerPoint presentation .

Let’s begin!

#1) Note and Point – Hand Selected PowerPoint Decks To Get Your Creativity Flowing

inspirational presentation ideas from Note and Point - unique powerpoint ideas

Note & Point is simply one of the best websites I’ve ever seen dedicated to well-designed visual presentations.

While I am a big  SlideShare fan (more on that in a bit), Note & Point does a better job at filtering the death-by-PowerPoint (i.e., the ones that suck) to only feature elegant, awesome looking PowerPoint and Keynote decks.

Not only is Note & Point full of awesome prsentation design examples, most of their presentations are actually design related, so you get to learn some great stuff about design along the way!

example of inspirational powerpoint from note and point

Here are some great examples of presentations featured on Note & Point . The presentations are a few years old but they are still good looking decks.

#2) Dribble – Where The Best Designers Showcase Their Talents

find inspirational powerpoint ideas from dribble

Dribbble is an awesome site that showcases some of the best digital design on the web.

It’s home to an all-star group of designers, ranging from leaders in today’s design world to outright spectacular up-and-coming designers.

Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects.

While the community is invite-only, anyone is free to spectate and soak in the design inspiration.

Using the search bar you can search for PowerPoint inspiration on whatever you heart desires. For example, imagine you’re putting together a presentation and want to use a Game of Thrones theme. Simply type in “Game of Thrones” into the search bar and instantly you will be given tons of awesome designs around that topic (as seen in the image below).

search dribble to find idea for powerpoint presentations

Game of Thrones Image by Awesomed

Pretty cool right?

We browse Dribble all the time when coming up with PowerPoint ideas for clients.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

#3) SlideShare – Get Inspired by the Social Media of PowerPoint Presentations

Slideshare is a great place to find presentation inspiration and powerpoint design inspiration

Great SlideShare presentations inspire and entertain. In fact our team of Pandas like SlideShare so much that we have uploaded over 15 presentations over the past couple years which has given us close to 1,000,000 views. If your interested to learn about our SlideShare success click here .

SlideShare is a great place for finding inspirational PowerPoint design.

When it comes to SlideShare not all SlideShare’s are of exceptional quality. And of course you don’t want to be taking in inspiration from sucky PowerPoints.

Therefore, you will need to turn on some filters in order to weed out the good ones from the bad.

The best way to do this is to:

1) Go to a presentation topic such as design “Design”

2) Filter the search results by “Popular”

3) Select More Filters

4) Change the time period to a greater length such as “Last 365 days” or “All Time”

sort slideshare by popularity to find the best powerpoint ideas

Who knows, you may see even get some ideas from the various PowerPoint decks that we have created when you filter your search :D

#4) Canva – Browse Clean Looking Presentation Layouts for Instant Inspiration

browse canvas powerpoint templates to find presentation inspiration

Canva is another great destination for finding unique ideas for PowerPoint.

If you’re not familiar with Canva, the website is essentially a design service that takes the friction out of designing. The website has reached a whopping 2M users in the first two years of launching and has been growing rapidly ever since.

To explore some presentation inspiration from Canva all you have to do is choose one of 11 available templates (including presentation templates) or start from a custom-sized blank canvas. You then use the Layouts and Background tabs to get a rough idea of what you want to design. These tabs are chock-full of options to choose from, whether you want a complete template or just a nice background to build on.

Canva also has a dedicated page for presentation templates that you can browse to get layout ideas for your slides.

#5) Graphic River – These Beautifully Designed Presentation Templates Will Feed Your Creative Mind

find powerpoint presentation design inspiration from graphic river

We talk about Graphic River all the time here at Presentation Panda.

We obviously hold them in high regard considering we sell our award winning presentation template (The Influencer) over there.

But besides that, Graphic River is an excellent destination for finding PowerPoint inspiration.

Similar to SlideShare , some presentation decks featured on the website are better than others.

To save you some time, here is a list of 10 professional PowerPoint template decks that you should check out. And for extra credit you may want to check out some of the best PowerPoint templates of 2018 .

best powerpoint templates 2018

Even if don’t purchase any of the templates, browsing these professionally designed decks should fill your head with plenty of presentation ideas for your next big project.

#6) Pinterest – Scan Presentation Related Boards For Awesome Presentation Ideas

pinterest is great for finding ideas for powerpoint

Pinterest is another place for finding awesome ppt ideas for your next important project.

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the biggest and fastest growing imaged-based social media platforms and is a great source for finding inspiration online?

Packed with stunning images, graphics, templates and more Pinterest is easy-as-pie to navigate and search.

If you’re new to Pinterest and do not follow any design related boards , the best way to find cool inspiring ideas is to use the main search bar.

Within the search bar, a few things you may want to consider searching for include “presentation design,” “presentation templates,” and “PowerPoint presentation.

And don’t forget to set up your own Pinterest account to store and refer back to the presentation design examples you like the most.

#7) Creative Market – Another Great Source for Graphic Related Items

creative market has lots of presentation design examples to browse

Similar to Graphic River, Creative Market is a place for buying graphic related items from today’s leading designers. They have presentation templates that you can browse for inspiration and also purchase if you want to save some time.

To find PowerPoint inspiration on Creative Market click on the “Templates” category and then select “Presentation” within the drop down menu.

They have lots of presentation templates to get inspired from. Some are better than others so you may want to filter the templates by “most popular” or take a look at the selection of “hand picked” templates from the Creative Market review team.

In my humble opinion, I think the quality of presentation templates over at Graphic River  is better than Creative Market. And of course, the better the templates, the better inspiration you will get from them.

I would be interested to hear what others think about this in the comments.

#8) Design Seeds – The Perfect Site for Finding PowerPoint Color Inspiration

powerpoint color inspiration - powerpoint color ideas - colors for presentation

When it comes to finding colors for your slides Design Seeds is top notch.

Design Seeds is an awesome website for finding inspiring colors to use in your presentation.

Design Seeds provides you with inspiration to build seamless color combination palettes based on high resolution photos.

What’s super cool about their catalog is that each of the colors that is featured prominently in any given image can be searched for in Design Seeds’ database, so if for example an earthy shade of orange catches your eye in a picture of autumn leaves, you can search for other photos that have that exact same shade.

You can also search the website for an exact color value using their simple color slider or search by themes such as winter, rustic or succulents.

Tips for Better Presentation Inspiration Hunting

1) As you become better at finding PowerPoint design inspiration, one of the best things you can do is to start collecting things you’ve read, seen or listened to that you found interesting or inspiring. You can do this by bookmarking websites to refer back to; pinning images to a Pinterest board; and following designers on SlideShare and Dribble. Creating a collection of images and designs will provide you with a reference source for future projects. Tools like Evernote and Google Drive can also be a good way to capture things you find online.

use evernote to store all your presentation inspiration

2) Finding awesome inspiration for your PowerPoint decks can be time consuming. Walking away from your laptop every now and then and and getting some fresh air can do wonders for recharging the mind and energy levels. If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, take 5 minutes or 30 minutes to go outside and you’ll be surprised with what your mind can come up with based on the initial inspirations you have come across.

3) Remember, when it comes to finding ideas one piece of design inspiration leads to another and another. Keeping some type of mood board (see example below) will help you think about new things to search for within the various websites mentioned above.

moodboards are great for storing powerpoint ideas and inspiration

Inspiration is the motivator that drives us from the start of a PowerPoint presentation project and stays with us until all the slides have been successfully designed.

Whether it’s going out and finding the spark that will ignite your vision, or immersing yourself in a pool of inspiration and imagination, the web is filled with good places (like the ones mentioned in this article) to start your idea hunt.

I hope that you go out and explore some of the inspirational sources we’ve talked about today when creating your next presentation.

Here’s my question for you?

Do you have a favorite place for finding inspiration for your PowerPoint presentations. If so, share your go-to source(s) in the comments below. I’m really eager to know where you guys find your inspiration for ppt slides.

Lastly, do you have a friend that could benefit from learning about where to find inspiration when creating PowerPoint decks? If so, email them the link to this post.

Thanks for sharing and be sure to post this article on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or your other favorite social media spot using the sharing buttons to the left!

Hungry for more information on presentation design tips just like this? Here are some suggested articles:

5 Presentation Tools That Will Make You Stand Out

Presentation Design Trends You Need to Know About

Best PowerPoint Template - Professional PowerPoint Template - Cool PowerPoint Template - Influencer PowerPoint Template

Comments 12

Top 10 Biggest Presentation Design Trends for 2021

From nature-inspired design to data visualization, we predict the hottest presentation design trends.

Portrait for Helen Alexander

When putting together an engaging presentation , there are two things you need to keep in mind: form and function. That means, not only do your slides need to look appealing, they need to present your information and ideas in the most easy-to-understand format possible. One way of achieving this is through a professionally designed PowerPoint template , Google Slides template or Keynote template that’s bursting with customizable slides.

What Are the Big Trends in Presentation Design ?

When putting together your next presentation, pay attention to the latest graphic design trends to ensure your pitch deck really stands out – whether you’re compiling a corporate report or a creative proposal , it’s important to ensure it’s on brand and on trend. 

In 2021, we expect to see visuals come into their own through animated infographics, social media slideshows and geometric shapes, while minimalism and muted pastels will prove once and for all that – when it comes to creating a winning business presentation – less is most definitely more. And if you’re not sure where to start, Envato Elements offers a huge range of premium and free presentation templates to choose from!

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the hottest design styles and trends that we predict will be popping up in presentation design this year and some of the best presentation templates to execute them:

Want to know how to incorporate the latest presentation design trends into your next presentation deck? Discover trends, tips and templates right here.

1. Dark Backgrounds with Neon

Neonize - Neon Keynote Template by SlideFactory

For a long time, web design trends revolved around white backgrounds, but the rise of ‘dark mode’ is quickly changing this. Dark mode gives designers the opportunity to experiment with contrast and make creative elements more visible, and is also proven to reduce blue light exposure and preserve battery life.

As dark backgrounds give neon colors an extra boost, we often see them being used to create a retro 80s look and feel or to present information in a way that simply refuses to be ignored. 

Featuring 50 easy to customize and fully editable unique layouts, this Amarillo Black Presentation template revolves around dark backgrounds and a punchy accent color that can be used to shine a spotlight on key information. 

Taking a more playful but equally professional approach, Dark PowerPoint by alitolama uses illustrative icons, picture corners and a handwritten-style font to add a curated, collage effect to this dark-background presentation template. 

2. Nature-inspired Design

Looks - Keynote Template by axelartstudio

The great outdoors has been a source of creative inspiration for centuries, and today it’s coming into full bloom thanks to the organic graphic design trend . The ideal antidote to concrete cityscapes and built-up urban environments, nature-inspired design is all about botanical illustrations, earthy hues and organic materials. 

This versatile trend can be integrated into almost any style, technique or format – and that includes presentations. Like this multipurpose PowerPoint template by dirtylinestudio grounded in organic shapes, wavy lines and hand-drawn fonts. To add a little flora to your social media feed as well as your presentation, these PowerPoint and Instagram templates from invisualstudio are bursting with natural beauty thanks to their muted, modern color palette. 

Organic design is just one of 10 attention-grabbing trends we’ve identified for 2021, discover the rest – from jewel tones to organised chaos – in our Graphic Design Trends blog.

3. Minimalism

Brandbum - Keynote Template by axelartstudio

Keep it simple, stupid! There’s a reason this age-old piece of design advice is still in circulation today. And that’s because it’s true! Minimal presentation design will always be in fashion, because it’s a surefire way of showing information clearly and concisely. And because we never want audiences to feel overwhelmed, we are seeing minimal styles like Neumorphism have a big impact on UI design . 

In its most simple terms, Neumorphism is a minimalist approach that’s all about giving buttons, switches and other design elements a real-life 3D look and feel, which has made it wildly popular among app developers. 

We expect to see this simple yet tactile trend trickle down into presentation design – like in this Neumorphic Powerpoint Presentation available via Envato Market . Featuring 260 animated presentation templates, it offers a really dynamic way of delivering a pitch. Meanwhile, back on Envato Elements , you can make sure your message is uncluttered and compelling with the 40 stylish slides that are contained in this presentation template by amarlettering .

Learn more about minimalist photography with our Photo Trends round-up or flex your UX/UI Design Trends by getting to grips with Neumorphism’s ability to add a futuristic twist to familiar interfaces.

4. Muted Pastels

Kayla Fashion Powerpoint Template by Formatika

In recent years, we’ve seen monochromatic color schemes – a range of shades, tones and tints that are derived from a single base hue – being given a muted pastel makeover. Just look at Pantone’s fall 2020 color predictions , which included whimsical shades such as ‘Misty Jade’ and ‘Blue Bird’.

Because monochrome is often used to help people focus on the content and messaging, rather than the colors within a design, it’s perfect for pitch decks and presentations . 

Experiment with a monochromatic color palette or bring some muted pastels into your next PowerPoint project with the help of this Kayla Fashion Powerpoint Template by Formatika . From mint green to cool pink, its eye-candy colors are sure to captivate audiences. 

Alternatively, the peachy premade monochromatic color scheme featured in this Lances Google Slide presentation template pack adds a hint of welcoming warmth. To learn more about turning the heat up (or down) in your next design, check out our Color Trends round-up for 2021.

5. Simple Data Visualization

This year, data visualization has gone back to basics. Meaning that even the most complex metrics are being made accessible and understandable thanks to simple design solutions. Just as infographics have found a home on visual-first social platforms like Instagram , designers, marketers and presenters have recently been busy creating snackable statistics. 

Harness this trend with these clean, clear statistic infographic templates by Formatika . Containing 30 unique slides, customizable animations and transitions enable you to introduce a few moving parts into your proposal or presentation. Similarly, it couldn’t be easier to turn stats into pie charts, bar graphs and bubbles that concisely convey your message with these chart infographic templates , ensuring every data point is easy to digest. 

For more dynamic data visualization ideas, check out our round-up of the best animated infographic templates .

6. Classic S erifs

Looking at our graphic design trend predictions for 2021 , it seems likely that the return of the serif is something we can expect to see popping up in pitch decks and presentations over the coming year. And while this kind of typography might once have had a reputation for being frilly, fancy or simply old-fashioned, that’s all changing with the emergence of unique and modernized serif fonts. 

Bring some serifs into your Google Slides with Pixelist – a template that’s perfectly suited to online portfolios and modern presentations. Match your imagery with a stylish serif typeface for a contemporary look, or opt for the understated elegance of Vahlua to create a truly classy proposal. Both presentation templates feature fully customizable slides – simply swap the placeholders for your own photos and text.

Learn more about finding the ideal font to fit your next project with our deep dive into Typography Trends . 

7. Social Media Slideshows

Some presentations speak for themselves – quite literally. While many presentations are accompanied by someone explaining the information on each slide, the growing trend for self-evident visual presentations rejects the role of the presenter. In fact, as slideshows for social media become increasingly popular, you need to be able to create presentations that stand alone and don’t need speech in order to be understood.

One way of engaging the audience – without saying a word – is to use animated social slides. Janneth Sea is a set of templates that invites viewers to swipe at their own speed, and contains 30 PowerPoint slides, six Instagram Stories and six Instagram feed posts that are all fully editable. 

Keep on top of all the latest Marketing Trends and design-related Social Media Trends with our guide to creating the kind of online content that people want to consume.

8. Images Over Text

presentation graphic design inspiration

Talking of social media, our obsession with scrolling through images has inspired many designers to dial up the visuals and dial down the text. As a result, words no longer have to be the dominant element of presentations and proposals. 

For example, this Keynote Template gives every design element plenty of room to breathe. Featuring more than 115 slides, there’s plenty of space to introduce some eye-catching imagery, while editable icons, device mockups and animated transitions add to the visual appeal. 

Inspired by the DIY aesthetic, a great way to add a human touch to your presentation design is through drawings or doodles. Just as Google Doodles proved that even massive corporations can have a cute and quirky creative side, designers and marketers are using hand-drawn illustrations to add a fun and friendly element to their slides. 

Like the handwritten font used in Doodle’s Presentation Template or the chalkboard-style of SlideFactory’s Coffee Shop Powerpoint Template , which promises to bring a personal touch to your presentation.

Take a look at more Illustration Trends that are shaping the graphic design landscape now.

10. Geometric Shapes

Qitcher - Color Geometry Powerpoint Template by MasdikaStudio

Geometric patterns, 3D shapes and asymmetric layouts: there’s a reason why designers dig them. They’re simple yet striking, and are therefore ideal when you want the info you are presenting to have a real impact. Bring a splash of color with this Geometry Powerpoint Template by MasdikaStudio that contains 43 unique slides that can easily be customized by dragging and dropping your own images and text. 

And just as the geometric web design trend has evolved to feature more modern elements – like 3D shapes and floating objects – we can also see this happening in decks and slideshows. Add in 3D shapes and animation with BrandEarth’s presentation template , which comes with creative infographics, charts, tables and vector graphics for a jump-off-the-screen aesthetic.

For more great Presentation Templates, check out this Presentation Templates Collection on Envato Elements , or explore more in our guide to presentation templates . To get a sense of the Web Design Trends that are likely to inform and inspire a range of design projects this year – including presentations – check out our 2021 predictions. 

Finally, from company profiles and end-of-year reports to personal portfolios and new business pitches, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best PowerPoint Templates out there. Alternatively, if you’re looking for Google Slides or Apple Keynote templates , we’ve got those covered, too! 


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20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design [+ Templates]

Carly Stec

Published: December 09, 2022

When it comes to PowerPoint presentation design, there's no shortage of avenues you can take.

Marketer looking at PowerPoint design ideas and examples

While all that choice — colors, formats, visuals, fonts — can feel liberating, it's important that you're careful in your selection as not all design combinations add up to success. We’re not saying there’s one right way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but we are saying there are some designs that make more sense than others.

In this blog post, you'll learn how to create an awesome PowerPoint deck and then see real presentations that nail it in exactly their own way.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?

A great PowerPoint presentation gets the point across succinctly while using a design that builds upon the point, and doesn't detract from it. The following aspects make for a great PowerPoint presentation:

1. Minimal Animations and Transitions

Believe it or not, animations and transitions can take away from your PowerPoint presentation. Why? Well, they distract from the design you worked so hard on — and from your content, too.

A good PowerPoint presentation keeps the focus on your argument by keeping animations and transitions to a minimum. That said, you don’t have to eliminate them all. You can use them tastefully and sparingly to emphasize a point or bring attention to a certain part of an image.

2. Cohesive Color Palette

It’s worth reviewing color theory when creating your next PowerPoint presentation. A cohesive color palette uses complementary and analogous colors to draw the audience’s attention, emphasize certain aspects, and deemphasize bits of information that the audience might not need at a certain point in time.

Slide design ideas example: Cohesive color palette, Planetly

3. Contextualized Visuals

An image does speak more than words. And it’s been proven that the human brain is wired to process visuals much faster than words. Take advantage of that by including graphs, photos, and illustrations that can help you build upon your point while keeping your audience’s interest.

Slide design ideas example: Contextualized visuals, Freshworks

Make sure you contextualize those visuals by explaining verbally why that image is there. Otherwise, it’ll be distracting to the audience and may potentially cause more questions than answers.

10 Free PowerPoint Templates

Tell us a little about yourself below to gain access today:, powerpoint design ideas.

It's impossible for us to tell you which design ideas you should go after in your next PowerPoint, because, well, we don't know what the goal of your presentation is. Luckily, new versions of PowerPoint actually suggest ideas for you based on the content you're presenting. This can help you keep up with the latest trends in presentation design .

In PowerPoint 2016 and later, PowerPoint is filled with interesting boilerplate designs you can start with. To find these suggestions, open PowerPoint and click the "Design" tab in your top navigation bar. Then, on the far right side, you'll see the following options:

PowerPoint Design Ideas option in the top bar

Click the "Design Ideas" option under this Design tab, as shown in the screenshot above. This icon will reveal a vertical list of interesting slide layouts based on what your slides already have on them.

Don't have any content on your slides yet? You can easily shuffle this vertical list of slide design ideas by clicking various themes inside the color carousel to the far left of the Design Ideas icon, as shown below:

PowerPoints theme inside the Design panel

In case you’re curious, we’ve used Avenir as the font in the following PowerPoint design ideas.

Atlas (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Atlas theme

Madison (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Madison theme

Parcel (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Parcel theme

Crop (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Crop theme

Badge (Theme)

PowerPoint presentation design idea: Badge theme

If you're not fond of the built-in PowerPoint design themes, you can always download a free PowerPoint template and input your content onto pre-made slide styles.

Let’s take a look at the best ones you can download below.

Creative PowerPoint (Template)

This presentation template uses bright colors and plenty of white space to convey a modern but fun design. Organic shapes and geometric lines and patterns provide an extra visual element to the slides, achieving depth and personality. Get it here .

Creative PowerPoint Template

Download These Templates for Free

Professional Style PowerPoint (Template)

These PowerPoint slides use more neutral colors and fonts to create a calm and elegant vibe. It also pushes the presentation creator to use quality images to convey their points. Get it here .

Professional Style PowerPoint Template

Data PowerPoint (Template)

This template uses a rounded font to draw sharp contrast with the lines and graphs that will populate the presentation. If you want to offer engaging visuals with number-crunching content, the slide design ideas in this template are a great choice. Get it here .

Data PowerPoint Template

Simple PowerPoint (Template)

By pairing vibrant colors with pale ones, this PowerPoint gives an understated feel, which can draw attention to the content while still being visually engaging. Get it here .

Simple PowerPoint Template

Instead of a presentation, you can also create an infographic in PowerPoint to effectively capture your audience’s attention.

Good Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

To see some examples of the best PowerPoint presentation designs, check out the following decks.

1. "The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing," Velocity Partners

We've said it once , and we'll say it again: We love this presentation from Velocity Partner's Co-Founder Doug Kessler. Not only is the content remarkable, but the design is also quite clever. While each slide employs the same background visual, the copy in the notebook unfolds brilliantly through a series of colorful doodles and bold text. This gives the presentation a personal feel, which aligns with the self-reflective nature of the concept.

2. "You Don't Suck at PowerPoint," Jesse Desjardins

If the contrast used throughout this PowerPoint presentation design were a human, we'd marry it. This skillful presentation from Jesse Desjardins employs the perfect color palette : balancing black and white photos with pops of fluorescent pink, yellow, and blue. The cheeky vintage photos work to reinforce the copy on each slide, making the presentation both interesting and visually appealing.

3. "Accelerating Innovation in Energy," Accenture

Balancing visual backgrounds with text isn't easy. More often than not, the text is formatted in a way that winds up getting lost in the image. This presentation from Accenture combated this issue by combining shapes and graphics to create contrast between the text and the background. Well done.

4. "Visual Design with Data," Seth Familian

When you're tasked with presenting a lot of information in a little bit of time, things can get sort of messy. To simplify this type of presentation, it's a good idea to use a visual agenda like the one shown above. This index clearly signifies the start and finish of each section to make it easier for the viewer to follow along and keep track of the information. The presenter takes it further by including an additional agenda for each exercise, so that the audience knows what they're supposed to do.

5. "How to Craft Your Company's Storytelling Voice," MarketingProfs

Do you love these hand-drawn illustrations or do you love these hand-drawn illustrations? I mean, c'mon, this is amazing. Certainly, it would have been easier to generate these designs online, but this approach highlights MarketingProf's commitment to investing the time and thought it takes to create an out-of-the-box piece of content. And as a result, this presentation stands out in the best way possible.

6. "Blitzscaling: Book Trailer," Reid Hoffman

If you're going to go the minimalistic route, take note of this PowerPoint presentation example from Reid Hoffman. This clean design adheres to a simple, consistent color scheme with clean graphics peppered throughout to make the slides more visually interesting. Overall there are no frills or unnecessary additions, which allows the informative content to take priority.

7. "Healthcare Napkins," Dan Roam

This presentation dates back to 2009, but the design is still as good as ever. The colorful, quirky doodles help tell the story while also serving as an interesting way to illustrate data (see slides 20 and 21). For visual learners, this approach is much more inviting than a series of slides riddled with text-heavy bullet points.

8. "One Can Be Diverse: An Essay on Diversity," With Company

This presentation employs both powerful images and modern typography to illustrate the point. While many of the slides contain long quotes, they are broken up in a way that makes them easily digestible. Not to mention all of the text is crisp, clean, and concise.

9. "10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation," Stinson

his simplistic presentation example employs several different colors and font weights, but instead of coming off as disconnected, the varied colors work with one another to create contrast and call out specific concepts. Also, the big, bold numbers help set the reader's expectations, as they clearly signify how far along the viewer is in the list of tips.

10. "Pixar's 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling," Gavin McMahon

This presentation by Gavin McMahon features color in all the right places. While each of the background images boasts a bright, spotlight-like design, all the characters are intentionally blacked out. This helps keep the focus on the tips, while still incorporating visuals. Not to mention, it's still easy for the viewer to identify each character without the details. (I found you on slide eight, Nemo.)

11. "Facebook Engagement and Activity Report," We Are Social

Here's another great example of data visualization in the wild. Rather than displaying numbers and statistics straight up, this presentation calls upon interesting, colorful graphs, and charts to present the information in a way that just makes sense.

12. "The GaryVee Content Model," Gary Vaynerchuk

This wouldn't be a true Gary Vaynerchuk presentation if it wasn't a little loud, am I right? Aside from the fact that we love the eye-catching, bright yellow background, Vaynerchuk does a great job of incorporating screenshots on each slide to create a visual tutorial that coincides with the tips. He also does a great job including a visual table of contents that shows your progress as you go through the presentation (and aligns with the steps of content marketing, too).

13. "20 Tweetable Quotes to Inspire Marketing & Design Creative Genius," IMPACT Branding & Design

We've all seen our fair share of quote-chronicling presentations but that isn't to say they were all done well. Often times the background images are poor quality, the text is too small, or there isn't enough contrast. Well, this professional PowerPoint presentation from IMPACT Branding & Design suffers from none of said challenges. The colorful filters over each background image create just enough contrast for the quotes to stand out.

14. "The Great State of Design," Stacy Kvernmo

This presentation offers up a lot of information in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming. The contrasting colors create visual interest and "pop," and the comic images (slides 6 through 12) are used to make the information seem less buttoned-up. Once the presentation gets to the CSS section, it takes users slowly through the information so that they’re not overwhelmed.

15. "Clickbait: A Guide To Writing Un-Ignorable Headlines," Ethos3

Not going to lie, it was the title that convinced me to click through to this presentation but the awesome design kept me there once I arrived. This simple design adheres to a consistent color pattern and leverages bullet points and varied fonts to break up the text nicely.

16. "Digital Transformation in 50 Soundbites," Julie Dodd

This design highlights a great alternative to the "text-over-image" display we've grown used to seeing. By leveraging a split-screen approach to each presentation slide, Julie Dodd was able to serve up a clean, legible quote without sacrificing the power of a strong visual.

17. "Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint," Slide Comet

When you're creating a PowerPoint about how everyone's PowerPoints stink, yours had better be terrific. The one above, based on the ebook by Seth Godin, keeps it simple without boring its audience. Its clever combinations of fonts, together with consistent color across each slide, ensure you're neither overwhelmed nor unengaged.

18. "How Google Works," Eric Schmidt

Simple, clever doodles tell the story of Google in a fun and creative way. This presentation reads almost like a storybook, making it easy to move from one slide to the next. This uncluttered approach provides viewers with an easy-to-understand explanation of a complicated topic.

19. "What Really Differentiates the Best Content Marketers From The Rest," Ross Simmonds

Let's be honest: These graphics are hard not to love. Rather than employing the same old stock photos we've seen time and time again, this unique design serves as a refreshing way to present information that's both valuable and fun. We especially appreciate the author's cartoonified self-portrait that closes out the presentation. Well played, Ross Simmonds.

20. "Be A Great Product Leader," Adam Nash

This presentation by Adam Nash immediately draws attention by putting the company's logo first — a great move if your company is well known. He uses popular images, such as ones of Megatron and Pinocchio, to drive his points home. In the same way, you can take advantage of popular images and media to keep the audience's attention and deepen your arguments.

PowerPoint Presentation Examples for the Best Slide Presentation

Mastering a PowerPoint presentation begins with the design itself. Use the ideas above to create a presentation that engages your audience, builds upon your point, and helps you generate leads for your brand.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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